The Red Worldfront



29th of July, 2019

" Death to World Fascism! "


(final decision on 29th of July, 2019)

Red Front Fighters' League to create the red world front against war and fascism


new book of the Comintern (SH)

in German language

"The ideas of Stalin and Enver Hoxha

on anti-fascism

are invincible !"


"Stalins und Enver Hoxhas Ideen des Antifaschismus sind unbesiegbar"






The Red Front marches on ! (Video)






of the World !

editor: Comintern (SH)



Let us re-found globally the


decision of the Comintern (SH) from 19th of September, 2018


Rip the roots of fascism and social-fascism with the world revolution !


On the ideological-political basis of the founding of the Red Front Fighters' League

Historical lessons of our struggle

against fascism and social-fascism

Excerpts of the General-Line of the Comintern (SH)

written by Wolfgang Eggers


Our 9 anti-fascist theses on the revolutionary united front policy of the Comintern (SH)



Among the enemies of the socialist revolution there are also the social-fascists. Social fascists are anti-fascists in words and fascists in deeds (for example the revisionist parties). We are creating a united front of all anti-fascists and anti-social fascists

this means:

Struggle against all attempts by the bourgeoisie and her agencies within the workers' and communist movement, to drive a wedge between anti-fascists and anti-social fascists.



The united front of all anti-fascists and anti-social fascists fights for the revolutionary removal of capitalism as the source of fascism and social fascism.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists fights against all attempts by the modern revisionists and neo-revisionists, who cheat the workers and all working people with reforms - up to the "peaceful transition to socialism", namely in order to stop the masses keep fighting against the fascist and social-fascist terror and to achieve class reconcilation as a means of surrender.



The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists unmasks and fights against all attempts of neo-revisionists who misuse the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism in the antifascist-antisocialfasciststruggle to justify the terror of social fascism, and to support it indirectly.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists does not exclude the application of revolutionary violence, both against fascist and social-fascist terror.



The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the democratic rights of all the exploited and oppressed classes, for the proletarian socialist democracy and not for the restoration of bourgeois "democracy", from which new fascism emanates inevitably. The enforcement of democratic rights is an integral part of the overthrow of capitalism and its bourgeois state system.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the abolition of the inevitability of fascism and social fascism, through the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, through the establishment of Soviet power in Europe and around the world.


The united front of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists is fighting for the eradication of the remnants of all fascist and social-fascist forces under the system of the dictatorship of the proletariat.


The Comintern (SH) is the worldwide center of the international anti-fascist and anti-social fascist movement. The Comintern (SH) unites this movement in all countries of the world for leading it towards the victory of the socialist world revolution.

* * *

We define the political form of today's world society as world fascism, which uses parliamentarism as a cloak of "invisibility". We must organize the anti-fascist struggle on a global stage. World fascism must be defeated by the world socialist revolution.

Persecution and criminalization of the Communists is the first step in the persecution and criminalization of all those who think differently.




Ernst Thalmann, major leader of the German and international workers' movement, born in 1886, was assassinated in 1944.

In 1903 he became a member of the Social Democratic Party, 1904 the Transport Workers Union.

During the 1st World War he pursued intensive anti-militarist agitation at the front.

Joined the USPD in 1917 Thalmann, 1919, he was chairman of the local chapter of the USPD Hamburg and worked in that capacity for the unification of the KPD.

The Unity Congress in 1920 chose him in the party leadership.

In 1923 he conducts the Hamburg uprising.

Since 1924 he was member of parliament and member of the Executive Committee of the Communist International.

Ernst Thalmann was leader of the Red Front Fighters' League from 1924 - 1933.

Under Thalmann Chair (since 1925), the KPD developed finally into a strong, closely linked with the masses Marxist-Leninist party.

In the struggle against fascism, the party decided on his own initiative in 1930, the'' program for national and social liberation of the German people'' and in 1932 the formation of the Anti-Fascist Action.

On 03/03/1933 Thalmann was arrested.

Steadfast he endured 11 years fascist prison, murdered him to the SS in Buchenwald concentration camp.


Ernst Thälmann über den Roten Frontkämpferbund und die antifaschistische Aktion

Texte zusammengestellt von Wolfgang Eggers



VI Word Congress of the Comintern


Greetings from the Delegation of the German Red Front Fighters. (PDF)

Comrade JILEK, presiding:

The Delegates of the Red Front Fighters will deliver greetings to the Congress; Comrade Olbrich will speak on their behalf. I now give him the floor.

The Delegation consisting of 10 Red Front Fighters were greeted with stormy applause upon entering the tribune.

There were shouts of: “We greet you, comrades, Red Front! Red Front! Red Front!"

Comrade OLBRICH:

The R.F.B. Delegation ”replies to the greetings with the triple cry of, “Red Front! Red Front! Red Front!”

Comrades, the German Red Front Fighters Delegation‘ which is now on a visit to Moscow upon the invitation of the trade unions of Northern Caucasia and will proceed southwards tonight, delivers fraternal militant greetings to the general staff of the world revolution on behalf of the Red Front League of Germany. All of you are familiar with the activities of the Red Front League in Germany. Born in the struggle against fascism and the imperialist war, we have mobilised huge masses of German proletarians during the four years of our existence.

During the past years we have seen tremendous progress of the Red Front Fighters in Germany. On the third national meet last year the mass organisation in its hundreds of thousands took the oath for the first time “to be ready always and everywhere to defend the Soviet Union”, being fully convinced that the fight against the imperialist war menace and against fascism today implies the most vigorous fight for the defence of the Soviet Union.

In delivering to-day the greetings ot the Red Front League to the VI. Congress we recall the fact that the fight against the imperialist war menace is going to be the central and deciding point in the revolutionary movement throughout the world, just as it has been until now. We also see an intense imperialist offensive waged by the German bourgeoisie with the aid and active support of the social-democratic leaders.

Hence the Red Front League becomes confronted with a tremendous and most exacting task of fighting for the prevention of imperialist war, and for the defence of the Soviet Union.

It is this realisation which prompts us to declare here today, before the representatives of the Communist Parties of the world, as a delegation of the Red Front Fighters:

The Red Front Fighters League, formed in the fight against fascism and imperialist war, stands firmly and unitedly together and is prepared to keep on fighting in the future. And in this sense the delegation hands over on behalf of the 200,000 Front Fighters and the Jungsturm the picture which shows our last march through the country under the slogan of the defence of the Soviet Union and against imperialist war. We present the picture to the Presidium of the VI. World Congress with the declaration that not only shall we wage the fight against the imperialist war whenever it may be started but that also today the best reply to all the war preparations consists in that we should win the masses of the social-democratic workers for the revolutionary anti-imperialist front, that we should develop our practical revolutionary activity day by day in all the factories and in all the mass organisations, that we should direct our work towards the successful consummation of the proletarian revolution in Germany, and throughout the world. In this sense may our presentation be accompanied by our militant and fraternal salute which has become the revolutionary salute of all revolutionary proletarians in Germany, the mighty triple shout: “Red Front! Red Front! Red‘ Front!”

(Stormy applause)

VI Word Congress of the Comintern


Comrades, the Chairman of the Red Front Fighters' League of Germany, Comrade Ernst Thälmann has received a telegram of fraternal greetings from the Central-German meeting of the Red Front Fighters at Leipsig:

"Assure the soldiers, workers and peasants of the proletarian fatherland, of our invincible solidarity and of the faith of the German workers in the Russian proletariat.

The Red Front Fighters' League

Red Front !

Leo Hoffmann"

(Lively applause.)






The fight for communism in Germany






The Background of German Fascism



The sword, with which the world fascists want to struck down the socialist world revolution, will pierce the heart of the world bourgeoisie!
Comintern (SH)

Союз красных фронтовиков
Союз красных фронтовиков или Рот Фронт — немецкая коммунистическая политическая и боевая организация в 1924—1933 годах.