valid as before !

Programme of the YCI





Happy Birthday Komsomol!


Delegates of the 1st All-Russian Congress of Workers 'and Peasants' Youth Unions, October 1918


100 years Komsomol !

October 29, 1918

Komsomol’s birthday on October 29, 1918, the First All-Russian Congress of Workers 'and Peasants' Youth Unions was convened, at which the Komsomol, the Russian Communist Youth Union (RKSM), was created.


“The All-Union Leninist Communist Union of Youth is a mass non-partisan organization adjoining the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), uniting in its ranks broad sections of the advanced, politically literate working youth of the city and village. The Komsomol has as its task the assistance of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) in the upbringing of young people and children in the spirit of communism ... The VLKSM is an assistant to the CPSU (B) and its reserve ”

By the end of the year, 22,100 members were members of the RKSM. Two years later, to the III Congress of the Komsomol, - 482 thousand, and in 1941 - more than 10 million people. In 1924, after the death of V.I. Lenin Komsomol received the name of the leader, and in 1926 it was renamed the All-Union Lenin Communist Youth Union (VLKSM).

From the first years of its existence, the Komsomol played a large role in the fulfillment of the tasks set by the party to restore the national economy, industrialization and collectivization, and the cultural revolution.

Before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, about 1 million members of the Komsomol became “Voroshilovsky arrows”, more than 5 million passed the HVCP standards, in military topography and other military specialties. They became the "Young Guard" and "Young Avengers". Special units of the Komsomol girls numbered more than 200 thousand machine gunners, snipers, doctors. Three and a half thousand members of the Komsomol were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, three and a half million were awarded orders and medals.

In the Soviet Union, the Komsomol, being a mass organization, had a tremendous influence in all spheres of the country's life: industry and economics, education and science, culture and art, sports and leisure. In each institution, enterprise and security agencies there was necessarily a primary organization of the Komsomol. Komsomol had its own print media, including the all-Union newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Komsomol members made an invaluable contribution to the restoration of the country destroyed by the war, the development of virgin lands, the construction of the BAM and other "shock Komsomol constructions." Thanks to the support of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, the communist movement in the USSR became very popular.




“Young people are our future, our hope, comrades. Young people should change us, the old. It should bring our banner to the bitter end. ”

I. Stalin




“Lenin! The Party ! Komsomol!"


“You can only become a communist when you enrich your memory with the knowledge of all the riches that humankind has developed.”










Kommunismus, Journal of the Communist International





Tasks of the Youth Leagues

October 2, 1920


Lenin always paid great attention to the young generation of workers, peasants and intellectuals and laid emphasis on involving the largest possible number of them in the revolutionary movement, the struggle to build a new socialist society. Back in 1895, when he drew up the program of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party while in prison, he put forward the demand for universal suffrage for citizens at the age of 21 and over and for prohibition of employment of children under 15. While living in emigration on the eve of the first Russian revolution, Lenin closely followed the development of the students' movement in Tsarist Russia and in the pages of Iskra he stressed its importance for the general struggle of the Russian people against tsarism and called on the students to work out Marxist world outlook and actively assist the Social-Democrats in their illegal work. In August 1903, at the Second Congress of the Party, Lenin moved a resolution on the Social-Democrats' attitude towards students and made a speech on this question.

Lenin did not confine himself to the youth movement in Russia only. As leader of the international proletariat, Lenin helped the young Social-Democrats of Switzerland, Sweden and other countries to arrive at a scientific world outlook and correct revolutionary tactics in the struggle against capitalism, passing on to them the experience of the Russian working class and its Party.




7th of November 2018

101st Anniversary of the Red October

Cruiser Aurora

Children books Soviet Union








Long live the 20th of November 1919

- 98th Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI!

Long live the 23rd of November 1941

- 76th anniversary of the Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania !

Long live the Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) on 23rd of November!

On occasion of these great events we publish the following new texts:


"Where to begin with ?"

How to build a mass young communist league ?

1929 - USA




February 1922 - USA












Liebknecht, Luxemburg, Lenin

Young Workers (communist) League




"Young Worker" October 1925




new publications of the YCI




January 15th

The Murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg

1923 - British Section of the YCI





at work and play






June 22, 1941

Begin of the Great Patriotic War


Men of the Stalin Breed









"Albania Today" - 1975 No 1









German Sections of the Comintern (SH) and the YCI (SH)

jointly in Action !


Flags of the Comintern (SH) and the YCI (SH)




January 15, 2017

Comintern (SH) and YCI (SH)

fighting shoulder to shoulder in Berlin (Germany)




World wide















Anti-fascist appeal of the Comintern (SH)



21st of January 2017


To all anti-fascists all over the world !


Anti-fascists !

Donald Trump – this multinational capitalist – is expression of the coming period of USA fascism and fascist barbarism of world imperialism!

Death to the fascists !

Free the world from fascist oppression and capitalist enslavement !

Now, the world socialist revolution is not to be delayed !

Down with fascism of the USA !

Down with fascism of all the other imperialist "great" powers!

Down with fascism in every country of the world !

Down with the entire world fascist system !

“Make America great again” slogan is tantamount to support one’s “own” national bourgeoisie to oppress other nations. Global wars and fascism is the nature of world capitalism.

World fascism is the most brutal form of oppression of world imperialism as the highest and last stage of the development of capitalism; as monopoly parasitic and senile capitalism, as moribund capitalism, as an unprecedented increase of exploitation, oppression and reaction in all the fields and as the eve of the proletarian revolution.

World fascism is not born into the world full-fledged, and does not flame up suddenly. World fascism is preceded by a process of fermentation, of the economical (and consequently political) crises of world imperialism, which unleashes inevitably the anti-fascist world movements, the global outbursts of anti-imperialist revolutions, the beginning of the world socialist revolution.

Even the most sceptical of the sceptics within the communist movement can not exclude the coming world revolution. Febrile atmosphere of anti-fascist uprisings is already the beginning of the world revolution. The governments themselves, by their fascist adventures, are seeing to its continuation. The world proletariat will see to it that the serious world-revolutionary onset is sustained and extended.

The anti-fascist struggle must be the united action of all the peoples of all countries under leadership of the world proletariat, for the simple reason that all countries and all peoples are oppressed by the world fascist system.

World fascism is the last lifeline with which the world capitalists try in vain to maintain their brutal world system of oppression and exploitation. The overthrow of the capitalist world system is inevitable for the abolishment of world fascism in every country.

Anti-fascist uprisings can under no circumstances whatsoever either obscure or weaken the slogan of the world socialist revolution. On the contrary, they always bring it closer, extend its basis, and draw new sections of the petty bourgeoisie and the semi-proletarian masses into the world socialist struggle. On the other hand, anti-fascist uprisings are inevitable in the course of the world socialist revolution, which should not be regarded as a single act, but as a global period of turbulent political and economic upheavals, the most intense class struggle, civil war, revolutions, and counter-revolutions.

Transform the globalized anti-fascist struggle into the struggle for world socialism in every country of the world !

Fascism means brutal violence against the majority of the world population. Revolutionary violence of the oppressed and exploited peoples is the only means to abolish the inevitability of always new fascist periods which will be restored as long as world capitalism exists.

The world socialist revolution is unstoppable and all global counter-revolutionary resistance is futile !

Death to world fascism and all its lackeys !

Death to the social-fascist lackeys all over the world ! ("Anti-fascism" in words and fascism in deeds = social-fascism)

Every pact with the world bourgeoisie, called "people's front" by the neo-revisionists and other "Leftists" , leads to the liquidation of the communist world movement, leads unavoidably back to fascism and social-fascism – as history has proved.

Therefore, the anti-fascists must take sides of the proletarian anti-fascist struggle against the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois anti-fascism which which are instruments to maintain world capitalism. Any "anti-fascist" struggle which does not strive for the dictatorship of the world proletariat, is in the service of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie.

The capitalist world system will be destroyed by the world socialist revolution under the leadership of the world proletariat and its revolutionary world party – the Comintern (SH).

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live the socialist wold revolution !

Long live World Socialism and World Communism !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !

21. 1. 2017


Socialist States of America




November 23, 1941 - November 23, 2016

Long live the 75th anniversary of the founding of the






published on occasion of the 75 anniversary of the LYUA




June 1943




Our younger generation marches along the revolutionary road of the party

speech on June 28, 1968




Further enliven the life of the youth organizations in the schools

Speech held on May 13, 1970



published on occasion of the 75 anniversary of the LYUA


Everything in our country is done and built for the youth

speech held on February 23, 1973




Long live the

Young Communist International !


20th November 1919


97th Anniversary of the foundation of the




Lenin and Stalin on Youth





    60th Day of Death

    August 14, 1956 - August 14, 2016


    In Praise of Communism

    It's sensible,
    anyone can understand it.
    It's easy.
    You're not an exploiter,
    so you can grasp it.
    It's a good thing for you,
    find out more about it.
    The stupid call it stupid
    and the squalid call it squalid.
    It is against squalor and
    against stupidity.
    the exploiters call it a crime
    But we know:
    It is the end of crime.
    It is not madness, but
    The end of madness.
    It is not the riddle
    But the solution.
    It is the simple thing
    So hard to achieve.

    (Bertolt Brecht)


    special website:

















April 11, 1985



11 April, 2016

31st Day of Death


special Website ...


Greetings of solidarity


Message of the Chinese Section of the YCI (SH)

on occasion of the 31st anniversary of death

of comrade Enver Hoxha

April 11, 1985 – April 11, 2016







今天,全世界共产党人和革命人民一起,怀着极其崇敬的心情,纪念霍查同志逝世 31 年。

将近半个世纪以来,全世界共产党人在以霍查同志为首的阿尔巴尼亚劳动党及其学生 们的领导下所取得的一切具有世界历史性意义的胜利,都是同霍查同志的名字和革命业绩 紧密相连的。

霍查同志是阿尔巴尼亚各族人民的伟大领袖,国际共产主义运动的一位不屈不挠的、富有经验的老战士,维护世界和平和争取人类的进步的事业的卓越的活动家,中国人民的 最亲密的老战友,马克思、恩格斯、列宁和斯大林的不朽业绩的天才继承者。

霍查同志是伟大的马克思列宁主义者,杰出的无产阶级革命家,他把他毕生的精力献 给了阿尔巴尼亚人民争取民族解放和建设社会主义的壮丽事业,献给了国际共产主义运动 反对修正主义和防止资本主义复辟的不朽事业,建立了不朽的功勋。

霍查同志遵照马克思列宁主义的不朽的学说,紧紧依靠阿尔巴尼亚无产阶级的斗争和 革命努力,亲手缔造了阿尔巴尼亚人民的先锋队和忠实的领路人——光荣的阿尔巴尼亚劳 动党,并领导她走过了将近半个世纪的伟大胜利的道路。

在世界反法西斯战争中,当欧洲上空阴云密布、法西斯的战争到来的时候,霍查同志 肩负起领导阿尔巴尼亚共产党的重任,他以卓越的才能,把阿尔巴尼亚共产党建设成为一

支坚强的、团结一致的、同本国人民血肉相连的无产阶级先锋队。他以钢铁般的意志,领 导阿尔巴尼亚各族人民,在极端困难的条件下举行武装起义,进行了艰苦卓绝的斗争,打

败了德国和意大利的法西斯侵略者,解放了自己的国家,在阿尔巴尼亚的历史上写下了不 朽的篇章,并且支援了邻国人民的反法西斯斗争,履行了自己的国际主义义务,为世界反 法西斯战争的胜利作出了光辉的贡献。霍查同志不仅受到阿尔巴尼亚人民的爱戴,而且受 到全世界人民的普遍尊重。

以霍查同志为首的阿尔巴尼亚劳动党,把马克思列宁主义的普遍真理同本国的实际相 结合,创造性的继承、捍卫并且发展了科学共产主义学说,捍卫了社会主义制度,建立了 强大的全民防御和自卫体系。霍查同志以自己的创造性的实践,领导阿尔巴尼亚各族人民, 坚定不移的捍卫了阿尔巴尼亚的独立、主权和领土完整,推进了阿尔巴尼亚的社会主义事 业,把一个落后的、贫穷的旧阿尔巴尼亚建设成为各民族友爱团结的、繁荣富强的社会主 义国家,为国际共产主义运动提供了宝贵的经验。

霍查同志坚持无产阶级国际主义的相互支援必须同尊重各党、各国的主权相统一的原 则,坚持各国共产党的关系中独立自主、平等和每个党对本国工人阶级和人民负责的原则, 为建立各党之间的正确关系作出了卓越的贡献。

霍查同志是当今世界上享有崇高声望的政治家,他在国际事务中一贯伸张正义,积极 支持被压迫民族和被压迫人民的解放斗争。他坚持反对帝国主义、殖民主义、霸权主义、 修正主义,国际共产主义运动的发展壮大及其在维护世界和平和进步事业中发挥的重大作 用,是同霍查同志始终不渝的努力分不开的。霍查同志亲手领导的反对修正主义的运动, 揭露了南斯拉夫、苏联、中国和欧洲共产主义的叛徒们的丑恶本质,捍卫了国际共产主义 运动的胜利,加强了无产阶级专政,以堵塞任何复辟资本主义的途径,使国际共产主义运 动的事业不停顿的前进。

霍查同志在政治上的远见卓识,为真理而斗争的献身精神,以及他的共产主义的高尚 道德和宽广胸怀都深深地为世界人民所敬仰。霍查同志的一生是革命的一生,战斗的一生。

他的影响远远超越了阿尔巴尼亚的国界。霍查同志虽然已经离开我们长达 31 年,但是,他 的崇高形象,将永远活在阿尔巴尼亚各国人民、全世界革命者和全世界人民的心中。






Always be prepared!

The complete outdoorsman's handbook




Greetings of solidarity


Greeting address

of the German Section of the YCI (Stalinists-Hoxhaists)

to the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

Comrades Bolsheviks!

As you know, the current situation of the revolutionary forces in Germany is dire.
Tthere are countless organizations and parties who label themselves „Communist“, „Socialist“ or „Revolutionary“, but in reality, all of these groups are completely reactionary. And although being split heavily, they all have one thing in common: they are all deeply anti-Stalinist, whether they are openly calling themselves „Trotskyists“ or simulate to honor Stalin, only to then condemn him again because of „strategic considerations“ or even referencing the 20th Congress of the CPSU. And no matter how weak each of these parties might be, their youth organizations fulfill their purpose to bind and de-radicalize revolutionary-minded youth, to prohibit any progressive tendencies under the pretext of democratic centralism (while simultaneously using that same pretext to allow openly social-democrat, reformistic, anarchist, liberal etc. positions to spread uncriticized).
There was no progressive, revolutionary youth organization on the basis of the Five Classics – that has now changed.
Thanks to the tireless work of the only really Communist Party in Germany, the German Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists), the heirs to Ernst Aust's glorious KPD/ML, some committed young people are now united under the banner of Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism as the German Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists).
We, the members of this German Section of the YCI (SH), are willing to to work with and under the leadership of the German Section of the Comintern (SH) and the international Sections of the YCI (SH) and Comintern (SH) and to fight with all our strength for the liberation of the German people and the people of the whole world through the victory of the World Proletariat over the World Reaction.
We hereby want to thank the comrades of the Comintern (SH) for their efforts and their determination and we again promise to fulfill every mission with discipline, consciousness and honor and to fight with full strength for the liberation of all oppressed and exploited in the world.

Long live World Communism!
Long live the Five Classics, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!
Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!




Founding declaration of the German Section of the YCI (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)


Comrades, Communists, Marxists-Leninists, Stalinists-Hoxhaists in Germany and in the world!

On the 23rd of November 2015, we have established the German Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists).
Standing in the glorious tradition of Karl Liebknecht's and Ernst Thälmann's KJVD and Ernst Aust's Red Guards (later KJD), the German Section of the YCI (SH) has taken up the responsibility to lead the proletarian German and World Youth in the struggle for their interests, the interests of the German and World Proletariat, in one front with the other sections of the Young Communist International.
United with the World Bolshevik Party of the working class, the Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists), and under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, our organizations will lead the masses through all struggles onto complete victory over the Reactionaries.
The peoples of the world will triumph over every enemy, no betrayal and no hidden agents will be able to prevent their victory – the future belongs to us, the world is ours, let's take it out of the claws of the oppressors!
We have sworn an oath to fight for this goal, for world-wide Socialism and Communism. Nothing can prevent the Revolution, no matter how hard our enemies try to postpone it. Humanity won't let itself be slowed down anymore.

The proletarian youth of the world is marching forward -
Long live the Young Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists)!
The proletariat of the world will be victorious -
Long live the Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists)!
Long live the Five Classics, whose scientific work guides us -
Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!





of the German Section of the YCI (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

to the Youth in Germany and the whole world


It is enough!

For thousands of years, the peoples of the world have been vegetating in slavery. Whenever they tried to liberate themselves, they were bloodily beaten down. Wars were fought, the peoples were incited against each other to secure the power of their lords. Though feudalism was finally defeated in most countries, that only meant that its open slavery was replaced by the somewhat less open slavery of wage. Only with the creation of Marxist theory, with the struggle for the interests of the workers, with the establishment of the Socialist states was this slavery abolished for the first time. Marxist theory was further developed for practical application, developed for conquering and defending state power against the Reaction, for the fight against false tendencies and for ideological education within the movement, developed by Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.
But what has become of it?
The Communist Parties were undermined and used to benefit the purposes of the counter-revolution that crushed the Socialist states or turned them into puppets of imperialism.
It's because of that thatthe workers of all countries find themselves in precarious job situations, in a system of both structural and very concrete terror and oppression again. Not only in the so-called „developing countries“, but also in the „rich“ countries, the people are suffering, while the rich exploiters talk about „progress“ and how good „our“ situation is, when at the same time the low-wage sector is growing nearly as fast as children's and old-age poverty and the „socially weak layers of the community“.
We, the youth, will face the even worse consequences of this in the future, in the form of even more dictatorial „democratic“ regimes, even more wars fought with even more advanced weapons and even more spying and torture committed by the imperialist secret services.
But that doesn't have to be.
There are only a handful of exploiters compared to the vast masses of the exploited.
If we resist, if we fight for our liberation with iron will and class consciousness, they cannot withstand us.
Therefore, youngsters in Germany and the whole World:
Fight for your interests!
Fight against the lies and the violence of of the oppressors and their lackeys!
Educate yourself!
Support the Young Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists)!
Support the Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists)!




new flag of the Young Communist International



Oath of Allegiance of the YCI (SH)


"It is my great honor and at the same time a great obligation, to fight from now on for the Young Communist International."

"I swear to the Young Communist International, to fulfill any combat mission conscientiously, disciplined and honorably."

"All comrades of the Communist Youth International have my full support and solidarity."

"I want to share joys and sorrows with you in every situation. I will never let you down, and I will never betray you."

"I am in solidarity with all the oppressed and exploited in the world and will fight for their liberation with all my force."

"I will do anything to help the world proletariat in fulfilling its revolutionary mission."

"I will do anything for the victory of the world socialist revolution."

"I want to fight for the dictatorship of the world proletariat and for world socialism."

"Long live world communism!"



"I solemnly swear, to never break my oath of allegiance."



"Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !"





Oath of Allegiance of the Komsomol




Greetings of solidarity


Greeting Message of the German Section of the Comintern (SH) to the newly founded German Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

On 23rd of November, 2015 a historical moment takes place.

Today, the German Section of the YCI (SH) was re-established.

This is unique in the world history of communism and we send our congratulation.

The revolutionary youth of today is confronted with a great deal of global challenges. The revolutionary youth is conscious about the abysmally contradictions of classes and the socialist world revolution is knocking at the door of the proletarian youth in every country of the world.

Let us commonly continue the work of Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxembourg and Ernst Thalmann that they have devoted to the communist youth. Let us raise the flag of the KJVD of the KPD and the KJD (formerly "Red Guard") of the KPD / ML of Comrade Ernst Aust. Let us march forward to the new epoch of the world – world socialism!

The youth is the future of humanity. Comrade Ernst Aust held his famours speech to 2000 young Red Guardists in 1975. Actually, there ought to be now more than 20 000, since 40 years have passed by. But none have them remained. Therefore, all our class enemies of the bourgeoisie, the revisionists, Trotskyists, Maoists, etc. , they all feel spiteful about us Stalinist-Hoxhaists and pronounced us dead. The quality of the Bolshevik Young Guard on a world scale, in general, and in particular in Germany, is characterized by the number of the class enemies, the traitors, and by attacks of the German and global capital.

And if they even change the class structure, then we remain the Young Bolshevik International - always faithful. Nothing and nobody can stop the YCI (SH) fighting on the basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. The Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) is the shining star in the firmament and will increase her international importance for the class struggle of the world proletariat in the future.

Those who do not want to be anvil, must be the hammer, the powerful symbol of proletarian workers !

Nothing and nobody can stop the YCI (SH) if she is closely connected with and supported by the young toiling masses all over the world !

Red World Front !

Forward with the German Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!

Forward with the YCI (SH) and the Comintern (SH) on the global battlefields of class-struggle!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the socialist world revolution!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

November 23, 2015

German Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)




Greetings of solidarity


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the foundation of the YCI (SH) on 20. 11. 2015,
on occasion of the foundation of the German Section of the YCI (SH) on 23. 11. 2015,
on occasion of the foundation 2nd anniversary of the foundation of the Albanian and Chinese Section of the YCI (SH) on 23. 11. 2013,
and on occasion of the 74th anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania on 23. 11. 1941


To all young Stalinist-Hoxhaists,
To you, the future leaders of the proletarian, Communist Youth of the World!

Dear Comrades!

Today we celebrate your great world historic day, the day of the world communist youth and the re-establishment of its communist youth organizations.

We celebrate this day, with which you start your fight for the inevitably coming new world era, for a new socialist world.

We celebrate this day on which you have decided to fight for the real existing world socialism and world communism.

Certainly, this is the most troublesome and most difficult path which the youth of all former existing developments of society has ever trod.

But you are not just any new generation that continues honorably this long way of liberation, full of privation. You belong to that generation which is destined historically to go this path until the final victory, namely, out of the dark realm of exploitation and oppression, through the revolutionary gate of liberation, and into the bright world realm of freedom for all future generations.

This demands the greatest efforts and sacrifices from you, but is there something more valuable in the world, for which it is worth fighting for, than to struggle for the final liberation of all mankind from exploitation and oppression with all your heart and soul?

The youth does not fight all alone. We, the Comintern (SH), the entire world proletariat and all exploited and oppressed classes (of which you are the best sons and daughters), are fighting in solidarity with you under the same Stalinist-Hoxhaist World banner, side by side with you as an invincible red world front, and this until we will have hoisted the red flag in all countries of the world. Then we will, all together, celebrate the victory over world imperialism!

For this purpose, the Comintern (SH) sends militant, world communist greetings of solidarity!

We greet you all with the famous, immortal words of Karl Liebknecht:

"The revolutionary youth, it was the hottest, purest flame of all the previous revolutions. And the youth will continue to be the most ardent, inextinguishable flame of the final revolution of the world proletariat."

It is thus the revolution of the world proletariat for which the flame of the revolutionary World Youth is burning today.

What are the three central principles of the YCI (SH) that we can read about the world revolution in the program of the YCI in 1928 ? [This international youth program is still valid and determines the current world revolutionary path of the YCI (SH)]

Today, the world revolution is on the agenda for its practical solution:

"The material conditions for the victory of the world revolution are ripe. Everything depends on the will of the working class and its allied toiling masses to fight for their power" (Program of YCI, page 29, German edition)

The armed struggle is an indispensable means for the victorious enforcement of the world socialist revolution:
"The Communists declare that the armed uprising of the proletariat is necessary against the bourgeoisie in order to overthrow capitalism and to establish the proletarian dictatorship "(Program of YCI, page 59, German edition)

The united front tactic is an indispensable means to create the conditions for the revolutionizing of the masses, without which the victory of the socialist world revolution is impossible:
The united front tactic is one of the most important means "for the revolutionary mobilization and retrieval of the working masses in the whole period of the Revolution”. (program of YCI, page 111, German edition)

The struggle of the world proletariat for world communism can only be successful if this struggle is internationally centralized and guided in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

The same is true for the world proletarian youth. That is why we need not only the Communist International, but also the Young Communist International as the leading World Organization of the toiling World Youth.

Unlike all other youth organizations, the Young Communist International is constructed in accordance with the Bolshevik principle of international democratic centralism.

The decisions of the Young Communist International are of highest law for all Sections of the CYI (SH). The struggles of the working youth of each country can not be unified without the leadership of the Comintern (SH) and the YCI (SH). This results in a variety of tasks for the CYI (SH) as support and guidance of the Sections, organizing of new Sections, organizing international events, activities and campaigns (eg Youth Day of international solidarity on 23 November in every year), international agitation and propaganda, promoting cooperation among the Sections and involvement of revolutionary youth of all countries for the alignment, preparation and implementation of the world socialist revolution.

The YCI (SH) stands on the ground of the Comintern (SH) and forms a part of it (it is her international section). The YCI (SH) fights under the political leadership of the Comintern (SH).

The YCI (SH) continues the honorable tradition of the YCI in the time of Lenin and Stalin, and the honorable tradition of the Albanian Communist Youth in the time of Enver Hoxha.

The YCI (SH) will be guided by Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the theory and tactics of the socialist world revolution, in general, and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, in particular.

What is the role of the international Stalinist-Hoxhaist Youth and its organizations?

1. The YCI (SH) leads the fight against all bourgeois-revisionist, neo-revisionist, Trotskyite, Maoist, anarchist and other opportunistic ideologies that prevent the toiling youth from implementing the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism into practice, and that prevent the proletarian youth from participating in the socialist world revolution as part of the whole world proletariat.

2. The YCI (SH) is a school of world communism for all the exploited and oppressed world youth. The revolutionary World Youth is educated in the spirit of world communism by participating actively and consciously in the class struggle, and in close connection with the perfection of theoretical knowledge about the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

3. The YCI (SH) promotes not only the fighting slogans of communism in general, but formulates and represents the specific demands of the working world youth. She fights for the enforcement of these specific demands in the frame of the general interests of the entire world proletariat. In this world proletarian context, the YCI (SH) is leader and representative of the world proletarian youth.

4.The YCI (SH) is the most dedicated supporter of the Comintern (SH) in the fight for the revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism, for the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and for the construction of the new socialist world and finally for its transformation into a classless, communist world.
The YCI (SH) gives her fresh blood to the Comintern (SH) for the purpose of the enlargement of her ranks and for refilling the ranks of fighters who lost their live for the revolution. The communist youth is not only the purest flame of the communist revolution but simultaneously its indispensable offspring and reservoir.

Dear Comrades!

With this day, the foundation of the YCI (SH) and her Sections, begins a new era for the laboring world youth.

It is the day on which the Communist Youth Organisation of Albania was established in 1941. The heroic Albanian youth participated in the construction of socialism in one of the most backward and smallest countries in the world, surrounded by the entire superiority of the bourgeois-capitalist world. So if socialism leads to victory even under these most difficult conditions, why then should socialism not be applicable on a global scale?

They can bedevil our path towards world socialism, but world socialism can be prevented by nothing and nobody. World capitalism is doomed to leave the world stage of history. World socialism will irrevocably replace world capitalism, due to the irrefutable, objective laws of development of the world society.

On this solemn day we swear to crown the great work of socialism in the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and in Albania of Enver Hoxha by means of the global construction of socialism in all countries of the world. The existence of socialism in a single country, as an island in the capitalist world, was historically doomed to death through restoration of capitalism. We want the global socialism, namely as the only guarantee to abolish the inevitability of capitalist restoration and to pave the way to the classless world society.

We secure this by the victory of the socialist world revolution. And for the socialist world revolution we will fight together and forever, the Comintern (SH) with the YCI (SH)!


Always ready !

Long live the Young Communist International of Lenin and Stalin!
Long live the YCI (SH) and her Sections!
Long live the toiling World Youth, the purest and most ardent flame of the socialist world revolution!
Long live the Comintern (SH)!
Long live world socialism and world communism!
Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

22. 11. 2015

Wolfgang Eggers

on behalf of the Comintern (SH)



new flag of the Young Communist International



Greetings of solidarity

Solidarity Message of the Portuguese Section

of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion

of the foundation of the German Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)


The Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH) is very happy to greet our German comrades who are now founding the German Section of the Young Communist International (SH).

You are the heirs of the glorious German revolutionary tradition which gave birth to two Classics, to the 1918 November Revolution, to outstanding red leaders like Karl, Rosa and Ernst Thalmann and which never ceased struggle against both fascism and social-fascism.

We wish you much success and victories on the path of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Nowadays, we Stalinists-Hoxhaists, face more challenges than ever. World capitalism-imperialism and the global bourgeois class who controls it are in deep crisis, they are resorting to the most barbarous methods to continue exploiting and oppressing workers and to delay world socialist revolution.

Throughout the world, imperialist-capitalist system does not spare wars, genocides and other atrocities in order to perpetuate itself. This is also true in Europe, where Western imperialism is waging war in Ukraine against Russian social-imperialism. Moreover, brutal “austerity measures” promoted by the pro-fascist “European Union” and bourgeois search for maximum profits are intensifying more and more with all evils (poverty, unemployment, etc.) inherent to them. We, Portuguese Stalinist-Hoxhaists, are from one of the countries more affected by such policies. And we know that only joint struggle of the laborers and working youth of our countries can definitively prevent the inevitability of this deplorable situation.

But nothing this can bring European and world proletariat to its knees. Under the steeled leadership of the Comintern (SH) and of its German Section of the YCI (SH), German working youth will move forward to proletarian dictatorship, to socialism and communism not only in Germany but all over the world.

Working youth from Germany and from the world – unite!

Long live the German Section of the Young Communist International (SH)!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Death to world capitalist-imperialist order to and world bourgeois class who submerges the world in blood for profit maximization!

Down with all kinds of revisionism, neo-revisionism and anti-communism!

Long live world socialist revolution and armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only faithful standard-bearer of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

November 23, 2015


Greetings of solidarity


Greeting message of the Comintern (SH)
on the occasion of the

96th founding anniversary of the

Young Communist International
on November 20, 1919
in Berlin

Dear comrades !
On occasion of the 96th founding anniversary of the Young Communist International we salute all the young communists around the world and call on you to join the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).

Two years ago, on November 23, 2013, the Albanian and Chinese Section of the YCI (SH) were founded. They are still very weak and can only perform their tasks as a temporary "germ cell". With the founding of the German Section of the YCI (SH), on 23 November 2015, the situation will change fundamentally. Then we will be able, also on 23 November 2015, to found the YCI (SH) as an integrated Section of the Comintern (SH), thus at the international level.

From now on, the Comintern (SH) will be celebrating the anniversary of the Young Communist International, together with the founding of the YCI (SH) and its Sections on 23 November and with the founding of the Communist Youth of Albania, on 23
rd of November 1941.

At this point we would like to emphasize that we are particularly proud of the new German Section of the YCI (SH). It was the German young comrades who have played an outstanding role in the creation of the YCI in Berlin, 96 years ago. And now new fighters will build up the YCI (SH) as worthy successors of the former founders of the YCI.

The Young Communist International existed 1919-1943.
The Refoundation of the YCI takes place 72 years later, on 23 November 2015.
5 years ago, in February 2010, the Comintern (SH) called for the re-foundation of the YCI. In our appeal we stated:

"The foundation of the Young Communist International ( Y C I ) is the precursor to the final liberation of the world communist youth .

The revolutionary youth had always been the hottest, purest flame of all the recent formations of class society.

In 1907 the first Youth International began to struggle in the days of the Stuttgart - Congress of the II. International.

The foundation of the Young Communist International (as the Youth Organisation of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin) took place in 1919.

The program of the Y C I was adopted in 1928. This program was, is still now and will continue to be the most ardent, unquenchable flame of revolution of the world proletariat.

Overthrow of world capitalism, the victory of world communism and hence complete liberation of the working youth from its present bondage.

At this world-revolutionary line of the present global Communist Youth

nothing has changed in principle.

Our final victory is guaranteed by the bronze course of development, by our historical materialist understanding, our knowledge of communism, by the enthusiasm and courageous determination of ever more young hearts all over the world.

No power on earth will stop the world revolutionary movement of the communist youth!

In essence, the Young Communist International ( Y C I ) did never perish, is still alive and vital, and will be victorious in the future, because it is guided by the invincible teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha -
the 5 Classics of Marxism – Leninism !

In the struggle against neo-revisionism the young revolutionaries will be guided by today's Stalinism-Hoxhaism, by the theory and tactics of the world-proletarian revolution in general and the theory and tactics of the world dictatorship of the proletariat in particular.

The program of the Communist Youth International of the year 1928 is a shining star to today's revolutionary youth, a great historical treasure for the globalized world communist youth movement and its implementation in practice is an honorable commitment to every young communists around the world.

The world-revolutionary youth of today and tomorrow will fight with full force for the full performance of this program, will develop it further by applying properly to the currently changing conditions of globalisation.

Certainly, in the more than 80 years, the world, the youth has changed, but our communist ideals and goals have remained still the same. The need to rebuild the Communist International and its International Youth Organisation is an urgent need and the necessary conditions for its realisation have never been better. It is an imperative task which has to be fulfilled in practice. 

The world-proletarian youth has no other weapon in the struggle for its liberation than its world-revolutionary organization which unites all its fighting detachments in all countries centrally. The world-Bolshevist Youth is equipped by the well-known organisational norms and rules of World-Bolshevism.

The highest and most advanced form of the new organised young-proletarian world movement is the Y C I (Stalinist - Hoxhaists)

The Y C I (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) is the conscious bearer of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist class movement of the world-proletarian youth.

The Y C I (SH) is committed to continue the glorious tradition of the Y C I in times of Lenin and Stalin.

Let's rebuild the strong
Young Communist International of Lenin and Stalin !
Long live the new
(Stalinist – Hoxhaists) !"

Well, now the time has come !

The world proletarian youth has back again its own proletarian revolutionary world organization, to lead the young toilers of the world to the socialist revolution!

The long period of 72 years since dissolution of the YCI shows how difficult it has been to rebuild the YCI.

But even then, in 1919, the comrades had to cope with a lot of difficulties.
The Comintern had called "the organizations of the proletarian youth movement throughout the world" to gather and to join the Third International. 14 Socialist youth organizations followed this appeal. In November 1919 they convened a congress in Berlin and founded the Young Communist International.
The gloomy back room of a Berlin suburb pub served as a meeting place. Twenty young workers gathered around the table, after overcoming innumerable difficulties and dangers. One of their representatives needed over a month and no less than four fronts to pass, before arriving at the Congress. The meeting was disguised as "pigeon fanciers club". At that time, Berlin was still in the state of siege. The meeting place had to be changed daily. And so the participants of the founding congress met, inter alia, in the studio of the proletarian artist Käthe Kollwitz.
The Congress was opened by a presentation of a representative of the Comintern.
The general objective, that youth organizations have to fight especially for the socialist world revolution, was adopted unanimously.
On 23 November 1919, the fourth day of the Congress, the program of the Young Communist International was discussed.
The focus was on the question of the future relationship with the Comintern.
It would be the first and foremost duty of the youth of the working class, the duty, under which all other tasks must be subordinated, namely to go into battle closely connected with the adult revolutionary comrades. Therefore, the closest alliance with the Communist International and her Sections was decided.
The Comintern program propagated the continuation of the world revolution, smashing the bourgeois states, establishment of the proletarian dictatorship, creation of the communist world society – and the program of the Young Communist International followed these aims.
In the first program of the YCI, it is said:
"The Young Communist International is based on the resolutions of the I. Congress of the Third International, and forms a part of the Communist International. The headquarters of the Young Communist International is organizationally connected to the Third International and works with her in close fighting community. "
At the founding congress of the YCI in Berlin was decided that the former magazine "The Youth International" continues to be published which had already been edited in 1915. Even Comrade Lenin had written an important article in this magazine. The name, "The Youth International", was decided in historical reference to the first Youth International in Stuttgart, founded in the year 1907.
Today we need a new name for the central organ of the YCI (SH). There is some evidence to retain the name "Youth International" for traditional reasons, but some reasons speak for changing the name in regard of our clear demarcation against all the international bourgeois-revisionist and opportunist youth organizations. We are sure that the YCI (SH) will find an appropriate name for her future global central organ.
Since the re-formation of the Youth International in 1915 a "International Youth Day" was organized once a year. This tradition should be maintained with the beginning of the founding of the YCI (SH), namely on 23
rd of November.
On the future "Youth Day of international solidarity" the demands of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) should be globally explained and promoted in public manifestations, meetings and gatherings.

A new era begins for the laboring world youth with the re-establishment of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).
The aim is to tear away the frontier posts of the national fragmentation of the proletarian, revolutionary youth.
It is necessary that the youth unites in a global revolutionary battlefront against world capitalism.
One day, the iron proletarian ring of the YCI (SH) will enclose the entire world!

The global proletarian youth will be the hottest, purest flame of the socialist world revolution and of the coming epoch of world socialism !

Forward with the international Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement of the proletarian Youth !
Long live the heroic Young Communist International of Lenin and Stalin and the defense of her world revolutionary tradition through the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!
Long live the YCI (SH) - Section of the Comintern (SH)!
Long live the armed socialist revolution!
Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!
Long live world socialism and world communism!
Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Wolfgang Eggers

19. 11. 2015

on behalf of the Comintern (SH)













greeting messages of solidarity



Greeting address
from the communist youth group Regensburg (Germany)
to the comrades of the Comintern (SH) and YCI (SH)
on occasion of the

98th anniversary of the

Great October Socialist Revolution



Comrades, Marxist-Leninists, Stalinists-Hoxhaists around the world!


98 years ago, in the fire of revolution and the subsequent war was forged against reaction and intervention of the first socialist state in the world. Today, this country, the glorious Soviet Union, which covered one-sixth of the earth and achieved countless impressive victories in its history no longer exists.
It was eroded and beaten down by traitors in its own ranks, by agents of the reaction, who undermined the whole socialist camp with their subversive activities and did even murder loyal comrades.
The Bolshevik Party got rid of the Trotskyists; but their ideology survived, rooted again, while the USSR was recovering from the devastations of the Great Patriotic War. It began again to show in the form of opportunism, careerism and other false characteristics. It became party line in Yugoslavia, evolved into Modern Revisionism, but always remained a poison that the reaction dripped into the Communist Parties in order to destroy them from the inside.
The glorious Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin was betrayed.
Although the Cominform debunked Titoism, although the Albanian Party of Labour and Comrade Enver Hoxha debunked Khrushchevism and finally also Chinese Revisionism, the collapse of real-existing socialism could no longer be averted.
And how is the situation today?
There are countless parties who call themselves "communist", but what are these parties in reality? They are pluralistic, they are liberal, they are often social democratic or social fascist. They are involved in reform struggles, but only if it is necessary to choke the class struggle mood. They make agitation and propaganda work, but only to bind interested persons into their organizational structures and to prevent these persons from developing into true revolutionaries. Some of these parties defend Stalin, but only to keep up appearances; in their actual line they are deeply anti-Stalinist. They often justify their own propaganda against Stalin then with "tactical reasons"; they say it is difficult to agitate people who have been taught irrational hatred of Stalin, if you defend Stalin openly.
But this irrational hatred is taught also against Socialism itself, against all the leaders of the communist movement! If we agree to the propaganda of our enemies against us, then we put ourselves on their side! So this attitude exposes the present "Communist" Parties as the ideological heir of all the former traitors and enemy agents.
Comrades, you are the spearhead of the revolutionary movement!
You are the cadre organizations that can lead the masses to victory!
Let the memory of the victorious Great October Socialist Revolution be a signal for the fight against all false views, the final victory against the counter-revolutionaries, as the most dangerous enemy is the one who hides in our own ranks, who calls himself a revolutionary and acts reactionary.
Pure from all wrong views the Party and its youth organization will guide the peoples to World Socialist Revolution.


Long live the Great Socialist World Revolution!
Long live Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism!
Long live the Bolshevik Party of Lenin and Stalin!
Long live the Comintern (SH) and the CYI (SH)!
Forward to victory!





Police killing unarmed young man on the streets of Los Angeles

July 2015




Riots over the death of Freddie Gray

on April 28, 2015


Smash the fascist police state !

The violent socialist revolution is justified !


Our purpose shall be to organize and educate the young of the working class to understand their true position in capitalist society, to work for the abolition of capitalism and to aid in the establishment of a Republic of Workers’ Councils — a government functioning through the dictatorship of the proletariat — as the first step towards the establishment of an International Classless Society, free from all political and economic slavery.


Young Communist International








Messages of Solidarity: 

Greeting Message

of the Comintern (SH)

to the Albanian and Chinese Section of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)


on occasion of the first anniversary of their foundation on the

23rd of November 2013,

on occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania on the

23rd of November 1941

and on occasion of the 95th Anniversary of the foundation of the Y C I on the

20th of November 1919




Message de Solidarité

13. Janvier 2011
- Tunisie -

Chers camarades!

Nous exprimons notre solidarité avec la rébellion de la jeunesse révolutionnaire en Tunisie.

Il est un phare pour toute la jeunesse rebelle, non seulement en Afrique du Nord, mais partout dans le monde!

Nous saluons et soutenons votre combat!

L'avenir de la jeunesse du monde est le socialisme mondial. Il est gagné par la victoire du capitalisme mondial.

Vive l'internationalisme prolétarien!

Vive la jeunesse révolutionnaire mondial !

l'Internationale Communiste des Jeunes





of the Communist International


February 2010

















7th Congress of the LYUA





Our younger generation marches along the revolutionary road of the party

speech on June 28, 1968








Revolted generation


"Albania Today" No 2, 1972





Labour actions - schools of communist education of the Albanian youth


"Albania Today" No 1, 1981




The raising of the qualitative level of the school to contemporary demands

"Albania Today" No 5, 1983






"Zeri i Rinise" — organ of the CC of the LYUA

Excerpt of "Albania Today", No 5 / 1981



Manifestation of bourgeois-revisionist degeneration and corruption



"Albania Today" No 5, 1978




Revolutionisation of teaching methods in school


"Albania Today" No 4, 1972





















Young Communist International

Y C I (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)