December 31, 2017

organizational task for the Year Plan 2018.



We concentrate our propaganda on the most acute problems of workers. Especially for the year 2018, the Comintern (SH) will concentrate her tasks on the industrial proletariat and its revolutionary struggle in the trade unions factories and companies. We have already much experiences in Germany and we will make some English translations which will be valuable for all workers in the world, working outside Germany.


The organizational leitmotif for the year 2018 is:

Orientation to organize the globalized industrial proletariat.

In the "Platform of the Comintern (SH)" we have already pointed to the general significance of the globalized industrial proletariat. It says:

"Only the world proletariat - developed as an independent and self-relying class - can achieve such manoeuvrable centralization of all proletarians of all countries, that will be needed for cumulative vulnerability.

Not the proletarians of all countries change their formation – vice versa: the world proletariat changes the formation of the proletarians of all countries - just in the same way as the national capital had been changed by the global form of capital. The world proletariat is the dominant factor who changes all the countries into divisions of the proletarian world army.

Under the conditions of globalization, the actions of the working class of every country assume directly and immediately global character. The first time in history the objective globalization of the proletarian class corresponds perfectly to the character of proletarian internationalism. And just because the new globalised forms of struggle can be harmonized with the internationalist character of the proletarian class in today's globalized conditions, globalised proletarian class struggle unfolds its highest, complete efficacy that is strong enough to gain a victory over the world bourgeoisie on a global scale.

We favour the key position of the globalized industrial worker as the most progressive driving force of our world revolutionary movement? Why ? 

This is clear and obvious: The global industrial worker is the unifier of all world revolutionary forces. The world capitalist system has chosen the global industrial worker the first global gravedigger.  

Only his global position as a industrial worker enables him to pave the way for the global liberation of the working class.

Only through the globalization of industrial workers, the material conditions of world socialism are created. The globalized industrial proletariat will be the bearer and pacemaker of the globalized society. The globalized industrial proletariat is the most productive force and has not only the largest share in the creation of values all over the world , but holds also the most important position in the social organization of world's labour. This means that the globalized industrial worker is at most productive. Consequently he is most profitable for the world capitalists in comparison to everyone else in the world. The globalized mode of production brings the modern industrial worker in the key role of world production and with this into worst position of labour slavery ever. This causes his sharpest class-struggle at a united global front. The globalized industrial proletariat sets all the world-revolutionary forces in motion, sets the forces of all the other elements of the proletariat free. It carries the less progressive elements forward and thus makes the world proletariat ripe for the world proletarian revolution. It is a motor of the class and cares for activating and mobilizing the whole global class movement.  

The globalized industrial worker is thus the representative of all the exploited and oppressed people.

And the globalized industrial worker is also the new representative and global leader of the proletariat of each country who are forced to sell their labour force to global capitalism

And so he is not only representative but also the predestined leader of world proletarian class struggle, he is the most revolutionary element of the contemporary world proletariat.

Organizing these best revolutionary proletarian elements is of highest priority. The most important link in the global chain of proletarian unity is doubtless the global industrial worker. The strengthening of this chain link in particular, and the strengthening of the chain as a whole - this is the way how global unity reaches its power position.  

The beginning of the strengthening of the consciousness of the global industrial worker is the beginning of the proletarian global unity, is the beginning of the proletarian world power. The revolutionary awakening of the world proletariat begins with the awakening of the global industrial worker. World revolution is completely impossible to understand without the central political role of the global industrial worker.

So it is primarily the global industrial worker who is most amenable and open to our Stalinist - Hoxhaist world politics. He is as first being convinced. Forging the global avant-garde of the proletariat starts with the forging of the most revolutionary global industrial worker. There is no unity of the countries without the leadership of him. There is no elimination of world capitalism without the leadership of him. There is no dictatorship of the world proletariat without the leadership of him. There is no global slogan: "World proletariat - unites all countries!" without the leadership of him. 

The Communist International (Stalinists-Hoxhaists) was quick on the uptake to highly value the economic, social and political strength of the global industrial workers and their inalienability in the struggle for world socialism. Therefore we prefer their particular interests as essential parts of all the class-interests of the world proletariat. Therefore, we are interested in developing its world communist consciousness first and foremost.

Considering his economic, social and political status, the global industrial worker is the closest to the future classless international society. His world revolutionary consciousness about the classless world can be developed at deepest and at fastest.

At present the most revolutionary force is the global industrial worker! He develops highest consciousness by studying and practising the teachings of Marxism-Leninism. He is both the most important bearer and leading element of world communism. With his strong arms and under his leadership he builds up and strengthens the Communist International Party.

Under global conditions of present times the world proletariat defines itself as the only revolutionary class. The proletarians in each country are world revolutionary only insofar, as they are the combat units of the world proletariat.

The revolutionary force, which every single worker brings for strengthening his global class, serves finally to his own emancipation. He can easily beat the entire counter-revolution of the whole reactionary world just with a tip of his finger, because billions of comrades are standing behind him.

So, today : expenditure of energy for the growth of the global power of the world proletariat, for the victory of the common cause and tomorrow:

for the interests of his country , for his own interests and

the day after tomorrow :

an even greater contribution to the collective, internationalist cause, and thus in turn a greater contribution to his own country.

This is a process of progress which reaches higher levels.

Workers of the world - unite!" -and: “Workers – unite all the countries!”

- these are the two recombinant formulas that express the new spirit of proletarian internationalism from both the directions of national and international poles.  

Workers of the world - lead your struggle for the unity of the countries against world imperialism!"

This is proletarian internationalism on its highest level, achieving highest potential of world power . This is the basic idea of the dialectical unfolding of proletarian internationalism for the world-revolutionary organization of the proletarians of all countries under the present conditions of the globalized world capitalism. What we mean, is, that the world proletariat has the power and therefore the task, to centrally unite and organize all the revolutionary forces in every country on a global scale. Fighting not with single fingers of the countries, however with the global world proletarian fist against world imperialism.” (Platform of the Comintern (SH) – from 2009)



How do we implement our organizational Year - Plan 2018 according to this Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of the globalized industrial workers as we have written in our Platform (2009)?

First of all, we have to create the conditions for that. That means we are at the beginning. To win the international industrial proletariat for the Comintern (SH) requires many years of tireless and persistent work. So that can not be achieved in a single year. The task of the annual organizational plan for 2018 is therefore to create the most important foundations for the unification of the international industrial proletariat. We must develop and advance the world revolutionary consciousness of the industrial proletariat - at first theoretically and then practically.
Our main tasks for 2018 are as follows:

1. To sift through, to systematize and publish all materials already available for this purpose, which seems appropriate ans useful.

Helpful are excerpts from the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, the CPSU (B), the PAA and the Comintern.

We also have own documents that we will publish:

2. a chapter of the "General line of the Comintern SH)" on the orientation in revolutionary trade union work.

3. Long live the 14th anniversary of the re-foundation of the Red International of the Labour Unions ! May 1, 2003 - May 1, 2017

4. Let's defend the Marxist-Leninist company- and trade union line of comrade Ernst Aust (will be translated in English)... and some other documents that we do not all want to list here.

5. In the Year Plan 2018 , we also want to get the work of our Red Trade Union International moving - namely in several languages.


6. In 2018 we will focus on the concrete struggles of the international industrial proletariat


7. We publish websites for the most important globalized industrial branches (including the agricultural sector - see Red Peasant International)

8. Furthermore, on 1 May 2018, we are aligning the Comintern (SH) to the struggle of the international industrial proletariat.

9. Finally, we will declare war on the bourgeois reformist-revisionist world trade union organizations.

10. At the end of the year, we will then prepare an accountability report on the work done in 2018, which will be the basis for continuing our focus on the international industrial proletariat in the next year 2019.



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