of the Communist International


February 2010


The foundation of the Young Communist International ( Y C I ) is the precursor to the final liberation of the world communist youth .

The revolutionary youth had always been the hottest, purest flame of all the recent formations of class society.

In 1907 the first Youth International began to struggle in the days of the Stuttgart - Congress of the II. International.

The foundation of the Young Communist International (as the Youth Organisation of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin) took place in 1919.

The program of the Y C I was adopted in 1928. This program was, is still now and will continue to be the most ardent, unquenchable flame of revolution of the world proletariat.

Overthrow of world capitalism, the victory of world communism and hence complete liberation of the working youth from its present bondage.

At this world-revolutionary line of the present global Communist Youth

nothing has changed in principle.

Our final victory is guaranteed by the bronze course of development, by our historical materialist understanding, our knowledge of communism, by the enthusiasm and courageous determination of ever more young hearts all over the world.

No power on earth will stop the world revolutionary movement of the communist youth!

In essence, the Young Communist International ( Y C I ) did never perish, is still alive and vital, and will be victorious in the future, because it is guided by the invincible teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha -
the 5 Classics of Marxism – Leninism !

In the struggle against neo-revisionism the young revolutionaries will be guided by today's Stalinism-Hoxhaism, by the theory and tactics of the world-proletarian revolution in general and the theory and tactics of the world dictatorship of the proletariat in particular.

The program of the Communist Youth International of the year 1928 is a shining star to today's revolutionary youth, a great historical treasure for the globalized world communist youth movement and its implementation in practice is an honorable commitment to every young communists around the world.

The world-revolutionary youth of today and tomorrow will fight with full force for the full performance of this program, will develop it further by applying properly to the currently changing conditions of globalisation.

Certainly, in the more than 80 years, the world, the youth has changed, but our communist ideals and goals have remained still the same. The need to rebuild the Communist International and its International Youth Organisation is an urgent need and the necessary conditions for its realisation have never been better. It is an imperative task which has to be fulfilled in practice.


The world-proletarian youth has no other weapon in the struggle for its liberation than its world-revolutionary organization which unites all its fighting detachments in all countries centrally. The world-Bolshevist Youth is equipped by the well-known organisational norms and rules of World-Bolshevism.

The highest and most advanced form of the new organised young-proletarian world movement is the Y C I (Stalinist - Hoxhaists)

The Y C I (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) is the conscious bearer of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist class movement of the world-proletarian youth.

The Y C I (SH) is committed to continue the glorious tradition of the Y C I in times of Lenin and Stalin.

Let's rebuild the strong
Young Communist International of Lenin and Stalin !
Long live the new
(Stalinist – Hoxhaists) !

Young Communist International

Y C I (SH)