First May, 2013

German Section in Action !

Report of the First-May-Demonstration in Nürnberg



On Wednesday, the First May, the German Section of the Comintern (SH) participated in the first revolutionary May demonstration in Nuremberg with our Comintern (SH) - flag.
Although we had missed the train and arrived one hour too late, our action was a complete success.

At the Nuremberg central station somebody was interested in our Comintern (SH)-Flag and asked if we were coming from the "PDS" (parliamental wing of the German revisionists). Of course, It was denied and we pointed to the illusory dreams of the PDS who propagates the "reformed" (world) capitalism.
We gave him our internet-address. Unfortunately, there was not time enough for long talks because we had already 1 hour delay.

Gostenhof, this is the city-district, where the revolutionary demonstration takes place every year. When we arrived, the demonstration of 2 500 people just put in motion. We had only missed some speeches of introduction.
The demonstration was organized by the local leftist 'scene' in Nuremberg, among other OA (organized autonomy) and the AJA http://www.redside.tk/cms/ http://www.redside.tk/cms/2013/05/ 02/2500-menschen-auf-revolutionarer-1-mai-demo /

Present were the revisionist "SDAJ" (Youth organisation of the D"K"P), the social-fascist "Falcons", the anarchist FAU, and a few other organisations. I found it already fluffy that the social-fascist "Falcons" had participated in the Revolutionary demonstration. Why did they not follow the parallel demonstration of the Yellow Trade Unions of the "DGB" (German Trade Union Federation) ?

In between, we have distanced ourselves aside of the demonstrators just because of the "Falcons". There were 2 speaker-cars where SDAJ, FAU and a few other organizations were allowed to make their speeches. The speeches dealt with the capitalist crisis and refered also to the trial in Munich against a member of the fascist group "NSU" ("National Socialist Underground") who had shot over 10 foreigners in Germany in broad daylight.

Concerning this trial, we pointed to the necessity of smashing the whole bourgeois state, if we really want to defeat the Nazi-fascists. We told the people that only proletarian democracy can guarantee to get rid of the danger of fascism and that we must unmask the ugly fascist face of the German state terrorism which is hidden behind the so called "bourgeois democracy". The bourgeois state is the instrument of the oppression of the bourgeoisie. It protects the fascists and beats the anti-fascists. We have to defend ourselves by our own anti-fascist struggle in combination with the socialist revolution.

In the speeches, which were held, we totally missed the struggle against the social-fascist DGB (Yellow Trade Union Federation). So we conducted conversations about the necessity to clearly distinguish from the betrayal of the social-fascist, rotten DGB.

Parallel revolutionary 1 May demonstrations take place again since 1987, because the betrayal of the social fascist DGB became unbearable: celebrations with sausage-stands instead of revolutionary May demonstration.

The goal of the Comintern (SH) and formerly the KPD and the KPD / ML, together with the RGO [German Revolutionary Trade Union Opposition)/ RILU (Red International of the Labour Unions) fits today exactly in the context of revolutionary 1 May demonstration.
Wide circles of colleagues are still influenced by the social fascist DGB. This must be changed.

Surely, you can also - as organized in other cities - make an "internationalist block" within the DGB trade union demonstration or a demo which runs along with the Revolutionary demonstration. This is not at all a problem, but it is important to strengthen the world revolutionary internationalist profile and orientation. A Stalinist - Hoxhaist orientation is needed in connection with the struggle of the world masses.

Thus, the Comintern (SH) considers it as its own task to give a world-revolutionary, internationalist character to the First May Day demonstrations around the world. The national bourgeois narrow-mindedness of the yellow trade unions in different countries must be overcome. It hinders the marching towards the globalized organisationing of the revolutionary first May with the perspective of the world socialist revolution.

There is only one world proletariat - and thus there is only one global revolutionary First May !

When the KPD / ML was founded ( in 1968/69), independent red May Day demonstrations were organized in dozens of German cities for the first time in the beginning 70ies. Up to that time there were no May Day demonstrations organized by the trade unions in Germany. The DGB, founded in 1949 by the imperialist Western Allies, let the demonstrations fall asleep in the 60ies and in the beginning 70ies. The DGB enlisted the workers for the cause of the reactionary social democracy.

We were the first young comrades in Germany who mobilized the masses back to the streets with great success. However, when the influence of the KPD / ML grew more and more within the class-conscious workers on First May , we became dangerous for the bourgeoisie and the DGB decided to do not leave alone the May-demonstrations to us communists. And so the DGB began mid-70s again, to take the wind out of our sails. Supported by the revisionists and some of the Trotskyists, the DGB continued to split the revolutionary May-Day demonstrations of the KPD/ML by orgasnizing own DGB-demonstrations. As a counter-attack, we changed our tactics and started to invade the DGB demonstrations in the late 70s by revolutionary actions for the purpose to unmask the reactionary character of the yellow trade unions and to win the workers of the DGB for the revolution. The DGB did not look helplessly on this process. Thus, the reactionary DGB organized its own gangs of rowdies to protect their demonstrations. These social-fascist attacks against us caused severe bloody conflicts in which the DGB tried in vain to beat our comrades with batons and to destroy our red flags and transparents. Because of these violent events the DGB decided to exclude revolutionary workers from membership in the trade unions.

With the almost complete liquidation of the forces of our party , in the mid 80s, we were, one day, no longer able to organize our own May demonstrations. Then it came to the so called "international block" within the May demonstrations of the DGB. It was, to some extent, tolerated by the leaders of the DGB. In these "international blocks" all the revolutionary internationalist forces were united. So most of the German revolutionaries marched within the ranks of the revolutionary foreign organisations (especially the Turkish ones which were dominating).

Later, in the mid-80s, the May Day demonstrations became radicalized by the anarcho-autonomous scene which dominated the demonstrations in contrast to the May "demonstrations" of the DGB.

For decades we have not let us split. There was for example splitting maneuvers of the so called "Mayday movement" since about 2005 in Hamburg - 2001 abroad or the Maoists RK MLM collective that accompanied the revolutionary demonstrations fights early 90s. All these maneuvers could not split and divide us. We always defended the international heritage of revolutionary 1 May in Germany.
Since 1889 was the first May created in Paris at the World Congress of the Second International, at the time, when it had still a Marxist, class-conscious, revolutionary character.

To strengthen the globalized world revolutionary movement of today, we should also integrate the "Blockyoupy movement" on 1 May. Spontaneous tents in front of the buildings of the banks and corporations is not bad, but it is better if we can join these progressive elements within the May Day movement of the world proletariat, so that they become part of the mass movement of the working people all over the world.

Back to Demo:

After the demo, there was - as every year - the international street "festival" with various stalls, including a mini-stand of the Trotskyist SAV, sausage stalls, vegan shit for vegan granola eaters freak. Everything - but not revolutionary !

Then we talked with one of the revisionist SDAJ.

I briefly explained to him why we distanced ourselves in the meantime. There was a conversation about the revisionism and the restoration of capitalism in the former socialist countries in the mid 50s. Although he asserted that the SDAJ 'ler would not be Khrushchevites, he seemed to be heavily influenced by revisionism: eg he defended Cuba and a few other countries which call themselves "socialist". We talked about North Korea, too.

I pointed out that the GDR Section of the KPD / ML was in Bautzen and Hohenschonhausen in jail. He casted aspersion against the opposition in the GDR.

I told him about a friend who was not a Communist, but was involved in the 70s in Pirna in street battles with the "People's" Police. That was then quite extraordinary. He was therefore intentionally put together with Nazis and other criminals to jail.

But the most important thing was that I was told by this member of the SDAJ, that his father was once affiliated to the KPD / ML .
We would like to know why this was leaked. He was perhaps influenced by the fractionists? By the Trotskyists of Horst Dieter Koch ? Or by the Möller-gang ? How could there be such a degeneracy, that the Son is quite influenced by revisionism ? Why did his father not explain to him about the bureaucratic capitalism and social imperialism in the former socialist countries, on the restoration of capitalism by the Khrushchevites etc. ? All this informations about revisionism were taught by the KPD / ML. I do not understand the deveopment of this member of the revisionist SDAJ.

But still, all in all, the May Day demonstrationa was a great success..
Here the first May image. I know it is not just current, but I could muster no other ...


(end of the report)


remark of the editors of the central organ of the Comintern (SH) concerning the image above which you have retrieved from the internet and sent to us:

Dear Comrade, this picture dates back to the mid 90s. It was the May-demonstration in the city of Duisburg.
The pictured standard bearer is the chairman of the KPD / ML and founder of the Comintern (SH) - Comrade Wolfgang Eggers.





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