February 16, 2012

Message of the Comintern (SH) to comrade Abbas Goya




Dear comrade,

We studied your article:

 "The overthrow of the Islamic regime by revolution" 

and also this:

"No War, No Economic Sanction, No Nukes, No Islamic Republic – NOT A WORD LESS!"

We agree with your anti-imperialist line which draws expressively a principal demarcation line 

against  the complete front of world imperialism:

 - the forces of  world imperialism ( ruled by the global  financial oligarchy and the imperialist states with their armed interior and exterior terrorist  apparatus) on the one side

 and the reactionary and fascist  states of the nationalist bourgeoisie (e.g.: The IRI)

This world front of imperialism, reaction and war agree in their struggle against the world revolution in general and against the revolution in every single  country of the world, in particular.

Unavoidably, this will strengthen and further develop the unification of the revolutionary forces of the   world front against imperialism, reaction and war - guided by the world proletariat.

We fully agree with your argument about the dangerous bourgeois and petty-bourgeois streaming within our anti-imperialist, world revolutionary front which takes side of the one or the other part of the world imperialist, reactionary and nationalist front - allegedly "to weaken the one or the other part of it".

The world revolution has to combat all imperialists, reactionaries and nationalists all over the world --


- no matter if some of their members or blocs cooperate with each other or if they wages wars against each other. As a whole, they are the main enemies of 99 % of the world inhabitants and their struggle for the abolition of the inevitability of imperialism and its wars, are the main enemy of the world revolution and world socialism.


Peace in Iran is only possible through the overthrow of the Islamic regime.

Peace in the world is only possible through the overthrow of the whole system of world imperialism !

Long live the proletarian internationalism !

Long live the socialist revolution in Iran !

Long live the socialist world revolution !

in solidarity with your struggle and

with world communist greetings

Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)




Comrade Abbas Goya asked us for publishing his following article on our web-site.


Herewith, we like to fulfill his wish and we say:

thank you !


Peace in Iran =

The overthrow of the Islamic regime by revolution

written by Abbas Goya*

February 14, 2012


The conflict escalation between Western governments and the Islamic republic of Iran(IRI) is unprecedented. People in the West rightly want to do something about it. In order to take the right position, a short analysis of the situation is necessary. Let’s first look at the track record of the two reactionary camps involved in this conflict.

"At one pole, there stands the most enormous machinery of state terrorism and international intimidation and blackmail. This camp includes the American government and ruling elite, the only force, which has used nuclear bombs against people, reducing hundreds of thousands of innocent and unsuspecting people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into ashes within seconds. A state that slaughtered millions in Vietnam and razed and ruined their country for many years by chemical bombardments. It includes NATO and coalitions of Western governments who from Iraq to Yugoslavia, have destroyed people’s homes, schools and hospitals and have taken ransom the bread and medicine of millions of children. It includes the Israeli bourgeoisie and state. They occupy, seize, slaughter and deprive. They bomb and shell refugee camps and shoot scared ten-year-old children taking shelter in their fathers’ arms and at school gates. From Hiroshima and Vietnam to Grenada and Iraq, from the killing fields in Indonesia and Chile to the slaughterhouses of Palestine, the track record of this international pole of state terrorism and imperialist intimidation is obvious and irrefutable for all the world to see."(**)

At the opposing pole, there stands Islamic Republic of Iran, the stronghold of Islamic terrorism and the reactionary and vile political Islam. This force that was once created and nurtured by the US and the West themselves during the Cold War as a means of organising indigenous reaction against the Left in Iran, have now become an active pole of international terrorism and one contender in the bourgeois power struggle in the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran's resume includes a wide range of barbarity, from state and state sponsored killings in Iran to a war waged against the whole population of Iran for 33 years, from the creation of a miserable life through extreme poverty and exploitation to the gender-apartheid, child abusive, racist, and homophobic, ... policies, from the bloody suppression of political and intellectual opponents to imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, particularly women, from Islamic mutilations and stoning, to daily executions. These are the highlights in the track record of these reactionaries.

The recent threats of war, which has caused a growing concern among the people of Iran, the region and the world, are occurring in the context of the Israeli government’s backlash in domestic and regional policies, the political tendencies of some factions within the American and British administrations, and the circumstances and developments created by revolutions in the Middle East. So far, the war threats and propaganda have benefited the most reactionary forces in Israel, the west, the Middle East, and Iran. One of the consequences has been the activation of religious-nationalist forces, guardians of the “Islamic system” in the opposition of the Islamic regime and the escalation of a nationalist defence of the regime from the right-wing opposition. Thus, we not only unequivocally condemn any military provocation and action from both reactionary poles of this confrontation, but also firmly stand against any direct or indirect defence of the Islamic regime or subduing the struggle for overthrowing of the regime on the pretext of war threats and war. Let's have a careful attention to the claimed disputes.

The Nuclear program

In March of 2010, Zbigniew Brzezinski, an adviser to Obama’s administration, said “We Can “Live With” a Nuclear Iran”. It indicates that the US does not have a fundamental issue with a nuclear Iran. The nuclear program is therefore not the underlying cause of the conflict. While there are strong indications that the IRI is making an atomic bomb, the people in Iran not only never approved any nuclear program, be it for energy or bomb, but the workers explicitly expressed their opposition to any nuclear program. The US administration is certainly no judge on this matter, a) it is the only government that has ever used atomic bomb b) the US governments have been subject of anti-nuclear movement for decades.

Where should humanity stand on this issue? If US's "Three Mile Accident" (1979), the Chernobyl (1986), and Fukushima (2011) disasters were not enough, the current radioactive tritium leaks at 48 nuke sites in the US is yet another proof that Nuclear energy is harmful. A fundamental stand on this regard is to be against the production, storage, and use of any kind of nuclear weapons, and energy by any state, including Iran. We need to be against all nuclear programs everywhere, period!

Who benefits from a war?

Rephrasing Eugene V. Debs, in all history of the world, we, the 99% have never declared a war against another country. Wars have always been declared by the statesmen for the benefit of the 1% in the involved countries. That's why no government would ever hold a referendum on whether wage a war or not against another country. Of course people would reject it. People know that they will be sacrificed for the benefits of the 1%, disguised under the benefit of "nation" and "country".

As claimed, bombing Iran is supposedly not a full-scaled assault with the intention of toppling the IRI as opposed to Iraq and Afghanistan cases. It is supposedly to be of the same scale that Israel committed against Syria in 2007 and against Iraq in 1981. However, neither the IRI is the same regime as that of Saddam Hussein or Bashar al-Assad nor in either of Iraq or Syria a revolution against a regime was present at the time of bombings. The US/Israel claim that bombing is to stop the IRI from having access to nuclear weapon. As the unprecedented propaganda indicates, the bombing will inevitably turn into a large scale of war. The first question therefore is who benefits from it?

It is obvious that any military action by the Israeli government against the Islamic Republic will benefit the most reactionary currents in Israel and the West, on the one hand, and the political Islam forces such as Hamas, Hizbollah, the Syrian government, and the IRI on the other. It would prolong the life time of all these declining currents. Undoubtedly, the loser of such an action would only be the people – whether in Israel, Palestine, Syria or in Iran. In addition to the tragic human costs and destruction of the environment, a military action or war will militarise the political climate, which in turn will harm the people’s struggle for overthrowing the Islamic regime in Iran, the regime of Bashar al-Asad in Syria, and the people’s movement for social Justice in Israel.

The consequences of bombing Iran

It will A) cause a humanitarian catastrophe which in turn will minimize the focus of anti-IRI movement in Iran B) it gives the IRI a golden opportunity to blame a foreign enemy as the main threat to Iran and hence C) it will let the IRI to crack down the opposition in a scale we haven’t seen since 80s D) It will unite the regime, even if temporarily E) it will split the grassroots opposition to the IRI by the poison of nationalism F) The IRI will play the “victim” role in the eye of international pro-Palestinian/general human right forces. G) Finally and most ironically, the IRI will definitely speed up its attempt for developing nuclear weapon even more aggressively.

In short, bombing Iran will strengthen the IRI to the point that nothing can stop it from deploying nuclear weapon to its arsenal. The only ‘elimination’ that bombing Iran might cause is an attempt for the elimination of IRI’s immediate enemy, that is, an attempt to defeat a revolution against the IRI.

The real purpose of war propaganda

With the decline of the power of political Islam, whose backbone is the Islamic regime, in the wake of the revolution of 2009 in Iran as well as the recent revolutions in the Middle East, the West is now attempting to impose to the Islamic regime a new balance of power. Sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran and oil purchase from the country, cutting off its access to the global market and the official economy along with diplomatic pressures, war of words, and war threats are meant to bring the Islamic regime to its knees and take it to the negotiation table from a weak position. The Islamic regime is resisting very hard against this policy of the West and considers that giving up its anti-western slogans and policies is tantamount to losing its regional position and is a crushing blow to its political-ideological coherence and to its ability to repress in its confrontation with the people in Iran.

Also, the mere stand off between the West/Israel and Iran is beneficial for both sides of the conflict. Holding the issue of bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities in Qom, Natanz, Isfahan, Arak, and Bushehr “on the table”, as a possible move by Israel, and yelling it out loud everyday allows the Islamic regime to use it as an excuse for harsh handling of its opposition. Both Israel and the IRI are depended of having an external enemy in order to keep the “war alert” button on to continue with their oppressions. Without the mentality of being threatened by foreign hostility they have to face a great deal of vital opposition!

Economic Sanction

Well-known to most of us through the admission of Madeleine Albright interview with CBS's 60 minutes in 1996, hundreds of thousands of children were slaughtered during the economic sanctions of Iraq, between the Gulf War I to the Golf War II. The recent sanctions have intensified economic impasses of the Islamic regime to the degree of collapse of the whole economic system. It is obvious that the vast masses of workers and people are the main victims of this situation who are contending with skyrocketing inflation, severe decrease of purchasing power, dramatic fall of standard of living, non payment of their low wages, massive unemployment and social consequences of this situation such as drug abuse and prostitution. The conflict between Western governments and the Islamic regime and the sanctions that have endangered the social life in Iran are a reactionary act of inhumanity. The economic sanction must stop, period.

What do the people of Iran want?

This situation has intensified the dead ends of and the conflicts within the Islamic regime in such a way that a fear of people’s rise and a repetition of the recent revolutions in the region against the regime is daily expressed by its head. On the other hand, the people of Iran, who drove the Islamic regime to the verge of downfall by their revolution in 2009 and who follow with enthusiasm the revolutions of the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria as well as the Occupy movement, are not going to be just passive onlookers and victims of this scene. How we can play a role depends on how we approach the matter. There are various views on this conflict which in the end approach the political developments in Iran in two distinctive ways and hence two distinctive stands.

The pro 1%

In this approach events are looked at from the perspective of the power struggle of the states; ie which state(s) benefits from what action; the questions raised are: Why/What do the IRI, the US, the Israeli the Russian, and the Chinese governments do and seek? This approach leads to either siding with the IRI or the US bloc or some form of pacifism because it talks about "Iran" as an equivalent to the IRI, and the IRI as Iran. All of a sudden, there is no distinction between the people of Iran and the government of Iran. "Iran" in this approach is suddenly the united opposing interests, that is, the IRI, the 1%, and the deprived people of Iran, the 99%!

In addition to the Cuban, Venezuelan, and Syrian governments and possibly N. Korean (not to miss the mafian government of Russia and the state of sweatshops, China) the supporters of the IRI include the pro-IRI opposition, also known as greens or 2-Khordad; a portion of the "anti-imperialist" movement (more accurately anti-US movement) in the West and the Islamic forces. That includes the IRI engineered CASMII, some members of A.N.S.W.E.R coalition including the Code Pink and the World Socialist Party of the US, the Socialist Worker Party of UK, George Galloway, UK/US branches of the anti-war coalition ... most of whom participated in a conference in Tehran last year led by Ahmadinejad office, met Ahmadinejad in New York in 2008, and wrote praising letters to him. This front appears to have no problem with the war waged on the whole population of Iran by the IRI for the past 33 years. It is only concerned about which state will be the “winner” of the power struggle. This trend favours the IRI and doesn’t seek the abolishment of the nukes and/or any nuclear program everywhere; it appears to be solely concerned about the monopoly of the nukes!! This stand did not even once condemn the terror act of the IRI against thousands upon thousands of the IRI opposition including workers’ leaders, intellectuals, political oppositions…YET it is concerned about which state assassinates which figure of the other side. This approach is conditionally against terrorism: Terrorism is only bad if it occurs against the IRI figures.

Apart from the Western states which is led by the US, British, and French governments, the US bloc supporters include the ultra right opposition of the IRI and the ultra right currents in the West. This trend cares nothing about the people, it favours economic sanctions no matter if it substantially adds to the misery of millions. It favours war, it justifies the massacres that will occur as a result of the war under the pretext of its opposition to the IRI. The Western governments, US in particular, tried to assemble a "government in exile" consisting of the pro-Western faction of the greens, the traditional pro-West opposition, nationalists (including nationalist-left), and separatists. On June 11, 2010, the entire members of this reactionary opposition met in Paris and later on Guadalupe including Mohsen Sazegara (the founder of the notorious IRGC and a leading figure of the "greens"), Mohsen Makhmalbaf (disguised as a filmmaker, a "green" leader, a propagandist of the early days of the IRI), Amir Hossein Jahanshahi (a billionaire in Paris/London, the IRI accused him as an collaborator with the Israeli government), Abdollah Mohtadi (a Kurdish, nationalist left), Ali Reza Noorizadeh (a pro-IRI "opposition" journalist), Mehrangiz Kar (a pro-IRI "opposition" figure). The main figure of this group, Mohammad Reza Madhi, a supposedly influential defected general of the IRI who would supposedly arrange a coup d'état against the IRI, ended up to be an IRI infiltrator! The whole project was dumped once Madhi appeared in the IRI TV exposing the US/Israeli governments attempt. In the latest attempt, the Olof Palme Center in Sweden arranged a meeting of all these figures in order to create an alternative for the IRI labelled as "Unity for democracy in Iran". This hidden meeting that took place on February 4, and 5 was later on exposed to the IRI opposition. A protest was held in front of the building and the protesters exposed the intention of the participants in that gatering. Interestingly enough, most of the participants at Olof Palme Center were identical to that of 2010 "government in exile" project. This ultra right trend would do whatever it takes, including acting as US puppets or sleeping in bed with the US/Israeli governments,  in order to block a direct move form the bottom, by the masses in Iran

Pacifism, typically in form of “peace” seeking, desires restoration of the power balance between the conflicting states prior to their heated war propaganda. This view a) legitimizes the 1% states of the IRI and the West and b) it fails to address the 33 years long, IRI imposed economic and military war against a whole population.

Ultimately, all sides of this approach cares only about the wining side of the 1%, either the 1% of Iran (the IRI), or the 1% of the West (Western states). At best it seeks the restoration of power balance between various 1% powers.

The pro 99%

It approaches the events from the perspective of the benefits for the 99% in Iran regardless what the 1% want and do. This approach seeks freedom and equality for all. This approach remains the staunch opposition of the IRI; seeks the overthrow of the IRI, that is, the root cause of the misery for the 99% in Iran, via revolution no matter which state seeks what objective.

The 99% firmly stands against all attempts to support the Islamic regime on the pretext of economic sanctions and war, or to legitimize the Western governments’ scenarios of a change from above. Any military aggression, militarization of the society, plans of “regime change” from above or support of the Islamic regime on the pretext of war. The 99% consider the only way to confront any prospect of war and militarism to be the expansion of the struggle against the Islamic regime and its overthrow by a people’s revolution.

The concern of this view is the poverty imposed upon workers via direct reign of the vicious capitalist IRI or via IRI’s implementation of the IMF austerity plans. Note that after a set of recommendations by the IMF in 2010, the Islamic regime of Tehran cut the subsidies on basic needs, such as food and gas, and made the capitalist system wide open for free, savage market economy. The IRI implemented all IMF's recommendations to the point that IMF praised the IRI as the first country in the world that could successfully implement all the recommendations. This set of recommendations was enforced on the working class of Iran by means of killings and imprisonment of workers, intellectuals and political opponents. While the chances of a war between the two poles of reaction is slim, the real war of the IRI on the working class of Iran started 33 years ago and it continues via implementation of the IMF austerity recommendations.

What the 99% in Iran demands includes

  • Women’s equality vs gender-apartheid of the IRI

  • Children’s rights vs child abuse policies of the IRI

  • Freedom of expression vs brutal, despotic reign of the IRI

  • Freedom of all political prisoners unconditionally

  • An end to the daily executions, stoning, mutilations

  • An end to the racism on Afghan workers in Iran

  • An end to the economic sanctions

  • An end to the war propaganda

  • An end to the 33 years fabricated crisis

  • An end to the daily military suppression of the 99% in Iran

  • An end to any and all nuclear programs of the IRI and all other states …

Simply put the 99% is determined to end the reign of the IRI. Since it only seeks the benefits of the 99%, this approach concludes: “No War, No Economic Sanctions, No Nukes, Viva revolution against the Islamic Regime“.

What can we do?

Siding with the 99% in Iran, the true anti-war, anti-sanction, peace seeking people who share the freedom and equality sentiment for the people of Iran need to raise the banner of "No War, No Economic Sanction, No Nukes, No Islamic Republic". There is no room for pacifism, ie abstract "peace". What peace is there to start with? Is the current situation a "peace" that we need to defend? If so, why did such a propaganda of war start in the first place? How exactly can demanding "peace" benefit anyone including the stoppage of a potential war? Did the demand of "peace" stop the US-led war against Iraq in 2003? I believe that we need to take an active stand rather than the pacifist "peace" position.

The real way to fight poverty, misery, threat of war, economic sanctions and the whole present hazardous situation is the expansion of the struggle against the Islamic regime in all arenas, as well as overthrowing the regime by the people’s revolution and overtaking the running of society by the workers and people themselves. With all its might, we need to fight for realizing this. That would:

  • Cut the war that the IRI has waged against 99% of the population in Iran for 33 years

  • An end to the unbearable suffer resulted from the economic sanctions

  • An end to the threat of a war with the West/Israel

  • An end to the nukes threat

In addition to an active support for the anti-IRI movement, what you could do in the West includes a set of demands to both the Western governments and the Islamic regime:

  • Immediate stop of Economic Sanctions

  • An end to the war propaganda

  • Abolition of all forms of nuclear application, be it for nukes or energy, on a global scale

  • Cut all political and diplomatic ties with the IRI

  • All the abovementioned demands of the 99%

In conclusion, a true peace, freedom and equality in Iran is equivalent to the overthrow of the Islamic regime by a revolution.


* Born in Iran, Abbas Goya is a political activist, a Marxist. His activism includes campaigns for worker's rights, children’s and women’s rights, freedom of expression, students’ rights, refugee rights, against capital punishment and stoning, and against fascism and racism. See more at http://abbasgoya.com




Response from comrade

Abbas Goya

21st of February, 2012



Thank you my friends from India, Afghanistan, Italy, Germany, US, UK, ... for your personal and/or organizational reflections plus your statements of solidarity with the stand expressed in the "Peace in Iran = The overthrow of the Islamic Regime by Revolution", the last revision of that article  -including additional data and facts- is now available at: http://abbasgoya.com/2092




Briefing on the latest developments in Iran:


The 99% camp vs the 1%


The reflection of the ongoing events around the world to the politics of Iran is dynamic and fast; events that might be directly related to Iran, such as economical, political, structural crisis of the IRI and economic sanction, war threats, or indirectly related events, such as  Revolutions in ME/N. Africa and Occupy movement. This short note is to brief you on the current dynamics in politics of Iran.



Interesting SPLITS and MERGES within the rulers/bourgeois opposition has occurred as per below:


A) The pro-"reform" faction (aka "reformists", pro-IRI opposition, greens, 2-khordad) known by figures like Khatami/Mousavi/Karrobi/Rafsanjani, is almost entirely out of the power structure in Iran. As a result, the role the so called "reformists" had for the West ended. West used this faction as a link to the power structure of the IRI, hoping to promote the favourable changes within the IRI system. Once the "reformists" were out, the West kicked the "reformists" out too! Tons of employed "reformists" were kicked out of VOA Farsi for instance .


Once out of the power structure, the "reformists" had no use for the anti-IRI protesters neither. Protesters in Iran used the crack in the IRI in order to come out on the streets and escalate their opposition to the whole IRI. The most powerful message that the anti-IRI sent for the "reformists" was on February 14 when the "reformists" called for a mass rally.  Only 10s of loyal greens showed up on the streets of Tehran. Why? In prior calls for mass rallies, the "reformists" would use their state authority to minimize the suppression of protests. This time, they had no authority. People therefore rejected the call, specially when it was called to protest the house arrest of "reformists" leaders, Mousavi and Karrubi. People don't give a damn about these two figures.


As a result, this faction, the so called "reformists" is split between the pro-Ahmadinejad (yes, you read it right, pro-A'jad) and pro-West (yeah again. That includes a desire for war and sanctions against the IRI). 


B) The so-called fundamentalists faction (known by figures like Khamenei and A'jad) is split too. A'jad and his adviser Mashaee have formed a faction, other members of which are some ex-reformists,  and some high profile IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp) members. This faction is now attempting to save the IRI through normalization of the relation with US. This faction is known as pragmatists. 


The merger: The very Mousavi faction who supposedly opposed A'jad in 2009 is now getting closer to A'jad. The intention of the unspoken merge is to get rid of the head of the IRI, Khamenei, before the leftist anti-IRI movement sweeps the whole IRI.


C) The pro-Western faction (mostly reside abroad) of the "reformists" (such as Sazegara, Makhmalbaf, ...) are merging with a) the traditional pro-West opposition (typically known by Reza Pahlavi) + b) Nationalists (including nationalist-left) + c) Separatists. They are backed by the West. Since the escaltion of war propaganda Reza Pahlavi attempted to found a "National Council" consisting of him and himself! The "greens" approached him and tried to make a coalition. Also, in the latest attempt, the Olof Palme International Center in Sweden, arranged a meeting of all these f igures in order to create an alternative for the IRI. See a picture of the meeting that took place on February 4 and 5, 2012. 


Summary of the 1% dynamics: All the above belong to bourgeois camp. They do whatever it takes, from merging with their supposedly arch enemy or splitting their best buddies to acting as the US puppets in order to block a direct move form the bottom, by the masses in Iran.




Socialism has the greatest potential in Iran. The society as a whole is radicalized because of a) the objective circumstances and b) the active presence of worker communist party. Workers/Women/Youth movements in Iran (and their respective political representation) demand Freedom and Equality for ALL, not always on a self-conscious level but also because of the vicious circumstances in Iran. Thanks to decades of communist activism, today, the women's rights for instance is immediately linked to the complete freedom for all other oppressed. Also, thanks to the anti-capitalist movement around the world and the revolutions in ME, the anti-capitalism in Iran is now more out loud and expressive tied to objective circumstances of the workers' in Iran.


The anti-IRI movement is therefore way more radical than any bourgeoisie opposition can handle it. Therefore, the abovementioned merges/splits are happening in hopes to undermine the radical anti-IRI movement which is rooted from the bottom of society.


In short, the battle in Iran IS about socialism vs capitalism.









Greeting-Message of the Comintern (SH)

to the Party of Labour of Italia


The Comintern (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) likes to salute the Italian Marxist-Leninists by occasion of the foundation of the Partito del Lavoro d’Italia (Marxista-Leninista) on the 21st of December of 2011, the 132º anniversary of Comrade Stalin, the glorious Teacher and Leader of the Proletarian Victory. The foundation of the PLI (ML) expresses the most profound aspirations of the exploited Italian proletariat who wishes to live not only in a socialist Italy, but also on a socialist world.

The PLI (ML) is the heir of inestimable ancient revolutionary traditions. In truth, the struggle of the people from the Italic peninsula against the oppressing classes goes on since more than two millenniums. Already in times of ancient Rome, the awfully exploited class of slaves played an essential role in the struggle against Roman nobility who dominated the Empire and took its power and profits not only from the exploitation of the Roman people, but also from the exploitation of many other European and non-European peoples. The whole history of the ancient Roman Empire is indeed an incessant sequence of harsh class struggle between the oppressed slaves and workers, on one side, and the Roman slavagist aristocracy, on the other side. One of the episodes which best symbolizes those fierce class struggles was the slave revolt led by Spartacus against the slavery social system.

More than 2000 years after, the Italian proletarians continued giving proofs of overwhelming courage and audacity during the struggle against the Fascist order which was imposed on them by the industrials, bankers and landowners with the purpose of repressing the workers’ movement and of preventing socialism and communist. The Italian fascists paid by the dominant classes forced the Italian people to live under a terrific reign of terror, to live under the open dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Through colonialist appeals and racist slogans, Italian fascism tried to separate the Italian proletariat and exploited workers from the Marxist-Leninist ideology. Of course that the brave Italian workers didn’t even hesitate in fighting fascism and, with that purpose, the Italian proletariat formed armed partisan detachments of anti-fascist struggle. Those Italian partisans who fought against fascism both before and during the Second World War were heroic proletarian warriors who sacrificed even their own lives while combating fascism. However, despite the courage and audacity of the Italian partisan forces, the truth is that their revolutionary efforts and pains would be betrayed by the revisionist and pro-bourgeois virus which had been contaminating the Italian “communist” movement since many years:

The resistance movement of the Italian people against fascism assumed great development especially after the capitulation of Italy. In Northern Italy, which was still occupied by the Germans, on the initiative of the party, the liberation war, which included the broad masses of antifascist workers, peasants, intellectuals and others, was organized. Big regular partisan formations were created, the overwhelming majority of them under the leadership of the party. (…)

Whereas in Northern Italy the struggle of the party in general was developed on the right road, and could have led not only to the liberation of the country but also to the establishment of the people's power, in the South and on a national scale the party did not raise the question of the seizure of power. (…) At a time when favorable conditions existed in the country to carry forward the revolution, the program of the Communist Party was minimal. The party was for a parliamentary solution within the framework of the laws of the bourgeois order.” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism – chapter II: Eurocommunism, an ideology of submission to the bourgeoisie and imperialism, Tirana 1980, edition in English).

The Italian “Communist” Party was founded in 1921. Despite its revolutionary sounding name, the roots of Italian revisionism were present within the party since the very beginning. One of the main founders of the ICP was Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), a figure which even nowadays is tremendously dear to all revisionists and pseudo-communists. The revisionists in general, and the Italian revisionists in particular try to depict Gramsci as being a “true communist” whose “revolutionary talent” had allegedly been thwarted by Stalin, the “cruel tyrant” who supposedly “refused to accept Gramsci outstanding creative genius” allegedly because “the truly Marxist views of Gramsci were in total opposition to the system of totalitarian personal power which Stalin had created”. Italian revisionists treated the fact that Gramsci Works were not published in the Stalinist Soviet Union as a proof that Gramsci was a “victim of Stalinist repression”.

Of course that this is nothing more than a hateful lie. Comrade Stalin refused to publish Gramsci Works because he understood very well who Gramsci truly was, because comrade Stalin correctly perceived Gramsci “creative theories” as the amount of pro-bourgeois and pro-capitalist garbage they really were. Gramsci totally rejects the crucial Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist theory which considers class and class struggle as a central concept. Indeed, Gramsci even openly refuses the principle of the proletarian dictatorship, replacing it with the ridiculous and abstract idea of the “proletarian hegemony”. Accordingly with Gramsci, the entire transition of capitalism to socialism will have mostly to do not with proletarian rule and repression of the capitalist exploiting class, but with some kind of “cultural struggle” in which the proletariat will finally achieve “cultural hegemony” over the capitalists. It is obvious that this theory is totally fallacious. A class can only have cultural supremacy if it has absolute control and power over all means of production, over the material and productive basis of society. Therefore, the proletariat can only achieve cultural dominance if it has overthrown and defeated the bourgeoisie, if it has dispossessed the bourgeoisie from all means of production, if it has implemented the proletariat dictatorship in order to repress the exploiters and to smash the foundations of the capitalist order. Indeed, the proletariat will only have total cultural supremacy in a more or less advanced stage of socialism, because in the earlier socialist phases, the proletariat will have to harshly struggle against bourgeois-capitalist cultural influences which may still hold sway over the masses during some time, despite the fact that the bourgeoisie as a class will no longer exist.

The fact that Gramsci died in fascist prisons helped the revisionists to present him as an “heroic martyr”. However, the truth is that there was never a real contradiction between the fascists and Gramsci. Both supported reactionary theories which have exactly the same final objective: to perpetuate capitalist oppressive and exploitative tyranny.

After Italy’s defeat in the Second World war, the Italian “Communist” Party refused all opportunities of conquering power by revolutionary violence and the Italian revisionist leaders - of which Togliatti and later Berlinguer were among the most famous - openly assumed their adherence to capitalist ideology, thus rejecting the most fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism. Togliatti (pseudonym: "Ercoli") was already a traitor of the world proletariat in times when he was one of the Comintern's leaders. On the VII. Congress of the Comintern, his presented "resolution on the war” was a right deviation of the Stalinist line.

In his brilliant book “Eurocommunism is Anticommunism”, Comrade Enver Hoxha fiercely unmasks Italian revisionism:

As soon as fascism had been overthrown, the Italian Communist Party had come out with an opportunist political and organizational platform. Palmiro Togliatti imposed on his party the line of class collaboration with the bourgeoisie and its parties. In the plenum of the National Council of the Party which was held at that time, Togliatti declared, «We do not put forward the seizure of power as the objective of our struggle, because of international and national conditions; we want only to destroy fascism completely and to create a 'truly progressive, anti-fascist democracy'. (…)

After the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Togliatti and the Italian Communist Party publicly proclaimed their old revisionist stands. Just as the Khrushchevites hastened to turn the Soviet Union into a capitalist country, so Togliatti and company hastened to integrate themselves into the Italian capitalist order.” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism – chapter II: Eurocommunism, an ideology of submission to the bourgeoisie and imperialism, Tirana 1980, edition in English).

The Italian revisionists worked out their idea of achieving «socialism» through the bourgeois Constitution a long time ago. In his speeches, as early as 1944, Togliatti declared that allegedly the times had changed, the working class had changed and the ways to the seizure of power had also changed. With this he meant that «the time of revolutions was over and the time of evolutions had come», that «power cannot be seized except by way of reforms, on the parliamentary road, through votes».

The Italian Communist Party (…) it is not, and never has been for the establishment of a socialist society in Italy, either today, tomorrow, or ever.” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism – chapter III: Reformist ideology and political opportunism - fundamental characteristics of the eurocommunist parties, Tirana 1980, edition in English).

Since then, the ICP was one of the most loathful anti-socialist parties in the whole world. Indeed, very few revisionist parties can “boast” of being as pro-capitalist, as pro-fascist, as sold to the bourgeoisie as the ICP. The Italian revisionist leaders were always the most faithful lackeys of the Italian exploiting classes. They always did their utmost to eternally perpetuate capitalist exploitation through the utilization of the ICP as an instrument of “social reforms” whose purpose was to shut up workers by giving them some ridiculous alms from the capitalists superprofits through deceitful parliamentarist “measures” and bourgeois trade unionism, thus making them believe that the revolutionary Marxist-Leninist ideology was surpassed and that the “democratic state” would give them all they needed, without necessity of the proletarian dictatorship. On the other side, the Italian bourgeoisie also took a lot of advantages from the fact of having the “communist” party’s deputies in the capitalist parliament, because thanks to this, the Italian bourgeoisie could easily mislead the oppressed workers through maintaining a fake “democratic” facade, making them believe that the state was no longer an instrument of capitalist domination because even the “communist” party was allowed to “freely” express its opinions:

(…) the working class of Italy hoped for profound social justice, expected that things would change and that at last it would have its say. But this did not occur. And this was because of the organization and management of the life of the country by the different bourgeois parties, including the Communist Party. To deceive the masses and to give them the impression that their voice was being heard in the governing of the country, they arranged political life with majority and minority parties, with parties in office and parties in opposition, with all the parliamentary games and tricks, with all their lies and humbug.

(…) the Italian Communist Party received (…) unimportant portfolios, which the big bourgeoisie allowed it within the «democratic» game, in order to strengthen its position, restore its army, the police and all the network of suppression, and in order to use the presence of communists in the government to strangle and paralyze any tendency of the working class and the Italian people to settle accounts with those who exploited them (…).” (Enver Hoxha, Eurocommunism is Anti-communism – chapter II: Eurocommunism, an ideology of submission to the bourgeoisie and imperialism, Tirana 1980, edition in English).

Nowadays, the ICP no longer exists, but its poisonous social-fascist tendencies still gravely hinder the revolutionary spirit of the Italian proletariat. It is against these evil influences that the PLI (ML) will fight with all its forces.

Moreover, one of the main centers of world counter-revolution is located precisely in Italy. It is the ultra-reactionary Vatican, whose rabidly anti-socialist power affects the workers not only in Italy but also all over the world. The Catholic Vatican was one of the main allies of Italian Fascism. Indeed, throughout history, it has invariably sided with the most backward and retrograde forces of the most dark reaction. But now, thanks to the foundation of the PLI (ML), the Italian toiling masses will be able to struggle for the elimination of the poisonous and ultra-reactionary influences of the Catholic religion, in general and of the Vatican, in particular.

The PLI (ML) will strive for the spreading of the works of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha in Italy in order to inculcate the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology on the minds of the oppressed Italian workers and will certainly become the glorious vanguard of the Italian exploited masses in fulfilling its mission of leading the liberation of the Italian proletariat from wicked wage slavery and from anti-communist ideology.

Nowadays, some of the most dangerous kinds of revisionism (Maoism, Titoism, Togliattism, Trotskyism, Guevarism, etc…) still hold an overwhelming power and control over the Italian proletariat, thus extinguishing its revolutionary and militant spirit in favor of the bourgeois-capitalist order and ideology. The Italian Maoists continue to fulfill their mission of using their “anti-revisionist” phraseology to mislead the Italian workers in order to help the capitalists to maintain their immense class privileges. The only purpose of the several Maoist parties which still exist in Italy is to keep the Italian proletariat away from the genuinely revolutionary Marxist-Leninist ideology. It is curious to notice that, despite the geographical proximity between Italy and Albania, the majority of Italian workers do not have the slightest knowledge about the anti-revisionist struggle of the Albanian Marxist-Leninists led by Comrade Enver Hoxha. On the contrary, Titoism and Maoism are widely spread within the ranks of the Italian toiling masses. Indeed, since the XXth Congress of the CPSU, Titoist revisionism was enthusiastically encouraged by Togliatti and his supporters, who did their utmost to instill it among Italian working classes with the objective of “immunizing” them against the glorious Stalinist ideology, the only one capable of definitively destroying capitalism. Furthermore, as happen in many other countries, also in Italy the youth - that inestimable source of revolutionary strength - is being poisoned by the pervasive and anti-Marxist influence of Guevarist “theories” at the sole benefit of the dominant oppressing classes, who know very well that no danger to capitalist exploitation can come from Guevarist “leftist” (read: reactionary) adventurism.

We condemn also the betrayal of the former Communist Party of Italy (Marxist-Leninists) which was led by the traitor Fosco Dinucci, who became an enemy of the Socialist Albania. This party was once member of the great Marxist-Leninist World Movement with comrade Enver Hoxha at the head. Indeed, the Italian proletariat connected its struggle against modern revisionism with the Marxist-Leninist World Movement of comrade Enver Hoxha by means of the foundation of the PCI (ML). However their hopes were destroyed. It came out to the truth that the leader Fosco Dinucci was an agent of the counter-revolution and he betrayed the Socialist Albania.

Also Ubaldo Buttafava (La Nostra Lotta) betrayed the correct Marxist-Leninist line of comrade Enver Hoxha through the embracement of neo-revisionism.

But all these past and present efforts by the capitalists and the revisionists to keep the Italian proletarians in bondage are suffering a colossal defeat with the foundation of the PLI (ML), the party which will finally put an end to the long period of revisionist and anti-communist ideological dominance over the Italian exploited and oppressed workers.

In this exact moment, the Italian people is being subjected to the ruthless “austerity program” which is being imposed by the tyrannical European Union and which serves the interests of the most powerful bankers and capitalists. The struggle of the Italian workers against this robbery can be an excellent opportunity for the PLI (ML) to develop its combat against capitalism and imperialism. A country with such brilliant traditions of workers struggle like Italy can no longer be under the ideological dominance of the capitalist- revisionist power and ideology. It is time for the Italian proletarians to awake and to struggle for a socialist society!

In its quest for a socialist Italy, the PLI (ML) will have to face the bloody repression of the Italian bourgeoisie that will not hesitate in using fascist violence against the representatives of the only ideology capable of abolishing the inevitability of the capitalism. In this harsh struggle, the PLI (ML) can count with the internationalist solidarity and support of all the Sections of the Comintern (Stalinists-Hoxhaists). We have no doubt that the PLI (ML) will certainly be a trustworthy detachment of the future world proletarian army whose objective is to implement the world proletarian dictatorship towards world socialism and world communism!

Italian workers!

Join the PLI (ML), the party of your liberation!

Struggle against revisionist currents which have caused so many sufferings and defeats to the Italian proletariat!

Combat the Italian capitalist-fascist state!

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in Italy and help establishing it in the whole world!

Destroy capitalist-imperialist depraved tyranny!

Long live the PLI (ML)!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the socialist revolution in Italy!

Long live the world socialist revolution!

Long live Socialism and Communism in Italy and in the whole world!







P L I (ml)


Message of friendship


Dear comrades of the Comintern (SH) !

The PLI (ml) and its secretary general, they send their most sincere thanks for the internationalist message you sent, the PLI (ml) and the Comintern (SH) united, win imperialism for establish socialism in Italy and in all countries of the world!
Long live the unity 'between the militant PLI (ml) and the Cominform (SH)!


23rd of December, 2011






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