Statement of the Comintern (SH)

about the events in Venezuela


March 12, 2014


Social-fascist and anti-communist Maduro with the representatives of his masters: Chinese imperialist-monopolist bourgeois class. In second plan, it is possible to see Mao’s portrait. It makes sense. After all, Maoism was the ideological instrument that opened the path to the ascension of that same bourgeoisie that is today on the verge of ruling the entire world, including Venezuela.

About a year ago, Venezuelan anti-socialist leader Hugo Chavez died. At that occasion, the Comintern (SH) published an article denouncing Chavism and appealing to the formation of the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) in order to help Venezuelan proletariat to adhere to the path of world socialist revolution.

As we explained then, far from being the “socialist hero” that revisionists and neo-revisionists all over the world love to eulogize, Chavez was in truth the representative of the initially “patriotic” wing of Venezuelan bourgeoisie whose purpose was to overthrow the exclusive power that the bourgeoisie compradore at the service of American imperialism was holding over the country. However, in a world dominated by imperialist superpowers which spread their webs all over this earth it is impossible for a bourgeois-capitalist country like Venezuela to remain truly independent. And so, the “patriotic” bourgeoisie to whom Chavez represented quickly became a pro-Chinese bourgeoisie of compradore type. Chinese social-imperialism is on the edge of world domination and is about to replace American imperialism as the world’s dominant superpower.

Indeed, the events in Venezuela are also related with the present decadence of American imperialism that has been occurring. One just has to recall the shameful “negotiations” that the spokesperson of American bourgeoisie – Obama - has to make in order to avoid that the country goes into bankruptcy (something that will happen sooner or later anyway). Once the indisputable world hegemonic superpower, American imperialism is now extremely indebted towards Chinese social-imperialism and to fabricate wars around the world is the only manner it has to allow that the tycoons of its gigantic industry of weaponry can continue making huge profits. Of course, socio-economic laws are irreversible. American imperialism has entered its way down and not even the most desperate attempts by American bourgeoisie can change this. However, this does not mean that American imperialism has ceased from being a dangerous enemy of world proletariat and toiling classes. On the contrary.

Last year, American imperialist bourgeois class tried to maximize its profits by launching a war against Syria. However, as this country is essential to strategic interests of Chinese imperialists and is dominated by the compradore pro-Chinese regime of Bashar Al-Assad, American / Western imperialists soon understood that they would have to go back, as they would be facing a more powerful enemy. In this manner, they saw how their plans were frustrated and were forced to look after other targets like Venezuela, where recent workers’ revolts against the anti-communist and social-fascist Chavist regime have been seen by American / Western imperialist bourgeoisie as an opportunity to conquer those workers to its side and to use them as tools to overthrow a government which represents and defends its main imperialist rival for domination over Latin American and over the world: Chinese social-imperialism.

Despite the false claims by Chavists that “Venezuela is on the road of socialist development”, the truth is that this country remains a typical bourgeois-capitalist compradore country and is becoming a neo-colony of Chinese imperialism where laboring masses live in the most abhorrent poverty, what makes Venezuela one of weakest links of imperialist chain in Latin America.

After Chavez’s death, Venezuelan pro-Chinese compradore bourgeoisie had to find a successor that could ensure the continuation of Chavist path that we described in our previous article: increasing neo-colonial dependence towards world imperialism in general and Chinese imperialism in particular “dressed” with leftist sounding “socialist” masks. The identity of this successor had been indicated by Chavez himself when he was still alive:

My firm opinion, as clear as the full moon – irrevocable, absolute, total – is...that you elect Nicolas Maduro as President. I ask this of you from my heart. He is one of the young leaders with the greatest ability to continue, if I cannot.” (Hugo Chavez, December, 2012)

Of course, Chavez did not designate Maduro as his successor by chance. He did it because he knew that Maduro was the “right man” to keep Venezuelan workers and proletarians away from embracing Stalinism-Hoxhaism, from adhering to a genuinely socialist and communist path.

Since a year ago, Maduro has tried to fulfil his objectives as best as he could. As we will see, he continued to deepen Venezuela’s situation as a Chinese neo-colony and he continued to scream Chavist “socialist” slogans. However, Venezuelan exploited and oppressed classes cannot be misled forever. They are the ones who everyday feel in their own skin what Chavist “socialism” truly is, they are the ones who everyday feel in their own skin the militar and police repression that pro-Chinese Chavist compradore bourgeoisie launches in poor slums of the country, they are the ones who everyday feel in their own skin that Chavez’s and Maduro’s “socialism” is nothing more than a bunch of lies whose purpose is to keep them in bondage and alienation by making them believe that “Venezuela is marching towards a socialist society” while allowing the pro-Chinese bourgeoisie to calmly continue exploiting and oppressing them. When Maduro announced his so-called “government plan” in 2013, he ridiculously affirmed that one of the main objectives would allegedly be “to defend, expand and consolidate our most precious treasure that we have reconquered after 200 years: national independence”. When confronted with reality, this statement is so absurdly false that it is even pathetic. In fact, after many decades as a neo-colony of American imperialism, due to Chavist policies, Venezuela is now becoming a neo-colony of Chinese social-imperialism.

We will provide our readers with some of the most significant examples of this that occurred only since Maduro replaced Chavez:

China and Venezuela signed several agreements Sunday during a visit by the Venezuelan president that is meant to strengthen economic ties between the South American nation and its leading creditor. (…) The two leaders signed 12 agreements, including ones related to a finance fund deal (…).” (, Venezuela's president in China, signs agreements, September, 2013, edition in English)

Moreover, within the framework of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's first visit to China, China pledged to invest some USD 20 billion in oil projects in Venezuela. Maduro and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping expressed their interest in consolidating China-Venezuela strategic alliance and signed a dozen investment agreements, including a new line of credit amounting to USD 5 billion and an agreement to produce additional 200,000 oil barrels per day in the Orinoco Oil Belt. Venezuela also agreed on the setting up of a joint venture with Chinese state-owned company Sinopec for the exploitation of Junín 10 bloc in the belt. USD 14 billion is expected to be invested in the project aimed at producing 200,000 barrels per day, said Maduro via Twitter. We have signed a financing agreement with Eximbank amounting to USD 391 million for the construction of the maritime terminal at Pequiven in Morón (northwest Venezuela) for urea and ammoniac export," the Venezuelan president posted on his Twitter account. Maduro also signed a financing agreement for USD 700 million with China Development Bank for the development of the mining sector. Previously, the Venezuelan leader had announced via Twitter an agreement entered into with Chinese agro-company Beidahuan for the sowing of 60,000 hectares of corn, rice, and soja in different parts of Venezuela. (, Venezuela-China sign agreements for more than USD 20 billion, September, 2013)

And there is more:

Maduro, though, is no stranger to Beijing. He played a big role in facilitating the expansion of ties with China, serving as Venezuela's foreign minister from 2006 until the beginning of this year. The main goal is to consolidate and expand the strategic partnership between Venezuela and China that former president Hugo Chavez began with Chinese leaders, Maduro told Xi.”(, China signs 12 deals with Venezuela, September, 2013, edition in English)

So, here we have social-imperialist neo-colonialism in its entire “splendor” counting with the active aid of its docile “socialist” lackeys like Maduro.

And Venezuela’s neo-colonization by Chinese imperialist “aids” and loans” has been increasing more and more:

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced that China has deposited in the so-called Chinese Fund, created in 2007, USD 5 billion (…). Two other tranches of funding previously approved amounted to USD 6 billion each, including USD 4 billion provided by China and USD 2 billion provided by Venezuela in each case.
Venezuela sells more than 600,000 barrels of oil to China, one of its major economic partners (…).”
(, Venezuela, China sign USD 5 billion loan agreement, December, 2013, edition in English)

And Chinese and Venezuelan social-fascists even reach the point of affirming that:

Venezuela and China are sincere and friendly towards each other, seeking mutually beneficial cooperation.” (, Venezuela agree stronger strategic partnership, September, 2013, edition in English)

So, according to them, “strategic partnership” and “friendly mutually beneficial cooperation” means to enslave Venezuelan working people with asphyxiating “credits” and “loans” that transform the country into a Chinese neo-colony and which cause the systematic worsening of workers’ live conditions while Chinese monopolist imperialist bourgeois class maximizes profits and is submerged in outrageous wealth. And this not to mention the fact that this exploitation and oppression exercised over Venezuelan workers also contributes to the harsh exploitation and oppression that is exercised over Chinese workers, because a people cannot be free if its bourgeoisie oppresses other peoples. In contrast to the “positive” manner in which Chinese social-imperialists and their Venezuelan social-fascist lackeys depict “loans” and “credits” supposedly to “build 21st century socialism”, comrade Enver Hoxha provides us with a truly communist stand:

Through these so-called credits (…), the big capitalist concerns and the states to which they belong bring great pressure to bear on the recipient states and peoples, and keep them under control. (…) On the other hand, these credits, which the big monopolies provide (…) are links of the imperialist chain around the necks of their own peoples.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

Capitalism never makes investments, provides loans, or exports capital to other countries without first calculating the profits it will realize for itself. (…) There are also other forms of according credits, like those practiced with those pseudo-socialist states which are trying to disguise the capitalist course on which they are proceeding. These are large credits provided in the form of trade credits which, of course, must be repaid within a short time. These are provided jointly by many capitalist countries, which have calculated in advance the economic as well as political profits they will draw from the recipient state, taking into account both its economic potential and ability to pay. In no case do the capitalists provide their credits for the construction of socialism. They provide them to destroy socialism. Therefore, a genuine socialist country never accepts credits, in any form, from a capitalist, bourgeois, or revisionist country.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

(…) Soviet Union is implementing a typically neo-colonialist policy. The economies of these countries (Soviet satellites) have been transformed into appendages of the Soviet economy.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

Just replace imperialist Soviet Union with imperialist China and these words from comrade Enver are still nowadays entirely valid.

Even Chavez’s and Maduro’s alleged “anti-Americanism” is nothing more than an empty lie aimed at mislead exploited and oppressed classes to have them supporting social-fascist Chavism and rejecting true socialism because Chavism would supposedly “free them from American imperialism”. Presently, thanks to its bourgeois compradore lackeys all over the world, Chinese imperialism is in the process of becoming globally predominant, but just like it is still replacing American imperialism at a world scale, the same happens in Venezuela.

Indeed, the site “Dragon’s Tail” informs us that despite its frequent anti-American rhetoric, Venezuela remains largely financially dependant of the US. It does not brag about this and has been seeking throughout the Chavez years to escape the US sphere of influence. It is quite naturally that it has been turning more and more towards China. Indeed, Chavez visited China 6 times in his 14 year rule in attempts to integrate its world system. The energy-hungry dragon on the other hand has very clear objectives in Venezuela: securing through investment and loans a fair share of the world’s largest recoverable oil reserves. In the past decade but especially in the past 3 years, bilateral trade has soared more than exponentially from $500 million in 1999 to $7,5 billion in 2009 and over $20 billion in 2012 (PDVSA). China is now Venezuela’s second trading partner after the US (Venezuelan trade ministry). In 2012, 65% of oil exports went to Venezuela’s traditional oil partner, the US, through its American subsidiary Citgo; China was in second place with 20%. These numbers clearly show China’s new interest in the world’s 10th largest oil exporter (2012). More importantly, according to the US Geological Survey and the OPEC, Venezuela holds the world’s largest oil deposits in its Orinoco Oil Belt (although mostly heavy crude which needs important refining). The oil industry, which accounts for 95% of the country’s exports, is controlled by PDVSA (Petroles de Venezuela). Indeed, China is Venezuela’s biggest creditor. Venezuela’s difficult economic situation (high inflation at 20%, budget deficit at 20%, growing public debt at 50% of GDP in 2012) means that it cannot easily borrow from global capital markets. Beijing and Caracas established a Joint Investment Fund in 2007 with an initial investment of $4 billion by China later boosted to a total of $12 billion in 2009. This fund is mainly used for investment in infrastructure, energy and agricultural projects. These “tied loans” do however require equipment purchase and oil sales. For example the China Development Bank lent $500 million to PDVSA to buy machinery and equipment for oil drilling with contracts mostly awarded to Chinese-owned companies. Thereby, China serves as an alternative to international banks for financing, while securing access to Venezuela’s oil at a fixed low price and creating business opportunities. Beijing has lent $46,5 billion since 2008, which represents over half of the loans the country has received (95% are loans-for-oil).  Thus Venezuela is becoming oil-debt dependent, which is naturally a great advantage for Chinese state-owned companies in trade deal and contract negotiations.

In the Chavez era, China has invested heavily in raw material. First and foremost in oil: China imports about 10% of its global oil imports from Venezuela – 600 000 barrels per day in 2013 aiming to reach 1 000 000/day in 2015. Of these, 270 000 barrels/day are to repay debts, for a price sometimes as low as $5/barrel according to wikileaks. Chinese state-owned companies have also been awarded many prospecting, drilling and refining contracts offshore and especially in the vast Orinoco belt. Sinopec and CNPC both have established joint ventures to exploit reserves and build refineries in the Junin area while CITIC (China Internatioal Trust and Investment Corporation) and Sinohydro agreed to build condominiums in the Junin and Carabobo areas. China has also invested heavily in Venezuelan mining.  Aside from contracts to build industrial condominiums and 33 000 homes in the belt, CITIC has also been awarded a joint ventures in 2012 to explore the Las Cristinas gold and copper mine in Bolivar state, which is one the world’s most important gold reserves. This is a good example of the shift from Western to Chinese investors and especially to CITIC which is one of Venezuela’s Chinese creditors. Furthermore, like with PDVSA, Venezuela’s stade-owned mining company CVG (Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana) agreed in 2010 with WISCO (Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp – China’s 3rd steel company) on fixing long-term iron ore under the market prices compared to other South American competitors (such as Brazil’s Vale). This shows China’s ability to negotiate cheaper raw material and secure new important contracts after years of domination by the US and other Western powers. China’s investments are not limited to natural resources and are diversified. Many projects are under way enabling technological transfer to Venezuela.  A joint venture railway company was launched in 2009 controlled at 40% by CREC (China Railways Engineering Corp). More importantly, China has built and launched Venezuela’s two satellites. The first, a geostationary telecommunication satellite called Simon Bolivar, was launched in 2008 from Sichuan in China. The second, a monitoring satellite called Miranda, was recently launched in 2012 from Gansu also in China and was widely greeted in Latin America as a great technological leap. China has also launched many joint ventures in electronics with factories built in Venezuela allowing a full transfer of Chinese know-how. In 2009, Venezuela’s first cellphone company, VTELCA (Venezolana de Telecomunicaciones), was set up as a joint venture between the government and Chinese state-controlled telecommunications company ZTE. The factory produces the “Vergatario” for Venezuelan and Caribbean markets.  Most workers (housewives and labourers) come from surrounding villages and are trained and supervised by the Chinese while ZTE supplies parts and know-how. Again, China’s main priority is to secure resources and conduct business. Indeed, China is investing in Venezuela for energy security, for business and profit. Beyond the numerous bilateral benefits, it has two main negative aspects on China and its international relations with the US, but also on Venezuela and its economy. For example, due to the transport distance (it takes about 40 days to ship oil to China) and refining problems, Chinese state-owned companies sell up to a third of Venezuelan oil locally for profit (there is a noticeable gap in between PDVSA export and Chinese import figures). As for Caracas, one of the consequences of raised dependence on oil exports is the decrease of other business due to the “Dutch Disease”. This effect takes place when important natural resources export increase the value of a country’s currency, thus making other exports more expensive and less competitive. A good example in Venezuela is in the textile industry, where it is becoming cheaper to import Chinese textile than to produce it locally (which once again indirectly benefits China). Beyond these difficulties, prospects are good for China-Venezuela relations, even after Chavez’s death. Since his election, Maduro has already promised that his first trip abroad would be to China. He even said “the best tribute that we could give to our Comandante Chavez is to deepen our strategic relationship with our beloved China”. China seems evermore poised to secure new deals in Venezuela’s oil-economy. Talks have also started in 2012 to establish a free trade agreement with Mercosur. The dragon’s strategy of tied loans and loans-for-oil means it is at the same time securing resources and creating business through its investment. Although not risk-free, it is clear that Venezuela will need Chinese funds in the future and should respect the deals even in the case of a collapse of Maduro’s government. It is also establishing itself as the second power in the Caribbean region and in Latin America. (, China in Venezuela: loans for oil, April, 2013)

If there were still doubts whether our assertions of Venezuela becoming a Chinese neo-colony were true or not, this text provides readers with the final answer. And this situation is logically and inevitably accompanied by all kinds of socio-economic evils that are inherent to any bourgeois, anti-socialist, pro-imperialist, neo-colonial and social-fascist order. Just like presently occurs with all other capitalist nations, Chavist Venezuela is suffering from a severe economic crisis that is worsening workers’ living conditions even more. Recently, Venezuela's finance minister has acknowledged that the economic policies of late President Hugo Chavez and his successor have not been successful. Nelson Merentes said the government not solved the "structural problems" of the economy. Venezuelans are suffering from the highest inflation in Latin America, sluggish growth and shortages. Government's policy has been blamed for high inflation, under-performing industry and shortages of basic supplies. (, Venezuela admits its economy has 'structural problems', September, 2013)

This is a proof of the totally capitalist nature of Chavist social-fascism. Inflation cannot exist and does not exist in genuinely socialist countries (graphic taken from the site

Besides these dreadful effects that economic crisis has brought upon Venezuela (caused by the fact that, like any other bourgeois country, it is subjected to the schemes and inevitabilities of world capitalist system), the exploitative ruthless policies of the Chavist social-fascist bourgeoisie are equally responsible for the astounding levels of criminality. These levels of the crime rate in Venezuela are so outrageous that Maduro’s regime has even prevented them from being known:

The Venezuelan government has admitted to deliberately refraining from releasing crime statistics to the public, while asking the media to cooperate in "improving the perception of security" in one of the most violent countries in the world. (…) The Venezuelan government stopped publishing weekly crime figures in 2005 (…). According to the Venezuela Observatory On Violence, a respected Caracas-based NGO, murder rates have more than tripled over a decade. (…) At the end of April, figures released by national police agency CICPC indicated homicides reached another record high in the first four months of 2013, with an average of 58 murders per day. (…) keeping crime figures out of the public eye has been a part of Chavismo strategy as it has struggled to cope with dire levels of violence.  Given that the major drivers of violence include rampant corruption within the security forces and a poor judicial system (…), it is easy to understand why the state may not have seen honesty as the best policy.” (, Venezuela Government Admits Keeping Crime Figures Secret, July, 20013, edition in English)

So, here we have one of the consequences of the Chavist “21st century socialism”, here we have what Maduro and Venezuelan social-fascist bourgeoisie call “the efforts to provide people with greatest happiness”: 58 assassinations per day (!!!). These astonishing levels of criminality are typical of a capitalist society where the violence exercised by the bourgeois state against exploited and oppressed classes is reflected in all spheres of life. In true socialism, criminality will disappear because the socio-economic and material causes of it will also disappear. This is obvious and it has already occurred in comrade Enver’s socialist Albania and in comrades Lenin and Stalin’s Soviet Union. Therefore, Maduro’s claims that “only socialism will end with criminality” are indeed true, but never in his Chavist Venezuela, because it had never anything to do with authentic socialism. And the same can be said about chronic corruption and drug trafficking, other capitalist diseases that haunt Maduro’s social-fascist government. Henrique Capriles, a Venezuelan bourgeois politician, admits that:

Maduro and his gang will be remembered as presiding over the most corrupt period in the history of Venezuela (…) economic conditions have deteriorated, with the official inflation rate now exceeding 45 per cent and basic goods frequently running out.” (, The successor to Hugo Chavez blames US ‘sabotage’ as corruption soars and economy slips towards chaos, October, 2013, edition in English)

Moreover, 1.3 tonnes of cocaine were recently found on an Air France jet from Caracas to Paris. When faced with the fact that this kind of gigantic drug trafficking operations could only be done with the knowledge and active cooperation of the highest officials of Venezuelan social-fascist government, Maduro answered that “it was all an American conspiracy and sabotage”. (, The successor to Hugo Chavez blames US ‘sabotage’ as corruption soars and economy slips towards chaos, October, 2013)

And as if all this was not enough, following the line of Chavez in defending the interests of pro-Chinese bourgeoisie compradore, Maduro is planning to “nationalize” the “private sector” accusing it of sabotage and of undermining his government. (, The successor to Hugo Chavez blames US ‘sabotage’ as corruption soars and economy slips towards chaos, October, 2013) In truth, Maduro perceives this “private sector” as being close to the interests of the pro-American bourgeoisie compradore that formerly ruled Venezuela and whose power his regime wants to destroy and replace by that of its own bourgeoisie’s wing. That’s why he intends to “nationalize” them. Of course, such “nationalizations” made by Maduro’s bourgeois-capitalist and social-fascist regime have nothing to do with socialism and only mean that those means of production that are still in the hands of pro-American bourgeoisie will now be transferred to the hands of the equally exploitative and repressive pro-Chinese bourgeoisie always in benefit of its Chinese imperialist neo-colonialist masters. Nothing more than that, as we have already explained in other articles concerning this issue.

Even pro-social-fascist and pro-Chavist journalist Nil Nikandrov admits that:

The situation in Venezuela is complicated (…) food steals became frequent (…). Contraband causes enormous damages to food security. Hundreds of mafia organizations are acting along the Colombian border. (…) In many cases, oil does not even reach service stations. Paramilitary groups ensure protection to contraband (…). In truth, neither Chavez neither Maduro touched the fundaments of capitalism. (…) There was not consensus within the United Socialist Party.” (, A conspiração na Venezuela, ou a praça Maidan na versão latino-americana, 2014, translated from Portuguese language)

Such is Chavez and Maduro’s “21st century socialism”: a bourgeois-capitalist compradore neo-colonial social-fascist and anti-socialist regime which serves world imperialists through implacable slaughter and exploitation of Venezuelan proletarians, workers and other oppressed classes. In the streets of Venezuela, bloody clashes between Venezuelan workers and social-fascist forces have been intensifying more and more and have already left many dead and hundreds of wounded mainly from the working classes:

Clashes have broken out again on the streets of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Anti-government protestors, who have been holding demonstrations for almost a month, blame the authorities for shortages of food and medicine.” (, Venezuela protests: Tense scenes on Caracas streets, March, 2014, edition in English)

At least 22 people have been killed since the unrest in Venezuela started more than a month ago. It (conflict) has since spread to other cities and been joined by Venezuelans disgruntled by the country's high inflation and shortages of foods.” (, Venezuelan student leader shot dead at protest, March, 2014, edition in English)





A woman places flowers near the site where the student Bassil Da Costa was killed during a protest against the government of President Nicolas Maduro in the downtown street corner Monroy, Caracas, Friday February 14, 2014.


Facing the revolutionary fighting fury of the Venezuelan toiling masses, Maduro’s bourgeois compradore regime is already preparing the imposition of even more fascist measures in order to keep Venezuela as a safe place to Chinese imperialist interests and profits:

Mr Maduro (…) asserted his need for special powers.” (, The successor to Hugo Chavez blames US ‘sabotage’ as corruption soars and economy slips towards chaos, October, 2013, edition in English)

That’s because of all this that, since 2013, Venezuelan proletariat, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes rose against repression by Maduro’s bourgeois-capitalist pro-Chinese regime. Of course, revisionists and neo-revisionists all over the world stubbornly affirm that Venezuelan situation was “entirely fabricated by American imperialism” which is “trying to overthrow Maduro’s socialist government”. This is false. Neither Maduro’s regime has absolutely nothing to do with socialism, neither workers’ genuine revolt against social-fascism was fabricated by American imperialism. It is true that, in its quest to start new profitable conflicts, American imperialism has managed to deceive and attract some honest people and even some workers through its phony lies about “western democracy” and “freedom”. But we have no doubts that the vast majority of Venezuelan workers that are nowadays demonstrating and struggling against Maduro’s neo-colonial regime at the service of Chinese social-imperialists are not bought by American imperialism, but they are instead fighting against a socio-economic structure which subjects them to savage exploitation and to bloody repression while affirming to be “constructing socialism”!

In the meantime, revisionists and neo-revisionists from all over the world show their ugly face and openly support Venezuelan social-fascist regime. Not happy with the blood and sufferings that Venezuelan working masses are suffering at the hands of Maduro’s social-fascism, they dare to accuse it of being “too soft”:

I think that Maduro’s government should act with more energy. It is impossible to think that such terrorists could act in any country (…) The answer that Maduro is giving is too light, too tolerant. This is the moment to imprison the terrorists.” (, O governo de Maduro deve actuar com mais energia, 2014, translated from Portuguese language)

Here, James Petras, one of the most well known North-American revisionists, is even qualifying Venezuelan proletarians and toilers combating pro-Chinese neo-colonialism and social-fascism as “terrorists”! There are many revisionists who even affirm that Maduro must follow what is done in revisionist Cuba, where practices of repression, torture and murder by the Castroist social-fascist bourgeoisie reach unspeakable extent. So, Mr. Petras is fully mistaken. The true terrorists are not those members from exploited and oppressed classes that struggle in the streets of Venezuela against pro-Chinese Chavist neo-colonial exploitative domination of their country. The terrorists are those who, like Mr. Petras and all the other revisionists and neo-revisionists, do their best to support and perpetuate this same exploitative domination.

And the leaders of the revisionist Portuguese “Communist” Party, the same that is capable of affirming without blushing that imperialist China and monarcho-fascist North Korea are “socialist countries” also make similar remarks regarding Venezuela. Urbano Rodrigues, an open admirer of former Soviet imperialism, arrogantly affirms that:

Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela is a revolutionary duty.” (, A solidariedade com a Venezuela Bolivariana é uma exigência revolucionária, 2014, translated from Portuguese language)

But contrary to what he declares, the duty of any authentic revolutionary nowadays is not to defend Venezuelan pro-Chinese social-fascism, but to support the combat of Venezuelan working classes led by the proletariat to defeat both Chinese imperialism and American imperialism together with all their bourgeois lackeys.

And this kind of “open” revisionists are not the only ones supporting global imperialism-capitalism in Venezuela and in the whole world. Also neo-revisionists, which are “anti-revisionist” in words but revisionists in deeds, share this same line. For example, the Colombian Maoists from the MLM, who love to boast about their “orthodox anti-revisionist” and love to pose as “genuine communists”, use their texts to justify the repressive actions of Venezuelan neo-colonial bourgeois compradore regime and its Chinese social-imperialist masters:

This chaos happening in Venezuela is shaking Chavist government, which has failed in its attempt of reforming and humanizing capitalism and of successfully surpassing world economic crisis.” (Colombian MLM, Ni el Chavismo ni la Oposición Representan al Pueblo Venezolano, translated from Spanish language)

So, accordingly with the Colombian Maoists, Maduro’s social-fascism is far from being an intrinsically exploitative and oppressive regime, but it had instead “noble” aims that eventually failed, like for instance to humanize capitalism, to surpass the economic crisis, etc. If we follow the words of those “hard-line communists”, nothing of what happens is fault of Venezuelan Chavist government. No. It tried to accomplish its good purposes, but it ended up failing it. Right purposes, wrong path to achieve them. So, this is how the “anti-revisionists” of the MLM attempt at deviating Venezuelan workers from struggle against Maduro’s Chavist compradore social-fascism with the excuse that, in the end, “it was not its responsibility”. They do this because they know that nowadays, struggle of Venezuelan proletariat against capitalist-imperialist oppression and exploitation must necessarily include struggle against Chavist bourgeois-capitalist social-fascist regime. If this struggle doesn’t exist, then socialist revolution and proletarian dictatorship will remain mere dreams. And this is just what Maoists and all the other neo-revisionists want. This is how, behind their “anti-revisionist” slogans and “orthodox stands”, Maoists’ inherent revisionist and anti-socialist nature always appears. But not even all their abject neo-revisionism can extinguish the fire of revolution in Venezuela. These Maoists, as the neo-revisionists and anti-communists they are, totally reject the fact that Chavist government didn’t fail essentially anything. On the contrary, it has been doing very well in its mission of keeping Venezuelan workers under wage slavagist bondage while making them believe that “socialism” is really being constructed in their country, it has been doing very well in doing its utmost to transform Venezuela into a neo-colony of Chinese imperialist bourgeois class. If it never managed to improve workers’ life conditions or to abolish capitalist crisis, that is simply because these were never its aims (even because it is impossible to “reform” or to “humanize” capitalist-imperialist system, we necessarily have to totally and definitively annihilate it). Indeed, as the bourgeois-capitalist compradore regime it is, those could have never been its aims. Therefore, far from having “failed”, Chavist social-fascism is excellently accomplishing its goals. Or at least it was doing so until very recently. Since the moment workers and other exploited and oppressed classes have risen in revolt, difficult times have come for it, because not even all the power of its repressive state machine financed by Chinese social-imperialists will be able to smash down proletarian’s struggle against capitalism and imperialism and for true socialism and communism.

Besides the Maoists, we have also the neo-revisionists from the CIPOML, who have betrayed comrade Enver Hoxha and socialist Albania, and now dedicate their time to do the best they can to keep world capitalist-imperialist order alive by spreading their anti-socialist garbage among the ranks of world working classes. In their site, amidst praises of Dimitrov and other opportunist trash, we can find this:

(…) the workers and people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolas Maduro as President of the Republic. U.S. imperialism and its European allies acted as (…) representing the oligarchy and their interests and they suffered a defeat (…) Already in 2002 the conspiratorial action of the United States, Spain (…) hatched a plot to put an end to the Chavez government, (…), which was defeated by the energetic action of the revolutionary people mobilized in the streets and by the position of patriotic sectors of the Armed Forces, who succeeded in neutralizing the bourgeois aggression.” (, ICMLPO Statement in Support of the Struggle of the People of Venezuela Against Threats of New Imperialist Interference, edition in English)

So, Maduro is a “democrat” and Chavez was a “patriot” defended by the “revolutionary people” against the “bourgeois aggression by US imperialism”. Not a single word about Chinese social-imperialism and its transformation of Venezuela into its neo-colony, not a word about its Venezuelan bourgeois compradore lackeys, not a word about the exploitative, pro-capitalist and counter-revolutionary nature of Chavez and Maduro’s regimes which could only “win” the “elections” through using social-fascist violence and deceive against the oppressed laboring masses. Not a word of condemnation against Chavist anti-communism and not even a single word of praise for the brave Venezuelan proletarians that are rising up in revolt against unbearable social-fascist and pro-imperialist neo-colonial slavery. When we read that kind of documents and think that the parties constituting CIPOML were once part of the Marxist-Leninist Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, it is truly a great outrage and a great sadness.

Neo-revisionists like those from the CIPOML and the Maoists from the MLM cause enormous damage to the cause of world socialist revolution, because they hide their anti-socialist reactionary character behind “anti-revisionist”, “Stalinist” and sometimes even “Hoxhaist” cloaks. They try to convince workers of the “correctness” of their path to “socialism” which would be supposedly “free from from sectarianisms and dogmatisms”. In truth, all they want is to deviate world proletarians, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes from the only authentic path to liberation from all kinds of evils inherent to capitalist-imperialist-revisionist world system. In truth, all they want is to deviate them from the only way to accomplish true socialism and true communism: Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. If we don’t follow and apply the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, we will end up with nothing more than with some Chavist-type “socialism”.

The events in Venezuela unmask exemplarily the pro-imperialist, social-fascist character of neo-revisionists on a global scale who support world imperialism and who encourage a new imperialist war. Our position is clear: "War against imperialist war in Venezuela!" Our line is clear: The Albanian anti-fascist, anti-imperialist struggle was victorious because of the revolutionary line of comrade Enver Hoxha. We propagate that the Venezuelan people must learn from the victory of the Albanian people, the Venezuelan people must go in the spirit of the Albanian revolutionary liberation struggle. The aim is clear: Construction of socialism in the spirit of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism!!!

Anti-imperialists cannot destroy world imperialism if they support the one imperialist power against another. All imperialists - without exception – have profit maximization as their objective and are enemies of the world proletariat and the peoples. Excluding the struggle against even a sole imperialist power (like China) from anti-imperialist struggle means SUPPORT of WORLD imperialism and weakening of the socialist world revolution and the liberation struggle of the people such as in Venezuela.

Comrade Enver Hoxha taught us ("Imperialism and Revolution") that we have to struggle against both the superpowers USA AND RUSSIA, against world imperialism in general and every imperialist camp and its bourgeois national lackeys in every country - including the revisionists. Although Russia is a dangerous enemy of the peoples as can be seen in the Ukraine, the truth is that China has nowadays replaced the former Soviet/Russian superpower, and comrade Enver’s words must now be interpreted in accordance with this new situation. The struggle of the Venezuelan people against both American and Chinese imperialism is a struggle which comrade Enver Hoxha would support in any case, if he would be still alive.

The neo-revisionists – like the Maoists, etc. - violate the teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha and took side of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat. They are "anti-imperialists" in words but pro-imperialists in deeds. Those forces who support world imperialism are enemies of the peoples, are enemies of the world proletariat, are enemies of the socialist world revolution, and these forces must be unmasked. Drawing our demarcation line against these forces is absolutely necessary.  Let them defame us as "supporters" of the Western imperialist camp.

Nobody can deny the fact that we are the only party which is guided by the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, especially concerning Venezuela:

The Comintern (SH) is the only party all over the world which propagates the construction of authentic socialism in Venezuela in the spirit of the 5 Classics. The Comintern (SH) defends the internationalist political line of comrade Enver Hoxha namely that the proletariat of exploited and oppressed neo-colonial countries like Venezuela must make a socialist revolution to free themselves from world imperialists and from the reactionary bourgeoisie in their countries, be it of compradore or of “national” type. We do not under-estimate the danger of the Western and American imperialists whose expansion must be unmasked, stopped, frustrated and destroyed, especially by the anti-imperialist struggle of the proletariat in the Western imperialist countries. We would make a big mistake if we leave this to the initiative of the revisionists and neo-revisionists.  So we have made it very clear that we struggle simultaneously against world imperialism in general, and against rivalry between Western (particularly American) imperialism and Chinese imperialism on the back of the Venezuelan people. Simultaneously both these imperialist camps have no interest in violent revolutions in their "colonies". Therefore they cooperate in preventing the Venezuelan proletariat from violence of the socialist revolution. Both sides fear the revolutions in oppressed and exploited countries. This revolutionary spark could flame the revolution in other "colonies" - and worse than that in their own homeland. It is clear that the imperialists cooperate to prevent the world proletariat from the socialist world revolution. Therefore they make efforts to wipe out every uprising as early as possible, so that it cannot spread and expand.

We are the only party all over the world who takes side of the Venezuelan proletariat in propagating its struggle for the transformation of the democratic revolution into the socialist revolution. The socialist revolution is the only way to get rid of capitalism in the Venezuela, to get rid of the greedy imperialists who exploit and oppress the Venezuelan people with support of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie. Struggle for the dictatorship of the Venezuelan proletariat as part of the struggle of the dictatorship of the world proletariat - we are worldwide the only party who propagates for these aims and who struggles for their implementation. Of course, we also struggle against fascist provocateurs who are bought by the counter-revolution. But these forces are in a minority. The majority on the streets of Caracas was and is the revolutionary force of the Venezuelan people. Only social-fascists defame the forces of the people's liberation struggle as "terrorist" forces. And the neo-revisionists take the same line.

This brief article on the current events in Venezuela aims at continuing and completing the previous one that we had written about Chavism roughly a year ago. With this short text, we also try to unmask the revisionists on a global scale who support the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and who defame the struggle of liberation as "fascist terrorists bought by the US-imperialists". As we have already stated, we do not deny the struggle against pro-US-imperialist and forces in Venezuela, but this cannot mean that we keep silence and reject our support for the Venezuelan people to get rid of the bourgeoisie who exploits and suppresses the people. It is always the same appearance of the neo-revisionists all over the world:

The struggle for the transformation of the democratic, anti-imperialist revolutions of various countries into the socialist revolution is attacked by means of accusations of "pro-imperialism", "sectarianism", "dogmatism", etc...

We have seen this already when the neo-revisionists accused us as "pro-imperialists" in regard of our criticism against Korean and Cuban revisionism and social-fascism, etc. etc.

The counter-revolution in Venezuela is receiving help from world imperialism to delete the revolution. The pro-American bourgeoisie compradore and its fabricated "anti-Chavist opposition" tries to rebuild counter-revolution under the new leadership of the lackeys of the Western/American imperialists, it tries to replacing a counter-revolution by another one. Their deceitful screams and concerns about “human rights” and “democracy” are only aimed at having their former class privileges, positions and profits back through eliminating the power and influence of Chinese imperialism and of its Chavist bourgeoisie compradore. They have nothing to do with “fear of socialism” as revisionists and neo-revisionists affirm, because socialism simply doesn’t exist neither in Venezuela, neither anywhere in the world.

With this article, we aim at improving the consciousness of the struggle against the hostile propaganda of the revisionists and neo-revisionists all over the world - including the Maoists and the CIPOML. We must attack the voice of these lackeys of world imperialism who get more and more influence the louder they shout in recent time. However, there is the voice of the revolutionary world proletariat - the voice of the Comintern (SH)!! Totally in contrast to the revisionist propaganda all over the world!!! In this moment, we have proved in practice that we are the leading world organization which successfully continues the revolutionary path of comrade Enver Hoxha in his struggle against modern revisionism. Our correct line of Stalinism-Hoxhaism will triumph. The revolutionary masses and the genuine communists all over the world, they will understand our principled demarcation line against revisionism of all branches. This will encourage us because the revisionists will increase their hatred against us. However, we have nearly of half century of experiences in struggle against revisionism, and we will win in the end!!

Foremost, it is very important to propagate the indispensable need of the creation of the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) - which will be the proletarian vanguard of Venezuela’s exploited and oppressed classes marching under the centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH) together with all the other detachments of future world red army towards world socialist revolution, towards world proletarian dictatorship, towards authentic world socialism and world communism. Without the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) the revolutionary uprisings are doomed to defeat. However, as Stalinist-Hoxhaists, we understand very well the dialectics of the revolution in Venezuela. The revolution is a process of further development. The sooner the proletariat will take the lead of the revolution, the sooner socialism will win in Venezuela and all over the world. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist teachings must be worked out and propagated in Venezuela by the Comintern (SH). This is today's task of the Comintern (SH) in contrast to the revisionists and neo-revisionists.

Down with world imperialism!

Down with Chinese imperialism!

Down with American / Western imperialism!

Hands off Venezuelan people!

Long live the revolutionary liberation struggle of Venezuelan people!

Long live the struggle of Venezuelan proletariat against the social-fascist regime!

Chavez may be dead, but Chavist anti-communism is still alive!

Down with the Maduro regime and its revisionist and neo-revisionist supporters all over the world!

Venezuelan workers – unite!

Don’t confound “socialism” with replacement of American neo-colonialism by Chinese neo-colonialism!

Don’t be misled by Maduro’s fake “revolutionary” and “socialist” slogans!

There is only one path to genuine socialism: that of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Chavez’s and Maduro’s “21st century socialism” = anti-communism!

Bolivarian” Venezuela = social-fascist, neo-colonial Venezuela!

Like Chavez, also Maduro has absolutely nothing to do with true socialism and communism, but he only represents the interests of Venezuelan pro-Chinese bourgeoisie compradore!

Let’s condemn the bloody crimes that Chinese social-imperialists and their Venezuelan bourgeois servers commit for maximum profits!

Only by establishing the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) can Venezuelan workers be victorious against all kinds of external and internal exploiters and oppressors!

Long live dictatorship of Venezuelan proletariat!

Long live socialist Venezuela in a socialist world!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the violent armed world socialist proletarian revolution!

Let’s establish the world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the world party of the Comintern (SH) – the only truly communist organization that exists!


- Theoretical Organ -

Communist International (Stalinist - Hoxhaists)