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Revolution Is the Main Trend In the World Today !

World proletariat - unite all countries !



Central Organ of the Comintern (SH)









of the

World Union

of Soviet Socialist Republics

(W. U. S. S. R.) 




Let us build the
Socialist World Republic
under the banner of

Stalinism-Hoxhaism !






And again - another new translation of "Merlin"

- our magic translator from Portugal

Krushchev and Dimitrov

Here are both the two revisionist leaders ...

The one betrayed the Soviet Union and

the other one betrayed the Comintern !


25. 7. – 20. 8. 1935

80º Aniversário da traição pelo VII Congresso Mundial do Comintern

- Em defesa dos Comintern de Lenine e Estaline






in German language

Water - World Program

of the Comintern (SH)

will be translated in English language as soon as possible !






    Komintern (SH)


01. 08. 2020
Wolfgang Eggers






Now the First Chapter is translated !!


English translation thanks to the Section USA of the Comintern (SH)

On the Foundations and

Concerning Questions of



(BOOK 3)


Chapter I
On the Ideological Foundations of Stalinism







World proletariat -

unite all your migrant labourers

for the world socialist revolution!


The Arab Gulf States are notorious for their fascist-exploitative labor laws against migrant workers. Most of these workers' armies there already form the majority of the population and guarantee the luxury of the bourgeoisie of the Gulf States, a small minority of the capitalist class society.

The corona virus pandemic has dramatically worsened the situation of migrant workers worldwide, particularly in the Gulf States. The migrant workers work not only for the rich of foreign countries, but also for the livelihood of their impoverished families in their home countries.

They do the most exhausting and dirty slave labor for starvation wages, suffer from inhumane working, and living conditions and are racially discriminated against and marginalized. Often the wages are not even enough to return home or forced repatriations occur.

Asian and Arab migrants

- unite against wage slavery of the Arab Gulf States !


* * *

Comintern (SH) 

Programmatic Declaration


the question of migrants and refugees



Another new translation of "Merlin"

- our magic translator from Portugal


Comemoração do Dia da Libertação de África



25, DE MAIO DE 1963

- A 25, DE 2020




To the gallows with

Netanyahu !


Netanyahu at age of 18, war criminal in an elite commando unit.


Solidarity with the protest movement in Israel

against Netanyahu

and the fascist state of Israel!







Brutal attacks by the fascist police







Long live

the communist


in a communist world !

Long live the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH)!


Côte d’Ivoire

( Ivory Coast )

We will globally smash Nestlé Group !




A new translation of "Merlin"

- our magic translator from Portugal



Da Internacional Comunista



A revolução mundial e a Guerra imperialista








"Land of the Free ?"

So long as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie


war, fascism, hunger, exploitation and oppression will also



The Whole World is Watching as the United States, the self-proclaimed “Land of the Free” sends masked federal agents to kidnap protesters off the streets, As police met peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas, as “leftist” groups are branded as terrorists.



Was it not just a few short months ago that our government decried the brutalities the Chinese police inflicted on the Hong Kong protesters that the same brutalities the American government is now inflicting on its own people with the same rallying cry as Beijing's “Law and Order” the great cry of fascists and social-fascists alike?


Donald Trump’s ‘GOPstapo’


To the American working and oppressed masses, we say to you:


So long as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie exists, war, fascism, hunger, exploitation and oppression will also exist.

It is only after the Stalinist-Hoxhaist revolution smashes the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and builds in its place the dictatorship of the proletariat that those wrongs will be righted and then and only then we will truly be deserving of the title “Land of the Free” so join with us, workers and farmers of America,

you have nothing to lose but your chains and you have a world to gain!

Red World Front!

US Section



Fight for a

"Land of the Free in a

World of the Free",

Fight for a

World of Communism !




New publications in





1973 - 1985


1976 - Nr. 5, September-Oktober



Messages of Solidarity



Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)

- under Reconstruction -

We appeal to the Portuguese and Brazilian revolutionaries, communists and proletarians !

As it is said in common parlance, you don't start a house from the roof. The Comintern (SH), considers itself the legitimate heir of the III International, closed at a historical time when it was needed, considering itself the heir also for historical reasons.
In other words, we are the true heirs of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha. We've always been guarding the flame and we'll light the world.
Almost 20 years ago the Comintern set itself the task of starting to acquire a theoretical line, to form boards, to create Sections in as many countries as possible and Sections by areas.
Enter our website and start by reading the program, the tasks, the platform, who we are.
On the last 16th we celebrated the 73 years of Stalinism-Hoxaism, when Stalin and Enver Hoxa met for the first time, with a memorable initiative on the website, as we have not seen in any other party in years.
Since 2011, national sections of the Comintern (SH) have begun to appear, with frank articulation with the Comintern (SH), central/global.
We have always given priority to basing ourselves on the studies and practices of the 5 heads of Stalinism-Hoxhaism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.
Besides this fact the change of name from Marxism-Leninism, to Stalinism-Hoxhaism, as its continuators. In fact, all five heads are integrated thinking, open to innovation and not thinking in parts. Being openly anti-Dimitrovians, we do not hide in a popular front that includes parties of the bourgeoisie, because all the attempts to date have shown that these fronts always end up benefiting opportunism, the petty bourgeoisie initially followed by the bourgeoisie and the institutional rightists, giving rise to Social-fascism (socialism in words - fascism in deeds), as is the case in China, Cuba or Venezuela.
The path to socialism must be demonstrated from the beginning and not be for 100 years from now. All the Portuguese and Brazilians who are not satisfied have the chance to reinforce (in Portugal) and get in touch by starting the formation of a section through our website ( and
There are no more excuses just for complaining, the first phase of organization and training of staff "goes from wind to save", just open our website and see all the theoretical production and conclusions drawn from the study of comrades very experienced from decades of struggle to see that we are different from all others who present themselves opportunistically.
This is the ideal time for those who want to become a revolutionary brother, a comrade dedicated to learning, who wants to be trained, to immediately jump to the second phase of framing ourselves in the mass and form a world union of "fingernail with meat".
As in Enver Hoxa's Albania, we want to live as equally as possible, with little differentiated salaries, with home, health and food for all, which will grow in a post-revolutionary world society, clean, dignified and safe.
It will not be with bourgeois and rigged elections that the world will change and specifically Portugal and Brazil!
The workers and the poor have to organize themselves with the theory of the Comintern (SH) and start working towards a violent revolution, which allows for the planning of production, its equal distribution and the fight against the exploiters and oppressors, wherever they come from.
The Future is now, we join one by one, gaining experience and wisdom in the heat of the struggles and in study, to take millions with us to victory for a socialist, just and decent future.
Long live the socialist revolution around the world!
Long live the proletarian dictatorship in every country!
Long live the Comintern (SH)!
Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!
Long live Stalinism-hoxhaism!
Long live the world of socialism and world communism!





ALL Foreign troops - get out of Libya!
Egyptian troops - get out of Libya!

Egyptian people - take up your revolutionary arms against the Egyptian invaders in Libya !
Turn the rifles around and point them against the world imperialists and their lackeys!
War against the imperialist war!
Smash the world imperialism and establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat!
Long live the unity of the Arab peoples in their anti-imperialist war of liberation!
Freedom to the Libyan people.
Long live the solidarity of proletarians of all countries with the Libyan people!

For a socialist Libya in a socialist Arab world !

Long live the world socialist revolution !


Appeal of the Egyptian Section


Since yesterday, the Egyptian parliament had given an "Authorization" for the Egyptian Fascist Army to enter in the lands of the fraternal arab people of Libya.
That's after a great play made by Al-Sisi with the reactionary Libyan chieftains of the tribes; whom too have given him this alleged 'authorization' before the Egyptian parliament. This war was supported by the demagogy of "Defending the National Security" and the chauvinistic-"patriotic" stupidity. World Imperialism is pushing Egypt in a war that isn't it's war. and Before Worled Imperialists, were standing the Egyptian scums headed by Al-Sisi; they want as lenin have teached us : a piece from this war of plunder.
Lenin Have Teached that no matter how small is the country which participates in an imperialist war; yet it's still participating in the plundering of war imperialism, and that's what the Egyptian scums are doing.
Instead of defending the Nile (which has been threatening the whole of egypt's peasents by painful death), the prostitutes of world imperialism; the Egyptian army went to hurl itself in the hell of Libya with the other world imperialists of Russia and of Europe and With Turkey, but not as a world imperialist power, but as a lackey, as a mere dogs for those masters, while trying to draw in the mind of the simple men that this decision of war was taken out of the "free will" of the Egyptian bourgeoisie's state.
We are wishing the Egyptian Army a painful trip, we wish them to get back to the home in the coffins, we will not be whining on the rotten dead bodies of the Egyptian fascists who allowed themselves to be in the imperialist war.
As for the Revolutionary Elements inside the Army; Either you be true for yourselves and join our ranks To struggle for the Egyptian Socialist Revolution which represents our only way for salvation from these horrible conditions imposed on us by world imperialists and the fascist cliques of rats and pigs which governs the homeland ; to turn your rifles around against your leaders and against the Egyptian Counter-revolution; or you will be the same as any other stupid reactionary docile solider in the Fascist Army of Egypt!

We are in no need to tell how significant is the participation of the Comrades of Russia, and of the Whole of Europe (even by words) to stand in this case because their countries are involved in these horrors, The Vagner Russian Mercenaries Группа Вагнера, the Weapon markets of Europe which is active in Libya, and the many other fascists who are exploiting the unjust civil war for their interests. we are Also calling the turkish communists: where are you ? we need your help! Turkey is interventing in libya while supporting a reactionary clique just as the Russian and the European imperialists ! Join the Ranks of the Comintern (SH)! Create your section! The Silence should be stopped by the brave words of the Turkish Proletarians and the Whole world Workers in All Continents!



New publication in



Fight against war and fascism


USA - April 1934 , No 6

published by the American League against War and Fascism





"The Communist International had not ceased to exist and it will not cease to exist."

(Lenin ).


Lenin on the Comintern


19th July 1920

100 years

Second World Congress



Long live the 100th anniversary of the Second World Congress of the Comintern

19. 7. - 7. 8. 1920


(We re-publish our website from 2015)



In honor of the 2nd Congress of the Comintern.


Celebration in honor of the 2 nd Congress of the Comintern in Uritsky square.

Boris Kustodiev (painter).


Pictures of the Comintern



New publications in





1973 - 1985



1976 - Nr. 4, Juli-August




Historical events of the revolutionary world movement



Begin of the Spanish Civil War


18th July 1936


84th anniversary Interbrigades Spanish Civil War



special website in:












For the founding of the Spanish Section of the Comintern (SH)!


In the Spanish civil war the Spanish People in unity with the internationalists from all over the world sacrificed their life for the anti-fascist struggle against Franco and Hitler-fascists. It is our duty as proletarian internationalists to honor this great internationalist anti-fascist struggle of the people and learn from the experiences for the world-proletarian struggle against world-fascism of today -  as a united militant action of global  anti-fascist class-struggle as part and lever of the socialist world revolution.

Nowadays more than ever, it is urgent to found the Spanish Section of the Comintern (SH) which will be the organized vanguard of the Spanish proletariat. Only by marching together with the proletarian detachments from all other countries under the global centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH) can Spanish oppressed and exploited classes successfully accomplish socialist revolution, proletarian dictatorship, socialism and communism not only in their country but at a global scale.

Spanish workers – unite!

Now, you have to prepare your final victory as part of the world socialist revolution!

Death to all your internal and external exploiters and oppressors!

Down with the capitalist regime that still prevails in Spain!

Don’t let Franco’s ideological heirs detach you from the only way to your liberation: Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Don’t be deceived by reformist and opportunist illusions!

Only world communism can ensure the abolition of the inevitability of fascism!

Long live world proletarian and socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentically anti-fascist and communist organization!

Long live the armed socialist revolution in Spain and all over the world !

Long live the Spanish dictatorship of the proletariat !

Long live the socialist Spain in a socialist world !


Telegram from the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B)

to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Spain

To Comrade Jose Diaz.

The workers of the Soviet Union are merely carrying out their duty in giving help within their power to the revolutionary masses of Spain. They are aware that the liberation of Spain from the yoke of fascist reactionaries is not a private affair of the Spanish people but the common cause of the whole of advanced and progressive mankind.

Fraternal greetings,
J. Stalin

16 October 1936



Guerra civil española

1936 - 1939



Enver Hoxha


Euro-Communism is Anti-Communism


Many members of the Communist Party of Spain gave their lives during the Civil War. Others fell victim to the Francoite terror. Thousands and thousands of others were thrown into prison where they languished for many years or died. The terror which prevailed in Spain after the victory of the fascists was extremely ferocious. Franco dealt a heavy blow to the revolutionary vanguard of the working class and the masses of the Spanish people and this had negative consequences for the Communist Party. Losing its soundest, most ideologically prepared, most resolute and courageous element in the armed struggle and during the fascist terror, the Communist Party of Spain came under the negative and destructive influence of the cowardly petty-bourgeois and intellectual element, such as Carrillo and company, who became dominant. They gradually transformed the Communist Party of Spain into an opportunist and revisionist party.” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism, Tirana 1980, edition in English)




15 x Betrayal

of Dimitrov's Comintern leadership

in the Spanish Civil War



The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act in the Spanish Civil War as an organization of the international proletarian revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not fight for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of the dictatorship of the Spanish proletariat in the Spanish Civil War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that turns the Spanish Civil War into the Civil World War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that continues the fight for the defense of bourgeois democracy up to the revolutionary conquest of proletarian democracy.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that ended fascism with the victory of the socialist revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov acted as a defender of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, as a defender of bourgeois democracy "against" fascism. The Comintern was only interested in fighting the one form of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie by defending the other form of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and not fighting for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat upon the ruins of the capitalist Spanish state.


The Comintern of Dimitrov fought in Spain neither for the socialist revolution nor for its necessary transformation to the world socialist revolution.


The revisionist Comintern of Dimitrov was a peace instrument of the class reconciliation between bourgeoisie and proletariat - called "popular front" - and was not an international instrument of war of the proletarian class struggle to the disempowerment of the bourgeoisie in Spain and finally that of the world bourgeoisie. Bolshevik peace policy is one of the forms of struggle for the overthrow of capitalism and not a bargain with the bourgeoisie. The Comintern of Dimitrov, however, stood up for class peace and bourgeois democracy. The forces of war and fascism are the counter-revolutionary forces of the bourgeoisie. The forces of peace and socialism are the revolutionary forces of the proletariat. This principled dividing line was first blurred by the Comintern of Dimitrov by means of the "Popular Front" line and then eliminated.


"Class against class". This universal, Stalinist combat slogan of the VI. World Congress was dropped in the Spanish Civil War by the Comintern of Dimitrov and replaced by the slogan of the class reconciliation ("united front with the bourgeoisie").


The revisionist Comintern of Dimitrov misused the Spanish Civil War as an attempt to unite and merge with the Second International, thereby betraying the revolutionary Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, which had been founded in the fight against the betrayal of the Second International. The twins Fascism and Social Fascism are inseparable and were both together not fought by the Comintern of Dimitrov in the Spanish Civil War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov relied in the Spanish Civil War on the revisionist Popular Front of France by means of the two traitors Thorez and Cachin. Especially under the influence of these French revisionists and the Comintern of Dimitrov, the Communist Party of Spain turned into a revisionist party, which strictly rejects the civil war and any revolutionary armed struggle, including the socialist revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not fight against the capitalist system in the Spanish Civil War. In the fight against Spanish fascism, the capitalist system was left untouched. One can not be a true antifascist if you let capitalism get away with it.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not attack world imperialism as a whole from the standpoint of the revolutionary world proletariat. With the demands to the capitalist world , the Comintern of Dimitroff awakened illusions in the world proletariat that the Western imperialist powers ("bourgeois democracies") allegedly advocated the protection of international law. Stalin, on the other hand, emphasized at the 19th Congress of the CPSU (B) that "the bourgeoisie itself is the main enemy of the freedom movement" and that the bourgeoisie has "thrown overboard the banner of national independence and national sovereignty". Stalin speaks here expressively of the main enemy of the bourgeoisie and not of some "fascist generals", as it was represented by the Comintern of Dimitrov.


The Comintern of Dimitrov was not concerned in the Spanish Civil War with the aim of destruction of Spanish, German and Italian fascism, but only with the "cessation of intervention to secure peace."


The Comintern of Dimitrov was confined to the goal of "enforcing the protection of the international rights of the Spanish Republic and the cessation of fascist intervention in Spain", which, according to the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, can only be achieved and guaranteed through the world proletarian revolution - and not by illusionary appeals to the world bourgeoisie with the class-reconciliatory popular front policy.





First meeting of
Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha

16th of July, 1947



Long live the

73rd anniversary of



Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the world proletarian revolution, in general, and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, in particular.


On the Day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism


Why did the Comintern (SH) select July 16, 1947 as the founding day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism?

Stalinism-Hoxhaism emerged on the indelible day when Stalin and Enver Hoxha met for the first time.

Stalin created Stalinism


Enver Hoxha created Hoxhaism.

The anniversary of the first meeting of Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha is for us Stalinist-Hoxhaists and for the class-conscious elements of the world proletariat not an empty observance, but guideline for global class struggle, a guide for global revolutionary action. Especially the world political situation in which we are now , forces us with imperative compulsion that we have clearly to recognize the historical significance of the 16th of July 1947 and the teachings of the great leaders of the world proletariat - Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha. 

July 16, 1947 marks the anniversary on which Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism began to further develop into Hoxhaism.

July 16 - this is annually our day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Long live the 16th of July 1947 - the day of the first meeting of Comrade Stalin and Comrade Enver Hoxha, the anniversary of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!









On occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the first meeting of Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha the Comintern (SH) decided to publish this

first Volume of Supplements of the book "What is Stalinism-Hoxhaism".


Why do we publish supplements of lessons of Stalinism-Hoxhaism?


Stalin gives the answer:

"Marxism as a science cannot remain on the spot - it develops and improves. Marxism, in its development, must of course be enriched by new experiences and new knowledge - consequently different Marxist formulas and conclusions must be replaced to correspond to the new historical tasks. Marxism does not accept immutable conclusions and formulas as mandatory for all eras and periods. Marxism is the enemy of any dogmatism. "

Stalinism-Hoxhaism does not mean to put in question Marxism – Leninism, does not mean replacing it. Our intention is to further develop Marxism – Leninism, to bring the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha in accordance with present times.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is Marxism-Leninism of today.

Only our opponents misinterpret this as a so called “deviation from Marxism-Leninism”. The question is not “Stalinism-Hoxhaism OR Marxism-Leninism” but further developed Marxism-Leninism. By means of Stalinism-Hoxhaism the Comintern (SH) adjusts the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism to the actually changing conditions of global class struggle.

Defending Stalinism - Hoxhaism guarantees the ideological break with all opportunists that meanwhile have masked themselves as so called "Marxist-Leninists". They degrade and deform Marxism-Leninism: Marxism-Leninism in words and opportunism in deeds.

Nobody can deny the teachings of Stalin and Enver Hoxha, the fourth and fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism. The teachings of Stalin and Enver Hoxha are for themselves indispensable part of Marxism-Leninism, so that they can never be separated from Marxism-Leninism. This great treasure is to be preserved and always to be further developed and enriched. The proletarian ideology continually revolutionizes itself during the history of the proletarian class struggle.

Marxism itself was always proved victorious in its history, if the Marxists ascended the platform of its highest development (Lenin).

And the highest platform of Marxism-Leninism is doubtlessly Stalinism-Hoxhaism. Marxism-Leninism of today can be nothing other than the Stalinism-Hoxhaism.Marxism is essentially a critical ideology – scientific expression of reflections of the critical and self-critical class of the proletariat. A movement is only then still a revolutionary movement if it marches forward through further developments of Marxist theory.

The world proletariat needs the highest stage of the permanent development of the proletarian ideology as the guide line for the victory of the world socialist revolution and thus for the successful establishment of its proletarian dictatorship. Not further developed proletarian ideology is the death of the proletarian ideology, is the triumph of the bourgeois ideology over the proletarian ideology.

Consequently, the bourgeois ideology can be defeated only through the further development of the ideology of the world proletariat.

Stalinism was further developing from Leninism. The victory of Stalinism was a victory over the opportunists, who rose up against the further development of Leninism.

Hoxhaism was further developing Stalinism. The victory of Hoxhaism was a victory over the opportunists (the modern revisionists), who rebelled against the development of Stalinism.

The necessity of updating Stalinism-Hoxhaism, its permanent application to the changing of conditions of struggle of the working class, to which it serves, that is in fact in accordance with the principles of advancing the proletarian world ideology.

The international character of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory is, that it provides the opportunity for the Comintern (SH), to orient itself in the globalized world situation, that it understands the interdependences of world events, that it foresees the course of international occurrences, and to recognize not only how and where the occurrences develop in present, but how and where they must develop in future.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the world proletarian revolution, in general, and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, in particular.

This Supplement is the first update of Stalinism-Hoxhaism since 2018, thus after we published the book: "What is Stalinism-Hoxhaism?"

And, of course, this will be and can be neither our first nor our last answer to the question: What is Stalinism-Hoxhaism?




On occasion of the 73rd Anniversary of Stalinism-Hoxhaism :






"conspiracy theory"?


translation from 15th of May, 2020

written by Wolfgang Eggers



16 - 07 - 2018

written by Wolfgang Eggers

published by the Comintern (SH)



Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message

of the Portuguese Section

to the Comintern (SH)

Long live the 73rd anniversary of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!




Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message

of the Section USA

to the Comintern (SH)


Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

The Comintern (Stalinist-Hoxhaist) stands today as a bright beacon of hope to all genuine communists whom seek to break the revisionist hold on communism to all of the working masses whom are ground into the dirt by capitalist and fascist oppression and exploitation to every genuine anti-fascist fighter who seeks to end fascist oppression.

The archive and library of the Comintern (SH) are a priceless tool to all of those who seek to learn the real history of socialism and communism in a world where Nazi era anti communist lies are trotted out as fact.

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the struggle for Socialism and Communism!

Long live the World Red Front!

Death to Fascist and Capitalist oppression and exploitation!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

Section USA

16th of July, 2020





New publications in





1973 - 1985



1976- Nr. 3, Mai-Juni


1976 - Nr. 2, März-April





Messages of Solidarity


Message of solidarity from the Egyptian Section to the German Section


Long live the fraternity between the two Section of Germany and Egypt!

Concerning the spying in Germany, this scandal has to be explained in it's position, the German intelligence isn't that stupid to leave an Egyptian spies in the heart of Berlin.

This spy was working by the orders of the state's security apparatus and the military secret services apparatus to get information about the anti-fascist and anti-sisi activities outside Egypt in Germany particularly.

The spy spent years doing so, under the eyes of the German imperialist fascists who have their interests not only in Egypt, but behind every other hell that goes on in the zone, espically Libya.

The imperialists of Germany are brilliant in selling their weapons, and they have sold many weapons to the quarreling gangs in the Arab homeland, and since they have did a military agreement with Al-sisi to send him submarines; the German imperialists went to raise such a stupid case to make some pressure against Cairo in order to suck the blood out of the Egyptian people like any other imperialist state.

But this in reality exposed the both of them!

The Egyptian upper class won't be paying a penny for the coming military and weapon's agreements between them and the German imperialists. We will be the one who pays for it as we pay for the stupid taxes which Al-sisi has raised against us like the millionth time he did.

More and more, these scandals makes everything obvious about the German fasciststic system which hides behind the "angelic" mask of this whore Angela Merkel, who she covers by her soft words the rotten system in Germany, this system of the world nazi teachers, the helpers of the Egyptian fascists and the whole world fascists.

All of this won't pass, as the fascists of Egypt rely on the Nazis of Germany like this whore Merkel, the Egyptian communists rely on the international solidarity given by their German fraternal working class and the German working people.

The Egyptian communists learn from Thälmann, while the Egyptian fascists learn from Hitler, from Merkel, as they also got in the old days of Abdul Nasser, the former Nazi sargents who worked as an hangmen against the Egyptian democrats and the Egyptian communists.

Merkel and Al-Sisi, prepare yourselves for the painful death!

(Espically you Al-Sisi!)

Prepare yourselves to face the proletarian socialist revolution!

Long live the Fraternity between the two section of Germany and Egypt!

Egyptian Section

11th of July, 2020


Angela Merkel

was formerly a Stasi-Spy of the social-fascist GDR

[ Alias: Informant (IM) "Erika" ]



New publications in





1973 - 1985



1976 - Nr. 1, Januar-Februar




Messages of Solidarity


Message of solidarity from the German Section to the Egyptian Section

Berlin - the capital of spies

An employee of the German government press office has worked for the Egyptian secret service for years.
Opposition Egyptian Journalists surrendered to Egyptian Secret Service!
The Egyptian General Intelligence Service (GIS) and the National Security Service (NSS) operate in Germany.
Egyptian secret service - get out of Germany!
We demand the release of political prisoners in Egypt!
We are fighting together for the overthrow of fascism in Egypt and for the overthrow of German imperialism, which is arming the butcher Al-Sisi.
Another submarine has recently been delivered to Egypt. Egypt not only has the largest army in Africa, but also deploys it in Libya and elsewhere.

Long live the victory of the socialist revolution in Egypt and Germany !
Long live the brotherhood in arms of the German and Egyptian Sections of the Comintern (SH)!
Together for the victory of the world socialist revolution!

German Section

10th of July, 2020








77 years ago


Founding Day of the

Albanian People's Army


10th of July 1943  





The Albanian National Liberation War and the

Albanian National Liberation Army

 (collections of writings of Enver Hoxha and the PLA)

also available in







in Albanian language on the Albanian People's Army: 








Let us build up the World Red Army for the victory of the world socialist revolution -

under the glorious banner of the Albanian People's Army and the Red Army of the Soviet Union !



of the world socialist revolution

"Turn the rifles around !"

20 military guiding principles of the Comintern (SH)

- adopted on September 9, 2016 -



Donald Trump or Joe Biden?
It is just a choice between plague and cholera!


Appeal for Election boycott!
Vote for the world socialist revolution!







Yugoslav Section




Protests against lockdown continue for second night









New publications in



On occasion of the

"Day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism"

on 16. 7. 2020

we publish

Volume 19 of the Works of Enver Hoxha


"Der Kampf der Partei der Arbeit Albaniens
gegen den Chruschtschow-Revisionismus"

(Band 19 - Enver Hoxha Werke)



1975 - "Albania today"

1975 - Nr. 6, November-Dezember

Die ausgelassenen Seiten 3-55 sind identisch mit den Texten aus:

Enver Hoxha Werke Band 19



supplement of no 5 /1975

Albanien heute - Beilage 1975- Nr. 5

Die Zeit arbeitet für die Sache der Völker und der Revolution

Neste Nase




Long live the socialist revolution in Brazil !

For the founding of the Brasilian
Section of the Comintern (SH) !


The Portuguese Section (r)

sent a message of solidarity and invitation

to the communists and the working class of Brazil

Message of Solidarity

published in Portuguese language on the

website of the Portuguese Section



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1973 - 1985



1975 - Nr. 5, September-Oktober







Kenyan police fired tear gas and detained protesters in the capital Nairobi demanding an end to police brutality.

Kenya's police force ranking as the country's most corrupt and most deadly.

56 protesters were arrested.

At least 22 people, including a 13-year-old boy, have been killed.





Greek Section in Action


Fight against the fascist law of the Greek bourgeois government for banning the protests

read the Greek text on the Section's website

50,000 Protesters

Demonstrations against fascist protest law in Athens and 40 other Greek cities



"The right to hold peaceful gatherings must be protected ... but it must be done in a way that will not interrupt the activity of an entire city."

[ Mitsotakis ]


"Peaceful" Police deployed tear gas and flash grenades.


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1973 - 1985



1975 - Nr. 4, Juli-August



1975- Nr. 3, Mai-Juni




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thanks to our Spanish comrade "Fenicio"

1939 - 9



1938 - 8



1971 / 6



3 Translations thanks to "Merlin"

- our magic translator from Portugal

Por ocasião do 28 de Maio, 2017 - 28 de Maio, 2019

2º Aniversário da refundação da " Internacional Vermelha dos Agricultores"

A Secção Egípcia será formada



Apelo aos trabalhadores americanos

[Appeal to American Workers]
Maio 1921
Folheto do Bureau Americano - Conselho Internacional
De Sindicatos Comerciais e Industriais [Profintern]



Conselho Sindical da Rússia

Aos Trabalhadores de Inglaterra

The Communist, 2 de Dezembro de 1920.

Editora: Partido Comunista da Grã-Bretanha



Fascist Anti-Bolshevism

in the past and in the present


"We are now in the process of defeating the radical left, the Marxists ..."(Trump)

* * *

“We call on the peoples of the earth to join together against the danger of Bolshevism (Hitler)

"Terror, Uprisings, and Murder are the Tools of the Bolshevist World Revolution" (Nazi-Goebbels)



Campaign of the Section USA on occasion of "Independence Day"

(4th of July)

What kind of new revolution do we need ?


USA Section in Action

What we need is the

world socialist revolution!



We need a new revolution!


Dear proletariat of Arizona!

The US Section sends you revolutionary greetings for July 4th, 2020 which will be the first day of our call for a new revolution.

The illusion of democracy in America is long dead and has been replaced by a fascism disguised as "national security" and "protecting the American way of life" and this can be felt here in Arizona.

The protests against the murder of George Floyd continue to go on, despite attempts by Trump's lackey Ducey to stop it with various tactics such as the curfew and the deployment of the National Guard as part of the nationwide effort to prevent the protests from transforming into a proletarian revolution that will destroy American imperialism and the racism it upholds. The protests must continue and be organized by our Party or they will inevitable end in failure.

And the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the government's pathetic response, perfectly illustrates the failure of the American and Arizona bourgeoisie. There are nearly 100,000 cases in Arizona today and just under 1,805 deaths and over 276,300 people have lost their jobs in early April alone and often with little to no benefits while the federal and state governments pour millions of dollars into the corporations so their owners don't get too inconvenienced. At the same time, thousands of other workers of various sectors, such as truck drivers, store clerks, warehouse workers, etc. are still being forced to work, usually with insufficient protection from the virus and if they do, they are sent to busy, overworked hospitals where supplies are low and quality healthcare is only guaranteed for the wealthy or those who pay through the nose to get it.

In addition, Joe Arpaio, the most notorious bastard child of Nazism and American chauvinism, is hoping to get re-elected as Sheriff of Maricopa County and will try to reopen his concentration camps and resume his ultra-fascist and racist reign of terror against Latin American migrants and the Latino community in general with his concentration camps ("tent cities"), draconian punishments, widespread police abuse towards detainees and prisoners, and racial profiling. Despite his "get tough on crime" slogan used to attract fellow chauvinists, he and his henchmen were notorious for ignoring violent crimes, including several rapes and sexual assaults. Of 7,346 criminal cases, only 936, or 15% of them resulted in the suspect's arrest while the majority were labelled as "cleared under special circumstances" which only applies to when a suspect dies or cannot be extradited.

While the pig Arpaio is one of the biggest enemies of the people of Arizona, he is a part of an even bigger problem: The bourgeois crimes against the migrants, especially from Central and South America. Entire families are being extra judicially detained, separated, and locked up in cages like animals in concentration camps devoid of proper medical care (they have extremely high coronavirus cases to top it off) and of all legal assistance. Portions of Trump's wall have also been built already in Arizona as

Remember, the war the bourgeoisie, both Republicans, and "Democrats", wages against migrants and refugees is a war against workers and farmers of every country, against you American workers and farmers! The ruling class, your bosses and CEOS, are trying to divide you from your brothers and sisters with nationalism, racial stereotypes, misinformation, and the alleged social-fascist "benefits" (which ultimately amount to nothing) they provide to migrants as a show of their "humanity".

World imperialism caused the migrant crisis in general and the US caused the migrant crisis in the Americas in particular. Decades of US-backed tyrants, proxy wars, colonialism, ruthless exploitation, lack of economic opportunities, and cartel violence have forced millions of people and their families to cross the border and no wall or fascist terror is going to stop them.

World imperialism is completely unable to solve the crises it causes, be it with the coronavirus, economic collapses, the rapid decline of labor rights and standards of living, migrants, or imperialist war. Only the world proletarian revolution and the world dictatorship of the proletariat, led by the Comintern (SH) and built with the help of the Arizona workers, can end the conditions that have led to these problems and defeat the virus and future pandemics, forever end the threat of global wars, and permanently provide the world proletariat with job and financial security as well as free and equal healthcare, food, and housing.

Down with world imperialism and fascism!

Down with Trump, Ducey, Arpaio, and all the fascists, whether they're "Democrats" or Republicans.

Justice for George Floyd and all victims of fascist violence!

Long live the proletarian revolution in Arizona, the US, and the entire world!

Long live the dictatorship of the Arizona proletariat!

Long live the world dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!




We need a new revolution!

Dear Workers and Farmers of Wisconsin,

Today om July 4th, 1776 the Founding Fathers of this nation declared independence from the oppressive English monarchy and established a bourgeois-democratic republic, America was seen as a “capitalist paradise” unencumbered by feudal remnants unlike Europe, as being beyond classes and a “democracy for everyone” (provided you were not African or a woman) this delusion is long dead and with the rise of the American proletariat came the need for a new revolution.

So Today 244 years later, we of the Comintern (SH), declare tha we need a new American revolution of the proletariat led by their vanguard party.

The workers of Wisconsin know the struggle very well, The workers of Wisconsin struggled against Republican Scott Walker’s attacks against unions in 2011, only to be betrayed by yellow unions and Democrats. The Democrats said when they come to power, they would serve the people, but now Democrat Tony Evers is in charge and what do we have fascist troop marching down are streets beating protesters and Walker’s anti Union laws still in effect.

Does this not show clearly that despite claiming to be different the Democrats and The Republicans are two sides of the same coin united to keep the workers down?

Why Revolution?

We call for revolution to free ourselves from the parasites sucking the value from our labor and the life from our planet!

Workers of Wisconsin,

Join with us to end your oppression!

Join with us to end your exploitation!

Join with us for a socialist tomorrow!

Join with us for a communist future!





Putin = criminal!


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Н. АТАРОВ - 1940 r.


Here is another translation of "Merlin"

- our magic translator from Portugal

Na comemoração dos 99 anos da formação da Internacional Vermelha dos Agriculores a Secãon Portuguesa do Comintern (SH) em (re) -construção traduz o seguinte artigo do comarada Enver Hoxha:

Enver Hoxha sobre agricultura

- lições indispensáveis para a construção da agricultura para o futuro mundo socialisa

19. 10. 2018 - Wolfgang Eggers



99 Years


3rd of July 2020



Decision of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the

99th anniversary of the founding of the

Red International of Labour Unions



"100 years RILU"


Dear comrades !

In its 2020 annual plan, the Comintern (SH) had already decided on the campaigns for the coming 100th anniversary of RILU for 2021. Thus, there will be prepared two year campaigns of the Comintern (SH) in 2021:


150 years Paris Commune


100 years Red International of Labour Unions


All Sections are called up to contribute to the success of both these campaigns.


The Pandemic crisis of which unemployment is a part, is finding no solution in the measures of the capitalists and their capitalist states and Yellow Unions. On the contrary, the crisis is awakening the workers to the nature of capitalism, and at the same time is rousing the capitalist forces to deliver an attack on the working class.

The counter-attack of the workers must be organized globally by the whole world proletariat. The man lacking bread to give to his wife and children is in terrible situation which towers above the puny morality and legality of capitalism, and demands in a voice of thunder the ending of capitalism’s existence.

Nothing can hold the workers and peasants from massing together for the overthrow of the capitalist world order that is decayed and rotting.
World capitalist production is ceasing to produce world capitalism. Socialist production will produce world socialism.

Long live the world socialist revolution !

Long live the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Red International of Labour Unions !


Comintern (SH), 3rd of July, 2020


* * *


On occasion of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the RILU we publish the following new historical documents:


The split in the Amsterdam IFTU

Resolution of the the Executive Bureu of the RILU

[ source: Inprecorr no 26, from 16 June 1933 ]

United struggle against the social fascist leaders of Amsterdam IFTU



16th Session of the IV World Comgress of the Comintern

The tasks of the communists in the trade unions

Speech of comrade Losovsky - 27th of November, 1922

"The Trade Unions had become the last refuge of the world bourgeoisie and the chief foundation upon which capitalist rule is resting." (Losovsky)


A. Lozovsky

Fundamental Problems of the World Trade Union Movement
and the Fifth Congress of the Comintern

Moscow, May 12th, 1924.

A. Lozovsky
All-Russian Trade Union Council

To the Workers of England

The Communist, December 2, 1920.
Publisher: Communist Party of Great Britain

Appeal to American Workers

[May 1921]

Leaflet of the American Bureau — International Council of Trade and Industrial Unions [Profintern]


Communist Theory and Practice of Trade Unionism

by Lance Sharkey (Australia).




New publications in





1973 - 1985



1975 - Nr. 2, März-April



1975 - Nr. 1, Januar-Februar



Here is another translation of "Merlin" - our magic translator from Portugal






13. 10. 2019 - Wolfgang Eggers




A new translation of "Merlin" - our magic translator from Portugal


Enver Hoxha


- portador padrão do comunismo

mundial de hoje no espírito revolucionário e militante do Comintern de Lenin e Stalin

- maior lutador do internacionalismo proletário contra o revisionismo moderno

Wolfgang Eggers

11 de abril de 2019



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"Neues Albanien" - Beilage Heft Nr. 5, 1975


30 Years Bolshevism


Yaroslavsky, Emelyan Mikhailovich (chairman All-Union Society of Old Bolsheviks, in 1931-1935)

Speech delivered at the Secons All-Union Conference of the Association of Old Bolshevists

Source: Inprecorr, 1933, No 35, 11 - August(Excerpt)

Society of Old Bolsheviks


(full name, All-Union Society of Old Bolsheviks), a society founded by members of the RCP(B) who had been in the party for many years before the Revolution. It existed from 1922 to 1935, first under the Istpart and then under the V. I. Lenin Institute of the Central Committee of the ACP(B).

The society’s aims included using the experience of old Bolsheviks to educate the young in the revolutionary tradition and collecting materials on the history of the Revolution. It accepted party members who had no less than 18 years of service in the party. In 1922 it had 64 members, and in January 1934, more than 2,000. From 1922 to 1931 it was headed by a bureau. In January 1931, at the First All-Union Conference of the society, a central council headed by a presidium was elected. Subordinate to the central council were commissions and sections dealing with cultural propaganda and mass agitation, organization and planning, local branches, literature and publishing, and technical and everyday affairs. The bureau, and later the central council, included at various times A. S. Enukidze, F. V. Lengnik, P. N. Lepeshinskii, M. N. Liadov, V. P. Nogin, F. N. Samoilov, S. N. Smidovich, A. M. Stopani, and B. Z. Shumiatskii. Its chairmen were M. S. Ol’minskii (from 1922) and Em. Iaroslavskii (from 1931).

The society had branches in the republics, krais, oblasts, and large cities. Members gave lectures and presented papers at enterprises and institutions; they organized evenings of recollections and meetings of old Bolsheviks with young people. The society published collections on revolutionary history entitled The Old Bolshevik (1930–34) and Bulletins (1931–33). In 1935, the organization was dissolved.

Famous members of the All-Union Society of Old Bolsheviks:

Bondarev, Tikhon Lavrentievich
Mikhailov, Lev Mikhailovich
Fisher, Henry Matveevich
Dove, Alexander Naumovich
Samoilov, Fedor Nikitich
Yenukidze, Avel Safronovich
Lengnik, Friedrich Wilhelmovich
Lepeshinsky, Panteleimon Nikolaevich
Lyadov, Martyn Nikolaevich
Nikolaev, Mikhail Stepanovich
Nogin, Victor Pavlovich
Smidovich, Sofya Nikolaevna
Stopani, Alexander Mitrofanovich
Shumyatsky, Boris Zakharovich
Voevodin, Peter Ivanovich
Olminsky, Mikhail Stepanovich (chairman in 1922-1931)
Yaroslavsky, Emelyan Mikhailovich (chairman in 1931-1935)
Gubelman, Moses Izrailevich (membership card No. 298
Shvedchikov, Konstantin Matveevich (membership card No. 100

As it is well-known, some of the old Bolsheviks became renegades and have therefore been expelled.







The genie of the world socialist revolution is already out of the bottle, and no one can ever put it back.





January 1900: 120 years -"Boxer Uprising" (Chinese Section)


2nd January 1980 - 40 years - Steelworkers` strike in Britain


January 9, 1890: 130th birthday Kurt Tucholsky(German Section)


12th January 1920 - letter of the ECCI - 100 years international lessons on splitting and unity in the struggle for the Bolshevization of the American Section of the Comintern (Section USA)


15. January 1919 – 101 Years assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (German Section)


17th of January 1945 - 75 years liberation of Warsaw (Polish Section)


21st of January 1924 - 96th Day of Death of Lenin (Russian Section)


21st of January 1870 150th day of death Alexander Herzen (Russian Section)


22nd January 1900 - 120th birthday Ernst Busch (German Section)


KZ Auschwitz - 75 years "death march" 18th and liberation 27th of January 1945 (Polish Section)


30th of January 1933 - 87 years fighting day against fascism and reaction-Hitler's seizure of power (German Section ) - international fighting day against World fascism (all Sections)






3rd of February 1930 - 90 years founding of the CP Vietnam


February 13, 1945 - 75 years Bombing of Dresden (German Section)


23rd of Februar 1918 - 102nd founding day of the Red Army (Russian Section)


February 1930 - 90 years Resolution of the ECCI-Presidium ON THE ECONOMIC CRISIS AND UNEMPLOYMENT






5. March 1953 - 67. Death Day of Josef V. Stalin (Georgian Section)


2. - 6. March 1919 - 101st Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern


6th of March - World Day of the unemployed


8. March - 1911 - International Women's Day - Fourth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Communist International (SH)


11th March 1950 - 70th Death Day of Heinrich Mann (German Section)


14. March 1883 - 137 Death Day of Karl Marx


17th March 1920 - 100 years "Kapp-Putsch" in Germany (German Section)


18th of March 1871 - 149 Anniversary of the Paris Commune


18th of March - 97th Anniversary of the political prisoner day (ICS)


18th of March 1970 - 50 years US postal wild cat strike (Section USA)


29th of March 1920 - 100 years - 9th Congress of the CPSU (B)


31st March 1970 - 50th Day of Death Marshal Semyon Timoshenko (Russian Section)







02.04.1945: 75 years Self-liberation of StaLag 326 Stukenbrock Eselsheide (German Section)


2 April 1840 - 180th birthday of Emil Zola


3rd April 1900 - 120 years - F. C. Weißkopf


11th of. April 1985 - 35th Death Day of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Section)


12th of April 1923 - Ernst Aust - 97th birthday (German Section)

16. April 1886 - 134. Birthday of von Ernst Thälmann (German Section)


1945 - 19th April 75 years beginning of the liberation of Buchenwald (German Section)


22nd of April 1870 - 150th birthday of Lenin

(Russian Section)


22nd of April 1945 - 75 years - liberation of KZ Sachsenhausen (German Section)


26.04.1945: 75 years - Liberation of Zuchthaus Brandenburg-Görden (German Section)


1900 28 April - 110th birthday of Bruno Apitz (German Section)


30. 04. 1945: 75 years - Liberation of KZ Ravensbrück (German Section)






First May (!) International fighting day of the working class (obligatory greeting message of every Section)


1970 4th May - 50 years Kent State Shooting (Section USA)


1970 14th May - 50 years Jackson State killings (Section USA)


17th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU (First May 2003)


5th of May 1818 - 202nd birthday of Karl Marx


5th of May - Memorial Day of the Heroes of Albania (Albanian Section)


9th of May 1945 - Victory over the Hitler-Nazis - 75th anniversary


18th of May 1980 - 40 years Gwangju uprising - South Korea


25th of May 1963 - 57th anniversary of the African Liberation Day


28 May, 2017 3rd anniverary of the refoundation of"The Red Peasant International"






June 1920 - 100 years Lenin: "Left-Wing Communism, an infantile disorder"


17. 06. 1810: 210th Birthday Ferdinand Freiligrath (German Section)


June 22, 1941 - Beginning of the Great Patriotic War (79th anniversary) (Russian Section)


25th of June 1890 - 130 birthday of Hans Marchwitza (German Section)


25th of June 1950 - 70 years beginning of the Korea War (Section USA)


26 June 1930 - 90 years - 16th Congress of the CPSU (B) (Russian Section)


26 June 1945 - 75 years founding of the UNO (Section USA)






3rd of July 1921 - 99 years founding of the RILU


10th of July 1943 - 77 years: founding of the Albanian People's Army (Albanian Section)


16th of July 1947 - 73rd "Day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism"


18th July 1936 – 84th anniversary Interbrigades Spanish Civil War


19th July 1920 - 100 years Second World Congress Comintern


25th July 1935 - 85 years betrayal of the VII World Congress Comintern


July 1924 - 96th anniversary of the founding of the "RFL" - Red Front Fighters`League and 1st anniversary of its refoundation in July 2019 (German Section)


1920 July 31 - 100 years founding CP Britain






1st August 1920 - 100 years Denver streetcar strike (Section USA)


2nd August 1945 - 75 years Potsdam-Agreement (German Section)


5th of August 1895 - 125th Death Day of Friedrich Engels


6th and 9th of August 1945 - 75 years Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Section USA)


19th of August 1944 - 76th death day of Ernst Thaelmann (German Section)


23rd August 1970 - 50 years "salad bowl" stike (Section USA)


24th August 1930 - 90 years KPD-Program (Ernst Thaelmann) (German Section)


25th of August 1985 - 35 th Death Day of Ernst Aust (German Section)


27 August 1770 - 250th birthday of Friedrich Hegel (German Section)





81 years - 1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War

1st of September - International Day against imperialist wars (activities of all Sections)


7th September 1920 - 100 years Alabama Coal strike (Section USA)


9th September 1870 - 150 years Karl Marx: SECOND ADDRESS OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE First International ON THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR





1st of October 2014 - 6th anniversary of the ICS


5th October 1870 150th birthday of Pyotr Krasikov (Russian Section)


10/03/1945: 75 years Foundation of the World Trade Union Confederation


10 - 16 October 1923 - 97 years - founding of the Red Peasant International (Krestintern)


16th of October 1908 - 112th birthday of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Section)


1920 30th October - 100 years founding CP Australia





7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 103rd Anniversary (Russian Section)


7th of November 3rd anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH) (Russian Section)


8th of November 1941 - 79th anniversary - Foundation of the PLA (Albanian Section)


8th of November - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)


9th of November 1918 - 102 Years November-Revolution in Germany (German Section)


16th November 1960 - 60 years Enver Hoxha - Speech in Moscow (Albanian Section)


1900 19th November - Anna Seghers 120th birthday


20th November 1919 - 101st Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI


20th November 1910 - 110 years Mexican Revolution


23rd of November 1941 - 79th anniversary of Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania (Albanian Section)


- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International


28th of November 1820 - 200th Birthday of Friedrich Engels


29th of November 1944 - 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania (Albanian Section)


30 November 1910 - 110th birthday Kostantin Badigin (Hero of the Soviet Union) (Russian Section)


November 1945 - 75 years: Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg (German Section)





1st of December 1934 - 86th day of death of Kirov (Russian Section)


14th December 1970 - 50 years "Bloody Thursday" in Poland (Polish Section)


16th of December 1770 - 250th birthday of Beethoven (German Section)


18th of December - International Migrants Day

21st of December 1879 - 141st Birthday of Stalin (Georgian Section)


21st of December 1920 - 100 years Husino Uprising in Bosnia (Yugoslav Section)


31st December 2000 - 20 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH) (obligatory greeting message of all Sections)

31. 12. 1968 - 52nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML (German Section)


102nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)




The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2020 as Campaign


" Year of the 200th birthday of Frederick Engels"

and the

"Year of the 150th birthday of Vladimir. I. Lenin"





World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists.

World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.


If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)


سٹالنزم ، ہوکسزازم زندہ باد پائندہ باد
(اردو) (Urdu)


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجية (Arab language)



“The Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) and its Sections of varying lands form the communist world party.

As leader and organizer of the revolutionary movement of the world proletariat, the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) fights for the establishment of a world-wide dictatorship of the proletariat, for the establishment of a world union of socialist soviet republics.”


“The communists openly declare that their goals can be reached only through the violent overthrow of all previous social orders. Let the ruling classes tremble in the face of a communist revolution. Proletarians of all countries, unite!” (Marx and Engels)


World proletariat - unite all countries for the victory of the world socialist revolution !


"Essentially the Communist International did not fall - lives on till this day and will also live on in future!"




The Comintern (SH) is the global voice of the world revolution.

And the Sections of the Comintern (SH) are the voice of the world revolution in their country.

The Comintern (SH) is the holy of holies of the world proletariat .

01. 01. 2019