by Wolfgang Eggers

Publisher: Comintern (SH)

dedicated to the foundation of the RFL on July 29, 2019

English translation dedicated to the founding of the US Section of the RFL on 29th of July, 2020





* * *

(Part 1)

6 anti-fascist actions

for the disarmament of the fascists/social fascists


(Part 2)

6 anti-fascist actions

to arm the anti-fascists !


Preliminary note on anti-social-fascist action:

We define social fascists - or "left" fascists as twins of the fascists, namely as "antifascists" in words, and forerunner and helper of the fascists in deeds.

We define social fascists in power as fascist states which, after Stalin's death, put on the cloak of "communism" in order to betray and smash communism - such as Yugoslavia, the GDR, the revisionist Soviet Union; China; other East Bloc states; Cuba; North Korea; Vietnam, etc.

* * *

Stalin's fight against social fascism was defended by Enver Hoxha and socialist Albania and continued against the modern revisionists.

Today, the Comintern (SH) is the only party in the world that defends the Stalinist-Hoxhaist thesis of social fascism and fights social fascism as the twin of fascism.

* * *

Fascism could only come to power because the social fascists divided the revolutionary workers movement and weakened it in the struggle against fascism.

The social fascists are anti-communists; they have terrorized the communists, persecuted them, arrested them, banned their party, murdered their leaders underhand and shot workers in the open street; they have allied themselves with the fascists against the communists; in their hatred against the Soviet Union, they have paved the way for the fascists to invade the Soviet Union in order to prevent the victory of world communism over world capitalism.

The social fascists have transformed Stalin's socialist world camp into a capitalist-revisionist world camp to thwart world communism.

The social fascists eventually overthrew the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union and Albania in order to smash the basis for the victory of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

Today the social fascists are fighting Stalinism-Hoxhaism to wipe out the theory and tactics of the world socialist revolution.

From this follows:

Without victory over social fascism no victory over fascism.


the anti-fascist action of the Comintern (SH) is always inseparably connected with the anti-social-fascist action.

Our guideline of anti-fascist action is therefore at the same time a guideline of anti-social-fascist action.

* * *



6 anti-fascist actions

for the disarmament of the fascists/social fascists



Ideological disarmament of world fascism


The fascist ideology is an imperialist ideology, the openly terrorist class ideology of the world bourgeoisie.

The disarmament of the fascist ideology precedes, indeed presupposes, the actual disarmament of world imperialism.

The process of decomposition of world imperialism in the present period of its downfall is also taking place ideologically in its various forms.

We define fascist ideology as the highest spiritual expression of the disintegration process of world imperialism, as an ideology of the departure of the world bourgeoisie, veiled by social demagogy, diffently adapted to the special characteristics of each country.

Anti-communism is the main expression of the fascist ideology of world imperialism because communism is the greatest danger for world imperialism.

* * *

According to the original fascist ideology, one's own people can supposedly develop only through war, only through their warlike superiority over other peoples. The more bloodshed, the more survivable the own race. "Blood and soil" - that is the highest fascist ideal. For this reason militarism and wars of robbery are the clearest characteristics of fascism. The fascist/social-fascist ideology serves the imperialist war and its preparation by using terror and demagogy against the antifascists and thus to provide "peace and order" in the state, without which the fascists' warfare is not enforceable. Today, the nationalist ideology is not the only mask behind which the fascist ideology is hidden.

Under the present conditions of globalization, the ideology of world fascism has been further developed not only to establish or maintain the fascist dictatorship in this or that country. It has become the ideology of the fascist dictatorship of the whole world bourgeoisie.

World fascism is the ideology of the openly brutal, terrorist maintenance of the imperialist world order, a global counterrevolutionary ideology, directed against the proletarian internationalist ideology of the world revolution.

Fascists are not opponents of war, but the most zealous warmongers and worst war criminals of mankind.

The fascist/social-fascist ideology of militarism preferentially finds its way into the military apparatus itself. And it is there that this ideology must be disarmed. With the disarmament of the militarist ideology of fascism/social-fascism, we start with the decomposition and smashing of the military apparatus itself in order to thwart the predatory imperialist wars of conquest and end the mass destruction of the peoples once and for all.

The disarmament of fascist ideology is to use it as a weapon against the fascists themselves.

Turn around the ideological weapons of the fascists - this is how anti-fascism disarms the fascist ideology.

Let us take the fact that the different ideological currents of fascism criticize each other. With each proof of the inadequacy of the one by the other current, not only a clearer picture of the overall decay character of fascist ideology is obtained, but also the dialectical-materialistic weapon of its refutation, the ideological disarmament of fascism/social fascism in all its currents.

Fascist ideology is the peoples' most hostile ideology that exists, and by its very nature it is the ideology of the ruling class, the most extreme form of the imperialist bourgeoisie's ideology.

Disarm the fascist and social-fascist ideology of the bourgeoisie in state and society-in general!

Disarms the ideology of the fascist/social-fascist organizations and their social environment - in particular !

The fascist/social-fascist ideology imposed on the world proletariat by the world capitalist system is designed to cloud its class consciousness and for sacrifying its life for the world bourgeoisie in the imperialist world war.

The fascist/social-fascist ideology is the most extreme form of the bourgeois ideology of anticommunism. Whoever wants to disarm the fascist/social-fascist ideology must disarm the ideology of anticommunism, must direct the ideological weapons of anticommunism against the fascist ideology itself.

The fascist / social-fascist ideology is not only a deadly poison for the world proletariat as the class of gravediggers of capitalism, but for all of society, for all of humanity.

This is shown by the fact that the fascists pretend to be the "defenders of the world community, of world culture", "rescuers of mankind," etc., but in truth they are the greatest enemies of mankind. It was and is the fascists who have left nothing but rubble and ashes to the peoples.

The extent to which the fascists make use of political clericalism can be seen today in the murders of the so-called "defenders of the Christian West" and also in those of the Allah fascists. Religion is opium of the people. "Angel of peace" in words - warrior of God in deeds. But also the mythology of paganism (swastika) abused by the Nazis, with which they justified their concentration camp murders, is continued unhindered by the neo-Nazis today. Political murder is a typical characteristic of fascist terror, for which the fascist ideology paves the way.

This whole poisonous mixture of fascist ideology, to which, not least of all, fragments borrowed from proletarian ideology have been added as "flavour enhancers", must therefore be prevented from entering society at all costs. And where the deological poison has already penetrated, society must be detoxified ideologically again in a lengthy process.

The only effective antidote is anti-fascist/anti-social-fascist ideology, is the proletarian ideology.

The task of the antifascists is to creatively develop their ideological antidote, the proletarian, antifascist ideology, to underpin it theoretically, to produce it in sufficient quantity, to propagate it to the necessary extent, to administer it in optimal doses and to adapt it correctly to the particularities of different local and temporal conditions.

The history of fascism teaches that the society can recognize, fight and overcome the deadly effect of fascist ideology finally only from own experience. We antifascists lead the antifascist movement and pave its way to victory, but this victory is impossible if we only take a proxy role in relation to society. We are the ideological leaders of the ideological struggle against world fascism.

The disarmament of the ideology of fascism is the task of the entire society, whereby we anti-fascists are the consistently revolutionary, driving force, but can be not more than that. The defeat of the fascist ideology lies in the hands of the masses. The ideology of world fascism cannot be disarmed by us antifascists alone, but only united with the entire world society.

The ideological disarmament of fascism is a global task that must be solved globally in organizational terms.

The ideological disarmament of world fascism presupposes the centralized unification and coordination of all ideological weapons of the anti-fascists in the whole world.


* * *




Organisational disarmament of world fascism


The organizations of fascism are the terrorist organizations of the world imperialist political power system.

To disarm the organization of fascism, one must disarm the political ruling system of world imperialism itself.

The political organization of the fascists is characterized by terror, banditry and unrestrained political violence, all the more so once the fascists have come to power. Then they leave nothing but a millionfold blood trail of war and civil war, traces of the devastation of ature and society.

Fascist/social fascist organizations are organizations of tyranny. Whoever wants to prevent or eliminate tyranny must disarm and smash the fascist/social-fascist organizations globally.

Counterrevolutionary organizations that disarm and smash workers' organizations and revolutionary organizations must themselves be disarmed and smashed without mercy.

Complete disarmament and destruction of all fascist/social-fascist organizations !

Demands to ban and dissolve fascist/social-fascist organizations are all well and good, but they cannot be enforced by the capitalist system of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, because this system ultimately produces fascism itself, which it needs as a "last resort" to secure its existence. To disarm its own fascist/social-fascist organizations, the bourgeoisie would have to disarm itself. But the bourgeoisie cannot disarm itselfby itself, for in doing so it would voluntarily renounce its power. And precisely because fascism can never voluntarily renounce its power, because it is not ready to leave the stage peacefully, its fascist organizations must be crushed violently by anti-fascist forces.

The violent smashing of fascism, this is the most important lesson in history, this is the real main goal of the antifascist mass action. To smash fascism by force, that is the whole essence of antifascism. The seriousness of every antifascist must be measured by the question of the violent smashing of fascism. Everything else may well be "well-meant", but it has proved to be ineffective and will always prove to be ineffective. Fascism has already been smashed once. Why is it then however today again/still there ? First, because the danger of its inevitable rebirth in an imperialist class society is ignored, underestimated, or even denied, and thus, second, because it is not crushed timely in the moment as it dares to stick its head out of its hole. World capitalism produces inevitably fascist/social-fascist organisations. What we need that are communist organisations of anti-fascism: "Socialism or barbarism."

Decomposition from within and destruction from without - there is no other way to disarm fascist/social-fascist organizations. Therefore anti-fascists must not shrink from intruding into fascist organisations and organize their decomposition from inside.


The bourgeois state does not follow the demands of the majority of society to ban and dissolve the fascist/social-fascist organizations, but it protects them, with or without police violence, makes them presentable and incites them directly and indirectly to terror, murder and civil war in combination with organizing fascist state terror.

The counterrevolution of the capitalist bourgeoisie supports, encourages and controls the activities of the fascist gangs against the revolutionary movement of the proletariat.

This collaboration of capitalists, state, police, secret services and fascists/social fascists must be exposed and crushed.

The fascist state is a police state. Characteristic of fascism is the total armament of the police, the tightening of police and criminal laws against its critics, total surveillance, spying and absolute state control and state power over the population.

If anti-fascists want to fight against world fascism, they must smash not only the fascist organizations globally, but at the same time the globally coordinated police and monitoring state system including its judicial apparatus.

The fascist/social-fascist organizations are anxious to take over the bourgeois state (coup, emergency decree, fascist "revolution" etc.), with which they "legalize" state-owned their murder terror . And all this thanks to financial secret donations from the capitalists, whose servants they are, just as Hitler was the servant of the imperialists.

State terror and terror of fascist/antifascist organizations always form a unity. Therefore, one cannot disarm the fascist/social-fascist organizations without disarming the capitalist state that protects them.

The state apparatus in the capitalist system cannot be cleansed from fascist elements it produces itself. Only the dictatorship of the world proletariat can do this.

The fascist/social-fascist organizations thrive on the rotten ground of the crisis of the bourgeoisie's run-down political system. The entire rotten political system of the bourgeoisie must be smashed, not just its fascist/social-fascist organizations.

The antifascist mass action begins with disarmament and destruction of fascist/social-fascist organisations. But this task can only be considered as finished with the complete destruction destruction of the bourgeois state, because this state will inevitably turn into a fascist state again and again as long as world imperialism prevails.

The counterrevolution can only be disarmed with the armed socialist revolution. The disarmament is in the service of the socialist revolution led by the working class.

Unlike the fascist / social-fascist organizations, we anti-fascists cannot simply take over the bourgeois state and subordinate it to our interests. To dream of this is a naive and also dangerous illusion. We must disarm and smash it and build another state, the anti-fascist state, which can be nothing other than the armed dictatorship of the world proletariat.

Only the dictatorship of the proletariat has the desired power to actually ban, dissolve, and disarm the fascist/social-fascist organizations! That is why the fascists concentrate on smashing the communist organizations. This happened in the past, happens at present, and will happen in future.

* * *



Disarmament of fascist agitation and propaganda


Who burns books, burns also humans! (Heinrich Heine)

The fascist hate comments in the social networks are followed by fascist killings in the real, analogous world!

Then and today :

Fascist agitation and propaganda was and is the agitation and propaganda of the terror, the world order of imperialist oppression, the imperialist war, the concentration camps and the racist genocides !

Fascist agitation and propaganda is financed from the top of the capitalist society and these fascist agitators and propagandists control private and State radio and television stations, have newspapers and other media at their unhindered disposal, and above all flood the social networks, that are increasingly contaminated by fascism (= 1000 times worse than all books burned by the Nazis!). The social media are completely in the hands of the richest people of the world.

The characteristics of bourgeois class society is not only toleration of fascist agitation and propaganda, but also its promotion, especially in times of crisis- and wartime capitalism. The deeper the crisis of world imperialism, all the more intensive the spreading of fascist agitation and propaganda.

In addition there are fascist networks within the police, army, protection of the constitution, educational institutions and other authorities, where fascist ideas are openly or subliminally spread and exchanged. In special elite troops fascist ideas are taught covertly - and sometimes even openly - in order to prepare a military coup. There are connections between state elite troops and fascist paramilitary organizations.

The bourgeois media, including the openly fascist ones, work closely with the capitalist state, with the bourgeois parties, and also with the police and intelligence services. When it comes to war propaganda, armament and preparations for war, the propaganda of the military apparatus is also involved. In times of exceptional crises, like a pandemic, society is particularly susceptible to any influence of fascist agitation and propaganda to which also conspiracey theories belong.

So it is not enough to limit oneself to disarming the agitation and propaganda of the fascist/social-fascist organizations. It is necessary to go much further and start with those who have the material power, with those who have the media monopoly. We have to start with the expropriation of the media moguls and cut the 1000 threads with which they are connected to the system of exploitation and oppression and the fascist organizations.

Freedom of the media means the freedom of the rich to deceive the exploited and oppressed masses, and to deter them from the revolutionary struggle of their liberation.

"With this bourgeois democracy one can criticize one or the other in the newspaper, at meetings or in parliament. You can criticize a party or a government that comes to power, you can talk as much as you want, but you cannot change anything. One is forced to stick to words alone, because the economic and political power of capital, with its apparatus, is ready to pounce like a beast on anyone who rises up with revolutionary actions against the ruling class, against the financial oligarchy. (Enver Hoxha)

It is not the fascist media that are banned, but the revolutionary media that can finance themselves solely through solidarity, that are the only ones to reveal the truth and expose, attack and finally destroy the lying media of the fascists and the whole bourgeoisie.

The fascists revile the bourgeois press as "press of lies". They themselves, however, spread more insolent lies than the lies of all other bourgeois parties put together. The lies of the fascist media differ from the lies of all other media only in that the fascist media spread those lies that other bourgeois media do not dare to publish openly. The fascist agitation and propaganda speaks frankly out all that what other bourgeois media only think secretly.

Social-fascists condemn fascist agitation and propaganda only in words but support them in deeds.

We will not have silenced the lies of the bourgeois press-and these include, of course, the lies of the fascist press-until we have overthrown capitalism and its state and silenced all the bourgeois parties that have the monopoly on freedom of expression. The media monopoly belongs to the antifascists, and for its establishment the antifascists must fight for the victory of the socialist revolution.

* * *




Disarmament of the fascist action

The current, universally visible shift to fascism in society, which has emerged from the crisis of capitalism, has given a particular boost to the fascists and spurred them on to increase their terror. The wild terrorist acts of the fascists are becoming more threatening every day. Political murder is on the agenda, determining social life and political events and pointing to the imminent civil war that the fascists are preparing to launch a coup d'état to seize power.

This further aggravating situation is a great challenge for the anti-fascist movement. We must create a new strategy and tactics against present fascist activities. The antifascist movement will have to re-form and arm itself anew if it wants to master the challenges coming up to it. The signals must be switched to storm from now on. A jolt must go now through the antifascist movement. Now it becomes serious. The antifascist fight gets a new quality, which must express itself in the intensification of our resistance. We must face the advance of the fascists with courage. No step backward! The struggle against fascist action is a struggle of life and death ! There must not be a historical repetition of the defeat against fascism. Never forget the victims of fascist actions in history.

The fascist action is worldwide coordinated by fascist networks, is on the advance worldwide. Today's fascist actions have become a dangerous threat of mankind.

Those who ignore or even fear accumulating fascist death threats, death lists and political murders , will not survive the coming fascist terror !
Resist the beginnings! Every fascist action must be responded through anti-fascist actions.

The police and the secret service know the Nazi murder gangs, but do nothing. On the contrary, these fascist murder gangs are not only spared, but supported and secretly recruited by constitutional "protectors". It is also known from official police circles that the fascists get their information from internal police files in order to compile death lists. Thus, fascist threats are turned into fascist murders.

"As practice shows, when the monopoly bourgeoisie sees the class struggle intensifying, it drops its masks and denies the toiling masses even those few rights that they have won with blood. (Enver Hoxha)

Only if we succeed in preparing the majority of the society politically for the struggle against the fascist actions and to win it for the antifascist struggle, then it will defy the fascist terror, it will face the struggle, will withstand every attack of the fascists unbendingly and will emerge victorious from the struggle against the fascists.

Fascism is an enemy that is superior to us through the means it receives from the bourgeoisie, but can still be defeated if we have the masses behind us.

In the fight against the fascist actions, no prefabricated fight rules and unchangeable formulas of anti-fascist actions can be established on our part. We must always know and consider the totality of all factors and elements of fascist actions. The analysis of developments and combinations of fascist actions must lead us to tactically adjust our resistance to them.We are in the current phase of carrying out relatively small antifascist actions, but they can expand in a very short time. The form of struggle of the demonstrations still prevails, but soon demonstrations all alone will no longer be sufficient to effectively counter the terror of the fascists. This also applies to the antifascist strike. If the fascist murders continue to increase, then we must bring up bigger guns. Then we enter the phase of armed struggle, not immediately in the form of an armed insurrection (the conditions are not yet ripe for this), but first of all in the form of the creation of small guerrilla units to put the fascists in their place, not in the form of individual terror, but linked to mass action. Our guerrilla units serve only as a preliminary stage to move on to higher forms of struggle, not in the form of personal revenge, but in the form of military actions linked to mass action.

Numerous small actions are the elementary basis of partisan tactics. They are meant to confuse the fascists, to worry them, to cause them damage and losses and to make their situation insecure, and to raise the morale of the antifascist movement and contribute to the mobilization of the masses. The geruilla units are supplemented by small units that carry out special tasks. At the same time, agitation and propaganda groups are to be formed. Lenin teaches:

"Nothing could be more short-sighted than the view of all opportunists that 'we should not have taken to arms'. On the contrary, we should have taken to arms more resolutely, energetically and aggressively; we should have explained to the masses that it was impossible to confine things to a peaceful strike and that a fearless and relentless armed fight was necessary. And now we must at last openly and publicly admit that political strikes are inadequate; we must carry on the widest agitation among the masses in favour of an armed uprising and make no attempt to obscure this question by talk about “preliminary stages”, or to befog it in any way. We would be deceiving both ourselves and the people if we concealed from the masses the necessity of a desperate, bloody war of extermination, as the immediate task of the coming revolutionary action. (Lenin, Lessons of the Moscow uprising, 1905, Volume 11, pages 173-174).

It is necessary that the whole population understands the full extent and danger of fascism that threatens in every country of the world. It is necessary to put an end to the carefree serenity and unconcerned mood in the population. The population is well aware of the increasing insecurity of its living conditions, but the bourgeoisie is playing down the danger of fascist terror. In doing so, it gives the green light for the expansion of fascist terror, because all the concerns of the population are dismissed as "fantasy and sentimentalism", because the concerns of the population cannot be confirmed on the basis of supposedly "objective statistics".

The fascists are cruel and relentless, and the masses must learn to prepare for the same cruel and relentless struggle against fascist action and to adjust to the armed struggle against the civil war fomented by the fascists. Finally, fascist action can only be defeated by a civil war.Have no mercy with the fascists, for the fascists had and have no mercy on you. Anyone who stands in the way of the fascists and tries to prevent them from taking power will be eliminated. The fascists will only retreat from their actions if they are forced to do so violently. That was the case with Hitler, it is the case today and will be so in future.

* * *




Disarmament of fascist morals

Fascist morality is the most extreme expression of the morality of monopolistic, parasitic and rotting capitalism. The dignity of man is measured by his money bag; capital knows no human dignity; capital passes over corpses to maintain itself and to reproduce itself. Fascist morality is the imperialist morality of the scorched earth: "After us the deluge !"

Fascist morality is based on the worst contempt for humanity - the social-Darwinist "Law of the Strong of Eating the Weak".

Exploiting, oppressing and killing others instead of being exploited, oppressed and killed themselves. Fight for existence by destroying the existence of others. War against other peoples to "protect" one's own peace.

Refugees are "sub-humans" to fascists and are murdered, homes for asylum seekers are set on fire - ethnic cleansing, just as it was done with the Jews in those days. The fascists of the "Christian Occident" are just as mass murderers as the fascist Islamists. These mass murders on all sides are instigated, paid for and controlled by the imperialists.

The fascists must be stripped of the weapon of (religious) fanaticism with which they stir up the hatred among peoples.

Fascist morality is the morality of mass murder, he morality of the supposedly "stronger", against the weaker. To humiliation, subjugation, genocide - domination of one's own race over other races, all this corresponds to the fascist race ideology in word and deed.

The fascists bask in their mendacious morality of the "Volksgemeinschaft", whereby they have driven their own people to death with their predatory world war and will sacrifice them without scruples also in their next predatory wars.

It is the fascists who, in order to achieve their "highest morals", plunge the world into the abyss.

The nationalism of the imperialist bourgeoisie is synonymous with racial hatred and chauvinism. Behind the glorification of bourgeois nationalism, behind the alleged "patriotism" of the fascists is hidden the striving for imperialist wars, striving for world domination, striving for enslavement, subjugation and annihilation of peoples and races. For this the fascists let even their "own" people bleed to death.

The double standard of the fascists is to defend capitalism with terror while deceiving the masses through demagogy.

It is the task of the anti-fascist action to expose, to refute, to combat and finally to eradicate this morality of fascism.

With the anti-fascist morality immoral fascism/social fascism must be disarmed and thus struck also morally.

This includes our fight against state racism, against the morality of capitalism systematically propagated by the state, against the nationalized morality of fascism.

The brainwashing of the peoples is not only done by the fascists/social fascists, but by all bourgeois parties and especially by the bourgeois state which is in possession of the monopoly bourgeoisie. Whoever wants to put an end to the international dulling of the peoples must put a stop to those who carry out the dulling of the people, must knock their immoral weapons out of their hands.

* * *

Why will anti-fascist morality defeat fascist morality ? Because the fascists of today can never again wipe out, deny or justify the fascist morality of their grandfathers, the guilt for the crimes committed. The fascist of today is from the beginning branded with the historically guilty moral of fascism. Historically, fascist morality has turned all fascists into living corps.

The first time, the majority of the population fell for fascist demagogy because they could not imagine such terrible atrocities committed by the fascists. Today, after all that has happened, this is no longer true. Today everyone is guilty who does nothing against the fascists. Today, everyone who is silent, watches and lets the fascist goings-on go unhindered, evades his moral responsibility.

Either the people smash fascism, or fascism smashes the people. That was the question then, and that is the question today.

Arm anti-fascism morally to disarm fascism morally !

Anti-fascist morality is strong simply because it can look back on the historical victory over fascist morality. We antifascists are carried in each of our actions by the moral conviction and certainty that the blood shed by the fascists have already been mercilessly avenged and condemnedy by the red army and by the anti-fascist liberation war of the peoples.

"Never again fascism!"

This slogan was the slogan of liberated survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp. Can there be a deeper moral obligation for humanity than to take this slogan seriously? It is up to us that this admonition never falls into oblivion, that it remains forever deeply anchored in the consciousness of mankind and obliges all people to spare no sacrifice and to always actively participate in the antifascist struggle until the fascist spook is eradicated forever.

Anti-fascism has the moral preponderance as soon as it takes care again and again to be supported and borne by the broad masses.



Economic disarmament of world fascism


"The Capital, when it reaches an impasse and is subjected to the severe blows of the working class, is either forced to declare bankruptcy, or to establish the fascist dictatorship and head for war." (Enver Hoxha).

The expropriation of the expropriators - this is the economic disarmament of fascism/social fascism.

Let us destroy fascism/social fascism by taking away its material capitalist soil, without which it cannot flourish.

So the fight against fascism/social-fascism is decided not only on the streets but also in the factories, thus decided by the anti-fascist action of the working class on the economic front of class struggle.

Fascists and social fascists have sold themselves to the capitalists, are corrupt. Without the support of the capitalists, the fascists/social fascists are nothing. Therefore the anti-fascists must cut through the threads between the fascists/social-fascists and the capitalists.

The fascists want to take from the peoples everything that the corrupted bourgeois democracy has not yet managed to take from them.

The fascists take up the discontent of the "little people" against the established parties and present themselves as "saviours of the poor". In truth, they protect the wealth of their capitalist masters by the most brutal means and, with their terror against revolutionary workers, provide for increased exploitation and oppression in the workplace (economical fascist terror).

The fascists neither want to increase wages nor lower the profits of the entrepreneurs, they do not want to burden the capitalists with taxes and tariffs, but rather force brutally the population to bear the burden of the crisis.

Threatening and bullying at work with the threat of job loss-this is economic terror that fascists drive to extremes (forced labor etc).

Anyone who wants to disarm oeconomic fascism must disarm the workers aristocracy and its cooperation with the police, who together perform strike-breaking functions in the service of the capitalists, and violently suppress workers' demonstrations and strikes in the factories, carry out informer services there and prevent or hinder or criminalize unwelcome political or trade union activities there ("disturbance of the factory peace"). One of the most characteristic features of fascism and its collaboration with the social fascists is the hunting down of revolutionary and communist workers in the factories, their expulsion, the destruction of their existence, and above all their isolation from the workers and destruction of their revolutionary leadership. It takes many years of hard work to gain the trust of the workers, but it takes only a single moment to be denounced, thrown out, arrested or murdered.

Fascism in the factories is directed not only against us Communists, but also against foreign workers and against the women workers. It serves to divide, disintegrate, weaken and prevent the solidarity of the colleagues in their common struggle against the economic terror of the capitalists and their trade union helpers.

It is one of the particular tasks of the Red International of Labour Unions, to fight against fascist economical terrorism and to organize and mobilize the workers both in factories and as opposition within the social fascist trade unions.

Second Part


Without arming of anti-fascism - no disarming of fascism/social fascism!

6 anti-fascist actions

to arm the anti-fascists !




Ideological armament of the anti-fascists


Fascism is the most hated ideology of mankind.

Arm yourself with the anti-fascist ideology of the world proletariat, the only victorious ideology of the anti-fascists !

History teaches: With the anti-fascist ideas of Stalin and Enver Hoxha the supremacy of fascist ideology was defeated and smashed in World War II. Cocerning Fascism and Social Fascism, The proletarian ideology prevailed historically over the bourgeois ideology.

Arm yourselves with the Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology, with the world proletarian ideology of today that triumphs over the world fascist ideology. Make Stalinism-Hoxhaism the ruling world ideology of the proletariat through smashing of the ruling fascist ideology of the world bourgeoisie!

Of greatest value is the ideological struggle that the Soviet Union and the peoples oppressed by Hitler fascism fought against fascism, especially before, during and after the Great Patriotic War. At that time the unmasking of the "foundations" of the fascist world view and the philosophical and sociological conception serving it was the primary task of Marxist-Leninist philosophy. To devote oneself conscientiously to the study of these writings is an important part of the ideological armament of the anti-fascists of today. Therefore, it is the task of the antifascists today to make these writings available for study in the most important languages of the world.

As a guideline for ideological armament, the Comintern (SH) publication:

"Stalin's and Enver Hoxha's Ideas of Anti-fascism are invincible."

is also highly recommended.

It is also essential to learn from the Comintern (SH) criticism of Dimitrov's false "fascism theory", which has been extensively presented in numerous Comintern (SH) documents. Dimitrov dropped Stalin's significant social-fascism thesis. Stalin smashed violently fascism by means of the Red Army while Dimitrov pacted with the social fascists (so called "people's front"). Both unities and pacts with the fascists and the social-fascists are incompatible with the proletarian ideology of anti-fascism. The Comintern (SH) rejects all "theories" which deny the violent smashing of world fascism by the world socialist revolution and which instead propagate the "peaceful way of anti-fascism by means of the people's front". Death to fascism includes death to its restoration. Neither fascism nor social-fascism can be defeated by only peaceful means. Decisive is the revolutionary violence of the anti-fascist mass struggle.

Dimitrov's pseudo-tactics of "anti-fascism" manifests itself in particular in its betrayal at the revolutionization of the masses, in its refusal of combatting the anti-communist positions of bourgeois "anti-fascism", and finally in its refusal to march forwards to the socialist revolution, towards the destruction of the bourgeois state, towards the dictatorship of the proletariat, the only form of rule that gives fascism an irreversible form of rule: final end to fascism. Dimitrov violated all principles of Marxism.Leninism in the struggle against fascism.

Dimitrov's so called "Popular Front" does not lead to socialism, but remains within the framework of bourgeois democracy, in which any initial "socialist concession" has gradually faded away completely over time. Bourgeois democracy ends in fascism. And the transformation from fascism to bourgeois democracy ends again and again in fascism inevitably. This important teaching of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is irrefutable. It has become one of the bitterest realizations of the anti-fascist struggle of the working class through historical experience.

Only Stalinism-Hoxhaism, and no other ideology, has already once prevented world fascism with the end of WW II, will prevent it again and again until it is finally swept away.

Arming oneself with the ideology of anti-fascism can mean nothing other than arming oneself with the Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of world socialist revolution and the proletarian ideology of world socialism.


* * *



Organizational armament of anti-fascism


One of the most decisive guidelines is the centralized anti-fascist organisation on a global scale.

World fascism is organized globally. And globbaly organized must it be smashed.

This international anti-fascist organisation is the Red Front Fighters' League of the Comintern (SH).

Take the fact that the various organizations of fascism are fighting each other. With each struggle among themselves, not only a clearer picture of the crisis and the disintegration character of the fascist organizations is obtained, but also the dialectical-materialist weapon for exploiting their contradictions, for their organizational disarmament and destruction. The fascist organizations give us daily opportunities to expose, attack and condemn their corruption, scandals, internal contradictions, infamous acts, terror, to catch them in the act, and if possible, to thwart them in advance.

The antifascist action is composed of volunteers who join the antifascist front of their own free will. Everyone, young and old, participates in it and is organized in a simple form. The antifascist action equips itself with simple means of defence to protect itself from the terror of the fascists. The form of struggle is that of protest and resistance. In general, the antifascist action avoids the frontal fight against the fascists, especially since they are protected by superior police units. Then the antifascist action will attack only from the flanks or from the ambush (Tactics of partisans).
This tactics will not be sufficient as soon as the anti-fascist struggle will change into a mass movement.

The aim of the antifascist action is to harm the fascists in many ways, to make their situation insecure, to bind their forces in one place in order to weaken them in another place and to attack there with determination. The antifascist action must disturb the formation of the fascists at their events, rallies and demonstrations already on the way there, as well as rallies and demonstrations after leaving their events. On the events, rallies and demonstrations themselves, the intervention of the antifascist action depends on the concrete balance of power. In most cases, it can be assumed that massive police forces are deployed there for protection, which makes a frontal attack rather unfavorable.

The antifascist action itself cannot clean the country from the fascists. This requires higher (military) forms of organization, which we will not be discussed here openly. The antifascist action is mainly limited to the moment of surprise, to speed (maneuverability), to the spirit of attack and the creation of conditions for preponderance of anti-fascist forces.

For the fascists we must be as far as possible "invisible", i.e. not so easily recognizable. The antifascist action becomes active where the fascists least suspect or expect it, mostly at night or at unexpected times of day. Before, the terrain must be well scouted out and the action must be prepared according to plan, in order to take into account eventualities such as the termination of the action or the early withdrawal. Of course all combat actions of the antifascist action must be practiced before.

The antifascist action must organize not only its attacks, but also its defense. Here the organization of the protection guards, observation and guard posts etc. plays an important role. The protection guards must be able at all times to go over to counter-attack if necessary.

It is well known that the attack is the best defense. And in the fight against fascism one cannot remain alone in a defensive position to win. That is clear anyway. So, the defense of the antifascist action must not be passive, but must always remain mobile and militant.

To the tactics of the antifascist action belongs also the ability to lure the fascists into a trap in order to overwhelm them.

Furthermore, we must also infiltrate our informers into the fascist movement and disarm fascist informers in our own ranks.

So there is much to learn and above all there is much to do to organize the antifascist action in the best possible way. We must organize the generalization of the experiences of all anti-fascist actions all over the world and keep our guidelines always uptodate, thus improve them constantly.

* * *




Arming with anti-fascist agitation and propaganda


It is the task of the anti-fascists and anti-social fascists to keep the cruel memories of fascism and social fascism constantly awake and to document and propagate the teachings of the victorious antifascist fight.

It is the task of the anti-fascist agitation and propaganda firstly to awaken and consolidate the anti-fascist consciousness of the masses and secondly to educate the anti-fascists for the fight against fascism in all its forms and methods.

We must not tire of explaining how fascism and social fascism came into being, who supported it, what horrors it spread, especially how it was defeated victoriously and who defeated it. In view of the today's spreading of world fascism the peoples of the world must remember particularly how they rose up already once and smashed the fascist and social-fascist plague. These truths can and must never be erased from the memory of the history of anti-fascism.

We must learn and concretely apply the most varied forms and methods of anti-fascist agitation and propaganda.
For this purpose, we first of all create a central organ as an antifascist propagandist, agitator and organizer, a virtual network for correspondence, information, mobilization and coordination of antifascist action, and other other forms of antifascist agitation and propaganda, such as the mission of propagandists and agitators among the masses, etc.

* * *



Arming the anti-fascist action

„Fascism is a reactionary force which is trying to preserve the old world by means of violence. What will you do with the fascists ? Argue with them ? Try to convince them ? But this will have no effect upon them at all. Communists do not in the least idealise the methods of violence. But they, the Communists do not want to be taken by surprise, they cannot count on the old world voluntarily departing from the stage, they see that the old system is violently defending itself, and that is why the Communists say to the workung class:

Answer violence with violence; do all you can to prevent the old dying order from crushing you, do not permit it to put manacles on your hands, on the hands with which you will overthrow the old system. As you see: The Communists regard the substitution of one social system for another, not simply as a spontaneous and peaceful process, but as a complicated, long and violent process. Communists cannot iugnore facts." ( Stalin, Interview with H. G. Wells - 1934)

We answer fascist/social fascist violence with anti-fascist/anti-social fascist violence !

The anti-fascist front line is clear and uncompromising:

Either fight for the Red World Front or against it !

The victory over world fascism must be decided in an anti-fascist military world battle, the highest form of all anti-fascist actions.

Protect demonstrators from attacks by police and fascists/social fascists!

Free all arrested anti-fascists !

Perform first aid !

Take care of injured demonstrators !

As a weapon against fascism, we reject individual terror and organize the fight against fascism rather in mass actions of the working class.

Although we do not support individual terror, we Communists naturally know that individual terror against the fascists has its causes. The appalling increase in fascisation of state and society, the increasing crimes committed by fascists today, the fascist terror and its brainwashing - all this is extremely provocative, provoking anger, panic or despair, which give incentive for individual terror. But this is not the path that workers follow. Individual terror is alien to workers, for they act as a united, organized force, welded together by their proletarian solidarity and iron discipline:

A finger can be broken, but 1,000 workers' fists develop revolutionary forces that are not as easily broken as a single finger. This is the lesson of the whole history of the workers movement and especially of its anti-fascist struggle.

The anti-fascist action of today must acquire the historical experiences of the anti-fascist action fundamentally and apply them correctly under the today's changed conditions. Where the anti-fascist movement was guided by the classics of Marxism-Leninism, it was insurmountable. But where it deviated from Marxism-Leninism, where it was thrown overboard, it became weak and disintegrated. We have described these deviations in our writing:

"Stalin's and Enver Hoxha's Ideas of Anti-fascism are invincible."

All deviations have something in common, namely that the antifascist action underestimates the human factor, involves the masses too little or even not at all, which is expressed either in running ahead or lagging behind. This has the effect on our actions of being isolated from the masses and thus weakening the effectiveness of every anti-fascist action. This, in turn, gives the fascists unnecessary opportunities to increase their agitation against the "antifa". The success of the anti-fascist action is measured by how far it is supported by the masses and not by the weapons we carry with us in the antifascist action. It must be clear to every antifascist that fascism cannot be defeated without the majority of the masses.

The inclusion (participation) of the masses is not only a basic condition for the success of any anti-fascist action, but also for the socialist revolution, to which the anti-fascist action must be directed from the outset to ensure the final victory over fascism. This orientation of anti-fascist action is anything but a consensus within the multicoloured antifascist movement existing today. Therefore a consistent fight must be led against all deviating tendencies. The individualistic adventurism must be fought just as much as the principled retreat from the fascist enemy (which is not to be confused with a tactical retreat in case of the forceful predominance of the fascists).

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League does not see itself as an appendage of the spontaneous movement, but as a leader of the anti-fascist action. At the moment we are still far from this goal, but we must work towards this, we must achieve this at all costs.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League, especially its leading elements, take full possession of the revolutionary theory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, which is inseparably connected with every anti-fascist action.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League works out its anti-fascist slogans and directives not on the basis of learned formulas and historical parallels but as a result of a careful analysis of the concrete conditions of the anti-fascist movement in one's own country and internationally, taking into account the experiences of the anti-fascist movements of all countries.

It is necessary that both the Red Front Fighters' League and the participating masses themselves check the correctness of our anti-fascist slogans and directives in the fire of anti-fascist action.

It is necessary that all the antifascist work of the Red Front Fighters' League, especially when misconceptions in it have not yet been overcome, be transformed in a new, revolutionary way, calculated on the basis that every step of the RFL, every one of its anti-fascist actions naturally leads to the revolutionization of the masses, to the preparation and education of the broad masses of the working class in the spirit of the revolution.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League, in its anti-fascist struggle, understands how to combine the highest firmness of principles (not to be confused with sectarianismand adventurism!) with a maximum of solidarity and contact with the masses (not to be confused with night trotting politics!). ), because without this condition it is impossible for the Red Front Fighters' League not only to teach the masses the anti-fascist struggle, but also to learn from them, not only to lead the masses and raise them to the level of the politics of the RFL , but also to listen to the voice of the masses and to recognize any threat by the fascists.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League knows how to combine in its anti-fascist work an irreconcilable revolutionary attitude (not to be confused with revolutionary adventurism!) with a maximum of elasticity and maneuverability (not to be confused with opportunist policy!), because without this condition it is impossible to master all forms of anti-fascist actions and anti-fascist organization, to connect the anti-fascist daily action with the basic interests of the proletarian revolution and thereby to link the legal anti-fascist struggle with the illegal anti-fascist struggle.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League does not hide its faults, that it does not fear criticism, that it knows how to improve and educate its anti-fascist cadres on the basis of its own faults.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League knows how to include in the basic leading group the best elements of the anti-fascist fighters who have enough devotion to be true leaders of the anti-fascist aims of the revolutionary proletariat and who have enough experience to become real leaders of anti-fascist action (and the proletarian revolution emerging from it), capable of applying the anti-fascist theory and tactics of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

It is necessary for the Red Front Fighters' League to systematically improve the social composition of its anti-fascist organizations (proletarian character) and purge itself of destructive opportunist (petty-bourgeois) elements, with the achievement of maximum of proletarian unity as its goal.

It is necessary that the anti-fascist organizations of the Red Front Fighters' League develop an iron proletarian discipline based on ideological unity, the clarity of the goals of the anti-fascist movement, unity in anti-fascist action and the conscious behavior of every anti-fascist.

It is necessary that the Red Front Fighters' League systematically checks the implementation of its own anti-fascist decisions and directives, because without this condition there is a danger that they will turn into empty promises which would only be suitable to undermine the antifascists' trust in the RFL.

Without these and similar conditions, the anti-fascist orientation of the Red Front Fighters' League remains an empty shell.

* * *


Arming with the anti-fascist moral


The anti-fascist morality is not hereditary. It arises from the lessons of the history of the anti-fascist liberation struggle, from the exemplary attitude and heroism of the fighters against fascism, from the obligation to the victims of fascism. But above all, the anti-fascist morality grows from the common anti-fascist action itself.

The antifascist morality is a militant, well-fortified morality, as long as the danger of fascism is not banished. So it is the task of us antifascists not only to educate each other to antifascist morality, but to make it the morality of the whole society.

If we condemn fascist morality, we must at the same time condemn the liberalist morality of bourgeois indifference and "neutrality", we must condemn the hypocrisy of those who hypocritically pretend to have an "anti-fascist morality" but in truth express their fascist morality in deeds or they hide it from themselves and others. With every trivialization of the fascist morality everyone makes himself as guilty as the fascist brood itself.

Fascist morality is the most extreme form of the morality of the exploiters and oppressors, that is, the bourgeoisie. So to fight bourgeois morality, one must fight the bourgeoisie itself, one must fight capitalism, which produces this detestable morality every day.

In proletarian solidarity, in proletarian internationalism, the superior strength of the morality of the world proletariat over the morality of world fascism is revealed; proletarian morality is developing into a sharp weapon against fascism.

The hatred against fascism protects the world proletariat from demoralization, which threatens by its impoverishment, by its wage slavery under the heel of fascist terror.

With the globalization of the world-fascist morality the anti-fascist morality of the globalized proletariat inevitably emerges.

Just as the productive forces of the world capitalist mode of production liberate themselves from the shackles of private production relations, so proletarian morality liberates itself from fascist morality through world socialist revolution and its anti-fascist character.

In the struggle against the terror of capitalist exploitation, the world proletariat develops that morality with which it simultaneously represents the interests of all other exploited people in the world.

In the struggle against the terror of fascist oppression, the world proletariat develops the morality with which it represents the antifascist interests of all other oppressed people in the world.

Fascist morality, on the other hand, is limited to the self-interests of the world bourgeoisie, a small minority that exploits and oppresses the whole world.

Whoever nowhere in the world bows down to fascist violence also possesses the moral strength to break the fascist power of the world bourgeoisie.

In the struggle against world fascism, the world proletariat not only defends its own class morality, but from it also develops its world socialist morality, gives it the necessary willpower to build a world without fascism, a socialist world, in which then also the highest morality of mankind will develop, the world communist morality.

However, the moral consciousness of the world proletariat does not develop spontaneously out of the struggle against world fascism itself, but can only be strengthened in connection with the theory of scientific socialism, with the Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory, which is developed by the Comintern (SH) and carried into the world proletariat.

The anti-fascist action of the world proletariat, is not only the decisive means for the conquest of its political power, but also an important school of education for the moral qualities with which the world proletariat must arm itself in order to defeat world fascism.

Arming itself with the anti-fascist morality serves at the same time the education of world communist morality.

* * *




Economic armament of the anti-fascists

If society wants to free itself economically from fascism, it is historically forced to abolish all its fascist living conditions forever.

Whoever forges the chains of exploitation on the working class, whoever forges them ever more firmly, has at the same time forged the iron will of the workers, who break their shackles in the revolution.

Dictatorship of the proletariat means: breaking the enslaving chains of capitalism and means at the same time: Capitalists in chains !

Where fascist/social-fascist murder gangs defend capitalism, millions of workers' fists will stretch across the globe, breaking the chains of wage slavery.

To liberate from capitalism, one must not only break the power of foreign capital, but one must also - and above all - overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie in one's own country. To prevent this, the bourgeoisie needs the fascists/social fascists. And that is precisely why we must arm ourselves against them.

Form antifascist committees in the factories!

Brood of fascists - sweep them out of the factories !

There is no place for the spreading of fascist ideas in the factories ! The whole workforce must oppose it !

Let's go anti-fascists into the factories and plants, into the trade unions. Let us create a base among the workers everywhere. Then, in spite of world bourgeoisie, in spite of world fascism, we will defeat the old world of capitalism and secure the victory of the world socialist revolution.

If the world proletariat does not destroy its economic base of the world bourgeoisie, there can be no thought of a victory over world fascism.

The creation of the economic basis of world socialism is the only way how to prevent world fascism from its restoration.




All anti-fascist actions of disarming the fascists/social fascists and all anti-fascist actions of arming the anti-fascists form an inseparable unit. If even only one of all these guidelines of anti-fascism is missing or is not applied correctly , this can lead to the failure of all anti-fascist actions, then the liberation from world fascism is questionable, if not impossible.

* * *

The Paris Commune, the Great October Socialist Revolution, the Great Patriotic War, the anti-fascist liberation war of the peoples and the whole anti-fascist history of the international workers movement have shown that the world proletariat is strong enough to disarm and defeat the world bourgeoisie and to overcome world fascism. The world proletariat shows that it does not shy away from fascist police repression and fascist murder gangs. Despite the attempts of the world bourgeoisie and its agencies to divide the unity and organization of the world proletariat through killings, arrests and other repressive measures, they have not succeeded and will never succeed in slandering and otherwise stopping the struggle for world socialist revolution.

The world proletariat, and together with it all toiling masses of the world, oppose the fascist violence and terror of the bourgeoisie with its world revolutionary violence. Neither fascist violence nor fascist demagogy can stop and oppress the world proletariat and its revolutionary struggle against world imperialism.

Our antifascist tasks are difficult and demand sacrifices, but our world-communist goals are big and clear, and our revolutionary way to world socialism is right and will win in spite of everything, because we move in accordance with the objective law of social development. Let us leave this epoch of darkness behind and march forward to world communism!

Long live the Red Front Fighters' League under the guidance of the Comintern (SH) !

Death to world fascism and social fascism !

Death to fascism and social fascism in every country of the world !