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Revolution Is the Main Trend In the World Today !

World proletariat - unite all countries !



Central Organ of the Comintern (SH)








we continue to publish the Soviet Magazine ...






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threatens with "shooting" at "Left radical criminals"




The Comintern (SH) sends militant greetings to the Section USA and to all American anti-fascists in their struggle against racism and police violence.


Solidarity protests over George Floyd death take place in cities around the world


In Berlin on Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered outside the U.S. embassy


Protests in London


In Canada, thousands turned out in Toronto's Christie Pitts Park on Saturday, before they marched to police headquarters.


Nationwide protests in the USA





























Long live the third anniversary of the re-establishment of the

Red Peasant International!


Red Peasant International

(Website in English language)


The global crisis, worsened by the pandemic, is expanding into a global agricultural crisis
- with catastrophic consequences for the sufficient supply of food to the masses.


It is one thing if the high earner stays at home, works online and is busy teaching his children at home; it is a completely different matter for the millions of migrant workers and day laborers, people who live from hand to mouth and people who have no home. Curfews, quarantine, distance keeping - these are meaningless words for the rural population who work hard every day to ensure social reproduction and the production of millions of agricultural goods; they do not benefit from their own work, but they create the wealth of those now hiding behind the curtain for fear of the reality that has made them rich. Those who survive the corona virus will hardly be able to get enough food if the prices soar. Death from pandemic will be followed by starvation if we do not unite all our forces globally for the world socialist revolution, for the global agrarian revolution.

Let us found revolutionary farmers' councils and move to the agricultural revolution with the support of the working class and all consumers!

Long live the third anniversary of the re-establishment of the Red Peasant International!

On this occasion, the Comintern (SH) has now also created the website of the Red Peasant International in French and Russian.



African Section of the Red Peasant International

founded on 28th of May, 2019


* * *


أممية الفلاح الأحمر

(Website in Arabic language)



Крестьянский Интернационал

(Website in Russian language)



Rote Bauerninternationale

(Website in German language)



L’Internationale paysanne rouge

(Website in French language)






The first international peasants' conference to the working peasants of all countries

(Inprekorr, Vol 3, No 69 [45], 1 November 1923, page 794)


* * *


Appeal to the peasants of the colonial countries:




The Peasants' International to the peasants of the whole world


(Inprekorr, No 44, 19 July 1924)




Report of the Egyptian Section

What is "under control"?
The truth is:

Not the virus but the people !

What is going on in Egypt ?



Egypt, the Arab world's most populous country, has officially ("?!") recorded 17,967 infections and 783 fatalities due to COVID-19. Those who challenge the fascist state's official virus count have been expelled or detained.

20 doctors have died and 500 have contracted the virus;

the workers, the poorest of the poor, the broad masses - they are all exposed to the corona virus without protection, exposed to fascist state terror.


Al-Sisi and his fascist state must be overthrown
He is a criminal, a killer at the Egyptian people !

For the first time, they have declared today that the numbers reached 1000 in less than one day, as we've said we are actually sure that there's more than these faked numbers, but this "final confession" which comes from the tongue of the Egyptian fascist government is of a great significance.

Cairo and Giza became officially the Center of the epidemic, thanks to the Great Recklessness shown by the egyptian fascists towards our health, For that every time they discover that someone is infected they keep telling that he isn't egyptian or they hide it, now ALL of the patients are no one; but the Egyptians! and the "Official" numbers are 20,000 Patients for now, Yesterday they were 900, before it and the day before were in the range of 700 and more, and because the scandals of the Egyptian fascists were being spreaded; i.e:

the people who are sleeping on the floor because they don't have beds, the unprepared working environment, the doctors who are dying silently every day, the inhumane places of patients which is full off with cockroaches,snakes,etc , the doctors who are facing a threats and are escaping from death because all of this, the state security fascist officers who pull the doctors to the brink of their painful death... 

And many other scandals in this short time.

In reality, this wasn't all what happened in this "gifted" day, Al-Sisi wrote a stupid facebook post telling that "those who are doubting about the state's efforts to encounter the epidemic are traitors".. Al-Sisi, which we can tell in a satisfied conscious ;that the whorest whore in our world is more honorable than this scum; is ACCUSING a people of 7000's years of Civilization of the kindest bloodshed to this homeland, A people of 105+ Millions people of being "TRAITORS" ! The pig who have sold the lands, the pig who involved us in proxy wars, the pig who have left us a naked victim for the epidmic and treated us with recklessness, demagogy and fascism, who have filled the brains of the youth and destroyed them with the burgeoisie ideology causing a great spirtual corruption among them and among the people; dares to call us traitors! the scum who have succeeded in disguising his cuckoldry and his prostitution with "patriotism" and a great demagogy of fascism and chauvinism while being the biggest traitor; dares and call us Traitors!

This "post" which seemed stupid and useless now comes with a huge demagogic state's propaganda, and you know it's the usual tune of "war against terror" and other stupidity that have filled our ears for years. But this also of a great significance, This system is collapsing inevitably,We are living in a state that have the great Lenin is teaching that not only the lower classes can't take these conditions but also the upper classes which suffers, and our upper classes suffer from a real problem, since they can pay millions and billions for militarization of police, fascism and the secret torturing apparatuses; They can not pay any thing for the branch of health which Doesn't actually exist in the real sense of meaning,  and all of these acts of accusing and stupid insults which comes at a time like this came too when Al-Sisi with his gangs, pimps, scums, and lumpens were shaken to their foundations by the call of demonstrations in the whole of Cairo in Last September.

28. 5 .2020

Egypt Section



150 Years have passed

O' Teacher Lenin

Poem of an Egyptian comrade

150 Years and thanks to you - The Communists Became

A Gigantic Power that the Imperialist pigs from it were confused

Through your exposing for the opportunists you've Destroyed them all

Your Revolutionary Great teaching for us is the best way

From it every true communist have taken it his flaming lamp

And from it every revisionist and oppressor have erupted in his anger

Tsarism was wiped out from the face of the earth and the crown of the Romanovs has fallen

In your spirit Lenin the soviets were formed

The Worker And the Peasant sent have refused in dignity to take the crumbs

Your Name is always written on the heart of every oppressed

May you and Bolshevism remain for us as a doctrine - O Lenin!




now also available in Portuguese language

thanks to our Portuguese comrades

100 years

Struggle against betrayal of the October Revolution

100 anos
de Luta contra a traição da
Revolução de Outubro

20 de Junhode 2017
escrito por Wolfgang Eggers
publicado pelo Comintern (SH)



Statement of the Section USA

on the murder of George Floyd by police officers:

We, the Section USA of the Comintern (SH), send our condolences to George Floyd's loved ones who needlessly lost him to fascist terror.


George, a 46 year old African-American who was working as a security guard, was pulled over by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The officers went over to his vehicle, dragged him out and pinned him face-down to the ground, with one officer's knee on his neck.

Despite repeated pleas from both George and bystanders to let him breathe, the police continued pinning him. One officer even taunted him by saying "Get up and get in the car!" to which George responded "I will... I can't move!" and "My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts" asked for water.

He soon stopped breathing, but the officer kept his knee on his neck until an ambulance arrived and brought George to a local hospital where he died.

The police immediately moved in to falsify their murder, claiming that George was "under the influence" and was "resisting arrest", but numerous videos taken by bystanders and security cameras show the truth. As a result, the police department was forced to fire 4 officers involved.

The next day, thousands of protestors marched from where George was murdered to the 3rd Precinct of the Minnesota Police Department. Riot gear responded by firing chemicals into the crowd. Despite that, more protests are expected to occur.

Unfortunately, George's death is the latest example of police terror against minorities in the United States, something that is within the very fabric of the bourgeois dictatorship. While some groups, such as the neo-revisionist APL, opportunistically claim that the solution is to bring the police under the control of "community leaders" (many of these so-called leaders are bourgeois or petty bourgeois), the police are there to protect and enforce bourgeois laws and crimes against the proletariat. The police must belong to the proletariat and must serve the dictatorship of the proletariat in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the USA, and the whole world over.

There will only be more people like George Floyd, like Laquan McDonald, like Trayvon Martin, like Atatiana Jefferson, and like Eric Garner as long as fascism and imperialism continues to exist. Only world socialism can replace the society of fear and racial chauvinism with the society of peace and internationalism.

Police officers, if you really want to protect and serve the people, turn your weapons around and fight the bourgeoisie!

Down with imperialism and fascism!

Down with racism and police violence!

Long live the world proletarian revolution!

Long live solidarity and fraternity among the workers and farmers of all races and ethnicities!

Red World Front!

Section USA


Videos showing the murder:





Fascist Bastards










Down with racism


police violence!






First Report May 23rd:

We started distribution around 7pm. Leaflets came in 3 variants:

One was against pay cuts (which we expect will hit Wisconsin workers even worse than most of the country because the previous administration battered even yellow unions)

One was against unemployment and

The other called on workers and anti fascists to join the RFL.

We distributed about half our stock of leaflets so around 50 these were largely distributed around the Hydride and Landmark factories, Auto-shops and construction sites as well as the post office. Our activities ended around 12am and all leaflets save one were used.

The rest will be going up in Madison on Sunday

End of Report

Red World Front!

Section USA




Second Report May 24th:

Distribution Date: Sunday, 24th of May 2020

Time 6:30pm-11:30pm

Area: Madison-Monona, Wisconsin

We began distribution in Monona (Smaller town bordering Madison). The Leaflet variants were the same as in the last report. One was against pay cuts, one was against unemployment, and the other was against fascism.

We put leaflets up in bus stops and on telephone poles. This slowly took us into the outskirts of Madison where many workers who can not afford housing in downtown Madison live so we put up leaflets on telephone poles and bus stops as well as advertising signs. In total, about 30 leaflets were distributed, but we were unable to get into downtown Madison on this run so we saved about 20 posters to put up when we can.

End of Report

Red World Front!

Section USA





In a global mission, the Chinese fascist government ruthlessly silences any criticism by all means.


wake-up call

A free Hong Kong in a free world - freed from world imperialism!


Solidarity with the protest of the Hong Kong people in the spirit of proletarian internationalism !



The National Security Bill

is a state terror law to chain the Hong Kong people to the slave-holding system of Chinese imperialism.

Together, let's break the imperialist chain of global enslavement!

Forward the world socialist revolution!








Long live the socialist revolution in Hong Kong !






Soviet Magazine



1924 - 1950


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смена 1930 - 34-35



смена 1930 - 36




смена 1931 - 07





Messages of Solidarity






MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2020


written by

our comrade of the Ugandan Outpost of the Comintern (SH)






Portuguese translation thanks to our Portuguese Section 

Manual contra o oportunismo


Por ocasião do aniversário de Lenin e do centésimo aniversário da fundação do Comintern, publicamos o seguinte artigo:

Que lições nós stalinistas-hoxhaistas extraimos da luta de Lenin contra o oportunismo que ele liderou no Comintern?

autor: Wolfgang Eggers - 22 de abril de 2019







History of the CPSU (b)

Histoire du PC (b) de l'URSS

E. Jaroslavski





Aufzeichnungen eines Bolschewiks

H. O. Pjatnizki




Der Kampf der "Prawda" vor der Oktoberrevolution für eine fortschrittliche Literatur und Kunst

1953 - A. W. Prjamkow



Die Strasse ohne Sonne

Sunao Tokunaga (1931)








VKPB and the Military Question in 1917





Portuguese translation thanks to our Portuguese Section 



General-line of the Comintern (SH)

Chapter 5

"Strategy and Tactics"

(written 2000 / 2001)


Linhas gerais do Comintern (EH)

(2001 / 2002)

- uma revisão está planejada -


A estratégia e tática do Comintern / ML






thanks to our Portuguese Section


Programa da Internacional Comunista

Adotado pelo VI Congresso Mundial
Moscovo, 1 de Setembro de 1928



Der Anarchismus


Große Sowjet-Enzyklopädie



Über den Kriegskommunismus

L. Kritsman

1929 - Bibliothek der Kommunistischen Internationale (XVI)


The struggle of the Red Commune Mörfelden (1932) 

Der Kampf der roten Kommune Mörfelden

(Nachdruck der KPD/ML - 1971)




American workers have gone on strike over unsafe working conditions, low pay and pay cuts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many yellow unions have limited the strikes to one day and so the capitalist are gloating and telling the workers that strikes do them no good and they should stay at work.

This clearly illustrates the need for genuine red unions who will not betray the workers to the capitalists. 








How Indian police "protects" migrant workers from Covid-19


"There's no food,

no water,

no work"

Solidarity with the migrant workers in India !


Among the worst of the population wracked by the virus are some 40 million migrant workers who, when jobs dried up, found themselves stranded in major cities without money or food.


Migrants wait in queues with their families to board buses to reach Ghaziabad railway station as part of their journey to their hometowns during the ongoing COVID-19 nationwide lockdow in Uttar Pradesh, India, on May 18, 2020.


Military State Terrorism in the streets of India


Modi's Luxury living - built upon the poverty of the Indian people.

Modi's place of residence:

"Lok Kalyan Marg" (!!!)

(People’s Welfare Road)

There is no road to people's welfare under the dictatorship of the Indian imperialist bourgeoisie !

There will be only People's welfare under the dictatorship of the Indian proletariat !


"Peace to the huts, war to palaces !"

(in German language)


Mumbai - Asia’s largest slum.


Police Brutality:

A Global Phenomenon

War against World Fascism:

Another global Phenomenon







The Two Worlds


(Study Course for Beginners)



Philosophy of Imperialism

H. G. Wells


What is Communism ?



Science Versus Idealism

M. Cornforth - 1946


Strike Strategy

John Steuben - 1950


Soviet Education



in Russian language





40 years ago ...

Historical Events

of the

International Revolutionary Movement


Gwanju People's Uprising




18th of MAY, 1980



Hail the 40th Anniversary of the Heroic Gwangju People's Uprising!


Down with fascism and social-fascism in Korea !

For the overthrow of the bourgeois dictatorship in South Korea and North Korea !


Long live the dictatorship of the united Korean working class !


Free Korea from exploitation by Imperialism and Social imperialism !


Organize the Korean detachment of the world socialist revolution !


Long live the socialist revolution all over Korea !


For a united, independent and socialist Korea in a socialist world !


Create the Korean Section of the Comintern (SH) !



Website also available in German language



Dear Comrades

The fascists are taking advantage of quarantine to roll back rights with no protest because it breaks “social distancing” rules.

in Puerto Rico for example the government is attempting to remove basic democratic rights already granted to LGBTQ+ people, Orbán is becoming a dictator in Hungary, Donald Trump attempted to claim “absolute power in time of crisis” and only recanted on this claim after mass outrage not only this but the FBI the organization well known for wrecking communists groups since its inception has be granted the right to access every American’s internet history no doubt in a bid to find more communists to wreck 

Comrades they are using Covid-19 to hid their dirty deeds the fascists aren’t only in the streets they are in our governments 

Join with us to smash fascism !

Join with us to end your oppression !

Join with us for a socialist tomorrow !

Join with us for a communist future !

Long Live the Comintern (Stalinism-Hoxhaism) !

Long Live the Red Front Fighters League ( RFL ) ! 




World communism is the only society

free from any

censorship of people by people.


Today: World Fascism



What will be forbidden tomorrow ?




Yesterday: Hitler Fascism.



"Let us light new fires so that the blinded do not wake up!"


Lists of Banned Books




Coronavirus and Fascism scourge the Egyptian people


O Sisi and Your Gang - Prepare your nicks for us!

Can you imagine, comrades, to what phase those fascists have reached?

A higher orders came from Al-Sisi himself was to not to scan the people anymore ! (as if they did that for free!).

This was a leaked news, it wasn't ensured yet, but I believe that anything is possible here.

I don't know how we will deal not even as a Section, but as a whole people in this catastrophe, everyday at least they say that not less than 300-400 ones are infected.

On may 10 Al-Sisi went suddenly and without the knowledge of anyone with his whole state apparatus to add some new jungle "laws" which according to it : it allows (beside the police) the fascist bourgeoisie army with it's branches of military forces or secret intelligence, and other fascist executors to arrest anyone by "his" Orders or without it in case if it represented sort of "terror" against the state and others, however it doesn't only stop to this, they can send the victims to the army courts, which as we know most of the martial laws are actually met by death penalty.

Al-Sisi went to threaten us and the free Egyptians by death penalty, For he knows that his time and his "day of judgement" is so near, but no matter how laws he goes to add for his jungle laws book that called the bourgeoisie constitution of the bourgeoisie military fascist republic - this will be nothing but a provocative factor for the eruption of the revolution.

We are needless to mention that nearly since his first year and until this very moment the "sate of emergency" (which allows the fascists of the state to arrest, kidnap , torture or kill anyone) never stopped as exactly the 30 years of Mubarak, after 10 years the counter-revolution had it's victory through it's manipulation and deceiving plays, but now it knows how dangerous is the situation for it.

O Sisi and Your Gang ;

Prepare your nicks for us!


On World Revolution

( brief collection of Lenin-quotations)


The victory of the world proletarian revolution calls for the complete confidence, the closest fraternal alliance, and the greatest possible unity of revolutionary action on the part of the working class of the advanced countries. (LENIN)

now available in PDF-Format



New publications in


Marx, Engels and Lenin
Freedom and Democracy in Socialism

ماركس وإنجلز ولينين

الحرية والديمقراطية فى الإشتراكية



in Portuguese language

thanks to our Portuguese comrades

Algumas das mais importantes citações e lições de Lenin sobre a revolução mundial

(quotations of Lenin on the world revolution)

* * *

Main characteristics of the historical development of the international proletariat
- from the First International to the Comintern (SH)

Principais características do desenvolvimento histórico do proletariado internacional

- da Primeira Internacional ao Comintern (SH)





Historical events

international revolutionary movement



50 years ago ...

14th -15th of May 1970

Jackson State Killings



More pay cuts for medical workers, teachers, factory workers, etc are “expected” in the near future while these workers risk illness and death in the struggle against Covid-19 the capitalists sit upon their plunder and say to the workers “you workers who are barely getting by now best prepare for another pay cut and you better take this sitting down or we’ll throw you out on the street” all while calling these workers heroes, does this not clearly show that the capitalists are working against us in the fight against Covid-19 despite their cry “we’re all in this together” Remember comrades these capitalists who act all high and mighty are nothing without you, without your labour

Join with us to end your oppression  !

Join with us to end your exploitation !

Join with us for a socialist tomorrow !

Join with us for a communist future !

Long live the Comintern (Stalinist-Hoxhaist) !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !



now also available in Portuguese language

thanks to our Portuguese comrades


o Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo

uma teoria da conspiração?





in English language





"conspiracy theory"?





in German language





a "conspiracy theory" ?



is Anticommunism !


13. Mai 2020 - Wolfgang Eggers









The Comintern (SH) fought against Fascist Groups who tried to usurp the anti-government protests against limitation of basic democratic rights through Corona measures.


Successful actions of the German Section on occasion of the 9th of May 1945


Read the Reports on the Website of the German Section





in Portuguese language

thanks to the translation of the Portuguese Section

Karl Marx

e o Corona virus






Fight against Unemployment !


Special Website (*) of the Comintern (SH)

in co-operation with the

Red International of Labour Unions


(*) also available in German language


thanks to the translation of the Portuguese Section

em preparação:

Programa Mundial de Desemprego do

Comintern (EH)



New publications in



The struggle against unemployment in the USA

Alfred Wagenknecht

Inprecorr 1931, No17, 25 March



Guilty ? Of What ?

Trials 1917



Life and Work of Ruthenberg


The Day Is Coming







Qual é a linha da coordenação anti-imperialista de todas as seções do Comintern (EH)?

Wolfgang Eggers, 08. 05. 2020

(translation thanks to the Portuguese comrades)



75º aniversário

9 de maio de 2020

Site da seção portuguesa por ocasião do 75º aniversário da vitória sobre o fascismo de Hitler




Egyptian Section

Concerning our Dignity which we've lost

People of Egypt, O Workers, O Peasants , O Soldiers of Egypt !

Our dignity has being decreasing throughout the days which we've submitted ourselves to the silence until it vanished without any doubt, and maybe the last thing which happened by the refusal of the Egyptian government the return of it's sons in the foreign countries was the decisive say about this and the clear evidence of what we are suffering from the exploitation and the horrible oppression side by side with national dignity which has been decreasing which egypt and it's people has suffered that even made some youth go to adopt some rotten bourgeoisie ideologies which makes them away from the "headache of the world and the homeland",etc .. what happened to the egyptian young-man who was arrested by the Saudi fascist state's security and what he have seen from oppression and torture which was clear in the famous videos as clear as the sun; is a thing that makes the blood of every true Egyptian (who loves his homeland) boils and go revolting ! what happened was never unforgivable ! - The Egyptian who is an element in the arab nation, who was and still the teacher, the doctor, the worker and the toiler, and despite the fact that this Egyptian whose the fascist authorities of gulf rude him (and for sure we mean the minority of the degenerate scums of the burgeoisie and the petty burgeoisie) this egyptian didn't even go to touch or talk about a single thing about the fascist system there which serves world imperialism in the gulf, but just because he requested from his embassy to get back to his homeland and people so if he even died he dies among his family - the fascists of saudia arabic , the scums of the earth went from the saudi apparatus of state's security who are not different from the damned egyptian state's security - to torture an Egyptian youngman who called the Egyptians who can not return to their homeland in Saudi to protest for the egyptian embassy there, the embassy of the fascist republic, the republic of the fascists and the butchers who want to threat the egyptian people even by foreign oppression apparatuses as that of Saudi Arabia in case if they dared to talk, and not even for that they have talked about a "right" but a MUST! and to the arab working people of Saudi Arabia, you should wake up and expose the dirt and the rottenness of this fascist system, this system of ben salman and his monarchy, the whores of world imperialism , you should never keep silence about a right of a single one from the sons of the arab people, because what will reach to us will reach you, and the oppression no longer knows border or a country..

Form with us a Saudi section for the Comintern (SH) so it will lead to the removal of the barbarian Saudi fascist system through a violent socialist revolution - that will lead to the removal of Al-Sauud - the scums from the face of the Earth !

Death To fascism in Saudia Arabia !

Death To the Egyptian Fascist System which have killed in us every kind of chivalry and dignity !

Egypt Section

8.May, 2020






Execute the fascist dynasty in Saudi Arabia !

Establish the dictatorship of the Saudi Arabian working class !

Behind China and Iran, Saudi Arabia is the country with the most executions of people. Egypt ranks at the 5th place behind Pakistan.



"World Communist Propaganda Day" ! -  May 5, 2020

Portuguese translation thanks to our Portuguese comrades

Dia Mundial da Propaganda Comunista
5 de Maio, 2020

Lenin e a imprensa partidária

Escrito por Wolfgang Eggers





What is the co-ordinative

anti-imperialist line

of all the Sections

of the Comintern (SH) ?


Our general anti-imperialist line is clearly positioned dialectically:

Under the conditions of globalization, the anti-imperialist struggle on a world scale cannot be anything other than a common struggle of all anti-imperialists in the world to overthrow world imperialism through the armed world socialist revolution.

The Comintern (SH) organizes the anti-imperialist struggle centrally from "out side", thus on a global scale. The dialectical process of the anti-imperialist struggle is, however, only successfully completed if world imperialism is simultaneously attacked "inside" of every single country. The anti-imperialist struggle is the combined struggle from "outside" and "inside" the countries. Because: The world imperialist system is working in the same way, namely to exploit and oppress the whole world from "outside" and "inside" every country.
The struggle against imperialism in one's own country - this is the anti-imperialist task of the Sections of the Comintern (SH), namely through marching in lockstep as one of all the detachments of the whole anti-imperialist proletarian world army.

We are weakening every influence of imperialism wherever we can, of course with the aim of its revolutionary overthrow including its lackeys in every country. In this way we weaken the entire world imperialist chain and facilitate its breakthrough, its tearing at the weakest point. This is the only way of our internationalist contribution to the victory of the world socialist revolution, without which there can be no liberation from world imperialism, nor liberation from imperialist countries and their dependent countries, at least not under the conditions of today's global interactions of all imperialist powers that rule the world together.

This is the Stalinist-Hoxhaist dialectic of the anti-imperialist struggle in one's own countries and all over the world. In our struggle against imperialist exploitation and oppression as the main enemy in every country, we naturally do not exclude the struggle against all other imperialist and social-imperialist powers, and of course not the struggle against their reactionary henchmen in all countries of the world. That would not only be idiotic, but also just an advantage that we would give to foreign imperialists by weakening their competitors. If we artificially separated or even opposed the national and international battlefield against anti-imperialism, we would give the one imperialists advantages over the other imperialists. We want to eliminate world imperialism as a whole, which is not possible without the struggle against imperialism in one's own country.

The Comintern (SH) is the only political force in the world that neither subordinates itself under the one or the other imperialist world camp. One cannot fight imperialism if you stand under the banner of one imperialist power against another. This is what Enver Hoxha teaches us. The world proletariat never fights under the banner of any single imperialist power, never under the banner of any imperialist world camp, and never under the flag of world imperialism - as a whole. The world proletariat is fighting independently as the only revolutionary class in the world under its own revolutionary flag for the overthrow of world imperialism on an international scale and for the overthrow of the imperialists and their reactionary henchmen in every single country in the world. The Comintern (SH) understands this (and nothing else) as the only victorious anti-imperialist struggle under the current conditions of globalization. Everything else is a fraud against the world proletariat, a betrayal of world communism and is debunked and fought by us accordingly, no matter how much any betrayal will be covered up with "red" colors.
The nature of imperialism and social imperialism is the same. For us, imperialism differs from social imperialism only in its forms, in that the one openly exploits and oppresses the workers and poor peasants, while the other does the same, however hidden behind treacherous slogans of "anti-imperialism". Therefore, the world proletariat will only be able to overthrow world imperialism if it has defeated both the open and the disguised imperialists completely.

The world socialist revolution is an anti-imperialist revolution, led by the Comintern (SH) and its Sections for the overthrow of the whole imperialist world order.

Wolfgang Eggers,

08. 05. 2020




9th of May 1945


Historcial events of the revolutionary world movement


special website :






Long live Stalin's victory over Hitler's fascism in the Great Patriotic War! 





Messages of Solidarity


We send our militant greetings to our Russian Section !

On May 9, 1945, the Socialist Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin celebrated the victory over Hitler's fascism.

We send our militant greetings to our Russian Section !


In contrast, on May 9, 2020, the anti-communist, imperialist Russia under Czar Putin misuses the Victory Day.

May 9, 2020 is a symbol of bourgeois Russian imperialism, nationalism and "greatpower"-chauvinism.  


Long live the 9th of May, 1945 !

Let us fulfill the legacy of the Victory Day by our struggle for preventing a 3rd world war!

Long live the world socialist revolution !

Long live our Russian Section!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


in Russian language

смена 1945 - 09



смена 1946 - 07



Not burnt at the stake.

German anti-fascist literature of 1933-1945

Не сгоревшие на костре.

Немецкая антифашистская литература 1933-1945 годов
Валентин Николаевич Девекин



in German language

Report of the German Section:

Red First May

in Munich

A great success in spite of ban!

Teilnehmer:  MLPD, Antikapitalistische Linke München - gehören zu "Perspektive Kommunismus", "Revolutionäre Front", wenige Fahnen von SDAJ, DKP, Verdi, GEW
Außerdem noch DIDF; Arbeiterbund für den Wiederaufbau der KPD

Trotzkisten : 4 Internationale : ISO

5 Internationale: GAM (Gruppe Arbeitermacht)

Die Spaltung unter den Bauern und Arbeitern ist das "Geheimnis der Machterhaltung der Kapitalistenklasse" (Marx)

Der 1. Mai ist der internationale Kampftag der Bauern und Arbeiter. Solidarität! Nicht nur mit den Bauern und Arbeitern weltweit, nicht nur besonders mit dem vom Weltimperialismus ausgebeuteten und unterdrückten der Welt, sondern gerade auch im eigenen Land. Hier geht es um praktische Solidarität mit den Wanderarbeitern, den Saisonarbeitern, mit den Flüchtlingen, die besonders unterdrückt und ausgebeutet werden.

Los ging es 10 Uhr vorm Gewerkschaftshaus an der Schwanthalerstraße 64. 500 Teilnehmer marschierten trotz Corona-Beschränkungen und ließen den traditionsreichen weltrevolutionären 1. Mai richtig lebendig werden. Unter den Bedingungen der Hygieneverordnung sollten alle 1,5 m Abstand und trotz geltenden Vermummungsverbot Maulkörbe tragen. Gegen den Notstand der Republik, das neue Ermächtigungsgestz, die vielen Ausgangssperren, Quarantänen, die Ausnahmezustände und weiteren Beschränkungen der Versammlungsfreiheit, so wie sie mittlerweile in fast allen Ländern Gang und Gebe sind, protestierte der wüste Mob des weltrevolutionären 1. Mai.

Es gab viele intersante Gespräche. Man merkte, es gab viele "vereinzelte" interessierte, die nicht von irgendwelchen scheinkommunistischen Organisationen beeinflußt, oder gar verblendet sind. Sie kreideten immer wieder die destruktiven Redebeiträge der selbsternannten Führer am Mikro im Laudi dieser Veranstaltung an. So daß kein Sterbenswörtchen über die Rote Gewerkschaftsinternationale, ja noch nicht einmal über die RGO verloren wurde und noch vieles mehr.

Es muß ausdrücklich darauf hingewiesen werden, daß unser weltrevolutionärer 1. Mai illegal war, da wir nach der Definition dieses Staates sowieso nicht ohne triftigen Grund unseren Wohnort hätten verlassen durften.

Die Laudis und die Sprüche im Mikro waren vom "Arbeiterbund für den Wiederaufbau der KPD". Es gilt natürlich die revisionnistische Linie des Arbeiterbund zu entlarven. Die sind für die DDR, pro AKWs und Zionismus. Eine total komische K-Gruppe und passt überhaupt nicht zu den Kommunisten.

Entgegen der revisionistischen Linie diverser pseudomarxistischer Organisationen skandierten die Teilnehmer :" 1. Mai - nieder Polizei!" ; 1. Mai - Straße frei! - nieder mit der Polizei!"; "Hoch die internationale Solidarität!"; "Hoch die Kommunistische Internationale!"; und weiter :" Widerstand! Widerstand! WIDERSTAND!"; "Die BRD ist ein Verbrecherstaat drum schaufeln wir der BRD ihr Massengrab!" ; "Die BRD ist nicht unser Staat, alle Macht dem Weltproletriat!"; "Der Roten Jugend die Straße frei!"

Dann tauchten die regional bekannten und bezahlten Streikbrecher Xaver Kugler und Albert Meca auf und provozierten mit nazistischem, vulgärem und sexualfaschistischem Vokabular. Der weltrevolutionäre 1. Mai München erzürnte und als der Mob diesem Dreckspack die Fresse polieren wollten, wurden diese Agenten Provokateure von den Bullen beschützt. Es gab kurzzeitig Tumulte mit den Knüppelkunden, dann ging der Aufzug weiter. Am Mariannenplatz fand bis kurz nach 12 die Abschlußkundgebung statt.

Am Stachus fand kurz darauf die "Fridays for Future" statt. Generall kein Problem, aber am 1. Mai eine Spalterkundgebung zu machen, eher unangemessen. Dann sollen die hier rüber auf unsere Seite kommen.

Um 13.00 Uhr hielt die MLPD noch eine "eigene" Kundgebung ab mit den üblichen destruktiven Redebeiträgen, wie man es von ihnen gewohnt ist.

Fazit : weltrevolutionärer 1. Mai für Weltproletariat und Bauern ein voller Erfolg!
- für die Nazi/Faschisten von AFD, "die Rechte", "Dritter Weg" , NPD und Sozialfaschisten Vom DGB ein totaler Keulenschlag. Die waren für den diesjährigen 1. Mai weg vom Fenster bzw. waren nur im Internet. Die verhältnismäßig geringen Teilnehmerzahlen von "uns" erinnerten mehr an die wilden 80er und 90er. Das war damals so Gang und Gebe. Da gab es nicht jede Woche Sternmärsche mit hunderttausenden Teilnehmern.





Central Organ of the Comintern (SH)


Long live the

"World Communist Propaganda Day" !

 May 5, 2020


including the English translation of the German article of Wolfgang Eggers:

"Lenin and the party press"





Translation thanks to our Portuguese comrades

10 Years Soviet Power


10 anos de poder Soviético

e da classe trabalhadora internacional

4 de Novembro de 1927


Let's raise the red flag of World October!


Levantemos a bandeira vermelha do Outubro Mundial!

07 de Novembro de 1930


Ernst Thaelmann: Speech at the VI Congress of the Comintern - 1928


17 de Julho de 1928



MOSCOVO, 17 de Julho a 1 de Setembro de 1928

Discurso de boas-vindas em nome dos Partidos Comunistas da Europa




5th of May 1818

Long live the 202nd birthday of Karl Marx !





Messages of Solidarity



Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of

Karl Marx’s 202nd anniversary

May 5, 1818 – May 5, 2020


We greet all the Marxists throughout the world, because today we celebrate the 202nd birthday of Karl Marx.

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest revolutionaries of human history.

As the leader of the proletarians of all countries, Karl Marx has put all his revolutionary thinking and his selfless revolutionary activities in the service of the liberation of the international working class.

Karl Marx was the founder of scientific communism. He created the ideology of the proletariat and became the great leader and teacher of the world proletariat.

For Karl Marx' 202nd birthday, we want to put the question of unemployment at the center of our greeting address.


What is unemployment and how can the problem of unemployment be solved?


We define unemployment as a condition independent of the will of the worker, as a condition forced on him, which occurs as soon as the worker does not find a buyer to sell his commodity of labor power on the labor market - especially in the critical condition of capitalist development (depression, recession, economic crisis, etc.).

Unemployment is inextricably linked to the historical tendency of capitalist accumulation.

"Accumulation of wealth at one pole is, therefore, at the same time accumulation of misery, agony of toil, slavery, ignorance, brutality, mental degradation at the opposite pole." (Karl Marx, "Capital", Volume 1, A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production )

There is no capitalism without unemployment. Capitalism creates unemployment at an ever higher level.

One of the typical causes of the rise in unemployment is the replacement of the workforce with technical rationalization measures (machines, robots, digitization).

With increasing unemployment, the competition among workers on the labor market, which the capitalists use as a means of exacerbating exploitation, intensifies.

Capitalism produces more labour power than it needs for avarage production. This "overproduction" of the commodity of labor power is reflected in the creation of an unemployed army, the proletarian reserve army. The proletarian reserve army is necessarily part of the capitalist system of exploitation and serves to increase the wealth of the bourgeoisie. In times of good business the reserve army serves to check the wage demands of the workers regularly employed, and in times of bad trade it serves to depress wages.

They are the workers needed by capitalism for the potential expansion of enterprises, but who can never be regularly employed. The surplus population, being a necessary concomitant of surplus production, is an indispensable attribute to the capitalist economy, which could neither exist nor develop without it. (Lenin, Volume 2, page 180-181)

Since the worker has nothing other than his laborpower, his life and that of his family, that is the basis of his reproduction, depend on the sale of his labor power. Unemployment is an expression of the systematic impoverishment of the worker in capitalism.

The cause of unemployment lies in the capitalist exploitation system of wage slavery, the private appropriation of the labor power for the purpose of making profit.

If the worker wants to avoid the constant threat of losing his job, if he wants to free himself from the scourge of unemployment, he must eliminate its cause - wage slavery. And to free themselves from wage slavery, the worker must join the world proletariat's army and its reserve army to overthrow the world bourgeoisie, which maintains the world capitalist system of wage slavery to enrich itself.

The problem of unemployment cannot be solved within the framework of capitalism, because capitalism needs unemployment again and again and to an increased degree for its own further development.

The revolutionary struggle against unemployment begins where it goes beyond the capitalist framework. The goal is to overcome capitalism, to smash down the world capitalist system of wage slavery. Only with the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and with the development of world socialism can wage slavery and thus unemployment be eliminated.

Without the world socialist revolution, unemployment cannot and will not be abolished.

The worker cannot free himself from the chains of unemployment without destroying the private ownership of the commodity of labor power, without liberating the labor power from its commodity character.

That is the Comintern (SH) 's view of unemployment and how it can be overcome, expressed in short, simple words.


And so it says in the world program of the Comintern (SH):

We want to abolish wage slavery. 

The working classes alone are the ones who produce all the values ​​of which they are deprived.

The sale of labor power to the capitalist is the cornerstone of the capitalist exploitation of the worker.

The worker must produce more than he gets payed for the value of his labor-power. This surplus-value, emanating from unpayed labor, is appropriated by the capitalist privately.

Lenin teaches:

"Men's labour-power becomes a commodity. The wage-worker sells his labour-power to the owner of land, factories and instruments of labour. The worker spends one part of the day covering the costs of maintaining himself and his family (wages), while the other part of the day he works without remuneration, creating for the capitalist surplus-value, the source of profit, the source of the wealth of the capitalist class. The doctrine of surplus-value is the corner-stone of Marx's economic theory. (Lenin; Volume 19, page 26).

The economic principle of present-day world imperialism is moreover the pursuit of maximum profits by globalized exploitation, ruin and impoverishment of the world's population, by globalized subjugation and plunder of all countries through imperialist predatory wars and world fascism. The globalized wage slavery is the most extreme form of all previous forms of slavery. We have to destroy world imperialism if we want to remove the inevitability of globalized wage slavery.

We want to abolish the increasing split of the world society, between a small propertied class (choking on its abundance), and the large, propertyless class of wage laborers (whose existence is not even protected by the wages).

We want to abolish unemployment and to remove the global army of unemployed (dissolution of the international proletarian reserve-army). World communism is a world in which everybody works for communism of his own free will.

The replacement of the economic conditions of wage slavery through the conditions of free associated labor is only possible by a longer period of economic transition. In the period of world socialism, the world proletariat implements increasingly the socialization of world-production and - distribution. Every man becomes a working man, and productive labor ceases to be confined to class society if wage slavery will have been once abolished all over the world. The surplus-labour is no longer based on the existence of classes, but will be used as the indispensable pre-condition of the construction of a classless society. Each world-worker is systematically integrated into a world economy plan, which will be jointly created, organized, and implemented by the workers of the whole world. The fulfillment of the world economy plan directly serves the World Commune, no matter how specific the character of each individual communist work would be.

The provision of surplus-labour remains indispensable - as in all social formations - even in world communism, namely for the further future trend of the world society. Karl Marx teaches:

"Surplus-labour in general, as labour performed over and above the given requirements, must always remain. In the capitalist as well as in the slave system, etc., it merely assumes an antagonistic form and is supplemented by complete idleness of a stratum of society. A definite quantity of surplus-labour is required as insurance against accidents, and by the necessary and progressive expansion of the process of reproduction in keeping with the development of the needs and the growth of population, which is called accumulation from the viewpoint of the capitalist. It is one of the civilising aspects of capital that it enforces this surplus-labour in a manner and under conditions which are more advantageous to the development of the productive forces, social relations, and the creation of the elements for a new and higher form than under the preceding forms of slavery, serfdom, etc. Thus it gives rise to a stage, on the one hand, in which coercion and monopolisation of social development (including its material and intellectual advantages) by one portion of society at the expense of the other are eliminated; on the other hand, it creates the material means and embryonic conditions, making it possible in a higher form of society to combine this surplus-labour with a greater reduction of time devoted to material labour in general.

The actual wealth of society, and the possibility of constantly expanding its reproduction process (..) do not depend upon the duration of surplus-labour, but upon its productivity and the more or less copious conditions of production under which it is performed. In fact, the realm of freedom actually begins only where labour which is determined by necessity and mundane considerations ceases; thus in the very nature of things it lies beyond the sphere of actual material production. Just as the savage must wrestle with Nature to satisfy his wants, to maintain and reproduce life, so must civilised man, and he must do so in all social formations and under all possible modes of production. With his development this realm of physical necessity expands as a result of his wants; but, at the same time, the forces of production which satisfy these wants also increase. Freedom in this field can only consist in socialised man, the associated producers, rationally regulating their interchange with Nature, bringing it under their common control, instead of being ruled by it as by the blind forces of Nature; and achieving this with the least expenditure of energy and under conditions most favourable to, and worthy of, their human nature. But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity. Beyond it begins that development of human energy which is an end in itself, the true realm of freedom, which, however, can blossom forth only with this realm of necessity as its basis. The shortening of the working-day is its basic prerequisite." (Marx, Capital, MEW, Volume III, page 571).

It is the historical merit of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that they not only discovered the dialectical law of negation of negation, but also applied it to overcome unemployment:

"The capitalist mode of appropriation, the result of the capitalist mode of production, produces capitalist private property. This is the first negation of individual private property, as founded on the labour of the proprietor. But capitalist production begets, with the inexorability of a law of Nature, its own negation. It is the negation of negation. This does not re-establish private property for the producer, but gives him individual property based on the acquisition of the capitalist era: i.e., on cooperation and the possession in common of the land and of the means of production." (Karl Marx. Capital Volume One, Chapter Thirty-Two: Historical Tendency of Capitalist Accumulation)

The abolition of unemployment follows the objective development law of world society.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels did not stop with the discovery of this dialectical development law, which eliminates unemployment. They also described the revolutionary way in which this dialectical process takes place:

"[ It] grows the mass of misery, oppression, slavery, degradation, exploitation; but with this too grows the revolt of the working class, a class always increasing in numbers, and disciplined, united, organised by the very mechanism of the process of capitalist production itself. The monopoly of capital becomes a fetter upon the mode of production, which has sprung up and flourished along with, and under it. Centralisation of the means of production and socialisation of labour at last reach a point where they become incompatible with their capitalist integument. This integument is burst asunder. The knell of capitalist private property sounds. The expropriators are expropriated. That which is now to be expropriated is no longer the labourer working for himself, but the capitalist exploiting many labourers." [Karl Marx, ibidem]

And this is the path that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have shown with their teachings, which the Comintern (SH) is taking today in the fight against unemployment that world capitalism has created in the wake of the coronavirus pandemia.

We have therefore compiled a collection of quotations from the works of Marx and Engels for Karl Marx's 202nd birthday in order to make our revolutionary contribution to solving the question of unemployment.

As a world party of the world proletariat, we are not only committed to raising propaganda, but also to active solidarity in the class struggle of the working class against the scourge of unemployment.

Learning from Marx and Engels means defeating unemployment!

* * *

Today the Comintern (SH) is the only true defender of Karl Marx and all other 4 Classics. We emphasize again, and we will continue to stress, namely that it is impossible even to defend a single Classic, without defending simultaneously all the other four Classics.

Guided by the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism we are marching resolutely towards world socialist revolution, towards the dictatorship of the world proletariat towards world socialism and world communism.

We swear to fulfill the great legacy that Karl Marx has left to us.

Long live Karl Marx' 202nd birthday!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Proletarians of all countries - unite!

World proletariat - unite all countries!

Down with the open, reactionary anti-Marxism!

Down with the betrayal of the revisionists and neo-revisionists of Marxism!

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaism that enhanced teaching of Marxism-Leninism in the world today!

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

Long live the proletarian, socialist world revolution!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) - the only authentic defender of Karl Marx and his revolutionary, proletarian

May 5, 2020

Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)



Birthday Website in English language


Birthday Website in German language





5th of May 1818 -


202nd birthday of Karl Marx



Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of

Karl Marx’s

202nd anniversary

May 5, 1818 – May 5, 2020


We greet all the Marxists throughout the world, because today we celebrate the 202nd birthday of Karl Marx.

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest revolutionaries of human history.

As the leader of the proletarians of all countries, Karl Marx has put all his revolutionary thinking and his selfless revolutionary activities in the service of the liberation of the international working class.

Karl Marx was the founder of scientific communism. He created the ideology of the proletariat and became the great leader and teacher of the world proletariat.

We are sorry for the delay of the publication of our birthday website in English and German. We try to publish it tomorrow.

The message will be about the teachings of Marx and Engels on unemployment - in regard of the high world unemployment tide which rises by the Corona virus pandemic.

In German language we publish a collection of quotations of Marx and Engels

On Unemployment

- in German language -

(arranged by Wolfgang Eggers)




aus Anlass des 202. Geburtstags von Karl Marx am 5. Mai 2020


On occasion of the 202nd anniversary of Karl Marx we publish following works in different languages :




Marx and Engels through the eyes of their contemporaries



Marx for Beginners

(Comic Serie)






selected economical studies

ماركس وإنجلز - دراسات اقتصادية مختارة




Le Déterminisme Économique de Karl Marx

Paul Lafargue - 1909



in Portuguese




in Russian



1963 r.




о Марксе




Русские современники о К. Марксе и Ф. Энгельсе



( С т а т ь и и д о к у м е н т ы )




Karl Marx

Rede über die Frage des Freihandels



Karl Marx

Ein Bourgeoisaktenstück



Karl Marx


1921 - M. Beer




Karl Marx, der Mensch und sein Werk

 Otto Meier



Der patriotische Kampf von Marx und Engels in der "Neuen Rheinischen Zeitung"

1953 - Dietrich Schmidt



Karl Marx als Historiker

1953 - Heinz Heitzer



Die Bedeutung des Kommunistischen Manifests

Parteischule -1953





Historical events

 of the

international revolutionary movement


50 Years ago


4th of May 1970

Kent State Shootings




Report on the Red First May in Portugal

Secção Portuguesa do Comintern (EH)

- em reconstrução.


1.º de Maio Vermelho, 2020

Reportagem da Secção Portuguesa




New publications in


thanks to the Egyptian Section


Stalin on Lenin

ستالين يتحدث عن لينين










The genie of the world socialist revolution is already out of the bottle, and no one can ever put it back.








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15. January 1919 – 101 Years assassination of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (German Section)


17th of January 1945 - 75 years liberation of Warsaw (Polish Section)


21st of January 1924 - 96th Day of Death of Lenin (Russian Section)


21st of January 1870 150th day of death Alexander Herzen (Russian Section)


22nd January 1900 - 120th birthday Ernst Busch (German Section)


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February 13, 1945 - 75 years Bombing of Dresden (German Section)


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6th of March - World Day of the unemployed


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First May (!) International fighting day of the working class (obligatory greeting message of every Section)


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1920 July 31 - 100 years founding CP Britain






1st August 1920 - 100 years Denver streetcar strike (Section USA)


2nd August 1945 - 75 years Potsdam-Agreement (German Section)


5th of August 1895 - 125th Death Day of Friedrich Engels


6th and 9th of August 1945 - 75 years Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Section USA)


19th of August 1944 - 76th death day of Ernst Thaelmann (German Section)


23rd August 1970 - 50 years "salad bowl" stike (Section USA)


24th August 1930 - 90 years KPD-Program (Ernst Thaelmann) (German Section)


25th of August 1985 - 35 th Death Day of Ernst Aust (German Section)


27 August 1770 - 250th birthday of Friedrich Hegel (German Section)





81 years - 1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War

1st of September - International Day against imperialist wars (activities of all Sections)


7th September 1920 - 100 years Alabama Coal strike (Section USA)


9th September 1870 - 150 years Karl Marx: SECOND ADDRESS OF THE GENERAL COUNCIL OF THE First International ON THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR





1st of October 2014 - 6th anniversary of the ICS


5th October 1870 150th birthday of Pyotr Krasikov (Russian Section)


10/03/1945: 75 years Foundation of the World Trade Union Confederation


10 - 16 October 1923 - 97 years - founding of the Red Peasant International (Krestintern)


16th of October 1908 - 112th birthday of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Section)


1920 30th October - 100 years founding CP Australia





7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 103rd Anniversary (Russian Section)


7th of November 3rd anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH) (Russian Section)


8th of November 1941 - 79th anniversary - Foundation of the PLA (Albanian Section)


8th of November - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)


9th of November 1918 - 102 Years November-Revolution in Germany (German Section)


16th November 1960 - 60 years Enver Hoxha - Speech in Moscow (Albanian Section)


1900 19th November - Anna Seghers 120th birthday


20th November 1919 - 101st Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI


20th November 1910 - 110 years Mexican Revolution


23rd of November 1941 - 79th anniversary of Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania (Albanian Section)


- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International


28th of November 1820 - 200th Birthday of Friedrich Engels


29th of November 1944 - 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania (Albanian Section)


30 November 1910 - 110th birthday Kostantin Badigin (Hero of the Soviet Union) (Russian Section)


November 1945 - 75 years: Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg (German Section)





1st of December 1934 - 86th day of death of Kirov (Russian Section)


14th December 1970 - 50 years "Bloody Thursday" in Poland (Polish Section)


16th of December 1770 - 250th birthday of Beethoven (German Section)


18th of December - International Migrants Day

21st of December 1879 - 141st Birthday of Stalin (Georgian Section)


21st of December 1920 - 100 years Husino Uprising in Bosnia (Yugoslav Section)


31st December 2000 - 20 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH) (obligatory greeting message of all Sections)

31. 12. 1968 - 52nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML (German Section)


102nd anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)




The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2020 as Campaign


" Year of the 200th birthday of Frederick Engels"

and the

"Year of the 150th birthday of Vladimir. I. Lenin"





World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists.

World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.


If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)


سٹالنزم ، ہوکسزازم زندہ باد پائندہ باد
(اردو) (Urdu)


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجية (Arab language)





"Essentially the Communist International did not fall - lives on till this day and will also live on in future!"




The Comintern (SH) is the global voice of the world revolution.

And the Sections of the Comintern (SH) are the voice of the world revolution in their country.

The Comintern (SH) is the holy of holies of the world proletariat .

01. 01. 2019