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1973 - 1985


1974 - Nr. 5, September-Oktober



A new translation of "Merlin" - our magic translator from Portugal

What are the lessons that we Stalinist-Hoxhaists can learn today,

to replace the capitalist world economic system

by our socialist world economic system?

Quais são as lições que nós, os Estalinistas-Hoxhaistas podemos aprender hoje, para substituir o sistema económico capitalista mundial pelo nosso sistema económico socialista mundial?

5 de Dezembro de 2015
Wolfgang Eggers




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Enver Hoxha in Arabic language


This is a great translation - the best contribution of the Egyptian Section for the forthcoming of the world revolution!


The Comintern (SH), all its Sections and comrades




you !


This translation will be welcomed by all the Arabic peoples as a great encouragement for their united liberation from world imperialism and its hated Arabic bourgeoisie.


The socialist revolution throughout the Arab world will prevail under the red banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!



الإمبريالية والثـــورة



on Comrade Enver Hoxha's Work in Arabic

sent to the Comintern (SH)

from the Egyptian Section

Our dear Comrades, The Dear Arab Readers, We hereby proudly present to you the 1st work of Comrade Enver Hoxha to be published in our mother tongue; The Arabic Language!

It's the first Complete theoretical work to exist on the internet for/about the PSR of Albania and her beloved immortal leader Comrade Enver.

We dedicate it for all the Arab proletarians, And every Arab Progressive speaker in our world, we tried our best to make this work.

This Work is just indescribable! When we read the works of Comrade enver hoxha which is based on the teaching of the 4 Classics of Marxism Leninism (Marx, Engels, Lenin And Stalin) we tell ourselves (How today really seemed to be like yesterday!) but not exactly like yestedary for there is many change occurred and many developments have taken place.. Comrade Enver Hoxha have spoken in a very great way explaining the role of world revisionism and precisely the maoist trend of revisionism in distorting not only the world communist movement, but it's role in Justifying (!) this exploitation and this great oppression.

Today The whole of World Imperialism is focusing on our wide homeland, that of the arabs and the whole arena which is known as the Middle East, The Imperialists from every hues with their capital have bought an Arab-language speaking dogs, The French have their arab branch of media (France24) The Russians (RT - Arabic), UK (BBC Arabic) The Germans (DW Arabic) , The Japanese (Japan in Arabic),The Turks (TRT)  And China (CGTV)  and many other News Agencies which is not only about "Giving news and leaving in peace"! but it's also a 24/7 Propaganda machines which wants to export the way of life, the Influence of these state on our homeland and it's youth in order to corrupt them morally and to enslave them, to make them away from the progressive soul of their homeland which was burned by world capital; and which can never return on the way of bourgeoisie nationalism, but only through the road of the Armed Proletarian Socialist Revolution in our wide homeland!

Back Again to the former Point, the chinese social imperialists are doing this on a world and wide scale, precisely in the whole of Africa; which they look at it as if it's a mine of profits and cheap laboring-hands, and part from africa our arab homeland, but did the Chinese stopped the  "struggle" on the theoretical front? at all, the chinese social imperialists wasn't and until this very moment aren't "enough" with just the huge media machine aimed against our homeland, they are now selling their theoretical books especially the works of the Fascist scum Xi Jin Ping (in Arabic) who is not at all different in all of his latant words from Mao, Ding or any other burgeoisie social-fascist theortician and leader, even the influnce of the ancient chinese philosophy which comrade enver hoxha have opened our eyes on is still playing it's role in the chinese social fascist theories, all these "theories" and "philosophies" needs to be smashed by the world proletarian revolution and precisely through the armed proletarian socialist revolution in china.

The Chinese social-imperialists have failed when they tried to sell their "successful experience" for us in our mother tongue, for example in one of his writing in the year 2014 Xi Jin Ping (when he was the fresh face in the Social Fascist Party of China) , Xi have proclaimed that those who are considered under the line of poverty in china are more than 300 MILLIONS (!) Needless to tell about the corruption , the real and the horrible corruption inside the Chinese state, favoritism for those who are in the party and have an influence inside it (who are nothing but a businessmen) , and every other disease that exists in any other bourgeoisie state, maybe what is in china is way worse because the Chinese fascists in red are doing all their prostitution by the glorious name of Communism, and all what they want is to pose as if really that the "Chinese experience is so brilliant!" , it's not brilliant, it's a degenerate "experience" like those whom have raised it.

Xi wants the arab workers and the whole world proletarians to be exploited to the bones under the name of Communism, and to reach the number of 300 Million Poor so we can live the "success" of the Bourgeoisie. We also want to stress that the number taken and proclaimed by Xi was only in the year 2014 and was taken not according to the chinese state which doesn't have the time to count the horrors which takes place inside it but does have time not only to oppress the democrats inside china but also outside china, the number proclaimed by Xi was taken from the UN world burgeoisie's organization (so how horrible is the real reality of the Chinese proletariat whose their state is one of the most rich imperialist states on our planet!!)

We also want to tell our comrades, that the chinese are still sending delegates to the whol world fsacist parties around the world even in egypt, prceisly a party called Al-Tagamu, it's members are the literal ideological prostitutes of the Chinese social fascism, they are defending china, and they even negate the "accusation of it being an imperialist state", using the same lunatic argument which were already refuted not only in the revisionist countries but also in the "normal" capitalist imperialist countries, their argument is that the "state" is owning the means of production, while the "state" itself is being moving here and there by the orders of capital and the chinese capital; yet the arab and preceisly the egyptian bourgeoisie social fascist prostitutes and intelligentsia are insisting on their positions of treachery and justification for the Chinese imperialist exploitation and expanding, not only this but they even comparing it with the leninist-stalinist soviet union, but against whom they will stand when our people will rise armed to the teeth.. the death of the whole world revisionists will be really a painful one and we communists will ensure this to happen.

The world bourgeoisie will never tell the truth and if they did, it will be incomplete, our role as a communists to give the truth naked without anything else, this will be enough to make the people convinced by the cause of communism, to get near from the whole humanity's liberation which will come through the only one revolutionary class in our era; the working class; the proletariat, with it's steel alliance with the peasantry  and the conscripts. this is our only way for liberation nationally and socially, and never was and never it will be any other "experience" out of the world communist experience and the road of the Leninist-Stalinist USSR and Hoxhaite Albania.


Down with

Chinese social imperialism !

"Declaration of War on Maoists"



Here is another translation from the Egyptian Section:

Economical development of Soviet restoration of capitalism

 a brief Stalinist-Hoxhaist analysis

التطور الاقتصادى للاتحاد السوفيتى فى ارتداده نحو الرأسمالية


48 Years ago



Meshdakh's Mountain Operation Against the Iranian Occupier

These arabic texts [see: All - Arabic Section] explains one of the first heroic movements of resistance of our arab people in al-Ahwaz, occupied by the iranian chauvninst-fascists who tried throught the year to "persianize" the whole population through a fascist methods by the help of world colonialism and until this very moment by the help of the whole world imperialism, not to mention the arab reactionaries who have turned the heroic and just cause of al-ahwaz to a mere "card of pressure" against the proxy war with iran.

Ahwaz is in our hearts as Palestine as Kurdistan, as any other oppressed area in this world,

Long Live the Heroic struggle of the Ahwazian Proletariat and all the opressed proletarians from all nations!


The Pictures of The Martyrs





"Merlin" - o tradutor mágico de Portugal

'Propaganda-' - or [?!] Fighting Party ?“

Sobre o Quarto Congresso do Partido da CP Ger/ML

Comentário autocrítico subsequente ao nosso

IV. Congresso do Partido (Ano novo 1978/1979)

por Wolfgang Eggers Presidente da KPD / ML

(escrito em 15. 3. 2007)


"'Propaganda' -

ou [?!]

Partido de Luta?"









Saturday, June 27, 2020- Lisbon



90 Years ago ...


26 June 1930

The Sixteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.(B.)


Stalin speaks

on 27th of June, 1930 at the 16th Party Congress


Website also available in

German language

Russian language







1973 - 1985


1974 - Nr. 4, Juli-August





written 30 years after ...

On the History of the KPD/ML



About the

Fourth Party Congress of the


(New year 1978/1979)


Subsequent self-critical comment to our

4th Party Congress

written by Wolfgang Eggers
Chairman of the KPD / ML
(15. 3. 2007)




'Propaganda-' -

or [?!]

Fighting Party ?“




New publications in



thanks to our comrades from Greece:

Ενβέρ Χότζα




* * *


"Merlin" - our magic translator from Portugal

V. Molotov


Sobre a invasão nazista da União Soviética







"Merlin" - o tradutor mágico de Portugal

"Merlin" -our magic translator from Portugal

Textbook on the Marxist-Leninist basis of the

 Worldproletarian military science and the mastery of the world-revolutionary class war

Manual militar

do Comintern (EH)

Livro-texto com base nas Ciências Militares Marxistas-Leninistas e no domínio da guerra de classes revolucionária mundial

escrito por Wolfgang Eggers - 2004





"Merlin" - o tradutor mágico de Portugal

Clara Zetkin


5 de Dezembro de 1922



79 years ago ...


June 22, 1941




"Comrade Stalin led the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people to the victory over the Nazi-fascist occupiers and defended with honor the world-historical achievements of the October Revolution.

The internationalist meaning of the Great Patriotic War is that Comrade Stalin - as the leader of the world proletariat - thus paved the way for the victory of socialism on a world scale."

Comintern (SH)
June 22, 2015






1973 - 1985



1974 - Nr. 1, Januar-Februar


1974 - Nr. 3, Mai-Juni



Portuguese Section


2 Translations

thanks to the comrades of the Portuguese Section

(under re-construction)

translated text no 1:

About the Third Party Congress of the KPD/ML

Novamente sobre a decisão prematura decision de terminar a primeira fase de terminar a construção do nosso Partido


Sobre o Terceiro Congresso do Partido CP Ger/ML


- Comentário autocrítico -


translated text no 2:

The 1st Congress of the PLA

Lessons for the future of world socialism

Enver Hoxha


O 1º Congresso do PTA

Lições para o futuro do socialismo mundial

escrito por Wolfgang Eggers
por ocasião do 77.º aniversário da fundação do Partido do Trabalho da Albânia , em 8 de Novembro de 1941






130th Birthday


special website

in German language



Hans Marchwitza

(June 25, 1890 - January 17, 1965)

Born June 25, 1890, in Scharley bei Benthen, present-day Szarlej, Upper Silesia; died Jan. 17, 1965, in Potsdam. German author (German Democratic Republic).

The son of a miner, Marchwitza worked in the mines from his youth. He was a soldier during World War I and took part in the November Revolution of 1918 and the Ruhr uprising of 1920. In 1920 he became a member of the Communist Party of Germany. From 1933 to 1946, Marchwitza lived in exile (Switzerland, France, USA). From 1936 to 1938 he was an officer in the International Brigade in Spain. During the 1920’s he published articles, propaganda verses, and stories.

Most of Marchwitza’s works deal with the life and struggle of the German working class, for example, My Youth (1947). The formation of a revolutionary consciousness among German farm laborers is the basic theme of his trilology The Kumiaks (1934; Russian translation, 1938), The Return of the Kumiaks (1952), and The Kumiaks and Their Children (1959).


( Hans Marchwitza )





1973 - 1985



1974 - Nr. 2, März-April




Portuguese Section

in Action






From the Comintern of Portugal (SH) - under reconstruction.

We send the comrades some of the applications of posters in sports spaces (running and walking), which many choose as a means of relaxation at the end of the day, as a way of decompressing the exploitation and oppression they are subjected to during their working hours. But as we know, they will only really rest when we get rid of this aberrant, impure, rotten system, but clinging to power with its nails stuck.

Posters have also been (at other times) put up and will be put up again next to industrial working-class areas and in city centres.

With Stalinist-Hoxaist greetings,

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the world socialist economic system!

Long live the world socialist and communist revolution!

Long live the Comintern (SH) and its Sections!

Portuguese Section (Under Re-construction)





1973 - 1985


1973 - Nr. 5, September-Oktober



Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the great revolutionary German poets of the 19th century.


Special Website in German


also available in English language


Ferdinand Freiligrath


210th birthday
June 17, 1810 - June 17, 2020

[Employee of the "Neue Rheinische Zeitung" edited by Marx and Engels]




Letter and poster from our Egyptian comrades


sent on 15th of June, 2020

My Comrades,

I want to inform you (...) about the horrible conditions here, the people are dying everywhere now-days, the crisis is horribly increasing in egypt while the government still insist on it's silence, the problem is that the people fear telling that they are infected, Cairo and Giza which both are the most populated governorates in the whole of Egypt by millions is horribly infected, we're receiving the news of death from everywhere, from the streets, and from anywhere else.

I don't know where this whole nightmare and terror ends, what makes the mud more wet is that the government yet still insisting despite all the "official" horrible declarations about the status of the epidemic; to send the students of the high school, and the college final year's students of graduation to go for exams, making the students and the youth so anxious about their families and their lives, the Egyptian fascist system doesn't care at all, and even in such a days the oppressive machine of the police,state security and army still oppressing any voice dares to oppose this fascist gang.

The teachers who were supposed to be watching over the students went by huge groups to the bureaus and the offices of the education's ministry to send their applications of not attending because of fear from the corona-virus.

The recklessness is the master of our situation in Egypt, I have nothing else to say, but that to tell that we are living the most hard days in our life, and the Egyptian people will have nothing else to lose in the coming days, for the death is surrounding us from every side.

Despite the actual fact that the egyptian fascist capitalist state is responsible for all the horrors we are living now, But the great press machine is blaming the citizens instead, telling that the "people by their actions are the responsible for the horrors we are living".

First the state was completely denying that there was a corona-virus infections among the people, Second they went to declare that there was some tourists including a German tourist and another Chinese tourist were infected, and later they started to "realize" that the corona-virus was spreading among the people and killing them silently, that's all were the "official declarations", not to tell about the youth who have died and the many other who have faced death, the workers who have got infected, and the many other known and the unknown stories and the real rumors which spreaded among the people.

Now, the people, even the youth, some of them are going to suicide as a "solution" because of the desperation they see from not getting a good treatment from any hospitals. not to mention those who die by 10s now in front of the hospitals of Egypt.

All these horrors happens while the state is in silence.

In a word, The Working people of Egypt, The Workers, The Farmers, The Conscripts and Soldiers, The poor families, The Homeless, In every part of Egypt, are all facing A silent holocaust by the hands of the Egyptian Fascist Regime.

revolutionary greetings

a comrade from Egypt



New publications in




"Albanian today"



1973 - 1985


(this new series is under construction)
We have now republished our first issue - 47 years after its first publication:
1973, No. 2 from March-April
(see picture above)







Phoenix - Arizona


Poster created by the Egyptian Section- in solidarity.

Dear Comrades of the Comintern (SH)!

We, the Phoenix, AZ Division of the USA Section have finally begun our propaganda efforts to call for the protests against George Floyd's murder to turn into the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution and establish the world dictatorship of the proletariat, the only solution to imperialism, fascism, and racism.

We will propagate in different areas and bring our Party and Stalinism-Hoxhaism to the Phoenix workers!

Red World Front!

USA Section




Letter from a Portuguese comrade

Dear friends,

I could have kept quiet, but for the coherence of your texts, I send you a text I took from the Library, about the life of Pedro Pomar. Not taking away his merits as a brave fighter and hero of the resistance to fascism, it was with astonishment that I found in the extoumerous praises to Dimitrov and to the VII Congress of the International, being even put words in Stalin's mouth praising the end of the III International. I have underlined some expressions in red with only the intention of immediately checking what I am talking about.

With best regards. Revolutionary greetings. With respect,

a comrade from Portugal, June 12, 2020

Pedro Pomar, uma vida em vermelho


Dear Portuguese comrade !

Thank you very much for your letter.

The Comintern (SH) welcomed your criticism on comrade Pedro Pomar. We share your criticism and correct self-critically our previous estimation on Pedro Pomar.

with Stalinist-Hoxhaist greetings

Comintern (SH), 13th of June, 2020




written 30 years after ...

on the history of the KPD/ML

About the Third Party Congress of the KPD/ML





Subsequent self-critical comment to our 3rd Party Congress

(from New year 1976/1977)

written by Wolfgang Eggers
Chairman of the KPD / ML
( on April 20, 2007)

Again about the premature decision of ending the first building phase of our party.


on occasion of 100 years of Lenin's book:

"Left-Wing Communism, an infantile disorder"




Egyptian Section


Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message from the Egypt's Section To the Section USA


We are renewing our Deepest Solidarity with You!

The Fascist Republic of Egypt which was the popular says goes "Didn't have mercy, and Didn't even left the mercy of God to be brought upon the People"; Attacks, in A very Rude and Degenerate way the Heroic Americans who have risen against the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie with it's "Democratic" Cloak, and it's Preparations for Fascism through the Harsh and Fascist Methods taken Against the American People Headed by The American Working Class.

The Egyptian Fascists, the Prostitutes of World Imperialism who are being paid like the Prostitutes, (Even-though we would be Misjudging the Prostitute for Qualifying it by them) Have gone Mad and went to Attack the Revolution in USA, But the Most Interesting Part is that they've Accused the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey and the whole cliché used by the Stupid Egyptian Press To Attack the Revolution there, This Degenerate Press which was receiving it's orders to distort any Revolutionist and Any Democrat on the Stage of the Egyptian Politics, Went today so far this time and so stupidly to accuse the revolutionary masses in US of being "Financed" To "Destroy and Break" The "Unity" of USA.

In the days of 25 of January, The Egyptian Press have used the horrific acts of Steeling, Burning, and the Wide anger (Which was an expression of How the Egyptian People were hungry, Oppressed and Angry for all the Horrors he have seen throughout the Years. Not to mention the Lumpnes who were freed from their Jails to steal and kill in Egypt's Streets During the Revolution), Now the Small Egyptian Fascists are trying to Accuse the Fraternal People of USA by the Same Accusations, and It seems that they were paid like the Scums they Are, not only to Attack the Revolution in USA, but Also to Distort the Ideas and the Ambitions of the Revolution in Egypt.

And Proceeding from this Internationalist Point of View, And Because that's our Duty to Inform the Comrades of the Section USA about those who attack them from Outside as Inside.

We are Renewing our Solidarity with Heroic Bolsheviks of Our American Fraternal Section and the Whole American Working People. We call all the American True Communists and All the American Proletarians, Even the Egyptian Proletarians who are in US, To Join under the Flag of the American Section, To Expose All the Plots Against the American Revolution, Because the American Revolution isn't anymore that of the Americans only, and the Evidence of that is that they Whole of World Fascism financed by the American Financial Capital, and the American Imperialists, are all attacking the American Revolution by Different Languages and One thousand Tongues through paying for their stray mad dogs from Outside and Inside!


Egypt's Section

12 Jun 2020


Article from our All-Arabic Section


Create a strong Section

of the Communist International




Despite the "Social Distancing", despite the whole Corona-Virus paranoia which was used against the demonstrations of the Sudanese revolutionaries. Today there was a video shown for a pro-Bashir fascist and counterrevolutionary demo calling for the vverthrowing of the "new" government which is nothing but the scums of the alleged Sudanese "Opposition" formed by social-fascists, syndicalists, liberals, etc and the fascist generals of the Sudanese fascist army of mercenaries like General Hemmedty who have mercilessly massacred and butchered the Sudanese in the streets.

But these demos also come against the alleged won "democratic freedoms" which the Sudanese have seen nothing from it until this very moment. And our evidence is that the fascists allowed the demos of the counterrevolution while it alerted many times the Sudanese from getting out to save their revolution and continuing to show their demands!

(We understand from this; that this sort of "alliance" at the government carried by the "leadership of the revolution" i.e "the Opposition" was a compromise with the old power; thus a stab in the back for the Sudanese revolution, turning it for a HALF revolution! )

A question which we wanted to ask from the very begging: how the Sudanese people allowed such a thing to happen!?

How the Sudanese people didn't learn from our painful experiment in Egypt!?

The answer is simple: There was no real organizer for the Sudanese Revolution. There was only the petty bourgeoisie "Revolutionists". There was the class enemy who is being bought and sold by the big bourgeoisie to distort and destroy the revolting under the cloak of the "New Government" that of the "Revolution"!

(even-though we've alerted the people many times that this will happen in case if not a real revolutionary act to be carried out against the whole old system, but the social fascists in all of the Arab homeland, Africa [precisely egypt] have deafened us with their stupidity and their theories. they pretended to be blinds and supported the spontaneous character for the Sudanese revolution instead of at least giving the guidance of Marxism-Leninism. But How can we expect the enemies of Communism to give those oppressed workers and people the guidance! )

The Social Fascists, the Prostitutes of the Arab Bourgeoisie, the Alleged Egyptian Leftists who are nothing but also a prostitutes for world imperialism, The African social fascists who went and tried to spoil the revolution with their poisons and the ideas of the African nationalists and the pseudo-socialist, pseudo-communist figures , were all in the ranks of the counterrevolution. They have successfully deceived the Sudanese revolutionaries and the Sudanese working class by drawing an illusion that there will be any salvation by the pesudo-communist ideas of Antonio Gramsci and the other social fascist "Marxist Thinkers".

And today we have the living proof and the result of these poisoned ideas. That's what happen when you exchange the ideas of communism, socialism, and revolution with a social fascist, pseudo Marxist ideas!

Can we even equate between the ideas of Marx,Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha who have fought mercilessly, went into the barricades and organized the workers widely , OR by the ideas of some alleged "thinkers" who served the bourgeoisie and even it's fascist mask with their sick ideas!? It's the insanity by itself!








New publications in


Dear comrades, dear readers !


We hereby close our Cmeha archive. The Comintern (SH) published around 400 (!) issues for the period between 1924 and 1950. This is a great achievement that we are rightly very proud of. This archive reflects excellently the true and great life of the great socialist people in the Societ Union in the time of comrade Stalin.
After all, it is not just a matter of supporting our Russian section in historically documenting, maintaining and defending the Stalin era. This archive is of world historical importance and serves the world proletariat in basing its struggle for the world socialist revolution on the great achievements of the Stalin era and restoring them on a world scale.
But there is also a specific reason why we bothered to publish this extensive archive at this point in time.
We look forward to the completion of the English translation of our book:
"On the foundations and questions of Stalinism", which the American section has been working on intensively for over a year. So we have added this "practical" part as an addition to this theoretical work on Stalinism. The Cmeha archive gives us an overview of the entire Stalin era in pictures and text. In addition, this archive offers us an excellent opportunity to fight anti-Stalinism in words and pictures.
We hope that this archive will comfort all comrades a little until the English translation of our book on Stalinism is finally published.
Finally, we would like to thank the American comrades once again for their great efforts and wish them all the best in completing their translation.

Comintern (SH)







смена 1950 - 01



смена 1950 - 02



смена 1950 - 03



смена 1950 - 04



смена 1950 - 05



смена 1950 - 06



смена 1950 - 07



смена 1950 - 08



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смена 1950 - 23



смена 1950 - 24





смена 1949 - 01



смена 1949 - 03



смена 1949 - 05



смена 1949 - 06



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смена 1949 - 08



смена 1949 - 11



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смена 1949 - 23





смена 1948 - 01



смена 1948 - 04



смена 1948 - 05



смена 1948 - 06



смена 1948 - 08



смена 1948 - 09



смена 1948 - 10



смена 1948 - 11



смена 1948 - 14



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смена 1948 - 16



смена 1948 - 17



смена 1948 - 19



смена 1948 - 22



смена 1948 - 24





смена 1947 - 01



смена 1947 - 02



смена 1947 - 06



смена 1947 - 09



смена 1947 - 12



смена 1947 - 16



смена 1947 - 18



смена 1947 - 20



смена 1947 - 22



смена 1947 - 23



смена 1947 - 24





смена 1946 - 01-02



смена 1946 - 03-04



смена 1946 - 09-10



смена 1946 - 13-14



смена 1946 - 19-20



смена 1946 - 23-24




Dear Comrades of the Comintern (SH) !

We send our revolutionary thanks and greetings to the Portuguese, Greek, and Indian Sections. The US Section is overwhelmed by the support we've gotten. We will report more on the protests.

Red World Front!
Section USA

An update on the Egyptian Situation


People of Egypt!

The tyranny does not sleep !
Wake up, stand up and have the courage to go on fighting for the triumph of your revolution!


The war propaganda didn't stop until this moment, Al-Sisi had his fascist army of mercenaries involved to support another fascist puppet of Libya; Khalifa Haftar, Not only this, but the Egyptian Hitlerite-like press of Al-Sisi Declares openly with a loud voice that they are talking with various european imperialists, like Germany, and without doubt one of the main imperialist super powers on the Libyan stage beside Turkey; Putin's Russia.

In this sea, of the great suffering, and the numerous uncountable numbers of corona patients and deads, the scandals which arises day after day from the people who have lost their beloveds and families, In this sea of madness, which we've been living with the Egyptian people who's everyday by his silence loses his humanity not to mention his dignity, In this sea of the Horrible deafening propaganda, "war on terror", and the hilarious fantasy of "Defeating the Turks and their Agents in libya by the support of the Russians Imperialists and the Arab mercenaries" which proves nothing but that this ignorant ruling class wants us not to be even able to give any sense of logic for what we are living, And in this sea of fascism which eats, destroys and kills painfully anyone dares to struggle for his very basic and even the smallest economical rights; The Egyptian fascists have succeeded from nearly week and half ago taking another loans from the IMF (!) .. a loans worth by 5.5 Billion dollars.

as a result, and because nothing comes for free from world imperialists, the IMF has declared on us another "Package" of Reforms, Another Package of Slavery Conditions, Another Package that is by the Silence of the Egyptian People proves that this System have killed and corrupted the people people through a great Hitlerite-like machine media, And they even the patriotic consciousnesses towards this homeland and humbling the treacherous acts of Al-Sisi and his clique towards our Nile, towards our lands, towards our Conscripts in the Army, Towards our Ancient History, Towards our Working class which has been suffering by the Worst methods in the last years, Towards the peasants who are now facing a great oppression and poverty, towards the upper Egyptians who are left for nothing in a mountains and far hospitals, Towards the Arabs of Sinai who are facing a great oppression and butchery by the Hands of the Egyptian Fascist Army, Towards every single man,women, child in this Homeland.

People of Egypt, We the Section of Egypt, Are your sons and daughters of yours,And we ask you the question of a son to his parents, So What else you've got to lose? The whole people in the whole world; even though some of these countries they are considered to be in a "better situation" in the Capitalist system But they revolted; The Americans revolted, the English Revolted, The Europeans Revolted, The Arabs have been revolting the whole last year and still revolting like in Lebanon which the crisis is so deep, Iran Revolted, The Whole world is revolting, but Why not you people of Egypt?

People of Egypt, Those who have revolted, didn't go in fear and asked: what is next? This question which is implanted deeply in the minds of you by the Fascist media just to be an obstacle in your face from revolting. And because this Question is actually asked by the Ruling Class itself which finds nothing to answer in the times of crisis but the brute force, Those who have revolted in a countries like US or any other country Didn't go and said "Why would I revolt? for just a stranger who have been killed?".

Such a questions is that of the spiritless lumpens that if the American would have asked himself in such a way he would end up not moving a single step forward and would have remained in his state, but the whole people of American Revolted, Eventhough those who have died throughout the recent dark years of Egypt aren't a single one, they are the Thousands (!) of people in the hospitals which provides nothing and the prisons, in the harsh prisons of deserts, most of them haven't even said anything or did anything related with politics, yet they were massacred as the young flowers by the prisons of your executors and their recklessness with your souls, those who are in the prisons are your sons and daughters, And All what we've to do about what happened to us is to make a jokes to allegadley say that we are a "funny" people (...) it's not fun at all! it's a shame on every human being who lives on this land and loves and is satisfied by such a situation!

Your Nile have gone, Your dignity was wiped out from the face of the Earth, Your sons are in the prison and being killed slowly in the hospitals, Your lands which your grandfathers have spoiled their blood for is being sold and bouth, Your army became a pile of mercenaries, Your Presdient is A Prostitute of The World Imperialism,World Zionism And Arab Reaction, What else to lose O'People of Egypt (?!)

We Egyptians have nothing to lose but our slave chains of the fascist and imperialist exploitation and oppression !!

Proletarian internationalism means giving and taking solidarity - solidarity strengthens the workers and peasants of all countries, including those in Egypt !

A Red Egyptian Revolutionary

8. Jun 2020


New publications in


we continue to publish the Soviet Magazine ...






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смена 1944 - 19-20



смена 1944 - 21-22



смена 1944 - 23-24






100 years


Special website on

"Left-Wing" Communism, an infantile disorder

June 1920 - June 2020


special website also available in German language ..



On occasion of the 100th anniversary, the Comintern (SH) publishes the following book in German language:


The "left" opportunism
- Twin brother of right-wing opportunism



8th of June, 2020

written by Wolfgang Eggers

also available in PDF




New publications in


we continue to publish the Soviet Magazine ...






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смена 1942 - 13-14



смена 1942 - 21-22



смена 1942 - 23-24





"A new American civil war - fueled by Trump - is a class war between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat that will end with the victory of communism in the United States."


Comintern (SH)



worldwide protest movement

goes on and on !

























People hold placards as they join a Black Lives Matter march at Trafalgar Square in London on Sunday, May 31


People attend a rally against racism in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Sunday, May 31.

Police violence against German protestors. Hamburg police use pepper spray during protest.



Japan: Tokyo protesters condemn killing of George Floyd



Australia: Thousands attend Black Lives Matter protests in Australia


Cyprus: A protestor holds a placard that reads in Greek, "We say no to Racism, Solidarity is our Weapon", outside the U.S. embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, Friday, June 5, 2020, during a demonstration against the recent killing of George Floyd by police officers USA


Protests outside the US embassy in Paris on Monday.



Denmark: People protest during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in front of the US Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday, May 31



Italy: In Milan, crowds held a flashmob near the city's US consulate on Thursday.


Syrian artists Aziz Asmar and Anis Hamdoun created a mural depicting George Floyd in the town of Binnish, in Syria's northwestern Idlib province, on Monday


Brazil: People protested outside the Guanabara Palace, the home of the state government, in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday, while in Sao Paulo, some brought signs showing solidarity with the US protests to an existing demonstration against President Jair Bolsonaro.


Mexico: Portraits of Floyd were hung on the fence outside the US embassy in Mexico City, alongside flowers, candles and signs reading "Racism kills, here, there, and all over the world."


Ireland: The protest was a show of solidarity with our friends in the US but also a united stand against endemic racism, which is a global threat.


Netherlands: Thousands of protesters gathered on Monday, from various different Amsterdam anti-racism organizations, including Black Lives Matter.


New Zealand: Demonstrators hold placards during a march in central Auckland, New Zealand, on Monday to protest the death of George Floyd


Iran: A candle vigil for George Floyd in the city of Mashad








Greek Section

Messages of Solidarity

Greeting message

of the Greek Section to the Section USA

6th of June, 2020

Long live the American uprising!


On behalf of the Greek people and the working class who are watching with great admiration your heroic struggle, we send warm revolutionary greetings to the rebellious masses of the United States.

We strongly condemn the hypocritical "solidarity" of the Iranian fascist regime, the Chinese fascists and the pseudo-leftist provocateurs, social-fascists, oportunists of all kinds etc. etc.

Dear Comrades of the American Section of Comintern (SH), we congratulate you on your revolutionary actions. Continue the fight until the final victory of the American revolution!

6 of June 2020

The Greek Section of the Comintern (Stalinist - Hoxhaists)



Indian Section

(construction in preparation)




Messages of Solidarity

Greeting message of the Indian Section to the Section USA

6th of June, 2020


Dear comrades of the Section USA !

We comrades in India send our militant anti-racist greetings to you. The most racist countries are the USA and India. India ranks as number one for the most racist country of all countries. The most prevalent peoples in India are Tamil, Nepali, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, and Kashmiri.

Georg Floyd is one of millions of victims that mankind has had to suffer in its history.
Racism is international and must be combated internationally.
The police murder of Georg Floyd took place before the eyes of the whole world. However, we all know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Racism takes place everywhere in secret, in every second of time.
And not every anti-racist in words is also an anti-racist in deeds.
The greatest "anti-racists", including Trump, are actually the greatest racists who fuel the civil war.
Anyone who raises the weapon against us anti-racites will be defeated with these weapons.
For us comrades, it is not just a matter of fighting police violence. There is also racism in all capitalist world society. Whoever wants to eliminate world racism forever, must first of all eliminate world imperialism. Anti-racism without anti-imperialism is hypocritical anti-racism, is the "anti-racism" of the world bourgeoisie, to which we oppose our proletarian anti-racism.
Racism is a method of world imperialism: "Divide and conquer!"
Anti-racism is the united world front of the world proletariat for the overthrow of the world bourgeosie.
Under the dictatorship of the world proletariat, there will be no racism any more.
The world without racism is a world without classes.

Dear Comrades of the Section USA of the Comintern (SH), we struggle together with you against racism in the USA and in India. We will fight until the final victory of the world socialist revolution!

Justice for George Floyd and every other victims of fascism in the USA and in India !

Down with world imperialism-fascism and racism!

Down with American imperialism-fascism and racism!

Down with Indian imperialism-fascism and racism!

Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Long live the world dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!


Founding Committee

of the Indian Section




Portuguese Section

(under re-construction)


A new translation from our Portuguese comrades.

On the ideological-political basis of the founding of the Red Front Fighters' League

Nossa luta contra o fascismo e o fascismo social


Excertos da Linha Geral por Wolfgang Eggers





Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Portuguese Section to the American Section

June 6, 2020


From the Portuguese Section - under reconstruction - of the Comintern (SH) to the American people fighting in the streets in general and to the Section USA in particular, our greetings.

Following the example of what is happening, a little bit, around the world today, June 6, responding to a manifesto of the "Platform Rescue the Future, Not the Profit" (, join several other associations (a little more than 40), collectives, antifa movements, various movements, parties and the Portuguese in general in the street to pay tribute to George Floyd.

This moment, according to the promoters of the initiative, will be used to fight police abuse and legislation with an increasingly authoritarian character, but also used to expose various issues that blatantly afflict the Portuguese population. As in the rest of the world, it is in the most deprived environments that a less scrupulous action by the police emerges.

It was commonly agreed in the petition that "The Covid-19 crisis has once again exposed the weaknesses of the capitalist system [...] accentuating previous inequalities based on lack of income, class, gender, nationality, ethnicity...".

Due to a new health and economic crisis, basic rights are threatened and must be guaranteed to the entire population unconditionally. There is much talk about exposing a system that only generates crises with social collapse, but the solution to it remains to be found in the various communiqués of the groups and people participating in and constituting the demonstration, which is nothing more than to get rid of that same capitalist system and build socialism by revolutionary means. For this, other subjective conditions were necessary, such as a greater development and consolidation of the European Sections of the Comintern (SH), or of an important part of its countries, to accompany the requests in a more accelerated way the Comintern (SH) globally..

The calls that are most inscribed and that will be heard addressed to the government will be that health needs to be protected, the response to care needs, namely economically supporting those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and the increase of professionals in this area, fighting food insecurity (direct consequence of precariousness and unemployment) generated cyclically by capitalism, support for childhood, illness and the elderly, the tabling of the price of basic and essential products, a ban on evictions and protection of housing, better spatial planning, access to energy and water for all, universal access to digital media and a universally free public education system, the fight against neo-Nazi and extreme-right (the general) organisations, the criminal punishment of hate speech, racism and xenophobia, the opening up of borders, the fight against the climate crisis, etc. , etc...

There are so many dozens of demands that the main one remains to be made: to try to organize ourselves into a genuinely communist, proletarian and revolutionary party and to start organizing calmly but firmly. With a well established and strong Portuguese Section of the Comintern (HS), we would launch ourselves from now on, in the midst of fascists, social-fascists, infiltrated security services, but with the necessary precaution, in the demonstration, to convince some more people of the rightness of our causes.

The fact is that crises are increasingly continuous and less spaced out, and the far right is also lurking, with far more economic resources than we do. That is not why we will give up, we will continue to accumulate successes slowly until the day when they, will grow, grow until they turn a blind eye to all the other traitors of the proletariat.

Down with world imperialism-fascism and racism!

Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Long live the world dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live our solidarity communist world front!

Long live the Portuguese Section - under construction - of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


Portuguese Section

(under re-construction)

A new translation from our Portuguese comrades. 

Our 12 main MEASURES for the overthrow of world capitalism and for the construction of world socialism

As nossas

12 MEDIDAS principais


Para derrubar o capitalismo mundial
e construir o socialismo mundial




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смена 1935 - 01



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смена 1935 - 04



смена 1935 - 05



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смена 1935 - 07



смена 1935 - 08




Messages of Solidarity

Greeting Message

of the Section USA

to the Comrades of the Comintern (SH)

from 3rd of June, 2020


Dear Comrades of the Comintern (SH),

First of all, the Section USA sends our thanks to the German and All-Arabic Sections for their messages of solidarity. We also thank the All-Arabic Section for the poster they created, which we will definitely use.

As the protests rage on, the police are continuing to use extremely violent tactics.

The Seattle Office of Police Accountability received over 12,000 complaints against the police over the past weekend. Some of these acts of brutality include firing pepper spray at a young girl, failing to use their body-cameras (in the US, it is required by law for police officers to wear body-cameras so that incidents are documented), smashed the windows of a Target store, undoubtedly to blame it on the protestors, and some officers have even placed their knees on people's necks just like what happened with George Floyd.
In Atlanta, Georgia, police officers smashed the windows of a car, dragged two people out and tased one of them. The officers attempted to use the "acting in self-defense" card and two were fired while arrest warrants were placed for four other officers.

An elderly woman participating in the protests in La Mesa, California was shot in between the eyes by a rubber bullet and is currently in an ICU (intensive care unit)

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, an officer fired pepper spray at an unarmed protestor and another one fired a tear gas canister directly at his head.

And in Washington D.C., Trump decided to pull a publicity stunt and walk over to the St. John's Episcopal Church and had pictures of himself holding a Bible in from of the church. In order to clear a path for him, the National Guard fired tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protestors in Lafayette Square.

Trump, the same person who told his social-fascist twin Xi Jinpiing to personally meet with Hong Kong protestors, is now hiding in a bunker like the coward he is. This is very reminiscent of the Vietnam protests and the Martin Luther King Jr. riots that forced Nixon to flee to Camp David.

On a more positive note, several bus drivers in New York City and Minneapolis have refused to allow the police to use their buses to transport arrested protestors and to transport police officers to protest areas.

So far, at least 13 people have been killed and many more wounded by police and lumpenproletarian rioters while numerous buildings and vehicles have been smashed, looted, burned, or completely destroyed. Despite this, the protests will continue and they will not end until world imperialism-fascism and all its racist institutions are destroyed.

We, the proletariat and peasantry, are tired of hearing the empty promises the bourgeoisie makes to end racism and police brutality.  We are tired of the police violence and crimes, especially against minorities.

Police officers, turn your weapons around! Ask yourselves, "Who do I really protect and serve, the people or the ruling?"

Justice for George Floyd and every other victim of fascism!

Down with world imperialism-fascism and racism!

Down with American imperialism-fascism and racism!

Long live the world proletarian revoltuion!

Long live the world dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Red World Front!

Section USA




bunker hunkering

Trump hides in bunker as protests rage.


Hitler Bunker Berlin

"Those who build bunkers throw bombs."



Poster created by the All-Arab Section of the Comintern (SH)


Messages of Solidarity

Message of the All-Arab Section to the American Section

June 3, 2020

We send Revolutionary Greetings to all the Heroic Americans who have risen against this fascist system.

And we send a Bolshevik Greetings to all the heroics of our Fraternal American Section of The Comintern (SH),

This fascist system which caused the suffering of the millions around the world and still causing it, and on the head of those who suffered were the American working people themselves - is staggering. Nowadays we are seeing an epic revolutionary nation-wide actions made by all the American people whose anger have reached the borders!

Words can no longer express the depth of our happiness for what we are seeing in USA, for this Revolt despite it's spontaneous character will be the mother of the coming American Socialist Revolution.

This revolt comes with it's heavy tasks on our fraternal Section of USA, But we have already seen the heroic revolutionary acts of our comrades in these hard days, and we greet them from the depth of our heart. We are sure from what we are seeing that the American Section will be doing more than great in organizing, agitating, and educating the masses in this revolt, making them now their tasks and giving the American revolutionary workers all the necessary knowledge so they can give the final deadly blow by the sharp sword of the socialist revolution!

Now all the eyes of world proletarians and the whole hearts, precisely the eyes and hearts of the Arab workers goes with their brothers and sisters in the revolting USA. We Arab peoples are in Solidarity with you; for that we want to see an example of liberation and socialism in a Soviet Socialist USA!

Long Live the American Socialist Revolution!

Long the American Section of the Comintern (SH)!

Death to the Open and Hidden Enemies of the American Revolution!

Death To Trump!

Death To the American Imperialist-Fascists!

All Arab Section,

3. June, 2020

Trump's hated "order" is built on sand.



Solidarity with the American people in the spirit of proletarian internationalism !


Revolution was, revolution is, revolution will be !


The U.S. Department of War has transferred 1,600 soldiers to Washington.


USA - ruled by fascist military dictatorship!


Fight for its revolutionary destruction !


Smash this rotten, parasite and decaying US-imperialism !


Internationalist fight for the liberation of the American people !


Fight for the proletarian dictatorship !


Long live the socialist revolution in the USA !


Long live the world socialist revolution !


Long live the American Section !


Long live the Comintern (SH) !



The struggle goes on !








New publications in


we continue to publish the Soviet Magazine ...






смена 1934 - 01


смена 1934 - 03



смена 1934 - 04



смена 1934 - 05



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смена 1932 - 01



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смена 1932 - 13



смена 1932 - 14



смена 1932 - 15



смена 1932 - 16



смена 1932 - 20



смена 1932 - 21-22



смена 1932 - 23







First Report:


First wave of protesters happened from around 12 to 2pm. They were largely passive.

The second wave came later more. An aggregated report says there were some looter but protesters largely attempted to stop looters and from most reports we are reciving, the looters were seprate from the protesters



Second Report:

We attended the 2nd day of protests. We passed out several anti-fascist posters. We attended for about 3-4 hours before leaving.

As we left, we spotted Nat.Guard ready to take buses in to break up a protest that was wholly peaceful. The National Guard was deployed and hammed and tear gassed and pepper sprayed several peaceful protesters Gov. Evers, who pretends to be a man of the people, has shown the world his class character.

End of Second Report

Red World Front!

Section USA



German Section


Messages of Solidarity


The German Section expresses its solidarity with the American section and its struggle against racism, fascism and social fascism in the USA.

Dear comrades from the American Section!
We mourn with you the death of Georg Floyd.
And in our grief our hatred for your racist state, which does not and can not end its racist murders, as long as the fascist-racist dictatorship of the imperialist bourgeoisie rules there.
Ending racism can only be done by the American people themselves by revolutionarily overthrowing and eliminating the racist state. This requires courageous and determined fighters such like ours in the USA section, which is preparing the socialist revolution in the USA.
In the fight against racism in the USA, we German comrades support you in solidarity. Here in Germany there have been spontaneous protest demonstrations in front of the American embassy, ​​despite the ban on demonstrations. We too are fighting against racism in Germany. Hundreds of racist murders are not only practiced by fascist and social-fascist organizations here. The police and the imperialist state are also involved in the murder of foreigners. Racism starts from imperialism. Death to racism means death to imperialism. Our fight against racism and fascism is a fight that we can only win through our international solidarity.
The closer the rule of world imperialism comes to an end, the harder its countermeasures become, the more openly it takes the form of fascist rule. In the era of imperialism, the intensification of class struggles and the increase in the elements of the Civil war to fascism, to the open, terrorist dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie.

"Death to fascism!" Means nothing other than the overthrow of his position of power in the economy and the state and the elimination of his influence in all social strata of society.

The main task of fascism is to destroy the revolutionary vanguard of the world proletariat, to eliminate the communist strata of the proletariat and its leading cadres. In the United States and around the world, police surveillance methods have been tightened, an army of spies and agents has been deployed, the military has been deployed to fight, decompose, silence and liquidate the revolutionary movement in all countries of the world or turn it into tame bourgeoisie lackeys.
The best protection against persecution is deeply rooting the party in the masses.
We comrades must be prepared for our ban every hour.
We know that we are not many comrades - not in your country, not in our country and not in all our other Sections.
But we also know that it is not the number of members that matters, but the quality of a revolutionary world party. What is decisive is our correct Stalinist-Hoxhaistic line and that we are closely connected to our class and the working masses through ever new threads.

We would like to encourage you with the following Lenin quote:
"It is possible that even a small party ... if it has studied the course of political development well and knows the life and habits of the non partisan masses, will cause a revolutionary movement at a favorable moment. If such a party in one such a moment with its slogans is followed by millions of workers , then it is a mass movement. I do not necessarily deny that the revolution is involved a fairly small party and can lead to a victorious end. But you have to know which methods you can use to win over the masses. You have to prepare the revolution thoroughly. You will never win in any country without thorough preparation. A very small party can be sufficient to lead the masses. In certain times you don't need large organizations. "
Dear comrades of the American Section,
we comrades of the Comintern (SH) do not let anyone intimidate or prohibit us anywhere in the world.
We fight together for a better world without racism, fascism and imperialism.
We are fighting together for a classless communist world society in which such murder of Georg Floyd can never be repeated by any racist police officer.
Long live our communist world front!
Long live the American section of the Comintern (SH)!
Long live the Comintern (SH)!



Website of the Red Peasant International


in Portuguese language



A new translation from our Portuguese comrades.

All comrades greet the Portuguese comrades in great respect and in deep thankfulness.

English title: "On Illegal Party Organization and Secret Tasks"

And How To Avoid Legal, Sectarian, Reconciliatory, and Centrist Mistakes



O ensino do Marxismo-Leninismo e Stalinismo-Hoxaismo
Na Organização Ilegal do Partido e Tarefas Secretas
E como evitar Erros Legalistas, Sectarios, Reconciliadores, e

Estudo do Texto do Comintern/ML (mudou a designação, para
Comintern (EH), a 7 de Novembro de 2009
By Wolfgang Eggers

Original German text - May 6th, 2003
English translation - October 2018
Tradução Portuguesa – Junho 2020






Section USA


George Floyd protests

Almost immediately after George Floyd's murder, thousands of people in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis and St. Paul) protested. This was quickly followed by protests in other cities across the nation and even some in other countries like Germany, Canada, Iran, and Denmark. Many of the protests quickly turned violent with rioters (the vast majority of whom are simply opportunistic criminals exploiting the protests for their own gains, though there are ultra-fascist militants and police agents among them) looting people and the police using extreme brutality. Police officers have driven their vehicles into people, have indiscriminately fired tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets at protestors, journalists, and bystanders, have hit and shoved people, including a woman who got a concussion from it. In Minneapolis, riot police and National Guardsmen fired paint rounds at people for simply being on their front porches. The police have also used other tactics such as curfews.


Police officer Jacob Pederson

In addition, they have been sending their agents into different places, as mentioned earlier, to destroy businesses and blame them on the protestors, as seen when a rioter, presumably the Minneapolis police officer Jacob Pederson, destroyed several windows at an AutoZone. These tactics are disturbingly similar to what the Hong Kong police has been doing during the protests there.

On top of the police violence, many fascist and social-fascist groups have involved themselves in the protests and riots, hoping to further escalate the violence. The open fascists such as the members of the "Boogaloo movement" seek to cause a second civil war, while neo-Nazis are hoping to provoke a race war. On the social-fascist side, there are members of Antifa (though Trump's claims are exaggerated) as well as anarchists and various other groups who use worthless direct action and spontaneous tactics.

Trump responded by denouncing the protests and attempted to misuse the memory of George Floyd against the protestors and at the end of his tweet, he threatened "when the looting starts, the shooting starts". He then accused the rioters of being members with social-fascist Antifa groups and vowed to declare Antifa as a terrorist organization, something that will not be easy to do since Antifa isn't even an organized, unified group. He also announced that more National Guardsmen will be deployed and the US Army may be deployed for the first time since the Los Angeles Riots of 1992.

Other fascists like Trump's supporters and "Democrats" responded in similar fashions and employed so-called "civil rights leaders" and other sellouts to shut the protests against police violence and to uphold the bourgeois dictatorship and its fascist crimes.

Despite these attacks on the protestors, the bourgeoisie is attempting to make some concessions by arresting and charging Derek Chauvin (the man who had his knee on George's neck) with murder while the other officers involved might also get criminal charges. While that seems fine, Chauvin will only get up to 12 years in prison for his crimes, which a very lenient sentence for him.

With all that said, the Section USA vehemently supports the protestors and we will be on the streets, regardless of whatever curfews. 

Change cannot come from the US Senate or from so-called "civil rights leaders" who promote false and counter-revolutionary ideals like pacifism, racial chauvinism, and religious garbage and claim to "speak out" for minorities while they themselves live in luxury. The racism and police violence we see today are the products of world imperialism and are used to keep the masses in check. Therefore, only the world proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat of all races.

Police officers, turn your weapons around and fight your true oppressors! The majority of protestors aren't rioters! Join the fight for true justice and not the sham bourgeois "justice"!

Long live the protests! Implement swift and harsh class justice on the murderers of George Floyd and on all fascist criminals!

Long live the world proletarian socialist revolution!

Long live the world dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Down with world imperialism and fascism!

Down with American imperialism and fascism!

Down with police terror and racism!


Here are some videos documenting the fascist crimes taking place during the protests: (video of NYPD driving their vehicles into protestors) (video of NYPD officer pushing woman to the ground, giving her a concussion) (video of Minneapolis police firing paint rounds at people on their porches) (video of officer Jacob Pederson smashing smashing windows to instigate the riots)

Red World Front!

Section USA




Indian Section

(under construction)


India's imperialist government is using the coronavirus emergency to exploit millions of workers.


Most labour laws suspended !

Yellow Trade unions say changes to working hours, wages and health and safety standards weaken workers' rights at a time they "cannot" protest.

This is a serious betrayal at the Indian working class. It is necessary to fight against the betrayal of the yellow unions on the organizational basis of forming the Indian Section of the Red International of Labour Unions.

In a capitalist society - no matter in which country or whatever circumstances - there is not a single reason for the exploited working class to do not protest and to do not fight against capitalism.

The Indian Section calls to the Indian working class to intensify class struggle especially in the present devastating situation when the capitalists and their Indian state misuse the pandemie for the purpose of profit making.

Indian workers ! Stand up and fight for your rights !

Fight unemployment !

Covid-19 - not on the backs of the workers !

Break through the frame of Unionist legalism !

Nationwide General strike!

Hands off the workers !

It is not only a matter of defence of the economical interests of the Indian working class. It is a matter of getting rid from wage slavery in principle. It is a political matter to get rid of capitalist exploitation and oppression. It is a matter of overthrowing the dictatorship of the Indian bourgeoisie and to establish the dictatorship of the Indian proletariat through the armed socialist revolution. This is the only way out of misery of the Indian workers.

It is necessary that the Indian proletariat lines up in the proletarian wold army. The liberation of the Indian proletariat is a matter of solidarity with the whole world proletariat and, vice versa, the liberation of the world proletariat is a matter of the solidarity of the Indian proletariat.

The class struggle of the Indian proletariat is an internationalist struggle for paving the way to the world socialist revolution.

Help us to found the Indian Section of the Comintern (SH) !

Long live the Indian working class !

Long live the world proletariat !

Long live the communist India in a communist world !



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The genie of the world socialist revolution is already out of the bottle, and no one can ever put it back.





January 1900: 120 years -"Boxer Uprising" (Chinese Section)


2nd January 1980 - 40 years - Steelworkers` strike in Britain


January 9, 1890: 130th birthday Kurt Tucholsky(German Section)


12th January 1920 - letter of the ECCI - 100 years international lessons on splitting and unity in the struggle for the Bolshevization of the American Section of the Comintern (Section USA)


15. January 1919 – 101 Years assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (German Section)


17th of January 1945 - 75 years liberation of Warsaw (Polish Section)


21st of January 1924 - 96th Day of Death of Lenin (Russian Section)


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KZ Auschwitz - 75 years "death march" 18th and liberation 27th of January 1945 (Polish Section)


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3rd of February 1930 - 90 years founding of the CP Vietnam


February 13, 1945 - 75 years Bombing of Dresden (German Section)


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February 1930 - 90 years Resolution of the ECCI-Presidium ON THE ECONOMIC CRISIS AND UNEMPLOYMENT






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First May (!) International fighting day of the working class (obligatory greeting message of every Section)


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17th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU (First May 2003)


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18th of May 1980 - 40 years Gwangju uprising - South Korea


25th of May 1963 - 57th anniversary of the African Liberation Day


28 May, 2017 3rd anniverary of the refoundation of"The Red Peasant International"






June 1920 - 100 years Lenin: "Left-Wing Communism, an infantile disorder"


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25th July 1935 - 85 years betrayal of the VII World Congress Comintern


July 1924 - 96th anniversary of the founding of the "RFL" - Red Front Fighters`League and 1st anniversary of its refoundation in July 2019 (German Section)


1920 July 31 - 100 years founding CP Britain






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8th of November - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)


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16th November 1960 - 60 years Enver Hoxha - Speech in Moscow (Albanian Section)


1900 19th November - Anna Seghers 120th birthday


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- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International


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November 1945 - 75 years: Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg (German Section)





1st of December 1934 - 86th day of death of Kirov (Russian Section)


14th December 1970 - 50 years "Bloody Thursday" in Poland (Polish Section)


16th of December 1770 - 250th birthday of Beethoven (German Section)


18th of December - International Migrants Day

21st of December 1879 - 141st Birthday of Stalin (Georgian Section)


21st of December 1920 - 100 years Husino Uprising in Bosnia (Yugoslav Section)


31st December 2000 - 20 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH) (obligatory greeting message of all Sections)

31. 12. 1968 - 52nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML (German Section)


102nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)




The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2020 as Campaign


" Year of the 200th birthday of Frederick Engels"

and the

"Year of the 150th birthday of Vladimir. I. Lenin"





World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists.

World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.


If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)


سٹالنزم ، ہوکسزازم زندہ باد پائندہ باد
(اردو) (Urdu)


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجية (Arab language)





"Essentially the Communist International did not fall - lives on till this day and will also live on in future!"




The Comintern (SH) is the global voice of the world revolution.

And the Sections of the Comintern (SH) are the voice of the world revolution in their country.

The Comintern (SH) is the holy of holies of the world proletariat .

01. 01. 2019