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1917 2017

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100 years ago

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First May, 1917 - in Russia


- an important step on the way towards the victory of the October Revolution -


It took 100 years to pay tribute to the great international importance of this world event.
In 1917, the first time, the May Day was officially recognized as an official holiday in Russia. This was one of the first great achievements of the February revolution.
At the same time, May Day 1917 in Russia was the most powerful May Day in world history.

For the first time the Russian workers gathered in Warsaw on May 1 and not in Russia, where May 1 was forbidden. This was in 1890. All mass demonstrations, strikes and rallies on 1 May had to be organized as illegal actions since then and were massively suppressed by the tsarist counterrevolution - until Tsarism was overthrown by the February Revolution in 1917. With the liberation from Czarism, the 1st May Day in Russia became the most progressive May Day in the world.

Hundreds of thousands of workers, soldiers, civil servants, people of different professions walked in the streets of Russia, even the peasants in villages. Above their heads the red flags and the "Marseillaise" on their lips - namely in Russian language. May 1, 1917, became a symbol of international proletarian solidarity- coming from Russia. Everywhere on the squares in Petersburg, Moscow and other cities, the demonstrators met on rallies. May 1 (April 18) in Russia was officially called "World's Day of Labour and Fraternity of Peoples".

On the banners was read:

"Fight for the 8-Hour Day"

"Long live international solidarity!"

"Proletarians of all countries, unite!"

"For land and freedom!"

"Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces!"

"Down with the imperialist war!"

"Down with the Constituent Assembly and the Mensheviks!"

"Peace without annexations and contributions!"


For most Russians it was the first time in 1917 that they participated in the demonstrations and rallies on May 1. It was mainly the overthrow of Tsarism which was celebrated on May Day. This event left a deep impression not only on the active participants, but moreover on the whole people and among all nationalities. We like to mention the unique event in the history of the revolutionary world movement that representatives of the clergy and the bourgeoisie were marching under the revolutionary banners and red flags of the Bolsheviks. On that day, the workers had carried along even some class enemies. But not everywhere. There were also a wide spread amount of groupings with hostile political positions, namely from the followers of the Mensheviks, to the "defenders of the fatherland" and the entire bourgeois camp, up to the monarchists who carried the banner: "War until the bitter end!"

May Day was celebrated all over the country, especially at symbolic places of the revolutionary workers' movement. These were not a few sad places of the massacres of tsarist counterrevolution against the Russian labor movement. Thus, May 1, 1917 in Russia was in particular a memorial day to the victims of the revolution.

There were also celebrations in unusual places, as for example on the Volga - on specially chartered Volga ships.

The 1st of May was held in times of war, which is why a great many Russian soldiers gathered on May 1st. The movement of the workers, peasants and soldiers began on May 1, 1917, in Russia and from here, the Councils Movement spread throughout the world.

Until today, the May Day 1917 in Russia, is of great importance for all following May Days which took place in the period of imperialist wars. Instead of being able to take part in the May celebrations in their homeland, the workers of the belligerent countries shed their blood for the profit of the capitalists. At the front, the Russian soldiers organized May meetings, and not infrequently together with delegates of soldiers of the enemy armies, especially the German soldiers. And, for example, in the French army, the soldiers on the Russian front, together with the Bolsheviks, held rallies with the call for peace and the brotherhood of the peoples. The French soldiers wrote on their banners: "For a free, democratic and socialist Russia!" The fraternization of the soldiers on the front - this was one of the most important factors in the struggle for peace, for revolution and socialism.

Those who did not receive a home leave on 1 May decorated the trenches with red ribbons and flags on the day of the world proletariat. All hopes of the soldiers were concentrated on the ending of the war.

Where had the German revolutionary leaders been on May 1, 1917?

Rosa Luxemburg spent three years and four months in prison between 1915 and 1918. Karl Liebknecht was confined to gaol from 23 August 1916 to 23 October 1918. Ernst Thälmann was at the war front from where he deserted in October 1918. Later on, they all were killed by the counter-revolution. It was above all the revolutionary comrades, the workers and peasants in the armor-gown on the front, who became the driving force for ending the war, for a lasting peace between the peoples and thus for the transition of all countries to socialism. They were the bravest pioneers of the world revolution, and many of them lost their life at the fronts of the imperialist world war. These comrades, these workers and peasants must never be forgotten in our today's struggle for the socialist world revolution.

The May demonstrations had been still relatively peaceful - the end of tsarist tyranny was finally celebrated by all together. But immediately after that, the various political camps polarized increasingly. There were unrest, protests, armed conflicts, revolts, and insurrections, which had been mainly provoked by the increasing brutality of the counter-revolutionary actions of the new bourgeois Provisional Government.

May 1, 1917, in Russia, is one of the rare and short moments in the history of the class struggle, which are extremely instructive for the lessons of scientific socialism. The tsarist regime had been overthrown by the revolution of the oppressed and exploited classes and had to be replaced by the rule of the bourgeoisie. For a short transitional period, the February Revolution had created a certain "power vacuum" between the exploiting classes and the exploited classes. The terrorist regime of Tsarism had indeed been crushed, and the bourgeoisie (Provisional Government of the Capitalists) was not yet strong enough to stop the revolutionary storm of the oppressed and exploited classes of Russia. But the working class, on its part, was still too weak at that moment to establish its own political power. In this situation of "double domination," Lenin prepared the Bolsheviki for the transition from the bourgeois to the socialist revolution.

In a fraction of a historical period, that is to say, in the time of the double domination of April 1917, Lenin took in consideration the possibility of a peaceful victory in the revolution , namely on certain conditions. At the Petrograd city conference of the SDAPR (B), Lenin stated:

"The Conference takes cognisance of the fact that in no other belligerent country in the world is there such freedom as there now is in Russia, or such revolutionary mass organisations as the Soviets of Workers’, Soldiers’, Peasants’, and other Deputies; and that nowhere else in the world, therefore, can the transfer of the entire state power to the actual majority of the people, i.e., to the workers and poor peasants, be achieved so easily and so peacefully. (Lenin, collected works, Volume 24, page 165).

Lenin did not call to an uprising against the Provisional Government, which at that moment still enjoyed the confidence of the majority of the Soviets. He did not propagate its armed overthrow. Lenin's tactics, in consideration of the concrete historical situation, consisted in winning the majority in the Soviets by agitation and propaganda, so as to change the policies of the Soviets by the Soviets themselves - against the government. This was Lenin's attitude toward a peaceful development of the revolution. However, when the Provisional Government ordered its armed counter-revolution against the people and thus entered into its crisis of confidence, Lenin immediately demanded the end of double domination under the slogan "All power to the Soviets." In view of the changed situation, the Bolshevik Party decided to change her tactics and prepared the armed October uprising in order to overthrow the power of the bourgeoisie and to establish the Soviet power. This was Lenin's revolutionary way of ending the imperialist world war , namely by the violent socialist revolution and the establishment of the armed dictatorship of the proletariat.
And this is also our Stalinist-Hoxhaist revolutionary way of preventing a new imperialist world war and paving the way to the violent socialist world revolution.

Do we again have such a short historical transitional situation of a certain "power vacuum" between the exploiting classes and the exploited classes - as can be compared with the time of 1 May 1917 in Russia? Of course not. In the contrary. Capitalism is world wide in the offensive against the exploited and oppressed classes who alone have to bear the heavy burdens of the world crisis.

Today we are witnessing in the world the imminent outbreak of a new world war and the transition to world fascism - thus the Coming Up of the darkest period in history of mankind.

The slogan of May 1, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Russian May 1, 1917, can therefore not be others than this:



"The only way out is a world workers’ revolution"

(Lenin, 22. April [5. May] 1917)










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Long live world communism !



Long live the red May Day !

The day of the international class-struggle of the world proletariat !




Portugal - Germany - Georgia - Albania - Greece


Yugoslavia --- China



Long live the socialist world revolution !




International fighting day of the world proletariat

May Day in Pictures




special Website:

International Workers Day


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Historical events of the 

international revolutionary movement


131 Years Ago


Haymarket Massacre


Chicago 1886


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The world revolution cannot please everybody on earth.

The Comintern (SH) always supports only the exploited and oppressed, while we combat the overt and covert enemies of the exploited and oppressed.

It is therefore necessary to choose:

either with us, with the world proletariat and poor peasants for the world revolution, or with the World Capitalists and Agrarian Mafia against the world revolution.


Comintern (SH)

May Day 2017






in Albanian language

thanks to our Albanian comrades





Sayers / Kahn




Comintern (SH) and YCI (SH)


in Action !

April 15, 2017

Report in German language



thanks to our Spanish comrades

The leader of the German workers

New York - 1934




NEW Publications

of the Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)


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Long live comrade Lenin’s 147th anniversary!


22 April, 1870 – 22 April, 2017



Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of comrade Lenin’s 147th anniversary

22 April, 1870 – 22 April, 2017

Today we celebrate the 147th birthday of Lenin.

We greet the Leninists all over the world.

The deep change since the victory of the October Revolution - which was led by Lenin - proves the invincible, revolutionary force of the ideas of Leninism. All the great victories of the period under the leadership of Stalin, under the leadership of the Comintern, and also of the period of socialist Albania under the leadership of Enver Hoxha took place under the great banner of Leninism.

Lenin and his work are immortal. They will live on everywhere and forever. On the 147th birthday of Lenin we put in the center the "April Theses" of 1917 and we publish them in 22 languages of the world.


After 100 years ...


The Significance of Lenin's


April Theses 1917


There were 10 important points made:


The war being fought is an imperialist war and a peaceful, democratic ending to the war will only be possible if capital is overthrown. With "particular thoroughness, persistence and patience" this has to be explained to the masses.


The unfolding revolution is passing from the first stage where power was put into the hands of the bourgeoisie to the second stage where power must be placed into the hands of the proletariat and the poorest section of the peasants.


No support for the provisional Government, "a government of capitalists".


Recognition that the Bolsheviks were a small minority in the Soviet and therefore it was necessary for a "patient, systematic and persistent explanation" of the errors of the other parties. At the same time to preach of the need to transfer "the entire state power to the Soviets of Workers Deputies."


Not a parliamentary republic but a republic of Soviets of Workers', Agricultural Labourers' and Peasants' Deputies. No standing army but an armed people. Elected officials subject to recall and paid the same as a competent worker.


Confiscation of all landed estates and nationalisation of all lands in the country.


Banks to be amalgamated into a single bank under the control of the Soviet of Workers' Deputies.


Social production and distribution of products under the control of the Soviets.


Convocation of a Party Congress. Change Party programme on the imperialist war, the state and the minimum programme. Change of name to Communist Party.


A new International.


* * *

The historical significance of Lenin's theses is that they equipped the party with a theoretically grounded, concrete plan for approaching the transition from the bourgeois to the socialist revolution. When Lenin presented his April ideas, the bourgeoisie declared him mad. But Lenin proved to be the leader of the victorious overthrow of the bourgeoisie. And today ? Today, the Comintern (SH) is declared "crazy" because we fight for the implementation of the Apriltheses on a global scale under the conditions of globalization.


The implementation of

Lenin's Apriltheses

under today's conditions of globalization,

adopted by the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 100th anniversary

of Lenin's Apriltheses.

April 2017


Apriltheses of the Comintern (SH)



Today, the wars being fought are wars of world imperialism and a peaceful, democratic ending to the wars of world imperialism will only be possible if world capital is overthrown. With "particular thoroughness, persistence and patience" this has to be explained to the masses all over the world.


The socialist world revolution of today is passing from the current stage of the world power of the bourgeoisie to the second stage where power must be placed into the hands of the world proletariat and the poorest section of the peasants on a world scale.


No support for the bourgeois governments of all countries, " governments in the service of world imperialism".



Recognition that the Comintern (SH) is a small minority in the world and therefore it is necessary for a "patient, systematic and persistent explanation" of the errors of the other parties. At the same time we propagate the need to transfer "the entire state power to the Soviets Deputies of the Workers, Peasants and Soldiers on a global scale."


Not a parliamentary world republic but a world republic of Soviets of Workers', Agricultural Labourers' and Peasants' Deputies. No armies of the world bourgeoisie but a red army of the world proletariat and the peoples. Elected officials subject to recall and paid the same as a competent worker - on a world scale.


Global confiscation of all landed estates and centralized internationalisation of all lands all over the world.


Banks of all countries to be amalgamated into a single world bank under the control of the global Soviet of Workers' Deputies.


Social production and distribution of products under the global control of the Soviets.


Convocation of a Congress of the Comintern (SH). Party programme for the overthrow of dictatorship of world imperialism and establishing the dictatorship of the world proletariat.


The Comintern (SH) and her Sections guide the establishment of the world socialist system and its implementation in every country of the world.


* * *


In the present situation of the world crisis of capitalism and the deep contradictions within the camp of world imperialism, the revolutionary communist world movement will develop increasingly. The victory of the proletarian world revolution which began under the banner of Marxism-Leninism will be crowned under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Let us defend the Leninist banner against all revisionists, neo-revisionists and other anti-communists who try to slander comrade Lenin and to destroy his immortal teachings on imperialism. But just as the modern revisionists failed to accomplish this in the past, the neo-revisionists will also fail to accomplish this in the future.

Today, the Comintern (SH) is the only true defender not only of comrade Lenin, but also of all other Classics, because it is impossible to defend one of the Classics without equally defending also all others without exception. To reject one of them means to reject all of them, it means to reject the lessons of all them as a whole. Based on the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, we march resolutely towards the socialist world revolution, towards the world proletarian dictatorship, towards world socialism and world communism.

Long live comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Leninism – an infallible signpost for the world socialist revolution!

Down with all anti-Leninists, revisionists and neo-revisionists!

Let’s rebuild the Comintern, let’s continue comrade Lenin’s work!

Long live the 1917 Great October Revolution!

Long live world armed, proletarian, socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Comintern (SH)

April 22, 2017


Lenin - Announcement of his famous April Theses 1917

 Lénine - Annonce Avril 1917 sa fameuse thèse

Lenine – Anúncio das suas famosas Teses de Abril de 1917

 Lenin - Anuncio de abril de 1917 su famosa tesis

Lenin - Verkündung seiner berühmten Aprilthesen 1917

The April Conference

(now in 22 languages of the world)



special website

Long live comrade Lenin’s 147th anniversary!

April 22, 2017

( new publications of the Comintern [SH] in different languages)

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Lenin -

the great leader of the October Revolution

(new collection of pictures)




LENIN his life and work




On Lenin






in Turkish language

Enver Hoca.



«Yıldız Yayınevi:1», Istanbul, 1979







Enver Hoxha on Religion




The Party of Labour of Albania on the Building and the Life of the Party


The "Nentori" - Publishing House



Principle of universal value for the revolution and the construction of socialism

From Albania Today, 1977, No 2



Vladimir Visja

Albania Today, 1978, No 3



Establishment and Prospects of Development of Socialist Industry in the People's Republic of Albania

Hasan Banja




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The anti-Albanian activity of reactionary clergy

Viron Koka

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Freedom of Conscience

Albania Today; 1974, No 2



"Albania Today"





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Atheist periodical



No 3 - 1930




No 5 - 1930




105 Years Ago ...


Historical events of the revolutionary world movement


17 April 1912









"Albania Today" - No 2 / 1975













8th Congress of the B.P.S.H








the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism

died on April 11, 1985

at 2.15 h



Messages of Solidarity


Message to the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 32nd anniversary of death

of comrade Enver Hoxha

April 11, 1985 – April 11, 2017


We greet all comrades

of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH),

all Albanian communists, workers and poor peasants,

all Stalinist-Hoxhaists, revolutionaries, workers and toilers all over the world !

Today, we are in mourning over the grave loss of Comrade Enver Hoxha, the Fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism, whose heart stopped beating on April 11th 1985.

Comrade Enver Hoxha is the beloved son and leader of the heroic Albanian working class and the Albanian people. Comrade Enver Hoxha was supreme commander of the Liberation Army which defeated the fascist occupation, transformed the people's revolution victoriously into the socialist revolution, established the dictatorship of the proletariat and guided Albania to full developed socialism. Comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, was the leader of the world proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist world movement after the death of Stalin.

On occasion of its centenary, we publish some lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha on the world historical significance of the October Revolution .

Enver Hoxha called the October Revolution:


"The greatest event in world history, the beginning of a new era of human development, the era of the destruction of the capitalist world system, the era of the triumph of socialism."

"As Lenin predicted, the October Revolution was followed by millions of people, and socialism became a world system."

"The national liberation struggle of the colonial peoples developed under the influence of the October Revolution. The socialist October revolution of brought a death blow to the colonial system of imperialism."

"The great socialist October revolution is the embodiment of the immortal Leninist principles of proletarian internationalism.The Socialist October Revolution was a mammoth revolution not only in the field of economic and socio-political relations, but also a revolution in the sense of the working class ideology. It achieved the greatest victory of Marxism-Leninism over the bourgeois ideology, the ideology of opportunism and reformism. The October Revolution was a blow of Marxism-Leninism against revisionists, social-chauvinists and reactionary ideology of nationalism. The revolution of October, tore down the Second International, this the servant of the bourgeoisie and world imperialism and this enemies of the proletariat and the international workers movement."

"As a result of our national liberation war, the people of Albania liberated their country from foreign invaders under the influence of the October Revolution. If there would have been no victory of the October revolution, if the Soviet government would not have existed, and if Lenin would not have published the secret treaties and thus revealed the true face of imperialist purposes, then the victory of our people would not have been possible."

"Just at a time when the movement of the Albanian people for democratic rights reached the climax under the influence of the Socialist October revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the glorious Bolshevik party and the first socialist state, dies the greatest friend of the Albanian people. By the initiative of the progressive deputies there were five minutes of silence in the Parliament in memory of the great Lenin. There was no such thing in any parliament in the world. Soon after, the insurgents' forces conquered various cities and centers of Albania. On the 10th of June, the Albanian capital fell into the hands of the insurgents, and on the same day the insurrection prevailed all over the country.
Immediately after the fall of the feudal regime, a democratic government was formed, which was the most advanced government in the Balkans at that time.

Only a few days after its founding, the government had decided to establish regular diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union.
The Albanian government was the first government to recognize the Soviet Union, and vice versa, the Soviet Union was the first and only country to recognize the Albanian Democratic government.
The counterrevolution began in December 1924 with the direct support of the Yugoslav armed forces and mercenaries of the White Guard. The democratic government was overthrown and replaced by the oppressive, feudal-bourgeois regime of Ahmet Zogu. This regime liquidated all the democratic freedoms the masses had gained in the June Revolution and opened the doors to the imperialism of the West. But in the Albanian people the revolutionary spirit of the October revolution could not be extinguished. The Albanian people were firmly convinced that Albania would one day regain its freedom and national independence, and to overthrow the power of landlords and capitalists. The workers' movement awoke with the October Revolution. There were the first strikes of the working class in various industrial centers in the country. The largest and most organized strikes at this time were the strikes of the miners in Vlora Selenice, which began in 1923 and ended with the victory of the workers. Under the Zogu regime and by the exploitation of Italian imperialists, working conditions were so bad that they did not differ from those in the colonial countries. The workers worked 12 to 14 hours a day and in some cases up to 16 hours. The tyrannical Zogu regime could not prevent the news of the free life and work of the workers and peasants in the Soviet Union. Since the first years after the founding of the feudal bourgeois regime of King Zogu, Communist ideas and news about life in the Soviet Union have been spreading.

Since 1928 the first Communist cells have been founded in Korca. In 1929 the first communist groups were founded in Albania.
Ali Kelmendi has organized the further development of the communist movement in our country. Some Communist comrades went to the Soviet Union after the defeat of the democratic forces in 1924. There they learned the Marxist-Leninist ideas and returned to Albania in the years 1930-1933. These comrades received instructions from the Comintern.
Since 1936, also other communist groups in Albania, such as those in Shkodra, were founded. Under most difficult conditions of illegality, the communist groups in Albania organized the class struggle.In the light of the candles the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin were secretly translated and the teachings of the October revolution illegally spread in Albania. In the school of the Great October Revolution were educated revolutionaries of our country. Communists and workers secretly listened Radio Moscow in cellars and spread the news from the Soviet Union through oral propaganda. Many members of the communist groups, workers, students and intellectuals were arrested, exiled, and persecuted for propaganda against the regime and against fascism, especially because of organizing Soviet propaganda. But this anti-communist terror could not break the love and confidence of our people in the Soviet Union.

Our people continued to believe in the Soviet Union when Fascist Italy had cruelly attacked our country in April 1939. The Albanian people organized the resistance and welcomed the fascist invaders with rifles.
Neither populism nor terror, neither the assimilation policy nor the colonization of the Italian fascists couldforce our people to their knees. Under the leadership of the Communists, the masses, patriots and the Albanian youth began with demonstrations, strikes, unrest, sabotage, assassinations. They made the first bold steps to armed resistance to the enemies. In 1941 Hitler-Germany attempted to destroy the achievements of the October Revolution with his attack on the Soviet Union.
The entry of the Soviet Union into the war gave the impetus for the resistance of the Albanian people against the occupiers and traitors. With the Soviet Union, the Second World War turned into an anti-imperialist war.

"Long live the Albanian people! Long live the Soviet Union! Long live the Red Army, the liberation of the oppressed peoples!" [Call of a communist group in August 1941]

"All our people, workers, peasants, patriotic intellectuals, youth and women of Albania, under the leadership of the Communist Party, took up arms and fought heroically and selflessly as never before.
Strengthened by the historic victories of the Soviet army, Albania's glorious partisans organized the war of liberation against Hitler's hordes under extremely difficult conditions and in a disproportionate balance of power. We defeated the fascist invaders of Italy and Germany and the internal traitors. The Albanian people freed themselves from centuries of slavery. On the 29th of November 1944, our people were the masters of their own country for the first time.
After the liberation of our homeland, our people's armies continued the struggle against the Hitler invaders outside the borders, in the countries of Yugoslavia. Thus we fulfilled our high international duty.
Our Albanian partisans fought, and shed their blood, side by side with the Yugoslav partisans in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Metohija for the liberation of the peoples of Yugoslavia."

"We have said again and again that our successes have been made possible primarily because the Party of Labor Albania has faithfully and creatively implemented Marxism - Leninism and the fundamental doctrines of the great socialist October revolution.
Our socialism is based on the experience, the help and support of the first socialist state in the world, the USSR.
The socialist construction in Albania is a prove to Lenin's statement that the October revolution was not a specifically national revolution, but had assumed an international character. The teachings of the October revolution have retained their international significance up to this day."

"The universal significance of the general laws, the fundamental lessons of the October revolution, are:
The leadership of the party of the working class, guided by the Marxist-Leninist science in all its activities, a party in unity with the masses, a party that teaches the masses Marxism-Leninism, a party which leads the working class and the toiling masses to the overthrow of capitalism and to the construction of socialism. The political power of the bourgeoisie can only be smashed by the socialist revolution. To build socialist society, the working class needs its political power, that is, the dictatorship of the proletariat over the landlords and the bourgeoisie, based on a solid alliance between the working class and the peasantry. The October revolution thus creates the prerequisite for the nationalization of industry and gradual collectivization of agriculture. In this way, social ownership increases with the most important means of production. The development of the economy and socialist culture is planned on the basis of maximum satisfaction of the needs of the people. The October revolution was the prerequisite for the creation of the socialist state. The party conducts the class struggle to defend the victory of revolution and acts faithfully according to the principles of proletarian internationalism."

"The basic teachings of the October revolution apply to all communist and workers' parties and all countries. However, these teachings must be modified according to the particular conditions of each country. No Marxist claims that all Soviet experience should be dogmatically and mechanically applied. Only enemies of today's Marxism-Leninism, only revisionists preach the nationalist "specific path of socialism" on the pretext of allegedly "avoiding" the mechanical copying of the Soviet experience. With the propagation of the national character of the "specific way of socialism", the revisionists consciously try to liquidate the universal doctrines of the October revolution. The road that we have gone up to today is the road of the October revolution, the road of the Soviet Union. The Party of Labour of Albania has creatively implemented the teachings of the October and the experience of socialist construction in the Soviet Union, namely not mechanically, but according to our particular circumstances.
The Party of Labour of Albania is a new-type party, the only party of the working class and the working masses who followed faithfully the way which the Communist Party of the Soviet Union had paved."

"Today, the Albanian people enjoy full freedom and independence and the building of a new life, socialism. The victories of our country are based on the most important doctrines of the October Social Revolution, are the result of the triumph of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism."

"Despite the bourgeois howls "about the crisis of communism" there is no force in the world to stop the destruction of the old capitalist system, there is no force in the world to prevent the historical development of mankind to communism: The socialist October revolution has triumphed, and will always triumph.
The great October revolution paved the way for a powerful Soviet state. The October Revolution is the great lighthouse that illuminates the way to the liberation of the peoples. With every new day, the ideas of socialism fill more and more hearts and souls of millions of people all over the world. The struggle against the hated colonial system of imperialism is seething among the oppressed peoples of Asia and Africa. At the head of the world proletariat, the communist and workers' parties march along the path of the great socialist October revolution. The Communist and workers' parties of all countries raise the glorious banner of Marxism-Leninism, the victorious banner of the October social revolution." (Excerpts of Enver Hoxha: "INFLUENCE OF THE SOCIALIST OCTOBER REVOLUTION ON ALBANIA" - November 1957)

October Revolution – lest we forget ! You are immortal ! We proletarian internationalists don' t give up the fight for your rebirth ! We do not capitulate as the Neo-Revisionists have done so shamefully ! We are the invincible and true banner bearers of Comrade Enver Hoxha ! The victory is ours!”

We swear that we will victoriously continue the struggle of Comrade Enver Hoxha.

We raise the global banner of Comrade Enver Hoxha !

We raise our internationalist fist for Comrade Enver Hoxha!

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha – the glorious 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Comrade Enver is immortal – his red revolutionary genius enlightens our path towards the victorious world socialist revolution!

He will live forever in hearts and minds of every oppressed and exploited worker and of every communist!

All capitalist-revisionist lies and calumnies will never erase comrade Enver's glorious legacy!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Death to world capitalist-imperialist order and to its revisionist, neo-revisionist and social-fascist lackeys!

Long live world armed proletarian, socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender of comrade Enver’s revolutionary, proletarian legacy!


Comintern (SH)

April 11, 2017




special website

32nd Day of Death


also available in German language




special website





"Albania Today" - No 1 / 1977



Aspects of the socialist construction in the PSR of Albania

- and the crisis of capitalism

Tirana 1978








Overthrow of the bloody- Assad-Regime !


Long live the solidarity with the liberation struggle of the Arab Peoples !

The Arab Spring is invincible !

Long live proletarian internationalism !


Overthrow of the whole world imperialist system - in every country of the world !


Long live the socialist world revolution !



Comment of our Spanish comrade



The 3 butchers have their hands full of blood, the 3 criminals and their partners in crime, must be destroyed, the attack of American imperialism represents another attack in a prolonged inter-imperialist war of attrition, increased by the difference of interests and the worsening of the contradictions between imperialist blocs and other reactionary powers that during this war have created and still manufacturing phantom armies, false flag attacks and inhuman aberrations, that are fighting for their own class interests, for the control of human, natural and material resources, to enslave to the peoples who are truly fighting for their national liberation and the proletarian revolution.Any support for each of these 3 criminals and their partners in crime is an unforgivable insult to the principles of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, we must support the peoples and forces that are truly struggling to break the chains of imperialism and revisionism.

In no case one could it be described as a popular democratic revolution to the reactionary regime of the butcher Bashar Al Assad, puppet of Russian imperialism and previously puppet of Soviet social-imperialism, and the same regime was also established in power by a coup d'etat. He also actively collaborated with US imperialism in the 1991 Gulf War.

Who supports 3 criminals is an enemy of the people. Each criminal deserves his corresponding punishment, there is no pity for that hydra of 3 heads.


* * *


"The war has been brought about by the ruling classes and only a revolution of the working class can end it.”

Lenin, collected works, Volume 24, page 420, English edition).

The world proletarian revolution is the only escape from the horrors of a world slaughter.“ (Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 28, page 287, English version).

* * *

"The superpowers are the main enemy of socialism, freedom and independence of nations - individually or jointly to the same extent and at the same level -, they are the largest force in defense of the systems of oppressors and exploiters. The danger of a third world war mainly emanates from them." (Enver Hoxha: „Report to the VII. Party Congress“, English edition).

With all their great power and wealth, with all their modern means of warfare, the superpowers are not able to subjugate the peoples and countries, even small ones, if the latter are determined to fight to the end and make any sacrifice. It confirmed the thesis that freedom and independence are won and defended with the gun, through struggle, that the strategy of the national liberation people's war is a strategy that ensures victory. (Enver Hoxha, 7th Congress of the PLA)

* * *

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the liberation of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of world imperialist war, is the doctrine of world-proletarian class war for the final liberation from the violent rule of the world-bourgeoisie, is the doctrine of the victory of socialism over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the doctrine of the military protection of the global domination of the proletariat.

“Turn the rifles around against the warmongers!” - This is the concrete revolutionary slogan of the liberation struggle of all oppressed and exploited classes in the world, in general, and that of the proletariat in particular.

Our opinion on the war in Syria

September 1, 2016


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of the world socialist revolution

"Turn the rifles around !"

20 military guiding principles of the Comintern (SH)

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Die Wahrheit über Sowjetrussland

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Discours de Lénine à la Conférence provinciale du Parti communiste






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28th anniversary of the October Revolution


Speech - 6th of November 1945 - Pravda issue 150





March 27, 1922 - April 2, 1922






Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)


95th anniversary of the XI Congress of the RCP (B)


March 27, 1922 - March 27, 2017


Dear comrades !

The 11th Congress was the fourth main chain link, which the Bolsheviks had successfully tackled since the October Revolution.

a) The main chain link in 1917 was the withdrawal from the imperialist First World War.

b) In the years 1919 and 1920, the main chain link, which had to be tackled, that was the military resistance to the counter-revolution and to the intervention by the imperialist world powers.

c) In 1921, it was about the NEP retreat to maintain proletarian order and to maintain Soviet power by strengthening the alliance with the peasants.

d) And in 1922 it was necessary to end the period of the NEP retreat and to go into the offensive for the construction of socialism. This task was discussed and decided on the 11th Congress of the RCP (B).

The XI Congress was the last congress on which Lenin took part. Despite his illness, Lenin gave the political accountability report. In this, he exercised Bolshevik criticism and self-criticism about the results of the NEP (New Economic Policy).

What was the main task of the NEP?

The main task of the NEP was to build up the economic basis of socialism with the help of the peasants, that is, to combine the peasants' merchandize economy with the large-scale socialist production. In this temporary transition period, 5 different socio-economic forms did co-exist:

1) the old patriarchal peasant economy (natural economy)

2) small production (the majority of grain farmers)

3) private capitalism

4) state capitalism

5) socialism

It was Lenin's chief concern to secure the combination of the socialist industry and the peasant economy.

This merger goes slowly, but once it gets underway, "such an acceleration of this movement will begin, of which we can not even dream of at the moment." (Lenin)

At the party congress Lenin spoke frankly about the difficulties which occured during the implementation of the NEP, and he said:

"The whole point is that the responsible Communists, even the best of them, who are unquestionably honest and loyal, who in the old days suffered penal servitude and did not fear death, do not know how to trade, because they are not businessmen, they have not learnt to trade, do not want to learn and do not understand that they must start learning from the beginning. Communists, revolutionaries who have accomplished the greatest revolution in the world, on whom the eyes of, if not forty pyramids, then, at all events, forty European countries are turned in the hope of emancipation from capitalism, must learn from ordinary salesmen. But these ordinary salesmen have had ten years’ warehouse experience and know the business, whereas the responsible Communists and devoted revolutionaries do not know the business, and do not even realise that they do not know it."

In all the preceding periods, the Bolshevik Party was the decisive lever for the overthrow of tsarism and the bourgeoisie, for the conquest of the political power of the proletariat. These were periods of revolutionary upheaval. This changed with the victory of the October revolution. From now on, it was necessary to protect the October revolution and to build up the proletarian state and to take over economical tasks. If it was necessary in the past to smash the old state order, it became now necessary to establish a new state order, and create a new economical order. We recommend the study the writing of Stalin: "The Party Before and After Taking Power" (August 28, 1921).

After the proletariat has taken power, the party did not stop to be a revolutionary party ( as some "left" radicals claimed), but rather protected the revolution by consolidating the dictatorship of the proletariat. This is no different in the socialist world revolution. A proletarian party of the revolutionary overthrow of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie remains a revolutionary party only if it is ready and able to turn into a party of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

At the 11th Congress, the Bolshevik Party had thus to fight against such elements in its own ranks, which had not yet understood or did not want to understand that the party of the October Revolution had meanwhile become a party which paves the way towards socialism. Instead of the battle forms of the insurrection and the strike, new economic forms (NEPs) had to be set up to pave the way for socialist construction.

There are also still today "rrr-revolutionary" noisy troublemakers who disqualify this process of transformation of the party into an instrument of the power of the proletariat as "reactionary" and "counterrevolutionary". If the 11th Congress would not have decided to implement the course for the consolidation of the proletarian state, the Soviet power would not have existed anymore after a few days. It was Lenin who, at the 11th Congress, made it clear who was really revolutionary in the implementation of the NEP and who was counter-revolutionary in truth.

It must not be forgotten today that the Bolsheviks had to break totally new ground, where mistakes and deficiencies were unavoidable. Therefore, the 11th Congress of the RCP (B) can be characterized as a Congress of learning from experiences about the first uncertain steps of the transformation from capitalism to socialism in a period of retreat. Today we are lucky not only to learn from the mistakes and shortcomings of the past, but above all from their successful overcoming. Thanks to the historical experience of the 11th Congress, certain mistakes and shortcomings in the construction of world socialism are no longer inevitable. It is an invaluable internationalist contribution by the Bolsheviks, that will infinitely facilitate the creation of world socialism.

We're going to make mistakes unavoidably, too, because we have to break new ground on a global scale. But the Bolsheviks in Russia have shown us that even mistakes on a global scale can be victoriously overcome.

The implementation of the NEP encountered resistance of both the rightist and "leftist" opportunistic elements within the ranks of the Party. The "leftist opposition" attacked Lenin's NEP as so called "betrayal of the October revolution", which would allegedly end up in the "restoration of capitalism". The "left" opposition spread panic about the NEP and put the kiss of death on the Soviet power.

However, Lenin gave them the right answer:

"It is terribly difficult to retreat after a great victorious advance, for the relations are entirely different. During a victorious advance, even if discipline is relaxed, everybody presses forward on his own accord. During a retreat, however, discipline must be more conscious and is a hundred times more necessary, because, when the entire army is in retreat, it does not know or see where it should halt. It sees only retreat; under such circumstances a few panic-stricken voices are, at times, enough to cause a stampede. The danger here is enormous. When a real army is in retreat, machine-guns are kept ready, and when an orderly retreat degenerates into a disorderly one, the command to fire is given, and quite rightly, too." [highlighted by the Comintern (SH)]

And Lenin turned his weapon not only against the "revolutionary" phrases of the "workers' opposition", but also against the open opportunists.

The open, the rightist opportunists, such as Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kanenev, Radek, Bukharin, Rykov, Sokolnikov, and others, did not believe in socialism "in one country." They tried in vain to weaken the socialist position and to strengthen, instead, the position of capitalism. At the congress, Lenin criticized both the "leftist" and the rightist capitulants, rebuffed them and consolidated the unity of the party. The party's purification campaign of 170,000 members, initiated in 1921, had a positive effect on the eleventh Congress, and was an expression of the vigilance and determination of the Bolsheviks. The implementation of the NEP remained strictly under the power of the dictatorship of the proletariat. During the unavoidable economic retreat the workers kept the political reins firmly in hand.

Lenin taught the party not only to march forward in the revolution, but also to master a disciplined, orderly retreat in order to launch an even broader and wider offensive. The further success of the Soviet revolution depended on the support of the peasants, and this support would not have been possible without the NEP. Lenin said:

"We can only reign, if we correctly express, what the people recognize."

"The idea of building communist society exclusively with the hands of the Communists is childish, absolutely childish."

"To build communism with the hands of non-Communists, to acquire the practical ability to do what is economically necessary, we must establish a link with peasant farming; we must satisfy the peasant."

To consolidate the alliance with the masses was, above all, what Lenin demanded from the 11th Congress, namely to pave the way of the masses to the proletarian revolution, to the socialist construction.

Lenin drew the conclusion of the NEP at the eleventh congress, and announced the necessary ending of the NEP:

  "For a year we have been retreating. In the name of the Party we must now call a halt. The purpose pursued by the retreat has been achieved. This period is drawing, or has drawn, to a close. Now our purpose is different -- to regroup our forces... as preparation for the offensive against private capital. "

On the new economic basis the alliance of workers and peasants had consolidated. The kulak banditry was almost completely liquidated. Large industries, transport, banks, land, domestic and foreign trade, that is, all commands remained firmly in the hands of Soviet power. The Bolsheviks had achieved a turn at the economic front, and a slow but sure recovery began in all areas of economic development. The correctness of Lenin's NEP was brilliantly confirmed by the glorious history of the Soviet Union. Lenin was firmly convinced that the socialist elements would be victorious in the course of the struggle against the capitalist elements.

Lenin's NEP was not only calculated for the instantaneous victory over capitalism, but in the perspective for the construction of communism. By means of the NEP, Lenin laid the foundation for the classless society. Lenin had distinctly emphasized this already at the eleventh party congress:

"The economic power in the hands of the proletarian state of Russia is quite sufficient to ensure the transition to communism."

The historical tasks, announced by Lenin at the 11th Party Congress, were put into action under the leadership of Comrade Stalin. Finally, it was Comrade Stalin who put this prediction of Lenin into action when he led the Soviet Union to the threshold of communism "in one country." It was only with the murder of Stalin that the modern revisionists succeeded in destroying this work of Lenin and Stalin. At the suggestion of Lenin, the Central Committee of the Party, at its plenary meeting of 3 April 1922, elected Stalin, the best and most faithful pupil and combatant of Lenin, as Secretary-General of the Central Committee. Since that long time, Stalin continued in this post until his last breath.


Some lessons of the 11th Congress


The catastrophes that had broken out at the time of the 11th Congress proved even more difficult than in the first years after the victory of the October Revolution. These were the consequences of the imperialist war, of the civil war and of the famine, which had put the young Soviet power to a heavy test. With the preceding 10th Congress, under the leadership of Lenin, the Bolsheviks had to carry out a sharp turn from war communism to the NEP. It was a life-and-death struggle, between bourgeoisie and proletariat, between capitalism and socialism. "Who - whom ?" This question had not yet been decided in March 1922, and the initial difficulties had been still not overcome.

If we want to build world socialism, then we will be faced with similar difficulties, because by the victory of the socialist world revolution, the emerging problems will in no case be solved by themselves. The class struggle does not cease with the victory of the socialist world revolution. This teaches us the October Revolution and the Civil War in Russia. There will be a tough, more or less protracted struggle with capitalism throughout the world. The question: "who will win - world capitalism or world socialism?" then cannot be answered with finality. In such a critical phase, AFTER the socialist world revolution has already triumphed, capitalism is no longer strong enough to assert itself, but world socialism is still too weak to completely destroy world capitalism. Already Marx and Engels taught in their Communist Manifesto that it is impossible to destroy capital with one stroke.

This is particularly true of today's conditions of globalization, which is characterized by the worldwide network of capital. World capital can only be destroyed on a world scale, and namely not with one stroke, but piece for piece in a toughest class struggle within every country of the world.

Lenin's NEP was of utmost importance not only for the development of the Soviet Union. The NEP is also important for world socialism. Lenin himself said:

"In fact, this is a task that has to be solved by the socialists all over the world."

If we are forced to make an orderly retreat after the victory of the socialist world revolution in order to be able to mobilize broader masses of the peasants for building up the socialist world, then we will surely draw valuable lessons from the 11th Congress of the RCP (B).

The construction of world socialism can not be made by a drop in the sea, called Comintern (SH), but by the majority of the world's population. As a result, the development of world socialism is likely to be slower, but more solid and secure. Then we must retain control, learning revolutionary patience and keeping our nerve. We must not be misled by people who want to create confusion about a global NEP. For some, world socialism develops not fast enough, and for others, world socialism develops too slowly. Both of these trends involve dangers, which we must face in a Stalinist-Hoxhaist way.


State capitalism in a world socialist state?


Lenin taught:

"On the question of state capitalism, I think that generally our press and our Party make the mistake of dropping into intellectualism, into liberalism; we philosophise about how state capitalism is to be interpreted, and look into old books. But in those old books you will not find what we are discussing; they deal with the state capitalism that exists under capitalism. Not a single book has been written about state capitalism under communism. It did not occur even to Marx to write a word on thissubject; and he died without leaving a single precise statement or definite instruction on it. That is why we must overcome the difficulty entirely by ourselves. And if we make a general mental survey of our press and see what has been written about state capitalism, as I tried to do when I was preparing this report, we shall be convinced that it is missing the target, that it is looking in an entirely wrong direction.

The state capitalism discussed in all books on economics is that which exists under the capitalist system, where the state brings under its direct control certain capitalist enterprises. But ours is a proletarian state it rests on the proletariat; it gives the proletariat all political privileges; and through the medium of the proletariat it attracts to itself the lower ranks of the peasantry (you remember that we began this work through the Poor Peasants Committees). That is why very many people are misled by the term state capitalism. To avoid this we must remember the fundamental thing that state capitalism in the form we have here is not dealt with in any theory, or in any books, for the simple reason that all the usual concepts connected with this term are associated with bourgeois rule in capitalist society. Our society is one which has left the rails of capitalism, but has not yot got on to new rails. The state in this society is not ruled by the bourgeoisie, but by the proletariat. We refuse to understand that when we say “state” we mean ourselves, the proletariat, the vanguard of the working class. State capitalism is capitalism which we shall be able to restrain, and the limits of which we shall be able to fix. This state capitalism is connected with the state, and the state is the workers, the advanced section of the workers, the vanguard. We are the state.

State capitalism is capitalism that we must confine within certain bounds; but we have not yet learned to confine it within those bounds. That is the whole point. And it rests with us to determine what this state capitalism is to be. We have sufficient, quite sufficient political power; we also have sufficient economic resources at our command, but the vanguard of the working class which has been brought to the forefront to directly supervise, to determine the boundaries, to demarcate, to subordinate and not be subordinated itself, lacks sufficient ability for it. All that is needed here is ability, and that is what we do not have.

Never before in history has there been a situation in which the proletariat, the revolutionary vanguard, possessed sufficient political power and had state capitalism existing along side it. The whole question turns on our understanding that this is the capitalism that we can and must permit, that we can and must confine within certain bounds; for this capitalism is essential for the broad masses of the peasantry and for private capital, which must trade in such a way as to satisfy the needs of the peasantry. We must organise things in such a way as to make possible the customary operation of capitalist economy and capitalist exchange, because this is essential for the people. Without it, existence is impossible. All the rest is not an absolutely vital matter to this camp. They can resign themselves to all that. You Communists, you workers, you, the politically enlightened section of the proletariat, which under took to administer the state, must be able to arrange it so that the state, which you have taken into your hands, shall function the way you want it to. Well, we have lived through a year, the state is in our hands; but has it operated the New Economic Policy in the way we wanted in this past year? No. But we refuse to admit that it did not operate in the way we wanted. How did it operate? The machine refused to obey the hand that guided it. It was like a car that was going not in the direction the driver desired, but in the direction someone else desired; as if it were being driven by some mysterious, lawless hand, God knows whose, perhaps of a profiteer, or of a private capitalist, or of both. Be that as it may, the car is not going quite in the direction the man at the wheel imagines, and often it goes in an altogether different direction. This is the main thing that must be remembered in regard to state capitalism. In this main field we must start learning from the very beginning, and only when we have thoroughly understood and appreciated this can we be sure that we shall learn."

Lenin was right with his NEP, and these are the decisive lessons we must draw if we want to build up world socialism not without the peasant masses under conditions of the dictatorship of the world proletariat. State capitalism will be only one of different co-existing social formations in the beginning of the upbuilding of world socialism, comparable with the initial transition period in times of Lenin. We can not yet know, to what extent we will be forced to resort to Lenin's NEP in the first transition period of world socialism. This depends on conditions for which the time is still not ripe.

We want to close our greeting message with Lenin's concluding speech on the 11th Party Congress:

"Comrades, we have reached the end of our Congress.

The proletarian revolutions maturing in all advanced countries of the world will be unable to solve their problems unless they combine the ability to fight heroically and to attack with the ability to retreat in good revolutionary order. The experience of the second period of our struggle, i.e., the experience of retreat, will in the future probably be just as useful to the workers of at least some countries, as the experience of the first period of our revolution, i.e., the experience of bold attack, will undoubtedly prove useful to the workers of all countries."

After 95 years we will never forget the magnificent heroism displayed by the workers and peasants during the years of intervention and civil war while defending their young Soviet Republic.

Neither the hunger, devastation, lack of fuel, clothing and footwear, the epidemics of typhus and other misfortunes, nor the kulak revolts organized by the agents of the imperialist plunderers who dreamed of carving up Russia and of transforming it into a colony of the imperialist powers - nothing could break the indomitable will of the working people for victory over the exploiting classes, for construction of the new socialist life.

Beneath the banner of the 11th Congress of the RCP (B), the Comintern (SH) marches forward to the triumph of World Socialism and World Communism !

Comintern (SH)

March 27, 2017



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Publication of Albanian press releases from the years 1954 - 1973

Thanks to the diligent research work of our Chinese comrades, we are for the first time in the fortunate position to publish extensive press releases of Albania. This reflects very clearly the whole development of socialism in Albania.

In addition, international questions were raised, in particular the development of the struggle against the modern revisionists. Also individual events in the history of the world are commented.



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146 Years ago


March 18, 1871


Long live the Paris Commune !


The Comintern (SH) greets all world communards !


Long live the Dictatorship of the Proletariat !

Long live the Socialist World Republic !



On occasion of the 146th anniversary of the Paris Commune

we published new texts in different languages:

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On the Paris Commune


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"Falsifiers of History"

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The International of Communist Solidarity


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18th of March

International Day of solidarity with political prisoners


Solidarity with political prisoners !


Messages of Solidarity


Appeal of the

Comintern (SH)

and the

International of Communist Solidarity (ICS)


The capitalist crisis turned into a global political crisis. Consequence of which are
worldwide mass arrests, a rapid increase of political prisoners, and inhuman treatment of political prisoners. Measures of "Anti-terror laws" and conditions of detention are tightened and imprisonment increases with every new day. All this shows:

Today we live in a world which is more and more characterized by brutal fascism.

The international anti-fascist solidarity is more necessary than ever.

This solidarity can not and will not stop at the prison gates.

The struggle for the release of political prisoners is crucial for the victory of anti-fascist class struggle.

1923, one year after its founding, the International Red Aid declared the 18th of March to be the "International Day of aid to political prisoners."

On the 18th of March, the Comintern (SH) commemorates the "Day of the Paris Commune", as well as the "International Day of the political prisoners".

We insist on this day of active solidarity with political prisoners, in spite of any prohibitions or other means of pressure.

Today we remember all the political prisoners who perished behind bars. And we swear that their sacrifices and sufferings were not for nothing.
The world proletariat, as the only revolutionary class, will defeat the counter-revolution. Only the world proletariat is able to create a new world without exploitation and oppression, thus a world without prisons.

The world proletariat will be free from capitalism, not before the last political prisoner has been freed.

In the entire capitalist world there is no single country in which the revolutionary freedom fighters are not murdered, tortured, imprisoned or treated inhumanly in any other way. The current world is one big prison, a prison of peoples. Those who do not obey the laws of capital, are mercilessly suppressed by capital. And those who fight for the revolutionary overthrow of the rule of the bourgeoisie, are mercilessly persecuted and imprisoned by the capitalist State.

But what is intended to act as a deterrent, produces even more resistance and solidarity of all the exploited and oppressed. Political prisoners are not only victims, but above all our heroes!

The Comintern (SH) expresses her solidarity with political prisoners.
We encourage you to strengthen your revolutionary spirit !
We demand for better conditions of detention.
We struggle against class justice.
We struggle for the release of every single revolutionary prisoner.

We demand primarily class amnesty for all proletarian political prisoners!
What we are fighting for, above all, this is for the elimination of the inevitability of class rule of the bourgeoisie.
The socialist world revolution will free the mankind from the yoke of the whole capitalist world system.
Upon the ruins of the world capitalist world we want to build socialism in order to pave the way to a classless society:

"In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all" (Marx and Engels, Manifesto of the Communist Party ").

In the capitalist world, the class justice is maintaining the rule of the bourgeoisie. In the socialist world, the class justice is maintaining the rule of the proletariat. The rule of the proletariat is unavoidable for the abolition of class society!

With the abolition of classes is also class justice abolished.

In a communist world, there are no political prisoners or political prisons.

Comrades in prison!

Raise your voice! Do not give up! Do not stop fighting!

You are and will remain a part of us, part of our world revolutionary movement!

You are not forgotten!

Let's raise the flag of solidarity with political prisoners !

Victory will be ours!

Comintern (SH) March 18, 2015








Statement of the Russian comrades of the Comintern (SH)

March 17, 2017


We fight for the re-construction of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin - in demarcation to all the neo-revisionist organizations !



The turning point of degeneration of the USSR began with the death of comrade Stalin - by means of the betrayal of the Soviet modern revisionists. The Soviet Union became a social imperialist superpower which we Stalinist-Hoxhaists criticized and combated from the very beginning. 1991 was only the historical turning point of the revisionist form to an open form of capitalism. 1991 the "socialist" mask of the imperialist Soviet Union was totally dropped and the open imperialist Russia continued to exploit and oppress the former peoples of the USSR - until today. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists were always of the opinion that the USSR of Lenin and Stalin can only be defended by a new armed socialist revolution and not be restored by bourgeois "elections". The October Revolution teaches that the dictatorship of the proletariat can only be established on the ruins of the Russian imperialism. And this lesson of the Red October is still valid to be applied today. The restoration of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin is only possible on the ruins of Russian imperialism. In a globalized world, like today, it is our duty to destroy world imperialism by means of the world socialist revolution. World socialism can only be constructed on the ruins of the whole imperialist world. The Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin will be re-constructed in a socialist world. This is the task of the world proletariat and its leading party - the Comintern (SH) ! Anything else is revisionist-opportunist rubbish! We Stalinist-Hoxhaist comrades must fight against those neo-revisionists in Russia who hide their intention to re-construct Russian social-imperialism behind the mask of the re-construction of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. Without the defeat of the Russian neo-revisionists it is impossible to restore socialism in the countries of the former Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. Therefeore it is necessary to build up the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH) who organizes the struggle against the neo-revisionists in Russia. Neo-Revisionism is nothing else than restoration of the power of the revisionists - hidden behind the mask of "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha".

We want to restore Lenin's and Stalin's Soviet Union of 1917 - 1953 !

The neo-revisionists want to restore the revisionist Soviet Union of 1953 - 1991 !

Russian communists !

You can only fight for either the socialist or the capitalist-revisionist Soviet Union - but not for both simultaneously !


Russian comrades of the Comintern (SH)


* * *




The Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) welcomes the statement of our Russian comrades.

Also in Albania we fight against the neo-revisionists who misuse the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha with the intention of restoring their revisionist power.
All the Sections of the Comintern (SH) organize a global united front against the neo-revisionists who misuse our banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha for their treacherous aim to restore the power of the revisionists.
Without defeat of the neo-revisionists on a global scale, it is impossible to restore socialism in Albania and Russia, it is impossible to build up world socialism under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.













On the occasion of the upcoming elections, the Communist International expressed the view that all true communists, the working class and all working people in Serbia do not have anyone to vote. As always, the elections organized by the bourgeois government not an election but a farce, which aims to demonstrate to citizens that they are indeed representatives of the people and his will, while the others, who call themselves the opposition, trying to convince voters that the personality change solution. True change can happen only and only by changing the system, the revolution and the taking of power by the Communists, as the vanguard of the working class. Only the transition from the existing system to the new, socialist, it is possible to change society and the solution to all problems, which are bourgeois - mafia authorities have made in the past. Both the majority and the opposition to those who are directly to blame for the current intolerable situation of workers. Those workers is enslaved, intimidated, without right to organize or fight for their basic rights, while they are yet to be employed, subject to blackmail and forced to membership in one of the ruling parties.









134th Anniversary of the Death

of Karl Marx


special website

("Das Kapital" - published in 17 languages)

14th of March 2017

14th of March 1883

Marx was laid to rest in Highgate
Cemetery on Saturday, March 17 1883, in the
same grave as his wife, Jenny, buried 15 months


The Comintern (SH) greets all comrades across the world !


Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion

of the 134th anniversary of Marx’s death day

March 14, 1883 – March 14, 2017



Today we commemorate the 134th anniversary of Karl Marx's death.

The legacy of Karl Marx is immortal.

He will live forever in the minds and hearts of every worker and every true communist.

Marx is the first classic of Marxism-Leninism and with Engel's founder of scientific communism.

This year we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the "Capital" - the so-called "Workers' Bible" (Engels) - published by Karl Marx in 1867.

Karl Marx was the discoverer of the movement law of today's capitalist mode of production and of the bourgeois society produced by it. With the discovery of surplus value, Karl Marx led the scientific proof of capitalist exploitation. Karl Marx answered the question of why the capitalists become more and more rich and the workers more and more poor. Karl Marx drew from it the revolutionary doctrine that this contradiction between capital and labor can only be solved by the socialist revolution.

"Capitalism has triumphed all over the world, but this triumph is only the prelude to the triumph of labour over capital." (LENIN)

"Having recognised that the economic system is the foundation on which the political superstructure is erected, Marx devoted his greatest attention to the study of this economic system. Marx’s principal work, Capital, is devoted to a study of the economic system of modern, i.e., capitalist, society.

Classical political economy, before Marx, evolved in England, the most developed of the capitalist countries. Adam Smith and David Ricardo, by their investigations of the economic system, laid the foundations of the labour theory of value. Marx continued their work; he provided a proof of the theory and developed it consistently. He showed that the value of every commodity is determined by the quantity of socially necessary labour time spent on its production.

Where the bourgeois economists saw a relation between things (the exchange of one commodity for another) Marx revealed a relation between people. The exchange of commodities expresses the connection between individual producers through the market. Money signifies that the connection is becoming closer and closer, inseparably uniting the entire economic life of the individual producers into one whole. Capital signifies a further development of this connection: man’s labour-power becomes a commodity. The wage-worker sells his labour-power to the owner of land, factories and instruments of labour. The worker spends one part of the day covering the cost of maintaining himself and his family (wages), while the other part of the day he works without remuneration, creating for the capitalist surplus-value, the source of profit, the source of the wealth of the capitalist class.

The doctrine of surplus-value is the corner-stone of Marx’s economic theory.

Capital, created by the labour of the worker, crushes the worker, ruining small proprietors and creating an army of unemployed. In industry, the victory of large-scale production is immediately apparent, but the same phenomenon is also to be observed in agriculture, where the superiority of large-scale capitalist agriculture is enhanced, the use of machinery increases and the peasant economy, trapped by money-capital, declines and falls into ruin under the burden of its backward technique. The decline of small-scale production assumes different forms in agriculture, but the decline itself is an indisputable fact.

By destroying small-scale production, capital leads to an increase in productivity of labour and to the creation of a monopoly position for the associations of big capitalists. Production itself becomes more and more social—hundreds of thousands and millions of workers become bound together in a regular economic organism—but the product of this collective labour is appropriated by a handful of capitalists. Anarchy of production, crises, the furious chase after markets and the insecurity of existence of the mass of the population are intensified.

By increasing the dependence of the workers on capital, the capitalist system creates the great power of united labour.

Marx traced the development of capitalism from embryonic commodity economy, from simple exchange, to its highest forms, to large-scale production.

And the experience of all capitalist countries, old and new, year by year demonstrates clearly the truth of this Marxian doctrine to increasing numbers of workers.

Capitalism has triumphed all over the world, but this triumph is only the prelude to the triumph of labour over capital."

Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 19, pages 23 - 27.

"The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism"

Prosveshcheniye No 3., March 1913.



Today, in the age of globalization, Karl Marx's famous work "Das Kapital" is of greatest significance. Why ?

The globalization of the bourgeois society has created the socio-economic conditions for the socialist world society. With capitalist world production, the world proletariat has accumulated a wealth of resources and productive forces as is necessary to build up a socialist world society, without profits for a rich minority, but for the needs of the global population.

The Comintern (SH) recommends to all communists and revolutionaries to study "Das Kapital" . Therefore, we have published this famous work in many languages.




Long live Marx, the 1st Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Log live the 150th anniversary of “Das Kapital”!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world violent socialist revolution and world armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!




On occasion of the 150th anniversary of "Capital"

we published this main work of Karl Marx


in 17 languages





new publication

The assassination of Kirov


M. Katz - 1935





Stalinist-Hoxhaist Women

of the world - unite !



8 March, 2017




Communist Women's International - website


Long live the 106th

International Women's Day !


8th of March, 2017


Messages of Solidarity

Greeting Message of the CWI (SH)

on occasion of the 106th International Women’s day



On the heroic proletarian women in the October revolution:

"In Petrograd and in Moscow, in cities and industrial centers, and in the countryside, proletarian women have greatly participated in the revolution, without which we would not have won. How brave they were, how courageous they were ! Yes, yes, our proletarian women are great class-fighters, they deserve admiration and love ..."


On the occasion of the 106th International Women's Day and the 6th Anniversary of the re-founding of the Communist Women's International, the CWI (SH) sends militant, world revolutionary greetings to all revolutionary women all over the world and to all those who support their struggle.

This special greeting message on occasion of the Centenary of the October Revolution is dedicated to


The heroines of the October Revolution

1917 - 2017



On the International Women 's Day the proletarian women all over the world raise their collective voice against their exploitation and oppression! 
This particular 106th World Women 's Day is dedicated to the heroic proletarian women who participated in the October Revolution 100 years ago.






This is the message that the CWI (SH) addresses to all women in the world on 8 March 2017.
Before the October revolution women were nothing but miserable slaves. With the October revolution, women have freed themselves from slavery, and have borne their banner of liberation over the whole globe.
The heroism of women in the October revolution is a great honor and obligation for us women today to make our contribution to the preparation, execution and defense of the socialist world revolution.
Today the CWI (SH) marches under the banner of the liberation of women in the same way at the first front of the entire world proletariat - until the victory of the socialist world revolution.
The heroic women of the October revolution take a prominent place in the world history of the revolutionary women's movement.
The Russian Revolution was the first and greatest event in world history of the revolutionary liberation movement of women. Just as women have put the Marxist-Leninist doctrine into practice in 1917, today the women will also successfully apply the doctrine of Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the socialist world revolution.

 It is the foundation of the Communist International which was the world-historical starting point of the revolutionary Communist Women 's World Movement: 
"The Communist International can only fulfill its tasks, can only secure the final victory of the world proletariat and the abolition of the capitalist system through the closely related common struggle of women and men of the working class. The dictatorship of the proletariat can only be lively and active, can only be achieved and maintained by the participation of women of the working-class" 
(decision of the Comintern at the founding congress - March 6, 1919).

Today, the common world-revolutionary organization of proletarian women of all countries is the 

Revolutionary women all over the world - join the Communist Women's International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) !

Exploited and oppressed women - rise up!

Long live the heroic women of the October Revolution !

Long live the 8th March - the International Women's Day!

Long live the proletarian internationalism of women!

Long live the world communist women's movement!

Long live the revolutionary struggle of women against hunger, war and fascism!

Long live the great achievements of socialist women in the Soviet Union and Albania!

Long live the world violent socialist revolution!

Long live global armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Communist Women's International (Stalinist-Hoxhaist)!

March 8, 2017

CWI (SH) and Comintern (SH)



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Soviet Women

National Council of American-Soviet Friendship

Rose Maurer





March 8 in Albania




The Day of Women´s International Solidarity


"Albania Today" - 1977



The Women and their complete emancipation

Vita Kapo




Women in action

Sasha Small





The road to woman's freedom

K. Kirsanova





Working Woman

Magazin 1935 - No 36




Russian women in the building of socialism

Anna Razumova



Soviet Woman, A Citizen With Equal Rights

By N. K. Krupskaya



in Turkish language










March 5, 2017

64th Day of Death


On 5 March 1953 , the outstanding world-proletarian leader,

J. V. Stalin, was murdered by the hands of traitors.


The whole progressive world mourned the loss of that

steeled disciple and successor of Lenin,

that great 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.


Stalin's legacy is immortal.





March 5, 2017



Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message from our Russian comrades of



The 64th anniversary from the date of Stalin's death is one more occasion to express the solidarity with you.
Stalin's name will live eternally in our hearts!
Its doctrine, as the component of the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, always will be our guiding star!


with communist greetings





Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 64th day of death

of comrade Stalin

March 5, 1953 – March 5, 2017

"You need have no doubt, comrades, that I am prepared in the future, too, to devote to the cause of the working class, to the cause of the proletarian revolution and world Communism, all my strength, all my faculties, and, if need be, all my blood, to the very last drop." (STALIN)


Stalin died on March 5, 1953 and Stalin was a man of his word to his last breath.

We greet all Stalinist-Hoxhaists all over the world who hold high the banner of Stalinism.

We swear by the words of Stalin:

"Workers of the world - you need have no doubt that we are prepared in the future, too, to devote to the cause of the working class, to the cause of the proletarian revolution and world Communism, all our strength, all our faculties, and, if need be, all our blood, to the very last drop."


This year we celebrate the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. It was Lenin and Stalin who guided the struggle of the Bolshevik Party for the transition from the bourgeois-democratic revolution to the Socialist revolution.

100 years ago, Stalin's banishment in Sebiria ended with the victory of the February Revolution. At once he took the lead of the party work in Petrograd.

We like to emphasize Stalin as the outstanding leader of the preparation of the Red October as Lenin's right-hand man and publish below the concerning excerpt of his "Short Biography" (1917):

Stalin, cut off though he was from the outside world and isolated from Lenin and the Party centres, took up the same international stand as Lenin on the questions of war, peace, and revolution. He wrote letters to Lenin. He addressed meetings of exiled Bolsheviks in the village of Monastyrskoye (1915) where he stigmatized the cowardly and treacherous behaviour of Kamenev at the trial of the five Bolshevik members of the Fourth Duma. In 1916, he and other Bolshevik exiles sent a message of greetings to the legally published Bolshevik magazine Voprosy Strakhovania (Insurance Questions), pointing out that it was the duty of this magazine "to devote all its efforts and energies to the ideological insurance of the working class of our country against the deeply corrupting, anti-proletarian preaching of gentry like Potressov, Levitsky and Plekhanov, preaching running directly counter to the principles of internationalism."

In December 1916 Stalin, having been called up to the army, was sent under escort to Krasnoyarsk, and thence to Achinsk. There it was that he heard

the first tidings of the revolution of February 1917.

On March 8, 1917, he bade farewell to Achinsk on the way wiring a message of greetings to Lenin in Switzerland.

On March 12, 1917, Stalin, not a whit the worse for the hardships of exile so bravely endured in Turukhansk, again set foot in Petrograd the revolutionary capital of Russia. The Central Committee of the Party instructed him to take charge of the Pravda.

The Bolshevik Party had just emerged from underground.

Many of its most prominent and active members were still on their way back from remote prisons and places of exile. Lenin was abroad, and the bourgeois Provisional Government was putting every obstacle in the way of his return. The moment was critical, and Stalin set to work to rally the Party and fit it for the fight for the transition from the bourgeois-democratic revolution to the Socialist revolution.

Together with Molotov, he directed the activities of the Central Committee and the Petrograd Committee of the Bolshevik Party. In his articles the Bolsheviks found the guiding principles they needed in, their work. The very first article he wrote on his return- from exile, "The Soviets of Workers)' and Soldiers' Deputies," spoke of the main task of the Party, which, Stalin said, was "to consolidate these Soviets, make them universal, and link them together under the aegis of a Central Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies as the organ of revolutionary power of the people."

In an article "The War," Stalin showed that the character of the imperialist war had not changed with the assumption of power by the Provisional Government, and that under the bourgeois Provisional Government the war of 1914-17 remained a predatory and unjust war.

Stalin and Molotov, supported by the majority of the Party members, advocated a policy of "no confidence" in the imperialist Provisional Government, and denounced both the defencism of the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries and the semi-Menshevik position of conditional support for the Provisional Government advocated by Kamenev and other opportunists.

APRIL 3, 1917, after a long period of foreign exile, Lenin returned to Russia. The news of the arrival of the beloved leader of the revolution was hailed with enthusiasm by the advanced workers of Petrograd. Stalin, at the head of a delegation of workers, went to meet him at Byelo-Ostrov. The welcome accorded to Lenin upon his arrival at the Finland Railway Station in Petrograd turned into a mighty revolutionary demonstration.

On the morrow of his arrival, Lenin announced his famous April Theses, which provided the Party with a brilliant plan of action for the transition from the bourgeois-democratic to the Socialist revolution.

They gave the Party the new orientation it needed in the new conditions of the struggle that followed the overthrow of tsardom. On April 24, 1917, the Seventh (April) Conference of the Bolshevik Party assembled.

Lenin's theses formed the basis of its deliberations.

The Conference directed the efforts of the Party to the struggle for the transition from the bourgeois-democratic revolution to the Socialist revolution.

At this Conference Stalin vigorously supported Lenin's policy of working for the Socialist revolution and exposed the opportunist, anti-Leninist line of Kamenev, Rykov and their scanty supporters. Stalin also made a report on the national question. Developing a consistent Marxist-Leninist line, he laid down a Bolshevik national policy, advocating the right of nations to self-determination, even to the point of secession and the formation of independent states.

It was the national policy of Lenin and Stalin that was to secure for the Party the support of the oppressed nationalities in the Great October Socialist Revolution.

After the Conference, in May 1917, a Political Bureau of the Central Committee was instituted, to which Stalin was elected and to which he has been successively re-elected ever since.

On the basis of the decisions of the April Conference, the Party set energetically to work to win over the masses, and to train and organize them for militant action.

In this complex period of the revolution, when events moved at breakneck speed, demanding skilful and flexible tactics of the Party, it was Lenin and Stalin who guided the struggle of the masses.

"I recall the year 1917," says Stalin, "when, after my wanderings from one prison and place of exile to another, I was transferred by the will of the Party to Leningrad. There in the society of Russian workers, and in contact with Comrade Lenin, the great teacher of the proletarians of all countries, in the midst of the storm of mighty conflicts between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, in the midst of the imperialist war, I first learnt what it meant to be one of the leaders of the great Party of the working class.

There, in the society of Russian workers the liberators of oppressed nationalities and the pioneers of the proletarian struggle in all countries and among all peoples I received my third revolutionary baptism of fire. There, in Russia, under Lenin's guidance, I became a master of the art of revolution."

Stalin was at the centre of the practical activities of the Party. As a member of the Central Committee he took a direct and leading part in the work of the Petrograd Committee of the Party, edited the Pravda, wrote articles for it and for the Soldatskaya Pravda, and directed the Bolshevik campaign in the Petrograd municipal elections. Together with Lenin, he took part in the All-Russian Conference of the Party Organizations in the Army, where he delivered a report on "The National Movement in the National Regiments." Together with Lenin, he organized the historic demonstration of June 18, which marched under the slogans of the Bolshevik Party; and he drew up the Manifesto of the Central Committee to the workers and revolutionary soldiers of Petrograd.

On June 20 the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets elected Stalin to the Central Executive Committee.

After the events of July 1917, when Lenin, hounded and persecuted by the counter-revolutionary Provisional Government, was forced to go into hiding, Stalin directly guided the work of the Central Committee and the Central Party Organ, which at that time appeared under a succession of different names (Rabochy i Soldat, Proletary, Rabochy, Rabochy Put). It was Stalin who saved the previous life of Lenin for the Party, for the Soviet people and for humanity at large, by vigorously resisting the proposal of the traitors Kamenev, Rykov and Trotsky that Lenin should appear for trial before the courts of the counter-revolutionary Provisional Government.

The brutal suppression of the July demonstration marked a turning point in the development of the revolution. Lenin worked out new tactics for the Party in the new conditions of the struggle. Together with Sverdlov, Stalin steered the work of the Sixth Party Congress (July-August 1917), which had to meet secretly. At this Congress Stalin made the report on the work of the Central Committee and a report on the political situation, in which he gave a clear-cut formulation of the aims and tactics of the Party in the struggle for the Socialist revolution.

He refuted the arguments of the Trolskyites, who considered that Socialism could not be victorious in Russia.

Opposing the attempt of the Trotskyites to make the Party's course of steering for a Socialist revolution contingent on a proletarian revolution in the West, Stalin declared: "The possibility is not excluded that Russia will be the very country that will lay the road to Socialism. . . . We must abandon the antiquated idea that only Europe can show us the way.

There is dogmatic Marxism and creative Marxism.

I stand by the latter." Stalin's words were prophetic.

Russia was the first to show the way to Socialism.

In insisting on Lenin's doctrine that the victory of Socialism was quite possible in Russia, Stalin had the full support of the Congress. Guided by Stalin and by Lenin's instructions, the Sixth Congress inaugurated the preparations for insurrection. The Congress headed the Party for armed insurrection and for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In August 1917, General Kornilov launched his revolt with the aim of restoring tsardom in Russia.

The Bolsheviks roused the masses to resist the atlettipted coup, and Kornilov's revolt was crushed.

This ushered in a new phase in the history of the revolution: the phase in which the forces were massed for the grand assault.

While Lenin was in hiding Stalin maintained a correspondence with his teacher and friend and kept in close contact with him. He visited him twice in his place of concealment near Razliv.

Baldly and confidently, firmly yet circumspectly Lenin and Stalin led the Party and the working class towards the Socialist revolution, towards armed insurrection. It was they who inspired and organized the victory of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

Stalin was Lenin's right-hand man. He had direct charge of all the preparations for the insurrection.

His articles in the central press laying down the guiding policy were reprinted in the provincial Bolshevik newspapers. He summoned representatives from the regional organizations to Petrograd, gave them instructions and outlined plans of campaign for the various regions. On October 16, the Central Committee elected a Party Centre, headed by Comrade Stalin, to direct the uprising. This Centre was the leading core of the Revolutionary Military Committee of the Petrograd Soviet and had practical direction of the whole uprising.

At the meeting of the Central Committee of the Party on October 16, Stalin rebuffed the capitulatory proposals of the traitors Zinoviev and Kamenev who opposed armed insurrection. "Objectively," he declared, "what Kamenev and Zinoviev propose would enable the counter-revolution to organize. We would continue to retreat without end and would lose the revolution. Why should we not insure for ourselves the possibility of choosing the day and the conditions, so as to deprive the counter-revolution of the possibility of organizing?"

Early in the morning of October 24, Kerensky ordered the suppression of the central organ of the Party, Rabochy Put, and sent a number of armoured cars to the editorial and printing offices of the newspaper to effect the order. But by 10 a.m. a force of Red Guards and revolutionary soldiers, acting on Stalin's instructions, had pressed back the armoured cars and placed a strong guard over the printing and editorial offices. At eleven o'clock the Rabochy Put came out, with a leading article by Stalin entitled "What Do We Need?" calling upon the masses to overthrow the bourgeois Provisional Government. At the same time, on instructions of the Party Centre, detachments of revolutionary soldiers and Red Guards were moved to the Smolny Institute. The insurrection began on October 24. On the evening of October 25 the Second Congress of Soviets met and turned over the government power to the Soviets.

Stalin was elected to the first Council of People's Commissars, which, headed by Lenin, was set up by the Second All-Russian Congress of Soviets after the victory of the October Revolution.

The Great October Socialist Revolution ushered a change of epoch-making importance. It split the world into two systems capitalist and Socialist. The Bolshevik Party was now faced with new conditions, with new gigantic tasks. And the forms of struggle of the working class had likewise undergone a fundamental change.


Just as Stalin successfully prepared the October Revolution, we must prepare the world socialist revolution. Learning the lessons of Stalin on the preparation of the October Revolution, this means, learning how to prepare successfully the world socialist revolution.

Under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism we will march forward towards world communism !

Long live comrade Stalin– the glorious 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Comrade Stalin is immortal – his red genius enlightens our path towards the victorious world socialist revolution!

He will live forever on hearts and minds of every oppressed and exploited worker and of every communist!

All capitalist-revisionist lies and calumnies will never erase comrade Stalin's glorious legacy!

Long live glorious Bolshevist CPSU!

Long live Soviet Union of comrades Lenin and Stalin!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Death to world capitalist-imperialist order!

Long live world violent proletarian socialist revolution!

Long live world armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender of comrade Stalin’s revolutionary and proletarian legacy!

Long live comrade Stalin, the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Learning with comrade Stalin means learning to be victorious!

Stalinism is a guiding light against all kinds of capitalism, imperialism, fascism, revisionism, neo-revisionism, opportunism and anti-communism!

Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live socialism and communism at a global scale!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the world party which is the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

The Comintern (SH) is the only organization that authentically honours comrade Stalin’s red banner!


Comintern (SH) - 5 March 2017

What is Stalinism?

Above all, Stalinism has created two new excellent conditions for the final liberation of the world proletariat:
1. With the founding of the Stalinist world camp, Stalinism created the first ideological basis for a new socialist world in the service of the world proletariat, namely for its liberation from the clutches of the capitalist world.
2. With the transition from a socialist to a communist Soviet Union, Stalinism created the first ideological basis for the transition from the socialist world to the communist world.

Therefore, we define Stalinism as Marxism-Leninism
1. of the transition from the first period of socialism in "one" country to the second period of socialism on a world scale - in general.
2. as Marxism-Leninism of the period of transition from socialism in "one" country to communism in "one" country - in particular.


Comintern (SH)



Summer 1917 - Lenin and Stalin in Finland



special website on occasion of the


64th Day of Death of comrade Stalin


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Long live the 98th anniversary of the Communist International !



founded on March 4, 1919







4 March 1919 Protokoll, i, p. 131

The representatives of the Communist Party of German-Austria, of the left Social-Democratic Party of Sweden, of the Social-Democratic Revolutionary Workers' Federation of the Balkans, of the Communist Party of Hungary, move that the Communist International be founded.

1. The fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat requires a united, resolute, international organization of all communist elements which adopt this platform.

2. The foundation of the Communist International is the more imperative since now at Berne, and possibly later elsewhere also, an attempt is being made to restore the old opportunist International and to rally to it all the confused and undecided elements of the proletariat. It is therefore essential to make a sharp break between the revolutionary proletariat and the social-traitor elements.

3. If the conference now sitting in Moscow were not to found the Third International, the impression would be created that the communist parties are not at one; this would weaken our position and increase the confusion among the undecided elements of the proletariat in all countries.

4. To constitute the Third International is therefore an unconditional historical imperative which must be put into effect by the international communist conference now sitting in Moscow.





new publications from the year





Resolution of the seventh ECCI plenum

on the situation in the Communist Party of Germany


7 January 1927




protest against United States intervention in Latin America

29 January 1927



ECCI letter

to the eleventh congress of the German Communist Party


February 1927






May 1927







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15 July 1927





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Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)


The 100th anniversary of the February Revolution 1917


The war worsened the lives of the workers and peasants even more. Many factories had to be closed because of the lack of raw materials and fuel.

Many fields lied idle, because the peasants were at the front and could not till the soil. The railways could not cope with the intensive traffic that was necessary in the war. In some parts grain was rotten, while the workers were hungry in the cities. The women, who were tired of work in the armaments factories, often had to wait for hours in front of the bakeries to get a piece of bread for the children.

The army and the people were hungry, and wearing torn clothes and shoes. The distress and dissatisfaction grew.

In the tsarist army there were no guns, no bullets. Three soldiers often had only one rifle. Czarist generals and ministers betrayed military secrets to the German imperialists . The tsarist army suffered one defeat after the other. Already in the first months of the war, she had huge losses of dead, wounded and prisoners.

The Bolsheviks created Bolshevik basic units in the army and navy, and spread flyers with appeals against the imperialist war. The work of the Bolsheviks was successful. As early as 1915 and 1916, individual troops refused obedience. Since the fall of 1915, the fraternizations had become increasingly frequent. The Russian soldiers crawled from their trenches to the Niemandsland, where they met with German or Austro-Hungarian soldiers.

During the war, the oppressed peoples of Russia began to fight against the tsarist government. The Tsar needed a great deal of money for the conduct of the war, and burdened the oppressed peoples with high taxes. In 1916, he ordered that the population of the non-Russian territories should be used for the construction of trenches and other work on the front. This happened at a time when important work in the fields had to be carried out. The Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kirghizs, and Turkmen refused to follow the Tsar's orders. The excited population stormed the district administrations and demanded the withdrawl of the tsarist order.

The insurgent Uzbeks destroyed railway lines, set fire to stations, and cut telephone wires to prevent troop transports. The Kirghizs captured military transports and thereby arms.

The tsarist authorities sent troops with guns, machine guns, and armored cars against the insurgents, , and struck down the revolts bloodily. Nevertheless, the collective struggle for workers, peasants and soldiers as well as the oppressed peoples grew for peace.

In the January and February days of 1917 food supply collapsed in many cities. The supply to Petrograd and Moscow came to a complete standstill. One factory after the other was closed. The conviction grew in the people that there was only one way out of the unbearable situation:


The bourgeoisie also became dissatisfied with the Czar. She noted that the tsarist government was unable to win the victory. The bourgeoisie feared that the tsar would make peace with Germany. But they wanted to continue the war until they had reached their imperialist goals. The imperialist governments of England and France did not want to lose Russia as their ally, and supported the Russian bourgeoisie in the endeavor to eliminate Tsar Nicholas II, and to replace his rule with a government of the capitalists who should wage the war more determinedly than the Czar.

The plans of the bourgeoisie were not realized. They were preceded by the insurrection of the workers and soldiers who broke out in February 1917.

At the beginning of 1917, the starved, war-worn workers entered the strike. The Bolsheviks conducted the struggle of the workers. They also invaded the barracks and called on the soldiers to help the workers in the struggle against the Czar.

On International Women's Day, March 8 (February 23rd - Julian calendar), the workers demonstrated against hunger, war and tsarist rule. The revolutionary movement soon spread over entire Petrograd. Red flags and slogans were blowing across the columns of the demonstrating workers:

"Down with war!" "Down with the Czar!" - "Bread!" - "Peace" - "Freedom!"

The tsarist ministers gave orders to shoot the workers. In the center of the city, the police set up machine guns on the roofs and on the streets and shot at the demonstrators. The prisons were filled with prisoners. The workers took arms. They arrested the Czarist ministers.

The revolutionaries were freed from the prisons. The Tsar, who was then outside Petrograd, ordered troops from the war-front against the insurgent people.
In meetings the revolutionary workers explained the soldiers what they were fighting for, and called on the troops not to fulfill the orders of the tsar and the generals. The soldiers fraternized and united with the revolutionary workers, the tsarist government was overthrown.
When the victory of the revolution in Petrograd reached the other cities and the front, the workers and soldiers overthrew the Tsar's rule all over Russia. Everywhere the liberated masses of the poor population followed the heroic revolutionary workers and soldiers and supported them.
Within the very first days of the revolution, the workers formed Soviets.
It was not only the Soviets of the workers' deputies, as in 1905, but the Soviets of the workers' and soldiers' deputies. The soldiers' deputies were predominantly peasants, who bore the uniform of soldiers. Thus, a close alliance between workers and peasants was created in the Soviets. Without this alliance, it were impossible to overthrow the Czar, and the February Revolution would not be successful.
Most of the leaders of the Bolshevik Party were in prison or exile. Lenin was still in Switzerland, Stalin in Siberia. The February revolution freed Stalin and many other Bolshevik leaders who left Siberia immediately, to go to Petrograd and to begin with the preparations for the October Revolution. Stalin took over the leadership of "Pravda" and with Molotov he was at the head of the Central Committee and the Petrograder Committee of the SDAPR.
Many workers were sent from their working place directly to the war-front. So the small-scale citizens, such as craftsmen and retailers, had gone to the factories as workers, hoping not to be sent to the front. They were not closely connected with the struggle of the proletariat and were influenced by the Mensheviks. Thus the Mensheviks succeeded in obtaining the majority of votes in the elections to the Soviets. They betrayed the interests of the working class and supported the imperialist bourgeoisie, which formed a provisional government which continued the war. Who got the most important ministerial posts of this Provisional Government?
A factory owner and banker, a textile manufacturer, a sugar factory, an advocate, a historian etc.

Alongside the Provisional Government, the Soviets, the power organs of the workers, continued to exist. These Soviets of workers 'and peasants' deputies were predominantly under the influence of the Mensheviks.
Many workers, peasants, and soldiers trusted the Provisional Government which was under the influence of the Mensheviks. They considered it a government created by the revolution, which would act in the interest of the workers and peasants.
The Provisional Government, however, was not for the people, but against the people. It was not for peace but for war. The land of the landlords was not distributed among the peasants. The Provisional Government sent regiments to the districts in which the peasants cultivated the landowners' land. The Provisional Government refused to introduce the eight-hour day, and did nothing against the hunger of the workers, because it represented the interests of the landowners and Kulaks, and did not confiscate their crops. The Provisional Government wanted to continue the war in order to realize the imperialist aims: the conquest of Constantinople, the Dardanelles and Galicia, etc.
The February Revolution had ended with the creation of a government which was unable to meet the basic demands of the people for peace, freedom, land and bread. The Czar had already fallen, but the new dictatorship of the bourgeoisie had been erected. The February Revolution destroyed the monarchy but not capitalism. Capitalism was then overthrown with the Great October Social Revolution. The workers established the dictatorship of the proletariat and the first socialist state in the world.

Lenin dated the second revolution in Russia from February to October 1917.
He characterized the three stages of the Russian Revolution as follows:

"If we examine the development of our revolution from that point of view we see clearly that it has so far passed through a period of relative and largely imaginary self-dependence, and of being temporarily independent of international relations. The path travelled by our revolution from the end of February 1917 to February 11 of this year [1918], when the German offensive began, was, by and large, a path of easy and rapid successes. If we study the development of that revolution on an international scale, from the standpoint of the Russian revolution alone, we shall see that we have passed through three periods in the past year. The first period is that in which the working class of Russia, together with all advanced, class-conscious and active peasants, supported not only by the petty bourgeoisie but also by the big bourgeoisie, swept away the monarchy in a few days. This astounding success is to be explained by the fact that on the one hand, the Russian people had acquired a big reserve of revolutionary fighting potential from the experience of 1905, while on the other hand, Russia, an extremely backward country, had suffered more than any other from the war and had, at an especially early date, reached a stage when it was absolutely impossible to continue the war under the old regime.

This short tempestuous success when a new organisation was created—the Soviets of Workers’, Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies—was followed by the long months of the period of transition of our revolution, the period in which the government of the bourgeoisie, immediately undermined by the Soviets, was kept going and strengthened by the petty bourgeois compromising parties, the Mensheviks and Socialist-Revolutionaries, who supported it. It was a government that supported the imperialist war and the imperialist secret treaties, fed the working class on promises, did literally nothing, and preserved the state of economic ruin. The Soviets mustered their forces in this period, a period that for us, for the Russian revolution, was a long one; it was a long period for the Russian revolution but it was a short one from the international point of view, because in most of the leading countries the period of overcoming petty-bourgeois illusions, of compromise by various parties, groups and trends had been taking not months but long decades. The span of time, from April 20 to the moment Kerensky renewed the imperialist war in June (he had the secret imperialist treaty in his pocket), was decisive. This second period included our July defeat and the Kornilov revolt, and only through the experience of the mass struggle, only when the working-class and peasant masses had realised from their own experience and not from sermons that petty-bourgeois compromise was all in vain—only then, after long political development, after long preparations and changes in the moods and views of party groups, was the ground made ready for the October Revolution; only then did the Russian revolution enter the third period of its initial stage, a stage of isolation, or temporary separation, from the world revolution.

Lastly, we sum up the main results of the experience of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and particularly of 1917. Apparently, the latter is now (early August 1917) completing the first stage of its development; but this revolution as a whole can only be understood as a link in a chain of socialist proletarian revolutions being caused by the imperialist war."

Today, again, the dictatorship of the imperialist Russian bourgeoisie under the leadership of the "Kremlin-Tsar" Putin prevails.
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the February revolution, we call on the Russian workers and the working people of the former Soviet peoples:
Let's overthrow the imperialist Putin rule and smash Russian imperialism.

Today, defending the October Revolution of 1917 this means nothing else but its further continuation until the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The goals of the October Revolution will only be completely fulfilled through the victory of the world socialist revolution. And by the victory of the world-socialist revolution also the inevitability of the restoration of capitalism will be removed.

Long live the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution!

Long live the 100th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Long live the restoration of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin.

Long live the socialist world revolution!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) and her Russian Section !


Comintern (SH)

February 27, 2017





100 YEARS - February Revolution



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February Revolution 1917 ...


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On the February Revolution


- On the Eve of the Octoberrevolution -


Collection of Texts and  Quotations

presented by the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the Centenary of the February Revolution 1917




On the February Revolution


- On the Eve of the Octoberrevolution -


Collection of Texts - created by the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the Centenary of the February Revolution 1917









Don't make Superpowers great again!




Two fascist friends


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Pedro Pomar

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Im Kampf und in der Revolution werden die Marxisten-Leninisten stärker und unbezwingbar


Gespräch des Genossen Enver Hoxha mit Genossen Pedro Pomar

August 1967




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Lenin: "On the Question of Dialectics"

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José Díaz





The world defends the people of Mexico against Trump !


The world proletariat in solidarity with the Mexican working class against world imperialism!


Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat in Mexico and all over th world !


Down with all the walls that separate us peoples !

World Communism is a world without borders.




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(阿尔巴尼亚)克利斯托·弗拉舍里著 樊集译

























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五封信 一个真实的故事













[Flamuri i partisë]


(阿尔巴尼亚)D.西里奇作词 K.鸟奇作曲








 [Këngët e maleve]

Fatmir J. Gjata







[Halili dhe Hajrija]


Kolë Jakova




(阿尔巴尼亚)卢·卡费泽齐等著屠珍 梅绍武 高常


















































[Llazar Siliqi MËSUESI]





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重现经典 居辽同志兴衰记 阿尔巴尼亚 德里特洛



[Dritëro Agolli]






















































1913 - 1959








Smash Fascism and Imperialism !


"World storm, exploiting the world Storm !"

Lenin, Volume 12, page 383 – 389

Long live the world socialist revolution !



American Workers !




The world proletariat is in solidarity with you in your fight against Trump !

Revolution - now !

Don't be afraid of the world socialist revolution !

Your country and your liberties were won through revolutions !

Get rid of American imperialism and Trump-fascism and storm the barricades for the destruction of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie !

Only the dictatorship of the proletariat can save America !

The future belongs to the world without borders, walls and classes !

Proletarians of all countries - unite !

World Proletariat - unite all countries !

Down with world imperialism !

Long live the world socialist revolution !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live world socialism and world communism !

Comintern (SH)


A letter to American workers

August 20, 1918




new publications of the Comintern (SH)


Frederick Engels

John Keracher



Russia after ten years




Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists

U.S. Neo-Revisionism as the American Expression of the International Opportunist Trend of Chinese Revisionism


Central Organization of U.S. Marxist-Leninists

Mao Zedong Thought Cannot Dull the Brilliance of the Great October Socialist Revolution



The Russian Revolution

W. Foster




What's happening in the U.S.S.R. ?





From young socialists to young communists





12th Plenum

September 1932

(the last Plenum at which comrade Ernst Thaelmannparticipated before he was arrested by the fascists)



Fundamentals of Communism

CPUSA - 1932



Graft and Gangsters




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police secrète d'etat d'Allemagne




Heroic Spain



A history of Soviet Foreign Policy




Stalin on the history of the October Revolution




History of the Communist Manifesto




L. Perchik

Moscow - 1934


Karl Marx as Labor Defender





Karl Liebknecht: the man, his work, and message

William Paul



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La Yougoslavie sous la terreur de la clique Tito

10 octobre 1949


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La Révolution Russe

Rosa Luxemburg



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monte la garde de la paix et de la sécurité des peuples





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Hinter Stacheldraht und Gitter



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Komsomol - Geschichte



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Kapitalistisches Wirtschaftschaos oder sozialistische Planwirtschaft ?




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Johann Liebhardt und Thomas Monger

zwei ausländische Helden des Fünfjahrplans




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Das Leben und Sterben eines Revolutionärs




Free Thaelmann !

July 1934

"Labor Defender"


Songs of the workers




The Jews in the Soviet Union




Ivan Babushkin

a short biography




The story of Trotskyite intrigue in the labor movement




Japanese imperialism stripped



Japan's drive for conquest




The Injunction Menace



Industrial Unionism




Company Unionism



In non-union mines

the diary of a coal digger in central Pennsylvania, August-September




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Moscow - 1943












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Maxim Gorky





Lenin - great strategist of the class war



Lenin on the Soviet State




The Letters of Lenin



Letters from afar



Lenin on Engels




Lenin on the I. L. P.



Lenin on the Jewish Question




The land revolution in Russia

December 1918





Leninism - the only Marxism today




Les Intellectuels et la Révolution d'Octobre






Marx on the East




Marx' Letters to Kugelmann

1862 - 1874




Marx and Engels, Lenin

on the Irish Revolution




How the Soviet Union helps Spain






Letters to Judd - an American workingman

Upton Sinclair


Life and Labor in the Soviet Union




Machine and tractor stations




Life and teachings of

Friedrich Engels





Frederick Engels

On Historical Materialism



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Materialistische und idealistische Weltanschauung




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Lohnarbeit und Kapital



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100 Tage illegaler Kampf





Documents of the CPUSA and the 6th Congress of the Comintern





Report to the enlarged Presidium


February 25, 1930


The next step


September 1932



The national question in the Soviet Union





 On the New Soviet Constitution

speech delivered at the extraordinary eighth Congress of Soviets of the USSR. 

November 29, 1936



April 27, 1942


On the German question




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On the reduction of armaments, prohibition of the atomic weapon and on international control

Speeches - A. Vyshinsky




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Soviets Continue Advance




Napoleon in Russia




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Marxisme contre dictature




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Earl Browder - the path of a renegade




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The Part played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man





Capitalism and Agriculture

New York - 1946




The national question and Leninism




Workers' State


Lies about Soviet Russia

answered by J. Stalin

November 5, 1927

(Interview with Foreign workers' delegation)

CPB - London - 1928





Speech at All Union Conference of the Directors of the Soviet Industry

February 4, 1931



J. V. Stalin

Howard Interview

March 1, 1936



Victory will be ours !


included the Radio address July 3, 1941

New York - 1941




Article published in the newspaper «Zëri i popullit»
August 31, 1966



The Bolsheviks and the Soviets


New York 1919


A short history of the U.S.S.R.


A. V. Shestakov



How old age is provided for in the U.S.S.R.






Crime recedes in the U.S.S.R.





Soviet Democracy




The railroads of the U.S.S.R.





Men of the Stalin Breed




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S. Kournakoff



Russia with our own eyes


New York - 1951



German workers in the Soviet Union




Industrial progress in the Soviet Republics of the non-Russian nationalities





Science, technology and economics under capitalism and in the Soviet Union

M. Rubinstein



Planning Science




New York World's Fair 1939

Pavilion of the U.S.S.R.



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special website on

Science and technology in the U.S.S.R.



On the Piatakov-Radek Trial






Modern revisionism and religion

Albania Today No 6 / 1972



The Vatican

- a centre of Anti-Albanian Diversion

Editorial in the newspaper "Zeri i Popullit"
No. 2 - 1973 - "Albania Today" - pages 39-40



"Albania Today" - No 1 / 1975


* * *


"Albania Today" - No 1 / 1984




Failure of the model of "Consumer Society"

Muco Ahmetaj - Journalist

"Albania Today" - No 2 / 1984



Social Democracy in the service of the bourgeoisie and reaction

On the Congress of the Socialist International

Adem Mezini - Tirana



The anti-Marxist content of "Self-Administrative Socialism"

"Albania Today", No 2, 1978



The class essence of the inflation in the capitalist and revisionist world

"Albania Today", 1978, No 2



The chauvinist opression of the Albanian people in Kosova continues

Zeri i Popullit

February 11, 1984









Workers of the world - unite !

World proletariat - unite all countries !




January 15, 2017

Comintern (SH) and YCI (SH)

fighting shoulder to shoulder in Berlin (Germany)




World wide














Anti-fascist appeal of the Comintern (SH)



21st of January 2017


To all anti-fascists all over the world !


Anti-fascists !

Donald Trump – this multinational capitalist – is expression of the coming period of USA fascism and fascist barbarism of world imperialism!

Death to the fascists !

Free the world from fascist oppression and capitalist enslavement !

Now, the world socialist revolution is not to be delayed !

Down with fascism of the USA !

Down with fascism of all the other imperialist "great" powers!

Down with fascism in every country of the world !

Down with the entire world fascist system !

“Make America great again” slogan is tantamount to support one’s “own” national bourgeoisie to oppress other nations. Global wars and fascism is the nature of world capitalism.

World fascism is the most brutal form of oppression of world imperialism as the highest and last stage of the development of capitalism; as monopoly parasitic and senile capitalism, as moribund capitalism, as an unprecedented increase of exploitation, oppression and reaction in all the fields and as the eve of the proletarian revolution.

World fascism is not born into the world full-fledged, and does not flame up suddenly. World fascism is preceded by a process of fermentation, of the economical (and consequently political) crises of world imperialism, which unleashes inevitably the anti-fascist world movements, the global outbursts of anti-imperialist revolutions, the beginning of the world socialist revolution.

Even the most sceptical of the sceptics within the communist movement can not exclude the coming world revolution. Febrile atmosphere of anti-fascist uprisings is already the beginning of the world revolution. The governments themselves, by their fascist adventures, are seeing to its continuation. The world proletariat will see to it that the serious world-revolutionary onset is sustained and extended.

The anti-fascist struggle must be the united action of all the peoples of all countries under leadership of the world proletariat, for the simple reason that all countries and all peoples are oppressed by the world fascist system.

World fascism is the last lifeline with which the world capitalists try in vain to maintain their brutal world system of oppression and exploitation. The overthrow of the capitalist world system is inevitable for the abolishment of world fascism in every country.

Anti-fascist uprisings can under no circumstances whatsoever either obscure or weaken the slogan of the world socialist revolution. On the contrary, they always bring it closer, extend its basis, and draw new sections of the petty bourgeoisie and the semi-proletarian masses into the world socialist struggle. On the other hand, anti-fascist uprisings are inevitable in the course of the world socialist revolution, which should not be regarded as a single act, but as a global period of turbulent political and economic upheavals, the most intense class struggle, civil war, revolutions, and counter-revolutions.

Transform the globalized anti-fascist struggle into the struggle for world socialism in every country of the world !

Fascism means brutal violence against the majority of the world population. Revolutionary violence of the oppressed and exploited peoples is the only means to abolish the inevitability of always new fascist periods which will be restored as long as world capitalism exists.

The world socialist revolution is unstoppable and all global counter-revolutionary resistance is futile !

Death to world fascism and all its lackeys !

Death to the social-fascist lackeys all over the world ! ("Anti-fascism" in words and fascism in deeds = social-fascism)

Every pact with the world bourgeoisie, called "people's front" by the neo-revisionists and other "Leftists" , leads to the liquidation of the communist world movement, leads unavoidably back to fascism and social-fascism – as history has proved.

Therefore, the anti-fascists must take sides of the proletarian anti-fascist struggle against the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois anti-fascism which which are instruments to maintain world capitalism. Any "anti-fascist" struggle which does not strive for the dictatorship of the world proletariat, is in the service of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie.

The capitalist world system will be destroyed by the world socialist revolution under the leadership of the world proletariat and its revolutionary world party – the Comintern (SH).

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live the socialist wold revolution !

Long live World Socialism and World Communism !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !

21. 1. 2017


Socialist States of America


We will make America a great socialist country !

Long live the socialist America in a socialist world !


The only future for America is - communism.


Long live the socialist world revolution ! 




Down with Trump !

Smash American fascism and imperialism !

Transform the American anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggle into the struggle for the socialist revolution !




21st of January, 1924


2017 - 93rd Day of Death



On the Worldrevolution



Collection of quotations

published on occasion of the Centenary of the October Revolution

Book 1 - 1894-1916


arranged by Wolfgang Eggers

* * *

Book 2 - 1917 - 1923

(in preparation)


Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the 93rd anniversary of comrade Lenin’s death day

January 21, 1924 – January 21, 2017

93 years ago, Comrade Lenin died, the great leader of the world proletariat.

We greet all comrades of the world and we encourage you to faithfully keep high the glorious banner of Leninism !



"Lenin was born for revolution. He was, in truth, the genius of revolutionary outbreaks and the greatest master of the art of revolutionary leadership. Never did he feel so free and happy as in a time of revolutionary upheavals. I do not mean by this that Lenin approved equally of all revolutionary upheavals, or that he was in favour of revolutionary outbreaks at all times and under all circumstances. Not at all. What I do mean is that never was the genius of Lenin's insight displayed so fully and distinctly as in a time of revolutionary outbreaks. In times of revolution he literally blossomed forth, became a seer, divined the movement of classes and the probable zigzags of the revolution, seeing them as if they lay in the palm of his hand. It was with good reason that it used to be said in our Party circles: "Lenin swims in the tide of revolution like a fish in water. Hence the "amazing" clarity of Lenin's tactical slogans and the "breath-taking" boldness of his revolutionary plans. The insight of genius, the ability rapidly to grasp and divine the inner meaning of impending events this was the quality of Lenin which enabled him to lay down the correct strategy and a clear line of conduct at turning points of the revolutionary movement. "




Message of Solidarity

from Russia

Dear comrades!
On January 21, 1924, died the leader of the world proletariat, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. He died , We have to continue the works of our dear Ilyich. So we will rally our ranks even tighter in the struggle for world communism and the global dictatorship of the proletariat.


Comrades, forward to victory of communism under the banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!


Pavel Korchagin




At 6:50 in the morning of January 21, in the village of Gory near Moscow, Vladimir Il'ich Ul'ianov-Lenin was struck by a quick death.


Pictures on Lenin's Death




27th of January 1924





love and study Lenin, our teacher and leader.

Fight and vanquish the enemies, internal and foreign

-- as Lenin taught us

Build the new life, the new existence, the new culture

-- as Lenin taught us.

Never refuse to do the little things, for from little things are built the big things

-- this is one of Lenin's important behests.

J. Stalin






Nothing can defeat Leninism,

Lenin's revolutionary heritage

- no violence, no betrayal, no demagoguery.

Enver Hoxha








also available in PDF- format


written by Wolfgang Eggers






Message of Solidarity

of the Comintern (SH)

and the International of Communist Solidarity (ICS)

Dear organizers of the solidarity with the political prisoners in Morocco, dear political prisoners, dear families of the martyrs, dear friends and comrades in Morocco and all over the world.

We send our warm greetings of proletarian internationalism to you on occasion of your great meeting which starts on 21st of January. 2017.

Our feelings are mixed with deep sympathy towards the prisoners and their families and hatred against the cruel tortures, the physical and psychic abuses and sufferings caused by the hangmen of the police state which oppresses the people who only want to live in peace and freedom. We admire your invincible will with which you are fighting for your rights. You are the future of the liberated Morocco. The Moroccan revolution will go on until the victory !

Also in Morocco is revolutionary violence the midwife of every old society that is pregnant with a new society. Your revolutionary violence is the instrument, with which the social movement overcomes the police state and all the dead political forms of the old society in Morocco.

Reactionary violence is the immanent nature of the capitalist regime in Morocco. Only by means of your revolutionary violence you can abolish reactionary violence. Your revolutionary violence is unnecessary not until the moment when all political prisoners are free.

The Moroccan police state can not be brought to reason, can not become humane. The freedom of all political prisoners in Morocco can not be achieved by peaceful petitions, by supplications, and appeals but only by united actions of solidarity.

The Moroccan people have the right to defend themselves against human rights violations and respond to violence with violence. That is also the opinion of Karl Marx who said:

"Where counter-revolutionary authorities seek forcibly to frustrate the formation and official activity of these committees of public safety, force must be opposed by every kind of force. Passive resistance must have active resistance as its basis. Otherwise it will resemble the vain struggle of a calf against its slaughterer." (Written by Marx on November 18, 1848; Volume 8, page 38)

Every Moroccan man and women has the collective right to respond to the violence of the Moroccan counter-revolution by means of their common revolutionary violence. Ou proletarian internationalism with you means solidarity with your violent struggle against the reactionary violence of the Moroccan ruling classes and their lackeys. Your struggle is both a force of self-defense, a force of social and national liberation from imperialist enslavement. But it is even more: Your revolutionary violence will be the key to eliminate the inevitability of reactionary violence in Morocco. Revolutionary violence eliminates its roots and causes - capitalism.
The united struggle for the freedom of all political prisoners in Morocco is indispensable as long as new human rights violations follow those which have been already eliminated.
Only when no more human rights violators exist in Morocco, your people will be able to abdicate from revolutionary violence. However, never beforehand!
The end of human rights violations begins in the moment when the people of Morocco abolish violently the violence as cruel expression of inhumanity.

We wish you much success for your meeting and send our greetings of solidarity to you.

An injury against one is an injury against all !

We spare no sacrifice in the struggle for the elimination of exploitation and oppression of the Moroccan people. And we also spare no sacrifices to help our comrades in adversity, to organize solidarity for them, and to free them from the clutches of the bourgeoisie.

Free all political prisoners !


19th of January 2017




On January 15, 1919, the brave fighters against the war and against the German imperialism were killed in Berlin: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg.





Demonstration in Berlin

Luxemburg - Lenin - Liebknecht


[ Appeal in German language on the website of our German Section]




Messages of Solidarity

(only available in German language)


we need urgently a translator

German-English !

--- Someone who translates our Message of Solidarity into English language ---




new publications in our German

Luxemburg-Liebknecht Archive



new publications in our 

International Luxemburg-Liebknecht Archive

( 6 languages) 



Karl Liebknecht - Rosa Luxemburg






Lenin on the Spartacus League:


"The foundation of a genuinely proletarian, genuinely internationalist, genuinely revolutionary Third International, the Communist International, became a fact when the German Spartacus League, with such world-known and world-famous leaders, with such staunch working-class champions as Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Zetkin and Franz Mehring, made a clean break with socialists like Scheidemann and Südekum, social-chauvinists (socialists in words, but chauvinists in deeds) who have earned eternal shame by their alliance with the predatory, imperialist German bourgeoisie and Wilhelm II. It became a fact when the Spartacus League changed its name to the Communist Party of Germany. Though it has not yet been officially inaugurated, the Third International actually exists."

(Lenin - 21st of January 1919)







Historical events

 of the

international revolutionary movement

110 years ago ....


1907 Rio Blanco

Textile workers' strike









Our opinion

on the Ukraine


Platform of revolutionary action


Comintern (SH)

January 1, 2017



in Chinese language

"The Red Guard"

Enver Hoxha - Reflections on China


Translation from the English edition

thanks to the Chinese Section of the YCI (SH)





根据《中国纪事》,第1卷,地拉那,“8 NËNTORI”出版社1979年版,第261-266页





Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message

of the Yugoslav Section

of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

31. 12. 2016


Povodom 16. godina od osnivanja Komunističke Internacionale SH, Jugoslovenska sekcija šalje militantne pozdrave svim našim drugovima širom sveta! Decembra 2000. godine kada je osnovana, Kominterna je postavila cilj - da postane avangarda radničke klase, svih radnika sveta. I ona to postaje! U svojoj borbi protiv imperijalizma,revizionizma i neorevizionizma, socijalfašizma i ostalih oportunista ona je svakim danom sve popularnija!

Besmrtne ideje klasika Marksa, Engelsa, Lenjina, Staljina i Hodže bile su i ostaju naša vodilja, juče, danas, sutra!
Živela svetska socijalistička revolucija!
Živeo svetski komunizam!
Slava velikim klasicima Marksizma - Lenjinizma Marksu, Engelsu, Lenjinu, Staljinu i Hodži!

Neka živi Komunistička Internacionala SH!




Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message

of the Chinese Section

of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

31. 12. 2016




80年代末,随着在社会主义的阿尔巴尼亚的红旗在亿万人民的叹息声中悄然降落,国际工人运动陷入了空前的低谷,像瘟疫一样蔓延全球的新自由主义的乌烟瘴气 猖狂一时,共产主义理想到了最危险的时候!无数的暗藏的机会主义者纷纷粉墨登场,摘下了虚伪的假面具,露出了叛徒的丑恶嘴脸。
中国有一句古话,大浪淘沙,意思就是海洋的海浪会洗涤掉混在海水中的沙子,剩下的却是晶莹剔透的海洋宝藏!不朽的列宁说过,工人阶级的国际没有灭亡,也不 会灭亡,工人群众必将冲破一切艰难困苦,重新建立自己的崭新的国际。经过一番努力,全世界的革命者和进步人士,以德国的马克思列宁主义者作为中心,终于重 新建立的自己的国际组织,崭新的共产国际。在建立之初,它的规模还很小。但是,经过十多年的努力拼搏,现在她已经突破了西欧的范围,拓展到东欧和亚洲的一 些国家,并在世界各地都有了自己的支持者和同情者,真正具有了世界规模,成为世界社会主义革命的先锋党!
在1956年,霍查同志说过,马克思列宁主义教导我们,人民群众是历史的创造者。这些年,德国的同志们广泛联络,深入群众,取得了令人欣慰的成绩,在一些 国家建立了分支机构和共青团组织,尤其是革命组织在阿尔巴尼亚的重建,更是伟大的创举。这在复兴共产主义运动的历史上,是具有划时代的意义的!
时光荏苒,岁月如梭。社会实践是检验真理的标准。经过几十年的反思和反复的比较,东欧和苏联绝大多数有进步思想的底层人民和世界各地的劳苦大众已经认识到 新自由主义给他们带来的苦难,并对之进行了无情的批判,缅怀社会主义的时代和向往社会主义的幸福生活。在这种条件下,事实证明,我们所走过的道路,是一条 永远的光辉灿烂的前途无量的正确的道路。有了底层人民和无产者的支持,并且在共产国际的领导下,重建无产阶级专政,复兴社会主义制度,不会只是一个遥远而 漫长的梦想,它会逐步的变成美好的现实,这将是我们这一代布尔什维克所肩负的历史重任!
道路虽然是漫长的,前途却是辉煌的!在共产国际的领导之下,通过我们自己的努力,坚定对共产主义信仰的信念,刻苦学习马列主义经典作家的著作,向烈士们学 习,不怕牺牲,甘于奉献,坚决批判机会主义和修正主义,理论联系实际,广泛深入无产者和其他各阶层的群众之中,是取得最后胜利的必要条件。






Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message

of the German Section

of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

31. 12. 2016

2017 ist eine große Sache. Vor hundert Jahren wurde, unter Führung der russischen bolschewistischen Partei Lenins und Stalins, der erste sozialistische Staat begründet.
Dies geschah auf die einzige Weise, in der so etwas geschehen kann, nämlich durch die bewaffnete Revolution.
Die Sowjetunion war und ist ein Leuchtfeuer der Hoffnung und Entschlossenheit für alle Unterdrückten dieser Erde. Doch ebenso stark wie die Hoffnung, ebenso stark wie die Liebe der Kommunisten zu den Völkern, muss ihr Hass gegen ihre Feinde brennen, gegen die Unterdrücker und Ausbeuter, gegen diejenigen, die die sozialistischen Staaten zersetzt und niedergeschlagen haben.
Wir Kommunisten verzweifeln nicht. Der Genosse Enver Hoxha hat die Machenschaften der Verräter und Agenten aufgedeckt, und wir haben von ihm gelernt. Der wissenschaftliche Charakter unserer Weltanschauung macht uns stark.
Auch das sozialistische Albanien mag gefallen sein - doch die Rote Fahne weht noch immer!
Am 31.12. 2000 wurde eine neue Partei geschaffen, eine Partei, die geeignet ist, die Völker der Welt unter ihrem Banner zu vereinen und gegen den Widerstand aller Feinde, und seien sie noch so zahlreich, unbeirrt der richtigen Linie folgend, einen neuen sozialistischen Staat zu schaffen, eine weltweite demokratische Diktatur des Proletariats. Eine Partei, die auch geeignet ist, den Übergang dieser sozialistischen Weltrepublik zum Weltkommunismus anzuführen.
Das ist eine große Aufgabe, die größte überhaupt - doch durch die Entschlossenheit und Standfestigkeit der Kader und die unendliche Kraft der Volksmassen wird sie bewältigt werden.
In den vergangenen Jahren haben sich enorme wirtschaftliche und politische Entwicklungen vollzogen. Der Kapitalismus verfällt in seine letzten, ausnehmend heftigen Todeszuckungen.
Es ist an der Zeit, dass die Kommunisten auch zu "Ärzten am Krankenbett des Kapitalismus" werden... aber um Sterbehilfe zu leisten! 
Die Komintern (SH) soll die Waffe sein, mit der der Weltreaktion der Todesstoß versetzt wird.

Die KJI (SH) wird sich stählen, um Teil dieser Waffe werden zu können.

Es lebe die Große Sozialistische Oktoberrevolution!
Es lebe die Kommunistische Internationale (Stalinisten-Hoxhaisten)!
Es lebe die Einheit zwischen der Komintern (SH) und KJI (SH)!
Es lebe die Weltrevolution!
Es leben die Fünf Klassiker - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin und Enver Hoxha!


31. 12. 2016

deutsche Sektion der KJI (SH)





Messages of Solidarity


Greetings from Russia


Dear comrades!
I congratulate you on the come in 2017, the year of 100 anniversary of the Great October Revolution!
I wish you all the best and win the battle!
Long live the victory of communism throughout the world!
With ardent communist greetings!
Pavel Korchagin.



Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message of the German Section of the Comintern (SH)

31. 12. 2016

in German language







16 Years - "5 Heads"



Messages of Solidarity



of the Comintern (SH)


1st of January, 2017



Forward with the Communist International

(Stalinist-Hoxhaists) !



Long live the

16th Founding Day

of the Comintern (SH)

31st of Dezember 2000 - 31st of December 2016

Dear comrades !

The Comintern (SH) greets all comrades all over the world on occasion of our 16th Founding Day.

We send to you militant New Year Greetings.

Long live the year 2017 - the Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution !




In comparison with all the previous Proletarian Internationals, the Comintern (SH) is now, after 16 years, the only one which exists uninterruptedly for the longest period in the history of the communist world movement. This speaks for the genuine significance of the Comintern (SH) and its honorable place in history.

For 16 years the Comintern (SH) has defended the Proletarian Internationals, has defended the glorious history of the revolutionary communist movement, has defended the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and the socialist Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The Comintern (SH) did not only defend the international tradition of the communist world movement. Moreover, in the past 16 years, the Comintern (SH) has further developed the ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.


Nevertheless, after 16 years, the Comintern (SH) is still in the first phase of its construction, in the period of her formation. In this phase, the Comintern (SH) has indeed developed ideologically but we still lack of organizational power and collected not much experiences on the practical battlefields of class struggle. We are not yet able to hit the international class enemies with heavy strokes. We are not yet anchored in the world proletariat, and we have not yet forged the necessary cadres who lead the world proletariat into the international class battles.

Dear comrades,

We have successfully fulfilled already 5 of our Year-Plans

( 2012-2013-2014-2015- 2016).

All these Year-Plans were very important for mastering a great deal of our first period of the formation of the Comintern (SH).

From all these 5 years, the year 2015 was most successful ! The year 2016 was also successful. We made more progress on certain fields of our activities. For example: with over 1 000 new texts in 2016, we surpassed the year 2015. However, in general, the Comintern (SH) did not reach the highest level of achievements of the previous year 2015. 2015, this was absolutely the year of the highest niveau of our activities.

Our weakness in 2016 is particularly determined by the loss of the Portuguese Section. We have lost all contact and do not know what has happened with our Portuguese comrades.

The year 2016, therefore, was a heavy demonstration of what it means to us if one of our most active Sections gets lost !!


Steadfast ideological and organizational unity

- the main factor of the leading role of the

Communist International

(Stalinist Hoxhaists)


16 years ago, we began to raise the flag of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism.
Under the banner of the "5 Heads", the Comintern (SH) has revived the tradition of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, the significance of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and that of the Socialist Albania of Enver Hoxha - in all these 16 years, spreading the world revolutionary ideas of communism all over the world.

The 16-year long life of the Comintern (SH) is a convincing expression of our victory over all those reactionary, opportunistic and neo-revisionist world forces who like to bury communism in general and the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, in particular.

Lenin predicted that the Proletarian International has never died and will never die! In words and deeds, the Comintern (SH) proved right the correctness of Lenin's prophecy for 16 years.

The steadfast ideological and organizational unity was and is the main factor to exercise the leading role of the Communist International (Stalinist Hoxhaists). Our Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity is a necessary condition for the Comintern (SH) to fulfill her historic mission. Our Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity is the basis for the unity of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples in the struggle for the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat and for the construction of world socialism and world communism. There is no unity of the world proletariat without unity with its vangard.
In 16 years, our unity has developed into a powerful weapon in the hands of the world proletariat to thwart the attacks of all open and hidden enemies. Precisely because we have formed a Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity, the Comintern (SH) has never deviated from the world-revolutionary path, and has always nipped all the splittic attempts of the neo-revisionists and centrists in the bud.

The unity of the Comintern (SH) is above all an ideological unity based on fidelity to the doctrines of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, and on the creative advancement of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.
Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the world proletariat and its Bolshevik world parties do not need a somehow unity but only the Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the further development of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism and ideological guidance of today's world Communist movement. Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the guiding ideology of the world proletariat on the path to its liberation from the yoke of world capitalism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the socialist world revolution in general, and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat in particular.

Equipped with the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, the Comintern (SH) has now become the major international school of world communism.

For us, there is only unity on the foundations of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. Every other unity means unity with bourgeois ideology, with opportunism, reconciliation, which is absolutely deadly to the revolutionary cause of the world proletariat.

This is a deeply fundamental question in which no concession is admissible at all.In 16 years, the Comintern (SH) has nevert allowed anyone to install any other "lines" alongside the Stalinist-Hoxhaist line.

The unity of the Comintern (SH) has developed in a sharp class struggle against the ideology of neo-revisionism, which is nothing but "anti-revisionism" in words and revisionism in deeds. The disaster of the present fragmentation of the revolutionary world movement was and is still caused by the dominant bourgeois ideological influence. The overcoming of this disaster is only possible on the basis of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the only weapon with which the unity of the revolutionary world proletariat can be created and maintained. Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the only effective weapon to get rid of these henchmen and standard bearers of the counter-revolution. This fragmentation in the communist world movement is reflected in one way or another in every single country in the world.
The globally centralized ideological struggle for today's purification of communism must therefore be conducted under the special conditions of each country in order to be successful. Every slightest stagnation of its further development and every slightest deviation from Stalinism-Hoxhaism means strengthening and adaption to the enemy's bourgeois-revisionist ideology. And precisely because the Comintern (SH) has always followed this principle of the proletarian ideology for 16 years, she is at the ideological head of the struggle against all kind of global influence of bourgeois ideology within the communist world movement, and primarily, in regard of neo-revisionist influence.

The ideological Stalinist-Hoxhaist unity is, at the same time, basis of a world-organizing unity, the combative unity of world-revolutionary action.

The world proletariat needs not only the Bolshevik world party to fulfill its ideological tasks and to introduce the socialist world consciousness into the world revolutionary movement, but it also needs a globalized general staff which is responsible for the entire revolutionary activity of the working masses, thus responsible for leading the concrete preparation and execution of the socialist world revolution and for the construction of world socialism. The unification of the globalized class struggle also requires therefore the disciplined execution of the decisions of the Comintern (SH).In 2017, the main decision of the Comintern (SH) is the Centenary of the October Revolution as the most significant milestone towards the World October.


Decision of the Comintern (SH)

concerning the

Centenary of the "Red October"

1917 - 2017

For us, the Centenary of the World October is not only an important international communist fighting day, but moreover a great opportunity and obligation for mobilizing and uniting all revolutionary forces of the world to jointly continue the struggle for the victory of the World Socialist Revolution.

The decision of the Comintern (SH) points out that all party activities and party life of the year 2017 will be aimed at the Centenary of the World October.

This campaign is centrally organized by the Comintern (SH) and we hope that it is jointly supported by all her Sections. The Comintern (SH) and her Sections will learn from their experiences by means of a report on this party-campaign after we have fulfilled our tasks.

The 7 central tasks

(They can be also helpful for planning Sections' own obligatory campaign activities).


All events of the whole "Red Calendar 2017" deal directly and indirectly with their special meaning in context with the Centenary of the Red October .

(For example: When demonstrating on occasion of the killing of Rosa and Karl, on 15th of January 2017, we propagate their sympathy for the October Revolution, their struggle for the Third International, for the World Socialist Revolution).


All greeting messages should deal directly and indirectly with their special meaning in context with the Red October (resp. Socialist World Revolution).


All our statements and appeals on current events of the world, in 2017, refer to the Red October.


All our theoretical work will be concentrated on the current meaning of the October Revolution


All our organizational work will be related to the slogan "Red October Contingent", namely a slogan for summoning and recruiting new comrades and sympathizers under the banner of the October Revolution. In last consequence, struggle for the continuation of the Red October can mean nothing but organizing in our Bolshevik World Party.


Foundation of a Russian Section on the 8th of November 2017. This goal must be achieved by support of the whole party and all her Sections. There is no better date of founding the Russian Section than the centenary of the October Revolution !!


All our "mass"-organisations must actively support our Red October Campaign:



Other possibilities for the implementation of our campaign:

If our limitted forces would allow us to organize our own "Red October" – Meeting in modest frame, then this would be great, but this seems not to be realistically in regard of our current organizational weakness.

If there are organisations which organize meetings on occasion of the October Revolution, then we should think about using them for our own agitation and propaganda, especially winning new sympathizers for our World Party.

* * *

Dear comrades,

We are no sectarians and dogmatists who implement our tasks for the Centenary of the Red October in a mechanic way. Not every task of our party can be labled with "Red October" for a period of one year. Exceptions confirm the rule. With other words: Our campaign should not lead to neglecting all the other tasks of our party. Our campaign should not replace all other activities of the party but help us stepping forward in our struggle for the World Socialist Revolution.

We are not forced to implement our campaign "on a gut level". We can resort to a lot of excellent sources of our previous work on the October Revolution. It is our task in 2017 to make use of our achieved treasures of publications on the October Revolution. We have already published the worldwide best collection of materials about the October Revolution, namely in more than 16 languages. This proves that our campaign in 2017 is not at all a "one-year wonder". Moreover, this does not mean that we will stop or close our propaganda for the October Revolution after having fulfilled our tasks of the 2017-Campaign. No, we will continue it for any time!

All our "Red-October treasures" which we have already collected and published, should be optimally used and applied for our 2017-Campaign.

The Comintern (SH) is available for all your questions, critiques proposals and improvements.

As a contribution to the implementation of party activities we have already published a new facebook site:

1917 - 2017

new facebook site

For 2017, especially the struggle against the revisionist attacks against the ideas of the October Revolution will be one of the central ideological tasks of the Comintern (SH)

We follow the lessons of the 5 Classics on the October Revolution and exclude unity with the enemies of the of the Red October, with the opportunists, with centrist, revisionist and neo-revisionist lackeys, also with Trotskyites and Anarchists.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist defence of the Red October is a battlefield which does not only last for the whole year 2017, but moreover for all future of struggle.




On our ideological tasks


Our ideological tasks are unrelieved


- to further organize the re-issue of all the treasures of the proletarian ideology, first of all the treasures of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninismus, - namely in as many languages as possible.


- to equip the Comintern (SH) with new advanced and further developed ideological weapons for both the imminent ideological class struggle and our perspectives at long sight.


- to struggle against the double-strategy of open and hidden bourgeois ideology, in general, and the double-strategy of open and hidden anti-communism, in particular.

- to form a concept of our ideological struggle against all parties of the world, especially against all the opportunistic, neo-revisionist and centristic organizations


- to master the Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory.

Stalinism – Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the world proletarian revolution, in general, and the theory and tactics of the world dictatorship of the proletariat, in particular.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory is the science of the development of the globalized society of today, is the science of the workers' world movement in the period of the globalization of world capitalism, is the science of the socialist world revolution and the dictatorship of the world proletariat, is the science of the construction of world socialism and world communism.

In 2016, we can conclude that we have made a great progess in stepping forward ideologically. Also in 2016, the Comintern (SH) was indeed the global standard bearer of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. We have further sharpened our ideological weapons in 2016. This is a great success for the fulfillment of the task to build up the Comintern (SH) primarily ideologically.

Especially thanks to the German Section which has contributed to the ideological development of the Comintern (SH) . In German language were published a lot of ideological texts in 2016.


What about the fulfillment of ideological tasks of the Year-Plan 2016 ?



Translation of 5 ideological documents of the Comintern (SH) in Spanish language - translated by sympathizing comrades from Spain and Uruguay



The program of the Comintern (1928) was published by the Comintern in 35 !!! languages.

The Comintern (SH) has published this most important document of the Comintern in 8 languages:

English, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Danish. It is needed that we try to publish it in further languages. Therefore we should aim for a better result in 2017.



The Platform is now available in 6 languages. Thanks to the Georgian Section in cooperation with Chinese comrades​​,we could add the Platform in Chinese language. Platform of the Comintern (SH) in Chinese language.



Of great importants is the completion Chapter VIII of the General Line of the Comintern (SH) in English language. Unfortunately it could not be finished in the year 2016. We will continue our work on i in 2017 (especially a chapter on the October Revolution)


The proposal of the English translation of the basic profound and comprehensive, scientific book of the Comintern (SH), on the nature of revisionism in all its hues: “50 years communism in struggle against modern revisionism could now be published in English translation. Half of the book is already translated in 2016, namely with a lot of new theoretical improvements. This is a heavy blow against global influence of revisionism within the communist world movement. We hope to complete the full English translation in 2017.



On occasion of the 60th anniversary of the betrayal of the XX Congress of the CPSU in 1956 we wrote a critical text and published a special website on Soviet revisionism in German, English, Russian and Albanian with a lot of documents of the PLA.



Our book: "The foundaments and concerning questions of Stalinism" was not translated, however some excerpts concerning the national question, the state and the constitution of the USSR were already translated in 2016. It is a beginning !.

The translation of both these texts (above) has thus successfully started in 2016 after so many years of delay.



We started in 2016 with our ideological war against Trotskyism and created a website against Trotskyism in different languages.



In 2017 we will start to create a website against anarchism.



In our greeting messages on occasion of the 5 Classics we developed new Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideas, derived from their teachings. Here some examples:

"Teachings of Marx and Engels on the role of conspiracies in regard of today's class struggle" or "Lenin's teachings on the armed struggle of the proletariat" and many other themes of present important questions of class struggle; 170 years "German Ideology"; Enver Hoxha "on the problems of the communist world movement", Engels' "struggle against Tsarism and its meaning for today" etc.



Definition: "What is the communist ideology?"






Down with Maoism!

(article on occasion of the 40th Day of Death of Mao Zedong)



On occasion of the death of Fidel Castro we launched a campaign against Cuban revisionism in English and German language.



We struggled agains Korean revisionism in the social network.



What are our new ideological achievements in 2016?


The Comintern (SH) developed further theoretical work on occasion of some historical events of the year 2016:

on occasion of the 80th anniversary of Stalin's Constitution of the USSR (1936):


Let us build the Socialist World Republic
under the banner of
Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

(published in English and German)



 Constitution of the W. U. S. S. R.

(in English and German language) 


* * *


on occasion of 100 years of Lenin's Military-program (1916)

the Comintern (SH) created her own


translated in English, German, Russian and Georgian language

* * *

On occasion of 90 Years of Stalin's "Problems of Leninism"

the Comintern (SH) created the theoretical article:

From the questions of Leninism

to the questions of Stalinism-Hoxhaism


* * *


On occsion of the 99th anniversary of the October Revolution we published the "15 Theses":

The October Revolution paves the way to the World October 

- from the Marxist-Leninist October revolution

to the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world revolution -

15 Theses

(This is already a contribution to the theoretical work of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the "Red October-Year-2017" !)

* * *

On occasion of 100 Years of Lenin's :


we published its special meaning under present conditions of globalization


* * *

On occasion of the "Brexit" the Comintern (SH) published a statement and created the

Future Draft of a Socialist European Constitution


* * *

On occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 5th Congress of the PLA, the Comintern (SH)published a theoretical article on the world revolutionary significance:

On the 5th Congress of the PLA


* * *

(On occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 7th Congress of the PLA, the German Section published a theoretical article in German language)

* * *


What are the lessons

that we Stalinist-Hoxhaists

can learn today,

to replace the capitalist world economic system

by our socialist world economic system?


* * *

We started a series of websites on the Sections of the Comintern and started with the Section of the USA




On our political tasks


The new year 2017 is not only of historical meaning for us . After 100 years of the Red October, the political contradictions in the world will gather speed, and the global events will come thicker and faster in 2017 than in all the previous critical years.

The unavoidable accelerating of the socialist world revolution can be observed in all fields of global class-struggle.

The present world crisis will increase in 2017 and will unleash all the faster eruptions of the economical contradictions of the unevenness among the rich countries, between the rich and the poor countries, eruptions of the countradictions inside the countries and eruptions of contradictions among the countries.

The capitalist world crisis will bring forth economical, social and political catastrophes throughout the whole world in 2017.

We must be prepared for the maturing of world revolutionary situation.

The increase of the contradictions between the world proletariat and the world bourgeoisie can be observed on the advance of the revolutionary movement on the one hand, and the advance of the counterrevolutionary movement, on the other hand.

In 2017, the advance of the global counter-revolution, the strengthening of the reactionary forces all over the world will have disastrous consequences for the masses in every country of the world. The global polarization of the revolutionary forces and the reactionary forces is a signal for the coming outbreak of the socialist world revolution.

a) The economic burdens of the world will precipate the masses into the greatest misery in world history.

b) The political world crisis brings forth worldwide the most brutal fascism in world history.

c) The military world crisis will lead to the third world war.

All this will lead to increasing global class-struggle, to uprisings, revolutions, civil wars and an explosion of refugees.

And this is a great challenge for the world proletariat and its vangard in 2017.

This means that we must better take advantage of the growing political clashes of global classes in 2017.



What about the fulfillment of our political tasks in 2016 ?

We have fulfilled a lot of ideological tasks in solving theoretical, programmatic questions and questions of strategy and tactics.

For short:

we have further developed the ideological line of the Comintern (SH) in demarcation to neo-revisionism.

However, the tasks of our party are not limitted in ideological tasks.

The ideological tasks serve the correct determination of the revolutionary political tasks, thus to strenghten the Comintern (SH) for leading the world proletariat to political power namely on the road towards the socialist world revolution.

The ideological and political tasks form a dialectical relationship. We learn Stalinism-Hoxhaism not only from the archives of the Comintern (SH).

We are learning primarily by participating actively in the daily class-struggle of the proletariat, against the neo-revisionist influence with which the proletariat is confronted in its daily live.

We have to continue the fight for the political interests of the world proletariat in 2017, no matter how weak or strong our organizational forces will be developed.

We do not wait until the workers come to the Comintern (SH) - the Comintern (SH) goes to the workers - even in weakest phases of party-building! We can only strengthen the Comintern (SH) by means of new members which must be educated as reliable cadres. This is only possible if we participate actively in class-struggle. And this is the only political correct way to protect us from sectarianism and isolation from the working class - namely in the first period of the formation of the Comintern (SH). A model for active political struggle on the streets - that is our German Section which has made great progress in the year 2016.

In the next years our Sections should expand seriously the activity among working large factories, and also among peasants and soldiers. And work in bourgeois armies should become the third main direction.

We concentrate our propaganda on the most acute problems of workers. Especially for the year 2018, the Comintern (SH) will concentrate her tasks on the industrial proletariat and its revolutionary struggle in the, trade unions factories and companies. We have already much experiences in Germany and we will make some English translations which will be valuable for all workers in the world, outside Germany.


Analysis of the world events in 2016


Useful for analyzing the current world crisis is the publication of the Comintern on occasion of the world crisis in 1929 :

We quote some important excerpts and form them as following theses:

1. "Marxism teaches that 'in times of crisis, the contradiction between social production and capitalist appropriation get extremely worse and that these two opposing forces violently collide'" (Engels).

2. "The economic crisis has already triggered political crises in individual countries.
3. Based on the growing crisis of global capitalism, all the contradictions of the capitalist system worsened.

4. In the field of international relations between capitalist countries are now growing more and more acute contradictions. The struggle for world domination exerts unprecedented pressure. The contradiction between the imperialist countries, the contradiction between the imperialist powers and the colonies and dependent countries increased simultaneously."

5. "At the same time there is a further intensification of the contradictions within the capitalist countries. This is expressed in the growing fascization of the bourgeois states."

6. "The class struggle in the capitalist countries receive a sharper character. The struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie goes on the offensive. The growth of the elements for a new revolutionary upsurge is an indisputable fact."

7. "The Comintern must adapt to these new conditions and redefine the tasks of the revolutionary struggle."

8. "The monopoly of capital imposes the burden of the crisis upon other industries, above all, the small farmers, workers, etc. And that is the biggest obstacle to a recovery from the crisis."

9. "Poverty forces the masses to curb their consumption, which has a negative impact on economic growth. Capitalism can not solve the contradiction between the growth of high technology and the decline in the living standards of the broad masses of the people."

10. "The narrowing of the market and the lack of prospects for the expansion of capitalism always creates more difficulties - namely the huge, ever-rising unemployment as the most prominent appearance of the development of the general crisis of capitalism. It has become a chronic phenomenon with increasing tendency. All this leads to an increase in the decay of capitalism and increase its parasitic nature."

In 2016 world capitalists began transfer of the world industry on so-called "The fifth technological level" which is characterized by reduction of a share of workers in production and increase in a share of industrial robots. It will even more aggravate the current disgusting position of industrial workers, and their considerable part leaves without work. On a global scale it will concern one hundred millions industrial workers.

11. „Stabilisation, the fact that production is growing, that trade is growing, that technical progress and production potentialities are increasing, whereas the world market, the limits of that market, and the spheres of influence of the individual imperialist groups, remain more or less stable—precisely this is giving rise to a most profound and acute crisis of world capitalism, a crisis which is fraught with new wars and which threatens the existence of any stabilisation at all.

Partial stabilisation is giving rise to an intensification of the crisis of capitalism, and the growing crisis is upsetting stabilisation—such are the dialectics of the development of capitalism in the present period of history." [Stalin XV Congress of the CPSU(B - 1927 - (2 years before the world capitalist crisis)]


12. "The struggle for markets is accompanied by a rise in protectionism, that is, the activities of foreign capital are sanctioned in the internal market. Based on this, in turn, the battle for foreign markets increases."


13. "The Communist International attaches great importance to the question of the solution of the danger of a new imperialist war. The Comintern mobilized the wide proletarian masses in the struggle against war."

This danger began to grow very quickly. If we strengthen work directly with workers of the largest industrial monopoly of the world, we will be able quicker to develop our forces, to attract new shots, and also to create our cells in these plants and to use them in the future as levers for strikes and strikes that will undermine the main income of the capitalist states which they use for kindling and conducting military operations. In a word - the key to easing of danger of world war lies in direct revolutionary activity of not just various parts of the nations, but namely in activity of world industrial workers

14. "The global economic crisis has led to a huge intensification of the contradictions between the imperialist countries on the one hand, and the colonies and dependent countries on the other side.

In a time when the revolutionary movement assumes huge proportions in the colonies, it poses an acute threat to the rule of imperialism."

15. "The current economic crisis is intensifying, above all, the contradictions between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. In a time of increasing general crisis of capitalism the bourgeois increases her counter-revolutionary state power.

"The economic crisis led to the growth of the elements of revolutionary upsurge. This is mainly due to the fact that the economic crisis triggered inevitably the capitalist offensive against the working class. The pressure on the workers was increased by the reduction of wages, by increasing working hours, through cuts in the social network and so on. The capital campaign is driven at breakneck speed ahead."

16. The class character of bourgeois power is now more and more naked form to the fore. The current ministers are coming and going to the leaders of the capitalist monopolies and vice versa. The leaders of the capitalist monopolies are transformed into the actual ministers and heads."

17. "Social democracy is treading faster fascist way through the adaptation of social democratic and reformist trade union apparatus to the fascist nature of the bourgeois state."

"Social democracy is the mainstay of the imperialist bourgeoisie within the working class. She's backers of fascism. It has been developed for this purpose an own ideology. The essence of this ideology is the unconditional subordination of the working class to the bourgeois state."

"The social fascism, the "left" wing of fascism, the last reserve of the bourgeoisie in the workers' movement."


18. "In connection with the deepening crisis of capitalism and the growing threat of the proletarian revolution, the bourgeoisie uses more and more methods of fascism, to suppress the revolutionary movement."


19. "The question of self-management of the economic struggle of the workers is not only in the Communist Party of Germany, but also in a number of other countries. Only on this basis can develop the Bolshevik tactics of the proletarian united front from below, our parties can stand up for the self-activity of the economic struggle of the workers in order to overcome the strike breaking -Social Democracy and the reformist trade union leadership. The focus of activities is the organization of their own strike committees and committees of struggle against the will of the reformist trade unions, the strengthening of the revolutionary opposition in the reformist trade unions, the strengthening of relations with non-unionized workers, the compound of the trade union struggles of the workers and the unemployed etc."

"In the implementation of our main goals - winning a majority of the working class for communism - we need to collect more practical experience in the self-organization of the economic struggle of the workers."


20. "-Initially, the agitation and propaganda of the Communist Party was generally in the foreground. Now the agitation and propaganda must be connected directly to the organization and leadership of the struggles of the working class. Class against class !"


21. The whole development of the crisis of world capitalism creates the conditions for the victory of the proletariat. The working class has the ability to practically solve this problem of crises. She is the class that performs the strongest and self-sacrificing struggle that creates its communist organizations constituting the vanguard of the proletariat and equips with the Communist consciousness. The main task of the Communist International and the Communist parties are now to take advantage of the world capitalist crisis for the victorious world revolution."


If we analyse the events in 2016 then we can find basic similarities with the analysis of the Comintern.

In the current world crisis, the crisis of the global finance-monopolies play a decisive role. Therefore we should plan the creation of a special theoretical text which includes our Stalinist-Hoxhaist criticism against revisionist and neo-revisionist views on the polit-economical crisis of the global power of finance-capital and its growing significance for the development of the socialist world revolution. We were not able to fulfill this task in 2016 and try to cope with it in 2017.


On our political actions in 2016





1 ) global economical struggle


To the same degree as the economic crisis endangers the

basic survival needs of the working class in the long run, the political crisis endangers increasingly the global political system of capitalist exploitation and causes further fascist degeneration which will inrease in 2017. The total capitalist-fascist internet-control will cause global resistance which will be supported by the Comintern (SH) at a new global front of class-struggle.

Shortages can be bridged for a certain time but not sustainably.

Sustainable shortages of the basic survival needs of the working class cause inevitably shortages in the hopes and trusts in capitalism and its political system. The mistrust in capitalism and its political system increased enormously in 2016.

Also in 2016, broadest mass movements took place on all continents against the aggravation of livelihood, worsening of working conditions, unemployment, shortage of income and wages, and emergency in education and health-care. The peoples defend themselves in mass-actions on the street against austerity measures of the capitalist states. In many countries strikes and even general strikes are on the agenda organized by reformist and revisionist organizations which have still dominating influence on the mass-movements. This influence has to be unmasked and combated in 2016.

While reformism as a phenomenon is very strong. Workers themselves can not get out of the reform movement. In the absence in the countries or largest monopolies of our sections (or revolutionary staffs) the reformist trend will continue for a long time, we have to be ready for it and consistently strive to create and support the establishment of our Sections worldwide.

Sections of Comintern (SH) in a question of revolutionary activity with the largest industrial companies of the world from the sphere of the heavy industry have to be coordinated and submit completely to the Comintern (SH), otherwise there will be a danger of in-coordinate work on a global scale.

It will be more correct to try to create at first of all the Stalinist-Hoxhaists revolutionary cells not only in the certain states, that is by the national principle, but directly and globally in world largest industrial monopolies!

We plan for the beginning of the year 2018 to create special (global) websites on the most important fields of industry, such as the "Website of the global oilworker" - "Website of the global miner" - "Website of the global car worker" (etc.) in which we will represent the demands and interests of these industrial workers on a global scale and support the global solidarity and unification of their struggle against the tripple alliance between state-systems, capitalist companies and yellow trade unions.


List of our struggle at the economic front in 2016:


The German Section published an article on the current tasks of the Comintern (SH) in the factories and trade unions.


2. The Comintern (SH) published a lot of websites on occasion of the First May 2016


Long live May 1st - International Workers Day ! The German Section unfolded activities on the streets in Germany .


MESSAGES OF THE COMINTERN (SH) 1st May, 2003 - 1st May 2016

Re-Foundation of the Red International of the Labour Unions -



1st May, 2016 - RILU- Appeal - To all revolutionary labour unionists all over the world!


First May-Report of our German Section - 2016


6. The Comintern (SH) organized solidarity with the French working class on occsion of the struggle of "nuit deboux"". Especially the German Section participated in solidarity activities on the streets of Munich on Sunday 15 of May.

7. 3. July 1921 - Long live the 94rd Anniversary of the foundation of RILU !


We demonstrated on the streets against CETA & TTIP (in Germany = 250 000 participants = one of the largest rallies in the history of Germany!)

9. We created a website on occasion of the Metal worker strike in Germany in 1956

10. We created a website on occasion of the port worker strike in Hamburg - 100 years ago.



2) global democratic-anti-fascist struggle


Our 9 theses on the revolutionary united front policymust be implemented lso in 2017


Among the enemies of the socialist revolution there are also the social-fascists. Social fascists are anti-fascists in words and fascists in deeds (for example the revisionist parties). We are creating a united front of all anti-fascists and anti-social fascists

this means:

Struggle against all attempts by the bourgeoisie and her agencies within the workers' and communist movement, to drive a wedge between anti-fascists and anti-social fascists.


The united front of all anti-fascists and anti-social fascists fights for the revolutionary removal of capitalism as the source of fascism and social fascism.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists fights against all attempts by the modern revisionists and neo-revisionists, who cheat the workers and all working people with reforms - up to the "peaceful transition to socialism", namely in order to stop the masses keep fighting against the fascist and social-fascist terror and to achieve class reconcilation as a means of surrender.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists unmasks and fights against all attempts of neo-revisionists who misuse the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism in the antifascist-antisocialfasciststruggle to justify the terror of social fascism, and to support it indirectly.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists does not exclude the application of revolutionary violence, both against fascist and social-fascist terror.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the democratic rights of all the exploited and oppressed classes, for the proletarian socialist democracy and not for the restoration of bourgeois "democracy", from which new fascism emanates inevitably. The enforcement of democratic rights is an integral part of the overthrow of capitalism and its bourgeois state system.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the abolition of the inevitability of fascism and social fascism, through the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, through the establishment of Soviet power in Europe and around the world.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the eradication of the remnants of all fascist and social-fascist forces under the system of the dictatorship of the proletariat.


The Comintern (SH) is the worldwide center of the international anti-fascist and anti-social fascist movement. The Comintern (SH) unites this movement in all countries of the world for leading it towards the victory of the socialist world revolution.
The Comintern (SH) promotes the preparation of centrally coordinated uprisings of the people throughout Europe – guided by socialist goals.


* * *


Party activities


Demonstration in Berlin: "Lenin- Liebknecht-Luxemburg" -on 11th of January, 2016

We celebrated in Germany the Centenary of the founding of the Spartacusbund and published a lot of documents of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, published the "Spartacus letters" and wrote an article on Leo Jogiches, published documents of Lenin on the Spartacusbund etc. [all these comprehensive publications are not listed up in our central propaganda-report of ther Comintern (SH)].

* * *

Solidarity with the protests of the youth of the USA against brutal police killing acts.

* * *

In Germany we participated in demonstrations against the fascist "PEGIDA" activities and supported solidarity movements for "foreigners" who were attacked by the fascist mob in Germany.

* * *

The German Section unfolded activities in boycott of diverse parlementary elections in Germany and against Trump in the USA.

* * *

On the 18th of March 2016 the Comintern (SH) unfolded activities on occasion of the "Day of the prisoners"

* * *

On April 22, 2016, the German Section published a statement on the terrorist attack in Belgium.

* * *

On the 130th birthday of Ernst Thalmann, the Comintern (SH) published an analysis of the preparation of the armed KPD uprising against seizure of power of Hitler (1932/1933). This document of the Comintern (SH) - in the first time of history - breaks through the silence which was covered by the revisionists on this important world historical event.

* * *

In memory of the anti-fascist liberation struggle of Albania we publsihed a new Albanian website on the Heroes of the Albanian people.

* * *

We supported on many occasions the struggle for the political prisoners in Morocco and strengthemed our connection with the Morrocan revolutionary movement.

In the German center of the struggle against fascism was the activities on occasion of the 60th anniversary of the prohibition of the Communist Party of Germany in 1956. We published a lot of documentations in German language.

* * *

The Comintern (SH) celebrated the second anniversary of the foundation of the ICS on the first of October 2016. We published an article in which we attacked the bourgeois anti-communist world organization of "Amnesty International"

* * *


3) struggle against world imperialism and imperialist wars


In Germany was the party in action against the NATO -"security-meeting" in Munich, participation in demonstrations.

Participation i demonstrations in Germany against genocide in Aleppo. We published the Appeal: "Russian soldiers - turn your rifles against Putin!"

The German Section participated at the "Eastern Marches" 2016.

On April 23, 2016 the German Section unfolded activities on occasion of the TTIP and CETA-demonstrations in Germany.

The German Section was active on occasion of the 7th/8th of May - capitulation of the Hitler-fascists and struggled against the Putin-lackeys in Germany.

On occasion of the Spanish Civil war the Comintern (SH) created the English website. The German Section published a comprehensive article on the Spanish Civil War.

Call of the Comintern (SH) - September 1, 1939 - September 1, 2016

We published a website on the Counterrevolution in Hungary (1956-2016)

The war in Syria was in the center of world events in 2016

We published the article:

"Our opinion on the war in Syria"


We were also struggling against IS in 2016, against this terrorist product of world imperialist mass murderers. We published some texts and raised the party-flag on protest demonstrations in Germany against IS and its imperialist backers. We also were active in supporting the protests of refugees, and we propagated our orld-revolutionary Refugee-Program of the Comintern (SH).

* * *

On the solution of the Ukrainian question


We continued our struggle against the imperialist exploitation, oppression and war in the Ukraine and published special websites on the Ukraine in English and German language.

In memory of the massacre of Maidan in 2014, the German Section published acomprehensive article on the historical background about the fascist German occupation of ther Ukraine.

We began our struggle in 2014 after the Maidan-events. The Comintern (SH) has taken a clear Stalinist-Hoxhaist position which we upheld in 2016. We are conscious about the need of supporting the Ukranian proletariat in its struggle for the socialist revolution and thus the support of Ukranian comrades to found an Ukranian Section of the Comintern (SH). Most important is to throw back the aggressive elements of Putin's lackeys as well as Western lackeys in the Ukraine.

In the interest of the socialist world revolution, in the former Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, as in the Ukraine, we support every movement directed against imperialism, especially against Russian and Western imperialism.

This struggle must be further developed in 2017 without forgetting the intensified struggle against the machinations of Western imperialism and its crimes against the Ukrainian working class, without diminishing the revolutionary struggle against the Ukrainian bourgeoisie.


Important is our clear position in continuation of the correct struggle of comrade Enver Hoxha against both the super powers, USA and Russian social-imperialism. Especially our demarcation-line against the social-fascists in the Ukraine and against those international social-fascist organisations which openly and hiddenly support Russian imperialism as an alleged "anti-fascist, anti-imperialist force". In Germany , the German Section fought a brave fight against the "Putin-Propaganda" and demonstrated on the streets.


What is the attitude of the Comintern (SH) in the Ukrainian question?


We take the internationalist attitude of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, while the neo-revisionists, especially those in the former Soviet Socialist Republics of Lenin and Stalin, occupy a bourgeois-nationalist attitude which is directed against Stalinism-Hoxhaism. This is incompatible with the attitude of the Comintern (SH).

What is the essence of neo-revisionism in the question of reestablishing socialism in the former socialist countries?

The neo-revisionism in the question of the reestablishment of socialism in the former socialist countries - that is the "peaceful transition" from the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie to the dictatorship of the proletariat. "Reconstruction of the dictatorship of the proletariat" in words and maintaining the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in deeds - this is the present physiognomy of neo-revisionism in the former socialist countries.

As regards Russian imperialism in particular, the Russian neo-revisionists are "for" the re-establishment of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin in words, but in deeds they are working on the restoration of social-imperialism for the purpose to save the rule of the Russian imperialism.

And neo-revisionism concerning the national question?

In the national question, the neo-revisionists are only "proletarian internationalists" in words, while in deeds they are bourgeois nationalists and chauvinists.

In words, the neo-revisionists defend "the interests of the national unity of the Ukrainian people", while they are in fact lackeys of the division of the Ukrainian nation for the purpose of its annexation by Western and Russian imperialism.

Stalin teaches: "The principle of international unification of the workers is an indispensable point in the solution of the national question." (Stalin, Works, vol. 2, pages 266 - 333, German edition)

Only the revolutionary Ukrainian proletariat, only a Stalinist-Hoxhaist national liberation army, led by the Ukrainian Section of the Comintern (SH), can restore the national unity of the Ukrainian people, the Ukraine can get rid of the yoke of capitalism and be liberated from imperialist slavery. Only by means of the socialist revolution can the dictatorship of the proletariat be re-established and socialism restored. The neo-revisionists are enemies of the working class, are enemies of the socialist revolution, are enemies of the national interests of the Ukrainian working class and the Ukrainian people.

Today, two counter-revolutionary world armies are facing each other in Ukraine. Neither is the Ukrainian army a revolutionary liberation arm of the Ukrainian people, nor is today's Russian army the Red Army of Lenin and Stalin, which protects Ukraine against Western imperialism. Both armies are not proletarian armies, but bourgeois armies of capitalism, commanded by two world imperialist powers-of Western imperialism and Russian imperialism - ready to spark the Third World War.

With the present counter-revolutionary, imperialist army one can not rebuild a Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. Only the Neo revisionists preach to believe in this fairy tale.

In the military question, the Comintern (SH) is of the opinion that socialism can only be restored by means of a revolutionary proletarian army which follows the orders of the Comintern (SH).

The military victory for the reestablishment of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin is based on a proletarian army which breaks down all the social and national barriers established with the restoration of capitalism. In order to restore the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, a proletarian army is needed, in which the proletarians of all the former Soviet peoples have joined.

As a result of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, nationalism flourished in the individual former Soviet republics, especially in the Ukraine. In the Ukraine, the descendants of Ukrainian nationalists and fascists celebrate their rebirth. In the Ukraine a fascist regime is in power, supported by descendants of the fascist "Ukrainian Legion", "Galicia", "Nachtigall Bataillon", "Roland Batallion", "Ostlegion" etc.

The anti-fascist and anti-imperialist resistance of the population, especially in the Eastern Ukraine, against the ruling clique in Kiev, was cleverly exploited by the Russian imperialists and served as a justification for their military action of annexation.

You can not be an upright anti-fascist if you fight Fascism in other countries, but not in your own country. A Russian anti-fascist can not be a real fighter against Ukrainian fascism if he does not fight Fascism in Russia, that is, in his own country. This is the only correct internationalist attitude of the Comintern (SH) in the anti-Fascist question, which is fundamentally different from all "communist" organizations in Russia.
One can not rebuild a Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin without overthrowing the Russian fascist rule in the socialist revolution.

The hatred of many Ukrainian people is directed against Russian imperialism and not against the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. And the hatred of many Russian people is not directed against the Ukrainian people, but against the fascist regime in Ukraine. Many people in Russia and the Ukraine sympathize with the reestablishment of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine. It is only the fascist rulers in Kiev and Moscow who stir up racial and national hatred between the Russian and Ukrainian people.



As far as the Crimea is concerned, it is an undisputed historical fact that the Crimean was not originally inhabited by Russians, but many other peoples. Countless bloody wars of diverse great powers were waged in Crimean for centuries (especially the Crimean War in the 19th century). The history of the Crimean population is a history of the expulsions of diverse peoples and resettlements of other peoples. And it is a historical fact that the Crimea was annexed by the Tsar empire.

After the Socialist Great October Revolution, in 1921, the Crimea was proclaimed as the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASRR). During the Great Patriotic War, the Red Army threw the fascist Hitler troops into the Black Sea and liberated the Crimea in May 1944.At Stalin's invitation, the Crimea Conference was held from February 4 to 11, 1945 for planning the re-construction of a future peaceful and anti-fascist Europe.

After the Great Patriotic War, the Crimea was integrated into the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic (RSFSR).
The integration of the Crimea in Ukraine was not initiated until 1954 by the Soviet revisionist Nikita Khrushchev, namely without the consent of the Supreme Soviet and expressively against the will of the Crimea.

In the Crimea, more and more Russians came, who now constitute the majority of the population which consists of many different ethnic people. Most of the Russian inhabitants have followed the appeal: "Back to the Russian Empire".

The independence efforts of the Crimean inhabitants are neither in the interests of Kiev nor of Moscow. That is why most of the Crimeans have no illusions about the Kiev domination and have also no illusions about the imperialist Putin regime. They know that they have come from the rain into the eaves and that their capitalist enslavement in the Crimea will continue to increase, no matter whether under the rule of the capitalist West or the capitalist East.

We are of the opinion that only the Crimea has the right to determine its own future, and no one else. We are for a socialist Crimea in a restored Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, which destroys the nationalistic banner of the bourgeoisie and the proletarian banner of the Internationalism. We are neither for the exploitation and suppression of the Crimea by the Ukrainian (and Western) bourgeoisie nor by the Russian bourgeoisie. In the latter case, this means strengthening the influence of Russian imperialism. In the first case, this means a strengthening of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie and thus of Western imperialism. Both means evil for Crimean people, and does not find our approval. The population of the Crimea is neither free under the rule of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie nor under the rule of the Russian bourgeoisie. Decisive for the Comintern (SH) is the solution of the class question. Those who want to free themselves from national oppression must free themselves above all from capitalism. This is an iron principle of Marxism-Leninism.
We Communists say that if you want to solve the problems of your national boundaries, you must first tear down the social boundaries.

Those kind of "Self-determination," which was agreed with Russian imperialists, we call assimilation or simply expressed: annexation. We must never forget that, in history, the Russian imperialists always air themselves as the "defenders" of the people in the border areas, namely for the purpose to easier annex them. This is also the case today with the Crimea. The working class does not support imperialist Putin treaties, but rips them. Russian imperialism has only as much interest in the Crimea as the Crimea serves the satisfaction of its imperialist goals.

Marxism-Leninism teaches: The national question is subordinated to the social question. The struggle for independence serves the working class as a lever of the socialist revolution but cannot replace the necessity of the socialist revolution. The contradiction between the working class and the bourgeoisie prevails not only in Ukraine, not only in Russia, but also in the Crimea. The population of the Crimea must fight both against its enslavement by the imperialist West and that of imperialist Russia.

Hoxhaism has proved that even the smallest country can build socialism - despite imperialist-revisionist orbiting. From this, the peoples of the former Soviet republics can also draw lessons. However, this requires the anchoring of the communists in the masses, the leadership of the Communist Party, etc., ..., thus all those conditions as they were fulfilled in Albania.

What is the task of the Crimean population? It may neither creep under the protective shield of the Western nor the Russian imperialimus. It must assert its independence against both imperialist world powers, especially against the Russian imperialism, which now prevails in the Crimea. Above all, we are in favor of the peaceful and friendly relations of the various nationalities in the Crimea, against stir up nationalist-rascist hatred, and against the great-power chauvinism of Russian imperialism.

In general, the working class of the former Soviet republics must join the internationalist united front of the world proletariat against world imperialism, and in particular, create a revolutionary united front against Russian imperialism. The elimination of national oppression is inconceivable without the break with world imperialism, without the overthrow of the bourgeoisie in its own country, without the socialist revolution. The October revolution has taught that it had to win first in the center of Russia, and then to extend to the border regions.

Today globalized conditions of world imperialism prevail and thus consequently for the globalized centralization of its revolutionary overthrow.


In spite of all the demoralization and tendencies of embourgeoisement, despite the influence of the great-power-chauvinism, the Russian proletariat was and still is the most advanced driving force of the revolutionary unification of the working class in the other former Soviet Republics. The Russian proletariat has to be aware of its historical determination, namely to play a leading role in the reconstruction of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, and be guided by the internationalist spirit October revolution. The founding of the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH) will therefore be of crucial importance.

The solution of the national problem always depends on the solution of the social question, for only with the help of the socialist revolution can the working class free itself from capitalist rule, and consequently also from national oppression.


What is our position in the Ukraine question?

For us there is no solution other than that of Lenin and Stalin. We Communists do not want a division of nations and nationalities, but on the contrary, their union and fusion. Separation for the purpose of unification - that is the dialectic of Marxism-Leninism in the national question. This means nothing else but the restoration of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. In particular, we follow Stalin's national policy, which served not only the construction of socialism in all Soviet republics, but paved the way towards the future construction of world socialism. The union of Ukraine was the merit of the Bolsheviks under Lenin and Stalin. And we owe it to Stalin that he freed the Ukraine from the claws of the Hitler Fascists. Socialism in Ukraine, as well as its defense, would have been impossible without the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. If, therefore, we want to restore a socialist Ukraine, after the model of Lenin and Stalin, we must implement the teachings of Lenin and Stalin under today's conditions, and be guided by them. We must defeat both the Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism and Russian great-power-chauvinism.

What do we want ?

We want a socialist Ukraine as the socialist Soviet republic of the reestablished Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. We want a Ukraine of the Soviet Union within the World Unions of the Soviet Socialist Republics. We want the union of the dictatorship of the Ukrainian and Russian proletariat as an integral part of the dictatorship of the world proletariat. And the road to this goal is the socialist revolution in Ukraine and Russia, is the socialist world revolution. That is why we need the founding of the Sections of the Comintern (SH) all over the world, including in the Ukraine and Russia, to prepare and lead the socialist revolution in all countries of the world. All other questions are subordinated. This is the only correct Stalinist-Hoxhaist position of the Comintern (SH) to solve the Ukrainian question.

Stalin teaches:

"Liberated from their 'own' and 'foreign' bourgeoisie, the national Soviet republics can only assert their existence and conquer the united forces of imperialism only if they are united to form a federation, or they will not be victorious at all." (Stalin, works volume 5, February 10, 1921)

This is true not only of the reestablishment of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, but also on a world scale for the future World Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. The reestablishment of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin is of international importance for the overthrow of world imperialism and the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and vice versa.



* * *


In 2017 we must take advantage of the Centenary of the Red October in our struggle of exposing Russian imperialism which restors the Tsarist empire with blood and sword. It is alarming that 85 % of Russians support Putin's anti-communist propaganda which is using a "communist" phraseology, especially hiding imperialist interests behind his so called alleged "anti-imperialist struggle against Western capitalism".

This is a big lie, and it is primarily the task of our Russian comrades to unmask the dangerous Putin propaganda within the Russian working class. Just as against the Tsarist Empire, today, the former Soviet people must unite for the revolutionary destruction of the new Tsarist Empire of Putin.


* * *


Not less important is our struggle against Western imperialism. The Presidental elections in the USA produced a new dangerous evil - Donald Trump.

We supported in 2016 the struggle against Trump and will increase our struggle against Western imperialism in 2017.

The nationalist and fascist mobement is on the rise - worldwide! We must build our unity front without and against the revisionists and neo-revisionists !

The old alliance between both the superpowers , the USA - and Russian social imperialist is on the way of its restoration and far more dangerous for the world proletariat and for world peace.


* * *

Let us not forget the danger of the Chinese super power !!!

The conflicts between Trump and the Chinese monopoly bourgeoisie will increase in 2017. It is very important that our Chinese comrades open up their fire of revolutionary class-struggle in their own country !


* * *


Let's take the events in Turkey in 2016.

The Putsch was an outworked occasion for the further increase of fascism. In Words and deeds, the Comintern (SH) , and especially the German Section struggled against Turkish fascism, and will continue this anti-fascist struggle in 2017.

* * *

Also remarkable were the events in Kurdistan in 2016. We demonstrated our solidarity with the armed struggle for the right of self-determination of the Kurdish people. It is a national revolutionary war. What we are criticizing is the growing influence of Western imperialist powers in Kurdistan. The imperialists try to take advantage of the struggle for national liberation, self-determination and independence. We have to propagate the proletarian internationalism in the struggle against nationalist hatred. This poison is spread by the imperialists and their bourgeois lackeys.

Most important is the confirmation of the Marxist-Leninist truth that the people can only liberate themselves by means of the revolutionary weapons in their own hands. In 2016 we focused on propagating the necessity of the armed struggle - particularly using the example of Kurdistan. The Arab peoples can learn from the Kurdish people.

The Kurdish struggle is a qualitative leap in comparison with the beginning of the "Arab Spring". The weapons were not in the hands of the Arab peoples but in the hands of the bourgeois army.

Another qualitative difference is the participation of Kurdish women in the armed liberation war whereas most of the Arab women are far not reaching such status of Kurdish women's emancipation.

The formation of autonomous councils based on democratic grounds is a great victory and an example for other peoples in the world who struggle for their right of self-determination.

Of course, the formation of these councils are not comparable with the formation of Soviets in the Soviet Union which were guided by the Bolshevik Party of Lenin and Stalin.

Every democratic struggle which is not led by the proletariat ends up unavoidably in bourgeois positions. It is important that the democratic struggle has to be further developed in direction of the socialist struggle. This is impossible without the Kurdish proletariat as long as there does not exist a Section of the Comintern (SH). However, the support of the Kurdish people in their struggle for freedom is an indispensable requirement to pave the way towards the foundation of a Kurdish Section which guides the Kurdish proletariat for the transition of the democratic struggle into the socialist struggle.

We fully support the Kurds for their national liberation . And despite the fact that there is no Section of the Comintern (SH), we must pay tribute to the people of Kurdistan for the selfless struggle for liberation.


* * *

The Comintern (SH) published a statement o the BREXIT.

* * *

We are witnessing a remarkable rise in global protests

are getting bigger worldwide and we support these protests in solidarity which is increasingly expressed in our central organ in 2016.

* * *

There are overwhelming indications that the current world crisis will worsen even further in 2017. There is no relative stabilization in sight for the next years. There are no levers to turn back the capitalist system for its full restoration, capitalism as an economic system has exhausted its possibilities, and is in the phase of agony, in a phase of the historical death. The balance between the imperialist powers has changed in favor of China, and this trend will increase. China in the rush begins to add to the existing population of 1.5 billion (of which about 150 million rural peasants simply registered as there are people!) In the next 20-30 years will add another 500 million to have a large labor force, as now working not enough for Chinese factories and the bourgeoisie is forced to increase the workers 'wages and the lack of a permanent reserve of unemployed workers deprives the Chinese bourgeoisie the possibility to keep the workers' wages at the minimum level. But the development of China's industry is mainly due to the relocation of production to China from other developed capitalist countries, these countries have been shifting to the background of the global production. And in the long run capitalism itself is part of the immovable impasse.
* * *

What is missing is the uniform centralized globalized protest movement which is to a great extent influenced by elements of petty-bourgeoisie. There is no organization in the world that is able to make the world protest movement to a force that can change the world society - except the world proletariat and the Communist International.

Most of the protests extend to some degree and disappear after a while. As World revolutionaries, we must convince people that protests must not stop half way. Existing structures of rule must break through - with the aim of its total destruction on a global scale. It is needed to break the frame of the protest movements. We need to tell people what to do to change the existing situation fundamentally. The global structure of oppression and exploitation can only be destroyed under the leadership of the world proletariat and its socialist world revolution.

Comrades !

Also In 2016, we have supported the common march of the masses on the world road of class struggle in connection with the propagation of the world socialist revolution. We have combined the most urgent questions of the world proletariat with the globalised science of socialism.

In 2016, we were again successfully in action on the streets in Germany. Marching in the streets for communism on a global scale can only be implemented by the march of the Sections in the streets of their country.


Starting our propaganda at the peasants international class-front.

Concerning the peasantry we will tackle global tasks of organizing the poor peasants, primarily supporting them in their struggle against the global exploitation through multinational Agrarian monopolies.

We plan to create a Peasant-Program of the Comintern (SH) in nearest future.

Learning from the Red October means to organize the unity of workers and poor peasants on a world sclae. Today we can see also a partial conversion to the monopoly of the world agricultural system as a whole (by monopolizing sales of agricultural products, as well as genetic modification basic agricultural products in order to obtain the rights to their "intellectual property" and, therefore, crop and yield spreads!), then in the near future will be able to also try to get started with the work of these companies, which can be described as "global monopoly" in agriculture area. But, in any case, as the vanguard, we must always and in all circumstances to put the world's industrial workers of monopolies and keep it working directly with them! In this regard, the Comintern (SH) should have even greater powers than its individual sections, that is, the issue should be fully centralized, it should not depend on the actions of individual Sections in this regard the decision of the Comintern (SH) must always be above making it Sections. It is by combining themselves leading world industrial workers Comintern (SH) will be able to implement in practice its main slogan in the era of globalization: "Workers, unite all countries!". Understanding this issue should be the cornerstone and the foundation for all our revolutionary work!





On our organizational tasks



What is the task of propaganda of the Sections in the present situation of the upbuilding of the Comintern (SH) ?

The "global actions of propaganda" of the Comintern (SH) should be transformed into the Sections' "propaganda of actions" in their country.

Here is the overview of our class struggle at the three fronts combined with the decisive perspective of the socialist world revolution

(1) economical struggle,

(2) democratic-anti-fascist struggle,

(3) struggle against imperialism and imperialist-wars

(included the concretely applied and implemented struggle against social-fascism, social-imperialism and - of course neo-revisionism)


After 16 years long history of the party, we must concentrate on the weakest point of our party building - the small number of members. We lost completely a whole Section (Portugal) in 2016 !

For 2017 we should double our efforts for the recruitment of new members and for forming them to new cadres.

The teachings of Lenin gives us an exhaustive knowledge of attracting new members, the education of the revolutionaries, representatives of raising the ordinary workers to the level of revolutionaries. We must make full use of this teaching of Lenin and develop it in the direction of that in modern conditions, with regard to the biggest transnational monopolies, is destroyed any national borders for our activities to attract people to our ranks from among the workers of the monopolies themselves. How, then, during the preparation and conduct of the October Revolution, the Russian Bolsheviks joined the ranks of his party from the ranks of the advanced workers themselves of large industrial enterprises, and we must now bring them out of the largest industrial multinationals, which are the multinational monopolies. Until now, we did not limit the issue is industrial monopolies. The circumstances surrounding the Greek, Yugoslav, Albanian and Chinese "comrades" made me realize what we were wrong. Until now, we have a little shade this issue, believing that there is great value to any of the strikers belong to the citizens of the proletariat in various countries, and what goals they pursue in organizing demonstrations. Until now our numbers of members are few. We must clearly concentrate on workers' representatives of the world's largest monopoly and support their struggle on a global scale.That was our weakness so far and we have this weakness to turn our inexhaustible strength as the world capital entirely rests primarily on the global monopolies. The workers of the world monopoly are more conscious than any other workers about their real slave position in the capitalist world, and we are ready for revolutionary action. In fact, the destruction of the whole world capitalism possibly by the beginning of its destruction from global monopolies, and the workers of monopolies at this great historical work should act as the main driving force, as the main subject of the future of World Socialist Revolution. Coping with this issue will give us new members, will give us new revolutionary workers and expand the theoretical and practical limits of our work. The Comintern (SH) serves primarily the interests of the world's industrial workers, because they have to make a vanguard of the future World Revolution, and only then, we reinforced and supplemented by industrial workers, revolutionaries can accelerate to high speeds, the locomotive of the World Revolution. Without that we can not gain sufficient revolutionary force, and holding the World Socialist Revolution will require the mobilization of such a large number of forces that is unique in all of human history. And the main components of this force can act only global industrial workers! We will begin to fulfill this tasks in 2017/2018.

In the moment we are too weak for creating a training center of the Comintern (SH) ["Training school of the revolutionary heritage of 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism" ] as can be compared with the famous "Comintern-School in Moscow". The central organ and the theoretical organ of the Comintern (SH) and our Archives will be - "until there come better times" - the most important instruments for training new members and sympathizers. It will also be useful for older members of the Comintern (SH), because without constant training and development of theoretical knowledge no one can be proud and honorable name of "Communist." Important is mastering deep knowledge of philosophical science of Marxism-Leninism for the heads of the national sections of the Comintern (SH), as from leaders on their preparedness in the theoretical and practical issues will vary depending Work all sections. Allow as managers untrained people - it means to condemn the existence of the entire section on the theoretical and practical setbacks and failures. In short, we need to create a special school and offer to take as a working title . Realistically, in our present situation, we should work out a brief training program a) for beginners, b) for advanced beginners for presenting these two courses on our websites.

The Comintern (SH) prepares a draft in 2017 and will present it to all Sections for discussion and decision.

The Sections are part of the Comintern (SH), which fulfill their tasks in their respective country in accordance with the global tasks of the Comintern (SH). No centralized activity of the world party is possible, if the Sections are not centrally united and coordinated to participate in global activities.

The world proletariat must be able to carry out own global actions at every time, in every situation and under every circumstances.

It is therefore the common task of the Sections and the leading center of the Komintern (SH) to equip the world proletariat with all organizational instruments which are needed to achieve the optimum of global manoeuvrability of the proletariat. On the issue of globally organized activities, the world proletariat expects from the Comintern (SH) highest ability of interaction between the central bureau and the Sections. Every discrepancy between the Comintern (SH) and her Sections endangers the global actionability of the world proletariat. The fight against autonomism of the Sections is not only a question of principle, but also a result of the negative experiences of the history of the international class struggle. Without subordination of the Sections under the central leadership, the Comintern (SH) will be unable to lead the proletarian class to world power.
The uniform centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH) is a basic principle of the world party of Bolshevik type. The organizational principles of world Bolshevism require the unconditional subordination of the Sections and all the other organizations under the central overall leadership of the world party. Only by means of democratic centralism, the unification of will and deed of the party and then of the whole world proletariat can be guaranteed. Without this centralist Bolshevik principle, the Comintern (SH) can not unfold her global fighting capacity - can the decisive battles for the dictatorship of the world proletariat not be won.

How did the Sections develop since their foundation 5 years ago ?

In general, the development of the Sections made good progress what can be proved expressively in regard of the great websites of our Sections.

Each Section works according to its own Year-Plan which is coordinated with the Year-Plan of the Comintern (SH) and the individual Year-Plans of all the other Sections.

And also the accountability of the Sections are presented by means of their Year-Report to the other Sections and to the Comintern (SH). On the basis of all the Year-Reports of the Sections, the Comintern (SH) creates her central Year-report and also the central plan for the coming year.

The Comintern (SH) gives yearly account to the Sections for the survey of what has been accomplished - as a whole - by the Sections, in particular, and by the Comintern (SH), in general.

The draft of the Year-Plan of the Comintern (SH) is submitted to the Sections, and improved and corrected by them. The Year-Plan of the Comintern (SH) is then commonly decided by the Sections and obligatory for the orientation of work of the whole world party.

In comparison among each other, the resultant development of the Sections is different in the single countries.

The most active and strongest Section is the German Section which is identical with the former KPD/ML of comrade Ernst, founded on 31st of December 1968.

The Georgian Section was founden on the 8th of November, 2011.

This Section does excellent work in presenting a great library of Marxist-Leninist books on the website and made a lot of important translations. The communist work of the Section in Georgia is illegal, and therefore dangerous for the comrades who are fighting in the underground.

The Portuguese Section was also founded on 8th of November 2011 – as the successor of the old glorious PCP and the PCP (Reconstructed) which was member of the Marxist-Leninist Parties of the Hoxhaist World Movement.The Portuguese comrades contributed important theoretical texts to the Comintern (SH) and made all French and Spanish translations of the Comintern (SH). For about half a year we are very worried about the Portuguese Section. The Comintern (SH) has lost complete contact to the Portuguese Section. As far as we know, our Portuguese comrade suffered from a serious illness. However, we do not give up our hope that the comrade will report back. In the moment we try to uphold the Portuguese website as far as possible.

The Yugoslav Section was also founded on the 8th of November 2011. However the Serbian comrade put down his work for the Section, shortly after the foundation. We had to close temporarily this website of the Serbian Section due to inactivity of the members ! Therefore, the Comintern (SH) decided to dissolve the Serbian Section in the end of 2013. On January 1, 2015 we have re-opened the website because we have fortunately received support from a new comrade for the re-construction of a Yugoslav Section. The website was renamed into "Yugoslav Section" because the Comintern (SH) struggles for a future Stalinist-Hoxhaist Yugoslavia.

In China the founding of a Section is planned. In China exists already a Section of the Young Communist International.

We tried to found the Greek Section on the 8th of November 2015 because we had received support from a Greek comrade in summer 2015. After some weeks he refused to continue his party work because he had some contradictions in special questions of our party-line.

We planned also to found a Section in Iran, however the comrade turned out as a Trotskyite.

The founding of the Section in Norway failed because of violation of party discipline.

We received support of a comrade from Russia, a worker nearby the Ukrainian border. After some time all contact to him was canceled.

There were also a comrade from the USA, an intellectual who only wanted to publish his articles under the flag of the Comintern (SH), but was not ready to fulfill the tasks of the Comintern (SH).

There is also a young comrade from Brazil who wanted to support the Comintern (SH). Because of safety reasons he broke off contact with us.

We have also contact to Belgian comrades. Until now it is still not clear whether they decide to found the Belgian Section of the Comintern (SH) or not.

In Spain we have friendly contact to a young comrade, a worker who helps us to publish Marxist-Leninist literature. He welcomes the political line of the Comintern (SH) and gave us a lot of support.

Quite recently, a comrade from the Netherlands contacted the Comintern (SH) and promised to support the party.

From Africa, there are comrades of the Ivory Coast and Morocco who maintain friendly contact to the Comintern (SH).

The Italian Party of Labour maintains friendly relations to the Comintern (SH).

As can be seen, the Comintern (SH) is supported not only from countries in which the Sections work. The Comintern (SH) receives support from comrades of all continents.

At the same time, it can also be seen, the problems and difficulties with which we have to cope.

We are communists, and therefore we are convinced that the Comintern (SH) will obtain confidence from more and more comrades across the world. More and more comrades like to strengthen our party, and we appreciate it.

As a last point the Comintern (SH) thanks the Sections for their great party work.

Wishing all comrades of the Sections of the Comintern (SH) new victories in their struggle for the socialist world revolution in their country!



On our Propaganda tasks


Many publications were provided by comrades of the Sections, and especially from the Chinese comrades, and by sympathizers of our world party. We like to thank all comrades for this valuable support.

In the Year 2016 we have made great efforts in our daily propaganda. We even overtook the sensational result of the year 2015 - in spite of our diminished forces (!). But we cannot repeat this sensational amount of publications in the Year-Plan 2017.

Our Archives are the best communist archives all over the world - last not least by the activities of the Georgian Section. The Comintern (SH) has created a great treasure chest of Marxism-Leninism - the greatest in history of communism. This is not only a reason to be proud of but this treasure chest will be one of the most effective driving forces for collecting new comrades from all over the world around the Comintern (SH). Those Comrades who value the use of our Archives will finally value Stalinism-Hoxhaism and the political aims of the Comintern (SH) !

In the Year-Plan-2012 we had decided:

"priority: propagation of the writings of the five classics of Marxism-Leninism in as many as possible languages ​​of the world."

[all the figures presented in brackets (...) are publications until 2016 - for comparison and demonstrating the progress it is added like this example 14 (2)

= 14 is the figure for all texts which have been published until 2016 and the figure (2) is the amount of texts which were published until 2015]


Here is the result of our work for the year


The Comintern (SH)-Archive is the largest communist archive all over the world !

Thank you comrades !!

[publications in overall 82 !!! (80) languages ]


In 2016 the Comintern (SH) published OVER 1000 texts - exactly 1063 !!! (914)

in total:

6656 (5593) texts have been published in the Comintern (SH) Archive since our founding!!!

36 (23) GB !!!





31st of December 2000 - 2016




Dear comrades,

we wish you a militant and successful new year 2017

under the glorious banner of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

Long live the Comintern (SH) and her Sections !






Happy New Year - comrade ENVER !










7. 1. 1907 – 110 years textile-workers Strike "Rio Blanco"

15. January 1919 – 98 Years Murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (in cooperation with the German Section)

21st of January 1924 - 93rd Day of Death of Lenin





February 1917 – 100. anniversary of the Februar Revolution in Russia ( new calendar = March)






5. March 1953 - 64. Death Day of Josef V. Stalin

2. - 6. March 1919 - 98. Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern

8. March - 1911 - International Women's Day - Fourth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Communist International (SH)

14. March 1883 - 134 Death Day of Karl Marx

18th of March 1871 - 146 Anniversary of the Paris Commune

18th of March - Day of the political prisoner

27. 3. - 2. 4. 1922 – 95. anniversary of the XI Congress of the CPR (B)




11th of. April 1985 - 32. Death Day of Enver Hoxha

12th of April 1923 - Ernst Aust - birthday (prepared by the German Section)

16. April 1886 - 131. Birthday of Ernst Thälmann (prepared by the German Section)

17. April 1912 – 105 years Lena-Massacre

22nd of April 1870 - 147th birthday of Lenin

23rd of April 1942 - 75. Day of Death of  Olga Benario





First May (!)

International fighting day of the working class

14th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU

5th of May 1818 - 198th birthday of Karl Marx

5th of May - Memorial Day of the Heroes of Albania

9th of May 1945 - Victory over the Hitler-Fascists - 72nd anniversary

14. 5. 1867 – 150. Birthday of Hans Eisler (prepared by the German Section)

25th of May 1963 - 54th anniversary of the African Liberation Day

31. 5. 1817 – 200. Birthday of Georg Herwegh





2. 6. 1967 – 50. Death Day of Bernno Ohnesorg

(prepared by the German Section)

Chronic of the Year 1917 in Russia

June 22, 1941 - Beginning of the Great Patriotic War (76th anniversary) 




July 1867 - 150 Years Karl Marx "The Capital"

5. 7. 1857 - 160. Birthday of Clara Zetkin

8. 7. 1867 – 150. Birthday of Käthe Kollwitz

15. 7. 1977 – 40. Death Day of Konstantin Fedin

Juli 1936 – 81 anniversary - Spanish Civil War

End of July 1917 – 100 years Lenin : "The Lessons of the Revolution"





5th of August 1895 - 122ndt Death Day of Friedrich Engels

5. 8. 1942 – 75. Death Day of Janusz Korczak

18. - 24. 8. 1907 – 110. anniversary of the Congress of the II. International

22. 8. 1927 - 90. Death Day of Sacco und Vanzetti

25. 8. 1942 – 75. anniversary of the publication of the first edition of "Zeri i Popullit"

August-September 1917 - 100 Years Lenin: "State and Revolution"

25th of August 1985 - 31 th Death Day of Ernst Aust (German Section)




1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War

1st of September 2017 - International Day against imperialist wars

26. 9. 1977 – 40. anniversary of 7. Congress of the Youth Organisation of the PLA

End of September 1917 – 100 Years – Lenin: "Will the Bolsheviks maintain state power?" 




1st of October 2014 - third anniversary of the ICS (International of Communist Solidarity)

6. - 8. 10. 1917 – 100 Years Lenin: "On the revision of the party program"

16th of October 1908 - 109th birthday of Enver Hoxha

October 1847 – 170 Years Frederick Engels – "Principles of Communism"




95th anniversary of the IV. World Congress of the Comintern

7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 100th Anniversary


November 1927 – 90 Years Stalin: The international character of the October Revolution"

8th of November 1941 - 76th anniversary - Foundation of the PLA

8th of November 2011 - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)

20th of November 1919 - 97th Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI

23rd of November 1941 - 76th anniversary of the Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania

- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

28th of November 1820 - 197th Birthday of Friedrich Engels

29th of November 1944 - 73th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania





3. 12. 1927 - 90. anniversary of the XV. Congress of the CPSU (B)

13. 12. 1797 – 220. Birthday of Heinrich Heine (German Section)

18th of December - Proletarian Migrants Day

21st of December 1879 - 138th Birthday of Stalin

31st December 2000 - 17 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH)

31. 12. 1968 - 49. anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML

- and 99. anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)









World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists. World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.

If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)




"The social revolution must be the united action of the proletarians of all countries for the simple reason that most of the countries and the majority of the world’s population have reached the capitalist stage of development in which the revolutionary solution of the main contradiction between capital and labor is on the agenda."

[Comintern (SH)]
19. 1. 2017



It is the great duty of the Comintern (SH), to lead the world proletariat to political world power.


Stalinism-Hoxhaism answers all questions of the socialist world revolution on the basis of the idea of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

Comintern (SH)