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Amazonas starts his defense of the fascist-monarchist North Korean regime:

North Korea (…) has always been under the menace of imperialism. The country has made a lot of efforts to build a new society and to reunify a country which was divided by the American imperialists. To question whether it has chosen the best way to accomplish it, that is a problem which should be considered taking the opinion of the Workers’ Party of Korea into account, because this is a party which was tested during multiple struggles. (…) We believe that North Korea is included in our anti-imperialist and revolutionary camp.” (João Amazonas, Pour l'unité du mouvement communiste, February 10 and 11, 1992, translated from French language).

Since the end of the War of Korea in 1953, the Korean peninsula has been divided in two states: South Korea, a capitalist-bourgeois state of the classical type with regional imperialist ambitions but under American influence; and North Korea, a capitalist-bourgeois state of the revisionist type which during several decades was a satellite of soviet social-imperialism and which is now under the sway of Chinese social-imperialism. Since the very beginning, the North Korean “Workers’ Party” always committed serious anti-Marxist mistakes. And this is not surprising because a party which represents and defends the interests of the North Korean national bourgeoisie can never simultaneously embrace a correct communist and proletarian line; on the contrary, such an anti-socialist and pro-capitalist party will necessarily endure the aggravation of its own degeneration. This is the case of the North Korean “Workers’ Party”. In his book “The Krushchevists”, Comrade Enver recalls:

On September 7 (of 1956) we arrived in Pyongyang. They put on a splendid welcome, with people, with gongs, with flowers, and with portraits of Kim Il Sung everywhere. You had to look hard to find some portrait of Lenin, tucked away in some obscure corner. (…) the revisionist wasp had begun to implant its poisonous sting there, too.” (Enver Hoxha, The Khrushchevists, Tirana, 1980, edition in English).

Therefore, we can see that one of the main characteristics of Kim-Il-Sungism (the North Korean variety of revisionism) was already present: the intense personality cult organized around Kim Il Sung with the consequent minimization of the true Classics of Marxism-Leninism like Lenin. In his brilliant book “Reflections on China”, Comrade Enver Hoxha perfectly and accurately described Kim Il Sung as being a “vacillant, megalomaniac revisionist” and bluntly said that:

Kim Il Sung, (…) is a pseudo-Marxist.” (Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, August 21, 1975, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

As time passed, Kim-Il-Sungism proved to be one of the more disgusting and reactionary forms of revisionism, whose treason was rightly understood by comrade Enver:

The leadership of the Communist Party of China has betrayed (socialism)In Korea, too, we can say that the leadership of the Korean Workers' Party is wallowing in the same waters.”(Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, June 7, 1977, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

When the Soviet revisionists conquered power and started to spread their pro-capitalist poison, the North Korean revisionists tried to give an image of “loyal Marxists” and affirmed to be “totally against revisionism”. But this was just empty talk. During many years, North Korea was completely dependent on Soviet social-imperialism and on foreign capitalist credits. Comrade Enver understood this and by occasion of Tito’s visit to North Korea he analysed that:

(…) Tito is going to Korea to carry out negotiations on behalf of American imperialism with Kim Il Sung and not to get credits, because there are no strong-rooms in Korea from which Tito can get them. Korea is so deeply in debt itself that it is unable to meet its repayments.” (Enver Hoxha, Reflections on China, Volume II, June 7, 1977, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

With the fall of soviet empire in 1989-1991, North Korea continued to be a highly indebted country which is nowadays being invaded by Chinese imperialist credits. North Korea’s external debt is of many millions of dollars and the country’s commercial balance suffers from a significant and systematic deficit. This situation is totally opposed to that of Socialist Albania of Comrade Enver Hoxha which relied on its own internal forces and was never dependent of foreign credits and “aids”. The Albanian Marxist-Leninists struggled to keep the country’s commercial balance always positive and they accomplished this task. Even bourgeois ideologues were impressed by the way a tiny country like Albania not only was plainly autosufficient but also effectively refused to be integrated in the world capitalist market. In truth, every veritable socialist country in the context of capitalist-revisionist encirclement (as was the case of Socialist Albania) has to fight for its self-reliance because otherwise international imperialism would immediately invade the country through capitalist credits, thus preventing and destroying the building of socialism. As comrade Enver Hoxha clearly asserts:

In order to disguise the export of capital, the imperialist powers also resort to the practice of according credits. Through these so-called credits or aid, the big capitalist concerns and the states to which they belong bring great pressure to bear on the recipient states and peoples, and keep them under control. (…) On the other hand, these credits, which the big monopolies provide for the countries of the so-called third world, in fact, serve the feudal-bourgeois classes which rule these countries. The credits the new states receive are links of the imperialist chain around the necks of their own peoples. (…)

Capitalism never makes investments, provides loans, or exports capital to other countries without first calculating the profits it will realize for itself. (…)There are also other forms of according credits, like those practiced with those pseudo-socialist states which are trying to disguise the capitalist course on which they are proceeding. These are large credits provided in the form of trade credits which, of course, must be repaid within a short time. These are provided jointly by many capitalist countries, which have calculated in advance the economic as well as political profits they will draw from the recipient state, taking into account both its economic potential and ability to pay. In no case do the capitalists provide their credits for the construction of socialism. They provide them to destroy socialism. Therefore, a genuine socialist country never accepts credits, in any form, from a capitalist, bourgeois, or revisionist country.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English).

This principled and Marxist-Leninist stand is on the antipodes of that adopted by the bourgeois-capitalist North Korean regime. Indeed, North Korean anti-socialist ruling classes even “officialized” their country’s total dependence on foreign imperialist credits:

The State shall encourage institutions, enterprises or associations of the DPRK to establish and operate equity and contractual joint venture enterprises with corporations or individuals of foreign countries within a special economic zone.”(Article 37 of the DPRK's Constitution, September of 1998, edition in english).

As we can see, the social-fascists which rule North Korean not even try to hide their complete allegiance and subordination to world imperialism, on the contrary, they gladly and openly assume it in their own Constitution. This article of theDPRK's Constitution affirms the exact opposite of what the article 28 of the Constitution of Socialist Albania states:

The granting of concessions to, and the creation of, foreign economic and financial companies and other institutions or ones formed jointly with bourgeois and revisionist capitalist monopolies and states, as well as obtaining credits from them, are prohibited in the People's Socialist Republic of Albania.” (Article 28 of the Constitution of People’s Socialist Republic of Albania, December of 1976, edition in english).

In face of this, it is incredible how some people who qualify themselves as “communists” and “Marxist-Leninists” still dare to affirm that the ultra-reactionary North Korea is a “socialist country”! The North Korean regime has absolutely nothing to do with socialism. The power structures in North Korean are similar to those of the most backward capitalist-feudal states. When Kim Il Sung died, his son Kim Jong Il was his successor and today it is already known that Kim Jong Il’s son will replace his father in the North Korean throne. Yes, throne is the correct word because North Korea’s political and economic system can be rightly defined as a fascist monarchy which oppresses and exploits North Korean workers while the monarcho-fascist bourgeoisie lives luxuriously.

For example, in the early 90’s, North Korea faced a severe famine caused by the appalling weakness of the country’s capitalist economy. This crisis was a consequence of the disappearance of Soviet social-imperialism on which North Korea was totally reliant. And while large numbers of North Korean workers were literally dying of hunger, Kim Il Sung, his son and the other members of the monarcho-fascist bourgeoisie were organizing opulent parties with included magnificent feasts where they received the representatives of the revisionist and neo-revisionist parties. And these representatives of the revisionist and neo-revisionist parties are the ones which are capable of affirming without blushing that North Korea is a “country which is building communism”. To say that North Korea is a socialist country, that is “the last Stalinist state in the world” means to blatantly insult Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism, it means to try to discredit communist ideology with the aim of maintaining capitalism’s tyrannical and totalitarian world rule. Today there are no socialist countries in the world; this is the truth whether the revisionists like it or not.

The pro-American capitalist ideologues love to affirm that North Korea is an “isolationist” country, but this is totally false. Those pro-American ideologues use this kind of lies with the purpose of struggling against the competition of Chinese social-imperialism which is now the main supporter of the North Korean bourgeois regime. Only a zealous neo-revisionist like João Amazonas can declare that North Korea is an “anti-imperialist” and “revolutionary” country because, as we have already observed, far from being “isolated”, North Korea is totally integrated in the mechanisms of the globalized capitalist-imperialist system.






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