Greeting message
of the German Section of the Comintern (SH )
February 18, 2014




We greet all Moroccan comrades and express our full solidarity with their fighting actions in Cologne.
The Comintern (SH ) holds up the spirit of proletarian internationalism and international solidarity . Even if we can not participate, we are with you in thoughts and with our hearts in Cologne . And that is exactly what the bourgeoisie is most afraid of - if we workers unite from different countries for supporting your class struggle in Morocco. We, the German Section of the Comintern (SH ), express our solidarity hereby, and stand by your side in your righteous fight for the liberation of the Moroccan people.
The action in Cologne will be a huge bang against the world bourgeoisie , and we can only say - hold on !

We condemn the barbaric violence of the police and other counter-revolutionary forces by which the bloody regimes tortures the Moroccan revolutionaries. The political prisoners have to be released immediately !

We support the just demands of the Moroccan workers , especially their fight against the dramatic deterioration of their living conditions and against increasing unemployment, prices etc !

We support the courageous struggle of the students and the revolutionary youth for democratic freedoms.

We particularly support the Marxist-Leninists in Morocco, who fight for the transformation of the democratic revolution into the socialist revolution .

The Moroccan Revolution is an inseparable part of the Arab revolution , and thus an inseparable part of the world socialist revolution. This is the main reason why the Comintern (SH) supported the Maroccan revolution and why we celebrate with you the 3rd Anniversary. We are convinced that the struggle will go on until the final victory of liberation.

The point is not only to overthrow the lackeys of the world imperialists in Morocco , but to also lead the revolutionary liberation struggle against all imperialists who exploit the Moroccan people to the death and suppress !

The point is that the Moroccan revolutionaries join the Communist International and that they found their own Moroccan Section of the Comintern (SH). This is necessary for transforming the Moroccan proletariat into a detachment of the invincible world army of the proletariat in order to destroy world capitalism and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in Morocco and all over the world.

Long live the free, independent and socialist Morocco in a socialist World Republic !

Down with world imperialism in Morocco and in all countries of the world !
Down with the Moroccan Regime!
Freedom far all political prisoners in Morocco !

Long live the 3rd Anniversary of the Morrocan Revolution !

Long live the 3rd Anniversary of the revolution in Morocco

February 20, 2011




German Section - in Action !

As can be seen on this picture, the Comintern (SH) - with its flag of hammer, sickle and rifle - was marching in the front-line of the protest march.


5 000 people demonstrated against

50th Munich Conference of

"Security Policy"



Excerpts from the demo report against the imperialist "Siko" meeting at Hotel Bayerischer Hof on Saturday, February 2, 2014


At the demonstration, about 5,000 people participating . The security conference of the global warmongers met this year for the 50th time .
Present were the world capitalists , imperialist bosses, representatives of arms industry and governments and top-ranking military staff of the NATO. Here the military concepts and strategies of today's imperialist predatory wars are discussed. While the majority of the people sinking into poverty , mass misery and while their blood flows, all these war profiteers met in the luxurious hotel "Bayerischer Hof " nearby the demonstration in Munich. They spit on the interests of the worldwide workers and their allies, even though they are the ones that guarantee this limitless wealth and maximum profit and its luxury . The large German imperialists were denounced above all, and their participation in the imperialist, predatory wars in Africa were condemned, in particular.
The bloody Assad regime and interference of all imperialist powers were convicted and solidarity was demonstrated with the liberation struggle of the Syrian people .
The liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people was also supported. The interference of the imperialists in East and West was condemned.
The Comintern (SH ) exposed the revisionists, who advocated the replacement of one imperialists by other imperialists as alleged "anti-imperialist slogan. This shows Yushchenko , Yanukovych , Tymoshenko , Klitschko, Merkel, Putin and co . All these bourgeois politicians are just puppets of big business. In contrast to these social-fascist slogans , the Comintern (SH ) argued : the Fist of the people brings freedom!

The anti- Siko - demonstration in which the German Section of the Comintern (SH ) has involved again this year, is an important step in the right direction , a small step on the way to the victory of the world socialist revolution.
As can be seen on the pictures, the Comintern (SH) - with its flag of hammer, sickle and rifle - was marching in the front-line of the protest march.

On the demonstration, the Comintern (SH ) shouted:

Long live international solidarity !
Long live the Communist International , hammer sickle and rifle - smash the Siko and NATO !
Thyssen , Daimler, Deutsche Bank - the class enemy is in our own country !
Bundeswehr go home !
Class against class !
Waragainst imperialist war - world communism will win !
We are loud, we are everywhere - we will win over the global warmongers !
German guns, German money - kill people all over the world !
The socialist world revolution will free humanity !

Complete report of the demonstration in Munich/Germany

- see link:
German Section of the Comintern (SH )




Red May - 2013

German Section in Action !

Report of the First-May-Demonstration in Nürnberg








January 8, 2013

Call of the Comintern (SH)

German Section


January 1919 - January 2013

94 years after the assassination

of Karl Liebknecht

and Rosa Luxemburg





1968/69 - 2012/2013 

44 Years

Communist Party of Germany / Marxist-Leninists 

[ KPD / ML ]

On December 31, 1968, our party was founded
by Comrade


The CP Germany (ML) was born in the fight
against modern

Text from:
"RED DAWN" - July 1972

"It is very important for the revolutionaries of our country to be always aware that the party of the West German and West Berlin working class could only be created in struggle against modern revisionism.

The anti-revisionist fight is a permanent crucial task of the revolutionaries of our country.

About 15 years ago, at the end of the fifties, our German labor movement suffered a severe blow.

In the wake of the Soviet revisionist clique of renegades, Khrushchev and his echoer Ulbricht, the leaders of the KPD betrayed Marxism-Leninism, and they dragged the party inton the revisionist swamp - which was once a mighty and heroically fighting party under the leadership of Ernst Thalmann .

The formation of a new, genuine revolutionary party was an absolute necessity for the German working class.

"Those elements of the labor movement in West Germany and West Berlin, who had remained loyal to Marxism-Leninism, were themselves aware of this task and laid the foundation for the new party by starting the fight against the revisionist betrayal of the old KPD leaders"

(see self-criticism of the First Central Committee of the KPD / ML in Roter Morgen No. 1/2 - 1972).

Under the leadership of comrade Ernst Aust - today's
Chairman of the KPD / ML, the defenders of Marxism-Leninism, the true Bolsheviks, the real Thälmann communists joined closely together to prepare for the final separation of the Marxist-Leninist forces of the rotting Communist Party for the purpose of foundation of a new Marxist-Leninist party.

The ultimate tool for solving these problems has been the magazine "ROTER MORGEN", which was published by comrade Ernst Aust. The first number of the "ROTER MORGEN" appeared almost exactly 5
Years ago, in July 1967.
Back then, the "ROTER MORGEN" became
'Central Organ of the Communist Party - Marxist-Leninists'.

The "ROTER MORGEN" waged a sharp ideological
struggle against modern revisionism and became a collective organizer, the main instrument of the collection of the Marxist-Leninist forces in Western Germany and in West Berlin. The "ROTER MORGEN" was a decisive factor in the preparation and creation of a new, Marxist-Leninist party.

Under the leadership of comrade Ernst Aust, on 31
December 1968, on the 50th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Germany, the foundation of the KPD / ML was completed in Hamburg.
This was an event of great historical significance for the development of the West German labor movement.
It was a conscious revolutionary action of the best forces of the West German proletariat.

Thus, the historically necessary conclusions drawn from the revisionist degeneration of the "Communist Party / DKP" , was a new stage in the development of revolutionary Labor movement in West Germany and West Berlin.
The founding of the KPD / ML was a crucial step forward on the path to revolution.
This was a heavy blow against the capitalist system.
This was a heavy blow against modern revisionism, against Trotskyism and against all other bourgeois currents in the whole revolutionary Movement in our country.
The newly founded Party pursued from the outset a correct Marxist-Leninist line in all basic questions.

The policy statement, which was adopted at the founding congress, I. Annual Congress of the KPD / ML, was an important programmatic document of our party.

'It clearly shows the necessity of relentless struggle against modern revisionism and states clearly that there can be no other way for the liberation of the working class than the path of violent revolution, the path of armed struggle.

The declaration clearly stated that the objective of the present stage of the struggle in our country - this is the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The founding document points out that the German working class has to fight for a united, independent, socialist Germany .
It is already on the line, that the main trend in
today's world is - revolution.

From the beginning, the party recognized the need of
Bolshevik party building.
Shortly after the founding of the party, the 12 theses of Stalin on the Bolshevization of the KPD werde published in RED MORNING, the central organ of the KPD / ML.

The party followed this clear Stalinist-Bolshevik course for building up the party and unfolded the struggle against petty bourgeois, opportunist conceptions on the nature and structure of the party.

Thus, in the fire of the struggle against capitalism and modern revisionism a genuine communist party emerged again in our country, a party that took up the banner of the revolutionary Thalmann's Communist Party to carry it forward to new battles, new victories of the German working class." ["RED DAWN" - July 1972]




Message of solidarity of the German Section of the Comintern (SH)
addressed to the Portuguese Section of the Comintern (SH)
December 8, 2012

"And here are a few words of greeting to Portugal:

Thanks for your nice words.
Especially in theses days and times where the contradictions increase rapidly and where we are hit in our backs (see the revisionists, Trotskyists, Maoists etc.) its is much more important  our iron cohesion!.
And that's exactly the crucial point: Alone, we are nothing. Only together we are strong !

Now we have different conditions in both of our countries.
In Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy...  is all happening - one general strike after another., with records of  unemployment of more than 25% and dramatically increasing pauperization of the masses .

In the big imperialist industrial nation FR Germany you realize not so much of the world revolutionary crisis (although here are the main causes and roots of the debt crisis in Europe).
The crisis is here concealed by "rescue" - and stimulus programs. Germany has the highest debts in Europe, which are imposed on the German working people.
Given the global crisis, the bankruptcy of Germany is inevitable, and it will come in Europe to great decisive battles between European proletariat and the European bourgeoisie.
The most important thing is that in every country, there is a Section of the Comintern (SH), and that we are ready prepared to stand together when it matters most.

Be warmly greeted, Comrades!"





Solidarity with the general strike of the peoples of Southern Europe!

November 14, 2012


Today (Monday) solidarity rallies for the general strike in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy were held in many German cities . In Augsburg we were quite a small group with about 20 people. It was organized in a relatively short and spontaneous time.
The PDS took part ( fake "left"), the NGG (food-union) and the Comintern (SH).
In the speeches - by means of the megaphone - we condemned world capitalist grievances in all forms of the economic crisis, global financial crisis, debt crisis, global debt packages, government bonds, "rescue" and IMF, world speculations by with the world working class and the peasants are now totally exploited.
The PDS (revisionists, fake left) said that they would be "against capitalism" and for "democracy". They called for a tax on the millionaires and its redistribution among the poor as the patent remedy against capitalism.

Of course, we know that the PDS is fake "left" - one of the many "left" fig leaves of capitalism in Germany. Under the framework of the world capitalist world system, those illusionary claims are not at all achievable. They said that world capitalist extremes in whatever form (capital expansion, globalization, the reorganization of international production) should be called "neoliberalism" and not for what they really are: Imperialism, world imperialism.

Now the Comintern (SH) was speaking in the megaphone:


"We must spread and expand the Southern general strike throughout Europe and world-wide, and even in such an imperialist industrial nation like Germany is a general strike necessary, because it is Merkel, the German and world capital who suck the blood of the people in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy."


By the way, the leading guy from NGG in Augsburg can afford holyday-trips to the Iceland, and I think he was or is still member of the Trotskyist RSB ( "Revolutionary Socialist Alliance").

If the DGB [Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund] does not perform nation-wide demonstrations of solidarity, then it rears its ugly social imperialist head:

The DGB (umbrella organization of the German Trade-Unions) is on the side of imperialism!

The DGB is the prolonged arm of the German bourgeoisie within the labor movement!

Who splits the labor movement in Europe ?

We, the Communists or the social-fascists of the DGB ?

The DGB is the strike-breaker of the new revolutionary movement of the European working class ! These reformist-revisionist strike-breakers must be destroyed by the European working class.

Support the RILU and the RGO!

Workers of Europe - unite!

Down with the rule of imperialism in Europe!

Down with the tripartite alliance of capital, bourgeois governments and the reformist-revisionist union leaders!

The socialist revolution is the only way out of the crisis of capitalism!

Long live the united proletarian dictatorship in Europe!

Long live the United Socialist Republic of Europe!









Solidarity with

Helena Iskraschnitz !!!   


To the Komintern (SH)

and the whole SH-World Movement

Please help us, we need your solidarity.


Comrades and Collegues !

2 weeks ago, on Friday the 11th of May 2012, our colleague Helen Iskraschnitz was discharged by fairly trivial causes. She was working for a temporary employment agency and had virtually no rights and no protection against dismissal. I often worked for such a "wage-slaveholder", and I know how it is if you get a call next day: "Tomorrow you will not need to come for work!"

She has immigrant background, is coming from Kazakhstan and has Ukrainian citizenship. If she does not find work in no time, she is threatened with deportation to the Ukraine.

She was a colleague, who did not fear critical words at the working place, even in face of the chef.

We demand the immediate rehiring of our dear colleague !


letter from K. K. (Germany)





of the Comintern (SH)

Dear Comrades,

Dear Collegues!

The Comintern (SH) thanks you for your letter and we hereby declare our full solidarity with your struggle for the reemployment of your colleague, Helena. On our website we have made public the condemnation of this act of despotism.

We say:

Here is a double standard!

A Ukrainian capitalist, namely Timoschenko, has ill-gotten gains of several hundred million euros. However, she is not only supported and protected by the Merkel government, but also by all Western governments. Tymoshenko does not have to worry about her.

In contrast, a Ukrainian worker, as your colleague, Helena, is arbitrarily dismissed and deported to the Ukraine, if she cannot find work elsewhere in the shortest time.

It shows the stark class character of Merkel and Co, who are strong supporters of capitalists, however, who abandon the workers to their fate.

In capitalism, dismissals decide on the fate not only of an individual worker, but on millions of worker worldwides. And this happens unpunished every day in the interest of profit. Anyone who is defiant or even dears to criticize the exploitative working conditions shall be dismissed.

If it is a migrant, and her work force is sold to the company by a temporary employment agency, then the rights of these workers are trampled under foot all the more.
In addition, the capitalists exploit shamelessly and in the most unscrupulous manner, the miserable condition of the workers in the Eastern European countries and pursue wage dumping in order to increase their profits even more.

The triple alliance of state, capital and unions is promoting this crime against the workers, too! Help and support from cannot be expected by them.

Our answer is clear:

We can only help ourselves! Our strength lies in our solidarity! You organize solidarity in your company and we spread your struggle all over the world! The dismissal of Helena shows that we need class-struggle unions which struggle primarily for the labor rights of migrants. In this sense, we need to rebuild a strong RGO!

We also appeal to the support and solidarity of the A G I F, which struggles specifically for the rights of migrants. A threat of deportation must be avoided at all costs!
The world capitalist system itself and its special exploitation of migrant workers unites the world proletariat more closely and thus its power increases through solidarity - across of all national borders and with every new day.
In this way, the internationalism of the world proletariat becomes the strongest driving force that will turn the world capitalism into world socialism.

In world socialism, the principle is realized:

global termination and aboliion of wage slavery and tyranny against workers and workers!

Worker-friendly working conditions!

Equal pay for equal work!

Neither unemployment nor dismissal!

Equal rights for all workers throughout the world, especially the right to work!
In this sense, let us fight for your colleague, Helena!

Helena needs to be rehired !

In solidarity,

Comintern (SH)









Herewith we publish (partly the first time)

historical documents of the KPD/ML

- our old glorious party - in the struggle against Maoism:


"The way of the party" - Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML

1977 - 1980






The philosophy of


Mao Tsetung


- Idealism and Metaphysics


Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML („The Way of the Party") No. 3 / 1980







The new "world strategy" of the leadership of the CP of China

- a strategy of revisionism

"The Way of the Party" - Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML

No. 1 /1978


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3













of the CC of the KPD/ML

to the CC of the CP China


from July 21, 1977












About the counter-revolutionary extortionist methods of the Chinese leaders against Socialist Albania

"The Way of the Party" - Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML

- No. 4 / 1978












Is Mao Tse-tung a Classic of Marxism-Leninism ?

"The Way of the Party" - Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML

No. 4 / 1978














Mai 1978

The Lisbon Conference

a meeting of the counter-revolution


"The Way of the Party" - Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML

- No. 4 / 1978










30 Years PR China – 30 Years Lies and deceit


Theoretical Organ of the KPD/ML („The Way of the Party") No. 4 / 1979









Letter from a friendly German Comrade

posted on 30 April 2012


On occasion of the international day of fighting of the working class, I send you and your Georgian, Serbian and Portuguese sections cordial greetings struggle.

Dear Comrades!

With a feeling of complete agreement, I have read your May-appeal of the Comintern (SH), and above all of your party, the German section. The call of the Comintern (SH) attached 12 points and represented demands in the special May-Appeal of the German section changed my prejudice against your organization, I had about a year ago yet (because of "noise", and "better plans forge for world socialist government, as to propose concrete measures in today's fight "). I have finally finally overcome my prejudice towards you because of your convincing and clear class stand point.

Thank you for the clarification of the historical background of the 1st May, the militant tradition, founded by the revolutionary vanguard of the Haymarket in 1886, yellow union bosses at the table to take advantage of the struggle of the working class and public holidays as a platform for lip service.

By imperialism in the name of "freedom and democracy" in the blood of colonialism and neo-colonial oppressed people wading, exacerbated by the more developed countries, the exploitation and the "austerity" regime so that, for example here in the FRG than a few people two or need to exercise three professions, a (mildly) to earn "more modest" income, by investing in Greece, with wage and pension cuts, mass layoffs has so been declared open to the people of the war, he shows everyone that can see and want his disgusting grimace.

So while capitalism is in the gravest economic crisis since 1929, it retires, as already Marx and Engels in the "Manifesto of the Communist Party" described impressively, with a whole army of the proletariat "gravediggers" of his own approach. And the good news, dear comrades, is that the industrial proletariat is growing all the time - that those social force that can bring about the downfall of the last order of history is anachronistic exploiters, and especially - As executor of the (survival) will of the overwhelming majority of our humanity - must constantly increase receives.
Another good news is that the late capitalism of 2012 something very significant to the late feudalism of 1789 has in common: both are already in decline, both level of each progressive social order the way by the appropriate economic-technical and intellectual basis for this . provide In the "computer age" there are enough resources and technologies to build and strengthen the material basis of a socialist society, where would the wealth of nature and the discoveries of science to the welfare of the people, not profit, serve, nor has the capitalism, the "globalization" driven to the point that the organization of an international socialist economics economy would be easy. Capitalism is a backward-looking monster that makes the potential of human waste and reduces it even dangerous. The destruction of this inhuman system by the dictatorship of the proletariat is possible, is more than ever a topical issue and an urgent necessity.
May the Comintern (SH) hold steadfastly at the class position, may you grow and strengthen and be always at the forefront of the struggle to enforce the dictatorship of the proletariat!

I turn now to some comments on the everyday demands of your party in your May Appeal of the German section of the Comintern (SH).

Your demands: "Drastic reduction of income inequalities in Germany insane, and that applies to ALL - without exception: Limit on an annual income of 100 000 €! Raising the minimum annual income of 10 000 € "and you forgot the tax issue is of political importance, as they will be ignored by the bourgeois parties consistently to allow anti-national fiscal pacts and debt brakes. The daily newspaper " New Germany "has to last Friday an interesting article published on page 1, which states:" An immediate abandonment of fiscal and debt brakes pact calls for a merger of left economists. The debt brake is' economically and fiscally foolish and harmful, "says the 'Memorandum 2012', which introduced the Working Group Alternative Economic Policy in Berlin on Thursday. It proposes raising the corporate income tax and the top rate of income tax the same way as the reintroduction of the property tax and increased funding of local authorities. This could also be an investment and employment program funded in the amount of 110 billion euros. "Increased taxation of the rich should be to the daily demands of your party, especially the communities choked by the debt burden and will break saved while living alone in North Rhine-Westphalia 4000 millionaires and the Dusseldorf West LB "in recent years pumped nearly 15 billion euros," were, as it says in a pamphlet of the "Youth Links".

For the women you rightly elevates the traditional battle cry of the labor movement "equal pay for equal work" and "Retirement at 55 years for women" (This example reminds me a bit of what I've read about the pension system in Albania ...). But how do you follow the current debate on the reactionary minister Schröder (CDU) proposed "stove premium"? In my opinion this is a shabby attempt to distract from the fact that the care of small children in our country is insufficient. No one should (at least in family policy . area think), that is indeed something rotten in Denmark is why you should for the women and education policy also set up the slogan: "Expansion of day care places instead of women inhuman stove premium". This solution would be likely to attack a certain part of the reactionary social policies Merkel to the criticism of Merkel entire system and our state can pass a whole.

In your May-Appeal you also say: "Equal rights for women in the workplace and for migrant workers! An end to the racist, chauvinistic, nationalistic division and incitement ". What is about the NPD, the fascist reserve the monopolies against the labor movement, the most subtle and nauseous represents racism, chauvinism, nationalism and fascism Zwickau terrorist cell that also was funded by the state and covered close links maintained? There is a widespread call the anti-fascist struggle, the NPD and all fascist organizations to ban. I beg of you, esteemed colleagues, fervently anti-fascist work and especially the demand for a ban on all fascist organizations yes do not forget - "solidarity with the workers in Greece and all other workers in Europe": a practical form of solidarity would be a donation to strengthen the strike fund of the struggling Greek steelworkers (see http://www.tundp.info/Griechenland_Stahlarbeiter . pdf).

"Firm front of all the workers struggle against the tripartite Federal Government: Capital - State - and DGB! No foul compromises with yellow union bosses and Social-democrats -.? As the DGB chairman Dr. Sommer "Whom do you mean by DGB Distinguishes your exact guidance and basic as you propose with the fact deal that we do not have RGO, and no PAME as the Greek comrades? If you were you kind enough to answer that?

You are claiming the fight against imperialist wars in abstract, without specific terms as the above examples. The most common solution has to be the face of monstrous war crime is a daily gesture of solidarity with Afghanistan, "armed forces out of Afghanistan!" On the incidents to the Leopard 2 tanks in the last year and similar in depth. "No arms exports!" because "German weapons, German money, participate in murder around the world." It is all the friends of peace, especially the anti-imperialists among them, significantly, that do the imperialists always fanatical efforts to prepare for war against Syria and Iran, after Libya have ashes laid here, I would like you to kindly call "solidarity with the peoples of Iran and Syria" (see.:

www.freundschaft-to-point valjevo.de), although it unfortunately lacks a clear anti-imperialist point. All opponents of an assault on Iran and Syria will be asked to support this appeal. I am confident that you could support this appeal, to emphasize your profile to the outside world anti-imperialist. Your participation in the peace movement would not challenge the bourgeois pacifism, just slightly.
What I am unhappy, is that you ignore at your call, two important things: a) the initiative for the right to political strike, the Wiesbaden-based appeal; b) the youth question. Known, it is said:.. "Who has the youth, has the future ". There is in youth work more than the apprentice question, namely, the education system, and there, you would have plenty of pick up: the formation of strikes, fight G8 (high school), student fees "Bachelor's degree," Influence of economic and military education, etc. If your questions this aggressively and concrete political terms, then can you be sure that you will get the attention of young people no less - I can tell you as a student, as a high school student, affirm.

Dear Comrades!
On occasion of the international day of fighting of the working class, I send you and your Georgian, Serbian and Portuguese sections cordial greetings of struggle.
Forward to victory of the proletarian dictatorship!
Long live and prosper, the unity and cohesion of the proletariat!
Workers of all countries and oppressed peoples, unite!

C. Re., Essen, 30 April 2012



of the
Comintern (SH) - Section Germany

 May Day is the international battl day of the working class.

On the origin:
May Day has his roots and is originated in Chicago in 1886, when the workers went for a general strike.
As early as the mid-19th Century, trade unions, workers and peasants on May Day took to the streets to demonstrate for their interests, their lanor rights - and emancipation. Since that time, much blood of the fighting working class was shed all over the world.
So also in Chicago in May 1886. The bourgeois press, the newspapers said that the bourgeoisie would shoot down the striking workers. And so it happened.
For this specific reason the Second International, on its founding congress in Paris, decided on the foundation of May Day, 1890 - to demonstrate for international solidarity and for the eight-hour day. Frederick Engels described this as "the best thing that our Congress has done." With this decision, 122 years ago, this battle day of the working class was born.
We remember the bloody May Day, in 1929, in Berlin - a proof that the ruling class never gives away its political power voluntarily.
We remember the prohibition of the trade-unions in 1933, the year when the Nazis seized power.
We remember the so-called "incompatibility decisions" of the yellow unions, by which we Communists are excluded from membership in the trade-union – until today. This congruent anti-communism of the former Nazis at that time - and the social-fascist DGB today - that was one of the reasons for the re-establishment of the old revolutionary tradition of the RGO [Revolutionary Trade-Union Opposition] of Comrade Thaelmann. The initator of the refoundation of the RGO - in 1978 - was the leader of our KPD/ML - comrade Ernst Aust.
Or let's remember the year 2006 - in the U.S.A. (this world center of world finance and global banking capital) - when in some cities an average of 100 000 - 200 000 migrants - transformed their protest into a sea of crowds. This event was a premonition of the coming world socialist revolution. The migrants demanded recognition of their American citizenship, of their equal labor rights. U.S. President George W. Bush had prohibited even the singing of the National Anthem in their own native Latin American language.
Last year over 300 000 took to the streets in Istanbul, although May Day demonstrations were prohibited by the blood thursty, fascist Turkish state.
Until this day the capitalists failed to remove the battle day of the workers, on which they express their global solidarity and strength, and also their legitimate demands:
So we demand today - on May 1 - 2012:

The 30 hour week with full pay (35 hour week in a transitional period) !

10 euro minimum wage!
Drastic reduction of income inequalities in Germany which must apply to ALL - without exception:
Circumcision of the limit on an annual income of 100 000 €!
Raising the minimum annual income of 10 000 €!
An end to the exploitative "employment agencies" [wage-slave traders].
For the immediate abolition of wage-slave traders !
Equal pay for equal work!
Permanent acquisition of all trainees after passing the final exam!
Permanent employment contracts for all workers and employees!
No more wage dumping!
Away with the "mini-jobs" - and "one-euro" jobs!
Away with Hartz 4 (social cuts) !
Pension at age 60 for men and 55 for women!
For a cohesive, combative class working atmosphere among colleagues!
Together against bullying and harassment of other militant colleagues within the companies!
Equal rights for women at the workplace and also for migrant workers!
An end to the racist, chauvinistic, nationalistic division and incitement!
Iron front of all the workers in their struggle against the triple covenant: Capital - State - and DGB (the German Trade-Union)!
No foul compromises with yellow union bosses and Socialdemocrats - such as the DGB chairman Dr. Sommer!
We all fight together for our rights - particularly against capitalist wage-cutting, wage dumping and imperialist wars!

We workers do not pay for the global economic crisis!

The capital / world capital must pay for the crisis!
Solidarity with the workers in Greece and all other workers in Europe!
A battle front of the German and European proletariat against enslavement by German imperialism!
Down with the German imperialism!
Workers of all countries of Europe - unite for the revolutionary overthrow of European imperialism!
Revolution, not reformism !  - In Germany!  - In Europe!  - All over the world!
We, the Germany Section of the Comintern (SH), are fighting for socialism in Germany and for a socialist world!

Long live the red May Day!

Long live the revolutionary proletariat of the world!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Long live the world-socialist revolution!
Long live the Communist world!
Comintern (SH) - Section Germany





January 29, 2012

Statement of the Comintern (SH)

on the foundation of a "new" neo-revisionist organisation in Germany

[so called "Joint Communiqué of the Organization for the Construction of the Communist Workers Party of Germany Arbeit Zukunft (Work Future) and the KPD/ML"]






23. 11. 2011

Message of solidarity

of the German Section

to the Serbian Section of the Comintern (SH)


To comrade Zoran Minic !

To the comrades of the Serbian Section of the Comintern (SH) !

Dear comrades !

It is an honor for us to write this message to your forum. Thank you, comrades.

We, the comrades of the German Section of the Comintern (SH), send to you militant greetings from Germany.

We like to let you know that we are completely in solidarity with you in this moment !

First of all:

Congratulation, comrades, to the foundation of your Serbian Section and your faithful defense of the Comintern (SH) !

We know, that your struggle is hard. Former Yugoslav social-fascism still tries to influence the revolutionary forces of Serbia. We do not let you in the lurch ! The victory is ours ! Down with revisionism !

We followed the discussion on the forum and welcome your firmness of defending the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism. The banning from the list is totally justified. This way you have strengthened the new Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement in Serbia !

History shows that both: the first revisionist country in power - and the only country which resisted successfully the capitalist-revisionist world encirclement - are neighboring countries. Exacerbated class-struggle in your country is therefore inevitably hard-wired and extremely important for the successful development of the whole Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement.

Comrades !

Proletarian internationalism is stronger than all nationalism in the countries all over the world !

Proletarian internationalism in Serbia is stronger than Serbian nationalism because the Serbian proletariat is a detachment of the world proletarian army !

Every internationalist comrade in Serbia is backed by the solidarity of the internationalist comrades all over the world !

We are and will always be 100% internationalists and no percent less !

Long live our Serbian Section !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !
Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !
Long live the socialist world revolution !

Long live the Serbian socialism on the socialist Balkan in a socialist world !

The comrades of the German Section of the Comintern (SH)

23rd of November, 2011






20. 11. 2011


to the comrades of the



name change

Dear comrades,

It is very welcome that the name change of "KPD (SH)" in "Comintern (SH) - Section Germany" gives rise to stimulating discussions. This demonstrates the seriousness of our party members and sympathizers. And that's why we are writing this letter of solidarity to those comrades who have still questions on our renaming. We would like to justify our decision in more detail and to confirm its accuracy and necessity.

From the very beginning of the foundation of our party in 1968, there were discussions and concerns about the naming of "KPD / ML." This was a quite normal process. These concerns were also discussed on occasion of the renaming of "KPD" (in 1980), KPD (SH) on 31 December 2009, and "German Section of the Comintern (SH)", on 8th of November, 2011. At 31 December 2009, we wrote: "Despite of changing our name it is still the one and the same party. We are proud that we continue our party-struggle since 41 years." This will not change anything.


Comrade Ernst Aust said 40 years ago to us: "Names are sound and smoke - what matters is the content of politics and ideology, which is linked to this or that name." We believe this is still a correct Marxist-Leninist attitude, which was represented by comrade Ernst Aust in that time. And his attitude is also valid under today's conditions of development of the party. Finally, it was others who have left the political-ideological line of Comrade Ernst Aust - and not us. We defend the correct line for over 40 years and we will continue to do so. Everyone will be convinced when reading the party - documents on our web-site. One would oversimplify the matter, if the fact of renaming is equated with withdrawal from our line. From the beginning, our opponents tried to criticize formally our work, because they do not dare to openly attack us ideologically. They know from experience that we are strong and ideologically correct and therefore, they would get the short straw. Anyone who thinks we would spend more than 40 years of our lives for our party, just for the purpose to leave it in the lurch one of these days - must be rather naive. Whenever we changed our name, it was usually inevitable that the fronts cleared up between those who followed bad intention and those who stick firm and faithful to our party.

You can lead discussions about party-renaming constructively and destructively. Only our party-enemies try to follow the latter way.

Our name change is always an expression of our growing maturity and inner strength, not weakness and vacillation with which is maligned our character.


Our party has not solved its organizational tasks in a day. This required many years of bitter disputes with the Trotskyite liquidators. So you can be sure that we have integrated in our decision all our 40 years of combat experience in the organizational field. In all our renamings - there was never any moment of waverings of our Marxist-Leninist line.

It was always the expression of the struggle to defend the KPD / ML of comrade Ernst Aust. And this is explicitely highlighted in our decision of November 8, 2011 - which can be read below:


In contents nothing changes for the KPD(SH).

We continue to defend our old historical roots and traditions of Communism in Germany, the traditions of the KPD-Ernst Thälmann - Section of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin -, the traditions of the Hoxhaist Movement in Germany, of our KPD/ML - founded in 1968 - by our beloved comrade Ernst Aust (the brother in arms of comrade Enver Hoxha), our central organ "ROTER MORGEN" (which - from now on is called "Worldrevolution") - etc.


Comrades !

All Communist parties in the world - without exception - have always turned into their opposite just in the moment , as they began to put aside the proletarian internationalism - whether overtly or covertly - that is nothing but subordination of the interests of the world proletariat under the interests of the proletariat in its own country. This is completely incompatible for us communists and violates the great internationalist slogan "Proletarians of all countries - unite!"

The famous Manifesto of the Communist Party which is defended by the Comintern (SH), is valid as an internationalist manifesto, the manifesto of the world proletariat. It is not only of fundamental importance for the proletariat in this or that country. It is not alone the manifesto of a German Communist Party just because it was written by the Germans Marx and Engels. Marx and Engels were great German internationalists. The German communists of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann were great internationalists, and the German communists of the KPD / ML of Ernst Aust are internationalists. In essence, the German internationalists always remained faithful towards the matter of the world proletariat. We, the German communists - above all - have served and will always serve the world proletariat .

And because Marx and Engels were internationalists, they built the First International and not the Social-democratic Party of Germany, which inevitably slided down to social chauvinism.

After the death of Marx, Engels participated in building the Second International, which fell into the hands of the opportunists. The Second International drew into the First World War and set the proletariat of a country against the proletariat of another country - just to satisfy the profit-greed of the world imperialists with the blood of the world proletariat.

Karl Liebknecht was among those "who shouldered the difficult role of the harbingers of the world revolution " (Lenin, Volume 26, page 59, German edition)
and Karl Liebknecht teaches us:

"It is the International, in which lies the priority of the organisation of the class of the proletariat ...

The obligation to execute the resolutions of the International is more important than all the other organisational obligations" (Spartacus Letters).


The name "KPD" was derived from the name of the Leninist Bolshevist party - like all the other communist parties in the world, affiliated to the Comintern.
Thanks to Ernst Thälmann our Communist Party became ​​the strongest Section of the Comintern (outside the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin). "The Communist Party of Germany is one of the best detachments of the international proletarian army" [Delegation of the CPSU (B) at the 6th World Congress of the Comintern]. Nevertheless, Ernst Thälmann did not put the emphasis on the size of the Comintern, but on its contents. Ernst Thälmann applied the Leninist-Stalinist line of the Comintern in Germany, and he led the "KPD" as a detachment of the World Party. Ernst Thälmann did not confront the Communist Party and the Comintern against each other. He said: "The German question has a certain significance for the general line of CI. Only through such a treatment of the question, we can achieve a unified Communist world policy, only this is a guarantee for a truly collective implementation of the work of the Comintern " ... "The unity of the Comintern, its unity on the basis of Leninism, may be less today than ever infringed " (Ernst Thälmann, Volume I, page 328 and 330). "For several years we had to struggle against Trotskyism. In this great struggle of Leninism, the Communist International has remained the undisputed winner. Even stronger than before the spirit of internationalism emerged from this hard struggle, the spirit of unconditional loyalty to the Communist International and the firm confidence in its leading party, the CPSU (B) "(Ernst Thälmann, Volume I, page 624).

Comrade Ernst Aust has taught us: "Let them scream loudly, let them accuse us, that we want to create a new international organization. Yes, that's right ! This will be an honour for us. "


We always defended and we did correctly follow the internationalist line of the great Communist leaders of the German proletariat. In the history of the Communist World Movement, we German communists contributed selflessly our share in the construction of the First, Second, Third and now in the Stalinist-Hoxhaist International.We have restricted our struggle for the proletariat in our own country in favour of the creation and establishment of the Comintern (SH).We felt committed towards proletarian internationalism, and for over 10 years we have made some efforts for fulfilling this task, and the true communists in the world will surely appreciate this. We have worked out the general line and the platform of the Comintern (SH). The documents of the Comintern (SH) were thus from the beginning basis and guideline for our party's work in Germany, as well as our old program, worked out by comrade Ernst Aust. This German program was created on the basis of the program of the Comintern from the year 1928, and we will further work with our party program .

For over fourty years we have struggled for the socialist revolution in Germany. It can not move better forward and be better supported, than by the solidarity of the Communists throughout the world, by the support of the Sections of the Comintern (SH), by the organizational power of the world proletariat. This is an important argument for the changing of our name, which ought to convince every upright German Communist: "One for all - all for one" - this leads to the victory of the socialist world revolution,and this leads therefore also to the victory of the socialist revolution in Germany.


Right from the beginning, the KPD of Ernst Thälmann followed faithfully the CPSU (B) of Lenin and Stalin, because this was the only party in the world, which had established the dictatorship of the proletariat, and thus was the leading center of the world communist movement. And right from the beginning, in 1968, the KPD / ML of our comrade Ernst Aust was connected with the PLA of Enver Hoxha, because it was the only party that resisted successfully the power of the modern revisionists and the capitalist-revisionist encirclement, and it was the party of the only country in the world which successfully constructed socialism. Today there is neither a CPSU (B) of Lenin and Stalin, nor the PLA of Enver Hoxha, who assisted us in Germany. Today we rely on the Comintern (SH) - on the new center of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement - , because it is the only party in the world, which applies to the lessons of the five classics of Marxism-Leninism.

Comrades !

We're already in a world-revolutionary situation. What does this mean for us world-revolutionaries? This means that, from now on, the clock of the universal revolution runs faster and faster. The socialist world revolution has become a concrete task that we have not only to solve politically and ideologically, however also organizationally. As revolutionaries we have to answer the claim, to create the organizational conditions for the realization of our world-revolutionary ideas in the individual countries. We must become fully aware of this new challenge, if we want the proletariat takes us seriously.

We go ahead, because we may not lag behind or even being run over by the growing world revolutionary movement. This does not mean to press ahead in a way that nobody is able to follow us. Both the lagging behind the movement and rushing too much ahead - these are phenomena which must be avoided ideologically, politically and organizationally.
What is the predominant phenomenon at present ? Our analysis of the present revolutionary forces shows that this problem prevails: after over half a century of revolutionary low tide, we communists have difficulties to adjust ourselves to the current revolutionary situation within shortest time.
It is unfortunately old known that many comrades tend to lag behind the revolutionary new development in the world. It is very difficult for them to get rid of their old-fashioned ideas about the Communist Party. They doubt in their membership of a totally new world party under globalized conditions of class-struggle. We do not ask whether it is allowed to be member of a world party. We ask whether it is useful and necessary or not. Why should the proletariat of a country not organize itself in a world party? Is this privilege only reserved for the world bourgeoisie to organize itself globally? Who wants to forbid us to join our world party? What we do is: to bring our organisational structure in harmony with the new objective structure of the globalized world of class-struggle.

The law of socialism is that the trend of socialist globalization is becoming increasingly important and that the old tendencies of socialism in "one" country and the communist parties of old style become less importance. The law of socialist development attaches more importance to the world party in organisational regard. Is it not clear that the communist parties of the old type need a change in the course of the global tendency of socialism ? Is it not clear - under globalized conditions - that, in future, Communist parties can only fulfill their tasks in their country if they are organized as sections of the world party ? The proletariat has changed enormously. Globalization of capitalism created a global proletarian class. This means that the world party is the global proletarian organisation. The transformation of its world politics within every country of the world is realized by means of its Sections. So, we only adapted our naming to the objectively changed conditions of the globalized class of the proletariat.


The human being is changing globally and thus determines the change in our previous conceptions of the world party. So what is it that really lags behind the revolutionary movement, today ? It is still our inadequate revolutionary consciousness. The question is: How do we optimally reorganize our communist parties in the countries - adequately applied to the globally united class struggles of the future ? The communist parties of the countries must be organisationally equipped for the united actions of the proletariat of all countries - they must be centralized - capable to concentrate their global blows against the global counter-attacks of the world bourgeoisie. How do we improve our consciousness about the organisational question ? This is the crucial point: In which direction shall the communist parties of the countries develop organisationally - under conditions of globalization ? And the change of our name expresses exactly the right answer: to organize itself as a section of the world party ! Either the communist parties become organisationally integral part of the world party as sections, or they are doomed to liquidation or degeneration - caused by their national isolation in face of their global class enemy. The correct organisational answer decides , today, on the fate of every Communist Party. What good is Stalinism-Hoxhaism, if we are not able to correctly resolve the organizational issue with it? The organizational question of the Communist parties is an ideological question of class struggle and must serve the organisational interests of the world proletariat. It is a challenge in our fight against organizational neo-revisionism and can be compared with the victory of Lenin, in the struggle against organisational Menshevism. Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the further development of the application of Lenin's struggle against organisational Menshevism - on a global stage.

The critical-Stalinism Hoxhaism is thus an organizational response of the world proletariat, how to cope with the current crisis of global capitalism. The world proletariat is victorious only when it is able to organize itself globally. And this is impossible if the communist parties are nothing but sections of the Comintern (SH). This new type of global organization is the decisive factor and the only guarantee for the overthrow of capitalism. In the welcome letter from the Comintern (SH) of 10 November 2011 is the role of the sections of the world socialist revolution clearly defined.

Comrades !

Just as the proletariat in Germany is an inseparable part of the world proletariat, so are the sections inseparable part of the Comintern (SH). We strengthen our unity not only ideologically but consequently also organizationally.

Who is the German section of the Comintern (SH) ?

The German section has yet emerged from the old Marxist-Leninist world movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha, while all other new sections are founded on the basis of the Comintern (SH). So we, the German Stalinist-Hoxhaists and members of the KPD (SH), are originally the organized representatives ( "faithful remainders") of the International Marxist-Leninist Movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha and thus we form an important root from which the Comintern (SH) is germinated. We bring over 40 years experience which is valuable for the Comintern (SH) and all its new sections. This is not only a great honor for us, but also a big commitment and responsibility. With our decision of renaming, we have demonstrated this responsibility.

It is about the unification of the sections - thus also formally about bearing their names. It may not be true that the world party bears different names in different countries, right? There must be uniform names for all sections. This is really a matter of course and to argue about this is not worthwhile. Of course, all the new sections, they have no problem with the naming, however, this concerns to those sections who already had a different name before they became a section of the Comintern (SH). We think that the KPD (SH) can not lay claim on a special status among all the sections. We are not allowed to insist on upholding our old name. All sections have the same status and this is expressed in their uniform naming. We gave our party banner into the hands of all the sections as an act of friendship, as an act of defending the banner of the only remaining Marxist-Leninist party which defended for over 40 years the great banner of comrade Enver Hoxha, faithfully.
Comrades !

To give and to take belong together. You may not only take what you want - you have also to give what is necessary for all. Revolutionaries must be able to relinquish their old good names for the benefit of the common cause. This proves strength and not weakness.

Let's have a look at the Serbian section. The Serbian comrades withdrew their additional name of "Communist Initiative" (just before they called themselves different, namely: "socialist initiative"). So, we welcome this decision of the Serbian comrades and our decision of withdrawal from our old party name "KPD(SH)" is an adequate decision in the interest of the Comontern (SH) as a whole.

The KPD (SH) has not one foot in the Comintern (SH) and the other outside of the Comintern (SH), - according to whim. An arbitrary separation of Comintern and the Communist Party was strictly rejected by the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism. The Comintern does not make "its own world revolution" and the Communist Party "its revolution in its own country." This is incompatible with proletarian internationalism, and in the era of globalization it borders on silly and is suicidally. The revolution in every country is indivisible part of the world revolution. The KPD (SH) is therefore indivisible part of the world party. It is not partly outside the Comintern (SH) , and logically we call ourselves part of the world party, namely "German section of the Comintern (SH)". This, our will, was ​​clearly, unambiguously and unequivocally expressed through our decision.

Those comrades who put the overall interests of the world proletariat higher than the self-interests of the proletariat in Germany, are comrades of the Comintern (SH) - Section of Germany. This is not equivalent with negation of special interests and conditions of the proletariat in Germany. In the contrary ! For this purpose the Comintern (SH) has its sections who act independently and self-reliant in their own country in accordance with all the other sections and in accordance with the Comintern (SH) as a whole. By no means we are a party that represents exclusively the special interests of the German proletariat. We do not want to be something better than everyone else. We are not nationalists and chauvinists comparable with the parties of the Second International. We are members of the World Party, with equal rights and obligations. We are and will always be 100% internationalists and no percent less. To demonstrate this we gave up our name "KPD (SH)" - namely exactly in that moment when new sections were founded.

To those comrades who do not agree, we say very honestly and openly: If you do not accept these basic organizational principles of proletarian internationalism, if you consider them only as a figurehead without assuming the serious organizational consequences which are inevitably associated with it - then you are free in your decision to go. We are part of the world proletarian party, and not anyone else. We proudly join the world proletarian army of the revolution ! The proletariat in Germany will convince itself by own experiences about the increasing world crisis. The enemy in Germany is a global enemy and therefore we must organize ourselves globally if we want to overthrow world capitalism inclusively the capitalism in Germany.

Fraternal trust and unity are gradually being restored among the communists of different countries by means of the cooperation of the sections of the Comintern (SH).

This in turn, will create conditions for united revolutionary actions by the workers of different countries.

Only such actions - organized by the world party and its sections - can guarantee the most systematic development and the most likely success of the world socialist revolution.

Long live the Comintern (SH) and all its new Sections !

We will be victorious because

we speak with ONE voice,

we fight with ONE organization,

we march in ONE step,

we feel with ONE communist heart



Long live proletarian internationalism !

Long live the unity of the world proletariat and the unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !

This historical decision is a great leap forward

- towards the socialist world revolution !

- towards world communism !


Comintern (SH) – German Section






November 8, 2011

Decision of the German "KPD(SH)" to call itself

"German Section of the Comintern (SH)"

On 8th November of 2011, the German Party "KPD (SH)" decided to call itself:

"German Section of the Comintern (SH)".

This was decided by recommendation of the Comintern (SH) - on occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Party of Labour of Albania with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

We are the German detachment of the vanguard of the world proletariat.

The decision to be renamed

"German Section of the Comintern (SH)", is according to the character of a world-Bolshevist party - related to the globalized conditions of class-struggle today - namely the creation and coordination of Sections in all countries of the world. Only joint actions of the proletarains of all countries guarantee the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.


In contents nothing changes for the KPD(SH).

We continue to defend our old historical roots and traditions of Communism in Germany, the traditions of the KPD-Ernst Thälmann - Section of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin -, the traditions of the Hoxhaist Movement in Germany, of our KPD/ML - founded in 1968 - by our beloved comrade Ernst Aust (the brother in arms of comrade Enver Hoxha), our central organ "ROTER MORGEN" (which - from now on is called "Worldrevolution") - etc.

We stick to the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha and keep faith with their teachings.

The reason for the renaming is - in first line - the organizational preparation and orientation towards the socialist world revolution. Smashing world capitalism is now an urgent task which must be solved practically and organizationally as soon as possible. All detachments of the world-proletarian army must globally march in step. This is impossible without strong, united Sections of the Comintern (SH). Our preparation of the socialist revolution in Germany is therefore integral part of the socialist world revolution, prepared and led by the general-staff of ther Comintern (SH).

We are proud to share our party-banner with all sections of the Comintern (SH), from now on. The Comintern (SH) decided to unite under ONE red flag of the ONE world party - in all countries over the world.


Long live the Comintern (SH) and all its new Sections !

We will be victorious because

we speak with ONE voice,

we fight with ONE organization,

we march in ONE step,

we feel with ONE communist heart



Long live proletarian internationalism !

Long live the unity of the world proletariat and the unity of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !

This historical decision is a great leap forward

- towards the socialist world revolution !

- towards world communism !

[ decision of the KPD(SH) - November 8, 2011 ]
















The Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement