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Choice of Ukraine:


reactionary reformism


new socialist revolution?


After restoration the capitalism in the USSR which inevitably caused its disintegration and formation of 15 capitalist countries, almost all of them, except of Russia, immediately turned into new colonies of leading world empires - the USA, China and Russia. Between these empires began the opposition for domination in the former Soviet republics. In different from them with variable success won the USA or Russia, and China constantly increased consumption of the depreciated raw material resources of these countries. The USA and Russia constantly dethroned the operating governments, organized direct military interventions, used economic blockade, illegally pursued citizens by a ethnic sign, closed customs borders etc.

To the USA constantly tried and tries to deliver in all former Soviet republics at the head of the political power obedient to them and completely controllable political parties. Certainly, to true it to political parties they paste at once a label: "democratic", "westernized", "liberal", etc.

Somehow to create illusion of legitimacy of the power, the USA and almost all operating political parties of these countries hold so-called "election", that is that the national bourgeoisie and world imperialists call "elections"! At similar "elections" the upper national bourgeoisie (that is - the absolute minority from total number of citizens of this or that country) offers the majority (generally - to the proletariat, and partly - petty bourgeoisie) in advance chosen them the candidates for "choice"! The ocean of promises, future gold mountains, "correction" of all errors of authorities in power and prompting in the country (at last are offered to people!) full order, prosperity and happiness! And the deceived people once again peck on the same fishing tackle! The bourgeoisie triumphs the next victory over the proletariat and the next short-term period of new oppression of the people begins! Faces of representatives of rich minority change only, and the proletariat needs to wait for good life to following similar elections! Well and that who is dissatisfied with life on Earth, the church right there suggests to console itself in prayers and to wait for the best life after death - in paradise where the quantity of places is unfortunately also limited (as approve almost all religions of the world)!

Nearly did not forget: to all former Soviet people constantly repeat that they are «the chosen people», they have «special ways of development» and to them constantly remind of those periods them to own history in which they reached the greatest development and prosperity. For example: in Georgia that the Georgian inhabitant felt the happy and happy descendant there is «Great Georgia», to them constantly remind that Georgia was the fine country in the XXII century, at king David the Builder. And, developing this subject, the former fascist president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili gave the presidential oath to the people not in the capital city of Georgia, but far from it, on a grave exactly king of David the Builder, as though putting itself in one row with the last. All this served to create at the people illusion of coming prosperity and it endured all struggles of life and tragedies to next bourgeois "elections"! And the majority sad that many representatives of the Georgian proletariat and the majority of the Georgian petty bourgeoisie really trusted in that moment to falsifications of the president-pygmy! In Ukraine the former president V. Yushchenko (which casually it appeared the univercitymate of the president of Georgia Saakashvili) in every possible way kindled the nationalist relations, awarding the former counter-revolutionaries and fascists awards and other honors, and to the Ukrainian people repeated that they at last were released from Russia that between the Ukrainian and Russian people there is nothing the common, encouraged the edition of anti-Stalin waste paper!

It is so possible to characterize in brief a general state of affairs in the former Soviet republics.

In 2004 in Ukraine by means of well organized and paid so-called «orange revolution» (after successful carrying out in Georgia the similar "revolution of roses») attempt of transformation of Ukraine in a new colony of the USA was made by the western intelligence services.

The people dissatisfied with the old power (and the people happy with the bourgeois power in the capitalist countries do not exist!) supported the "Oranges" therefore its operation extremely amplified. But in some years of ruthless oppression the Ukrainian people by the next revolutionary performance sent Yushchenko's puppet power on a shameful ash heap of history (by the way, soon after that also the Georgian people sent dishonored president Saakashvili on that similar dump!).

In fact, national performances in Ukraine (and in Georgia) were performances against the American imperialism though openly they did not carry such form.

But, as expected in the conditions of absence at the Ukrainian proletariat of the political parties of Bolshevist type, this time it gave the power to the protege of the largest capital of Ukraine - to Victor Yanukovych.

Marxists well know that in the conditions of absence of truly revolutionary political party of Bolshevist type, at the head of national performances and pseudo-revolutions constantly there are various bourgeois parties which constantly leave the people with anything!

So-called «The communist party of Ukraine» and some other small political parties calling "socialist", actually are nests of the modern revisionism, pity parodies to truly communist party, a shelter of old revisionists and ideological traps for young revisionists, the majority of their members at all did not hear about Comintern (SH) existence, and they on each bourgeois elections with tears in the face of ask to choose the proletariat their representative in bourgeois parliament. Sometimes business reaches full absurdity: so-called "communists" before elections promise voters to make everything for development of private business! But the proletariat of the former Soviet countries excellent a sign with these renegades of labor movement, and to these traitors trusts least! Bourgeois propaganda takes great pain to give to this mistrust a type of that the proletariat allegedly does not trust communists! But as soon as from such "communists" future sections of Comintern (SH) will finally break a mask of traitors, the proletariat personally will see their real face! These traitors destroyed the socialism in Ukraine and in the USSR, their immediate ancestors restored capitalism in the USSR, their ancestors at the head of the Ukrain nationality Nikita Khrushchev killed great Stalin and threw the people of the USSR on humiliating existence, hunger, operation from the national bourgeoisies and world imperialists!

The Ukrainian bourgeoisie takes great pain to extend among the Ukrainian proletariat anti-Stalin moods, continuing to keep an anti-stalinism as a convenient form and a mask for modern counterrevolution. Motley books about so-called "Golodomor" (Famine-Genocide) which Stalin allegedly arranged to the Ukrainian people are published. These books do not contain also a truth drop, but are overflowed with nationalist prejudices that extremely favorably affects the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, and the part of the Ukrainian proletariat drugged by nationalism directly or indirectly supports the counterrevolution directed against itself.

Unfortunately, because of absence in Ukraine the Stalinist-Hoxhaists political party of Bolshevist type, because of absence the Ukrainian Section of Comintern (SH), to the Ukrainian people it is necessary to give in after national performances of 2014 to the next bourgeois deception and to go on a way of the next bourgeois reactionary reformism. To think at last that the bourgeois power which at need shoots own proletariat without special fluctuations, should be replaced not with the new bourgeois power under the direction of any boxer (!), and abolition of the bourgeois power as that, that is capitalism, and establishment of own power!

The counterrevolutionary ideology of the bloody bourgeois power, disguised in the form of an antistalinism, should be replaced with proletarian ideology of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Bourgeoisie dictatorship in Ukraine should be replaced with dictatorship of the proletariat!

As soon as in Ukraine the most conscious representatives of the Ukrainian people will take the revolutionary theory of a Stalinism-Hoxhaism on the arms, new turn in the history of this great country with big revolutionary traditions - turn to a new socialist revolution which becomes great continuation of old great revolutionary performances of the Ukrainian people and a part of a coming World Socialist Revolution will begin!

Long live the working class of Ukraine!

Long live the great revolutionary traditions of the Ukrainian people!

Long live a coming socialist revolution in Ukraine!




Concerning V.I.Lenin's article

«Dead chauvinism and living socialism

(How the international can be restored)»

Koba Kakhidze



The statement of the Georgian Section of Сomintern (SH)

on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the

Great October Socialist Revolution




Statement of SHMG concerning acceptance of a flag of Comintern (SH)

Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)

On March 30, 2013 became in the historical day for Stalinist-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia - exactly today our small constituent group could gather and take the Comintern (SH) flag, transferred to us in day of the first anniversary from the date of entry of our movement into Comintern (SH) in quality of its Georgian section - on November 7, 2011 - for our modest contribution in the world revolutionary struggle.
From now the flag accepted by us becomes our main fighting symbol!
We will apply all our forces to carry by this highest fighting award through all our revolutionary fight up to its victorious end!
This flag will shine our road in deadly fight against world capitalism and imperialism!
This flag will shine to working class of Georgia, together with the world proletariat, the road, going to a world socialism and communism!
Today our constituent group was especially proud of such high award!
We unanimously decided to make form this historical day the image of our high fighting award - the Comintern (SH) flag  - an integral part of our website www.joseph-stalin.net.

Long live the flag of Comintern (SH)!
Long live the flag of five classics of Marxism!
Long live the World Stalinist-Hoxhaists movement!
Workers, peasants and soldiers of Georgia - forward, to a victory of a socialist revolution in Georgia!
Workers, peasants and soldiers of the whole world - forward, to a victory of a socialist revolution in the world!

Head of the SHMG constituent group,
Koba Kakhidze







May 5, 1818





Dear Comrades!

The proletarian of Georgia and the whole world, representatives of nice working class of Georgia and the whole world!

We congratulate you on an anniversary on May, 5th - with 194th anniversary from the date of a birth of the founder of scientific communism, the greatest thinker in the history of mankind - Karl Marx!
www.joseph-stalin.net congratulates on this great anniversary of our colleagues all over the world and unique truly revolutionary Bolshevist party of world proletariat-Stalinist-Hoxhaists Communist International - www.ciml.250x.com!


In connection with today's anniversary Stalinist-Hodxaists Movement of Georgia has decided to base own publishing house of a name of great Karl Marx - SHMG Press. The decision text is published in "Statement" section - http://joseph-stalin.net/index.php?menu=22&moqmedeba=news.








The decision of Stalinist-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia on the basis of own

publishing house


On May, 5th, 2012 general meeting of members of the Georgian Stalinist-Hoxhaists Movement has taken place.

At meeting has been brought the unique attention to the question: the basis of own publishing house.

Members of movement have familiarised with the offer be comrade Koba Kakhidze.

The meeting has unanimously supported the made offer.

It has been decided that publishing house overall objectives will be: maintenance of proletariat of Georgia and the whole world proletariat the great socialist literature, and also other masterpieces of World Nations, mainly in electronic formats and is completely free.

The publishing house basis has been dated for 194th anniversary of the founder of scientific communism – Karl Marx.

It has been decided to name publishing house of Karl Marx's name.

Has been confirmed a full name of publishing house: «Publishing house of a name of Karl Marx of the Georgian section of Komintern (SH) – Stalinist-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia».

The obligatory title page of publishing house on which it will be represented Komintern’s (SH) raw of images of 5 classics of Marxism has been confirmed.

The publishing house logo – the Komintern (SH) image with drawing on it the map of Georgia and an inscription «Georgian section» has been confirmed.

The management of publishing house was entrusted to comrade Sasha Enveradze.

About the general meeting decision has been informed the central committee of Komintern (SH) and to all its existing sections, except that, the given decision has been published on a web site of Stalinist-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia.


The head of Stalinist-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia

Koba Kakhidze








განთავსებულია: 16-01-2012



Commotion in the celebratory house –


Or an attack of Anglo-American colonizers and puppet national bourgeoisie on library of Academy of Sciences of Georgia for the purpose of perfidious destruction of last remained centre of the proletarian literature and book fund of Georgia.

In 1991, after definitive registration of restoration of capitalism in Georgia, the national bourgeoisie has used time historical defeat of proletariat and the beginning the accelerated destruction of proletarian culture, assignment of property of the Soviet Socialist Georgia and integration of Georgia into military-economic slavery of Anglo-American imperialism.
One of the ministries local puppet the government – so-called «Department of Economic Affairs and a sustainable development» (to which the name «Ministry of neo-colonial and is counterrevolutionary-bourgeois economy» more is necessary) – which administers appointed colonizers the minister, the 27-year-old citizen of Canada and beauty Vera Kobalia, daily sells various buildings to big businessmen. Though from the recent statement of the president of Georgia we have learnt that appears in Georgia throughout last 800 years so much riches were not created, how many have created for last 8 (!) years it and covered by an enrichment impulse the national bourgeoisie, just the riches created first of all in the Soviet period they cannot sell here 8th year and with it to fill a considerable part of the government budget. It is interesting, what they sell so long if till a hatching of these misters the Georgian people practically did not create anything valuable?
And now 29-year-old beauty Vera Kobalia and its shopkeeper's ministry have decided that has come it is time sales of National Scientific Library!
The official reason of sale the puppet fascist government always names "improvement", "development" both other raised demagogical and populist reasons. An essence of the matter in the following: in socialist Georgia the Georgian proletariat and its communist party in 1921-1991 has constructed five big book-depositories in which has in total collected about 15 million books, catalogued them and has made free of charge accessible to wide broad masses. Among these books there is all book fund of the Georgian books number about 160000 copies. These five book-depositories were: National library of Georgia (to 6 million books), library of Academy of Sciences (3,5 million books and 22 million patents), book chamber (2 million books), the Public Records Office (1 million books), library of institute of Marxism-Leninism (to 500000 books). It is necessary to notice that fact that more or less complete collections of the Georgian book fund were stored in all these big libraries (about 160000 books). Now three of these five book-depositories are already destroyed. There was only a National library and library of Academy of Sciences of Georgia.
Formally national library cannot take out on sale is will be too unpopular step. Because of it in it, after several treacherous manipulations, the director have appointed above-named Vera Kobalia the contemporary who probably and will perform the order of colonizers and from book fund of National library of Georgia will destroy set of undesirable books.
The annual budget of scientific library of Georgia already in «overtaken Europe» Georgia till today for some reason constitutes 220000$ (for comparison – only one voyage of its majesty of the president of Georgia sometimes exceeds 100000 dollars, and for execution of 4-6 songs the government of Georgia does not wish any foreign singer even one million dollars!).
And the destiny remained and acting scientific library should dare now during the nearest period!
Whether attempt of sale-destruction of library of Academy of Sciences of Georgia a special case is?
No, is not.
It is one of concrete expressions established in the former Soviet republics of dictatorship of bourgeoisie and counterrevolution. The matter is that destruction of libraries goes in all former Soviet republics. Many become puzzled proletarians and representatives of bourgeoisie ask a question: if destruction of libraries is characteristic for the bourgeois governments why new libraries «in many countries of the world» are under construction? Here it is necessary to specify one circumstance – when tell «many countries of the world» mean the richest capitalist and imperialistic countries – the USA, Great Britain, Japan, France, Italy, China, etc. Besides forget that the reader will not find the great socialist literature in their libraries. In it the basic consists – ideological – the reason of destruction of libraries in the former Soviet republics. Besides in this question of the purpose of foreign imperialists and national bourgeoisie-counterrevolutionary elements coincide. The first of them solve the ideological tasks, the second – the basic economic tasks. The first consists in total destruction of the Soviet libraries, the second – in capture-privatisation of buildings of libraries by large proprietors.
The former Soviet libraries are unique accessible and free information centres for working class, proletariat (= the poorest class for today), its cultural development! Besides, in the former Soviet libraries fixed capital of the great socialist literature is collected! In this connection some years ago one of deputy ministers so-called «the Ministries of Public Education of Georgia» in private conversation has directly declared to the employee of the central library that a main objective of destruction of libraries (in language of the enemy it is called as "optimisation", "modernisation") – destruction just the Soviet literature!
That is: distinction of the former Soviet libraries from libraries existing in the rich capitalist countries consists in their book fund, instead of buildings, that is distinction consists in their maintenance, instead of in shape! The former Soviet libraries under the maintenance for the present are socialist, and their libraries were and remain capitalist. That is: libraries always had and will always have class character. Dictatorship of ideology of bourgeoisie in libraries that interfered by existence of the great socialist literature is required to bourgeoisie dictatorship.
The government of Georgia, is similar others to the governments of the former Soviet republics, spends for the maintenance of libraries scanty money. As an example we already resulted the annual budget of library of Academy of Sciences of Georgia. It is necessary to notice and that, despite almost 15-fold increase in the annual budget of Georgia for last 7 years, the library budget remained at former level, number of its employees have cut by half, and their salary in averages 90$ (Ninety USD) a month.
Each employee of library knows that carrying over of technically quite adjusted library on in other building is connected with the big financial costs. Besides, it is very difficult to perform also all it technically. To leave book fund on an extent of some time in adverse conditions (the temperature, humidity) will inevitably lead to its spoil. Besides, the government from a high probability never will construct such new building of library which will have the sizes of an old building, and will simply use any old and amortised building, and because of its small volume will begin so-called «Optimisation» of libraries, that is actually there will begin destruction of books. First of all will destroy the literature in Russian (=The basic part of the socialist literature) as the fascist government of Georgia already very long time ago leads anti-Soviet and Antirussian propagation (and annexation of a part of territories of Georgia by the present imperialistic government of Russia spills water on their ideological mill), and many people deceived by a long-term anticommunistic ideological press even support their similar steps. (We will remember, what great pleasure some engaged employees of libraries destroyed the Stalin period literature in the Khruschev's USSR, and after disintegration of the USSR – they destroyed the Marxist literature, at all without imagining that from destruction of the given literature before actual destruction of libraries there was one step, that is did not see in these two actions their dialectic interrelation. Also it is twice sad that it was not seen even by many "historians" and "public figures"!). And it constitutes 80 percent of all book fund. After that they will destroy the Georgian literature of the Soviet period, and any the small building and the puppet president of the country in the end will repair will open it with big masquerade, as «up-to-date library like which the whole world at all did not see»! It is necessary to notice and that formation in the former Soviet republics gradually rises in price and becomes inaccessible to children of proletarians, and to graduate gradually begins one their privileges of children буржуев.
Besides, destruction of the former children's libraries proceeds. Thousand libraries are already destroyed and this counterrevolutionary business proceeds fast rates.
Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is easy to see that destruction of libraries under the maintenance is counterrevolutionary activity. Besides – enough barefaced activity, and despite desperate attempts of so-called "PR-managers" (= propagandists) of the fascist governments, only bourgeois housewives doubt it.
Stalinst-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia calls all bourgeois political parties having various nicknames (conservatives, labourites, right, nationalists, Christians-democrats, national democrats, republicans...), nongovernmental organisations, the bourgeois union of writers, Academy of Sciences of Georgia, the advanced representatives already turned to gendarmerie of pocket police, representatives of clergy and all those people who want to leave to posterity the inheritance in a kind not only sewed by foreign and domestic tailors (= "couturier") dresses and half boots, and as far as possible to support fair movement on salvation of library of Academy of Sciences of Georgia from destruction!
Our movement calls so-called "Ministry of Public Education" (the minister – Dmitry Shashkin, deputy ministers – Akaky Seperteladze, Giorgy Chakhnashvili, Nodar Surguladze, Irina Kurdadze) to cease participation in shameful business of destruction of library! Our movement it is expressed reasonable suspicion by means of heads of this fascist ministry pressure upon employees and management of library for achievement of the perfidious purposes will try to put what exactly the puppet power of Georgia.
Our movement calls television of Georgia and other representatives of media, to prevent treacherous attack of a puppet government of Georgia on library! Television of Georgia one thousand trifles, the minor phenomena and the masquerade, separate road incidents and flooding in the Chinese and Thai provinces daily widely shine, snow or rain loss in Europe and America, sexual adventures of elite prostitutes and forecasts of astrologers, but for the last years even one plot have not made about actual destruction of libraries in Georgia. We call also so-called «free journalists», to remember civil and a professional duty and to try to broadcast at least one plot in private televisions of the owners about destruction of libraries, besides to make it whenever possible objectively!
We also call the puppet president of Georgia – «Michael Saakashvili's its majesty» - that it has somehow snatched out time from the too overloaded labour schedule and, to the job specification of combination of a role of the advertising agent on assignment of hospitals by various private corporations, throughout last 7 years at least once (!!!) to welcome in library of academy of Sciences of Georgia (the present name of this library though favourites and favourites of the president some years ago have already belittled its name is that and now it formally is called as "branch of university library», and it when the university library contains about 300000 books, and scientific library – in 15 times more!!!) to meet one of the advanced representatives of the degraded and deprived of civil rights of the Georgian proletariat – from more than 100 employees of the above-stated library – to transfer them orders of colonizers and to it favourable hot fables, besides let to take with itself retinue from those 10-USD-cost excited women who in shots of pocket teleimages will eulogise it in every possible way and every 15 minutes will name its "Builder"! If it does not make it, the history in his name letter "a" will change a letter for a letter "u"!
On the other hand, our movement also with all responsibility declares what to address for the help in business of salvation of library to those governments, one of the main things the purpose of their counterrevolutionary activity is just destruction of the great socialist literature, is the higher display of naivety!
And to the Georgian and world proletariat it is once again given the chance by own eyes to look at the next evident display of counterrevolutionary activity of Anglo-American colonizers and natsional-fascist bourgeoisie.
In connection with the aforesaid, Stalinst-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia especially calls all population of Georgia and the former Soviet republics that they protected the Soviet books which have remained in house libraries (especially the books published in 1921-1953!) that the future socialist government could collect again them and give to wide broad masses free of charge.
Whether it is reached the main objectives were with national bourgeoisie in criminal communications imperialists in business of actual destruction of libraries?
No, will not reach!
Many years the proletariat which advanced representatives transfer the socialist literature to a digital format resists to their counterrevolutionary activity and place on the Internet for free downloading. It is their great revolutionary activity! And this business will proceed with большей force as a result of the further development of means and a raising of class consciousness of proletariat. Our movement of this activity states the most higher estimation!
Our movement calls also all population of Georgia and the former Soviet republics that they have whenever possible seized a method of translation of the books in a digital format (it not so difficultly, and the description of enough cheap and effective method of numbering of books we will place on our site in the Georgian, Russian and English languages in 2012), than they will actually salvage the great literature and will destroy counterrevolutionary plans of our external and internal class enemies! Actual salvation and placing on the Internet of free of charge this literature to that our movement by means of active support of world proletariat has joined also, you will manage to use in the revolutionary goals the ideological and economic weapon of the class enemy – the Internet – will manage to salvage about to leave to posterity the great socialist literature, to salvage historical truth. It will be your revolutionary step, than each of you can bring the worthy contribution to already begun World Socialist revolution!
Stalinst-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia declares that after a victory of the World socialist revolution and an establishment of Dictatorship of the World Proletariat we will be extracted by all lawful (laws of the future World Socialist Republic are meant!) means to institute criminal proceedings all those bourgeois-fascist traitors, who personally participated in shameful business of destruction of the former Soviet libraries, and that on this type of a crime did not extend of "time limitation" that is to consider as its "crime against humanity"!

Stalinst-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia

განთავსებულია: 16-01-2012




November 7, 2011


Declaration of Foundation



On November, 7th, 2011 the meeting of initiative group of Stalinists-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia (SHMG) has taken place. At meeting was discussed the Komintern (SH) offer about transformation of Stalinists-Hoxhaists Movement of Georgia to Komintern (SH) section.
The initiative group has unanimously supported this offer and has noticed that it is a big international recognition of Stalinists-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia.
The corresponding resolution is published on our site, in "Document" section.  
On the resolution have informed Komintern (SH).

The head of initiative group
Koba Kakhidze, 11/7/2011





The section of Komintern (SH) (www.comintern.sh) in Georgia — Stalinists-Hoxhaists movement of Georgia (www.joseph-stalin.net) — is congratulated by the Georgian and world proletariat on 94th anniversary of Great Oktober Socialist Revolution and 70th anniversary of foundation of the Party of Labour of Albania!
The Comintern (SH) sends to you militant greetings on occasion of the 94th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution and on occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Party of Labour of Albania!!
Let us follow —  all together — the victorious path of the Great October Socialist Revolution!
Let us follow - all together — the victorious path of the Party of Labor of Albania!
Let us follow — all together — the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism — Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!
Let us strengthen  the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement which we represent proudly — all together!







15 - 10 - 2011

  To proletarians of Georgia and the whole world, representatives of famous working class of Georgia and the whole world we congratulate on an anniversary on October, 16th — with 103rd anniversary from the date of a birth of the leader of world proletariat, the fifth classic of Marxism, our favourite companion and the Great son of the Albanian people — Enver Hoxha!
     www.joseph-stalin.net congratulates on this great anniversary of our colleagues all over the world, and especially — devoted to life and a heritage of companion Envera Hodzha to truly proletarian Russian web resource www.enverhoxha.ru, and to Stalinists-Hoxhaists Communist International — www.cominern.sh!





 02 - 10 - 2011

The site www.joseph-stalin.net prepared and published outstanding work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels «The Communist Manifesto» (1848), in Georgian. It is digitized from an original edition of 1950. …>>>






01 - 08 - 2011

  The site www.joseph-stalin.net prepared and published outstanding work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels «The Communist Manifesto» (1848), in Russian. It is digitized from an original edition of 1950. …>>>






The statement of initiative group which creates a

site www.joseph-stalin.net




After Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin's murder 5 Martha of 1953, Khrushchev's come to power revisionist clique has followed a way of gradual restoration of capitalism to the USSR. Thus khrushchovites and them присные within several decades acted behind a mask of "communists". As a result of it many usual people and even some researchers cannot distinguish till now from each other the Stalin period of the USSR — the period of dictatorship of proletariat and grandiose building of a true socialism, and the period of restoration of capitalism sworn enemies of proletariat — bourgeoisify the Soviet officials and partycrats. The activity begun by them as a matter of fact was anticommunistic, and under the form — Antistalinism. Having followed a way of transformation of the USSR to leading sotsial-imperialistic power (that was then it is established and exposed by the Albanian labour party and companion Enver Hoxha), the revisionist management of the USSR on behalf of communism has committed numerous crimes, and also has justified wreckings and crimes which have been made by bourgeois elements in 1917-1953 which and continue to remain today a leitmotif of anticommunistic insinuations of bourgeois historians. The materials published on our site will give the chance to proletariat without bourgeois intermediaries and their antinational interpretations to familiarise with reached in the USSR in 1917-1953 the greatest victories of the Soviet people, and also to take from experience of the socialist building performed under the direction of created V.I.Lenin and headed after his death by I. V.Stalin of All-Union Communist party (Bolsheviks), the most valuable historical lessons. We also will shine as much as possible табуированную with the Soviet revisionists and world bourgeoisie a theme of grandiose building and socialism development in Albania under the direction of great Marxist-Leninist, the revolutionary and the leader of the Albanian people of Enver Hoxha.

In 2011 the international initiative group had been created the present web resource on which products of the classic of Marxism-Leninism will be published, the great political and military figure, favourite leader of world proletariat — Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin — in various languages, and also the materials devoted to his life and activity. On our site the photo, audio and video data about I.V.Stalin will be published also.

In spite of the fact that our site will serve basically to the Georgian proletariat, it will regularly publish products of classics of Marxism-Leninism and in other languages. Recognising that till today there are no electronic editions of five classics of Marxism-Leninism — Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Enver Hoxha — in the Georgian language, our group will correct also this temporary lack.

At the publication of materials their documentation will be strictly observed. The published materials will be free from any bourgeois so-called "copyright". Any interested person can freely use, extend or reprint them with instructions or without instructions of our site.

Natural historical development of world proletarian movement and its theoretical basis — Marxism-Leninism — is expressed presently in shape Stalinism-Hoxhaism. Trying to be consecutive Marxists-Leninists, we completely join the Platform of Comintern renewed in 2010 (SH) — www.comintern.sh which Georgian transfer we will publish in the near future.

The initiative group invites for cooperation of the advanced representatives of working class that they have brought the feasible contribution to world-wide and historical work of spraying of that garbage which has much brought on great Joseph Stalin's pure name the sworn enemy of proletariat - bourgeoisie.

The world proletariat with especial interest waits for the worthy proletarian answer to restoration of capitalism from Joseph Stalin's historical native land, from the country with the big traditions of proletarian revolution — from Georgia in spite of the fact that in the current short historical period as a result of generously financed by world imperialism and world bourgeoisie of dirty propagation the most part of the population of Georgia has appeared involved in a notorious Antistalin hysteria.

Our initiative group is convinced that with the active help from the Georgian and world proletariat, it with honour will cope with the obligations taken on!

The performances developed all over the world and collisions of wide working weights with bourgeoisie cruelly choke with ideological, political, economic and military methods. Inevitable result of globalisation — globalisation of crises of capitalist economy — has assumed the definitive and last air and has prepared world imperialism for solving blow from world proletariat.

The world proletariat already had two successful attempts of defeat infliction to capitalism: the first — the Commune of Paris in a XIX-th century, and the second — the Great October Socialist Revolution in the XX-th century which grandiose buildings in Stalin Soviet Union and in Socialist Albania Enver Hoxha have followed. The second attempt was dress rehearsal before the third global last attempt. In first two fights the world proletariat was not united globally therefore «to a socialism in separately taken country» globally incorporated bourgeoisie the artful weapon of a revisionism and opportunism has struck destroying blow. Before the third and, apparently, last fight globalisation of the world capital has globally united also world proletariat [that has excellent been reflected in a new platform of Comintern (SH)], and this consolidation of world proletariat becomes the main precondition of the future inevitable victory.

World capitalism finishes singing the last song!

The world proletariat prepares for the following historical formation of mankind — by the Socialism!

And in this preparation the Marxism-Leninism and its today's historical form — Stalinism-Hoxhaism — is the main fighting banner!

Activity of world proletariat is a just cause, it will win!

The head of initiative group

Koba Kakhidze, 2011





"There are no fortresses that the working people, the Bolsheviks, cannot capture."


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 (Stalin. A Short Biography. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1947. In Russian. Prepared by a site www.joseph-stalin.net the given electronic edition in accuracy repeats a text arrangement in the original printing edition).





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  (Stalin. A Short Biography. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1947. In Russian)







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  (Stalin. A Short Biography. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub. House, 1947. 203p. In English)







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  Enver Hoxha. «With Stalin. Memoirs». (2nd edition, Publishing house «8 Nentori», Tirana, 1984, In Russian, 240 p. with b/w photos).
     The first edition of this book left in December, 1979 and has been dated for the 100 anniversary from the date of I.V.Stalin's birth. It is the book of memoirs of Enver Hoxha about the personal meetings with the outstanding figure of communist party and the head of the Soviet state I.V. Stalin. The basic part of the book is realised by Enver Hoxha introductory article «By century from the date of Joseph Stalin's birth».
     In the work of Enver Hoxha protects the person and I.Stalin's revolutionary work, rejecting all fictions and the slander erected to it Khrishchovites on purpose to destroy Marxism-Leninism and a socialism. He again notices invariable opinion LPA that truth restoration about the person and Stalin's historical business is the big question of principle and an important problem in struggle against a modern revisionism.







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  Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels. The Communist Manifesto, 1848. (In Georgian, Tbilisi, 1954).
     «The Communist Manifesto» (in German - Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei) - the first program document of scientific communism in which the basic ideas of Marxism are stated. It is written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on the instructions of 2nd congress (1847) of "the Union of communists» as the program of this union in which they declare and prove the purposes, problems and methods of struggle of the arising communistic organisations and parties. Authors proclaim inevitability of  destruction of capitalism from proletariat hands. The manifesto begins words: «the Phantom wanders across Europe - a communism phantom», and comes to an end with the well-known historical slogan: «Proletarians of all countries, unite!».
     Marx and Engels have taught to understand whole world proletariat the forces, the great historical mission of the grave-digger of capitalism. To the place of dreams about the best future of mankind they have put a science about world revolutionary change, about historical regularity of destruction of capitalism and creation of a new economic and political system, a classless society where any operation of the person by the person will be eliminated, and which base the public property on means of production is.





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 «UDHEHEQES I DASHUR E I SHTRENJTE I PARTISE E I POPULLIT TONE»(Publishing house «NAIM FRASHËRI», TIRANË, 1968). «The DEAR And FAVOURITE HEAD of the BATCH And our PEOPLE» - a photo album issued in Albania to the 60 anniversary from the date of a birth of Enver Hoxha.
     The book contains about 100 large b/w and colour photos covering all aspects of life and works of comrade Enver Hoxha. Each picture is supplied by the short comment in the Albanian language.
Many rare photos, characteristic for the corresponding period of political life of the country when the edition of the present album has been performed.





The Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement