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World proletariat - unite all countries !



Central Organ of the Comintern (SH)

June - September






It is the

world socialist revolution

is nothing less than to protect our planet.





in German language

Fascist International against the Comintern and against World Bolshevism


created by Wolfgang Eggers

as a contribution to the series: "100 Years Comintern"

30th September, 2019




Long live the common battle front of the Egyptian and German proletariat within the global battle front of the world proletariat!


in German language

written by Wolfgang Eggers

28th of September 2019


27th of September 2019

Fascist security forces blocked Tahrir Square !





Arab peoples - rise!














* * *



"al-Sisi is my favorite dictator"



40 years ago ...


Long live comrade




Hysni Kapo


14 March 1915 - 23 September 1979


"Glorious son of the people and outstanding leader of the PLA and our socialist state has died"


website also available in:








The Egyptian Section calls for taking to the streets all over Egypt

on Friday, 27th of September, 2019


Let us overthrow the fascist regime of Al-Sisi !


Most of those arrested were either immediately picked up during demonstrations last Friday or picked up at home in the following days. In recent days, police have also carried out more roadside checks, particularly calling on younger people to unlock their cell phones, which are then examined for compromising content, especially in social media.

The number of the arrests and the political prisoners have now reached to 1250.

They are arresting many political activists, democrats and revolutionaries for no reason. The whole state is in a state of paranoia and fear from the coming Friday. One can not take a step without being asked from a state's security's agent about the place you are going or you are coming from. That's especially in near al Tahrir square, which near from it lies many armed soldiers of police and central security forces.


The new scandal now that was leaked by employees from the Egyptian secret military service apparatus is a list of names of those whom Al-Sisi has sent to Libya in order to backup Khalifa Haftar.

Al-Sisi was the one who sent our soldiers and the sons of our army to transform them to a mere mercenaries for world imperialists who want to divide Libya in a war of agencies.

Nearly more than 20+ soldiers have died just in a battle of 18 days in Libya, while al-Sisi deceives us and the whole people saying that they have died in Sinai by the 'terror' which we couldn't until now defeat.

* * *

The internet became very slow. That has been realized by many of the people. T there is many 'news' that there will be blocking for the internet services through out the whole of the Arab republic of Egypt because of the authorities fear from the coming Friday.

It's a sure thing that we will participate in the bloody coming friday, either we die or not ! The whole homeland calls for salvation , democracy, revolution !.

The state's security terror is rising against even the Egyptian workers and the Egyptian toilers who participated in the events. They even have arrested an Egyptian leading proletarian called Rashad Kamal. They turned him and other revoultionaries to the state's security's supreme court.

Either we cut the head of fascism by weapons or it will do the same with us as Franco the fascist did with the Spanish revolutionaries.

Fascism shall not pass !

And al Sisi will die in the worst way a human being can ever imagine if he continued to be (and he will) be a lunatic stubborn fascist pig head who will leave when we separate his head away from his big fat body.

Egypt Section





Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message from the German section to the Egyptian section

from September 22, 2019


Dear comrades of the Egyptian section!
The German section enthusiastically welcomes the beginning second wave of the revolutionary uprising in Egypt and sends militant greetings of solidarity to the Egyptian section.
Wave upon wave, the Egyptian revolution approaches the overthrow of fascism and the victory of socialism.
The Liberation Storm, which has broken out n all over Egypt will spread through the Arab countries and over the entire world.
The Egyptian people are fighting fearlessly on the streets - demanding the resignation of Al-sisi.
The Egyptians do not stop fighting for the end of all fascist exploitation and oppression.
One fascist leader after another was already overthrown with the revolution.
The fascist Al-Sisi -regime is the next which will suffer a defeat.

It is the task of the Communist International to convince the insurgents in Cairo that their success in transforming their spontaneous, unarmed insurgency into an orderly, armed uprising is indispensable.
The alliance of the working class, poor peasants and soldiers will crush the bloody regime of Al-Sisi!
With the unity of hammer, sickle and rifle, the Egyptian people will protect their revolutionary achievements against the fascist counterrevolution!
Down with the Egyptian counter revolution !
Freedom for all revolutionary prisoners in Egypt!
Build the Red Front Fighters' League in Egypt and join the red world front of anti-fascism!

German workers - unite with the revolutionary Egyptian proletariat and practice solidarity of deed!
Here in Germany, let us stop and prevent the arming of the Egyptian fascist counter-revolution by the German imperialists!
With German weapons, today, the blood flows on the streets of Cairo!
Let's fight against German imperialism, which is training and equips the fascist police forces in Egypt to throw down people's insurgencies and revolutions.
Long live the common front of the class struggle between the German and Egyptian proletariat!
Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live the dictatorship of the Egyptian proletariat!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live the socialist revolution in Egypt,
in all Arab countries and around the world!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

German section
September 22, 2019





الحرية للمعتقلين السياسيين من جماهير الشعب المصرى

الموت للفاشية ! ـ

Free all the Egyptian political prisoners!

Death to Fascism!

21st of September, 2019

more than 1000 protesters  captured by police.



Messages of Solidarity


to the Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH) from an Iraqi comrade


Dear comrades in Egypt !

The Iraqi youth who have always opposed the government of the bourgeoise courruption have always been looked to Egypt as a hope. They tell themselves: "Look at Egypt they did a revoultion and crushed the system, and what about us, we can do the same in iraq!"

The people of Egypt have always opposed the dictatorship of the fascists, starting from Husni Mubarak, passing by the fascist Muslim Brotherhood until the pig of world imerpialism, Al-sisi.

The Ideology of MLSH teaches us that there will be no liberation for the working class and the working people without an armed revolution. That goes for Egypt as Iraq.

So there is no solutions than that of raising the wepaons against Al-sisi's fascist clique.

Tthe Egyptian revolt, despite it's spontaneous character, is a progressive one, the next step for the people of Egypt is to transform it from this character to an organized  armed and violent socialist revolution under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the only ideology that can bring the liberation to Egypt and the victory against the fascists.

People of Egypt, rally around your country's Section's flag, the Comintern (SH) will never leave you alone as it stood with all the revolting people around the world.

And me, as Stalinist-Hoxhaist from Iraq declare my total and unconditioned solidarity with the working people of Egypt, who will turn Egypt to be a castle and stronghold for the socialist revolution.

Long live the Egyptian Socialist Revoultion!

Long live the revolt of the Egyptian Working People!

Long live the Ideology of MLSH! The only authentic ideology of the world proletarians!

Down with Al-Sisi's facist clique - Death to all Fascists - Long live the Heroic Egyptian Working People!

An Iraqi Comrade


Dear comrade from Iraq !
The Section of Egypt and the All-Arab Section of the Comintern (SH) and its members would like to thank you for your high solidarity at this time.
We sincerely value all your solidarity with the Egyptian Section and send you our revolutionary greetings - embracing you.
Your comrades of the All-Arab Section and the Section of Egypt











Messages of Solidarity


to the Egyptian Section from the Comintern (SH)

on 21st of September 2019


Egyptian Section fighting on the forefront of the beginning second wave of the Revolution !


“Leave Sissi!” our comrades shouted on the streets of Cairo.


Then tear gas has been fired !

Several people were arrested Friday in Cairo as they protested to demand the departure of fascist butcher al-Sisi.


Until this moment, when we have published our message of solidarity we have lost contact to our fighting comrades in Egypt. We sincerely hope that nothing happened to you.

The action of the Egyptian Section took place in the capital and other cities of Egypt, and were attacked by the police. Protests were also held in Alexandria on the Mediterranean coast, Suez on the Red Sea as well as the Nile Delta textile town of Mahalla el-Kubra, about 110 km (68 miles) north of Cairo.

In Cairo, five arrests during the night rally in Tahrir Square, the center of the 2011 revolution that led to the overthrow of Mubarak.

Anti-government protests are dangerous in Egypt, where they are banned under a fascist law passed in 2013 after the military coup led by Sissi against Islamist Morsi.

Since that coup, the Egyptian fascist regime has been mercilessly cracking down on the opposition, imprisoning thousands of revolutionaries.

Al-sisi wasted millions on luxury residences and hotels while millions of Egyptians live in poverty. However, Sisi has dismissed the allegations as so called "lies and slander" and answered with fascist brutality against the Egyptian people.

The revolution is spreading all over Egypt again !!


Solidarity with our Egyptian Section !


For the victorious transformation to the socialist revolution!

Long live the dictatorship of the Egyptian proletariat !


Comintern (SH)



Long Live the second revolutionary wave in Egypt!

The people of Egypt, sons and daughters of our homeland which it's will as it's freedom and wealth are all stolen, our people who stood heroically against all the aggressors and invaders, and against all reactionary tyrants who did make our people taste the worst torture.

We send to you all the revolutionary broad masses a revolutionary militant greetings from Alexanderia to Aswan.

Comrades, our working people who had suffered a merciless poverty through all the recent years! What Egypt is seeing from a revolutionary boiling situation is a bad sign!

Yes, a bad sign on the heads of all those who burnt our people and homeland and threatened it either with fascism or with the reactionary black terror they will govern (which at the same time the whole Egyptian fascist system has worked on growing these reactionary groups and gangs of fascists in order to fight every kind of progressive or democratic personality or a thing that appears in the society and precisely communism which successfully got into the hearts of thousands of workers, farmers and even soldiers of our homeland in the old times)

O people! This anger which grows day after day as a big ball of fury and hell will fall without 1% of doubt on the heads of all the fascist scum and on their head the fascist Al-Sisi that fascist pig who built,build and will be building in the future as he said. And at the same time called our homeland a poor country and transformed our life into a continuous miserable hell that eats the meat and the bones of the poor even they played the role of  watchdogs of world reaction and imperialism as the whole Arab reaction in the service of the world counter revolution in Libya and Sudan.

O our people! Who revolted and always been a revolter against the tyrants!

Friends and comrades everywhere, Egypt became on the brink of a very revolutionary and real new era of revolution against the Egyptian fascist system , this system which have only changed it's mask after the spontaneous popular revolt of 25 January.

But we are sure, this time that the revolutionary will of our people which understood historically the necessity of crushing down the whole system from it's leg up it's head !

And we completely support this struggle and we are with every democratic achievement the people struggle for.

And we will support it even if it was simple in order to make the working people and the working class of Egypt able to represent their interests and to force it against the Egyptian capitalists and their fascist servants and before them their imperialist masters in U.S.A, Europe, China etc.. who throw for their scum the crumbs to exploit us brutally and enslave us !

Since a series of scandals begun by a petty-bourgeois element Mohammed Ali who did it actually for his class/personal interests which was given the cover that "he was afraid and felt bad for the people's situation" have won in grouping the masses of the people who are enslaved and for sure from the army itself whom many of it's elements have appeared in leaks on the internet declaring opposition for the fascist Al-Sisi calling him a fascist traitor for the homeland.

And for sure there was civilian non-army elements who went to agitate openly on all the internet pages.

It's basically the revolutionary will of our people to salvation , and it's a noble and heroic will and aim, and the will of our poor and toiling people and masses for liberation is a just aim and a just demand and revolting without doubt.

But what kind of democracy that this little bourgeois who has revolted only for the sake of his 'millions' when the Egyptian bourgeoisie has taken it from him?

The reason why we live in this hell is that the working people and their genuine proletarian democracy was never in action at all. Neither the workers,farmers, the poor or the enslaved conscripts are those who decided at all, but only that "revolutionary" from a higher classes who decides as his formers. Then who suffers and who should decide everything? It's the people the working people of the streets, the poor , those who own nothing should be the one who decides everything.

They are those who the Egyptian bourgeoisie itself looks at them very humbly. It looks for the actual reason of it's class existence humbly and rudely. It's the same class of reactionaries and fascists which gave the birth to Al-Sisi and will continue to give birth for other snakes if we didn't wipe it out from the face of the earth!

However, the Egypt Section, and despite all that, supports with it's soul, brain and heart the will of our people towards every democratic change in our Egypt and for the sake of our brutally exploited people even a one step forward, and we declare it clearly :

The Egyptian Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) will participate in all the manifestations of anger carried by our people raising the flag of one revolutionary class which is the working class ,the poor peasants and the little enslaved conscripts who work for nothing and die for nothing just for the sake of the army's big generals and the bourgeoisie in general in the city and the country side.

Comrades , we are done from explaining what is going on basically, Egypt is on the brink of another revolutionary era that aims for every progressive, human and great, that aims for every democratic achievement and aims for the socialist revolution !

Let us call rise our voice together:





Egypt Section of the Comintern (SH)

Solidarity with the climate strike on 20 September 2019!

Fight against climate catastrophe is

class struggle !


It is the

world socialist revolution

is nothing less than to protect our planet.

 written by Wolfgang Eggers






Correspondence from our Ugandan comrade


Uganda - Website



Messages of Solidarity


from our Egyptian Section

18th of September, 2019

Down with the system!

Down with Al-sisi!


19 Al-Ismailiya workers arrested !


Al-Ismailiya workers now and for more than 4 days have carried on a heroic strike calling for their life's high cost of living allowance, and despite that the fascist police have arrested 19 workers from them among them 2 women (!) and one of them is pregnant. However the workers heroically have used this time a political banner :

Down with the system!

Down with Al-sisi!

The struggle of the egyptian workers is developing greatly, we support this heroic struggle and we are in unconditional solidarity with them.

The revolutionary wave that hits Egypt nowdays will reach as the contradiction between the laboring masses and the capital no matter if Egyptian or foregin will reach a level that will be solved only through a revolutionary violence.

Long Live the Egyptian socialist revolution!

Death to the egyptian bourgeoisie and the counter revolution!



New publications in

GERMAN language



written 1981-1982




(statt eines Vorworts)














from our Egyptian Section

What after the Egyptian fascist's scandal?

As we've explained to our comrades in the last article:

That Al-sisi and the whole Egyptian fascist system has faced and is still facing a great wave of exposing for their corruption. He and his wife, his generals, all of those scum have been exposed and no one from the Egyptian fascist state could reply against Muhamed Ali accusations...

So logically what our 'beloved very patriotic' fascist state would do to solve this? For sure by blackmailing the guy, by doing pressure on his family members to insult him in the press, such a barbarian act didn't stop.

As we all know one of the things or "cards" that Al-sisi using against the people is to threaten them with that "If I didn't remain in the authority the terror will come to you!" such a bankrupted reply such a words have been used once and again he dares still using it against the people ! !

Since the very beginning and he falls by his own tongue and talks about the formation of the Jihadis, but he couldn't dare to talk about those who played a key-role in the ideological education of the Jihadists (KSA, the Arab gulf reactionaries and without doubt and on the head the American imperialists)

Why he couldn't ? Why Al-sisi couldn't talk a single word about those who really destroyed the homelands and keeps using only that "black picture of a destroyed Arab country" to terrorize us. So he can remain in authority instead of talking about the real one who did all this!

The American imperialists who turned such a countries like Afghanistan or Iraq to a hell just in order to raise the profits! Al-sisi talks as if the world imperialists and at the head the Americans gained 0 things after all these wars and terroristic fascist groups and 'states of Caliphates' which were raised by the world financial capital and precisely that of USA and it's regional lackeys of the Arab reactionaries first in Afghanistan in order to fight on the cake with the soviet social imperialism.

Al-sis can no more play with nothing else but with the same card of terror, who can not even explain it in a proper way just to terrorize us and to deceive the people more and more. But against whom he stands? The fluid will  come no matter he tries.

In that youth conference he was ordered to reply against M. Ali who accused him with a things that destroyed his whole 'prestige' as a great 'anti corrupt' fighter as an 'honored' man as Al-sisi kept describing himself and swearing by his Allah. But no at all, all what he kept saying he and the bourgeois youth is that the 'terrorist groups' nowadays are using the internet in order to agitate against the state. A childish reply. And the funniest part is that he talks about the "4th generation wars" and the "falls of the (patriotic) states" etc..

The people were seeing all that a mere bullshit after the 25'th revolt, but now the farce is that the head of the fascist state himself talks in such a 'funny' way unironically for sure.

25 January is a nightmare.

It's the reason which terror has entered Egypt. It's the reason of the corruption , it's the reason of Al-nahda's dam which the world imperialists and world Zionists are building in Ethiopia to make us suffer from the lack of water. This revolution which the people have risen in it in order to gain dignity and good life that fits human being is the reason why we suffer all that - that's the tongue of the counter revolution talking ! That's Al-sisi!

"Yes I built palaces,.. and I will continue to build them.. but not for myself, it's in the name of Egypt" Al-Sisi.

The fascist scum, justifying his horrible wasting for money while calling us a poor country while he lives in the rich-outrageous ways and places .... just what to say or what to reply at such a lowlife? such a scumbag..

such a !!

Death to the Fascist PIG!

Death to the Agent of world imperialism!





Historical Events

of the revolutionary World Movement

75 Years ago


Resistance of the KPD against Hitler-Fascism.




Execution on 18th of September, 1944


in German language



170th anniversary

26th of September, 1849


I. P. Pavlov

1849 - 1936


Website in:






Dialectics of Nature

Frederick Engels - 1883


New publications

in ENGLISH language



Scientific Conference on the Marxist-Leninist Theoretical Thinking of the Party of Labour of Albania and Comrade Enver Hoxha

Tirana 1983


Let the storm of the revolution burst out powerfully

Tirana - Zeri i Popullit - May 17, 1968


The Budapest Carnevals

PLA - Tirana - 1968


How to defend yourself

CP of Britain - 1940




12th of September, 2019



New emission scandal !!
Federal Motor Transport Authority and Ministry of Transport are silent!


Smash terrorism of the car capitalists!

State authorities, politicians and union bigwigs who cover up for the emission scandal - go to hell!

Not only in Germany, but in the whole world!


An open word of criticism to you,
German colleagues in the auto industry!

Do you want to keep silence about the emission scandal?

Take to the street and raise your revolutionary voice!

The capitalists want to close your car factories !

Sweep away the criminal leadership of your factories!

Take over the factories by yourselves!


The continuing silence of your staff of another new emissions scandal shows that you are still unable to organize yourself as the strongest political force in our country and to bang your fist on the table.
This is - to say the least - a shame of the entire working class.
The chain of scandals does not break. This is because the only force that can tear this chain apart is the working class, who is idle and unwilling to go to the barricades.
How should a common battle front of all carmakers in the world be able to develop if the workers in Germany, in the leading country of the car industry, are not at the head?
The German carmaker has proved to be unable to lead the carmakers all over the world and to form an international class front against automobile capital, which does not only cut half of the world's jobs, but ruthlessly trample under foot the interests of consumers and which pollutes the environment.
The German automakers are not even able to act together, to support each other in their own country and to defend themselves like one man against the growing attacks of the auto capitalists, who are supported by their lackeys in the state and unions. , They all cheat the people. You can not let that happen any longer!
Car maker! Wake up, get moving and finally do something!
Out of the car plants!
Out on the street!
Now, it's not just about your wage, it's not just about your job, but about defending the basic vital interests of society as a whole, which is violated time and again with every new day.
The point is not only to fight against this or that scandal, but finally to get rid of all the whole capitalist mess, the causes of these scandals that are in the capitalist system itself.
It's not about saving the rotten capitalism. Nobody can save that.
It's about building a new society on the ruins of the decayed old society - a new society capable of doing the right thing, abolishing wage slavery once and for all. This is the most essential thing for a worker to do and nothing else!
Who else but the working class can smash the old society and build the new society? Nobody else !
What to do now?
Why this question ? You know yourself from daily painful experience, what has to be changed. This can not go on like that.
You must now finally wage your own political fight and no longer be fooled by the union bigwigs and corrupt politicians.
Organize your own, independent political mass strike!
Form action- and strike committees!
Without your struggle, the greed for profit of the car capitalists will never stop!
Soon they will no longer need you, and you can watch the factory gate from the outside.
Do you want that? If you do not want that, you have to fight and rely on your old battle traditions!
And once you have put yourselves at the head of the movement against the auto capitalists, then the carmakers around the world will welcome and follow you! They have been waiting all too long for your signal to strike. The signal must come from you, for you are the vanguard of the workers' world center of the auto industry.

The solidarity of all carmakers in the world is a power that no one in the world can stop, only you yourselves!

Long live the international class front of the carmakers!
Car production and its relations of production into the hands of the carworkers!

Production under control of the workers!

Mobility in the interest of humanity and the environment and not in the interests of profit maximization!

Together we will win!

Long live the world socialist revolution!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) and its German Section!


Merkel opens exhibition

International Automobile Fair - 2019

... defending the crimes of the auto capitalists.


New publications in

RUSSIAN language


On Lenin "What is to be done?"

Волков И.М. О работе В.И. Ленина «Что делать?»


On Lenin: "One step forward, two steps backward"

Савельев Я.В. О работе В.И. Ленина «Шаг вперед, два шага назад».



On Comrade Stalin - organizer of victories on the fronts of the Civil War

Воробьев В.Ф. Товарищ Сталин - организатор побед на фронтах гражданской войны


On Stalin: "Anarchism or Socialism?"

Митин М.Б. О работе И.В. Сталина «Анархизм или социализм?»


On Comrade Stalin "On issues of agricultural policy in the USSR"

Болгов А.В. О работе товарища Сталина «К вопросам аграрной политики в СССР»



On Comrade Stalin "Once again about the Social Democratic deviation in our party"

Ларьков А.М. О работе товарища Сталина «Еще раз о социал-демократическом уклоне в нашей партии»



On Stalin - the inspirer and organizer of technological progress in the USSR.

Зворыкин А.А. Великий Сталин - вдохновитель и организатор технического прогресса в СССР.





8th of September, 2019


from the

Russian Section

of the Comintern (SH)


Fake "Elections" in fascist Russia


Two faces of Russia today


Boycott elections !

For revolution!



Long live the revolutionary Russian proletariat under the banner of Lenin and Stalin !






Free elections? - Fascist dictatorship!

Down with the fascist Putin regime!

Down with the dictatorship of the Russian bourgeoisie!

Establish the dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live the socialist revolution in Russia and around the world!

Down with Russian imperialism!
Down with world imperialism!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH)!





revolutionary proletarian terror against the fascist terror of the bourgeoisie!


Long live the Red Front Fighters' League !






7th of September, 2019


“Imperialism is a specific historical stage of capitalism. Its specific character is three-fold: imperialism is (1) monopoly capitalism; (2) parasitic or decaying capitalism; (3) moribund capitalism." (Lenin, “Imperialism and the Split in Socialism", Selected Works, 12-vol. edition, vol. XI, p. 748.)

Imperialism is the Highest Stage of Capitalism

Lenin sums up Imperialism with these 5 points:

  1. The concentration of production and capital developed to such a high stage that it created monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life.

  2. The merging of bank capital with industrial capital, and the creation, on the basis of this “finance capital,” of a “financial oligarchy.”

  3. The export of capital, which has become extremely important, as distinguished from the export of commodities.

  4. The formation of international capitalist monopolies which share the world among themselves.

  5. The territorial division of the whole world among the greatest capitalist powers is completed.




6th of September, 2019



German imperialism takes the opportunity to profit from American - Chinese trade war.

Simultaneously, with her visit in China, Merkel demonstrates collaboration with the Chinese counterrevolution against Hong Kong.

If Merkel would sympathize with the Hong Kong revolution, she would not have visited China but Hong Kong. This is a valuable lesson to those leaders of the Hong Kong Revolution who asked Merkel for help and support.
World imperialism supports social movements only as far as this is in its interest of exploitation and oppression. German imperialism is no exception.

The struggle of the Hong Kong people is struggle against world imperialism. Therefore their "Umbrella" - Revolution is doomed if it crawls under the umbrella of the Western camp of imperialism.

The only victorious perspective of the Hong Kong revolution is its transfer into the socialist revolution !




5th of September, 2019


Carrie Lam Withdraws Extradition Bill

"if I have a choice, the first thing is to quit."


"We will not leave the battlefield until all demands are met!"


The Revolution goes on until victory!

The still unfulfilled 4 other requests are:

  • Retract the “riot” characterisation — basically, don’t say that the protesters are rioting

  • Release and exonerate arrested protesters

  • Establish independent commission of inquiry into police conduct and use of force during the protests

  • Carrie Lam must resign and government must implement universal suffrage for Hong Kong’s elections i.e. a democratic election.


Create the Hong Kong Section of the Comintern (SH) !



Armament upgrading of the Hong Kong Revolutionary


To the barricades!


"Free Hong Kong, revolution of our time".

Free Hong Kong from police terror !

Smash Hong Kong counterrevolution !


Police firing rounds of blue dye from water cannons.

Blue color for identifying and capture protesters.

However, protesters have dressed in special clothings and give cleaning tips to all other protesters.


Carrie Lam was sworn in by Xi Jinping.

Only one day before the withdrawl of the Extradition Bill, Xi said to the social-fascist cadres of his Central Party School on art of counterrevolutionary struggles:

“Cadres must be vigilant to any wind of change. They must know a deer passing by the rustle of grass and leaves, they must know the coming of a tiger by feeling the wind, they must know the arrival of autumn by the colour of one leaf.”

According to the slogan of Mao:

"Conquer the Tiger Mountain with tactical skill!"


Statement of the Comintern (SH)

5th of September, 2019

"Great victory of the Hong Kong



Carrie Lam Withdraws Extradition Bill !

Long live the global anti-colonialist revolution against social imperialist superpower of China !


The Comintern (SH) calls all peoples of the world to stand together against Chinese imperialism and free themselves from its exploitation and oppression. This is the international meaning of the anti-colonialist revolution in Hong Kong. The world must never be turned into a world colony of the Chinese superpower!

The revolution in Hong Kong becomes stronger and stronger under the particular conditions of the current Chinese trade war with the US. Chinese social imperialism is currently tied hands. If China would now march violently with military force into Hong Kong, this would worsen its international reputation. And this would be for the benefit of US imperialism. However, if Chinese imperialism does not intervene, this is interpreted as a "weakness".
Hence the tactical retreat.

This retreat is a great victory of the anti-colonialist fight of David against Goliath!

The peoples of the world congratulate to the victory of the uprising of the Hong Kong people and declare their international solidarity with the brave struggle against the Chinese superpower.

Hong Kong has become a shining beacon to all peoples of the world to fight victoriously Chinese social imperialism. Solidarity with Hong Kong means creating a united world front against Chinese exploitation and oppression.

China's policy of becoming a superpower, which is inspired by an anti-Marxist ideology, is being exposed and will be exposed still more in the eyes of all peoples (Enver Hoxha, 1979)


Comintern (SH)

5th of September, 2019







4th of September, 2019


The Pentagon releases $ 3.6 billion for the wall at the Mexican border



Refuse the construction of the wall!

Sabotage it!

Perform resistance!

Scaffold workers of the world - unite your front of solidarity against the building of the Mexico wall !

Bring down all walls of capitalism that divide society and which destroy its peaceful living together!


Build up a new world of socialism that unites peoples !


For a world without borders between nations, between poor and rich, between classes !

For a classless, stateless and borderless world of communism !



1st of September, 2019



Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message of the Section USA of the Comintern (SH)


Long live Red Anti-War Day!!

Down with American and world imperialism!!


80 years ago today, the Hitlerite fascists invaded Poland and began the Second Imperialist World War, a war that inflicted unprecedented horror, misery, and destruction upon hundreds of millions of people.

Today, under the conditions of globalized imperialism and fascism, there is a new threat threat of a Third Imperialist World War and it is greater than ever before.

Trump and his lackeys are playing no small role in it either. They have recently re-escalated the trade war against China by placing 15% tariffs on $112bn worth of Chinese goods and throughout the year, has placed or threatens to place similar tariffs on other nations, especially Latin American countries that don't "do enough" in their own wars against the migrant proletariat.

Trump's chauvinist policies don't end there. He has also withdrawn from even more nuclear arms treaties and easily start an arms race between the American, Russian, and Chinese imperialists that will only escalate in war.

And the American bourgeoisie has constantly threatened war against Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea in order to exploit the peoples and resources of the three countries. Their propaganda machine sheds crocodile tears for the people of these nations and speak of "liberating" them, but they only seek to replace their dictators with more friendly dictators who support American interests through endless wars.

These preparations and acts of war will only bring a Third Imperialist World War and with it, even more death and suffering than the previous two. The people that pay for Trump's fascist war mongering are the world proletariat and it is they, including the American proletariat, that pays for his crusade to save American imperialism.

At the same time, many social-fascists in America claim that a successful fight against imperialism means siding with rival imperialist powers (an inverted version of the social-imperialist stand the Second International adopted during the First World War), but as history has shown, imperialist wars merely redistribute the world in favor of the victorious powers and keeps the pain and exploitation intact while setting up the next war.

World imperialism cannot destroy world imperialism!!

Only the world proletarian socialist revolution and the global civil war, guided by Stalinism-Hoxhaism can! Only world socialism and communism can end the threat of imperialist wars forever!

Workers and farmers, help build up the Comintern (SH) and its organizations! Only we can end the threat of imperialist wars!

Soldiers, turn your rifles around! Your true enemies are the class that sends you to fight and die for their profits!

Down with American and world imperialism!!

Down with American and world fascism and social-fascism!!

Down with imperialist wars for profit!!

Long live the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution!!

Long live the World Dictatorship of the Proletariat!!

Long live Red Anti-War Day!!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists), the only true anti-imperialist party!!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!!

Section USA (under construction)




Today marks the 80th anniversary of the NAZI-invasion of Poland



1st of September, 1939

"We have now been returning the fire since 5:45 a.m.!" (Hitler)


In 80 years nothing has changed:


1st of September, 2019

"Back to the future" deterrence

(German military exercises in Poland to prepare war against Russia)


Hitler "liberates" Poland 


Death to German fascism

today as then!


NAZI - Invasion on 1st of September 1939 










Soviet and Polish soldiers raise the banner of victory over Hitler's fascism
Warsaw, January 1945.


The Red Army liberates Poland from Hitler fascism!



Long live Stalin - friend and liberator of the Polish people!

In 1939, the Red Army fought for socialism.


Today, Russia is an imperialist country and is shedding the blood of the Syrian people!


We Communists today do not support either Western or Eastern imperialism.












"We come in peace ..." 









German tanks are engaged in Poland again in 2019


Down with German revanchism!

German imperialism - the fourth largest arms exporter in the world.
Death to German imperialism!

Worldwide ban on imperialist arms exports! 



German President, Steinmeier, sheds crocodile tears of German revanchists ...
1st September 2019

The perpetrators were invited to celebrate in Poland, but not the victims.
In Poland alone 600,000 Red Army soldiers gave their lives in the fight for the liberation of Poland from Hitler fascism.


Prevent the war between NATO and Russian imperialism through the socialist revolution!


War on the war between NATO and Russian imperialism!


Today we fight against the whole world imperialism, for the world socialism - also on Polish soil.


Long live the Comintern (SH)
Polish section!


Long live communist Poland in a communist world!


Polish Section of the Comintern (SH)





31st of August, 2019 / 1st of September


Hong Kong


Protesters set up barricades !


Military deployment and banned protest march on Saturday marks further development of fascism in Hong Kong.

International solidarity against social-imperialist China and its Hong Kong lackeys !


Do not be intimidated by fascist violence!


The fight goes on !


Be vigilant!

The Hong Kong people need our internationalist solidarity and must resist and twart misuse of the protest movement through secret interference by the rivaling imperialist Western world camp!


International solidarity of the peoples and alleged "solidarity" of the imperialist world order exclude each other!


The Hong Kong people neither want to be a British nor Chinese colony. Hong Kong does not want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.


Hong Kong wants to be free and independent and become nobody's slave. However, this is impossible if Hong Kong capitalism further remains untouched and not removed. Capitalism is the greatest enemy of freedom and independence of humanity in general, and of the Hong Kong people in particular.


The struggle against Chinese imperialism is only part of our global struggle for the destruction of the entire world imperialism !


If the peoples wish to be free all over the world then they must centrally unite their anti-imperialist struggle and free themselves from world imperialism.


The Comintern (SH) explains to the Hong Kong people that their freedom and independence can only be achieved and defended in their struggle for the socialist revolution.


Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message of the Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH)

in solidarity with the fight for democratic rights of the Hong Kong people

on 30th of August, 2019


We are in solidarity with the people in Hong Kong.
The interests of the Chinese national bourgeoisie sees that Hong Kong as a part from it's national territory because the British colonialists and world imperialists did separate it as taiwan from a very long time.

But the problem is that this point is used by many social fascists to justify not only the fascist intervention in the Hong Kong system but also justified the whole social fascist course and the Chinese domination which rises side by side with the collapse of the American domination in the whole world. (And this is allegedly one of the most famous 'anti imperialist stands among our 'communists')
The problem is that the social fascists want to show the matter of Hong Kong as a "national question" (!) How can it be a national question while the Chinese social fascist "red" bourgeoisie itself left the alleged 'freedom' for the colonialists to separate Hong Kong even when it became again a part from China and it's government government through the social fascist theory of "1 state 2 systems" ?
The people in Hong Kong fighting for a democratic rights that gives them the right to demonstrate and agitate for their freedom and rights, and we honestly see that the mere fighting for democratic freedoms in such a system that Hong Kong have won't be successful without the complete overthrowing for the Hong Kong fascist government which will inevitably do sell the Hong Kong authority for world capital and will make the people there lose any kind of democratic breath. This 'democracy' of world capital which was bought by the Chinese social imperialists should be smashed and thrown in the museum of the history.
The revolutionary conditions of the Hong Kong will come to the end of the necessity for smashing the whole system in Hong Kong , and to smash the system in Hong Kong means also to smash the authority of the Chinese social imperialists who stand behind the scenes and their fascist puppets in Hong Kong. And that's why the necessity for building a Bolshevik Section of the Comintern (SH) is a necessary historical task to make the people in China as in Hong Kong gain the only true democracy the proletarian democracy and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat as a weapon against the class enemies and any other imperialist or fascist dares to take it.

Death to Chinese social imperialism!
Death to the fascist government in Hong Kong!
Long live the revoultionary struggle in Hong Kong!
Long live the socialist revolution all over China!

Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH)




30th of August, 2019


Solidarity with the people of Kashmir !


Hands off Kashmir !


Troops of all the warmongers and their lackeys - get out of entire Kashmir!


India receives 72 "Meteor" bodies and corresponding engines from German government.

The Kashmir question can be successfully resolved only by providing the Kashmiri people the possibility to solve the issue of the status of Kashmir on their own without any external interference !


War against imperialist war !


Transform the imperialist war into the civil war !



For the self-determination of the Kashmir people !


For a free, independent, and re-unified socialist Kashmir !


For a communist Kashmir in a communist world !


Long live the socialist revolution in Kashmir and all over the world !


Establish the dictatorship of the proletariat all over the unified Kashmir !






  A result of the protracted economic crisis has been an unprecedented increase in the tension of the political situation in the capitalist countries, both within those countries and in their mutual relations.

    The intensified struggle for foreign markets, the abolition of the last vestiges of free trade, the prohibitive tariffs, the trade war, the foreign currency war, dumping, and many other analogous measures which demonstrate extreme nationalism in economic policy have strained to the utmost the relations among the various countries, have created the basis for military conflicts, and have put war on the order of the day as a means for a new redivision of the world and of spheres of influence in favour of the stronger states.  

Chauvinism and preparation of war as the main elements of foreign policy; repression of the working class and terrorism in the sphere of home policy as a necessary means for strengthening the rear of future war fronts -- that is what is now particularly engaging the minds of contemporary imperialist politicians.

It is not surprising that fascism has now become the most fashionable commodity among war-mongering bourgeois politicians. And if, in spite of the experience of the first imperialist war, the bourgeois politicians clutch at war as a drowning man clutches at a straw, that shows that they have got into a hopeless muddle, have landed in an impasse, and are ready to rush headlong into the abyss.

While the bourgeoisie chooses the path of war, the working class in the capitalist countries, brought to despair by four years of crisis and unemployment, is beginning to take the path of revolution. This means that a revolutionary crisis is maturing and will continue to mature. And the more the bourgeoisie becomes entangled in its war schemes, the more frequently it resorts to terrorist methods of fighting against the working class and the labouring peasantry, the more rapidly will the revolutionary crisis develop.

The victory of the revolution never comes of itself. It must be prepared for and won. And only a strong proletarian revolutionary party can prepare for and win victory. Moments occur when the situation is revolutionary, when the rule of the bourgeoisie is shaken to its very foundations, and yet the victory of the revolution does not come, because there is no revolutionary party of the proletariat with sufficient strength and prestige to lead the masses and to take power.

(Stalin, speech at the 17th Congress of the CPSU [B] - 1934)





  "We have now come to the question of the revolutionary crisis as the basis of our revolutionary action. And here we must first of all note two widespread errors. On the one hand, the bourgeois economists depict this crisis as mere 'unrest,' as the English so elegantly express it. On the other hand, revolutionaries sometimes try to prove that the crisis is absolutely hopeless. That is a mistake. There is no such thing as an absolutely hopeless situation. The bourgeoisie behaves like an arrogant plunderer who has lost his head; it commits folly after folly, making the situation more acute and hastening its own doom. All this is true. But it cannot be 'proved' that there is absolutely no chance of its gulling some minority of the exploited with some kind of minor concessions, or of suppressing some movement or uprising of some section or another of the oppressed and exploited. To try to 'prove' beforehand that a situation is 'absolutely' hopeless would be sheer pedantry, or juggling with concepts and catchwords. In this and similar questions the only real 'proof' is practice. The bourgeois system all over the world is experiencing a most profound revolutionary crisis. The revolutionary parties must now 'prove' by their practical actions that they are sufficiently intelligent and organized, are sufficiently in contact with the exploited masses, are sufficiently determined and skilful, to utilize this crisis for a successful and victorious revolution."

(Lenin: Speech at the Second Congress of the Communist International)




29th of August, 2019


"I will sweep away

the superannuated Marxist cabal"

Fascists, like Boris Johnson,

are those who put even bourgeois democracy overridden.


The question is not for or against Brexit.

Capitalists, they win whatever happens - Brexit or no Brexit. They have all bases covered for themselves.

Victims, the workers in the UK and Europe will be.

The question is, whether to maintain the system of capitalist exploitation and oppression, or to abolish British imperialism by the socialist revolution.





1st of September

Red Anti-War Day 2019

Appeal of the All-Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH)


Comrades, working people and toiling masses in our Arab homeland and the fraternal working people of the near East :

On the 1st of September we send to you all revolutionary greetings on the occasion of the Red Anti-War day which represents today than ever before a day of importance to all of us together with the process of turning our countries to a hell for the sake of the imperialists and their greed for more profits, more war, and fascism on a regional and world scale.

Our All-Arab Section has called and will call if it is possible EVERYDAY for all the communists in our region to be a one rank on one true ideological line of demarcation which differs us from all revisionist, social fascist groups which stands with an imperialist super power in allegedly 'anti imperialist' stand.

We are assuring again , that there will be no salvation from all the horrific hell which the people living (and will continue to live) without the socialist revolution. The revoultion will break out, no matter how the enemies of the revolution tried to prove the opposite. It's the history that moves forward on the road of smashing this capitalist fascist imperialist world order and not according to the 'wishes' of a pile of bourgeoise thieves and their social fascist and fascist lackeys.

Our region, our working peoples have suffered and still suffering between the anvel of fascism forced by the fascist regimes and the hammer of war waged by the world imperialists on our peoples, side by side with world zionism and the whole reactionary and fascists of the world in a great co-operation with the arab reactionaries, capitalists and governing families.

In our last call we tried to show how the things were going on and how was the mechanism and tactics of world imperialism was going on, also how precisely the lackeys of world imperialism in the region represented in the Saudi' Reactionary Fascist kingdom and the Iranian Reactionary Fascist Republic have been and still mobilizing under their black flag the most counter-revolutionary fascist and barbarian forces to apply and put in action the plans of world imperialism to 'divide and conquer' the countries which will make it very easy for any imperialist super power no matter eastern or western to get into the countries with 1000 demagogic reasons. Maybe one of it's most famous reasons nowadays became the alleged 'war on terror' , the same terror which world imperialism and their lackeys in the region have made, will be fought by the same guy who made the devil but couldn't beat it as the popular say go here among our people!

We think that all that complies with what our comrades of the Comintern (SH) have said, that:

The warmongers in every country have become one global warmonger, and therefore we will not lead the anti-imperialist war any differently than globally to gain it.

We too think that, and if we want to fight the whole world army(ies) of the counter revolution, the whole world army(ies) of world capital, which have became all one and in the service of the world capital and it's greedy aims then we need too A ONE WORLD RED ARMY! that smashes forever the inevitability of world imperialism and it's wars.

We called, and will continue to call all the loyal communists in our region and in the world to join our battle , to fight and get into direct action against world imperialism through organizing the workers, the peasants and all those who languished under the hell of the world imperialist "social" order with it's disease and cholera of war and fascism. We organize the working class and the peasants and the revolutionary soldiers in the heart of the super powers and to smash ferociously without mercy the heads of world imperialism and also those whom behind them of billionaires and scums of world capital. Without the Imperialists, the lackeys of reaction and fascism here in our Arab countries will have no power to rely on, and by that the crisis of the little fascists will come to it's end and we will be able to smash of those who sold the workers, the peasants and the toilers of our homeland to world imperialism!

Let us turn the whole world for a continuous hell on the head of world capitalists and their lackeys!

Let us fight against predatory wars every where!

Let us mobilize all the working people around the world on the heart of one man and give world imperialism and smashing blow that will wipe it out from the face of the earth!

Let us fight for the world socialist revoultion in our Arab homeland and in the whole world!

Long live the 1st of September - The Red Anti-War Day!

Death to world Imperialism and their lackeys in our region!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) with all of it's Sections!

All-Arab Section of the Comintern (SH)


Why is Brazil an imperialist country?



in Portuguese language:


Porque é que o Brasil é um país imperialista?

[ PDF-Formato ]



The arsonists,

such as Bolsonaro, should burn

- not the Brazilian forest !



28th of August, 2019


Smash global eco-fascism !



Today, the Comintern (SH) declares the Amazon as an

international nature sanctuary!


The Amazon belongs neither Trump nor Bolsonaro, neither to privat owners, nor to the state of Brazil.


The Amazon belongs to all humanity !

The problem is that humanity has no legal access of ownership of the Amazon to be able to protect it.

What we therefore need is a world state that owns the power to protect the Amazon above all laws of national state authorities.

Ownership of global natural resources must be immediately confiscated and expropriated from all private owners and national property owners in the name of humanity.

That is why the Comintern (SH) calls for the immediate start of the world socialist revolution.


Peoples of the world - rise up - now!


World !

Take over the property of the Amazon, reforest it, and forming an international Amazon protection army!

Unlike the immediate overthrow of world imperialism and the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat,

this world can no longer be protected!


Make the COMINTERN great again !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !

* * *


Solidarity with Amazon's indigenous warriors who wage war against invading loggers and ranchers.


“Bolsonaro is a bad man.”

“He doesn’t want to help the poor or the suffering.

He just wants to help the rich so he can get the resources they desire.”


* * *


Destroy Brazilian imperialism for saving the Amazon and its peoples !

Destroy world imperialism to protect the peoples all over the world!!


Destroy the Brazilian bourgeoisie and its imperialist allies around the world!


Long live the socialist revolution in Brazil !


Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat, poor peasants and indigenous peoples of Brazil !


For a communist Brazil in a communist world !



D. O. W.

Declaration of War

all warmongers

and their lackeys

around the world.


Decision of the Comintern (SH)

on First of September, 2019.


The warmongers in every country have become one global warmonger, and therefore we will not lead the anti-imperialist war any differently than globally to gain it.


What to do to prevent the coming world war?


The world proletariat needs the victory of the world socialist revolution to prevent a new world war.

But even if the world proletariat were not to prevent the impending World War, it will need the victory of the world socialist revolution, not only to end the coming world war, but to eliminate forever the inevitability of imperialist wars.

Either the world socialist revolution prevents a new world war or a new world war will cause the world socialist revolution. Both will lead to the end of the epoch of world capitalism and usher in the epoch of world socialism.

World imperialism, and thus the cause and inevitability of imperialist wars, will be eliminated only by the world socialist revolution.

"To eliminate the inevitability of wars, you have to destroy imperialism." (Stalin)


Imperialist wars serve only the reorganization of the ruling relations (= relations of exploitation and oppression) of world imperialism, but not their removal. World imperialism always prepares for a new imperialist war after every imperialist war.

In contrast, the anti-imperialist war serves the elimination of world imperialism and thus the elimination of the inevitability of ever new imperialist wars.


What to do when the third world war broke out?


Without the fight against the imperialist war in one's own country, no end to the world-wide imperialist world war.

Without the global defeat of the imperialist war, no end to the imperialist war in one's own country.

Tougher fight against domestic warmongers as a prerequisite for strengthening the entire international front. Uniting the anti-imperialist war front of all countries and centralizing the international front of the struggle for the ending the war of world imperialism.

The globalization of the anti-imperialist war is the fusion of the individual country's anti-war front into an international anti-imperialist war front.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist law of proletarian unity in the anti-imperialist war front states that the ideological, political, military and moral unification of the proletariat, its struggle against the imperialist war in every single (own) country, must be absolutely identical with the ideological , political, military and moral unification of the world proletariat on the international front against imperialism and war.

What is our task in the anti-imperialist war?

Our task in the anti-imperialist war is to work diligently to create a globally united anti-imperialist war front.

Our task is to lead the world revolutionary struggle of the world proletariat against imperialist war through propaganda, moral and military support for such a struggle - and only such a struggle - on the part of the proletarians of each country (of one's own country) - thus without exception.

The workers and red soldiers of every country must finally learn to understand what they need their international brotherhood of arms for:

Global unification of proletarian weapons for the global disarming of all warring world imperialists, for the global liberation from exploitation, oppression and war.

Firstly, Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches to practice in one's own country the greatest possible solidarity in the common struggle against the imperialist war, with the aim of preventing or ending the imperialist war in all other countries.

Secondly, Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches to practice the greatest possible solidarity of all countries for preventing or ending the imperialist war in a single country.

Workers in your own country - unite globally in the anti-imperialist war!
World proletariat - unite all countries in the anti-imperialist war!

Under the conditions of globalization of imperialist wars, the struggle of the working class of each country immediately assumes a global anti-imperialist war character. For the first time in history, the objective globalization of the proletarian class corresponds exactly to the character of its international struggle against the imperialist war. And just because the new globalized forms of struggle against the imperialist war can be reconciled with the internationalist nature of the proletarian class under today's globalized conditions, the globalized proletarian struggle against imperialist war shows its highest effectiveness, namely its invincibility.


Why civil war?


The anti-imperialist war is nothing other than the transformation of imperialist war of predatory war into civil war, that is, the transformation into a war of the exploited and oppressed for the elimination of all exploiters and oppressors (world bourgeoisie) and the destruction of the world imperialist system of exploitation, oppression and predatory wars. Civil war is the highest form of class struggle.

The imperialist war can only be abolished forever by the civil war, in which the world-imperialist robbers themselves and with them also their "property relations" are destroyed. The "property" of robbers consists of nothing but their raids and predatory wars against the peoples.

Lenin expresses this with simple words:

"War of slaves of all peoples against the slave-owners of all peoples!"


Civil war - that is the only correct slogan in the fight against the imperialist war.

"The transformation of the present imperialist war into civil war is the only correct solution".


What makes the world's civil war different from the imperialist world war?

"The civil war of the exploited working people is headed by the proletariat and directed against the exploiters, against the bourgeoisie.

In history, wars between nations always ended in a deal between the propertied classes, and only during civil war does the oppressed class exert efforts to exterminate the oppressing class, to eliminate the economic conditions of this class’s existence. In civil war no prisoners are taken, it is a war of extermination.

The development of international civil war is the legitimate product of the class struggle under capitalism and a legitimate step towards the victory of the international proletarian revolution."


Our attitude to war and peace


"The world imperialist war is a continuation of imperialist world politics.
The international proletarian civil war against world imperialist war is a continuation of world proletarian politics."

The Comintern (SH) argues that the global issue of war and peace can only be solved by the world proletarian, revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism under the banner of world socialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the question of war and peace is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of victory in the anti-imperialist war by means of the world proletarian revolution under the conditions of globalization in general;
And in particular, it is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of the armed defense of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.
Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the abolition of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of imperialist war, is the doctrine of the victory of socialist peace over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the military doctrine to protect the world domination of the proletariat as a guarantor of world peace.

Furthermore, Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the transition to non-violent and classless society on a global scale, the abolition of class wars in the period of the world communism.

Communism, both in its form and in its content, is international and knows neither classes, nor national boundaries, nor wars of men against men.

Communism liberates world society from the chains of war and creates lasting world peace.

That is why this declaration of war aims against the imperialist war in the interest of a future world without wars, in the interest of world communism.

Imperialism means war!

World imperialism is the cause of all imperialist wars!

War on the imperialist war!

Turn the rifles around!

Transform the imperialist war into civil war!
The imperialist world powers must all be overthrown!

World imperialism is eliminated by the violent proletarian, socialist world revolution!

At the head of the anti-imperialist war front, the revolutionary world proletariat will establish its armed proletarian dictatorship to guarantee lasting world peace!

On the ruins of world imperialism, we are building world socialism to permanently eliminate the inevitability of imperialist wars!

Let's fight for a world without classes and without wars!

Let's fight for world communism!

Long live the International Red Anti-War Day!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)

1st of September, 2019


special website of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the


Red Anti-War Day, 2019


Dear comrades of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)!


Prepare your action in your country on 1st of September 2019, the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War


Long live the


2019 !


On this occasion, the Comintern (SH) has published the following website:

Long live the

Red (Anti-War) Day !


(historical documentation)


“Turn the rifles to the warmongers!”


"War against imperialist war!"



Imperialist War


Civil War!




from our Egyptian section we got this photo!
Thank you dear comrades!

Long live comrade

Ernst Aust !


25th of August, 1985

34th Day of Death


Ernst Aust

we want to honor you today

as our all communist model,

as founder, chairman and teacher of our party,

as a great leader of the revolutionary German working class,

as a worthy follower of the great work of our comrade Ernst Thälmann,

as a revolutionary fighter for the united, independent, socialist Germany,

as a brother of arms of comrade Enver Hoxha and revered friend of the Albanian people,

as one of the most outstanding proletarian internationalists of the second half of the 20th century,

who fought for the revolutionary liberation of the world proletariat and the oppressed and exploited peoples around the world.


special website of Ernst Aust ...


* * *



Photo - Album of Ernst Aust


Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message of the Egyptian Section

on occasion of the

34th anniversary of death of comrade

Ernst Aust

from 25th of August, 2019


We remember the anniversary of the great comrade Ernst Aust, who was a close friend for comrade Enver Hoxha, the fifth classics of Marxism--Leninism, and the comrade Wolfgang who founded the line of Stalinism- Hoxhaism which we are following today.

We were not born in those days. We were born in different time and era that didn't give us the chance to be fired up by the communist euthanasia of the days were the fraternal socialist Albania was standing with our people on the thin and thick and fought world revisionism, or even the USSR of comrade Lenin and Stalin which pushed the whole world communist movement to a great success that it was a mass-movement even in Egypt

We, the youth, when we look backward the history we feel a great deep and sorrow for what the world communist movement lives now, and also for a comrades we haven't seen or meet. B but we felt what kind of contributions they did to the whole humanity and their homeland's toilers. Including them was comrade Ernst Aust who we wish to pass by his tomb in Germany to send him greetings and swear at his tomb and so on the other German heroic communists like Thalman , Luxemburg and Liebknecht , also the comrades of the Eastern Section of the KPD/ML who have fallen while fighting the capitalist fascist and the 'socialist' fascist state of Germany. We will continue their heroic fight on an international scale and avenge from their murders and oppressors on a world scale. too.

May their heroic soul rest in peace and may the souls of the fascist pigs who killed and impriosned them, root in hell!

Long live our beloved Ernst!

Long live the legacy of KPD/ML!

Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH)




Shake G7 until it is shattered!









French police (13,000) used tear gas and water cannon to break up anti-G7 protesters

The protesters shouted “Everybody hates the police!” and “anti, anti anti-capitalists!”

“The top capitalist leaders are here and we have to show them that the fight continues,” said Alain Missana, 48, an electrician wearing a yellow vest - symbol of the anti-government demonstrations that have been held in France for months.

15,000 people took part in the march of a
Counter-G7 summit at the French-Spanish border.



100 years ago ....


On historical events of the international

revolutionary movement


created by the USA Section of the Comintern (SH)

Red Summer 1919

race war



Nothing changed after 100 years ...








80 Years ago ... 


non-aggression treaty


August 23, 1939



in German language


in English language


in Portuguese language


in French language


in Spanish language





18th of August, 2019


Victory of

1 700 000

Hong Kong protesters !
They won a Great Battle !!


We ask:

Who are the true "terrorists""?


The imperialist leaders of China and their lackeys in Hong Kong


the 1 700 000 people of Hong Kong?



For the violent overthrow of the Beijing state terrorists and their Hong Kong lackeys !


Long live the

free, independent and socialist

Hong Kong !


Long live the socialist revolution in Hong Kong, in China and all over the world !


The struggle goes on !


International solidarity with the insurgents!


Make Hong Kong

the "Paris Commune" of the East !


Create the

Hong Kong Section

of the Comintern (SH) !


Hong Kong people trust in their own umbrellas,

that of self determination and self-defense.


Hong Kong does not need umbrella patronage imposed by China's imperialist and fascist dictatorship of exploitation and oppression.










An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth !



"The Hong Kong people have forfeited the confidence of the government.
Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another?"


Bertolt Brecht





Frederick Engels
- the first "General"of the world revolution


written and translated by Wolfgang Eggers



75 years ago

Today, on August 18, 2019, we want to remember the sad day when our comrade Ernst Thalmann was shot on Hitler's orders of the fascist killers - August 18, 1944.


Ernst Thälmann

- one of the best sons and leaders of the world proletariat, the Comintern and chairman of the Communist Party of Germany.


We swear, that we will continue the heroic struggle of Ernst Thalmann until the very end, until we gained the victory.


There comes a time when we avenge his death!


Learning from the struggle of comrade Ernst Thalmann against fascism, is to strive for the removal of the inevitability of fascism, is to sweep away the rule of the world bourgeoisie!

We will finish the struggle that Ernst Thalmann begun - the struggle for the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

We will transform world fascism into world socialism by the victory of the world socialist revolution !




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Ernst Thälmann-Song


Ernst Thälmann he was out in front
His fist was raised to strike them
Brigades were growing thick and fast
To take the battle forward
The Flag was red and the fight was on
For our sturdy Comrade Thälmann
Raise your fist!

Sound the alarm! The phony court

Has sentenced him to perish
But when the people of the world
Rise up to liberation
We'll snatch the axe that falls on him
For our sturdy comrade Thälmann
Raise your fist!



Für den Kameraden Thälmann: Hoch die Faust! -

(singer: Ernst Busch - in German language)


For or against Ernst Thälmann ?


Anybody who is against the dictatorship of the proletariat and the violent socialist revolution, which are indispensable to overthrow the bourgeoisie, to smash its state, to the removal of imperialism, to the building of socialism and on the way to communism, is also against Ernst Thalmann, no matter how often somebody swears on him.

Under the banner of Ernst Thälmann, there was never place for opportunists, and there will be not any place for opportunists in all future.

Ernst Thälmann fell victim twice:

Once through the assassination by the fascists and once through the social fascists, who secretly handed him over to the fascists and deliberately thwarted his release (Ulbricht, Dimitroff and Co.).

Ernst Thälmann was again betrayed after the Second World War, and that by the modern revisionists, who abused the banner Ernst Thalmanns to build the social-fascist GDR.

The social fascists outdid each other in "oaths" on Ernst Thalmann, but in fact they have always hated him - even in his lifetime.


on this picture from 1974 (Hamburg) you can see:

red point = Ernst Aust, chairman of the CP Germany / Marxist-Leninists

"party flag" standard-bearer (in front, on the left) = Wolfgang Eggers - founder of the Comintern (SH)


The party that faithfully continued the struggle of the KPD Ernst Thalmanns was our party, the KPD / ML, and is today's Comintern (SH). It is and remains the only party whose section in Germany upholds the banner of the proletarian revolution in the struggle against fascism and social fascism. The German section of the Comintern (SH) fights in the spirit of Ernst Thalmann for a socialist Germany in a socialist world, for the world socialist revolution and for the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

To move forward in the spirit of Ernst Thalmann does not mean the way of the socialist revolution in Germany alone. No. Ernst Thälmann has always marched on the way to the world socialist revolution, on the way to the liberation of the proletariat of all countries from world capitalism.

So, anyone who tries to reduce Ernst Thälmann to Germany can not be a proletarian internationalist, the one like Ernst Thälmann was.

Ernst Thalmann was not only the son and leader of the German working class. He was the son and leader of the whole world proletariat.

As a worker, he was the best leader of the entire world proletariat in the Comintern.

And so he takes the honorary chairmanship today in the Comintern (SH) and the RFL, which we have now re-established.


Ernst Thälmann, was out in front!


Ernst Thälmann, is out in front!


Ernst Thälmann will always be out in front!


 Ernst Thälmann - leader of the Red Front Fighters' League


"The revolutionary spirit of internationalism, the spirit of absolute faithfullness to the Communist International and the strong confidence in its guiding party, the CPSU, must live on - in all our thoughts and actions"

(Ernst Thälmann) - speech - 6th Congress of the Comintern - 1928).


* * *


"That what is valid for the world communist party, is also valid for the German Communist Party:

We are, we remain the party of the armed surrection, the socialist revolution, the proletarian dictatorship.

In this - and only in this sense - we are the party of the proletarian united front, the mass work, the daily struggles against the bourgeoisie. "

(Ernst Thalmann - November 26, 1926)


 * * *


"A Red Army is on the battle-field, a second Red Army - on a world scale - is in the making. When we have organized a second Red Army in the world then we will smash the bullwarks and forts of the bourgeoisie, and only this way the world proletariat will gain the victory over world capitalism in the world revolution."

(Ernst Thalmann = Honor Soldier of the Red Army on 27 November 1926)




Messages of Solidarity


Greetings message on occasion of the refounding of the Red Front Fighters' League


American Section of the Comintern (SH)

(under construction)

Dear Comrades and Anti-Fascists around the world,

The refounding of the Red Front Fighters' League as a world organization is of paramount importance to the global proletarian struggle against world fascism and social-fascism and ultimately, against the world imperialist system of exploitation in general.

95 years ago, the original Roter Frontkämpferbund of Comrade Ernst Thälmann was established and hundreds of thousands of workers of multiple parties would raise their fists and shout "Rot Front!". The Roter Frontkämpferbund, led by the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, was a direct threat both the fascist and social-fascist bourgeoisie inside and outside Germany, resulting in it being banned in the aftermath of Bloody May.

Despite this, the influence and force of the RFB would continue through the KPD/ML and still persists to this day among every anti-fascist fighter in the world. However, due to the Dimitrovist liquidation of the Comintern and also to our own past errors, Germany would be without a true anti-fascist fighting organization for nearly a century while most of the rest of the world would have none at all, especially in the supposedly "democratic" countries. However, we are more than ready to rectify this and strike down fascism!

We shall march to victory under the banner of the RFL and the Comintern (SH)!

We shall destroy the world imperialist base and its fascist superstructure and establish the World Dictatorship of the Proletariat!

Death to world fascism and social-fascism!!

Glory to the original Roter Frontkämpferbund of Ernst Thälmann!!

Long live the Red Front Fighters' League!!

Red World Front!!

American Section of the Comintern (SH)

(under construction)




New publications in

FRENCH language




10e Plenum du Comité exécutif
de l'Internationale communiste
(juillet 1929)

Thèses sur les rapports de


et Lozovski



Plénums du CEIC

(une collection)

* * *


"L'Union internationale des écrivains révolutionnaires"




Littérature de la révolution mondiale







In the name of the Chinese "sword of the law", the fascist leaders of Beijing prepare a military blood bath in Hong Kong.

Overthrow the Chinese imperialist state !


Enprison the state terrorists who are sitting in Beijing !


The Chinese state is "socialist" in words, but fascist in deeds !


Satellite Photo:


China's imperialist government is deploying troops on the border with Hong Kong.


Do not give up the fight !


International solidarity with the insurgents!

Chinese soldiers ! - Prevent a bloodbath!

Chinese soldiers ! - Instead.

Turn your weapons against exploiters and oppressors in your own country and not against the insurgents!

Spread the flame of the Hong Kong revolution all over China !

Long live the socialist revolution in China !


Overthrow of the dictatorship of the Chinese bourgeoisie !


Smash Chinese imperialism !


Smash the Chinese capitalist system of exploitation and oppression !

Long live the dictatorship of the Chinese proletariat !


Long live world communism !


Create the Chinese Section of the Comintern (SH) !






On historical events of the international

revolutionary movement


130 years ago ...

14 th of August 1889


The Great Docker Strike in London


Victory for the 130,000 strikers !



New publications in ENGLISH language







The Basics of Marxist-Leninist Theory



The Life and Teaching of

Karl Marx

M. Beer


The Second International

1889 - 1914





special website in German language


150 years ago ...

August 8, 1869 - August 8,2019

150th anniversary

of the founding of the


first Marxist party in the world

[German section of the First International]

Socialdemocratic Workers Party of Germany ("Eisenacher" Party)


August Bebel_____Wilhelm Liebknecht

(in support and under the leadership of Marx and Engels)

* * *


On the first Marxist party in the world





in German language








On Romania

Collection of texts and quotations

- published by the Comintern (SH)

on 6th of August, 2019

also available in German Language









In order to do not slip to the path of the enemies, the members of the Comintern (SH) need ideological education, maturity, conviction and determination in the implementation of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

If the members of the Comintern (SH) have acquired these qualities, then they will continue to advance without becoming sectarianistic or opportunistic, without falling into the impasse of isolation and without sliding into neo-revisionism, and thus to end in the spider web of capitalism.

Wolfgang Eggers



New publications in

RUSSIAN language



in Russian language

Энвера Ходжа,
опубликованные в газете «Правда» от 07.11.1957 г.


Speeches of Comrade Enver Hoxha, held in Moscow on November 6, 1957.

On occasion of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution..
- thanks to -




"The ground is quaking under the feet of imperialism,
revisionism, and all other reactionaries.

In our epoch,
there is no force on earth that can stop the victorious
march of the revolution and socialism."




On historical events of the international

revolutionary movement


also in German language


90 years ago ..



Lupeni 1929.


The massacre that drowned in the blood the most famous miners' strike since the beginning of the 20th century.


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124th death day


August 5, 1895 – August 5, 2019


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Can Europe Disarm?




New publications in

ARABIC and FRENCH language


Enver Hoxha - speech to 81 parties - 1960 - Moscow

Arabic translation by the Egyptian Section of the Comintern (SH)

أنـــــور خوجـــــة

انبذوا الأطروحات التحريفية للمجلس العشرين للحزب الشيوعى السوفيتى وموقف جماعة خورتشوف المناهضة للماركسية

أيدوا الماركسية اللينينية



Compte rendu de la conférence de l'Exécutif Elargi de l'Internationale communiste.

Moscou, 24 Février - 4 Mars 1922



75 Years ago ...

Warsaw Uprising

August 1, 1944

in German language




"The world imperialist war is a continuation of imperialist world politics.
The international proletarian civil war against world imperialist war is a continuation of world proletarian politics."

Comintern (SH) - 02/08/2019



Greeting message of solidarity

The Red Front Fightes' League addresses the following greetings to the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)


"Red World Front!"

Faithful to the Comintern (SH)!

The red soldiers of the RFL send militant greetings to the World Party of Stalin and Enver Hoxha, to the Comintern (SH).

The founding of the RFL usheres in a new epoch in the history of the struggle against War and Fascism.

The revolutionary combat slogan of the RFL which will cause the capitalist world to tremble, is:
Death to world fascism ! Long live world communism !

From the very first day of its founding, the Red Front Fighters' League, the only militant organization of the world proletariat, stands firm and loyal to the Comintern (SH), World Party of Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

In this stage of the communist world movement, the stage of world fascism and world-imperialist wars, the soldiers of the proletarian world revolution face gigantic struggles.

The armaments of the imperialists increase the danger of war and with it the danger of fascism through the armaments of police states and formations of fascist gangs. This is a threat against the world proletariat and all exploited and oppressed classes of the world. With furious hatred, the world bourgeoisie and its social-fascist lackeys are hunting the vanguard of the proletariat, the Comintern (SH).

Linked to death and life with the world socialist revolution, we as soldiers of the Comintern (SH), will march on the militant path of class struggle to complete the liberation of humanity from the fetters of capitalist exploitation.

Steeled in the struggle of revolutionary class struggles, trained and fortified by the teachings of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, animated by the insuperable belief in the victory of the proletarian world revolution, we form the revolutionary cadres of the world proletariat

for the overthrow of the rule of the world bourgeoisie and

the victory of the proletarian world revolution!
for the protection of the Comintern (SH)

Long live the world party of Stalin and Enver Hoxha, the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the world socialist revolution!

Long live the Red Front Fighters` League !

RFL - 29/7/2019



Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the founding of the Red Front Fighters' League

on 29th of July, 2019


To the comrades of the Comintern (SH)!
To the comrades of the Red Front Fighters' League!
We greet you with a strong triple

Red front ! Red front ! Red front !
The Comintern (SH) sends you militant greetings for the establishment of the Red Front Fighters' League, and we would also like to thank you for your greetings.
The founding of the RFL was decided on 19 September 2018 and scheduled for 29 July 2019, the date on which the RFL was founded 95 years ago, on 29 July 1924.
The RFL welcomed the draft declaration of founding and decided to declare it valid and binding. From now on, this important founding document serves as a guideline for the construction of the RFL.

We are very happy that the world proletariat now has its own anti-fascist world organization. The RFL has put itself into the service of the Comintern (SH) today and we can all be very proud of that.
The founding of the RFL is an important day for the world proletariat, for its party, the Comintern (SH), and for all anti-fascists around the world.

The historical significance of the founding of the RFL is firstly, that the RFL is the very first world organization of anti-fascism.
Secondly, the historical significance is that the RFL, despite being banned by the social fascists 90 years ago, has resumed its activities to extinguish fascism forever under the banner of Ernst Thälmann, chairman of the RFB, and thus to avenge the murder of comrade Ernst Thälmann.

Ernst Thälmann was murdered 75 years ago by the fascists. That's why the Comintern (SH) decided to appoint Ernst Thälmann honorary chairman of the RFL.
His name was, is and will always be inseparable from the RFL.

Ernst Thälmann asks the question:
"What is most important now?
We must make sure that the chain of mass actions and mass struggles against the fascist dictatorship in Germany is no longer interrupted . The revolutionary fire must always flare up again in other places and ignite, if it is temporarily suffocated in another place, until no more fire-brigade helps to extinguish this revolutionary fire. "
(7 February 1933)

What does this statement by Ernst Thälmann mean for the world organization of the RFL today?
Today, the RFL must achieve that the global chain of mass actions and mass struggles against fascism around the world does not break off. The revolutionary world conflagration must always be re-enforced in one new country if it is temporarily stifled in another country, until no more fire-brigade in the world helps to extinguish this revolutionary world fire.
In this sense:

Anti-fascists of all countries!
Unite in the RFL!

Only through your unification can the World Red Front be formed.

Turning the World Red Front into an insurmountable force, it leads to victory over fascism.
Build the RFL in every country in the world!
Establish the RFL in every plant, city and village in the world!
Gather yourselves under the RFL's red banner around the world:

Death to world fascism!
Long live world communism!
Long live the World Red Front!
Long live the Red Front Fighters' League!
Long live the Comintern (SH)!

World Red Front!


Comintern (SH)
Wolfgang Eggers
July 30, 2019


in German language

Guide of anti-fascist Action






by Wolfgang Eggers

issued by the Comintern (SH) on the occasion of the founding of the Red Front Fighters' League




Preparations for the founding of the




are now accomplished.


The decision of the Comintern (SH) from 19th of September, 2018 was thus successfully implemented into practice.


Long live the
Red Front Fighters' League!


- Re-establishment successfully completed on 29 July 2019, the 95th anniversary of the RFL -



Death to world fascism!

Long live world communism!




The sword, with which the world fascists want to struck down the worldsocialist revolution, will pierce the heart of the world bourgeoisie!

Comintern (SH)











New publications in

ARABIC language

Documents of the VI World Congress of the Comintern


النص الكامل للمجلس العالمى السادس للكومنترن



of the All-Arab Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)


Dear Comrades,

Dear Workers

Dear Peasants of our wide Arab homeland in all the Arab countries

Dear fraternal working people In the region of the Near East

We send militant greetings to you and we call to all the true communists around the world





Comrades! Dear toiling Brothers and Sisters!

We've been watching carefully the situation which has developed significantly in the recent months, the Great spontaneous revolts and the second wave of revolutions from our peoples against the tyrants of world imperialism.



where we have seen a great wave of revolting. And in the meantime since the beginning of this year against the mad-dog of world imperialism Omar Al-Bashir who had been succeeded by the butchers of the Sudanese Fascist Army; supported by great enthusiasm from the Arab reactionaries from the Gulf, and from Egypt for sure.

The Sudanese fascists have used every method not only to distort the revolution and the Sudanese boiling masses after their explosion which came after decades of brutal oppression and inhumane exploitation. They have also used alongside with their guns loaded by the capital of world imperialism the hooks, the knifes to kill the people and also to rape the Sudanese revolting women!

After all that not a single real radical group from the "many political groups" proved that it would be able to lead and organize the angry masses, to smash the old fascist state and to avenge for all the blood spoiled from the veins of the Sudanese poor and working masses (and not to 'compromise with the fascists and world imperialist powers). Neither the 'liberal' syndicalist bourgeoise groups or even the alleged 'marxist' circles have been able to do any kind of change in the situation. And that also proves why there's a huge 'theoretical confusion and exchanging for the proletarian ideology in the favor of other 'pesudo marxist' revisionist ideologies in the political and the ideological line of these groups precisely the alleged 'marxists' and that's also proves that the character of the struggle of the Comintern (SH) and it's Sections in all the countries is a character of a global one against all the roots of revisionism and tailism which our Arab communist movement have fallen in for the 1000th time.

We will never be tired of showing solidarity with our Arab working people in Sudan and we won't hesitate to be a great supporter for their wishes of the Independence, proletarian democracy, socialism and the unity of it's land which was divided to North and South like the whole Arab homeland and all the Arab countries.




In the ARAB GULF ;


(Thanks to the fraternal Section and comrades of the USA of America for their solidarity and efforts to show up the role of the American imperialists)

American Imperialism in it's last day doomed to a great economic collapse as well as the world imperialist economy is also doomed on the tongue of many economical pro-capitalist magazines and media organs itself to see a great depression will hit the whole world sooner or later.

And in order to solve it; world imperialists are using every method and every way even the 'old' tools of Militarism, Predatory wars and economic plundering for what they call it the neo-colonies of our nowadays capitalist-imperialist world system.

For more than 5 years our homelands in the Gulf precisely Yemen have fallen as a victim for a horrible imperialist war of agencies by the orders of world imperialists and the US imperialists at the head. They have pushed the Arab peoples against themselves to the hell and specially the heroic Yemini people whom suffer a great famine, a great horrible events that words can not describe, by the hooks of the fascists of the Arab Alliance which is also supported by the reactionary army of Sudan and the reactionary fascist army of Egypt too (!)

All these crimes of the Arab fascist tyrants are not the only one responsible for it, but also their Imperialist masters who have given the green light for all these crimes to happen in front of the eyes of the whole world without talking a single word about all these things.

The Arab bourgeoisie in the Gulf has created itself the conditions for it's grave diggers to rise again. There is a great poverty that hit the rich Gulf countries precisely KSA which it's people now are suffering from the great poverty that appeared after the economy was exhausted in the war's effort against the Yemini people and for sure from the oppressive fascist king plundering of the World imperialists and the USA at the Head.

Side by side with IRAN


The Iranian reactionaries and bourgeoisie can not overcome their crisis. They are in the service of world imperialism and recruiting from all the reactionary circles and mobilizing them under the banner of "The Islamic Revolution" which have already revealed it's real dirty bourgeois, fascist face by the Islamic leaders who have governed and oppressed the Iranian people by Islam for decades.

USA imperialism tries again - as our comrades of USA have said - to force its influence on the Iranian fascist regime again which came from the very beginning, came in opposition against the US interests but came to the interests of other imperialist Masters, now. And because US have completely failed in doing so they are using all the old methods of threatening They are actually very near from turning the table and declare war on the Iranian People through deploying American Fascist army troops and setting up missiles in the Arab Gulf using KSA's Military bases as a headquarters for their provocation and warmongering direct plans.

Through all that:

World imperialism exploits what is called :"interal matters" of the peoples (The Revolting of the People). So they support their cliques of fascist gangs in order to exchange the governing fascist cliques in all these countries which opposes the interests of imperialist and obeys the order of the other, including Iran and the other Arab countries, in order to spread chaos, in order to make these countries sink in anarchy and unjust predatory wars for the imperialists, and their greed for more profits and more natural resources and more cheap laboring hand in these countries under the most brutal fascist ways, conditions, and with the worst methods.

They (World Imperialists an their lackeys) are squeezing those people and putting them between the hammer and the anvil of imperialist war and fascism. All these great events which takes place in our countries, all these 'heavy weight' on the back of the Region's fascists and bourgeois dogs have led the economic conditions of these countries to worsen , the economy which was exhausted due to the world capitalist crisis and for supporting counter-revolution in all the countries and to organize it on the regional scale of the Near East.

In reality: no matter how the imperialists and their lackeys were not in agreement with each others interests they ARE ALL(!) In agreement about one thing! That there should be no one successful revolution that will help the peoples of our region to get up from the rivers of blood which the people have fallen in! That there will be no single bright example for national and social liberation in this region. And here comes the role which the true communists should play:

Instead of supporting 'this' or 'that' imperialist camp they must create the true proletarian revolutionary alternative in these countries. Not a mere useless 'theorizing' on the internet pages, that's not what we need. We need actions and not a mere useless theories; that's what Marxism-Leninism has taught and that's what we Stalinist-Hoxhaists are willing to do! The organizing of the proletarians of all the Arab countries and the people of the Near East in general is a great task that should be considered in mind and never should be humbled. Because it's clear for even the blind, and for any man with a piece of mind that we are on the brink of a horrible imperialist war that will take a place in the region supported by world imperialism and will be burned up by the bourgeoisie, reactionaries and the fascists in our homeland and in the region.

We are calling to the true proletarian communists in all the gulf, the true proletarian communists in Iran to create up the only way of salvation and the only exiting door from the world imperialist-capitalist crisis which will plunder all the wealth of the people for the interests of world imperialists, The socialist salvation and it's Red Army. The world socialist revolution can never win without creating real Bolshevik Sections of the Comintern (SH)! nothing else can help our peoples!






Also in LIBYA


yet the imperialist war of agencies didn't yet stop. Every imperialist has already bought his pile of dogs and has burned the Libyan people who have fought the tyrannical fascist system of Gaddafi in favor of at least democratic achievements a 'new government' which haven't seen the light and was stolen - as we know by a pile of fascists supported by the Turkish imperialism or the other Imperialist powers that supports Khalifa Haftar side by side with the Arab reactionaries and for sure Egypt, too. And that's exactly why we have said in our former Call concerning Egypt to the Egyptian soldiers:


Because the Egyptian fascists are involving our troops and the sons of our homeland in an imperialist war by agency in Libya! we refuse to participate in any kind of such an intervention! We will do our utmost to expose and thwart this! We, too, are calling to the Libyan proletarians and communists to build with us their Libyan Section of the Comintern (SH) and to wipe out from the face of the Earth either Haftar or Al-Wefak's government or any other fascist dog in the service of world imperialists.






Democracy in TUNISIA


is a bourgeois 'democracy' that won't last for long time. Simultaneously with the crisis that arises in Tunisia, fascism will inevitably arise like in all Arab countries if the bourgeoise isn't overthrown by the proletarian socialist revolution and the defeat of all kind of the active agents of the Tunisian bourgeoisie, of fascist and social fascist groups in Tunisia who are trying to put themselves and their ideas as an alleged "alternative" instead of the only solution of the proletarian revolution there.

The Islamists are rising in Tunisia (Thanks to the betray of the bourgeoise democracy) and many of the rightists and fascists will try to reason that for distorting the Tunisian revolution which was the spark of the start and the great example; that have burned our wide homeland and exploded the anger of the masses in Egypt, and in the other Arab countries.

Either we continue the victory of the revolution and finish the crisis that will develop in Tunisia through a proletarian socialist revolution OR we let fascism rise in Tunisia and thus to neglect all the democratic achievements which the Tunisian people have won.








The Explosion Is Near!


And we communists should be prepared for it. After all these things we have said it's very clear that the revolution in our region and in many countries is going to break out. The counter revolution with it's 100 ugly faces and masks is also preparing and arming itself from it's legs to it's ears. It's all to suppress the revolution and to kill it with every way and method. But the history of revolution marches forward and can never be stopped! The history marches on the road of the world socialist revolution! The contradictions in our capitalist-imperialist world and the globalized counter revolution in all the countries can only be solved through an armed proletarian socialist revolution and the world communist and proletarian influence in all countries under the Section of the Communist International of the Stalinist-Hoxhaists.











SIGNED: All-Arab Section of the Communist International / Egypt Section


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"Red Journal for everybody"

«Красный журнал для всех»





the first original editions in Russian language

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Новая история. 9 класс





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The Second International


founded in Paris 

14 July 1889

















Down with the

EGYPTIAN bourgeoisie !


from the Egyptian Section

of the Comintern (SH)


Since the fascist IMF started to apply with a hand of steel represented in the Egyptian gang of bourgeoisie fascist Generals and government a great series of 'neo liberal' economic policies which the Egyptian fascist ruling clique now claims to be a 'cure' for the eternal cancer of corruption and economic crisis which the 'former' Egyptian state of Mubarak have fallen in.

Al Sisi has said many times that he has done what the other presidents were fearing from. So if spreading poverty and misery among the masses, killing the people with the fire of economic fascist policies that removes every historical right the Egyptian have won since the 1952 till now and the fascist conditions which we live by the justifying of the Egyptian fascist state that

"we are fighting Terror! No sound arises upon the sound of our guns!" ... then we can say that the Egyptian bourgeoisie with it's former presidents had kind of 'wisdom' that guided them not to miss up with at least the people's life's basic needs which became very hard to reach and that's thanks to Our brave and smart president Al - Sisi who has done what the other couldn't! What A brave president you are!

These Economic policies have destroyed many social slices precisely in what they call it the middle class in Egypt which screams from the hell of these policies.

However, and as we know as a result for this policies, more than 50% of the people in Egypt became under the poverty's line or near from it (DEAD END) according to the bourgeois-imperialist IMF itself.

Comrade Stalin has said that the middle class either it goes for the upper classes of bourgeois, it goes to the ranks of proletariats or it degenerates and goes with the lumpens of the streets.

From all that all what Egyptian government has to say and to justfiy the horrific increasing in the prices of everything in general and the prices of the gas, solar etc is to scream in the face of the poor citizen.

"You should Wait to the Year 2030 ! You should have patience on these policies which is in your interests! We are building Egypt ! Long Live Egypt!" .... (??) ....

The demagogic speech of the Egyptian fascist government is no more useful, the whole people have already waken up and are screaming and boiling in anger.

"Tell when we will remain in this situation?!" all of the people and oat their head the Egyptian working class which has lived the hell of 5 years of fascist authority that prevents it's movements and kills every kind of political breath and freedom in all the fields by the same stupid and made up reason of 'fighting terror' , in the universities with the students and in the workers and their freedom for creating associations or any kind of independent trade unions depending only on the state's fasicst trade unions which aims nothing but the interest of the imperialist investmentor. And among the political parties which already and all of it from the very beginning became useless and clearly a mere lackeys for the Egyptian fascist bourgeoise; barely doing nothing but following and hitting the drum for every decision taken by Egypt's bourgeoisie.

We all know that no matter what time it takes for the revolution.

It will come!

And will wipe from the face of the earth all those scums who betrayed our working people and sold them and cut our living meat for the world imperialists!

Egyptian Section














Historical events

 of the

international revolutionary movement


100 years ago ...



Pressed Steel Car Strike

... was one of the bloodiest battles in labor history.


The American proletariat - in review of its honorable history of class struggle - will march in the front ranks of the global working class army, fighting to overthrow the decaying world capitalist system and building in its place a world society free from all imperialist class rule, exploitation and oppression - a socialist world order of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

Comintern (SH) - 17th of July 2019 





16 - 07 - 1947


Long live the 72nd anniversary of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

First meeting of
Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha



new book of the Comintern (SH)

in German language


"The ideas of Stalin and Enver Hoxha on anti-fascism are invincible !"


"Stalins und Enver Hoxhas Ideen des Antifaschismus sind unbesiegbar"





New publications in

RUSSIAN and ENGLISH language


German atrocities at prisoners of the Red Army (1942)

Зверства немцев над пленными красноармейцами.

Рассказы бежавших из плена, документы и факты.
(Москва: Воениздат НКО СССР, 1942. - Серия «Библиотека красноармейца»)


"Caucasian Notes"

В бурунах.

Глава из книги «Кавказские записки»

Закруткин В.А. - 1950


В стране поверженных.

Глава 1

Глава 2

Панферов Ф.И. - 1952


From front-line life.


Из фронтовой жизни.

Довженко А.П. - 1942



10. Plenum des Exekutivkomitees
der Kommunistischen Internationale
(3. - 19. Juli 1929)

Die internationale Lage
und die nächsten Aufgaben der KI




The Kaiser goes: the generals remain

Theodor Plivier


(On the November Revolution in Germany)



July 4, 2019



Messages of Solidarity


Appeal of the American Section of the Comintern (SH)

- under construction -


American and Mexican workers and farmers, unite with your migrant class brothers and sisters!


Ever since the deal between the fascist American and Mexican governments was agreed upon, the situation has only worsened for the thousands of migrant workers and their families trying to reach the US.

la Guardia Nacional

Under US pressure, Mexico has deployed over 15,000 soldiers at the US-Mexican border in addition to the 6,500 members of the Guardia Nacional that were deployed along the Mexican-Guatemalan border. Following this, more arrests have been made against the migrant workers and their families who use Mexico as a transit country and they have been thrown into the already overcrowded and unsanitary concentration camps throughout Mexico and later deported back to the other Central American countries.

And because of the deployments of Mexican soldiers on the borders, more and more migrants are resorting to even more dangerous routes such as the Rio Grande where they risk drowning or will pay cartels to smuggle them into the US, only to be enslaved, tortured and killed by them in the most gruesome ways. A young father and his 23 month old baby have already drowned in the Rio Grande and many more will very likely face the same fates the world bourgeoisie has been creating for them.

The suffering doesn't stop for the migrant families at the border where they are often met with the fascist thugs of ICE, Border Patrol, and the US Army who often throw them in concentration camps and "tent cities" notorious for their filth, lack of decent health services, and overcrowded conditions (camps that are only meant for a few thousand often hold tens of thousands of migrants instead, many of which are unaccompanied and separated children). Disease is widespread there and at least 11 people have died under US custody since September. On top of that, Trump and ICE have announced plans on conducting widespread raids in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco on the weekend following July 4th, after originally postponing it on June 23rd so that the fascist senators and representatives could decide on introducing new laws concerning asylum. These raids will target over 2,000 families.

These criminal acts against the migrant workers and their families has also earned widespread anger and resistance from both the American and migrant proletariat. On June 26th, several hundred workers from Wayfair walked out in response to their bosses shipping supplies to the concentration camps and there are multiple protests across the country against Trump.

There are also numerous members of the loyal “opposition” including the “Democratic” Party and social-fascists such as the “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. While the “Democrats” supposedly “oppose” the fascist attacks against the “illegal” immigrants, they recently approved of a bill that will send $4.6bln to the concentration camps, which only adds to the hundreds of thousands of people that were arrested, put in indefinite detention, and deported under Obama. On the other hand, AOC and the other social-fascists offer their own crocodile tears, but only use meaningless phrases and slogans, call for bourgeois reforms, and are just as incapable of providing a revolutionary alternative to the migrants as their fascist twins.

The attacks on the migrant workers and their families by the American and Mexican fascist governments is also an attack on the American and Mexican proletariat in particular and the world proletariat in general. The migrant crisis was created by world imperialism and it can neither be solved by the world bourgeoisie nor by their racism, chauvinism, nativism, or xenophobia. Only the unity of the American and Mexican workers and farmers with their migrant and global class brothers and sisters directed by proletarian internationalism and the Comintern (SH) and abolish world fascism and social-fascism and with it, the migrant crisis, the capitalist crisis and the imperialist drug and proxy wars that started it, and the competition over jobs (which are stolen by the bosses, not by the migrants).

American and Mexican workers and farmers, unite with your migrant class brothers and sisters! Help build up Sections in the United States, Mexico, and throughout Central America!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!!

World Proletariat, unite all countries!!

Down with American and Mexican fascism!!

Down with world fascism and social-fascism!!

Down with bourgeois chauvinism and nativism!!

Long live the Proletarian Revolution in the US, Mexico, and throughout Latin America!!

Long live the World Socialist Proletarian Revolution!!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!!


Section of the USA






Vera Mukhina

Soviet sculptor
130th birthday
1st of July, 1889


special website:









"Flame of the revolution"


100 years ago:




"The Red Worldfront"

Central organ of the Red Front Fighters' League


in English


in German






(final decision on 29th of July, 2019)

Red Front Fighters' League to create the red world front against war and fascism




95 years ago ...

Concerning the international situation

20th of September 1924

(This report includes the famous quotation of Stalin on fascism and social-fascism are twins)



Publication of the All-Arabic-Section of the Comintern (SH)























Protest against G20 in Japan


We do not mandate the self-claimed leaders of the world who gather as “G20” to decide anything among themselves. Our special emphasis is on the extraordinary and dangerous role of Trump administration in the U.S. and Shinzo Abe’s government in Japan which closely cooperate with it.

We are with all the people in the world resisting the brutality of Trumpism. We are with workers of the world fighting against harsh capitalist offensive, refugees faced with expulsion in the U.S. and Europe, people defending their inherited land and forest from extractivism, people courageously raising their voices for their dignity and people struggling to survive under harsh conditions of world capitalism.

G20 Osaka No! Action Week will be our response to this critical situation. We invite all people and organizations in the world to join us by sending message of solidarity, sharing their visions and struggles and mobilizing anywhere during the week of June 23 – 29...





Historical events

 of the

international revolutionary movement


Troops of the social fascist government were ordered against the working class.

The Great Coal Strike 1949




New publications in

Japanese and Russian language


Enver Hoxha

Japanese Archive


"Imperialism and Revolution"


thanks to

Энвера Ходжа

Речь товарища Энвера Ходжа на приеме в посольстве Китайской Народной Республики по случаю 11-ой годовщины провозглашения Китайской Народной Республики


В формате (3.57 Mb)

PDF (pic)




Down with imperialist aggression in Iran!

In response to Iran shooting down an American drone, the US imperialists launched cyber-attacks on Iranian weapons systems and made plans to launch airstrikes on three different locations in Iran, which were "cancelled" ten minutes before the planned attack by Trump, whose administration has decided to plan on imposing more tariffs for now.

This latest escalation which follows a series of other events such as the attack on two ships by unknown assailants, the planned deployment of thousands of additional American soldiers and warships in the Middle East, and Iran’s decision to increase its enrichment of low-grade uranium in defiance of the imperialist Nuclear Deal of 2015 brings both the region and the entire world closer to a new imperialist war.

While Trump continuously claims that he "doesn’t want war", America, its watch-dog Israel, and Saudi Arabia have been seeking and preparing for war against Iran for the last 40 years, ever since they lost their Shah and with him, their access to Iranian resources and trade routes, especially the Strait of Hornuz where over 30% of the world’s sea-based oil passes through. They have used and use various methods of sabotage (including their support for Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war where he used chemical weapons on thousands of Iranians) and recently under Trump, they have been increasing their nuclear stockpile and military budget for more soldiers and equipment and have increased sanctions that have brought widespread poverty, starvation, and unemployment to millions of Iranian workers and peasants, all on top of the miserable islamo-fascist regime they live in. The American imperialists are more desperate than ever to reconquer Iran, espcially as their global power and prestige is waning in the face of China and Russia, both of whom ruthlessly exploits the Iranian people under false "anti-imperialist" cloaks.

War in Iran can only inflict unimaginable misery and death upon the Iranian people who would be sacrificed by the bourgeoisie of every side in order to support their interests. War in Iran will only condemn thousands of American proletarians to death in a war that isn’t supposed to end. A new imperialist war in Iran can only escalate into a larger imperialist war between the USA, Russia, and China.

American workers and farmers, Trump and the American bourgeoisie only wants to replace the islamo-fascists with pro-American fascists and is willing to use you and your Iranian brothers and sisters as cannon fodder to acheive this! The tensions with Iran only brings us closer to a Third World War, a war that can only be prevented or ended by the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution and the establishment of the World Dictatorship of the Proletariat!

American and Iranian soldiers, turn your rifles around!

Build the Iranian Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!!

Iran and the USA are ripe for socialist revolution!!

The world is ripe for socialist revolution!!

Down with fascism and social-fascism in Iran, the USA, and around the world!!

Down with American and world imperialism and social-imperialism!!

Long live the Proletarian Revolution in Iran and the USA!!

Long live the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution!!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!!

World proletariat, unite all countries!!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!!


Section USA




26th of June 1869 -

150th anniversary


Martin Andersen Nexö


in English

in Danish

in German

in Russian





78 years ago


Historical events of the

international revolutionary movement


June 22, 1941





"Comrade Stalin led the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people to the victory over the Nazi-fascist occupiers and defended with honor the world-historical achievements of the October Revolution.

The internationalist meaning of the Great Patriotic War is that Comrade Stalin - as the leader of the world proletariat - thus paved the way for the victory of socialism on a world scale."

Comintern (SH)
June 22, 2015


new publications in Russian language


July - August 1941


Июль 1941


Август 1941



Фашистская Германия.







The PFLP is a socialfascist Palestinian organisation - opposed to Stalinism-Hoxhaism and to the Comintern (SH)


20th of June, 2019

Why do we oppose the PFLP and on what basis?



- 95th anniversary -  

17th of June - 8th of July 1924



Fifth World Congress of the Comintern


Arrival of Delegates (video)


The fifth congress met from 17 June to 8 July 1924; one report gives the number of those in attendance as 406, of whom 324 had voting rights (of these 117 were Russian), representing 40 parties; the mandates commission reported a total of 504
delegates, of whom 336 had voting rights, representing 41 countries; a third source gives a total of 510 delegates (346 voting), representing 49 countries; 10 countries had only consultative voice: they included Australia, Hungary, Indonesia, Korea, and Mongolia. Another report gives the total of parties represented (both with full rights and consultative voice) as 52. The membership of the larger parties was given as 310,000 for Russia, 350,000 for Germany, 130,000 for Czechoslovakia, 50,000 for France, 16,000 for Norway, 12,000 each for Italy and Sweden, and 27,000 for the American Workers' Party (which was present as a sympathizing party only); Java, 2,000; China, 800.







July 1924 





The last half year is remarkable for the fact that it produced a radical change in the life of the Communist Parties of the West as regards eliminating Social-Democratic survivals, Bolshevising the Party cadres and isolating opportunist elements.
The danger that Social-Democratic survivals in the Communist Parties can represent for the revolution was strikingly revealed by the sad experience of the Workers’ Government in Saxony, where the opportunist leaders tried to convert the idea of a united front, as a means for the revolutionary mobilisation and organisation of the masses, into a means for Social-Democratic parliamentary combinations. That marked a turning point, which opened the eyes of the mass of the Party membership and roused them against the opportunist leaders.
The second question that undermined the prestige of the Right-wing leaders and brought new revolutionary leaders to the front was the so-called “Russian” question, i.e., the discussion in the R.C.P.(B.). As is known, the Brandler group in Germany and the Souvarine group in France strongly supported the opportunist opposition in the R.C.P.(B.) against the principal cadres of the R.C.P.(B.), against its revolutionary majority. This was a challenge to the revolutionary mass of the workers in
the West, who definitely sympathised with the Soviet government and its leader, the R.C.P.(B.). It was a challenge to the mass of the party membership and the revolutionary wing of the Communist Parties in the West.
It is not surprising that this challenge resulted in the utter defeat of the Brandler and Souvarine groups. It is not surprising that this had its repercussion in all the other Communist Parties in the West. If to this we add the complete isolation of the opportunist trend in the R.C.P.(B.), the picture will be complete. The Fifth Congress of the Comintern merely sealed the victory of the revolutionary wing in the principal sections of the Comintern.
Undoubtedly, the mistakes of the opportunist leaders were an important factor in hastening the Bolshevisation of the Communist Parties in the West; but it is equally beyond doubt that other, more profound, causes also operated here: the successful capitalist offensive during the past few years, the deterioration of the living conditions of the working class, the existence of a vast army of unemployed, the general economic instability of capitalism, the growing revolutionary unrest among the broad masses of the workers. The workers are marching towards revolution, and they want to have revolutionary leaders.


Stalin on Social-fascism:

"Firstly, it is not true that fascism is only the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. Fascism is not only a military-technical category. Fascism is the bourgeoisie’s fighting organisation that relies on the active support of Social-Democracy. Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. There is no ground for assuming that the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of Social-Democracy.

There is just as little ground for thinking that Social-Democracy can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. These organisations do not negate, but supplement each other. They are not antipodes, they are twins"

Joseph Stalin, “Concerning the International Situation,” Works, Vol. 6, January-November, 1924, pp. 293-314.


















The Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

in solidarity with the anti-fascist mass struggle in Hong Kong!


Two million take to the streets

"We will fight until the end"


After the 30th anniversary of student protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square:

Protesters formed a sea of black along roads, walkways and train stations across Hong Kong's financial centre.

Police fired rubber-coated bullets and tear gas at protesters wounding more than 200 people


"Socialism in words - fascism in deeds !"

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said Hong Kong matters were a Chinese internal affair and no country, organisation or individual has a right to interfere. 

The Chinese Section of the YCI (SH) says:

That is wrong. The struggle of the Hong Konger is the matter of the whole world !

Long live proletarian internationalism !

The Chinese Youth is the flame of the revolution !


Lam suspended extradition bill - a victory of the people's protest !

Smash extradition bill and free charged protesters!

Under the fascist rule of Chinese state monopolism, the Chinese peoples will not keep silent !

Down with the Honkong Puppet of Beijing state fascism !

Down with the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie !

We demand proletarian democracy and not bourgeois democracy which unavoidable leads to fascism !

Chinese working class ! - Rise up and march forward to the overthrow of the imperialist Chinese system of exploitation and oppression !

Long live the socialist revolution in Hongkong, in China and all over the world !

One country - one system - the socialist system under the dictatorship of the proletariat !

No Eastern capitalism !

No Western capitalism !

Neither pest nor cholera !

Down with world capitalism !

Let's fight for world communism !


Chinese Section of the Young Communist International



New publications in

English language




The formation of the Comintern

1929 Inprecorr Vol 6 - No 9-10


10 Years of Comintern Publications

1929 Inprecorr Vol 6 - No 9-10


10th anniversary of the Comintern

The Communist International and the foundation of the Communist Party of China


1929 Inprecorr Vol 6 - No 9-10



VI Word Congress of the Comintern



Greetings from the Delegation of the German Red Front Fighters.


Comrade JILEK, presiding:

The Delegates of the Red Front Fighters will deliver greetings to the Congress; Comrade Olbrich will speak on their behalf. I now give him the floor.

The Delegation consisting of 10 Red Front Fighters were greeted with stormy applause upon entering the tribune.

There were shouts of: “We greet you, comrades, Red Front! Red Front! Red Front!"

Comrade OLBRICH:

The R.F.B. Delegation ”replies to the greetings with the triple cry of, “Red Front! Red Front! Red Front!”

Comrades, the German Red Front Fighters Delegation‘ which is now on a visit to Moscow upon the invitation of the trade unions of Northern Caucasia and will proceed southwards tonight, delivers fraternal militant greetings to the general staff of the world revolution on behalf of the Red Front League of Germany. All of you are familiar with the activities of the Red Front League in Germany. Born in the struggle against fascism and the imperialist war, we have mobilised huge masses of German proletarians during the four years of our existence.

During the past years we have seen tremendous progress of the Red Front Fighters in Germany. On the third national meet last year the mass organisation in its hundreds of thousands took the oath for the first time “to be ready always and everywhere to defend the Soviet Union”, being fully convinced that the fight against the imperialist war menace and against fascism today implies the most vigorous fight for the defence of the Soviet Union.

In delivering to-day the greetings ot the Red Front League to the VI. Congress we recall the fact that the fight against the imperialist war menace is going to be the central and deciding point in the revolutionary movement throughout the world, just as it has been until now. We also see an intense imperialist offensive waged by the German bourgeoisie with the aid and active support of the social-democratic leaders.

Hence the Red Front League becomes confronted with a tremendous and most exacting task of fighting for the prevention of imperialist war, and for the defence of the Soviet Union.

It is this realisation which prompts us to declare here today, before the representatives of the Communist Parties of the world, as a delegation of the Red Front Fighters:

The Red Front Fighters League, formed in the fight against fascism and imperialist war, stands firmly and unitedly together and is prepared to keep on fighting in the future. And in this sense the delegation hands over on behalf of the 200,000 Front Fighters and the Jungsturm the picture which shows our last march through the country under the slogan of the defence of the Soviet Union and against imperialist war. We present the picture to the Presidium of the VI. World Congress with the declaration that not only shall we wage the fight against the imperialist war whenever it may be started but that also today the best reply to all the war preparations consists in that we should win the masses of the social-democratic workers for the revolutionary anti-imperialist front, that we should develop our practical revolutionary activity day by day in all the factories and in all the mass organisations, that we should direct our work towards the successful consummation of the proletarian revolution in Germany, and throughout the world. In this sense may our presentation be accompanied by our militant and fraternal salute which has become the revolutionary salute of all revolutionary proletarians in Germany, the mighty triple shout: “Red Front! Red Front! Red‘ Front!”

(Stormy applause)


VI World Congress of the Comintern

Moscow, 26 of July 1928

Speech of comrade Ernst Thalmann



Speech of comrade Heidar (Palestine) to the 6th World Congress of the Comintern



"In the Arab world we have a strong reserve of revolutionary fighters, for this part in the world is a crater from which the indignation and excitement of the masses pours like a stream of lava." (Comrade Heidar from Palestine - 1928)


Second Speech of comrade Heidar (Palestine) to the 6th World Congress of the Comintern



10 Years of "Liberated" Arabia

by J. B. (Jerusalem)

1928 - Inprecorr No 87

6th World Congress of the Comintern - 1928

Speech on the colonial question

Ben Said - Algeria

6th World Congress of the Comintern

Speech of comrade Aberderramé on Algeria

17th August, 1928



6th Congress of the Comintern

Speech of comrade Mustapha from Tunis on Tunisia

17th August, 1928


July 26, 1928

Speech of Comrade Grete Nischwitz at the 6th World Congress of the Comintern






of the American Section of the Comintern (SH)

(under construction)

Only the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution and the World Dictatorship of the World Proletariat can eliminate the wars, unemployment, hunger, and poverty that forces millions of people from their homes.

Last week, fascist US president Trump announced his intentions to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican goods by June 10th and will gradually increase it to 25% throughout the course of the year until the "illegal immigration problem is eliminated". This follows the arrests of over 1,000 "illegal" immigrants who attempted to cross the US-Mexican border on the 29th of May, who have since been dragged into the overcrowded detention camps.

In response to this pressure, the fascist Mexican government sent a delegation to negotiate with the US State Department a week later where Trump agreed to “withdraw” from imposing tariffs and the Mexican government agreed to buy American crops (to lower the damages the imperialist trade war against China has inflicted on America) and step up their own attacks against refugees by deploying 6,000 members of the Mexican National Guard to the US-Mexico border and many more throughout the country. With this, migrants who use Mexico as a transit country will face more and more police violence, arrests, concentration camps, deportations, and murders.

And while the tariffs were “cancelled”, Trump could easily put them back on the table and continue using them in order to blackmail Mexico (and other Latin American countries) into serving his interests. If they end up being implemented in the future, they would place heavy burdens on the Mexican workers and farmers who already struggle to survive with the meager wages and deplorable living conditions inflicted upon them by the drug wars (a war caused by world imperialism) and decades of ruthless exploitation by the Mexican and foreign (mostly American) bourgeoisie. And because Mexico provides the US with much of its produce and automobiles, largely due to outsourcing by American companies for cheap labor, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans could easily be laid off and thrown further into poverty.

Along with the trade wars Trump has waged against China and to a lesser extent, against the European Union, the tariffs would also bring even more dire consequences on the American workers and farmers. Mexico is America‘s largest trading partner and exports up to $50 billion worth of goods each month. The vast majority of produce, automobiles and auto parts, electronics, etc. in the US are imported from Mexico. Even goods that are "made in America" usually have Mexican-made parts and components and the tariffs will cause the prices of these goods to skyrocket. In addition, since many US manufacturers require these imports, it would cost the American workers over 406,000 jobs, including 117,335 jobs in Texas and approximately 50,000 jobs in California.

And these fascist attacks against the migrant workers simply won‘t stop the flow of migrants. The migrant issue, drug wars, etc. are all direct products of world imperialism that have intensified under the conditions of globalization and the global capitalist crisis, which the dying world bourgeoisie is increasingly losing control of. Therefore, solving the "illegal immigration problem" is something that neither Trump, López Obrador, nor the world bourgeoisie as a whole is capable of. Only the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution and the World Dictatorship of the World Proletariat can eliminate the wars, unemployment, hunger, and poverty that forces millions of people from their homes.

Migrant and domestic workers and farmers, unite in your revolutionary actions! Proletarian Internationalism triumphs over all bourgeois and petty bourgeois nationalisms and cauvainisms! Unity between the domestic and migrant workers and farmers is the only way to defeat the bourgeoisie in every country! Establish the World Dictatorship of the Proletariat and build a world where all workers and farmers are welcome!

Build up the Mexican Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!!

Proletarians of a country, unite!!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!!

World Proletariat, unite all countries!!

Down with American and Mexican fascism!!

Down with World fascism and social-fascism!!

Long live the Proletarian Revolution in Mexico and the USA!!

Long live the World Socialist Proletarian Revolution!!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)!!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!!



"Only after we have completely defeated and expropriated the bourgeoisie in a world scale, and not only in a sole country, wars will become impossible." (Lenin)


Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the abolition of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of imperialist war, is the doctrine of the victory of socialist peace over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the military doctrine to protect the world domination of the proletariat as a guarantor of world peace.

What is an imperialist war?

An imperialist war is the inevitable redivision of the world by continuing the imperialist policy by military means.
An imperialist war is the inevitable continuation of the political struggle of the imperialist world powers for the conquest or maintenance of world domination by military means.

What is an anti-imperialist war?

An anti-imperialist war is the inevitable continuation of the political struggle of all the oppressed and exploited classes, under the leadership of the world proletariat, on the Elimination of world imperialism by military means.

Either the world socialist revolution forestalls the 3rd World War preventing its outbreak, or:
if the outbreak of the 3rd World War would not be prevented, then it must be terminated by the world socialist revolution.

“I am not a capitalist soldier; I am a proletarian revolutionist. I do not belong to the regular army of rite plutocracy, but to the irregular army of the people. I refuse to obey any command to fight for the ruling class.... I am opposed to every war but one; I am for that war with heart and soul, and that is the world-wide war of the social revolution. In that war I am prepared to fight in any way the ruling class may make it necessary....”

(Eugene Debs)


publication of our Section USA

Eugene V. Debs

("The American Bebel")

The Canton, Ohio, Speech - June 16, 1918



New publications in

French, Spanish, English and German language


in French language


La Troisième Internationale, la Palestine
et le Parti communiste de Palestine

1920 - 1932


L'Indonésie au 6e Congrès de l'Internationale communiste




in Spanish language

Constitución de la República Socialista Federativa Soviética de Rusia


Junio de 1929

S. S. A.d e la C. I.

El Movimiento Revolucionario Latino Americano


Tesis, manifiestos y resoluciones adoptados por los Cuatro primeros congresos de la Internacional Comunista


Textos completos

Resolución del segundo congreso de la III Internacional comunista en 1920




Del 22 de junio al 12 de julio de 1921

in German language

6th world congress Comintern

Die internationale Lage und die Aufgaben der Kommunistischen Internationale

(Resolution, angenommen in der 45. Sitzung, am 29. August 1928)

V. Weltkongress der Komintern

Resolution über den Faschismus

16. 9. 1924


Resolution on Fascism

3rd enlarged Plenum of the ECCI

1923 - Clara Zetkin






bloody crackdown on protesters


More than 100 protesters killed !

40 bodies pulled from Nile !


Sudanese protesters use burning tyres to erect a barricade on a street, demanding that the country's Transitional Military Council hand over power to civilians, in Khartoum, Sudan on June 3, 2019


Almost all internal roads of Bahari have roadblocks. Protesters are even stopping residents from going to work.


The Sudanese revolution goes on - in spite of the recent massacres of the counterrevolution.


Sudanese forces attack huge protest camp, killing more than a dozen people.

Death to fascism in Sudan !

Down with the military dictatorship of the bourgeoisie !

Take to the arms and disarm the counterrevolution !

Create Workers'- peasants' and Soldiers' Councils !

All power to the Sudanese Revolution !



For now we keep asking ourselves , why the world bourgeoise media is keeping silence on what's going on in Sudan. The masses in Sudan have discovered a 40 dead body thrown in the Nile. These crimes have been carried on by the little fascists of the army, the masses are angry and there is many events going on in Sudan but no one is talking at all!!!

The Arab reactionaries and on their head the son of a bitch , the pig, the whore of world imperialism - Abdul fattah al sisi is presenting a great 'services' and support for the Sudanese counter revoutlion and the militarists

Till when this farce will cease to exist?

The political 'groups' and including those whom call themselves 'communists' in Sudan and sadly under the influence of revisionism are following tailism in it's best forms! They are doing nothing but supporting syndicalist type of struggle without exposing it's bourgeois nature, they have no actual influence among the Sudanese workers who from the first days have shown solidarity with the Sudanese revolution. They don't at least follow Marxism-Leninism. Tey are following Antonio Gramsci and who knows (!?) they might be following the other bourgeois philosophers of pesudo marxism.

It really shreds our heart to pieces to see the Sudanese revolution suffering all this without getting the sword that can reply with it against the attacks of the terrorist fascist counter revoultion. Spontaneous moves have gone with the Arab people to hell , supporting the fascist systems as an alleged 'alternatives' have gone with the Arab people to the hell , and that's exactly what's going on in Sudan, all of the alleged 'political' groups no matter if "with/against" they are all playing the same role of the slow painful killing and the suppressing of the revolution.



Sudanese security forces attacked a protest camp in the capital , opening fire and torching tents as they largely cleared away the weeks-old sit-in aimed at pressuring the military to yield power. At least 13 people were killed and announced they were suspending talks with the military regarding the creation of a transitional government. 

Protesters were unable to evacuate "the bodies of our martyrs." Hundreds of people had also been wounded. 

The people call for an open general strike and civil disobedience.

Protesters were running through streets lined with sit-in tents, heads down, as the sound of gunfire filled the air. Smoke rose from the area.

"Wounded people are lying on the ground the reception area as there are not enough beds," said Azza al-Kamel, a doctor at the Royal Care hospital near the sprawling sit-in area outside the military headquarters in the capital, Khartoum.

Security forces controlled almost the entire camp, pushing out protesters and sealing off the nearly one square mile area. "We are out and cannot get in," said Hisham Shalbi, a protest leader. They said only a few small pockets of protesters in the area remained.

The camp has been the epicenter of a protest movement that succeeded in forcing the overthrow of Sudan's longtime strongman Omar al-Bashir in April. Wmen have been at the forefront of the protests, and have suffered for it.

After the military removed al-Bashir and seized power, tens of thousands of protesters remained in the camp and other protest sites, saying an end to his 30-year rule was not enough and demanding a speedy transition to civilian rule.

Hospitals have been systematically attacked and medical staff have been brutally ... savagely beaten in Sudan.

Chinese imperialists, backed by Russian imperialists, have blocked a bid at the UN Security Council to condemn the killing of civilians in Sudan.



The All-Arab Section of the Comintern (SH) calls for solidarity with the Sudanese revolution !

Create the Sudanese Section of the Comintern (SH) !





Without anti-fascist theory there is no anti-fascist practice !


Ideological preparation for the re-founding of the RFFL


On the ideological-political basis of the founding of the

Red Front Fighters' League


Historical lessons of our struggle

against fascism and social-fascism


Excerpts of the General-Line of the Comintern (SH)

written by Wolfgang Eggers


The sword, with which the world fascists want to struck down the world socialist revolution, will pierce the heart of the world bourgeoisie!
Comintern (SH)


Death to World Fascism !


Down with the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie !

Smash the world fascist system of exploitation and oppression!


Long live the World Socialist Revolution !


Long live the Dictatorship of the World Proletariat !


Long live the Red Front Fighters' League !


We now need our own anti-fascist fighting organizations, communist fighting organizations - globally centralized under the banner of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.


We need them to crush the world-fascist dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat. One can not defeat fascism unless one is in favor of the socialist revolution, because without socialist revolution there will be -again and again - new fascism. This is what the history of the anti-fascist struggle teaches us. We want to wage a proletarian anti-fascist struggle, which is why we distinguish ourselves from the petty-bourgeois and bourgeois "anti-fascism" and fight against it. United front only under the leadership of the revolutionary proletariat. No victory over world fascism without victory over social-fascism!
Everything else is petty-bourgeois talk!


Let us re-found globally the


in the spirit of Ernst Tälmann and the Communist Party of Germany


Decision of the Comintern (SH) from 19th of September, 2018



Album of the Red Front Fighters' League


publisher: Comintern (SH)


New publication in Russian and German language


The historical significance of the struggle for the Marxist doctrine of the dictatorship of the proletariat

in Russian language

Историческое значение борьбы за марксово учение о диктатуре пролетариата

Б. КОГАН , Источник - Борьба классов, № 8-9, Сентябрь 1933, C. 85-94


new publications of

Энвер Ходжа.

«О литературе и искусстве»



Энвер Ходжа.

«Доклад о роли и задачах Демократического Фронта в борьбе за полную победу социализма в Албании»



«Военный нажим — основа диктата и политического шантажа советских ревизионистских руководителей»

(Статья газеты «Зери и популлит» от 11 апреля 1969 года. Государственное издательство имени Наима Фрашери, Тирана, 1969 г.; издание на русском языке).



«Советско-американский союз в действии против чехословацкого народа»

(Статья, опубликованная в газете «Зери и популлит» 23 мая 1969 года. Государственное издательство им. Наима Фрашери, Тирана, 1969 г.; издание на русском языке).


«Съезд реставрации капитализма, съезд социал-империализма»

(Статья газеты «Зери и популлит» от 17 апреля 1971г., издательство имени Наима Фрашери, Тирана, 1971 г., издание на русском языке).


«Огонь по ревизионистскому предательству»

(Гос. изд-во им. Наима Фрашери, Тирана, 1969 г.; изд. на русском языке).



«Марксистско-ленинская идеология победит ревизионизм (III)»



«Марксистско-ленинская идеология победит ревизионизм»

(часть II)



«Ревизионистская группа Белграда — изменник марксизма-ленинизма и агентура империализма»

(Государственное издательство «Наим Фрашери», Тирана, 1964 г., издание на русском языке).


«Против современного ревизионизма в защиту марксизма-ленинизма и единства международного коммунистического движения»

(Государственное издательство «Наим Фрашери», Тирана, 1964 г., издание на русском языке).


in German language

Clara Zetkin


Revolutionary fightings and revolutionary fighters - 1919



100th Day of Death
10th of March, 1919



- Website on occasion of his 100th day of death only in German language -


Short-term leader of the KPD after the death of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.

He also was killed by the socialdemocrat leaders -

on 10th of March, 1919.





100th anniversary of death
June 5, 1919

May 23, 1883 St. Petersburg (Russia) - June 5, 1919 Munich


Leader of the revolutionary working class in the Bavarian soviet republic.


During the in 1919, Leviné was the organiser of the Workers' and Soldiers' Soviets. Leviné was captured and court-martialed. The court-martial told him: "You are under sentence of death."

Leviné answered:

"We Communists are all dead men on leave. Of this I am fully aware. I do not know if you will extend my leave or whether I shall have to join Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. In any case I await your verdict with composure and inner serenity. For I know that, whatever your verdict, events cannot be stopped … Pronounce your verdict if you deem it proper. I have only striven to foil your attempt to stain my political activity, the name of the Soviet Republic with which I feel myself so closely bound up, and the good name of the workers of Munich. They — and I together with them — we have all of us tried to the best of our knowledge and conscience to do our duty towards the International, the Communist World Revolution."


special Website "Eugen Levine":











Appeal of the American Section of the Comintern (SH)

(under construction)


also available in German - German Section, June 2019


Down with imperialist trade wars !


No continuation of the trade wars between the American imperialists and the Chinese social-imperialists !

The trade war between the American imperialists and the Chinese social-imperialists has resumed after a few months of empty negotiations when the Trump fascists imposed restrictions on the Chinese corporation Huawei and increased tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods and equipment to 25% on top of the $50 billion that already has 25% tariffs and now plans on imposing the same tariffs on an additional $325 billion worth of Chinese products. In retaliation, the Chinese has imposed tariffs on $60 billion worth of American goods and continues to refuse buying American-grown crops, especially soybeans.

Ever since before he became elected and until today, Trump has used the typical chauvinist slogans for this imperialist stand-off, urging American farmers, who have been struggling since the first tariffs were placed in 2017, to make "patriotic sacrifices" and that they will be the "greatest beneficiaries" of being thrown into poverty and starvation and to look more sincere, the U.S. government has issued a $16 billion bailout to struggling farmers, but naturally, only the kulaks have received the money while the smaller, poorer American farmers are comdemned to losing their livelihoods.

And while Trump claims that the trade war will bring an end to "unfair trade practices" on the part of China, it is much deeper than that. This showdown is an escalation of the rivalry between the American imperialists and the Chinese social-imperialists as they each seek to redistribute the world’s wealth for themselves and are preparing for a third world war, as shown by America’s withdrawal from several nuclear treaties and by the increases it made in its military spending and with the Chinese tigtening its grasp on several Latin American and African countries (many of which were once colonies and neo-colonies of the U.S. imperialists) and the establishment of bases in Pakistan and Djoubti.

A new world war between the American imperialists and the Chinese social-imperialists, along with other imperialist powers such as Russia and the other BRICS countries, will be even worse than the last two and will inflict unimaginable horrors upon the world proletariat and peasantry and can only be stopped by the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution which will either prevent the world imperialist war entirely, or will transform it into the World Civil War which will give rise to the World Dictatorship of the Proletariat out from the ashes of world fascism and social-fascism.

American workers and farmers, the trade war between the USA and China only serves your class enemies and will bring more and more hardships and misery!

The world fascists and social-fascists are preparing for war and only you, together with your global class brothers and sisters, can end the threat of imperialist wars forever!

Every country is ripe for socialist revolution!

American soldiers, turn your rifles around and strike your true enemies, the class that orders you to die for their greed! Do not fight another rich man’s war!

Proletarians of all countries, unite!!

World proletariat, unite all countries!!

Down with the imperialist trade wars!!

Down with American fascism and Chinese social-fascism!!

Down with world fascism and social-fascism!!

Long live the Proletarian Revolution in China and the USA!!

Long live the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution!!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists!!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the only proletarian ideology on earth!!




The inevitability of wars between the imperialist world camps - including trade wars - remains in force.


The contradiction between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat is today the main global contradiction that can only be solved by the world socialist revolution.
These global class antagonisms between exploited and exploiters are much stronger and deeper than the current trade wars between two world imperialist camps.
What is the difference?
The trade war between the US and China is about supremacy on the world market, while the existence of world capitalism remains totally untouched on both sides.
The class war between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat, however, decides forever on the end of the era of world capitalism. It is about its replacement by world socialism, where there are no more wars - and thus no more trade wars, too.
How can trade wars be avoided ?
This is only possible if the causes of the trade wars will be eliminated. So what needs to be eliminated is world capitalism.

Comintern (SH)

3 June 2019






New publication in German language


Greeting message of the Comintern to the German Section on its 10th anniversary

Präsidium des Exekutivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale


zum 10. Jahrestag der KPD

01. Januar 1929



New publications in English


The Soviet Union


Soviet Union Information Bureau, Washington D.C.


Resolution of the Central Committee of the R.C.P. (B)

May 1925

How One Should Not Write the History of October
The Errors of Trotskyism

May 1925

XI. Party Congress of the RCP (B)

* * *

On Certain Members of the Former Workers' Opposition

2 April 1922



new website:

World revolutionary literature


світова революційна література



The 12 Chairs













4th of January 1919 - 100th anniversary of the "Spartacus Uprising" (German Section)


15. January 1919 – 100 Years Murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (German Section)


19th of January 1949 - 70th day of death of Alexander Serafimowitsch


21st of January 1924 - 95th Day of Death of Lenin (Russian Section)


January 21, 1919 100 years Seattle General Strike (Section USA)


27th of January 1944 - 75th anniversary of the end of the fascist blockade of Leningrad (Russian Section)


29th of January 1919 - 100th death day of Franz Mehring


30th of January 1933 - 86 years fighting day against fascism and reaction-Hitler's seizure of power (German Section ) - international fighting day against World fascism


January 30, 2009 - 10 years - Mass industrial walkouts in UK





February 16, 1979 - 40 years - War China / Vietnam


20th of February 1989 - 30 years Kosovo miners' strike (Albanian Section)


23rd of Februar 1918 - 101st founding day of the Red Army (Russian Section)





5. March 1953 - 66. Death Day of Josef V. Stalin (Georgian Section)


2. - 6. March 1919 - 100. Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern


6th of March - World Day of the unemployed


8. March - 1911 - International Women's Day - Fourth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Communist International (SH)


14. March 1883 - 136 Death Day of Karl Marx


15th of March 1939 - 80 years Nazi occpation Czechoslovakia


16 March 1919 - 100th day of death Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov


18th of March 1871 - 148 Anniversary of the Paris Commune


18th of March - 96th Anniversary of the political prisoner day


10-21 March 1939 - 80 years XVIII Congress CPSU(B)


18-23 March 1919 - 100 years VIII. Congress CPSU(B)


21st of March 1919 100 years Hungarian Revolution


28th of March 1939 - 80 years of the end of the Spanish Civil War


Second half of March 1919 - 100 Years - Egyptian Revolution (Egyptian Section)





1st of April 1939 - 80th death day of A. Makarenko


11th of. April 1985 - Death Day of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Section)


12th of April 1923 - Ernst Aust - 96th birthday (German Section)


13th of April 1919 - 100 years Bavarian Soviet Republic (German Section)


19 April 1919 - 100 years - Black Sea mutiny - Andre Marty


16. April 1886 - 133. Birthday of von Ernst Thälmann (German Section)


22nd of April 1870 - 149th birthday of Lenin (Russian Section)





First May (!) International fighting day of the working class (obligatory greeting message of every Section)


Bloody May in Berlin 1929 - 90 years (German Section)


May Day 1919 - 100 years ago - USA (Section USA)


16th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU (First May 2003)


2nd of May - 500 years Leonardo da Vinci


5th of May 1818 - 201st birthday of Karl Marx


5th of May - Memorial Day of the Heroes of Albania (Albanian Section)


9th of May 1945 - Victory over the Hitler-Nazis - 74th anniversary


11 May 1939 - 80 years - Japanese-Soviet Manchuria War


21st of May 1889 - 130th anniversary of the German Miners' strike (German Section)


25th of May 1963 - 56th anniversary of the African Liberation Day


28 May, 2017 2nd anniverary of the refoundation of "The Red Peasant International"





26th of June 1869 - 150th anniversary of. A. Nexö


17th of June - 8th of July 1924 - 95th anniversary of the 5th Congress of the Comintern


June 22, 1941 - Beginning of the Great Patriotic War (78th anniversary)


27 June 1949 - 70 years - Australian Coal Strike





1 July  1889 - 130th birthday - Vera Ignatyevna Mukhina - Soviet sculptor


10th of July 1943 - 76 years: founding of the Albanian People's Army (Albanian Section)


July 13, 1909 Pressed Steel Car Strike (Section USA)


14 July 1889 - 130 years - The Second International formed in Paris


Juli 1936 – 83rd anniversary Spanish Civil War


July 1924 - 95th anniversary of the founding of the "RFB" - Red Front Fighters' League and its refoundation in July 2019 (German Section)

We will found the "World Red Front" in July 2019 !!

( world organisation of militant anti-fascist action)





"Red Summer of 1919" - 100 years Racial riots USA (Section USA)


5th of August 1895 - 124th Death Day of Friedrich Engels


5th and 6th of August 1929 - 90 years Lupeni strike in Romania


8th of August 1869 - 150th anniversary of the founding of the first Marxist Party (German Section)


14 August 1889 130 years London Docker Strike


18th of August 1944 - 75th death day of Ernst Thaelmann (German Section)


23rd of August 1939 - 80 years German-Soviet Treaty


25th of August 1985 - 34th Death Day of Ernst Aust (German Section)





80 years - 1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War


1st of September - International Day against imperialist wars


"Centenary of the revolutionary year 1919 in the USA - founding of the CPUSA on 1st of September" (Section USA)


September 1934 - Textile Strikes (1930 - 1939) (Section USA)


20 - 27 September Global Climate Strike

(all Sections active in their country)


23rd of September 1979 - 40th death day of Hysni Kapo (Albanian Section)


26 September  1849 - 170th birthday of Ivan Pavlov


28 September 1864 - 155th anniversary of the founding of the First International (IAA)





1st of October 2014 - 5th anniversary of the ICS

7 October 1879 - 140th birthday of Joe Hill (Section USA)


10 - 16 October 1923 - 96 years - founding of the Red Peasant International (Krestintern)


13 October 1969 - 50 years Miners's strike UK


16th of October 1908 - 111th birthday of Enver Hoxha (Albanian Section)


20th of October 1944 - 75 years liberation of Yugoslavia (Yugoslav Section)


24 October 1929 - 90 years - Great Depression (Section USA)


29 October 1919 - 100 years ILO - instrument of world capitalism


1899 - 1901 - 110 years - "Boxer" Rebellion in China (Chinese Section YCI)





7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 102nd Anniversary


7th of November 2nd anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH) (Russian Section)


7th of November, 2009 - 10 years "Platform of the Comintern (SH)"


8th of November 1941 - 78th anniversary - Foundation of the PLA (Albanian Section)


8th of November - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)


9th of November 1918 - 101 Years November-Revolution in Germany (German Section)


17th of November 1869 -150 years Suez-Canal (Egyptian Section)


20th November 1919 - 100th Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI


23rd of November 1941 - 78th anniversary of Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania (Albanian Setion)


- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International


28th of November 1820 - 199th Birthday of Friedrich Engels


29th of November 1944 - 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania (Albanian Section)





1st of December 1934 - 85th day of death of Kirov (Russian Section)


16 December 1929 90 years - Rothbury riot - Australia


18th of December - International Migrants Day


21st of December 1879 - 139th Birthday of Stalin (Georgian Section)


end of December 1929 - ILD - fourth national convention - publishing all the ILD-Documents (Section USA)


31st December 2000 - 19 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH) (obligatory greeting message of all Sections)


31. 12. 1968 - 51st anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML (German Section)


101st anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)




The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2019 as the

"100 Years of the Comintern"

on occasion of the founding of the Comintern in 1919





World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists.

World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.


If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)


سٹالنزم ، ہوکسزازم زندہ باد پائندہ باد
(اردو) (Urdu)


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجية (Arab language)




1919 - 2019

100 Years Comintern


"Essentially the Communist International did not fall - lives on till this day and will also live on in future!"




The Comintern (SH) is the global voice of the world revolution.

And the Sections of the Comintern (SH) are the voice of the world revolution in their country.

The Comintern (SH) is the holy of holies of the world proletariat .

01. 01. 2019