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The ABC of proletarian internationalism, as Lenin stressed, is the participation of the world proletariat at the preparation, propagation and acceleration of the proletarian world revolution !

Today, the world proletariat has all that is necessary for the building of a complete Socialist world society. Hence the world proletariat can and must, by its own efforts, overcome the world bourgeoisie and build Socialist world society.











Central Organ of the Comintern (SH)





Dear comrades !


Half of the year 2014 passed successfully.

The Comintern (SH) likes to thank all you comrades across the world for your great support.

Thanks to your self-sacrificing struggle we get stronger and stronger !

The following publications are especially presented in recognition of your great help.

Forward to the socialist world revolution !

Comintern (SH) - June 30, 2014



A Handbook of Marxism

the most important documents

from the "Communist Manifesto" to the "Program of the Comintern"

collected and published by Emile Burns




What is Leninism ?





Strategy and Tactics of Leninism




Leninism and the

Dictatorship of the Proletariat




Leninism and the

Theory of Proletarian Revolution




Inprecorr - January 15, 1925

Explanatory remarks re syllabus of elementary party courses

written by Bela Kun




in PDF - format

The Second and Third Internationals and the Vienna Union



Fifth Congress

June 17 - July 8, 1924 


Abridged report of meetings held at Moscow

June 17th to July 8th, 1924







Inprekorr No 83 (special edition) - November 1928 


Inprecorr No 84 (Volume 8)


The Struggle against Imperialist War and the Tasks of the Communists.

on the International Campaign against War.

Statutes of the Communist International.

Resolution on the Communist International Red Aid.


Theses on the Revolutionary Movement
in the Colonies and Semi-Colonies

Inprecorr No 84

(special edition) - December 12, 1928





Report and Manifesto of the World Anti-War Congress

August 27th - 29th, 1932 in Amsterdam







Counter-Revolution in Disguise





Report of Court Proceedings

Trotskyite-Zinovievite Terrorist Centre






Henri Barbusse




The Iron Flood





20 Years in Underground Russia

Cecilia Bobrovskaya





The Commissar of the Gold Express

an episode in the civil war

V. MATVEYEV - 1933




Barricades in Berlin

Klaus Neukrantz - 1933





Report to the 8th Congress of the PLA

November 1, 1981


Soviet Revisionism

and the struggle of the PLA to unmask it

Tirana 1981


Who incites hostility amongst the peoples of Yugoslavia

"Zeri i Popullit"

Tirana - April 23, 1981




From the Annals of British Diplomacy

The Anti-Albanian Plabs of Great Britain during the Secons World War according to foreign office documents 1939-1944





Collection of Articles

Tirana 1981




English Magazin

1986 No 36 - No 3






We must firmly oppose the reactionary tactics of the capitalist and revisionist bourgeoisie with our revolutionary tactics

Toronto 1980



Sino-American Alliance




The Albanian women

- a great force of the revolution




7th Congress of the LYUA







Speeches 1971 - 1973




Our policy is an open policy


Tirana 1974


On the role of the Democratic Front

Tirana 1974



at the meeting of electors of the district 209

October 3, 1974


Report 7th Congress PLA

1976 (Summary)


In the light of the 7th Congress of the PLA




The Theory and Practice of the Revolution



The warmongering plans of the Chinese leaders and the visit of Hua Kuo-feng to the Balkans



Nesti Nase - UNO-Speech

October 2, 1972


Problems of the struggle for the complete emancipation of women

Tirana 1973



Everything for the People of Albania

Tirana 1973



50th Anniversary of the Albanian Independence

Tirana 1962




in Chinese language 





in Chinese language - translated by the

Chinese Section of the Young Communist International








23 June 1921

Foundation of the

Red Sport International



Special website ...


also available in German language ...


and in Portuguese language ...


Long live the proletarian, communist Spartakiad !

Down with the bourgeois-capitalist Olympiad !

For classless sport !




Long live the 69th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War

(June 22, 1941 – May 9, 1945)


69th Victory Parade





J. Stalin 
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Supreme Commander-in-Chief


June 22, 1945, No. 370.




    To mark the victory over Germany in our Great Patriotic War, I hereby order that on June 24, 1945, in the Red Square in Moscow, a parade be held of troops of the Army on active service, of the Navy, and of the Moscow Garrison -- a Victory Parade. 
The following are to participate: Mixed regiments from the fronts, a mixed regiment of the People's Commissariat for Defence, a mixed regiment from the Navy, the military academies, military schools and the troops of the Moscow Garrison. 
The salute at this Victory Parade is to be taken by my deputy, Marshal of the Soviet Union Zhukov. 
The Victory Parade is to be under the command of Marshal of the Soviet Union Rokossovsky. 
I entrust the general direction of the organization of the Parade to Colonel-General Artemyev, Commander of the troops of the Moscow Military Area and Chief of the Moscow Garrison.

J. Stalin 
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Supreme Commander-in-Chief


J. V. Stalin


JULY 3, 1941




Long live the CPSU (B)!

Long live Soviet Union

of comrades Lenin and Stalin!

Long live the victory of the Great Patriotic War !


Down with Russian imperialism !


Down with Russian "Great-Power"-Chauvinism !


Down with Western and Eastern imperialism !


Smash world fascism !


Smash world imperialism once for all!

War against imperialist war !


Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!



now available in Portuguese language

O que é que o Comintern (EH) quer?
Programa da
Comuna Mundial "nº 1"

Traduzido pela Secção Portuguesa do Comintern (EH)

11 de Maio de 2014








JUNE 19, 2014

The recent dismissal of the Spanish king Juan Carlos of Bourbon was expected. During last years, his behavior and that of his family (with him and one of his daughters and son-in-law being involved in several serious corruption scandals, for example) had became an embarrassment to the Spanish exploitative classes, who have had more and more difficulties in depicting Spanish monarcho-fascist “royal family” as “popular” and “acceptable”.

The “popularity” of Juan Carlos reached its lowest point when in 2013 it became known that he used to secretly flee from Spain to Africa in order to hunt elephants (a highly endangered species…) and to enjoy from lavish safaris in the company of his mistress, a German princess. All this spending the money coming from the sweat and blood of the Spanish toiling classes submerged in “austerity measures” and enduring savage levels of capitalist exploitation.

Doing their utmost to save the monarchy, Spanish capitalist-aristocratic oppressive classes and their servants of the bourgeois parties quickly organized the coronation of Felipe VI of Bourbon, who on June 19, 2014 becomes king of Spain. But the replacement of an individual by another can never alter the character of Spain’s monarcho-capitalist-fascist order. The crowned bandits of the Bourbon family have an immense «curriculum» in crimes against workers and oppressed people. Since the XV and XVI centuries, they led the Spanish aristocratic feudalism which invaded American continent, caused the nearly extinction of Amerindians, intensively promoted black slave trade and obtained obscene profits and wealth through exploitation of the labor and resources of the so-called «new world». Later on, they continued to represent Spanish exploitative classes, which are among the most reactionary of Europe.

In the 1930’s, it seemed that the repressive rule of the Bourbons was finally being ended when the Spanish republic was proclaimed. But this hope did not last too much. The bourgeois Spanish republic, although having certain progressive features, never intended to establish proletarian dictatorship neither to build socialism in accord with the teachings of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism at the time. It remained a merely reformist regime which could have never resisted to the fascist offensive launched against it by the Spanish bourgeois-capitalist-aristocratic classes and which eventually caused Spanish Civil War which would end with the victory of the nazi-fascist forces of Franco. During Francoism, Spanish exploitative classes did not waste time and promptly re-established monarchy after Franco’s death. Franco himself would be one the main promoters of this, personally ordering who would be the king of Spain after his passing away. And that is how Felipe VI (and his father Juan Carlos before him) became kings of Spain. Even by the parameters of bourgeois «democracy», the Bourbons lack any kind of legitimacy. Their supposed representation of “democratic unity of Spain” is a total and complete fake.

The abolition of the monarchy and the transformation of Spain into a republic has long been an aspiration not only of the Spanish working classes, but even of certain branches of the bourgeoisie who think that a republic might better serve its class goals, namely in misleading the proletariat. In the XIX century, the First and Second Classics of Marxism-Leninism – comrades Marx and Engels – had already reflected about the dilemma between monarchy and republic. They concluded that although the conditions of working class struggle are generally better under a republic, the truth is that as long as class society exists, both monarchy and republic will inevitably retain their exploitative and oppressive nature.

The Comintern (SH) and its future Spanish Section don’t have as objective neither the perpetuation of monarchy neither the implementation of a republic, but the complete and definitive surpassing of both these forms of class dominion which are inherent to class society and class state. Of course, we support Spanish exploited and oppressed classes in their present combats against Spain’s fascist army and police and in their demonstrations demanding the end of the Bourbon monarcho-fascist dynasty and the right to self-determination of the peoples of Spain. But this does not prevent us from distinguish between the reformist and opportunist “republican demands” of Spanish revisionists, neo-revisionists and social-fascists (who only want to keep Spanish workers under wage slavagist bondage through deviating them from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism) and the genuine aspirations of Spanish proletariat which can only be fulfilled with the accomplishment of socialist revolution, of proletarian dictatorship, of socialism and of communism in Spain and in the whole world under the steel leadership of the Comintern (SH).

Spanish workers – unite!

Down with the monarcho-fascist order!

Down with its bourgeois-capitalist, revisionists, neo-revisionist, fascist and social-fascist lackeys!

Long live the right to self-determination of the peoples of Spain!

Long live the Spanish Section of the Comintern (SH) – the red vanguard of the Spanish proletariat!

Down with world capitalist-imperialist system!

Long live the 5 Classic of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live armed violent world socialist revolution!

Long live proletarian dictatorship and socialism in Spain and all over the world!

Long live stateless, classless and propertyless society in Spain and all over the world!

Long live the Comintern (SH), the only truly proletarian and communist organization in the world!




thanks to:


Enver Hoxha.


«With Stalin. Memoirs».

«8 NËNTORI», TIRANA, 1979,

English edition.





V. I. Lenin


link to: ... LENIN - QUOTES ...




Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5




in Chinese language






Editorial Message

Dear Readers !

We have made progress in publishing further works of Marx and Engels in English language.

You are welcome on our updated Website of the

Marx-Engels-Archive ..


in Urdu language

URDU - Marx-Engels-Archive


in Italian language





G.V. Stalin

Opere Complete



cenni biografici



in Chinese language


Report at the 5th Congress of the PLA

November, 1966

thanks to:

18 new texts of comrade Enver Hoxha

(thanks to the Chinese Section of the Young Communist International)


Moscow factory workers handing banner to the V Congress of the Comintern.

Moscow, 1924

90 Years ago ...

7. 6. - 8. 7. 1924


Long live the 5th World Congress of the Comintern !


The Congress of Stalinist Bolshevization !


Arrival of Delegates (video)

The main issues discussed at the V Congress were: 1) Lenin and the Communist International, 2) report on the activities and tactics of the Comintern Executive Committee, 3) the world economic situation, and 4) the question of the program, 5) on the tactics of trade unions, 6) national question 7 ) organizational questions, 8) fascism.

On this occasion the Comintern (SH) publishes the documents of the 5th Congress of the Comintern:


Fifth Congress

June /July 1924 


26 June 1924



J. V. Stalin


Delivered at a Meeting of the Polish Commission of the Comintern

 July 3, 1924;



July 1924





July 1924



July 1924 








Theses on tactics in the trade unions

July 1924 Inprekorr, iv, 119, p. 1577




 July 1924




 July 1924




 July 1924




July 1924




 July 1924



 8 July 1924





Inprekorr, iv, 99, p. 1267, 1 August 1924





Inprekorr, iv, 107, p. 1381, 15 August 1924




4 September 1924


in Swedish language


Kominterns femte kongress

Teser och resolutioner.


in Spanish language

Nuestra táctica dentro del movimiento sindical


(17 de junio-8 de julio de 1924)



Discurso en el V Congreso de la Internacional Comunista

24 de junio de 1924







70 Years ago



Before we comment on today's 70th anniversary of the so-called "D-Day on June 6, 1944", we present our communist stand point before, during and after the Second World War:

The spasmodic and feverish development of technique, bordering in some countries on a new technical revolution, the accelerated process of concentration and centralisation of capital, the formation of giant trusts and of “national” and “international” monopolies, the merging of trusts with the State power and the growth of world capitalist economy cannot, however, eliminate the general crisis of the capitalist system. The break up of world economy into a capitalist and a socialist sector, the shrinking of markets and the anti-imperialist movement in the colonies intensify all the contradictions of capitalism, which is developing on a new, post-war basis. This very technical progress and rationalisation of industry, the reverse side of which is the closing down and liquidation of numerous enterprises, the restriction of production, and the ruthless and destructive exploitation of labour power, leads to chronic unemployment on a scale never before experienced. The absolute deterioration of the conditions of the working class becomes a fact even in certain highly developed capitalist countries. The growing competition between imperialist countries, the constant menace of war and the growing intensity of class conflicts prepare the ground for a new and higher stage of development of the general crisis of capitalism and of the world proletarian revolution. (excerpt of the Programme of the Comintern - 1928).

This was the communist point of view before the Second World War





    Asked by a "Pravda" correspondent how he evaluated the landing of the Allied forces in Northern France, J. V. Stalin gave the following reply: 
In summing up the seven days' fighting of the Allied liberation forces during the invasion of Northern France, it may he said without hesitation that the large-scale forcing of the Channel and the mass landing of Allied forces in the North of France have been completely successful. This is undoubtedly a brilliant success for our Allies. 
It cannot but be acknowledged that the history of war knows no similar undertaking as regards breadth of design, vastness of scale and high skill in execution. 
As is known, "invincible" Napoleon in his day ignominiously failed to carry out his plan of forcing the Channel and capturing the British Isles. Hysterical Hitler, who had boasted that he would effect a forcing of the Channel for two years, dared not even attempt to carry out his threat. It was only the British and American forces who succeeded in carrying out with credit a vast plan for forcing the Channel and effecting the mass landing of troops. 
History will record this deed as an achievement of the highest order.

June 13, 1944


January 7, 1945, J. V. Stalin sent W. Churchill the following answer:

"You need not doubt that we shall do everything that can possibly be done to render help to the glorious troops of our Allies."

"The first consequence of the successes, of our winter offensive was that they thwarted the Germans' winter offensive in the West, which aimed at the seizure of Belgium and Alsace, and they enabled the Armies of our Allies in their turn to launch an offensive against the Germans and thus to link up their offensive operations in the West with the offensive operations of the Red Army in the East." ( Order of the Day issued by J. V. Stalin to Soviet troops in February 1945).

This was the communist point of view during the Second World War


"The nations enslaved by Hitler breathed a sigh of relief, as they were certain that Hitler was bound to break his neck between the two fronts, the Western and the "Eastern".

The ruling circles of France were full of malicious glee as they did not doubt that "Russia would be smashed" in practically no time.

Mr. Truman, stated on the day after Germany's attack upon the USSR:

"If we see that Germany is winning the war we ought to help Russia, and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and in that way let them kill as many as possible.” (New York Times, June 24, 1941.)

Soviet people believe that if an ally is in trouble one should help him by all available means; that one should not treat an ally as a temporary fellow traveler, but as a friend; one should rejoice in his successes and in his growing strength. British and American representatives do not agree with this and consider such morality naive. They are guided by the notion that a strong ally is dangerous; that the strengthening of an ally is not in their interests; that it is better to have a weak ally than a strong one; and that if an ally nevertheless grows stronger, then measures should be adopted to weaken him.

Everybody knows that in the Anglo-Soviet and the Soviet-American communiques of June, 1942, the British and Americans assumed the obligation of opening the Second Front in Europe as early as 1942. This was a solemn promise, a vow, if you will, which should have been fulfilled on time in order to make things easier for the Soviet forces, who, during the first period of the war, had borne the full brunt of resistance to German fascism. It is also well known, however, that this promise was not fulfilled either in 1942 or in 1943, despite the fact that the Soviet Government declared on several occasions that the Soviet Union could not reconcile itself to the postponement of the Second Front.There was nothing fortuitous about the policy of postponing the opening of the Second Front. It was fostered by the aspirations of those reactionary circles in Britain and the United States of America who pursued their own aims in the war against Germany, aims that had nothing in common with the aims of a war of liberation against German fascism. Their plans did not call for the utter defeat of German fascism. They were interested in undermining Germany's power and, mainly, in eliminating Germany as a dangerous competitor on the world market, in conformity with their narrow, selfish aims. They did not, however, at all intend to liberate Germany and other countries from the rule of reactionary forces which are the constant source of imperialist aggression and of fascism, or to carry out fundamental democratic reforms. At the same time they calculated that the USSR would be weakened, bled white, that as a result of the exhausting war it would for a long period of time lose its importance as a great and mighty power and would, after the war, become dependent upon the United States of America and Great Britain. (excerpts of: "Falsificators of History").




 " Some comrades hold that, owing to the development of new international conditions since the Second World War, wars between capitalist countries have ceased to be inevitable. They consider that the contradictions between the socialist camp and the capitalist camp are more acute than the contradictions among the capitalist countries; that the U.S.A. has brought the other capitalist countrles sufficiently under its sway to be able to prevent them going to war among themselves and weakening one another; that the foremost capitalist minds have been sufficiently taught by the two world wars and the severe damage they caused to the whole capitalist world not to venture to involve the capitalist countries in war with one another again -- and that, because of all this, wars between capitalist countries are no longer inevitable.

    These comrades are mistaken."

Stalin teaches that:

"the inevitability of wars between capitalist countries remains in force."

  It is possible that in a definite conjuncture of circumstances the fight for peace will develop here or there into a fight for socialism. But then it will no longer be the present-day peace movement; it will be a movement for the overthrow of capitalism.

  To eliminate the inevitability of war, it is necessary to abolish imperialism.


This was the communist perspective after the Second World War

- And everything we communists have said , has been historically confirmed!


And our present point of view?

If the imperialists sing songs of peace, then they prepare the war - then the world proletariat must be prepared for the socialist world revolution !

Our current position is unchanged:

Those who set the world on fire today, celebrate in Normandy as a "world-historical fire extinguisher." But no matter how loud present the greatest imperialist powers of the world themselves as "Angels of Peace", they can not hide the truth that they are the greatest and most dangerous warmongers. On June 6, 2014, the greatest and most dangerous enemies of the peoples of the world have gathered. With one hand they shake hands and in the other hand they keep their unlocked weapon behind their back .
The last world crisis of 2008 has immensely aggravated economic and political contradictions of world imperialism . The imperialist powers have recently decided to rearm even more because they feverishly prepare for the next world war, by bringing their war machine into position for the purpose to re-stake their spheres of influence in various regions of the world by military means. While they thus celebrate today as "anti-fascist" winner in France, the blood of the people is at their own fascist hands: People die during their "winner Parade" in all the wars and civil wars that they have instigated on all continents of the world.
Of course, we do not celebrate together with them.
In the contrary - we communists declare our proletarian class-war against their imperialist wars. We declare that we will continue the victorious Stalinist Great Patriotic War on a global scale !
Long live the Soviet peoples with Comrade Stalin at the top !
Long live the Albanian people with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top!
Their victory over Hitler fascism was a victory of socialism.
The "victory" of D-Day was not an anti-fascist victory, but a victory of one imperialist powers over the other. By them, imperialism and fascism was not eliminated. In the contrary - as you can see today - world imperialism has become an even greater threat than in time of Hitler.
Today we have no Stalin and no Red Soviet Army. But we have the great invincible world army of the proletariat!
If you want to overcome world imperialism and world fascism today, then you have to join the world proletarian army, the only invincible world army. You must support the Comintern (SH) which prepares the armed socialist revolution and the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

There will be peace in the world not before we have smashed all global instruments of power of the world bourgeoisie, not before we have created world socialism upon the ruins of world capitalism.

"It is impossible to escape imperialist war (...) to escape that inferno, except by a Bolshevik struggle and a Bolshevik revolution."

"The first Bolshevik revolution has wrested the first hundred million people of this earth from the clutches of imperialist war and the imperialist world. Subsequent revolutions will deliver the rest of mankind from such wars and from such a world." (Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 33, pages 56 and 57).



The Anglo - American Threat to Albania
of the National Liberation War

thanks to :




170 Years Ago



The Weaver's Revolt

Silesia 1844


also available special website in German language ...

and also available in Portuguese language ...


Word arrived of an uprising in the Prussian region of Silesia, where on June 4, 1844, a group of weavers marched on the home of Prussian industrialists. Their demands for higher pay denied, the weavers stormed the house and destroyed it. The next day, as many as 5,000 weavers and their families burst into homes and factories, destroyed machines, and looted and ransacked residences and offices. The industrialists called in the Prussian military, which fired on the crowd, killing 35.

The revolt was the first of its kind involving industrial workers in Germany, and though it failed, Marx recognized in it the connection he sought between an impassioned proletariat, economics and the state. The driving force behind the rebellion was not an abstraction such as religion or ethnicity or a throne, as many had been in the past, but something much more tangible: bread.


Critical Notes on the Article:
“The King of Prussia and Social Reform. By a Prussian”

Vorwarts!, No.64, August 10 1844


Particular circumstances make it necessary for me to declare that the present article is my first
contribution to Vorwarts!

Now for the oracular utterances of the “Prussian” concerning the german workers.

The German poor (he observes wittily) are no cleverer than the poor Germans, i.e., they never look beyond their hearth, their factory or their district: they remain as yet untouched by the all-pervading spirit of politics.

In order to compare the situation of the German workers with that of the English and French workers, the “Prussian” should have compared the first formation, the beginnings of the French and English workers’ movement with the new-born German movement. He fails to do this. Hence his entire argument amounts only to the trivial observation that, e.g., industry in Germany is less advanced than in England, or that the start of a movement looks different from it later development. He had wished to speak of the specific nature of the German workers’ movement, but does not say a single word on the subject.

He should consider the matter from the correct vantage-point. He would then realize that not a single one of the French and English insurrections has had the same theoretical and conscious character as the Silesian weavers’ rebellion.

This first of the Weaver’s Song [by Heinrich Heine], that intrepid battle-cry which does not even mention hearth, factory, or district but in which the proletariat at once proclaims its antagonism to the society of private property in the most decisive, aggressive, ruthless and forceful manner. The Silesian rebellion starts where the French and English workers’ finish, namely with an understanding of the nature of the proletariat. This superiority stamps the whole episode. Not only were machines destroyed, those competitors of the workers, but also the account books, the titles of ownership, and whereas all other movements had directed their attacks primarily at the visible enemy, namely the industrialists, the Silesian workers turned also against the hidden enemy, the bankers. Finally, not one English workers’ uprising was carried out with such courage, foresight and endurance.

As for the German workers’ level of education or capacity for it, I would point to Weitling’s brilliant writings which surpass Proudhon’s from a theoretical point of view, however defective they may be in execution. What single work on the emancipation of the bourgeoisie, that is, political emancipation, can the bourgeoisie – for all their philosophers and scholars – put beside Weitling’s Guarantees of Harmony and Freedom? If we compare the meek, sober mediocrity of German political literature with this titanic and brilliant literary debut of the German workers; if we compare these gigantic children’s shows of the proletariat with the dwarf-like proportions of the worn-out political shoes of the German bourgeoisie, we must predict a vigorous future for this German Cinderella. It must be granted that the German proletariat is the theoretician of the European proletariat just as the English proletariat is its economist and the French its politician. It must be granted that the vocation of Germany for social revolution is as classical as its incapacity for political revolution. For just as the impotence of the German bourgeoisie is the political impotence of Germany, so too the capacity of the German proletariat – even apart from German theory – is the social capacity of Germany. The disparity between the philosophical and political development of Germany is nothing abnormal. It is a necessary disparity. Only in socialism can a philosophical nation discover the praxis consonant with its nature and only in the proletariat can it discover the active agent of its emancipation.

For the moment, however, I have neither time nor the will to lecture the “Prussian” on the relationship between German society and the social revolution and to show how this relationship explains, on the one hand, the feeble reaction of the German bourgeoisie to socialism and, on the other hand, the brilliant talents of the German proletariat for socialism. He can find the first rudiments necessary for an understanding of this phenomenon in my Introduction to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (in the Franco-German Yearbooks).

Thus the cleverness of the German poor stands in inverse ratio to the cleverness of the poor Germans. But people who make every object the occasion for stylistic exercises in public are misled by such formal activities into perverting the content, while for its part the perverted content stamps the imprint of vulgarity upon the form. Thus the “Prussian’s” attempt to discuss the workers’ unrest in Silesia in formal antithesis has led him into the greatest antitheses to the truth. Confronted with the initial outbreak of the Silesian revolt no man who thinks or loves the truth could regard the duty to play schoolmaster to the event as his primary task. On the contrary, his duty would rather be to study it to discover its specific character. Of course, this requires scientific understanding and a certain love of mankind, while the other procedure needs only a ready-made phraseology saturated in an overweening love of oneself.

Why does the “Prussian” treat the German workers with such disdain? Because he believes the “whole problem” – namely the plight of the workers – “to have been as yet untouched by the all-pervading spirit of politics.” He dilates on his platonic love for the spirit of politics as follows:

All rebellions that are sparked off by the disasterous isolation of men from the community and of their thoughts from social principles are bound to be suppressed amid a welter of blood and incomprehension. But once need produces understanding and once the political understanding of the German discovers the roots of social need then even in Germany these events will be felt to be the symptoms of a great upheaval.

First of all, we hope that the “Prussian” will permit us to make a stylistic comment. His antithesis is incomplete. The first half asserts: Once need produces understanding. The second half states: Once the political understanding discovers the roots of social need. The simple understanding of the first half of the antithesis becomes political understanding in the second, just as the simple need of the first half becomes the social need of the second. Why has our master of style weighted the two halves of his antithesis so unequally? I do not think that he has reflected on the matter. I shall reveal his correct instinct to him. Had he written: “Once social need produces political understanding and once political understanding has discovered the roots of social need” no impartial reader could have failed to see that this antithesis was nonsensical. To begin with, everyone would have wondered why the anonymous author did not link social understanding with social need and political understanding with political need as the most elementary logic would require? But let us proceed to the issue itself!

It is entirely false that social need produces political understanding. Indeed, it is nearer the truth to say that political understanding is produced by social well-being. Political understanding is something spiritual, that is given to him that hath, to the man who is already sitting on velvet. Our “Prussian” should take note of what M. Michael Chevalier, a French economist, has to say on the subject:

In 1789, when the bourgeoisie rose in rebellion the only thing lacking to its freedom was the right to participate in the government of the country. Emancipation meant the removal of the control of public affairs, the high civic, military, and religious functions from the hands of the privileged classes who had a monopoly of these functions. Wealthy and enlightened, self-sufficient and able to manage their own affairs, they wished to evade the clutches of arbitrary rule.

We have already demonstrated to our “Prussian” how inadequate political understanding is to the task of discovering the source of social need. One last word on his view of the matter. The more developed and the more comprehensive is the political understanding of a nation, the more the proletariat will squander its energies – at least in the initial stages of the movement – in senseless, futile uprisings that will be drowned in blood. Because it thinks in political terms, it regards the will as the cause of all evils and force and the overthrow of a particular form of the state as the universal remedy. Proof: the first outbreaks of the French proletariat. The workers in Lyons imagined their goals were entirely political, they saw themselves purely as soldiers of the republic, while in reality they were the soldiers of socialism. Thus their political understanding obscured the roots of their social misery, it falsified their insight into their real goal, their political understanding deceived their social instincts.

But if the “Prussian” expects understanding to be the result of misery, why does he identify “suppression in blood” with “suppression in incomprehension"? If misery is a means whereby to produce understanding, then a bloody slaughter must be a very extreme means to an end. The “Prussian” would have to argue that suppression in a welter of blood will stifle incomprehension and bring a breath of fresh air to the understanding.

The “Prussian” predicts the suppression of the insurrections which are sparked off by the “disasterous isolation of man from the community and of their thoughts from social principles.”

We have shown that in the Silesian uprising, there was no separation of thoughts from social principles. That leaves “the disasterous isolation of men from the community.” By community is meant here the political community, the state. It is the old song about unpolitical Germany.

But do not all rebellions without exception have their roots in the disasterous isolation of man from the community? Does not every rebellion necessarily presuppose isolation? Would the revolution of 1789 have taken place if French citizens had not felt disasterously isolated from the community? The abolition of this isolation was its very purpose.

But the community from which the workers is isolated is a community of quite different reality and scope than the political community. The community from which his own labor separates him is life itself, physical and spiritual life, human morality, human activity, human enjoyment, human nature. Human nature is the true community of men. Just as the disasterous isolation from this nature is disproportionately more far-reaching, unbearable, terrible and contradictory than the isolation from the political community, so too the transcending of this isolation and even a partial reaction, a rebellion against it, is so much greater, just as the man is greater than the citizen and human life than political life. Hence, however limited an industrial revolt may be, it contains within itself a universal soul: and however universal a political revolt may be, its colossal form conceals a narrow split.

The “Prussian” brings his essay to a close worthy of it with the following sentence:

A social revolution without a political soul (i.e., without a central insight organizing it from the point of view of the totality) is impossible.

We have seen: a social revolution possesses a total point of view because – even if it is confined to only one factory district – it represents a protest by man against a dehumanized life, because it proceeds from the point of view of the particular, real individual, because the community against whose separation from himself the individual is reacting, is the true community of man, human nature. In contrast, the political soul of revolution consists in the tendency of the classes with no political power to put an end to their isolation from the state and from power. Its point of view is that of the state, of an abstract totality which exists only through its separation from real life and which is unthinkable in the absence of an organized antithesis between the universal idea and the individual existence of man. In accordance with the limited and contradictory nature of the political soul a revolution inspired by it organizes a dominant group within society at the cost of society.

We shall let the “Prussian” in on the secret of the nature of a “social revolution with a political soul": we shall thus confide to him the secret that not even his phrases raise him above the level of political narrow-mindedness.

A “social” revolution with a political soul is either a composite piece of nonsense, if by “social” revolution the “Prussian” understands a “social” revolution as opposed to a political one, while at the same time he endows the social revolution with a political, rather than a social soul. Or else a “social revolution with a political soul” is nothing but a paraphrase of what is usually called a “political revolution” or a “revolution pure and simple.” Every revolution dissolves the old order of society; to that extent it is social. Every revolution brings down the old ruling power; to that extent it is political.

The “Prussian” must choose between this paraphrase and nonsense. But whether the idea of a social revolution with a political soul is paraphrase or nonsense there is no doubt about the rationality of a political revolution with a social soul. All revolution – the overthrow of the existing ruling power and the dissolution of the old order – is a political act. But without revolution, socialism cannot be made possible. It stands in need of this political act just as it stands in need of destruction and dissolution. But as soon as its organizing functions begin and its goal, its soul emerges, socialism throws its political mask aside.

Such lengthy perorations were necessary to break through the tissue of errors concealed in a single newspaper column. Not every reader possesses the education and the time necessary to get to grips with such literary swindles. In view of this does not our anonymous “Prussian” owe it to the reading public to give up writing on political and social themes and to refrain from making declamatory statements on the situation in Germany, in order to devote himself to a conscientious analysis of his own situation?




Notas Críticas acerca do artigo:
“O Rei da Prússia e a Reforma Social. Por um Prussiano”

Vorwarts!, No.64, 10 de Agosto de 1844




Marx - Engels

Collected Works

Volume 3

Part 1

Part 2




What does the Comintern (SH) want?


Programme of the

World Commune "No. 1"

May 11, 2014

created and translated

from originally German language

by Wolfgang Eggers



also available in German language

(coming soon in Portuguese language)








Statement of the Comintern (SH)

on the results of

European “elections”

On May 25, 2014 took place the masquerade called "European elections" in all countries of the capitalist-imperialist-fascist "European Union" (EU).

To Comrade Lenin, there was only one choice between two different natures of Europe – imperialist-bourgeois or proletarian-socialist Europe.

As already shown by us, the chosen one was not proletarian-socialist Europe, but bourgeois-imperialist Europe. And we fully agree with Lenin that this is an anti-communist Europe, one of the most reactionary state systems in the world, which fights against all that is revolutionary. Therefore, the Comintern (SH) had appealed to the active boycott:

The European proletariat remains today with only one choice – this is the union of all European countries for the common class struggle! Proletarians of all European countries - unite!

It is a fact that the so-called European "Parliament" is nothing more than a puppet, while the really decisive power is in the hands of the European Commission, which is composed of representatives from major global corporations, banks and companies. In our joint appeal for the boycott, Portuguese and German Sections of the Comintern (SH) had already made ​​it clear that this inherently reactionary and anti-communist EU is not possible to “reform” as the revisionists claim, but only by armed violence can the oppressed and exploited classes be defeated under the leadership of their communist proletarian vanguard, the world party of the Communist International (SH) which is guided by Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

And, indeed, the overall results of these "elections" shows us that the EU (as the capitalist-imperialist organization that it is) has thrown all its anti socialism, racism and fascism to the surface.

So who are the supposed "winners" of these "elections"?

First, there are the "European liberals" and the so-called "European People's Party", a group of ultra-reactionary bourgeois-capitalist parties, parties of wage slavery that restrict the formal "rights" that the workers themselves had won in the class struggle. They are the parties of the drastic "austerity measures". We also know that these "EL" and "EPP" are among the wildest European representatives of Western/American imperialism. They are the European lackeys of world imperialism, basically.

They do everything possible to incorporate Ukraine into Western imperialism. They fight in the Ukraine for any means, including those sufficiently brutal as to expand their spheres of influence. And now also a lackey was "elected" to the leadership of Ukraine. Russian imperialism is in disagreement with the Western imperialists in what respects to the privilege of exploitation and oppression in Ukraine.

Such predatory alliances that serve the common exploitation and oppression of other countries will not last long. These allies are, from the beginning, divided and engaged in profound contradictions: so, firstly between U.S. imperialism and the European imperialists (France, Germany, UK, etc...). And these contradictions are reflected in the parties of the "EL" and the "EPP".

These contradictions lead inevitably to imperialist wars for profit maximization and world domination. This mutual weakening of our enemies should be availed by our own strength to destroy all our enemies.

Although they are all at war with each other, the bourgeois parties are well aware of their common struggle against world socialist revolution. All these parties belonging to this "political family" are fanatical anti-communists!

The so-called reformist "European socialists and social-democrats" in general suffered a crushing defeat in the "elections”. With the help of his old mask called "protection of social interests" they wanted to deceive the workers again. The tactics of the bourgeoisie is clear: with “left-sounding” slogans, European voters would “voluntarily” submit to exploitation and oppression. In France, where the "socialists" are the biggest party in the bourgeois power, its share of the vote was less than 13%!

And the same can be said about the revisionist and social - fascist parties of the group "European Left". Their results were much less successful than those expected. For example, the "Communist Party of Greece (KKE) had no more than 6% of the votes - much less than in previous "elections". And also the "Communist" Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) fell from 15% to only 11% of the votes.

One of the few exceptions was the Portuguese "Communist" Party which increased its numbers to about 13%. This social-fascist party used the enslaving "austerity measures" and sufferings of the oppressed and exploited classes to cover up its social-fascism with bright "red" and "communist" colors. But above all, he wore the clothes of the "anti - EU" and "anti -imperialism". And the louder its protests against the crimes of the U.S. and European imperialists are, also greatest are its efforts to sell the Portuguese people to the Chinese and Russian social-imperialism! Unfortunately, many workers still believe that this party is really communist and anti-imperialist, and that life "is better" when choosing revisionism. But the reality of all the revisionists and social-fascist countries, past and present, show very well that this is a big mistake. Only true socialism and an authentic dictatorship of the proletariat, only with Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism can THE WORKING CLASS REALLY BE FREE. Nothing else!

With the exception of the social democratic Greek SYRIZA, the votes were insignificant for neo - revisionist, Trotskyist, Maoist, "green”, "vegan" parties and other similar organizations. They will certainly be forced to intensify their neo-revisionist phraseology and they will have to improve their anti-socialist fraud if they want to continue to deceive the workers. A good example is the Portuguese "Left Bloc", a reformist party of Trotskyite influence: the number of its votes dropped from 12% (in 2009) to less than 4%!

The main "optional" trend in Europe in 2014 is clear:

it continues to go to the RIGHT!

Now we arrive to note one of the most significant tendencies in these "election results":

An explosive increase in neo-Nazi and openly fascist and racist parties!

These parties belong to the shock brigade of the global counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie, the big international capital. Given the consequences of the economic crisis and the resulting sufferings affecting the masses, the "foreigners” were portrayed by openly fascist parties in these “elections” as scapegoats. This is the openly fascist division of European workers in "local" and "foreign" who supposedly "take" all the jobs.

Instead of uniting against the enslaving capitalist-imperialist system that causes global economic crisis, workers are drilled in fascist poison and xenophobia. Instead of strengthening the common front of all working classes against the common capitalist enemy, a Fascist Front is formed against migrants. We therefore oppose to the fascist front our anti-fascist front of the European revolutionary proletariat. The "selection" of Europe has shown that the counter-revolution against the socialist revolution in Europe has been seriously prepared and trained. The openly fascist parties have achieved a high number of votes, as in Greece, Germany, Holland, Britain, Finland, etc… But in France, Nazi-Fascist "National Front" reached 25% of the votes, the highest number of votes of all the French parties, with 21 members of the French fascist movement being elected to the European "Parliament" (!)! Meanwhile, many of the leaders of these parties have confirmed that they will try to reach agreements with the "EPP" in European "Parliament".

Almost 70 years after Nazi-fascist defeat by the victorious Red Army of Comrade Stalin, fascist rats crawl back from their European holes with the clear mandate of the bourgeoisie to save its ass through the most brutal means. Again, the fascists will pull the rotten capitalist-imperialist system out of the loop and save it before the expected attack of the angry masses. The bourgeoisie in Europe, with revolts and civil wars, sees the danger of socialist revolution. European "elections" have shown that we are facing a decisive battle of class struggle, we face the battle between bourgeois dictatorship and the dictatorship of the proletariat! The strength of European fascists says nothing about the strengthening of the European bourgeoisie, but it rather reveals its weakness, if it can only maintain its domination through fascist violence! And what is the only positive thing about the "option" of Europe?


The massive abstention from all European peoples!

Thus, the "choice" of the parties received fewer votes than the majority of all voters. What does this mean? This means that the European "Parliament" does not have any kind of democratic legitimacy, even in 2014! It does not belong to the European people (democracy = rule of the people), but to the minority of exploiters and oppressors! In Europe, although there is a minority who still does not understand, more and more people become aware of this violation of democracy. In this respect, the Comintern (SH) is among the actual winners of the "European" elections, because we have appealed to the active boycott of the elections and therefore perfectly represented the interests of the overwhelming majority of the European population.

Most European voters clearly rejected the imperialist-fascist Europe. This clear rejection of the anti-communist parties does not mean, of course, on the other hand, the majority is now in favor of communism.
Until then, it's still a tough road. What is certain is that the “option" of Europe unwittingly contributed to the strengthening of those forces through this rotten criminal European imperialist system that we must expose, condemn and combat. The results of the "election" confirmed that the communists are on the correct track with the preaching and preparation of the socialist revolution in Europe, and that more and more people join us. In our appeal, we do not just limit ourselves to the active boycott of the elections, but presented our program of socialist Europe.

The election may be over, but the class struggle continues. And the European program of the Comintern (SH) is the future. The Comintern (SH) and its Sections do not limit their tasks in every country in Europe and in the world to fight against the fascist form of bourgeois offensive. Our mission is to fight against all forms of exploitation and oppression. We're not only fighting for the overthrow of the power of the globalized world bourgeoisie in general, but also for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie in all countries of the world. To overcome the strategies and tactics of the fascist-imperialist-capitalist ruling bourgeoisie, we must necessarily oppose to it our own proletarian internationalist and communist strategies and tactics - not just in Europe but worldwide. And victory will be ours!

European workers – unite!

Don’t be deceived by the deceitful maneuvers of the bourgeois-capitalist and anti-communist parties!

Down with reactionary EU – let’s struggle for a socialist EU!

Down with the revisionists, neo-revisionists, fascists and social-fascists!

Down with European and global capitalist-imperialist exploitative and oppressive system!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live proletarian dictatorship in Europe and all over the world!

Long live socialist Europe in a socialist world!

Long live the Comintern (SH), the only truly proletarian and communist organization in the world!


Statement of the Comintern (SH) on the results of European “elections”


in Chinese language

Portuguese language

German language







in Chinese language  

Comrade Enver Hoxha

Speech at the 8th Congress of the PLA


(Excerpt concerning struggle against Maoism) 



translated by the Young Communist International - Chinese Section




Novo órgão teórico


Translated by the Portuguese Section 


10 Anos – 5 Clássicos!


(10 Years - 5 Heads) 


Mensagem do Comintern (EH)

Por ocasião do nosso 10º aniversário de fundação


31de Dezembro de 2010








70th anniversary




The Congress of Përmet.
The Creation of the Albanian State of People’s Democracy


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH) to our Albanian Section

May 22. 2014


Dear comrade Mariglen,

dear comrades of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) !

On occasion of the 70th anniversary of the First Anti-Fascist Congress of Permet we send militant greetings to you. We celebrate together with you this day of victory !

We assert that we will fight with you shoulder to shoulder as long as the corrupt fascist-capitalist and anti-democratic state of today's Albania is totally destroyed. On its ruins you will re-build successfully the Second Socialist Albanian State in the spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The whole world proletariat and the Albanian people will never forget the great Albanian anti-fascist traditions and heroes with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

This time, the fascists are not only coming from outside of Albania. This time the fascists are coming also from inside. We are sure that the Albanian people will defeat victoriously both the fascists from outside and inside !

The social-fascists paved the way towards fascism. The social-fascists are those traitors who want socialism in words but they are fascists in deeds.

Fascism cannot be defeated without the defeat of the social-fascists, the revisionists, neo-revisionists and the defeat of all the other opportunists !

Capitalism in Albania can only be overthrown on the basis of Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

Together we will remove the inevitability of restoration of capitalism in Albania and all over the world !

Comrade Enver Hoxha taught us and proved in practice historically that fascism will be defeated and that socialism will triumph.

Long live the re-construction of the socialist Albania in the spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha !

Long live the 70th anniversary of the Congress of Permit !

Long live the PLA !

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha !

Long live the socialist revolution of Albania !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Long live the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) !

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !


Comintern (SH)

Wolfgang Eggers


Translation of this greeting message also available in Portuguese and German ( see: website of the Sections)

Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH) to our Albanian Section

May 22. 2014


translation in Albanian language by the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)

Mesazh Përshëndetjeje të Kominternit ( SE ) të Seksionit shqiptare
22 Maj . 2014

I dashur shoku Mariglen ,

shokë të dashur të Seksionit shqiptar të Kominternit ( SE ) !

Me rastin e përvjetorit të 70 të Kongresit të Parë Antifashist të Përmetit ne dërgojmë përshëndetjet tona militante. Ne festojmë së bashku me ju këtë ditë të fitores !
Ne pohojnë se ne do të luftojmë me ju sup më sup për sa kohë që shteti i korruptuar fashiste - kapitaliste dhe anti - demokratike i Shqipërisë së sotme të shkatërrohet tërësisht . Në gërmadhat e saj ju do të ri - ndërtoni me sukses shtetin e dytë Socialiste shqiptar në frymën e shokut Enver Hoxha.
I gjithë proletariatit botëror dhe populli shqiptar nuk do të harrojnë traditat e mëdha anti - fashiste shqiptare dhe heronjtë me shokun Enver Hoxha në krye .
Këtë herë , fashistët nuk na vijnë vetëm nga jashtë Shqipërisë . Këtë herë fashistët po vijnë edhe nga brenda . Ne jemi të sigurt se populli shqiptar fitimtar do të mposhti fashistët nga jashtë dhe brenda !
Të social -fashistët i hapë rrugën fashizmit . Social-fashistët i hapën rrugën fashizmit . Social-fashistët janë ata tradhtarë që socializmin e duan me fjalë, por jo me vepra. Fashizmi nuk mund të mundet pa likujdimin e social-fashistëve , revizionistëve , neo- revizionistëve dhe të gjitha rrymave të tjera oportuniste!

Kapitalizmi në Shqipëri mund të shkaterrohet vetëm në bazë të Stalinizëm-Enverizmit!

Ne së bashku do të largojmë pashmangshmërinë e restaurimit të kapitalizmit në Shqipëri dhe në të gjithë botën !

Shoku Enver Hoxha na ka mësuar dhe në praktikë u provua se historikisht fashizmi do të mundet dhe se socializmi do të triumfojë.

Rroftë Ri-ndërtimi i Shqipërisë socialiste në frymën e shokut Enver Hoxha !

Rroftë70 vjetori i Kongresit të Përmetit!

Rroftë PPSH!

Rroftë shoku Enver Hoxha !

Rroftë revolucioni socialist në Shqipëri!

Rroftë revolucioni socialist në botë !

Rroftë Seksioni shqiptar i Kominternit ( SE ) !

Rroftë Stalinizëm - Enverizmi!

Kominterni ( SE )

Wolfgang Eggers


Translated in Greek language by the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH)

Χαιρετιστήριο Μήνυμα της Κομμουνιστικής Διεθνούς ( SH )-Προς το Αλβανικό τμήμα 22 Μαΐου . 2014 Αγαπητέ σύντροφε Μαριγκλεν, αγαπητοί σύντροφοι του αλβανικού τμήματος της Κομμουνιστικής Διεθνούς ( SH ) ! Με την ευκαιρία της 70ης επετείου του Πρώτου Αντιφασιστικού Συνεδρίου της Περμέτης σας στέλνουμε αγωνιστικούς χαιρετισμούς. Γιορτάζουμε μαζί σας αυτή τη μέρα της νίκης ! Σας διαβεβαιώνουμε ότι θα παλέψουμε μαζί σας ώμο με ώμο όσο θα υπάρχει το διεφθαρμένο φασιστικό - καπιταλιστικό και αντι - δημοκρατικό κράτος της σημερινής Αλβανίας μέχρι την τελική καταστροφή του. Πάνω στα ερείπια της θα ανοικοδομηθεί με επιτυχία το δεύτερο Σοσιαλιστικό Αλβανικό Κράτος στο πνεύμα του συντρόφου Ενβέρ Χότζα . Το παγκόσμιο προλεταριάτο και ο αλβανικός λαός δεν θα ξεχάσουν ποτέ της μεγάλες Αλβανικές αντιφασιστικές παραδόσεις και τους ήρωες με τον σύντροφο Ενβέρ Χότζα επικεφαλής. Αυτή τη φορά , οι φασίστες δεν προέρχονται μόνο από χώρες εκτός της Αλβανίας. Αυτή τη φορά οι φασίστες έρχονται επίσης και από το εσωτερικό. Είμαστε σίγουροι ότι ο αλβανικός λαός θα νικήσει νικηφόρα τόσο τους εξωτερικούς φασίστες όσο και τους εσωτερικούς! Οι σοσιαλ- φασίστες ανοίξανε τον δρόμο προς το φασισμό . Οι σοσιαλ - φασίστες είναι εκείνοι οι προδότες που θέλουν τον σοσιαλισμό στα λόγια, αλλά που στην πράξη είναι φασίστες. Ο φασισμός δεν μπορεί να καταπολεμηθεί χωρίς την ήττα των σοσιαλ-φασιστών, τον ρεβιζιονιστών, τον νέο-ρεβιζιονιστών και την ήττα όλων των άλλων οπορτουνιστών! Ο καπιταλισμός στην Αλβανία μπορεί να ανατραπεί μόνο βάσει του σταλινισμού- Χοτζαισμού! Μαζί θα ανατρέψουμε αναπόφευκτα την παλινόρθωση του καπιταλισμού στην Αλβανία και σε όλο τον κόσμο ! Ο σύντροφος Ενβέρ Χότζα μας δίδαξε και αποδείχθηκε στην πράξη ότι ιστορικά ο φασισμός θα ηττηθεί και ότι ο σοσιαλισμός θα θριαμβεύσει . Ζήτω η ανοικοδόμηση της σοσιαλιστικής Αλβανίας στο πνεύμα του συντρόφου Ενβέρ Χότζα ! Ζήτω η 70η επέτειος του Κογκρέσου της Πρεμετής ! Ζήτω το KEA! Ζήτω ο σύντροφος Ενβέρ Χότζα ! Ζήτω η σοσιαλιστική επανάσταση στην Αλβανία! Ζήτω η σοσιαλιστική επανάσταση στον κόσμο! Ζήτω το αλβανικό τμήμα της Κομμουνιστικής Διεθνούς ( SH ) ! Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - Χοτζαισμός!

Comintern (SH) Wolfgang Eggers


translated by the Chinese Section of the Young Communist International:






























in Albanian language




24 maj 1944











Protests - Saturday

May 17, 2014

  in Stuttgart


Website of the German Section of the Comintern (SH) .. (Report)



in German language

Imperialism and Revolution

NEW : 1, 5 Mb - PDF - published in May, 2014

thanks to





Capitalism - NO !!


Boycott the bourgeois Elections to the "European Parliament" !

Smash the European Union and its capitalist-imperialist Nations !


Long live the European Union of Socialist Nations in a socialist world !

Long live the dictatorship of the European proletariat !


special website in:







Rise up !

International Miners' Strike!



International solidarity of the world's miners with the Turkish coal miners !


This was not an "accident at work" -
this was a capitalist massacre at the miners !


The Comintern (SH) sends condolences to the families of hundreds of death miners !

On 13th May 2014 there was a cola mine explosion in Manisa-Soma.
Until this moment - more than 200 coal mine workers died.
There are approximately 70 wounded.
It is estimated, that 700 workers still are trapped.

This was not an accident as AKP government asserted.

During AKP government more than 100 workers lost their lives.
Listing of the coal mine massacres in the last 12 years only:

22th November 2003: Karaman- Ermenek gas explosion: 10 workers died

8th September 2004: Kastamonu- Küre: 19 workers died on blast.

02nd June 2006: Balıkesir-Dursunbey gas explosion: 17 workers died.

10th December 2009: Bursa-Mustafakemalpaş: Gas explosion-19 workers died.

17th May 2010: Zonguldak: Gas explosion- 30 workers died.

08th January 2013: Kozlu: Gas explosion - 8 workers died

13th May 2014: Soma: Explosion because of a defect transformer- ????? workers died

This is not destiny,
This is not an accident.
This massacre was caused because of the greed of gain of CAPITALISM!
-Labour leasing, low wages, child labout, no social insurance: thus: exploitation, modern slavery.
- Disregarding of safety standards
- Privatization

Recep Tayyip Erdogoan is baracking the people. After a gas explosion on 17th May in Zonguldak he said:
"Unfortunately this is in the nature of this job"

It is the destiny of capitalism to be overthrown by the armed power of the revolutionary workers !
The capitalists are responsible for this crime at the miners.

And they have to pay for it !!!
This was a massacre.

Why always the workers have to die?
Because the lives and work of workers is nothing worth in the capitalist system.
Only maximum profit matters.

Turkish Workers !
Rise up !
Free yourselves from deathly wage slavery !
Down with the Turkish bourgeoisie - these lackeys of the world bourgeoisie !
Destroy the capitalist Turkish state by means of the armed socialist revolution ! Organize the united power of the workers, peasants and soldiers !
Expropriate the expropriators !

Confiscate all the mines and factories, banks and all means of productions !

Everything belongs to the workers !

Establish your dictatorship of the proletariat !

World proletariat - show your solidarity with the Turkish miners !

Miners of the world - unite !

International miners' strike for solidarity !

Globally united expropriation of the expropriators of all mines all over the world !

Join the socialist world revolution !



Nobody can hinder the Comintern (SH) to spread the ideas of Marx and Engels - globally - for free!

It is the nature of communism that the world community can study the works of Marx and Engels for free.

Of course, we publish these works for free - otherwise we would not be true communists!

Spreading Marxism in the internet for free is nothing else but the socialization of private copyright, is nothing but "expropriation of the expropriators", is nothing else but exactly the practical implementation of the ideas of Marx and Engels.



Collected Works

Volume 6

(1845 - 1848)

part 1

part 2


in Albanian language



religious customs

April 7, 1967



in German language


What does the Comintern (SH) want?


Program of the

World Commune "No 1"

created by Wolfgang Eggers

May 11, 2014

Let's build up the World Commune !

Long live world communism !










May 9, 1945 – May 9, 2014



Message on occasion of the 69th anniversary of Nazi-fascist surrender

Long live May 9, 1945!
Long live the victory of socialism over fascism !

At the time of Lenin and Stalin , the Soviet Union was a socialist country . It was the only country of the dictatorship of the proletariat.
That wat is happening today in Ukraine , has nothing to do with the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, which defeated Hitler fascism 69 years ago.
Today, Russia is itself a fascist country that differs not from Hitler's fascism.
Just as Hitler, the Western imperialists of today are stretching out their claws to the East , and vice versa , Putin is stretching his claws westward. They quarrel about ownership of the Ukraine. Both Western imperialism and fascism and the Eastern imperialism and fascism are imperialist warmongers. The people must not be taken by surprise , they must counter-attack the war threat with their weapons in their hands. The people must not support the one imperialism and fascism , to fight the other imperialism and fascism.
Today, you can be a true Communist only if you fight for the destruction of world imperialism as a whole , including both the Eastern and Western imperialism.
Everything else is nothing but betrayal at the world proletariat and the socialist world revolution , betrayal at the peoples, is a social-chauvinist betrayal in the style of the Second International during the First World War.
The Comintern (SH ) calls today on the occasion of May 9 , 1945, the proletarians of the former Soviet Union to fight together with the proletarians of the world for the world socialist revolution , to prevent a third world war, to get rid of world capitalism and to construct world socialism.
Down with the imperialists in East and West !
Down with world imperialism !
Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !
Long live the liberation of the peoples of imperialism and fascism !

What is fascism today and who are the fascists ?

At the present time the world crisis, the rotten imperialist world order is existentially threatened . In order to protect themselves from their decay and ruin , the world bourgeoisie is forced to brutal means to maintain exploitation and oppression globally .
The fascist world society today is divided into two major worldcamps: the fascist and anti- fascist world camp ( to which belong the social-fascists !). These two camps are led by two major classes of the fascist world bourgeoisie and the anti- fascist world proletariat , who are waging a struggle for their world dictatorship.
Fascism is the most brutal counter-revolutionary instrument of the ruling classes in the era of world imperialism , is the unconditionally brutal subordination of the proletariat and all other exploited classes under the monopoly - capitalist system of exploitation - by using all means , including bloody means . Dangerous explosions of class conflict must be suffocated by capitalist reign of terror , by absolute "Gleichschaltung" of society. In particular, the fascism serves the destruction of the revolutionary forces of the world proletariat in every country of the world.
With the world fascism, countries are deprived of their inner freedom - thus from the inside for the purpose to male them ​​defenseless. And with the imperialist wars , countries are then forcibly redistributed among the major imperialist powers. This way the world bourgeoisie likes to forestall the socialist world revolution and to avoid the effect of the 9th of May, 1945 - namely the creation of a strong Stalinist socialist world camp. But May 9, 1945 shows the imperialists , what will await them if they try to assault the peoples and the world proletariat !
Today, you can only be a true communist if you fight at first fascism in your own country. You cannot support the one fascist country, to fight against another fascist country. You must fight against world fascism as a global system of terrorism against the peoples and the world proletariat. You must fight both against the Western fascist world and the Eastern fascist world ! The peoples of the East and the West need to start organizing their anti- fascist and anti- imperialist world-unity, not only against the fascism of a single country , as then, Hitler's Germany , but against the entire world fascist system of the imperialists all over the world.
The May 9, 1945 teaches us that the victory against world fascism can only be achieved by the socialist world revolution , namely under the leadership of the world proletariat, by the united power of the workers, peasants and soldiers, by the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Who rules today in Ukraine ?

In Ukraine, still rules the bourgeoisie. And after the Russian henchmen were overthrown in Kiev, now the Western stooges have taken over political power. The bourgeoisie is still owner of the means of production.
The Ukrainian people , who has been fighting for its liberation in Kiev, must now continue and finish its revolution with a victory. This is only possible through the socialist revolution under the leadership of the Ukrainian working class. The goal is the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat , the creation of peasant-workers 'and soldiers' soviets, the reconstruction of socialism in the spirit of Lenin and Stalin.

Who rules in Russia today ?

Today Russia is ruled by the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Today, Russia is not only a capitalist country , but a bankrupt country of increasingly aggressive imperialist robbers.
Today exists the Russian imperialism, which strives for world domination , which wages imperialist wars, which suppresses foreign nations , and which drives its own Russian people into poverty and ruin. At former time the Soviet peoples were suffering under the heel of the German fascists, thus under a foreign terrorist fascist imperialist power. Today, the fascism comes from INSIDE. The Russian people are suffering under its own fascist Russian knout . Russia is guided by fascist violence . The Russian proletariat is trampled and suffers the most under the rule of the Russian bourgeoisie . The true Russian Communists must free themselves from social-chauvinism and the revisionist social-fascist influence. They must smash the Russian imperialist - fascist state through a renewed October Revolution and must re-establish the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. They need a Bolshevik party, which is today notning else than the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH ) which has to be founded immediately.

Who are the real fascists ?
what is behind the Russian incitement of "Anti- fascism " ?

Can a Russia - that is itself fascist - "liberate" other peoples from fascism ? Of course not .
This is a propaganda lie.
The Russian bourgeoisie misuses the historic day of May 9, 1945 as a welcome means of propaganda . It was the soviet people who liberated their homeland from Nazi-occupation and it was not the bourgeoisie ! This tag is used today as a justification of Russian crimes against the Ukrainian people and the crimes against all the other former Soviet nations. The hatred of the peoples against own oppressors is as strong as the hatred against foreign oppressors.
Russia plays the role of a " defender ", of a " strong protective power" of its neighboring peoples, comparable with the time of the old tsarist empire .
The great suffering which Hitler fascism has brought to the Soviet peoples , is not forgotten and will never be forgotten . The hatred against fascism has left its deep roots in the former Soviet nations. This is also known to the Russian imperialists. They celebrate their crimes shamelessly as a "victory over fascism " . Thus, the internalized concern of the masses about new threats of fascism is misused for propaganda of the Russian ruling class. Behind the so-called Russian " anti - fascism " conceal the Russian imperialists their fascism against their own people and against the neighboring peoples.
With the smear campaign " against fascism, " the Russian imperialists justify their interference in the internal affairs of foreign nations. The new Tsars pretend in neighboring countries to "protect" the interests of the Russians . This method of "Pre-Defence " is also used by all other major imperialist powers namely to justify their invasion and occupation of foreign countries . That what the Russian imperialists protect is in truth their profit, is the sole "right of exploitation and oppression " of neighboring peoples .

Who are the fascists in Ukraine?

Of course, there are fascists in the Ukraine who must be smashed. However, against whom is the Russian propaganda directed ? Against the fascists or against the revolutionary people ?
In Kiev , the masses have liberated from the Russian steered rule of the Ukrainian bourgeoisie in a victorious revolutionary struggle . The liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people is condemned by the reactionary forces that serve the Russian imperialism , as so called ' fascist coup " . Why ? Because the forces of Russian imperialism have suffered a defeat in Ukraine. They are going to loose their influence, and they want it back by all means, by armed violence combined with social-fascist demagogy. The people chased the Russian henchmen out of the country ! Therefore, the social-fascists are mobilizing against the people and their revolution. And to this end, camouflage all social fascists with the guise of anti - fascism , abusing 9 May 1945 for their criminal purposes.
Social fascists are twin of the fascists - enemies of the Ukrainian people . They differ from the fascists only in that they hide their fascism behind "socialist" phraseology.
One can neither defeat the fascists in Ukraine nor all over the world without defeat of the social-fascists in Ukraine and in the world.
It is therefore the task of all true communists , to unmask the massive incitements of the social fascists , which is guided by the Russian imperialists. The social-fascist demagogy must be defeated !
The revolutionary Ukrainian people, trying to free themselves from the domination of imperialist Russia , enjoys our full internationalist sympathy. It has defeated the Russian stooge of the Ukraine and is now going to defeat the stooges of Western imperialism, without forgetting that the Russian henchmen long for getting back to power. Corruptible is the Ukrainian bourgeoisie. The Ukrainian proletariat is incorruptible , neither corruptible towards the East nor towards the West imperialists.
The Western imperialism is not interested in the liberation of the Ukrainian people . They tried to annihilate the revolutionary fire against the bourgeoisie ("prevention of violence") who is still needed for their future exploitation and oppression. The Western imperialists are now trying to bribe their Ukrainian governors in order to incorporate Ukraine with their "aid" . "Aid" of imperialists means nothing but exploitation.

In this revolutionary situation , now that the Ukrainian bourgeoisie is weakened by the rivalry of the eastern and western imperialism , it is necessary to overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie by the armed socialist revolution under the leadership of the proletariat. Now the war can still be prevented . Now the social- fascist , "communist " Party of Ukraine must be smashed and the Ukrainian Section of the Comintern (SH) must be urgently installed as the only force which leads the proletariat to the decisive battle, which organizes the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat as in the time of Lenin and Stalin.

The May 9, 1945 teaches that the peoples can liberate themselves from imperialism and fascism only jointly. The Ukrainian and Russian working class , as well as the Ukrainian and the Russian people , must stand firmly together and fight together against the imperialist invaders from both East and West, as well as against the bourgeoisie in their own country.
The interests of the Ukrainian people can not be defended without the revolution. The civil war between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat is unavoidable.
The splitter of the Ukrainian nation, they come and go !
The Ukrainian people and its unity will remain !
You, Ukrainian and Russian people, do not shoot each other ! Turn jointly your guns against all your inner and foreign enemies.
Ukrainians - do not shoot against Ukrainians. Unite in the fight against all inner and foreign enemies of the people.
Shoot your enenmies but not your people.

Neither take side to the Western nor to the Eastern imperialists !
The victory of the Ukrainian people is as certain as the victory on 9 May 1945 !

The May 9, 1945 shows that the people will triumph over their imperialist and fascist oppressors !
Long live May 9, 1945 - the day of the victory over fascism !
The day of the victory over world imperialism and world fascism will inevitably come . Then all peoples of the world will celebrate their victory of the world's liberation!
Long live the world socialist revolution !
Long live the liberation struggle of the peoples of the world imperialism !

Comintern (SH)



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First anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany

in Albanian language



9 maj 1946






5th of May 1818

Long live the 196th birthday of Karl Marx

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May 5 - Albanian Heroes' Day

Vasil Laci

shot the Italian king Vittore Emmanuele in 1941 only wounding him. He was hanged by the Italians three weeks later, at the age of 19.



in Albanian language


Enver Hoxha



5 maj 1973

Nga biseda në familjen e Heroit të Popullit Vasil Laçi






MAY DAY 2014









Lisbon, 1st May 2014 in the afternoon


On May Day, 2014, in the afternoon, the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH) participated in the demonstration that took place in Lisbon. Like had already occurred last year, we displayed the Comintern’s (SH) red flag at the demonstration, because this allowed us to draw our righteous demarcation-line against all sorts of revisionists, opportunists, reactionaries and anti-communists, whether open or “concealed”. To those who asked us about it, we told that it is the flag of the new Comintern (SH) and we also provided our site address

In 2014, the May Day was a very meaningful occasion to the Portuguese proletarians, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes. After all, they are being subjected to the wildest exploitation thanks to the “austerity measures” imposed by the European imperialists and their Portuguese lackeys at the service of the capitalist creditors. The recent announcement made by the Portuguese bourgeois-capitalist government in which it announced more austerity measures only confirmed this. But despite the application of the ruthless “austerity program”, the truth is that, far from diminishing, Portuguese debt is increasing more and more – in accord with the interests of finance creditors like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc…Indeed, all countries to which the IMF (the creditors’ main representative) has invaded are only getting more poor and unequal. World finance capital is launching a savage attack that against world peoples in general and European peoples in particular and the situation in Portugal is included in this. In order to maximize profits, the bourgeois-capitalist creditors don’t stop at nothing and they will do whatever is necessary to ensure their wealthy interests. Through their shockingly high and speculative interest rates, the creditors are launching the world in general and Europe in particular to bankruptcy.

Therefore, the May Day was an opportunity for the Portuguese proletarians and workers to affirm once more that they will not passively accept to be kept in slavery by the internal and external oppressors, they will struggle not only against the imperialist “European Union” and IMF but also against their servants: the awful reactionary clique which is governing Portugal.

But returning to the demonstration, when we arrived at the city avenue where the demonstration started - we noticed that many demonstrators were already there. Their composition was already expectable. There were many groups of unemployed people holding placards with slogans like “This debt belongs to the banks!”, “Austerity = misery!”, “People are not debt!” and “Down with the IMF, we want our lives back!” This was not surprising. The situation of unemployed is getting more and more desperate. Lots of unemployed people lost their homes to the banks and are now living in the streets begging for some alms. Unemployed workers are condemned to the darkest destitution and are one of the most oppressed groups under capitalism (we can even affirm that they are a direct and inherent consequence of capitalism, because unemployment is something intrinsic to the capitalist mode of production – it never occurs under true socialism). But even people who are able to find work suffer horribly due to the dramatic salary-cuts and never-stopping inflation. In Portugal, all basic goods are now unbearably expensive and many people cannot afford enough to be feed themselves satisfactorily. This is particularly true in what respects to public workers in general and to police and health system’s workers in particularly, who have been severely affected by the “austerity cuts”.

But besides them, there were also many anarchists-Trotskyists from the movement “Fuck the troika!” However, as far as we have perceived, there were not so many members of this “movement” as there were last year. It seems that the movement is becoming weaker and weaker. The purpose of such “movements” is never to achieve genuinely revolutionary aims, but to keep capitalist-imperialist order alive through penetrating the proletarian ranks and through detaching toilers and students from the path of authentic socialist and proletarian revolution. In the end, this kind of anarchist-Trotskyist “movements” are nothing more than an anti-communist amount of social-democratic shibboleths whose purpose is to direct Portuguese workers towards reformist illusions of a “tamed” capitalism. In their “general-lines” and “programs”, there is not the slightest sign of any appeal to genuine socialist combat, neither to the violent revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist system and its replacement by the armed proletarian dictatorship. They only spread reformist venom in benefit of upholding of capitalist tyrannical repression and wage slavery. But just like happens with everything which serves bourgeois social-economical order, also these “movements” are doomed to fail and to vanish. Bourgeois-capitalist subterfuges like the “Fuck the Troika!” movement never last much if they are not able to accomplish their sole goal: to mislead toiling masses. When they fail doing this, they loose their usefulness to the exploitative classes and, consequently, they don’t have any reason of being anymore.

While the demonstration advanced and marched towards Alameda Square, we noticed once more the presence of many Portuguese revisionists of the P “C” P and of its yellow trade-union, the CGTP, which is entirely controlled by them. Unfortunately, many Portuguese workers are uninformed about the true social-fascist nature of the P “C” P and of the CGTP. Despite their dreadful social-fascist ideology (which includes support for all social-fascist states, both past and present: Cuba, North Korea, GDR, social-imperialist Soviet Union, etc.), the Portuguese revisionists are still able to treacherously attract many people who are disenchanted with capitalism through their deceitful “communist” “slogans” and “arguments”. If we are going to believe in their speeches and in the pamphlets distributed by them, all ills are due to the fact that “this illegitimate government does not respect the Constitution”. This “argument” doesn’t hold any water, because contrary to what the Portuguese revisionists claim, it is the bourgeois-capitalist Portuguese Constitution which is itself causing people’s misery, because within capitalism, all Law is made to protect and perpetuate the oppressive and exploitative order. And the Portuguese Constitution defends private property, private accumulation and wage slavery. This alone suffices to qualify it as an anti-socialist and pro-capitalist document. The fact that the Constitution supposedly “defends” some phoney “social rights” only serves to prove our words even more, because it shows that the Constitution was created to hide the class character of the capitalist state with the objective of preventing the working masses from acquiring a veritable revolutionary and communist conscience, thus maximizing the profits of the capitalist-bourgeois class and avoiding any kind of revolutionary violence on a Stalinist-Hoxhaist basis. So, far from being a danger to the bourgeois-capitalist-imperialist system, the Portuguese revisionists only want to maintain the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie under false “socialist”, “red” and “progressive” cloaks in order to eternalize capitalist exploitation and wage slavery. Indeed, the blatant defence that the social-fascist P “C” P does of the Portuguese bourgeois Constitution is totally in agreement with their objectives: to keep exploitative tyranny eternally alive and to promote a “tamed welfare capitalism” which would allegedly eliminate class struggle and authentic socialist aspirations.

At some point, we could also find Portuguese Maoists (neo-revisionists) with their already usual slogans against German imperialism and colonialism. At first sight, their slogans sound correct and even “revolutionary”. But what a pity that besides shouting “Death to German imperialism!”, they “forgot” to also shout “Death to Chinese imperialism!” Perhaps the reason for their “forgetfulness” can be found in their purpose of deviating the workers’ attention from another imperialism whose origins can be found precisely in Maoist revisionism: Chinese social-imperialism which is presently on the verge of world domination and which was given birth precisely by their social-fascist ideology. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, follow the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha and we know that it is not possible to struggle against any imperialism while covering and supporting another one. We have to struggle against all imperialisms without exception. To do the contrary means to defend and perpetuate exploitative world imperialist system, means to become its lackey. And this is exactly what the Maoists are.

We this short report, we urge all conscient proletarians to join us, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, in our relentless struggle against all kinds of capitalism, revisionism and social-fascism not only in Portugal, but all over the world in favour of an authentically anti-capitalist and communist combat against the world bourgeois-imperialist rulers and their national lackeys. And this because as long as occasions like the May Day are under social-fascist and revisionist control, the internal and external exploiters and oppressors do not need to be worried. In Portugal, during 48 years, Portuguese workers were forbidden from celebrating May Day by the fascist form of bourgeois dictatorship, and nowadays the Portuguese revisionists are also prohibiting the Portuguese proletarians, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes from authentically celebrating May Day by detaching them from acquiring an authentically communist consciousness. Therefore, we conclude that the strengthening and consolidation of the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH) are needed now more than ever.

The Portuguese proletarians and workers must know that only Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism can definitively liberate them from the sufferings and hardships which are inherent to capitalism-imperialism and that only by marching together with the proletarian detachments of all other countries under the centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH), it is possible to triumph and to accomplish an authentically socialist and communist global society free from all kinds of exploitations and oppressions.

Portuguese workers – unite!

Portuguese proletarians, workers and all exploited and oppressed classes – struggle against both internal and external capitalist exploiters!

Fight for an authentic proletarian dictatorship, fight for genuine socialism in Portugal and in the whole world!

Don’t be misled by the lies and reformist lies promoted by the Portuguese revisionists, neo-revisionists and social-fascists!

Only world socialist revolution can liberate Portuguese workers from the asphyxiating oppression of the foreign imperialist creditors!

Let’s build revolutionary red trade-unions of the RILU in Portugal!

Long live the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live socialist Portugal in a socialist world!

Long live Portuguese proletariat!

Long live world proletariat!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live proletarian socialist world revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentically communist organization in the world!

Long live the revolutionary Red May Day!




First May-Report of our German Section in Stuttgart - 2014


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Red International of the Labour Unions

1st May, 2014

RILU- Appeal

To all revolutionary labour unionists

all over the world!


On occasion of the 1st May, 2014 – the international fighting day of the worldproletariat – the RILU sends revolutionary greetings to all of you – eleven year after our refoundation-day.

1st May, 2014 – continuation of the traditional proletarian internationalism and worker`s solidarity of all countries

Considering the dramatic debasement of the workers` situation all over the world more and more workers of their own country understand, that they are unmercifully subjected to the capitalist world crisis – no matter in which country -, that no worker on this world is exempted from the burden of this ongoing crisis, that the workers of the world are tied by the same fate of wage-söavery and unemployment, that they all have the same enemy - capitalism. They all unite, organize and help each other in solidarity in struggle against the yoke of capitalism.

The 1st May - as the general, international fighting day of the workers - expresses the power of the revolutionary solidarity of the workers of all countries, expresses the power of their solidarity in helping and supporting each other. This is needed and unrenouncable for their alround efforts to stop the ongoing capitalist world crisis. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the workers` ties in the international class-struggle against the world bourgeoisie, against the bourgeoisie in every single country and to intensify the support of the unification of the national, revolutionary liberation-struggles of the peoples for their independance, self-determination and freedom with the common aim to throw off the yoke of worldimperialism.

As long as the Communist Manifesto Marx and Engels appealed for the organization of the international working class: „Proletarians of all countries – unite!“. This appeal is today more acute than ever before. Since 1847 the worldproletariat increased enormously and simultaneously its situation got worse, so that the revolutionary internationalist unification is urgent and a question of existentual survival..

The international character of the basic contradiction between labour and capital, the conditions of worldwide wage-slavery led to the foundation of the I. International – the first worldwide organisation of the international working class. On this 1st May the RILU honors this anniversary, honors the founders of the I. International – Marx and Engels.

Under the leadership of Frederik Engels the 2nd International made great efforts for the contribution of the unification of the world proletariat by creating powerful revolutionary Trade Unions and socialist parties ( with reservation of the first period, because in the course of its existence the 2nd International degenerated to an international counter-revolutionary organization in the hands of the opportunist social-democracy). Held on the 14th of July, 1889 in Paris - the representatives of the socialist parties decided the celebration of the international proletarian solidarity on the 1st of May. This historical decision was one of the first which the 2nd International had made - exactly hundred years after the Batille was taken by storm. Occasion of the annual celebration of the 1st May was the anniversary of the massacre of Chicago`s workers, who struggled for the 8-hours-working day. So, in this year the RILU celebrates the 125th anniversary of the 1st May.

1st May 2014 – figthing day against the deepest crisis of world capitalism

The system of international wage-slavery and unemployment is already off the hinges, seized the globe and the inner contradictions of this system became an explosive force of self-destruction. The present capitalist world crisis, the globalized capitalist production-relations became the forerunner of the globalized pauperization of the world population`s majority.

„Day by day it becomes consequently clearer that the production relations, in which the bourgeoisie moves, has not a homogeneous, plain character, but a conflicting one; that in the same relation in which richness is produced, also the poverty will be produced; that in the same relation, in which the development of the productive forces is going on, also a force of repression is going on, that these relations ... only produce ... bourgeois richness by creating a steadely growing proletariat“ ( free translation from the German edition of the MEW, Volume 4, page 141).

„The accumulation of richness on the one hand is also accumulation of poverty, working pain, slavery, ignorance, brutalization and moral degradation on the opposite pole...“ (free translation from the German edition of MEW, volume 23, page 675).

The last and final consequence of all economic crisis is always the poverty and the insufficient consumtion of the working masses, who are forced by the capital to a minimum and under the minimum of existential means that leads to the complete physical annihilation and extirpation of millions of people. Millions of masses die of hunger, diseases and other symptoms of the world capitalist crisis, especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The true origin of the world economic crisis can be found in the world capitalist system itself which undermines and destructs its existence daily by its mire and more brutal, aggressive, ruthless and reckless striving for highest profits. The more capitalism tries to overcome the crisis the deeper the crisis develop until the inevitable break down. The crisis is based upon the contradiction between the socialized character of globalized production forces on the one hand and the imperialist globalized private appropriation of the surplus value that is produced by the world proletariat. The whole essence of Marxism today consists in the revolutionary removel of the globalized imperialist relations of production which become a brake on the globalized productive forces and which accelerate the world capitalist crisis. Marxism of today teaches that the inevitability of globalized world capitalist crisis` can only be abolished by the replacement of these antiquated globalized production relations of the international finance capital by new production relations whose role it is to be the principle mainspring spurring the further development of the globalized productive forces. The revolutionary socialization of the globalized productive forces that is the historical mission of the worldproletariat today, is the only alternative to overcome the inevitablity of capitalist world crisis`. The world bourgeoisie shall loose the dictatorship over the globe, if the globalized productive forces belong to the world proletariat. Marxism of today is the theory, the strategy and tactics of the world proletariat how to take possession of the globalized productive forces.

„This peculiar development of the relations of production from the role of a brake on the productive forces to that of the principal mainspring impelling them forward, and from the role of principal mainspring to that of a brake on the productive forces, constitutes one of the chief elements of the Marxist materialist dialectics“ ( Stalin, Economic problems of socialism in the USSR; selected works of Stalin, page 590, English edition of the 8 Nentori Publishing house, published by the CC of the PLA on occasion of the celebration of the centenary of Stalin`s birth).

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Filip Kota

Zwei entgegengesetzte

Linien in der



Tirana - First Mai 1976

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4


published by the Comintern (SU) on occasion of the 11th anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU - First May, 2003




1st May, 2003

1st May 2014

Re-Foundation of the

Red International of the Labour Unions



11 Years !!


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Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 40th anniversary

of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution


April 25, 1974 – April 25, 2014

Today, 40 years ago, the fascist form of bourgeois dictatorship was replaced by the “democratic” form of bourgeois dictatorship in Portugal. As we had already explained and affirmed in our article about the 90th anniversary of the P “C”P, this was very far from being any kind of “socialistic revolution”, but it was merely a coup d’état organized by a section of the bourgeoisie against another one which remained attached to fascism.

Indeed, since the end of the II World War, when Portuguese fascist-colonialist regime lost its main ideological partners (Nazi-fascist Germany and fascist Italy), certain parts of Portugal’s bourgeoisie understood the dangers of maintaining an openly fascist form of its class dictatorship, because it fostered the acquisition of a communist conscience by workers in face of the explicitly bourgeois and repressive class nature of the fascist state. However, during many decades, the aspirations of this so-called “liberal” bourgeoisie had to stand still, because Anglo-American imperialism had emerged as the new greatest supporter of Portuguese fascism as a bulwark in the struggle against comrade Stalin’s socialist camp and later against their social-imperialist Soviet rivals for world domination. That was how Portuguese fascism lasted for 48 years (!), the longest period of fascist form of bourgeois dictatorship that ever existed. Portugal had more years of fascism than Albania had of socialism. After the defeat of Axis forces and the surrender of Nazi Germany, very few believed that Portuguese fascism could last. But thanks to the interests and necessities of Western capitalists-imperialists in their combat to prevent world socialist revolution, Portuguese working classes had to endure fascist repression until 1974. In this year, the supposedly “liberal” sections of the bourgeoisie managed to finally convince the army (formerly one of the main pillars of fascism, but which was getting unsatisfied by the unsuccessful colonial war which was being waged in African colonies) to side with it and to overthrow the regime on 25, April 1974 in what was called the “Carnation Revolution” due to the fact that on that day, to celebrate the end of fascist period, some women from Lisbon put red carnations on the rifles of the soldiers who were taking part in the operations to put an end to former regime.

Even nowadays, revisionists and neo-revisionists declare many times that this episode is proof of the alleged “pacific and poetic character of the Portuguese revolution”. For example, social-fascists from the P “C” P refer that:

(…) the military movement was transformed into a pacific revolution.” (, 25 de Abril Sempre, translated from Portuguese language)

In fact, if this proves something, it is that the “Portuguese revolution” could never be anything else than a “bourgeois-democratic” revolution which intended to replace one branch of the bourgeoisie by another and which aimed at perpetuating capitalism and profit maximization by hiding the inevitably and inherently oppressive and exploitative class nature of their state behind “democratic” and even “popular socialistic” masks, thus avoiding exploited and oppressed masses in general and workers in particular from acquiring a true revolutionary consciousness and keeping them away from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. And this because all genuinely socialist and proletarian revolutions must necessarily involve class violence and class bloodshed, because the exploiting and oppressing classes must be fiercely smashed by the exploited and oppressed classes under the leadership of a communist party of Bolshevist type. Shortly, they must always include the dictatorship of the proletariat. This might not sound as “poetic” and “romantic” as women giving flowers to soldiers, but this was already proved by the teachings of the Classics and confirmed by history. As comrade Lenin once said:

Scientifically speaking, the dictatorship (of the proletariat) is a power which is not limited by law (…) and which is directly based on violence.” (Lenin, cited by Stalin in The Questions of Leninism, 1931, translated from the French edition)

Of course, with this we don’t want to ignore that the democratic turn in the history of the Portuguese people cost them a lot of sacrifices in the struggle of fascism. Neither we want to deny that the Portuguese Carnation Revolution and the victory over fascism had a certain progressive content and were a relevant act of evolution in the Portuguese society and the significance of the democratic struggle for the preparation of the socialist revolution in Portugal, for the abolition of the inevitability of fascism and for the establishment of proletarian democracy through the victory of the dictatorship of the proletariat cannot be underrated. The Carnation Revolution allowed that Portuguese African colonies obtained a formal independence, even if they would promptly be transformed into Soviet neo-colonies. Some formal bourgeois “rights” that simply did not exist under fascism were granted. After all, it is not the same to struggle in conditions of open fascism or with some legal chances. Of course, we could never disregard this difference. After all, we must fight for democracy and we cannot leave it in the possession of the revisionists. If the revisionists hold the democratic field of class struggle for misleading the masses, then we must take this weapon from them. We must denounce them and convince the people that we are the only true representatives of the struggle for proletarian democracy and against bourgeois "democracy". The masses must learn the difference of the class-character of democracy.

Without combination of the socialist revolution with the struggle for the people's democracy, the proletariat would fail to snatch political power. If the democratic struggle is in the hands of the bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie, then we are principally not allowed to leave them our own field of class-struggle for democracy - which eases our struggle for the socialist revolution. We should never give up the lever of the democratic struggle which is vital for our socialist struggle. This does not mean that we must forget that only socialism, under the dictatorship of the proletariat, guarantees the abolition of the danger of fascist restoration. The restoration of fascism is unavoidable if the working class does not destroy capitalism entirely. Only in combination with the socialist struggle, and especially through the subordination of the democratic struggle under the socialist struggle can the bourgeois dictatorship violently be overthrown. The democratic struggle in itself is totally incapable of getting rid of exploitation and oppression of the ruling classes. Anything else is revisionist-reformist rubbish and "democratic" lip service in the interest of maintaining the class rule of the bourgeoisie. Furthermore, the social-fascist lackeys are the main promoters of the restoration of fascism. We cannot defeat growing fascism if we overlook the significance of democratic demands in our struggle for the revolutionary overthrow of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. It is our duty to unmask the revisionists as that what they really are: the agency of fascist transformation within the workers' movement for the purpose to save the bourgeois dictatorship from its replacement by the proletarian dictatorship. Social-Fascists and Fascists are twins who are enemies of the democracy. Therefore, we must struggle for democratic demands always in the interest of the socialist revolution against both these twins. To underestimate this necessity would mean "left" opportunism, and to over-estimate it means right-opportunism. We have to combat both "left" and right-deviations and to defend our correct communist line in the correct handling of the democratic question.

Today, the struggle for democracy on concrete conditions of the course of the current world capitalist crisis is getting more and more importance. In Portugal, the growing resistance of the proletariat and of other working classes is very dangerous for the maintenance of the rule of the Portuguese bourgeoisie. The recent colonialist invasion and its “austerity measures” orchestrated by the imperialists of the EU and of the world have inflicted unspeakable sufferings upon Portuguese toilers, who are now submerged in the most horrific misery. Even for the most politically inactive of them, bourgeois-democratic “Carnation Revolution” left a lot to be desired. That is also why we must absolutely call for the struggle of the exploited and oppressed classes against open fascist terrorism through democratic and socialist demands, because the world bourgeoisie in general and the Portuguese bourgeoisie in particular are inescapably forced to prepare and implement sooner or later the transformation of its dictatorship into open fascist terrorist forms against the workers and the people, and especially against the revolutionary forces in Portugal, including Stalinist-Hoxhaists, who will lead the class struggle in Portugal.

World and Portuguese bourgeois class fear us, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, because we are the only ones who can lead the class struggle in Portugal, who can guide Portuguese masses towards victory as a detachment of the world red army marching for world socialist revolution, for world proletarian dictatorship, for world socialism and world communism.

Portuguese exploited and oppressed classes – unite!

Don’t be deceived by bourgeois “democratic” façades!

Under capitalism, all regimes without exception are bourgeois exploitative repressive dictatorships – no matter if they wear fascist or fake “democratic” clothes!

Down with revisionists and neo-revisionists who want democratic struggle as an end in itself!

Democratic struggle is nothing without struggle for socialism!

World communism = the only way to definitively abolish the inevitability of fascism!

Long live the progressive side of the Carnation Revolution!

Long live world socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!






of the Comintern (SH)


Never in the history of May First, never since the International Congress of Paris in 1889, were the prospects for a final victory of the working class brighter, never the spirit of the workers less breakable than today, on the eve of May First, 2014. Although the capitalist governments of all countries are preparing the hangman’s noose for all those that dare to think in terms inimical to the interests and principles of mandevouring globalized imperialism, the working class sees in these persecutions only the


last efforts of the dying beast to escape its destiny.


May First, as International Labor Day, is the day on which the workers by their own action demonstrate that they must fight for what they want, and for what they are entitled to, and that they have the power to win.

May First gives the answer of the revolutionary proletariat of all countries to the manifestations of solidarity of international capitalism.

The Communist International calls on you to signalize May First, the day of international proletarian solidarity, by mass revolutionary actions, by mass strikes or demonstrations, according to the circumstances. It calls on you to rally to its banner for a determined struggle against the growing capitalist offensive, against the monstrous increase of exploitation, against the distress of unemployment, against the brutality of fascism, against the new imperialist wars which are approaching. The Communist International calls on you to increase your fighting preparedness.

The revolutionary advance guard of the Proletariat calls upon the workers everywhere to break the bondage of economic and political slavery and demonstrate on that day for the cause of real freedom.

May First is not a Labor Day decreed to you by the powers that be to dope the workers into the belief that the government stands above the classes.

No! May First is the workers’ own day, on which, by their own determination they down tools and test their strength.

The workers see that in all the leading bourgeois countries the much vaunted 'democracy' is nothing but the arbitrary and unrestrained dictatorship of a gang of robbers, bankers, and generals. . . .

Either the bloody dictatorship of hangmen-generals, killing hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants in the interests of a gang of bankers, or the dictatorship of the working class, that is, of the overwhelming majority of the working people, disarming the bourgeoisie, creating their own red army, and liberating the whole world from slavery.


Revolutionary class-war against imperialist war!


—this is the cry of the workers of the whole world on this First of May. For the civil war, the only just war, in which the oppressed class fights against its oppressors.

Workers and soldiers of all countries. Turn your weapons against your own bourgeoisie. Your enemy is in your own country. Stir up rebellion in the rear against your bourgeois governments.

Turn your weapons against your own bourgeoisie and the 'social-democrats', revisionists and neo-revisionists who serve them .


The storm is rising.

The flames of the proletarian revolution are spreading all over the world.


Our banner, reddened with the heart's blood of whole generations of great fighters and martyrs of the working class, flies over the whole world. The last hour of our oppressors has struck.

In thunder and storm, in blood and tears, in hunger and unending suffering, the new world will soon begin, the bright world of communism.

We will celebrate May First, their International Labor Day, with a determination only satisfied with a complete victory. We may have a test of strength of the revolutionary army of the proletariat in united action the world over.

Today we demonstrate for:



of ALL countries.

After years of world economic crisis without parallel in history the international proletariat this year celebrates the First of May in a situation marked by the most crushing poverty and hunger in all capitalist and oppressedn and exploited countries . The attempt of international capital to surmount the crisis has resulted in more than millions unemployed, wage robbery after wage robbery, an unbearable weight of taxation, reduction in social-insurance benefits, undernourishment, devastating disease, and a rising mortality. Millions and millions of working peasants have been ruined.

Capitalist Society is built upon our sweat and blood, our misery and want. All our “victories” on the economic field are turned against us, and our economic slavery is reinforced by an absolute political dictatorship of capitalism. Thus our economic struggle must of necessity become a political one. The proletarian struggle ceases to be a struggle for higher wages and shorter hours, and becomes a struggle for the supremacy of the working class. This struggle can only be fought to victory by the masses of the workers.

The chain holding us down in wage slavery is our submissiveness, our lack of revolutionary spirit. The determination of the workers to exert their power in united mass action aiming at the complete destruction of the capitalist dictatorship is the long range gun that will shatter the power of the exploiters globally.


Let the First of May 2014 kindle the world-revolutionary spirit !

Comrades and Fellow Workers:

In demonstrating our determination to fight and win we must join hands with the workers of the world. They have fought our battles which they knew were theirs. We must fight their battles which we know to be ours.


To get free you must answer the war cry of united capitalism against the workers of the Ukraine. The answer to the capitalists of the world in their war against the social revolution in the Ukraine and elsewhere must be the social revolution against capitalism everywhere.

The workers of the world may be inspired with confidence in their own power; so that May First, 2014, may awaken the spirit of revolutionary class solidarity. This spirit will unite the proletariat the world over in its fight for real freedom. It will bring peace to the people everywhere: not the peace of the graveyard, dictated by voracious imperialistic capitalism, but joyous peace known only to free people from among whom greed and profit has been removed as cause for human slaughter.

Let us honor the victims, the countless soldiers of the revolution that were murdered by international capitalism in its effort to save the right to make a profit.

The bourgeoisie cannot restore the old 'normal' conditions of capitalism before the world crisis, so they are making a desperate attempt to create a stronger and more powerful capitalism.

They speak of peace and work, but their acts are acts of senseless destruction. They are organizing war and civil war. The new globalized empire of capitalism is to be established by turning the proletariat into a class of helots, a herd of draught animals.

The capitalist offensive is intended to depress the workers' standard of living even below the minimum of pure existence.

The reformist, revisionist and neo-revisionist parties—openly and by concealed collaboration—have done their part to help the bourgeoisie to attain this shameful goal. But they become weaker and weaker during the increase of the world crisis , and so the bourgeoisie will drop them and now place their hopes on fascism.

What the social-democratic, revisionist and neo-revisionist leaders wanted but failed to obtain from the workers by cunning and friendly persuasion is to be put through forcibly by fascism— the subjection of the working class to conditions of life and labour without parallel even in the history of capitalism.


Fascism and social-fascism serve capitalism

preparing for its final passage of arms with the world proletariat


It reveals to the workers the true features of that bourgeois democracy from which the reformists expected salvation.

The workers are no longer inclined to believe that they get on best when they live 'in peace' with the bourgeoisie. That policy has brought them nothing but wage reductions, higher prices, longer working hours, short time, unemployment, degradation, and forcible suppression.

To which has now been added the growing danger of war. True, the bourgeoisie shout for peace; not from feelings of humanity, nor from a pacifist naivete, but only because it is their job to make profits. But they cannot establish peace. Every day the contradictions between the imperialist Powers are growing more acute, and new ones are arising. War has become the normal state of affairs in bourgeois society, as we can see today from the events in Syria and the Ukraine, in Afghanistan and Africa, etc.

War has not been formally declared, but imperialist Russia invaded Crimea and the Eastern part of ther Ukraine. All the forces of fascism and social-fascism are mobilized to hold up the advance and the victory of the revolutionary forces of the proletarian and national-revolutionary fight for emancipation. Fascists and socialfascists compete in their use of terror and unscrupulous social demagogy. Using the slogans of bourgeois democracy, of the veiled dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, they are clearing the road for the unconcealed fascist dictatorship of capitalism. In the midst of the world economic crisis they are saving capitalism. And still no end to the crisis can be seen. Bankrupt capitalism can only increase its exploitation of the working people, but it cannot give work to the unemployed or bread to the hungry. Incapable of finding a way out of the crisis, the bourgeoisie in a number of capitalist countries are going over to open fascist dictatorship, dragging the working people into the abyss of new imperialist wars. Political reaction is spreading throughout the capitalist world.

There is again the smell of gunpowder in the air. The attempts of the bourgeoisie to overcome the crisis were in vain. Now they are seeking a way out through imperialist war. Fascist reaction is raging, and capitalism is seeking to deprive the working class of its gains. The exploitation of the working class in this period of capitalist globalization assumes a monstrous character.

The maturing world economic crisis is laying bare more and more the contradictions which are tearing the capitalist world asunder.

The bourgeoisie stand impotent before the crumbling of the world capitalist system. But they have still the power to condemn millions and tens of millions of workers and peasants to starvation and death. In all parts of the world the bourgeoisie are striving to escape from the crisis by worsening the conditions of the toilers. While the financial magnates are making huge profits out of the crisis, the workers are being thrown out of work in hundreds of thousands. Millions unemployed, victims of the crisis and of capitalist globalization, are tramping the streets of the cities; while in the country districts large masses of peasants, ruined by the agricultural crisis, are being sold up by the finance-capitalists and forced to join the army of unemployed and paupers.


Poor farmers and all the toiling masses of the villages!

Only in a fighting alliance with the revolutionary proletariat will you succeed in throwing off the increasing oppression of the capitalists and the landowners. March under the leadership of the proletariat to the victorious struggles for socialism.


Oppressed and exploited peoples!

Unite in a revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the power of the imperialist bandits and their feudal-capitalist allies in your country! Join closely with the revolutionary workers.

Toilers and oppressed!

Remember the horrors and sacrifices of the imperialist wars. Imperialist wars are stealing on you once more. Rouse the revolutionary consciousness of the soldiers and sailors! Prepare to convert imperialist war into a civil war of all toilers against your own bourgeoisie.

Soldiers and Sailors!

Down with brass-hat discipline and barrack-room slavery! Fraternize with the workers. Firmly remember your duty in war time to turn your cannon and machine-guns against the exploiters.


Take advantage of the situation created by the economic crisis:

support with all your might the millions of unemployed and strengthen thereby the army of the proletariat. Organize your forces for the overthrow of capitalism, for the socialist world revolution. Rally around the Sections of the Comintern (SH) !

Today the Communist International declares openly to the millions of workers of the whole world that there can be no real unity of the working class without the fight for the violent overthrow of the entire existing capitalist world order, for the establishment of the world-proletarian dictatorship.


Capitalism is unable to set the economy on its feet again or to eliminate unemployment. Heavier and heavier burdens and taxes are imposed on the workers to pay for more and more armaments, for maintaining large armies, large numbers of government officials, and for increasing the police force.

The hungry working masses, driven to desperation, are rising to the struggle against their oppressors and exploiters. Their hatred of capitalism is growing.

Everywhere the urge to form a united fighting front against the capitalist offensive, against fascism and the danger of imperialist war, is growing. More and more the working people are coming to see that they will be able to resist their exploitation by capital and bar the road to fascist reaction and imperialist war only by creating a united fighting front.

Throughout the world, the revolutionary crisis is maturing.

May Day, this year, finds the working class in the midst of fiery class battles.

The victory will be ours !!


The socialist world revolution is the only way out of exploitation and oppression, fascism and imperialist war !

The world-socialism will inevitably triumph over world-capitalism !

Let all the world revolutionary forces unite , who are ready to fight for liberation from capitalism and for the construction of world-socialism

- under the banner of the Comintern (SH) !


Long live red May First - 2014 !

Long live proletarian internationalism ! 

Workers of the world unite !

World proletariat - unite all countries !

Long live the proletarian socialist world revolution !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live world socialism !

Long live world communism !




Long live May 1st

- International Workers Day !



May First - German Website ...



May First - special website in Portuguese





Long live comrade Lenin’s 144th anniversary!




Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of comrade Lenin’s 144th anniversary

22 April, 1870 – 22 April, 2014

Today, we celebrate the 144th anniversary of comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism. After Marx and Engels, he further developed Marxism, as for instance, he understood and explained capitalism’s inevitable monopolist and imperialist nature and contradictions with inescapable scientific accuracy. He waged a fierce struggle against all kinds of opportunists and reformists who wanted to deprive Marxism from its revolutionary and proletarian content in order to make it inoffensive to the bourgeoisie. He was one of the greatest proletarian internationalists of all times, denouncing the betrayal of the social-chauvinist leaders of the II International and promoting the foundation of the III International.

He also led the preparation, organization and victory of the 1917 Great October Revolution in Russia which opened the path towards the establishment of the first socialist state of proletarian dictatorship (Bolshevist Soviet Union), where workers, peasants and soldiers hold power in their hands and were successfully liberating themselves from exploitation and oppression.

However, comrade Lenin always teaches that October Revolution was not any kind of “final triumph”, but merely the beginning of world socialist revolution. We, Marxists-Leninists-Stalinists-Hoxhaists, must never forget that the legacy of the October Revolution led by comrade Lenin must be continued until its ultimate and complete triumph at a global scale! That’s because of all this that nowadays, revisionists, neo-revisionists and other anti-communists try to slander comrade Lenin and to destroy his immortal communist teachings. But just as they failed to accomplish this in the past, they will also fail to accomplish this in the future.

Today, the Comintern (SH) is the only true defender not only of comrade Lenin, but also of all other Classics, because it is impossible to defend one of the Classics without equally defending also all others without exception. To reject one of them means to reject all of them, it means to reject the lessons of all them as a whole. Based on the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, we march resolutely towards world socialist revolution, world proletarian dictatorship, world socialism and world communism.

Long live comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Leninism – an infallible signpost for the world socialist revolution!

Down with all anti-Leninists, revisionists and neo-revisionists!

Let’s rebuild the Comintern, let’s continue comrade Lenin’s work!

Long live the 1917 Great October Revolution!

Long live world armed, proletarian, socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!






Message of the Comintern (SH)

in Chinese language

translated by the

Chinese Section of the Young Communist International













in Italian language



Rapporto sull' attivita' del Comitato Centrale del Partito del Lavoro d'Albania, presentato al VI Congresso del PLA il 1 novembre 1971


(Enver Hoxha: Report of the 6th Congress of the PLA)

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Ten Days Class War

100 Years Later ..

Long live the internationalist solidarity of the Coal Miners across the world !

Your blood for your emancipation was not spilled in vain ! The victory is yours !!


special website:


 Remember the Ludlow Massacre !


April 20, 1914

USA - Colorado

Coal Miners' Strike

also available in German language

and in Portuguese language






Filip Kota

Two opposing lines in the world trade union movement

Tirana 1974



Clara Zetkin - founder and leader of the CWI


Long live the 94th anniversary of the foundation of

The Communist Women's International

(April 1920 - August 1930)


"The liberation of women is not possible without the socialist world revolution.

And the victory of the socialist world revolution is not possible without the communist women's world movement guided by the Communist International of Women (SH) as a sub-organisation of the Comintern (SH) ."


The slogan of the Communist Womens' International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists):

"Everything for the emancipation of women !

Everything through the emancipation of women !"


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special website in German

special website in Portuguese





in Swedish language


Clara Zetkin Archive





in Swedish language






April 12, 1923


Long live the 91st Birthday of comrade Ernst Aust !

founder an leader of the Communist Party of Germany / Marxist-Leninists - (KPD/ML) [now German Section of the Comintern (SH) ]



Not communism is in crisis.

(Excerpt reprinted in " RED DAWN" No. 20 - MAY 18 , 1979)

The bourgeoisie asserted :

"You see , socialism can not be performed . The new mankind, that you want to create, it will never exist. "

And also many honest workers in the factories believe that socialism would be a great ideal , but not realisable in practice. They tell us :

" Again and again, people will try to have a good life at others' expense . There was the great Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin , and then Khrushchev and Brezhnev came and destroyed everything. Then we thought that China would make it. And now you tell us that China was never a really socialist country. And who can guarantee us maintenance of socialism in Albania, the only socialist country. We ask you:

Can it happen that there will come an Albanian Khrushchev after Enver Hoxha ? "

What do and can we answer to these workers ? We say:

There is no guarantee. We hope and have firm confidence that Albania will not go that way towards degeneration.

We know the Albanian party , we know the Albanian people .

But guarantee ? No guarantee can be given.

We have to disabuse the idea that the transition from capitalism to socialism is only a matter of decades. After all, the transition from feudalism to capitalism has lasted several centuries and is still not fully completed. Why should the transition from capitalism to socialism and to communism take a shorter time ? Especially, if we have to take into account that it is not only about the replacement of the one class rule by another one. It is about the complete elimination of all classes. And yet there is a difference :


Nevertheless, we may not cherish an illusion in this weapon which can not overrule the objective laws of the development of the society. For example, the one that people are a product of their environment and upbringing . Can we expect that these people, who were brought up to egoism, selfishness, careerism for centuries , would change overnight under socialism ? Capitalist influences penetrate not only from outside into a socialist country but also from within. Both these influences from outside and inside make the dictatorship of the proletariat absolutely necessary. We need the dictatorship of the proletariat not only over the class enemy, against the disempowered capitalists , but also against bourgeois , selfish , careerist elements who feel superior to the peole.

Above all, the former socialist countries degenerated because the working class did nowhere near enough exercise its dictatorship consequently and unbending. We have gained this knowledge from the past and had to pay this lesson with many setbacks and sacrifices. But we now know what is most important :



Sure, we can understand some views of disappointment in the current situation :

that is: the defeats of the world proletariat by the treachery of the modern revisionists ;

the splitting and fragmentation of the "left" movement in our country ;

the still remaining short amount of our members. We notice tendencies of resignation within the working class and even in the ranks of our party.

But what kind of Communists we would be if we let influence us from such moods of resignation. We give the following answer to the bourgeois prophets of doom :

We are not certain "Lounge lizard - Bolsheviks ". We are not "temporary" communists in a period of "Storm and Stress". We do not belong to those elements within the so -called "Left " , within the so-called "Communist-Groups", who withdraw from the life of a revolutionary by gliding into safe revisionist waters, or who stop fighting after having started a family in favor of a well-ordered , bourgeois career, explaining proudly to one's own children: "Your Daddy was once a communist!"

The bourgeoisie has tongues wagging about "communists in crisis" , and already Marx and Engels poked fun at such chitchat.

Communism , Marxism -Leninism , scientific socialism in crisis?

Since when can a science be in crisis ? Capitalism will go and socialism will come. This is not wishful thinking of some utopians and dreamers . This is an unshakable law of history. Just as gravity can not get "in crisis" , just as water can not flow up to the mountain, the truth of scientific socialism can not "tumble into crisis".

The downfall of capitalism , imperialism , becames irrevocable in 1917 when the gun salvos of Aurora hit the Winter Palace of the Tsars in St. Petersburg.

Since then we live in the era of the downfall of imperialism, in the era of the proletarian revolution.

Not communism is in crisis.


( End of excerpt from the speech Ernst - held in Kiel - 1979)

German website on comrade Ernst Aust ...







April 11, 1985

29th Day of Death

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha -

the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

 Work and Life of Enver Hoxha is immortal !

Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 29th day of death

of comrade Enver Hoxha

April 11, 1985 – April 11, 2014

Today, 29 years ago, our beloved comrade Enver Hoxha passed away. The death of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism represented a terrible loss to the entire world proletariat and to all those fighting against all kinds of exploitation and oppression.

Since comrade Stalin’s death, Enver’s brilliant teachings have been the guiding light to all those who remain faithful to authentic socialism, to all those who refuse revisionist and neo-revisionist misleading and calumnies, to all those who continued to embrace genuine Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism. Since always, all sorts of anti-communists tried to depict comrade Enver as a ruthless “communist tyrant” in order to keep world proletarians and workers away from true socialism that could liberate them from wage slavagist bondage. But in spite of such lies and slanders, comrade Enver’s name will always be synonym of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist purity of principles, of communist audacity. The capitalists, imperialists and revisionists have always attempted to destroy Enver Hoxha’s revolutionary proletarian teachings and legacy. But they are condemned to failure.

During most of the years in which comrade Enver stood as the leader of socialist Albania, revisionism in power extended its webs all around the world. Khrushchevist revisionists took power in Soviet Union and transformed it into an imperialist superpower. Yugoslav Titoites defended their bourgeois “self-administrative” poison. Maoists climbed to power in China, established a bourgeois-capitalist regime and also paved the way towards its imperialist ascension. Eurocommunists did their utmost to convince workers of their anti-communist garbage preaching the end of class struggle and the impossibility of socialist revolution. And we could mention many more, both in power and without power (Trotskyists, Castroists-Guevarists, etc.).

In contrast to all these groups of revisionists, comrade Enver’s Albania always remained as a loyal example of a country authentically building socialism, relying on its own forces to keep itself invincible in face of the immense pressures of capitalist-revisionist-imperialist encirclement. And indeed, while comrade Enver was alive, nobody could ever touch tiny Albania, nobody could deviate it from its red path. World anti-communists had to wait until the neo-revisionist clique of Alia took power to accomplish these aims. With its collectivized economy and revolutionary society free from wage slavery, exploitation and oppression, Enver’s Albania eventually became the last and only proletarian dictatorship in the world, the only nation still truly applying and living in accord with Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism.

Moreover, it was at the head of the glorious Party of Labour of Albania that comrade Enver Hoxha firmly traversed his way as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism. Far from being simply an “enriching contribution” and far from being something merely limited to Albanian borders, Hoxhaism is in truth the highest stage of development of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism in the conditions of revisionism in power and of capitalist-revisionist-imperialist encirclement. And so, comrade Enver occupies nowadays his deserved place side by side with Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin as a Classic of Marxism-Leninism. To uphold and defend comrade Enver’s revolutionary and proletarian legacy is to also to uphold and defend the revolutionary and proletarian legacy of all Classics of Marxism-Leninism as a whole. And in the same manner, if we don’t accept and defend Enver as a Classic, we are automatically and necessarily also rejecting all the other four Classics together with all their teachings.

Because of all these reasons, comrade Enver’s lessons continue to be our guiding light to struggle against capitalist-imperialist world system and for world proletarian socialist revolution. Nowadays, circumstances may differ from those of comrade Enver’s times in some aspects. For example, Soviet social-imperialist superpower was substituted by Chinese social-imperialist superpower. American imperialism is no longer the indisputably most powerful imperialist superpower. The process of capitalist-imperialist globalization has further accelerated. The old kinds of modern revisionists are fading away and are being replaced by neo-revisionists (“anti-revisionists” in words but revisionists in deeds).

But in spite of these differences, just like occurred in Enver’s times, living conditions of world oppressed and exploited classes are worsening more and more. Poverty, famine and destitution are increasing as never before. Imperialist wars and conflicts are breaking out in every corner of the globe. The historic necessity of definitively abolishing all kinds of capitalism, imperialism, revisionism, exploitation, oppression, slavery, war, fascism, racism, etc., is today more urgent than ever.

It is up to us, Marxists-Leninists-Stalinists-Hoxhaists, to honour the legacy of comrade Enver Hoxha by correctly applying his immortal teachings in today’s conditions. Enver’s infallible and undying teachings are an authentic guiding light for all those who follow the path towards world socialist revolution, world proletarian dictatorship, world socialism and world communism.

Long live comrade Enver Hoxha – the glorious 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Comrade Enver is immortal – his red revolutionary genius enlightens our path towards the victorious world socialist revolution!

He will live forever in hearts and minds of every oppressed and exploited worker and of every communist!

All capitalist-revisionist lies and calumnies will never erase comrade Enver's glorious legacy!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Death to world capitalist-imperialist order and to its revisionist, neo-revisionist and social-fascist lackeys!

Long live world armed proletarian, socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender of comrade Enver’s revolutionary and proletarian legacy!



























of the Chinese Section of the

Young Communist International


Dear comrades !
      On this solemn day, we remember with emotion, Comrade Hoxha's eternal day.
        29 years ago , Comrade Hoxha , left us forever - the red sun in our hearts .

Comrade Enver Hoxha was the greatest Leninist - Stalinist.

Comrade Enver Hoxha set a shining example for us.

Comrade Enver Hoxha is our immortal monument of pride and hope.

Comrade Enver Hoxha's life was a great life.

Comrade Enver Hoxha inherited the great cause of comrade Stalin.

Comrade Enver Hoxha defended the purity of Marxism-Leninism.

Comrade Enver Hoxha defeated communism in Europe amd all over the world. Comrade Enver Hoxha unmasked and exposed Khrushchev , Mao , Tito and other kinds of traitors and scabs .

Comrade Enver Hoxha is the heroical name of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.

Comrade Enver Hoxha condemned all class enemies and traitors with his deadly words.

Comrade Enver Hoxha died 29 years ago.

We defend bravely and steadfast the great legacy of comrade Enver Hoxha.

Comrade Enver Hoxha called us Communists around the world to continue the revolution , uncompromisingly and determined.

We admire comrade Enver Hoxha - our mentor !
        In these days, we all Chinese comrades swear:

We will fight for the defense of Enver Hoxha's heritage, and we will carry forward the tradition of Comrade Hoxha's fighting.

We always adhere to the struggle to eliminate all anti-Marxist - Leninist - Stalinist - Hoxhaist tendencies - especially the eclecticism against Hoxhaism.

We live and die for the glorious name of comrade Enver Hoxha - under his invincible banner we will struggle until victory !

Revolution until the liberation of all mankind !
      Long live the greatest   Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist - comrade Enver Hoxha !
     The Comintern (SH) - Hooray !

        "Chinese Communist Commune"
        April 11, 2014



On occasion of his 29th Death Day we publish a collection of quotations of comrade Enver Hoxha on




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April 13, 2014



"Long live the 95th Anniversary of the

Bavarian Soviet Republic !"

13 April 1919 - 13 April 2014


Today, the Comintern (SH ) reminds of the first Soviet republic on German soil - the Bavarian Soviet Republic .
We remember all the comrades and all the workers who died during the massacre of counter-revolution.
Workers! Communists !
Your blood was not spoiled for nothing. Even today we Communists are " all dead men on leave" as Comrade Eugen Levine said before he was executed on the 5th of June, 1919.
No one can and will prevent us from raising the red flag over Munich again !

Despite all this !
The Bavarian Soviet Republic was created under very difficult conditions and could only be maintained for 3 weeks .
The Comintern (SH ) draws the 5 most important lessons from the failure of the Bavarian Soviet Republic:

First: the Bavarian Soviet Republic could have survived a longer time if the working class would have applied the teachings of Marxism- Leninism consistently enough . A Soviet Republic , which applies correctly the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism- Leninism is invincible.
Second, the Communist Party , which led the Soviet Republic in Bavaria, had just been founded and thus the party was not yet ready to take over the leadership of the proletariat at the national level , thus supporting and protecting the Bavarian Soviet Republic from the outside. Only with the help of the Communist International and its Sections , the Soviet Republic can be guaranteed as a world system .
Third, the influence of the social-fascists was not smashed, so that the social-fascists and fascists unified to drown the Bavarian Soviet Republic in workers' blood . Even today, on the 95th Anniversary , nothing fundamental has changed in the hostile odeological influence of the fascists and social fascists in Bavaria and throughout Germany .
The Comintern (SH ) is now the only party in the world that holds high the revolutionary banner of the Bavarian Soviet Republic . Our goal is the destruction of the Alliance of fascism and social fascism on a global scale in order to protect world socialism.
Fourth, the principle of the dictatorship of the proletariat includes a firm alliance with the poor peasants. The lesson is:

No firm alliance with the world's poor peasants - no dictatorship of the world proletariat.
Fifth, the German bourgeoisie , despite her defeat in warn, was backed by the world bourgeoisie, and got support in the fight against the socialist revolution of the German working class as a prevention against the further spreading of the socialist world revolution.
The Comintern (SH ) can eliminate the inevitability of the survival of the national bourgeoisie backed by the international capital, only through the victory of the world socialist revolution.

Finally, the existence of the Bavarian Soviet Republic proved to the world bourgeoisie that the Soviet World-Republic is not a dream but a question which will be practically solved. Sooner or later the Socialist World-Republic will come inevitably.
The Bavarian Soviet Republic is a child of the German November Revolution of 1918 /19, which was bloodily suppressed by counter-revolution . In Bavaria, the counter-revolution was encouraged by Noske's success.
In February 1919, a counter-revolutionary assassinated the Bavarian prime minister Kurt Eisner ( USPD ) .
The Central Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Councils in Bavaria had then formed , a new government on demand of the masses , consisting of Social Democrats and Independents (USPD). But this government was not seriously willing to meet the demands of the masses .
To confuse the revolutionary movement , they erected a sham Bavarian " soviet republic ", headed by men who did not behave like revolutionaries. They were traitors and cooperated with the bourgeoisie.
The apparent Soviet government did not disarm the counter-revolutionary forces. Almost all monarchic officials stayed in the offices.
To deceive the masses, they appointed a "socialization" Commission, however, it took no steps to socialization of factories, banks and soil of the landlords.
Meanwhile, the counter-revolution had collected their forces and got support from other parts of Germany. On 13 April, the counter-revolution plunged the apparent Soviet government .
The Munich workers fought bravely to prevent the reaction of gaining power. The workers defeated the enemies. Late as 13 April, a real Soviet Government for Bavaria was proclaimed , at whose head stood the Communist Party with the red army. They immediately sent a welcome letter to the Soviet Republic and the Soviet Republic formed in Hungary. Lenin responded with a series of questions and posed all the most important tasks.
20,000 workers received weapons, industrial enterprises and banks became property of the people , all food supplies were confiscated and distributed under the control of the Soviet government .
But the Soviet government overlooked one of the most important instructions of Lenin :
The soil was not confiscated and contributed to the poor peasants , and nothing was done to improve the situation of farm workers and the toiling peasants . The Bavarian Soviet Republic failed to secure the allies from the countryside. Reactionary organizations incited the peasants against the workers. The Independent Socialists (USPD) as members of the Soviet government were secretly negotiating with the class-enemies, instead of fighting against them resolutely .
All this weakened the Soviet government , which got no help from the revolutionary forces on a national scale.
Munich was surrounded. After bloody fightings against Noske (SPD ), the counterrevolutionary troops invaded in the city on 1 May 1919. The workers fought valiantly .
Finally, the machine guns , tanks , guns and aircraft of the numerically superior reactionary Freikorps destroyed the Bavarian Soviet Republic.
The Bavarian working class was, is and remains a shining example of the heroic struggle for world socialist revolution.

Long live the Bavarian Red Army!
Long live the Red Army of Germany!
Long live the Red Army of the World !
Long live the Bavarian Soviet Republic !
Long live the Russian Soviet Republic of Lenin and Stalin !
Long live the Soviet Republic of Hungary and other countries, such as Finland!
Long live the socialist world-republic!
Long live the revolutionary unity of workers, peasants and soldiers in the national and international scale !
Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !
Long live world socialism and world communism !
Long live the Communist Party of Ernst Thalmann !
Long live the KPD / ML of Ernst Aust !
Long live the German Section of the Comintern (SH ) !
Long live the Communist International (Stalinist - Hoxhaists ) !
Long live Marxism -Leninism - Stalinism - Hoxhaism !


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Due to recent events in Ukraine, the Comintern (SH ) remembers of the Albanian struggle against the two superpowers , particularly the struggle against Soviet social -imperialism by means of this series of articles.

Putin's imperialist " Eurasia " policies is nothing more than the continuation of the policy of the Soviet social- imperialists emanated from the politics of the old Tsarist empire. "The great nations swallow the small nations."

Putin is now actively supported by all sorts of organizations that are trying to hide their Russian social-chauvinism behind Leninism - Stalinism. The social-chauvinists are the twins of chauvinists - not only in "Great"-Russia but also in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin.

There will be no victory over fascism and chauvinism without the victory over social-fascism and social-chauvinism .
Proletarian internationalism of the world proletariat will put an early end to any bourgeois nationalism .

Here, we do not want to miss the opportunity to remind the reader that the Chinese social-imperialism and its threatening strategy of world domination will be further continued calmly in the "shadow " of the events in Ukraine - according to the motto :
" Two dogs strive for a bone, the third runs away with it."

The unmasking of the Chinese social-imperialism must be continued unabated and principled .
The Comintern (SH ) shows that neither a single imperialist or social-imperialist "Great" power , nor the world imperialist system as a whole, is able or willing to protect the people against war and fascism , against exploitation and oppression.
On the contrary - the peoples can live only in peace and freedom , and without exploitation and oppression , if the entire world imperialist system will be smashed and world socialism will be established.
You can not defeat world imperialism if you creep under the " protective umbrella" of an imperialist "superpower" in order to beat other imperialist "Great Powers" . You can smash world imperialism only by the world socialist revolution !
The liberation of the peoples of the world from the yoke of capitalism is only possible by means of the socialist revolution, guided by the world proletariat and its world party which implements the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

* * *

"There is no region in the world to which the Soviet revisionists do not want to extend their imperialist influence; there is no international question, in which they will not interfere to extract only advantages for themselves. The modes, means and methods which are used by the Soviet social- imperialists to enforce this policy of hegemony , are typical imperialist. Yes, they are distinguished even by brutality and unbridled arrogance. They serve the strategy of Soviet social- imperialism for world domination in a variety of forms, ranging from the economic and political expansion , the ideological and cultural penetration to the open forms of blackmail and military intervention. "
(Enver Hoxha )

* * *

In the Ukraine, the process of Russification goes on, and the replacement of the national language by the Russian language is one of the most preferred forms of this. In theater , cinema and television of the republic reign Russian performances or the local authors in Russian. The Russian films that are shown are not translated . In most cases, the head of cultural institutions Russians or loyal people of the new Kremlin Czar , appointed by Moscow.
(Radio Tirana 14 - 3 - 1976)

* * *

One day the peoples in the revisionist countries will rise to the revolution to sweep away the revisionist cliques of traitors and get rid of the rule of the Soviet social- imperialists.(Radio Tirana 20 - 4 - 1976)


The Theory of “Limited Sovereignty” – A Flagrant Expression of the Imperialist Policy of the Soviet Revisionists

From Albania Today, 1972, 3

The Congress of the Soviet revisionists - Congress of the social-imperialist demagogy and expansion

Zeri i Popullit - 12 April 1976

The Congress of the restoration of capitalism and the Congress of social imperialism

Zeri i Popullit - 17 April 1971


The national question and the revisionism

" Albania today " No. 4/1974

The neo- colonialist Kremlin Czars suppress and rob the peoples

" Albania today " - No. 1-1975


In Service of the Soviet Plans for Expansion and Domination

“Zëri i Popullit” – organ of the Central Committee of the PLA

From Albania Today, 1975, 3


 Short Comment on Enver Hoxha's Book:

«The Superpowers»




by ATA

Some Manifestations of National Oppression in the Soviet Union Today

Natasha Iliriani
Socio-Political Studies - No 4, 1987


* * *

all the following texts only in German language


* * *


Today's Soviet army - an army of aggression and expansion

Radio Tirana No. 5/1977 of 23 2 1977

All-round expansion - the nature of the foreign policy of the Soviet social- imperialists

Radio Tirana 2 7 , 1975; 11 7 , 1975; 18 7 1975

The hegemony , basic feature of the foreign policy of the Soviet social- imperialism

" Rruga e Partise " - 10 10 1975

The theories of " DETENTE ", the " BALANCE " and the " BIPOLARITY " -
Mechanisms of hegemonic policy of the superpowers

" Albania today " No. 4/1982

The hegemonic strategy of the superpowers

" Albania today " No. 3/1980

Every dollar or ruble of "Aid"
- A link in the chain of neo- colonialism

" Albania today " - No. 4-1974


The Soviet imperialists have violated the principles of proletarian internationalism for a long time and took over the colonialist policies of the U.S. imperialists towards developing countries

Radio Tirana on 22 6 1975

Behind the so-called Soviet " aid ", expansionist intentions and enslaving is hidden

Radio Tirana on 22 8 1975

Imperialism and social-imperialism in crisis and
under the blows of the revolutionary peoples

" Albania today " - No. 3-1976

By means of "aid" the two superpowers conduct neocolonialism

Radio Tirana on 17 12 1976

American - Soviet tensions and agreements

( Article from: Zeri i Popullit ) - Radio Tirana on 15 7 1977

The European Market - a neo- colonialist superpower

Radio Tirana on 24 1 1978

The so-called " special responsibility "
- An expression of the policy of hegemony of the U.S. and the Soviet Union


in Spanish language

Enver Hoxha

"Las Superpotencias"

1959 - 1984

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 April 7, 2014


The occupation of Albania by fascist Italia

April 7, 1939

- September 8, 1943


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in Albanian

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in Portuguese language

translated by the Portuguese Section

of the Comintern (SH)






April 1, 1939

75th Day of Death

Anton Makarenko

(1888 - 1939)


Anton Makarenko, a talented educator and writer, was born in the Ukrainian town of Belopolie (Kharkov Province) into the family of a house painter. In 1904 Makarenko graduated from 4-year college in Kremenchug, at which time he chose the profession of teacher. He continued his education with a one-year teachers’ course. Makarenko was just 17 years old when he began teaching at a railway college. He enjoyed teaching and his students liked his lessons. In 1916-1917 Makarenko served in the army, but because of his poor vision he was demobilized. In 1917 Anton Makarenko graduated from the Poltava Training College. His graduation paper, “Crisis of Modern Pedagogies,” was highly appraised for its unusual approach. For his educational achievements Makarenko was honored with a golden medal, the highest award in Soviet schools and colleges. After graduating from college Makarenko was advised to continue his scientific research in the field of pedagogy, but Anton chose to become a practicing teacher. He worked in the colleges of Krukov and Poltava until 1920 when he was invited to head the Poltava Colony for Young Offenders.

Based on pedagogic literature and his own research and experience, Makarenko believed that upbringing and proper education were the most important factors influencing the formation and development of an individual. His point of view contrasted with the practical standards of the times. At the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of teachers believed each individual had a number of congenital characteristics that determined his or her personality. Makarenko did not agree that a person is “initially good” or “initially bad.” He was sure that everyone, especially children and teenagers, needed respect and understanding. Makarenko also rejected physical punishment, a common measure of his times.

After proving the effectiveness of his system in the Poltava Colony, in 1927 Makarenko was appointed as the head of an orphanage for street children near Kharkov. Thousands of children in the Soviet Union became orphans following the Civil War and World War I. Left without parental love and care many of them became juvenile criminals. The orphanage near Kharkov was known as the place where the most incorrigible thieves and swindlers were put into rehabilitation. An innovative educator, Makarenko succeeded in gaining their respect. In his upbringing of the troubled orphans he combined insistence and respect, school education and productive labor.

The methods developed by Anton Makarenko were highly appreciated by Soviet writer Maxim Gorky who believed that Makarenko’s “pedagogical experiment is meaningful for the whole world.” Inspired by Gorky, the writer whom he admired, Makarenko wrote the “The Pedagogical Poem,” based on the true stories of his pupils from the orphanage for street children. In his book Makarenko showed how proper education could turn uncontrollable and aggressive teenagers into worthy and responsible citizens. “The Pedagogical Poem,” Makarenko’s principal publication, was a great success not only in the USSR, but also abroad. Anton Makarenko earned a reputation as a progressive, innovative and talented educator.

Makarenko wrote a number of articles, novels, plays and short stories about education and upbringing. In 1934 he became a member of the Soviet Writers’ Union and in 1935 began working for the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs in Kiev as the Chief Assistant of the Labor Colony Department. Makarenko continued writing his novels and plays and in 1937 he created his well known “The Book for Parents” followed by “Flags on Towers” in 1938, in which he further elaborated his pedagogical ideas.










in Chinese language

Comintern - Archive

共产国际 - 存档 - 中国





Down with the war monger Putin !


Destroy Russian imperialism !


Rebuild the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin !


For the restoration of the Socialist Soviet Republics in time of Lenin and Stalin !

Down with the restoration of the Soviet social imperialism and all Soviet-revisionist lackeys!

Down with the Soviet revisionists in the former Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union - today = lackeys of Russian imperialism !

They are only "Anti-Fascists" in words - and Fascists in deeds = Social-Fascists !


Revolutionary War against imperialist war !

Transform the imperialist war into the global civil war and destroy world imperialism !


Ukrainian and Russian soldiers !

Unite your rifles against all exploiters and oppressors ! Turn your united rifles against the bourgeoisie in all the capitalist countries of the former Soviet Union !


Soldiers of the world !

Turn your rifles against world imperialism- especially against Russian, Western, Chinese imperialists!

Revolutionary soldiers and peasants - unite under the leadership of the world proletariat !

The socialist world revolution under the leadership of the world proletariat is the only way to get rid of world capitalism !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Establish the Socialist World Republic !

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin-Enver Hoxha !

Long live world socialism and world communism!


Long live the Communist International



Build up Sections in all former Socialist Republics of the Soviet Union ! !

Follow the example of the Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)!




March 28, 1939





March 28, 1939 – March 28, 2014

Today, 75 years ago, the fascist forces of Franco finally occupied Madrid on March 28, 1939, after a three-year war that transformed Spain into an amount of ruins entirely vulnerable to the harshest capitalist exploitation and oppression.

When the Popular Front won the bourgeois elections in Spain, the darkest forces of reaction couldn’t accept it. The large landowners, the industrial tycoons and their fascist lackeys that were already present in Spain were worried about a government that, although not Marxist-Leninist neither communist, was however a bourgeois-democratic government which wanted to provide workers with some formal “social and labour rights”. These “rights” and the overall policy of the Spanish Popular Front had a bourgeois character and they never represented any kind of serious menace to capitalist mode of production, as the Popular Front never aimed at changing the bourgeois socio-economic order through revolutionary violence. On the contrary, it defended “peaceful ways” and it included reformists and opportunists of many types: Trotskyists, anarchists, social-democrats, republicans, etc. It is true that it also included some communists, but it must be stated that communist participation at the Spanish Popular Front was already influenced by the revisionist tendencies of the “popular front” theories that would culminate in the VII World Congress of the Comintern. Indeed, the Spanish Popular Front could even be positive to bourgeois-capitalist interests, because it would have allowed them to provide proletarians, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes with some fake “rights” that difficult the acquisition of a truly communist consciousness, because it could submerge them in the illusion that capitalist state was now concerned about their “welfare rights” and had not oppressive class nature anymore, all this without basically touching profit accumulation and maximization.

This could have indeed been the case if it was not for the character of Spanish exploitative capitalist-aristocratic classes, which are among the most aggressive and backward of Europe. Spanish exploitative classes have spent their history soaked in the blood of the oppressed classes and peoples. In the XIV and XV centuries, in search for gold and for cheap labour force, they invaded American continent, brutally enslaving Amerindian populations and causing an immensurable genocide that left dead tens of million of native Americans. And it was not by chance that Spain was the last country in the world to abolish Inquisition. In the early XXth century, there were still people in Southern Spain who received harsh physical punishments for having offended the rules of the “Holy Office”. And we could give many other examples of extreme reactionarism by Spanish exploitative classes. Therefore, they were not eager to let workers get with not even some alms provided by the bourgeois “social rights” advocated by the Popular Front. And so they launched a civil war relying on one of their most faithful and valuable instruments: the army. In 1936, Spanish army was full of fascist officials and it was led by generals like Franco who didn’t even try to hide their sympathy for Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. In their war plans, Spanish exploitative classes also counted with another useful ally: Portuguese exploitative classes, who had established their own fascist regime some years earlier and were willing to provide all means to overthrow the Popular Front and replace it with a fascist rule similar to their own and which, in their perspective, was the best manner to prevent socialist revolution.

And so, during three years, Spanish working classes were condemned to suffer the horrors of a deadly Civil War that eventually ended up with the victory of Franco’s fascist forces at the service of capitalist-aristocratic ruling classes. But what led to this situation? Many factors can be listed. One of them was the practical and ideological division that existed among the forces fighting at the side of the Popular Front and that ultimately weakened them in face of fascist offensive. But the most important reason that permitted fascist forces to win the war was undoubtedly the lack of the leadership by the Communist Party, which should have played the role of proletarian vanguard of Spanish toiling masses. Only in this manner could fascist inevitability be defeated and avoided. It is true that Franquist troops were being helped by the Nazi-fascist countries that already existed at the time. But the argument of the “enemy’s superiority” does not hold any water. In Albanian National Liberation War, nazi-fascist forces were also numerically superior and had much better weaponry than Albanian partisans led by the Communist Party. But contrary to what happened in Spain, Albanian communists always managed to keep themselves leading the armed fighting, never sharing this position with anyone else. And so, they expelled the nazi-fascist invaders, won the war, implemented proletarian dictatorship and started to successfully construct socialism:

Despite the innumerable difficulties we encountered on our road we scored success one after another. We achieved these successes, in the first place, because the Party thoroughly mastered the essence of the theory of Marx and Lenin, understood what the revolution was, who was making it and who had to lead it, understood that at the head of the working class, in alliance with the peasantry, there had to be a party of the Leninist type. The communists understood that this party must not be communist only in name but had to be a party which would apply the Marxist-Leninist theory of the revolution and party building in the concrete conditions of our country, which would begin the work for the creation of the new socialist society, following the example of the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union of the time of Lenin and Stalin. This stand gave our Party the victory, gave the country the great political, economic and military strength it has today. Had we acted differently, had we not consistently applied these principles of our great theory, socialism could not have been built in a small country surrounded by enemies, as ours is.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

If the Spanish Communists and their Bolshevist Party had been leading the armed struggle, it would have transformed the civil war launched by the exploiters into a civil war against the exploiters. But this didn’t happen and during the Civil War in Spain, fascist forces were almost always on the offensive, while the troops loyal to the Popular Front were almost always on the defensive. And in the end, Spanish workers were condemned to endure decades of the dreadful fascist tyranny of Franco that transformed Spain into a slave labour camp in benefit of internal and external exploiters. Spanish communists received the severest treatment of all, with many slaughtered or treated like “sub-human mentally ill” and interned in “therapeutic camps” where fascist doctors used them in their “medical experiments”.

Already during the Civil War, together with the Nazi-fascists, also Anglo-American and French imperialists supported Franco in direct or indirect manners. And after that, they continued to actively support him as a bulwark against communism. The only country which provided some kind of sustenance to the anti-fascist forces was Bolshevist Soviet Union of comrade Stalin fulfilling its duties of proletarian internationalism.

The Spanish Civil War left half million dead and exercised heavy influence in the subsequent course of the Spanish Communist Party. Already before the war, it had been affected by opportunist and reformist deviations, but after the War this situation substantially worsened because most of the authentically communist cadres of the party were killed in the combats. Writing about the revisionist path embraced by the S “C” P, comrade Enver Hoxha remarked:

Many members of the Communist Party of Spain gave their lives during the Civil War. Others fell victim to the Francoite terror. Thousands and thousands of others were thrown into prison where they languished for many years or died. The terror which prevailed in Spain after the victory of the fascists was extremely ferocious. Franco dealt a heavy blow to the revolutionary vanguard of the working class and the masses of the Spanish people and this had negative consequences for the Communist Party. Losing its soundest, most ideologically prepared, most resolute and courageous element in the armed struggle and during the fascist terror, the Communist Party of Spain came under the negative and destructive influence of the cowardly petty-bourgeois and intellectual element, such as Carrillo and company, who became dominant. They gradually transformed the Communist Party of Spain into an opportunist and revisionist party.” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism, Tirana 1980, edition in English)

With revisionist disease affecting it more and more, the S “C” P was de facto liquidated in the 90’s, already after the Franquist-fascist form of bourgeois dictatorship had been replaced by a somewhat more “democratic” form of it. And that is how Spain is now under a capitalist-monarchist regime submitted to the interests of American imperialism and whose main representatives are still ideological heirs of Franco’s fascism. For example, in many places of Spain, it is possible to find statues of Franco and until 2005 the general-governor of the region of Galicia was no other than a former minister of Franco. Today, Spain is one the European countries were workers have worst living conditions. They lack even some of the most basic bourgeois “social rights” like free healthcare, subsidy of unemployment, etc. Spain is almost deprived of social security, another characteristic inherited from Franquist period. So, Spanish capitalist-aristocratic exploitative classes can be very grateful for everything that fascism has done for them. But their “happiness” cannot last much longer.

In the Spanish civil war the Spanish People in unity with the internationalists from all over the world sacrificed their life for the anti-fascist struggle against Franco and Hitler-fascists. It is our duty as proletarian internationalists to honor this great internationalist anti-fascist struggle of the people and learn from the negative (and also positive!) experiences for the world-proletarian struggle against world-fascism of today -  as a united action of global  anti-fascist class-struggle as part and lever of the socialist world revolution.

Thus, the historical internationalist significance of the International Brigades for the world revolutionary struggle of the Comintern (SH) could not go unmentioned. In the near future, the formation of International Brigades will be centrally organized by the Comintern (SH). We uphold the experiences of this internationalist historical event especially for the military solution of the socialist world revolution. But the main lesson of 1936-1939 is that the lack of the proletarian struggle for transformation of democratic revolution into socialist revolution and for the dictatorship of the proletariat has dreadful consequences.

Nowadays more than ever, it is urgent to found the Spanish Section of the Comintern (SH) which will be the organized vanguard of the Spanish proletariat. Only by marching together with the proletarian detachments from all other countries under the global centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH) can Spanish oppressed and exploited classes successfully accomplish socialist revolution, proletarian dictatorship, socialism and communism not only in their country but at a global scale.

Spanish workers – unite!

The times when you suffered defeat are gone!

Now, you have to prepare your final victory as part of the world socialist revolution!

Death to all your internal and external exploiters and oppressors!

Down with the capitalist-monarchist pro-fascist regime that still prevails in Spain!

Don’t let Franco’s ideological heirs detach you from the only way to your liberation: Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Don’t be deceived by reformist and opportunist illusions!

Found the Spanish Section of the Comintern (SH)!

Fascist form of bourgeois dictatorship is something inevitable under capitalism!

Only world communism can ensure the abolition of the inevitability of fascism!

Long live world proletarian and socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentically anti-fascist and communist organization!


Photo Archive

International Brigades


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in Portuguese language

Declaration of the Comintern/ML - June 2003

Caminho do Partido Mundial

órgão teórico

Julho de 2003


do Comité Executivo da Internacional Comunista -ML

por ocasião do 25º aniversário

da carta histórica enviada pelo Comité Central do Partido do Trabalho da Albânia ao Comité Central do Partido Comunista da China

29 de Julho de 1978

e as lições necessárias para o fortalecimento do Movimento Mundial Marxista-Leninista







95th Anniversary




Éljen a világforradalom !"


Budapest - May-Day - 1919

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Lenin Archívum Magyar





15 March 1939

75 Anniversary of the annexation of


by the Nazis


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- with historical documents

- and topical issues for Ukraine 


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NEW !!




A poster depicting Enver Hoxha , released in Albania in the 80s of the last century . Presented a poster with the image of a true successor to the immortal work of Marx , Engels, Lenin and Stalin , a prominent theorist and practice of socialist construction, Comrade Enver Hoxha prepared as a result of digitization of posters produced in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania in the 80s of the last century.
During digitizing image was subjected to minor restoration associated with loss of the fragments of the photographic material.
General view of the proposed poster to download is shown below ( image format JPG).
Viewable Size - 26,2 x35 , 0 cm
Properties of the image file : format - TIF, resolution - 300 dpi, color depth - 24 bit RGB.
File Size - 25,8 Mb (ZIP- archive).
Link to download - DOWNLOAD POSTER.


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131st Anniversary of the Death

of Karl Marx

14th of March 2014


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)

The Comintern (SH) greets all comrades across the world !

Immediately, after Karl Marx died on the 14th of March 1883, the bourgeois newspapers spread numerous calumnies about the dead leader of the international proletariat.

But the name of Karl Marx and his work is still alive on his 131st Day of Death.

Karl Marx is immortal.

The Comintern (SH) has decided to commemorate the birthdays and death days of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism every year.

On this day of commemoration we published new writings in different languages on our special website.

This year we pay tribute to Karl Marx not only as the creator of scientific socialism, but also as the great leader of the international proletariat.

Finally, it was Karl Marx who called the First International into being 150 years ago.

"Workers of the world unite!"

This world revolutionary slogan of the "Communist Manifesto" of 1848 was implemented organizationally in 1864.

With the First International, the ideas of scientific socialism were spread in the international labor movement for the first time. Karl Marx continued his struggle against the enemies of scientific socialism by means of the First International in the international labor movement. He has performed his struggle against the British trade unionism, against the French petty-bourgeois Proudhonism and against anarchism of Bakunin. On all congresses and conferences of the First International, we can follow the victorious advance of Karl Marx. Marx finally triumphed at the Hague Congress. Here the crucial basic principles of Marxism were decided:

the establishment of the political dictatorship of the working class as a necessary precondition for the building of socialism.

With the First International Karl Marx created the conditions for the foundation of revolutionary workers' parties in each country, which were guided by scientific socialism, by Marxism.

Similarly, the Comintern (SH) has today laid the basis for the creation of its Sections in the various countries, to spread the ideas of Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the labor movement throughout the world.

The first world organization of the proletariat was founded in the immediate vicinity of a London proletarian slums. And so the new Sections of the Comintern (SH) will have their starting point in all slums of the world which will be transformed into bullwarks of the socialist world revolution.

The First International lives on in the Comintern (SH) and its Sections.

For Karl Marx, the First International was the

"international counter-organization of labor against cosmopolitan conspiracy of capital."

And Friedrich Engels described Marx as the

"Soul of the International Working Men's Association"

(- as the First International was then called)

Friedrich Engels said:

"Describing the work of Marx in the International would be to write the history of the association itself."

Friedrich Engels gave the First International, the position of a

"Seventh Great Power".

The Comintern (SH) is totally convinced that the world proletariat will make the International one day the only superpower in the world

- a world power in the spirit of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

The First International won worldwide fame by Karl Marx .

The success of the First International led by Karl Marx raised the international class consciousness of the proletariat of all countries.

The First International united the international labor movement and encouraged the internationalist class struggle of the proletariat of all countries.

On the other hand, the First International instilled fear in the whole world bourgeoisie.

With the First International Karl Marx gave the communist specter a lively international head with strong arms and legs in every capitalist country in the world - ready to sweep off capitalism from the globe - ready to enter the path towards world communism.

Long live Karl Marx

- The founder and leader of the First International!

Forward in the spirit of Karl Marx and the First International!

Workers of the world - unite!

World proletariat - unite all countries!



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Statement of the Comintern (SH)

about the events in Venezuela

March 12, 2014

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in German language

On Stalin, the World Revolution, and the Caucasus

Concerning the event in Georgia in the year 2008

written by comrade Wolfgang Eggers


To a certain degree, the events in the Ukraine can be compared with the events in Georgia - 6 years ago -

That's why we decided to re-publish this text






Press release for the 3rd commemoration of

Moroccan 20th February Movement

Cologne, Germany

3rd commemoration of the launch of the 20th February movement is celebrated by progressive activists in an international context marked by acute contradictions between the aspirations of oppressed peoples and direct or indirect maneuvers of world imperialism that transforms its structural crises in wars in several countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Libya, Syria, Central Africa...).

Northern Africa has known popular uprisings against dictatorships subservient to imperialism, which led to the fall of some heads of these plans without shaking the foundations of existing structures (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt...).

Locally in Morocco, anti-national, anti-democratic and anti-people regime continues to force Moroccan people to pay its structural crises by coercive measures by running the guidelines of international institutions of the imperialists. These abuses result in economic failures (free trade agreements GATT-WTO ...), at the political level (security measures allegedly for the fight against terrorism...) and social level (housing, health, education...).

Attacks against the people resulted in the closure of several factories, several mines and caused the mass dismissal of thousands of workers, and the collapse of purchasing power for the entire population because of the exorbitant increasing prices.

This dilapidated situation (which is even growing), causes laborers to burst struggles to defend their right to education (students glorious struggle against the project Massar and the struggles of student movements...) of the masses and their right to employment (workers' struggles, struggles of the unemployed and especially the struggle of unemployed from Elmanzal and the heroic resistance of the people of D' Imidar...).

The 20th February movement is a continuation of the popular struggle to defend its interests and to recognize their just and legitimate claims despite the terror and repression by the regime, political detentions, torture and contempt for activists engaged in resistance, political arrests by the regime, and despite negotiations for Reform with obscurantist forces.

The 20th February movement remains alive as the objective reasons for its existence will be present in the reality of exploitation and oppression of the working classes.

Progressive activists in Europe report for national and international public their commitment to:

- The just and legitimate demands of the people for freedom, dignity and social justice,

- Defense of political prisoners,

- Solidarity with the families of martyrs and political prisoners,

- To defend the popular cultural identity of Moroccans.

20th February Movement in Europe.



Down with world imperialism !
Down with Russian imperialism !

Down with Western imperialism !
Hands off the Ukrainian people !
Long live the revolutionary liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people !
Down with the restoration of Soviet revisionism !
Long live the Ukraine in the spirit of Comrade Stalin !


Imperialism and capitalism have come to understand that now they can no longer exploit the peoples of the world with the previous methods, therefore, provided their systern is not threatened, they have to concede something, which will cause them no harm, in order to keep the masses in bondage. This they want to do with the investments and credits they distribute to those states and cliques in which they have established their influence or by means of arms, i.e., local wars, either by taking a direct part in them or by inciting one state against another. Local wars serve to make those countries which fall into its trap more deeply subject to the hegemony of world capital.


The Strategy of Soviet Social-imperialism

But Soviet social-imperialism is not satisfied with the domination it exercises over its satellite states. Like the other imperialist states, the Soviet Union is now fighting for new markets, for spheres of influence, to invest its capital in various countries, to monopolize sources of raw materials, to extend its neo-colonialism in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere.

Soviet social-imperialism has a whole strategic plan which includes a series of economic, political, ideological and military activities for the purpose of extending its expansion and hegemonism.

At the same time the Soviet revisionists are working to undermine the peoples' revolutions and the liberation wars by precisely the same means and methods as those employed by the US imperialists. Usually, the social-imperialists operate through their tools, the revisionist parties. but, according to the occasion and circumstances, they also try to corrupt and bribe the ruling cliques in the undeveloped countries, offer enslaving economic "aid" in order to get a foothold in these countries, stir up armed conflicts among the different cliques, siding with one or the other, organize plots and putsches to bring pro-Soviet regimes to power, and even resort to direct military intervention, as they did, together with the Cubans, in Angola, Ethiopia, and elsewhere.

The Soviet social-imperialists carry out their intervention, their hegemonic, neo-colonialist actions under the disguise of aid to, and support for, the revolutionary forces, the revolution and the construction of socialism. In reality they help the counter-revolution.

The revisionist Soviet Union tries to open the way to realizing its expansionist, neo-colonialist Plans, by presenting itself as a country which is pursuing a Leninist and internationalist policy, as an ally, friend and defender of the new national states, the undeveloped countries, etc. The Soviet revisionists preach that, by linking up with the Soviet Union and the so-called socialist community, which they proclaim as the <<main motive force of world development today., these countries can advance successfully on the road of freedom and independence, even of socialism. This is why they have also concocted the theories of the "non-capitalist road of development", countries of "socialist orientation", etc.

Despite what they pretend, the strategy of the Soviet social-imperialists has nothing in common with socialism and Leninism. It is the strategy of a predatory imperialist state which wants to extend its hegemony and domination to all countries on all continents.

This hegemonic and neo-colonialist policy, which the revisionist Soviet Union is pursuing, clashes, as it is bound to do, with the policy which the United States of America is pursuing and which China, too, has set out on. This is a clash of interests among imperialists in their struggle for the redivision of the world. It is precisely these interests and this struggle that pit the one super power against the other, that impel each of them to use all the forces and means at its disposal to weaken its rival or rivals, although clashes have not yet reached such a degree of exacerbation that they hurl themselves into armed conflicts.

(Enver Hoxha, "Imperialism and Revolution")




Long live the 103rd

International Women's Day !


8th of March, 2014


Statement of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion

of the 103rd International Women’s Day

March 8, 1911 – March 8, 2014

and of the

2nd anniversary of the foundation

of Women’s Communist International (SH)

March 8, 2012 – March 8, 2014

Today, we celebrate both the International Women’s Day and the second anniversary of the foundation of the Women's Communist International (SH).

More than 100 years ago, at the time when International Women’s Day started to be commemorated, women’s communist movement was still giving its first steps and the International Women’s Day was established as a date to pay tribute to those brave proletarian women who gave their lives fighting against repression and exploitation. Indeed, throughout history, women have endured harsh oppression in all aspects (political, economic, social, etc.) at the hands of slavagist, feudal and capitalist society. This situation is not even exclusive of working class women. Even aristocratic or bourgeois women have also to bear abuses and enslavement because of their gender. This is inevitable in a class society where means of production belong to the exploitative classes. As the first two Classics, comrades Marx and Engels said, within the family the man represents the bourgeoisie while the woman represents the proletariat.

However, struggle for women’s emancipation got a genuine character only within the ranks of proletarian women, as their relationship to the means of production allowed them to acquire a revolutionary consciousness and to become integrated in the class struggle more easily, just like happened with men of the same class. In this manner, while proletarian women became ultimately engaged in the communist feminine movement which struggles for their authentic liberation from all kinds of exploitations and oppressions, there was also the naissance of the bourgeois “feminist” movement whose purpose was to shut up women’s demands by giving them some fake “democratic rights” (to vote, etc.) while keeping them more and more subservient to capitalist and social-fascist slavery. Later, revisionists and neo-revisionists became the greatest supporters of such “feminism”.

For example, even nowadays bourgeois-revisionist “feminists” claim as one of their “greatest victories” the alleged “right of all women to freely work without permission from males”. But this “victory” of the bourgeois-revisionists “feminists” was in fact in total coincidence with capitalists’ desires for profit maximization and accumulation. As Clara Zetkin clearly stated:

What made woman labour particularly attractive to the capitalists was not only its lower price but also the greater submissiveness of women.”

This remains entirely valid nowadays, when wage enslaved women are still paid for equal work substantially less than wage enslaved men. And this is just one instance that displays the true character of bourgeois-revisionist “feminist movement” as the capitalist lackey it always is. In Bolshevist Soviet Union of comrades Lenin and Stalin and in socialist Albania of comrade Enver, feminine masses enjoyed from an extent of freedom as they never experienced neither before, neither after. Authentic, definitive and complete liberation of feminine oppressed and exploited masses cannot be accomplished within the frame of any class society, but solely in a stateless, classless, propertyless society – only in a communist society. But communism can only be achieved after destroying capitalist-imperialist system through violent armed proletarian revolution, after implementing the dictatorship of the proletariat and after successfully building socialism. And all this can only be safely ensured if they are attained at a global/world scale. After all, this is the only manner to avoid the inevitability of capitalist-revisionist-imperialist encirclement and restoration.

That is why we appeal to all exploited and oppressed women of the world to join the only organization that is capable of accomplishing such gigantic objectives: the Comintern (SH) - the world vanguard party of the global proletariat, the faithful standard bearer of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. We urge these women to embrace Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, for it is the only path to their authentic emancipation. We urge these women to definitively break up with the misleading bourgeois-revisionist “feminists” who are at the service of world capitalists and with their phony “woman’s rights” whose aim is to keep women under bondage forever. As comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism, once said:

You all know that even when women have full rights, they still remain fatally downtrodden because all housework is left to them. In most cases housework is the most unproductive, the most barbarous and the most arduous work a woman can do. It is exceptionally petty and does not include anything that would in any way promote the development of the woman.”

Only by joining the Comintern (SH), namely its Women’s Communist International (SH) - whose second anniversary we are also celebrating today - can the exploited feminine masses of the world be able to achieve this, only by doing it can they show global capitalist-imperialist bourgeoisie that, contrary to what may have once occurred, women are not “submissive lambs” anymore.

World exploited and oppressed women – unite!

Aggravating contradictions inherent to globalized capitalism-imperialism will only enslave you more and more!

Long live the International Women’s Day!

Join the Women’s Communist International (SH)!

Only Stalinism-Hoxhaism can lead you to your definitive and complete liberation!

Don’t be deceived by the lies of the pro-capitalist bourgeois-revisionist “feminism”!

March and struggle side by side with world exploited and oppressed men for world socialist revolution!

The world proletarian woman fights hand in hand with men of her class against global capitalist society!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


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Communist Women 's - International





NEW !!! in Albanian language


"For the Women"


Part 1
Part 2



NEW !!

The family in the PSR of Albania

Ksanthipi Begeja

Tirana - 1984





March 5, 2014


61th Death Day





December 21, 1879 - March 5, 1953



Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the 61th Death Day of Comrade J. V. Stalin


Dear Stalinists all over the world !

Today, 61 years ago, comrade Stalin sadly passed away murdered by the revisionists who were planning to restore capitalism and imperialism in the Soviet Union. The world proletariat and all exploited and oppressed classes of this planet suffered an incalculable loss with the death of the beloved 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, who had been at the head of the Soviet proletarian dictatorship since comrade Lenin’s death. Under the leadership of comrade Stalin, Soviet workers successfully accomplished socialist construction and imposed a tremendous defeat to world imperialism, from Nazi-fascist imperialism to Anglo-American imperialism. Under Stalinist leadership, Soviet workers lead by their proletarian communist party – the CPUS (B) – were capable of such brilliant results that by the time revisionists killed Stalin, Bolshevist Soviet Union was ready to advance towards communism – something which ultimately remained undone due to revisionist treason. Comrade Stalin knew very well that all the successes and victories achieved by Bolshevist Soviet Union did not belong only to it, but also to the proletariat and to the exploited and oppressed classes of the entire world. Today, it is up to us, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, to continue and to definitively complete comrade Stalin’s Work through accomplishment of world socialist revolution, of world proletarian dictatorship, of world socialism and world communism.

The anniversaries of the death days of the Classics are always for us days of mixed feelings. On one side, we feel deep sorrow when we remember such sad occasions. But on the other side, to recall the legacy, combats and teachings of the Classics give us an immense joy and a strengthened will to continue the struggle for world socialism and world communism in accord with their lessons and experiences.

For us, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, it is always crucial to pay tribute to comrade Stalin. We are the only ones who, in the entire world, remain faithful to his teachings. Many revisionists and social-fascists openly deny comrade Stalin’s glorious teachings. But there are others, like the Maoists and diverse neo-revisionists, who praise Stalin in words while rejecting him in deeds thanks to their inherently anti-Stalinist and anti-communist nature. Nowadays, when the costs of the crisis of globalized capitalism and of domination by world imperialists are becoming more and more barbarous, when world toiling masses suffer from savage oppression and exploitation, comrade Stalin’s work and heritage appear as a guiding light amidst the dark sea of opportunism and anti-communism. Just like comrade Stalin managed to lead Soviet workers to victory over all kinds of internal and external exploiters and oppressors, just like comrade Stalin managed to guide the CPSU (B) always in a correct path free from revisionisms or deviations of any kind, also we, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, want to lead world workers to victory and to communist happiness. In this, we are not alone. With all our Sections under the centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH), we march together with the entire world proletariat, of which we are the only leading vanguard.

To remain faithful to Stalinism means to be triumphant, it means to surpass all obstacles, no matter how difficult they are. To uphold and defend comrade Stalin means to uphold and defend all the other Classics of Marxism-Leninism as a whole, as an inseparable unit.

As for the endless lies and slanders that frightened capitalist-imperialist “ideologues” from all over the world direct against Stalinism, we will use comrade Stalin’s own words:

"The wind of history will inevitably sweep away from our graves the leaves of slander and will discover the truth."

Long live comrade Stalin, the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Learning with comrade Stalin means learning to be victorious!

Stalinism is a guiding light against all kinds of capitalism, imperialism, fascism, revisionism, neo-revisionism, opportunism and anti-communism!

Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live socialism and communism at a global scale!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the world party which is the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

The Comintern (SH) is the only organization that authentically honours comrade Stalin’s red banner!

Comintern (SH) - 5 March 2014



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Long live the 95th anniversary of the Communist International !



founded on March 4, 1919


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)


Today, we celebrate the 95th Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

The Comintern (SH) sends militant greetings to all communist internationalists around the world.

The Third International (1919 - 1943) - called the "Comintern" - continued the Marxist legacy of the First International and the Second International, namely as long as it had not yet deviated from Marxism, thus, so long as it had not yet turned into an open tool of the international counter-revolution (1914).

The Communist International was founded by Lenin, emerged from the victory of the October Revolution (1917) in the end of the First World War, and organized all internationalist forces of the world proletarian revolution on the basis of Marxism-Leninism.

The Communist International linked the center of world revolution with all revolutionary movements around the world and was the international collective propagandist, agitator and organizer of the world socialist revolution.

The Communist International became the highest form of class organization of the world proletariat and was the leader of the communist movement.

With the goal of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, the Comintern united the proletariat of the Soviet Union with the proletarians of all countries who were still fighting for the conquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat. By this symbiosis, the Soviet Union became a powerful, open base and mighty lever of the world revolutionary movement. And the Soviet Union, in turn, received its necessary support from the world revolutionary movement - organized by the Comintern.

Only the Comintern embodied the true unity of the revolutionary workers and the liberation movements of the oppressed and exploited peoples of the world.

The glorious history of the CPSU (B) Lenin and Stalin gave significantly distinction to the glorious history of the Comintern, which began its work on Soviet ground and finished its work from there.

The Comintern of Lenin and Stalin occupies an honorable place in the history of world communism. 

The Comintern grew up to be a strong umbrella organization of the communist parties of the countries, which were affiliated to the Comintern as its Sections. According to the globalization of world capitalism we do not need an umbrella organization of communist parties of the countries, but a sole Stalinist-Hoxhaist world party of the entire revolutionary world proletariat - with its own Sections in each country - a centralist Communist International of a new Stalinist-Hoxhaist type.

We have drawn lessons from the dissolution of the Comintern.

With the VI. Congress and under the leadership of Stalin, the Comintern reached its most powerful stage and even transcontinental detachments of the Comintern were formed. However, with the Seventh World Congress, Dimitroff opened the path towards modern revisionism and prepared and implemented the liquidation of the Comintern in 1943.

The now 14 years long existence of Comintern (SH) shows proof that the world revolutionary spirit of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin could not be liquidated. It is still alive. The re-foundation of the Comintern on December 31, 2000, was a heavy blow to the world bourgeoisie and her revisionist and neo-revisionist lackeys. Lenin was totally right when he foretold:

"The Communist International had not ceased to exist and it will not cease to exist" (Lenin ).

Instead of dying out, the Comintern did only pass to a higher period of further development where it's already globalized tendencies will more and more become realities. The guarantee of the final victory of the Communist International is based on Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The existence of a Communist International is absolutely indespensable for the fulfillment of the revolutionary mission of the world proletariat - thus to destroy the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie and to remove world capitalism. Moreover the Communist International is needed for the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and for leading the construction of world socialism. The Communist International will therefore be indispensable during the entire historical period of world socialism and its transition to world communism.

The Comintern will yet have to undergo many a change, before world communism is finally realized. 95 Years have already passed in which the struggle of the Communist International went on and on. This struggle of the Communist International will further go on and on, until communism has triumphed all over the world.

The Communist International is indestructible, because the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism on the inevitability of the socialist world proletarian revolution are indestructible. The socialist world revolution is indestructible because the world proletariat is indestructible.

The continuation of the history of the Comintern is an important step for the victory of the socialist world revolution and socialism on a world scale, namely a victory in the fight for the elimination of the inevitability of the danger of its own bourgeois degeneracy and repeated dissolution. This danger exists as long as imperialism dominates the world - but not for much longer !

Long live the 95th Anniversary of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin !

Comintern (SH)


"The victory of the proletarian revolution on a world scale is assured.

The founding of an international Soviet republic is on the way."

(Lenin: March 6, 1919 -

Concluding Speech at the Closing Session of the Foundation Congress)


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The Ukrainian Revolution goes on

until the victory of socialism !


Statement of the Comintern (SH):


Choice of Ukraine:

next reactionary reformism or new socialist





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Power to the Ukrainian people !

Long live the dictatorship of the Ukrainian proletariat !

Down with the capitalist Ukraine !

Down with the Ukrainian reformists, revisionists, nationalists and fascists, all these lackeys of the imperialist powers in East and West !

Long live the socialist Ukraine !

Long live the Ukraine of Lenin and Stalin !

Down with Anti-Stalinism !

Down with Anti-Leninism !

Down with the revisionists and their attempts for restoration of revisionist state power.

Those revisionists who have destroyed socialism in the Ukraine, are responsible for the capitalist crimes against the Ukrainian people of today !

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist restoration of the socialist Ukraine !

Long live the socialist revolution of the Ukraine !

Long live the new socialist Ukraine in a new socialist World Republic !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

Long live proletarian internationalism !

Workers of the world - unite !

World proletariat - unite all countries for the overthrow of world imperialism and the construction of world socialism !

Long live world communism !


Learning from Stalin means -

learning to be victorious


- also in the UKRAINE !!




(collection of texts)





publisher: Comintern (SH)



Hands off the Ukrainian people !!







Down with Russian imperialist military intervention in the Ukraine !

Putin's troops - out of the Crimea !


Down with the greedy imperialists in East and West and their reformist, revisionist, nationalist and fascist lackeys in the Ukraine !

Defend the Ukrainian working class in the spirit of proletarian internationalism !

Long live the socialist revolution of the Ukrainian working class !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Create the Ukrainian Section of the Comintern (SH) !


* * *



We struggle for the restoration of the

Stalinist constitution of the Ukraine

- adopted in the Year 1937 !!




On the events in the Ukraine

A brief estimation of our

Russian comrades

Classic "counterrevolution in the counterrevolution".

Corruption in the country and poverty of the basic part of the population.

Internal and international monopolies plunder the country.

The struggle for power, directed from abroad.

Operative president is running, rescuing the capitals.

Forces of reaction manipulate people's anger.

Ukraine becomes a tidbit for the American, European and Russian imperialism.

But, the Russian imperialism, tearing to the new markets and trying to expand zones of the influence, is still very weak. It can show the teeth. And it receives on a teeth.

Penetration of the American and western capitalism will amplify in Ukraine. But for a robbery of this country, military confrontation with Russia now is not necessary to this capital. Therefore this capital will make advances to Russia, throwing it a bone. Russia will have the right to influence the situation in some regions of Ukraine under the auspices of world imperialism and together with him to rob the country.

Socialist revolution is still in a womb.

Objective and subjective preconditions are necessary for its awakening and a victory...




On occasion of the

events in the


we recommend the book of

comrade Wolfgang Eggers




written in 2005 - German language




"5 Years - 5 Heads"

published on occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Comintern (SH)


NOW available in Portuguese language:




Viva o 5º aniversário da fundação do Comintern (ML) !

31 de Dezembro de 2005





155th Birthday and 75th Death Day

Nadezhna Krupskaya


February 26, 1869 - February 27, 1939 



Statement of the Comintern (SH )

26 February 2014


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in French language



[Seconde édition]


Nous sommes reconnaissants à:







Greeting message
of the German Section of the Comintern (SH )
February 18, 2014




We greet all Moroccan comrades and express our full solidarity with their fighting actions in Cologne.
The Comintern (SH ) holds up the spirit of proletarian internationalism and international solidarity . Even if we can not participate, we are with you in thoughts and with our hearts in Cologne . And that is exactly what the bourgeoisie is most afraid of - if we workers unite from different countries for supporting your class struggle in Morocco. We, the German Section of the Comintern (SH ), express our solidarity hereby, and stand by your side in your righteous fight for the liberation of the Moroccan people.
The action in Cologne will be a huge bang against the world bourgeoisie , and we can only say - hold on !

We condemn the barbaric violence of the police and other counter-revolutionary forces by which the bloody regimes tortures the Moroccan revolutionaries. The political prisoners have to be released immediately !

We support the just demands of the Moroccan workers , especially their fight against the dramatic deterioration of their living conditions and against increasing unemployment, prices etc !

We support the courageous struggle of the students and the revolutionary youth for democratic freedoms.

We particularly support the Marxist-Leninists in Morocco, who fight for the transformation of the democratic revolution into the socialist revolution .

The Moroccan Revolution is an inseparable part of the Arab revolution , and thus an inseparable part of the world socialist revolution. This is the main reason why the Comintern (SH) supported the Maroccan revolution and why we celebrate with you the 3rd Anniversary. We are convinced that the struggle will go on until the final victory of liberation.

The point is not only to overthrow the lackeys of the world imperialists in Morocco , but to also lead the revolutionary liberation struggle against all imperialists who exploit the Moroccan people to the death and suppress !

The point is that the Moroccan revolutionaries join the Communist International and that they found their own Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH). This is necessary for transforming the Moroccan proletariat into a detachment of the invincible world army of the proletariat in order to destroy world capitalism and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in Morocco and all over the world.

Long live the free, independent and socialist Morocco in a socialist World Republic !

Down with world imperialism in Morocco and in all countries of the world !
Down with the Moroccan Regime!
Freedom far all political prisoners in Morocco !

Long live the 3rd Anniversary of the Morrocan Revolution !

Long live the 3rd Anniversary of the revolution in Morocco

February 20, 2011








- Theoretical Organ -

! ! ! now available

in Portuguese language ! ! !

"Proletariado mundial –

uni todos os países!"

O Comunismo contraataca!


"World proletariat – unite all the countries!"

Comintern (SH)-Appeal - 31st of December 2006




80 Years ago ..

February 2, 1934


High, the cause of the revolution,
for the comrades John Schehr, Erich Steinfurth, Eugen Schönhaar and Rudolf Schwarz, who fought heroically to the last breath.


The Presidium of the ECCI

to the assassination of the four Communists


The Presidium of the ECCI published the following announcement:

The Presidium of the ECCI announces the heavy loss which the KPD and the entire German proletariat have suffered by the assassination of the fascist government of the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, comrade John Schehr, as well as to the functionaries, Comrades Erich Steinfurth, Eugen Schönhaar and Rudolf Schwarz .

At the same time, the Bureau of the ECCI expresses to the families of these murdered comrades its condolences

High, the cause of the revolution, for these comrades who fought heroically to the last breath.

Presidium of the ECCI


John Schehr


Since comrade Thalmann's arrest in March 1933, the Communist International handed over the political leadership of the KPD to comrade John Schehr.


John Scheer was a worker, a mechanic in Hamburg.

He organized the illegal apparatus of the KPD after the prohibition of the party.
Since 1929, Central Committee member, he became in 1930 a political secretary of the Communist Party district headquarters of Lower Saxony. In 1932 he was elected to the Prussian Landtag and the Reichstag. In the same year he became secretary of the Central Committee and Politburo member. Back in November, he was arrested by treachery and on the 2nd of February 1934 murdered by the Gestapo. The Gestapo tried to cover up its killers with the assertion that John Schehr had been shot with three of his comrades "on the run".

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Jenny Marx (von Westphalen)


on occasion of her 200th birthday

on February 12, 1814

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80 Years ago ...

 Armed anti-fascist struggles on February 12, 1934 in Austria 


Fascists and Sozialfascists are twins !



The working class must destroy both of them !!


This is the historical lesson of the February struggles in Austria, February 1934.


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we mourn...
...Vače Zela died ...

She is and will always be a great singer of socialist Albania!


April 7, 1939 - February 6, 2014


Moj e bukura Shqipëri Vaçe Zela Moj e bukura Shqipëri
Fëmija i parë Vaçe Zela
Fëmija i parë
Ti u zbardhe gjyshja ime Vaçe Zela Ti u zbardhe gjyshja ime
Kur jam pranë teje Vaçe Zela Kur jam pranë teje
Kur çelin mimozat Vaçe Zela Kur çelin mimozat
Moj e bukura ShqipëriVaçe Zela Moj e bukura Shqipëri





For the transformation

of the democratic revolution

into the socialist revolution in




35 Years - February-Revolution in Iran

(including photo-archive)


also a comprehensive, special Website

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German Section - in Action !

As can be seen on this picture, the Comintern (SH) - with its flag of hammer, sickle and rifle - was marching in the front-line of the protest march.


5 000 people demonstrated against

50th Munich Conference of

"Security Policy"



Excerpts from the demo report against the imperialist "Siko" meeting at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on Saturday, February 2, 2014


At the demonstration, about 5,000 people participating . The security conference of the global warmongers met this year for the 50th time .
Present were the world capitalists , imperialist bosses, representatives of arms industry and governments and top-ranking military staff of the NATO. Here the military concepts and strategies of today's imperialist predatory wars are discussed. While the majority of the people sinking into poverty , mass misery and while their blood flows, all these war profiteers met in the luxurious hotel "Bayerischer Hof " nearby the demonstration in Munich. They spit on the interests of the worldwide workers and their allies, even though they are the ones that guarantee this limitless wealth and maximum profit and its luxury . The large German imperialists were denounced above all, and their participation in the imperialist, predatory wars in Africa were condemned, in particular.
The bloody Assad regime and interference of all imperialist powers were convicted and solidarity was demonstrated with the liberation struggle of the Syrian people .
The liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people was also supported. The interference of the imperialists in East and West was condemned.
The Comintern (SH ) exposed the revisionists, who advocated the replacement of one imperialists by other imperialists as alleged "anti-imperialist slogan. This shows Yushchenko , Yanukovych , Tymoshenko , Klitschko, Merkel, Putin and co . All these bourgeois politicians are just puppets of big business. In contrast to these social-fascist slogans , the Comintern (SH ) argued : the Fist of the people brings freedom!

The anti- Siko - demonstration in which the German Section of the Comintern (SH ) has involved again this year, is an important step in the right direction , a small step on the way to the victory of the world socialist revolution.
As can be seen on the pictures, the Comintern (SH) - with its flag of hammer, sickle and rifle - was marching in the front-line of the protest march.

On the demonstration, the Comintern (SH ) shouted:

Long live international solidarity !
Long live the Communist International , hammer sickle and rifle - smash the Siko and NATO !
Thyssen , Daimler, Deutsche Bank - the class enemy is in our own country !
Bundeswehr go home !
Class against class !
Waragainst imperialist war - world communism will win !
We are loud, we are everywhere - we will win over the global warmongers !
German guns, German money - kill people all over the world !
The socialist world revolution will free humanity !

Complete report of the demonstration in Munich/Germany

- see link:
German Section of the Comintern (SH )




in German language


History of the Party of Labour of Albania

(thanks to:

The Comintern (SH ) likes to thank for the outstanding work , for the great contribution to proletarian internationalism.

The publication of the "History of the PLA " is a major event in the German Stalinist- Hoxhaist Movement.
Now, over 30 years have passed since our party , the KPD / ML  had spread this book in Germany .
Similar to the burning of books by the fascists in 1933, the Trotskyist leadership of our Party destroyed this book i n 1985.
The bourgeoisie has, however, spoke too soon !
Today, this book is again published by us comrades -  thanks to the Russian comrades .
This proves the vitality and strength of the new Stalinist- Hoxhaist world movement . We are all comrades of a great  worldwide Stalinist- Hoxhaist Collective.
Spreading the works of comrade Enver Hoxha all over the world - in the service of this task we support each other on a global scale - and therein lies our world revolutionary force.
The Comintern (SH ) has decided that this book is part of the mandatory training material of the German Section .
The Comintern (SH ) can not cope with its tasks if its members would not be familiar with the "History of the CPSU (B )" [ short course ] and the "History of the PLA".
The History of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is written in these books.
Each member of the Comintern (SH ) is committed to study them carefully.
Both these books are one of the most important weapons in defense of the CPSU (B) with comrade Lenin and Stalin at the top, and the PLA with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.
The "History of the PLA " gives us confidence in the victory of the world socialist revolution , in the victory of world socialism and world communism.
It is a book that unites the Stalinist-Hoxhaists all over the world - thanks to the electronical version of the Russian comrades of

Comintern (SH ) - February 2,  2014.



Enver Hoxha


On Iran

Collection of Excerpts of his book: "Reflections on the Near and Middle East"

«The Iranian Working Class Came Out on the Battlefield, Overthrew the Shah and Shook the Capitalist World» (Enver Hoxha)


Long live the 35th Anniversary of the

Iranian Revolution 1979 !


The Comintern (SH) published this collection of texts on occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution in Iran.

The Comintern (SH) greets all Iranian comrades !!

This is our contribution of proletarian internationalism in order to encourage our Iranian comrades to translate the texts of comrade Enver Hoxha into Farsi language.

The translated text in Farsi language will create better conditions for the foundation of the Iranian Section of the Comintern (SH).

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the guide-line for the transformation of the democratic revolution into the socialist revolution !

Down with the Islamic Republic ! Long live the socialist Republic !

Long live the dictatorship of the Iranian proletariat !

Long live the socialist Iran in a socialist world !

Long live the socialist world revolution !




2 Statements of the

Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)



Concerning V.I.Lenin's article

«Dead chauvinism and living socialism

(How the international can be restored)»


Koba Kakhidze


The statement of the

Georgian Section of Сomintern (SH)

on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the

Great October Socialist Revolution


also in Portuguese language ...




70th Anniversary of Leningrad blockade

January 27th, 1944

A Great Victory of the Soviet Troops at Leningrad


"A great victory has been won by the Soviet troops at Leningrad. Our troops broke up the enemy's powerful system of permanent, deeply echeloned fortifications, routed a strong grouping of German troops, and completely freed Leningrad from the enemy’s blockade and barbarous shellings."

J. V. Stalin

Order of the Day, No. 16 - February 23, 1944


special website in:














15. January 1919 – 95 Years Murder of Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht (!)

21st of January 1924 - 90th Death Day of Lenin (!)

25. January - 3rd Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution - 2011

27. January 1944 - 70 Years end of Leningrad - Blockade




11. February 1979 - 35 Years - Victory of the Iranian Revolution

12. - 16. 2. 1934 - 80th Anniversary of the "February Uprising" in Austria

12. 02. 1814 - Jenny MARX ( von Westphalen) - 200th Birthday

27. February 1939  -   75th Death Day of   Nadeshda Konstantinova Krupskaja




5. March 1953 - 61. Death Day of Josef V. Stalin

2. - 6. March 1919 - 95. Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern

8. March - International Women's Day - Second Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Communist International

14. March 1883 - 131. Death Day of Karl Marx

Middle of March 1871 - 143nd Anniversary of the Paris Commune

15. March 1939 - 75 Years German invasion in Tchechoslovakia

21 March - 1. August. 1919 - 95 Jahre Hungarian Soviet Republic

28. March 1939 - Spanish Civil War : Franco-Troops march to Madrid (75 Years)




1. April 1939 - 75th Death Day of Makarenko (!)

7. April 1939 - 75 Years - Italian Fascists invade Albania

11. April 1985 - 29. Death Day of Enver Hoxha

13. April 1919 - 95th Anniversary of the Bavarian Soviet Republic

20 April 19 14 - 100 Years - "Ludlow Massacre" - coal miners' strike in Colorado

22nd of April 1870 - 144th birthday of Lenin

25. April 1974 - 40 Years Carnel-Revolution in Portugal

April 1920 - 94th Anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Women's International



First May (!) International fighting day of the working class

11th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU

5th of May 1818 - 196th birthday of Karl Marx

5th of May - Memorial Day of the Heroes of Albania

9th of May 1945 - Capitulation of the Army of the Hitler-Nazis



7. 6. - 8. 7. 1924 - 90 Years 5th World Congress of the Comintern

June 22, 1945 - the Victory Day of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet

23 June 1921, Foundation of the Red Sport International (RSI)

6 June 1944 - "D-Day" - 70 Years



3. July 1921- 93rd Anniversary of the foundation of RILU

14. July 1789 in Paris - 225 Years -French Revolution: "Storm of the Bastille"

14. July 1889 in Paris - Foundation of the Second International (125 Years)

28. 07.1914 - 100 Years First World War (!)




5th of August 1895 - 119th Death Day of Friedrich Engels

1. 8. 1944 - 70 Years uprising of Warsaw Ghetto

4. August 1964 - Begin of Vietnam-War by the USA (50 Years)

18. August - 70th Anniversary of the Death Day of Ernst Thälmann

23. August 1939 - 75 Years German-Soviet Treaty




1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War (75 Years)

1st of September - International Day against imperialist wars

28. 9. 1864 - 150th Anniversary of the First International (!)




16th of October 1908 - 106th birthday of Enver Hoxha

October 28 - 29, 1929 - 85 Years World Crisis ("Black Tuesday")




1. November 1954 in Algier - FLN Algerian War (60 Years)

5th of November 1922 - 92th Anniversary of the International Red Aid

7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 97th Anniversary

8th of November 1941 - Foundation of the PLA

8th of November 2011 - Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)

9th of November 1918 - 96 Years German November Revolution

10. 11. 1944 - 70 Years confirmation of thze State of Albania by the Allies powers

20. November 1919 - 95th Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI

23rd of November 1941 - Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania - 1st Anniversary of the Chinese and Albanian Section of the YCI

28th of November 1820 - 194th Birthday of Friedrich Engels

28th of November 1944 - 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania (!) - 70 Years Congress of Permet

30. November 1939 - Finnish-Soviet "Winterwar" (75 Years)




December 1, 1934 - 80th Death Day of Kirov

December 1, 1924 - 90th Anniversary - Uprising in Reval

21st of December 1879 - 135th Birthday of Stalin (!)


* * *

further planned publications of the Comintern (SH):

1944 - 70th Year of The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union (!)

November 1917 – October 1922 - Civil War in Russia

1894 - 120 Years Lenin's book - "Volksfreunde"

1914 - 100 Years of writings of Lenin and Stalin


this is only our guide-line.

The complete implementation of our "Red Calendar 2014" depends on our forces.






Long live the Arab Revolution !!


January 25, 2014





On occasion of the Third Anniversary of the Egypt Revolution

on 25th of January 2011


in German language

in Portuguese language







in Chinese language

thanks to our Chinese comrades








21st of January 2014

21st of January 1924




Announcement on Lenin's Death (1924)
Government Announcement, January 22 1924. At 6:50 in the morning of January 21, in the village of Gory near Moscow, Vladimir Il'ich Ul'ianov-Lenin was struck by a quick death.



love and study Lenin, our teacher and leader.

Fight and vanquish the enemies, internal and foreign

-- as Lenin taught us

Build the new life, the new existence, the new culture

-- as Lenin taught us.

Never refuse to do the little things, for from little things are built the big things

-- this is one of Lenin's important behests.

J. Stalin





Nothing can defeat Leninism,

Lenin's revolutionary heritage

- no violence, no betrayal, no demagoguery.

Enver Hoxha

Message of the Comintern (SH) on occasion of the 90th anniversary of comrade Lenin’s death day

January 21, 1924 – January 21, 2014

90 years ago, comrade Lenin died. Comrade Lenin, the third Classic of Marxism-Leninism, was not only one of the most brilliant communist theoreticians but also one of the most talented communist strategists at an epoch when imperialism affirmed itself as the last stage of capitalism on socialist revolution’s eve. Under his leadership, Russian exploited and oppressed classes were able to rise up against Czarist feudal slavery which was being supported by world imperialist-capitalist system and its social-chauvinist leaders of the Second International. Especially in the principled struggle against the renegacy of Kautsky and his centrist “2 ½ International” Lenin and the Bolsheviki transformed their country in the strong international bulwark of communism and center of the world socialist revolution at that time.

Lenin was the founder and leader of the Communist International.

Through applying and developing the lessons of Marx and Engels, comrade Lenin led the organization, preparation and triumph of the 1917 Great October Revolution which opened the path not only towards the establishment of the first socialist state of proletarian dictatorship (Bolshevist Soviet Union), where workers, peasants and soldiers conquered power, concentrated means of production in their hands and were successfully liberating themselves from all kinds of exploitation and oppression. Comrade Lenin was also one of the greatest proletarian internationalists that ever lived. When the October Revolution triumphed in Russia, he did not consider this as a mere victory of the Russian proletariat, but as a victory of the entire world proletariat. Comrade Lenin’s purpose was not only to build socialism and communism in Russia, but also to foster its achievement at a global scale.

Stalin faithfully defended Leninism which he excellently defined as

Marxism of an epoch of imperialism and proletarian revolution. More precisely: the Leninism is the theory and tactics of proletarian revolution in general, the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat, in particular» .

After Lenin's death Stalin crowned his great work with the creation of a powerful communist world movement and a socialist world camp under the leadership of the CPSU (B) and the Soviet Union namely as the reliable basis and lever of the socialist world revolution.

We, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, must always remember that October Revolution was just the commencement of world socialist revolution which must be continued and completed until its final, total and definitive triumph! But this can only be achieved if we remain faithful to comrade Lenin’s immortal and invincible teachings. 90 years ago, comrade Lenin may have physically passed away. But he will live forever in the hearts and minds of the world’s exploited and oppressed classes. He will live forever in the mind and heart of every communist. To uphold and defend Leninism means to uphold and defend Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism as a whole.

Long live immortal comrade Lenin, the 3rd Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live Leninism – an infallible signpost for the world socialist revolution!

Long live the Great October Revolution!

Long live world socialist revolution!

Long live world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only authentic defender and follower of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!



also in






Poem of comrade Konrad


Lenin, you have never been alone!

Lenin, you have never been alone!
Lenin , Krupskaja and the whole damm world proletariat and the peasants have loved you  again and again
the world wide class war  will live - and go  on
Life must go on
For all you class enemies, that you have done to us,

you will regreatting
Lenin, we face your work every day .
Lenin, also now your love Krupskaja has gone away.
Once you loved her, for us our (world)revolutionary  friend
Now you've lost her, dead but not forgotten
But we you've lost her not forever,
the class war and the opressed go down never.
When there are clouds in the skies, and they are grey.
You may be sad when you see the shit today , but remember that love to the threatened peoples  never will pass away.
Oh Lenin!
After the showers is the sun.
The red morning will be shining,  workers of the world ,

peasants with the gun
Once the world capital loved profit.

  Now the worldimperialism lost profit,
But one day the world bourgoisie will have lost dam profit  forever,
Burtin the end Lenin lost her love  Krupskaja and the workers peoples never, Lenin !

When there are clouds in the skies, and they are grey.
You may be sad when you coud see the shit today, but remember that love to the class war  never will pass away.
Oh Lenin!
After the showers is the sun.
The red morning will be shining, workers of the world , peasants with the gun

the class war  must go on,
rising up the fists hell yeah  Lenin






of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht




January 12, 2014





Luxemburg - Lenin - Liebknecht



Call of the German Section for participating in the

"Lenin-Luxemburg-Liebknecht" Demonstration in Berlin [ L-L-L]  


95 years ago,

on 15 January 1919 ,

Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were killed by mercenaries of the counterrevolution in a bestial manner.

The comrades "Karl and Rosa" were the beloved revolutionary leaders of the German working class. They had raised their revolutionary voice against the genocide in the years of World War I , which began a centenary ago - machinated by the imperialist warmonger.


This was the revolutionary slogan of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, thus the correct answer to the slogans of the social-democratic, social-chauvinist "Defenders of the Fatherland". This was reason enough to throw them into prison. In the moment when they left the prison, they struggled at the head of the German November Revolution for a socialist Germany under the dictatorship of the proletariat. They were founders of the German Communist Party and tireless organizers of the proletarian mass struggle against the armed counter-revolution and the social-democratic traitors. That's why they were assassinated from behind. The butcher of 15 January were officers from the old imperial army. Those who incited this crime were the posh "democratic" new national government, formed by the Social-democratic Party of Germany, and in particular commanded by the social-democratic minister Gustav Noske !

On the social-fascist hands of the Socialdemocratic leaders is the blood of Karl and Rosa, the blood of comrades of the just founded Communist Party !

On the social-fascist hands of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany, of the GDR, is the blood of the comrades of the KPD/ML !

Without the victory over social-democracy and revisionism there will be no victory for the working class over the bourgeoisie !

Who betrayed us? - Social-Democrats !

and with guile - the Revisionists ! !

Rosa and Karl belong to us Communists - belong to the socialist revolution!

The revisionists , however, try to misuse Karl and Rosa for their "peaceful way towards socialism with the aim to save capitalism from its doom.

Let's join under the world-revolutionary, communist banner of

Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg !








( Excerpts )

SATURDAY - Januar 11, 2014

Saturday morning we started by bus to Berlin.
We arrived in the afternoon and visited historical places of the communist and workers' movement in Berlin. We have seen the place where the Communist Party of Germany was founded on New Year's Eve - 1918/1919.
Among other things, we visited the place where Karl Liebknecht proclaimed a free, socialist republic of Germany: He shouted to hundreds of thousands of people:

"Down with the government!" 

And such a free, socialist, red Germany of the workers'-, peasants'- and soldiers' councils - that is what we demand.

We want no imperialist Germany !

No fascist police state !

No surveillance society !

No spying on the people, etc.

We do not want Merkel (pastor's daughter and former member of the FDJ - Youth organisation of the social-fascist GDR). We do not want a Federal President Gauck ( a STASI-priest).

We want neither the social-fascist chiefs of the Social Democratic Party, nor the revisionist leaders of the pseudo-"Left" !

We want neither a fascist, nor a right-wing/conservative, nor a liberalist Germany !

We hate capitalism in Germany !

We want an anti-revisionist socialism in Germany - namely under the dictatorship of the proletariat ! We want a red Germany in a red Europe, in a red world ! What we ultimately want, this is the victory of communism throughout the world!
We comrades of the German section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) made contact with passers-by. We asked people on the street for their opinion on the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and what lessons we should draw from it today. We also asked about the importance of the German November Revolution and the Russian October Revolution. We listened to the opinion of the people on the street and exchanged views with them .

Sunday 12 January 2014

on the demonstration

participants: (about 9 000 people)
PDS fake left

ultra-revisionist DKP and its youth organization - SDAJ
Maoist MLPD - Rebel (Youthorganisation)
MKP ( Maoist Communist Party)
TKP / ML - Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist - ( Maoist )
MLCP ( Turkey / Northern Kurdistan - cooperates with the Maoists)
DIDF (migrants Organization)
Adgh (Democratic Youth Movement in Europe)
ADHK ( Confederation of Democratic Rights in Europe )
TKIP (Communist Workers' Party of Turkey)
The FDJ ( followers of the former Youth Organisation of the GDR)
Spartacist Workers Party ( Trotskyist 4th International )
"New International " - 5th International
IBT International Bolshevik Tendency ( Trotskyist )
SOL ( Socialist Left Party) ( Maoist )
"Future -Labour" ( - affiliated with ICMLPO - Möller-Group - former liquidators in the KPD / ML )
TIKB - Revolutionary Communist Organization of Turkey
We also saw two flags of the VKP - United Communist Party . This is also a typical virtual "facebook- party" , which had split from the revisionist social-fascist imposter " KPD " . Latter was also present.

Stasi Lothar (we have not seen).

Slogans that we shouted::

"Long live international solidarity!"
"Long live the Communist International!"
"SPD and the "Left"Party - Karl and Rosa would NEVER join!"
"Who has betrayed us - Social-Democrats!"
"in collaboration with the 'Green' Party!"
"Who betrays the Communists ?- the Revisionists!"
"Who betrays the Bolsheviks? - The Trotskyists!"
"Break the power of the banks and global multi-companies!"
"Karl - Vladimir - Rosa - in your revolutionary spirit we fight for our future!"

In the demonstration, the flag of the Comintern (SH) blew with hammer, sickle and rifle - and the yellow Spartacus Star!

When the Maoists came by with their banner of "heads" ( with the picture of the revisionist Mao), they shouted: "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Zedong, viva, viva, viva!"; we of the Comintern (SH) countered loudly: "Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!"

And the social fascists shouted: "No soldiers against democracy!" We contered: "

No democracy without revolutionary weapons!"

The social-fascists shouted: "Solidarity with Greece - for the Greek working class!"

How that? - Solidarity with the bankrupt capitalist Greek state? With the ECB ? Billions of Euros stolen from the taxpayers disappearin the pockets of the "poor" capitalists and not to the benefit of the Greek people. No thanks ! We struggle for the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalist Greece and for the establishment of the dictatorship of the Proletariat, for a socialist Greece in a socialist Europe !

The European proletariat will unite under the flag of the socialist world-revolution and struggle against all attempts of split through the capitalist-revisionist world !

Karl and Rosa are martyrs of world communism. And we honor them by crowning their struggle for communism through fighting for the victory of the socialist world revolution !

Karl and Rosa refused to be rushed under bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influence.

They were upright Communists, who unmasked and condemned the bourgeois ideology and politics - without mercy. They served the working class throughout their lives - to the last breath! If they were still alive, then they would be leaders of the Comintern (SH).

Dear Karl, dear Rosa ! You are always with us, as well as we are always with you. Nobody can separate us !

Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg are immortal!

Too Old to Die Young!











in Finnish language



Documents of the

Second World Congress of the Comintern

July 19 - August 7, 1920



in Italian language








Let’s move forward to 2014

which will be full of new red victories waiting for us!



The Comintern (SH) greets all comrades all over the world

- wishing you a militant victorious New Year 2014 !

Long live proletarian internationalism !

The common actions of the workers of all countries for the overthrow of world capitalism are invincible !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Long live the world socialism !

Long live the world communism !

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !



The iron banner of red world revolution


Poem of comrade Konrad Klinger

December 31, 2013


The iron banner of red world revolution

Never drifts above the skies

Of the dark cloudy power of world bourgeois revelations

Anti-communist lies to naked eyes

The tools for liberation of torment

Will penetrate the world capitalist sphere

Class wars will erupt on the rock of ages

Bringing to the concerns and monopolies the final fear

World Stalinism

World Stalinism, the instruments of destruction of (world) capitalism and (world) imperialism

World Stalinism, the tools of (world) proletarian power

World Stalinism, it's a violent eruption

World Stalinism, the power that blows away the existence of capital

What it really matters

When criticism and self criticism don’t really count

Grave eternal darkness

When the (world) dictatorship of (world) proletarian are drained of every ounce

And when the nightmare's over

The final socialist world revolution

And Soviet-councils’ creation

Will transform the ashes of the old civilization in the new world socialist world civilization


Konrad Klinger



The struggle against Stalinism-Hoxhaism is a struggle against Marxism-Leninism !

"Stalinism - Hoxhaism grows with each new year , while the revisionist ideology degenerates with each new year until its inevitable defeat, because:

The law of the inevitable disintegration of the revisionist ideology follows the law of the inevitable collapse of the capitalist mode of production.

But the revisionist-bourgeois ideology cannot unmask itself. It is subjected to the law of its molting and renewal to prolong the process of decay of capitalism. From this emerged inevitably Neo - revisionism. The battle of Stalinism - Hoxhaism against neo - revisionism is nothing else than the continuation of the battle of Marxism- Leninism against the modern revisionism - on the same battlefield against revisionism - only on a higher scale.

The world proletariat will be victorious over Neo - revisionism , and will leave the final blow for it with the invincible weapon of Stalinism - Hoxhaism - the further developed weapon of Marxism- Leninism "


Comintern (SH )






Message on occasion of the

13th anniversary

of the Comintern (SH)

December 31, 2000 – December 31, 2013

Today, we celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Comintern (SH).

These 13 years have been full of difficulties and obstacles, but also of victories and triumphs. The Comintern (SH) has managed to affirm itself as the world’s only genuinely communist organization and it presently counts with 4 Sections and with sympathizers in various countries around the world. And it could not be otherwise, since we have always reinforced proletarian internationalism that is inherent to the nature of our own ideology: Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The Comintern (SH) is a world party whose purpose is to be the vanguard leadership of world proletariat – the class which must necessarily and irreplaceably lead any true socialist revolution and construction. Instead of stubbornly refusing the inevitability of globalization as many anti-communists of all types do, we promote instead the definitive and total replacement of capitalist globalization by socialist globalization. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, have learned with past errors. We took important historic lessons from the awful experiences of capitalist/revisionist restoration in former socialist countries. We know that times when socialism “in a single country” was possible are gone forever. We know that to accomplish socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship at a global scale is the only manner to definitively abolish the inevitability of capitalist-imperialist-revisionist restoration and all evils intrinsic to it (fascism, racism, war, alienation, exploitation, oppression, etc.). Anything else is nothing more than anti-communist garbage whose aim is to perpetuate wage slavery and to maximize the profits of world dominant bourgeois class.

We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, have many reasons to be proud. The high quality of our theoretical and practical work witnesses the outstanding ideological formation of our members. We are a coherent organization which refuses to sell out our revolutionary principles. We are ready to sacrifice everything in favour of our authentically communist ideology. Amidst the dark sea of revisionism, opportunism and anti-communism, our world party emerges as a true shining light that will lead world workers and all other exploited and oppressed classes towards their complete liberation. Always based on the invincible and indivisible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, we march resolutely towards world socialism and world communism.

Long live the glorious 13th anniversary of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world socialist revolution and world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Let’s move forward to 2014 – which will be full of new red victories waiting for us!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!




World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists. World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.

If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.