"Four and a half heads"

a neo-revisionist ideology

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The term "4-and-a-Half Heads" is derived from the

term "2-and-a-Half International". This was once formed as a centrist, anti-communist International for the purpose to struggle against the revolutionary internationalist line of the Bolsheviki and against the Comintern.



“The gentlemen of the Second-and-a-Half International pose as revolutionaries;

but they prove to be counterrevolutionaries" (Lenin)

The forces of the "4-and-a-Half Heads" limit themselves to the "Four heads", while they disrate the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha - namely not equally ranking to the lessons of the other 4 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The "4 and1/2ists" are those who don’t recognize comrade Enver as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, but only as someone who made “enriching contributions” to it. This stand is synonym of complete anti-communism because to refuse one of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism means to reject all of them as a whole. It is absolutely necessary and indispensable to recognize him as the authentic 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, as the world-proletarian leader who truly developed further the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin after the death of Stalin and in the context of world capitalist-imperialist-revisionist encirclement.


The organizations of the so called "4-1/2 Heads" pose as Marxist-Leninists, but they prove to be enemies of Marxism-Leninism.



Definition of the neo-revisionist ideology of the

"4-1/2 Heads":

The neo-revisionist ideology of "4-1/2 Heads" is a bourgeois ideology which struggles both openly and hiddenly against Hoxhaism.

It denies the further development of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism, created by comrade Enver Hoxha.

It is an ideology of disavowal of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism - comrade Enver Hoxha.


What is Neo-revisionism ?

"Neo-revisionism is "anti-revisionism" in words, and revisionism in deeds."


What is Hoxhaism ?


Hoxhaism is

the theory and tactics of the anti-capitalist, anti-revisionist, anti-imperialist and anti-social-imperialist struggle in the period of capitalism and revisionism in power (in general), and (in particular) the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat and that of the Marxist-Leninist world movement under the conditions of capitalist-revisionist encirclement in the last period of world imperialism.



Hoxhaism is

the doctrine of the anti-fascist struggle for liberation and the people's revolution against fascism, its transition to the socialist revolution, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the building of socialism in a feudal and mainly underdeveloped agricultural country.

The teachings of Enver Hoxha are the teachings for the victorious construction of socialism in the period of the restoration of capitalism, are the teachings of full developed socialism by relying on one's own forces and successful struggle of breaking through the capitalist-revisionist encirclement, in particular by means of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement and the anti-imperialist forces of the peoples.


Hoxhaism has

proven that not only the weakest imperialist power can sucessfully be broken away from the world imperialist chain (as the Leninist theory has proven) but even a country in which capitalism was still not developed, thus the transition to socialism without the intermediate stage of capitalism.


Hoxhaism has

proven historically that the proletarian dictatorship of even a small country like Albania can become the world centre of communism, the lever and basis of the socialist world revolution.


Hoxhaism is

the ideological weapon for holding high the banner of Marxism-Leninism and for its defense of over 40 years against the whole capitalist-revisionist world.

Hoxhaism is immanent part of the world-proletarian ideology of the 5th Classics of Marxism-Leninism - is the teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha, the leader of the world proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist world movement after the death of Stalin.


Hoxhaism is

highest expression of the communist ideology of the world proletariat.


Hoxhaism is

an internationalist guideline of the organized revolutionary world proletariat in general, and especially the doctrine of the autonomy of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and its independent proletarian class organizations.

Hoxhaism is the guiding ideology for the world-revolutionary destruction of the whole capitalist-revisionist world and all its counter-revolutionary organizations.


All these are doubtedly correct significant features of Hoxhaism. However, even in their sum they cannot give the complete and precise answer to the question what Hoxhaism really is. All these significant attributes are not adequate to express Hoxhaism as the highest stage of development of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism. So what is the quintessence of Hoxhaism ?



Hoxhaism is

highest expression of the universality of the world proletarian ideology as a guideline for the direct and prompt creation of a socialist world, because Hoxhaism has already proven the successful prospering of socialism during over 40 years - even under the worst and most difficult conditions of capitalist-revisionist encirclement against one of the smallest and most underdeveloped countries of the world.



What is Hoxhaism on a world scale ?


If socialism proved to be constructible in every country of the world - independently of its stage of development and its particular conditions - then Hoxhaism means nothing other then the possibility of socialism on a world scale - no matter how difficult and complicated the global circumstances would be - provided that the construction of world socialism is correctly implemented by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.


What is Stalinism ?

Stalinism is proof for the creation of the socialist world camp, thus an intermediate stage from socialism in "one" country towards world socialism.

Stalinism is the ideology of the transformation from socialism to communism in "one" country - and thus Stalinism paved the way towards world communism.

Stalinism is the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the period of its encirclement through the capitalist world.

Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the period of its encirclement through the capitalist-revisionist world.


What is Stalinism-Hoxhaism ?

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat in the period of the abolition of the inevitability of the encirclement through the capitalist-revisionist world.


Stalinism-Hoxhaism is not a dream of the rebirth of socialism, but an unfailing scientific instruction for the topical, practical solution of the construction of world socialism and its transition to world communism.


Stalinism – Hoxhaism is

the theory and tactics of the socialist, world proletarian revolution, in general , and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, in particular.







Herewith, the Comintern (SH) documents a collection of significant excerpts from own texts that deal with our struggle against the neo-revisionist ideology of the

"4-1/2 Heads".


It is a collection which includes the period between our foundation date of December 31, 2000 until today - July 19, 2014.

Some texts had been written in English language. (But some others are German texts which we attach in the end of this website).

This is not a complete exposure of the neo-revisionist ideology of the "4-1/2 Heads".

However, we are continuingly working on it.

In any case, this collection provides insight in our ideological struggle of defending comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.

Our struggle against the neo-revisionist ideology of "4-1/2 Heads" will be a long and difficult struggle but it will be unavoidably crowned with the victory of the ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

This ideological struggle will be continued even after the victory of the socialist world revolution because it will remain as a dangerous bourgeois ideology of the restoration of revisionism and capitalism on a world scale.






We have decided to rebuild the Third International, guided by the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, and we must do so in face of all difficulties. Not a single step backward !

Comintern (SH)

31 - 12 - 2009




We must remain true to the end to the great banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Comintern (SH)

31 - 12 - 2010



"The dialectics of history is such that the theoretical victory of world socialism will increasingly force our opponents to disguise themselves as 'Stalinist - Hoxhaists' !"

Comintern (SH)

31 - 12 - 2011



It is said that Stalinism-Hoxhaism has already been destroyed.

It is said that it has been destroyed by the daily anti-Stalinism, anti-Hoxhaism of the world bourgeoisie.

These are exactly the phrases that are needed for a decaying class.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the scientific expression of the fundamental and today's interests of the world proletariat - namely the revolutionary transformation of the era of world imperialism into the era of world socialism in order to create the communist world.

To destroy Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the world proletariat must be destroyed. But it is impossible to destroy the world proletariat.

Comintern (SH)

31 - 12 - 2012



"Stalinism - Hoxhaism grows with each new year , while the revisionist ideology degenerates with each new year until its inevitable defeat, because:

The law of the inevitable disintegration of the revisionist ideology follows the law of the inevitable collapse of the capitalist mode of production.

But the revisionist-bourgeois ideology cannot unmask itself. It is subjected to the law of its molting and renewal to prolong the process of decay of capitalism. From this emerged inevitably Neo - revisionism. The battle of Stalinism - Hoxhaism against neo - revisionism is nothing else than the continuation of the battle of Marxism- Leninism against the modern revisionism - on the same battlefield against revisionism - only on a higher scale.

The world proletariat will be victorious over Neo - revisionism , and will leave the final blow for it with the invincible weapon of Stalinism - Hoxhaism - the further developed weapon of Marxism- Leninism."

Comintern (SH) - 12/31/2013



Excerpts of internal documents on the ideological construction of the Comintern (SH)



The Comintern (SH) creates its own ideological foundations. This is correctly in accordance with the Bolshevik principle of party-construction. The Comintern (SH) is built on a solid, principled, ideological foundation. This characterizes the strength of the Comintern (SH) and distinguishes us from all other organizations in the world. The Comintern (SH) is the global standard bearer of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. This is a great victory of the ideological class-struggle against the entire bourgeois-revisionist world.



Those who attack Stalinism-Hoxhaism, do not defend but, in the contrary, attack Marxism-Leninism. Why do they agree with Leninism as the further development of Marxism while they disagree with Stalinism-Hoxhaism as the further development of Marxism-Leninism ? This is the contradiction which these neo-revisionists can impossibly solve because the proletarian ideology is indivisible and further developable - just as the proletarian class is indivisible and developable. The revolutionary character of the proletarian ideology is last not least its ability to develop and to advance on higher qualitative stages.

The ideology of the world proletariat is the only world-revolutionary ideology.

Well, these neo-revisionists feign that Stalin and Enver Hoxha could be only defended by Marxism-Leninism. They are mistaken ! The truth is that Stalin and Enver Hoxha cannot be really defended without defending their own ideas, thus without defense of Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

The teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism are unambiguously defined, namely Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism - not more and not less !!


It is the strengthening of Stalinism-Hoxhaism with which we force the revisionists to put on the mask of "Stalinism-Hoxhaism", if they like it or not. And this is the reason why they are so upset and furious. Some conservative elements among the revisionists refuse to put on the new "Stalinist-Hoxhaist" mask. They are most reluctant to do that , and this again, makes it easier for us to unmask and defeat them. Their old anti-communist lie of so called "fascist propaganda of Stalinism" deflates the bubble of this kind of revisionists.

We are successfully disarming this old anti-communist weapon with every new day.

Of course, the bourgeoisie knows that the permanent advancement from Marxism to Hoxhaism is an immanent and thus incontrovertible principle of the revolutionary development of the proletarian ideology. The bourgeoisie is conscious about the fact that the development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is most dangerous for her existence.

That is the reason why the bourgeois-revisionist ideologists can do nothing but changing their tactics, changing their masks. They cannot any longer effectively attack Stalinism-Hoxhaism only on the old basis of "Marxism-Leninism". This mask is dropping down gradually. With other words: this ideological weapon of the revisionists has rusted and is outmoded. It will decay and finally be disused.


In the same way and time as Stalinism-Hoxhaism develops, the metamorphosis of revisionism takes place - namely to exchange its "Marxist-Leninist" mask successively through a "Stalinist-Hoxhaist" mask.

With every victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, revisionism is forced to attack Stalinism-Hoxhaism on the basis of "Stalinism-Hoxhaism".

And this is the whole physiognomy of the future development of neo-revisionism.


On the basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism we will defeat this newest, most dangerous, and molting type of revisionism which we call neo-revisionism.


We Stalinist-Hoxhaists never allow our enemies to hide behind the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism as a whole or behind single Classics, in particular. We ruthlessly unmask and thwart their treacherous intentions of denying or distorting the indivisible proletarian ideology, no matter if it concerns Marxism- Leninism or its further development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism can be separated neither from Marxism, nor from Leninism, nor from Stalinism, nor from Hoxhaism. They - as a whole and thus without exception - form the proletarian ideology in its current stage of development.

Everything else is anti-proletarian ideology, thus hostile bourgeois-revisionist ideology which will be defeated !


Those who deny the further development of Marxism-Leninism, attack Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism with the intention to disarm it. We call them liquidationists.

It is the nature of the liquidationists to "defend" the proletarian ideology in words, but destroy the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism in deeds.



In the history of the struggle against the proletarian ideology our enemies have always denied that our ideas and theory is nothing but based on its accordance with the reality, with the socio-economical relations and conditions of the current capitalist society. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory is the theory which reflects the really ongoing development of the society in the period of the revolutionary change from world capitalism to world socialism.


It is therefore task of Stalinism-Hoxhaism to unmask all forms of antagonism, of exploitation and oppression in the current globalized class society of imperialism with its typical global-capitalist system of relations of production.


It is the task of Stalinism-Hoxhaism to reflect its decaying character and its inevitable change into the society of world socialism.


In this way, Stalinism-Hoxhaism serves the world proletariat to get rid of any form of exploitation as soon as possible.


The irresistible attraction of Stalinism-Hoxhaism which is more and more convincing the revolutionary communists all over the world (especially younger communists) , that is its strict and highest scientific character combined with its world revolutionary spirit of global class struggle, its vision of a new socialist and communist world. And this not by chance, not by the person who created it, but by its ability to match the world revolutionary aims of all true communists, to express the world revolutionary demands of the globally exploited and oppressed classes, and their wishes and hopes of soonest radical changes of the world's society.

The lackeys of the bourgeois-revisionist ideology do not ignore this truth. Therefore they try to deceive the masses behind their manifold revisionist masks.

Until today the enemies of Stalinism-Hoxhaism have even not made the smallest attempt to disprove the ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism "scientifically". Helplessly, they do nothing but throwing dirt at us. In truth, they know that Stalinism-Hoxhaism is invincible. But we do not cherish an illusion. We must be prepared for times when the revisionists are trying to seize power again. That what happened in the Soviet Union and in Socialist Albania can also be repeated on a global scale if we do not stop this development. Therefore we must sharpen our ideological weapons. We have to nip revisionism in the bud. Tolerating its spreading can be deadly for us Stalinist-Hoxhaists. Therefore we must guard and further develop our Stalinist-Hoxhaist principles jealously with every new year.


First the enemies kept silence, then they "defined" Stalinism-Hoxhaism as a "fantasy of a single person" (Wolfgang Eggers). In the meantime they speak already about the Comintern (SH) as a "lackey of fascist propaganda", "pro-Trotskyite" and "pro-imperialist", sectarian", "dogmatist" etc..


Our enemies started to notice that Stalinism-Hoxhaism is already an international dangerous threat for the bourgeoisie. Our enemies cannot ignore it any longer because it is already going to be spread all over the world.

The bourgeoisie knows that the strength of the Comintern (SH) is last not least based on the strength of its world revolutionary theory which unifies all world revolutionaries, from which they draw their hopes and convictions, and on which they base their class-struggle.

The high level of the ideological consciousness of our members is rooted in the systematical Bolshevist concept of ideological party-building.


Our ideological leading position is based on the theoretical work that we have already accomplished since our existence.

In 2009 we had created the foundations of Stalinism, and in 2013 we have created the foundations of Hoxhaism.

This is doubtlessly a great leap forward, and not without deep effect on our ideological class-enemies.

However, does this simultaneously mean that we have already "mastered" Stalinism-Hoxhaism ? Of course not. Its defense and further development is a matter of the coming hard ideological class-struggle and must be proved in practice in future.

Having the ideological steering wheel in our hands, and looking on helplessly how the ideological opponents take to pieces our ideology - this would not suit to Bolshevists like us. We Bolshevists have quite another opinion of ideological leadership. For us, ideological leadership means to master the ability to look ahead, thus farther than the ideologists of the bourgeoisie and their neo-revisionist lackeys. We Bolshevists are the only ones who can unmask, forestall and defeat their ideological racketeerings and intrigues.

The solution of our ideological tasks must always be coordinated with both the solution of the future's questions and that of the current political questions.

Our ideological leadership could be devaluated if our farsightedness would lag behind the communist world movement. However, this does not mean to fabricate self-made, subjectivistic plans for "a better world" far away from reality of the current class-society. In the contrary, this means to organize and lead the class struggle of the world proletariat globally, whose ultimate goal is to seize political world power and to organize the socialist world society. Both the emancipation of the working class and the construction of socialism can be nothing else but a matter of the working class itself (which does not mean that we propagate spontaneism). Of course we mean the self-determined implementation of the lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism by the world proletariat and by nobody else.


In the moment we developed Stalinism-Hoxhaism independently from the workers' world movement. This was also the case in times when Marx and Engels developed socialism from utopy to science. Since that time of history it's the goal of the communists to combine our communist ideas with the workers' movement. Despite of the current difficult situation, we neither in principle nor in practice lose track of the workers' movement.

We do not wait until the workers come to the Comintern (SH) - the Comintern (SH) goes to the workers ! And this is the only way to protect us from sectarianism and isolation from the working class.



we enter now a new phase of our ideological party-building. Why ?

Particularly, it is the phase of ideological party-building when we are not only appreciably confronted with increasing disputes and conflicts with our ideological opponents and their neo-revisionist ideology, respectively with the quarrels of centrist and reconciliationist positions, but also with the increasing amount of new comrades who are interested to get in contact with us and who have, of course, their own opinions which are not always our opinion, thus opinions in which correct ideas and wrong ideas are mixed up. We thus help these interested comrades to clear up their mind and raise their Stalinist-Hoxhaist consciousness.


We neither avoid the polemic with our opponents nor the exchange of opinions with new friends and sympathizers. This needs additional time and efforts , and we have to cope with this new situation without neglecting all the other tasks that we have to fulfill. Indeed, this is a new challenge which had already begun in 2013. We spent much time for correspondence with new comrades who came in contact with us.


It is clear that we have to differ our uncompromising hard-line against ideological enemies on the one hand, and methods of comradely convictions in regard of our friends and sympathizers, on the other hand.

In both directions our ideas have to stand the test in the public. In this phase, the ideological struggle is directly tied to the task of convincincing and educating new comrades, to exchange opinions with them, to gain them for support and membership. This is necessary for supporting the existing Sections and for founding new Sections, respectively supporting us in creating new Sections.

In this phase of ideological party-building we will also use our experiences of fighting against our enemies and experiences of discussions with friends and sympathizers for possible theoretical corrections and improvements in case if it is needed.


As long as Stalinism-Hoxhaism was completely unknown (or its importance underestimated), the first phase was characterized by our full concentration on creating our theoretical-ideological foundations. This stadium of party-building was relatively "reposeful and quiescently". Struggle against waverings and deviations were as good as not existing. We primarily used our experiences of the past 40 years of class-struggle as a basis for creating the theoretical basis of the Comintern (SH).

In contrast, we will now have to increase our forces in defending our theoretical-ideological position against the growing open attacks. We will change them into counter-attacks against the neo-revisionist and centrist positions of our opponents.

Before us, there is the open battlefield of ideological class-struggle, which we will leave after the enemy is completely defeated in words and deeds.


In this phase of party-building, the ideological work is still the top priority, the main chain-link, the focus of our work - according to the predominant principle of the ideological reconstruction of the Bolshevist world party. The Comintern (SH) will further develop and consolidate its leading role as the global standard bearer of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism - despite all resistance from outside..


What is our current main task ?


Our task is still to win and form the vanguard of the world proletariat (first ideologically).

It is necessary that the Comintern (SH) knows how to take the best elements of revolutionary fighters

- who possess enough dedication to become authentic representatives of the revolutionary ambitions of the world proletariat,

- who have sufficient experiences to really become leaders of the socialist world revolution,

- and who possess the ability to implement the theory and tactics of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

Without recruitment of such leaders - the further party-building of the Comintern (SH) is unthinkable.


We are surrounded by hostile people who take every opportunity to attack us openly and hiddenly. Supporting our anti-revisionist struggle in words but reconciliation with neo-revisionist traitors  in deeds - that is nothing but  neo-revisionism. Those who subordinate principles under tactical considerations condescend to opportunism.

We want the unity of Marxist-Leninists, but not the unity of Marxist-Leninists with the opportunists, centrists, reconciliators and neo-revisionists! Unity of the world communist movement is victorious exclusively on the ideological basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

We support struggle against revisionism only on the basis of Stalinism - Hoxhaism. Everything else is centrism. Conciliatory attitudes between Neo-Revisionism and Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism cannot and will not be tolerated. Between Neo - revisionism and Stalinism – Hoxhaism, there is no unity. They are two antagonistic ideologies which cannot be reconciliated. We will destroy all bridges between Neo-Revisionism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism. We will fight against all the centrist, reconciliatory “bridge-builders” all over the world. Neo-centrists are anti-centrist in words and lackeys of centrism in deeds! In the history of the world communist movement, centrist, indifferent, conciliatory positions have repeatedly proved to be a dead-end. Sooner or later, these centrist positions end in the ideological camp of the bourgeoisie and the counter-revolution.

Neo-revisionist actions of foreign organisations, launched in our name, are counter-revolutionary. We need earnest support on solid ground which is absolutely  in line with our party. We do not tolerate any deviations !






The development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism and its demarcation against neo-revisionism is the invincible world-revolutionary ideological weapon and lever for breaking through the current ideological capitalist-revisionist encirclement. The stronger the Stalinism-Hoxhaism the more pressure comes from the capitalist-revisionist encirclement. We have to take in account this unavoidable law of ideological class-struggle. This means to intensify our efforts in the ideological struggle. We are the beacon of the globalized world-communism, surrounded by hostile capitalist-revisionist forces around the world. We will never abandon the defense of the five classics of Marxism-Leninism, the only victorious compass towards world socialism – no matter how hard the struggle against our class-enemies will be. In particular, we are unmasking and fighting against the opportunist ideas of neo-revisionism steadfastly, profound and all-embracing, because most of the elements of the communist movement is infected thereof, today.

The defense of comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, is our most important ideological struggle.

The leaders of the member-parties of the ICMLPO do not celebrate the birthday of Comrade Enver Hoxha. They keep silence on Comrade Enver Hoxha and deny his rank as a Classic of Marxism-Leninism. The ICMLPO are Marxist-Leninists in words however Neo-Revisionists in deeds. Since the death of Comrade Enver Hoxha in 1985, these traitors have stopped all contact with us Hoxhaists and adopted a hostile attitude toward us.

ICMLPO - opportunism emerged directly from our Marxist-Leninist world movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha and thus much harder to unmask as Maoism. It was a particularly dangerous brand of Neo-Revisionism: "Anti-Maoism" in words - revisionism in deeds. However meanwhile, the ICMLPO has nearly completely withdrawn from the Hoxhaist daily anti-Maoist struggle. They follow the political line of reconciliation with the revisionists. The ICMLPO has not only forgotten the important meaning of Enver Hoxha in the daily class-struggle, but moreover, has become one of the most dangerous trends of de-Hoxhaisation ( comparable with the de-Stalinisation through the modern revisionists) within the communist world movement and thus they give, in particular, support to the Maoists by means of flank protection. The members of the ICMLPO make partially open propaganda for the capitalist and fascist regimes such as North Korea or Cuba, etc. They are not fighting against social fascism.

From the historical point of view, the ICMLPO fears to openly call in question the decisive role of the anti-revisionist struggle of the PLA because this is meanwhile a universal, integral part of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism. The ICMLPO occurs rather as "Marxist-Leninists" with the purpose to attack Marxism-Leninism from behind - without being exposed as enemies of Marxism-Leninism.

However, because we have for ten long years propagated the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, ever more comprehensive and broader, the CIPOML has more and more difficulties to uphold and justify the old course of de-Hoxhaisation in face of their honest followers.

The modern revisionists failed by sticking to their tactics of de-Stalinisation and the Neo-Revisionists will fail by sticking to their tactics of de-Hoxhaisation, too. Consequently, it is no coincidence that at present, certain opportunistic tendencies appear for the "revival" and "rehabilitation" of the Hoxhaism in general and in particular within the members of ICMLPO - especially under growing pressure on the part of the Comintern (SH). However, it is impossible that neo-revisionists rehabilitate Hoxhaism because they were never true Hoxhaists and they will never be true Hoxhaists. You can neither lead back the modern revisionists towards the virtuous path of Stalinism, nor can you lead back the neo-revisionists towards the virtuous path of Hoxhaism. This can be achieved, only with honest Communists who have followed the wrong path. The fate of the traitors at Hoxhaism will be inevitably sealed by the Comintern (SH).

The neo-revisionists have had to take note that we consistently and increasingly continue our principled break with opportunism within the communist world movement. The "five heads" of the Comintern (SH) worldwide are becoming increasingly popular. This fact can no longer be delayed by the neo-revisionists , making them rethink their tactics against us. They will try to jump on the bandwagon in order to paralyze and undergo our growing Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement.

We do not support the neo- revisionists who support such social-fascist states such as Cuba and North Korea as allegedly “anti-imperialist” forces. According to the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha, they are lackeys of imperialism and social-imperialism. This is irreconcilable with Marxism-Leninism.

On conditions of globalization, the world proletariat needs the Communist International with its Sections in every country and not independent national parties.

There is no other alternative to destroy world imperialism on a global scale than to form Sections of the Communist International.

The time of national communist parties has passed away. In times of globalization they prove to be ineffective in the requirements of centralized leadership of global class-struggle.

The enemey in every country is linked to the global enemies. Therefore the victory over the national enemies is only guaranteed by simultaneous victory over the global enemies. This victory, however, cannot be guaranteed by a single national party. This victory can only be guaranteed by the leadership of a Communist International.

The key of the success of the proletarian revolution and anti-imperialist struggle depends on its readiness and ability to affiliate with the great, invincible army of the world proletariat, its iron will to support the unified actions of the proletarians of all countries - namely under the world revolutionary banner of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and the Comintern (SH).

According to our platform in the year 2009, we have further debunked and attacked this difficult opponent. However, we cannot ignore the following fact:

many friends and sympathizers have doubts and are wavering in regard of the neo-revisionist character of the ICMLPO. This is because we have not enough successfully unmasked the ICMLPO. This is a long lasting weakness which we have to overcome. The leaders of ICMLPO are renegades who have chosen the path of neo-revisionism. We will not spare them and should urgently decide on creating an article in which we draw our ideological demarcation line. Between Comintern (SH) and ICMLPO there is no place for centrist positions. Between the neo-revisionist "4 heads" and Stalinist-Hoxhaist "5 heads" there cannot be tolerated the "4 1/2" heads.

ICMLPO are opponents of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, are opponents of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. It is our task to demoralize and frustrate all those elements who try to reconcile our ideological positions with that of ICMLPO. Both these organizations have an antagonistic and irreconcilable character. The ICMLPO is not a "competing Marxist-Leninist organisation" which need to fight for its unification. Therefore we cannot speak about some sort of "rivalry".

The struggle against ICMLPO is a sharp class-struggle against a bourgeois - neo-revisionist organisation, a life-or-death struggle. We must always be conscious about this fact, and do not tolerate any wavering in this question by some comrades of other organisations. This is an earnest matter of protecting our organisation and principles from neo-revisionist influence.

If we do not fulfil this urgent task of drawing a clear demarcation against ICMLPO then we would indirectly help ICMLPO to increase their influence on those comrades who are wavering between us and them. With our clear position towards ICMLPO it will be easier for all wavering comrades to decide by themselves to whom they tend. The centrist bridge between Comintern (SH) and ICMLPO must be destroyed because it is a rotten bridge of neo-revisionists which ease their intention to degenerate respectively liquidate the Comintern (SH) and our ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.


Particularly dangerous are those currents which try to reconcile the Hoxhaism with the neo-revisionism. One of their main features is its opportunistic denial of recognition of Comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Classics of Marxism-Leninism. This phenomenon can be compared with the old line of the so called "2 and 1/2 International":

After the betrayal of the II. International Lenin whipped off the mask of the "2 and 1/2 International" . And today we will whip off the mask of the defenders of the so called: "4½" Classics of Marxism-Leninism" !


We Stalinist-Hoxhaists, we, the defenders of the "5 Heads" will triumph over the defenders of the so called "Four and 1/2 heads" - behind which the renegades have entrenched themselves !

The slogan of our ideological struggle will be:

Down with the "4½ -ists" !


We can not limit ourselves to consider Comrade Enver Hoxha as somebody who has made mere 'enriching contributions' to the communist movement. Enver must be recognized as the true 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, as the proletarian leader who continued the development of the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin after Stalin’s death and in the conditions of imperialist-revisionist encirclement.


Typical is: all revisionist and neo-revisionist organizations have the common characteristic that they are neither able nor willing to cope with the ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism . We must exploit thoroughly this weakness in our ideological struggle."

"Each lagging of our theory behind the movement, will sooner or later be a stumbling block, if not prove as an existential threat. We already have a solid theoretical foundation, however the further advancement of our theoretical foundations may never lag behind - as long as the Comintern (SH) exists.


We are proletarian internationalists, and as such, we defend comrade Enver Hoxha not only as the beloved leader of the Albanian Socialist country and best friend of the small and underdeveloped countries in the world, but moreover as one of the greatest communist leaders of the world proletariat - thus in the same rank as Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. As can be proved in the message of the CC of the PLA on occasion of the Death of comrade Enver Hoxha (April 11, 1985), the main crime of the Albanian revisionists was and still is the inadmissable reduction of comrade Enver Hoxha and his titanic work as a national phenomena - thus something which is only valid within the national borders of Albania - valid only for a period of the past and even independent of the communist world movement. This crime was combated by the decision of the Comintern (SH) that comrade Enver Hoxha is the legitimated 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, and that Hoxhaism is the further advancement of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism on the 31st of December 2000.





Down with social-fascists “Cuban Five”!

Down with their support - provided by the whole revisionist and neo-revisionist world !


Most dangerous are the neo-revisionist organizations which allegedly struggle “against revisionism” (only in words) but which are also in solidarity with the “Cuban 5”. Not only Maoists but also ICMLPO, the American “Expresso-Stalinists”, Nina Andreyeva from Russia and many more organizations who even allegedly “defend” comrade Enver Hoxha (who had strictly condemned and criticized Cuban social-fascism !).

The anti-communists from the “Expresso Stalinist” even reach the point of publishing the link of the “Committee to Free the Cuban Five” in their site (see:

http://espressostalinist.wordpress.com/online-library ),thus

explicitly unmasking their entirely revisionist nature.

Indeed, all these traitors who call themselves “anti-revisionists”, they support social-fascist Cuba. Therefore we say:

“Down with the Neo-Revisionists – the main danger in the communist world movement !”



Excerpt of


The 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism

and the Foundations of Hoxhaism


October 2013

The anti-communist defamation of comrade Enver Hoxha and so called "De-Hoxha-ization"


The anti-communist defamation and condemnation of the person of comrade Enver Hoxha are aimed against the most advanced ideology of communism, against Hoxhaism. Anti-Hoxhaism is not only aimed against the struggle for the restoration of socialism in Albania and the Soviet Union, but in first line against its danger of the globalization of the restoration of socialsim - thus against the socialist world revolution, against world socialism and world communism, and last not least against the restoration of the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha which we call the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement of the Comintern (SH) defends Hoxhaism with the same determination as the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha has once defended Stalinism.

The open anti-communist defamation of the person of comrade Enver Hoxha is part of the strategy and tactic of "De-Hoxha-ization". History shows, however, that Hoxhaism cannot be "de-hoxhaized" as little as Stalinism cannot be "destalinized". The alleged "critique of the cult of personality" in collaboration of imperialists and revisionists and the alleged "overcoming of its consequences" was the common imperialist and revisionist interests to forestall the restoration of socialism, the reconquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat, the rebirth of Hoxhaism. "Cult of personality" and "de-Hoxhaization" - deification and demonization of comrade Enver Hoxha - these are two sides of a coin. The end justifies the means. "De-Hoxhaization" means nothing but removal of Hoxhaism under the cloak of so called "Cult of personality". Creating the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement for the defense of comrade Enver Hoxha and the global rebirth of Hoxhaism - this is primarily the historical merit of the Comintern (SH). Comrade Enver Hoxha and Hoxhaism belongs not only to Albania but to the whole world. As a person and as a leader of the PLA, comrade Enver Hoxha was simultaneously the greatest leader of the communist world movement after the death of comrade Stalin.
We all must defend the great immortal work of Enver Hoxha. Those who do not do, are opportunists and cowards.

Not everyone, who defends Enver Hoxha against the so-called "cult of personality" is a Stalinist-Hoxhaist. You can lead the fight against the so-called "cult of personality" only on the basis of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, otherwise you slide into the morass of opportunism.

We Stalinist-Hoxhaists have never measured the seriousness of our loyalty service to our 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism with mere words, but always in the fire of class struggle against the world bourgeoisie.


The neo-revisionist betrayal at comrade Enver Hoxha and Hoxhaism


The neo-revisionist Clique of Ramiz Alia from inside Albania and the neo-revisionist traitors of the Hoxhaist World Movement outside Albania, they both paved the way for the open anti-communist defamation of comrade Enver Hoxha.

Why did the work of Enver Hoxha fail ? Because of the betrayal at Enver Hoxha!

How do we continue and complete the work of Enver Hoxha? Only through our merciless fight against the traitors!

We Communists will always be victims of deception and self-deception, as long as we do not learn to discover and unmask the "Hoxhaist" phraseology of the exploiting and oppressing classes !

They of all people betray Comrade Enver Hoxha in this sharp class-struggle for national liberation which is combined with the struggle for the restoration of socialism.

They followed the traitor Ramiz Alia, this henchman of the world imperialists.

They tell a pack of lies about the alleged “errors of Enver Hoxha” in the same manner which the modern revisionists have done about the alleged “errors of Stalin”.

They characterize Comrade Enver Hoxha allegedly as a “less whole Marxist”.

They try to debase the outstanding international meaning of Comrade Enver Hoxha by poor regional meaning.

They allegedly “respect” comrade Enver Hoxha in words, however betray him in deeds.

They are adversaries of the internationalist struggle for the restoration of socialism.

There were two stages of De-Hoxhaization:

The first was initiated by Ramiz Alia by hiddenly betraying Hoxhaism (softening the principles of Hoxhaism = "thaw-period"; Albanians decoupling from the Marxist-Leninist World Movement etc.).

In the second stage, Hoxhaism was openly combated as a hostile communist ideology. Both stages formed a dialectical unit as can be compared with the process of the de-stalinization.

The bourgeoisie struggles openly against Stalinism-Hoxhaism by falsifying the neo-revisionist position of being allegedly "Stalinist-Hoxhaist" while they try to isolate us Stalinist-Hoxhaists as outsiders, as "left-extremist", as "Sectarians", as "Dogmatists" etc. Officially, the bourgeoisie propagates the ideology of the neo-revisionists as alleged "Stalinism-Hoxhaism". So all the crimes of the neo-revisionists are added to the crimes of all the former revisionists, and the bourgeoisie points a finger at Stalinism-Hoxhaism, warning the proletariat and the masses not to follow the "criminal" ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. This was always the tactics of the bourgeoisie to prevent the working people from communist ideology.

This way the whole Anti-Stalinism-Hoxhaism is based on the interplay of the ideology of the neo-revisionists and its equation with "Stalinism-Hoxhaism". To defend Stalinism-Hoxhaism, we must therefore wage a two-front-struggle against the open anti-Stalinist-Hoxhaist enemies and their cooperation with the neo-revisionist enemies. We have to explain to the proletariat that somebody who calls himself a "Hoxhaist" is not to be equated with true Hoxhaists in accordance of words and deed. This concerns also to the ideology of Hoxhaism. Hoxhaism is irreconcilable with any form of revisionist ideology, even if it calls itself "Hoxhaism".


The dialectics of history is such that the theoretical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism will increasingly force our opponents to disguise themselves as 'Stalinist - Hoxhaists' !


This two-front-struggle was reason enough to elevate comrade Enver Hoxha to the Fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism. This world historical step was the most decisive step for the foundation of the Comintern (SH). And this decision of the Comintern (SH) was not only important for the further development of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement but also necessary for the support of the Albanian struggle of the defence and restoration of socialism, for the revolutionary movement in Albania and the Kosova in particular, and for that of the whole Balkan in general – as one of the leading centres of the whole world-revolutionary movement. In this moment it was the duty of the true Marxist-Leninists all over the world to set a gesture of proletarian internationalism: “Socialist Albania – lest we forget ! You are immortal ! We don' t give up the fight for your rebirth ! We do not capitulate as the Neo-Revisionists have done so shamefully ! We are the invincible and true banner bearers of Comrade Enver Hoxha ! The victory is ours!”

The destruction of the socialist world was the goal of the revisionists. They divisively intervene in the class battles of the world to seize its leadership in order to maneuver the revolutuion into harmless waters and to deprive it of its leading center. The general line of the revisionists was to isolate the single socialist country, to destroy it as the base and lever of the world revolution both from inside and outside. The general-line of the revisionists is to degenerate both the communist world centre and the outposts of communism at the periphery, on both the national and global scale.

Except in the Soviet Union and Albania, there was the merger of the Communist party with the Social Democratic Party. With this counter-revolutionary "united front tactics", the modern revisionists prevented the working class from seizing power and from establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat. The neo-revisionists in Albania, vice versa, created the social-democratic party afterwards, thus to destroy the dictatorship of the proletariat and to pave the way towards restoration of capitalism. History proved and Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the ideology of social-democraticism is not only a weapon of the bourgeoisie to hinder the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, but also a weapon to destroy the dictatorship of the proletariat and pave the way towards trhe restoration of capitalism.

Only in Albania, the victory in the anti-fascist war of liberation turned into a victory of the dictatorship of the proletariat by the people's revolution and its transition to the socialist revolution for the construction of socialism in Albania. But after the death of Enver Hoxha, the the struggle for the revolutionary overthrow of the social-fascist dictatorship of the new bourgeoisie under the leadership of Ramiz Ali clique did unfortunately not lead to the desired result of the restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania. The struggle for this revolutionary aim will go on, and is supported by the Comintern (SH). The Albanian proletariat was defeated because the PLA of Comrade Enver Hoxha had been smashed by the social-fascist counterrevolution. The revisionists in power hiding behind the name of Enver Hoxha with the intention to overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat from behind and to build up social fascism for the restoration of capitalism. The fragmented communist movement in Albania is still undermined by the remainders of social-fascist elements. Therefore it is the task of the Albanian Hoxhaists to free themselves from neo-revisionism and centrism. The task of the Albanian communists of today is the creation of their Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH), which stands on the solid ground of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The revisionists in Albania were hidden behind the anti-revisionist ideology of Hoxhaism.

Hoxhaism in words and revisionism in deeds – this was the neo-revisionist tactic of the Albanian revisionists to fulfill their tasks in the service of world imperialism - namely the bourgeois revision of Hoxhaism. And the traitors within the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha fulfilled this task by means of the same neo-revisionist tactics outside of Albania.

Revisionism arose when Marxism had already triumphed over the open enemies. Neo-revisionism arose when Marxism-Leninism triumphed over modern revisionism.

Today's revisionism can only survive by shedding its skin - thus when it no longer hides behind the 4 Classics, as previously, but behind the mask of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !

The agencies of the bourgeoisie prefer precisely the mask which is most difficult to be unmasked.

Disguised "Hoxhaism" is the main danger within the current communist world movement, and its demasking is the priority assignment.
.The dialectic of the history of the world communist movement indicates that the theoretical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism will force the neo-revisionists, to penetrate into the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement - namely for the purpose of its liquidation.

Is the modern revisionism still the main danger in the Communist Movement ? We say: not any more.

In the course of our struggle against modern revisionism, in the course of the decaying revisionist countries, the danger of the neo-revisionism has emerged. Who caused the collapse of the Marxist-Leninist world movement ? The modern revisionists or the neo-revisionists ? The neo- revisionists ! ( albeit more or less support by some "leftist" elements of the remainders of the modern revisionists). And today, mainly the neo-revisionists struggle against Stalinism-Hoxhaism within the Communist World Movement. All this is reason enough to modify the previous definition when modern revisionism was the main danger. The general-line of the Comintern (SH) defines neo-revisionism as the main danger in the international communist movement of today.

Undoubtedly, the modern evisionists could have been defeated if the world proletariat would have been guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. The socialist Albania is a brilliant proof for the power of Hoxhaism over modern revisionism. The history of Albania shows: revisionism gains upper hand if Hoxhaism is betrayed. The lessons are clear: There is no dictatorship of the proletariat which the bourgeoisie leaves untouched. There is neither a peaceful way towards nor during socialism. The class struggle against the bourgeoisie is a struggle of life and death within the whole era between capitalism and communism. The proletariat must not give an opportunity for the regeneration of the bourgeoisie, neither after the destruction of fascism, nor after the defeat of socialism, nor ever.

Today, the liberation of the world proletariat is impossible without complete destruction of neo-revisionist influences. The neo-revisionism is the pacemaker of bourgeois influence in today's world-revolutionary movement.

In other words, the alleged "anti-revisionism" of the neo-revisionists is the newest ideological weapon of the world bourgeoisie for the purpose, to thwart, to weaken and to liquidate our struggle for the abolition of the inevitability of revisionism. This is the major current lesson which we must learn from the neo-revisionist struggle against Hoxhaism.

The strategy and tactics of neo-revisionists, today, aims at not only to prevent the rebirth of socialism in "one" country, but primarily at the prevention of the birth of world socialism. To achieve this goal, the neo-revisionists have made it their mission to deceive the revolutionary forces by means of the phraseology of alleged "anti-revisionist" and "revolutionary" positions: "world socialism in words - revisionist protection of world capitalism in deeds".

Modern revisionism is: Anti-Stalinism under disguise of "Marxism-Leninism".

Neo-Revisionism is: Anti-Stalinism under disguise of "Stalinism" and Anti-Hoxhaism under disguise of "Hoxhaism".

Revisionism is the adaption of the bourgeois ideology to the Marxist ideology.

Modern revisionism is the adaption of the bourgeois ideology to the Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Neo-Revisionism is the adaption of the bourgeois ideology to Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

There is, therefore, no further development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism without sharpest demarcation from neo-revisionism.

The neo-revisionists are forced to misuse Stalinism - Hoxhaism as a cloak for saving the ideology of modern revisionism. Thus, the aim of the neo-revisionists is to step further from the former revisionist stage of adaption of Marxism-Leninism towards the next revisionist stage of adaption to the bourgeois ideology – namely the adaption of Stalinism-Hoxhaism to the neo-revisionist ideology of the bourgeoisie.

The molting of revisionism is precisely its survival concept. In particular, the molting of revisionism is always needed for its further adaption to the advanced development of Hoxhaism. Without advancement of Hoxhaism the communist movement cannot further develop. And without revisionist advancement of adaption to further developed Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the bourgeoisie is unable to defeat the communist movement for the purpose of maintaining her capitalist rule.

The party of the Bolsheviks fought under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin throughout their history tirelessly against social democracy, as Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour tirelessly fought against modern revisionism throughout its history. This is exactly the same historical battle field, on which Marx and Engels began their struggle against anarchism within the First International and on which the Comintern (SH) finally struggles against today's neo-revisionism.

As the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania triumphed over revisionism, the modern revisionists were forced to leave their treacherous "Marxist-Leninist" position, modern revisionism took over increasingly the former position of social democracy, which in its turn represents the open reactionary imperialist point of view. This, in turn, facilitated immensely the rejection of modern revisionism on the part of the revolutionary proletariat.
Today, the neo-revisionists fill in the blank, which the modern revisionists had left behind.

Today, nobody can call oneself a "supporter" of Stalin and Enver Hoxha, if following the neo-revisionists simultaneously. Without a quite clearly delineation from neo-revisionism one can not protect and defend Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

After having prepared and paved the way for capitalism, the Albanian revisionism was forced to molt itself again, namely for the purpose to get control over the growing danger of the restoration of socialism. Once capitalism is seriously threatened in Albania, the revisionists must prepare their coming into power to prevent the socialist revolution and the restoration of socialism. To achieve this goal, the Albanian bourgeoisie needs to create her agencies within the growing Albanian communist movement. These bourgeois agencies resort to centrism and reconciliation between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism - under the guise of alleged "united defense" of Enver Hoxha. But the Albanian communists can not defend comrade Enver Hoxha "together with" the revisionists, but only in the principled struggle against the revisionist traitors !

Only the path of comrade Enver Hoxha leads to world communism. The denial of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism leads back to world capitalism.

Comrade Enver Hoxha defeated modern revisionism in all countries wherever the revisionists have shown up and the Comintern (SH) soldiers on Comrade Enver Hoxha' s anti-revisionist way.




"rotermorgen.info" = social-fascists !!

Comment of the

Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)

March 24, 2013


We also saw the “article” authored by the social-fascists of the rotermorgen.info against our statement on Chavez. It is truly shameful that those miserable revisionists do not even dare to attack the Comintern (SH) in a frontal, direct and honest manner but prefer to use half-words, insinuations and wicked vileness against our honourable organization and ideology. But what could we expect from those who author a site which supposedly claims to be “Marxist-Leninist” and even “anti-revisionist”, but in which one simply cannot find a single statement, text or article that is able to surpass the boundaries of capitalist-revisionist ideology? They are the ones with everything in common with anti-socialist Chavism. And they certainly spend their time gnashing their teeth of anger when they see the Comintern’s (SH) magnificent site full of brilliant Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist materials and documents while their shitty site only displays ultra-reactionary anti-communist “texts” and horrible cartoons. It is easy to understand that they cannot stand the fact that we firmly defend our victorious authentically communist ideology while they are inescapably submerged in their liquidationist bourgeois-revisionist nauseating ideology which is condemned to total failure. But not even all their slanders and insults can deviate us from our ideology. Our adherence to Stalinism-Hoxhaism is steel-like. When the world socialist revolution and the world proletarian dictatorship triumph at global scale, social-fascists like those who serve world capitalism-imperialism will surely get the treatment they deserve at the hands of armed communist proletarians…





Statement of the Comintern (SH)

about the events in Venezuela

March 12, 2014

(excerpt concerning the unmasking of the neo-revisionist ideology)


Besides the Maoists, we have also the neo-revisionists from the CIPOML, who have betrayed comrade Enver Hoxha and socialist Albania, and now dedicate their time to do the best they can to keep world capitalist-imperialist order alive by spreading their anti-socialist garbage among the ranks of world working classes. In their site, amidst praises of Dimitrov and other opportunist trash, we can find this:

(…) the workers and people of Venezuela democratically elected Nicolas Maduro as President of the Republic. U.S. imperialism and its European allies acted as (…) representing the oligarchy and their interests and they suffered a defeat (…) Already in 2002 the conspiratorial action of the United States, Spain (…) hatched a plot to put an end to the Chavez government, (…), which was defeated by the energetic action of the revolutionary people mobilized in the streets and by the position of patriotic sectors of the Armed Forces, who succeeded in neutralizing the bourgeois aggression.” (http://www.cipoml.info/index.php/en/homepage/50-english/en-home/242-apropos-of-the-situation-in-venezuela, ICMLPO Statement in Support of the Struggle of the People of Venezuela Against Threats of New Imperialist Interference, edition in English)

So, Maduro is a “democrat” and Chavez was a “patriot” defended by the “revolutionary people” against the “bourgeois aggression by US imperialism”. Not a single word about Chinese social-imperialism and its transformation of Venezuela into its neo-colony, not a word about its Venezuelan bourgeois compradore lackeys, not a word about the exploitative, pro-capitalist and counter-revolutionary nature of Chavez and Maduro’s regimes which could only “win” the “elections” through using social-fascist violence and deceive against the oppressed laboring masses. Not a word of condemnation against Chavist anti-communism and not even a single word of praise for the brave Venezuelan proletarians that are rising up in revolt against unbearable social-fascist and pro-imperialist neo-colonial slavery. When we read that kind of documents and think that the parties constituting CIPOML were once part of the Marxist-Leninist Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, it is truly a great outrage and a great sadness.

Neo-revisionists like those from the CIPOML and the Maoists from the MLM cause enormous damage to the cause of world socialist revolution, because they hide their anti-socialist reactionary character behind “anti-revisionist”, “Stalinist” and sometimes even “Hoxhaist” cloaks. They try to convince workers of the “correctness” of their path to “socialism” which would be supposedly “free from from sectarianisms and dogmatisms”. In truth, all they want is to deviate world proletarians, workers and other exploited and oppressed classes from the only authentic path to liberation from all kinds of evils inherent to capitalist-imperialist-revisionist world system. In truth, all they want is to deviate them from the only way to accomplish true socialism and true communism: Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. If we don’t follow and apply the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, we will end up with nothing more than with some Chavist-type “socialism”.

The events in Venezuela unmask exemplarily the pro-imperialist, social-fascist character of neo-revisionists on a global scale who support world imperialism and who encourage a new imperialist war. Our position is clear: "War against imperialist war in Venezuela!" Our line is clear: The Albanian anti-fascist, anti-imperialist struggle was victorious because of the revolutionary line of comrade Enver Hoxha. We propagate that the Venezuelan people must learn from the victory of the Albanian people, the Venezuelan people must go in the spirit of the Albanian revolutionary liberation struggle. The aim is clear: Construction of socialism in the spirit of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism!!!

Anti-imperialists cannot destroy world imperialism if they support the one imperialist power against another. All imperialists - without exception – have profit maximization as their objective and are enemies of the world proletariat and the peoples. Excluding the struggle against even a sole imperialist power (like China) from anti-imperialist struggle means SUPPORT of WORLD imperialism and weakening of the socialist world revolution and the liberation struggle of the people such as in Venezuela.

Comrade Enver Hoxha taught us ("Imperialism and Revolution") that we have to struggle against both the superpowers USA AND RUSSIA, against world imperialism in general and every imperialist camp and its bourgeois national lackeys in every country - including the revisionists. Although Russia is a dangerous enemy of the peoples as can be seen in the Ukraine, the truth is that China has nowadays replaced the former Soviet/Russian superpower, and comrade Enver’s words must now be interpreted in accordance with this new situation. The struggle of the Venezuelan people against both American and Chinese imperialism is a struggle which comrade Enver Hoxha would support in any case, if he would be still alive.

The neo-revisionists – like the Maoists, etc. - violate the teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha and took side of the bourgeoisie against the proletariat. They are "anti-imperialists" in words but pro-imperialists in deeds. Those forces who support world imperialism are enemies of the peoples, are enemies of the world proletariat, are enemies of the socialist world revolution, and these forces must be unmasked. Drawing our demarcation line against these forces is absolutely necessary.  Let them defame us as "supporters" of the Western imperialist camp.

Nobody can deny the fact that we are the only party which is guided by the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, especially concerning Venezuela:

The Comintern (SH) is the only party all over the world which propagates the construction of authentic socialism in Venezuela in the spirit of the 5 Classics. The Comintern (SH) defends the internationalist political line of comrade Enver Hoxha namely that the proletariat of exploited and oppressed neo-colonial countries like Venezuela must make a socialist revolution to free themselves from world imperialists and from the reactionary bourgeoisie in their countries, be it of compradore or of “national” type. We do not under-estimate the danger of the Western and American imperialists whose expansion must be unmasked, stopped, frustrated and destroyed, especially by the anti-imperialist struggle of the proletariat in the Western imperialist countries. We would make a big mistake if we leave this to the initiative of the revisionists and neo-revisionists.  So we have made it very clear that we struggle simultaneously against world imperialism in general, and against rivalry between Western (particularly American) imperialism and Chinese imperialism on the back of the Venezuelan people. Simultaneously both these imperialist camps have no interest in violent revolutions in their "colonies". Therefore they cooperate in preventing the Venezuelan proletariat from violence of the socialist revolution. Both sides fear the revolutions in oppressed and exploited countries. This revolutionary spark could flame the revolution in other "colonies" - and worse than that in their own homeland. It is clear that the imperialists cooperate to prevent the world proletariat from the socialist world revolution. Therefore they make efforts to wipe out every uprising as early as possible, so that it cannot spread and expand.

We are the only party all over the world who takes side of the Venezuelan proletariat in propagating its struggle for the transformation of the democratic revolution into the socialist revolution. The socialist revolution is the only way to get rid of capitalism in the Venezuela, to get rid of the greedy imperialists who exploit and oppress the Venezuelan people with support of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie. Struggle for the dictatorship of the Venezuelan proletariat as part of the struggle of the dictatorship of the world proletariat - we are worldwide the only party who propagates for these aims and who struggles for their implementation. Of course, we also struggle against fascist provocateurs who are bought by the counter-revolution. But these forces are in a minority. The majority on the streets of Caracas was and is the revolutionary force of the Venezuelan people. Only social-fascists defame the forces of the people's liberation struggle as "terrorist" forces. And the neo-revisionists take the same line.

This brief article on the current events in Venezuela aims at continuing and completing the previous one that we had written about Chavism roughly a year ago. With this short text, we also try to unmask the revisionists on a global scale who support the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and who defame the struggle of liberation as "fascist terrorists bought by the US-imperialists". As we have already stated, we do not deny the struggle against pro-US-imperialist and forces in Venezuela, but this cannot mean that we keep silence and reject our support for the Venezuelan people to get rid of the bourgeoisie who exploits and suppresses the people. It is always the same appearance of the neo-revisionists all over the world:

The struggle for the transformation of the democratic, anti-imperialist revolutions of various countries into the socialist revolution is attacked by means of accusations of "pro-imperialism", "sectarianism", "dogmatism", etc...

We have seen this already when the neo-revisionists accused us as "pro-imperialists" in regard of our criticism against Korean and Cuban revisionism and social-fascism, etc. etc.

The counter-revolution in Venezuela is receiving help from world imperialism to delete the revolution. The pro-American bourgeoisie compradore and its fabricated "anti-Chavist opposition" tries to rebuild counter-revolution under the new leadership of the lackeys of the Western/American imperialists, it tries to replacing a counter-revolution by another one. Their deceitful screams and concerns about “human rights” and “democracy” are only aimed at having their former class privileges, positions and profits back through eliminating the power and influence of Chinese imperialism and of its Chavist bourgeoisie compradore. They have nothing to do with “fear of socialism” as revisionists and neo-revisionists affirm, because socialism simply doesn’t exist neither in Venezuela, neither anywhere in the world.

With this article, we aim at improving the consciousness of the struggle against the hostile propaganda of the revisionists and neo-revisionists all over the world - including the Maoists and the CIPOML. We must attack the voice of these lackeys of world imperialism who get more and more influence the louder they shout in recent time. However, there is the voice of the revolutionary world proletariat - the voice of the Comintern (SH)!! Totally in contrast to the revisionist propaganda all over the world!!! In this moment, we have proved in practice that we are the leading world organization which successfully continues the revolutionary path of comrade Enver Hoxha in his struggle against modern revisionism. Our correct line of Stalinism-Hoxhaism will triumph. The revolutionary masses and the genuine communists all over the world, they will understand our principled demarcation line against revisionism of all branches. This will encourage us because the revisionists will increase their hatred against us. However, we have nearly of half century of experiences in struggle against revisionism, and we will win in the end!!

Foremost, it is very important to propagate the indispensable need of the creation of the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) - which will be the proletarian vanguard of Venezuela’s exploited and oppressed classes marching under the centralized leadership of the Comintern (SH) together with all the other detachments of future world red army towards world socialist revolution, towards world proletarian dictatorship, towards authentic world socialism and world communism. Without the Venezuelan Section of the Comintern (SH) the revolutionary uprisings are doomed to defeat. However, as Stalinist-Hoxhaists, we understand very well the dialectics of the revolution in Venezuela. The revolution is a process of further development. The sooner the proletariat will take the lead of the revolution, the sooner socialism will win in Venezuela and all over the world. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist teachings must be worked out and propagated in Venezuela by the Comintern (SH). This is today's task of the Comintern (SH) in contrast to the revisionists and neo-revisionists.






Statement of the Comintern (SH)

13. 3. 2013

Hugo Chavez is dead...



Chavez had the merit of using his brave nationalizations in benefit of the interests of his own people against imperialist multinationals, thus allowing Venezuelan government to manage the country’s oil and natural resources in order to improve life conditions of Venezuelan working and popular masses.” (http://pcmlv.blogspot.de/2013/03/hugo-chavez-un-verdadero-y-valiente.html, Documents of the ICP (ML), Hugo Chávez, un verdadero y valiente anti-imperialista, March 2013, translated from Spanish language)

But life itself denounces the falsity of such claims.

And what could we expect from the representatives of the dangerous anti-communist currents that try to reconcile Hoxhaism with neo-revisionism? One of their main features is its opportunistic denial of recognition of Comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism. This phenomenon can be compared with the old line of the so called "2 and 1/2 International": after the betrayal of the II. International Lenin whipped off the mask of the "2 and 1/2 International”, of the Kautskyites. And today we will whip off the mask of the defenders of the so called: "4½" Classics of Marxism-Leninism!”

We Stalinist-Hoxhaists, we, the defenders of the "5 Heads" will triumph over the defenders of the so called "four and 1/2 heads" - behind which the renegades have entrenched themselves! One of our main ideological slogans is “Down with the "4½ -ists”! Therefore, we, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, take this opportunity to confront and denounce CIPOML’s neo-revisionist positions relatively to Chavist bourgeois-capitalist, exploitative, oppressive, wage slavagist, pro-imperialist and anti-communist social-fascism.

n truth, as time passed, it was clearly revealed that Latin American national bourgeoisie, of which Hugo Chavez is the Venezuelan representative, were never truly anti-imperialist, but on the contrary, they were transformed into pro-Chinese bourgeoisie compradore, in opposition to the pro-American bourgeoisie compradore. In truth, with the rapid strengthening of Chinese imperialism and its growing need for raw materials (such as energy – oil, gas, etc. - and mining – steel, copper, etc.) to support the imperialist growth of this country, Chinese state-monopolist bourgeois-capitalist-imperialist cliques were quickly encouraged to launch their neo-colonialist claws over Latin America, whose national bourgeoisie didn’t hesitate in seeking the protection of Chinese imperialists against American pressures in exchange for providing Chinese social-fascists and social-imperialists with cheap raw materials and workforce. Therefore, the hegemony of U.S. imperialism has been surpassed by rival Chinese imperialism. Of course, American imperialist oligarchy does its utmost to stop this process that is depriving it from its former highly profitable situation as Latin America’s exclusive colonizer. This explains the attempts by Washington, the CIA and its local satraps to overthrow the new governments that are less favorable to it, such as that of Chavez. They have nothing to do with alleged “American imperialist hate towards socialism” for the simple reason that nowhere in Latin America socialism has ever been constructed, neither in Venezuela neither in any other place. And the same happens with pro-Chavez and anti-Chavez false “mass movements” in Venezuela which are paid by, respectively, Chinese and American imperialists who struggle against each other for control and domination over Venezuelan resources and workforce (that’s why we neither support those anti-Chavist "protesters" who are paid by the US-imperialists, nor the pro-Chavist “demonstrations” which are paid by the Chinese social imperialists). American imperialist oligarchs treacherously qualify Chavez’s regime and policies as being “socialist” only to discredit authentic socialism and to keep working and proletarian masses away from it, thus contributing to the perpetual maintenance of enslaving exploitative and oppressive bourgeois-capitalist-revisionist-imperialist world order.

Therefore, besides being a defender of bourgeois-capitalist order, anti-communist Chavez was also a staunch supporter of Chinese social-imperialism. In fact, a veritable political-socio-economic-ideological colonization of Venezuela by the Chinese social-imperialists is occurring through using Chavist bourgeoisie as their most faithful lackeys.

In the case of Chavist Venezuela, it is even impossible to speak of “revolutionary movements”, as the old state apparatus and military police remain totally intact. In Venezuela, the Chavist bourgeoisie will certainly fail to fundamentally improve the economic and social situation of all workers, the problems of corruption and the growing divergence, always more pronounced, between the interests of exploiters on the one hand and of workers and unemployed, on the other hand in the context of the development of the productive forces (as development must be unilateral and unbalanced, since it will be guided by foreign “investment”, namely by Chinese imperialist invasion and occupation). Of course, in nations like Chavist Venezuela, Chinese imperialists will never allow the development of the heavy industry of means of production which could ensure true economic independence – and this not to mention the competition from Chinese manufactured products which perpetuate and intensify the international division of labor. While remaining under the dominance of bourgeois-capitalist-imperialist system, Venezuela will always be a typically neo-colonial nation: exporting raw materials to imperialist superpowers and importing manufactured products and technology from imperialist superpowers.

Contrary to misleading appearances conferred by the phony “anti-imperialist” and even “socialist” nature which revisionists automatically attribute to any bourgeois-capitalist regime which apparently “criticizes” the hegemony of American imperialism, Venezuelan Chavist bourgeoisie could not be more dependent on world imperialism: it provides complete creditor insurance to imperialists and it even keeps previous neo-colonialist and exploitative commitments to the IMF! Its entire laughable “leftist” or even “socialist” phraseology is only intended to fool workers and proletarians!

Of course, the world proletariat (through the centralized coordinated actions of the proletarians of the countries) is the only power in the world which is able to destroy world imperialism as a whole - in first line, both the super powers and the other imperialists and bourgeois lackeys of the countries in both their camps. Our general-line is the struggle against both the superpowers and their camps (Hoxhaism). The revisionists and neo-revisionists try to unite all forces "against" US-imperialism in favor of the strengthening of the other imperialist camp of China, Russia, Brazil, etc. (indeed, European imperialism, Brazilian imperialism and others also hold a certain sway over Venezuela, although reduced when compared to almighty Chinese imperialism) - with the intention of prolonging and postponing the decay of the whole world imperialism. The weakening of different imperialists makes only sense if we use their contradictions for the aim of the socialist world revolution. That's why is very important to unmask the imperialists and their lackeys who hide behind "anti-imperialism". That is an important part of our struggle against revisionism and neo-revisionism of today.

Chavist anti-communist ideology of “Latin American and Venezuelan road to socialism” reminds us of Black Africa’s, Asia’s and Middle East’s "ways" and "paths" leading to "specific socialism". These “specific socialisms” were and are closely related to the “non-aligned movement” and they are only masks to divert the struggle of workers from genuinely communist purposes with the complicity and support of imperialist powers which want to perpetuate these mystifications as a mean to keep world laborers and world proletarians away from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism. These "specific socialisms" such as that of Chavez deny the universal revolutionary laws of socialist and communist revolution and construction; they are defenders of inevitably opportunist, reformist and social democratic positions. So-called “specific socialisms” like that of Chavez refuse the teachings of the Classics on the general laws of the revolution and of socialist / communist construction following the footsteps of all other “models” and "socialist ways" like those of Tito, Castro, Khrushchev, Mao, the Eurocommunists, etc. as well as of the Italian, French, Spanish, Islamic, African “roads to socialism”, etc. Independently of their differences, they all (including Chavist Venezuelan / Latin American “specific 21st century socialism”) come together and agree on what really matters: total and complete denigration and rejection of the fundamental teachings of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism – the only truly revolutionary socialist and communist ideology. This rejection and denigration has the goal of always preserving capitalism in a form or another.

The glorious 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism were absolutely right when they considered that these kind of bourgeois mystifications represent a huge risk for
the victory of the true anti-imperialist struggle, that is to say, for the victory of the socialist revolution. These pseudo "socialist revolutions" or "ways to socialism" provide in effect the imperialist bourgeoisie and its indigenous accomplices (like Chavist pro-Chinese compradore bourgeoisie in Venezuela) with assurance that nothing will fundamentally change while treacherously making working classes of the neo-colonial dependent nations feel (sometimes sincerely) that things will really change!

Life itself has shown that these imperialist-revisionist mystifications of which Chavist “socialism” is among the latest examples have not the slightest intention to challenge capitalist-imperialist world order. On the contrary, their purpose is to keep it eternally alive. And what could we expect from “movements” which base themselves on the factual defense of wage slavery?

According to the Classics, socialism necessarily includes abolition of private property of the means of production and of wage labor. Now, it is evident that the fake “leftist revolutions” in Chavist Venezuela and in Latin America have not done, are not doing and won’t do anything of this. They are not intended to overthrow the oppressive, slavagist and exploitative predatory capitalist-imperialist production relations and forces and to replace them by socialist and communist ones. On the contrary, they only encourage the exacerbation of inter-imperialist rivalries in order to obtain some additional crumbs. The essence of the Chavist "Bolivarian socialist revolution" is composed by the interests of the Venezuelan pro-Chinese bourgeoisie compradore disguised under the mask of petty-bourgeois populism to deceive world workers / proletarians in general and Venezuelan workers / proletarians in particular.






Down with Korean revisionism!

decided and published by

the Comintern (SH)

on July 24, 2013



The Comintern (SH) has noticed that different neo-revisionist world camps increasingly refer to reconciliation between Marxism-Leninism and Kim Il Sungism, in general, and between Stalinism-Hoxhaism and Kim Il Sungism, in particular.
It is the aim of the neo-revisionists to call us Stalinist-Hoxhaists “traitors”, “sectarians” and “disrupters” within the anti-imperialist world front. Why? Because the revisionists want to dominate the anti-imperialist world front for the purpose to better defend world imperialism.
Therefore, we Stalinist-Hoxhaists must convince every anti-imperialist fighter that the revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism is impossible without the victory over revisionism, inclusively over Kim Il Sungism.
Kim Il Sungism is an ideology which serves to the imperialists and not to the antiimperialists.
Marxism-Leninism teaches that revisionists must be excluded from the antiimperialist world front and all the more a social-fascist state like North Korea.
Therefore the revisionists, on their part, aim to exclude us Stalinist-Hoxhaists from the anti-imperialist world front.
However, we do not equalize neither confound our deep anti-imperialist solidarity with the people in North Korea with the solidarity towards the social-fascist regime.
The Stalinist-Hoxhaist struggle against Kim Il Sungism is in the interest of the whole world proletariat, in general, and in the interest of the proletariat in North Korea, in particular. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists say:
You can only be a true anti-imperialist and anti-social-fascist fighter, if you unmask and struggle against Kim Il Sungism.
The tactics of the Comintern (SH) in the struggle against Kim Il Sungism are clear:
1. The defeat of the anti-Marxist ideology of Kim Il Sungism is the precondition of the defeat of the social fascist regime in North Korea. If we succeed in unmasking Kim Il Sungism than this ideology can be better defeated by the anti-revisionist fighters all over the world.
2. And with this we create better conditions for defeating all the supporters of Kim Il Sungism who are spread all of the world. If Kim Il Sungism is discredited, than, both the
social-fascist leaders of North Korea and their supporters in the world, are discredited.
Every weakening of the influence of Kim Il Sungism will strengthen the influence of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement and weaken the revisionist camps in the world.

3. And last not least, our tactics is to hinder the neo-revisionists that they come to the aid of the social-fascists of North Korea. Those neo-revisionists who try to justify their
defense and support of social-fascism in North-Korea by means of alleged “Marxist-Leninist” arguments, and those neo-revisionists who try to justify their defense of Kim Il Sungism by means of alleged “Marxist-Leninist” arguments - all these neo-revisionists must be treated like the North Korean social-fascists themselves – namely as enemies of the peoples, the world proletariat and the proletarian revolution.
This article is always based on the immortal and invincible lessons of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha – and its objective is
precisely to destroy the lies and myths surrounding the Kim Il Sungist branch of revisionism that since many decades has been doing infinite harm to the cause of world socialism and of world communism. This document aims to be a powerful weapon in the hands of the world proletariat in general and of the Korean proletariat in particular against the social-fascist bourgeoisie and its counter-revolutionary ideology. It aims to be a heavy blow against the neo-revisionists who are the main danger in the today's Communist World Movement. The revisionists from all over the world cannot mask themselves behind North Korean social fascism any more. It is absolutely and totally necessary to unmask and discredit them all. Therefore, this article has the purpose of strengthening the ideological position of the Comintern (SH), its Sections and all Stalinists-Hoxhaists all over the world and also of being a principled guide-line of the
Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement to combat against and to smoke out one of the last revisionist hideaways.


The development of revisionism in Korea was at first mainly influenced by the Soviet revisionists, and then by the Chinese revisionists and last not least by Titoism as a kind of
ideological buffer zone in demarcation of the Northern influence of Soviet revisionism and Southern influence of the Chinese revisionism.

Up to the present day, the teachings of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism are totally unknown in Korea. Thereby Hoxhaism teaches the proletariat of a small country like Korea that even a proletariat of a small country, like Albania, can
successfully establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and resist the capitalist-revisionist encirclement of world imperialism. However, without the destruction of the myth of Kim Il Sungism, it will be impossible for the Korean proletariat to overthrow the social-fascist dictatorship.


Despite the enormous lack of information, despite Kim Il Sungist's lies and schemes to keep a "socialist Marxist-Leninist" and "anti-revisionist" appearance, despite all the trickeries used by them to conceal their social-fascist anti-socialist nature, comrade Enver and the other Albanian Marxists-Leninists-Stalinists were strong and firm enough to put an end to the ideologically friendly relations that they eternal maintained with Kim Il Sungists until then in the name of Marxist-Leninist purity and of anti-revisionist struggle, they were strong and firm enough to understand that Kim Il Sungism is a revisionist, social-fascist and anti-communist ideology, that Kim Il Sung is a "pseudo-Marxist" (these are the exact words from comrade Enver) and that North Korea was always a capitalist country. And we must never forget that even when socialist Albanian eternal maintained those relations with North Korea, Albanian Marxists-Leninists Stalinists never allowed that Kim Il Sungism influences deviated Albania from its genuinely socialist path. In fact, comrade
Enver is the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism also because of his genial capacity to totally break with all kinds of revisionist branches as soon as he realized their true nature.


Comrade Enver Hoxha cannot be blamed for the revisionist way which North Korea had chosen to go, contrary to what world revisionists, neo-revisionists and anti-communists from all hues affirm. However, we MUST explain the different situation of then and now. The crucial point is the situation of today:
If we would both uphold the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha on the streets and places in North Korea, then the social-fascist state would send the police to us within 10 minutes, charge us and imprison us - even if we would uphold the friendly picture of Enver Hoxha together with Kim Il Sung.
If we are asked why we call North Korea a social-fascist state, then we give exactly this example as the best concrete answer:
A country which calls itself "socialist" is social-fascist , if the propagation of Enver Hoxha (and of the 4 the other Classics of Marxism-Leninism!) is forbidden and prosecuted as a criminal act.

The attempts of supporters of Korean revisionism around the world to “reconcile” Kim Il Sungism with MLSH are nothing more than attempts at corrupting the only genuinely revolutionary and communist ideology with the virus of social-fascist Kim Il Sungism in order to defeat MLSH with the aim of eternal perpetuating world capitalist-imperialist exploitative slavagist bourgeois system and formation. Revisionists and neo-revisionists around the world (from Russia, Great-Britain, etc.) do their utmost to sanitize Kim Il Sungist socialfascism by even stating that this social-fascist ideology is in agreement with Marxism-Leninism. For example, the opportunist organization “Communist League” tries to reconcile Kim Il Sungism with Marxism-Leninism by shamelessly affirming that:

“Kim Il Sungism is fully in accord with the Marxist-Leninist principles (…).” (http://ml-review.ca/aml/China/KoreaNS.htm, Bill Bland, The Workers’ Party of Korea and Revisionism, Communist League, edition in English)


Kim Il Sungist North Korea had never, has not and will never have absolutely anything to do with socialism and much less with communism (and so, it could also never be the supposed “new center of communist movement”, as world revisionists and neorevisionists pretend). Kim Il Sungism is an inherently and totally exploitative, totalitarian, oppressive, tyrannical, compradore neo-colonial, wage slavagist, reactionary, socialfascist, pro-imperialist, capitalist-revisionist and anti-communist ideology.

We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, have the concern of correctly informing world workers about the true character and nature of North Korean social-fascist neocolonial compradore bourgeoisie. We are not like those neo-revisionists from “Expresso Stalinist” who widely publish all kinds of bourgeois-capitalist-revisionist garbage with the aim of keeping world proletarians, laborers, workers and exploited oppressed classes away from accurate Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist information about Korean revisionism (those capitalists-imperialists-revisionists sources promoted by neorevisionist “Expresso Stalinist” insist in presenting social-fascist North Korea as being a “socialist” country allegedly ruled by a “Marxist-Leninist” government.

Indeed, it is also our desire to use this text as a condemnation of the neo-revisionist

organization “Alliance”, whose defense and embracement of North Korean monarcho-fascist dictatorship reached the point of expelling the Comintern (SH) from the ISML because the anti-communists from “Alliance” could not stand our principled position relatively to monarcho-fascist North Korea neither relatively to Kim Il Sungist revisionism. But in spite of all their blatant neo-revisionism (that is, “anti-revisionism” in words and revisionism in deeds), provocations and subsequent expulsion of our organization, they did not manage to keep the Comintern (SH) away from its authentically communist path. The Comintern (SH) could never abandon its absolutely correct stands. As the only genuinely revolutionary and communist organization of the world that truly upholds the immortal banner of world proletarian and socialist revolution of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, the Comintern (SH) remained firm and unwavering in its staunch refusal of North Korean social-fascist neo-colonial compradore bourgeoisie and of all its revisionist and anti-communist theories; and we, Stalinists-Hoxhaists will never make any kind of concessions in this issue in spite of the blackmail and pressures coming from neo-revisionist anti-socialist sects like “Alliance”. To defend social-fascist, revisionist, anti-communist North Korea means to defend capitalism and imperialism, means to defend eternal maintenance and eternal perpetuation of exploitation and oppression against proletarians, workers, laborers and all other exploited oppressed classes.




collection of wrings and quotations










(excerpts concerning ICMLPO)


Castroism = anti-communism !


Shame on Cuban social-fascist regime and on all those who defend and support it, both directly and indirectly!


The Cuban revolution did not begin on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and was not carried out on the basis of the laws of the proletarian revolution of a Marxist- Leninist party. After the liberation of the country, Castro did not set out on the

Marxist-Leninist course, either (…).” (Enver Hoxha, The Fist of the Marxist-Leninist Communists Must Also Smash Left Adventurism, the Offspring of Modern Revisionism

(From a conversation with two leaders of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Ecuador), 21st October of 1968, edition in English)

This statement from comrade Enver brilliantly synthesizes the origins and development of Castroist social-fascism in particular and of Cuban revisionism in general. Castroist Cuba was never, is not and will never be socialist and much less communist. With this article, we aim precisely at informing world proletarians and world workers about the anti-socialist and reactionary nature of Cuban social-fascism. Cuban revisionism in general and Castroism-Guevarism in particular are totally and entirely exploitative, oppressive, wage slavagist, social-fascist, pro-imperialist, capitalist-revisionist and anticommunist.

Our goal is to unmask Cuban revisionism on the basis of Stalinism- Hoxhaism and to destroy the “revolutionary” myth of Fidel Castro with the weapons of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. We tried to analyze not only the major characteristics of Castroism-Guevarism but also the historical course followed by revisionist Cuba since before 1959 bourgeois pseudo-revolution until nowadays.

Specially, we tried to unmask Castro's counterrevolutionary role in Africa because we think that this is very important for the African working class and for the creation of the African Sections of the Comintern (SH). We also want to use our text as a condemnation of neo-revisionist ICMPLO’s defense and embracement of Cuban social-fascism. To defend it means to defend capitalism and imperialism, means to defend eternal maintenance of exploitation and oppression against laborers.


The neo-revisionists of the “Expresso Stalinist” pretend to
“criticize Castroism” on one side, but on the other side they publish praises to Castro and to Cuban anti-socialist “revolution” on their wicked site (see: Happy 86th, Fidel
Castro Ruz and PCMLE: Fidel Castro Ruz, the most outstanding soldier of the Cuban revolutionary process). In fact, while affirming to “denounce Castroism”, neorevisionist site “Expresso Stalinist” is indeed promoting reconciliation with it.


By defending social-fascism (respectively, its Cuban version) as being a “progressive” order, neo-revisionists from “Expresso Stalinists” are indeed also defending fascism as a whole (namely, all its different formats). As all formal types of fascism are substantially equal, to defend one is automatically synonym of also supporting all others, even because what is not truly revolutionary is necessarily reactionary: between all different formats of fascism, a position which defends one of them is automatically reactionary (even if that position pretends to “condemn” the others, this doesn’t change its reactionary character). Concluding, the neo-revisionists from “Expresso Stalinist” are criticizing fascism as a whole in words, but are defending it in deeds through their treacherous depiction of capitalist, exploitative, repressive and wage slavagist social-fascism as being a “progressive” system.


In the general-line of the Comintern (SH) we wrote:
"Our goal is the abolition of the inevitability of social-fascism. This means - to destroy the influence of neo-revisionism (like happens with the "Expresso Stalinist" site, which defends and paves the way to social-fascism). The guaranteed abolition of
the inevitability of social-fascism is only possible by means of the socialist world revolution." (Documents of the Comintern (Stalinist-Hoxhaists), General-Line of the Comintern (SH), 2001, version in English)


We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, are not like the neo-revisionists, who pretend to “condemn Cuban revisionism” while happily accepting and eulogizing the other revisionist states.

This is the case of the “Alliance”, an organization which publishes articles allegedly “denouncing” the anti-socialist nature of Castroist Cuba while explicitly defending North Korean social-fascism; indeed, they even reached the point of expelling the Comintern (SH) from the ISML precisely because they could not stand our principled position of total refusal of KimIlSungism, an anti-communist pro-capitalist bourgeois ideology which has enslaved North Korean workers for decades maintaining capitalistimperialist exploitative class and productive relations in that country. Thanks to KimIlSungist bourgeois-capitalists, North Korea is a fascist monarchy whose existence is based on the forced painful division of an entire nation and whose oppressive classes rival with their South Korean counterparts in what respects to anti-communist class despotism and wage slavagist repression. As the world’s only genuinely proletarian, revolutionary and socialist organization, the Comintern (SH) could have never adopted a different position from the one which completely rejects and condemns KimIlSungist fascism (a thorough analysis of the origins, causes, consequences and development of Korean revisionism does not belong to the scope of this article; this issue deserves indeed an entire article solely dedicated to it…). Of course, this was too much for the neo-revisionists of “Alliance”, who “forget” that to defend a revisionist state means in fact to defend all of them, as they are all essential equal among them. It is not possible to condemn Cuban revisionism without also condemning all other revisionist currents, ideologies and forces, including KimIlSungism, of course. In exchange, to defend one of them is to defend all, as neo-revisionists from “Alliance” do. As we said, all revisionist ideologies and states are substantially equal and share the same objectives.

We will take the examples of Castroist Cuba and of KimIlSungist North Korea, as the neo-revisionists of “Alliance” criticize the first while supporting the second. Both Castroist bourgeoisie and KimIlSungist bourgeoisie resulted from their countries’ national bourgeoisies, whose struggle against American and Japanese imperialism was crowned by bourgeois “revolutions” which did not represent any kind of proletarian or workers’ victory, even because in none of these countries there was a veritable Marxist- Leninist party vanguard able to lead the toiling laboring masses towards socialism and communism under the headship of the proletariat. Indeed, just like occurred in Cuba, also North Korean bourgeoisie accepted neo-colonial exploitative subservience towards Soviet imperialism in return for continuing enjoying class privileges and in order to avoid overthrown by American and Japanese imperialisms. Since then and until nowadays, both Cuba and North Korea have been social-fascist tyrannies where proletarians and workers are fiercely exploited by bourgeois-capitalist-revisionist classes which have recently sold their countries to Chinese imperialism and which always tried to hide their anti-socialist / anti-communist nature and reactionary policies under “red” and even “Marxist-Leninist” masks. Both in Castroist Cuba and in KimIlSungist North Korea, masquerades of “communist and workers’ parties” have been put in scene together with an apparent and fake “centralized and nationalized economy” with the aim of making workers believe that “socialism and communism” are really being constructed and that, consequently, the necessity of anti-capitalist and communist struggle has already been totally surpassed. In truth, neither in Cuba neither in North Korea there are any authentic communist parties; both nations are being governed by bourgeois-capitalist-revisionist pro-imperialist parties from which democratic centralism and a truly Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology are totally absent and which are absolutely controlled by social-fascist bourgeoisie which oppresses workers more and more. And the same occurs with these nations’ supposedly “socialized economy”. In Cuba and in North Korea, private property and accumulation were never abolished, they were kept alive and well behind “revolutionary” masks. In both these countries, revisionist bourgeois puppets control all means of production in benefit of the interests of their imperialist and social-imperialist masters. In both these nations (and in all social-fascist and revisionist states both past and present without exception), workers suffer from savage repression and unfortunately, most of them wrongly think that the evils they suffer are due to “socialism”, as majority of them do not know how to distinguish true socialism from the pro-imperialist, exploitative, reactionary, wage slavagist, bourgeois-capitalist, oppressive, repressive, revisionist, social-fascist, anti-socialist and anti-communist order under which they are living.

Indeed, in Cuba, in North Korea and in all other revisionist states both past and present, when this is advantageous to them, social-fascist, wage slavagist, revisionist-capitalist bourgeoisie use the false pretext of “defending the socialist state” (which, in truth, never existed in these countries) to ruthlessly repress authentic communists. Consequently, all fascisms, social-fascisms and pro-capitalist orders and currents have as main goal to keep workers away from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, thus contributing to the eternal perpetuation of world bourgeois capitalist-imperialist-revisionist order through maintaining exploitative wage slavery within their countries while selling these same countries to world imperialists and social-imperialists. Both Cuban and North Korea are neo-colonial countries of typical bourgeois-compradore type whose ruling cliques are subservient lackeys of world capitalists-imperialists. Both regimes have absolutely nothing to do with MLSH, neither with socialism and neither with communism.



Comrade Enver always underlined that:

“(…) the only truly great heroes and really brave proletarian revolutionaries are those who proceed from the Marxist-Leninist philosophical principles and put all their physical and mental energies at the service of the world proletariat for the liberation of the peoples from the yolk of the imperialists, feudal lords and others.

(…) Castroism, disguised as Marxism-Leninism, is leading people, even revolutionaries, into left adventurism. This trend appears to be in contradiction with modern revisionism. Those who are ideologically immature think thus, but it is not so. The Castroists are not opposed to the modern revisionists. On the contrary, they are in their service. The separate courses each of them follows lead them to the same point. (…) whenever the Soviet revisionists fail to prevent the masses of the working class and the people from carrying out the revolution, this trend steps in and, by means of a putsch, destroys what the revisionists are unable to destroy by means of evolution. The Soviet revisionists and all the traitor cliques which led the revisionist parties preach evolution, coexistence and all those other anti-Marxist theories we know. From the terms it employs, left adventurism seems more revolutionary, because it advocates armed struggle! But what does it mean by armed struggle? Clearly — putsches. (…) The authors of the theory that the “starter motor” sets the “big motor” in motion pose as if they are for the armed struggle, but in fact they are opposed to it and work to discredit it. (…) What sort of Marxism-Leninism is this which advocates attacking the enemy, fighting it with these “wild” detachments, etc. without having a Marxist-Leninist party to lead the fight? There is nothing Marxist-Leninist about it. Such anti-Marxist and anti-Leninist theories can bring nothing but defeat for Marxism-Leninism and the revolution, as Che Guevara's undertaking in Bolivia did. This trend brings the theses of the armed uprising into disrepute. What great damage it causes the revolution!” (Enver Hoxha, The Fist of the Marxist-Leninist Communists Must Also Smash Left Adventurism, the Offspring of Modern Revisionism (From a conversation with two leaders of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Ecuador), 21st October of 1968, edition in English).


Especially among young workers, there is much talk about Guevara’s alleged “heroic, courageous and rebel Marxist personality” and about his “unconditional opposition to imperialism and oppression”. However, experience teaches us that one of the parameters that distinguishes true anti-revisionists from false “antirevisionists” is the stand adopted towards Che Guevara. In fact, we note that many of alleged “anti-revisionists” that do not spare efforts in hiding behind “Marxist-Leninist” and even “Stalinist” masks do not hesitate in openly defending Che. For example, the site: http://espressostalinist.wordpress.com/category/


is one of those phoney “anti-revisionist” sites that pretend to be defending true socialism and communism. The referred site even apparently praises comrade Enver’s socialist Albania and talks about “the 5 Heads of Marxism-Leninism” (although it does not recognize Enver Hoxha as a Classic, but only refers to his “valuable contributions to Marxism-Leninism” – therefore, to unmask this site means also to contribute to the implementation of our 2013 slogan: "Down with the 4 and 1/2ists!" The 4 and1/2ists are those who don’t recognize comrade Enver as the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, but only as someone who made “enriching contributions” to it. This stand is synonym of complete anti-communism because to refuse one of the Classics means to reject all of them as a whole. Contrary to the neo-revisionists of the “Expresso Stalinists”, we cannot merely consider comrade Enver Hoxha as having made mere “valuable contributions” to communist movement and ideology. It is absolutely necessary and indispensable to recognize him as the authentic 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, as the proletarian leader that truly developed of the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin after the death of this last one and in the context of world capitalist-imperialist-revisionist encirclement). The referred site publishes amounts of apparently “anti-revisionist” slogans and articles, including some allegedly criticizing “Castroist revisionism”. But far from being anti-revisionist, this site is in fact neo-revisionist (“anti-revisionist” in words, but revisionist in deeds). One of the major proofs of this is precisely the unwavering defence of Guevarist revisionism that is made by the site:

“(…) the best revolutionary in the Cuban movement was Che, since he both upheld Stalin and sided with the Sino-Albanian bloc during the Sino-Soviet Split.”

( http://espressostalinist.wordpress.com/category/

revisionism/castroism/,Cuban Revisionism, 2011, version in English).

This statement is illustrative of the kind of “arguments” utilized by the site’s editors tojustify their embracement of Guevarist revisionism.


“Who was Che Guevara? (…) He was a rebel, a revolutionary, but not a Marxist-Leninist as they try to present him. (…) The views of Che Guevara and anyone else who poses as a Marxist and claims "paternity" of these ideas have never been or had anything to do with Marxism-Leninism. (…)” [ENVER HOXHA].




collection of quotations




July 2012

The Tunisian Workers "Communist" Party Changes Name to Tunisian Workers Party (ICMLPO)

confession of failure !

evidence of incapacity !

betrayal of communism !



The change of name is symptomatic for the petty-bourgeoisie - afraid of communism.

Allegedly, voters can not be wooed with "communism".


Change of name cannot hide the fact that this party is in essence a neo-revisionist party from the very beginning of its existence. This party is anti-revisionist in words and revisionist in deeds. The TWP is not even approximately "leftist" in the broadest sense. Hama Hammami is not a Marxist-Leninist. He neither fights against capitalism nor for socialism.


"The aim is to rally a large group of the population around a clear program and not simply around the issue of faith," he said.

[ cited by the (!!) Chinese social-fascist "Xhinhua.Net" - and the chinadaily.com ]


This radical-democratic, petty bourgeois party is borne by the waves of the revolution in Tunisia.
And this party will be inevitably submerged by the waves of the socialist revolution which will follow unavoidably. When the workers of Tunisia establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, the TWP will fall into obscurity.

At present, this neo-revisionist party and its bad influence in Africa should not be underestimated because it undermines the necessary transition from the bourgeois-democratic revolution to the proletarian socialist revolution. It is absolutely neccesary to unmask the neo-revisionist character of the TWP on the principled basis of Marxism-Leninism.

There will develop some brave proletarian revolutionary elements who critisize the revisionist betrayal of the TWP and who do not hesitate to march further towards the socialist revolution on the basis of the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Therefore the Comintern (SH) will absolutely support these Stalinist-Hoxhaist comrades in Tunisia.

As far as we were able to translate the Arab website of the TWP, we could only discover one sole (!) communist publication:
Marx and Engels: "Communist Manifesto".

The TWP denies what Marx and Engels have written in this famous book:

"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.


Lenin taught us:

"One should know how to combine the struggle for democracy and the struggle for the socialist revolution, subordinating the first to the second.

In this lies the whole difficulty; in this is the whole essence.

Don’t lose sight of the main thing (the socialist revolution); put it first ; put all the democratic demands, but subordinating them to it, co-ordinating them with it."

(Lenin, collected works, Volume 35, page 269, English edition)


The TWP did not and will not understand this clear and principled Leninist compass of the Tunisian revolution.

The TWP is affiliated with the neo-revisionist association of the ICMLPO which has betrayed comrade Enver Hoxha - the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, the leader of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement and the leader of Socialist Albania.


the facelift of the Tunisian Workers Party

- showing the white feather

instead of

the revolutionary red banner of the communist world proletariat !





ICMLPO-member - from TOGO


The Communist Party of Togo has written in its journal "Révolution N°1" (Septembre 1980):

(in French)


"La fondation du PARTI COMMUNISTE du TOGO (P.C.T) les 3 et 4 mai 1980, après des années de lutte des marxistes-léninistes pour la prise en charge et la réalisation des tâches théoriques et pratiques, idéologiques, politiques et organisationnelles de création du Parti de la classe ouvrière, est un grand événement d’importance historique, inédite pour la classe ouvrière, les masses laborieuses, pour notre pays.Le PCT constitue une rupture fondamentale avec le passé. Il combattra avec la dernière rigueur toute tentative de retour à ce passé infect, pourri, honteux. Il ne tolérera pas, que sous aucun prétexte, des groupuscules, des sectes primitivistes et anti-marxiste-léninistes empêchent la lutte de la classe ouvrière et de masses laborieuses d’aller de l’avant. Le PCT est le parti de l’action révolutionnaire. Contrairement à toutes les vieilles rêveries du passé c’est un parti marxiste-léniniste de lutte ouverte. Les amples démonstrations et manifestations publiques qui ont suivi sa fondation le prouvent entièrement. Parti de combat de la classe ouvrière, il entend balayer tous les obstacles qui empêchent l’émancipation politique et économique du prolétariat et des larges masses populaires, il entend réunir toutes les conditions pour le passage au socialisme puis au communisme à travers la dictature du prolétariat. C’est un parti combatif, révolutionnaire, qui est et sera suffisamment courageux pour amener les prolétaires et les masses laborieuses pour la lutte pour le pouvoir.


Ce parti révolutionnaire qui entend maîtriser et maîtrisera au cours de l’action la science et l’art de la révolution, qui sera suffisamment expérimenté pour s’y retrouver dans les conditions complexes d’une situation révolutionnaire ; ce combattant d’avant-garde de toutes les classes opprimées du Togo, détachement de choc du Mouvement Communiste International, les marxistes-léninistes et sympathisants marxistes-léninistes authentiques de notre pays en ont réuni les conditions, sur la base d’une plate-forme-programme scientifique de construction de l’authentique parti communiste inspirée des lois qui se dégagent de l’expérience du Parti Communiste Bolchevik. (PCB) et du Parti du Travail d’Albanie (PTA), plus généralement de l’expérience du Mouvement Communiste International (MCI) synthétisée dans les résolutions de la IIIè Internationale (IC)."



The stand point of the Comintern (SH) in regard of the PC of Togo is as follows:


The Communist Party of Togo was correctly founded on the basis of the CPSU of Lenin and Stalin, on the basis of the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha, on the basis of the Comintern.

Particularly, this party has drawn a clear demarcation-line against Maoism.

This party was one of our brother parties - affiliated to the Hoxhaist World Movement. This is the reason why the Comintern (SH) - who defends and continues the heritage of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha - is principally also defending the Communist Party of Togo.

The Communist Party of Togo has the following website: http://www.pctogo.org

However, the last publications date back to the year 2005.

So, The Comintern (SH) really does not know what is going on with this party after such a long period of 7 years. We do not know in which ideological direction this party has developed. We even do not know if this party still exists (?)

Assumed, if there still exist active comrades who have maintained a sense of belonging to the genuine Marxist-Leninist line of comrade Enver Hoxha , then they are welcome and we hold our hand towards them.

[Comintern (SH), October 2012]






"The Revolutionary Communist Party of Volta" (PCRV)-


a neo-revisionist, petty-bourgeois Party

October 2012 


The PCRV pretends to be on line with comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA. It proclaims to be not "revisionist" and struggling for the "proletarian revolution".


Why is all this a lie ?

The PCRV is under influence of the neo-revisionist ICMLPO.

The PCRV has never published documents in which the Marxist-Leninist line of Comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA is propagated among the workers of Burkina Faso.

The PCRV has never propagated Albania as the socialist bulwark of the socialist world revolution.

Neither does the PCRV propagate the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha, nor the lessons of the other four Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The PCRV has not drawn the Hoxhaist demarcation-line against Maoism etc.

The PCRV lacks of a clear and correct Marxist-Leninist ideological basis. The ideological basis of the PCRCI is not the proletarian ideology, however that of the petty-bourgeoisie.

The PCRV does not propagate the hegemony of the proletariat and its allies, the poor peasants.

The PCRV does not propagate the proletarian struggle for the Agrarian revolution of the poor peasants.

The PCRV does not propagate the armed class-struggle as the only alternative for the social and national liberation of the people of Burkina Faso.

The PCRV does not propagate the civil war of the exploited and oppressed classes against the exploiting and oppressing classes.

The PCRV does not propagate the formation of the united revolutionary army of the proletarians, poor peasants and soldiers ! THe PCRV does not propagate the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, does not propagate the Soviet system.

The PCRV does not propagate the proletarian internationalism - does not propagate the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

The PCRV does not propagate the socialist revolution of Burkina Faso as part of the socialist world revolution.

The PCRV does not propagate the Leninst-Stalinist type of the Bolchevist party.

The PCRV does neither propagate socialism nor the perspective of communism.

The PCRV does not lead the struggle for the transformation of the bourgeois-democratic revolution into the socialist revolution.

The PCRV does not propagate the world revolutionary struggle against both the super powers USA and China - the main imperialists enemies on the African continent and against European imperialism.


Down with the neo-revisionist betrayal of the PCRV !

Down with the neo-revisionist betrayal of the ICMLPO !

Long live the socialist revolution and the

dictatorship of the proletariat of Burkina Faso !

Long live proletarian internationalism !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !







    October 2012 


    Once upon a time, this party was a brother party of our proud Hoxhaist World Movement - exactly until the fall of the Socialist Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha.

    We were in full solidarity with our comrades from Benin who have then defended the Marxist-Leninist banner of comrade Enver Hoxha.

    In their founding document the comrades of Benin sent a message to the Party of Labour of Albania and to comrade Enver Hoxha.

    It is written:

    "The founding congress of the Communist Party of Dahomey welcomes the victory of the proletarian dictatorship in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania.
    The founding congress of the Communist Dahomey party supports the correct struggle of the Albanian Party of Labour, with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head, who defends the purity of Marxism- Leninism against any revisionist tendencies, who safeguards the Unity of Marxist-Leninist Communist Movement and who applicates the true proletarian Internationalism, the defense and strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the continuation of the complete construction of
    Socialism in Albania. This correct struggle inspires the Communists Dahomey, who is determined to climb up any mountain, and who encourages our working class and our people."


Let us also have a view into their correct Marxist-Leninist programme which was worked out and decided in the period of the foundation of the Communist Party of Dahomey:


"The Communist Dahomey party fights
against French imperialism, while at the same time also against the two hegemonic superpowers, the U.S.-Imperialism and the Soviet social-imperialism. The determined struggle against these outside Enemies is not separated from the fight against the domestic reaction, the bureaucratic comprador bourgeoisie and against the remnants of feudalism which is supportesd by the imperialists.
Numerically, the working class of Dahomey is small, however it is the leading class in the revolution and is guided by the leading role of the party.
The main task of the Party at the present stage is to fulfill its essential functions: the political unification of the people around the party, arming the masses and building a liberation army for the destruction of the existing neo-colonial state apparatus and its replacement by a new apparatus of the people's dictatorship which is directed against the pro-imperialist classes and its lackeys.

The Communist Party of Dahomey rejects the sermons of the "theory" of the "Three Worlds" of forming an Alliance with the Western European and American imperialism to fight alleged against Soviet social-imperialism. The "Three-World-Theory" prays the reconciliation between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.
The Party promised wholeheartedly to give support to the Party of Labour of Albania and its leader, Comrade Enver Hoxha,in their resoluteand principled struggle of the defense of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism on the basis of the lessons of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin."

And today ?

The PCB has rejected all these political treasures! The leaders crept under the neo-revisionist platform of the ICMLPO - the notoriety of the so called "Declaration of Quito" of 1992. This platform exstinguished all former ties to Socialist Albania with comrade Enver Hoxha at the head. Affiliated with the ICMLPO, the leaders of the PCB became traitors and enemies of Hoxhaism and the Hoxhaist World Movement. In words, they claim to be " Marxist-Leninists", but in deeds they have left all principled attitudes and teachings of Marxism-Leninism. The party is in the hand of leaders who have "forgotten" and buried what the party has once decided in its own first revolutionary programme.


The Comintern (SH) is the standard-bearer of Socialist Albania and the Marxist-Leninist Movement with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. We are reaching our hands only out to those comrades of the party who have not and will not forget the defense of comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, who defend the revolutionary banner and spirit of the old Hoxhaist party leaders.

We support all comrades who struggle against the treacherous neo-revisionist leaders of the PCB. We struggle for the goal of the re-Bolshevization of the Party based on the old correct programme. In the case, if this is impossible, we would recommend to help us, at first, to create the new African Section of the Comintern (SH) - based on our "African Platform" which centralizes the collection and organization of all Stalinist-Hoxhaist forces in Benin and all the other countries of the African continent.

    In the Appeal of May Day, published on April 28, 2012, there is nothing to read about the necessity of the armed socialist revolution, nothing about the dictatorship of the proletariat, nothing about the proletarian internationalism and the socialist world revolution, nothing about striving for the model of the Socialist Albania, nothing about socialism, communism, etc.

    In short: It is a pure economistic, nationalist, neo-revisionist May-Appeal.


    In the conference of the leading forces of the PCB (also April 28, 2012) there is nothing to read about the most important task:

    Revolutionary, armed removal and destruction of capitalism, expropriation of the private ownership at the means of production, annulation of the debts and the nationalization of all riches of the country in the hands of the proletariat and the poor peasants. Nothing to read about the necessity of the Soviet regime, nothing about the dictatorship of the proletariat, nothing about the agrarian revolution etc. etc.

    Instead of this, these "leading forces" of the PCB produced petty bourgeois nationalist rubbish which has nothing in common with the decision of a genuine revolutionary Bolshevists party, nothing in common with the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

    The PCB does not lead the class struggle of the proletariat, does not educate the proletariat with the teachings of Marxism-Leninism for the preparation of the armed socialist revolution.

    However, the PCB spreads illusions about petty-bourgeois democracy, liberalism and legalism instead of preparing the necessary transition from the democratic revolution ( December 11, 1989) to the socialist revolution on the basis of principled rules of a Bolshevist party.

    The tasks of the proletariat of Benin are not restricted within the borders of the country.

    The proletariat of Benin is part of the entire African proletariat which has to be prepared for the socialist world revolution as a conscious part of the army of the world proletariat.

    The proletariat of Benin can not be free, if the whole proletariat of Africa is not free. And the African proletariat can not be free if the whole world proletariat is not free.

    The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the working class of Benin.


    Long live the friendship between the Hoxhaists of Benin and Socialist Albanian with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top !

    Long live the revolutionary proletariat of Benin !

    Long live the socialist revolution and the proletarian dictatorship of Benin !

    Long live the world proletariat and the dictatorship of the world proletariat !

    Long live the socialist world revolution !

    Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism

    - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

    Long live world communism !


    Comintern (SH)

    October 22, 2012





Down with the "expresso-Stalinist" neo-revisionists of the USA!


Down with the PCR - social-chauvinist lackey of Brazilian imperialism !

"Antiimperialists" in words - imperialists in deed !

The ICMLPO on the track of the traitors of the Second International !!


Neo-revisionism is a new dangerous phenomenon of international opportunism and must be combated by us Stalinist-Hoxhaists.

On the neo-revisionist web-site of the "expressostalinists" the following article of the PCR (Brazilian member of the neo-revisionist ICMLPO) was published:

Averdade: Capitalist growth increases submission of Brazil to foreign capital

Here is our critical statement of the Comintern (SH):


 it is obvious that Brazilian neo-revisionists do not give up their aims of misleading workers by trying to convince them that Brazil is not an emergent imperialist power but continues to be a "nation dependent on American and European imperialisms". This is absurd. Brazil is nowadays an imperialist country. But the purposes of the Brazilian neo-revisionists are understandable. They try to detach the proletariat's attention from Brazil's imperialist ascension in order to protect the interests of the Brazilian imperialist bourgeosie. In this way, by depicting Brazil as "submitted to foreign capital" and by praising "Brazil's national economy", they do a double favor to Brazil's imperialist bourgeosie: not only they direct workers' struggle towards "foreign imperialism and capital" - thus leaving free road for the Brazilian imperialists to operate without having to face proletarian resistance - but they also encourage workers to struggle against the foreign imperialisms which are precisely the main rivals of the Brazilian imperialist rulers. Therefore, the Brazilian neo-revisionists are manipulating and using workers in benefit of Brazil's imperialists in a double manner.

But their objectives will ultimately fail. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, will open the eyes of the world proletariat in general and of the Brazilian proletariat in particular to the urgent necessity of combating and abolishing all kinds of imperialism - not only the old "traditional" ones, but also the new emergent imperialisms.


For further study we recommend our book:


Why is Brazil an imperialist country?







AUCPB - a neo-revisionist Russian party


Down with the neo-revisionists all over the world who support the Regime in North Korea !

Down with the continuation of their dirty "admiration" and support of social-fascist North Korea !

Long live the victory of the socialist revolution of the North Korean proletariat for the overthrow of the social-fascist bourgeoisie in North Korea !

Down with world imperialism and ALL its reactionary, fascist and social-fascist bourgeois lackeys in the countries of the world !

The neo-revisionist Russian AUCPB "fully supports" continuation of the North Korean social-fascist dictatorship:

N.A.Andreeva [General Secretary of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB)] :

"We fully support the policies of the successor to Kim Jong Il, the Great People's leader Kim Jong UN and wish success in moving the country towards building a prosperous socialist state."
(March 3, 2012 Leningrad)

[ This social-fascist statement was sent by the AUCPB to our public Comintern (SH) - Forum ]


Further statements of the Comintern (SH) on


North Korea





- AUCPB - (Russia)

Down with the Russian neo-revisionists who like to restore

Russian social-imperialism !


Every honest communist know that the modern revisionists did overthrow the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union AFTER the death of Stalin.

However, what did Nina Andreeva say ?


"The world's greatest achievements of the Soviet Union after [!!] Stalin's death were - the launch of Soviet man into space, the development of peaceful nuclear energy, etc.."

[comment on the death of J.V. Stalin - 5 MARCH 2012]

With other words:

The neo-revisionist Russian AUCPB misuses comrade Stalin for the purpose to restore a new Russian social-imperialist "world superpower".

The modern revisionists - the Krushchevites, Breshnevites, Gorbies, etc. - all these anti-Stalinists have hide behind the name of "Lenin".

Neo-revisionists are those kind of anti-Stalinists who hide behind the name of "Stalin".

But this makes no difference between the modern revisionists and the neo-revisionists:

in the result, they are all

enemies of the world proletariat,

enemies of the socialist world revolution,

enemies of Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

Revisionists who hide behind the name of "Stalin" or/and that of "Enver Hoxha" must not believe that this could be a better protection for them.

We get them all !!!





 The seizure of power by Albanian revisionists had started just after Comrade Enver’s death, when they felt sufficiently confident to destroy the Albanian proletarian dictatorship. While Comrade Enver was alive, they didn’t even dare to try to accomplish their evil intentions and plans because if they had done so, Comrade Enver and the loyal Albanian Marxist-Leninists would have immediately and implacably smashed them. That’s why they had to wait until Enver’s death in order to put their plans into practice. The degeneration of Socialist Albania at the hands of the loathful Albanian revisionists caused great sorrow and disappointment among all the genuine anti-revisionists all over the world that during more than 4 decades had seen how Comrade Enver’s Socialist Albania invariably adopted correct Marxist-Leninist stands relatively to the major revolutionary questions of each time, how it was building socialism and communism in a principled manner free from all kinds of right or “left” opportunisms or bourgeois influences. The courageous way in which Comrade Enver and the Albanian Marxists-Leninists defended Comrade Stalin, in which they fiercely struggled against international reaction and revisionism of all stripes, from Titoism/Khrushchevism to Maoism, and the intrepid independence that Socialist Albania maintained relatively to both imperialist superpowers (the United States and the Soviet Union) inspired many honest communists which demarcated themselves from the revisionist and pro-capitalist courses which were being followed by the great majority of the communist parties of their respective countries. For all these anti-revisionist militants, Socialist Albania with Comrade Enver at the head was the guiding light towards a socialist society and a communist world. Comrade Enver’s death submerged the anti-revisionist movement in a deep grief, but in general, the anti-revisionist militants had hope that the correct Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist course followed by Socialist Albania would continue without interruptions. Unfortunately, few years after Comrade Enver had passed away it became evident that the traitor Ramiz Alia and the Albanian revisionists (with the support of world imperialism and social-imperialism) had completely denied Enver Hoxha’s teachings and were directing Albania towards a social-fascist path which eventually caused the fall of the last veritable socialist state in the world during the early 90’s.

Of course that this originated many problems inside the anti-revisionist movement, but instead of solving these problems while reaffirming their confidence in Marxist-Leninist ideology, the truth is that many prominent members and leaders of parties which qualified themselves as “Marxist-Leninists”, “anti-revisionists” and “Hoxhaists” chose the road of betrayal and deception, they chose the road of abandonment of the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist principles, of the abandonment of the path to revolution and to socialist and communist society. In few words, they chose the road of neo-revisionism, and the CPB also overtly followed the same social-fascist tendency.

However, as we have being trying to demonstrate throughout this article, the embracement of neo-revisionism by the leaders of the CPB was not something which happened suddenly. On the contrary, it was the culmination of a long process of ideological mistakes and of opportunist concessions towards multiple anti-Marxist and pro-capitalist influences and ideologies. It is true that the CPB adopted a correct attitude during the Khrushchevist betrayal in the late 50’s and early 60’s, choosing the side of the opposition to soviet revisionism. It is also true that the party espoused a very accurate position during the Sino-Albanian split, supporting Socialist Albania of Comrade Enver Hoxha. But despite these honorable and correct stands, the reality is that the anti-socialist tendencies which had been developing within the party ultimately prevailed over the anti-revisionist origins of the CPB. Throughout the CPB’s history, it is noticeable a deep contrast between the socialist rightfulness of the party’s external/international positions as a section of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and the pro-bourgeois and even reactionary character of the CPB’s positions relatively to Brazil’s internal matters.

In the 7º Congress of the CPB which took place in 1988, Comrade Stalin still appeared side by side with Marx, Engels and Lenin. However, in the sadly famous 8º Congress of 1992, Comrade Stalin was already absent and the Brazilian neo-revisionists considered Marx, Engels and Lenin to be the only Classics of Marxism-Leninism, in what amounted to a typically revisionist attitude. Moreover, the party leaders criticized Comrade Stalin utilizing the same lies and calumnies used by the Krushchevists. In 1978, João Amazonas had affirmed in the CPB’s newspaper “Classe Operária” that:

“The works and the teachings of Stalin are alive within the peoples’ conscience.” (João Amazonas, Classe Operária, 1978, translated from Portuguese language).

But in 1992, comrade Stalin was unjustly accused of allegedly “exaggerating his role as the top leader of the CPSU” and for “having responsibilities in the revisionist takeover in the Soviet Union”. The Brazilian revisionists try to blame Comrade Stalin for supposedly “not having done enough to prevent the revisionist takeover and the subsequent defeat of socialism”. This is totally false. Comrade Stalin dedicated his life to the struggle against revisionism. Indeed, one of the main merits of Comrade Stalin is precisely to have kept the CPSU in a correct and Marxist-Leninist ideological line, free from both rightist opportunism and “leftist” opportunism. One has just to remember the struggles led by comrade Stalin against the multiple anti-socialist factions which existed inside the CPSU, from the Trotskyist faction to the Boukharinist faction. In truth, comrade Stalin was betrayed by his own “comrades” after his death. In an interview, comrade Enver Hoxha declared:

“Question: Why, in your opinion, did Stalin not prepare for his succession?

Answer: Stalin did think about this. At the 19th Congress he enlarged the Central Committee and the Political Bureau in order to consolidate the leadership of the Party after his death. But he was surrounded (…) by camouflaged enemies who constantly presented him with false reports. He told them: "After my death you will sell out the Soviet Union", but he did not succeed in combating them in time. Stalin was a great man. I knew him at close quarters. I had five meetings with him. He was a wise and level-headed man. He fought the enemies of the Soviet Union and of communism.

Before and after the Second World War, Stalin consolidated the position of the Soviet Union politically, economically and military. He had noted that his country was being undermined - and undermined gravely.Khrushchev and Mikoyan told me with their own mouths that they had organized a plot against Stalin, that they had had the intention of murdering him in a coup but feared the people. That is the kind of criminals and assassins they were. Even after Stalin’s death they continued to cry: "Long live Stalin!" and to say: "Stalin was a great man". But, at a certain moment, after having consolidated their positions, they came out against him in their notorious attack. They accused Stalin of all the crimes and faults which they had committed themselves. That we never accepted, and we declared so openly at the meeting of 81 Communist Parties in Moscow in 1960. That is why they accuse us of being Stalinists. But we are Marxist-Leninist-Stalinists and we put into effect all that is good for socialism in Albania.”(Albanian Life, nº 32, An Interview with Enver Hoxha, Tirana, December of 1984, edition in English).

In the main document of the 8th Congress of the CPB entitled “O Socialismo Vive” (Socialism Lives), Brazilian revisionists deny the most essential principles of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology:

“Brazil needs to build socialism, the country needs to create a socialist government guided by the most advanced forces of society, by the party or parties which follow a revolutionary and scientific theory …In what respects to strategy, this is the main purpose of the Communist Party of Brazil during the present epoch.” (Documents of the Communist Party of Brazil, O Socialismo Vive, 1992, page 31, translated from Portuguese language).

In this paragraph, it is the revolutionary principle of the necessity of a single party during socialism which is being negated. Once more, we see the striking similarities between Brazilian revisionism and Maoist social-fascism, which also defends the existence of various parties and classes under “socialism” in order to promote the maintenance of bourgeois exploitative domination:

“In his article «New Democracy », Mao Tsetung preached that after the triumph of the revolution in China a regime would be established which would be based on the alliance of the «democratic classes», in which, besides the peasantry and the proletariat, he also included the urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie. «Just as everyone should share what food there is,» he writes, «so there should be no monopoly of power by a single party, group or class ».(Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

During the 8th Congress of the CPB, it was also affirmed that “Stalin gave priority to the party over the state”, and that “Stalin ordered many unnecessary and continuous waves of repression”. Those statements are irrefutable proofs of the openly ultra-revisionist fever that affects the CPB. What the Brazilian revisionists qualify as “unnecessary repression” and “overshadowing of the state by the party” has a name: proletarian dictatorship.

Every Marxist-Leninist knows that the measures adopted by Comrade Stalin during the time he was the leader of the CPSU were absolutely and indisputably necessary. Indeed, more than necessary, they were positive because they were the expression of the Soviet proletarian dictatorship whose aim was to totally destroy the very foundations of the capitalist system and of bourgeois-reactionary influences. The Brazilian neo-revisionists are very irritated about the fact that there was “repression under Stalin”. But of course there was repression under Stalin. By the time Comrade Stalin became the leader of the CPSU, the Russian bourgeoisie was still very powerful and was far from being eliminated. Even many members of the CPSU were heavily influenced by the old feudal-capitalist ideology. In these conditions, proletarian repression was desperately needed, even because only through the exercise of revolutionary violence the proletariat learns to defeat the bourgeoisie and to build a socialist and later communist society. The truth is that the proletarian dictatorship implies bloody clashes between the revolutionary and the reactionary forces, it implies the complete and quick expropriation and collectivization of the capitalist means of production in favor of the proletariat and the other working and oppressed classes, it implies the establishment of a planned economy, it presupposes an indomitable and ferocious struggle against everything related with the old bourgeois-capitalist exploitative system and yes, the proletarian dictatorship also necessarily involves the physical elimination of the anti-communist opponents. As Comrade Lenin stated:

“(…) this period (the dictatorship of the proletariat) inevitably is a period of an unprecedently violent class struggle in unprecedentedly acute forms, and, consequently, during this period the state must inevitably be a state that is democratic in a new way (for the proletariat and the propertyless in general) and dictatorial in a new way (against the bourgeoisie).” (Lenin, The State and the Revolution, Collected Works, pages 381-492, 1918, edition in English).

The revisionists consider these to be “extremist” positions, but they are the ones which willfully and deliberately defend a social-economic system which has been killing billions of people since its beginnings, which condemns the immense majority of the world population to live miserable lives under unspeakable conditions, which constantly provokes deadly wars, which imposes gruesome repression to hundreds of millions of people and which forcibly keeps the oppressed working classes under the noxious influence of a reactionary and backward ideology whose only objective is to increase the already fabulous profits that the world bourgeoisie steals and accumulates through the exploitation of the world proletariat. And while supporting the perpetuation of all these revolting evils, the revisionists still dare to accuse us Marxist-Leninists of being “extremists”!

Brazilian neo-revisionists qualify their explicit abandonment of Comrade Stalin as a “courageous criticism”, but they are totally mistaken. The true courage does not reside in the coward capitulation to the bourgeois-capitalist system. On the contrary, it resides in the staunch resistance against revisionism and in the resolute defense of communist ideology which is represented by the brilliant proletarian and revolutionary legacy of Comrade Stalin.

And Brazilian neo-revisionists went even further with their anti-communist zeal:

“We refuse the insidious accusations that the reactionary forces direct against us. We are not Stalinists. Nor are we anti-Stalinists. We consider Stalin’s figure in the historical context. (…) Besides of some incontestable merits, he showed failures and deficiencies, he committed mistakes which jeopardized the cause of the proletariat.” (Documents of the Communist Party of Brazil, O Socialismo Vive, 1992, pages 49-50, translated from Portuguese language).

“We are not Stalinists. Nor are we anti-Stalinists.” This statement is appallingly opportunist and treacherous because what is not revolutionary is necessarily counter-revolutionary. If you’re not Stalinist, that means that you’re necessarily and inevitably anti-Stalinist. Stalinism was the vital and decisive factor which permitted the survival of the proletarian dictatorship in Soviet Union. To deny Stalinist ideology means to deny the possibility of the successful socialist revolution; and the negation of the possibility of the successful socialist revolution is synonym of considering communism as an unrealizable utopia because the accomplishment of communism is dependent on the success of the socialist construction and on the revolutionary fierceness of the proletarian dictatorship.

Comrade Stalin represents the most glorious side of socialist revolution. He symbolizes revolutionary abnegation and communist strength. Comrade Stalin’s fearless proletarian rule was an uninterrupted sequence of superb achievements; from the struggle against Trotskyist attempts to destroy socialism in the USSR to the heroic manner in which Comrade Stalin led the process of industrialization and of collectivization of the means of production, not to speak about the victory over Nazism, of which the CPSU guided by Comrade Stalin was the main architect. Contrary to what the Brazilian revisionists affirm, the Stalinist period was not an era of terror and dogmatism during which Marxism-Leninism knew stagnation. Indeed, it was the exact opposite to this. It was an era in which the soviet oppressed masses enjoyed the greatest freedom, they were living in a genuine proletarian democracy and they were successfully building socialism. Stalinism represents an irreplaceable and inestimable development of the Marxist-Leninist theory, and to deny Comrade Stalin’s contribution means to deny socialist revolution in itself.

The Brazilian neo-revisionists try to hide their treason behind some phrases about “Stalin’s incontestable merits”. But these statements are nothing more than revisionist shibboleths. And primarily, we should realize that this hateful “criticism” that Brazilian neo-revisionists direct towards Comrade Stalin should be considered as being also equally directed against Comrade Enver Hoxha because he was the most faithful follower of Comrade Stalin, and while he led the PLA, Socialist Albania was a truly Stalinist bastion defying the degenerated capitalist-revisionist camp and showing to the world proletariat that the successful construction of a socialist society is not only possible, but it is foremost an historical necessity.

In truth, to put it bluntly, in what respects to the CPB’s past as a supporter of Socialist Albania and of Comrade Enver Hoxha, the Brazilian neo-revisionists usually decided to keep a total silence about that matter. However, there were some exceptions to that generalized silence. One of them was an article written by João Amazonas in the first months of 1991 in the “Princípios” magazine (the CPB’s ideological magazine). At that time, the PLA was already openly embracing a pro-capitalist course, but instead of reaffirming his confidence in the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha, instead of trusting Marxism-Leninism, João Amazonas affirmed this:

Can a little, backward and solitary country successfully build socialism and advance to communism? We think that this is unconceivable. (…) The theory of the victory of socialism in a single country is only valid to countries of considerable dimensions during periods in which the world revolutionary movement is in ascension.” (João Amazonas, “Princípios”, 1991, pages 41-42, translated from Portuguese language).

If there were still doubts about the neo-revisionist character of the CPB in general and of João Amazonas in particular, this phrase gives us the final answer. This statement directly denies the most fundamental teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha as a Classic of Marxism-Leninism. We, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, consider that the teachings of the five Classics of Marxism-Leninism (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha) must be regarded and understood as a whole. And this is totally true, but we must also take into account the fact that each one of the five Classics gave his own special contribution to communist ideology in the context of a determined historical period, in the context of a determined stage of socialism. And we can assert that one of Comrade Enver Hoxha’s main contributions to Marxism-Leninism consists precisely in the possibility, represented by Socialist Albania, that even a semi-feudal and backward country without heavy industry and whose proletariat is still in an embryonic phase can not only resist to capitalist-revisionist encirclement and influences, but also successfully build socialism and communism relying in its own internal forces. Comrade Enver and the Albanian Marxist-Leninists always stressed that the internal factor prevails over the external factor (at least during the stage of socialism during which Socialist Albania existed). According to the words of Comrade Enver:

“The complete construction of socialist society is closely connected with the understanding and implementation of the principle of self-reliance in every step and every field of life. This great Marxist-Leninist principle of profound revolutionary content is not only a law for the construction of socialism, but also, in the present conditions, an urgent necessity for our country to cope successfully with enemy blockades and encirclement.

The principle of self-reliance has always been a guiding principle of our Party and people since the time of the National Liberation War, when we fought under the slogan, «Freedom is not donated, but won by the people themselves». Likewise, in the struggle for the construction of socialism and the defense of the Homeland, the Party follows and consistently implements this principle. The freedom won, all the successes achieved so far, our socialist and independent life, are practical verification of the Leninist conclusion that self-reliance, the internal factor, is the decisive factor, both in the struggle for the triumph of the revolution and the seizure of power, and in the struggle for the construction of socialism and the defense of the Homeland.

Our Party has always defended the principle that self-reliance is not a temporary policy imposed by circumstances, but an objective necessity for every country, big or small, developed or underdeveloped, a principle applying both in liberation wars and the proletarian revolution, and in the construction of socialism and the defense of the Homeland.(Enver Hoxha, Report to the 7th Congress of the PLA, Tirana, 1976, edition in English).

The Albanian experience proves that even a small country with a backward material and technical base can experiment a great and general economic and cultural development, can grant its independence and can also defeat the attacks of world capitalism and imperialism if that country is conducted by a veritable Marxist-Leninist party, if that country is decided to fight until the end for its ideals having confidence in their achievement.”(Enver Hoxha, Report to the VIII Congress of the PTA, Tirana, 1981, translated from the French language).

Concluding, the mentioned quotation from the neo-revisionist João Amazonas negates one of the main teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha. As we Marxists-Leninists know, the negation of the teachings of one of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism means the denial of the teachings of all of them as a whole. And the negation of the teachings of the Classics of Marxism-Leninism means the denial of the Communist ideology.

In February of 1992, a meeting of “communist parties and revolutionary organizations” took place at Brasilia, Brazil’s capital. As we have already pointed out, this meeting happened during a very complicated period for the international communist and anti-revisionist movement. After all, 1992 was precisely the year in which Albanian revisionism achieved its aim of destroying the last remnants of socialism in Albania and of finally opening the country’s doors to capitalism of classical type.

It was also in the early 90’s that the ultra-revisionist “Quito Declaration” was published by the social-fascist ICMLPO with the purpose of negating the immense and inestimable Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist virtues of Socialist Albania led by Comrade Enver Hoxha and of poisoning the mind of the world proletariat with capitalist-bourgeois ideology in order to prevent the world socialist revolution. The anti-communist ICMLPO even includes a Brazilian “section” which is constituted by a party called Communist Revolutionary Party (CRP). The CRP was founded in 1966 and its members came mostly from a movement called “The Peasant League”. Unsurprisingly, this party also adopted the Maoist revisionist “theory” which defends the primacy of the role of the peasantry over that of the proletariat during the revolution. Since the end of the Brazilian fascist-military dictatorship, the CRP has been close to the petty-bourgeois organizations which support the social-fascist Lula. In essence, it is an anti-communist party which, just like the CPB, tries to perpetuate capitalism and to open the path to the imperialist ascension of the Brazilian national bourgeoisie. 

But let’s return to our analysis of the historical and ideological course of the CPB.

One of the more emblematic moments of the referred meeting in Brasilia occurred when João Amazonas made his intervention through a speech entitled “For the unity of the communist movement”. In this speech, João Amazonas confirms and buttresses the openly pro-capitalist course which the CPB had been following and which is maintained until this moment. This speech is very important if we want to understand the process of transformation of the CPB into a candidly social-fascist party, and because of that we decided to analyze it deeply. After all, it was not by chance that in April of 2011 the party’s secretary who is responsible for the international relations of the CPB publicly qualified the mentioned Amazonas’ speech as being a “classic”. And this is true. Undoubtedly, the speech “For the unity of the communist movement” authored by João Amazonas is a classic. It is a classic of neo-revisionism and of anti-socialist treason.

Throughout the entire speech, we see that there is a constant concern about “struggling against sectarian and backward positions” and about refusing “dogmatic attitudes”. Of course, there is nothing wrong about fighting against sectarianism and dogmatism if this fight is waged from correct Marxist-Leninist positions, but at the same time, practical experience teaches us that it is a bad sign when someone who is supposedly a “communist” insists too much about the “struggle against sectarianism”. We, Marxist-Leninists, must always be suspicious about this kind of “comrades”.

In first place, João Amazonas starts his speech by saying that: “Our debate is free and open”. But this affirmation was nothing more than empty talk. There was never a true debate during the meeting, which was “free and open” only to the neo-revisionist and social-bourgeois currents which had become dominant inside the formerly revolutionary anti-revisionist movement. On the contrary, Marxist-Leninist ideology and genuine socialist struggle were carefully kept outside of this “free debate” and were never allowed to defend the merits of the world communist movement led by comrade Enver Hoxha.

João Amazonas mentions the “fundamental question of the unity of the communist movement” and after having opportunistically said that “The content of the struggle for the unity of the working class does not change. But the manner in which we take this question into consideration assumes multiple forms.” he made the following statement:

By occasion of the last Congress of the III International, a strategic modification in what respected to the question of unity was decided considering the changes that took place relatively to the international situation. With the aim of reinforcing the unity of the working class, the Congress recommended that the communist movement should reproach the left-wings of the socialist parties and even of the radical-socialist party. The Congress accomplished this important modification basing itself on the Dimitrov’s report which struggled against the backward and sectarian positions, against the lack of understanding that the process of the struggle for the world unity of the working class must go through various transformations before it achieves its final objective.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

As we can see, Amazonas openly praises the Congress of 1935, affirming that it represented a “strategic change”, supposedly made “with the aim of reinforcing the unity of the working class”. It is important to note that Amazonas also mentions the sadly famous Dimitrov’s report which was presented during the Congress of 1935, affirming that it was useful in the combat “against the backward and sectarian positions, against the lack of understanding that the process of the struggle for the world unity of the working class must go through various transformations before it achieves its final objective.”

During many years, the Dimitrov’s report was “untouchable” for the great majority of the communist militants, even because it was put forward during the times of Comrade Stalin. However, as time passed and with the development of the anti-revisionist movement, many Marxist-Leninist parties and militants started to wonder about the true nature of the Dimitrov’s report and concluded that this report had a revisionist character.

The Dimitrov’s report emerged in a difficult moment to the communist movement. In 1935, fascism was dangerously spread in Europe and the Soviet Marxist-Leninists knew that, due to fascism’s own nature, it would be only a question of time before the fascist powers launched a potent military attack against the USSR, as indeed happened. The Dimitrov’s report defended the alliance between the revolutionary communist parties and the other bourgeois “anti-fascist” forces with the alleged purpose of preventing fascism from expanding even more.

In first place, the ways through which Dimitrov defends that the objective of “preventing fascism” should be accomplished are highly questionable because, let us repeat, fascism is a direct product of capitalism and it will never be totally and irreversibly defeated as long as the capitalist-imperialist system exists. Therefore, the bourgeois and pro-capitalist forces with which Dimitrov proposes that the communist parties should ally are of the same nature of fascism itself; those bourgeois forces and fascism derive from capitalism. Concluding, Dimitrov argues that the communist parties should rely on forces which, despite their fake “anti-fascist” phraseology, are at the service of the same social-economical system which created fascism in order to struggle against that same fascism! The least that we can say is that it does not make any sense.

If fascism results directly from the bourgeois-capitalist system, the logical solution would be that, in order to wage an efficient combat against fascism, communist parties should struggle against all forces and influences which are related to the economical and ideological system which gave birth to fascism. Of course that this solution is totally incompatible with Dimitrov’s “suggestions” of coalition between the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties and the pro-capitalist forces which auto-qualified as “anti-fascist” with the objective of deceiving the oppressed and exploited proletariat about the true class character of fascism.

Unsurprisingly, the practical application of the conclusions of the Dimitrov’s report caused some of the worst anti-Marxist deviations that occurred in a great number of communist parties, not to speak of the fact that since the Congress of 1935 the Dimitrov’s report has become one of the main “arguments” used by the revisionists to “confirm” their opportunist theories. In fact, Dimitrov’s anti-socialist positions (which negated the essential independence which must exist between the proletarian party and the petty-bourgeois forces) are commonly utilized by all kinds of revisionists in order to hide their treachery behind a supposedly “historical report which was approved even in times of Stalin”. And João Amazonas was no exception to this rule. He eulogizes Dimitrov because the theories which were he defended are in total accord with the capitulationist alliances that the CPB made and continues to make with various social-imperialist and social-fascist forces. In truth, just like Dimitrov advocates a counter-revolutionary “union” with the “progressive” (read: bourgeois) forces with the false pretext of “defeating fascism”, the Brazilian neo-revisionists also defend their own reactionary “union” with the “socialist” (read: social-imperialist) Workers’ Party with the false pretext of “defeating reaction”.

But let’s return to Amazonas’ speech.

After having praise Dimitrov to the skies, Amazonas goes on saying that “The defeat of socialism in the Soviet Union, in 1956-1957, created a difficult situation within the revolutionary movement (…). The world communist movement knew a serious division. This division (…) terribly jeopardized the revolutionary movement. The destruction of the previous unity brought serious problems. (…) The events in Soviet Union and in Eastern Europe (…) have created a new situation. If we refuse to understand this, we will be able to correctly struggle in favor of the construction of unity.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

In these quotations, Amazonas regrets the “division within the world communist movement” which occurred after the Khrushchevist betrayal in the Soviet Union. Amazonas talks about the evils caused by this division while “forgetting” to say that if this division ever happened, that was exclusively due to the revisionist betrayal which obliged the genuine anti-revisionist and Marxist-Leninist parties to demarcate from the anti-socialist and pro-bourgeois revisionist parties.

Taking this into consideration, it’s as if João Amazonas is insinuating that the anti-revisionist parties should have never demarcated from the revisionist parties because this distinction “jeopardized” the communist movement. What the neo-revisionist João Amazonas does not say is that if the anti-revisionist parties and the genuinely communist militants did not had the courage of refusing the pro-capitalist and social-imperialist course which was being followed by the Soviet Union and its allies, the most probable is that the communist movement worth of that name would have simply disappeared; because that was always the purpose of the revisionists and neo-revisionists: to liquidate the communist movement and ideology.

It is perilous to think that the anti-revisionist parties and militants should have tried to solve things “from within”, not only because the expansion of the revisionist virus turned this impossible, but also because the maintenance of the anti-revisionist parties and militants within the “communist” movement dominated by the Krushchevists, the Titoites, etc... would have exponentially increased the risk of revisionist contamination of the authentically Marxist-Leninist parties and militants.

Therefore, we conclude that, contrary to what Amazonas suggests, the division between revisionists and anti-revisionists that happened during the middle 50’s and 60’s was something positive when compared to what would have occurred to the communist movement if the truly Marxist-Leninist militants and parties had not separate from the pro-capitalist ones.

As if this was not enough, Amazonas states that:

“If we make a synthesis, we conclude that the forces which are organized against revisionism are feebly developed. (…) They have also committed errors. Nowadays, we have to face the problem of the unity of the workers’ movement from another angle. We are in a period of transition. (…) we should learn how to act in favor of the unity of the world workers. It would not be correct to adopt the old positions without considering the changes which took place. We suffered an historical defeat. We should find the concrete measures through which we can build the unity of the proletariat. (…) Faced with the new situation (the disappearance of Soviet social-imperialism), the parties which had followed the CPSU have been making certain reevaluations in what respects to the ideological aspects. How should we deal with this question? (…) We cannot talk about the unity of the working class without considering that the parties which followed the CPSU include many groups of militants which we cannot indiscriminately accuse of opportunism. (…) we think that we should search for contacts with those parties.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

In this paragraph, it is noticeable that Amazonas defends and preaches the typically revisionist theory of the “unity at any cost”. This theory is a perfect example of the total despise that the revisionists feel in what respects to everything related with Marxist-Leninist principles. The neo-revisionist Amazonas argues that, due to the vanishing of the social-imperialist Soviet Union, the international situation has supposedly “changed” and therefore it is necessary to “face the problem of the unity of the workers’ movement from another angle”. Comrade Enver Hoxha once wrote a statement which entirely applies to Amazonas’ “argumentation” about the “crisis of Marxism” and about “the changes which took place”:

Rejecting Marxism-Leninism, the social-democrats claim that "problems of today cannot be solved by old concepts". Following in their wake, the revisionists too, speculate with the newer conditions and phenomena, and, under the guise of fighting "dogmatism" and upholding "the creative development of Marxism" claim that many things today should be looked at with a critical eye, that what was right 30 years ago cannot be such any longer, (…),that he who abides by the basic theses of Marx and Lenin (…) is a dogmatist who takes no account of the great changes that have come about in the world, and he who consults the classic works of Marxist-Leninists in order to analyze and explain the present historical process, is afflicted with the mania of quotations and so and so forth. Hence, Marxism-Leninism is outdated for revisionists too, it no longer suits the newer conditions, it should be "enriched" with new ideas and new conclusions. Just like all the old opportunists and reformists, the revisionists too are stripping Marxism of its critical and revolutionary spirit and are attempting to turn it from a weapon in the hands of the working class into a weapon in the hands of the bourgeoisie to be used against the working class.”(Enver Hoxha, The Modern Revisionists on the Way to Degenerating Into Social-Democrats and to Fusing with Social-Democracy, April 7, 1964, edition in English).

It is also interesting to note that, throughout his speech, Amazonas only refers to the fall of the imperialist Soviet Union (which Comrade Enver had predicted in the early 70’s), and never mentions the fall of Socialist Albania, the last proletarian dictatorship in the world. This is remarkable because it was the complete disappearance of socialism in Albania at the hands of Albanian revisionists that affected the Marxists-Leninists of the world. On the contrary, the pro-soviet revisionists mourned the vanishing of Soviet social-imperialism which was their main external reference, and João Amazonas plainly follows their example.

Amazonas uses the “new international situation” as a pretext to justify the enormous treason to Marxism-Leninism which is included in Amazonas’ “conclusion” that the CPB should approach the ultra-revisionist parties which chose to follow Soviet social-fascism. This “conclusion” represents the more abject rejection of the genuinely communist principles.

João Amazonas affirms that “the forces which are organized against revisionism are feebly developed. (…) They have also committed errors.” In this statement, we can observe that Amazonas shamelessly spurns the fundamental role played by the Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations in the struggle against revisionism. It is truly revolting to see the manner in which Amazonas is so deeply worried about the “errors” allegedly committed by the anti-revisionist parties and organizations while simultaneously depicting the social-fascist parties as an example to follow.

In truth, when reading Amazonas’ speech, one gets the impression that the anti-revisionist parties and militants are a bunch of sectarian idiots which hold “backward positions” and “commit mistakes”.

Amazonas deceitfully affirms that we cannot qualify all those who militate in the revisionist parties as opportunists. It may be true that some militants of those parties are deceived by the social-bourgeois ideology. It may be true that there are some militants in those parties which honestly think that they are militating in a truly revolutionary party and who are sincerely pro-socialism. But the solution to win these militants to our anti-revisionist side cannot be accomplished through the perfidious approaching to the social-fascist parties.

On the contrary, the best strategy to conquer those militants is to demarcate our principled struggle from the revisionist treachery, is to expand our Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology, is to improve our revolutionary activities in order to prove them the unquestionable superiority of the communist ideology over the capitalist-bourgeois-revisionist ideology. But to achieve this, it is necessary to be totally loyal to proletarian socialism, it is necessary to increasingly accentuate the struggle against all kinds of revisionism. But Amazonas suggests the exact opposite to this. He argues that the anti-revisionist organizations and militants should happily give up their Marxist-Leninist principles with the purpose of seeking “contacts” with the ultra-revisionist parties.

As we had already concluded, the CPB had been following a pro-capitalist and anti-socialist course for a long time. Bourgeois ideologies and influences were never efficiently combated and consequently they are always present within the CPB. Nonetheless, until the year 1992, the Brazilian neo-revisionists never dared to go so far as to bluntly and directly preach the degeneration of the anti-revisionist movement through the union with the social-fascist parties. The example given by Amazonas of the type of parties with which the CPB should overtly ally is a clear proof of how anti-communist and opportunist is the line pursued by the CPB. Amazonas shockingly affirms that, in order to “build the unity of the proletariat”, the CPB should approach the Portuguese “Communist” Party led by Cunhal:

“(…), the Portuguese Communist Party of Alvaro Cunhal is making a reorientation towards the left. Between the Portuguese Communist Party Reconstructed (Marxist-Leninist) and Cunhal’s party, the difference is very big. But the party which holds an almost decisive influence over the Portuguese working mass it is Cunhal’s party.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

This phrase is a total and complete lie. Authentic Marxist-Leninists know very well that to talk about an “ideological reorientation towards the left” of the PCP during the period of the disappearance of the Soviet imperialist superpower is simply ridiculous. Since its embracement of Khrushchevism, the positions and activities of the PCP and of Cunhal were always reactionary and social-fascist. What the neo-revisionist João Amazonas calls the PCP’s “reorientation towards the left” was nothing more than an attempt of the Portuguese revisionist leaders to hide their anti-socialist betrayal in the context of the vanishing of social-imperialist Soviet Union and its colonial satellites.

The Portuguese revisionists were always the masters of deceiving. Contrary to other revisionists, (like the Spanish revisionists, for instance), the Portuguese revisionists have the cunning capacity of hiding their reactionarism behind “leftist” and “Marxist” phraseology during certain critical moments, like the one which happened with the fall of the Soviet empire which was the main external reference of the PCP. This perfidious capacity is a very powerful weapon used by the PCP’s leaders with the purpose of making the exploited and oppressed workers forget the repugnant and treacherous crime that they perpetrate against the proletarian revolution, against Marxism-Leninism and against socialism and communism. Therefore, this phony “reorientation towards the left” of the Portuguese revisionists is a mere fiction which will never deceive the authentic Marxist-Leninists.

Besides this, we must also note the abject and unforgivable treason that the Brazilian neo-revisionists commit against the Portuguese Marxist-Leninist movement. In fact, when reading the paragraph mentioned above, we easily conclude that Amazonas is demanding that the CPB should cease to support the PCP (R) and should support instead the social-fascist PCP of Cunhal. Of course, this coward and disgusting attitude clearly reveals the ideological option of the Brazilian neo-revisionists: they finally abandoned the “dogmatic” and “sectarian” PCP (R) and openly sided with the PCP which supposedly “holds decisive influence over the Portuguese working mass”, accordingly with Amazonas.

But what does Amazonas means when he talks about the alleged “decisive influence” of the PCP over the Portuguese working mass? It is true that the PCP unfortunately still holds a very powerful influence over the Portuguese working classes, but this influence is an evidently evil and anti-communist influence whose aim is to prevent Portuguese workers from adhering to Marxism-Leninism and from making the socialist revolution. Consequently, this intrinsically reactionary influence exercised by the PCP over the Portuguese working masses should be harshly combated by all genuine Marxist-Leninists. However, the neo-revisionist Amazonas does the exact opposite. He wrongly thinks that if the PCP of Cunhal holds decisive influence over the Portuguese working class, then it necessarily means that the party follows a correct line. It is obvious that this way of thinking is completely capitulationist, even because the “decisive influence” of the PCP is mainly due to the privileged treatment received by the party in the Portuguese bourgeois media which understand that the dominant classes and the social-fascist PCP have a common objective: to keep the exploited Portuguese proletariat in a state of total bondage through the eternal perpetuation of capitalism.

And this betrayal is particularly odious because the PCP (R) was founded having the CPB as the main example, as the main inspiration. Indeed, we can even affirm that perhaps one of the main reasons why the PCP (R) ultimately failed its purpose was due to the fact that the party followed a very bad model since the beginning.

With this, we don’t want to minimize the responsibility of the Portuguese Marxist-Leninists that were not able to prevent the total disappearance of the PCP (R) in 1992. It is true that since the 80’s, the PCP (R) was suffering from serious anti-socialist and pro-bourgeois deviations which were mainly caused by the strong Maoist influences which were always felt within the party. And it is also true that the Portuguese Marxist-Leninists should have made more efforts in order to have success in the struggle not only to maintain the PCP (R) alive, but also to correct the profound ideological mistakes and capitulationist tendencies which would guide the party towards its liquidation.

But this does not exclude the fact that the attitude of the Brazilian neo-revisionists in general and of João Amazonas in particular constituted an act of treason committed during a period in which the Portuguese Marxist-Leninist movement was in great vulnerability and was on the verge of its extinction; in 1992 the Portuguese Marxist-Leninists had to endure the disappearance of socialism in Albania, the vanishing of the PCP (R) at the hands of internal and external liquidators, and as if this was not enough they also had to face the repulsive betrayal of the Brazilian neo-revisionists that not only assumed their pro-capitalist ideology but also started to openly support the social-fascist PCP (situation which is still in effect nowadays; the website of the neo-revisionist CPB is full of praising references and flattering texts about the fascist P “C”P, whose ultra-reactionary, social-imperialist, pro-bourgeois and pro-capitalist character we tried to unmask in other article).

Continuing our analysis of the speech, we observe that after having defended the unity with the most reactionary and pro-capitalist revisionist parties, Amazonas does not hesitate before eulogizing the anti-communist regimes of China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba.

In what respects to China, Amazonas declares that:

“(…) We supported the Chinese Communist Party during many years. After that, we made a lot of criticisms (…) We were not in agreement with the « three world theory » (…). However, we self-critically recognize that our party did not follow the evolution of China’s situation. China has passed through great storms, like the Cultural Revolution, which caused many damages to the party. The country has known many zigzags during its recent history. But China made efforts in order to maintain a revolutionary course. (…) China plays an important role in the international situation. That’s why the CPB tries to understand what is really going on in China, what is the veritable situation in that country. And we are making this in a friendly manner. We don’t have any intention of giving advises or of dictating the political line of such a powerful and experienced party as the CCP.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

Reading this statement, we may feel tempted to affirm that the Brazilian neo-revisionists abandoned the struggle against Maoist revisionism. But this is not true. Brazilian neo-revisionists could only have abandoned the struggle against Maoism if they had once waged that struggle. But this was never the case. They could never abandon the struggle against Maoism simply because they never really struggled against it.

Amazonas refers the apparent “disagreement” between the CPB and the CCP in what respected to the “three world theory”, but this “divergence” was only superficial. The CPB never truly fought against Maoist anti-socialist ideology, and this was one of the main causes of the erroneous positions and strategies that the CPB systematically adopted since its foundations. Amazonas outrageously asserts that, despite some “zigzags”, China managed to “maintain a revolutionary course” (?!!!).This statement is appalling because in 1992, China was already one of the most powerful and dangerous imperialist powers. So, in words the Brazilian neo-revisionists scream about the “struggle against imperialism”, but in deeds they fervently support that same imperialism. It is very shocking to observe that Amazonas considers to be following a “revolutionary course” a party (the CCP) which since its beginnings has been using Marxism-Leninism as a “mask” to mislead the Chinese working classes and to hide the counter-revolutionary nature of Maoist revisionism whose main purpose is to strengthen the class power of the Chinese national monopolist bourgeoisie in order to open the path for China’s transformation into an imperialist superpower which fiercely oppresses and exploits the world proletariat in general and the Chinese proletariat in particular. In fact, when Amazonas states that “we self-critically recognize that our party did not follow the evolution of China’s situation.”, this can be interpreted as some kind of apology made by the Brazilian neo-revisionists towards the Chinese monopolist-imperialist bourgeoisie. They are regretting even the merely outwardly and inconsequent “anti-Maoist opposition” that the CPB apparently seemed to do in the context of the Sino-Albanian split in 1976-1978.

Equally scandalous is the affirmation that “the CPB tries to understand what is really going on in China, what is the veritable situation in that country. And we are making this in a friendly manner.” Friendly manner?!! Every Marxist-Leninist knows that there can be no “friendly manners” towards such a reactionary, imperialist and pro-capitalist party as the CCP nor towards such a dangerous, treacherous, pro-fascist and murderous class as the Chinese monopolist bourgeoisie and much less towards such an anti-socialist, anti-communist, anti-Marxist, pro-bourgeois and ultra-revisionist ideology as Maoism.

The Chinese social-imperialist bourgeoisie which rules and controls China’s fascist state machine based on the counter-revolutionary “Mao Zedong Thought” deserves bullets and not “friendly manners”.

And the neo-revisionist Amazonas goes on saying that: “We don’t have any intention of giving advises or of dictating the political line of such a powerful and experienced party as the CCP.” Reading this phrase, it is obvious the total absent of revolutionary courage of its author. The neo-revisionist João Amazonas cowardly and openly capitulates before Chinese social-fascism. (In the speech, João Amazonas even praises the Maoist and ultra-revisionist “Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) because this party has apparently “opposed” Gorbatchev’s perestroika, but this fake “opposition” not only does not change the pro-capitalist character of the CPI (ML) but it is also highly questionable; in fact, the “opposition” towards Gorbatchev’s perestroika was one more attempt of the Maoists in order to hide the social-fascist nature of their ideology behind a phony “revolutionary” and “orthodox Leninist” disguise. The truth is that the Maoist parties, the CPB and Gorbatchev’s perestroika have all the same purpose: to maximize the profits of the world bourgeoisie through the avoidance of the world socialist revolution).

This ultra-opportunist stand is in total contrast with the sincere and brave attitude adopted by the PLA led by Comrade Enver Hoxha which not only never hesitated before criticizing the CCP and Mao Zedong from an authentically Marxist-Leninist perspective, but also consciously preferred to chose a truly socialist and proletarian path without the false “help” of the Chinese social-imperialists when the time of open confrontation with Maoist revisionism arrived.

When comrade Enver reached the final and definitive conclusions about the veritable character of Maoism, he didn’t even vacillate before immediately breaking all ideological relations with Maoist and social-fascist China, because for the PLA led by Comrade Enver the defense of the purity of the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism was above everything. If Comrade Enver Hoxha had thought in the same opportunistic manner as João Amazonas and the Brazilian neo-revisionists, he would never dare to criticize and to struggle against “such a powerful and experienced party as the CCP.” But Comrade Enver was never afraid of denouncing Chinese social-imperialism nor of unmasking the counter-revolutionary nature of Maoism because comrade Enver knew very well that what makes a party to be more or less powerful is, respectively, its higher or lower degree of adherence and loyalty to the proletarian communist ideology. The PLA led by Comrade Enver was infinitely more powerful than the CCP because while the CCP is nothing more than a bourgeois-capitalist party, the PLA was the most resolute supporter of the most brilliant and righteous revolutionary theory of all times: Marxism-Leninism. As Comrade Enver once said:

Marxism-Leninism is a necessity, like the air we breathe and the food we eat.”

(Enver Hoxha, From a contribution at the meeting of the Secretariat of the CC of the PLA (April 26, 1982), Selected Works, Volume VI, Tirana, 1987, edition in English).

Moreover, it is indisputable that the time of “giving advises” to the CCP has gone. Since 1978, the only correct attitude that the world communist and anti-revisionist movement should espouse towards Maoism and towards Chinese social-imperialism is that of direct and violent struggle against them.

After this, Amazonas starts his defense of the fascist-monarchist North Korean regime:

“North Korea (…) has always been under the menace of imperialism. The country has made a lot of efforts to build a new society and to reunify a country which was divided by the American imperialists. To question whether it has chosen the best way to accomplish it, that is a problem which should be considered taking the opinion of the Workers’ Party of Korea into account, because this is a party which was tested during multiple struggles. (…) We believe that North Korea is included in our anti-imperialist and revolutionary camp.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

Since the end of the War of Korea in 1953, the Korean peninsula has been divided in two states: South Korea, a capitalist-bourgeois state of the classical type with regional imperialist ambitions but under American influence; and North Korea, a capitalist-bourgeois state of the revisionist type which during several decades was a satellite of soviet social-imperialism and which is now under the sway of Chinese social-imperialism. Since the very beginning, the North Korean “Workers’ Party” always committed serious anti-Marxist mistakes. And this is not surprising because a party which represents and defends the interests of the North Korean national bourgeoisie can never simultaneously embrace a correct communist and proletarian line; on the contrary, such an anti-socialist and pro-capitalist party will necessarily endure the aggravation of its own degeneration. This is the case of the North Korean “Workers’ Party”. In his book “The Krushchevists”, Comrade Enver recalls:

“On September 7 (of 1956) we arrived in Pyongyang. They put on a splendid welcome, with people, with gongs, with flowers, and with portraits of Kim Il Sung everywhere. You had to look hard to find some portrait of Lenin, tucked away in some obscure corner. (…) the revisionist wasp had begun to implant its poisonous sting there, too.” (Enver Hoxha, The Khrushchevists, Tirana, 1980, edition in English).

Therefore, we can see that one of the main characteristics of Kim-Il-Sungism (the North Korean variety of revisionism) was already present: the intense personality cult organized around Kim Il Sung with the consequent minimization of the true Classics of Marxism-Leninism like Lenin. In his brilliant book “Reflections on China”, Comrade Enver Hoxha perfectly and accurately described Kim Il Sung as being a “vacillant, megalomaniac revisionist” and bluntly said that:

Kim Il Sung, (…) is a pseudo-Marxist.” (Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, August 21, 1975, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

As time passed, Kim-Il-Sungism proved to be one of the more disgusting and reactionary forms of revisionism, whose treason was rightly understood by comrade Enver:

“The leadership of the Communist Party of China has betrayed (socialism). In Korea, too, we can say that the leadership of the Korean Workers' Party is wallowing in the same waters.”(Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, June 7, 1977, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

When the Soviet revisionists conquered power and started to spread their pro-capitalist poison, the North Korean revisionists tried to give an image of “loyal Marxists” and affirmed to be “totally against revisionism”. But this was just empty talk. During many years, North Korea was completely dependent on Soviet social-imperialism and on foreign capitalist credits. Comrade Enver understood this and by occasion of Tito’s visit to North Korea he analysed that:

“(…) Tito is going to Korea to carry out negotiations on behalf of American imperialism with Kim Il Sung and not to get credits, because there are no strong-rooms in Korea from which Tito can get them. Korea is so deeply in debt itself that it is unable to meet its repayments.” (Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, June 7, 1977, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

With the fall of soviet empire in 1989-1991, North Korea continued to be a highly indebted country which is nowadays being invaded by Chinese imperialist credits. North Korea’s external debt is of many millions of dollars and the country’s commercial balance suffers from a significant and systematic deficit. This situation is totally opposed to that of Socialist Albania of Comrade Enver Hoxha which relied on its own internal forces and was never dependent of foreign credits and “aids”. The Albanian Marxist-Leninists struggled to keep the country’s commercial balance always positive and they accomplished this task. Even bourgeois ideologues were impressed by the way a tiny country like Albania not only was plainly autosufficient but also effectively refused to be integrated in the world capitalist market. In truth, every veritable socialist country in the context of capitalist-revisionist encirclement (as was the case of Socialist Albania) has to fight for its self-reliance because otherwise international imperialism would immediately invade the country through capitalist credits, thus preventing and destroying the building of socialism. As comrade Enver Hoxha clearly asserts:

“In order to disguise the export of capital, the imperialist powers also resort to the practice of according credits. Through these so-called credits or aid, the big capitalist concerns and the states to which they belong bring great pressure to bear on the recipient states and peoples, and keep them under control. (…) On the other hand, these credits, which the big monopolies provide for the countries of the so-called third world, in fact, serve the feudal-bourgeois classes which rule these countries. The credits the new states receive are links of the imperialist chain around the necks of their own peoples. (…)

Capitalism never makes investments, provides loans, or exports capital to other countries without first calculating the profits it will realize for itself. (…)There are also other forms of according credits, like those practiced with those pseudo-socialist states which are trying to disguise the capitalist course on which they are proceeding. These are large credits provided in the form of trade credits which, of course, must be repaid within a short time. These are provided jointly by many capitalist countries, which have calculated in advance the economic as well as political profits they will draw from the recipient state, taking into account both its economic potential and ability to pay. In no case do the capitalists provide their credits for the construction of socialism. They provide them to destroy socialism. Therefore, a genuine socialist country never accepts credits, in any form, from a capitalist, bourgeois, or revisionist country.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

This principled and Marxist-Leninist stand is on the antipodes of that adopted by the bourgeois-capitalist North Korean regime. Indeed, North Korean anti-socialist ruling classes even “officialized” their country’s total dependence on foreign imperialist credits:

“The State shall encourage institutions, enterprises or associations of the DPRK to establish and operate equity and contractual joint venture enterprises with corporations or individuals of foreign countries within a special economic zone.” (Article 37 of the DPRK's Constitution, September of 1998, edition in english).

As we can see, the social-fascists which rule North Korean not even try to hide their complete allegiance and subordination to world imperialism, on the contrary, they gladly and openly assume it in their own Constitution. This article of theDPRK's Constitution affirms the exact opposite of what the article 28 of the Constitution of Socialist Albania states:

The granting of concessions to, and the creation of, foreign economic and financial companies and other institutions or ones formed jointly with bourgeois and revisionist capitalist monopolies and states, as well as obtaining credits from them, are prohibited in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania.” (Article 28 of the Constitution of People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, December of 1976, edition in english).

In face of this, it is incredible how some people who qualify themselves as “communists” and “Marxist-Leninists” still dare to affirm that the ultra-reactionary North Korea is a “socialist country”! The North Korean regime has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. The power structures in North Korean are similar to those of the most backward capitalist-feudal states. When Kim Il Sung died, his son Kim Jong Il was his successor and today it is already known that Kim Jong Il’s son will replace his father in the North Korean throne. Yes, throne is the correct word because North Korea’s political and economic system can be rightly defined as a fascist monarchy which oppresses and exploits North Korean workers while the monarcho-fascist bourgeoisie lives luxuriously.

For example, in the early 90’s, North Korea faced a severe famine caused by the appalling weakness of the country’s capitalist economy. This crisis was a consequence of the disappearance of Soviet social-imperialism on which North Korea was totally reliant. And while large numbers of North Korean workers were literally dying of hunger, Kim Il Sung, his son and the other members of the monarcho-fascist bourgeoisie were organizing opulent parties with included magnificent feasts where they received the representatives of the revisionist and neo-revisionist parties. And these representatives of the revisionist and neo-revisionist parties are the ones which are capable of affirming without blushing that North Korea is a “country which is building communism”. To say that North Korea is a socialist country, that is “the last Stalinist state in the world” means to blatantly insult Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, it means to try to discredit communist ideology with the aim of maintaining capitalism’s tyrannical and totalitarian world rule. Today there are no socialist countries in the world; this is the truth whether the revisionists like it or not.

The pro-American capitalist ideologues love to affirm that North Korea is an “isolationist” country, but this is totally false. Those pro-American ideologues use this kind of lies with the purpose of struggling against the competition of Chinese social-imperialism which is now the main supporter of the North Korean bourgeois regime. Only a zealous neo-revisionist like João Amazonas can declare that North Korea is an “anti-imperialist” and “revolutionary” country because, as we have already observed, far from being “isolated”, North Korea is totally integrated in the mechanisms of the globalized capitalist-imperialist system.

In the speech, Amazonas also mentions Vietnam, a country which, according to Amazonas, is “trying to surmount the obstacles and to advance towards the building of a new life”.

Without wanting to subestimate the heroic struggle that the Vietnamese people waged against the French and American imperialists, we have to note that Vietnam was never a truly socialist country. Since the beginning, the so-called “Communist” Party of Vietnam always embraced an ideology which is infinitely more close to bourgeois anti-imperialist nationalism than to Marxism-Leninism. Nowadays, revisionist Vietnam is completely subjected to the dominance of world imperialism in general and of Chinese social-imperialism in particular. This was already the case in 1992, but João Amazonas totally denied this truth.

The Vietnamese bourgeoisie which rules the country is worried about making the largest possible quantity of capitalist profits, and not about “advance towards the building of a new life”, contrary to what Amazonas affirms.

Finally, Amazonas talks about reactionary Castroist Cuba:

“And there is also Cuba. A country which has always deserved our sympathy and which, with the disappearance of the Soviet Union, is presently facing serious problems. Cuba never renounced to revolution and it is struggling heroically (…). The solidarity with Cuba is the duty of all revolutionaries.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

Throughout our analysis, we had already realized that this speech from João Amazonas is revisionist to the bone. However, this paragraph about Cuba is perhaps one of the most reactionary statements included in the speech. In first place, João Amazonas confirms with his own mouth what we had been saying since the commencement of this article about the evil influences that Castroist Cuba had always exercised upon the CPB and which significantly contributed to the anti-Marxist mistakes and deviations which characterized the party’s ideological line even during its alleged “anti-revisionist” and “Stalinist” phase. Amazonas assumes that the Brazilian revisionists always saw ultra-revisionist Cuba with “sympathy”, that is, as an example to follow.

After that, he says that Cuba is facing serious problems since the vanishing of Soviet social-imperialism. What Amazonas does not refer is the reason why Cuba is having so many problems with the fall of Soviet empire. The truth is that since its anti-socialist and pro-liberal “revolution” in 1959, Castroite Cuba had been a veritable Soviet colony. Castroist Cuba supplied the Soviet Union and its social-fascist satellites mainly with sugar and in return the Soviet social-imperialists literally submerged the country with their capitalist credits, turning Cuban economy into nothing more than a mere appendix of the Soviet economy, in what amounted to a typically colonialist relationship.

Soviet social-imperialists had total control over Castroist Cuba’s political and economic affairs and consequently, the only branches of the Cuban economy which were permitted to develop were the ones which could bring profits to the Soviet social-fascist bourgeoisie. In this context, it is obvious that the origins of the “serious problems” which affected Cuba reside in the country’s complete dependence on the social-imperialist credits and investments (and these problems still affect the country nowadays, because Castroist capitalist economic system was never able to totally recover from the disappearance of Soviet Union, despite Cuba’s recent rapprochement to social-imperialist China). Of course, this situation is sufficient proof of the reactionary and pro-imperialist character of the Castroist regime.

Amazonas also affirms in his speech that “Cuba never renounced to revolution”. And we say that this is totally true because one can only renounce to something after having embraced it. We could only say that Castroist Cuba renounced to revolution if it had ever espoused it. For example, we can affirm that Soviet Union renounced to the revolution (after Khrushchevist betrayal) because it had already struggled in favor of it at a previous epoch (that of comrades Lenin and Stalin). To renounce means to reject something that we had once defended and supported. Therefore, it is correct o affirm that Castroist Cuba never renounced to revolution, but not in the sense that Amazonas indicates in the speech. It is correct to say that Castroist Cuba never renounced to revolution in the sense that it never defended nor supported the revolution and therefore it could have never renounced to that same revolution.

Since the beginning, the Cuban “revolution” had nothing to do with socialism. As Comrade Enver asserted:

“The Latin-American peoples cherished many hopes, had many illusions, about the victory of the Cuban people, which became an inspiration and encouragement to them in their struggle to shake off the yoke of the local capitalist and landowner rulers and American imperialists. However, these hopes and this inspiration soon faded when they saw that Castroite Cuba was not developing on the road of socialism but on that of revisionist-type capitalism, and faded even more quickly when Cuba became the vassal and mercenary of Soviet social-imperialism.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

Fidel Castro and the other Cuban “revolutionaries” were the representatives of the “radical” section of the Cuban bourgeoisie which wanted to occupy a more favorable place within the capitalist world market, an intention which was being thwarted by the ostensibly pro-American puppet regime of Batista. It is important to recall a very famous statement made by the Cuban revisionists during the late 50’s in which they affirmed that their social-fascist movement “is not communist nor capitalist, but humanist”. This declaration is so explicitly reactionary that it doesn’t even need our commentaries. It speaks for itself and says everything about the nature not only of the odious Cuban revisionism but also of all those fake “Marxist-Leninists” which, like João Amazonas, always insisted and continue to insist that capitalist Cuba is a “socialist country”.

Amazonas says that “The solidarity with Cuba is the duty of all revolutionaries.” but this phrase is totally fallacious. While the “duty” of neo-revisionists like Amazonas is to defend the interests of the Cuban anti-communist and counter-revolutionary regime, the duty of all Marxist-Leninists-Stalinists-Hoxhaists (which are the only veritable revolutionaries) is to support the Cuban toiling classes, which are being oppressed and exploited by the social-fascist Cuban bourgeoisie, with the aim of helping them to understand that the only way to defeat Castroist tyranny is the socialist revolution, is the establishment of the proletarian dictatorship which will open the path towards the communist classless and stateless society.

We must realize that it is perfectly comprehensible that the neo-revisionist João Amazonas praises Castroist Cuba in his openly anti-socialist speech. After all, Fidel Castro and João Amazonas share the same reactionary opinions and stands. They are ideological twins. Both try to mislead the working classes through the use of “revolutionary” and “progressive” phraseology which serves as a disguise to their perverse purposes of perpetuating the imperialist system which slaughters and represses the world proletariat in favor of the capitalist superprofits. Indeed, both Castro and Amazonas fervently embrace bourgeois anti-communism and this can be observed in the manner they insult the genial proletarian legacy of Comrade Stalin.

In 1992, Castro gave an interview to the newspaper Guardian in which he didn’t the slightest effort to hide his fascist anti-Stalinism and overtly affirmed that “Stalin committed enormous abuses of power” which allegedly caused “tremendous human and economic losses”.

Following the same pro-capitalist and anti-Stalinist ideological line, Amazonas stated that:

“The revolutionaries of all countries are trying to explain what happened with socialism in USSR and in the other countries. (…) We think that it is indispensable to reflect deeply about these problems. And, in our opinion, the origins of the crisis of Marxism derive from the fact that, within a determined period of the building of socialism in the Soviet Union, the avant-garde represented by Stalin and the CPSU were incapable of interpreting the new phenomenons which were appearing with the process of development of socialist construction with the necessary correctness. The theory entered in a period of stagnation. (…) It was created an empty space inside today’s revolutionary theory, an empty space which must be fulfilled.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

So, according with Amazonas, the responsible for all the problems which exist within the international communist movement is not bourgeois revisionism (be it rightist opportunism or “leftist” sectarianism), but it’s comrade Stalin who, supposedly, not only was “incapable of interpreting the new phenomenons which were appearing with the process of development of socialist construction with the necessary correctness” but who also allegedly “created an empty space” which caused “a period of stagnation”. In other words, Amazonas is accusing Comrade Stalin of dogmatism, an accusation which is commonly made by all kinds of revisionists. It is crystal clear that these false and anti-socialist accusations have the sole purpose of mislead the world proletariat in order to deviate it from the truly Marxist-Leninist road for which Comrade Stalin heroically and valiantly struggled.

Concluding, João Amazonas’ speech which we tried to analyze in its major aspects is a completely reactionary and neo-revisionist speech which bluntly denies the most essential principles of communist ideology. As we have already referred several times, this speech should not be regarded only in itself, but as the culmination of a long process of revisionist degeneration which was germinating within the CPB since its foundations and which gradually accentuated throughout the party’s historical course due to the successive concessions towards bourgeois-capitalist ideology and also due to the multiple anti-socialist and counter-revolutionary tendencies (from Maoism and Guevarism to “leftist” Catholicism) which prevented the party from assuming a genuine Marxist-Leninist ideological line and from adopting authentically proletarian positions relatively to the tasks that the CPB had to face during each stage. Therefore, we affirm that the CPB was never able to be the real vanguard of the Brazilian proletariat; the party was never capable of leading the Brazilian exploited working classes towards the establishment of the proletarian dictatorship, towards the construction of the socialist and communist society.

Therefore, the anti-communism which is reflected in Amazonas’ speech was not something temporary or momentary. On the contrary, it constitutes the current ideological line of the CPB. For example, in what respects to the defense of the ultra-revisionist regimes of China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, etc…, the Brazilian neo-revisionists affirm in their party program that:

“With pertinence, reforms and renovations, in accord with the particular conditions of each country, China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and Laos were capable of resisting and of carry on the banner of socialism. (…) We can also underline the example of the fecund South African democratic regime.” (Documents of the CPB, Programa Socialista para o Brasil, December of 2009, translated from Portuguese language).

In this excerpt, we can observe that, besides the fact of gladly supporting all the remaining social-fascist states of the world, the Brazilian neo-revisionists also openly embrace the sadly famous reactionary theory of the “national road to socialism accordingly with the particular conditions of each country” espoused by the Titoites, by the Maoists, by revisionists of all colors and unmasked by Comrade Enver Hoxha:

The experience of socialist edification in a great number of countries has proved the correctness of the Marxist-Leninist theory about the existence of certain general principles which are infallibly applicable to every country which is developing towards socialism. Our country and the other socialist countries obtained victories precisely because of the correct application of these general principles of socialist construction (…).”(Enver Hoxha, Rapport d’activité du Comité Central du Parti du Travail d’Albanie présenté au IVe Congrès du P.T.A., 13 February of 1961, translated from French language).

Moreover, we also note that the Brazilian neo-revisionists consider the backward and imperialist South African capitalist regime as being a “fecund democracy”. In many senses, South Africa and Brazil are two countries with many similarities between them. Both South African national bourgeoisie and Brazilian national bourgeoisie turned their respective countries into imperialist powers. And both South African imperialist bourgeoisie and Brazilian imperialist bourgeoisie abundantly used and continue to use racism to divide the toiling classes among them, thus avoiding the socialist and proletarian revolution (racism and capitalism are invariably together. They are merged into each other. Indeed, it is capitalism which intentionally originates racism to prevent communism, and consequently, the only manner to eliminate racism is trough the annihilation of capitalism).

Contrary to what many believe, the social and economic structures of the Apartheid remained practically untouched after the fake “transition to multiracial democracy” promoted by the fervent pro-capitalist Nelson Mandela in alliance with the white supremacists and with the foreign imperialists which had done their utmost to perpetuate the Apartheid but which ultimately understood that a “democratic” facade would be more advantageous to the maintenance of capitalism in general and to the interests of the South African oligarchy in particular. Nowadays, the immense majority of the black South African population lives in utter poverty and it is fiercely exploited by the South African plutocratic bourgeoisie which holds absolute rule over the country. In the South African cities, there are many places where racial segregation is still in effect, despite bourgeois lies about the supposed “definitive end of the Apartheid”. In order to hide this reality, the South African dominant white bourgeoisie allowed the creation of a black bourgeoisie under its control which occupies the key positions of the government and which tries to give a “multiracial” appearance to the South African racist plutocracy. Of course that behind these phony “black governments”, the veritable power is firmly hold by the white landowners and industrials whose purpose is to keep the country under the sway of a concealed Apartheid which permits them not only to continue the exploitation and the oppression of the South African proletariat, but also to consolidate South Africa’s position as an imperialist power.

But instead of understanding the obvious analogies which exist between the situation in South Africa and the situation in Brazil, instead of trying to incentive the union between the South African proletariat and the Brazilian proletariat in order to struggle against world imperialism in general and the imperialisms of their respective countries in particular, the Brazilian neo-revisionists qualify the South African racist-imperialist plutocracy as “the fecund South African democratic regime.”

Indeed, since 1992, the already openly neo-revisionist path of the CPB has been increasingly emphasized because of the party’s zealous support for the imperialist Brazilian national bourgeoisie, which is represented by the pro-capitalist Workers’ party.

Throughout the 90’s, Brazil was governed by the representatives of the pro-American bourgeoisie. This pro-American bourgeoisie applied a typically neoliberal policy, faithfully following the line of the economic programs put forward by the fascist-military dictatorship. Of course, these pro-American governments were scandalously subservient to Washington, they obediently accomplished the desires of the American imperialist bourgeoisie which wanted to have total control over Brazil’s economy. Obviously, this situation represented a severe limitation to the aspirations of the Brazilian national bourgeoisie, which wanted to get rid of Washington’s influence in order to take advantage of the immense natural resources of Brazil with the objective of favoring the development of the country’s internal market and the accumulation of profits to facilitate the country’s transformation into an imperialist power.

To accomplish this, the Brazilian national bourgeoisie disguised its aims behind a “progressive” and “revolutionary” mask, because the Brazilian national bourgeoisie soon understood how dangerous it was to reveal its reactionary class nature in front of the toiling masses, it realized that the stability and maintenance of the capitalist system is in serious danger since the moment the exploited proletariat acquires an authentically revolutionary consciousness. In order to prevent that from happening, the Brazilian national bourgeoisie struggled to replace the pro-American bourgeoisie in the key positions of the Brazilian capitalist state, and in the bourgeois elections of 2002 it tried to conquer “popular” support through the presentation of a “radical leftist” candidate which would consolidate and advance its imperialist schemes (a similar phenomenon occurred in many countries of Latin American, whose national bourgeoisies also wanted to escape from American asphyxiating imperialist influence in order to obtain a better share of the capitalist profits for themselves. Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolivia and Rafael Correa in Ecuador are some of the most famous examples of how the representatives of the Latin American national bourgeoisies use “leftist”, “anti-neoliberal” and even “socialist” disguises in order to deceived the oppressed proletariat and the working masses of their respective countries in favor of the maintenance of the exploiting socio-economic system.

Nonetheless, contrary to what happens with Brazilian national bourgeoisie which follows its own independent imperialist policies; in the other Latin American countries the bourgeoisie is struggling against the control of American imperialism only to replace it by that of Chinese social-imperialism which is deeply penetrating these countries. The revisionists try to convince the proletariat that the capitalist-bourgeois regimes of Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa are “revolutionary” because they are attacked by the American imperialists. But this “argument” does not hold water. The American imperialist bourgeoisie knows very well that those governments have nothing to do with “revolution” and even less with “socialism”. However, it tries to overthrow those regimes because of their allegiance to the current main rival of American imperialism – social-imperialist China. Nearly all Latin American countries like Venezuela and Bolivia possess vast and valuable natural resources like oil, gold, silver, etc…Consequently, it is easy to understand why the American multinationals refuse to seat idle seeing the enormous riches of the Latin American countries escaping through their fingers in favor of the Chinese monopolist bourgeoisie which is disputing world dominance with the American imperialist bourgeoisie. Comrade Enver noticed this fact long time ago:

Sticking to its policy of keeping Latin America as its exclusive domain, from which it extracts colossal superprofits, American imperialism is manoeuvering with all its means — military force, secret agents, demagogy and deception, to prevent any other imperialism from predominating there, to ensure that the revolution will not break out and triumph in any of these countries.Thus it wants to preserve both the total dependence of the Latin-American countries on the United States of America and the bourgeois-landowner order in these countries.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

Therefore, in many Latin American countries like Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc… the traditional national “patriotic” bourgeoisie has ceased to exist. Instead, we have two opposing sections of the bourgeoisie of the compradore type: one which supports American imperialism and the other which supports Chinese social-imperialism).

Latin America also has many advantages in regard to the preparation of the subjective factor of the revolution, because of the relatively high level of consciousness and readiness of the broad popular masses to fight against the internal and foreign oppression and exploitation, for freedom, democracy and socialism. However, it is not just the imperialists, especially the Americans, together with local reaction, but also the local revisionists and the other opportunist stooges of capitalism, as well as the (…) Chinese revisionists, who are obstructing, confusing, and fighting with all their strength against the full preparation of this factor.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

But the Brazilian neo-revisionists will never be able to avoid the outcome of the world socialist revolution.

It is the duty of the Brazilian Marxist-Leninists in particular and of the Marxist-Leninists of the world in general to struggle against Brazilian neo-revisionism and to establish in Brazil a new, authentically Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist party which loyally follows and applies the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and which should not only constitute the leadership and the vanguard of the Brazilian revolutionary proletariat, but it should also incentive the formation of the Brazilian division of the world proletarian army towards the overthrow of the globalized bourgeois-imperialist-capitalist world system, towards the implementation of the dictatorship of world proletariat and finally, towards the achievement of world socialism and world communism.

In order to attain this, the Brazilian Marxist-Leninists and the Brazilian proletarian and working classes can rely on the sincere and honorable support of the Comintern (SH), the only faithful defender of Communist ideology.

The CPB has developed into a party that is totally guided by the spirit of the social-chauvinist Second International and serves completely to Brazilian imperialism.

The national bourgeoisie in Brazil has evolved into a typical imperialist bourgeoisie, which is characterized not only by exploitation and oppression in its own country, but also by the increasing expansion of exploiting and oppressing the proletariat of the entire Latin American continent. Therefore, it is impossible to liberate Latin America from the external imperialist powers, without its liberation from its internal imperialist powers, without its liberation from Brazilian imperialism.

Anyone who denies this, who tries to defend Brazilian imperialism against other imperialist powers who calls this an “anti-imperialist” deed, is on the way to the opportunistic betrayal of the Second International, makes himself an enemy of the Comintern (SH) and the revolutionary world proletariat.

It is the task of the revolutionary proletariat of the whole Latin American continent to take advantage of the contradictions between the internal and foreign imperialist powers.

In the era of globalization the Brazilian imperialism is completely integrated into world imperialism and thus not only an enemy of the Workers of Latin America, but also a serious, new challenge of the entire world proletariat.

The world revolution has to solve not only the task of guaranteeing the victory of Latin American Workers over the foreign imperialists, but also their victory against the imperialists of their own Latin American continent - in particular against the Brazilian imperialists.







February 7, 2012

Why is Brazil an imperialist country?

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Statement of the Comintern (SH)


- 29th of January, 2012


concerning so called


"Joint Communiqué of the Organization for the Construction of the "Communist Workers Party of Germany Arbeit Zukunft (Work Future) and the KPD/ML"


The merging of both the social-fascist, neo-revisionist German organization "Arbeit Zukunft" and the "Red Star" is an attack against the true KPD/ML of comrade Ernst Aust, against the Comintern (SH) - German Section, and against all the true communists in Germany and all over the world. The leader of the "Red Star" was a liquidator of our illegal Section in the GDR ( STASI-AGENT !!!) and the "Arbeit Zukunft" was a liquidatory organization of our party in the Western part of Germany whose leaders attack us as "sectarians" - since 1985.
In 1999 the leaders of both these groups sicked the police on us and we were arrested on a police station.

Both these liquidators and agents of the German bourgeoisie, merging from the Eastern social-fascist and Western fascist Germany - are in truth traitors and enemies of our old traditional KPD/ML of comrade Ernst Aust - the best German Hoxhaist comrade and friend of comrade Enver Hoxha.

It is not by chance that members and supporters of the ICMLPO have published this joint communiquè because the ICMLPO is in ideological line with these German traitors for decades. The ICMLPO is a neo-revisionist organisation which was founded as an act of betrayal at comrade Enver Hoxha and the socialist Albania, as an act against Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, as an act against the socialist world revolution.

We consider the editors of all those web-sites - who have published this joint hostile communiquè - as supporters of our enemies in Germany and thus as enemies of the German working class, in particular, and the whole world proletariat, in general.

All ICMLPO -propaganda posted to our public-Forum of the Comintern (SH) will therefore be deleted and banned.



Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

- German Section


29th of January, 2012






April 22nd, 2010


Leninism - an infallible signpost for the world revolution



World revolution and the struggle against neo-revisionism

The old revisionism, the open revisionism, modern revisionism, recruited a new revisionism, more precisely, the old "modern revisionism has" skinned itself " and developed further into neo-revisionism. The old content of modern revisionism was covered by a new coating. The modern revisionism, which was already debunked by Enver Hoxha, was varnished with new „red color“, to deceive the revolutionary masses once again:

The neo-revisionism has skinned itself out of modern revisionism and thus it became the latest stage and highest type of revisionism. Neo-revisionism was designed by the revisionists, to prevent the transition from the stage of socialism in "one" country towards the global stage of socialism in all countries. The revisionist tactics is like this:

Simulating the advocacy and defense of Lenin's theory of world revolution in words - preventing its implementation in practice.

We must explain to the world proletariat that the neo-revisionists have now become the most dangerous enemy within our revolutionary ranks. Anti-revisionism does not end with the struggle against modern revisionism. One cannot really call himself an "anti-revisionist" if the struggle against neo-revisionism is denied. Anti-neo-revisionism is the duty of every Stalinist-Hoxhaist. In the highest possible case - neo-revisionists agree with and admit to the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism in words, however - in any case they betray them in practice. The neo-revisionism is a bourgeois ideology of the class enemy of the world proletariat within the world revolutionary movement, directed against the socialist world revolution, against world socialism - thus an ideology to prevent the dictatorship of the world proletariat. The world-bourgeoisie used, as soon as the betrayal of the modern revisionists had been debunked, the ideology of Maoism as a fire extinguisher. As soon as comrade Enver Hoxha had unmasked the world-imperialist ideology of Maoism, the world-bourgeoisie felt impelled to install a new fire extinguisher - and this is the ideology of neo-revisionism.

The neo-revisionism is a plagiarism, a distorted "Marxism-Leninism", trimmed to fit the revisionist yardstick: "Avoid both extremes of the revisionists and revolutionaries“ - this is a "principle" of neo-revisionists. Or in other words:- to proselytize both the revisionist elements for the revolution and the revolutionary elements to the more moderate attitudes, with the purpose of widening the "unity front" which would be led by the neo-revisionists. They try to become the main current of the world-socialist movement.

In defense of the dictatorship of the proletariat in 'one' country (or that of the former Stalinist world camp), it was imperative to beat the modern revisionists. The established revisionist power had to be destroyed by a new socialist revolution. Meanwhile, this period of the struggle against modern revisionists is history. Today, the permanent anti-revisionist struggle has reached a new historical phase. The challenge is called: the defence of the world socialist revolution, the defence of the world-revolutionary struggle for world socialism - against the NEW revisionists who oppose our struggle for the world revolution. This is so important that it cannot be repeated often enough. Who is not able to understand the inevitability of the permanence of anti-revisionist struggle and its changing global forms, is unable to defend the matter of the revolutionary socialism on a global scale. It is a dangerous and deceptive illusion to believe that the revisionists have discontinued their fight against us, after they had successfully restored capitalism in our last socialist country. Is it - even for the slightest moment - allowed to forget that the revisionists cannot do without struggling against us, as long as we struggle against them ?

Discontinuation of anti-revisionist struggle means to discontinue the struggle for the revolution !

The revisionists have succeeded to put themselves in the „position of us“, and to challenge our anti-revisionist struggle. The revisionists have not forgotten what a tough nut of Hoxhaism is for them. Neo-revisionism means nothing more than that there is no way out but to beat us with our own anti-revisionist Hoxhaist weapons. They remember very well: The restoration of capitalism in 'one' country - for them - was far from being a promenade. And so they know for sure what it would mean to restore world-capitalism ! That is why the revisionists are indispensable forced to thwart our struggle for world revolution - at all cost. If we are reluctant to accept this world-historical fact then the world revolution will never win ! !

The revisionists will never surrender, as we Stalinist-Hoxhaists will never surrender. The fight between revisionism and Stalinism-Hoxhaism is and will always be a matter of life and death !

The revisionists destroyed our beloved Soviet-Union of Lenin and Stalin !

The revisionists destroyed our beloved Socialist Albania of Enver Hoxha !

Should we ever allow that the revisionists snatch us the world revolution out of our hand ?

Can we ever forget that the world revolution is definetly the only instrument to re-conquer socialism what has always belonged to us ?

It is therefore the task of the revolutionary world-proletariat to enrich permanently the treasury of our anti-revisionist experiences, through increasing the fight against revisionism to an even higher level. Without defeat of revisionism there is no defeat of capitalism!

The world revisionists - as Enver Hoxha has used this metaphor - are like a "redness on the skin" of a socialist society as indicating "dangerous worm-damages", which are caused by infiltrating the masses by „pseudo-socialist slogans“ and by “talking them to death“. The world proletariat and the revolutionary peoples have learnt a great lessons from the restoration of capitalism, and they are running this revisionist gauntlet not a second time, even less in a global scale. In the epoch of the world-socialism the „revisionist worms“ will be squashed on every inch of the world, before these parasites will succeed to restore capitalism.

"The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win ! " - these are the last words of the " Communist Manifesto " - written by Marx and Engels. This includes also the revisionist chains - to lose not only the revisionist chains in this or that country but in all countries . The world-proletariat must globally break the chains of the revisionists. At that time, the proletarians tried to re-conquer their socialist country with the help of the world-proletariat, and at this time the world-proletariat has to conquer a whole proletarian world, with the help of the anti-revisionist struggle of the proletarians in each country ! Revisionists are thus forced to change their old tactics, if they want to throw a spanner in the works of the world socialist revolution.

The revisionists preach to the „peaceful transition of world capitalism to world socialism“. In other words, the bourgeoisie attempted by all sorts of "alternative liberation ideologies" to replace the socialist world revolution. The revisionists propagate peaceful global models which do not present serious danger for the capitalist world system in itself. All these new, globalist "liberation ideologies", serve the purpose of the world proletariat in bourgeois ideological influence, serve the purpose of the active role of the world proletariat, especially its political role in the socialist revolution, the role of its hegemonic leadership, its role as the ruling class in the new era, to reduce down to deny, etc., etc..

However, we Stalinist-Hoxhaists propagate:

The world proletarian revolution and proletarian internationalism develop and strengthen

in the struggle against all the views and practices of the revisionists.

Above all, we rely on Comrade Enver Hoxha, who continued masterly Stalin's struggle for the world revolution and its defence against all revisionist deviations. On occasion of the 140th Lenin's birthday, we presented a collection of the most important Enver Hoxha-quotes that can be clicked on the following hyperlink. Thereby the length of this chapter can be considerably shortened:

( „How comrade Enver Hoxha defended the teachings of Lenin on the world revolution against the modern revisionists“: )

- unfortunately, this link is only presented in German language -


The focal point of the distinction between the neo-revisionist and revolutionary tactics in the world socialist revolution is, we can say, that the neo-revisionist tactics is content with the role of the world proletariat as the main driving force, while the tactics of the Communist International is aimed to make the world-proletariat the leader of the revolution. Main driving force for whom or what ? This is a question of classes ! And that's why the neo-revisionists are fully contented with their international camps. These camps serve the purpose to supersede the Communist International . If the neo-revisionists deny the leading force of the world proletariat, they also deny the leading role of the Communist International.

It is not allowed to split, the complementary subjective factors of the victory of the socialist world revolution, pole position of the world proletariat and position of the following broadest masses. Under no circumstances the world-revolutionary main driving force of the world proletariat is permitted to be channeled into revisionist direction, which serves solely for the rescue of world capitalism. The world proletariat is both the main driving force and leader of the world socialist revolution to fulfill its mission. Lenin taught that the proletariat must never leave its leading position in the world revolution.

The Leninist party of the world proletariat in Soviet Russia argued concretely with people from their own ranks who did not understand or wanted not understand, that the main driving force and leadership of the world socialist revolution may not be relinquished. Lenin wrote this:

„But here is what is strange and monstrous. An „explanatory note“ is appended to the resolution: ( … ) 'in the interests of the world revolution it is expedient to accept the possibility of losing Soviet power … '“ ( Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 27, page 68 and 69, English edition).

The attempt to surrender and to give up Soviet power, to sacrify the world center of world socialist revolution "in the interest of the international revolution" - that is pure liquidationism! To sacrify even its world center - is there anything worse ?

That was in Lenin's time. And today?

Today, the neo-revisionists maintain silence about the need of the Communist International "in favour" of the revolution. Is there anything worse ? Is that not liquidationism? Today, neo-revisionists are really the most dangerous liquidators of the world revolution and the Communist International !

The neo-revisionists can not or will not understand that, today, we have to fight for world-socialist countries for the development of world socialism and that we need the Communist International, created as a world center of world socialist revolution.

They can not or will not understand that it is now the right moment to overthrow entirely world-imperialism, to directly begin with the construction of world socialism - not crabwise under conditions of socialism in 'one' country (as before), but moreover under the joint efforts and leadership of the world-revolutionary forces of all countries.

Back then, the opponents of the socialist world revolution sacrified socialism in "one" country "in the interest" of the international revolution. Today, the opponents want to sacrify world socialism "in the interest" of the socialist world revolution, because they are vainly waiting for the comeback of the old socialism in "one" country, as the "only possible" world center of the world revolution.

If the victory of the socialist world revolution in the first period of socialism was only possible by detour of socialism in "one" country, then it is possible in the second period only by the unification of the proletarians of all countries in a common world organization.

Lenin led the world proletariat to the path of world socialist revolution. This is a world-historical fact, that only those try to conceal, who pay lip service to Lenin.

Distinguished neo-revisionists ! Make sure to remember Leninism:

Lenin taught that the socialist revolution in a country ... ... is only part of the world socialist revolution.

Lenin taught that the dictatorship of the proletariat in one country ... .. is only part of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

Lenin taught that a single proletarian state ... ... is only part of the world- proletarian State ( respectively, part of the Soviet World Union initially).

Lenin taught that the building of socialism in one country ... .. is only part of the world socialism.

Lenin taught that the Communist Parties in every country .... are only parties of the international proletariat (troops and vanguards of the world proletarian army).

Lenin taught that the Communist parties are fusioned, in the world party of the world proletariat, that they are part of the Communist International.

Lenin fought not for „any kind“ of socialist revolution, not for „any kind“ of dictatorship of the proletariat, not for „any kind“ of proletarian state, not for „any kind“ of socialism. Lenin fought as a genuine internationalist first and foremost:

for the world socialist revolution,

for the dictatorship of the world-proletariat,

for the world-proletarian state (or initially for the Soviet World Union),

for world socialism,

for world communism

for the world-party of the international proletariat, the Communist International.

This is the Leninist line of demarcation that separates us from all our opponents.

This is the Leninist world-barricade with the Stalinist-Hoxhaists on the one side and their opponents on the other side

of the struggle for the world socialist revolution.








Platform of the Comintern (SH)





What is StalinismHoxhaism ?

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is inalienable part of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

It is further developed Marxism-Leninism for the global transition to socialism, more precisely:

Stalinism – Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the world proletarian revolution, in general

and the theory and tactics of the world dictatorship of the proletariat, in particular.  

What are the Stalinist - Hoxhaist organisations of new type ?

The new type of Stalinist – Hoxhaist organisations is a world Bolshevist type - organised by the world proletariat to unite and lead the struggle of the proletarian divisions in all countries with the common goal to overthrow the world bourgeoisie, to establish the world dictatorship of the proletariat and to create global socialism.

The highest form of the world proletarian class organisation is the Stalinist - Hoxhaist World Party,

the Communist International of new type,

the Comintern / SH (known as Comintern / ML since 2000).

The Stalinist - Hoxhaist World Party is the conscious bearer of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist class movement of the world proletariat.

The Comintern / SH continues the glorious tradition of the Communist International of Lenin and Stalin.


What is the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement?

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement evolved from the urgently necessary process of renewal of the old glorious Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha. We want to liberate it from opportunistic elements to keep it alive and to uphold its revolutionary spirit. We continue the great tradition of the World Communist Movement of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha .

The renewed Marxist – Leninist World Movement is now consciously guided by its Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the globalised movement of the proletarian struggling divisions of all countries for the victory of the proletariat on a world scale.

The Stalinist – Hoxhaist World Movement is the real world movement , that will finish and remove the current status of globalised world capitalism.


All these three fronts of world proletarian class struggle - theory, organization and movement – build its inseparable, dialectical unit. This is a basic principle of world Bolshevism. Its knowledge, handling and mastery characterizes a true Stalinist – Hoxhaist comrade.


With the foundation of the Comintern / ML, our class struggle is built upon the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha. You cannot join our world revolutionary movement if you do not have the trust in the "5 heads". 

The traitors and opportunists have abandoned our old Marxist-Leninist world movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha, they let it degenerated and deprived its revolutionary spirit.

In the decades of struggle, we did not manage to liberate the movement from the neo-revisionist leaders, so that we found no other way than to build up the new Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement. This new anti-neo-revisionist world movement stands on its own feet.

The world-bourgeoisie can be defeated only through the further development of Marxism-Leninism.

Stalinism–Hoxhaism historically demonstrates successful the struggle against revisionism and can not be discarded as "outdated weapon in the fight against revisionism."

Leninism was further developing from Marxism. The victory of Leninism was a victory over the opportunists, who rose up against the further development of Marxism.

Stalinism was further developing from Leninism. The victory of Stalinism was a victory over the opportunists, who rose up against the further development of Leninism.

Hoxhaism was further developing Stalinism. The victory of Hoxhaism was a victory over the opportunists (the modern revisionists), who rebelled against the development of Stalinism.

Today, there are opportunist who do agree with Stalinism-Hoxhaism in words, however, the realization of the necessity of its further development they refuse unwaveringly, to accept. These opportunists are sensible of the fact that nothing can survive without its further development. Stalinism-Hoxhaism in words - Anti-Stalinism-Hoxhaism in deeds !

Just as Marxism developed in the fight against the pre-Marxist socialism, Leninism developed in the struggle against bourgeois revision of Marxism, Stalinism in the struggle against bourgeois revision of Leninism and the Hoxhaism fighting against bourgeois revision of Stalinism (modern revisionism).

Marxism-Leninism teaches us that its further development is inevitably integral part of its defence.

We Marxist Leninists have to master not only the practical side of the use of Marxism - Leninism, but also the theoretical side. Without advancement of the theory – decease of the theory. A dying theory means a dying movements, mean the death of every revolutionary movement. The inevitable decay of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement is stoppable only by a general revision of the Marxist-Leninist theory. The general revision is the only mainspring of the revival of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement.

That's it what comrade Stalin taught us: 

"Marxism as a science cannot remain on the spot - it develops and improves. Marxism, in its development, must of course be enriched by new experiences and new knowledge - consequently different Marxist formulas and conclusions must be replaced to correspond to the new historical tasks. Marxism does not accept immutable conclusions and formulas as mandatory for all eras and periods. Marxism is the enemy of any dogmatism. "

On the one hand, the dogmatists want us not allow realize our general revision with the argument: revisions are always "unprincipled", "superfluously" or even "revisionist". While the revisionists, on the other hand, always pretend Marxist general revisions in words, however bourgeois revisions in deeds (revisionist general revisions of Marxism). Besides, both pursue a common aim: to prevent the advancement of the Marxism-Leninism, what means nothing other, than to lead the revolution of the world proletariat into the defeat.

We Stalinists-Hoxhaists destroy the neo-revisionist world movements who attack us as "sectarians" outside their "united fronts”.

In the name of “Unity and Struggle” they split unity and struggle indeed by their reconciliation with revisionism, by abandoning the world revolution. The neo-revisionists combine both processes of deformation and degeneration of Marxism-Leninism. However, in return, we combine both processes of reconstruction and new theoretical beginning.

The globalized ideology of the proletariat emerges from the class who becomes globalized. From this newly emerging globalized ideology it develops a new consciousness of world revolution, which will be equipped with more advanced ideas of Marxism-Leninism, with Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The Marxist-Leninist theory of the world socialist revolution will further stay maintained if it verifies the harmonization of the objectively global factor and the global subjective factor of the world revolution on scientific ground. With other words: The Marxist-Leninist theory of the October revolution survives as a guidance of the world revolution if it is further developed through Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

The Marxist-Leninist theory of the world socialist revolution will not stay maintained,


if it ignores or neglects the experience of the new world proletarian movement under conditions of globalization,

and secondly:

if it refuses to revise the outdated, old familiar doctrines of the past period of socialism 'in one' country,

if it itself denies the general revision which is needed for the further development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

What is the strength of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory?

The international character of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory is, that it provides the opportunity for the Communist International (of new type), to orient itself in the globalized world situation, that it understands the interdependences of world events, that it foresees the course of international occurrences, and to recognize not only how and where the occurrences develop in present, but how and where they must develop in future (Stalin).

Only a new Type of Communist International, which has mastered the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory, can march forward with confidence and to pave the way of the world proletariat. And vice versa - a Communist International that has not mastered the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory, will blindly wander about, will lose confidence in its actions, and will not be able to lead the world proletariat (Stalin).

World communism of today must be marked through the revolutionary, militant spirit of the heroic times of Lenin and Stalin, of the Comintern“

(Enver Hoxha, report to the 5th party congress of the PLA, November 1966).

The new type differs from the old type of the Communist International by the different historical periods of their foundation.

The new type of a Comintern must satisfy the higher task of the world proletariat to conquer directly the pre-eminence in the world. The Comintern of new type is fit and ready for directly takeover the global, political power without any intermediate stage of socialism "in one" country. The new Communist International cannot be any more an instrument of the peaceful co-existance of socialism and capitalism – however an instrument of the absolutely exclusive existence of world socialism.

The new type of a Comintern distinguishes itself as such a party who struggles not only for directly destroying the sole reign of the whole world bourgeoisie, but, simultaneously establishing for its own world dictatorship, for constructing world socialism, for a world without capitalism etc. etc.

It is plausible that the new type of the Comintern cannot be created simply by a copy of the old Comintern because highest standard is needed for its further development . This highest type is namely the globalized type of the Comintern. The new type of Stalinist-Hoxhaist organisations is a globalized type and quite different from all previous types of Marxist-Leninist organisations. The new type of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist party is a type of world Bolshevist party. It fulfils completely every demand of centralized and simultaneously manifold class- struggle on a global stage.

The world proletariat has no other weapon in the struggle for world power than its world organization, that combines and centralizes the fighting units of all countries.

The overall interests of world revolution determine the revolutionary interests of each country, therefore: the overall world-revolutionary process determines the world revolutionary process in each country.

Exactly in clarifying this crucial 'question' of the hegemony of the world proletariat, the new Stalinist – Hoxhaist World Movement in every country will displace the degenerated Marxist-Leninist World Movement. This happens inevitably because they decline to accept the truth that the hegemony of the proletariat in a single country is only part of the overall hegemony of the world proletariat. Precisely this truth was absolutely the foundation for the emergence of the independent world Stalinist-Hoxhaist party. Repudiation and denial of the hegemony of the world proletariat is capitulation and a tribute to the hegemony of the world bourgeoisie. You cannot appreciate the hegemony of the world proletariat, if you refuse to appreciate its vanguard, the Communist International. The des-organisational ideas of mixing up the hegemony of the world proletariat and the hegemony of the proletariat of single countries are harmful for all the organizations of the proletariat.

The Communist International is not only the sum of the Communist Parties of the countries. The Communist International is a global system of Bolshevist organisations, their unification in all forms as a united whole. The Communist International is the highest but not the only class-organization of the world proletariat. All the global organisations serve the world proletariat in this way or other. As the highest form of class-organization the Communist International determines the general political line and its application through achievement of uniformity of global leadership. The political leadership of the Communist International spans all forms of the organizations of the world proletariat. The Communist International is the most important and central instrument of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement.

The opportunists of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement can writhe themselves as much and so long they like, but they all shall fail because they are neither willing nor able to subordinate their position within the organizational system of the hegemony of the world proletariat. All the opportunists fail due to just this basically axiom of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. The opportunist theory of 'independent' global associations of communist parties are totally contradictory to the theory and practice of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.


.. 'primitiveness of circles' on an international stage ( compare on an national stage , see: Lenin: “What is to be done?”) that umbrella organisation different political and ideological currents and bolt-holes for class-foreign elements;

……... international alliances, loose organizational forms celebrate non-binding common events of different groupings of countries that are managed horizontally;

.. .. fraternal federal connections; international combinations of independent organizations etc. etc...

This is so-called 'headless puttering' – world movement, federalist remnants of formations of the old Marxist-Leninist world movement, under leadership of some opportunist organizations of different countries. We accuse such international movements as anti-Leninist movements because they infringe the internationalist meaning of Lenin `s writing: “What is to be done ?” – related on a global scale. Essentially there is no difference of Lenin `s opponents in former Russia and the so called “Marxists-Leninist World Movements” of today.


determined struggle against the mislabelling of the various existing so called "Marxist-Leninist" world associations;


a Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement, which is vertically structured in accordance with the Stalinist - Leninist principles of Bolshevik party with their own Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory and with its own global strategy and tactics, with their own democratic centralism. This is the renewed Marxist-Leninist movement, with its world leading head. This means global application to the teachings of Lenin's : “What is to be done ?”

The core of the foundation-declaration of the Comintern / ML , 31 – 12 - 2000, was our break with opportunism, was the proclamation of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism as the basis of the bolshevization of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. In the meantime, our experience taught us, after nearly 10 years, that you cannot bolshevize an opportunist world movement – we combat it on Bolshevist solid basis. The popularity of the '5 heads', created by the Comintern / ML, seem to be convincingly in view of many organisations who have adopted the '5 heads' as their logo. This is a victory of the Comintern / ML over the opportunist world movements - the first step to form one's own independent Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement - a global bulwark of Marxism-Leninism against so called ' Marxism-Leninism' ! Our platform expresses hope that our own break with international opportunism in 2000 will be accomplished through the break with opportunism in the whole Communist world movement. So far, the Comintern / ML formed the extreme position as a world-revolutionary wing within the old Marxist-Leninist World Movement which is led by the opportunists. After nearly 10 years it's time to break completely and permanently with the traitors of the old Marxist-Leninist world movement. Now, it is time to proclaim our own Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement in demarcation line . The renaming of the Comintern / ML was the logical conclusion of our anti-opportunist struggle in the past. We are convinced about the fact, that all the true Marxists-Leninists all over the world – who will appreciate our criticism on opportunism within the Communist World Movement – will be delighted about the term: “Stalinism-Hoxhaism”. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the only true successor of the old heroic Marxist-Leninist World Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, who was – on its own part - the only true successor of the whole heroic Communist World Movement. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the World Movement of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. This is the best definition to express our global political line.

The old opportunists like to name us 'divisive', but we call it liberation from their opportunistic marsh. We follow the old traditions of Bolshevism and we express our iron resolve to follow the example of Lenin when he bravely broke with the Second International, to create the III. International. We do not know and cannot foresee how the development will continue in the coming years on the international arena. What we know for sure and what we are absolutely convinced, is, that our Comintern / SH tirelessly continues world revolutionary struggle to spread our new ideas of Stalinism-Hoxhaism all over the globe. The days - when a single party of a single country led the Marxist-Leninist parties of all countries - have gone forever in times of globalization.

Who really wants to be protect from subjection to a revisionist world centre, takes part in the creation of a new Bolshevik World Centre. The Communist International does not return by lament, but only by our common efforts for its reconstruction. Comintern / ML is emerged from the struggle against the neo-revisionism: In different ways the Neo-revisionists talk the world proletariat out of the demand for the reconstruction of the Communist International. In words: 'defending' the Communist International - in deeds, however: sabotage its renaissance. - That is the essence of opportunism concerning the question of reconstructing the Communist International. Those, who fantasize about a 'premature' re-establishment of the Comintern(after 66 years dissolution of the Comintern !!) and who try to explain: 'time is not ripe' (!!) for the Communist International, cannot be taken seriously by the world proletariat, in view of the world revolutionary situation caused by the world crisis ! The earnest attitude towards the need of the Communist International is a touch-stone for the Comintern / SH, whether a communist is sincere and honest – or not.

Not world associations of opportunist groups, but only a Bolshevist world party may lead the forefront of the world proletariat. If Lenin successfully overcame the circle-ism in his country, then the Stalinists-Hoxhaists on a global scale, as well. The unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is only possible if the current task is realized: unity for building up its new global centre – the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party ! There is no other "unity" of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement than the unity of recreating the Communist International ! Either the world Communist movement perishes without the guidance of the Communist International, or the world Communist movement overcomes its own crisis through consciously concrete steps for the reconstruction of the world party. We believe that today's world Communist movement needs to concentrate on the highest interests of the world proletariat, foremost the re-establishment of the Communist International. The Communist world movement needs a leading world centre, and that is nothing other than to adhere to Stalin's 12 Theses of Bolshevism - the equipment with the global norms of democratic centralism.

It is extremely harmful for the world proletariat if certain "Marxist-Leninist" parties created their self-image as "independent kingdoms". Lenin unmasked the foundation-opportunism of federalist "league concepts" and created the new type of a Leninist Bolshevik Party – first on a national scale. "What has to be done?" The same ! However this time on an global scale.

Stalin argued: It's not how big or small an organisation is what matters but rather, whether its political line, its ideological ground is correct or not. It is the world proletariat, and nobody else who decides what suits its revolutionary interests. We trust the world proletariat. Our position is clear:

The world Communist movement is the leading force of the revolutionary movement of the world proletariat as a whole and in particular in every country of the world if it is led by the World Bolshevik Party of Leninist-Stalinist type. In this sense, the Comintern / ML had been founded in 2000.

Those comrades are welcome who want, that the Communist international is coming as soon as possible, who want the Bolshevik world party and consequently internationalist democratic centralism . We shake their hands without any reservation. We will and can nobody force to join us, however we offer our internationalist cooperation honestly. The Comintern / SH can only endeavour to set a good example.

But the Comintern / SH will never yield certain reactionary tendencies of some national "Marxist-Leninist" parties who defend their “own kingdom”.

The single interests of the proletariat of one country, or group interests in specific countries, are subordinate to the general interests of the world proletariat, and not vice versa. We cannot serve the world proletariat without simultaneously getting rid of certain nationalist, self-serving, obstructive tendencies, without leaving the beaten track of socialism in "one’s own" country. The path towards world proletarian consciousness and world proletarian habits is a path of permanent class-struggle, is a struggle against bad old habits of the movements in every country of the world.

Every organization, every group, every movement in the countries or every movement in the world, will be treated like an opponent if it struggles against the reconstruction of the Communist International. You are only part of the world Communist movement, if you fight for the Bolshevik world party.

"For or against" the leadership of a Bolshevik Party - on this issue opportunism will inevitably separate from Marxism-Leninism. The faster and more consistently this is done, the better for the world Communist movement, the better for the world proletariat.

At least three trends of the future development of the world Communist movement are visible:

1.     the tendency to let everything as it is, instead of getting rid of out-dated tenets of Marxism-Leninism, which inhibit the development of Marxist - Leninist world movement. This leads into the stalemate of senile stubbornness, leads to dogmatism. This tendency is nothing but rejection of the Communist International.

2.     the tendency to replace out-dated doctrines through new ones, however, instead of the right ones - through opportunist doctrines. This means inevitably: degenerateness and consequently the defeat. The result is obvious: anti-Marxist principles leading the reconstruction of the Communist International into the revisionist marsh, and it becomes an instrument in the hands of the class-enemy.

3.     the tendency of reorganization of the genuine Bolshevik World Party, to lead the world Communist movement on the bases of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The first two trends are retrogressive trends. Only the third trend is correct and has a future.


The source of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha ran not dry. This source remains a vital element for our daily class-struggle as well as for our principled perspectives of world socialism. So we defend far more than only its glorious history.

The Comintern / SH is the only organization in the world, who consistently and unreservedly defends the revolutionary line and the glorious tradition of Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha - despite the fact that the former Hoxhaist fraternal parties almost completely submerged in the swamp of opportunism, in particular the Labour Party of Albania.

The Comintern / SH holds the PLA of Comrade Enver Hoxha as well as the Bolshevist Party of Comrade Lenin and Stalin in high regard. Both they were the central leading forces of the Communist World Movement – not to forget the previous merits of Marx and Engels. Our world Communist movement is only valuable, if we Communists understand to defend its merits. The great Communist tradition is the solid ground on which we march victoriously.


What is the difference between the new Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement and the former Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha ?


The new type of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement differs from the old type of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha mainly by its globalized character. In their time, the socialist country respectively the socialist world camp of comrade Stalin qualified themselves as the 'basis and lever' of the Communist World Movement. This was valid in the first period of socialism.

This is not any more valid for the second period of socialism. Through globalization, `basis and lever' of the world revolution became too big for socialism 'in one' country. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement of today is the new type of Communist World Movement who opens the door to the second period of socialism – to world socialism. Now, under completely changed conditions of class relations, the globalized world proletariat becomes now 'basis and lever' of the socialist revolution in the single countries, guaranteed by means of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement can be characterized as the new global-socialist movement. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the socialist movement of combining all forms of current global class-struggle.

The source of the world revolutionary movement and change of the concrete forms of international class struggle are the inherent contradictions of world capitalism, especially the contradiction between world capital and world's labour , between the world proletariat and the world bourgeoisie.

We Communists fight for the attainment of immediate and daily interests and needs of the world proletariat, however in the current global anti-imperialist movement, we simultaneously represent the world socialist movement of the near future and the world communism movement in the remote future.


Within the class-struggle of the proletariat in every single country, we represent the interests of the global class-struggle of the world proletariat.

Today's world communist movement is different from all the previous communist movements and this is very essentially.

Today's world communist movement is right on the threshold of world socialism. We no longer struggle under the conditions of socialism "in one" country like in times of Lenin, no longer under conditions of the former world socialist camp emerging from 'one' socialist country like in times of Stalin. And we fight no longer in a world with two opposing antagonistic social formations - the bourgeois-revisionist and the socialist world at the time of Enver Hoxha.


'World proletariat - unite all revolutionary forces to protect the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin'; '

world proletariat - unite all revolutionary forces to protect the socialist Albania, Enver Hoxha',


- those were the two correct formulas of proletarian internationalism in the world revolutionary struggle against imperialism and revisionism in former times, when the main contradiction in the world still existed, between capitalism and socialism.

Since then, the world Communist movement changed and developed into a movement of direct global eradication of world capitalism, through the direct, global class struggle between the two main classes of capitalist globalization - the world proletariat and the world bourgeoisie.

The essence of today's Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement consists in the immediate transformation of the capitalist world into the socialist world - without the intermediate stage of the struggle between the former socialist and capitalist world camp.

The world dictatorship of the proletariat is the dictatorship under the conditions of globalized world socialism, the highest and last form of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the Communist movement of today's world, who is directly and straightforward fighting for the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

We are no longer in the first epoch of socialism, which shared power with capitalism. We are on the threshold to the world's socialist epoch and this means: Never again sharing power with capitalism, with the bourgeoisie. This is the essence of our new world programmatic declaration, the advanced Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

If one puts Marxist-Leninist theory into service of the proletariat in its own country, in first place, then it disparages the internationalist character of the Marxist-Leninist theory. Therefore, a global revolutionary movement cannot be set in motion in the overall interest of the world proletariat, and even not in the interest of the proletariat of one’s own country. Marxism-Leninism serves in first line the world revolution, thus primarily the global world proletarian movement, and derived from this principle, it serves the world proletarian movement in everyone's "own" country. The character of the movement in one’s own country in the first period of socialism differs from that one of the second period by its higher revolutionary stage – by the world revolutionary stage of the class struggle in each country. What we need is the Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of the world proletariat in every single country, so that the world revolution can be unfolded , set in motion and coordinated centrally in every country of the world:

World proletariat - unite the socialist revolutions of all countries,

World proletariat - unite all the countries of the world socialist revolution!"

Universality and versatility of the world socialist revolution, which is expressed by the variety and manifoldness of the socialist revolution in each country, is the typical approach and manifestation of the power of their unified, coordinated action as a whole, is actually the physiognomy of the global revolutionary process of today's world proletarian class-struggle.


Fire on the revisionist BETRAYAL!


The teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism is the only ideological weapon with which the bourgeois-revisionist ideology has been defeated once before. The teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism were the only ideology that ever prevailed over the bourgeois-revisionist ideology.


The world imperialism was historically forced to pose its bourgeois-revisionist weapons like weapons of the class enemy - but this means already a historic victory of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. Misuse of the proletarian class ideology, by means of a Marxist cloak, is always a sign of ideological weakness of the bourgeoisie, not their strength.

Today's revisionism is the parasitic, corrupt cloak of bourgeois ideology, so called "Marxism-Leninism". Neo-revisionism is bourgeois "anti-revisionism", is disguised anti-communism.

Latterly, revisionism appears in the form of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism in order to cover up the elimination of their revolutionary content, their revolutionary spirit, their adaptation and finally replacement by the ideology of the world bourgeoisie. It is the 'revolutionary' mask of the counter-revolution to break the world revolutionary army of the proletariat.

Revisionism is basically a counter-revolutionary, ideological tool of the class politics of the bourgeoisie to adapt the revolutionary proletarian class movement to the bourgeois class society with the aim of maintaining or restoring the system of oppression and exploitation of capitalism and with the aim to hinder the restoration and maintenance of the socialist society. Revisionism tries to frustrate the transition to a classless society.

The history of revisionism is the story of the futile attempts of the bourgeoisie, to force the Communists' struggle against revisionism into capitulation.

The bourgeoisie camouflages these futile efforts, under the mask of alleged "anti-revisionism", to replace the anti-revisionist teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism through bourgeois-revisionist ideology. The law of neo-revisionism is the legitimate need of the bourgeoisie to struggle against the revolutionary content and spirit of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. The bourgeoisie avails herself of Marxism's formal adoption for separating its form from its content, for the purpose of maintaining capitalism in general, and for the purpose of restoring capitalism (law of modern revisionism), in particular.


To give a makeshift description of the law of revisionism's further development, we resort to a term used in zoology: If a snake casts its skin, the outer layer of old skin comes off its body. We use this description to explain the process of the further development of revisionism.

This regenerative process of revisionism was always necessary for the bourgeoisie, after Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism as well as Hoxhaism had nearly completely destroyed revisionism's effectualness.

Whenever the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism - Leninism further developed, then the ideology of the world bourgeoisie was forced “to cast its revisionist skin”. We call it the “4 revisionist adaptation phases” of the bourgeois ideology towards the Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism and Hoxhaism. These 4 historical periods of restoration of capitalist ideology were needed to bring the bourgeoisie back in position, to defeat the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism with their own weapons. Revisionism has always to renew its expression of a closed form (to cast its skin) after it was already unmasked, exposed and destroyed by Marxism-Leninism. Having been forced to 'cast its skin' - this is the 4-phase-process of revisionism for its necessary readjustment to cope with the development from the beginning Marxism, up to Hoxhaism. The neo-revisionism is the highest, most developed and most dangerous form of all the previous forms of revisionism. The unavoidability of capitalism's ideology to 'cast its skin' is only possible after the complete victory of socialism in a world scale. Neo-revisionism needs 'to cast its skin' on a global scale, because of the globalization of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Therefore,the neo-revisionists are the most dangerous enemies in our own ranks of the new Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Camp: They use the cloak of "Stalinism-Hoxhaism" to paralyse split and liquidate our Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement .


Neo-revisionists follow the anti-revisionist teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism in words, however with the aim of reconciliation with revisionism in deeds - this is the characteristic of globalized neo-revisionism.

Neo-revisionism is eclecticism, is bourgeois ideology which is intended to deceive the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism by being only partly true. Neo-revisionism - that is the application of the policy of peaceful coexistence between Marxism-Leninism and modern revisionism

The neo-revisionist world movement consists of many different streaming and tendencies: conglomerates, amalgams and derivations from Maoism, Trotskyism, Guevarism, Castro-ism, Kim Ilsungism, Berianism, etc., etc..

We call them Neo-Maoism, Neo-Trotskyism etc. etc. Why ? We give them this name, because all these revisionist streaming and tendencies were already unmasked, exposed and defeated by us Marxists-Leninists. So we forced them to 'cast their skin'. And in the result they hide behind Anti-Maoism, Anti-Trotskyism etc. etc. (merely in words). There is no other alternative for them to protect their Maoist, Trotskyist, Kim Ilsungist ideology etc. etc. This is applicable also to all the other streaming and tendencies of revisionism. Neo-revisionism has reached at a point, where there are thousands of organizations who all call themselves “Marxist-Leninist”. However, they are not Marxist-Leninist in actual fact. Under these conditions, unity of the World Movement of Marxism-Leninism is nearly impossible - the world bourgeoisie set itself that goal. However, the world bourgeoisie was only successful with this tactics because we Marxists-Leninists struggled not enough against neo-revisionism . Self-critically we have to confess that the Marxist-Leninist World Movement suffered under our own blindness and illusions, in first line. We underestimated the danger of neo-revisionism.

We liberate from this world plague by the creation of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement. And this will have beneficial effect on all honest Stalinist-Hoxhaist comrades, all over the world. Our new decisions proved to be overdue. Our world programmatic platform shows everybody the deep ditch which separates us Marxists-Leninists and the so called opportunistic “Marxists-Leninists”. This is not weakening our unity forces, but in the contrary, this will strengthen the united front of the true Marxist-Leninist comrades.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the only movement that is able and determined enough to drive off the neo-revisionists out of our trenches. We push them onto the anti-revisionist battlefield and there we shall defeat them.


In part, one of these streaming within the neo-revisionist world movement are comrades from our former fraternal parties. In times of comrade Enver Hoxha, we struggled shoulder to shoulder within the Marxist-Leninist World Movement . They are exactly traitors from our own world movement that had risen once so heroic and victorious against modern revisionism. Some of these traitors keep silence over the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha, others use comrade Enver Hoxha as their figurehead that are they hiding their treachery behind. However, they'll be sorry ! Anyone who fights against Stalinism-Hoxhaism through formal adoption of the teachings of the 5 classics, in words, will be defeated just as we once defeated the modern revisionists.

Whoever is not able to properly combat globally revisionism, is incapable to rebuild socialism on a world scale.


The modern revisionism was the bourgeois ideology of the restoration of capitalism, was the ideology of the bourgeoisie to reconquer her lost power and to prevent the direct transition to world socialism.


At a certain stage of their development, the material productive forces of socialist society come into conflict with the state capitalist production relations. Within these revisionist production relations they could not be further developed. The relations of state-capitalist production put the socialist forms of development of productive forces in iron. The transitional forms of the capitalist relations of production slow down and hinder the further development of productive forces. They did not give them enough room for their further development. There was always deeper disruption of the unity and harmony of productive forces and production relations of the socialist mode of production with resulting crises of production. The productive forces became unusable or destructed. There was shortages, bottlenecks, unemployment, bankruptcy of commercial establishments etc., it came to decay, and finally the total collapse of the socialist economy. In the first period of socialism has been proven that capitalism is surmountable. In the second period is to prove that capitalist restoration is surmountable. The restoration of capitalism is the eve of the restoration of socialism. Restoration of socialism is nothing other than the world socialism.

With the mastering of its anti-revisionist struggle, the world proletariat learns mastering the world socialism, learns mastering the prevention of the world capitalist restoration, and with this the prevention of capitalist restoration in every country.

Not only capitalism but also the danger of its restoration should be completely overcome on a world scale - otherwise there's no future for world communism. Only by world communism capitalism is irreversible. Therefore, it is the duty of the revolutionary world proletariat, to enrich permanently the treasury of our anti-revisionist struggle.

We go through the fire for the world socialist revolution. We struggle hard against imperialism and revisionism. We shun no danger. Without defeat of revisionism there is neither defeat of world capitalism nor the triumph of world's socialism!


The overcoming of neo-revisionism, the destruction of the 'cast of skin', the unmasking of its chicaneries and mock battles – all these elements of our anti-revisionist struggles is NOT our ultimate goal. What is it then that our criticism of revisionism is totally different from all bourgeois and petty-bourgeois “criticism” on revisionism ?


The special character of the anti-revisionist struggle of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is this:


Abolishment of the INEVITABILITY of revisionism, is the anti-revisionist struggle for the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat, is the struggle for world socialism by the destruction and removal of the whole world capitalism. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the victorious world movement of the revolutionary struggle against the inevitability of the world's revisionism.


Only world socialism guarantees the abolishment of the inevitability of revisionism.

However, this does not guarantee the abolishment of the possibility of revisionism, of world capitalist restoration. We remove expressively only the special character of its inevitability – nothing more.

This means nothing other than increasing class-struggle against the possible restoration of capitalism during the whole epoch of world socialism. The abolition of the possibility of world capitalist restoration is removed by the classless society - not until through communism.

The road of the elimination of the inevitability of capitalist restoration paves the way to the avoidability of restoration of capitalism, and again the avoidability of restoration of capitalism paves the way to the irreversibility of capitalist restoration.


The generalization of the experiences of the struggle against modern revisionism of the past, the generalization of the experiences of the struggle against neo-revisionism of today, they both put together form the basis for the anti-revisionist struggle in the future of the epoch of world socialism.

The process of neo-revisionism is a permanent decomposition - and deformation process of the anti-revisionist struggle of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement. The tactics of the global fragmentation of the revolutionary movement, the production on an assembly line of thousands of opportunistic organizations, divisive factionalism, - all these degenerative processes are expressions of dying, decaying and parasitic world imperialism. World capitalism clutches at revisionist straws, to delay the world revolution. This counter-revolutionary, revisionist tactics of the world bourgeoisie is directed against the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, their world organizations and their world movement against Communism, against the communist world revolution, against the revolutionaries and freedom fighters around the world, against the world proletariat - its gravedigger.


Already before the conference in Quito there were obvious tendencies by its organisers, to reduce our Marxist-Leninist struggle against modern revisionism. However the declaration of Quito itself became a document of anti-revisionist capitulation. The whole revolutionary spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha was buried in the declaration of Quito. Many years have gone since the declaration of Quito and it turned out to be an open door for reconciliation between revisionism and Marxism-Leninism. This led the movement of the ICMLPO into the arms of the revisionists, to degeneration and capitulation, to the estrangement from the former heroic goals of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Capitulation to the neo-revisionism is counter-revolutionary and means nothing other than subjection to the ideology of the class enemy.

Right after the Quito declaration was published, we at first believed in cooperation for turning back to the old political general line of comrade Enver Hoxha. However, the ICMLPO has not left its neo-revisionist line for decades , in the contrary. We proceed to openly unmask the opportunist leaders as traitors.

From now on we openly fight against the ICMLPO as one of the dangerous bearers of the neo-revisionist world movement. We hold a mirror up to them, to remind them what they treated so shamefully, the glorious history of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Not we, the Comintern, have left Marxism-Leninism, but just this ICMLPO-Camp of former Marxist-Leninist parties and their henchmen. Unity with the opportunism is unity with the bourgeoisie, is the splitting in the international revolutionary working class.


Neo-revisionists are traitors at the rebirth of socialism, who have lost faith over the ultimate victory of revisionism. Neo-Revisionism is the pioneer of the restoration of the political power of revisionism, is the rebirth of modern revisionism for sharing the globalized capitalist world without socialism, is the revisionist response to the global restoration of socialism.

If modern revisionism was the ideological weapon of the new bourgeoisie to eliminate the dictatorship of the proletariat, then the neo-revisionism is the ideological weapon of the old bourgeoisie to prevent the revolutionary re-conquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The neo-revisionism favours socialism in 'one' country only because of one reason: this model proved historically beatable, removable. Neo-revisionism offers to the proletariat only partially Marxism-Leninism , namely that part which is harmless for world capital. Whereas the neo-revisionists are fighting against the socialist world revolution, because revisionism is doomed to die if the downfall of world capitalism can not be contained:


"World proletariat - unite all countries in the world revolution!" - accepted in words - , however in deeds to antagonize the proletariat of each country against the revolutionary proletariat of the world as well as vice versa antagonise the world proletariat against the proletarians in the single countries - this is the centrally combined formula of the world's revisionists.

The neo-revisionism is the agency of the bourgeoisie within the anti-revisionist movement – the main danger within the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement.

The neo-revisionism is the disguised kind of revisionism, sailing under the flag of the anti-revisionist struggle of the Stalinist-Hoxhaists, to rescue modern revisionism. But if the revisionists of all shades would jump into the red paint bucket, they are not communists for that reason!

Today's revisionists are conscious about the fact:

There is no Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement without Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory. This is why they make efforts to deface Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory, to antagonize it against Marxism-Leninism, to obviate the need for it, to render it useless, to prove it being superfluously , to remove it, to replace it by the neo-revisionist ideology. Beheading the ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the basis for disarming the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement – thus to be bumped into the arms of the world bourgeoisie. Exactly the same thing happened to the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha.

Vice versa: Destroying the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement serves to destroy the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world theory. – All this is part of anti-communist tactics of the world bourgeoisie, to hinder the victory of the world revolution, to make a stand against the ineluctable world socialism.

The world socialist revolution, not only paves the way to world socialism, but also digs the grave of the international revisionism. Finally, world communism buries all revisionist leftovers.



The revisionists assaulted the fortress of Stalin and Enver Hoxha. However their anti-revisionist fortress was impregnable.

The anti-revisionist teachings of comrade Stalin and Enver Hoxha are invincible. In times of Stalin and Enver Hoxha, revisionist had any chance to get to political power. The outstanding names of Stalin and Enver Hoxha are always marking the defeat of revisionism. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement is the highest and steeliest bulwark against all opportunist tendencies in the world. Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the strongest weapon of Marxism-Leninism in the struggle against revisionism. The world proletariat now needs this clear Stalinist-Hoxhaist delineation from all the opportunistic tendencies of the world in order to evolve to its own revolutionary path to political power.


Let us bring the world proletarian Class Association on a global scale in line with the division and split of the international bourgeoisie, in line with the division and split of the global, revisionist streaming - and the victory of the socialist world revolution will be granted.

The question of unification is achieved by overcoming the division in one's own class camp, with simultaneous class splitting and disintegration in the camp of the class enemy.

The strategy and tactics of the unity of the world proletariat is overcoming its own splitting and disorganisation on the one hand, and simultaneously the strategy and tactics, the usage of antagonistic contradictions within of the camp of the world bourgeoisie, for that own splitting and disorganisation on the other hand.

We need only the one unity and struggle, namely the unity and struggle on the basis of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !


To realize this – and only this – unity, we fight against unity with opportunistic tendencies and estranged class elements, because we are not in need to receive opportunistic 'help', by which world imperialism tries to keep us away from our world communist revolution.

The unity of the Stalinists-Hoxhaists would be worth nothing if it does not serve the unity of the world proletariat in its struggle against all the other political movements all over the world.

The unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement would be worthless if it does not serve the unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party, the Communist International of new type.

And how good is the unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party, if it is not serving the world proletariat, not serving the unity of the exploited and oppressed classes, the association of the world masses to the overthrow of world imperialism?


The unification forces of the world proletariat act just like natural forces:

blindly, forcibly, destructively, so long as the world proletariat does not recognize them and does not expecting them.

However, if the world proletariat has finally understood, if had grasped their struggle, their direction, their effects, then it depends only on the world proletariat itself, to subdue them more and more under the proletarians own will and to fulfil their historic mission, by their own means.


As long as the proletariat of all countries stubbornly refuse themselves to understand their global nature and their internationalist world-class character, that is, to get free from the national limitations and national chains of their previous unification - (and against this understanding struggle the world bourgeoisie and her revisionist defenders by setting their counter-revolutionary forces of resistance against the revolutionary forces of unification of the world proletariat) - so long shall remain actively the wage slavery's forces of global capital , in spite of the world proletariat, against the world proletariat - just as long as they subdue the world proletariat. But once understood in its internationalist nature, the unification forces in the hands of the world proletariat can be transformed from ruling demons into willing servants.

The level of development of the international proletarian movement is directly dependent on the degree of development of the international organization of proletarians because the strength of the international proletarian movement is based on its international unity .

The level of development of the international organization of proletarians, again, is directly dependent on the degree of development of the world proletarian class consciousness because the strength of international unity is based on its world revolutionary class consciousness.

The level of development of the world revolutionary class consciousness is directly dependent on the degree of development of the unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement because the strength of the world revolutionary class consciousness is grounded in proletarian internationalism, which is carried by the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement under the leadership of the Comintern.


The proletarians of the world not only become the class of the world proletariat through the unity of their global class struggle but also by their new internationalist consciousness that is carried into the world proletarian movement by the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party. The world Communist movement is bearer of world Communist consciousness that is carried in the world workers movement.

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism,

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Theory !  

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Party,

the Communist International / Stalinists - Hoxhaists ! 

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement ( SHWM) !










90th Anniversary of the October Revolution

World revolution is a revolution against world-wide revisionism.

Marxism-Leninism did not yet assert it's authority on an international scale. However, if Marxism-Leninism proved to be in power in single countries, then the Marxism_Leninism will lead to the international victory of the united world, particularly the international victory over the world revisionism.

At first revisionism was directed against the October Revolution. That was a fight between revisionists and Marxists-Leninist. At first the revisionists developed in different forms according to the different conditions in different countries - to paralyze socialism in a "single" country, to restore capitalism in a "single" country. Since there is no socialist country left, since the contradictions between socialist and capitalist world are "solved" for a while, revisionists concentrate on the prevention of the socialist restoration which is not alone a matter of this or that former socialist country, but a global matter of all countries over the world. Nowadays revisionism directs it`s chief attention to the globalization of the socialist ideas and activities, to the globalization of the socialist revolution, to the globalization of the worker`s movement. This means, that revisionism had to change it`s old specific forms characterized by the particular conditions on a national scale. With revisionist branches in this or that country problems of globalization cannot be solved, they are not up to date. Under present conditions of globalized class-struggle world-capitalism as well as world-revisionism cannot escape or pull out anywhere on the world, because they are always and anywhere confronted with the worker`s movement and the socialist movement, with Marxism-Leninism on an international scale. The workers of the world and their ideology, the Marxism-Leninism, unfold their full power on an international scale because their nature is internationalist. Under conditions of globalization proletarian internationalism develops on a higher level, on such level which makes it invincible because this internationalist ideology can be best materialized under conditions of the global class-struggle of a global working class. Concerning the revisionist tactics under these circumstances every flirt with the world proletariat, with the Marxism-Leninism, leads consequently and inevitably to the self-exposure of revisionism on an international scale. This is very dangerous for the maintenance of the whole world capitalist system, far more dangerous as in times of the existing "single" socialist countries, when restoration of capitalism could be supported by the whole world capitalist system. Under global conditions of class-struggle the old tactics of the world capitalist encirclement makes no sense for the world bourgeoisie. You can encircle a part of the proletariat, but not the whole world proletariat - that`s the reason for the inevitable chrushing defeat of the world capitalist system. In consequence revisionism is finally and completely forced to withdraw, refuse and reject the banner of Marxism-Leninism. On an international scale revisionists have to break with their tactics of hiding behind the banner of Marxism-Leninism, because the world proletariat forces them to be desmasked as open defenders of world capitalism.

Today, one cannot be called Marxist-Leninist without supporting the proletarian world revolution openly and completely. Today, one cannot be called Marxist-Leninist without leading the international class struggle not only against the bourgeoisie of one's own but against the complete world bourgeoisie.

Today, the revisionists become more and more directly agents of the world bourgeoisie in the global camp of the world proletariat. Revisionists of today gossip about socialism, but only about such kind of "socialism" which can be restored as capitalism (!)

Does that mean that world revisionism shall calm down, becomes peaceful ? In the contrary. If the capitalist system, if the revisionists are attacked by the whole world proletariat on an international scale, then their struggle to survive, their struggle of resistances will get sharpened, will be multiplied. The revisionists shall strengthen their forces under the conditions of the Great Proletarian World Revolution. To ignore this fact means unavoidably the defeat of the global working class. The teachings of the October Revolution are teachings of sharpening our anti-revisionist weapons, preparing them for our last battle.

The October revolution started not only the era of the dying capitalism but also the dying revisionism.

But nothing falls if it isn't brought down. You cannot remove modern revisionism, if you don`t struggle against is renewed mask:


Everything old evils tries to survive under a new mask after it was forced to take off it's old mask.

This happened also with modern revisionists.

When we demasked modern revisionists successfully, they appeared under the new mask of neo-revisionism (= restoration of socialism in words, but enemies of the socialist restoration in deeds).

So revisionists try carrying on their attempts of deceit the world proletariat and the world revolutionaries by presenting himself in the old "revolutionary" gown of red October again to prolong his life in the fight against the Marxist Leninisten by various tricks.

Old revisionist branches were cut off so that the revisionism could rejuvenate itself with the regeneration means of the "anti revisionism" and grow up again. In actuality the modern revisionism denied the proletarian world revolution in theory and practice, he appeared against the proletarian revolution, against the world proletariat and against the Marxist Leninisten, he made himself a pro-world imperialistic tool.

However, which attitude does the Neo-revisionism take for the October revolution today?

The Neo revisionism makes use of the weapon of the Marxist Leninisten against the modern one revisionism, that is the anti-revisionism. So the Neo-revisionists set themselves up as defenders of the Marxism leninism against the modern revisionism and thus also as "defenders" of the October revolution. The Neo-revisionism pursues the aim of appreciating the necessity of the completion of the October revolution by the proletarian world revolution in words but furthermore fighting the true Marxist Leninisten in the practice at the revolutionary putting into action according to the revisionism.

The Neo-revisionism is therefore nothing else but the continuation of the modern revisionism with the means of the so called "anti-revisionism".

For their resistance and renaissance the modern revisionists have unavoidable to turn the weapon of the Marxist-s-Leninist`s struggle against modern revisionism back against the Marxist-Leninist themselves. This is like a drowning man will catch at a straw. The Neo-revisionists pass themselves off as "anti revisionists", misuse the October revolution to hide their neo-revisionism behind "the struggle against the betrayal of the modern revisionists."

They do so by swearing on Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and even on Enver Hoxha. They passes themselves off as the "true" defenders of the October revolution again by defaming the true Marxists-Leninist as "sectarian" and "dogmatist". Due to the fact that the neo-revisionists attack the Marxists-Leninist as so called "sectrerians" or "dogmatists" they attack the internationalist ideas of the October Revolution.

In consequence the modern revisionists pray defend the October Revolution against modern revisionism, but in reality they are enemies of the October Revolution.

That's an old chestnut how to cope with the difficulties to get hold of the Marxists-Leninist because we keep all sorts of revisionism - primarily the newest and most dangerous ones - at arm's length. At every time we had, have and shall have disproved this typical argumentation of the old revisionists.

The historical defeat of the revisionism at state-power finally has proved us Marxists-Leninist right .

The Neo-Revisionists - however newly appearing - still stand on the bases of the old revisionism. They themselves have to set nothing new against us. These are only the new globalized revisionist means applied to the new globalized conditions which is necessary to put the old aims of the defense of the world capitalism into effect. Now they make up ground to overcome their weakness firstly by copying our new Marxist-Leninist world-revolutionary general line to use it as their mask and secondly by "demasking" just our worldrevolutionary general as to be a "secterian" and "dogmatic" general line- with other words: the neo-revisionists have to solve the problem, how to prepare our general anti-neorevisionist line as a weapon against us.

The task of the neo-revisionists will be to get into possesion of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement with the aim to degenerate and liquidate it.

This is the service they have to fullfill as the most dangerous agents of the world bourgeoisie within the ranks of the revolutionary world movement. It is in the interest of the world bourgeoisie to call us "splitters" and in the interest of the world proletariat we have to demask the neo-revisionists as the really splitters, as the most dangerous enemies of the world-revolutionary movement.

In connection with this, we Marxists-Leninist have to lead our struggle for defending the October-Revolution against the neo-revisionists.

Today, you cannot celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Red October without the neo-revisionists get a slap on their hand who try to lay hands on the Red October.

The neo-revisionists are clever enough to make use of the teachings of the October Revolution and to put our new Marxist-Leninist teachings of the Great Proletarian World Revolution in a dummy contrast to the October Revolution. This is the present hypocritical way how neo-revisionists cook their lies on the Red October.

In the end the world capitalists are contented with the undermining work of the neo-revisionists if everybody believes that the world proletariat would be unable to finish what the Russian proletarians started up with their October Revolution. At the 90th anniversary of the October revolution we have to teach the world proletariat to believe in its own revolutionary forces. What the Russian proletarians were able to do in their own country, the world proletariat will be able to do so in its own world !

Therefore it is the aim of the world bourgeoisie to keep the Marxist Leninist away and dissociate them from the world proletariat. This is in principle exactly the revisionist line of the former II. International against the October Revolution to hinder it to spread all over the world. But it is impossible for the world bourgeoisie as well as for their lackeys - the neo-revisionists - to hinder revolutions bursting out.

World Imperialism is the epoch of the proletarian revolutions, is the epoch of the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the epoch of the world`s dictatorship of the proletariat. This is, what Lenin taught us. And this truth can be never obscured by the neo-revisionists.

The proletarian world revolution starts the era of the elimination of the unavoidability of the restoration of the capitalism, the era of the elimination of the unavoidability of revisionism. The unavoidability of the triumphal march of the proletarian world revolution which uninteruptedly is renewing itself, causes the unavoidability of the decline of the revisionism which ecdyses are uninteruptedly in process. This is the dialectical law of the fight of the contrasts between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism. The Marxism leninism will defeat, destroy and remove for ever the revisionism in this fight. The victory of the proletarian world revolution is the qualitative leap at the worldwide overcoming of the revisionism. It is necessary to convince the world proletariat of this truth and to keep high and to honor the excellent role in the consciousness of the world proletariat which the October Revolution has played and further plays on this way.

The era of the power of the Leninism and the Comintern began with the October Revolution. The world domination of Marxism-Leninism starts with the proletarian world revolution, the glorious era of the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist).



World proletariat – unite all the countries!

Comintern (SH)-Appeal

31st of December 2006



At present the majority of our opponents prefer to remain mute about our newest world revolutionary standpoints because they fear to lose face in an open confrontation with us. The truth is that they conflict with our newest Marxist-Leninist teachings about the world revolution. They criticize the new teachings of the world revolution by all those Marxist-Leninist teachings which were correctly created before the times of globalization - namely in times of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and the Socialist Albania of Enver Hoxha. Mixing up or equating the historical periods - this is the typical problem of the neo- revisionists. They try to criticize Marxism-Leninism (of the newest period) as to be sectarian by "Marxism-Leninism" (Marxism-Leninism of the former historical periods). However this „method“ is totally anti-Marxist-Leninist as well as it is totally impossible to criticize the truth by the "truth". From the side of "left" opportunism, from the side of dogmatism, every necessary development of Marxism-Leninism is criticized, because it collides with old principles which were valid in their times. Dogmatism however changes those principles, which are only valid for their valid times, into those principles with universally valid character. Dogmatism hinders therefore Marxism-Leninism to be transferred as a higher developed world revolutionary theory into the necessarily higher developed world revolutionary movement. Dogmatism makes the world revolutionary movement standing still. Standing still is the same as a step backwards. Dogmatism is ossification, is inflexible, is rigidity, is the death of the world revolution., is counter-revolutionary.

The right opportunism tries to assimilate openly Marxism-Leninism by bourgeois ideology, tries to degenerate the revolutionary spirit of the world revolutionary ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha, tries to dilute Marxism-Leninism, tries to cut off its imprescriptible principles, tries to sell Marxism-Leninism to the bourgeoisie. The right opportunism only accepts such "theories" of the world revolution, and goes only conform with such models of "world socialism" and such manipulated quotations of the 5 classics which makes capitalism restorable, which do not harm the further existence or regeneration of world capitalism. What they want is to get the world power of revisionism, the power of bourgeois world socialism. So, the neo-revisionists reduce their "criticism" on modern revisionism on the "mistakes" which led allegedly to the defeat of state-power in a single country, in the socialist camp and which caused apparently the failure of the revisionists` power on an international scale. Neo-Revisionists fight for the re-conquest of revisionism at power. Of course, the neo-revisionists do not openly say so but they intend to do this in reality. You must prove revisionists by their deeds and not by their words ! The revisionists misuse Marxism-Leninism for their explanation attempts of their defeat of state-power. However, Marxism-Leninism teaches that these are certainly not any "mistakes" of the revisionists to restore socialism. In reality these were the methods of disarming the dictatorship of the proletariat, these were unavoidable instruments to re-establish the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the consequent way of the transformation from socialism to capitalism under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. The restoration of capitalism on an international stage, that` s what the world bourgeoisie is forced to establish by a new type of revisionists - the world revisionists - agents of the world bourgeoisie within the ranks of the Marxist-Leninist movement of the world proletariat. If we Marxists-Leninist spread the slogan: "World` s proletariat - unite the countries!", then the revisionists try to unite the countries against the world proletariat just with this our slogan! Of course, the revisionists hide behind the banner of the Marxist-Leninist world movement as their fig-leaf.

What is new in the struggle against neo-revisionism?

With this article we force the revisionists to mask themselves behind our new slogan: "World` s proletariat - unite all countries!"

This is much more difficult for them than to hide behind our long theoretical writings. The more concretely we work with world revolutionary slogans, the more concretely the revisionists have to react and to come out, the more concretely they can be unmasked. Our slogans help us Marxists-Leninist to put our theory into practice. This is an instrument to It is our duty to remove the revisionists from the all-round position of the Marxist-Leninist, from its universal arguments, a weapon which the revisionists prefer now to direct against us Marxists- Leninist. The Comintern (ML) is no debating society for indeterminate debates. Our slogans are calls of international revolutionary activities for the world proletariat.

The world proletariat does not need endless debates on dead theorization. It needs a stirring idea to put an end to the misery. It needs a convincing vision of a better world. The world proletariat needs a world revolutionary watchword to keep going the international class struggle, to lead it on the way to liberation. The world proletariat needs a clear and catchy slogan which heralds and expresses the beginning of its own world revolutionary liberation movement. The international worker needs his own international fighting banner, under which he can march together with all workers of the whole world against the shared misery ! Well, the real revolutionary upswing is not still coming immediately but when it comes (and this is an imperative necessity), we have already worked out the draft of the revolutionary world theory to describe the shortest and easiest way towards liberation. This will keep it away from spontaneous petty bourgeois ways. In short: It is on the time to present the world proletariat openly and honestly our world political line of vision, our world revolutionary idea in a concisely form.

The old principles were worked out under conditions of the simultaneously existing two social camps - capitalism and socialism. Now, we live in the period of the one and only existing world capitalist system. This means to replace the old Marxist-Leninist principles, which were then useful and necessary, but which have lost their meaning at present. So, our Marxist-Leninist principles have to be further developed, developed as a science of the socialist global revolution. By no means the world proletariat can herald its power by a number of intellectual victories with rusty intellectual weapons. However, it is even much more impossible to offer the proletariat rusty weapons, this is very simply despicable, this is a crime at the worker because they condemn him to the defeat before he has taken the fight at all!

We Hoxhaist identify the communist Marxist-Leninist world movement as the Hoxhaist world movement. There is no communist Marxist-Leninist world movement beside the Hoxhaist movement. The Hoxhaist world movement is the only true communist Marxist-Leninist world movement. Without Hoxhaism "Marxism-Leninism" can be all but not Marxist-Leninist. In principle there is no difference between Hoxhaism and Marxism-Leninism. Hoxhaism is Marxism-Leninism which is based on the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha. With this we want to express our differentiation to our opponents who define Marxism-Leninism without the teachings of Enver Hoxha. So called "Marxism-Leninism" which excludes the teachings of Enver Hoxha is revisionism. The ideology of today's world revolutionary proletarian movement is based on the teachings of all 5 classics of the Marxism-Leninism. If you divide them or if you exclude one of them, it` s revisionism.


The split of the proletarians is useful for the bourgeoisie. To overcome the split by the bourgeoisie is of use for the proletariat. The history of the international labour movement is the history of the overcoming of its split by the bourgeoisie, like the history of the communist world movement is the history of the overcoming of its split by the revisionists.

We must learn to understand that the unification process is a dialectical process which is determined by a vast amount of most complicated historical correlations that the unification process of the proletarians of all countries can only take place as qualitative leaps. The unification` s process is not completed until the world proletariat is matured as a global socialist class.

The objective unification process takes place independently of the will of the proletarians - enforced by the capitalist world production. The world domination of the bourgeoisie hasn't only armed the world proletariat with a completely new, global weapon for the fight against the world bourgeoisie , has not only abolished the national inhibition levels, the separated proletarians` position and their isolated radius of class-action in their single countries, but has helped them to get a completely different position, provided them a global position as a recognized international party, the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist).

"Proletarians of all countries - unite!" This watchword has a different meaning before, within and after the period of the two worlds and has therefore carefully be handled in a different adequate way to the further unification process of the world proletariat. The revisionists deny this for good known reasons and allege to the former period of the two worlds. By the way, the revisionist invoking on the „theory“ of the " further continuity of the two worlds", is the logical continuation of the revisionist "theory of the three worlds" which was directed against the then existing socialist world solely represented by the socialist Albania. Upholding the two worlds theory in the period of global world imperialism is nothing else as the maintenance and reconquest of the power of revisionist countries. Under today` s global capitalist conditions maintaining the correct Marxist-Leninist theory of the once existing two worlds is pure revisionism and the neo-revisionists maintain silence about the representatives of the "still existing" two worlds and play their role as the capitalists` henchmen, as the revisionists` accomplices. The revisionists challenge the necessity of working out new forms of the actualization of the old watchword. They know for sure, that the old watchword would not work at all if it would not be changed, modified, enhanced or otherwise altered according to the present period of the global imperialist world which replaced the period of the two worlds at least after the downfall of socialist Albania.


Our class enemy enters the stage of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement like a “Marxist-Leninist”, like a “world revolutionary”, like a “socialist internationalist”, like a “global communist” or whatever is indicated - and once established on this stage continuing class struggle by snaffling both of our formulae with the purpose to direct them AGAINST us , against the world proletariat and “in the name” of the world proletariat! These subversive activities were once successfully used by the revisionists within the Comintern - for example the revisionist deformation of the popular front (united-front tactics).

The class enemy assumes the role of the “unifier” of the world proletariat and from this position he starts to attack us Communists as “those who split the movement” and therefore as those “elements of diversion” who must be liquidated in the name of the defence of “unity”. Thereby the class enemy avails himself of his own as well as our organisations in combination to feed each others lines.

The revisionists take possession of our Marxist-Leninist positions of politics, of our line, of our world revolutionary ideas to direct them all against us whereby they enter the stage of the ideological class struggle as the “true Marxists-Leninist” who “defend” Marxism-Leninism against us Marxists-Leninist by exposing us and calling us “enemies” of the world proletariat, “enemies” of the world revolution.

So there is a double deceit: 1. Our Marxist-Leninist line of unification is masked as a camouflage of the divisive line of our class enemy (carrying the divisive influence of the bourgeoisie into the world proletariat by misusing Marxist-Leninist unity as a Trojan Horse). 2. The “Stop thief!”- tactics is the famous method of our class enemy to “unmask” our Marxist-Leninist unity as “Anti-Marxist-Leninist” unity and simultaneously to mask his bourgeois divisive politics as “Marxist-Leninist”. For one tactics you slip into the role of the enemy to take over his power position and for the other tactics you “expose” and “denounce” your enemy in public to isolate him and to take over his power position. Often both these tactics are combined or exchanged depending on different conditions. Let `s go into detail:

Unification as a position going in division and split :

1) Unity with the class opponent for the purpose of obtaining one `s own superiority by succumbing unity to superior numbers with the result of forcing the enemy into a minority position (divisive unity achieved by the conquest- of- majorities tactics; unity as a catalyst of the splitting).

And then: fraction ism: clannish minorities unified as a (more or less monolith) block to obstruct the majority with the purpose to take over one `s own majority;

And then: Wearing down the splitters right up to their total liquidation (method of liquidation by means of the [smooth and gentle] unity for the purpose of its strangulation = unity `s liquidation based on the right-opportunist position. This method is preferred if the revolutionary situation increases in prosperity thus when the enemy is strong and the movement active.

2) Frustration of unity precipitated by the fission politics:

The fission-method is used for the purpose to avoid, to hinder or even to make the unification process impossible.

It is frequently used in non-revolutionary situations, in situations of the revolutionary low tide, in situations when the class opponent is not yet bounced back, when he is demoralised, when there is caused confusion in his own ranks, when the opponent is forced to rally his strength respectively when he is forced to renew or change his formation.

It is often used as a pseudo- counter method of the method 1).

You simulate as if you strive for a “principled unity” directed against the pseudo-unity, against unification ism, against unprincipled unity, against unity chaffer y etc.

organisations etc.

You start a dispute on ideological demarcations to justify the maintenance of disunity and split . You put out endless discussions on unity to make unifications complicated and even impossible.

For this purpose you resort to dogmatism and sectarianism. You over-estimate existing dissents about unity or disunity and raise an principle objection though the disagreements have no principle or antagonistic al character.

Hereby both the methods of Trojan Horses and “Stop thief!” are utilised.

The more split groups and the more diverse fractions are “installed” within the opponent camp the better for one `s own class politics and the more difficult for the class enemy to unite or reunite his split or shattered forces.

Both methods come to the success in combination. Notice that you adopt the one method as your primary and the other as your secondary method. In case of changing conditions and circumstances the exchange of major and minor method will be necessary to gain the best results.

So to speak, you must have two strings to your bow, must be quick on the draw and must beat your class-enemy to the punch. The unification of the world proletariat is an indispensable element of the global class struggle and has to be treated like a world revolutionary strategy used as an art of class- warfare which likes to be further developed, studied in theory and mastered in practice.

Our key-watchword for this strategy is : „World proletariat – unite all countries!“

Unity with opportunism equals unification with the class-enemy and leaves nothing behind but a world revolution in shatters.

To avoid all the painful and sacrificial consequences of unprincipled and enslaving unity the world proletariat has to master the Marxist-Leninist strategy and tactics against opportunist unity: Marxist – Leninist unity is not unifiable with opportunist unity. They are both irreconcilable and are antagonistically contradictory! Opportunists strive to reconcile the irreconcilable unity – Marxists- Leninist strive for the irreconciliation against the reconciliators.

The one unity is a revolutionary unity, thus the unity of the proletariat and the other is counter revolutionary, thus the class-reconciling unity with the enemy ! To get rid of the world bourgeoisie we have to get rid of its divisive politics, doctrines and dogmas in the heads of the workers. Splitting begins in the heads of the workers and consequently the overcoming of splitting, too. Every step of splitting off the bourgeois ideology, of splitting off opportunism, is a step of the proletarians` unification.

Let `s keep in mind that all the various divisive methods of the bourgeoisie – the (right, reconciliated) pseudo-unity-tactics as well as the (“left”, sectarian) pseudo-”principled” unity tactics - are combined and modified on all fields and at all fronts of class-struggle.

For example the leaders are split off the masses by this, theory is split off practice, strategy is split off tactics, party is split off class, class is split off masses, unity of the proletariat is split off the unification with the other exploited classes, national unification is split off global unification etc.

The world proletariat can be victorious not until it draws the anti-revisionist demarcation line, not until it has purified its own ranks from the revisionists because every revisionist influence within the communist and labour movement is advantageous for the world bourgeoisie and harmful for the world proletariat. In principle there is no unity between revisionism and Marxism-Leninism like there is principally no unity between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

Splits and unifications, fragmentations and de fragmentations aren't class neutrally. They are all advantageous for the one and disadvantageous for the other antagonistical class. Splits and unifications can be harmful for every class which does not apply or combine these strategies and tactics of class-politics correctly.

Harmonise the world proletarian class-unity with the divisiveness of the international bourgeoisie and her neo-revisionist lackeys - and you `ll get the victory of the world revolution!

"To initialise the revolution it doesn't suffice that the exploited and suppressed masses become conscious about the impossibility to live on in a previous manner and that they are conscious about calling for a revolutionary change; to initialise the revolution it is necessary that the exploiters cannot live and rule in the previous manner any more " (Lenin, volume 31, page 71, German edition, free editor `s translation).

The bourgeoisie splits the proletariat, destroys its unity by the policy of class reconciliation. So the consistent, firm-principled fight against the policy of the class reconciliation unites the proletariat in the fight against the bourgeoisie. The bourgeoisie covers the deep gulf between the antagonistic al classes with the purpose just to split the proletariat. The proletariat gives the masses a reality check about the depth of the gulf among the classes with the purpose just to unite them.

To combat and liquidate the world proletarian unity by veiling the disunity and split of the proletarians all over the world, by means of Marxism-Leninism – that is the revisionist method of the world bourgeoisie `s lackeys within the ranks of the communist and labour movement ! This has always to be kept in mind if revisionists open their mouth swearing: “unity”! That `s all revisionist brainwash. If revisionists talk about “unity” then they don `t tell the truth. They only want to mask their true intention by misuse of Marxism-Leninism just to damage proletarians` unity. They want to maintain the split and to paralyse and undermine unity. Unity with the bourgeoisie instead of unity against the bourgeoisie - that is the meaning of revisionist “unity”, that is the bourgeois expression of “unity” - covered by Marxist-Leninist phrases.


The permanent struggle against revisionism will never end because it is an ideology which shall survive its class-character to hinder the communist development of the society always “in the name of” the society `s further communist development. That means, if we would have succeeded to get rid of revisionisms class-character revisionism does not at all disappear by itself but shall go on struggling inescapably against communism – no matter what state it is in. If we Communists would not succeed in coping with this task, then we Communists ourselves would become our own enemy, moreover we Communists ourselves would erase Communism `s future and we would become our own revisionists. Criticism and self-criticism is a principle of Marxism-Leninism. It does not lose its meaning after the liberation from its class-character. In the contrary, this Marxist-Leninist principle – together with many others - gets a more important meaning in the Communist society namely as the method in the hands of the whole society to struggle against classless revisionism. Many Marxist-Leninist methods are valid forever. All that created by Communism in the previous periods of the Communist society – including the teachings of Marxism-Leninism - doesn't get lost. Only its class-character gets lost. Other than that pass over as a traditional treasure, as the Communist heritage which then can be used and applied by the whole society and not by only one class any more.

There is only one actual internationalism: the devoted work on the development of the world revolutionary movement and the world revolutionary fight of the world proletariat, the support (by propagandas by moral and material help) of such a fight, of such a line and only such one in unanimously every country.

Proletarian inter nationalism is ...

"... the unity of the thinking and acting of the proletariat of every country in particular and the world proletariat generally (Enver Hoxha, report on the 7th party convention of the PAA, 1977, Ger. version, page 242).

"World proletariat - unite the socialist revolutions of all countries - unite all countries to the socialist world revolution!"

This is the concrete watchword for the effective development of the law of proletarian internationalism under today's conditions of the world domination of the globalised capitalism.

The world revolutionary overall interests determine the revolutionary interests of every country thus the world revolutionary overall process determines the world revolutionary process in every single country thus the world revolutionary overall process determines the breakout of the weakest imperialist chain-link. The breakthrough has become the matter of the world proletariat and not the matter of any other proletariat.


The overall interests of the proletarian global party determines the overall interests of the communist parties in every country. The Communist World party transforms all Communist parties of the countries into its detachments, into its sections. In the first epoch of socialism the world party was the outpost of the Communist parties with the socialist country at the top. However, in the second epoch of socialism the Communist parties of the countries change into outposts of the proletarians` world party. The “International” changes – so to speak - into the “Global”. In so far the Comintern (ML) is actually the Communist Global (ML), the first global Communist party in the history of Communism.

There is no unity of the proletarians all over the world, there is no unity of the world proletariat, there is no unity of the proletariat of the countries, there is no unity of the socialist revolutions if there is no subordination of the part under the whole, if there is no subordination of the minority under the majority, if there is no subordination of the proletariat of a country under the world proletariat, no subordination of the socialist revolutions of the single countries and the world revolution, no subordination of the Communist parties under the world party etc.

The democratic centralism globally established helps to overcome the splitting as well in the countries as in the world and strengthens the proletarian unity nationwide and world wide. Adopting globally the democratic centralism helps to overcome the splits of the Marxist-Leninist World movement as well as the movement in the countries, helped to overcome splits in the world party as well as in the countries` parties, helps to overcome the split of the world revolution.









5 years of efforts for helping principled Hoxhaists in the whole world to come to meet, to come together and strengthening their international solidarity and supporting them to improve and develop the general principles of Marxism-Leninism. We wanted to work out the new principled general line of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement as a first and most importent task to achieve the necessary unity as a main result. And that `s what we did for all the 5 years!

Today in most of the countries there are no genuine Marxist-Leninist organizations (which are really congruent in words and deeds) or much less strong and genuine Marxist-Leninist parties – anchored with the class and the masses and equipped with a clear ideological demarcation-line against the revisionists in general and against the neo-revisionists in particular. To tell the thruth some of the former Marxist – Leninist parties - in lifetime of comrade Enver Hoxha – came to splits, liquidations, degenerations. Others have to deal with problems to develop their Bolshevist principles. Their ideological position differs from one country to another enormously and even in the country itself there are deep basical ideological differences which make it nearly impossible to unite. The scene of the Marxist-Leninist movement is characterized by ideological confusion and organizational splitting. The Marxist-Leninists all over the world are not contented with this situation of distraction, they suffer under the present situation of disunity and they want to clear away the opportunist brake shoes. So these suffering comrades are grateful for every international solidarity and support. Single comrades and different Marxist-Leninist groups and parties consulted the Comintern/ML within the past 5 years and the Comintern/ML was able to help these comrades in over 15 countries. Primarily the Comintern/ML – Homepage: http://ciml.250x.com became the lodestar , a glimmer of hope to find out the right way towards the upbuilding of a new Communist International in demarcation-line against opportunism and revisionism.

The strength of the Communist International / ML lays within the past 5 years in first line in this, that she has shown the true Marxist - Leninists the firm-principled ideological way out of the ideological world labyrinth of the bourgeois ideology. She has given the Marxist - Leninist world movement a new prospect, a new orientation, has given international solidarity and the mutual confidence to the comradesall over the world.

The opportunists refuse to appreciate, recognize, respect and accept comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th classic of Marxism-Leninism. The opportunists call „Hoxhaism“ whatever they like, but not as Marxism-Leninism - as it truely is. We called us Leninists without any surrender or renunciation of being Marxists, and we call us Hoxhaists without any surrender or renunciation of being Marxist-Leninists. It was inalienable for us communists to call us Leninists namely to save the Marxist Movement of that old heroic times. And in our times it is just the same if we communists call us Hoxhaists namely to save the present Marxist-Leninist World Movement. Hoxhaism is the only ideology that draws the demarcation line between Marxism-Leninism and such anti-Marxism-Leninism which is masked as „Marxism-Leninism“ at present. Once upon a time you could only be a true Marxists, if you apreciated Leninism. And today you can only be a true Marxist-Leninist, if you appreciate Hoxhaism - this is the core of the thing, this is the reason why the Comintern / ML was founded on the base of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, the reason why the Comintern / ML decided with the first day of its foundation that comrade Enver Hoxha is a classic of Marxism-Leninism. We had to draw the demarcation-line, and the demarcation line is: Who is with Enver Hoxha or against him? = who is with Marxism-Leninism or against Marxism-Leninism? Dropping a clear decision for or against this demarcation-line, that is what makes it so confusing to get the right answer: Who is a Marxist-Leninist – and who is not? You can only overcome the confusion if you work out a clear – line – and that`s it what the Comintern / ML did within the last 5 years. Marxism-Leninism teaches that there is no unity with opportunism. The problem is that the opportunists hide behind this principle, with other words they do not hezitate to sign willingly that they are „ in accordance“ with this Marxist-Leninist principle. So you must let them sign their accordance with Hoxhaism with the intention to sort the sheep from the goats - at least a great deal of them. We do not have to forget the difference between words and deeds ! You cannot draw an demarcation-line without naming it. So this is not only a matter of contents but as well a matter of naming. We cannot do without naming our demarcation-line, if we want to ease the struggle against opportunism in the hands of the world proletariat. It is not an end in itself , if we Hoxhaists draw the demarcation-line. The demarcation-line is in first line necessary for the revolutionary struggle of the world proletariat against opportunism. Names come and go. Decisive is the content and not the form. People are not what they seem to be, but what they are doing. The deeds and not words make the difference: So we world revolutionaries, we proletarian internationalists, we Marxist-Leninists, we call us Hoxhaists just to make it easier for the world proletariat to differ us from the class enemies who are masked with „Marxism-Leninism“ (There are also some dangerous class enemies who mask with „Hoxhaism“ - but we come to these neo-revisionists later on in that chapter which deals with the struggle against revisionism). Times of confusion can onlybe changed into times of distinctions and clearness by the further development of Marxism-Leninism, by Hoxhaism, by the Hoxhaists and by nobody else.

There is not Marxism-Leninism on the one hand and Hoxhaism on the other, because Hoxhaism is Marxism-Leninism. There are no Marxist-Leninists except Hoxhaists. The Hoxhaism is Marxism - Leninism and nothing else. The Hoxhaism includes everything, what Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin have made and done, plus the new things, with which Enver Hoxha has enriched the treasure vault of Marxism – Leninism. Let `s take an example - the struggle against revisionism. Marx Engels, Lenin and Stalin enriched the socialist science by their struggle against revisionism. The Hoxhaism includes this treasure vault plus the new struggle against revisionism: the struggle against revisionism in power. Supposing that revisionism came into power after the death of Stalin, then consequently neither Marx, nor Engels, nor Lenin and nor Stalin could have experienced the struggle against revisionism in power. The classics don`t belong to the species who die out. This is only the dream of the bourgeoisie: The bourgeoisie is not at all interested in a new classic of Marxism-Leninism - in the contrary - the bourgeoisie is doing everything to „disprove“ the classic Enver Hoxha. The bourgeoisie puts Marxism-Leninism as a dead- end, tries to check off socialism as an episode which landed on the manure heap of history. And the bourgeoisie has her lackeys within the Marxist-Leninist World Movement who help her with this job!). However comrade Enver Hoxha is a great example for the fact that Marxism – Leninism is still alive, always remaining young and immortal – able to produce new classics.

We can definitely speak about the Marxism - Leninism or about the Hoxhaismus (it is one and the same!). But we are not allowed to speak Marxism-Leninism and Hoxhaism (as something different). We cannot be Hoxhaists without being Marxist-Leninists and dialectically we cannot still remain as Marxist-Leninists without becoming Hoxhaists. The Hoxhaism is not the teaching of comrade Enver Hoxha minus Marxism - Leninism. Hoxhaism is only a definition of the further development of Marxism - Leninism in the phase of the socialism with the revisionism at the power – and when Albania was the only socialist country in the world who resisted this power for many decades. And today the teaching of Enver Hoxha helps us to get socialism back [re-conquest, renaissance, rebirth, resurrection,restoration, re-erection of the socialism – as you like] , helps us to avoid that revisionism does not come to power a second time neither on a national stage nor on an international stage.

Those who struggle against Hoxhaism can never be Marxist-Leninists! And this means in consequence: No unity with Anti-Hoxhaists !

Hoxhaists should rank at the forefront, but they never claim or occupy a privileged special position „above“ all the others. Hoxhaism is not a special branch ( a branch next to other branches ) within the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. The Marxist-Leninist World Movement is the Hoxhaist World Movement, otherwise this movement would stop to be Marxist-Leninist, it would degenerate towards revisionism. There is no Hoxhaist World Movement beyond the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. The Hoxhaist World Movement is the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of today. Hoxhaists are not „super – Marxist – Leninists“. Hoxhaists are not an „avant-garde“ of the Marxist-Leninists, because an avantgarde of an avantgarde is nonsense,. Hoxhaists are strictly against any elitist fashion. Hoxhaists belong simply to the best forces of the world proletarian`s avantgarde – that `s it.. Hoxhaists are not obliged to be the „farest left wing among the Marxist-Leninists.“ Among Marxist- Leninists there are no „lefts“ or „rights“. Hoxhaists are neither „lefts“ nor „rights“ - they are Marxist-Leninists though they always struggle against „left wings“, right wings and centrist wings as persons or groups of deviations from Marxism-Leninism. But this is quite another thing. Wherever deviations of Marxism-Leninism appear, Hoxhaists shall struggle against them. Marxism-Leninism can only be defended by Hoxhaism against all deviations.

Marxism-Leninism teaches that you cannot be a genuine proletarian internationalist without struggling for the upbuilding of the Communist International. Today it is primarily important to be part of the avant – garde of the world proletariat, to rise the struggle of the world revolution higher than every other revolutionary struggle. The character of Hoxhaism is not nationally restricted within the Albanian borders. The character of Hoxhaism is internationalist. Hoxhaism belongs to the world proletariat. Hoxhaism is the only revolutionary ideology of the world proletariat. World socialism, world communism is our highest goal which we are striving for and just this is Hoxhaism.

1. Hoxhaism results from the socialist Albania as the leader of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement which developed socialism in the struggle against modern revisionism at power. Hoxhaism is the Marxist-Leninist ideology in the period of imperialism when revisionism came to state-power to degenerate, to decompose to liquidate, to destroy socialism, to restore the capitalist world which has wiped out the existence of socialism. Hoxhaism is the Marxist-Leninist ideology which developed in the struggle for the defence, strengthening and completion of socialism against the whole capitalist-revisionist world included the class enemy within socialist Albania and within the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. Particularely, Hoxhaism is the struggle of Marxism-Leninism against the Mao Tsetung Ideas. And in generally, Hoxhaism is the highest and present form of the revolutionary struggle of the Marxist-Leninist theory against the highest and present forms of the counter-revolutionary revisionist „theories“ - on an international scale.

The teachings of Enver Hoxha are the Marxism - Leninism on a progressed and furthest stage of the epoch of the imperialism, the epoch of the progressed world crisis, rottenness and parasitical decomposition of the dying world capitalism,. Particularly the teachings of Enver Hoxha are teachings against those particular capitalist degeneration forms as social imperialism and socialist fascism which emerged from the socialism. Hoxhaism is the teaching of Marxism-Leninism within that phase when the whole capitalist-revisionist world struggled for the destruction of the „socialism in a single country“ by help of the revisionist countries and by the help of the revisionists in the own socialist country.

The teachings of Enver Hoxha are the teachings of a new form of the socialist revolution`s further development - the theory and tactics of the Anti-revisionist and Anti-social fascist fight of a socialist country in a united front with the revolutionary world proletariat under the conditions of the capitalist-revisionist world, in general; and it is the theory and tactics of the defense and re-conquest of the working class` power, the strengthening and the re-establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, in particulare - the teachings for the power of the proletariat`s world dictatorship, for the victory of the socialism by bursting the imperialist - sozialimperialist chain, for the victory of the restored socialism over the restored capitalism, for the victory over revisionism at power.

2. The Hoxhaism is the victorious teaching of the „socialism in a single country“ which has developed despite the degeneration of another socialist country, despite the restoration of the capitalism in another socialist country, despite the revisionism at the power for decades, despite the capitalist – revisionist, international encirclement. The Hoxhaism is the teaching of the anti-revisionist re-enforcement and anti-revisionist regeneration of the socialism, is the teaching for decades of victorious resistance against the whole bourgeois - revisionist world.

3. The Hoxhaismus is the further development of the Marxism - Leninism under the conditions of the Anti-fascist fight and its directly transition into a teaching of the victorious fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Hoxhaism is the teaching of the successfully renewed break of the imperialistic chain, namely under the conditions of the fascist occupation of a country. The Hoxhaism is the teaching of the construction of the socialism of a country especially on the ruins of a fascist dictatorship. The Hoxhaism can be recognized as a teaching of the elimination of the fascism by the socialism on the national scale and thus one prerequisite for the victory over the fascism and over the imperialistic war on the international scale.

4. The Hoxhaism is a proof of the correctness of the universal and international character of the Bolshevism. The Hoxhaism furnished proof that the Bolshevism wasn't a national teaching limited under Lenin and Stalin, under Russian conditions. Hoxhaism proved that Bolshevism wasn't limited as a tactic for all in the times of Lenin and Stalin, was not a timely limited appearance of the past, but a teaching for the whole epoch of imperialism and the socialist revolution, a living international, immortal teaching, suitable and useful in another (even smaller) country. The Hoxhaism is the further development of the Bolshevist teachings of Lenin and Stalin. The Hoxhaism is the further development of the teaching of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The teaching of comrade Enver Hoxha is the most important contribution for the definitely invincible world`s Bolshevism, is the most important contribution to the victory of the socialist world revolution and the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat- since the death of Stalin.

The Hoxhaism of today

The Hoxhaism has followed from the fight against the modern revisionism at power, against restored capitalism. Today, Hoxhaism develops in the fight against the Neo-revisionism (Neo-revisionism = anti-revisionism in words and resuscitation (re-smuggling in) of the revisionism in deeds) to restore such socialism which is a qualified guarantee against any repetitive errors of capitalist restoration.

Hoxhaism of today is the struggle against those traitors who helped the world imperialists to smash socialist Albania and who helped them with the degenerating process of the Marxist-Leninist Movement which was cut off the socialist Albania. The Hoxhaism of today is, however, not alone a struggle for the restoration of the socialism`s status in life-times of comrade Enver Hoxha, but moreover a struggle for the final, the guaranteed victory over revisionism in general and last not least on an international scale.

It may not be forgotten that the struggle of Hoxhaism is a struggle of a whole period starting from the victorious struggle against revisionism at power under the conditions of socialism in a single country and a period ending with the worldwide victorious struggle against capitalist restoration. Hoxhaism has to be proved as the victorious Marxist-Leninist ideology of the revolutionary world proletariat over the counter-revolutionary ideology of world imperialism, over the revisionist ideology on an international stage. We have to differ three stages: first stage is the Hoxhaism in power in a single socialist country ( the former socialist Albania), second stage is the re-conquest of socialism by Hoxhaism in a situation where socialism is not any more in power (the stage we are in now) and third stage is the Hoxhaism` s world power. The period of today`s Hoxhaism is the Hoxhaism`s transferation from a national stage towards the international stage of power. If you want to understand and struggle for present Marxism-Leninism you have to rise Hoxhaism from the first step of development uninterruptedly to the last step of its development. You cannot fulfill this task if you ignore the fact that the Hoxhaism of today and the Hoxhaism of yesterday are the same in their nature, but diffent in their developing forms according to the further development of the class-struggle and the socialist processes all over the world. Our task is to bring back Hoxhaism to power through its further revolutionary development, through the further development of our Hoxhaist, anti-revisionist struggle.

Without further development of Hoxhaism you cannot bring back socialism to power, neither in a single country, nor internationally.

Further it may not be forgotten, that we Hoxhaists do not simply struggle for the restoration of socialism in the former forms under former conditions - not confined as a struggle for the restoration in Russia and Albania, not confined as a struggle for socialism in a single country, not confined as a struggle for the destruction opf bourgeois dictatorship in this por that country. We may not forget that our struggle above all is the struggle for the victory of the socialist proletarian wordl revolution, is the struggle for world socialism and communism, a future world society – established on the ruins of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie.

The Hoxhaists of today direct their aims ont he socialist world revolution as a matter of priority, as a matter of the final victory of Marxism-Leninism by speeding up the ongoig developing process of the class-struggle as a class- struggle of the whole revolutionary world proletariat , by anquering world socialist consciousness within the world proletarian movement, by rising the world proletarian movement onto the stage of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement, by rising the stage of the proletarian internationalism onto the stage of the socialist internationalism with the Hoxhaists at the top.

The Hoxhaism at the power was the Hoxhaism at the power in only a single socialist country of the world under the conditions of the imperialist-revisionist embracement of two - an imperialist and an social imperialist - super power as well as of the other imperialist and revisionist countries, with other words the encirclemant of the complete capitalist-revisionist world. Today's Hoxhaism is the fight for the power of the world socialism under the conditions of the completely globalized and united world imperialism (under the present leadership of the USA imperialism).

Well, we Hoxhaists of today differ the process of socialism`s restoration from the processes which took place in the period of the upbuilding of the first socialist countries in the last century. The socialism as it existed in times of Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha will change by the ongoing process of the globalized world imperialism at the moment. So future socialism will not be only a simple copy of the former socialism, but socialism on a higher stage of development, on today's stage of developments of a globalized world as a result of a globalized class struggle by a globalized consciousness of a globalized proletariat. The socialist world revolution gets a new quality which cannot be compared with the former quality of the class-struggle in the 19th and 20th century. That class- struggle had many national components. The globalization of today develops more and more typical international components by which the former national components are gradually forced into the back ground. And consequently this will change the face of modern socialism. That`s why we Hoxhaists of today try to put the globalized class-struggle with all its strategy and tactics in the foreground. That`s why we Hoxhaists of today are looking for new internationalist forms of class-struggle. The globalized world imperialism has pulled down old level-crossing barriers, has developed the world productive forces on higher steps and made the way free for the globalized socialization, for globalized socialism.The Hoxhaists of today put therefore their fingers on the missing Communist International as the center of the conscious carrier of the proletarian world revolution. We give the world revolution a new meaning and understanding not only for the proletariat in this or that country, but moreover for the whole world proletariat as one class – a socialist revolution of one international class.

Today's ideological confusion in the ranks of the Marxist-Leninist world movement is an appearance of the resuscitation of revisionist remainses. We have to clean up Marxism- Leninism and to get rid of the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influences radically. The neglect and disdain of the Marxist-Leninist theory, study and education is the worst enemy and most fatal sin of the Marxist-Leninist world movement at present. No-one except the Marxist – Leninists themselvers are responsible for the desolate situation of the Marxist – Leninist theory and in consequence all the known political and organizational weaknesses in our own ranks. No-one except the Marxist – Leninist themselves have to change this desolate situation self-critically, honestly, earnestly and thoroughly. The weakest point is undoubtedly the dropping of the standard of the anti-revisionist struggle since the times of Enver Hoxha and we have to set about this problem as the decisive link of our task`s chain. The lacks of the anti-revisionist struggle have to be placed on the agenda as a matter of priority.

Comrades ! In questions of the principles of Marxism - Leninism compromises are strictly forbidden – not a single millimetre concessions to the revisionists. As Marxist – Leninists we are not allowed to reduce anything to a common denominator in questions of our principles. We do not sell off our principles, we do not give them up, we do not devide them among others in socalled „united fronts“. They belong only to us Marxist – Leninists and we have to keep them in cotton wool. The slightest swaying in the defence of our principles is misused by the revisionists and endangers the whole thing and can lead to desorientation, desorganization, confusion etc. etc. The Marxist - Leninist world movement can regenerate only equally with the purification from revisionist influences. The anti-revisionist fight of each single Marxist – Leninist organization can only lead to the desired success by the support of one educated, toughened ideologically and firm-principled international Marxist – Leninist center of all Marxist- Leninist organization. This is necessary not in organizational regards but in first line in regards of the international character and action of the revisionism and the whole bourgeois influence. The anti-revisionist fight is for its nature an international struggle and has therefore to be organized and led internationally as well !

The Marxist - Leninist world movement would be condemned to fight completely in the dark against the revisionism , if it is not led by Hoxhaism, if it is not aiming for looking through neo-revisionism as the today`s pacemaker of the modern revisionism, if it is not aiming for understanding or not willing to connect the struggle against revisionism with the study on neo-revisionism. Within the 5 years of the existence of the Comintern / ML voluminous studies were offered and they are available in the internet. It is hardly believable if in all these 5 years there was no single discussion, no arguement at all, neither positive nor negative criticism on neo-revisionism. Even the term of neo-revisionism was totally ignored. Nobody except the Comintern / ML struggles against neo-revisionism and against the neo-revisionists ! Its sad but true ! Observing the internet it was a bitter pill for the Comintern / ML to recognize that even the struggle against revisionism in times of comrade Enver Hoxha is not sufficiently defended. Admittedly there are some articles from Enver Hoxha on revisionism on-line, but rather rarely – not to speak about the continuation of his anti-revisionist struggle in practice or even the necessary discussion on how his struggle is to be defended and developed. Mostly the anti-revisionist struggle of comrade Enver Hoxha is described under pure historical aspects and not as an unrenouncable element of the really necessary anti-revisionist struggle of the Marxist – Leninist organizations. And comrades that`s the way where you leave Marxism – Leninism and where you deviate towards neo-revisionism : ANTI-REVISIONISM IN WORDS BUT NO ANTI-REVISIONISM IN DEEDS. The definition of neo-revisionism is short and to the point: „anti-revisionism of the 5 classics in words and revisionism in deeds“. Only for Marxist – Leninists it is quite natural to equalize their anti-revisionist words with their anti-revisionist deeds. This is what the 5 classics taught to us ! And in this regard we have to assess the seriousness of every comrade critically and selfcritically to ourselves in first line. To be a principled Marxist – Leninist means to be a principled anti-revisionist. There is no other principled anti-revisionist except the Marxist – Leninist ! However we can only call us anti-revisionists if we proved that we have mastered the really ongoing anti-revisionist struggle in words and deeds. And we are far away from the realization of th e mastering of anti-revisionism. The main problem of the fight against the neo-revisionism is the low ideological standard of the Marxists – Leninists of today. Exactly this fact is the breeding ground for the restoration of revisionism. One can only unmask so called „anti-revisionism“ ( for example the maoists call themselves „anti-revisionists“ by mistake) if one overcomes the own lacks of studying Marxism - Leninism, if one does not only hold on to the Hoxhaist principles but moreover continue working out his principles to forge them now in the fire of the struggle against revisionism. Today neo revisionism is the ideological head obstacle at the re-conquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat and the restoration of socialism. This is the reason, why this Comintern / ML attached great importance to the advanced study of Marxism – Leninism. The bolshevization of our movement begins with the ideological purification of revisionist influences in our own ranks.So we made time for the Comintern / ML – Archive to ease and intensify Marxist-Leninist study epsecially studies of the works of comrade Enver Hoxha which were still rare in the internet. The fight against the revisionism isn't finished. It is rather beginning and it has to be continued consequently and firm principled on the bases of the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism – Leninism.

The neo revisionism is an outpost of the bourgeoisie`s struggle against the restoration of socialism. Therefore any liberalism soncerning the necessity iof the struggle against neo revisionism is out of place, is a foolishness that is little short of a crime. The modern revisionism was unmasked by comrade Enver Hoxha why the revisionist were forced to the grounds to mask as „opponents“ of the modern revisionism. There is no other alternative for the revisionist than to smuggle in their evisionist junk under the flag of „anti-revisionism“.These new ideological „palatable“ smuggling products of the bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie must be destroyed .There is no sense in discussions with neo-revisionist smugglers. They can only be unmasked and branded as traitors. It is the international duty of the Comintern / ML to prevent the revolutionary world proletariat from every attempt of the restoration of revisionism`s power and to prevent the Marxist-Leninist World Movement from every revisionist influence. The damaging influence of neo-revisionism within the ranks of the Marxist-Leninists have to be stopped and wiped out thoroughly.

We shall never forget that the neo-revisionists with Ramiz Alia at the top stabbed the Marxist – Leninist World Movement in the back and seized the revisionist power in the PLA, in Albania. We shall never forget how the neo-revisionists kept faith with comrade Enver Hoxha in lifetime and how they betrayed him after his death. They built monuments of Enver Hoxha and knocked them over. Hoxhaism in words and revisionism in deeds – that`s what it is – neo-revisionism ! We cannot defend the anti-revisionist teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha if we do not use them against neo-revisionism. It is impossible to fight against (old “modern“) revisionism in defence of comrade Enver Hoxha if we let the neo-revisionists stroll about and get off scot-free. They have to pay the bill for their betrayal. Revisionism was beaten but nothing like as destroyed which does also concern to the class whom the revisionists serve. „The revisionists or we?“ We began to fight this international battle, but we have not yet won it. We must be prepared to cope with these most dangerous enemies in our world revolutionary movement. Preventing us from the world socialism`s victory the revisionists shall multiply by ten their forces which they had used for the restoration of capitalism in a single country ! There will be no doubt about it and therefore it would be silly and simply ridiculous to think the Comintern / ML is superfluous. The Comintern / ML was the only organization in the past 5 years who struggled against neo-revisionism in a world`s scale.

In words the neo-revisionists pretend to tear revisionism away from the revolutionary worker`s movement, but in deeds they try to get it under revisionist influence and domination of the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideology. The Comintern / ML lifted up the banner of the only correct anti revisionism, the anti - revisionism of comrade Enver Hoxha. It is important that the Marxist -Leninists prepare the studies of comrade Enver Hoxha to be armed with the necessary anti-revisionist ideological weapons. Neo – revisionism is the new form of modern revisionism which casted its skin after it was beaten by the Marxist – Leninists. The neo-revisionist pretend to be „Marxist-Leninists“ but they slope off towards the bourgeois camp at long last. The working class feels still dragged to the socialism spontaneously - in spite of the anti-communist lies which are spread by the ideological lackeys of the world imperialists and despite the betrayal of the revisionists -, but the bourgeois influence, as was always the case under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, intrudes on the working class spontaneously in first line. There is still a lot of reformist and revisionist ideology which influences the working class. That `s the reason why the spontaneous worker`s movement submits under bourgeois influence as long as it rests spontaneously ,as long as the worker`s movement is not led by its own world revolutionary socialist and internationalist class-consciousness and istherefore tending to surrender to the capitalists.

The Communist International cannot become any kind of a ` free federation ` of amateurish, autonomous, ideologically, organizationally and politically independent circles, who unite their nationally restricted amateurish working style as an „international“ standard of the parties` polycentrism. The seeds of Hoxhaist ideas have been broadcast throughout the globe. All that is now lacking is the unification of all this nationally restricted work into the global work of a single international party. Our chief drawback, to the overcoming of which we must devote all our energy, is the narrow „amateurish“ character of the work of single and not coordinated Marxist-Leninist organizations in this or that country. Because of the amateurishness, the consciousness of their community of interests throughout the globe is insufficiently inculcated in the workers of the world, they do not link up their struggle sufficiently with the idea of world socialism. Enough of our amateurishness! The Comintern / ML has to become a centralist Bolshevist world party and not to continue the line of the „international“ federation of autonomous parties of single countries. We have to get rid of the decentralizational weaknesses of the old Marxist-Leninist World Movement. To become a party of Lenin`s and Stalin`s type the party must be a section of the Communist International. The Communist International is a building constructed by the components and units of the Marxist-Leninist parties. The proletarians of all countries are led by their Marxist-Leninist parties, and as armies of the world proletariat they are led by the world army`s headquarter, the Communist International, which consists of the sections of the Marxist-Leninist parties all of the world. There is no alternative to express und realize the firm demands and actions of the world proletariat. Otherwise we cannot fuse the revolutionary movements of the single countries into one indestructible whole with the activity of the world revolutionary party.

The proletarians of all countries and their Marxist-Leninist party can only be strengthened by the international merge of the proletarians, by the merge of the Marxist-Leninist parties to a world party. The call of Marx and Engels: „Proletarians of all countries -- unite!“ may not be misunderstood as a sponteneous „loose“, formally consulting association, or as federalist union, but as an appeal to the fusion of one and only global class, which rises its voice and gets up a fist for the international liberation. The call of Marx and Engels does not deal with formal international cooperation of independent , seperated and devided struggles in `one`s own country. It is rather a call for the firm acting of one and only international class of proletarians led by the one and only world party.

The indivisible victory of the world proletariat guarantees the indivisible victory of socialism in all countries of the world. Only the socialist world revolution of an uniform and centrally led world proletariat will be able take the victory of the socialism to the single countries and safeguard it from isolation. Those who ignore this internationalist principle, those who try to make comrades believe that we would be Trotkyites just because we critisize the weaknesses of the present Marxist-Leninist parties concerning the question of the world proletariat, the world revolution and the Communist International, have to pay the bill for this. The disrespect of the socialist revolution in a single country is a disrespect to the world revolution of the world proletariat and not in inverse ratio. If the Marxist-Leninist parties do well understand this jointly coherence, then they will help us and themselves building up commonly the Comintern / ML, then they will enrich the Marxist-Leninist Worl Movement, they will help us to carry world revolutionary consciousness into the proletariat of their country, such consciousness that they are not only the proletarians of their own country, not a nationwide class, but a nationwide unit of the international proletarian class, that they form altogether the world proletariat. Only if the proletarians of every single country are conscious about the fact that they are altogether one and only international class, (only then!) they can remove the power of the world bourgeoisie and finally the power of the bourgeoisie in their own country. As long as the world proletariat isn't conscious about its own global mission, there won't be any proletarian world revolution to shake off the yoke of the world imperialism. The proletarian can only get free as a soldier of the army of the international class to which he belongs - as long he is confronted with the ruling world army of the bourgeoisie.

If the victory of the October revolution was in need of a Bolshevist party as an homogeneous whole, as one and uniform, firm ironed Russian revolutionary proletarian party then, please, tell us what is required for the victory of the socialist world revolution? A Bolshevist party, which destroys the dictatorship of the bourgeois in a single country is the one thing, a party which wants to defeat the world bourgeoisie, is quite another. To withstand to the rush of the complete world imperialism you need a world party supassing all former Bolshevist standard. Worl Bolshevism cannot be granted without a surpassing Bolshevist world party whose standard has permanently raised. We need the global Bolshevist type of the Comintern in the spirit of Lenin and Stalin. That`s what was comrade Enver Hoxha taliking about.

To steal the world proletariat`s rights, namely the right to build up its own political centralized organizations, this means to steal the weapons of the world proletariat, this means the most fatal disarmament. A world proletariat without its weapons cannot smash world imperialism. And there is no other class than the world proletariat who is able to smash the world imperialism. How shall the world proletariat gain its own international class concsciousness if it is hindered to build up its own Communist International? A Marxist – Leninist party who hinders the proletariat to build up the Communist International cannot be declared as a true Marxist-Leninist party – and this is undoubtedly true from the view of the world proletariat.






80 years after the death of Lenin



Neo- revisionism or Leninism?



At the latest with the events of the downfall of the socialist Albania we participants of Enver Hoxha`s World Movement together with the true defenders of Enver Hoxha in Albania who survived the counter-revolution there and who still resist bravely the counter-revolutionary influence of the new revisionists in Albania became conscious about the new situation, that there were none but themselves who continue the bequest of comrade Enver Hoxha. And we started to rebuild the revolutionary movement in the spirit of Enver Hoxha as a minority among the majority of renegades and capitulants oncoming to Neo-revisionism. There were not only the neo-revisionist Clique of Ramiz Alia who took advantage of our confidence in defending comrade Enver Hoxha after his death ( as the Chrushchevites did with Stalin to overthrow the Soviet-Union). With lips-service and personal-cult towards Lenin and Stalin the modern revisionists destroyed the Soviet-Union and again with lips-service and personal-cult towards Enver Hoxha the Neo-revisionists destroyed the socialist Albania of Enver Hoxha to sell it for a mess of pottage to the world-imperialists. However, the world imperialists are conscious about the fact, that this will not be the end of the story. They notice very well that the people of Albania and in the former Soviet Union shall not bear the betrayal as a destiny – without any resistance. The world imperialists in cooperation with the internal new bourgeoisie in these countries are therefore forced to rebuild a renewed revisionist bullwark against the danger of the reconquest of the proletarian dictatorship. The world bourgeoisie is obliged to penetrate into the revolutionary movement of the revival of the socialist revolution in Albania and the former Soviet Union, with the aim to occupy the head of the revolutionary movement, the head of the revolutionary organisations to behead them in defence of world imperialism. This is the only reason why the world bourgeoisie recruits a new upper leading group of „communist“ aristocracy in the struggle against the upcoming of new communist, revolutionary leaders and organisations all over the world. For the recruitment of a „communist“ aristocracy the world bourgeoisie does not confine itself upon the bullwark-centers of the revisionist countries, but simultaneously the counter-revolution tries to penetrate directly into the centers of the ongoing revolutionary communist movement and its efforts to rebuild and reorganize true Marxist-Leninist parties and organisations, too. The true Leninists of today have to be conscious about these attempts of the world bourgeoisie and they have to put the neccessary conclusions and measures to thwart these attempts. If the world bourgeoisie refers to the former victories of the revisionists, we Leninists have to refer to the victories of Leninism to thwart the upcoming new wave of world-revisionism.

The history of the communist world movement proved again and again: Whenever a communist leader died, the class-enemies in our communist ranks uncovered their mask and continued their counter-revolutionary struggle with open attacks against communism and against our communist leaders.

There were also neo-revisionists who took advantage of our confidence to defend comrade Enver Hoxha against the Albanian traitors. We needed a lot of time to look through those who only snatched at the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha to deceive us. The aim of these traitors is to missuse the bequest of comrade Enver Hoxha for the same old aims: destruction of Marxism-Leninism, destruction of socialism, destruction of the socialist revolution, hold-back of the rebuilding of a new Hoxhaist World Movement, hold-back of the reconquest of socialism and the reconstruction of the proletarian dictatorship in defence of capitalism. It is clear, that they deny and contest our blames on them, that the traitors shall try to turn the tables on just to uphold their mask. So we have the duty to demask them uninterruptedly and completely. We should never under-estimate or even play down the danger of Neo-revisionism as the reconciliators do to drift us into the arms of the revisionists. Strategically revisionism is a stinking dead body of world imperialism, but tactically we should not under-estimate the danger of the still existing remainders of revisionism which are able and decided to cast its skin within the new upcoming of the anti-imperialist resistance, within the reorganisation of the struggle for proletarian socialism. The neo-revisionism is a lethal poison within the ranks of the revolutionary movement of today. It is the continuation of the struggle between Revisionism and Marxism-Leninism – a struggle alive or dead. Neo-revisionism or Leninism ? – this is the question which decides on the future of communism.


What do the Neo-revisionists do?

They follow the premise of the bourgeois ideology that Marxism-Leninism stands still after the fall of the Albanian socialist country. So they cling to the still existing revisionist countries as their „homelands“ which have to be „protected from worldimperialism“ and they make big noise to save „socialism“ (revisionism) by different „fronts of unity and solidarity“. The truth is, that they only save the dead stinking body of revisionism, that they only save capitalism by which they hinder us Leninists to reconquer the lost proletarian socialism. The upholding of the still existing bourgeois socialism is, however, no measure of steps to defend a „bullwark against imperialism“ as they promise, but measures of steps against the reconquest of the bullwark of proletarian socialism, against the bullwark of developed and perfected Marxism-Leninism, against the bullwark of the world revolution. The bullwark of proletarian socialism and Marxism-Leninism can only be re-established by the destruction of the bullwark of the bourgeois revisionist countries and by the destruction of revisionism in general. The revisionists shall fail to uphold Marxism-Leninism as a science that „stands still“, and which does not develop and that shall finally be burried by capitalism. The revisionists shall fail in their attempts to hinder us Leninists that we shall enrich Leninism by new experiences, new knowledges, new analysis, conclusions and generalizations of the ongoing international class-struggle. Some of the formulas and conclusions of the times of Lenin cannot but change in the course of 80 years after his death, cannot but be replaced by new formulas and conclusions of the struggle against Neo-revisionism, corresponding to the new historical tasks of the world revolution to reconquer socialism and protect it by the establishment of world socialism. Leninism does not recognize invariable conclusions and formulas, obligatory for all epochs and periods, Leninism is the enemy of all dogmatism and vulgarism – as the pair of revisionist twins. We as Leninists know well, that dogmatic and secterian methods are methods of the bourgeoisie directed against Leninism. And just in the recent times – when the archives of the former Soviet Union were „opened“ [there was made much noise, but where are the really results which would help the revolutionary world proletariat to step forward??], the bourgeoisie makes efforts for new anti-communist „sensational disclosures“ , further mental food for poisoning Leninism. We as Leninists cannot ignore what`s going on with the new archive-materials in the hands of our class-enemies. We have to master the challenge to take advantage of the „new insights“, determined, willing and able to use them as an enrichment for enlightening the continuation of our Leninist path towards the victory of the proletarian revolution. The bourgeoisie is not so stupid to give us guidance and help to master the new knowledges about Leninist history. And the bourgeoisie is not so stupid to be satisfied with the impediment of our access to the archive-materials. The bourgeoisie is clever enough to take advantage of the opportunity to falsify the historical documents, to prepare them as a weapon in their hands against the worldproletariat and the world revolution. The historical archive-documents are food for the revisionists to cast their skins, are fundamental for the further developent of Neo-revisionism. The historical truth, that we Leninists bring to light, is dangerous for the revisionists, because we shall continue to demask them with new historical materials , and we shall find – for sure ! - new proves for the betrayal of the revisionists. It will be certainly a running match with the time to demask and disarm Neo-revisionism before it is able and strong enough to poison the revolutionary world movement. The course of class-struggle will show: who – whom?

The bourgeoisie has proved historically that it was possible by revisionism to restore capitalism and to interrupt the development of the proletarian revolution after the October-Revolution - with the exception of the victorious Albanian revolution – nota bene : the revisionist countries still exist „in the name“ and under the mask of Leninism and anti-Leninist ideologies – as Maoism for example – are still active „in the name“ of Leninism ! Although a „Pyrrhus-victory“ – it was indeed a defeat of the Leninists and an interim - victory of the bourgeoisie. So, if we want to be true Leninists of today, we have to prove to the world, that, if it was possible to restore capitalism, then it will be also possible to restore socialism! Consequently, Leninism of today is the science of the restoration of socialism, is the science of the restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the science of the liberation of the historical, proletarian achievments from revisionism. Leninism is stronger then revisionism in the end. We Leninists of today shall win the last and final battle of the reconquest of socialism because the future belongs to the world proletariat. It is impossible to tear the weakest chain from worldimperialism, today, if we do not win the struggle against Neo-Revisionism. It is impossible, today, to defend Leninism without the destruction of the neo-revisionist influence of the world-bourgeoisie within the ranks of the Marxist- Leninist and revolutionary workers movement of the world. To withhold Leninism from the world-proletariat is not only restricted by cruel and fascist methods of prohibition, of burning books of Lenin, but this method is combined with the falsification of Lenin`s books, is combined with methods to deceive the proletariat. Vulgarism and populism was not only practised by the bourgeoisie after the death of Marx and Engels (vulgarisation of Marxism). Vulgarism was also practized in times after the death of Lenin. The vulgarism of Leninism is a dangerous weapon against the world-proletariat. Presumably the revisionists shall re-activate the vulgarism of Marxism-Leninism in the imminent time of the revival of the proletarian revolution. So it is our duty as true Leninists to thwart the intentions of the revisionists, to snatch the banner of Lenin to baffle the reconquest of the proletarian dictatorship. So, today we are only true Leninists, if we master Leninism as a guidance for the reconquest of proletarian socialism and the destruction of bourgeois, revisionist socialism. Comrades, don `t forget that the still existing revisionist countries are a dangerous reservoir of the world bourgeoisie to produce new barriers AGAINST the proletarian world revolution, AGAINST the reconquest of proletarian socialism, AGAINST Leninism! This international reservoir of the revisionist countries has to be isolated, drained and discharged because it is a reservoir of poison for the Marxist-Leninist and worldproletarian movement. The revisionist countries want to get the Marxist-Leninist world movement as their cart-horse ! Every reconciliation and opportunism towards Neo-revisionism fills up this poisoned reservoir – is counter-revolutionary! This truth we have to teach the world proletariat in the daily international class-struggle.

Under the leadership of comrade Enver Hoxha the capitalist-revisionist world was not able to smash Albanian socialism and to sweep socialism off the globe.

His struggle and teachings resisted the attacks of all revisionist branches all over the world including the revisionist branch of Maoism. The teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha are therefore the guarantee of the protection and development of the Marxism-Leninism of today. The teachings of Enver Hoxha are the teachings of Marxism-Leninism of today.

Leninism survived by the teachings of comrade Stalin and comrade Enver Hoxha. If you seperate Leninism from Stalin and Enver Hoxha you destroy Leninism, you burry Leninism. This is just the intention of the neo-revisionists – burrying Leninism by attacking Stalin respectiveley Enver Hoxha.

What about those comrades who followed Lenin on the road of the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha ? Most of them have retired and withdrew from the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha and suffer from the poison of neo-revisionism. Others openly became renegates, became dangerous forces who are busy to critisize the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, other relapsed into reconciliation with Maoism or even became Neo-Maoists. Some other are busy to cause the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha to die. How can this happen?

The Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha was a sharp weapon to wipe out the revisionists. It was clear that the revisionists did not put up with this. They re-activated their forces of resistance and mobilized all energies of defence. They put great pressure on the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha and this was not without effect, especially after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha and the betrayal of Ramiz Alia and his clique. The socialist Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha was the base of the worldrevolution. It was clear that the disreputation of socialism in Albania from inside as well as from outside harmed and damaged the confidence of the worldproletariat in socialism and worldrevolution.The neo-revisionist dismantling of socialism in Albania led to the weakening of the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha. The propaganda of the revisionists, that „socialism in Albania failed“ was also propaganda to weaken the position of communism all over the world. Ramiz Alia and his supporters all over the world helped revisionism to turn back the flywheel of the international revolutionary movement. The pretended „hundred percent Enver Hoxha - defence course“ of Ramiz Alia turned out to be a hundred percent Anti-Enver Hoxha course, a course of capitulation, a liquidatory course – a) liquidation of socialism in Albania and b) liquidation of proletarian internationalism by descending Albania as the base of the worldrevolution c) a course of renewed neo-revisionist branches ( for example the revival of Maoism: socialism in Albania failed, ergo: Enver Hoxha was „wrong“ – Mao was „right“). Alia`s distortion of Enver Hoxha was the same distortion of Leninism by Sinovjev. Stalin unmasked Sinovjev 1926 in his „Questions of Leninism“ (Stalin, Volume 8 ).

To withdraw from the strong Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha proved in the result as a total capitulation of the anti-revisionist struggle and led by reconciliation straight into the arms of the neo-revisionists. Only a minority of determined Marxist-Leninists defended comrade Enver Hoxha and had – from then on - to cope with the pressure of the renegades who threw the teachings of comrade Enver Hoxha over board and who supported – openly or disguised - the socialfascists and social-imperialists to survive. The treacherous way from outrages against „Stalinist bureaucratical-revisionist deterioration of Leninism“ was not far from the outrage against „Hoxhaist bureaucratical-revisionist deterioration of Leninism“. However accusations such as „orthodox dogmatism of Marxism“, „orthodox dogmatism of Leninism“, „orthodox dogmatism of Stalinism“ and „orthodox dogmatism of Hoxhaism“ are all together accusations against Marxism-Leninism to isolate the true Marxist-Leninists from the proletariat and the proletarian movement, to „save the sheep from the wolves“, and to bring the proletariat back to the revisionist shepherds.

By this the neo-revisionism is the instrument of the bourgeoisie to take advantage from the anti-revisionist struggle of the Marxist-Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha, to assimilate it, to subjugate it under the bourgeois interest of oppression and exploitation. Just in the same way when the bourgeoisie took advantage of Leninism to mask the restoration of capitalism. As all former branches of opportunism the neo-revisionism is the instrument of the bourgeoisie to change the weapons of Marxism-Leninism into weapons against Marxism-Leninism.

Neo-Revisionism as the casted skin of modern revisionism and ... is anything else then just juggling words and terms. The differences among the Neo-revisionists are not of principled nature but tactical disagreements on the question: how open - on the one side - and how masked - on the other side - revisionism ought to be presented in the given moment, under the given circumstances and in the given particular place and situation. It is the intention of the world bourgoisie to gain the optimum of effects to deceive the proletariat, the masses, the revolutionaries and the Marxist-Leninists just to hinder the revolution in every single place of the world. This phenomenon is a mirror of the adjustment`s difficulties of revisionism in the course of the permanent changing of the international class-struggle. And it was Lenin who masterly analysed and unmasked the developing and changing process of opportunism in his times and who masterly worked out the Bolshevist tactics to thwart the tactics of the opportunists. There is no essential difference between the times of Lenin and today concerning the nature of the developing process of revisionism: it is the historical tactic of the worldbourgeoisie against the world proletariat in the struggle against Marxism-Leninism.







of the Executive Committee of the Comintern-ML

on occasion of the 25th anniversary

of the historical letter sent by the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party of China

  • 29th of July 1978

and the necessary lessons for the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement


The history of the communist international teaches us: Letting the world proletariat without the Bolshevist world party means letting the worldproletariat alone without its revolutionary leadership. However, letting the world proletariat without revolutionary leadership causes the failure of the proletarian world revolution.

By the opportunist influence of the II. International the communist world movement was - at the moment of the construction of the first state of the dictatorship of the proletariat - still young and weak. But it was strengthened enormously by the Soviet communist world center. However the world bourgeoisie weakened the strong Comintern more and more and in the end it was dissolved finally under the influence of the social democracy and new upcoming revisionism. The same procedure happened with the young Marxist-Leninist world movement. With the leading role of Albania as the world center against revisionism the Marxist-Leninist parties developed rapidly. However the loss of the leading center caused a set-down of the Marxist-Leninist world movement that did not finish with liquidation and dissolution, indeed. Well, there is a crisis but there are also forces who started to overcome the crisis. The foundation of the Comintern-ML is the best proof of this, that the Marxist-Leninist world movement survived in the spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha - the 5 th classic of Marxism-Leninism.

The leading party of the Marxist-Leninist world movement the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top always remains as a touchstone of the unity of all true Marxist-Leninists nationally and internationally. Comrade Enver Hoxha was declared as the 5th classic of Marxism-Leninism by the Comintern-ML on the 31st of December, 2000. The Comintern-ML drew this sharpened demarcation-line with its General-Line against the international spreading of opportunism last not least because of the historical experiences 25 years ago. Reconcialationism between the 5 classics and the opportunists, haggling with the principles of the Marxism-Leninism will never be possible, if the Marxist-Leninist world movement increases her revolutionary vigilance and defends the lessons of the 5 classics like her eyeball. Everything which tries to take the socialist revolution to the expiration and extinction; Everything which leads to the unconditional capitulation under our class enemies; Everything, which aims at the suffocation of the struggle for liberation of the people -- is dangerous for the Marxist-Leninist world movement and therfore this danger must be fought, defeated and overcome uncompromisingly and determinedly. Like the PLA 25 years ago - concerning the resistance against the Chinese revisionists - the Comintern-ML will never be forced by any points of view and actions, that contradict the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism.

The revisionism which appears in its most dangerous form -as Neo- revisionism - is, as agency of the world bourgeoisie within the rows of the world proletariat, the main danger as much as ever. The Neo revisionism is today pacemaker of the bourgeois influence within the international revolutionary labor movement, within the Marxist-Leninist world movement as well as in the anti-imperialist world movement. The Comintern-ML is begun to lift up this international fight banner of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism and to continue the fight until the complete destruction of revisionism. Like the world`s Bolshevism was born 100 years ago in the fight against the opportunism, we make world Bolshevism to become the final winner over the world imperialism, because the unity of the Marxist-Leninists of the world are forever the standard-bearer if World Bolshevism today and tomorrow. The opportunist countercurrents come and go but the growing power of Marxism-Leninism, the Bolshevist world movement could not and will be never stopped.

The "Gordic" imperialist-revisionist knot does not fall apart by itself. You cannot cut it neither on peaceful way nor together with the reconciliators, but only with the violent sharp sword of Marxism-Leninism. Imperialism tries with different centers of the international opportunism to encircle the Marxists Leninists in the world today, to block our unification in the Comintern-ML and to prevent the reactivation of a new communist world center. These international opportunist centers of the imperialist agencies can only be smashed by the world proletariat and the peoples under leadership of the Marxist-Leninists.

What should have been done to prevent the fall of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania - particularly we should answer , how we could have recognized and resist the up coming of the Alia-revisionism timely ? We have to analyse all this, by the principles of Marxism-Leninism, the Proletarian Internationalism and by the methods of the dialectical and historical materialism. We have to stress the international character of all these questions. The application of the strategy and tactics of the worldproletarian revolution stands always in the foreground. If we don't generalize the experiences of the Albanian proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist world movement, if we don't practice self-criticism, then we shall risk our next defeat.The general line of the Comintern-ML formulated an outline of the generalized experiences of the communist world movement and lined up some basic conclusions to step forward in the direction of the specific, obligatory strategy and tactics of the proletarian world revolution.

The Comintern-ML publishes therefore - on the occasion of the historical letter 25 years ago - the statements of all the brotherparties in German language which once defended socialist Albania from correct Marxist-Leninist positions. We know for sure that these positions were totally or half-heartedly given up by much of those organisations in the meantime. However this does not change the facts of historical documents published by the PLA at that time. It cannot be wrong to remember these correct positions. So there is no reason for accusations. In the contrary, we accuse all those organisations because they left their correct Marxist-Leninist positions 25 years ago. The re-publication of these documents isn't any proof of opportunism but proof of the defense of the firm-principled line of the PLA and all parties in the whole world who declared to be in line with the PLA. To cope with their withdrawl from correct Marxist-Leninist positions is primarily the matter of those parties and organizations themselves. However, today and in future the Comintern-ML shall measure and classify all of them according to their attitude 25 years ago.

he exemplary, revolutionary attitude of Albania and the firm-principled defense and further development of Marxism-Leninism practiced by the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top - particularly their leading role of the consequent struggle against modern revisionism - was always welcomed, supported and emulated by the Marxist-Leninists all over the world. Albania was the voice of resistance`s strength opposite to the world bourgeoisie and all the agencies within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. To assume, that the Neo - revisionists would make no use of this fact, would be rather naive. At the moment they persue the tactics to interweave all branches of opportunism impenetrably that were more or less already exposed by us Marxist-Leninists. Old wine was bottled in new casks and provided with new Marxist-Leninist labels. It is not only a single sort of amalgam compared with the Mao Tsetung Ideas, but an international, "universal" amalgam with which the opportunists do not let an opportunity slip to "disprove" that we Marxist-Leninists base on Marxism-Leninism. With " anti-revisionist " icing the opportunists make efforts that we try their "sweety unity mash". If we refuse to taste it, then they name us "secterians". But just as the Albanians and the linked Marxist- Leninist world movement the Comintern-ML will not be impressed by these hypocritical maneuvers.

These statements of the different parties of the then Marxist-Leninist world movement are a touchstone of all true Marxist-Leninists in the world, whether they defend with us the Marxist-Leninist positions of Albania - 25 years ago - or not.

This is the only possibility for us Marxist-Leninists to find out who still stands to the PLA and comrade Enver Hoxha, who still stands to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and who not? We have to find out, who is our friend and comrade and who not? We have to hoist the flag of Marxism-Leninism, so that the Marxist-Leninists in the world can find out themselves, where they belong to, and whom they shall give support and whom not.

Those, who still defend the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha in their struggle 25 years ago, shall support the Comintern-ML to help the Albanian working class to reconquer the dictatorship of the proletariat as a contribution to the Proletarian Internationalism, as a contribution to the proletarian world revolution! Let us fight together against all opportunist flows which try to stop us from the fulfillment of our common task. Today, the attitude towards the correct positions 25 years ago is for the unity of all true Marxists Leninisten of extremely essential meaning , and this is the reason why the Comintern-ML has re-published these historical documents.

The Comintern-ML had to re-build these historical touchstones to protect us from the opportunist flows visibly. It shall help us to unite the Marxist-Leninist world movement on principled bases. It shall help the Marxist-Leninists themselves to join the Comintern-ML that follows the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The Marxist-Leninist world movement strengthens its unity on the base of the lessons of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver Hoxha and rebuilds the new Comintern in the struggle against neo-revisionism and opportunism.

Delimitation of all opportunist flows and organizations and this means again: let us show our Marxist-Leninist flag all over the world, so that everybody can see with one`s own eyes what we claim and what we are fighting for ? We don't want any splitting of the Marxist-Leninists. In the contrary, unity is our only but unconquerable strength that we have and that we can only re-achieve in the struggle against neo-revisionism and opportunism.

We make our unity possible by staying inseccantly watchful to foil the maneuvers of the opportunists by revealing their true character and keep our rows purefied.

Today, hundreds and thousands of organization call themselves "Marxist-Leninist" all over the world, but only a small minority is really Marxist-Leninist. With other words, it is the small minority of those comrades, who are dociled by the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism. The majority of the so called "Marxist-Leninist" organizations are influencedby neo-revisionism. This present ideological, political and organizational confusion is really a hard challenge for the true Marxist- Leninists to develop their own independent unity nationally and internationally. We can compare this difficult situation with a chronic illness which affected the Marxist-Leninist world movement since a long time. We still suffer from this illness. Particularly it is difficult for the proletarian comrades to make their way and to cope with all the hindrances caused by bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influences. Never ending discussions without any results and intellectual gossip, that tasks the proletarian patience - conscious about the fact, that constructive, organizational deeds are needed urgently and time is hard for that – this is characteristically in this moment. To remove all these obstacles is unavoidable. These problems cannot be solved spontaneously or automatically. To carry through the international proletarian line, to obtain the international proletarian leadership and to hold one`s own proletarian international hegemony within the Marxist-Leninist world movement will be the result of a long, tough and difficult class-struggle against bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influences. Unprincipled wheelings and dealings, and to wander around, to tinker and to grope about, to quarrel and tarrying, this is all poison for our proletarian unity. We have to stick to our Marxist-Leninist opinions and convictions and to keep our revolutionary line of Proletarian Internationalism.

Everybody knows that the appearances of the quantity of the world movement are deceiving and that the true Marxist-Leninists represent at present only a insignificant minority. But more decisive than quantity is the quality of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. We want to unite only the firm-principled forces. This is the present task of the Comintern-ML. Only a small minority of principled internationalists will be able to become the majority finally. This was the successful way of the Russian Bolshevists and we shall follow this arduous way as World Bolshevists until we gain the victory. Such comrades, who call this way a "sectarian way" have to be convinced patiently by our deeds. However, those who criticize us with the "sectarianism-reproach" as a tactical weapon to isolate us from the proletarian revolutionary movement, shall be unmasked by the honest revolutionaries sooner or later, and they shall expel these "critics" all the more determinedly. This happened also to the numerically superior Chinese revisionist then - 25 years ago, although they hide for decades behind a mask. This proved well-founded already in times, when the Chinese revisionists under the leadership of Mao tsetung were member of the Comintern. But this has been of no use for them as everybody could have seen.The delimitation and separation from the Maoists are no weakening but rather a refreshment of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.

In the resistance and in the fight against the counter-attacks of the Chinese revisionists the Marxist-Leninist parties had strengthened their efforts to consolidate their cooperation, unity and cohesive strength under the leadershipof the PLA withe comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. In the result of these enormous efforts the plans of the world imperialism were foiled, namely to crush the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the help of the collaboration of the revisionists. In the history of the communist world movement this strong cohesion of the Marxist-Leninists of the whole world with the socialist Albania against the imperialist and social imperialist encirclement and blockade shall remain unforgotten.In the end this strengthened the Albanian Marxist-Leninists against the revisionists in the own country, as this can be observed in many historical documents of the PLA as well as in the race of class-struggle within the socialist society of Albania. However, the time proved later on, that the revisionists in Albania masked their counter-revolution behind "anti-revisionism", partucularly behind the anti-Maoist mask. So, Alia-revisionism was indeed a new and very dangerous branch of neo-revisionism which developed within the center of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.This renewed attack-wave after the attack of Tito and Khrushchev, the attack of the Chinese revisionism, was successfully shattered. This is the line we have to continue by mobilizing our common strength against neo-revisionism. The struggle against neo-revisionism is the continuation of the struggle against modern revisionism. Neo-revisionism is the adjustment of the revisionists in form of a desquamation after modern revisionism was exposed by the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Neo-revisionism is as well the general process of rejuvenation within the last and highest stage of revisionism. The struggle against neo-revisionism won't be the last battle, because as long as there is the world imperialism, as long as the exploitation and oppression isn't yet removed, revisionism will peel again and again to save the old reactionary order and to hinder the development of the new revolutionary order, respectively the revisionism tries to reconquer and to restore capitalism, if it was destroyed by socialism. It is the permanent worldwide fight against revisionism which is an inseparable component of the permanent worldwide fight for revolution and socialism.

Enver Hoxha teaches:

“The Marxist-Leninists cannot accept an association outside the principles and the revolutionary actions and an association by which the spirit of opportunism, liberalism, dogmatism and sectarianism can penetrate into the party".

This is also applicable to the Marxist-Leninist world movement and to the Comintern-ML. It is the internationalist duty of all true Marxist-Leninists (and this isn't meant to be a hollow phrase!) to contribute to the unity, the interaction, the cooperation and the mutual help within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. The strengthening of the unity on exclusively Marxist-Leninist bases is for the Marxist-Leninist world movement not an end in itself, but the prerequisite of the unification of the proletariat, the basis of the unification of the peoples as well on an national scale as on an international scale.The true Marxist-Leninists accept only such an unity which is based on Marxism-Leninism related as well to the monolithic unity of the own rows of the single parties as to the monolith unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in a whole. The Comintern-ML strives for the realization of the monolithic centralized internationalist unity. We are the most determined opponents of any unity by which our revolutionary Marxist-Leninist principles will be bartered away. In that moment, if you begin to make cuts from Marxism-Leninism, whatever the reasons and pretexts will be, then you have already left the bottom of our steadfast, conspired unity. You expose yourself to danger of degeneration, decadence, disintegration and dissociation with every smallest deviation from the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism, if you don`t correct it thoroughly and timely. Those who lose the bottom of Marxism-Leninism, we give our helping hands. By help of our community of solidarity, we can save our comrades from deepest deviations. However, those who prefer to march to the marsh or those who try to force us to follow, will be beaten on their hands if they don`t let off ours. By no means we shall repeat the fault to follow to sink into revisionist mud one after another - as happened with most of the sections of the Comintern. We shall neither sink into the marsh of Chinese revisionism or Albanian revisionism nor any present international neo-revisionist marsh.

Which revisionism is today most dangerously? That revisionism which one underestimates, which one fights at weakest, is always most dangerous.The most dangerous revisionism nowadays is firstly the revisionism that pretends in words to apply to the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha, but practice revisionism in deeds. Secondly the revisionism, who declares with words, to continue the Marxistl-Leninist world movement led by comrade Enver Hoxha, but practice revisionism in deeds, and thirdly the revisionism that supports the Comintern-ML in words but not in deeds. Let`s never forget, that the Albanian revisionists masked their revisionism within the Marxist-Leninist movement of comrade Enver Hoxha with hymns of praise for many years, before they enforced their counter-revolution upon socialist Albania. The Albanian overthrow didn't come overnight!

We have to oppose and to replace the opportunist united front by our own Marxist-Leninist united front of anti-imperialism. Therefore we Marxist-Leninists earned the "honor" to be labeled and banned as "pro-imperialists". So, if the imperialists failed to force us to join their own "anti-imperialist united front", they pass over to isolate us Marxist-Leninists from the anti-imperialist movement of the world proletariat and the liberation struggle of the peoples. And just this is simply the job of the opportunists. We recognize permanently, that the opportunists thwart the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement as well as the anti-imperialist world movement for a rather long time. But we recognize as well, that more and more Marxist-Leninists are going on to purify from the opportunists.

The neo-revisionists are worried about the "Hoxhaists` claim of sole leadership" within the united front, because an united front would not work, if anybody claims to take the lead. However, it is well known, that without the leadership of the Marxist-Leninists any united front is merely condemned to end in the mud of revisionism. Naturally, the opportunists deny this truth and call it "matter of opinion". The opportunists insist on the stimulation of a large number of "Marxist-Leninist species". So, they intend to ensure the flourishing and unfolding of various "sorts of Hoxha-ism". But this kind of "united front" - full of flowers - is just a new reproduction of the Mao Tsetung Ideas. To share the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha with the revisionists, that`s what the opportunists relish. But the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism are indivisible, because they exclusively belong to the world proletariat. We can never come to an understanding with the opportunists who instrumentalize Marxism-Leninism for their pragmatic purposes. We are not interested in rampant and exuberant "Marxist-Leninist" blossoms. There were just the opportunist parasites, which grew exuberantly within the last decades caused by the weakness of our Marxist-Leninist world movement. The more the opportunist parasites spread, the more they robbed Marxism-Leninism`s vitality. But this languishing period comes to an end.The foundation of the Comintern-ML can be recognized as a remarkable sign, that the first cuts had bee the deepest! And these cuts were urgently necessary for the survival of Marxism-Leninism. We Marxist-Leninists aren't tired of life! Eye by eye, tooth by tooth -- this is what comrade Enver Hoxha taught us; this is the way, how we have to continue our struggle against neo-revisionism. And this revolutionary line may not fall into oblivion! There will be no peaceful co-existence with any opportunist united front. We never tolerate it, because it has no right to existence. If we don`t destroy the opportunist united front, we shall never be able to develop a united front that is based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and Proletarian Internationalism. We don`t follow the liberalist fashion that everybody can call himself "Marxist-Leninist" just as he likes. This is the reason why the opportunists call us "sectarians" and in the same manner the opportunists blamed the Albanian comrades for their struggle against modern revisionism and particularly against Chinese revisionism, 25 years ago. So, consequently, it is not by chance that the opportunists regard the republished letter of the CC of the PLA with suspicion. Well, they shall regard this letter as a faded relic of an "orthodox religious controversy", as an insignificant document of the "darkest past of the dogmatic polemics of Stalinist type". The respresentatives of the opportunist united front overestimate the power of imperialism and exaggerate one-sidedly and undialectically its absolute character strategically. They mix up the strategical and tactical meaning of the anti-imperialist struggle. This leads them to the polemical labeling of "pro-imperialism" with which they justify to expel everybody, who refuses the integration of the revisionists into the anti-imperialist united front. In principle their position is not different concerning the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. They try to sweep everything under the carpet which is struggling against the revisionists, the social-fascists and the social-imperialists on the firm-pricipled base of Marxism-Leninism. To side with the revisionists claiming simultaneously to be "anti-revisionist" - that makes the neo-revisionists dangerous just like the Chinese revisionists 25 years ago, when they sided with the modern revisionists claiming to be "anti-revisionist". The Marxist-Leninists are in an united front - in which the revisionists also are integrated - controlled and steerable only as minority. Outside of their united front the opportunists would lose control over us Marxist-Leninists and this would be too dangerous for the imperialists. In this case they would be forced to leave our trench and to attack us openly ... and this means again, that we can take advantage of their open targets.

Neither with methods of ignorant silence nor in a blind rage of exclusions any disagreements shall be overcome earnestly and durably. To decide on the struggle of cotradictions is the only developmental law to overcome disagreements within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Disagreements must be worked off completely, before the firm-principled unity can be established on a solid ground. We have to engage in the fight and to corner the opportunists, but we may not dodge and shun the fight.

To be able to lead and guide as an international class the world proletariat needs the monolith Communist International. Somebody who pretends to struggle for the revolutionary interests of the world proletariat cannot put in question the international organisation that is needed to convert these interests into practice. Nobody can be an internationalist,who is neither ready nor willing to fight for the International? The Comintern-ML exists and nobody can say that doesn`t count. Who does presume to side- a decision that 60 years without Communist International is enough! Who or what impedes us Marxist-Leninists all over the world to rebuild the Comintern?

Who struggles earnestly for the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and who doesn`t? There is only one correct answer valid: Actually, only those comrades struggle for the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, who are ready, determined and conscious about the necessity, that unity cannot be anchored without the material unity of the revolutionary organization of the world proletariat. To tell the plain truth: the world proletariat`s way towards the Communist International is a hard, tough, sharp and self-sacrificing way of international class-struggle. We cannot do our difficult and urgently necessary work, if we get not rid of those forces, who permanently put a spoke in our wheel. We therefore decided to go our own way. Let the opportunists go! The decision, where to go, is up to every comrade. We never forced anybody and we shall never force anybody to join the Comintern-ML. We are thankfull for every support. We can only give the solidarity, that we get. Those, who still don`t want to join, can cooperate for the mutual benefit by all means.

You cannot really overcome the revisionist concept of "mother/daughter-parties by some kind of decentralist-federative league-concept internationally. Justification of League-concepts as an effective weapon against the revisionist "mother/daughter-parties" turns out as anti-revisionism in words and revisionism in deeds = neo-revisionist. The rebuilding of the Communist International is not replacable and not in the slightest degree capable for some kind of "step-by-step-concept" towards the centralized Bolshevist world-party. In the contrary - all these opportunist concepts of foundation - opportunism are hindrances for the establishment of the centralization.

League-ism - organisational concepts of independent, loose decentralized "poly-kingdoms" - is an expression of circle-Menshevism in organizational questions at international level and incompatible with Bolshevism. The principle of the Proletarian Internationalismus includes, that the interests of the world proletariat in general and the world party in particular are superordinated to the interests of the proletarians in a single country generally and to the single party particularly, respectively superordinated to bilateral alliances or unions among various countries.The spirit of the proletarian Internationalismus does not have any spontaneous character, but has to be based on firm-principled organisational structures - to be able to develop at all.

Every deviation is an estrangement from the historical lessons of the Bolshevist organizational construction of the glorious Comintern of Lenin and Stalin. Marxist-Leninists have to decline the revisionist "mother party"-principle as well as the principle of some kinds of different countries` "kingdom-federations". The different anarchist, Trotzky-ite, Maoist centers all over the world have - not at least organisationally - anti-Bolhevist character and they are counter-revolutionary. The leaders of those organisational, international associations, who call themselves Marxist-Leninists, the centers - for example - in Quito, Brussels, Leningrad, Pjöngjang, Peking, Cuba etc. got reconciled to the revisionism and partly they withdraw more and more the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Some of these centers have never ever been Marxist-Leninist., just as different international opportunist discussing clubs like the ISML - to mention only an example.The whole world of today became totally a colored shimmering, bourgeois contaminated marsh which cannot be put out of the way immediately. But if we don't begin to clear the Augius - stable of dung in good time, we shall sink in the dung. First we have to clean this whole opportunist dirt to achieve then the renaissance of communism.

Concerning "ISML" and "Unity&Struggle". Fact is, that both of them forbade us from speaking on their internet-discussion-forums. Both of them expelled us brutally and arbitrarily. Simultaneously they grant broadest freedom of speech to the open revisionists and they don't only permit them to attack and to distort Marxism-Leninism, but they also defend the open revisionists against us Marxist-Leninists. All enemies of socialism have the same face: If they are exposed then they act brutally and unscrupulously; they attack us in a blind range and drop their reactionary mask. To expel us as socalled "Pro-imperialists" reflects upon their fundamental anti-Marxist-Leninist attitude.

As be seen at the course of reactions aimed at the Comintern-ML, there is no doubt about it, that the opportunists cause permanently troubles about the question of the international Marxist-Leninist unity. In such a situation it is the duty of the Marxist-Leninists to draw a clear demarcation-line with the aim to isolate the opportunists, to move the true Marxist-Leninists to our side and to convince the swaying comrades patiently. What anything else should we do? Should we wait and hope till good times and cross our arms? Should we stay mercifully to the opportunists and appeal to their understanding in a kind manner? Haggling over principles to come on a smallest minimal common denominator? Or should we have been supposed to be wrapped up in this opportunist unity mash approximately? Sooner or later the Marxist-Leninists and the swaying comrades shall convince themselves and their decision shall fall for the one or the other side, inevitably. To aim for clarity is even better than to mark time or to sink in the marsh. The world proletariat shall form its own opinion and we shall struggle as old communists, faithfully.

If it were fascists like Pinochet, Mobutu etc., who were supported by the Chinese revisionists at that time, it is today's time the social fascists of Yugoslavia, North Korea, Cuba, China etc., who are supported by the neo-revisionists. There isn't any difference in principle. Till this day the fascists as well as the social-fascists struggle against the revolutionary, heroical fighters in those countries. Since when the fight against social-fascism is pro-imperialist? Since when is the fight against social-fascism sectarian? Since when is struggle against the social-fascists aimed against unity of the Marxistly Leninist world movement? Since when one may fight against fascism, but not against social-fascism? Those who draw a demarcation-line between fascism and social-fascism cannot be true anti-fascists. Both are components of the world imperialism, bitter enemies of the suppressed and exploited people and bitter enemies of the working class.

There is one and only power in the world which is actually revolutionary today: the power of the world proletariat. To sever the chains of exploitation the people all over the world have to unite under the leadership of the world proletariat to follow the path of the proletarian socialist world revolution. This is the only united front which we actually do accept, which we want to build up and for which we are fighting. This - and exclusively only this - united front is the base of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, is the base for the existence of the Comintern-ML.

Some parties which are mentioned in the 25 years old Albanian documents had left their correct Marxist- Leninist positions later on.The one or other party has partially or completely been degenerated or liquidated.There were occasionally opportunist organizations which sailed in the fairway of the Marxist-Leninist world movement already 25 years ago by trying to deceive the PAA and comrade Enver Hoxha. There were in turn also little and serious faults under the correct parties. One mustn't equate this. But in spite of all these difficulties and negative appearances the fact cannot be wiped off, that there was a strong Marxist-Leninist world movement at that time of Enver Hoxha. We have been proud of being part of this movement and carrying the banner further forward incessantly.We maintain the friendship for all then honest Marxist-Leninist organizations.We will defend them always and we shall revive the unity with them.

The then Marxist-Leninists from unanimous all represented countries will never forget, but defend - like us - the revolutionary tradition 25 years ago.They are and remain excellent fighters in the history of the glorious Marxist-Leninist world movement and the Marxist-Leninist movement in the own country as well.

However, we must not forget, too, that there were those elements which openly aimed against Marxism- Leninism, against the firm-principled line of comrade Enver Hoxha and against those brother parties, organizations, groups and comrades who defended Marxism-Leninism faithfully despite of all difficulties. The Marxist-Leninist world movement develops in the class struggle against the outer as well as against the inner enemy.

Some organizations regarded the necessary attack on the Mao Tsetung ideas as an attack on Marxism-Leninism and not as a defence of Marxism- Leninism. From their points of view the socialist Albania, the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top would follow allegedly the "capitalist course", would allegedly "degenerate to revisionism", because the Mao Tsetungideas were declared to be counter-revolutionary. This Albanian act of Mao`s condamnation would be allegedly an "act of splitting" of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and a "support" for the strengthening of the revisionists. However, that`s just like the trotzkyite elements, who shaddled the responsibility for the revisionist degeneration just to the Marxist-Leninist line of Stalin and Enver Hoxha with the intention to build up their split-policy within the communist world movement - just on these claims. These anti-Marxist-Leninist elements called the collapse of the Albanian socialism a pretended "proof" of the " wrong line" of comrade Enver Hoxha. The Comintern-ML has declared irreconcilable, relentless and firm-principled war on this international Trotzkyism and its wire-drawers from beginning. The truth was, that the Albanian socialism fell because the revisionists could conquer the power and change the PLA to a bourgeois party under the mask of the line of comrade Enver Hoxha. Well, not the line of Enver Hoxha, but the turn away of this correct line, was the reason for the collapse of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania.

The one tendency, the correct tendency, came to the Marxist-Leninist opinion, that the Mao Tsetung-ideas are the ideological base of the Chinese revisionism and that the CP of China never was Marxist-Leninist - neither in times of Mao nor in times after him -, that there was no socialism and no dictatorship of the proletariat in China, therefore. It was about the consistent continuation of the fight for the complete break with the Chinese revisionism.This was the correct line of the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top as well as the line of the Marxist-Leninist world movement which was led by Albania. This correct line is continued by the Comintern-ML, today.

The other tendency, the wrong tendency held tight at the opportunist opinion, that the Chinese revisionism arose from the turn away of the MaoTsetung ideas, by which the pretended "Marxist-Leninist" CP of China degenerated and by which Chinese "socialism" fell to sacrifice of the capitalist restoration. This is just the opposite opinion, which is exactly still represented by many opportunist organizations at international level today.This opportunist branch had a try and has a try further, to reconcile the anti-Marxist Mao Tsetung ideas particularly with the Marxist-Leninist ideas of the classic Enver Hoxha and with Marxism-Leninism generally.

Many of those organizations, who supported the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha with telegrams, solidarity-declarations etc. in the August and September of 1978, turned away and changed their course. Criticism at the "theory of the three worlds" = yes, criticism at the Mao Tsetung ideas = no. That was the formula of those orgnizations, who started to seperate from the Marxist-Leninist world movement which was led by the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

In addition, there were also some few "left" opportunist organizations which treated comrade Enver Hoxha as a "revisionist" on a case by case basis and called his name and the names of Mao and Krushchev with the same breath.

So, those "lefties" claimed Enver Hoxha that he had allegedly "mistaken the dictatorship of the proletariat for the people power like Mao and Khrushchev ". And: "Enver Hoxha had been an incomplete Marxist". The Communist party of New Zealand (CPNZ) put all these monstrous assertions forward 1991. At first the CPNZ declared itself for the socialist Albania under the leadership of the PLA with Enver Hoxha at the top and after the collapse of Albania the CPNZ kicked the banner of the PLA, the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha into the dirt. The CPNZ come it funny with the Marxist-Leninist world movement and declared the Bolshevist Octoberrevolution - as well as the people`s revolution in Albania - not as revolutions that led to the dictatorship of the proletariat, but as "anti-imperialist" revolutions compared with the revolutions in East Europe and Indo-China. Now we can better understand, what the opportunists do intend with their "united anti-imperialist front" - at all events anything else but the united front of the socialist, proletarian revolution. And just this is the deep contradiction between the Marxist-Leninists and the opportunists in the question of the united front, because any united front has unconditionally to serve the socialist revolution - anything else is revisionism. Even Krushchev did not dare to claim the October Revolution as an "anti-imperialist" revolution. The CPNZ justified this extreme position with the fact, that in all those countries there was no majority of the proletarian class compared with the total population. We need not to comment this anti-Leninism. Strictly speaking the CPNZ denied completely the existence of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the history of mankind just as the trotzkyites. Trotzky condemned Stalin and the CP New Zealand condemned Enver Hoxha -- both comes to the same: Betrayal of the revolution, betrayal of the socialism, betrayal of the Marxism-Leninism.The CP New Zealand abused the criticism of the Alia revisionism to annul the socialism of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin and the Albanian socialism under Enver Hoxha. Like the CP New Zealand a long row of brother parties turned their back upon Enver Hoxha, the PLA, the socialist Albania and also the Marxist-Leninist world movement.The Marxist-Leninist party of Austria (MLPÖ) also counted to these renegades. The KPD/ML (CPGer-ML) avoided at first to carry the bilateral contradictions with the MLPÖ into the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement and tried instead of this to cope with the ideological contradictions in a friendly, fraternal manner of meetings. Long ago the MLPÖ accused the KPD/ML as to be "revisionist". The MLPÖ attacked particularly the chairman of the KPD/ML, comrade Ernst Aust as an "enemy of Stalin", and as a “supporter of the three-world-theory". However, when the MLPÖ started to attack comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA openly, when they began their confrontation with the whole Marxist-Leninist movement, then the KPD/ML informed everybody, what happened all the time with the wheelings and dealings of the MLPÖ. The MLPÖ spread among other things the following reactionary assertion into the Marxist-Leninist world movement: The thesis, that the super powers are in the international scale head enemies of the people, would pretend to be "core of the theory of the three worlds `" because the West German imperialism would thus for example be played down. The MLPÖ obviously attacked in the rear of the Albanian comrades, who led the fight against the "theory of the three worlds" of the Chinese revisionists to the same time. Further such assertions were made, that the PLA would be "just as revisionist like the CP of China", because the PLA had supported the "Moscow Declaration", which would be "revisionist". So the MLPÖ insinuated the PLA to go the "peaceful way to socialism". Concerning the "Moscow Declaration" the Comintern-ML has - by the way - thoroughly analysed the meaning and role of both the "Moscow Declaration" and the "Polemics on the General Line of the Communist World Movement" (editted by the Chinese revisionists) in the chapter of the Comintern-ML`s General Line -- "strategy and tactics of the proletarian world revolution". Concerning the relationship with the brother parties the MLPÖ accused the PLA as "anti-Leninist". With these opening split-tactics the MLPÖ supported in reality Mao Tsetung and the Chinese revisionists from a "left" standpoint of view with the aim to liquidate the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the PLA at the top. So the MLPÖ proved as a "left" liquidator of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism in the world scale - just in that moment when the Marxist-Leninist world movement led the united fight against Maoism.The Comintern-ML exactly described this dagger push as dangerous forerunner of the Neo revisionism. It is just the nature of the Neo-revisionism to wear out the criticism of the revisionism through this and to give the revisionists support by moving the Anti revisionists -- in this case the PLA and the brother parties - to the pillory as pretended "revisionists". These are always the well known bad tricks in the rows of the communist world movement from the arsenal of the international agencies of the counter-revolution. And these tricks are used further against us today, only with the difference that we Marxist-Leninists are not called as "revisionists" but as "sectarians" because we are still in the minority.

In such way just the most consistent anti-revisionists of the world`s Marxist-Leninist movement - the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top - were attacked as "revisionists". When the ISML then - in the end of 1999 - started to put a discussion about Enver Hoxhas alleged "faults", we opened the fire against the ISML, we founded the Comintern/ML and lifted up comrade Enver Hoxha in the rank of a classic of Marxism-Leninism.

It is a fact, that the communal spirit and the feeling of solidarity among the brother parties suffered by the weakness of the true Marxist-Leninist forces and the growing influence of the neo-revisionists, which crept into the parties, which splitted and devided them in various branches and groups. So, under these circumstances, it is no wonder, if several brother parties, who cultivated for years fraternal connections among each other on the base of Marxism-Leninism, became overcharged to assess and analyse the developmet of the difficult and complicated situation concerning the inner affairs and troubles of splitted and devided brother parties. Even in relatively healthy situations it is not easy to overlook the events of the Marxist-Leninist movement in the foreign countries and it is more difficult to overlook the Marxist-Leninist world movement in a whole. Under high complication-factors, nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find the way out of the djungle of small groups and organisations whose existence resulted from the weakness of the binding forces and the strength of the splitting forces of former brother parties which had to go through several processes of deviding and breaking asunder. Under these circumstances, when the Marxist-Leninists all over the world are in poor health, everybody can imagine, how negatively this does reflect and influence the relationships among each other on a national as well as on an international scale.

So it is a sad fact, that the neo-revisionists took advantage from this desaster.

For decades "Unity&Struggle" supports in Germany a revisionist splitting group ("Arbeit Zukunft") which was expelled from the KPD/ML of comrade Ernst Aust in the end of 1985.

The Unity&Struggle-group houses also other splitter groups, which struggle against Marxist-Leninist organisations in their own country. We only want to cite the neo-revisionist Turkish splitter-organisation TDKP with the support of the "Unity&Struggle"-group. Systematically the Unity&Struggle group works like this all over the world - breaking the rules of Proletarian Internationalism and the rules of good relationship among the Marxist-Leninist brother parties - even isolating and fighting against the true Marxist-Leninist forces in various countries of the world – thus also against us comrades of the Comintern/ML who were proudly part of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement that was led by comrade Enver Hoxha.

Is there in principle any difference between the attitude of the "Unity&Struggle"-group and the attitude of the Chinese revisionists 25 years, when they attacked Enver Hoxha, the PLA, many Marxist-Leninist brother parties and the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement? The "Quito Declaration" is in some regard comparable with the "Moscow Declaration". Both these declarations have two doors - a Marxist-Leninist front-door and a back-door which is flexibly open for inviting the opportunists. We take this for very dangerous and benevolently for completely insufficient in our opinion. We declared our readinesss to consult Unity&Struggle about this, but they prefered to keep silent and gave us no answer until today. Unity&Struggle was never willing or ready to talk with the Comintern-ML. Instead of this, Unity&Struggle ignored permanently even the existence of the Comintern-ML. We don`t want to interfere the inner affairs of the Unity&Struggle-group, but they should be conscious about the fact, that the Marxist-Leninists all over the world will neither understand nor accept this anti-Marxist-Leninist behaviour. Once again we invite the "Unity&Struggle"-group to begin to talk with us (2003).

The attempt of the Chinese revisionists to destroy the Marxist-Leninist world movement by the blow against the socialist Albania led in the result to centralisation and concentration of the Marxist-Leninist forces all over the world. The brother parties organised several multilateral meetings to cooperate more narrowly -- this process was positive and helpful. If you like to say, the foundation of the Comintern-ML was the final consequence of this positive process, a final stroke and a bottom line under endless discussions of some years, - about the question, whether to rebuilt the new Communist international or not. It is true, that the Marxist-Leninist world movement permanently defended the merits of the old honourable Comintern particularly against the attacks of the revisionists, but by no means the brother parties were neither able nor willing to understand the lessons of Marxism-Leninism to strive in principle for the revival of the Comintern and to place the refoundation of a new Communist International on the agenda.

now the Comintern-ML continued the struggle of comrade Enver Hoxha and started to unmask the wheelings and dealings of several international neo-revisionist groupings. They impose silence upon the Marxist-Leninists, if we place the Communist International on the agenda and they make a great noice against the principle of the internationally organized proletarian leadership. With demagogy they bring disrepute upon everybody who demands for the creation of the new Communist International. As Marx and Engels began to critisize severaly the demagogues, who tried to split the unity of the masses and the leaders, Lenin and Stalin continued this struggle against these demagogues. This is true on an international scale, too. And we also must defend comrade Enver Hoxha. He never denied the leading roll of the communist world center`s party and he never denied as well the necessity of the Communist International, allthough he had certain doubts about the conditions and the occasion of the renewal of the Communist International in his time. He talked much about level-headedness, about the thorough consideration of the party`s maturity and he made much efforts to give us brother parties important advices for our development towards our readyness for unification. He did a big job to prepare us for this step carefully and cautiously by promoting our closer cooperation and friendship.

As the history of the Communist world movement proved, the CPSU and the PLA unfolded the revolutionary proletarian world movement in the front rank. This is the reason why the revisionists did not basically deny the roll of the Comintern and the international leading roll of the CPSU in words. However in the course of the struggle against modern revisionism - particularly the struggle against the ambitions of the Krushchevite "motherparty-concept" - the neo-revisionists tried to influence the young Marxist-Leninist world movement.

This Neo-revisionist poison was spread within the Marxist-Leninist world movement primarily by Mao Tsetung as the leader of the Chinese revisionists. Concentrated expression of this ideological neo-revisionist poison was the Chinese "polemics on the general line of the international communist movement", dated on the 30th of March 1963. The demagogical whole point was to replace Lenin`s and Stalin`s Bolshevist general line of the international communist movement by the neo-revisionist general line - hidden behind the criticism of the motherparty thesis of the Soviet modern revisionists.

For decades we comrades of the Comintern-ML have fought by the Marxist-Leninist world movement with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top and we are proud of this. We were and are still faithful representatives and defenders of this Marxist-Leninist world movement and know that it will be completely liberated from the bourgeois influence of neo-revisionism by our joint efforts one day. We declare our solidarity with all comrades who are fighting under the banner of the 5 classics! We like to send our comeradely salutations to the Marxist-Leninists all over the world!

Marxist-Leninists of all countries - unite !

Join the Comintern-ML!





Enver Hoxha - the 5th Architect of Marxism-Leninism...

    ...and the foundation of the Comintern [ M L ]


    by Wolfgang Eggers

    Chairman of the C P Germany [ML]

    1. 4. 2001



We, as Marxist-Leninists all over the world have finally and urgently to put the question:

"Is Comrade Enver Hoxha the 5th Architect of Marxism-Leninism, yes or no?"

Under present conditions we cannot speak about socialist consciousness of the proletariat without speaking about applying to the lessons of Enver Hoxha. Otherwise »socialist consciousness« is a worthless abstraction, because it is not any more the most progressive and developed theory of Marxism-Leninism that reflects present life of society. And one important lesson of the ABC of Marxism consists of the truth that the proletariat will only be victorious if it applies to the most developed stage of Marxism-Leninism, and this again means applying to the lessons of Enver Hoxha. There is no other way out to lead the world`s proletariat to the world revolution successfully anything else is only an impasse.


    1. The lessons of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism cannot be considered as separated from each other, as incoherent and cannot be played off against each other. They are formed as a common, monolithic whole, existing of one cast. For instance, the modern revisionists separate Marx, Engels, Lenin from Stalin, and they don`t approve Stalin as the 4th Architect of Marxism-Leninism up to this day. The appreciation of Stalin as the 4th Architect of Marxism-Leninism was, however, an unavoidable demarcation-line against Modern Revisionism and the supposition to gain the victory over it. This was the key-question of how to step forward with the Marxist-Leninist World Movement and the development of socialism in Albania and how to avoid that the Marxist-Leninist sword turns blunt and rusted. The new branches of revisionism »approve« Stalin as the 4th Architect of Marxism-Leninism and they call themselves »Marxist-Leninists« hiding behind the principles of anti-revisionism. In the same manner of the modern revisionists they separate Enver Hoxha from Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, because they really know that the lessons of the four Architects of Marxism-Leninism are not sufficient to cope with the tasks and problems of today and this would mean that it is impossible, to be victorious over the bourgeoisie and the revisionists who cast their skins. The hesitation and postponement in answering the question of the Architects always lamed the development of Marxism-Leninism and the international revolutionary class-struggle in history and today, let come up new worldwide branches of opportunism. Logically, the 4 Architects of Marxism-Leninism cannot reflect the present and future development of the society exactly, because they lived in their own times and not in ours. This problem didn´ t occur only after the death of Stalin, but also after the death of Marx/Engels and Lenin`s as well. This problem was solved by the right answer on the question: who will be the next true follower of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism? So the only way how to ensure the continuation of the revolutionary spirit of Marxism-Leninism is to solve the question of the appreciation of the lessons of the new follower of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism. If this is failed to be done, you will have the weak situation of the loss of the common, monolithic whole, and the lessons of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism will not exist of one cast. And this would consequently mean the end of Marxism-Leninism, this would mean the victory of revisionism, the victory of capitalism.


    2. After the death of Marx and Engels the question of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism could not be solved finally. If Lenin would not step forward to develop Marxism bravely ( and this entailed furious critics of the whole opportunist European social-democratism which repudiation implied the creative lessons of Leninism), there would be no October Revolution and no Soviet-Union, Marxism would lose its revolutionary, mobilizing and organizational vitality. As it concerns to all the changing things in general, in particular some parts of Marxism-Leninism lose their meaning during ongoing process of the development of the society, they die off and peter out into the lapse and some parts change and are added with something new. You cannot dogmatically solve new problems with old instruments that were good in former times. We all know what would happen, if Stalin did not develop Marxism-Leninism in his times, if he would not understand that the lessons of Lenin had to be creatively applied to the new changing conditions. Socialism of Russia could not survive for only one day. This would also happen to Albania, if Enver Hoxha were not able to apply to the lessons of Stalin. And we would fail to step forward, if we would not apply to the lessons of Enver Hoxha. Only Enver Hoxha`s lessons guarantee the continuation of Marxism-Leninism, holds it alive. New creations of the lessons of Marxism-Leninism are born in defence of correct knowledge against misinterpretations of applications under new circumstances of class-struggle. We always have to differ: what is or is not still important, and what has to be developed totally new, what is the new correct combination of old and new experiences? In this process of looking for new developments of Marxism-Leninism our adversaries try to interfere, try to disturb us, try to name us as »Deviationist« on the one hand and »Dogmatists« on the other hand. Only the results of revolutionary practice can decide on right or wrong, only class-struggle can prove whether we developed Marxism-Leninism in the correct direction. The Trotzkyites tried to overthrow Stalin as the honorable follower of Lenin and the Maoists selected Mao for the accession to the throne. But they both did not only make mistakes of misinterpretations but have come out true traitors of Marxism-Leninism. The Trotzykites stir up mistrust against the Marxist - Leninists and that we bring us bear ourselves »the poison-germ of self-destruction«. It is only a matter of times when we intercessors of Enver Hoxha still exist as a minority, but his lessons correspond with the objective development of society and this means: the minority of today will be the majority of tomorrow, will represent the new revolutionary general line of the Marxist-Leninists all over the world.


    3. The development and growth of Marxism-Leninism is not a treasure in the sense of quantity, which is to be collected and accumulated. The lessons of Enver Hoxha and that of all the other Architects of Marxism-Leninism are not an archive of dogmatists who compiled all the experiences of revolutionary class-struggle, to pick up the right instructions for the future struggle. If we don`t recognize the creative and living nature of Marxism-Leninism, if we are contented with learning it by rote and understand it only literally then we are not able to apply it to conditions of daily class-struggle. Marxism-Leninism is a science that rejuvenates by creative developments, that changes from quantity to quality and goes up by leaps and bounds to a new stage of quality. When the state of stagnation - compared with low ideological times of today - seems to reach the end of processing before we cleared up the essential nature of society, when our thinking is lamed and the revisionists hinder us to step forward to come to conclusions, when our thoughts mark time standing in front of most important decisions whether to follow the old path or to step forward on a new path - compared with Lenin`s time when he became aware of the impasse of the II. International, or in our times when we become aware of the 50 years existing lack of the III. Comintern - then the tasks of time oblige us to leap over the reached deadlock, do we shake off and break up all ideological barriers, then the long time of linger and hesitations will be put by to push forward the pregnant revolutionary ideas like a new born child. This also happens with Marxism-Leninism and with finding out the significance of a new Architect of Marxism-Leninism - however not automatically, not by itself. We must be conscious about the fact, that quantitative developments of Marxism-Leninism cannot widen eternally without reaching their ends in new qualities, qualities of new ideas, principles and insights. If we are not able or too weak to jump over a necessary new level of quality, then Marxism-Leninism can only be admired in the museum of history and we Marxist-Leninists as well! After we reached to a certain historical point every second of hesitation would then mean putting up with years later on. And we are not old enough to let any others jump, we are not to be delayed after time is ripe. It is not only fighting our way through the hindrances set by our adversaries, it is rather a matter of awe of the proletariat and we are in honour bound.


    4. The transformation from quantity to quality takes place not without fight of contradictions, not as to take it for granted automatically, not by chance or by acclamation. The victory does not follow us by itself. To differ Marxism-Leninism from »Marxism-Leninism« in the focus of changing times is a decision on the battle-field of class-struggle. And all the Architects of Marxism-Leninism were confronted with the same problem and they disappear by degrees from the battle-field without comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th Architect of Marxism-Leninism - otherwise the fight of contradictions will end with a disaster. The prime quality of the lessons of Enver Hoxha were first conscious in our contradictions with the opportunists and revisionists of today. In the light of our anti-revisionist struggle we learnt to understand that it is not sufficient to rest on the demarcation-line of Stalin - as it was necessary in times of Enver Hoxha. Today we learnt that it is urgently necessary to raise up the level of demarcation, and to raise it up to the level of the lessons of Enver Hoxha as the 5th Architect of Marxism-Leninism. If the lessons of Enver Hoxha become a new quality this seems to be a contradiction, but this is dialectical. The so called »Marxist-Leninists«, the revisionists of today are wrecked on their vulgarisation of Marxism-Leninism, on their vulgarisation of Marx, Engels, Lenin AND (!) Stalin so that the role of the theory, the role of the Bolshevist party, the role of the new Comintern, the role of class-struggle, the role of the revolutionary proletariat, the role of the socialist revolution, the role of world-revolution is condemned to passivity and degeneration.

These are the dialectical conclusions on the field of highest level of ideological class-struggle.

We belong to the guard of Enver Hoxha, we are his disciples, but our lives last not eternally. So we would be embarrassed if we left this world without giving an answer to the question of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism, and that would mean to leave alone the rising generation with this question. How can the youth find the way to revolution without the lessons of Enver Hoxha? It is our duty to prepare and educate the rising generation in the spirit of Enver Hoxha, the greatest world leader of the proletarian generation after Stalin.


We, as Marxist-Leninists directed our ideological weapons against Modern Revisionism after the death of Stalin to make headway and to defend the heir of Marxism-Leninism. This struggle was not only defence but an enormous improvement of Marxism-Leninism, a struggle with a new quality of recreation of Marxism-Leninism. Our victory we owe to comrade Enver Hoxha in the very first line. Comrade Enver Hoxha therefore became the target of attacks. These attacks hit as well the Architects in a single way and all together as the Marxist-Leninist World-Movement and the world`s proletariat. So this is why we cannot defend Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin any more without defending comrade Enver Hoxha.


The Lessons of Enver Hoxha


Enver Hoxha applied to the lessons of Stalin in a correct way. So he became the best and deserving pupil of Stalin.

However Enver Hoxha did not only apply correctly the lessons of Stalin to the particular Albanian conditions and - not alone - he led the only country to socialism victoriously aside of the Soviet Union, but moreover continued to develop the lessons of Stalin in his times.

If the lessons of Enver Hoxha would only be the application of Stalin' s lessons to the particular conditions of Albania, we had to speak of pure national and only national, pure Albanian and only Albanian phenomena. If Enver Hoxha would not lean on the correct lessons of Stalin, socialism in Albania would never exist for only one day.

The lessons of Enver Hoxha are, however, an international phenomenon, which roots within international development, and is not only an Albanian phenomenon. Enver Hoxha carried on Marxism-Leninism even in one of the smallest countries of the world, although the Great Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin lost the dictatorship of the proletariat by the betrayal of Krushchev, while Albania had to carry on with its own forces. By this it proved to be important that Albania could fall back to the revolutionary heir of the Architects of Marxism-Leninism, but the whole Marxist-Leninist movement stood faithfully aside of Enver Hoxha and organized the revolutionary class-struggle all over the world. Under the leadership of Enver Hoxha the Marxist-Leninist World Movement received an enormous impetus. He succeeded to unite and strengthen the Marxist-Leninists and effected the rebirth of all the world`s revolutionary elements after the revisionist betrayal against Stalin. The regeneration, reorganisation and re-foundation of many Marxist-Leninist Parties were fructified by the lessons of Enver Hoxha. This phenomenon could be compared - to some extend - with times of the beginning Comintern. And so we can say that proletarian internationalism finally became again a revolutionary character after the betrayal of Modern Revisionism. Enver Hoxha became the leader of the world`s proletariat and peoples. Unfortunately the Comintern was finally disarmed and then totally liquidated by the revisionist leaders, but comrade Enver Hoxha practiced the old instructions of the Comintern successfully in his country. Enver Hoxha participated both the Moscow and Bukharest Conferences and he bravely defended Stalin and bases of Marxism-Leninism as far as possible in spite of the political pressure of the majority of the revisionists under the leadership of Krushchev. Nobody, except Enver Hoxha struggled against imperialism and social-imperialism on an international stage on the principles of proletarian internationalism in a way he did.

The merit of Enver Hoxha consists not only of the reconstruction of the lessons of Stalin and those of all the other Architects if Marxism-Leninism, but he stepped forward to develop Marxism-Leninism under the new conditions of revisionism in power, under conditions of imperialism AND social-imperialism, in the period of the restoration of capitalism and its social-fascist ruling system under the conditions of the fallen dictatorship of the proletariat in the Great Soviet-Union.

What is exactly the definition of Enver Hoxha`s lessons?


The lessons of Enver Hoxha are the Marxism-Leninism on an very advanced stage of the epoch of imperialism, the crisis developing, rotting, parasitising and the dying off capitalism with its particular forms of social-imperialism and social-fascism and the theory and tactic of new forms of revolutions - anti-revisionist, anti-social-fascist proletarian revolution in common, and in detail the theory and tactic of the re-conquest, the re-establishment of the proletarian dictatorship, the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the whole world, the victory of socialism in spite of encirclement by both the imperialism and social-imperialism, the victory against restored capitalism, against revisionism in power.

The lessons of Enver Hoxha signify as well that socialism survives and develops in a single country for decades after and although another socialist country degenerated back to capitalism. Socialism is able to regenerate. Enver Hoxha`s lessons proved that even a small socialist country can develop and resist the whole world`s imperialism for a certain time.

The lessons of Enver Hoxha are the lessons of Marxism-Leninism, how to transfer the anti-fascist struggle to the victorious struggle for the new establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, how to break through the chain of imperialism under the conditions of fascist occupation, and how to build up a socialist country directly upon the ruins of the fascist dictatorship. The lessons of Enver Hoxha are therefore lessons of the removal of fascism by socialism.

The lessons of Enver Hoxha are the proof for the correctness of the international and universal character of Bolshevism; that Bolshevism of Lenin and Stalin was not alone of success in a single country as a passed and secluded phenomenon, but continued and multiplied in an another country. The lessons of Enver Hoxha are therefore the proof for Bolshevism as a „model of tactics for all“ (Lenin) – to establishment the dictatorship in single countries. The lessons of Enver Hoxha are an important contribution to furnish proof for Worldbolshevism as a tactic to win the socialist world revolution and to establish the dictatorship of the worldproletariat.

This is the definition of Enver Hoxha`s lessons.


To exclude comrade Enver Hoxha as the 5th architect of Marxism-Leninism, the restriction of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is in future not sufficient to defend and develop Marxism-Leninism, makes it weak and resistanceless in the change of times.

It was Enver Hoxha who analysed the reasons of the degeneration and final overthrow of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union. This was the reason why he gained on the successful defence and strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania by applying to the lessons of Stalin. The conclusions of the downfall of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union and Albania are:

  1. It is necessary, to achieve a qualitative higher level of socialism to hinder that the remainders of the bourgeoisie within socialist society can return to capitalism. The remainders of the bourgeois class in addition to the recruitment of a new labor-aristocracy within socialism, which all re-gathered strength and which re-conquered the power, we call them »social-bourgeoisie« ( socialist in words, but bourgeois in deeds). The social-bourgeoisie, the new Csars of the Kremlin, was the ruling class of revisionism in power. It developed to the open bourgeoisie of Russia of today. To proceed socialism in Russia and Albania means nothing else as to overthrow the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie by the renewal of the socialist revolution to establish anew proletarian dictatorship.

  2. It is necessary, to achieve a qualitative higher level of socialism by the increasing development of revolutionary class-struggle within socialism. This is, what Lenin and Stalin called to complete class-struggle in the end without hesitation ( straight, without the episode of restored capitalism). So to build up socialism is one thing we learnt from Lenin and Stalin, however to develop socialism on an advanced stage is an other thing and these are the conclusions of Enver Hoxha who successfully defended and developed socialism under the pressure of revisionism in power AND imperialism.

  3. It is necessary, to achieve a qualitative higher level of socialism that leads to the classless society not by neglecting class-struggle, but by increasing class-struggle and by strengthening the dictatorship of the proletariat. This has to be practised not only in the sense of pure quantity. The new stage of advanced socialism is characterised not as a quantitative but as a qualitative stage of socialism. This is the way we as Marxist-Leninists understand class-struggle dialectically and not like the revisionists mechanically. Class-struggle and »class-struggle« is neither the same in capitalism nor in socialism. To achieve a qualitative higher level of socialism means to overthrow revisionist conceptions of class-struggle towards the advanced stage of socialism. When Lenin compared the formations of proletarian dictatorship of the Paris Commune with the soviet-system of the Soviet Union, he emphasized, that the system cannot be totally copied and be taken over. The dictatorship of the proletariat produces new forms and characters in the changing times and conditions of the developing socialist society. The renewed dictatorship of the proletariat can not be worked out at the writing-table but develops on the battle-field of class-struggle and by conclusions of historical experiences to avoid future mistakes. If Enver Hoxha followed the Chinese culture-revolution of Mao, Albanian socialism would fail.

It was not by chance that after the death of Enver Hoxha the difference of opinions on these urgent questions expressed the attempts of the revisionists and imperialists to overthrow Albanian socialism. It was the aim of international counter-revolution to lame and liquidate all Marxist-Leninist parties all over the world to isolate socialist Albania and to cut off connections of support and solidarity. There was a hard class-struggle within most of all Marxist-Leninist parties to defend Albanian Marxism-Leninism last not least in Albania itself. The Marxist-Leninists recognized that communism can only be carried forward if they rely on the lessons of Enver Hoxha . This was an important aim, because the support of Enver Hoxha could only mean further development of Marxism-Leninism on an international scale and to overcome the splits within the revolutionary movement that appeared.

The present decision for Enver Hoxha as the 5th Architect of Marxism-Leninism against Mao is a further victory, because the Neo-Revisionists tried to proclaim Mao as the follower of Stalin, to allure us to an impasse.

Insults of »pro-Hoxhaites« do not offend us and the insults of »Stalinists« (»Enver Hoxha=Stalinist«), the hobby-horse of the Trotkyites cannot disgrace us either. Let the adversaries turn the table on us when they occupy the position of »true defenders and followers of Enver Hoxha« to name us »charlatans«. Nothing and nobody can deny or stop the lessons of Enver Hoxha, not even with »left« tricks.

The working people create their riches and prosperity by hard work, however the parasites will only profit by exploitation. Revisionism is the well known slogan and definition: »Socialism in words, capitalism in deeds!« Adaptability, cast it skin, disguise, parasitized attitude, magic hoods, feints and attempted deceptions, establishment of barriers at all fronts of class-struggle, aggravation and hindrance of our communist work, the efforts of splits and deviations, dispersion of our forces, reconciliation of classes, opportunist unity -making and compact-making without principles, to force us upon the revisionist course and to degenerate and liquidate our organisations, to wear down our comrades and to hinder them to uphold their principles and to break their conscious discipline or to soften it, to capitulate, to influence them with bourgeois ideology, to back-mail, persecute and kill them in case of need, deprivation of our life`s base, to isolate us from the masses, from the working class, from the revolutionary movement, from our majority, to call us »sectarians« and »dogmaticians«, to paste up the truth, to play us off against each other, to allure us on the wrong track - all this and more is part of the enlargement of the armoury of the revisionists. And we should not endanger ourselves, if we neglect to practice earnestly and solidly the principle of critics and self-critics. If we refuse to uncover our faults and if we don`t rectify them we get into the revisionist track or we are at the mercy of revisionist waves. The hardened revisionist tactic is, however, to simulate »self-critics« to creep into our confidence. This simulation of »anti-revisionism« is a phenomenon of present time and has to be unmasked. It is meanwhile the fashion to call oneself »anti-revisionist« - this sounds »revolutionary« and everybody likes to be so. No revisionist would like to be called »revisionist«. Only block-heads would fall for the same old arguments of the traditional modern revisionists. Under these circumstances the demarcation-line against former modern revisionism makes no sense anymore, is very dangerous, because the modern revisionists call themselves »anti-revisionists«.

So what differs anti-revisionism from feigned »anti-revisionism«?

To struggle against modern revisionism in words and to practice revisionism in deeds - that is a new variety of modern revisionism, disguised revisionism.


Without making difference between Modern Revisionism and Neo-Revisionism, without taking note of the fact, that Neo-Revisionism developed independently out of Modern Revisionism, that Neo-Revisionism is a new branch of Modern Revisionism, with new quality and a world wide movement of it`s own that developed from the Marxist-Leninist Movement in their struggle against Modern Revisionism, without the new anti-neorevisionist struggle, we can not any more speak about anti-revisionist struggle, the struggle against revisionism becomes a hollow phraseology, the anti-revisionist struggle will then change from a proletarian struggle into a bourgeois struggle, the anti-revisionist struggle is t h e n harmless for the bourgeoisie.

Those, who lower demarcation-line on the level of the old political conditions of Modern Revisionism in times of Enver Hoxha and who will not rise the demarcation-line on the new level of Neo-Revisionism, is a revisionist objectively, but not a true Marxist-Leninist, who is able to analyse the developments and changes of revisionism, who understands the rules of the nature of revisionism in the times of changing society and not only rest in historical dimensions of former times. What will be the consequences, if we ignore to rise the level of demarcation-line against revisionism? With this sin of omission we would allow, that the revisionist succeed to pass over the old demarcation-line without harm. We kick the revisionists out of the front door, but we let them in through the back door. By this it is impossible to struggle successfully against revisionism - and that is what the situation is like - worldwide. Revisionism grows, though we struggle against it - because we struggle with old useless and harmless weapons! Under these circumstances we cannot earnestly maintain that we defend the lessons of Enver Hoxha not to mention the development of the lessons of Enver Hoxha. All this ends with fruitless running after the revisionists, ends with running after the worker`s movement and the demarcation-line is led to ad absurdum, is only a fig-leaf for the revisionists to fulfill their mission without hindrances, to confuse the proletariat and its vanguard. We have to learn the lessons of Enver Hoxha, that we have to struggle against ALL branches of revisionism especially those that come up by new forms. So did Enver Hoxha as well, when Modern Revisionism came up.

To rely on the lessons of Enver Hoxha is neither a »left«, nor a »right deviation« of Marxism-Leninism! The Lessons of Enver Hoxha are the Marxism-Leninism of today ! Both the »left« as well as the right deviation of Marxism-Leninism lead in consequence to the same results, although from opposite sides : Betrayal of the interests of the proletariat, withdraw from the struggle for the socialist revolution, from the dictatorship of the proletariat, from communism and stepping on the path of capitalism. To avoid sectarian faults and to repudiate unjustified accusations of »sectarianism«, - this is what the 5 Architects of Marxism-Leninism always taught us to bear in mind. We cannot struggle successfully against neo-revisionism based on sectarianism or the other way round. Both cannot be defeated on centrist ground, but only on the base of Marxism-Leninism. If you cut the one appearing wing of deviation you have to sharpen your weapon simultaneously against the other wings of deviation to cut them off as well. Never let the enemy come in through the back door when you closed the front door and the other way round!

Sectarianism is hidden behind »struggle against revisionism«, but directed against Marxism-Leninism in truth.

Deviations are preparations for the bourgeois ideology to cast their skin, they are flexible and Stalin answered on the question, what is more dangerous - »left« or right deviation?: »Both are more dangerous!«. All varieties of revisionism and sectarianism are pairs of twins.

Neo-Revisionism in its most dangerous form means:

»Defense of Enver Hoxha in words, and betrayal and denial in deeds!«

Today there is only one true Anti-revisionist, namely that Anti-revisionist who struggles uncompromisingly and decidedly against all branches of revisionism inclusively and in the first line against Neo-Revisionism.

Today, only those comrades can be recognized as true Anti-Revisionists, who prove by deeds the combat against neo-revisionist betrayal of Enver Hoxha. To develop new forms of revisionism hidden behind the lessons of Enver Hoxha, that is the newest and most dangerous variety of Neo-Revisionism.

After our last bastion fell down in Albania, the work of the revisionists were not finished. Why? The simple reason is, that the anti-revisionist struggle did not only consist of the struggle of Enver Hoxha and his brave Albanian followers of the P L A after his death, but also of the anti-revisionist, anti-socialfascist struggle of many Marxist-Leninists all over the world, who - in the first line - condemned Ramiz Alia especially after he smashed up the last dictatorship of the proletariat. There were also Marxist-Leninists, who condemned the allies of Ramiz Alia who paralyzed the Marxist-Leninist World Movement such as Hardial Bain with his neo-revisionist CPC [ML] in Canada. Under these comrades were also critics who »appeal« to Enver Hoxha, but they criticised Ramiz Alia not on the fundament of Marxism-Leninism but on neo-revisionist positions. To criticize Ramiz Alia in words, but support him objectively in deeds, that is a dangerous variety of Neo-Revisionism and this line was developed by many parties of the international group of »Unity & Struggle« and also by some other organisations.

But there were also some »Marxist-Leninists« who criticized Enver Hoxha from »left«-sectarian positions and who accused Enver Hoxha - some did it openly and some others hidden - to be »responsible« for the increasing revisionism not only in Albania. They »proved« this by the position of Stalin. They call themselves »Anti-Revisionists« and name Enver Hoxha a »revisionist«, because he is said to be the »holder of Ramiz Alia`s stirrup«, because of his former »reconciliation« with Maoism, because he is said to be »unable« to apply to the lessons of Stalin. By all this he »hindered« and »aggravated« and »damaged« the Marxist-Leninist World Movement.

The hidden, masked sectarians accuse us Marxist-Leninists on the one hand by »sectarian distortions and misinterpretations« of the lessons of Enver Hoxha, and on the other hand they accuse us, that we do not consequently apply to his lessons, that we do this halfheartedly and that we do it with Maoist background, in reconciliation with Maoism. Some of the sectarians propagate to liquidate the Marxist-Leninist Parties and to found new Enver Hoxha-Parties instead of them, because they would be »degenerated« and »not able« to follow the line of Enver Hoxha. To say it clear, those sectarians mean the correct Marxist-Leninist Parties and NOT the degenerated parties. The Neo-Revisionists ignore this important difference intentionally. We as Marxist-Leninists struggle against neo-revisionist parties who are not willing or able to overcome their faults and to return to Marxist-Leninist positions by true self-critics. Only under these conditions we propagate to found new Bolshevist parties who apply to the 5 Architects of Marxism-Leninism. Against all these anti-Marxist-Leninist positions we struggled consequently and without hesitation and slandering to defend comrade Enver Hoxha.

In the result there were factions and liquidation of Marxist-Leninist Parties, because the revisionists knew for sure by historical experiences, that the Marxist-Leninists would be able to regenerate after some time. Earlier or later they would realize to step on forward by applying to the lessons of Enver Hoxha. With the fall of Albania, with the death of Enver Hoxha, there was no reason to capitulate - in the contrary, the Marxist-Leninists perceived to strengthen their force and to begin at the beginning to continue the road to socialism. This was a great victory over revisionism and we cannot enough mention honorably laud this brave, historical, decisive revolutionary step. This demonstrates impressively that Marxism-Leninism is still alive. Though the brave comrades of Enver Hoxha were murdered, put into prison and punished, their sacrifices were not in vain, because there was no any reason for the revolutionaries to resign - in the contrary ! The revisionists did not stop to observe what was going on. They noticed that the comrades all over the world tried to re-find and to re-assemble in a new Marxist-Leninist reservoir without the former leadership of the P L A . So the revisionists responded to this development by spreading confusion and mistrust and they had their finger in the pie to influence the regeneration-process of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement and to get it in their hands finally. It is to be seen that they succeeded to mix up Marxism-Leninism with thousands of anti-Marxist-Leninist thoughts to such extend that the clear general line of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement should be missed and lost. Confusion was always the character of opportunism, but today it is put on a ennobled and refined theory. Everybody who refuse to subordinate under unprincipled unification is accused as »sectarian«. So we need unity against revisionism, against opportunism. Ideological clearness can only be proved in revolutionary practice. Revisionists are unable to unite, because they follow their bourgeois ideology; only Marxism-Leninism is the ideology of the unity of the proletariat. We follow only the unity of the party and with the party, never outside or against the party. We follow the unity of iron-willing, thought and action of the party. We follow the unity between the vanguard and the class of the proletariat. We follow the unity of the party and allies, the unity with the masses, the unity with the peoples of the world , the unity of the world-proletariat, the unity of the Communist International. And this unity grows in the fire of class-struggle against capitalism. We need not unity as lips-service. Unity is in principle and in deed only possible on the base of Marxism-Leninism.

So the revisionists made the most of their time to organize groupings all over the world to prepare new attacks against us Marxist-Leninists. They proceeded to take advantage at different fronts of class-struggle. They made use of the rest of the revisionist countries to take their part to organize »solidarity« and »unity« on an international scale , for example in North Korea, China, Cuba and Yugoslavia (Milosevich). Reservation was to collect comrades all over the world who would be ready to defend and save everything which sounds or which was called »socialist«. To »mobilize the masses« they took a very low ideological level of »unity-agreements« and collected all opportunists whoever and whatever it was. The necessary re- unification of the revolutionary proletariat was abused to opportunist unification and rendered more difficult by this manoeuvres. For that the "anti-imperialist" struggle was reactivated by the social-fascist and social-imperialist countries to get their head out of the strangle. The North Korean social-fascists promoted the Conference of Pyöngyang with a declaration signed by a lot of revisionist parties and organisations all over the world. The social-fascist Milosevich appealed to the »Left« to support Yugoslavian »socialism« against the imperialist aggressors of the NATO. Social-fascist Fidel Castro/ Che Guevara-World Movement continued to organize international solidarity to defend »socialist« Cuba against US-Imperialism. The camp of the Maoists is non-uniform and heterogeneous. Some groups support openly, others hidden the social-imperialist and social-fascist China. Sectarian and Neo-Revisionist Groups support Mao and the »Culture-Revolution« more or less, and again some other groups try to reconcile Neo-Revisionism with Marxism-Leninism which means critics at Mao to some extend. Within the countries of the Spanish and Portuguese language, there are some groups who defend Enver Hoxha but there are also mixed up groups. Some of them belong to the neo-revisionist international grouping around the »Unity&Struggle« - who lean their Neo-Revisionism on Enver Hoxha ( Enver with lips and Neo-Revisionism in deeds). The declaration of »Quito« is without principles pure revisionist and opportunist.


One of the most active and best paid leaders of the new international revisionist movement is Ludo Martens from Belgium (WPB). He succeeded to unify many international branches of revisionism. He did not shrink from counter-revolutionary acting all over the world, not alone in the Congo. The former social-imperialist Russia and the social-imperialist China and many other influential revisionist organisations prepare their international organisation to liquidate the renewal of the Marxist-Leninist Movement in the world and to liquidate the just founded Comintern/ML Within this movement Nina Andrejewa from Leningrad operates with varieties of Neo-Revisionism. She reconciles Maoism with the lessons of Enver Hoxha. Critics on Modern Revisionism AND Neo-Revisionism (!) in words, but revisionism in deeds = re-installation of social-imperialism and social-fascism in Russia under the flag of the October-Revolution , Stalin, Mao and Enver Hoxha!!) . This demonstrates the present symptom of ideological confusion that is spread by the revisionists all over the world - and this has grave influences if we do not stop this development, if we do not smash this development!

Last not least the neo-sectarian ISML that propose to be »non-sectarian« [non-sectarian in words and sectarian in deeds]: The truth is, that they are non-sectarian towards the united front of neo-revisionist opportunism, but cruel to the Marxist-Leninists that ISML accuses as »sectarians«, because we criticized their opportunism. So we call them Neo-Sectarians because they mask their sectarianism behind the lessons of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin AND Enver Hoxha! Their »non-sectarianism« includes not only collaboration - attempts with »Unity&Struggle«, but everybody who calls himself »Marxist-Leninist« included liberalist publications of open social-imperialist and social-fascist contents on their ISML-List which they call »tactic of the communist united front«. Their hidden sectarianism behind »unity« of Marxist-Leninists on an international sale was in the beginning hard to detect and to reveal, but after some time it was obviously that their debating club aimed to divide Marxism-Leninism from the revolutionary proletarian movement by sectarian, liquidating phraseology. Those Marxist-Leninists who would not follow the new revisionist line were attacked as »sectarians« by the ultra-lefties(!) to isolate us as »outsiders«. We unmasked the collaboration between the new present right and »left« opportunism all over the world, and by this polarisation we worked out excellent ideological conditions to continue the path of Marxism-Leninism on principled foundation!

All these international opportunist appearances have reached dangerous dimensions, and the principled struggle for the foundation of the Comintern[ML] was a necessary and important step to cope with this worldwide line of revisionism, to develop a principled general line of the Marxist-Leninists all over the world without the danger to be wiped out to death between both the fronts of »left« and right deviations. We learnt to keep both feet on the ground and to follow our own way using our elbows to get free hand, let the curs cry: »sectarians«.

We have to go forward on the path of the Marxist-Leninist Parties in times of Enver Hoxha, the path of the P L A. Only on this way allows us to stand to our principles and that`s what is urgently needed in these times of ideological confusion. We know, that our adversaries cover our initiative with filth and rubbish, when we call for raising the flag for the old P L A with comrade Enver Hoxha on the top. The P L A and comrade Enver Hoxha had been in the same situation when they raised the flag of Stalin after the betrayal of the modern revisionists. We believe in Marxism-Leninism and we are sure, that there are many others all over the world ho feel like us in this moment and who suffer under the pressure between the fronts of the new »left« and right opportunism.

We all can do without those former »comrades«, who relax upon their bearskin tanned with the portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and who degenerated to remain as Neo-Revisionists. If we really want to purify our rows, we have to do it!

Neo-Revisionism appears the more as the process of unification of the Marxist-Leninists will grow and the Comintern [ML] will be built up on the one hand and the international class-struggle will not only increase but unite with Marxism-Leninism as a new quality on the other hand. If all these subjective factors come into accordance with the objective factors, then it is an earnest matter of the final fall down and destruction of world imperialism - social-imperialism included. So now we can imagine why the revisionists and opportunists and their centrist lackeys are so busy to hinder us to unite and the class-enemies know what it is at stake. We would fall back to run after the spontaneous movement, if we ignore this developing facts as our historical chance to combine globalized international class-struggle with »globalized« Marxist-Leninist theory. World-revolution, this word is not occupied by the Trotzkyites, world-revolution is the original aim of Marxism-Leninism from the very beginning of Marx and Engels until today.

The international significance of the October-revolution was the fact that it represented the first stage of world-revolution.

The international significance of the Stalinist world camp was the fact that it represented the second stage of world-revolution.

The international significance of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement under the leadership of the Comintern (SH) is the fact that it represents the third stage of the world- revolution.

That`s it how we understand the completion of the October-revolution : the power of the world-proletariat, the power of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, the creation of the Soviet World Republic. And this is why the neo-revisionists dare to call us "Trotskyites".

The social-fascist and social-imperialist countries are a hinterland for the world-imperialist counter-revolution and can therefore never be a basis for the world revolution. The lack of a socialist country as basis and lever of the world revolution is one of the crucial reasons why we urgently have to build up our own strong Comintern/ML that supports and organises the international class-struggle self-reliantly, that strengthen the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. The Communist International was never more important than today - and we cannot wait for another 50 years - otherwise this could only be a declaration of bankruptcy to the world proletariat, the Marxist-Leninist World Movement would be a lip-service, would be pure sectarianism far away from the needs and demands of the world-revolution. Now everyone can understand the reason why the Neo-Revisionists attack the Comintern [ML].

Neo-Revisionism is - as we know now - not an international phenomenon, that firstly appeared after the death of Enver Hoxha, but began in fact with that day, when Modern Revisionism was born, because this bourgeois ideology was objectively condemned to fall down from the very beginning and only able to survive if it is re-masked ( a new mask upon the old mask), if it would be able to cast its skin after the skin was hurt, if it would be unmasked and exposed by the Marxist-Leninists. The first branch of Neo-Revisionism was developed by Mao, when he needed to hide his own Chinese revisionism behind the struggle against Modern Revisionism,. And this was not only a national phenomenon, because Neo-Revisionism was spread all over the world still influencing the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. Neo-Revisionism began to spread worldwide at that time, when Modern Revisionism finally was not yet exposed and finished off completely. Neo-Revisionism was and is still a thorn in the flesh of Marxism-Leninism in the struggle against Modern Revisionism, in the struggle of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement, that developed in demarcation to Modern Revisionism. The demolishing consequences are occasion enough to draw a clear demarcation-line between Enver Hoxha and the Neo-Revisionism of Mao Tsetung Thought as a matter of principle. Definitely we have to make a clean sweep with the legend, that »BOTH TOGETHER« - Enver Hoxha AND Mao - would be the greatest Marxist-Leninist leaders in the struggle against Modern Revisionism. The leader of the struggle against revisionism after the death of comrade Stalin was comrade Enver Hoxha who also unmasked revisionist Mao Zedong Thoughts.

Each single or smallest deviation of the lessons of Enver Hoxha, each centrism, each conciliation or mixture with bourgeois ideology means violation of Marxist-Leninist principles, it poisons or dilutes Marxism-Leninism. And one of the most important principles is: between neo-revisionism and Marxism-Leninism neither unity nor collaboration is allowed or tolerated.






for the Foundation of the new

C o m m u n i s t

I n t e r n a t i o n a l

[ Marxist - Leninists ]


Comintern [ ML ]

    New Years Eve, Sunday, 31st of December, 2000 -


This call for the foundation of the new Comintern [ML] is well deliberated and consciously considered and ideologically long before decided and is just now the correct, necessary answer to the ISML that supports revisionists and socialifascists and attacks the Marxist-Leninists. Our attempts to convince the ISML to withdraw from the violation of the marxist-leninist demarcation-line against revisionism and socialfascism were in vain. So, after one year there is no other way out to stand to the duty of breaking all rules and to step forward to the foundation of the Comintern [ML]. By this we don´t fear accusations as »splitters« (Who are the splitters?)

Unity is based on principles and demarcation-line against revisionism and socialfscism otherwise it would be opportunism.

We are Marxist-Leninists and we don`t fear the threads of our adversaries naming us »sectarians« and »ultra-lefties«. We heard this for decades and we don`t care about it. We do what is to be done. We shall struggle successfully against »foundation opportunism« if this would arize. The first step is done, irreversible and necessary.

The ideological demarcation-line is our beloved comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA and all the comrades who defend him within Albania and all over the world. The ISML started to attack Enver Hoxha by opening the »discussion« of his »faults«. We have NO reason to put Enver Hoxha and his lessons in question, generally. In the contrary, we have enough reasons to ask for the betrayal of Ramiz Alia and all the other revisionists all over the world who swear on Enver Hoxha only with their lips, but acting against him with a knife in their hands. We call this Neo-revisionism, if a new revisionism is hidden behind »anti-revisionism«. »Anti-revisionism« in words and capitalism in deeds..

Comrade Enver Hoxha is and will always be the bulwark in the struggle against revisionism. So nobody can speak of Marxism-Leninism, can speak of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin without speaking of Enver Hoxha. Nobody, but the Marxist-Leninists themselves, can judge on the names of the leaders of Marxism-Leninism. So we declare with this -now and forever- :

Comrade Enver Hoxha is the 5 th leader of Marxism-Leninism aside Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.





Meeting of German and British Marxist - Leninists

In April 1999, representatives of the

Communist Party of Germany (Marxist - Leninist) [KPD/ML]

and the Communist League (CL) of Britain




Both organisations agreed on the following basic principles of Marxism - Leninism:

  • that the two organisations agree to work for the reconstruction of an international Marxist - Leninist organisation on the principles of the former Communist International.

    The representatives also agreed:

  • that the liquidation of socialism in the Soviet Union and Albania was not due to the failure of socialism, but to its distortion by traitorous revisionists pretending to be `modernisers`of Marxism - Leninism;

  • that particular tribute should be paid to Josef Stalin and to the Party of Labour of Albania, under the leadership of Enver Hoxha, for their role in the international struggle against revisionism;

  • that `Mao Tse-tung thought` and `Kimilsungism` are not developments of Marxism - Leninism, but must be exposed for what they are - brands of revisionism;

  • that the continued existence of revisionism presents the most serious hindrance to Marxist - Leninists everywhere, and we must particularely beware of those who call themselves `Marxist - Leninists` but in reality practise revisionism;



Our criticism of 1999

on the so called "Declaration of Quito"

(remark: simultaneously with the foundation of the Comintern (SH) we exposed the "Quito-Declaration" as a neo-revisionist declaration)


Quito, August 1994; initially signed by 17 parties.

The Quito meeting


of August 1994 proclaimed the »Communist Call to the Workers and Peoples«, published in the journal :«Unity and Struggle- Organ of the International Conference of Marxism-Leninist parties and Organisations«, July 1995.«

Unsurprisingly, we declare solidarity with the aims of Quito, because we have to support basically and generally the ideas of communism in difficult times today. We welcome this initiative.  

But, we must criticize some aspects of the declaration of Quito. We mention this in solidarity and do not attack the signatories. Under some circumstances it might be acceptable that the declaration make compromises and concessions to achieve for wide support - but not if ideological clarity is impaired. Unfortunately the Quito declaration holds open doors through which opportunists, centrists, and revisionists are invited in. For this reason we must criticize some half-heartedness and ambiguities:


1. The lead review refers to the silence on the need for a new Communist International. The declaration confines itself to the slogan of Marx and Engels »Proletarians of all countries - unite! And to their »Communist Manifesto«. This is correct. However, we ask the signatories of Quito what explains the origins of the opportunist and revisionist betrayal of the Communist Internationals? The world proletariat and the peoples must get a clear answer about the whole truth.

The declaration says: »Communist parties are inalienable instruments to organize the revolution in all our countries ».

That is doubtless true. But this definition suffers from a one-sidedness. If the Marxist-Leninist parties are only to organize the revolution in their country this renders their work a purely national affair. However, communists are internationalists and the Marxist-Leninist parties are not an exclusively national phenomena. Leninism embodies the international Bolshevik party and is not restricted to national definitions.


2. »Revisionism« and »opportunism« are only talked about in the abstract. But without mentioning the revisionists and opportunists by name the world proletariat and the peoples in the world cannot tell enemies from friends. So we ask the signatories: Who are the revisionists and opportunists up to date? Where is the demarcation - line?


3. The declaration of Quito states: »All occurences since the October- Revolution in 1917, the 2nd World War, the defeat of fascism, the liberation from colonialism, the Chinese, Vietnamese and other revolutions, the progresses in building up socialism, the latest imperialist attacks and the situation of the present struggle of the peoples prove the Leninist thesis of the epoch, in which we live.«

Why? This enumeration of the quotation is half the truth: Why did the signatories of the declaration of Quito just stress the Chinese revolution and the Vietnamese Revolutiuon to prove Lenin's thesis? We do not disdain these revolutions but they unfortunately did not lead to socialism. In this sense this would not be a good example to prove the thesis of Lenin; on the contrary, the revolution in Albania led to socialism - and only this proves Lenin`s thesis »of the epoch in which we live«. We think it necessary for the proletariat and the peoples to quote and explain Lenin's definition of the epoch, »in which we live«, but the declaration of Quito missed this:

»Leninism is the Marxism of the epoch of imperialism and the proletarian revolution. More exactly: Leninism is the theory and tactic of the proletarian revolution in general and the theory and tactic of the dictatorship of the proletariat particularly.«

If this theory is put into practice, we surely could have avoided the harmful influences of revisionism. The enumerations of the declaration of Quito are NOT a proof of Lenin's thesis, BUT »occurences« of neglect and hindrance on the way of socialism.


4. We cannot understand why the signatories of the declaration of Quito confine the dictatorship of the proletariat only to »peoples democratic forms of the dictatorship of the workers class«. Is that allowed without leaving the Marxist-Leninist lessons on the dictatorship of the proletariat?


5. Quito states:»The basic contradictions of this epoch still exist«. What about the basic contradiciton between socialism and capitalism? Does it »still exist«?


6. The declaration of Quito speaks of »necessary people movements against this imperialistic war politics« and of the necessity to organise and support this peoples movement. We doubt that this is a sufficient and only way to oppose imperialist wars successfully. The slogans of Proletarian Internationalism against imperialist wars are combinations of:

  1. Transmission into a civil war that consists of the armed struggle of the proletariat against the bourgeoisie, of expropriation of the capitalist class in the developed countries and;

  2. Of democratic revolutions in the undeveloped countries.

7. The declaration talks of » alliances«. The world proletariat and the peoples ask: »With whom and not with whom and to what time?« There is no answer on this question. This is again a weakness of the declaration of Quito. The alliance with the poor peasants isn't mentioned at all.

Even with kind regards we have to come to the conclusion that some tendencies of opportunism are present. We perceive uncertainty and indistinctness. The declaration of Quito avoids clear and irrevocable interrogative statements. Further weaknesses can be cited, but we confine ourselves to the above arguments. Our criticism of single parties which have signed this declaration will not be discussed here either.

Besides we agree with the criticism of the organisations of the ISML regarding lacks of invitation - procedures in opposite to all the organisations who require to participate the discussions. Why were several organisations excluded?

We propose that the signatories of the declaration of Quito should make a self-criticism and revise the faults and weaknesses as a contribution to proceed in the unification of the Marxist-Leninists in the world.

We welcome the signatories of the declaration of Quito to discuss our suggestions for the solution of the international question critically and jointly.





German texts as follows:


Schulungstexte der Komintern-ML

1956 - 2006

50 Jahre Kommunismus

im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus

On Albanian Revisionism




e) albanischer Revisionismus

Alle bisher abgehandelten Spielarten des Revisionismus und insbesondere die nicht abgehandelten Spielarten lassen sich studieren mit dem albanischen Studienmaterial, weswegen wir hierauf nicht so ausführlich eingegangen sind. Was den albanischen Revisionismus anbelangt, verfügen wir erstens nicht über so reiche Quellen und zweitens handelt es sich um die weitest entwickelte und historisch gesehen jüngste Form des Revisionismus, weswegen wir uns hier etwas ausführlicher damit beschäftigen müssen. Beginnen wir mit einem „schicksalhaften“ Ausspruch Enver Hoxhas, der deutlicher als alles andere auf das aufmerksam macht, was in Albanien tatsächlich eingetreten ist:

„Zugleich mit dem Kampf gegen die äußeren Feinde `Imperialisten und Revisionisten` (darf man) auch den Klassenkampf im Innern des Landes nicht beiseite lassen und niemals vergessen. Andernfalls würde uns die Geschichte schwer bestrafen“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 5. Parteitag der PAA, 1966, dt. Ausgabe, Seite 184). ... und die Geschichte hat Albanien, hat das zweite und vorläufig letzte sozialistische Land auf der ganzen Welt, sehr schwer bestraft; das einst so blühende sozialistische Albanien, das einzige sozialistische Land auf der Welt, die Hoffnung und die Quelle der Kraft des revolutionären Weltproletariats, ist zu einem Armenhaus Europas degradiert worden !

Das sozialistische Albanien war zu Enver Hoxhas Zeiten das einzige revolutionäre Land in der Welt, das die modernen Revisionisten restlos geschlagen, aus Albanien hinausgejagt und das die unterirdischen Verbindungen zu den modernen Revisionisten anderer Länder gekappt hat. Die Geschichte des sozialistischen Albaniens ist die ruhmreiche Geschichte der siegreichen Führerin des internationalen Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus an der Macht. Als solche geht die Geschichte des Sozialismus Albaniens in die gesamte Geschichte des Sozialismus ein, nämlich als Schrittmacher des Weltsozialismus.

Es ist eine historische Wahrheit, dass der Kampf gegen den Revisionismus in der Sowjetunion und der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus in Albanien nirgendwo auf so höchster Stufe geführt werden konnte, und zwar nicht zuletzt deswegen, weil hierzu auch die materielle und geistige Basis der sozialistischen Gesellschaft vorhanden war, um dort hervorragende Bedingungen für die Meisterung des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes zu schaffen, was auch für das gesamte Weltproletariat von unschätzbarem und bleibendem Wert ist: Das Niveau der materiellen Entwicklung der sozialistischen Gesellschaft bestimmt das sozialistische Niveau der Entwicklung des anti-revisionistischen Bewusstseins. Das Niveau der Entwicklung des anti-revisionistischen Bewusstseins fällt mit dem Sturz der sozialistischen Gesellschaft – und zwar nicht nur im nationalen, sondern auch im internationalen Maßstab, was nichts anderes heißt, dass das Niveau der Entwicklung des anti-revisionistischen Bewusstseins der gesamten marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung dann rapide abfällt, wenn die letzte sozialistische Gesellschaft, der Hebel und die Basis der Weltrevolution, gestürzt ist. Und so ist es auch tatsächlich dazu gekommen, denn Hebel und Basis der Weltrevolution heißt nichts anderes als Hebel und Basis des internationalen Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus. Daraus wird deutlich, welchen kolossalen, qualitativen Sprung wir im anti-revisionistischen Kampf mit dem Sieg der sozialistischen Weltrevolution zurücklegen, wenn also das Wissen über den Revisionismus endlich in den allgemeinen Besitz von Milliarden Weltmassen übergegangen sein wird. Daraus wird ferner deutlich, dass das sozialistische Albanien, dass die Lehren des 5. Klassikers des Marxismus-Leninismus, Genosse Enver Hoxha, die Grundlage geschaffen haben, damit dieser qualitative Sprung zum Weltsozialismus gelingt und das Weltproletariat sich bei seinen heldenhaften albanischen Klassenbrüdern dadurch bedanken wird, dass sie die erneute sozialistische Revolution der albanischen Arbeiterklasse, den wiederhergestellten albanischen Sozialismus auf höherer Stufe garantiert durch die Errichtung der proletarischen Weltdiktatur, denn dann wird es keinen zweiten Ramiz Alia mehr geben.

Das sozialistische Albanien mit Enver Hoxha an der Spitze führte als Bannerträger des weltweiten Anti-Revisionismus ein Höchstmaß dessen durch, was für ein sozialistisches Land für die Entwicklung, Unterstützung und Entfachung des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus in allen Ländern der Welt durchführbar war. Mit dem Tod des Genossen Stalin, mit dem Tod des Genossen Enver Hoxha, starben auch die sozialistische Sowjetunion und das sozialistische Albanien, obsiegte der moderne Revisionismus.

Die ersten , die hinter dem albanischen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus mitsegelten, um ihren eigenen Revisionismus zu retten, das waren die chinesischen Revisionisten mit Mao Tsetung an der Spitze. Als der chinesische Revisionismus von der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, die von Enver Hoxha angeführt wurde, enttarnt, entlarvt und demaskiert worden war, trat Ramiz Alia nach dem Tode Enver Hoxhas an die Spitze, um – unter dem Segel des „anti-Revisionismus“ den Marxismus-Leninismus im eigenen Land und in der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha zu entwaffnen.

Wie kann der Revisionismus ausgerechnet in dem anti-revisionistischsten Land der Welt, im Land des Genossen Enver Hoxha, des Führers des weltweiten Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus, überhaupt an die Macht gelangen ???? Man suchte und fand die Spuren des Revisionismus überall, sogar in China, aber im eigenen Land schien alles von jeglichem revisionistischen Einfluss blitzblank gesäubert zu sein, sei alles zum Besten bestellt. Da kann nicht sein, was nicht sein darf. Wer nicht sucht, kann auch nichts finden. Man versteckte sich hinter Enver Hoxha, um als anti-revisionistische Saubermänner auftreten zu können, verwischte die eigenen revisionistischen Spuren hinter seiner eigenen anti-revisionistischen Fassade. Als Enver Hoxha starb, versteckte man sich hinter einem Heiligenschein, in den man ihn hüllte. Als man an der Macht war und sich nicht mehr verstecken brauchte, riss man dann das Enver Hoxha Denkmal ungeniert vom Sockel und errichtete auf seinen Trümmern die Diktatur der neuen Bourgeoisie. Der moderne Revisionismus wurde in Albanien genauso schnell beerdigt wie er an die Macht kam. Die modernen Revisionisten kamen aus ihren Rattenlöchern gekrochen , um sich an den sozialistischen Köstlichkeiten die Bäuche vollzuschlagen – und als nach kürzester Zeit nichts mehr übrig war, ließ man es sich vom ausländischen Kapital gut ergehen, an das sie Albanien verscherbelten.

Nun, das ist natürlich noch lange nicht die ganze traurige Geschichte. Die wissenschaftliche Aufklärung der Frage, warum ausgerechnet das anti-revisionistische Land Albanien dem modernen Revisionismus zum Opfer fiel, interessiert jeden revolutionären Arbeiter brennend. Bis sich der Revisionismus von innen heraus zur Macht in Albanien entfalten konnte, um den Sozialismus zu stürzen, hatte Albanien stets, und über Jahrzehnte hinweg, einen siegreichen Kampf gegen alle Revisionisten geführt. Der Druck eines revisionistischen Landes wurde nicht nur durch den Druck eines anderen revisionistischen Landes abgelöst, sondern der Druck erhöhte sich auch durch deren Zusammenarbeit gegen Albanien. Sie zentralisierten ihren Druck von außen, so dass wir von der vollständigen revisionistischen Umkreisung Albaniens sprechen können, die sich über Jugoslawien, die Sowjetunion und China zu einem eisernen Ring verdichtete. Die revisionistischen Kräfte dieser Länder wirkten aber nicht nur von außen, sondern auch von innen, indem sie versuchten, in Albanien ihre Agenturen zu errichten, ebenfalls nicht nur in einer sich ablösenden Reihenfolge, sondern auch zentralisiert und koordiniert( Absprachen zum gegenseitigen Vorteil). So wirkten die Revisionisten von außen UND von innen gleichzeitig und zwar nicht parallel sondern ebenfalls koordiniert und zentralisiert, soweit diese Politik unter den Bedingungen ihrer eigenen Rivalitätswidersprüche praktisch umsetzbar war. Jedenfalls waren sie sich einig, dass das sozialistische Albanien ihr gemeinsamer Klassenfeind war, und das zwang sie dazu, gegen Albanien gemeinsame Sache zu machen.

Wer die Geschichte des sozialistischen Albaniens studiert hat, der weiß, dass die erste revisionistische Hauptagentur in Albanien die Nachbar-Agentur des revisionistischen Jugoslawiens war, also die enge und damit intensivere Verbindung von äußerer und innerer Zersetzungspolitik direkt über die Grenze lief. Das revisionistische Jugoslawien hatte ihre Leute nach Albanien geschickt, um albanische Verräter anzuheuern, um die albanische Regierung zu stürzen, durch eine jugoslawienfreundliche albanische Regierung zu ersetzen und Albanien zur einer jugoslawischen, revisionistischen Republik zu machen. Diese konterrevolutionären Ziele gab Jugoslawien bis zum Sturz der Diktatur des albanischen Proletariats nie auf, verfolgte sie permanent und zwar in verschärfter Form, wofür die von den Jugoslawen angeheizte Krise im albanischen Kosova konzentriertester Ausdruck des sich zuspitzenden Konflikts war. So musste das sozialistische Albanien permanent und mit immer größerem Kräfteaufwand gegen den jugoslawischen Revisionismus ankämpfen.

Mit der Machtübernahme Chruschtschows bekam Jugoslawien Konkurrenz, bekam der sowjetische Sozialimperialismus Appetit auf Albanien, und nahm von seiner Potenz her noch größere Anstrengungen als Jugoslawien, um Albanien in die Knie zu zwingen, und es sich seinerseits unter den Nagel zu reißen. Albanien stand nunmehr einem revisionistischen Räuberbündnis von Tito und Chruschtschow gegenüber. Auch die sowjetischen Revisionisten versuchten, innerhalb Albaniens ihre Agentur zu errichten. Das waren schon zwei Agenturen, gegen die sich Albanien mannhaft zur Wehr setzte. Damit aber nicht genug. Viel gefährlicher war die Agentur des chinesischen Revisionismus, weil sie sich als marxistisch-leninistischer Kampfgefährte gegen die Revisionisten verkleidet hatte. Aber die PAA wurde auch mit diesem Problem fertig, indem sie den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus auf eine noch höhere Stufe hob und befreite sich erfolgreich von den Verrätern in den eigenen Reihen, die mit den Chinesen gemeinsame Sache gemacht hatten. Insofern ging Albanien aus dem Kampf gegen den internationalen revisionistischen Feind siegreich hervor, zumindest so lange Enver Hoxha noch maßgeblichen Einfluss auf die PAA hatte. Es blieben bis zu seinem Tod nur noch 5 Jahre. Warum hat trotz allem dann der revisionistische Bazillus das sozialistische Albanien zur Strecke bringen können ? Um diese Frage zu beantworten, muss man die internationale Entwicklung des modernen Revisionismus analysieren, deren Zerfallsprozess schon sehr weit vorangeschritten war. Der internationale moderne Revisionismus war faktisch ein ´lebendiger Leichnam` . Als Albanien 1990 fiel, da hingen die Sowjetunion und ihre einstigen Vasallen-Staaten in Osteuropa, ebenso wie Jugoslawien am Tropf. Entscheidend ist die Frage: An wessen Tropf? Natürlich am Tropf des Weltimperialismus, insbesondere am Tropf des amerikanischen Imperialismus. Es ist deswegen auch kein Wunder, warum sich die albanischen Revisionisten zum Beispiel auf Westeuropa konzentrierten, von dort Kredite und „Hilfen“ annahmen, Tourismus-Devisen einkassierten usw., die westeuropäischen Imperialisten zu sich nach Albanien einluden anstatt wie bisher die Bruderparteien usw. usf. Die albanischen Revisionisten verschacherten Albanien nicht an Jugoslawien, nicht an die Sowjetunion, nicht an China, nein, sie verschacherten es direkt an die europäischen Imperialisten, an den Weltimperialismus, womit bewiesen ist, dass sie nicht die Agentur irgendeines revisionistischen Landes, sondern direkt eine Agentur des Weltimperialismus waren. Hinter den Agenturen der revisionistischen Länder verbargen sich in Wirklichkeit die Agenturen des Weltimperialismus und wirkten auch als solche indirekt auf Albanien ein. Die imperialistische Agentur wirkte über ihre revisionistischen Agenturen, die sie von Jugoslawien aus über alle anderen revisionistischen Länder ausbreitete. Das revisionistische Lager war der vorgeschobene Posten des Weltimperialismus im Lager des Sozialismus, im Lager der kommunistischen Weltbewegung. Der Weltimperialismus verwandelte die revisionistischen Länder direkt seine soziale Stütze. Wer also hinter den albanischen Revisionisten die Fäden zog, das waren im Grunde genommen die westlichen Imperialisten. Wie kam es dazu? In der kapitalistisch-revisionistischen Umkreisung Albaniens hatte sich eine allmähliche Wandlung vollzogen. War die Hauptseite zuerst die revisionistische Seite, so wurde sie mit der Restauration des Kapitalismus in den revisionistischen Ländern logischerweise zur Nebenseite und entwickelte sich die kapitalistische Seite zur Hauptseite. Das sozialistische Land Albanien konnte mit der kapitalistisch-revisionistischen Umkreisung solange fertig werden, wie diese Umkreisung sich so zusagen „gegenseitig behinderte und schwächte“ ( bis zu einem gewissen Grade neutralisierte) und zwar hauptsächlich durch die Rivalität der beiden Supermächte USA und Sowjetunion. So konnte die Oktoberrevolution den gleichen entscheidenden Vorteil nutzen, dass sich die imperialistischen Mächte untereinander uneins und in ihre Widersprüche untereinander verwickelt waren, sich gegenseitig schwächten und damit der Revolution die entscheidende Atempause verschaffen konnte, um siegreich den Sozialismus aufzubauen. In dem Moment, wo sich die kapitalistisch-revisionistische Umkreisung in eine kapitalistische Umkreisung verwandelte, wurde ihr Druck auf Albanien spürbar größer, wirkte auch die Agentur des Westens innerhalb Albaniens viel stärker. Das Vorhandensein des bürgerlichen Einflusses in der PAA war die innere Quelle des Revisionismus, während das Kapitulantentum vor dem Druck seitens des Imperialismus seine äußere Quelle darstellte. Es waren diese Agenturen, ehemalige, abtrünnige und verräterische Mitglieder der Bruderparteien aus den Ländern des Westens, die die albanischen Revisionisten dazu verhalfen, mit den Kapitalisten und ihren Regierungen Kontakte anzubahnen. Die albanischen Revisionisten öffnete eben vermittels dieser Agenturen dem Weltimperialismus die Türen und die Weltimperialisten traten ein und nahmen sich, was sie schon lange wollten, nicht nur ein Land mit reichen und wichtigen Bodenschätzen, sondern den letzten weltproletarischen Posten des Sozialismus in „einem“ Land, eroberten sie den letzten Sozialismus in „einem“ Land, beseitigte die Zweiteilung der Welt und stellte die alte Weltordnung wieder her- die unangefochtene Herrschaft des Weltimperialismus. Diese Entwicklung vollzog sich nicht zufällig, sondern gesetzmäßig. Und das ist auch die Antwort auf die oben gestellte Frage. Aus dem Sturz des sozialistischen Albanien bleibt uns nichts anderes übrig als die wichtigste Lehre des 50 Jahre langen Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus zu ziehen:

Die Voraussetzung für den garantierten Sieg des Sozialismus im Weltmaßstab, das ist der Sieg über den Revisionismus im Weltmaßstab. Auf die Dauer kann ein sozialistisches Land - auf sich allein gestellt - ohne den Sieg über den Revisionismus in mindestens einer Reihe weiterer sozialistischer Länder nicht den Sieg über den Revisionismus im eigenen Land garantieren, da es sich beim Revisionismus um die Ideologie des herrschenden Weltimperialismus handelt. Der Sieg über den Revisionismus ist nicht nur die entscheidende und zentrale Frage in einem einzelnen sozialistischen Land, sondern die Schlüsselfrage der proletarischen Weltrevolution und diese damit wiederum die Schlüsselfrage des garantierten Sieges über den Revisionismus in einem einzelnen Land. Wer den Sozialismus in einem Land garantieren will, der muss die politische Weltmacht erobern. Damit steht und fällt das Schicksal des Sozialismus „in einem“ Land.

An dieser Schlüsselfrage muss man den Neo-Revisionismus unter die kritische Lupe nehmen und ihn dingfest machen. Beschränkt sich der zukünftige Kampf gegen den Revisionismus auf diese oder jene Spielart dieses oder jenes revisionistischen Landes an der Macht usw. usf. ? Wenn es in jedem Land verschiedene Marxismen-Leninismen geben würde, wäre die Sache damit erledigt, beim Marxismus-Leninismus handelt es sich jedoch um eine internationalistische Theorie des Weltproletariats und eben das bedeutet, dass die Weltbourgeoisie dieses internationalistische proletarische Instrument in ein bürgerliches Instrument verwandeln muss, nicht nur als Instrument seiner Agenturen in diesem oder jenen Land, sondern vor allem als Instrument der Agenturen innerhalb des international organisierten Weltproletariats, innerhalb der international organisierten Marxisten-Leninisten usw. usf. Der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus ist nicht beendet, nachdem die Restauration des Kapitalismus in Albanien erledigt ist. Nachdem die modernen Revisionisten den letzten Hebel und die letzte Basis der Weltrevolution, die Diktatur des Proletariats in Albanien, zerschlagen haben, muss der Revisionismus sich dort zwar weiter darauf konzentrieren, dass diese nicht wieder zurückerobert wird durch die erneute sozialistische Revolution in Albanien, muss die nationale albanische Bourgeoisie also ihre alten und gegebenenfalls neuen Agenturen aufrecht erhalten, aber die zukünftige, erneut sozialistische Revolution in Albanien wird durch die Globalisierung nicht den alten prägenden Charakter der nationalen Befreiungsbewegung hervorbringen, wird sich nicht bloß wiederholen, sondern sich auf einer höheren revolutionären Stufe entfalten. Die erneute sozialistische Revolution in Albanien wird einen völlig neuen Charakter, den Charakter einer revolutionären Abteilung der gesamten sozialistischen Weltarmee annehmen. Sie wird, so wie alle neuen Revolutionen in allen Ländern der Welt, nicht mehr ein eingekreister und isolierter Hebel und einzige Basis des revolutionären Weltproletariats, sondern Teil des großen internationalen Hebels, Teil der internationalen Basis und somit auch Produkt des gesamten weltrevolutionären Prozesses sein. Und das kann auch gar nicht anders sein, denn die kapitalistische Globalisierung schweißt die Proletarier aller Länder ganz von allein zu EINER Klasse, zum Weltproletariat, zusammen und liefert gesetzmäßig die internationalen materiellen und geistigen Instrumente, die das Weltproletariat braucht, um sich als internationale Klasse zu befreien und den Weltsozialismus aufzubauen. Das kann auch der Revisionismus nicht verhindern. Aus den nationalen Spielarten des Revisionismus werden sich in dem Umfang internationale Spielarten entwickeln, sobald es dem Weltproletariat gelingt, seine internationalistische Ideologie, den Marxismus-Leninismus weiter zu globalisieren, ihn als zentralisierte Anleitung seines einheitlichen, geschlossenen, INTERNATIONALEN revolutionären Handelns einzusetzen. Die Globalisierung schafft die Voraussetzungen für die letzte, die internationale Schlacht zwischen dem Weltproletariat und der Weltbourgeoisie, zwischen Marxismus-Leninismus und Revisionismus.

Früher war das anders. Die gesamte imperialistisch-revisionistische Welt übte auf das kleine Land Albanien Druck aus. Mit dem äußeren feindlichen Druck verschmolz der innere feindliche Druck zu einer einzigen Front mit dem gemeinsamen Ziel, dem Rechtsopportunismus insbesondere nach dem Tode des Genossen Enver Hoxha den Weg zu ebnen, der dem bereits vorhandenen revisionistischen Einfluss Nährboden lieferte und diesem schließlich die nötige Kraft für die Machtübernahme gab. Die Frage des Durchbrechens der internationalen imperialistisch-revisionistischen Einkreisung konnte von Albanien, dem letzten wirklich sozialistischen Land, in dem der Marxismus-Leninismus herrschte, nicht allein gelöst werden. Dies ist eine Aufgabe, die die Albaner nur zusammen mit den Proletariern aller Länder hätten lösen können. Vor der Globalisierung war das nur sehr schwer möglich wie sich herausstellte. Erst die Globalisierung versetzt das Weltproletariat in die Lage, die imperialistisch-revisionistische Einkreisung in einer Weise an seiner schwächsten Stelle zu durchbrechen, der die sozialistische Einkreisung im Weltmaßstab siegreich nach sich ziehen kann. Erst, wenn die Proletarier durch die Globalisierung zu einer einzigen internationalen Klasse zusammengewachsen sind, die von einer einzigen Weltpartei geleitet wird, die sich ihrerseits ausschließlich vom Marxismus-Leninismus leiten lässt, werden sie in der Lage sein, die imperialistisch-revisionistische Einkreisung global, also vollständig und für immer zu beseitigen. Erst dann, wenn die Imperialisten und Revisionisten eingekreist sind, wenn das Weltproletariat Druck von außen ausübt und sich dieser Druck mit dem Druck der Proletarier innerhalb Albaniens zu einer gemeinsamen Front vereinigt, wird das zurückeroberte sozialistische Albanien für immer garantiert in den Händen der albanischen Arbeiterklasse, in den Händen des albanischen Volkes, verbleiben. Das sozialistische Albanien ist also nicht gestorben, es lebt weiter in den Herzen der Revolutionäre, der Arbeiter und Werktätigen der ganzen Welt, die Enver Hoxha über seinen Tod hinaus die Treue geschworen haben – der Siegeszug des Sozialismus – auch in Albanien - ist auf Dauer nicht aufzuhalten.

Beschränkten sich die Albaner auf die Kritik an Ramiz Alia, auf den albanischen Revisionismus, ginge die sozialistische Revolution dort erneut in die Hose. Enver Hoxha ist der 5. Klassiker des internationalen Marxismus-Leninismus, der vom gesamten Weltproletariat gegen den gesamten Revisionismus auf der Welt verteidigt werden muss. Beschränkt man die Kritik am Revisionismus auf seine nationalen Spielarten, dann gibt man dem modernen Revisionismus auf seiner internationalen Entwicklungsbasis einen Riesenvorsprung – und das ist ja auch heute die Situation, mit der wir fertig zu werden haben.

Die gefährlichste Strömung des Neo-Revisionismus ist nach Auffassung der Komintern (ML) heute jene Strömung, die in Worten Enver Hoxha gegen den Revisionismus zu verteidigen vorgibt , aber in Taten genau das Gegenteil tut, nämlich Enver Hoxha zu verraten mit Hilfe der „marxistisch-leninistischen“ Phraseologie, mit Hilfe der „hoxhaistischen“ Phraseologie. Ramiz Alia und seine revisionistische Clique müssen hier an erster Stelle genannt werden, aber auch Strömungen in der heutigen marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, die in Worten den Verräter Ramiz Alia entlarvt haben, aber in der Praxis in seine Fußtapfen getreten sind: das heißt: die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung vom Weg Enver Hoxhas wegzudrängen und in revisionistische Bahnen zu lenken unter dem Vorwand, Enver Hoxha verteidigen zu wollen. Die Neo-Revisionisten gehen diesen verräterischen Weg aus dem einzigen Grund, um die Lehren der Klassiker Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin und Enver Hoxha zu verfälschen, um die Prinzipien des Marxismus-Leninismus zu verwerfen, den Klassenkampf, die sozialistische Revolution und die Diktatur des Proletariats zu verurteilen und sich durch ihre anti-marxistischen Auffassungen zu ersetzen, die sie mit anti-revisionistischen Phrasen tarnen.

Nach unserer Kritik am gefährlichen Revisionismus eines Ramiz Alia sind einige Neo-Revisionisten gezwungen worden, auf einen angeblich „hoxhaistischen“ Kurs zu schwenken. In Worten Kritik an Ramiz Alia, aber in Taten betreiben sie dessen Rehablitierung. Die Komintern / ML hat die internationale Quito-Gruppe entsprechend kritisiert und als neo-revisionistisch enttarnt, da sie die Kritik an den revisionistischen Verrätern an Enver Hoxha im Besonderen und am Revisionismus im Allgemeinen eingestellt haben. Sie haben also die Ideologie des albanischen Revisionismus nur ohne Ramiz Alia fortgesetzt. Sie unterstützen auch die neuen revisionistischen Gruppierungen in Albanien, die sich zu einer Partei vereinigt haben.

Der albanische Revisionismus befand sich nur scheinbar im Widerspruch zu den anderen revisionistischen Strömungen, insbesondere zu der des chinesischen Revisionismus. Aber die Fakten zeigen, dass es zwischen dem chinesischen und dem albanischen Revisionismus keinen prinzipiellen Unterschied gegeben hat, denn beide waren Feinde Enver Hoxhas, waren Feinde der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, waren revisionistische Spalter, beide standen sie auf gemeinsamer opportunistischen und konterrevolutionärer ideologischer Basis, haben sich gegenseitig gestärkt im Kampf gegen die Marxisten-Leninisten.

Es wurde von den albanischen Revisionisten so getan, als hätte man nun „alles“ gegen den modernen Revisionismus und alle seine Spielarten unternommen, und nun sei der moderne Revisionismus „für immer“ besiegt, könne man sich zufrieden zurücklehnern. Im Kampf gegen den eigenen Revisionismus, gegen den Revisionismus im eigenen Land stellten sich die albanischen Revisionisten - nicht anders wie die Revisionisten in allen anderen Ländern - blind und taub. Jedoch: Anti-revisionistische Festungen werden bekanntlich von innen genommen – nach dem Motto – „Überall“ muss man gegen den modernen Revisionismus kämpfen, nur nicht im eigenen Land, im Land des Genossen Enver Hoxha. Dank des „Erbes“ von Enver Hoxha hat man den eigenen Revisionismus „unter Kontrolle“, hat er „keine Chance mehr“, kann er als „besiegt“ und „nicht mehr“ als akut gefährlich abgehakt werden! Man kann im Kampf gegen den Revisionismus aber nicht von der Erbschaft wie von einem Freifahrtschein leben, man darf den Kampf nicht deswegen einstellen, sondern muss ihn fortsetzen. „Garantien“ gibt es selbst für das anti-revisionistischste Land wie Albanien nicht, solange der Revisionismus nicht im Weltmaßstab besiegt ist. Darüber hat sich Ramiz Alia hinweggesetzt, hat den anti-revisionistischen Kampf eingestellt und ihn in einen anti-marxistisch-leninistischen Kampf verwandelt, hat sich auf den gleichen Weg begeben, den Dimitroff auf dem VII. Weltkongress der Kommunistischen Internationale gegangen war [Dimitroffs These vom „garantierten“ Sieg des Sozialismus in der Sowjetunion steht in direktem Zusammenhang mit der These eines Ramiz Alia vom „garantierten“ Sieg über den Revisionismus – dazu einiges im nächsten Kapital].

Was für den Sozialismus in einem Land gilt, nämlich Garantie des Sozialismus erst im Weltmaßstab, das gilt auch für den Sieg über den Revisionismus in einem Land – eine Garantie gegen die Restauration des Kapitalismus gibt es erst im Weltmaßstab !! Hier schließt sich der revisionistische Kreis von Dimitroff bis Ramiz Alia !! Der revisionistische Feind drang genau dort in die marxistisch-leninistische, albanische Festung ein, wo die Marxisten-Leninisten die Tür noch nicht oder nicht mehr fest genug geschlossen hielten. Das trifft auch auf den Zentrismus der letzten Kominternführer, insbesondere auf Dimitroff zu, über den die Revisionisten in Albanien logischerweise bis zum Schluss ihre schützende Hand hielten. Folgerichtig benutzten die Revisionisten in Albanien (verdeckt) u.a. Dimitroffs Linie, um sich den Weg zur Macht zu öffnen. Da die albanischen Revisionisten dies bis heute verschweigen, ist es um so notwendiger, Licht hierauf zu werfen, um dieser Gefahr in Zukunft Herr zu werden. Die Aufdeckung des Verrats der letzten Kominternführer, insbesondere die liberalistische Haltung und des Zentrismus´ Dimitroffs, die Unterschätzung der Gefahr seines Versöhnlertums gegenüber dem Revisionismus, das war eine Lücke, ein schwacher Punkt, der sich von Anfang bis Ende wie ein roter Faden durch Albaniens sozialistische Geschichte verfolgen lässt, ein kleiner Türspalt, durch den die albanischen Revisionisten ungehindert hineinschlüpfen konnten : Die These vom „garantierten“ Sieg über den Revisionismus in Albanien - das ist der Dimitroffsche Schlüssel zur Geheimkammer der albanischen Revisionisten, wo sie unter Beibehaltung des „anti-revisionistischen“ (Schein)Kampfes den Revisionismus an die Macht bringen konnten !! Der „garantierte“ Sieg des Sozialismus und der „garantierte“ Sieg des Anti-Revisionismus in einem Land sind zwei Seiten einer Medaille! Gegen beide revisionistischen „Theorien“ hat die Komintern / ML nunmehr eine geschlossene, einheitliche Frontlinie gezogen.

Im lauten Siegestaumel auf die Person Enver Hoxhas und in dröhnenden Lobeshymnen auf das heldenhafte Albanien Enver Hoxhas, auf Enver Hoxhas Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus, wurde diese revisionistische These insbesondere seit Enver Hoxhas Tod stillschweigend untergejubelt und damit alle bisherige Wachsamkeit gegenüber die anhaltende, sich sogar verstärkende revisionistische Gefahr im eigenen Land Schritt für Schritt fallen gelassen. Enver Hoxha hat bis zum Schluss, und da muss man seine letzten Schriften sehr aufmerksam studieren, davor eindringlich gewarnt, die Gefahr der Restauration des Kapitalismus im eigenen Land niemals zu unterschätzen. Er rief dazu auf, im Kampf gegen den Druck der revisionistischen Einkreisung von außen nicht nachzulassen und gleichzeitig dem Druck des inneren Feindes nicht nachzugeben. Ramiz Alia und Co aber taten so, als wenn es im eigenen Land alles zum Besten bestellt sei, dass der Feind im eigenen Land keinerlei Chance mehr habe, dass gegen den albanischen Sozialismus kein Kraut gewachsen sei und der Klassenkampf gegen den inneren Feind allmählich eingestellt werden könne. In Wirklichkeit waren sie zu schwach, hatten sie Angst vor dem Feind, machten sie ein Zugeständnis nach dem anderen und kapitulierten schließlich vor ihm. Der Sieg über den Revisionismus kann von einem einzelnen Land allein niemals garantiert werden. Garantiert werden kann der Sieg über den Revisionismus nur im Weltmaßstab, durch die anti-revisionistische Weltrevolution, durch den Sieg über den Revisionismus zumindest in einer Reihe von Ländern usw. usf..

Die Absicht des Weltimperialismus, die hinter dieser revisionistischen These steckt, ist erstens die, dass wenn in Albanien der Sieg über den Revisionismus bereits wirklich „garantiert“ wäre, man folglich keinen internationalen Sieg mehr über den Revisionismus bräuchte, dass er demnach überflüssig geworden wäre und abstirbt. Das aber würde es dem Weltproletariat unmöglich machen, die Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus für immer zu beseitigen. Und zweitens bedeutete die anti-revisionistische „Garantie“ für Albanien, dass sie den solidarische Unterstützung des Weltproletariats im gemeinsamen Kampf gegen den Revisionismus entbehren könne, dass der Sieg über den Revisionismus in einem Land, „gestützt nur auf die eigenen Kräfte“, auch ohne anti-revisionistisches Bündnis mit dem Weltproletariat garantiert werden könne, man also auf den proletarischen Internationalismus, auf die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung in Zukunft verzichten könne. In dieser revisionistischen These findet sich also auch der Schlüssel für die Rechtfertigung der ideologischen Entwaffnung der Diktatur des albanischen Proletariats, und die Rechtfertigung dafür, der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung ade zu sagen und ihr die wichtigste Waffe im anti-revisionistischen Kampf, das sozialistische Albanien, zu entziehen.

Ohne den Kampf des sozialistischen Albaniens gegen den modernen Revisionismus hätte es auch nicht solchen internationalen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus gegeben wie er tatsächlich stattgefunden hat. Hätte Albanien etwa passiv auf den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus in den anderen Ländern warten und auf den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus im eigenen Land so lange verzichten sollen ? Wenn es sich dabei nicht auf die eigenen Kräfte gestützt hätte und von sich aus nicht initiativ geworden wäre, was wäre dann noch vom internationalen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus übrig geblieben, was wäre von der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung übrig geblieben?

Die Geschichte hat bestätigt, dass der Sieg über den modernen Revisionismus in einem Land, selbst wenn dieses Land noch nicht so weit sozialistische entwickelt war wie die Sowjetunion, nicht nur möglich oder wahrscheinlich, sondern auch durchführbar war. Albaniens Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus war ein Musterbeispiel der praktischen Anwendung und Verteidigung der marxistisch-leninistischen Theorie des revolutionären Klassenkampfes in der sozialistischen Klassengesellschaft. Wer diese Besonderheit des albanischen Anti-Revisionismus nicht begriffen hat, wird seinen internationalen Charakter , seine große Bedeutung für die sozialistische Weltrevolution und ebenso seine Bedeutung, seine Unentbehrlichkeit für den erfolgreichen Aufbau des Sozialismus in einem Land niemals begreifen können. Der Sieg über den modernen Revisionismus in einem Lande ist nicht nur Produkt der ungleichmäßigen Entwicklung und des fortschreitenden Zerfalls der revisionistischen Länder. Er ist zugleich die Voraussetzung des Sieges der Weltrevolution über den Revisionismus überhaupt. Die weltgeschichtliche Bedeutung des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus besteht nicht nur darin, dass er der großen Intitiative eines kleinen Landes, wie Albanien, bei der Durchbrechung der imperialistisch-revisionistischen Umkreisung entsprang und ein kleines Land wie Albanien die erste Insel im Ozean der imperialistischen und revisionistischen Länder wurde, sondern auch darin, dass der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus auch zur ersten Etappe des endgültigen Sieges über den Revisionismus im Weltmaßstab war. Deshalb haben nicht nur diejenigen Unrecht, die den internationalen Charakter des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus vergessen und den Sieg über den modernen Revisionismus in Albanien als rein nationale und ausschließlich nationale Erscheinung hinstellen. Unrecht haben auch diejenigen, die zwar den internationalen Charakter des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus anerkennen, aber dazu neigen, diesen Kampf als etwas Passives zu betrachten, das lediglich dazu berufen ist, Unterstützung von außen entgegenzunehmen. In Wirklichkeit braucht der internationale Kampf gegen den Revisionismus nicht nur die Unterstützung aus den einzelnen Ländern, sondern der Kampf gegen den Revisionismus in den einzelnen Ländern braucht auch umgekehrt internationale Unterstützung, um die Sache der weltweiten und endgültigen Niederwerfung des Revisionismus zu beschleunigen und vorwärts zu bringen.

Albanien war deswegen Basis und Hebel der Weltrevolution geworden, weil es das weltrevolutionäre Banner, das die modernen Revisionisten in der ganzen Welt fallen gelassen hatten, mutig und entschlossen erhob und es heldenmütig gegen alle modernen Revisionisten der ganzen Welt vorantrug. Albanien wehrte die Angriffe der revisionistischen Länder dadurch ab, dass es gegen die revisionistischen Gefahren von außen und innen einen konsequenten Klassenkampf führte. Albanien verstand es, sich die negativen Erfahrungen jener regressiven und konterrevolutionären Prozesse in den revisionistischen Ländern als abschreckendes Beispiel vom Leibe zu halten. Außer dem historisch bedeutsamen Kampf zur Entlarvung und Zerschlagung des revisionistischen Verrats stellte sich die PAA mit Enver Hoxha an der Spitze die Aufgabe, die Ursachen für das Entstehen des Revisionismus aufzudecken, um den Revisionismus im eigenen Land zu verhindern. In diesem Kampf sammelten die Albaner große, wertvolle Erfahrungen nicht nur für ihr eigenes Land, sondern für das ganze Weltproletariat. Albanien konnte auf diese Weise die marxistisch-leninistische Theorie über den Klassenkampf im Sozialismus weiter entwickeln und auf eine höhere Stufe heben. Es war sein Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus, der Albanien in die Lage versetzte, der Gefahr der Wiederherstellung des Kapitalismus für lange Zeit erfolgreich zu begegnen und die Revolution ununterbrochen fortzusetzen für den weiteren Aufbau des Sozialismus. Es war Albanien, das der kommunistischen Weltbewegung den historischen Weg aufzeigte, wie man erfolgreich der Gefahr der Restauration des Kapitalismus begegnen kann. Die Sowjetunion konnte diese Erfahrungen nicht vermitteln, denn dort wurde der revolutionäre Prozess durch die revisionistische Konterrevolution unterbrochen. Die Wirklichkeit des sozialistischen Albanien Enver Hoxhas hat ihre Lebenskraft in zahlreichen historischen Bewährungsproben und besonders in drei großen Auseinandersetzungen bewiesen: mit den jugoslawischen, den chruschtschowschen und den chinesischen Revisionisten. Nicht nur, dass in Albanien der revisionistische Verrat jahrzehntelang nicht Fuß fassen konnte, die PAA war auch internationaler Bannerträger im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus, war der flammende Verteidiger des Marxismus-Leninismus ihrer Zeit. Das sozialistische Albanien stand unter der Führung des Genossen Enver Hoxha auf festen revolutionären Positionen und zeigte der ganzen Welt, dass es auch unter den Bedingungen der brutalen imperialistisch-revisionistischen Blockade, auch unter den Bedingungen der schweren Krisen, die die bürgerlich-revisionistische kapitalistische Welt durchmachte, imstande war, unerschrocken auf dem Weg des Sozialismus voranzuschreiten, gestützt auf die eigenen Kräfte und durch die Unterstützung der Weltkräfte des proletarischen Internationalismus.

Der internationale Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus, den das Weltproletariat geführt hat, den die marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien geführt haben, wäre ohne albanische anti-revisionistische Basis und ohne albanischen anti-revisionistischen Hebel so nicht möglich gewesen. Ohne den Wiederaufbau eines neuen anti-revisionistischen Hebels, einer neuen anti-revisionistischen Basis ist an die Beseitigung der Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus im Weltmaßstab nicht zu denken. Solange es kein sozialistisches Land mehr auf der Welt gibt, darf man aber nicht auf den Aufbau eines neuen anti-revisionistischen Hebels, einer neuen anti-revisionistischen Basis warten oder gar darauf verzichten. Es ist daher heute die Pflicht der Marxisten-Leninisten in der ganzen Welt, sich zusammenzuschließen in der Komintern / ML, um das Weltproletariat dabei zu helfen, sich ein neues Zentrum zu schaffen, um aus eigener Kraft eine internationale Basis und einen internationalen Hebel gegen den Revisionismus aufzubauen, um die Zurückeroberung der ehemaligen sozialistischen Länder und die Schaffung neuer weiterer sozialistischer Länder nicht nur zu beschleunigen, sondern auch zu erleichtern. Das ist die Lehre, die man spätestens heute aus dem Verrat des albanischen Revisionismus zu ziehen verpflichtet ist. Und eben gegen die revolutionäre Anwendung dieser Lehre geht heute der Neo-Revisionismus gezielt vor.

Ramiz Alia erklärte den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus in Albanien „für beendet“, weil er angeblich einen „garantierten“ Sieg bedeuten würde. Schon auf dem 9. Parteitag der PAA, es war gerade mal ein Jahr (!) nach dem Tod des Genossen Enver Hoxha, spricht Ramiz Alia in seinem Bericht von „der chinesischen Revolution (...), die von Kommunisten geführt (...) wurde(..)“ (Seite 210) [1 Jahr nach Envers`s Tod entdeckt Ramiz Alia also Mao Tsetung, den Führer der chinesischen Revolution, als einen „Kommunisten“ ?! - Anmerkung der Redaktion] und spricht sogar von einer solchen „vollständigen Entartung des chinesischen Revisionismus (...), dass er in der revolutionären und Befreiungsbewegung jeden Einfluss verloren hat“ (Seite 205, dt. Ausgabe). (Dimitroffs „Schlussstrich ziehen“ wurde hier von Alia komplett übernommen !) Was den Einfluss des Maoismus anbelangt, ist das genaue Gegenteil der Fall. Der chinesische Revisionismus ist zwar, insbesondere nach Maos Tod, in mehrere Strömungen zerfallen, nicht um von der Bühne abzutreten, sondern um sie wieder auf höherer Stufe zu betreten, nachdem er sich gehäutet hat; er ist also immer noch präsent und brandgefährlich und muss daher nach wie vor unnachgiebig entlarvt und immer wieder aufs Neue bekämpft werden. Selbst jene, die den Maoismus kritisieren, sind nicht alles Marxisten-Leninisten. Im Gegenteil, der Neo-Maoismus kritisiert Maos „Fehler“ nur in Worten, nur um damit seine konterrevolutionären, maoistischen Taten zu verbergen und die Mao Tsetung-Ideen wiederzubeleben und erneut einzuschmuggeln. Und so diente der so genannte „Kampf gegen den Revisionismus“ den albanischen Revisionisten eben auch nur dazu, um ihre konterrevolutionären Absichten und Taten hinter dem Anti-Revisionismus des Genossen Enver Hoxha zu verbergen- bevor sie seine Statue stürzten.

Der Verrat begrenzt sich nicht auf die Restauration des Kapitalismus in Albanien, sondern war das Signal, den Kampf der ganzen marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung gegen den modernen Revisionismus einzustellen. Das, was Chruschtschow auf dem 20. Parteitag begann, wurde von Ramiz Alia zu Ende geführt : den Kampf des modernen Revisionismus gegen die Marxisten-Leninisten zu eröffnen, und den Kampf der Marxisten-Leninisten gegen den modernen Revisionismus für „historisch erledigt“ hinzustellen, was nichts anderes bedeutet, als ungestört die Häutung des Neo-Revisionismus zu ermöglichen, das heißt die Regeneration des modernen Revisionismus zu erlauben. So wie die modernen Revisionisten das Vertrauen und das Prestige der Sowjetunion Lenins und Stalins missbrauchten, missbrauchten auch die albanischen Revisionisten das anti-revisionistische Prestige des Albaniens Enver Hoxhas, um den anti-revisionistischen Kampf der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung lahm zu legen ! Man darf sich Siege im langwierigen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus nicht zu Kopf steigen lassen, darf nicht selbstzufrieden werden und seine Wachsamkeit einstellen – die albanischen Revisionisten haben großen Wert darauf gelegt, den modernen Revisionismus „draußen“ in der ganzen Welt „ zu bekämpfen“ - aber im eigenen Land könne man sich erlauben, sich auf den Lorbeeren auszuruhen. Dieses revisionistische Täuschungsmanöver ging auf: Die Partei, die Arbeiterklasse, die werktätigen Massen, haben sich von den albanischen Revoisionisten mit Ramiz Alia an der Spitze einlullen lassen. Die PAA und die Arbeiterklasse wurden von den Revisionisten überrumpelt und entwaffnet, weil sie es sich gefallen ließen, von deren antirevisionistischem Scheingefechten an der Nase herumgeführt zu werden. Eine bittere Pille, aber sehr heilsam!

Wer die internationalen Interessen des Weltproletariats den nationalen Interessen des Sozialismus in einem Land unterordnet, , wer die Weltrevolution verrät, der verrät auch den Kampf gegen den Revisionismus !

Wer sich die Entwicklung zur Restauration des Kapitalismus in Albanien nach dem Tod des Genossen Enver Hoxha erklären will, der sollte den Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA studieren, den der Genosse Enver Hoxha am 1. November 1981 - also 3 ½ Jahre vor seinem Tod - gehalten hat. Dies war sein letzter Bericht, und es ist kein Zufall, dass er den beiden letzten Rechenschaftsberichten des Genossen Stalin – also dem an den XVII. Parteitag der KPdSU [B] ( 26. Januar 1934) und dem XVIII. Parteitag (10. März 1939) – in puncto Kampf gegen die zunehmende Gefahr des Revisionismus, der Verbürokratisierung des Sozialismus im eigenen Land, in den eigenen Reihen von Partei und Staat, und der Intensivierung des Klassenkampfes der Arbeiterklasse zur Verteidigung ihrer Diktatur, verdammt ähneln.

In all diesen genannten Rechenschaftsberichten steht die Analyse von Mängeln, Schwächen, Überheblichkeit, Schlendrian, Liberalismus, nachlassender Wachsamkeit, Gleichgültigkeit usw., die erschreckenden Ausmaße und Auswüchse von Bürokratismus und Technokratismus, die Notwendigkeit der verschärften Anwendung und Kontrolle der bolschewistischen Normen, insbesondere der Kritik und Selbstkritik, im Vordergrund. In beiden Berichten steht das strikte Festhalten am marxistisch-leninistischen Kurs im Mittelpunkt, wird der sich verschärfende Klassenkampf im Sozialismus genau erkannt, werden diejenigen klassenfremden Elemente in Partei und Staat gezielt aufs Korn genommen, von denen die Gefahr der Beseitigung der Diktatur des Proletariats, die Gefahr der Konterrevolution und der Restauration des Kapitalismus ausging. Sowohl Stalins als auch Enver Hoxhas Rechenschaftsbericht waren marxistisch-leninistische Kampfansagen gegen die sich neu herausbildenden Bourgeoisie, waren revolutionäre Appelle zur Verhinderung der Machtübernahme der Revisionisten, waren gezielt anti-revisionistische Rechenschaftsberichte zu einem Zeitpunkt, als der Sozialismus in beiden Staaten bereits seine höchste Entwicklungsstufe erreicht hatte, wo er schon so große Früchte trug, dass klassenfremde Elemente meinten, sie könnten sich daran auf Kosten der sozialistischen Gesellschaft und insbesondere auf Kosten der Arbeiterklasse, bereichern und sich den Sozialismus unter den Nagel reißen. Was in beiden Rechenschaftsberichten vorausgesagten, wurde später Wirklichkeit: Beginn des Zerfalls des Sozialismus auf vollendeter Entwicklungsstufe durch zunehmende Abkehr vom Marxismus-Leninismus. Stalin gab hierzu einen wichtigen Hinweis in seinem Rechenschaftsbericht:

„Man muss verstehen, dass die Stärke und die Autorität unserer Partei-, Sowjet-, Wirtschafts- und verschiedener anderer Organisationen sowie ihrer Leiter ganz außergewöhnlich gewachsen sind. Und gerade weil ihre Stärke und Autorität ganz außergewöhnlich gewachsen sind, hängt jetzt von ihrer Arbeit alles oder nahezu alles ab. Die Berufung auf die so genannten objektiven Bedingungen ist nicht begründet. Nachdem die Richtigkeit der politischen Linie der Partei durch die Erfahrung einer Reihe von Jahren bestätigt worden ist und an der bereitschaft der Arbeiter und Bauern, diese Linie zu unterstützen, kein Zweifel mehr besteht, ist die Rolle der so genannten objektiven Bedingungen auf ein Minimum zurückgegangen, während die Rolle unserer Organisationen und ihrer Leiter entscheidend, überragend geworden ist. Was aber bedeutet das ? Das bedeutet, dass die Verantwortung für die Misserfolge und Mängel in der Arbeit von nun an zu neun Zehnteln nicht auf die `objektiven` Bedingungen, sondern auf uns selbst und nur auf uns fällt“ (Stalin, Band 13, Seite 325). „Ist eine richtige politische Linie gegeben worden, so entscheidet die Organisationsarbeit alles, auch das Schicksal der politischen Linie selbst – ihre Durchführung oder ihr Scheitern“ (ebenda, Seite 324).

Enver Hoxha musste sich sehr intensiv mit diesem Rechenschaftsbericht des Genossen Stalin auseinander gesetzt haben, denn er hat sich davon in seinem Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA durchgehend leiten lassen. Und es kommt nicht von ungefähr, wenn Enver Hoxha in seinem Rechenschaftsbericht den wunden Punkt der mangelnden Kontrolle anspricht, den Stalin in seinem Rechenschaftsbericht benannt hat ( Stalinzitat des Genossen Enver Hoxha):

„Eine gut organisierte Kontrolle der Durchführung ist jener Scheinwerfer, der uns hilft, den Stand der Arbeit eines Apparates zu jeder beliebigen Zeit zu beleuchten und die Bürokraten und Kanzleimenschen ans Licht zu ziehen“ (Stalin, Band 13, S. 330, dt. Ausgabe – zitiert bei Enver Hoxha S. 95 !).

Und Enver Hoxha fügt noch ein sehr ernsthaftes Stalinzitat (Stalin,Werke Band 14, dt. Ausgabe, Seite 219) hinzu:

„Je niedriger das politische Niveau und je weniger bewusst die marxistisch-leninistische Einstellung der Funktionäre, um so wahrscheinlicher sind Versagen und Fehlschläge in der Arbeit, um so wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass die Funktionäre selber verflachen und zu kleinlichen Wichtigtuern werden, um so wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass sie entarten“ (Rechenschaftsbericht an den XVIII. Parteitag der KPdSU [B]).

im Folgenden wird ausführlich und ganz konkret deutlich [und ohne diese ganze Aneinanderreihung von Zitaten ist dies leider unmöglich !!], warum Enver Hoxha den Genossen Stalin zitierte:

„Erscheinungen des Abwartens, ... Schlamperei und Schlendrian, ... fehlende Initiative bei der Lösung der Probleme“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA, Seite 90); „Erscheinungen des Formalismus und des Schablonentums“ ... „Direktiven ... werden mechanisch nach unten weitergegeben, ohne die konkreten Bedingungen zu berücksichtigen...“„ (ebenda, Seite 91); „... kann man nicht mit Empirismus und Praktizismus arbeiten ...“ (ebenda, Seite 67); „diese schädlichen Erscheinungen müssen beseitigt und bekämpft werden, weil sie die Gefahr in sich bergen, dass von den Positionen des Ökonomismus und Technokratismus aus geleitet wird“ (ebenda, Seite 68); „müssen die Erscheinungen des Ressortgeistes und der abgekapselten Arbeit ... bekämpft werden“ (ebenda S.68); „Über die festgelegten Kompetenzen und Funktionen sowie über die Realisierung der Planaufgaben Rechenschaft zu verlangen oder abzulegen, ist eine Norm, die unserer Gesellschaftsordnung, dem Prinzip des demokratischen Zentralismus entspringt. Diese Norm muss ohne das kleinste Zugeständnis in allen Instanzen eingehalten werden, wobei keinerlei Liberalismus oder kleinbürgerliche Sentimentalität zu dulden sind“ (ebenda S. 69); „einige Parteiorgane und Parteiorganisationen ... der technischen und administrativen Seite die größte Aufmerksamkeit schenken und den politischen und ideologischen Aspekt ...ihre Hauptaufgabe ... aus dem Auge verlieren“ (ebenda S. 80); „...einige Staats – und Wirtschaftsorgane dazu neigen ... im Namen der angeblichen Sicherung der führenden Rolle der Partei wegen jeder Sache bei den Organisationen und Gremien der Partei nachzufragen und Erlaubnis einzuholen... das ist nicht die Sicherung der führenden Rolle der Partei, sondern der Hang, die Verantwortung mit der Parteiorganisation zu teilen“ (ebenda, Seite 82); „alle diejenigen, die im Schatten der Grundorganisation oder im Namen des Kommunisten nach eigenem Gutdünken zu handeln versuchen, in die Schranken zu weisen“ (ebenda S. 83); „In der Praxis kommt es vor, dass die Parteiarbeit zu eng konzipiert wird. Einige Parteiorgane und Parteiorganisationen vergessen die Perspektive, behandeln die Probleme oberflächlich, stützen sich nur auf praktische Kenntnisse, ohne der fortgeschrittenen Erfahrung und Meinung, ohne den Veränderungen, die im Leben des Landes und der Menschen statt gefunden haben, Rechnung zu tragen. Solche Erscheinungen sind in den meisten Fällen die Ursache, wenn die Wirtschaftspläne nicht realisiert werden, sind die Quelle der Schwächen, die in der Arbeit ... auftauchen“ (ebenda S. 86); „Erscheinungen der Routine, des Formalismus und der Oberflächlichkeit ... bekämpfen ... Erscheinungen des Sektierertums und der Geringschätzung der fortgeschrittenen Meinung und Erfahrung bekämpfen...“ (ebenda S. 87); „Erscheinungen der Einseitigkeit in der Arbeit einiger Organe und Grundorganisationen bekämpft“ (ebenda S. 88); „... nicht auf der Stelle zu treten, sich nicht mit normalem Tempo zu begrügen“ (ebenda S. 89); „ ... kann man auch Organisationen, Kommunisten und Kader finden, die nicht beharrlich für die Überwindung von Schwierigkeiten und Hindernissen und für die Erfüllung der Aufgaben kämpfen. Erscheinungen von Gleichgültigkeit und Rechtfertigung, Herunterspielen von Mängeln und Schwächen sind nichts anderes als fehlendes Verantwortungsgefühl“ (ebenda S. 93); „gibt es noch liberale Erscheinungen und sentimentale Haltungen sowie die Mentalität, sich zu rechtfertigen, gibt es Erscheinungen, die Kontrolle gering zu schätzen, gibt es Formalismus und Oberflächlichkeit bei ihrer Ausübung. Des öfteren sind Kontrolle und Rechenschaftsforderung deshalb schwach, weil die Aufgaben und Beschlüsse zu allgemein gehalten und infolgedessen auch unkontrollierbar sind“ (ebenda S. 94); „... Selbstkritik sowie Kritik gegenüber jedem, der die Aufgaben nicht erfüllt, mutig und rückhaltlos entfalten, ... einen entschlossenen Kampf gegen Angst, Rache und kleinbürgerliche Gleichgültigkeit...“ (ebenda S. 94); „Formale und bürokratische Erscheinungen, jede Neigung, lediglich die Zahlen und Prozente in Ordnung zu halten, sind entschlossen zu bekämpfen“ (ebenda S. 97/98); „Niemand darf einfach deshalb in die Partei aufgenommen werden, weil er der Sohn eines Arbeiters, eines bauern oder eines Kommunisten ist, oder wegen der Verdienste von Mutter und Vater, sondern allein auf Grund der eigenen persönlichen Verdienste“ (ebenda S. 98); „Die Erscheinungen, die immer dann in einigen Fällen festzustellen sind, wenn die Kandidatenzeit unterschätzt wird oder wenn die zu ihrer Durchführung beschlossenen regeln nicht strikt eingehalten werden, sind zu bekämpfen“ (ebenda S. 98/99); „Auch ... Spezialisten ... müssen stets schöpferisch bleiben und dürfen sich nicht in reine Verwaltungsleute im engen Sinne des Wortes verwandeln“ (ebenda S. 101/102); „... muss die Auffassung, es gäbe keine Kader, als völlig haltlos zurückgewiesen werden; ebenso wenig darf man zulassen, dass unfähige Leute auf einem Posten bleiben, den sie nicht in den Griff bekommen, oder dass wir uns lediglich auf ein paar Leute beschränken und Versetzungen ohne Kriterien vorgenommen werden, wie das einige Male vorgekommen ist“ (ebenda S. 103); „Es gibt Parteiorgane und Parteiorganisationen, die nicht immer eine konkrete und qualifizierte Führung der Machtorgane und der Massenorganisationen sicher stellen, es gibt Parallelismus, Verdrängung und Ersetzung der Rollen; es gibt Kommunisten, die nicht aktiv in den Massenorganisationen kämpfen, genauso wie es auch Erscheinungen des Formalismus in der Arbeit mit den Massen gibt. Das sind Mängel, die in Wirklichkeit die Stärke und die Effektivität der Parteiarbeit schwächen“ (ebenda S. 107).

„Die Parteiarbeit ist in erster Linie Arbeit mit Menschen, Arbeit für ihre Erziehung, Aufklärung, Mobilisierung und Organisierung. Das darf niemals vergessen werden, sonst entfernt sich die Partei von ihrer Hauptaufgabe und wichtigsten Funktion, von ihrer führenden Rolle, verwandelt sich in einen operativen Organismus und übernimmt staatliche Funktionen. Das ist eine große Gefahr für eine Partei, die an der Macht ist“(Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA, Seite 84);

„... müssen sich die Kader fortwährend mit der Ideologie der Partei wappnen, müssen sie ihre Linie umsetzen und die Gesetze des Staates einhalten, müssen sie aktiv am Klassenkampf teilnehmen und enge Verbindung zu den Massen halten. Nur so sind Erscheinungen des Bürokratismus und des Liberalismus, des Intellektualismus und des Technokratismus erfolgreich zu bekämpfen, nur so ist die kommunistische Weltanschauung, der kommunistische Charakter der Kader zu festigen“ (ebenda S. 105).

„Bekanntlich umfasst das System der Diktatur des Proletariats einen auf dem demokratischen Zentralismus beruhenden ganzen Komplex von Organen und Organismen mit verschiedenen Funktionen, Befugnissen und Verantwortlichkeiten, die unter der Führung der Partei wirken. Das Problem ist, dass dieses ganze System unaufhörlich zu festigen ist und auf synchronisierte Weise wirken muss, wobei jeder einzelne genauestens die Aufgaben, die ihm zuzurechnen sind, und alle zusammen Ziel und Programm der Partei durchführen. ... Alle Hebel der Partei, auch wenn sie ihre eigenen Leitungsorgane haben, werden von der Partei geführt, und zwar nicht nur insgesamt, sondern auch von jedem Parteiorgan, von jeder Parteigrundorganisation. Jede noch so kleine Schwächung der führenden Rolle der Partei in jedem Kettenglied würde schwerwiegende Folgen zeitigen. Gerade das versuchen Bourgeoisie und moderne Revisionisten zu erreichen, die in ihrem Bemühen zur Untergrabung des Systems der Diktatur des Proletariats darauf abzielen, die Hebel von der Führung durch die Partei abzukoppeln, sie in unabhängige Organisationen zu verwandeln und sie neben und gegen die Partei zu stellen“ (ebenda S. 107 und 108) ( Nun, genau das ist ja in Albanien unter Führung von Ramiz Alia geschehen ! Übrigens hat hier Enver Hoxha bereits ganz klar und sehr deutlich die modernen Revisionisten, die Bourgeoisie in Albanien benannt, die das System der Diktatur des Proletariats später beseitigten); „Aus diesem Grund kritisiert die Partei nach wie vor jene Praktiken als fremd und schädlich, wenn ein Parteiorgan bzw. eine Parteiorganisation versucht, eine bürokratische Vormundschaft über die Hebel der Partei zu stülpen, ihnen alles zu diktieren und aufzuzwingen, ihre Selbsttätigkeit zu erdrücken und zu ersticken“ (ebenda S. 109);

„Die Volksmacht ist die größte Errungenschaft und die mächtigste Waffe der Arbeiterklasse und der werktätigen Massen für den Aufbau des Sozialismus und die Verteidigung des Vaterlandes. Deshalb hüten wir sie wie unseren Augapfel und festigen sie ständig im Kampf gegen die drohenden Gefahren, gegen Liberalismus und Bürokratismus“ (ebenda S. 110);

„Die Partei hat jede Erscheinung des Formalismus in der Tätigkeit der Räte bekämpft und verlangt, dass ihre Rechte und Befugnisse genauestens eingehalten werden; es darf nicht zugelassen werden, dass sie von den Exekutivorganen übernommen werden“ (ebenda S. 110);

„Die Partei hat nicht zu gelassen und wird niemals zulassen, dass Erscheinungen von Willkür und Gesetzesverletzungen vorkommen, die die Interessen der Gesellschaft oder der einzelnen Staatsbürger antasten würden ...gegen jede Entstellung des Gesetzes, von welcher Seite auch immer, zu kämpfen“ (ebenda S. 111); „zahlreichen Übeln den Weg zu verlegen“ (ebenda S. 112);

„Erscheinungen der Einseitigkeit ..., die bei einigen Machtorganen in den Bezirken festzustellen sind, die sich hauptsächlich mit Wirtschaftsproblemen befassen und den anderen Bereichen der staatlichen Tätigkeit zu wenig Aufmerksamkeit schenken“ (ebenda S. 112); „... Praxis einiger Volksräte der zusammengeschlossenen Dörfer kritisiert, die ...keine Kontrolle ausgeübt haben und für die Erfüllung der Aufgaben des staatlichen Wirtschaftsplans keine Rechenschaft verlangt haben“ (ebenda S. 112).

„In den Organen der Staatsmacht und der Staatsverwaltung im Zentrum und an der Basis müssen die Parteiorganisationen, ihre Kader und Werktätigen beharrlicher gegen jeden Mangel an Verantwortungsgefühl kämpfen, gegen verschiedene Schlampereien; dagegen, dass man sich im täglichen Kleinkram verzettelt, gegen fehlende Initiative und Selbsttätigkeit, gegen Erscheinungen von Kriechertum, Konformismus und Überheblichkeit, gegen enge sektorale und lokale Einstellungen, gegen handwerklerische Vorstellungen und Praktiken usw. Damit dieser Kampf erfolgreich ist, muss er sowohl durch Erziehung, aber auch durch Organisierung und strenge Disziplin und Kontrolle geführt werden“ (ebenda S. 113);

„jede Erscheinung von Sturheit und Dogmatismus ist zu bekämpfen“ (ebenda S. 133); „Tatsache ist, dass es Kommunisten und Kader gibt, die sich nur wenig um die Aneignung der Theorie kümmern ...“ (ebenda S. 134); „Die Mängel in der allgemeinen theoretischen Formung führen unweigerlich auch zu subjektivistischen und voluntaristischen Auffassungen und Handlungen, die in Widerspruch zu den Erfordernissen der objektiven gesetze geraten; sie ziehen die wissenschaftliche Leitung der Arbeit in Mitleidenschaft, hemmen und verformen die sozio-ökonomischen Entwicklungsprozesse und schaden sogar der Erziehung der Menschen. Auf solche Erscheinungen stoßen wir in zahlreichen Fällen, doch am deutlichsten und schädlichsten sind sie vor allem bei der Planung, Organisation und Leitung der Wirtschaft“ (ebenda, S. 134/135); „Wenn die Probleme einseitig behandelt werden, wenn die Ursachen der Mängel und Schwächen nur in der ideologisch-politischen Arbeit oder in den Leitungsmethoden bzw. im Leitungsstil gesucht wer4den, wenn man meint, dass der Stand der Arbeit durch Sprüche und Versammlungen, ohne Taten und konkrete Maßnahmen geändert und verbessert werden kann, so sind das Erscheinungen des Subjektivismus“ (ebenda S. 136); „ ... in der Praxis stößt man im Verständnis und bei der Anwendung der Massendemokratie und bei den beziehungen der Kader zu den Massen auf Erscheinungen der Einseitigkeit und des Formalismus. Es kommt vor, dass sich Verwaltungen über die gewählten Organe stellen, dass einige Kader keinen engen Kontakt zu den Menschen unterhalten bzw. sich formell mit ihnen beraten“ (ebenda S. 140); „ ... dass die Normen, die zur Rechenschaftslegung vor den Massen beschlossen worden sind, nicht nur von den gewählten, sondern auch von den ernannten Kadern nicht immer respektiert werden usw.“ (ebenda S. 140); „Es ist untragbar, dass die Menschen, angeblich im Namen der Massenlinie, mit fruchtlosen Versammlungen über lauter Kleinkram erstickt werden. Versammlungen, auf denen ernste Probleme nicht gelöst werden, auf denen man nicht zu konkreten Schlussfolgerungen und Maßnahmen zur Veränderung der Lage gelangt, haben überhaupt keinen Wert. Außerdem ist es unzulässig, dass die Massenlinie als Schleier verwendet wird, hinter dem fehlende Verantwortlichkeit, Mängel bei der Organisierung und Leitung der Arbeit, Nichteinhaltung der Zuständigkeiten, der gesetze und aufgestellten Regeln verborgen werden sollen“ (ebenda S. 141/142); „ ... stoßen wir in den verschiedenen Bevölkerungsschichten noch auf kleinbürgerliche Mentalitäten, Einstellungen und Haltungen. Kleinbürgerliche Vorstellungen und Neigungen sind ein großes Übel, denn sie behindern nicht nur die kommunistische Erziehung der Menschen, hemmen nicht nur ihre aktive Teilnahme am sozialistischen Aufbau des Landes, sondern werden auch zur Ursache für allerlei Schwankungen und dienen als Grundlage für die Verbreitung der bürgerlichen Ideologie und für die Unterhöhlung der sozialistischen Ordnung selbst“ (ebenda S. 144); „ ... dass sich fremde Einstellungen zur Arbeit und zum sozialistischen Eigentum bemerkbar machen“ (ebenda S. 146); „ ... sind. Die nachstehenden Fälle nicht gerade gering an der Zahl: Bruch der Arbeitsdiziplin, unentschuldigtes Fehlen, unzureichende Arbeitsleistung und minderwertige Arbeitsqualität, unvollständige Auslastung der Produktionskapazitäten, Beschädigung und Missbrauch des Gemeineigentums, nachlässigkeiten bei der verwaltung und bewahrung des Gemeineigentums“ (ebenda S. 146); „in vielen Fällen ist das Eigeninteresse eine immer noch anziehende Kraft; das äußert sich in Neigungen, von der Gesellschaft mehr zu nehmen als ihr zu geben, der Quantität auf Kosten der Qualität nachzujagen usw.“ (ebenda S. 149); „Sowohl die in einigen Fällen auftretenden Neigungen, sich im Rahmen der Gruppeninteressen abzukapseln und sie als von den Interessen der ganzen Gesellschaft losgelöste Interessen zu betrachten, als auch die Neigungen, die angeblich im Namen des Gemeininteresses die genossenschaftlichen Interessen antasten, müssen von der Partei bekämpft werden“ (ebenda S. 150); „... ist es erforderlich, einen entschlossenen Kampf dagegen zu führen, sich hinter die engen behördlichen, lokalen und betrieblichen Interessen zurückzuziehen. Die Hindernisse, die der Spezialisierung, Konzentration und Kooperation der Produktion entgegenstehen, sowie die Fälle, wenn Produktion, Ertrag und Kostensenkung unter Vorbehalt geplant werden, oder übertriebene Forderungen nach Investitionen, Arbeitskräften usw., all das sind Erscheinungen der engen Interessen, die die Wirtschaftsentwicklung hemmen und die allgemeinen Interessen des Staates und der Gesellschaft antasten“ (ebenda S. 151); „Unter den Bedingungen, da bei uns das Neue vorherrschend geworden ist, stechen die Erscheinungen der kleinbürgerlichen Denkweise, die Überbleibsel der Vergangenheit immer unangenehmer ins Auge und stellen ein ernsthaftes Hindernis auf unserem sozialistischen Weg dar. Eine Besonderheit dieser Überbleibsel besteht darin, dass sie außerordentlich widerstandsfähig sind, sie existieren weiter, obwohl sich die Bedingungen, unter denen sie entstanden sind, grundlegend geändert haben; sie nehmen `neue` Formen an, verbergen sich hinter den sozialistischen Normen und leben dort auf, wo sie ein geeignetes Terrain vorfinden“ (ebenda S. 152);

„In unserem Kampf an der ideologischen Front dürfen wir keinen Augenblick vergessen, dass sich die Überbleibsel der Vergangenheit mit den entarteten Einflüssen der imperialistisch-revisionistischen Einkreisung verflechten, die, obwohl sie als „modern“ und „fortschrittlich“ gepriesen werden, im Kern genauso alt, wenn nicht noch älter, und außerordentlich gefährlich sind. Gegen unser Land wird eine breit angelegte ideologische Aggression durchgeführt, die darauf abzielt, die Wirklichkeit des sozialistischen Albanien zu verunglimpfen und die Gedanken der Menschen zu verwirren ... Der Kampf gegen die Überbleibsel und Erscheinungen der alten und neuen fremden Ideologien und für die kommunistische Erziehung der Werktätigen die breiteste und komplexeste Front des Klassenkampfes dar, der in unserem Land vor sich geht. Dieser Kampf erhält besondere Bedeutung und Schärfe unter den heutigen bedingungen, die dadurch gekennzeichnet sind, dass unser Land beim Aufbau des Sozialismus gänzlich auf die eigenen Kräfte gestützt voranschreitet, dass sich der Kampf zwischen Sozialismus und Kapitalismus, zwischen Marxismus-Leninismus und Revisionismus im internationalen Maßstab außerordentlich verschärft hat und dass die imperialistisch-revisionistische Einkreisung und ihr Druck auf unser Land noch wilder geworden sind“ (ebenda S. 153/154);

„Den Klassenkampf richtig führen heißt, die marxistisch-leninistische Linie der Partei richtig anzuwenden, heißt, bewusst und mit tiefer Überzeugung die Prinzipien des Sozialismus anzunehmen, stets für das Wohl des Volkes und des Vaterlandes zu arbeiten und den Sozialismus zu bewahren und zu verteidigen. Das heißt ebenso, den Sozialismus zu entwickeln, ohne Abweichungen nach rechts oder „links“, opportunistische und sektiererische Abweichungen zuzulassen, die für die Partei, für die Einheit des Volkes und für die sozialistische Gesellschaft eine gleich große Gefahr darstellen und mit schweren Folgen [!!] einher gehen.“ (ebenda S. 155);

„Das Ziel ist, dass der Prozess des Aufbaus des Sozialismus niemals in einen bürokratisch-administrativen Prozess verwandelt wird, sondern stets ein lebendiges, schöpferisches Werk der breiten werktätigen Massen unter Führung der Partei ist“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA, Seite 143). „Nur dadurch, dass der Klassenkampf mit der breiten Teilnahme der von der Partei geführten werktätigen Massen richtig und ohne Abweichungen entfaltet wird, wird das Heute stets richtig aufgebaut werden, wird es auf soliden Fundamenten ruhen ...“ (ebenda, Seite 155)

Wenn wir diesen Rechenschaftsbericht des Genossen Enver Hoxha daran messen, dass es nach 10 Jahren schon keinen Sozialismus mehr in Albanien gab – und daran müssen wir ihn messen - , dann wird deutlich, dass Genosse Enver Hoxha hier durchaus nicht mit Negativbeispielen übertrieben hat, dass die Gefahr der Entartung der sozialistischen Gesellschaft durchaus äußerst real war und dass Enver Hoxha dies klar erkannte und dagegen Maßnahmen ergriffen hatte. Wenn er die Mängel und Schwächen , die Gefahren ihrer Nicht-Beseitigung, die Methoden der Beseitigung offen und ehrlich benannt hat – und all das hat er, wie die ausführliche Zitatensammlung eindrucksvoll belegt – dann muss man - insbesondere nach Enver Hoxhas Tod im Jahre 1985 – davon ausgehen, dass die modernen Revisionisten schon zu Enver Hoxhas Lebzeiten aktiv waren, um die Diktatur des Proletariats, die Partei der Arbeit zu entarten, den Genossen Enver Hoxha und die treuen Marxisten-Leninisten zu stürzen und den Kapitalismus in Albanien zu restaurieren. Jedenfalls kann es nicht besser als mit den Worten des Genossen Enver Hoxhas erklärt werden, warum sich das sozialistische Albanien zwangsläufig in ein kapitalistisches Albanien verwandeln musste - denn man hat ja vorher genau gewusst , was passiert, wenn man den marxistisch-leninistischen Kurs schleifen lässt, im Kampf gegen den Revisionismus nachlässt, ihn fast gänzlich einstellt, die Partei, die Arbeiterklasse und die werktätigen Massen in trügerischer Sicherheit gegenüber der revisionistischen Gefahr wiegt, das Ruder nicht mit aller Macht herumreißt und die aufgetauchten revisionistischen Erscheinungen nicht mit der Wurzel ausreißt. Aus kleinen Fehlern und Mängeln werden große Fehler und Mängel, wenn man sie nicht beseitigt. Nicht nur das: auf diese Art und Weise vollzieht sich die Evolution der Restauration des Kapitalismus unter der sich herausbildenden Führung einer neuen Bourgeoisie, wird die Diktatur des Proletariats allmählich in die Diktatur der Bourgeoisie verwandelt.



Schulungstexte der Komintern-ML

1956 - 2006

50 Jahre Kommunismus

im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus



Der internationale Kampf der Revisionisten gegen die Lehren der 5 Klassiker Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin und Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha ist der 5. Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus. Er ist nicht nur der Führer des Kampfes des Marxismus-Leninismus gegen den modernen Revisionismus, verteidigte nicht nur die Lehren des Marxismus-Leninismus siegreich gegenüber den modernen Revisionismus, sondern hob den Marxismus-Leninismus dabei auf eine höhere Stufe. Die Revisionisten beschimpften den Marxismus-Leninismus von da an als Hoxhaismus, so wie sie früher schon den Marxismus, den Leninismus, den Stalinismus beschimpft hatten. Der Name Hoxhaismus ist aber ein Ehrenname für die Marxisten-Leninisten, so wie der Marxismus, der Leninismus, der Stalinismus Ehrennamen sind, weil sie alle die Verjüngunskraft der proletarischen Weltanschauung, die Meisterung des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes, zum Ausdruck bringen. So wie die Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha den Marxismus-Leninismus auf eine neue qualitative Stufe gehoben haben, so stand die Weltbourgeoisie vor der Aufgabe, eben diese Weiterentwicklung an die bürgerliche Ideologie anzupassen, das heißt den Marxismus-Leninismus erneut einer Generalrevision unterziehen auf dem (formalen) Boden des Marxismus-Leninismus, denn der Hoxhaismus erwies sich als stärker als der moderne Revisionismus, hatte er doch alle seine Feuerproben im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus glänzend bestanden.

So wie sich der Marxismus im Kampf gegen die vormarxistischen Sozialismus entwickelte, entwickelte sich der Leninismus im Kampf gegen die bürgerliche Revision des Marxismus, der Stalinismus im Kampf gegen die bürgerliche Revision des Leninismus und der Hoxhaismus im Kampf gegen die bürgerliche Revision des Stalinismus heraus.

So wie Lenin der beste Schüler von Marx und Engels, war Stalin der beste Schüler Lenins und Enver Hoxha der beste Schüler Stalins, wobei wir unter besten Schüler eben im Wesentlichen jenes Verdienst hervorheben möchten, dass sie die Lehren ihrer Lehrer nicht nur tapfer verteidigt, sondern auch auf eine höhere qualitative Stufe gehoben haben, was eine der wichtigsten Voirbedingungen ist, durch die ein Schüler selber zum Lehrer, zum Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus heranwächst.

Die Revisionisten sagen, dass Enver Hoxha ein Stalinist war, um sich mit dieser Beschimpfung einfach aus der Affäre zu ziehen nach dem Motto: Stalinismus ist unter durch, ist entlarvt, also braucht man allem, was stalinistisch folgt, keine weitere Aufmerksamkeit mehr zuwenden. Mit anderen Worten, wenn man mit Enver Hoxha fertig werden will, bräuchte man ihn nur in die stalinistische Schublade stecken und sie zuschieben – fertig!

Nur das funktioniert nicht so einfach, denn n Wirklichkeit sind die modernen Revisionisten aus logischen Gründen dazu übergegangen, Stalin zu rehabilitieren. Dies ist zur Häutung des modernen Revisionismus unerlässlich, um dem Vorwurf zu entgehen, dass der moderne Revisionismus stalinfeindlich war. Aber bekanntlich ändert das

Das Gleiche gilt für Enver Hoxha. Für die neo-revisionistische Weltbewegung, die aus der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha, der Weltbewegung gegen den modernen Revisionismus, hervorgegangen ist, ist es unerlässlich, Enver Hoxha auf ihrem Banner zu belassen, um dem Vorwurf zu entgegehen, Enver Hoxha verraten zu haben. Aber auch dies ändert nichts am Wesen des Neo-Revisionismus, wenn man den Kampf gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus auf dem formalen Boden der Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha zu führen versucht.

Die Revisionisten benötigen die Restauration des modernen Revisionismus, um den Revisionismus am Leben zu erhalten. Die aus dem modernen Revisionismus hervorgegangenen neue revisionistischen Stimmungen, Strömungen, Richtungen, Gruppierungen und Bewegungen fassen wir im Weltmaßstab mit dem allgemeinen Begriff des Neo-Revisionismus zusammen, wobei die Entwicklung zum Neo-Revisionismus noch nicht abgeschlossen, nicht ausgereift, noch nicht als fertige Theorie angesehen werden kann, wie beispielsweise der Opportunismus der II. Internationale oder der moderne Revisionismus. Der Neo-Revisionismus kann noch nicht genauso offen auftreten, weil er dazu noch zu schwach ist. Als der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus in aller Schärfe geführt wurde, das heißt als er an der Macht war und als er seiner Niederlage entgegenging, hat sich daraus zwangsläufig die neo-revisionistische Häutung aus dem modernen Revisionismus ergeben, denn die Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha bedeuten den Sieg über den modernen Revisionismus in einem Lande. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist die Weiterentwicklung des modernen Revisionismus zum Weltrevisionismus, ist die Fortsetzung des modernen Revisionismus auf einer höheren Stufenleiter seiner Entwicklung. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist jene aus dem modernen Revisionismus hervorgegangene neueste Form des Revisionismus, die den Übergang von der Etappe des Sozialismus in „einem“ Land zur Etappe des Sozialismus in allen Ländern verhindern soll. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist also die höchste, am weitesten entwickelte und gefährlichste Form aller bisherigen Formen des Revisionismus, selbst wenn sie erst in Ansätzen sich herauszubilden beginnt. Er ist deswegen zur Zeit noch der verkappte, im Verborgenen operierende, heimliche Revisionismus.

Er befindet sich so zu sagen in einem Anfangsstadium, so wie sich der moderne Revisionismus noch in einem Anfangsstadium befand, als er während der Kominternzeit den Zerfall des Sozialismus vorbereitete und zwar solange dieser noch an der Macht war, bis dieser schließlich als offener moderner Revisionismus an die Macht gelangen konnte, um den Kapitalismus vollständig wieder herstellen zu können -

und umgekehrt bzw. weiter:

- von der fallengelassenen alten sozialistischen Hülle des vollendeten offenen modernen Revisionismus zur Regenierung vermittels seiner Häutung, also durch seine erneute Verkappung, durch seine neue Maskierung, was wir heute als „Neo- Revisionismus“ bezeichnen – und dies vollzieht sich auf einem sich dauernd fortentwickelnden revisionistischen Spiralband und zwar auf historischer Stufenleiter des real vor sich gehenden kapitalistischen Zerfallsprozesses –

oder anders ausgedrückt:

der Neo-Revisionismus ist die gegenwärtige und damit bislang höchste Stufe, der sich einander ablösenden Zerfallsstufen des Revisionismus innerhalb der gesamten Übergangsperiode des real vor sich gehenden Weges vom Kapitalismus zum Kommunismus. Neo-Revisionismus ist die Negation der Negation des modernen Revisionismus.

Die Revisionisten aus allen Ländern passen sich infolge ihrer anpassungssüchtigen, kleinbürgerlichen Natur der Weltbourgeoisie immer näher an, die Neo-Revisionisten aber passen sich ihrerseits den Revisionisten immer näher an im Interesse der `Einheitsfront gegen den Weltimperialismus`. Das Ergebnis wird wieder die Herrschaft des Revisionismus sein, denn die Kette zwischen der Politik der Revisionisten und der Politik der Neo-Revisionisten wird sich ein weiteres Mal als geschlossen erweisen.

Der Häutungsprozess des Revisionismus beginnt bereits in dem historischen Augenblick, in dem sich der illegale Revisionismus in den legalen Revisionismus gesetzmäßig umwandeln muss. Der Häutungsprozess des Revisionismus ist ein permanenter Prozess in der gesamten Periode des Überlebenskampfes des Kapitalismus, der nur im Augenblick der tatsächlich und vollständig abgeschlossenen Häutung an der Oberfläche erscheint und als historische Entwicklungsstufe sichtbar wird, aber dabei ständig die alten Zellen der bürgerlichen Ideologie weiter abstößt, um sie durch nachwachsende neue ideologische Zellen, `Theorien´, Scheinkonzepte, (bürgerliche) Sozalismen usw. usf. zu ersetzen (vorzugsweise dem Marxismus-Leninismus, der revolutionären Ideologie des aufstrebenden Weltproletariats entnommen), die alle dem gleichen Zweck dienen, nämlich die alten, reaktionären und revisionistischen Organismen gegenüber den neuen global-revolutionären, marxistisch-leninistischen Organismen der fortschreitenden Gesellschaft weiter am Leben zu erhalten.

Der Neo-Revisionismus ist jener Revisionismus, der den Leichnam des modernen Revisionismus wieder ins Leben zurückruft.

Seitdem die Tatsachen unwiderlegbar bewiesen haben, dass die Revisionisten trotz all ihrer einstigen „Schwüre auf dem weiteren Weg des Kommunismus, auf den schöpferischen Marxismus-Leninismus“ den Sozialismus tatsächlich in den Kapitalismus und den Marxismus-Leninismus tatsächlich in den Revisionismus verwandelt hatten, haben die Revisionisten ein großes Problem, sich noch als glaubwürdige „Kommunisten“ bzw. als „Marxisten-Leninisten“ zu präsentieren. Vom modernen Revisionismus nimmt heute keiner mehr das verfaulte Brot an. Damit ist aber das Problem des Revisionismus nicht vom Tisch. Im Gegenteil: Um wieder das Vertrauen in den Sozialismus aufbauen zu können, muss man diesen vollständig - und zwar radikal - vom Befall des Revisionismus säubern, der ja – wie man überall auf der Welt sehen kann - weiterhin existiert – existieren muss bei Strafe seines Unterganges. Wenn man das Vertrauen in den Sozialismus wieder herstellen will, muss man zuerst das Vertrauen in den Marxismus-Leninismus wieder herstellen und damit das Misstrauen in den Revisionismus, seinem ärgsten Feind in den eigenen Reihen, in den Reihen der revolutionären Arbeiterbewegung auf der ganzen Welt. Das ist jetzt die vordringliche und zentrale Aufgabe der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung und ihrer Weltpartei, die Komintern / ML.

Die Krise des Kapitalismus ist mit der Krise des Revisionismus dialektisch unzertrennlich verbunden bis in ihren gemeinsamen Tod. Was bedeutet aber der Zerfall des modernen Revisionismus an der Macht ? Bedeutet das etwa, dass wir den Revisionismus besiegt haben, kann sich die Arbeiterklasse auf die Schulter klopfen „weil dem Kapitalismus die mächtige Waffe des modernen Revisionismus aus der Hand geschlagen und nunmehr die Diktatur des Proletariats wieder auf seinen Trümmern errichtet wurde?“ Natürlich nichts von alledem. Aus Sozialismus wurde Kapitalismus und der moderne Revisionismus hat hierbei seine historische Schuldigkeit getan.

Wenn die Restauration des Kapitalismus abgeschlossen ist, wenn der Sozialismus, wenn die Arbeitermacht, beseitigt ist, dann braucht die Bourgeoisie halt nicht mehr die veraltete Ideologie des modernen Revisionismus, dann lässt sie die sozialistischen Hüllen fallen. Da der Sozialismus aber den Kapitalismus gesetzmäßig ablösen muss, ist die Bourgeoisie gezwungen, zu neuen Formen des Revisionismus zu greifen, um die ausgebeuteten Klassen, um die werktätigen Massen erneut zu betrügen, um sie von der Fortsetzung ihres revolutionären, ihres vorbestimmten, sozialistischen Weg erneut abzuhalten. Der Neo-Revisionismus leugnet ja nicht die Kritik am Revisionismus an sich. Der springende Punkt ist folgender: Mit der Beseitigung der veralteten Form des modernen Revisionismus wurde ja überhaupt nicht die Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus beseitigt, denn im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus haben wir weder den Kapitalismus , noch haben wir die Bourgeoisie beseitigt. Nicht nur die Überwindung dieses oder jenen Revisionismus, sondern vor allem und überhaupt die Überwindung der Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus ist das eigentliche Ziel, das wir mit unserer Kritik am Revisionismus verfolgen und von der sich die marxistisch-leninistische Kritik am Revisionismus von jeder anderen Revisionismus-Kritik grundlegend unterscheidet. Darüber sollte man eine Weile nachdenken, um sich darüber wirklich bewusst zu werden. Um die Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus zu beseitigen, muss man nämlich den Weltkapitalismus beseitigen, der ihn stets aufs Neue erzeugt- und genau das versuchen die Revisionisten bekanntlich zu verhindern: Kampf gegen diesen oder jenen Revisionismus, ja – Kampf gegen die Unvermeidbarkeit des Revisionismus, nein – das ist die bürgerliche, die revisionistische Auffassung vom Kampf gegen den Revisionismus, eine Revisionismus-Kritik, die dem Revisionismus durchaus nicht schadet, im Gegenteil, ihn weiter bringt. Im Grunde genommen ist der Neo-Revisionismus die Revision der marxistisch-leninistischen Kritik am modernen Revisionismus unter den gegenwärtigen historischen Bedingungen. Der Kampf der bürgerlichen Auffassungen gegen die marxistisch-leninistischen Auffassungen vom Revisionismus dauert an und welche über wen siegt, ist noch nicht entschieden. Das muss weiter ausgefochten werden. Bolschewistische Kritik am Revisionismus besteht in dem Nachweis seiner kapitalistischen Wurzeln und im Aufzeigen der Beseitigung des Revisionismus mit samt seinen kapitalistischen Wurzeln.

Die Konterrevolution hatte über den Sozialismus gesiegt. So konnte diese sich in die materielle Lage versetzen, zu neuen Formen des Revisionismus zu greifen, um ihre Macht vor der erneuten sozialistischen Revolution zu schützen. Die neu entstandenen revisionistischen Parteien, Gruppen und Organisationen in den ehemaligen revisionistischen Ländern sind dafür lebendiger Beweis. Gegen sie, wie gegen alle anderen weiter existierenden und neu geschaffenen revisionistischen Parteien, Gruppen und Organisationen auf der ganzen Welt geht unser anti-revisionistischer Kampf also unvermindert weiter und zwar auf höherer Stufe. Nur kämpfen wir nicht etwa gegen eine alte, fallen gelassene Hülle, nicht wie früher gegen den alten, aus der Mode gekommenen modernen Revisionismus, sondern gegen einen neuen, gehäuteten Revisionismus, dem wir, die Komintern / ML, eben den Begriff Neo-Revisionismus gegeben haben. Die Revisionisten trennen undialektisch Form und Inhalt der Kritik am Revisionismus, stellen beide undialektisch gegeneinander, ersetzen ihren Inhalt durch ihre Form usw. usf.. Der dialektische Materialismus erkennt den Relativismus unserer Revisionismus-Kritik an, aber er reduziert sich nicht auf ihn wie die Revisionisten das tun. Relative und absolute Kritik am Revisionismus schließen sich bei den Revisionisten aus. Die Annäherung unserer Erkenntnis über das absolute Wesen des Revisionismus ist zwar relativ, aber das ist geschichtlich bedingt. Es handelt sich bei der absoluten Kritik am Revisionismus philosophisch gesprochen um die absolute Übereinstimmung zwischen dem den Revisionismus widerspiegelnden anti-revisionistischen Bewusstsein und dem vom anti-revisionistischen Bewusstsein widergespiegelten Revisionismus und darum, dass wir dieser Übereinstimmung relativ näher kommen je nach den historischen Umständen und Veränderungen, denen die Entwicklung des Revisionismus unterworfen ist. Dies mit „dogmatischer“ Kritik am Revisionismus abzutun, ist eine altbekannte revisionistische Schimpfkanonade, die auf die dialektischen Materialisten schon über hundert Jahre lang vergeblich abgefeuert worden ist. Dem ideologischen Druck der Bourgeoisie, wir Marxisten-Leninisten seien „Dogmatiker“, reine „Theoretiker“, „Studierstubengelehrte“, „praxisfremd“ und „von der Arbeiterklasse abgehoben“ usw. usf, darf uns nicht dazu verleiten, diesem Druck weder nach „links“ noch nach rechts nachzugeben und auf eine wissenschaftlich ausgearbeitete und fundierte Kritik am Revisionismus zu verzichten oder uns sogar von der sozialistischen Wissenschaft zu entfremden und loszulösen. Das würde zur Liquidierung des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes führen, was ja beabsichtigt ist von der Bourgeoisie und wo sie uns mit allen Tricks hin haben will. Der Marxismus-Leninismus lehrt klar und deutlich: „Ohne anti-revisionistische Theorie keine anti-revisionistische Praxis.“ Diese richtige These ist heute auf den Neo-Revisionismus unbedingt anzuwenden, wenn sie nicht erneut zur hohlen Phrase verkommen soll.

Wer heute einseitig die Aufmerksamkeit weiter auf den Kampf gegen den veralteten, modernen Revisionismus lenkt und die Häutung des Revisionismus leugnet, macht sich – ob er nun will oder nicht – schuldig gegenüber dem Aufkommen des Neo-Revisionismus, gibt dem Kapitalismus eine Atempause und verlängert damit künstlich dessen Leben. So ein veralteter „anti-revisionistischer Kampf“ ist nicht revolutionär, sondern konterrevolutionär, muss entlarvt und verurteilt werden und verdient unsere ganze Verachtung.

Wir Marxisten-Leninisten haben zwar den Beweis erbracht, dass wir das letzte Bollwerk gegen den modernen Revisionismus für lange Zeit verteidigen konnten, dass der moderne Revisionismus an Albanien jahrzehntelang abgeprallt ist und es der Bourgeoisie in jener Zeit unmöglich war, die albanische Festung von innen zu nehmen solange Albanien auf marxistisch-leninistischem Kurs war. Aber wir Kommunisten in der ganzen Welt haben dabei auch Fehler gemacht, nicht nur die albanischen Kommunisten. Wir hätten den Kommunismus in Albanien noch weitere Zeit schützen können (und selbst wenn wir das letzte sozialistische Land nicht hätten retten können ! ), hätten wir wenigstens die PAA, die marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien in der Welt, die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung vor dem Eindringen des Revisionismus schützen müssen, hätten wir auch in der uns aufgezwungenen Illegalität am Marxismus-Leninismus weiterhin festhalten und uns als Minderheit weiter entwickeln müssen. Hier liegt genau unser schwächster Punkt, denn nun müssen wir erst mühselig alles wieder von vorne aufbauen und logischerweise nur von sauberen, marxistisch-leninistischen Positionen aus – das hat uns zusätzlich enorme Kraft und Zeit gekostet, hat uns zusätzlich zurückgeworfen, uns aber auch eine Chance für einen sauberen Neuanfang gegeben, die es jetzt zu nutzen gilt !

Mit der sozialistischen Weltrevolution wäre das überhaupt kein Problem gewesen, aber ohne diese kann kein sozialistisches Land für immer ganz allein dem imperialistisch-revisionistischen Druck standhalten. Das haben wir oft genug betont. Eine sozialistische Weltrevolution hätte dem albanischen Sozialismus aber schwerlich zur Hilfe eilen können, denn das Weltproletariat und die kommunistische Weltbewegung waren seinerzeit nicht nur vom modernen Revisionismus viel zu sehr geschwächt als dass dies hätte klappen können. Einen wirklichen historischen Beweis für die Verwandlung des Prozesses der Restauration des Kapitalismus in die Restauration des Sozialismus haben wir bislang noch nicht vollbringen können und es sieht ganz so aus, als wenn die letzten revisionistischen Länder jetzt die Hüllen gänzlich fallen lassen und sich der moderne Revisionismus häutet, so wie das in allen anderen Ländern bereits passiert ist. Wir haben es weder geschafft, ein sozialistisches Land vor der Restauration des Kapitalismus zu bewahren, noch den Sozialismus durch die erneute sozialistische Revolution mit einem Sturz der neu entstandenen Bourgeoisie zurückzuerobern. Nicht die Arbeitermacht hat die Revisionisten an der Macht revolutionär beseitigt, sondern die Bourgeosie hat die alte Form des modernen Revisionismus gänzlich abgestreift, weil sie eben nur noch hinderlich war für ihre Herrschaft! Für die Aufrechterhaltung ihrer neuen Herrschaft schafft sie sich auch neue Formen des Revisionismus.

Solange der Kapitalismus noch nicht untergegangen ist, ist auch der Revisionismus noch nicht untergegangen, versucht er zwangsläufig weiter, den Kapitalismus zu retten, das ist sein Schicksal, an dem er zu Grunde gehen wird. Also musste er nach neuen Wegen und Mitteln suchen, um die Glaubwürdigkeit des Revisionismus wieder herzustellen.

Es blieb hierbei nicht aus, dass mehrgleisig verfahren wird, dass es heute zum Beispiel nicht wenige unter den alten und neuen Revisionisten gibt, die einfach am alten modernen Revisionismus festhalten, diesen nach wie vor als den „richtigen sozialistischen Weg“ verteidigen („Schuld sei nur der kapitalistische Druck von außen gewesen, dem man nicht hätte nachgeben dürfen!“ - wobei es angeblich unterschiedliche politische Auffassungen der Abstufungen des „Nicht-Nachgebens“ gab und gibt!), vor allem jene Revisionisten, die unter der Herrschaft des Revisionismus nicht schlecht gelebt hatten. Auch unter den Revisionisten an der Macht gab es Gewinner und Verlierer. Nicht die ganze Bourgeoisie der alten revisionistischen Länder profierte vom Fallenlassen der Hüllen. Die Bourgeoisie ist nicht einheitlich, es gibt Widersprüche und Kämpfe innerhalb der bürgerlichen Klasse und es gibt Klassen und Schichten der privilegierten Klassen, die ins Proletariat abstürzen und dort ihre alten Vorstellungen vom modernen Revisionismus wieder aufzuwärmen versuchen, die das Proletariat entsprechend beeinflussen. So gibt es solche Vertreter, die an alle Kräfte appellieren, die der Meinung sind, dass es dem Volk unter der einstigen revisionistischer Herrschaft „besser“ gegangen sei, als unter der heutigen Herrschaft des Weltkapitals. Die Revisionisten sehnen sich natürlich nach den alten privilegierten Zeiten zurück, wo sie noch mit der roten Fahne in der Hand die Arbeiter und Bauern an der Nase herumführen und sie nach Herzenslust ausbeuten und unterdrücken konnten, ohne dass sie den heraus gepressten Profit mit dem Westen teilen oder diesen gegen ein kleines Entgelt an ihn weiterleiten mussten wie heute. Sie kämpfen für nichts anderes, als dass das alte revisionistische System seine Macht zurück erobert und seine Wiedergeburt erlebt, damit sie ihre Taschen wie früher füllen können. Nun gibt es unter ihnen verschiedene Strömungen, die aber alle einig sind, dass der Revisionismus seine Macht eigentlich nur durch den Druck des westlichen Kapitals (also von außen und nicht von innen und außen) verloren habe. Die einen meinen, dass es Gorbatschow und schließlich Jelzin waren, die diesem Druck nachgegeben hätten, ansonsten könnte alles beim Alten bleiben, würde die Sache wieder in Ordnung kommen. Andere meinen, dass es vorher schon Breschnew und Chruschtschow waren, die mit ihren Zugeständnissen an den Westen zur Misere beigetragen haben. Mit einem Neo-Chruschtschowismus und einem Neo-Breschnewismus könne man einige Schönheitsoperationen vornehmen, um die Sache wieder einzuränken. Und wiederum gibt es solche Revisionisten, die sogar den Genossen Stalin bemühen, um ihren neuen bürgerlichen Sozialismus aufbauen zu können, denn der hat dem Westen schließlich gehörig auf die Finger gehauen und da ging noch nicht alles „drunter und drüber“, da „herrschte noch Ordnung und Diszipülin“. Man müsse den Marxismus-Leninismus nur entsprechend „reformieren“, um ihn wieder für einen neuen bürgerlichen Sozialismus „tauglich“ zu machen. Wieder andere sind der Meinung, man bräuchte Lenin und Stalin nur noch vom Marx und Engels abkoppeln, um ein neues russisches eurasisches Weltreich aus dem Boden zu stampfen. Und schließlich gibt es auch solche revisionistischen Kräfte, die sich auf alle alten Führer des modernen Revisionismus (als vereinigte Kraft) stützen würden (minus der von ihnen gemachten Fehler natürlich) – hauptsächlich wieder auf alte Weise – also konservativer Revisionismus. Manche stellen sich eine Art Sozialismus vor, wo Kapitalisten und Arbeiter auf ihre eigenen Klasseninteressen verzichten, einen „klassenlosen Kapitalismus“ usw. usf.. So könnten wir hier stundenlang weiter machen, denn es gibt heute unzählige verschiedene anti-marxistuich.-leninistische Strömungen, die wir hier unmöglich alle aufzählen, geschweige denn näher betrachten können. Es gibt heute also mehr revisionistische Strömungen als je zu vor, aber im Grunde wollen sie alle den Kapitalismus, allerdings am liebsten einen, der vom westlichen Kapitalismus unabhängig ist, einen „anti-imperialistischen Kapitalismus“, einen „anti-amerikanischen Kapitalismus“, einen Kapitalismus „ohne Weltherrschaft“, einen „dezentralisierten Kapitalismus“, einen „kontrollierten, gemäßigten“ Kapitalismus“, alles, was sich von der herrschenden Form des Kapitalismus abgrenzt usw. usf.. Die neuen Revisionisten kritisieren ihre alten revisionistischen Führer also nicht deswegen, weil sie den kapitalistischen Weg gegangen sind, sondern weil sie den neu aufgebauten Kapitalismus an den alten Kapitalismus des Westens verloren glauben. Sie wollen einen reformierten Kapitalismus. Sie wollen den nationalen, bürgerlichen Sozialismus zurück und weder einen zukünftigen globalisierten, also proletarischen Weltsozialismus noch den gegenwärtigen globalisierten Weltkapitalismus ( zumindest keinen mehr mit westlich-imperialistischer Prägung und Hegemonie).

Nur weiß die Bourgeoisie natürlich ganz genau, dass sie ihre alten Träume nicht ohne die Arbeiterklasse und die anderen unterdrückten Klassen verwirklichen kann. Eben deswegen will und kann sie nicht auf ein „arbeiterfreundliches“ Mäntelchen verzichten, weil die Arbeiterklasse letztendlich die einzige Klasse ist, die ihr die Kohlen aus dem Feuer holen kann. Jede untergehende Klasse hat stets versucht, ihrem Untergang dadurch zu entkommen und ihren Kopf aus der Schlinge zu ziehen, indem sie die aufstrebende Klasse hierfür einspannt, und das mit allen ihr dafür zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln, also auch mit den Mitteln der ideologischen Indoktrination. Man musste dabei nur sicher stellen, dass die aufstrebende Klasse ihre eigenen Interessen an die Interessen der untergehenden Klasse bindet „zum gemeinsamen Wohl aller“ also auch zum Wohl der untergehenden Klasse. Seit 100 Jahren bedient sich die Bourgeoisie ihres Einflusses auf die proletarischen revolutionären Organisationen, insbesondere ihrer Partei. Selbst da, wo es keine gibt, werden bis auf den heutigen Tag immer neue „marxistisch-leninistische“, „bolschewistische“, „stalinistische“, „hoxhaistische“ Parteien usw. usf.. künstlich am Leben gehalten, um sie als Sammelbecken, als Auffanglager für „versprengte“ Marxisten-Leninisten anzubieten. Die Ziel dieser simplen Taktik ist ganz leicht zu erklären: Wenn sich die Bourgeoisie nun mal mit den Revolutionären auseinanderzusetzen hat, dann bitte schön in ihren eigens hierfür eingerichteten Auffangbecken. Mit einem Marxisten-Leninisten, der in einer von der Bourgeoisie getarnten „revolutionären“ Organisation aktiv ist, kann man leichter fertig werden, denn man kontrolliert ja diese „Organisation“. Das ist viel besser, als wenn die Bourgeoisie selber keinerlei getarnte „Organisationen anbieten kann“. Denn das würde bedeuten, dass sich die Marxisten-Leninisten selber ihre Partei aufbauen, was man schließlich vermeiden will, denn die lässt sich nicht so einfach von außen und innen manipulieren, insbesondere wenn sie illegal arbeitet und es dadurch um so schwerer ist, in sie einzudringen bzw in ihr Zersetzungsarbeit zu betreiben. Die Bourgeoisie weiß aus hundertfacher Erfahrung ganz genau, was passieren wird, wenn sie die revolutionären Organisationen vollständig zerschlägt. Dies wird mit allergrößter Wahrscheinlichkeit dazu führen, dass wieder eine neue, diesmal stärkere, wahrhaft marxistisch-leninistische Partei entsteht. Die Frage, ob die Bourgeoisie die kommunistischen Organisationen zerschlägt oder bestehen lässt, hängt natürlich von den gegebenen Machtverhältnissen und den jeweiligen Bedingungen des Klassenkampfes ab. Die Bourgeoisie „zerschlägt“ aus taktischen Gründen sogar ihre eigenen, selber gegründeten „bolschewistischen“ Parteien, wenn sie mit diesen verkappten Parteien die Kommunisten täuschen kann, wenn sie damit den Eindruck erwecken kann, dass es sich „tatsächlich“ um eine wirkliche „bolschewistische“ Partei handeln müsse, sonst würde sie ja schließlich nicht von der Bourgeoisie „attackiert“ oder sogar „liquidiert“ worden sein. Um die Marxisten-Leninisten zu täuschen, lässt sich die Bourgeoisie den Aufbau verschiedenster Scheinorganisationen einiges kosten. Und doch zahlt es sich für sie hundert Mal aus. Die Taktik des ständigen Aufbaus und der ständigen Spaltung, Auflösung verschiedenster Organisationen usw. wird gezielt angewendet, um die Revolutionäre zu zermürben, ihre Kräfte zu zersplittern und den Aufbau einer wirklich schlagkräftigen Kampfpartei des revolutionären Proletariats mit Massencharakter zu erschweren und zu verhindern. Dies wäre äußerst gefährlich, weswegen im Vorfeld die Anwendung der „präventiven Taktik“ für die Bourgeoisie unverzichtbar ist. Als nach dem 20. Parteitag der KPdSU eine Reihe neuer revisionistischer Parteien auf deren Kurs heranwuchsen, als sie von der Bourgeoisie legal anerkannt wurden, und nachdem die alten kommunistischen Parteien ihre kommunistischen Ideale aufgaben, als der Revisionismus immer offener wurde, da konnte die Bourgeoisie nicht verhindern, dass sich daraus nicht nur neue marxistisch-leninistische Parteien zur Abgrenzung herausbildeten, um die kommunistischen Ideale zu beschützen, sondern dass daraus auch eine starke marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung entstand. Daraus hat die Bourgeoisie Konsequenzen gezogen, und aus diesem Grund unterhält die Bourgeoisie also nicht nur ihre verschiedensten offenen revisionistischen Organisationen mit ihren verschiedenen Spielarten, sondern auch ihre eigenen verschiedenen „marxistisch-leninistischen“ Organisationen mit dem Markenzeichen der „Prinzipienfestigkeit“, mit dem Markenzeichen des „konsequenten Anti-Revisionismus“, mit dem Namen „Stalin“, „Enver Hoxha“ usw. usf, eben um diejenigen unter Kontrolle zu halten, die den Marsch in den Sumpf des Opportunismus, in den Revisionismus, nicht mitmachen wollen und sich hartnäckig dagegen wehren. Solche Organisationen der Bourgeoisie nennen wir neo-revisionistische Organisationen. Und wir können unsererseits nicht darauf verzichten, sie uns vom Leibe zu halten, weil wir sonst unfähig sind, unsere eigene marxistisch-leninistische Partei selber aufzubauen. Heute kann man keine wahrhaft bolschewistische Partei aufbauen, wenn man nicht den Neo-Revisionismus bekämpft. Das ist also unbedingt und absolut notwendig. Wer sich hartnäckig weigert, den Neo-Revisionismus zu bekämpfen, kann nicht zu uns gehören, hat in unseren Reihen nichts zu suchen, wird gefeuert! Nur ein Bruch mit der alten marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, die den Weg des Neo-Revisionismus gegangen ist, kann uns neue revolutionäre Arbeiter zuführen, die treu am Marxismus-Leninismus und am proletarischen Internationalismus, an den Idealen des Kommunismus festhalten wollen.

Der einfachste Weg, den Revisionismus wieder salonfähig zu machen, um der neuerlichen Gefahr der Renaissance des Sozialismus Herr zu werden, war es, genauso vorzugehen wie einst die modernen Revisionisten ihrerseits vorgingen, nämlich damals gaben sie sich als „treue Anti-Revisionisten“ aus, um als verkappte Agenten der Bourgeoisie auf den Zug des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes der Marxisten-Leninisten zu springen, um diesen auf wiederholte Weise selber zum Halten zu bringen. Als die Komintern gegründet wurde, war es zum Beispiel unvermeidlich, dass sich verkappte Ableger der II. Internationale mit einschleusten. Deren Einfluss hat sich bis auf den Tag der Auflösung der Komintern halten können. Aus der Komintern heraus konnten diese Einflüsse dann auch noch weiter in die einzelnen Parteien gegeben werden, wo dann die revisionistische Saat nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg immer mehr aufging. Das ging für die Bourgeoisie damals gut, aber die wahren Marxisten-Leninisten sind heute wachsamer, haben aus diesem Betrugsmanöver gelernt, haben es durchschaut und sind nunmehr zum Angriff übergegangen, indem sie die Komintern / ML gegründet haben, um dem Ziehen der Trennungslinie zum Neo-Revisionismus die dafür notwendige richtige internationale, organisatorische Gestalt zu geben. Die Komintern / ML ist ein Produkt des Kampfes gegen den Neo-Revisionismus.

Wenn sich das ehemalige Zentrum des modernen Revisionismus in Russland aufgelöst hat, so ist doch die Frage, welches Zentrum an seine Stelle getreten ist oder ob denn überhaupt noch ein neues Zentrum – jedenfalls in der alten Form – wieder am Entstehen ist. Wir können feststellen, dass es so ein Zentrum zur Zeit nicht mehr gibt und auch so nicht mehr geben wird (obwohl die einen oder anderen sich noch an diesen oder jenen Strohhalm krampfhaft festzuhalten versuchen!). Selbst dort, wo noch am modernen Revisionismus festgehalten wird, wo er noch an der Macht ist, stehen die Chancen, dass dort ein neues internationales Zentrum des modernen Revisionismus entsteht , denkbar schlecht, denn der moderne Revisionismus an der Macht hat nicht nur in diesem oder jenen Land total abgewirtschaftet, sondern sein Zerfall ist bekanntlich eine internationale Erscheinung . Bis das letzte Lichtlein des modernen Revisionismus an der Macht ausgehaucht ist, – das ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit. Bei den einen Ländern ging die revisionistische Macht kooperativ mit einem „shake hands“ in den offenen Kapitalismus über; in anderen Ländern gab es Bürgerkriege und demokratische Revolutionen gegen die sozialfaschistische Diktatur, die nicht freiwillig weichen wollte, Revolutionen, die letztlich dem Weltkapitalismus den Weg öffneten, anstatt den Sozialismus wieder herzustellen; wieder in anderen Ländern geht der Revisionismus an der Macht mit einem in Szene gesetzten „strahlenden Glanz mit seinen alten, treuen Führern und deren tapferen Kampfgefährten“ unter, wird der Sarg mit pompösen „kommunistischen Heldengesängen“ zu Grabe getragen, wird das heuchlerische Lied des „Kampfes gegen den USA-Imperialismus bis in den Tod“ angestimmt“, während der moderne Revisionismus mit einem „sozialistischen“ Heiligenschein in die kapitalistische Hölle hinuntersaust, wo der moderne Revisionismus stirbt, aber seine Legende lebt – Länder, in denen der moderne Revisionismus doch noch den „Märtyrertod“ stirbt.

Aber, wie wir stets betont haben, ist der Revisionismus nicht gestorben, solange der Kapitalismus nicht gestorben ist. Was am Revisionismus abstirbt, ist lediglich seine Hülle, nicht sein ganzer Organismus, und wir bekämpfen nicht das, was abgestorben ist, sondern das, was sich neu häutet. Es ist der revisionistische Häutungsprozess, in dessen Verlauf eine neue Haut heranwächst und die alte abgestreift wird. Es entsteht ein neuer bunter Schmetterling als Hoffnungsträger des „Sozialismus“, der noch schöner anzuschauen ist als der vorangegangene, reizvoll genug jedenfalls, um den Betrachter erneut zu locken und in den Bann zu ziehen und statt in den blauen Himmel in die Hölle zu fliegen. Der Inhalt ist der gleiche Mist geblieben, nur die Mogelpackung ist neu. Der Neo- Revisionismus ist eben so eine neue Mogelpackung, um den alten modernen Revisionismus wieder an den Mann zu bringen. Die Marxisten-Leninisten dürfen sich heute nicht der Illusion hingeben, dass mit dem Kampf gegen den Revisionismus an der Macht der Kampf des Revisionismus überhaupt beendet sei, dass man den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus einstellen könne, wenn das letzte sozialistische Land, Albanien, in ein kapitalistisches Land verwandelt worden sei. Die Wahrheit ist doch die, dass den Revisionisten gesetzmäßig gar nichts anderes übrig bleibt als ihre Lakaienrolle für den Weltimperialismus weiter zu spielen, eben um den Marxismus-Leninismus zu zerschlagen.

Die Bourgeoisie setzt sowohl den

offenen als auch den verkappten Revisionismus

als ideologische Waffe gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus ein. Was hat es damit auf sich? Die Bourgeoisie würde natürlich am liebsten ohne Revisionismus auskommen, aber das ginge nur unter der Voraussetzung, wenn die Unvermeidbarkeit des Marxismus-Leninismus beseitigt werden könnte. Das ist aber für die untergehende Weltbourgeoisie unmöglich, denn er ist schließlich die Ideologie der aufstrebenden Klasse und die kann die Bourgeoisie nicht beseitigen, ganz einfach, weil sie ohne Weltproletariat nicht überleben kann, die Arbeiterklasse wohl aber ohne Bourgeoisie. Wenn die Bourgeoisie also schon nicht die Ideologie der Arbeiterklasse beseitigen kann, so versucht sie diese wenigstens zu unterlaufen, sie der Arbeiterklasse zu entfremden, sie als „klassenfremde“ Ideologie abzustoßen. Das geht nicht auf einen Schlag, sondern nur schrittweise, deswegen also erst der verkappte und dann der offene Revisionismus in zwei taktischen Schritten. Dem Wesen nach handelt es sich selbstverständlich um ein und dieselbe Sache. Würde die Bourgeoisie gleich mit dem offenen Revisionismus loslegen, dann wäre das all zu leicht zu durchschauen. Dort wo der marxistisch-leninistische Einfluss vorherrscht, wo er eine Mehrheit bildet, wo er an der Macht ist, wo die Massen hinter ihm stehen, wo sein Einfluss überwiegt usw. usf., da wo der Revisionismus durchschaubar ist, können die Revisionisten noch nicht offen auftreten. Da müssen sie ihren Revisionismus hinter einer marxistisch-leninistischen Maske verbergen, um nicht erkannt zu werden – denn wären sie erst mal draußen, wäre es viel schwieriger, wieder in die marxistisch-leninistische Bewegung einzudringen, könnten sie von innen heraus nicht mehr agieren. - deswegen verkappter Revisionismus. Erst allmählich können sich die Revisionisten aus ihren Rattenlöchern herauswagen, denn sie müssen ständig auf der Hut sein, um nicht enttarnt zu werden. Erst wenn sie sich sicher sein können, dass sich ihr revisionistischer Einfluss genügend ausgebreitet hat, wenn sie die Mehrheit erobert haben, wenn sie die Marxisten-Leninisten isoliert und kalt gestellt haben, weil diese angeblich den Marxismus-Leninismus „verraten“ haben usw. usf., wenn sie die Macht in Händen halten, erst dann können sie ihre revisionistischen Ansichten offen und unbehelligt verbreiten, denn sie verfügen nunmehr über die Herrschaftsinstrumente, um jeden Marxisten-Leninisten, der den offenen Revisionismus bekämpft, an die Wand zu stellen oder unschädlich zu machen. Ein Marxist-Leninist der das revisionistische System angreift, greift ja ein System an, dass sich als „sozialistisches“ System tarnt. In den Augen der revisionistischen Herrscher greift ein Marxist-Leninist ja ein „sozialistisches“ System an, verstößt er gegen die Gesetze der „sozialistischen Gesellschaft“, ist es also viel schwieriger für den Sozialismus zu kämpfen als in jedem anderen Herrschaftssystem. Wie schwierig es tatsächlich war, eine sozialistische Revolution in einem offen revisionistischen Land durchzuführen, das hat die Geschichte gezeigt. Obwohl die Arbeiterklasse bereits an der Macht war, scheiterte sie daran, ihre Macht zurück zu erobern, nachdem die modernen Revisionisten ihr diese geraubt hatten – während die Oktoberrevolution über den Revisionismus der ganzen II. Internationale siegte. Die modernen Revisionisten konnten sich der Herrschaftsinstrumente der Arbeiterklasse an der Macht bedienen, was die alten Revisionisten damals noch nicht konnten. Bevor der moderne Revisionismus im Sozialismus an die Macht gelangte, war er als bürgerliche Ideologie genauso lange ein verkappter Revisionismus, wie die Diktatur des Proletariats noch herrschte.

Die offenen Revisionisten versuchten, den Marxismus-Leninismus für „Dogmatismus“ auszugeben und damit den Marxismus-Leninismus in Misskredit zu bringen. Die verkappten Revisionisten sind deshalb gefährlicher, weil sie versuchen, den Revisionismus für „Marxismus-Leninismus“ auszugeben und so der Arbeiterklasse die feindlichen, konterrevolutionären Ideen als revolutionäre, proletarische Ideen einzuschmuggeln.

In der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, die sich gezielt auf den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus gerichtet hatte, war es für die Revisionisten auch nicht anders möglich als die Taktik des verkappten Revisionismus anzuwenden, denn offen revisionistische Positionen wären sofort durchschaut worden. In verkappter Form war es dem Revisionismus natürlich leichter, in die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung einzudringen. Hier musste sich die Bourgeoisie die Maske des „Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus“ aufsetzen, um unerkannt Zersetzungsarbeit zu betreiben. Erst nach dem Tod des Genossen Enver Hoxha, nach dem Sturz der Diktatur des Proletariats in Albanien war es möglich, die Maske etwas herunter zu lassen, gelang es, immer mehr revisionistischen Einfluss auf die geschwächte marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung auszuüben. Bereits auf der Konferenz in Quito wurde offen sichtbar, dass der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus seine alte Bedeutung eingebüßt hatte, dass man sich vom prinzipienfesten marxistisch-leninistischen Standpunkt entfernt hatte. Man öffnete dem Revisionismus schließlich eine Tür nach dem anderen mit den bekannten Folgen. Von Marxismus-Leninismus, von sozialistischer Revolution, von Kommunismus ist nur noch wenig zu hören und zu sehen. Jede politische Richtung, die heute die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha mit Schweigen übergeht oder sie entstellt, steht im Widerspruch zum proletarischen Internationalismus, zur proletarischen Revolution und zur Diktatur des Proletariats, richtet sich gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus, schüttet Wasser auf die Mühlen der Revisionisten. Die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung ist allmählich revisionistisch entartet, hat den Kampf gegen den Revisionismus fast gänzlich eingestellt und vertritt heute sogar eine immer offenere revisionistische Linie. Wenn die Komintern / ML dies vom marxistisch-leninistischen Standpunkt aus verurteilt und den Weg der ehemaligen marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung in die Entartung kritisiert, werden es die Revisionisten nicht unversucht lassen, auch die Komintern / ML umzukrempeln und die Taktik vom verkappten zum offenen Revisionismus anzuwenden. Mit dem verkappten Revisionismus wird jetzt versucht, die Reorganisierung der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltkräfte zu unterwandern, die neu entstehende hoxhaistische Weltbewegung vom marxistisch-leninistischen Weg gegen den Neo-Revisionismus abzubringen und in die Entartung, in den offenen Revisionismus zu treiben. Die Taktik des Revisionismus ist klar: vom verkappten zum offenen Revisionismus und umgekehrt - auf einer immer höheren Stufenleiter ! Ins Gewand des anti-neo-revisionistischen Kampfes zu schlüpfen, das Deckmäntelchen des Kampfes gegen den neu entstehenden Weltrevisionismus überziehen – dies zu entlarven, das sind dann die Zukunfstformen des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes, mit denen sich dann die zukünftige nachrückenden Marxisten-Leninisten auseinanderzusetzen haben. So weit dazu.

Welcher Revisionismus, welche seiner Spielarten, ist am schwierigsten zu durchschauen ? Am schwersten zu durchschauen sind immer die verkappten Spielarten, weil diese sich links, das heißt revolutionär ausgeben. Man darf das aber auf gar keinen Fall mit der Frage nach der Hauptgefahr verwechseln.

Der offene Revisionismus, der die Arbeitermassen sofort von sich abstößt, ist stumpf. Der so genannte „Mittelweg“ hingegen, das ist der Weg, wo du als Marxist-Leninist am ehesten ins Rutschen kommst. Die Revisionisten versuchen dich mit Vorliebe an die Schmerzgrenze des noch Aushaltbaren, Verträglichen, des noch Tolerierbaren, des noch im positiven Bereich Liegenden zu bringen, denn dort bildet sich über dem festen marxistisch-leninistische Boden ein angetauter Feuchtigkeitsfilm auf dem Eis. In diesem Aggregatzustand, wo sich die bürgerliche Ideologie ganz leicht wie eine dünne Schmierschicht über die marxistisch-leninistische Ideologie schiebt, da ist es am aller gefährlichsten, denn da kann man am leichtesten auf dem Glatteis ausrutschen und sich das Genick brechen. Das ist der Aggregatzustand des Revisionismus, den wir vom Wetterbericht her als „überfrorene Nässe“ kennen. Die Versöhnler sind dabei diejenigen, die rufen: „lasst uns gegenseitig bei der Hand nehmen und uns zusammen festhalten, damit keiner von uns ausrutscht!“ - aber sie tun das in Wirklichkeit nur, um dich Marxisten-Leninisten durch das Festhalten auch noch von allen anderen Abweichlern und Opportunisten um so leichter zu Fall zu bringen und um so härter zu Boden zu stürzen. Auch das Aufstehen wird erschwert, weil sich alle an dir festzuhalten versuchen und nicht loslassen wollen.

Opportunisten, die diesen halsbrecherischen Mittelweg als den idealen, als den sichersten, den pragmatischen, nach allen Seiten offensten Weg theoretisch aufbereiten, nennt man bei den Marxisten-Leninisten „Mädchen für alle!“ - so wie man einst Kautsky treffend titulierte.

Am gefährlichsten ist immer die revisionistische Spielart, die wir unterschätzen, weil sie sich am besten getarnt hat, die nicht unsere Aufmerksamkeit und unser Misstrauen geweckt hat, deren Entwicklung wir mehr oder weniger tatenlos zugesehen haben, die wir nicht richtig und nicht umfassend genug bekämpft haben, die uns am meisten die Hölle heiß macht, uns am empfindlichsten Nerv trifft, die uns am meisten daran hindert, den Klassenkampf so zu führen, wie es am notwendigsten ist, die es dem Klassenfeind am leichtesten macht, in unsere Festung einzudringen und sie von innen zu nehmen. Nun, um unsere Festung ist es momentan nicht gut bestellt. Man kann nicht in eine Festung eindringen, die noch gar nicht wieder aufgebaut ist !! Solange wir damit beschäftigt sind, diese wieder zu errichten, werden die Revisionisten ihr Hauptaugenmerk darauf legen, eben diesen Regenerationsprozess der revolutionären Kräfte zu schwächen. Um sich zu regenerieren, brauchen die revolutionären Kräfte erst einmal wieder eine neue Perspektive, eine klare ideologische und politische Linie, insbesondere eine neue anti-revisionistische Perspektive, eine klare Linie in der Frage des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes. Hier setzt das Verwirrspiel der Revisionisten ein. Sie versuchen bewusst falsche Antworten auf die Frage zu geben, wie der Kampf gegen den Revisionismus fortzusetzen ist, wo der neue revisionistische Feind steht, womit er sich heute tarnt, wie man ihn erkennen kann. Gegen wen muss die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung heute die anti-revisionistische Hauptstoßrichtung führen ? Immer bei solchen Entscheidungen, die an historischen Nahtstellen gezogen werden müssen, setzen die Revisionisten mit Vorliebe ihren Hebel an, um die marxistisch-leninistische Bewegung in die Irre zu führen. Der Zerfall des modernen Revisionismus an der Macht ist eine solche Nahtstelle, durch die eine neue Entscheidung über die Zukunft des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes auf die Tagesordnung gesetzt werden muss. Es war die Komintern / ML, die diese Entscheidung nicht nur auf die Tagesordnung gesetzt hat, sondern auch gehandelt hat. Die Komintern / ML hat sich entschlossen, die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung neu aufzubauen - hauptsächlich im Kampf gegen den Neo-Revisionismus, aber auch gegen alle gegenwärtigen anderen revisionistischen Strömungen in der ganzen Welt. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist vor allem aus den ehemaligen Kräften der alten marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung mit Genossen Enver Hoxha an der Spitze hervor gegangen. Was wir den ehemaligen Genossen unserer Bruderparteien vorwarfen, war zunächst, dass wir bei ihnen den aktiven Kampf des Anti-Revisionismus immer mehr vermissten, dass sie diesen Kampf nicht konsequent fortsetzten, hinterherhinkten, ihn einschlafen ließen. Was wir inzwischen viel schlimmer finden, ist ihre Methode, das Wesen des Anti-Revisionismus unter dem Deckmantel einer Kritik an seiner Form preiszugeben und dass sie den Weg in den Sumpf des Revisionismus eingeschlagen haben. Wir haben Jahre lang vergeblich versucht, Kontakte aufzunehmen, Gespräche zu führen, unsere Meinungen auszutauschen – umsonst. Die Komintern / ML „existiert“ nicht für sie und wird weiter totgeschwiegen. Es ist uns nicht gelungen, sie kameradschaftlich von ihrem neo-revisionistischen Kurs abzubringen, weswegen wir sie nunmehr offen bekämpfen, indem wir ihnen die ruhmreiche Geschichte der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha wie einen Spiegel vorhalten, damit sie sehen, was sie so schändlich verraten haben. Und es wird der Tag kommen, wo sich alle ehrlichen und aufrechten revolutionären Kräfte auf der ganzen Welt von der Richtigkeit unserer Handlungen überzeugt haben und uns folgen werden.

Der Neo-Revisionismus ist im ideologischen Meinungsstreit entstanden wie der gegen den modernen Revisionismus begonnene Kampf vom richtigen marxistisch-leninistischen Standpunkt aus fortgesetzt und zu Ende geführt werden soll. Der Neo-Revisionismus entpuppte sich dabei als eine Ideologie, die den anti-revisionistischen Kampf in die Irre, in eine Sackgasse, in den Sumpf des modernen Revisionismus führt, entpuppte sich also als eine Ideologie, die zwar vorgab, den modernen Revisionismus vom marxistisch-leninistischen Standpunkt aus weiter zu bekämpfen, aber in Taten für die Entstellung, für die Verfälschung, für die Einschläferung, für die Einstellung und Beendigung und Begrabung dieses Kampfes eintrat und weiter eintritt, entpuppte sich letztendlich als eine Ideologie der Verteidigung, der Rettung des modernen Revisionismus, die Ideologie der Restauration seiner Macht und des Weltimperialismus durch die erneute Zurückdrängung und schließlich endgültige Liquidierung des Marxismus-Leninismus. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist heute die 5. Kolonne des Antikommunismus, der Wegbereiter eines neuen Revisionismus an der Macht, des Revisionismus an der Weltmacht, einesWeltsozialimperialismus, zur Rettung bzw. Wiedergeburt des Weltimperialismus. Nieder mit dem Neo-Revisionismus – es lebe der Marxismus-Leninismus !

Wer rekrutiert den Neo-Revisionismus?

Stets sind die schlimmsten Opportunisten aus den Reihen der revolutionären Marxisten selbst hervorgegangen. Das ist gesetzmäßig so. Ohne sie wäre die Bourgeoisie nicht überlebensfähig und : Ohne den Kampf gegen die Opportunisten, ohne sie aus den eigenen Reihen, aus der kommunistischen Partei, aus dem kommunistischen Lager, aus der kommunistischen Weltbewegung hinauszusäubern, hätte sich der Marxismus-Leninismus zu keinem Zeitpunkt weiter entwickeln können. So wurde es für die Komintern / ML schließlich unvermeidlich, gegen die Neo-Revisionisten anzutreten, die aus der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung, aus dem ruhmreichen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus hervorgegangen waren. Eben dieser ihr anti-revisionistischer Kampf aber war ins Schwanken geraten, hörte auf zu leuchten und verglühte wie ein Stern an und ward nicht mehr gesehen, so sehr man den Himmel auch danach absuchte. Das schmerzt natürlich, denn schließlich hat man einst Seite an Seite gekämpft. Aber nicht die Komintern / ML hat den Marxismus-Leninismus verlassen, sondern eben diese ehemaligen marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien oder besser was von ihnen übrig geblieben ist: neo-revisionistische Parteien. Der Kampf gegen den Revisionismus, so auch der Kampf gegen den Neo-Revisionismus, darf sich von Sentimentalität und falsch verstandener Rücksichtnahme wegen der „gemeinsamen vergangenen Zeiten“ nicht beeinflussen lassen. Es musste getan werden, was zu tun war, gegen die eigenen einstigen Kampfgefährten mutig aufzutreten, um sie des Verrats anzuklagen und ihren Verrat zu entlarven. Das ist die Komintern / ML dem Weltproletariat schuldig, das ist die Komintern / ML dem Kampf gegen den Revisionismus schuldig, der Reinhaltung des Marxismus-Leninismus schuldig. Die 5 Klassiker sind in diesem schwierigen Kampf voran gegangen und die Komintern / ML wird ihnen mutig und entschlossen folgen. Revolutionär ist heute, wer den Neo-Revisionismus bekämpft und nicht wer den modernen Revisionismus wiederbelebt, indem er ihm ein „anti-revisionistisches“ Alibi verschafft. Wir haben nicht nur die Pflicht, gegen den sich wieder regenerierenden alten revisionistischen Sumpf zu kämpfen, sondern auch gegen diejenigen alten Parteien der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha selbstbewusst aufzutreten, die sich diesem Sumpf zugewendet haben, sich diesem Sumpf tatsächlich, nachweisbar, zugewendet haben, auch wenn sie dies empört zurückweisen.

Auch die Revisionisten und ebenfalls die modernen Revisionisten haben auf Marx, Engels, Lenin und Stalin vorher Lobeshymnen gesungen, bevor sie diese verrieten. Das war bei Enver Hoxha nicht anders. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist also nicht vom Himmel gefallen, sondern entstand innerhalb der einstigen marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung mit Genossen Enver Hoxha an der Spitze. Nach Enver Hoxhas Tod, nach dem Verrat von Ramiz Alia, nachdem das letzte sozialistische Bollwerk auf dieser Erde gefallen war, wurden diese Kräfte, wurden die einst jungen marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien schwach und schnell wieder alt, gerieten sie unter dem Druck der Bourgeoisie in ihrem eigenen Land, gerieten sie unter dem internationalen Druck des Weltimperialismus ins Schwanken und verließen einer nach dem anderen die alten anti-revisionistischen Positionen, verrieten sie die Prinzipien des Marxismus-Leninismus schließlich und halfen den modernen Revisionisten , deren Haut zu retten, sich zu häuten.

Der neue Revisionismus ist nicht einfach eine Wiederholung des alten modernen Revisionismus, aber zweifellos bewahrt er im Grunde genommen alle Besonderheiten des alten modernen Revisionismus - natürlich angewandt auf die heutigen veränderten Bedingungen. Der Neo-Revisionismus wagte nicht, als offen-militante Kraft gegen den 5. Klassiker des Marxismus-Leninismus, gegen Genossen Enver Hoxha aufzutreten, er zog es vor, unter der gemeinsamen Flagge des Genossen Enver Hoxha zu wirken und sich unter der Losung einer „Auslegung und Verbesserung“ der Lehren Enver Hoxhas, insbesondere über den modernen Revisionismus, zu bestätigen. Das kommt daher, weil er noch zu schwach war. Man kann die Tatsache nicht als Zufall betrachten, dass das Auftreten des Neo-Revisionismus zeitlich mit Enver Hoxhas Tod zusammenfiel. Zu Enver Hoxhas Lebzeiten hatte er sich nicht zu diesem gewagten Schritt entschließen können. Er musste den Neo-Revisionismus vielmehr sorgsam hinter dem Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus verborgen halten, um nicht vorzeitig entlarvt zu werden um erstens den Kampf gegen den Sozialismus an der Macht nicht zu gefährden und zweitens seine Zersetzung innerhalb der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung nach dem Sturz der Macht des Sozialismus ohne Unterbrechung fortsetzen zu können. Die bisherige Taktik war gekennzeichnet durch eine allgemeine Maske „der Verteidigung des Genossen Enver Hoxha“, um damit die behutsame und scheibchenweise Revision und Demontage in Detailfragen einzuschmuggeln. Dieses mühselige Zerteilen in Bruchstücke vollzog sich in einem langwierigen Prozess, der jetzt immer mehr Tempo gewinnt und immer offensichtlicher wird, wodurch wir Marxisten-Leninisten zum Handeln herausgefordert sind und uns dieser Herausforderung unbedingt stellen müssen.

Der Neo-Revisionismus teilte den Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus inzwischen in zwei historische Etappen – erstens in den Kampf zur Zeit Enver Hoxhas, des „damals“ richtig, aber heute „leider“ „veraltetet“, „unbrauchbar“ geworden ist, nachdem der Revisionismus nicht mehr an der Macht war und es keinen Sozialismus mehr gab, den es gegen den Revisionismus zu verteidigen galt und zweitens in den Kampf nach der Zeit Enver Hoxhas, den die Neo-Revisionisten dem Revisionismus anzupassen versuchen, damit der Hoxhaismus sich heute nicht mehr im Kampf gegen ihn weiter entwickeln kann.

Mit dem ersten Schritt der Zweiteilung wurde also die „erste Hälfte“ des Hoxhaismus historisch „abgehakt und erledigt“ (indem man ihn einfach nicht mehr propagiert, sondern einschläfert und totschweigt!), während man in der „zweiten Hälfte“ dazu übergehen musste, den Hoxhaismus dem Revisionismus anzupassen und ihn durch den Revisionismus schrittweise zu ersetzen. Die heutige Physiognomie der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung spiegelt wie eh und je nur die ideologische Strömung ihrer nichtproletarischen Elemente wider.

Der Hoxhaismus ist aber eine geschlossene Theorie, die man nicht zuerst in zwei Teile auseinanderreißen und dann mit anti-hoixhaistischen Theorien zusammenkleistern und verwässern kann.

Die neo-revisionistischen Prozesse vollziehen sich also dialektisch. Was heißt das? Wenn wir von der Definition ausgehen, dass der Revisionismus den Marxismus-Leninismus zersetzt und dass er ihn an die herrschende bürgerliche Ideologie anpasst, ihn durch diese ersetzt, und schließlich liquidiert, dann gilt das heute genauso für den Hoxhaismus, der ja der Marxismus-Leninismus der heutigen Zeit ist. Dabei wirken im neo-revisionistischen Entwicklungsprozess zwei Hauptkräfte, gegen die eine Art höhere Kampfform unseres ideologischen Zweifrontenkrieges zu führen ist.

Die einen liquidatorischen Hauptkräfte wirken partikulär-abgrabend in dem Sinne, dass sie anfangs kleine, scheinbar unbedeutende und später immer entscheidendere, anfangs nicht-tragende und später tragende und sogar fundamentale, große Bausteine des Gebäudes der hoxhaistischen Theorie herauslösen und abtragen, um den Hoxhaismus zum Einsturz zu bringen - Zusammenbruchsprozesse . Wir haben das richtige Zitat von Lenin nicht gefunden, wo er sinngemäß darauf hinwies, dass wir es auf keinen Fall zulassen dürften, dass auch nur ein einziger Baustein aus dem einheitlichen Gebäude der Theorie des Marxismus entfernt oder durch klasenfremde Bauteile ersetzt wird. = Aufrechterhaltung des Gebäudes des Hoxhaismus – bei Duldung und Zulassung neu „hinzugekommener“ (sprich: revisionistischer) Lehrsätze.

Die anderen liquidatorischen Hauptkräfte wirken synthetisch-eklektisch, auf die Kräfte der Elastizität aufbauend, und zwar in dem Sinne, dass sie anfangs scheinbar unbedeutende und später immer entscheidendere, anfangs nichttragende und später tragende und fundamentale Elemente der bürgerlichen Ideologie elastisch hinzufügt, um somit die Festigkeit des Gebäudes aufzuweichen, um den festen proletarischen Charakter des Hoxhaismus zu verwässern, formbar und verformbar zu machen, weichzukneten, um bürgerliche Inhalte leichter mit einkneten zu können – Deformierungsprozesse. Umformung des Hoxhaismus in eine revisionistischen -ismus.

Diese beiden Hauptkräfte wirken aufeinander ein, bedingen einander, greifen wie Zahnräder ineinander und verbinden sich zu einem einzigen, einheitlichen zerstörerischenVorgang, der seine Vervollkommnung dadurch erfährt, dass für jedes herausgetrennte hoxhaistische Teilchen ein Äquivalent, das passendste, schön (anti-)“hoxhaistisch“ angemaltes bürgerliches Schein-Teilchen eingefügt wird, um so den Anschein des Weiterbestehens des ganzen theoretischen Gebäudes aufrechtzuerhalten, damit die Zusammenbruchs – und Deformierungskräfte im neo-revisionistischen Prozess optimal, reibungslos, bis zu Ende wirken können. Man bewahrt also zunächst die Form des theoretischen Gebäudes, um darunter die revolutionären Inhalte zu ändern, was darauf hinausläuft, den Hoxhaismus in eine bürgerliche Ideologie zu verwandeln, die die Bourgeoisie als Waffe gegen die revolutionäre Weltbewegung einsetzt (Deformierung).

Es ist nun die Aufgabe der Hoxhaisten, diese miteinander wirkenden Kräfte des neo-revisionistischen Prozesses auf eine optimale Weise so zu entlarven und zu zerschlagen, dass sie nicht mehr ineinander greifen können, dass man dem theoretische Gebäude im Kampf gegen den Neo-Revisionismus sowohl neue, bessere Bausteine hinzufügt und gleichzeitig die Festigkeit verbessert, indem man die Bausteine immer mehr von bürgerlicher Verunreinigung und Eindringung säubert, das heißt das Zusammenwirken von Zusammenbruchs- und Deformierungsprozessen des Neo-Revisionismus durch das Zusammenwirken von Aufbauprozessen und Formierungsprozessen des Marxismus-Leninismus außer Kraft setzt.

Der Kampf gegen den Neo-Revisionismus nimmt folgende allgemeine Form an: die von der sozialistischen Gesellschaft weiter entwickelte Kraft des Marxismus-Leninismus wird gegen die vernichtende, zerstörende Wirkung der revisionistischen Gesellschaftsordnung geschützt, indem den Revisionisten die Herrschaft über den Marxismus-Leninismus entzogen, sie ihnen abgenommen wird, um sie dem Weltproletariat zum Zwecke der Schaffung der weltsozialistischen Gesellschaftsordnung zu übertragen – das ist die heutige allgemeine Form des Kampfes zur revolutionären Beseitigung des Revisionismus, des Kampfes für den Sieg des Marxismus-Leninismus im Weltmaßstab ( Beseitigung der privaten Aneignung des Marxismus-Leninismus von der Weltbourgeoisie).

Man kann das Erbe der Lehren des Genossen Enver Hoxha als positive, erhaltende Seite des Marxismus-Leninismus, die Anpassung des Hoxhaismus an die bürgerliche Ideologie als die negative, das Erbe des Marxismus-Leninismus permanent zerstörende Seite betrachten. Aber fassen wir das Erbe des Hoxhaismus dogmatisch auf, dann ist die Anpassung des Hoxhaismus an die veränderten Bedingungen des Klassenkampfes als die revolutionäre, schöpferische, aktive, positive Seite zu bewerten, während die dogmatische Konservierung des Erbes als die konterrevolutionäre, passive, negative, hemmende, alternde und sterbende Seite aufzufassen ist. So verhält es sich mit der Dialektik des Erbes der Lehren Enver Hoxhas. Vergessen wir niemals, dass die revolutionäre Anwendung der Dialektik des Hoxhaismus darin besteht, dass wir den Hoxhaismus permanent schöpferisch weiterentwickeln, um ihn für die Weiterentwicklung der revolutionären Weltbewegung als Orientierung nutzbar zu machen.

Der Hoxhaismus wurde zu Lebzeiten des Genossen Enver Hoxha genauso vom Weltproletariat und der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung als Kampfbanner gegen den Revisionismus vorangetragen wie nach seinem Tod. Zwischen den hoxhaistischen Genossen von damals und heute kann man keinen Keil treiben, sie dienten und dienen weiter der gleichen Sache, dafür zu sorgen, dass die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung wächst und erstarkt. Daran hat sich überhaupt nichts geändert und wird sich auch nichts ändern, denn der Hoxhaismus hat historisch alle Prüfungen im Kampf gegen den Revisionismus bestanden und kann nicht mehr als „veraltete Waffe im Kampf gegen den Revisionismus“ verworfen werden! Marxismus-Leninismus und Hoxhaismus sind eins und keinem Neo-Revisionisten wird es jemals gelingen können, sie auseinanderzureißen und gar gegeneinander zu stellen. Für den Neo-Revisionismus existiert keine einheitliche und geschlossene Geschichte und Gegenwart der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha. Die Geschichte der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung wird als eine Art „Vorgeschichte“ der heutigen neo-revisionistischen „Weiterentwicklung“ betrachtet, um damit die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxhas zu liquidieren, sie für „veraltet“ zu erklären. Wer daran festhält, wie die Komintern / ML, ist „dogmatisch“ und „sektiererisch“, wird als „ewig Gestriger“ abgestempelt und soll isoliert werden. Der moderne Revisionismus war bemüht, Enver Hoxha anfangs verdeckt, später mehr offen zu diffamieren, ohne sich dabei um die Folgen, seiner Selbstentlarvung und Diskreditierung zu kümmern. Der Neo-Revisionismus geht aus diesem Grund viel vorsichtiger vor. Er ist bemüht, den modernen Revisionismus fortzusetzen unter dem Schein der „anti-revisionistischen Prinzipienfestigkeit“, unter dem Schein der „Verteidigung“ des Genossen Enver Hoxha in seinem Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus. Deshalb ist der Neo-Revisionismus so gefährlich, denn er ist dadurch zum Zentrum und Sammelbecken nichtproletarischer Elemente der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung geworden, um ihren alten proletarischen Charakter zu schwächen und zu zersetzen und durch einen kleinbürgerlichen zu ersetzen. Es ist daher für die Weiterentwicklung der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung auf dem von Enver Hoxha vorgezeichneten Weg unbedingt unverzichtbar, den Neo-Revisionismus als ideologische Strömung zu begraben. Was wir jetzt brauchen, ist ein entfalteter ideologischer Kampf gegen die neuen Inhalte des wieder auflebenden Revisionismus in der Form des Neo-Revisionismus.

Die Neo-Revisionisten haben im Grunde genommen die frühere Rolle der modernen Revisionisten auf höherer Entwicklungsstufe übernommen, nachdem diese alle ohne Ausnahme vom Marxismus-Leninismus vollständig diskreditiert worden waren. Die Marxisten haben stets eine Zeit gebraucht, bevor sie ohne Zögern den unvermeidlichen Bruch mit den neusten Revisionisten aus den eigenen Reihen vollzogen. Man muss als Marxist-Leninist stets gegen die neusten Formen und Spielarten des Revisionismus kämpfen, denn die sind wie gesagt am gefährlichsten. Wir haben in den Veröffentlichungen der ehemaligen hoxhaistischen Parteien, also unserer ehemaligen Bruderparteien ( zum Beispiel in der Erklärung von Quito 1992) so gut wie nichts mehr über die notwendige Fortsetzung ihres anti-revisionistischen Kampfes gefunden. Warum verschweigen diese Organisationen ihre historischen Wurzeln innerhalb der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha? Sie verschweigen die Dokumente aus der damaligen Zeit, die sie selber nicht nur mit unterzeichnet haben, sondern für deren praktische Umsetzung sie tatsächlich gekämpft haben, was wir nicht nur hochhalten und verteidigen, sondern auch öffentlich dokumentieren. Sie aber leugnen unsere gemeinsame marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha. Sie mögen das bestreiten, aber bestreiten allein, das ist zu wenig, sie müssen es beweisen. Vielleicht haben wir uns geirrt, vielleicht ist unsere Kritik unberechtigt, überzogen, unsolidarisch und zu polemisch, zu parteiisch, zu dogmatisch, zu sektiererisch. Vielleicht sind die ehemaligen hoxhaistischen Parteien der Meinung, dass unsere kritischen Auffassungen über sie nichts beweisen würden. Hätten sie in diesem Falle nicht dafür Beweise erbringen müssen? Aber sie haben bislang nicht einmal den geringsten Versuch unternommen, unseren Vorwurf als haltlos abzuweisen. Wir existieren für sie gar nicht. Sie verschweigen uns schändlich, obwohl wir ihre ehemalig korrekte Linie weiter propagieren, obwohl wir einst Kampfgefährten waren und Seite an Seite gegen den modernen Revisionismus gekämpft haben. Keine einzige Tatsache wurde von ihnen vorgebracht, um unsere Behauptungen, die wir auf Grund des Studiums ihrer Veröffentlichungen aufgestellt haben, aus der Welt zu schaffen. Wenn heute die Komintern / ML diese marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung nicht verteidigen würde, wenn sie nicht die historischen Dokumente veröffentlichen würde, wüsste heute keiner mehr, dass es überhaupt einmal diese Bewegung gegeben hat. Das muss doch zu denken geben oder etwa nicht ? ! Es ist doch merkwürdig, dass nur noch die Komintern / ML als einzige Organisation auf der ganzen Welt die Linie der ehemaligen marxistisch-Leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha propagiert, sie so zusagen „vor sich selbst schützt“, und dass sie dies tut ohne irgendeine Unterstützung seitens auch nur einer einzigen aller damaligen Bruderparteien. Schweigen, das ist alles, was sie können, schweigen zu ihrer eigenen Vergangenheit, die ihnen unangenehm ist und die ihnen so viel Kopfschmerzen bereitet, die unlösbar an ihr kleben bleibt. Dass die ehemaligen hoxhaistischen Parteien ihre eigene Geschichte leugnen, die Geschichte der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha leugnen, ist das nicht Verrat an der Sache der Arbeiter nicht nur im eigenen Land, sondern auch Verrat am Weltproletariat? Wir fürchten uns vor dieser harten Kritik nicht, denn sie beruht auf Tatsachen, ist die Wahrheit. Marxisten-Leninisten müssen bei der Wahrheit bleiben, dürfen nichts verschweigen, sonst machen sie sich an der Sache der Arbeiter schuldig. Sie selbst haben ihre eigene ehemalige marxistisch-leninistische Linie verlassen, wir haben sie dazu weder überredet , noch sie dazu gezwungen. Im Gegenteil, sie zwingen uns deswegen dazu, sie kritisieren und bekämpfen zu müssen und zwar mit der gleichen Linie, Haltung und Auffassung, die sie selber einst gemeinsam mit uns in der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha konsequent vertreten hatten. Wer die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung des Genossen Enver Hoxha verschweigt und sie leugnet, wie kann der sie dann noch verteidigen ? Der moderne Revisionismus wird doch nur noch bemäntelt, wenn man Enver Hoxhas Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus unter den Tisch fallen lässt. In unseren Augen kann das nichts anderes sein als Neo-Revisionismus. Wenn die Neo-Revisionisten sich vom Revisionismus „lossagen“, dann nur aus dem einzigen Grund, nämlich ihren eigenen Revisionismus zu bemänteln. Mögen die ehemaligen Genossen uns eines Besseren belehren...

Der Weltimperialismus kann seinen offenen Anti-Kommunismus: „Kommunismus ist Teufelskraut“ vor den Massen nur glaubwürdig verkaufen, wenn er an der reaktionären Formel festhält: „Kommunismus = Verbrechen an der Menschheit“. Zuerst schickt er seine Ideologen mit der Verbreitung von nicht-sozialistischen Befreiungskonzepten, dann mit verschiedenste Modellen nicht-marxistischen Sozialismus an die Front. Da wo diese „sozialistischen“ Modelle nicht mehr weiter helfen, schickt er seine Ideologen an die Front, die das Gleichheitszeichen von Kommunismus und Revisionismus neu aufpolieren, um die Krise und den Zerfall des modernen Revisionismus an der Macht als Krise und Zerfall des Marxismus-Leninismus und als Schuld des Sozialismus hinzustellen. Ist der Lack dann ab, schickt er schließlich seine Neo-Revisionisten an die Front. Und wo die Neo-Revisionisten auf Granit stoßen, kommt er mit der konterrevolutionären, faschistischen Keule des blutigen Weltbürgerkriegs.

Die Neo-Revisionisten, die verkappten Revisionisten von heute, öffnen den Revisionisten die Türen, damit diese in die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung eindringen können.

Der Neo-Revisionismus ist eine Kraft, mit der sich die Marxisten-Leninisten heute einschüchtern und beugen lassen sollen, um sich mit irgendeiner Art des Opportunismus, mit irgendeiner Art von Abweichung, mit irgendeiner Entstellung vom Marxismus-Leninismus abzufinden.

Der Neo-Revisionismus ist heute deswegen die gefährlichste revisionistische Strömung, weil er versucht den heutigen Marxismus-Leninismus zu widerlegen, ihn heute zu entstellen und heute für gescheitert, heute vom Leben überholt und für die heutige Zeit wertlos zu erklären – wohlgemerkt mit „marxistisch-leninistischer“ Phraseologie.

Neo-Revisionismus ist Verrat an der Wiedergeburt des Sozialismus, ist der verloren gegangene Glaube an den endgültigen Sieg über den Revisionismus. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist ein restaurierter Revisionismus, ist die Wiedergeburt des modernen Revisionismus in einer globalisierten kapitalistischen Welt ohne Sozialismus, ist die revisionistische Restauration des Sozialismus.

Der Neo-Revisionismus versucht mit buntscheckigen, schrillen Formen dem nach der Restauration des Kapitalismus wieder neu entstehenden Marxismus den Todesstoß zu versetzen.

Der Neo-Revisionismus verhüllt die Schwächen des modernen Revisionismus und umgeht feige die Geschichte des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes, um den Revisionismus zu retten. Der Phraseologie des modernen Revisionismus wird vom Neo-Revisionismus nichts anderes entgegengesetzt als wiederum Phrasen, lässt die wissenschaftliche Aufklärung des modernen Revisionismus auf der Stelle treten. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist die Vulgarisierung des modernen Revisionismus, des Übergehens, des Vertuschens des Wesens des modernen Revisionismus.

Der Neo-Revisionismus ist ein globales Amalgam aller pseudo-antirevisionistischer Theorien zusammengenommen. Damit soll der moderne Revisionismus nicht etwa durch den revolutionären Klassenkampf, sondern durch seine friedliche Reformierung überwunden werden.

Der Neo-Revisionismus erkennt den Sozialismus in „einem“ Lande nur deshalb an, da er sich historisch für die Weltbourgeoisie für besiegbar herausgestellt hat. Der Neo-Revisionismus erkennt aber nicht die sozialistische Weltrevolution mit deren Ziel der Errichtung der Diktatur des Weltproletariats an, weil dies den Untergang des Weltkapitalismus bedeuten würde, den der Neo-Revisionist heute zu retten versucht. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist die Anpassung des Revisionismus an die Bedürfnisse des globalisierten Imperialismus. Daher hat der Neo-Revisionismus den Charakter eines globalisierten Revisionismus. Ein Marxist ist nur, wer nicht nur die Anerkennung der Revolution auf die sozialistische Weltrevolution erstreckt, sondern auch sein ganzes revolutionäres Handeln darauf ausrichtet. Was sollen wir Marxisten-Leninisten tun, verehrte Neo-Revisionisten, wenn der Sozialismus „in einem“ Land nicht zurückkommen mag? Gibt es da irgendeinen Lichtblick für die revolutionäre Weltbewegung? Bei den Neo-Revisionisten gibt es keinen Lichtblick, denn sie warten vergeblich auf die Wiederkehr des alten Sozialismus. Nach dieser Aussicht verbleibt der revolutionären Weltbewegung heute nur eine Perspektive: in ihren eigenen Widersprüchen fortzuvegetieren, im eigenen Saft zu schmoren, und in Erwartung des wiederkehrenden sozialistischen Landes auf dem Halm zu verfaulen. Der Neo-Revisionist erkennt die Negation der Negation des modernen Revisionismus an, um die Negation der Negation des Sozialismus zu leugnen, erkennt den Sozialismus als etwas Allgemeines, als etwas Historisches, aber nicht als Konkretes, Zukünftiges, sich auf höherer Stufe Weiterentwickelndes und qualitativ neues, Wiederkehrendes an. Ohne auf das nächste sozialistische Land zu warten, beginnen wir den Kampf auf internationalem Boden und setzen ihn in allen Ländern fort, um ihn mit der sozialistischen Revolution zu Ende zu führen. Einen anderen Weg gibt es zur Zeit nicht.

Unglaube an die Kräfte und Fähigkeiten der sozialistischen Weltrevolution, Unglaube an die Kräfte und Fähigkeiten des Bündnisses zwischen dem führenden Weltproletariat und der internationalen Bauernschaft - das ist die Grundlage der Theorie des Neo-Revisionismus.

Die Charakteristik des Revisionismus besteht darin, dass er außerordentlich widerstandsfähig ist, so widerstandsfähig wie die Klasse, der er dient. Er existierte einst als moderner Revisionismus weiter, längst als wir Kommunisten unsere Siege über ihn feierten. Und auch nach 50 Jahren Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus existiert dieser fort, obwohl sich die Bedingungen, unter denen er entstanden ist, grundlegend geändert haben. Der moderne Revisionismus nahm eine „neue“ Form an, eine neo-revisionistische Form, die sich hinter den Normen des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus verbirgt und dort auflebt, wo sie einen geeigneten Nährboden vorfindet. Es gehört mit zum Entwicklungsgesetz des Revisionismus, dass er an das Entwicklungsgesetz des Kapitalismus gebunden, mit ihm eng verknüpft, ja ein Bestandteil des Kapitalismus ist, ohne den dieser gar nicht seinen Untergang hinausschieben kann. Es ist klar, dass der gehäutete moderne Revisionismus nicht einfach von alleine abstirbt, nichts Reaktionäres fällt, wenn man es nicht revolutionär zu Fall bringt. Zwar ist die internationale Anhängerschaft des modernen Revisionismus geschrumpft, dadurch dass die großen Länder wie Russland und China sich in große imperialistische Länder des Ostens verwandelt haben, aber da gibt es noch das kleine Kuba und das kleine Nord-Korea beispielsweise, die sich als letzte revisionistische Sammelbecken eignen, wo sich noch die Überreste der Anhänger des modernen Revisionismus halten können, wo insbesondere die revisionistischen Auffassungen über den anti-imperialistischen Kampf noch von sozialfaschistischen Staaten propagiert werden, womit man versucht, fortschrittliche Menschen auf der ganzen Welt, die ehrlich gegen den Imperialismus kämpfen wollen, auf den revisionistischen Weg zu lenken und insbesondere vor den kubanischen und nord-koreanischen Karren zu spannen. All das wird auch durch großes Geschrei von internationalen revisionistischen Organisationen unterstützt, die zwar unterschiedliche Lager bilden, insgesamt aber herrscht Einheit mit den Revisionisten, Einvernehmen im Anti-Marxismus-Leninismus, Einigkeit gegen Weltrevolution und Weltsozialismus. Der Weltimperialismus hat erkannt, dass die kapitalistische Entartung in Kuba und Nord-Korea den Kampf gegen den Kommunismus, den Kampf gegen marxistisch-leninistische Parteien, die heute nicht an der Macht sind, weiterhin erleichtern anstatt erschweren. Es ist ja eine der wichtigsten Aufgaben des Revisionismus, die revolutionären Kräfte so zu binden, dass sie gegenüber dem Weltimperialismus paralysiert sind. Wenn also die Revisionisten alle Kräfte in die Arme der Führer Kubas und Nord-Koreas treiben, dann dient das dem Weltimperialismus. Mittlererweile ist die Komintern / ML die einzige internationale marxistisch-leninistische Organisation, die den Revisionismus nicht nur in der Frage des weltrevolutionären anti-imperialistischen Kampfes weltweit bekämpft und zwar von korrekten marxistisch-leninistischen Positionen aus. All das zeigt, dass der Geist des modernen Revisionismus noch sehr lebendig ist, was man vom einstigen anti-revisionistischen Kampf der Marxisten-Leninisten zur Zeit Enver Hoxhas so nicht mehr behaupten kann, insbesondere wenn man sieht, dass ehemalige hoxhaistische Parteien ihren Kampf gegen den Revisionismus nahezu eingestellt haben und die sozialfaschistischen Führer Kubas und/oder Nord-Koreas verteidigen – angeblich „gegen“ die Imperialisten. In Kuba und Nord-Korea steht aber die sozialistische Revolution der Arbeiterklasse zur Lösung an, muss der bürgerliche Sozialismus durch den proletarischen Sozialismus auf revolutionäre marxistisch-leninistische Weise, das heißt mit einer starken marxistisch-leninistischen Partei an der Spitze beseitigt werden , die sich ausschließlich vom Marxismus-Leninismus, vom marxistisch-leninistischen anti-revisionistischen Kampf leiten lässt,. Man erzähle uns doch nicht das Märchen, es handele sich in Kuba und Nord-Korea um „marxistisch-leninistische“ Parteien. Die gibt es weder in Kuba noch in Nord-Korea ! Nur mit einer marxistisch-leninistischen Partei kann man einen korrekten, also siegreichen anti-imperialistischen und anti-revisionistischen Kampf führen. Man kann nicht erst den anti-imperialistischen Kampf zusammen mit den Revisionisten führen, um dann den anti-revisionistischen Kampf zu führen. Der anti-imperialistische Kampf ist zugleich ein anti-revisionistischer Kampf und umgekehrt, den der moderne Revisionismus ist eine Ideologie des Imperialismus und keine Ideologie gegen den Imperialismus. Losgelöst voneinander ist es weder der eine noch der andere Kampf. Das Weltproletariat kann doch wohl nicht etwa von sozialfaschistischen Staaten zur sozialistischen Weltrevolution geführt werden oder? ! Dort in Kuba und Nord-Korea sitzen wahre Kommunisten, Demokraten, Arbeiter, die mutig gegen das sozialfaschistische Regime Widerstand leisten, im Gefängnis oder werden umgebracht nach dem Motto: „Wer die kubanische und die nordkoreanische Regierung angreift, ist ein „Verräter“, ein „Agent des USA-Imperialismus“!). In Kuba und Nord-Korea herrschen weder Revolution noch Sozialismus, sondern Konterrevolution und Kapitalismus! Dort wird die Arbeiterklasse, werden die werktätigen Massen faschistisch unterdrückt und elendig ausgebeutet – und zwar unterstützt von Faschisten und Sozialfaschisten in der ganzen Welt! Wir Marxisten-Leninisten unterstützen doch nicht die Bourgeoisie eines kleinen kapitalistisches Landes ( auch nicht, wenn es mit dem Etikett „Sozialismus“ versehen ist!) gegen ein großes kapitalistisches Land, wir kämpfen nicht mit dem einen kapitalistischen Lager gegen ein anderes, sondern wir unterstützen ausschließlich die Arbeiterklasse in allen kapitalistischen Ländern der Welt gegen alle kapitalistischen Länder der Welt, vor allem gegen das eigene. Wir gucken doch nicht weg, wenn in einem kleinen Land die Arbeiter bestialisch ausgebeutet und unterdrückt werden: „Leute, sorry, dass ihr von der eigenen Bourgeoisie in eurem kleinen Land so grausam ausgebeutet und unterdrückt werdet, aber ihr müsst sie verschonen, müsst eure Klassenbrüder in den Gefängnissen verschmachten lassen usw. usf., dürft keinen Klassenkampf führen, dürft eure Revolution nicht machen, weil nur die Kapitalisten in den großen Ländern, und nicht die in eurem eigenen Land von Übel sind.“ Der Klassenfeind steht überall im eigenen Land, muss in jedem Land durch die Revolution besiegt werden, wer möchte das bezweifeln. Und nur die Solidarität des Weltproletariats ist in der Lage, den Sieg des Befreiungskampfes der Arbeiter jedes Landes zu garantieren (nicht zu ersetzen) durch die Vollendung der sozialistische Weltrevolution mit dem Sturz des Weltimperialismus. Das lehrt der Marxismus-Leninismus, das besagt der proletarische Internationalismus. Zusammen mit der Bourgeoisie, mit den Revisionisten, egal wie sie heißen, was sie wollen oder wer sie sind, kann sich die Arbeiterklasse, kann sich das Weltproletariat niemals befreien, sondern nur durch den revolutionären Sturz der Bourgeoisie, nur durch den revolutionären Sturz der Weltbourgeoisie – und der gehören heute nun mal auch die kapitalistischen Führer in Kuba und Nord-Korea an oder etwa nicht?! Das ist eine unumstößliche Lehre des revolutionären Kampfes in der Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, an der die Proletarier aller Länder unbedingt festhalten müssen, wenn sie sich wirklich vom Kapitalismus befreien wollen. Das schließt auch die Unterstützung der Arbeiterklasse im weltweiten anti-imperialistischen Kampf ein – nur, dieser muss der Arbeiterklasse dienen, muss seiner revolutionären Befreiung dienen, denn die Arbeiterklasse kann sich nur befreien, wenn sie auch die Völker vom Weltkapitalismus befreit. Der anti-imperialistische Kampf ist dem Kampf für die sozialistische Revolution der Arbeiterklasse untergeordnet, dient diesem. Das ist der entscheidende Punkt, in dem wir uns von den Revisionisten unterscheiden. Wir unterstützen die Arbeiterklasse in Kuba und Nordkorea in ihrem Kampf für die sozialistische Revolution und das schließt die Unterstützung in ihrem Kampf gegen den USA-Imperialismus nicht etwa aus, sondern schließt ihn selbstverständlich mit ein, setzt ihn sogar voraus. Aber wir werden deswegen niemals den kubanischen Anti-Marxismus oder die revisionistischen JUCHE-Ideen und ihre Herrschaftssysteme verteidigen, die sich darauf stützen, denn das sind arbeiterfeindliche, kapitalistische Ideologien und Systeme, die zerschlagen werden müssen. Man kann nicht die großen Kapitalisten ungeschoren lassen, wenn man die kleinen bekämpft und umgekehrt. Man darf nicht vergessen, dass die Kapitalisten sich auf der ganzen Welt um den Profit streiten und darum auch Kriege führen, Wir Marxisten-Leninisten sind doch nicht dazu da, die großen Kapitalisten dazu zu bringen, den kleinen Kapitalisten auch mal ein paar Happen übrig zu lassen wegen der Gerechtigkeit usw. usf. Ebenso wie man nicht vergessen darf, dass sich alle Kapitalisten darüber einig sind, die revolutionäre Arbeiterklasse, den Sozialismus und die Revolution zu bekämpfen, auch die Führer in Kuba und Nord-Korea sind da keine Ausnahme! Und ebenso ist wahr, dass die Kapitalisten sich dabei auf soziale Schichten stützen, dass sie darum bemüht sind, die Arbeiterklasse vor ihren Karren zu spannen, dass sie sogar versuchen, die Arbeiterklasse anderen kapitalistischer Länder auszuspannen, um sie vor den eigenen Karren zu spannen, auch mit „anti-imperialistischer“, „revolutionärer“, „sozialistischer“ Phraseologie, also eben auch mit Hilfe der Revisionisten! Für die kubanische und nord-koreanische Bourgeoisie gibt es wohl kein geeigneteres Mittel zur Unterdrückung und Ausbeutung der eigenen Arbeiterklasse , der eigenen werktätigen Massen, zur Aufrechterhaltung ihrer kapitalistischen Herrschaft, ihres faschistischen Polizei- und Militärapparates, als mit ihrer verlogenen Propaganda für die eigene Bourgeoisie „gegen“ den USA-Imperialismus, wobei sie sich dreist auf die Tradition des einstigen heroischen Befreiungskampf dieser beiden Völker gegen den amerikanischen Imperialismus berufen ! Nicht um die Arbeiterklasse und die werktätigen Massen vor dem USA-Imperialismus zu beschützen, nicht um sie zum revolutionären Kampf gegen den USA-Imperialismus aufzurufen, sondern die vollkommen verarmten Schweine sollen auch noch in ihrem Blut ertrinken, um der feinen Gesellschaft da oben ihre eigene Haut zu retten, die schon am Vermodern ist ! Das ist die ganze, traurige Wahrheit des Betrugs der untergehenden Bourgeoisie an den Massen – deswegen muss die Arbeiterklasse der Bourgeoisie ihre heuchlerische „anti-imperialistische“ Maske vom Kopf reißen, muss sie sich ihre marxistisch-leninistische Partei schaffen, die den anti-imperialistischen Kampf tatsächlich anführt ! Alles andere ist revisionistisches Geschwätz ! Der USA-Imperialismus fürchtet sich nicht vor der Bourgeoisie Kubas und Koreas, fürchtet sich nicht vor den Revisionisten dort, wohl aber vor der Revolution der Arbeiterklasse, die selber zu ihnen rüberschwappen und sie hinwegfegen kann. Wovor sich die ganze Weltbourgeoisie sehr wohl fürchtet, das sind die revolutionären Völker, ist die Armee des Weltproletariat, die in jedem Land ihre revolutionären Abteilungen kommandiert, sind die wahrhaften internationalistischen Revolutionäre, die Marxisten-Leninisten. Und diese Furcht ist durchaus berechtigt !

War der moderne Revisionismus die ideologische Waffe der neuen Bourgeoisie zur Beseitigung der Diktatur des Proletariats, so ist der Neo-Revisionismus ihre ideologische Waffe zu Verhinderung ihrer revolutionären Rückeroberung.

Der Neo-Revisionismus hat den „ideologischen Pluralismus“ der modernen Revisionisten übernommen und auf anti-marxistische Theorien vor allem des chinesischen Revisionismus eines Mao Tsetung, des Revisionismus eines Ramiz Alia oder den anti-marxistisch-leninistischen Theorien Che Guevaras, Kim Il Sung, Fidel Castro, ja sogar eines Trotzki übertragen - dabei aber auch offen und direkt auf solche Erz-Revisionisten wie Ulbricht, Pieck und Grothewohl, usw. usf. zurückgegriffen, die alle in verräterischer und konterrevolutionärer Absicht unter dem Schirm des „Marxismus-Leninismus“ subsummiert werden.

Das Charakteristische am Neo-Revisionismus ist, dass er sich zum Unterschied zum modernen Revisionismus ( der sich auf Lenin „stützte“ im Kampf gegen Stalin), neuerdings auf Stalin „stützt“ im Kampf gegen Enver Hoxha. Das entspricht vollkommen dem Wesen des über hundert Jahre alten Opportunismus, stets die entwickeltste Form des Marxismus mit den historisch vorangegangenen Formen des Marxismus zu widerlegen, zu bekämpfen und zu liquidieren, diese voneinander zu trennen, zu verabsolutieren und in Gegensatz zueinander zu setzen.

Das Leben hat eindeutig bewiesen, dass jene Strömung, die mit dem leninistischen Banner des Kampfes gegen den „Stalinismus“ auftrat, in Wirklichkeit eine regressive, konterrevolutionäre Strömung war, die den Marxismus-Leninismus und die Sache des Sozialismus unterhöhlte. Und das Leben beweist heute, dass jene Strömung, die mit dem Banner Lenins und Stalins gegen den „Hoxhaismus“ auftritt, in Wirklichkeit eine anti-marxistisch-leninistische, neo-revisionistische Strömung ist, die den Weg der Zurückeroberung des Sozialismus, den Weg der proletarischen, sozialistischen Weltrevolution, den Weg zum Kommunismus unterhöhlt. Die Häutung des Neo-Revisionismus aus dem modernen Revisionismus zeigt keineswegs eine erneute Niederlage des Marxismus-Leninismus gegenüber dem Revisionismus. Im Gegenteil, der Neo-Revisionismus wird heute von uns Marxisten-Leninisten genauso bekämpft und besiegt werden, wie Enver Hoxha den modernen Revisionismus bekämpft und besiegt hat. Die Häutung des modernen Revisionismus geschieht nur dann, wenn die Lehren Enver Hoxhas im Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus verraten werden und wenn man auf die Prinzipien des Marxismus-Leninismus verzichtet. Enver Hoxha und Stalin haben die Richtigkeit des Leninismus in Wort und Tat historisch bewiesen, haben bewiesen, dass der Revisionismus völlig vermeidbar ist, wenn die kommunistische Partei den revolutionären Prinzipien die Treue hält, eine richtige bolschewistische Linie verfolgt, sich entschlossen an die Politik des Klassenkampfes hält und alle Maßnahmen ergreift, um eine bürgerliche Entartung von vornherein auszuschalten. Der Marxismus-Leninismus ist stärker als alle revisionistischen Strömungen der Welt. Das wird er auch dem Neo-Revisionismus unter Beweis stellen.

Der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus wird heute fortgesetzt mit dem Kampf gegen den Neo-Revisionismus !

Mit Hilfe des Neo-Revisionismus sollen die wahren Marxisten-Leninisten, das Weltproletariat und die ausgebeuteten und unterdrückten Völker in die Arme des Revisionismus getrieben und von ihrem revolutionären Weg abgebracht werden – das ist der ganze Sinn und Zweck des Neo-Revisionismus. Er wurde historisch als Strömung der Bourgeoisie notwendig, nachdem der Marxismus-Leninismus das wahre reaktionäre Wesen des modernen Revisionismus aufgedeckt und diesen besiegt hatte, so dass der moderne Revisionismus, wie er damals existierte, nicht in der gleichen Weise weiter existieren konnte, und er im Klassenkampf gezwungen wurde, sich zu maskieren als „anti-revisionistisch“. Man kann aber den modernen Revisionismus im Besonderen, man kann den Revisionismus im Allgemeinen, mit keinem noch so ausgeklügelten Neo-Revisionismus bekämpfen. Der Neo-Revisionismus dient der Rettung des Revisionismus, der Rettung derjenigen Klasse, die ihn anwendet – der Bourgeoisie. Der Neo-Revisionismus dient der Verewigung des Revisionismus, dient damit der Bourgeoisie zur Aufrechterhaltung ihrer Herrschaft. Der Neo-Revisionismus soll die Waffe des Anti-Revisionismus in den Händen der Revolutionäre unbrauchbar und wertlos machen. Der Neo-Revisionismus verwandelt den Anti-Revisionismus der Marxisten-Leninisten in eine zähe, gallertartige Masse, zersetzt den Anti-Revisionismus mit seinen Fementen und Verdauungssäften, um ihn als Nahrung dem Revisionismus zurückführen zu können. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist das Instrument, mit dem sich die Bourgeoisie den Anti-Revisionismus untertan zu machen versucht, um neue Nahrung zum Überleben aufnehmen zu können. So wie jeder Opportunismus dient auch der heutige Neo-Revisionismus der Verwandlung des Marxismus-Leninismus von einer Waffe gegen die Bourgeoisie in eine Waffe gegen das Proletariat.

Der Neo-Revisionismus erkennt den Kampf gegen den Revisionismus auf dem Papier an, aber in der Praxis wird er vertuscht, verwaschen, abgeschwächt.

Den Kampf gegen den Revisionismus „im Namen“ des Anti-Revisionismus einzustellen – das ist Absicht und Ziel des Neo-Revisionismus.

Der Neo-Revisionismus kann den modernen Revisionismus unmöglich retten, weil auch ein mit „anti-revisionistischem“ Anstrich versehener Revisionismus sein bürgerliches Wesen nicht abstreifen kann.

Der Neo-Revisionismus – das ist ein sich häutender moderner Revisionismus, der da endet, wo bislang jeder Revisionismus geendet ist – auf dem Misthaufen der Geschichte !

Neo-Revisionismus – das ist der vergebliche Versuch, den modernen Revisionismus unter der Maske des „anti-revisionistischen“ Kampfes wieder zu rehabilitieren und für den Kampf gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus wieder flott zu machen !

Neo-Revisionismus – das ist der vergebliche Versuch, den „Anti-Revisionismus“ gegen die Marxisten-Leninisten selbst zu richten, die Kritik an der revisionistische Spaltertätigkeit in der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung zu verhüllen.

Neo-Revisionismus – das ist die Anwendung der Politik der friedlichen Koexistenz zwischen Marxismus-Leninismus und modernem Revisionismus

Wir datieren den Beginn des Neo-Revisionismus mit dem Beginn des Kampfes der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung mit Genossen Enver Hoxha an der Spitze gegen den modernen Revisionismus. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist die Agentur der Bourgeoisie in der revolutionären Bewegung gegen den modernen Revisionismus. Der Neo-Revisionismus ist jener verkappte Revisionismus, die unter der Flagge des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes der Marxisten-Leninisten segelt, um den modernen Revisionismus zu retten.

Im praktischen Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus hat sich herausgestellt, dass die Neo-Revisionisten bessere Verteidiger des modernen Revisionismus geworden sind, als die modernen Revisionisten selbst. Gäbe es nicht die Neo-Revisionisten, so könnten sich die modernen Revisionisten nicht häuten. Der Neo-Revisionist ist daher unser revisionistischer Hauptfeind und diesen müssen wir Marxisten-Leninisten besiegen.

Der moderne Revisionismus ist eine bürgerliche Ideologie, den Marxismus-Leninismus in den Sozialdemokratismus zu verwandeln und den Kapitalismus zu restaurieren unter dem Deckmantel der „schöpferischen Weiterentwicklung des Marxismus-Leninismus“. Diese Ideologie begann sich zu entwickeln nach dem Sieg der Sozialistischen Oktoberrevolution und dem Aufbau des Sozialismus und diente der Verwandlung der Diktatur des Proletariats in die Diktatur der Bourgeoisie. Der moderne Revisionismus breitete sich in der KPdSU (B) und in der Komintern aus, bis sie nach dem Tode Stalins zur herrschenden Ideologie der neuen Bourgeoisie wurde. Mit dem Machtantritt der modernen Revisionisten begann sich auch der Neo-Revisionismus im anti-revisionistischen Lager der Marxisten-Leninisten zu entwickeln, um zunächst die Marxisten-Leninisten daran zu hindern, die Herrschaft der Revisionisten zu stürzen und - nachdem die Diktatur der modernen Revisionisten zerfiel – hatte der Neo-Revisionismus die Aufgabe übernommen, im Lager der Marxisten-Leninisten dafür zu sorgen, dass der Revisionismus wieder ungehindert rehabilitiert werden kann, um die sozialistische Revolution zu verhindern, die Rückeroberung des Sozialismus zu stören und nötigenfalls die revisionistische Herrschaft wieder zurückerobern zu können und damit den Kapitalismus nochmals zu retten. !

Der neo-revisionistische Wurm soll von Anfang an der anti-revisionistischen, marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung eingepflanzt werden, um ihn dort zu nähren und wachsen zu lassen, sich vollzumästen, die revisionistische Macht zurückerobern und die anti-revisionistische Hülle der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung übrig lassen.

Der neo-revisionistische Wurmfortsatz des modernen Revisionismus soll einen Scheinkampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus führen, soll seine ins offen anti-kommunistische, pro-kapitalistische Lager abgleitende Kräfte „brandmarken“, um damit die Wühltätigkeit in der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung fortsetzen zu können. Der Revisionismus wird wertlos, wenn er aus der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung ausgesondert ist. Wenn sich also die Marxisten-Leninisten von den modernen Revisionisten trennen, dann müssen diese erneut in marxistisch-leninistisches Tarnkleid schlüpfen, um in der ML-Bewegung drinzubleiben. Das passendste Tarnkleid ist der „ml- Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus“. Deswegen versucht heute der Neo-Revisionismus als „Vorkämpfer gegen den Revisionismus“ aufzutreten. Er kann auch nicht mehr als moderner Revisionismus auftreten, weil dessen Werk historisch so gut wie vollbracht ist, nämlich die Restauration des Kapitalismus. Heute kann man logischerweise ohne Sozialismus keinen Kapitalismus mehr restaurieren, also richtet sich der heutige Kampf der Neo-Revisionisten gegen die Marxisten-Leninisten, die sich auf die revolutionäre Zurückeroberung des Sozialismus konzentrieren. Also muss der Revisionist von heute auch als „marxistisch-leninistischer Vorkämpfer für die Zurückeroberung des Sozialismus“ auftreten, muss er sich für seine Täuschungsmanöver mit revolutionären Ideen tarnen, die gegen den Kapitalismus gerichtet sind, müssen bürgerliche und kleinbürgerliche Revolutionäre unter dem Banner des Marxismus-Leninismus mit der neue entstehenden marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung segeln, muss man beispielsweise solche Gemälde propagieren, auf dem anti-Marxisten-Leninisten und Marxisten-Leninisten gemeinsam abgebildet sind, z.B. Mao und Stalin, oder Enver Hoxha und Mao usw. usf.

Der Revisionismus übernimmt das vom Marxismus-Leninismus, was der Bourgeoisie und dem Kapitalismus nicht schadet. Also teilt sie Enver Hoxha in zwei Hälften, also in einen pro-chinesischen und einen anti-chinesischen, wobei sie den pro-chinesischen propagiert und den anti-chinesischen unter den Tisch fallen lässt, um so einen Enver Hoxha propagieren zu können, der ihren Vorstellungen entspricht, nämlich Einheit mit dem „anti-revisionistischen“ Revisionismus.

Die Neo-Revisionisten befolgen das, was die Bourgeoisie tut: Verschweigen der Komintern/ML. Man beseitigt die Komintern/ML aber nicht, indem man sie verschweigt. Die Komintern / ML ist heute (ideell, noch nicht faktisch) das mächtigste Instrument der Welt - in den Händen des Weltproletariats.



Einheitsfront zusammen mit Revisionisten oder gegen die Revisionisten ?

„Die Einheit in der kommunistischen Bewegung (...) wird wieder hergestellt, jedoch von den Marxisten-Leninisten, ohne die Revisionisten und die Verräter und im Kampf gegen sie“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 5. Parteitag der PAA am 1. November 1966, Seite 259, dt. Ausgabe)

„Eure Predigt der ´Einheit` mit den Opportunisten (...) ist objektiv eine Verteidigung der Versklavung der Arbeiter durch die imperialistische Bourgeoisie mit Hilfe ihrer besten Agenten in der Arbeiterbewegung. Der Sieg der revolutionären Sozialdemokratie im Weltmaßstab ist absolut unvermeidlich, aber nur gegen euch wird er sich anbahnen und vorwärtsschreiten, wird er erkämpft und errungen werden, er wird ein Sieg über euch sein“ (Lenin, Aus: „Der Imperialismus und die Spaltung des Sozialismus“ - Oktober 1916).

Die revisionistische Einheit ist eine Einheit in Worten, um ihre spalterischen Taten vor der Arbeiterklasse zu vertuschen. Revisionistische Einheit dient der Spaltung der Einheit der revolutionären Arbeiterklasse im Namen der Klassenversöhnung mit der Bourgeoisie zwecks Unterordnung der Arbeiterklasse unter die bürgerliche Herrschaft. Sie ist gegen die marxistisch-leninistische Einheit gerichtet, gegen die revolutionäre Einheit unter der Führung der Arbeiterklasse zum Sturz der Bourgeoisie. Entweder die revisionistische oder die marxistisch-leninistische Einheit – ein kleinbürgerliches Zwischending, einen Einheitsbrei, eine Einheit nur der Einheit wegen - Friede, Freundschaft, Eierkuchen usw. usf. - wird und kann es nicht geben. Die Frage der Einheitsfront ist eine prinzipielle, eine Klassenfrage, ist eine Frage der Revolution, ist eine marxistisch-leninistische Frage, die man nicht mit den Revisionisten zusammen, sondern ohne sie lösen muss und die erst zum Erfolg führen kann, wenn wir den Revisionisten ihre konterrevolutionäre Einheitsmaske im Weltmaßstab vollständig runtergerissen haben.

„Bevor wir uns vereinigen und um uns zu vereinigen, müssen wir uns zuerst entschieden und bestimmt voneinander abgrenzen [am liebsten zitieren die Revisionisten Lenin nur bis zu dieser Stelle, aber wir veröffentlichen hier mal aus gutem Grund das vollständige Zitat – Anmerkung der Redaktion]. Sonst wäre unsere Einheit lediglich eine Fiktion, die die vorhandene Zerfahrenheit verhüllt und ihre radikale Beseitigung verhindert. Es ist also begreiflich, dass wir nicht die Absicht haben, unser Organ zu einem einfachen Sammelplatz der verschiedenartigen Anschauungen zu machen. Wir werden es im Gegenteil im Geiste einer streng festgelegten Richtung führen. Diese Richtung kann nur durch ein Wort gekennzeichnet sein : Marxismus, und es braucht wohl kaum hinzugefügt zu werden, dass wir für die konsequente Entwicklung der Ideen von Marx und Engels eintreten und jene halbschlächtigen, verschwommenen und opportunistischen Korrekturen entschieden ablehnen [!], die jetzt (...) in Mode gekommen sind“ (Lenin, Band 4. Seite 351-352).

In der Geschichte des Kampfes zwischen dem Marxismus-Leninismus und dem Revisionismus fanden und suchten sich stets Verbündete für ihre zwei grundverschiedenen Klassenauffassungen von Einheit und „Einheit“ (sprich: proletarische Einheit und bürgerlicher „Einheit“, die sich gegenseitig ausschließen, unversöhnlich und niemals miteinander vereinbar sind, kurz: antagonistisch sind) :

Die Revisionisten sammelten ihre Einheit zusammen aus allen Elementen, die für die Klassenversöhnung eintraten, also die Liberalen, die kleinbürgerlichen Intellektuellen , aber auch klassenversöhnlerische Elemente aus anderen Schichten der Gesellschaft ( auch aus der Arbeiterschaft zum Beispiel), das ganze „gemäßigte“ „linke“ Spektrum. Sie alle tragen buntscheckige Namen, treten als Sozialisten oder gar Kommunisten auf, aber meiden die „radikalen“, „dogmatischen“ und „sektiererischen“ Vertreter des Marxismus-Leninismus. Den „Orthodoxen“, „engstirnigen“ Marxisten-Leninisten, den ideologischen „Betonköppen“, stehen sie feindlich gegenüber. Abschaffung der Klassen ja , aber nur auf dem Wege der Klassenversöhnung, das vertraten die Revisionisten. Die Revisionisten forderten die Unterordnung der Marxisten-Leninisten unter ihrer Einheitsfront und beschimpften sie als „Spalter“, wenn sie sich nicht fügten.

Und den Marxisten-Leninisten folgten stets alle diejenigen, die die klare und prinzipienfeste Linie und Lehre des revolutionären proletarischen Klassenkampf unterstützten, diejenigen, die den Betrug und den Verrat der Einheitsmacherei der Revisionisten am eigenen Leib zu spüren bekamen, durchschauten und brandmarkten – das waren im Wesentlichen die Arbeiter und werktätigen Massen, aber auch einzelne revolutionäre Kräfte aus den „gehobeneren“ Klassen. Abschaffung der Klassen auf dem Wege des Sturzes der Bourgeoisie und der Beseitigung der ausbeutenden Klassen, das war stets das Ziel der proletarischen Einheitsfront. Die Marxisten-Leninisten fordern nicht etwa die Unterordnung der Revisionisten innerhalb der Einheitsfront des Proletariats oder gar ihre Beteiligung innerhalb der Einheitsfront, sondern sorgen stets für ihre Entlarvung und Entfernung aus der proletarischen Einheitsfront, denn innerhalb der proletarischen Einheitsfront sind die Revisionisten diejenigen bürgerlichen, konterrevolutionären Kräfte, die versuchen, die proletarische Einheitsfront in eine bürgerliche Einheitsfront zu verwandeln, die proletarische Einheitsfront zu entwaffnen und sie der Bourgeoisie auszuliefern.

„Vergessen wir nur nicht, dass man, wenn man einen anderen vorwärtsstoßen will, die Hand stets auf dessen Schulter halten muss. Die Partei des Proletariats muss jeden Liberalen gerade in dem Augenblick zu fassen wissen, wenn er sich anschickt, einen Zollbreit vorzurücken, und muss ihn zwingen, einen ganzen Schritt vorwärts zu tun. Sträubt er sich – dann gehen wir vorwärts, ohne ihn und über ihn hinweg“ (Lenin, Band 5, Seite 351)

Die Geschichte des modernen Revisionismus ist die Geschichte der Verwandlung der revolutionären Einheitsfront gegen den Weltimperialismus, gegen den Weltfaschismus unter Führung der Proletarier aller Länder und ihrer kommunistischen Partei in eine faule Einheitsfront unter Führung der Revisionisten, um das Weltproletariat für die Rettung des Weltimperialismus einzuspannen und es den Karren aus dem Dreck ziehen zu lassen . Die revisionistische antifaschistische Einheitsfronttaktik ist die Taktik der Restauration der bürgerlichen Demokratie. Die proletarische anti-faschistische Einheitsfront ist die Einheitsfront für die proletarische Demokratie, für die sozialistische Revolution.

Die Einheitsfront für die Befreiung wurde also in Wirklichkeit in eine Einheitsfront für die Verwandlung der faschistischen in die „demokratische“ Versklavung der Arbeiterklasse umdirigiert - von Verrätern, von Führern aus den Reihen des internationalen kommunistischen Lagers. Man bot den revisionistischen Führern einen Kuhhandel an, machte ihnen Zugeständnisse unter folgenden Bedingungen: Sie sollten innerhalb des kommunistischen Lagers für die Durchsetzung einer Linie sorgen, dass sich die Arbeiterklasse von den Fesseln des Faschismus nur dann „befreien“ könne, wenn die Arbeiterklasse sich von der sozialistischen Revolution lossagen würde, ihre revolutionären Organisationen auflöst, sich vom Marxismus-Leninismus distanziert (ihn als „Dogmatismus“ und „Sektierertum“ öffentlich verurteilt und ihn zu den Akten legt!) und vom Sturz der Bourgeoisie ebenso bedingungslos Abstand nimmt wie von der Diktatur des Proletariats. Dies „garantiere“ dann das Ende des Faschismus und die Wiedererrichtung der bürgerliche Demokratie, wenn sich die Arbeiterklasse denn daran „beteiligen“ würde ( ob nun mit oder ohne „rote“ Fahne - das sei eine reine Geschmacksfrage und hänge vom jeweiligen Bewusstseinsstand der Arbeiterklasse ab !). Das aber bedeutete logischerweise nichts anderes als die Fesseln der kapitalistischen Sklaverei lediglich etwas zu lockern anstatt sie zu sprengen. Ausgeheckt wurde diese liquidatorische Einheitsfronttaktik der Klassenversöhnung von rechten Führern der Komintern. Diese waren damals noch nicht stark genug, um die marxistisch-leninistische Komintern-Linie, die Einheitsfronttaktik von Lenin und Stalin, offen anzugreifen und bedienten sich daher eines Betrugsmanövers: man ließ alle alten Beschlüsse „unangetastet“, „bestätigte“ alles Bisherige, „verteidigte die alte revolutionäre Linie Lenins und Stalins“, indem man sie „nur“ entsprechend „neu“uminterpretierte, „neu“ auslegte, „neu“ formulierte, „neu“ definierte – und zwar als „Anwendung auf und Anpassung an die besonderen Bedingungen des sich massenhaft ausweitenden anti-faschistischen Kampfes und der Notwendigkeit der Einbeziehung zusätzlicher antifaschistischer Kräfte“ (anti-kommunistischer, konterrevolutionärer Kräfte!). Man müsse bloß diesen Kräften „beweisen“, dass sie vor den Kommunisten keine Angst mehr zu haben bräuchten. Diesen „Beweis“ lieferten die Revisionisten mit der Auflösung nicht nur der Komintern, sondern auch vieler anderer kommunistischer Organisationen auf der ganzen Welt. Die Revisionisten waren bereit, den Kommunismus „für den antifaschistischen Kampf“ der Bourgeoisie zu opfern und die Arbeiterklasse an sie auszuliefern. Ausgangspunkt dieses Verrats waren die Beschlüsse des VII. Weltkongresses der Komintern. Von da an ging`s bergab: 1943 - als das Blut von Millionen und Aber-Millionen Antifaschisten noch in großen Strömen floss – wurde die Auflösung der Komintern verkündet, hatten die Revisionisten diese schärfste internationalistische Waffe des antifaschistischen Kampfes mitten im Krieg gegen den Faschismus (!!) aus dem Verkehr gezogen – das Weltproletariat entwaffnet. Der auf diese revisionistische Weise ganz anders „fortgesetzte antifaschistische Kampf des Weltproletariats“, der Kampf ohne seine Führung durch die Kommunistische Internationale, konnte nichts anderes werden als ein „antifaschistischer Kampf“ unter der Führung der Bourgeoisie, der Imperialisten, werden. [ Anmerkung der Redaktion: Näheres hierzu in der Generallinie der Komintern / ML ]. Was die Revisionisten tatsächlich mit ihrer „neuen“ Einheitsfronttaktik der Komintern beabsichtigte, das gaben die Revisionisten dann 1956 auf dem 20. Parteitag der KPdSU offen zu Protokoll: Es war in Wirklichkeit eine Einheitsfront der modernen Revisionisten mit dem Weltimperialismus gegen die Revolution, gegen den Sozialismus, gegen das Weltproletariat – basierend auf der bürgerlichen Ideologie der anti-marxistischen „friedlichen Koexistenz“ der Klassen, der Klassenversöhnung !

Die neuen Revisionisten sind diejenigen, die die Demarkationslinie zu den alten Revisionisten aufzuweichen versuchen, sie sind diejenigen, die im Kampf gegen den Revisionismus schwanken und letztendlich ihre Zusammenarbeit erreichen wollen. Das war auch die „anti-revisionistische Haltung“ der chinesischen Revisionisten gegenüber dem sowjetischen Revisionismus. Mit diesen schwankenden Haltungen versetzte die chinesische Führung wie später auch die eines Ramiz Alia nicht nur den neuen marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien einen Schlag, sondern verbreitete zugleich in der revolutionären und marxistisch-leninistischen Bewegung die Ansicht, dass man ein Bündnis mit den Revisionisten eingehen könne, womit sie den prinzipienfesten Kampf gegen den Revisionismus unterhöhlten, ohne den man aber den Sozialismus weder erreichen und verteidigen noch ihn zurück erobern kann und somit der proletarische Internationalismus und die aus ihm erwachsenen anti-revisionistischen Aufgaben nur hohle Worte bleiben. Nur das Zurückweisen jeglicher Versuche der Revisionisten zu einem Kompromiss und zur Zusammenarbeit zu kommen, geben die Gewähr, dass eine marxistisch-leninistische Partei, insbesondere eine marxistisch-leninistische Weltpartei stets eine solche Partei bleibt und die Revolution und den Sozialismus stets vorantreibt. Die bis zum Halse im Opportunismus steckende chinesische Führung nahm damals, um es mit den anderen Revisionisten nicht zu verderben, eine abschätzige, feindselige Haltung gegenüber den marxistisch-leninistischen Parteien ein. Sie unterstützte nicht die revolutionäre Tätigkeit, die sie durchführten, sondern distanzierte sich von ihnen. Sie sah in der wahren marxistisch-leninistischen Bewegung ein ernstes Hindernis auf ihrem versöhnlerischen Weg und darum hat sie sich nie ernstlich auf marxistisch-leninistischem Wege zu ihnen bekannt und konnte das auch nicht. Die chinesische Führung sah in der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung nur ein Objekt für die chinesische Propaganda, für die chinesischen, sozialimperialistischen Interessen, um auf die anderen revisionistischen Parteien, denen sie sich gerne nähern wollte, Druck auszuüben und das chinesische Volk zu täuschen, dass die revolutionäre Weltöffentlichkeit die „Prinzipienfestigkeit“ der chinesischen Führung angeblich beklatscht. Ob nun Revisionisten oder Marxisten-Leninisten – das war Mao Tsetung egal – Hauptsache sie spendeten China Beifall. Der Bruch mit dem chinesischen Revisionismus war insofern ein großer Sieg für die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung, weil damit zum Ausdruck gebracht wurde, dass es mit dem Revisionismus keine Einheit geben kann. Es ist bekannt, dass die Revisionisten bei ihrer Einheitsfronttaktik nicht etwa die Prinzipienfestigkeit und die Normen des Marxismus-Leninismus für die gegenseitigen Beziehungen als Kriterium zu Grunde legen, sondern die bedingungslose Anerkennung der revisionistischen Linie. Das ist ein chauvinistisches und anti-marxistisches Kriterium. Das läuft auf den Versuch hinaus, die Vereinigung aller wahren marxistisch-leninistischen Kräfte in der Welt zu verhindern und in der revolutionären Arbeiterbewegung auf nationaler wie auch auf internationaler Ebene Spaltungen zu erzeugen. Die Revisionisten sind also nicht wirklich an Einheit, sondern an einer Einheit zur effektiveren Spaltung interessiert. Was die Chruschtschow-Revisionisten mit der „Mutterpartei“ und ihrem „Dirigentenstab“ durchzogen, das machte ihnen Mao Tsetung nach, nämlich allen anderen die chinesische revisionistische Linie aufzuzwingen. Es gibt nur eine Führung, der sich alle unterzuordnen haben und die die einzige Grundlage für die Einheit ist – die Führung durch den Marxismus-Leninismus. Die Revisionisten - und die Versöhnler ihnen gegenüber - sind Feinde der revolutionären Einheit und jede andere Einheit die nicht revolutionär ist, ist unakzeptabel für die Marxisten-Leninisten. Der Kampf gegen den Revisionismus kann nicht ohne marxistisch-leninistische Einheit, kann nicht ohne weltweite Zusammenarbeit der Marxisten-Leninisten geführt werden, denn da, wo die internationale Solidarität des Anti-Revisionismus fehlt oder wo diese schwach entwickelt ist, setzen die Revisionisten ihren „Einheits“hebel an, um zu spalten.

Das Prinzip, die grundsätzliche Lehre aus diesem Verrat der Revisionisten lautet klar und deutlich: Nicht Einheitsfront mit den Revisionisten, sondern gegen die Revisionisten ! In der Einheitsfront muss die Arbeiterklasse und ihre marxistisch-leninistische Partei stets die Führung inne haben und muss sich ausschließlich vom Marxismus-Leninismus leiten lassen. Die Grundlage der revolutionären Einheitsfronttaktik ist die Anerkennung und Umsetzung, die Unantastbarkeit der Hegemonie des revolutionären Weltproletariats!

Wie gehen wir Marxisten-Leninisten an die Einheit heran? Wir stellen zu allererst die Kardinalfrage: Bündnis mit welchen Klassen und weshalb? Von dieser korrekten Fragestellung ausgehend verneinen wir jegliche Einheit mit solchen Kräften, die dem Proletariat die hegemone Rolle in der Revolution absprechen, die die zentrale Rolle des Proletariats als soziale Haupttriebkraft der heutigen Epoche nicht anerkennen und stattdessen das Proletariat mit der reaktionären Bourgeoisie und mit allen ihren Verbündeten und Lakaien in einen gemeinsamen Topf zu werfen versuchen. Wir Marxisten-Leninisten lehnen jegliche Einheit mit denjenigen ab, die den Klasseninteressen des Proletariats entgegenstehen. Der Marxismus-Leninismus lehrt, dass die wahre marxistisch-leninistische Partei zur Erreichung ihrer strategischen Ziele geschickte und revolutionäre Taktiken der Einheit anwenden, die natürlichen Verbündeten des Proletariats zu gewinnen, die zwischenimperialistischen Widersprüche auszunutzen und Bündnisse mit solchen Kräften schaffen muss, die im bestimmten Rahmen und für eine bestimmte Zeit an der Unterstützung der proletarischen Revolution interessiert sind: „Gleichzeitig“, betonte Genosse Enver Hoxha, „ darf die Partei ihre Eigenständigkeit nicht aufgeben, nicht an jeder beliebigen Front teilnehmen und sich nicht zerschlagen lassen. Sie muss im Gegenteil ihre Unabhängigkeit wahren, an ihren Prinzipien und Normen festhalten. Die Vorhutrolle in der Revolution muss sie unbedingt durch ihren gerechten Kampf und ihre korrekte Politik erringen ... die Hegemonie erhält man nicht geschenkt, man muss sie erkämpfen“ (Enver Hoxha, Gespräch mit Genossen Pedro Pomar, 8. August 1967. In: ´Rruga e Partisë, Nr. 2/1977).

Wie sieht es heute aus?

Der Hauptfeind im internationalen Maßstab ist der Weltimperialismus, der heute immer noch vom US-Imperialismus angeführt wird. Das heißt nicht, dass der russische Imperialismus, der chinesische Imperialismus, der europäische Imperialismus usw. usf. wegen der amerikanischen Führung nicht weniger gefährlich sind. Weder das Weltproletariat noch die revolutionären Völker der Welt dürfen sich auf irgendeinen Imperialismus stützen oder sich mit irgendeinem von ihnen verbünden, um einen anderen zu bekämpfen. Die Einheitsfront des Weltproletariats verläuft gegen den gesamten Weltimperialismus, gegen alle ihm angehörenden Imperialisten, gegen alle ihnen zugehörigen Helfershelfer und Lakaien, also auch gegen alle Revisionisten, egal welcher Spielart.

Was damals so gut mit der revisionistischen „anti-faschistischen“ Einheitsfront klappte, findet heute auch mit der anti-imperialistischen Einheitsfront statt: „Befreiung“ von den Ketten der Globalisierung wird „garantiert“, wenn auf die marxistisch-leninistische Strategie der sozialistischen Weltrevolution verzichtet wird, wenn die Marxisten-Leninisten ihre Organisationen auflösen und sich mit „anti-imperialistischen“ Organisationen zufrieden geben, vom Sturz der Weltbourgeoisie, der Zerschlagung all ihrer globalen Ausbeutungs- und Unterdrückungssysteme und von der gewaltsamen Errichtung der Diktatur des Weltproletariats Abstand nehmen usw. usf. Da läuft im Wesen die gleiche revisionistische Argumentationskette von der Einheitsfronttaktik ab wie damals kurz vor, während und unmittelbar nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg – „anti-imperialistisch-demokratische Revolution“,“anti-globalistische Demokratie“ usw. usf. - all diese Dinge dienen den heutigen Revisionisten nicht etwa dazu, sie für die auf der Tagesordnung stehende sozialistische Weltrevolution auszunutzen, mit diesen neuen Formen des anti-imperialistischen Kampfes die sozialistische Weltrevolution zu stärken, sondern diese zu verselbständigen, zu vrabsolutieren, sie schließlich „überflüssig“ zu machen, um den Weltsozialismus auf „friedlichem Wege“ zu erreichen. Die bürgerliche „anti-imperialistische Einheitsfront“ dient einzig und allein der Täuschung, der Spaltung der Einheitsfront des Weltproletariats für die sozialistische Weltrevolution und ihre Liquidierung. Die Revisionisten wollen den bürgerlichen Weltsozialismus – die Marxisten-Leninisten den proletarischen Weltsozialismus in Berufung auf das „kommunistische Manifest“, in dem Marx gegen den Bourgeois-Sozialismus polemisierte.

Es bilden sich zur Zeit internationale Zusammenschlüsse von revisionistischen, teilweise ehemals marxistisch-leninistischen Organisationen, die sich zusammen gerauft haben, um auszuloten, wie weit man mit dem Revisionismus wieder gehen kann, ohne von den Marxisten-Leninisten sofort wieder entlarvt zu werden und aufzufliegen. Es handelt sich um revisionistische Gruppierungen, die sich insbesondere mit Stalin, aber auch Enver Hoxha maskieren, diese „rehabilitieren“, um ihren revisionistischen Mist wieder salonfähig zu machen und in die marxistisch-leninistische Weltbewegung einzudringen, sie in ihrem Sinne zu beeinflussen, die „Dogmatiker“ und „Sektierer“ ( also die wahren Marxisten-Leninisten) anzugreifen und zu isolieren, sie schließlich zu liquidieren.

Gegenwärtig ist festzustellen, dass der Kampf gegen den modernen Revisionismus einzuschlafen droht . Die Demarkationslinie zwischen Marxismus-Leninismus und modernem Revisionismus ist nicht nur verwaschen, sondern bereits verwittert. Die alte Wachsamkeit der Marxisten-Leninisten wurde viele Jahre lang sträflichst vernachlässigt, man hat das anti-revisionistische Schwert der Arbeiterklasse vor sich hin rosten lassen mit verheerenden Folgen – nämlich das Begünstigen des Wiederauflebens des modernen Revisionismus im Gewand des Neo-Revisionismus.

Hauptfehler und Schwäche der marxistisch-leninistischen Weltbewegung im anti-imperialistischen Kampf ist zur Zeit das Verblassen der Demarkationslinie zwischen Marxismus-Leninismus und Revisionismus, die versöhnlerische, liberale und gefährlich tolerante Haltung gegenüber den Revisionisten - also die zunehmende Geringschätzung der Gefahr, die vom modernen Revisionismus immer noch ausgeht, die Verwässerung und Vulgarisierung des anti-revisionistischen Kampfes, die zunehmende Neigung, ihn zu verharmlosen, ihn historisch abzuhaken und sich endlich mit den Genossinnen und Genossen, die „damals“ Fehler gemacht haben, und diese angeblich korrigieren wollen, auszusöhnen und sie mit ihnen nicht mehr wie früher als Klassenfeind zu entlarven und zu bekämpfen. Die modernen Revisionisten werden nicht mehr als Agenten der Bourgeoisie innerhalb der kommunistischen und Arbeiterbewegung erkannt, und nicht mehr als die Hauptgefahr eingeschätzt , sondern als willkommene Bündnispartner betrachtet („Jetzt, wo es für „uns“ Sozialisten so schwer auf der Welt geworden ist, wo uns reaktionärste Finsternis und Kälte umgibt, wollen wir eine Kerze anzünden, um uns daran gemeinsam zu wärmen“ - „In der Not müssen wir zusammenhalten!“ - „Gemeinsam sind wir stärker!“). Dass der moderne Revisionismus an allem Schuld war, wird verdrängt. Angeblich hätten die modernen Revisionisten sich positiv gewandelt, würden sie Selbstkritik üben und sich gegenüber den Marxisten-Leninisten solidarisch verhalten und nicht mehr gegen sie hetzen. „Ihr lasst uns in Frieden, dann lassen wir euch auch in Frieden!“. Man will deswegen lieber das alte Kriegsbeil begraben und sich nicht mehr dem Vorwurf eines Spalters aussetzen. Die Zeiten der alten ideologischen Grabenkriege seien nun nach dem Scheitern des modernen Revisionismus vorbei und die Losung: „Nieder mit den Revisionisten!“ wird als „nicht mehr zeitgemäß“ verworfen und wird als provokativ und verletzend empfunden- Zusammenarbeit und Annäherung ist angesagt. Jetzt, wo kein Sozialismus mehr da ist, gibt es auch keine Gefahr mehr für die Restauration des Kapitalismus, gibt es keine Revisionisten mehr, kann man miteinander reden, Gemeinsamkeiten hervorheben und Differenzen abbauen. Alle umarmen sich, weil der moderne Revisionismus verendet und ein neues Zeitalter der Einheit „aller“ Kommunisten angebrochen ist. Man holt die alte kommunistische Tradition hervor und freut sich gemeinsam daran, so als wenn die Zeit des modernen Revisionismus, in der die kommunistische Weltbewegung einst gespalten und den Kommunismus begraben werden sollte, nun endlich vorüber ist und alle treu gebliebenen Kommunisten befreit aufatmen können, so als ob das Ende des modernen Revisionismus alle Kommunisten näher gebracht habe und man nun „ohne“ modernen Revisionismus“ wieder einträchtig zusammen kämpfen könne. Der Irrglaube besteht aber eben gerade darin, dass sich die modernen Revisionisten nicht etwa solidarisch den Marxisten-Leninisten annähern, sondern dass es den modernen Revisionisten nach wie vor einzig und allein darum geht, die Marxisten-Leninisten dazu zu bewegen, sich ihnen anzunähern. Die Revisionisten haben ihre Macht eingebüßt, aber die Ideologie des Revisionismus versucht weiter, sich des Bewusstseins der Arbeiterklasse zu bemächtigen !! Wenn die Revisionisten heute in den roten Farbeimer springen, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass sie wieder als Kommunisten herausgeklettert kommen !! Im Gegenteil, das tun sie doch nur, um mit diesem Betrug wieder an die Macht zu kommen ! Der ganze Revisionismus ist nur auf den Betrug an den werktätigen Massen aufgebaut – auf sonst nichts !

Es ist die so genannte „Einheitsfrontpolitik“ der Neo-Revisionisten bereits weit verbreitet in der Welt, nämlich dass sich die Marxisten-Leninisten mit denjenigen Revisionisten in einer gemeinsamen Partei verschmelzen sollen, die sich zur Kritik am Revisionismus durchaus „wohlwollend“ äußern („wie ein Sturm im Wasserglas“), solange die Marxisten-Leninisten diesen Kampf innerhalb und nicht außerhalb dieser „Einheitsfront“ zu führen bereit sind, solange sie diese „Einheitsfront“ nicht torpedieren. Und falls diese Einheitsfront von den Marxisten-Leninisten nicht akzeptiert werden würde (und so ist es ja auch ganz richtig!), so sollten die Marxisten-Leninisten gegenüber denjenigen, die eine „friedliche Koexistenz“ mit der Einheitsfront zusammen mit den Revisionisten anstreben, „tolerant“ sein. Wenn die Marxisten-Leninisten sich mit diesem Täuschungsmanöver auch nicht anfreunden wollen, ja dann werden sie unter Druck gesetzt, werden Intrigen gesponnen, denunziert usw. usf. Wie zum Beispiel vor den Augen der Werktätigen als „Spalter der Einheit“ beschuldigt. All dies läuft auf nichts anderes hinaus, als das sich die Marxisten-Leninisten dem Revisionismus unterzuordnen hätten, um unter der Flagge des „Kampfes gegen den Kapitalismus“ in Wirklichkeit wohlbehalten in den Hafen des Kapitalismus zurückzukehren. Nicht der Bahnhof des modernen Revisionismus bewegt sich auf den neo-revisionistischen Zug zu, sondern der neo-revisionistische Zug hat sich eiligst in Richtung auf den Bahnhof des modernen Revisionismus in Bewegung gesetzt ! Wer sich weigert, in den neo-revisionistischen Zug einzusteigen, den versuchen sie zu überrollen.

Wir Marxisten-Leninisten sind für eine revolutionäre Einheitsfront und die kann nur anti-revisionistisch sein. Revisionisten sind Feinde der Arbeiterklasse und die Einheit mit ihnen ist gefährlich und tödlich, endet gesetzmäßig mit Niederlagen, mit Abhängigkeiten vom Klassengegner, mit der Kapitulation vorm Kapitalismus und schließlich mit der vollständigen Unterwerfung unter die Herrschaft der Bourgeoisie.

Die modernen Revisionisten sind in Worten für die Einheit, in Taten aber die größten Spalter der kommunistischen Weltbewegung ! Sie sind für eine Einheit, die die Unterordnung der Marxisten-Leninisten fordert; sie wollen jene Einheit, mit der sie die Marxisten-Leninisten unter Druck und schließlich ausschließen können, eine Einheit, die sie letztlich gegen die Marxisten-Leninisten richten, eine Einheit zur Liquidierung der Einheit.

e) vom Revisionismus und seiner Kehrseite - Dogmatismus und Sektierertum

„Enver Hoxha betonte, „dass die Parole (...) vom ´Kampf gegen den Dogmatismus` die beliebteste Parole aller Spielarten des Revisionismus und ihnen allen gemeinsam ist“ (Enver Hoxha, Eurokommunismus ist Antikommunismus, Seite 43, dt. Ausgabe).

Die Revisionisten leugnen den internationalistischen Geist und den universellen Charakter der Wahrheiten des Marxismus-Leminismus, leugnen sie den Marxismus-Leninismus als eine in sich systematisch zusammengefasste, einheitliche, eigenständige und aus einem Guss geformte Klassentheorie, indem sie dies als „Dogmatismus“, als „Sektierertum“, als „logischen Mythos“, als „theologischen Streit verschiedener Richtungen“, als „Formalismus“, als „Institutionalismus“, als „Fanatismus“, „Verbortheit“, „Borniertheit“, „Engstirnigkeit“, als „Scheuklappe“, als „Glaubenslehre“ usw. usf., kritisieren. Den Revisionisten zufolge, gibt es nicht den Marxismus-Leninismus, der international gültig ist, sondern jedes Land hat seinen eigenen Marxismus-Leninismus. Jedem Lande entspricht ihrer Meinung nach ein besonderer „Typ von Marxismus“, eine „spezifische Variante des Marxismus“, „dezentralisierte Formen des Marxismus“, um zu „verhindern“, dass der Marxismus eines Landes „nicht über den Marxismus eines anderen Landes „dominiert“ usw. usf.. Der einzig wahre Marxismus-Leninismus wird also durch tausende von „Marxismen“ ersetzt, bzw. aus all diesen „Marxismen“ eklektisch zu einem zähen, klebrigen Brei zusammengerührt, um den Marxismus-Leninismus zu verkleistern und damit kampfunfähig zu machen, so wie eine Spinne ihr Opfer einspinnt, um ihm dann den Lebenssaft auszusaugen. Um dies berwerkstelligen zu können, muss der Revisionismus die tatsächlich existierende Demarkationslinie verwischen also zwischen wirklichem, also anti-marxistischen Dogmatismus und „linkem“ Sektierertum, Abenteuertum, Trotzkismus, Anarchismus usw. usf auf der einen und dem Marxismus-Leninismus auf der anderen Seite, den die Revisionisten zu ihren hinterhältigen Zwecken als so genannten „Dogmatismus“, als sogenanntes, „Sektierertum“, als „´linken` Opportunismus“ usw verurteilen. Der Revisionismus will also verhindern, dass der tatsächlich notwendige Kampf gegen Dogmatismus, Sektierertum, „linker“ Opportunismus usw. geführt werden kann, denn der Revisionismus braucht den Dogmatismus, das Sektierertum usw. wie den Deckel zum Topf. Will man also den Revisionismus tatsächlich bekämpfen, dann kann man dies als Marxist-Leninist niemals ohne einen konsequenten Kampf gegen den Dogmatismus, gegen das Sektierertum tun, denn Dogmatismus und Sektierertum ist die Kehrseite des Revisionismus. Je weniger wir uns Marxisten-Leninisten vom Dogmatismus und vom Sektierertum abgrenzen, desto mehr erleichtern wir es damit den Revisionisten, uns in die Enge zu treiben und uns in die dogmatische, sektiererische Ecke abzuschieben. Die 50 jährige Geschichte des Kampfes gegen den modernen Revisionismus ist somit auch eine 50 jährige Geschichte des Kampfes um die Trennungslinie zwischen dem uralten Etikett vom so genannten „Dogmatismus“, dem so genannten „Sektierertum“ und dem tatsächlichen Dogmatismus und Sektierertum, wobei wir auch gegen die noch gefährlicheren Erscheinungen des Neo-Dogmatismus und des Neo-Sektierertums zu kämpfen haben, die da von der Komintern / ML definiert sind als:

Anti-Dogmatismus und Anti-Sektierertum in Worten, Dogmatismus und Sektierertum in Taten.

Wir haben es da vor allem konkret mit der ISML zu tun, die diese Linie hauptsächlich in der Theorie und weniger in der Praxis auf internationalem Parkett verfolgt und einen nicht geringen Schaden in der marxistisch-leninistischen Bewegung anrichtet, indem sie insbesondere die Komintern / ML als „dogmatische“ und „sektiererische“ Organisation abstempelt, wofür ihnen die Revisionisten Applaus spenden, denn die ISML hilft den Revisionisten bei ihrem schmutzigen Geschäft, die wahren Marxisten-Leninisten als „Dogmatiker“ und „Sektierer“ hinzustellen, nur weil diese ihren anti-revisionistischen Prinzipien treu bleiben und sich nicht von den Neo-Revisionisten unterbuttern lassen wollen. Nicht die Marxisten-Leninisten sind sektiererisch und dogmatisch, sondern die Revisionisten. Warum ? Weil nur der Marxismus-Leninismus eine schöpferische, sich weiter entwickelnde, die revolutionäre Befreiungstheorie des Weltproletariats ist, wozu die Revisionisten als Anhänger einer untergehenden Klasse überhaupt nicht fähig sind. Sie können nur das Bild des Marxismus-Leninismus verzerren, können nur verkleistern und den revolutionären Geist verdunkeln, aber nichts dergleichen selber auf die Beine stellen. Sie hinken hinter der marxistisch-leninistischen Theorie hinterher oder überspringen sie. Sie können sie verteufeln, verbieten, mit Dreck bewerfen, was auch immer, aber sie können die Wahrheit des Marxismus-Leninismus nicht widerlegen, die Revisionisten können den Marxismus-Leninismus niemals aus der Welt schaffen, solange das Weltproletariat für seine Befreiung kämpft. Wir Marxisten-Leninisten müssen also auch das Sektierertum der Revisionisten entlarven, denn diese ideologische Waffe gehört mit zu ihrem Repertoire, uns in die Zange zu nehmen, auch wenn sie versuchen, dies zu leugnen.

„Ohne klare Trennungslinie zwischen der revisionistischen Auffassung und dem Marxismus-Leninismus zu ziehen, ist es nicht möglich, den Dogmatismus und das Sektierertum mit Erfolg und von richtigen Positionen aus zu bekämpfen“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht auf dem IV. Parteitag der PAA im Februar 1961).

Folglich ist klar, dass man den Dogmatismus und das Sektierertum niemals von revisionistischen Positionen aus korrekt führen kann. Das heißt genauso umgekehrt: Der Kampf gegen den Dogmatismus und das Sektierertum von revisionistischen Positionen aus zu führen, ist in Wahrheit die revisionistische Maskierung des Kampfes gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus. Es ist ebenso klar, dass man keinen Kampf gegen den Dogmatismus und gegen das Sektierertum führen kann, wenn man nicht gleichzeitig einen anti-revisionistischen Kampf führt, denn beide bieten einander den Nährboden gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus, den man dem einen und dem anderen gleichermaßen entziehen muss. Dogmatismus, Sektierertum, „linker“ Opportunismus, das ist – wie gesagt – nur die Kehrseite der revisionistischen Medaille. Der so genannte „Kampf gegen den Revisionismus“ von Seiten der Sektierer, der Dogmatiker, der „Links“opportunisten - dient wiederum nur dem Revisionismus. Er schwächt den Marxismus-Leninismus und erleichtert es dem Revisionismus, sich Zugang durch die Hintertür zu verschaffen, wenn der „linke“ Opportunismus an die Vordertür klopft und umgekehrt. Beide, der rechte und der „linke“ Opportunismus arbeiten Hand in Hand gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus. Man kann daher weder den „ linken“ Opportunismus mit dem rechten Opportunismus bekämpfen, noch umgekehrt. Die Marxisten-Leninisten müssen also gegen beide kämpfen, müssen einen Zweifrontenkrieg gegen den Opportunismus führen, einschließlich gegen die Versöhnler und Zentristen, die diesen unvermeidlich notwendigen Zweifrontenkrieg aufzuweichen und zu spalten, also zu schwächen und zu liquidieren versuchen, indem sie sich mal auf die revisionistische, mal auf die „links“ opportunistische, ja und manchmal auch auf die marxistisch-leninistische Seite stellen, wie es die Geschichte des Trotzkismus beweist.

Den Kampf gegen den Marxismus-Leninismus unter der vorgetäuschten marxistisch-leninistischen Flagge des Kampfes gegen das Sektierertum, den Dogmatismus, den „linken“ Radikalismus, den „Links“-Opportunismus“ zu führen - ein altes Betrugsmanöver der Revisionisten

Die Annäherung der verschiedenen revisionistischen Gruppierungen und Spielarten, ihr Geschrei über die „Eiunheitsfront ist begleitet von wütenden Angriffen gegen die „Dogmatiker“ und „Sektierer“ - also gegen die wahren Marxisten-Leninisten. Das ist kein Zufall. Schließlich wollen sie das „anti-revisionistische“ Banner tragen und es den Marxisten-Leninisten entreißen, wollen die Revisionisten über die „Reinheit“ des Marxismus-Leninismus und über die Einheit der „Marxisten-Leninisten“ bestimmen und sich vom Einfluss der Marxisten-Leninisten zu säubern.

Die Revisionisten machen einen Heidenlärm über den radikalen Revolutionarismus, um die Arbeiter, aufzuscheuchen, abzuschrecken und sie so in ihre revisionistischen Netze zu treiben. Marxisten-Leninisten aber sind keine radikalen Revolutionaristen, sondern Revolutionäre. Enver Hoxha vertrat den Standpunkt, Marxisten-Leninisten

„... sind keine Dogmatiker, weder in der Theorie noch in der Praxis. Für sie ist der Marxismus-Leninismus als dialektische, materialistische Weltanschauung eine in unaufhörlicher Entwicklung begriffene schöpferische und lebendige Lehre. Die Marxisten-Leninisten sind weder konservativ noch fanatisch, was die Revisionisten und Bourgeois ihnen vorwerfen. Im Gegenteil, sie sind die fortschrittlichsten Menschen, sie sind entschlossene Kämpfer gegen alles Alte und Rückständige. Sie stehen fest auf den Positionen des Neuen und kämpfen mit allen Kräften für seinen Sieg. Konservativ und reaktionär sind die Revisionisten und alle anderen Opportunisten, die als Lakaien der Bourgeoisie eine verlorene Sache, eine alte Unterdrücker- und Ausbeuterordnung verteidigen. Gerade diese reaktionäre Position ist es, die den modernen Revisionismus in eine tiefe Krise geraten ließ. Das Bewusstsein des Proletariats und der Völker von den hemmenden Einflüssen des Revisionismus zu befreien, den Marxismus-Leninismus, der den einzig richtigen Weg des Kampfes und des Sieges weist, zu verbreiten, das ist heutzutage eine erstrangige Aufgabe, um den revolutionären Prozess in jedem einzelnen Land und im Weltmaßstab voranzutreiben“ (Enver Hoxha, Bericht an den 8. Parteitag der PAA, S. 296/297).

Wir Marxisten-Leninisten verstehen nach wie vor den Marxismus-Leninismus nicht als Dogma, sondern als Anleitung zum Handeln, nicht als abstrakte Theorie mit unveränderlichen Schlussfolgerungen und Formeln, sondern als Kampfwaffe, nicht als eine Erleuchtungsdoktrin, sondern als große Kraft zur Revolutionierung der Welt.

„Der Marxismus erkennt keine unveränderlichen Schlussfolgerungen und Formeln an, die für alle Epochen und Perioden obligatorisch wären. Der Marxismus ist ein Feind jeglichen Dogmatismus“ (Stalin, der Marxismus und die Fragen der Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin 1951, Seite 65).

Bei den Revisionisten ist nicht nur das Liebäugeln mit „neuen“ bürgerlichen „Theorien“ kennzeichnend, an die sie sich anhängen, sondern überhaupt verbergen sie hinter ihrem „Antidigmatismus“ ihre allgemeine Theoriefeindlichkeit: „Wir sehen also, dass mit den tönenden Phrasen gegen die Verknöcherung des Denkens usw. nur Sorglosigkeit und Hilflosigkeit in der Entwicklung des theoretischen Denkens bemäntelt werden“ (Lenin, Band 5, Seite 379).

Wir leben heute in einer Zeit großer theoretischer Zerfahrenheit, des Zerfalls, der Schwankungen, der Demoralisierung, des Zurückbleibens, der Vereinigung kleinlichen Praktizismus mit völliger theoretischer Unbekümmertheit. Was den heutigen Revisionismus und insbesondere die heutige Revision des Marxismus-Leninismus angeht, so bieten die Revisionisten wenig Neues, was sie dem „Dogmatismus“ entgegen zu stellen haben. Den Marxismus-Leninismus erklärt man für abgelöst, aber von was, bitte schön? Die Revisionisten stellen unserer geschlossenen und durchdachten marxistisch-leninistischen Theorie nichts als neu aufgesetzten Eklektizismus und ihre alte Prinzipienlosigkeit entgegen. Die Revisionisten trampeln heute deswegen weiter auf dem „Dogmatismus“ herum und können nicht aufhören, ihn zu verteufeln, weil sie schließlich genau wissen, dass die revolutionäre Bewegung ohne revolutionäre Theorie eine tote Bewegung ist – und das soll ja möglichst so bleiben. Die Revisionisten werfen also nur deswegen Dreck auf uns „Sektierer“, weil sie genau wissen, dass wir die Einzigen sind, die die revolutionäre Theorie nicht nur verteidigen, sondern sie vor allem weiter entwickeln. Wir tragen sie in die Bewegung hinein und erwecken sie dadurch erneut zum Leben. Den Revisionisten ist klar, dass wir an der Spitze der neuen weltrevolutionären Bewegung stehen und sie führen werden. Wir selbst sind es, die die Revisionisten zwingen, über uns „Sektierer“ herzuziehen, womit sie sich vor den Augen der weltrevolutionären Bewegung um so mehr entlarven und diskreditieren müssen.

. Dieses Kapitel möchten wir mit folgendem Leninzitat beenden:

„´Jeder Schritt wirklicher Bewegung ist wichtiger als ein Dutzend Programme`. Diese Worte [aus dem Brief von Marx über das Gothaer Programm – Anmerkung der Redaktion] in einer Zeit der theoretischen Zerfahrenheit wiederholen ist dasselbe, als wolle man beim Anblick eines Leichenbegängnisses ausrufen: ´Mögen euch immer so glückliche Tage beschieden sein` (Lenin, Band 5, Seite 379).