Red Front Fighters' League

29th of July, 2019

" Death to World Fascism! "






We raise our clenched fist and greet all anti-fascists in the world with a strong

"Red Front!"




With the founding declaration of the Red Front Fighters' League, we hereby present our Stalinist-Hoxhaist viewpoint on the anti-fascist struggle, and we are thus particularly addressing the anti-fascists around the world.

The founding statement serves as a guideline for our principled attitude in our practical struggle within the anti-fascist world movement, which we want to be aligned with the world socialist revolution.

We reach out to all people who want to fight with us against world fascism.



first: Our Self-Image,

second: Our Principles,

third: Our Anti-fascist Theory,

fourth: Our Strategy and Tactics,

fifth: Our Fighting Methods, Forms of Combat and Militant Resources

sixth: Our Organizational Structure.

Who we are ...

The Red Front Fighters' League is an anti-fascist world organization of the Comintern (SH).

We, the founders of the RFL, are the only anti-fascists in the world who are legitimized to legally bear the name RFL. Why ?

Comrades who were themselves members of the RFL and the CP Germany of Ernst Thälmann and who survived Hitlerite fascism fought in our red combat units.

Comrades who were members of the CP Germany (Marxist-Leninists) of Ernst Aust and thus resumed the fight of the RFL against fascism AND social fascism fought in our red combat units.

Comrades of the Comintern (SH), who since the beginning of the new century have held up the banner of the RFL against fascism and social-fascism, have been fighting in our Red Combat Units.

Since 1924, we have not only propagandized and politically defended the RFL, but also practically fought for it, made the greatest sacrifices and continued its tradition to this day with its famous battle cry:

"Our fist into the face of the class enemy!"


From the beginning we have always been guided by Stalin's call:

"Create red combat units!"

We started with the creation of Red Combat Units in 1968, after we got rid of the legalists from our ranks. We were able to achieve great success against reaction and fascism with our Red Combat Units, for example in the Battle of the Karlstor in Munich on the occasion of the Red Anti-War Day, 1972, or in the fight against the construction of the nuclear power plant in Brokdorf in 1976, as well as in the smashing of numerous fascists meetings, plant occupations at various events, against the Brezhnev's visit to West Germany (despite a ban on demonstrations) and much more (see the "Roter Morgen" archive).

We had our own Teakwondo organization and other martial arts groups, just to name a few examples. In this fight, we have made many sacrifices. In 1974, we had lost one of our comrades. Comrade Günter Routhier who was beaten to death by the police. Our central organ, "Roter Morgen", was the only German newspaper banned, and countless lawsuits were brought against us, imprisonment and fines were imposed, occupational bans were issued, blacklists were set up in the factories, union exclusions were decided, etc.

In the GDR, the State Security Service (Stasi) even fought us as "Public Enemy No. 1" . Our Red Combat Units are special part of the history of antifascism as they only red combat units in the world who were fighting both fascism in the West and the social-fascists in power in the East.

The Marxist-Leninist movement, which had emerged after the betrayal of modern revisionists in Germany since the 1960s, was split from the outset, which made the re-organization of a nonpartisan RFL more difficult, but at least the combat units of the various Marxist-Leninist organizations supported each other in various actions and in numerous joint demonstrations.

At the third congress of the CP of Germany (ML) in 1976, the historic decision was finally taken:

"Given the intensification of class struggles, the increasing brutality of the counter-revolution, the raids of fascists and social-fascists on party facilities and comrades, for the protection of our demonstrations, rallies, book tables, etc., it is necessary, to create protection units ... the bravest, bodily strongest, toughest and most trained comrades. "

Comrades who were involved in the formation of these new protection units from 1976 and who actively fought in them are still active today in the Comintern (SH).

After the Fourth Party Congress of the CP of Germany (ML) in 1980, we committed our gravest error. We did not found the RFL as a proletarian militant organization committed to communism and the world revolution, but rather the "Popular Front Against Reaction and Fascism", which instead veered away from communism and the world revolution. The aim was to create an anti-fascist mass organisation independent of our party. Our "Popular Front" was a broad-based, non-partisan, anti-fascist alliance and appeared in public during the German election campaign against Strauss in 1980 ("Stop Strauss!"). We do not want to talk bad about our work in our "Popular Front". We had done a lot of good with the "Popular Front" in the fight against fascism and social fascism. At that time, we were even the leading force of the anti-fascist movement in Germany. But the "Popular Front" was based on false ideological foundations and thus doomed to failure. This can be seen by the full name of our "Popular Front", which reads as: "Popular Front Against Reaction, Fascism and War, for Freedom and Democracy, Prosperity and Peace!" There is nothing coloured red in it - neither class struggle, revolution, nor even socialism and communism. Rather, this name is reminiscent of the main revisionist slogan of the Cominform: "For Peace and Democracy!", which dates back to the days of Dimitrov's revisionist "Popular Front Policy" and the VII World Congress of the Comintern.

Unfortunately, at the time, we did not realize that this was a revisionist Popular Front Policy that we had followed. Five years after its foundation, in 1985, the Trotskyite liquidators dissolved our "Popular Front". Our misstep of the "Popular Front" was not only a heavy blow to our Party and our Red Combat Units, but also to the anti-fascist struggle of the working class and the Marxist-Leninist movement in general. Since then, there have been no more red combat units of the Marxist-Leninists. Instead, the era of the anti-fascist groups of the autonomists began, which filled the anti-fascist "vacuum" we left behind, but these black groups rejected Marxism-Leninism as the only correct ideology of the proletariat. Although some autonomous groups refer to the "Anti-fascist Action", founded by the CP of Germany of Ernst Thälmann in 1932, what should emerge from a red "Anti-Fascist Action" without the leadership of a Bolshevik party? What has come out, we see by the transformation of our red Antifa flag into a mirrored black and red Antifa flag!

We have practiced self-criticism, critiquing both the anti-communistPopular Front Policy of Dimitrov and the broad spectrum of the spontanistically "undogmatic" (= anti-Marxist-Leninist) anarchist-stained ideology of the autonomists, sharply delimiting us from both the "leftist" and rightist directions of anti-fascism. We will continue to do so in the future.

Today, we are particularly fighting the neo-revisionists on an international level who have dedicated themselves to Dimitrov as a leading figure in their revisionist "Popular Front Policy". The fact that the neo-revisionists are able to repeat our mistakes of that time today and now target them specifically against ourselves is something that we ourselves are responsible for, but we also learned from this: There can not be and there will not be any anti-fascist unity with neo-revisionists and social-fascists, with the followers of Dimitrov!

In the years of the end of the twentieth century, we were very weak and unable to rebuild the RFL. Nevertheless, we have done our duty and propagated the reestablishment of the RFL since the beginning of the 90s (see):

Let's rebuild the Red Front Fighter League! (by Wolfgang Eggers / German language)

Since then, more than 20 years have passed without losing sight of our goal, not even for a moment. And now, we have finally founded the RFL as the International Combat Organization of the Comintern (SH). This is a historically great step on the way to the development of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement in the fight against world fascism.

All in all, in the course of history, we have been able to collect invaluable positive and negative experiences in the fight against fascism and social-fascism, from which all future anti-fascists of the RFL will benefit .

founded in 1924


RFL - Historical Review

The "Red Front Fighters' League" was founded in 1924 in the fight against fascism and the imperialist war.

Our re-establishment of the RFL takes place today on the 95th anniversary of its original formation and the 90th year after its prohibition in 1929. We, the refounders of the RFL, want to state in our founding declaration, first and foremost, that we defend the glorious history of the RFL which we will honorably continue until all fascism has disappeared from the globe forever.

With the suppression of the German November Revolution 100 years ago, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and other revolutionary leaders were murdered and the revolutionary proletariat and the revolutionary soldiers and sailors were disarmed. The bourgeoisie and its social-fascist government armed themselves again after the defeat in the First World War, leaning on the armed, old imperialist officers of the First World War to spill the blood of the revolution of the German proletariat, to bring German fascism to power, and if possible, without class conflicts in their own country to prepare the Second World War undisturbed, and finally to establish the fascist world domination.

The German proletariat did not idly watch this development, but led a heroic struggle against the bourgeoisie, in which a great deal of workers' blood flowed. After the Ruhr Red Army was dissolved by the betrayal of revisionist CP leaders, on July 28, 1924, the German proletariat created its own militant protection organization with over 200,000 armed members in a record time of less than 5 years. This was the RFL - beloved by the proletariat and hated by the bourgeoisie, and had Ernst Thälmann , the chairman of the Communist Party of Germany who one of the best proletarian leaders of the Comintern and of the international proletariat, at the head.

The Red Front Fighters' League was the largest anti-fascist proletarian fighting organization in the world. To this day, there has never again been such a large and strong anti-fascist fighting organization of the Communists as our RFL.
The Red Front Fighters' League in Germany was the hope of the world proletariat and enjoyed its confidence.

The workers' fist of the RFL stretched gigantic across the globe.

The battle cry "Red Front!" became the battle cry of the workers of the whole earth.

But only a few days after the Blood May of 1929 in Berlin, on May 6, 1929, when the Social Democratic police shot 34 workers and wounded hundreds at May demonstrations , the RFL was banned by the Social-Fascist government. The social-fascists thus made themselves the stirrup-holder of the fascists, who were allowed from now on, protected by the police and judiciary, to shed the blood of the workers in the open street with impunity.

Fascism in the first place meant reckless violence against all exploited and oppressed, followed by the destruction of all progressive elements in the population, especially the revolutionary elements of the working class and the CP Germany, as well as the destruction of the RFL. All the mass organizations of the working class, created for its defense, were wrecked by fascist forces with the help of the social democracy.

Just when the last preparations for the armed uprising against fascism was completed at the beginning of 1933, the CP of Germany was banned, its party apparatus was crushed by the fascists, and thousands of communists - like Ernst Thälmann - were murdered , sentenced to death, or were deported to concentration camps where they were killed later on.

Only Stalin finally put an end to this fascist murder. For this reason, the bourgeoisie hates Stalin and tried everything to make all their fascist and social-fascist crimes against the proletariat forgotten and to criminalize the glorious history of the RFL and extinguish it forever. Why does the bourgeoisie declare the RFL to be a "terrorist organization"? Because it is the same bourgeoisie that banned the RFL once before in history and brought fascism to power. Therefore, the re-founding of the RFL is a slap in the face of both the bourgeoisie of those days and of today!

With a bourgeois-bureaucratic apparatus, one can not stop a fascist danger. Only the international, millionfold, red workers' fist can do that!

The bourgeoisie should know that we will not let the fascists go unpunished, which the bourgeoisie feeds and nourishes with every minute. Today, the bourgeoisie has restored the fascists, giving them parliamentary seats and participation in the government, in order to eventually return them to power as soon as needed. This is how it happened in the Weimar Republic and how it will be repeated by the Federal Republic of Germany and, similarly, everywhere throughout the world. It is precisely this repetition of the history of fascism that we have to prevent. This is our oath to our old Red Front fighters. They live on in us and remind us:

"Never again with fascism! Nip fascism in the bud!"

Every Red Front fighter you murdered, put in jail, mistreated, betrayed, slandered, abused and despised with your boundless hatred against communism will be replaced by a new Red Front fighter, until fascism has disappeared from this planet forever.

It wasn't us workers, nor us communists that helped fascism come to power, but you, the imperialists and your political parties and leaders, your police, your army, your terrorist authorities, your lackeys and accomplices, the reactionary and fascist layers of society that you have incited against us - you all have done this. Do not deny this incontestable historical truth! We will never stop reminding you of every one of your crimes!

It was not your blood that was spilled in the fight against fascism, but our blood!

Anyone who tries again and again to combat us anti-fascists, us communists with hate speech, slander, betrayal or even physical violence, will finally perish one day. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists know your predeterminated fate , because it was us who forced fascism to defeat in 1945, and not you!

We will honorably and victoriously complete the mission of the old Red Front Fighters!
And nobody in the world will be able to stop us.

Death to the world fascism!

We swear!

Long live the Red Front Fighters' League!

Long live the Red Front all over the world !

Long live Ernst Thälmann, chairman of the Red Front Fighters' League and the glorious Communist Party of Germany!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!





Why is the re-establishment of the RFL necessary?


The re-establishment of the RFL is necessary against the economical, political, social, psychological and military terror of the world bourgeoisie.

The re-establishment of the Red Front Fighters' League is necessary to create the red world front against war and fascism.

With the victory over the Hitlerite fascism a re-establishment of the RFL would not actually have been necessary. If fascism is already defeated, you would not need to fight against it anymore. Is this true ?

The fact is, that Hitler fascism was smashed, but imperialism was left untouched, which always and inevitably brings forth new fascism. It is not a matter of only crushing the fascist forms of the world domination of the bourgeoisie, but of eliminating the world bourgeoisie itself.
With the globalization of imperialism, fascism inevitably had to globalize, too.

That is why the re-establishment of the RFL is necessary as a world organization of globalized anti-fascism.

However, the RFL does not limit itself to the need to combat world fascism.

World imperialism is the economical basis of the world fascist superstructure. Anti-fascism is a combination of the fight against the world imperialist base and its world fascist superstructure.

The RFL is thus necessarily both an anti-fascist and an anti-imperialist world organization. One cannot be defeated without the other, since both are in an inseparable, dialectical relationship to each other.

* * *

Looking around in the world, there is not a single state in the world that does not use fascist methods of capitalism, albeit to varying extents and in different forms.

The nature of fascism has remained the same, only its forms changed.

The special feature of today's fascism is that it officially "distances itself" from the historically negatively charged term of fascism. The fascism of today even defines itself as "anti-fascist", especially hidden behind the mask of so called "anti-terrorism". But the truth is that the maintenance of the tyranny of the entire imperialist world order is based on its internationally organized network. The world bourgeoisie is essentially fascist, even though it seeks to conceal its fascist nature behind the mask of its highly praised "democratic world order of civilized humanity," for whose defense it terrorizes the whole world. The so-called "anti-terrorism" of the world bourgeoisie is in truth nothing else than a justification for its fascist world domination.

Without exception, all the capitalist states of the world - either individually, together, and sometimes against each other - are constantly monitoring and terrorizing the entire world population, and in particular the revolutionary movements of all the oppressed and exploited (Cyber Fascism/Cyber War).

Not only the world imperialist state system, but murderous fascist gangs on the street are also world-wide ideologically, propagandistically and organisationally networked, in order to rush against the resistance fight of the oppressed and exploited classes and to break it with brutal force. The followers of fascism are growing every day. World politics has today taken the utmost turn to the right. The world today as turned into a world of fascism.

World fascism is the most extreme expression of class antagonism in the class society of world imperialism. That is why the anti-fascist struggle of the RFL is necessarily part of the international proletarian class struggle both in content and form.

World fascism is needed for "peace and order" on the internal front as a precondition for the external front, namely for being able to wage the predatory imperialist wars which meanwhile have taken the shape of uninterrupted wars. The war of today is a war in permanence. That is why our Red Front is not only directed against World Fascism itself, but is always in conjunction against the imperialist predatory War. That is why the Red Front is a double front, namely the united front against world fascism and against imperialist predatory wars. Therefore, our Red Front will inevitably evolve into an international, revolutionary civil war front, a front line of world socialist revolution.

* * *

The fascist enemy in every country has become a global enemy and therefore all anti-fascists must organize globally if they want to defeat world fascism in their own country.

The dialectic of the anti-fascist struggle today is that the Red World Front attacks fascism in each country from the outside, while at the same time, it is attacked by the RFL Section in one's own country. Thus, world fascism has to be taken in the pincers and its international connections must be severed. And for that, it is necessary to create the RFL as world organisation which is able to dialectically combine the anti-fascist struggle on a national scale and on a world scale.
The fascist world society is now divided into two opposing world camps: the camp which supports the fascists and the camp which supports the anti-fascists.

In the fascist world society, two main class forces are hostile - the fascist world bourgeoisie and the anti-fascist world proletariat.

The world proletariat is the revolutionary driving force and capable to bring the anti-fascist world to victory. Therefore, the RFL relies primarily on the anti-fascist world proletariat and represents mainly its anti-fascist interests.

The RFL does not limit itself to the world proletariat, but calls on all other anti-fascist forces to ally with the world proletariat in a single red world front. Therefore, the RFL defines its antifascist united front as follows:

The anti-fascist struggle is the united struggle of all people of this earth who no longer want to be terrorized by the fascist world system and who want to abolish it.

This is the broadest definition of the anti-fascist united front of the RFL.

There can never be a difference between the anti-fascist interests of the exploited and oppressed classes and the anti-fascist interests of the Communists.

That's why the RFL shakes hands with every anti-fascist who wants to fight with us against fascism. We do not set other conditions.
We want in particular that the workers of all political directions and of all organizations join forces to organize the political mass strike against the fascist dictatorship and its accomplices, against the destruction of freedom and all rights of the working class, against the suppression of proletarian organizations. We want free, uncensored and protected communication, free activities of the revolutionary working class movement, thus the end of all prohibition measures against all the exploited and oppressed.

What is the definition of the anti-fascist united front of the RFL ?

The anti-fascist struggle is the united struggle of all people of this earth who no longer want to be terrorized by the fascist world system and who want to abolish it.

This is the broadest definition of the anti-fascist united front of the RFL.

There can never be a difference between the anti-fascist interests of the exploited and oppressed classes and the anti-fascist interests of the Communists.

That's why the RFL shakes hands with every anti-fascist who wants to fight with us against fascism. We do not set other conditions.

We want in particular that the workers of all political directions and of all organizations join forces to organize the political mass strike against the fascist dictatorship and its accomplices, against the destruction of freedom and all rights of the working class, against the suppression of proletarian organizations. We want free, uncensored and protected communication, free activities of the revolutionary working class movement, thus the end of all prohibition measures against all the exploited and oppressed!


What is world fascism?

- Definition of the Comintern (SH) -

World fascism is the terrorist world order of imperialism, the centralized and concentrated class dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie for the subjugation of peoples in general and the suppression of the international revolutionary movement in particular.

By World Fascism we mean the highest level of suppression and destruction of the world that is needed to achieve and secure the highest level of capitalist exploitation of the world.

It follows that wage slavery and ruthless exploitation of natural resources, driven to the most extreme degree, exceeds the limit of bearing and sufferableness of the nature and the wage slaves with each new lash of the fascist whip.

It inevitably comes to the outbreak of uprisings and revolutions to free oneself from the yoke of world fascism, from the fetters of wage slavery, from destruction of nature.

Then fascist violence will be eliminated by anti-fascist violence and with it wage slavery and the destruction of nature as well.

This is the historical meaning of struggle against world fascism.

World fascism is the ideology and policy of the world bourgeoisie to maintain its dictatorship (especially in crisis situations) by using extreme means of violence and indoctrination against the great mass of the world population in general and against the world proletariat and the revolutionary world movement in particular.

World fascism is the inevitable continuation of the rule of the world bourgeoisie with terrorist means - largely exercised by the repressive state instruments of the capitalist world order, using fascistically organized layers of society, which allegedly polemicize against the "treacherous establishment" against "state power", etc. but in reality, they want nothing else than to get rid of the mendacious and worn-out (out-dated) bourgeois "democracy". The transformation from the "democratic" forms of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie into its fascist forms, that is, what the fascists call "Liberation", "Revolution" etc.. In truth, the former evil is only exchanged with a new and even worse one, thus by the worst one - called world fascism.

What do we mean by the fight against world fascism?

The fight against world fascism is the inevitable continuation of the ideological, political and organizational liberation struggle of all the oppressed and exploited classes of the world against the worst tyranny of the world bourgeoisie, and indeed by all, and therefore also by the most extreme means.

What is the ultimate weapon against world fascism?

The ultimate weapon against world fascism is the world socialist revolution to overthrow the world bourgeoisie.

The struggle against world fascism is not limited to the terrorist forms of the class rule of the world bourgeoisie, but aims at overthrowing the world bourgeoisie itself. Its own exploitative class character forces the world bourgeoisie to produce world fascism - again and again - for the purpose of securing her own reproduction as the ruling class.

Ultimately, the terror of the World Fascists can only be defeated and ended with the counter-"terrorism" of the globally and centrally organized anti-fascist class- and mass movement (and not by petit-bourgeois individual terrorism)!

World fascism can only be defeated under the leadership of the world proletariat and its world party.




The fight against world fascism is a fight against world capitalism.


"As long as property remains with the capitalists, democracy is nothing but a thoroughly hypocritical mask for the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie." (Lenin)

Striving for profit maximization, even at the price of the demise of the world - that's the nature of world capitalism.

The capitalist relations of world production is the source of world fascism.

Either humanity will free itself from world capitalism or it will perish together with world capitalism.


World capitalism stops at nothing and that is also true for world fascism.


* * *

World fascism does not suddenly comes from thin air. World fascism is preceded by a fermentation process of the economic (and thus political) crises of world capitalism. The emergence of today's world fascism follows directly from the last world crisis. The world crisis provoked a sharpening of class antagonisms and thus a polarization of rightist and leftist political world forces. Ultimately, it was the world crisis that had to trigger a revival of the anti-fascist world movement and thus contributed to the reconstruction of the RFL. Just as the crisis of world capitalism accelerated the establishment of world fascism, so too has the growing anti-fascist world movement forwarded the creation of its world organization.

World fascism develops out of the decline of bourgeois democracy and reformism under the conditions of the world crisis.

After all, world fascism, like world capitalism that produces it, inevitably succumbs to the law of its own downfall by creating its own anti-fascist gravediggers, albeit unintentionally.

The more cruelly the world fascism rages, the greater are the sacrifices of the anti-fascist struggle, but the more profound and thorough will world fascism be destroyed, overcome and will thus disappear all the more sustainable.
Anyone who wants to defeat world fascism must smash world capitalism through the world socialist revolution, must establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat, must create world socialism, because only then, any restoration of world capitalism and world fascism can be thwarted! The struggle of the RFL is not limited against today's world fascism. We do not want to wait for the next fascism. The RFL states expressively to fight against the inevitability (restoration) of world fascism, which can only be achieved by the abolition of world capitalism and the construction of world socialism.

This also teaches us the history of the anti-fascist struggle.

Who defeated Hitler fascism?

Above all, the Soviet Union, that is, socialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat in the closest alliance with the heroic anti-fascist struggle of the peoples oppressed by Hitler's fascism. It was the Communist Stalin who broke the Fascist Hitler's neck.

Capitalism leads to fascism. Capitalism must go! But capitalism cannot go by itself.

Only socialism leads to the elimination of fascism.

Anyone who want to prevent a return to fascism must eliminate capitalism on a global scale and establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat in all countries of the world.

In world socialism, the restoration of fascism is certainly still a danger (intensification of the anti-fascist class struggle in the period of world socialism), but fascism is then not any more inevitable, as it is today. In world socialism, the world proletariat itself has the power to lead humanity to a classless world community. And in world communism, all the last remnants of the fascist ideology are eliminated, according to which fascism can only be visited in a history museum.

World Socialism is the only rock-solid bulwark against world fascism. Any other "anti-fascist" struggle, which is not conducted with the aim of world socialism, will sooner or later be doomed.
Autonomists, anarchists and other left-wing groups still have to prove that they can defeat fascism. We communists have proved this before and will prove it again and again. For us, there was no bulwark that we did not storm. That will not be different in the storming of the World-fascist stronghold.

The ABC of the fight against world fascism is the participation of the anti-fascists in the preparation, the propagation, the acceleration of the world proletarian revolution.

History has shown that every concession and yielding to world imperialism and its fascist aggression, does not keep it back, but on the contrary, encourages it, only to always make itself stronger and more brutal. Whoever does not support the fight against world fascism, whoever surrenders, makes themself complicit in its victims.

The fight against world fascism concerns us all. There is neither a "neutral attitude" towards world fascism nor towards anti-fascism. Those who do not support the anti-fascists, whether they like it or not, help to maintain the existing capitalist system of rule, help world fascism in its fight against anti-fascism.

We anti-fascists know: The defeat of world fascism is inevitable, as well as the defeat of Hitlerite fascism which had to come inevitably. But we anti-fascists also know: "Nothing falls if it is not overthrown."

The longer the fight against world fascism will take, the greater the sacrifice it will demand not only from us anti-fascists, but from all humanity. Therefore, the worldwide support of the anti-fascists helps to end world fascism as fast as possible and with as few victims as possible.
We communists can not and do not want to fight against fascism all alone, but together with all, especially with those who also want to fight its causes, capitalism.

The whole power of world fascism rests on globalized private ownership of the means of production. So we need to destroy "only" the economic base of world fascism, and it will collapse like a house of cards. This is why our fight against world fascism is a fight against world capitalism.

Even the social fascist state collapsed after its economic base was ruined (for example: the GDR in 1989, and in 1990, the Soviet Union and thus the entire Soviet-imperialist world camp). Social-fasicm turned into open fascism - but the capitalist system remained the same.

The longer the contradictions between the fascist / social-fascist superstructure and the economic relations are artificially maintained, the more violently the superstructure crashes in all its joints. The unfitness of the old superstructure results in its revolutionary destruction and the creation of a new world socialist superstructure. But it is an illusion to believe that this would eliminate the risk of being infected by the remains of rottenness of the old superstructure. This risk of infection is far from over with the victory over world fascism. There will be enough work left for the RFL.




Is bourgeois democracy to the rescue with its own formula: "Left-wing extremism = right-wing extremism" ?

No, this is impossible. Bourgeois democracy has never been saved and will never be salvaged, neither from the right, from the left, nor from anywhere else. That applies to the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie in general, thus including fascism.

Bourgeois democracy exists only until it is replaced either by fascism or by proletarian democracy. The so-called "marginal phenomena of left and right extremism" results from the temporary weakness of the proletariat, which has not yet freed itself from capitalism.

However, these "marginal phenomena" inevitably move into the center of world history as soon as class antagonisms have taken on the degree of such a sharpness that they are being revolutionized and the last battle is being decided between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat. The day will come when the world bourgeoisie can no longer continue to rule as it did up to now, and the world proletariat no longer wants to be exploited and suppressed . The day of the world socialist revolution is unavoidably coming!

  "Leninism is Marxism of the era of imperialism and the proletarian revolution. To be more exact, Leninism is the theory and tactics of the proletarian revolution in general, the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the proletariat in particular." (Stalin)

The world socialist revolution will triumph all over the world, will smash world fascism and will usher in the era of proletarian democracy, the era of the Socialist World Republic. [ Comintern (SH)]

The answer to the question in the heading therefore does not depend on the will or degree of "determination" of the bourgeois democrats themselves, whether or not they have control over the danger of "marginal phenomena of bourgeois democracy", but on the law of the objective development of the economic conditions upon which the bourgeois democracy is built. This has been proven by history and it will inevitably prove it again and again. The Weimar Republic could not defend itself against the seizure of power of Hitlerite fascism ("right-wing extremism"), nor could the bourgeois democracy of Russia defend itself against Bolshevism ("left-wing extremism").
The difference between the history of that time and the current situation, however, is that bourgeois democracy actually exists today only on paper. Bourgeois democracy has left behind only its shell and has long since emerged to be world fascism ("right-wing extremism").

"Democratic" in words and fascist in deeds.

With the recent world crisis, the bourgeoisie has had to drop one "democratic" mask after another, and in the next world crisis or the third world war - we do not know - it will be forced to drop its last "democratic" masks. Bourgeois democracy dissolves by itself. But that does not automatically mean that the "left = right"-formula is abolished, too. It will further be used for demagogic purposes under world fascism. This bourgeois formula will further exist as long as the bourgeoisie exists.

With the ideology of bourgeois democracy, the indignation of the masses under tighter conditions of exploitation and oppression can be tamed less and less. That is why the bourgeoisie is focusing the indignation of the masses on demagogic direction of fascist ideology. The bankruptcy of the bourgeoisie, its inability to overcome its own crisis, nourishes its fear of the proletarian revolution. If the bourgeoisie can no longer score with "democracy" among the masses, it seeks refuge in fascism. The bourgeois liberal, the social-democrat, the revisionist, the neo-revisionist, the labor aristocrat, etc. - they all fear the proletarian revolution more than fascism, and sooner or later, they will all transfer to the fascist camp and fight all the more resolutely against the anti-fascist camp. They acccept every kind of "anti-fascism" with exception of the anti-fascism of us Stalinist-Hoxhaists.

So the question is not whether bourgeois democracy is to be saved or not. The question is, when world fascism will be abolished by world socialism. And for this question to be decided as soon as possible, creation of the Red World Front is absolutely necessary.

Why does bourgeois democracy need its formula "rightist = leftist"?

With this formula, bourgeois democracy has been built up as a bulwark against proletarian democracy.

And with this formula, bourgeois democracy paves the way to power for fascism.

With this formula, it should be prevented or at least made more difficult, that the working class and the peasantry can use the democratic liberties for their revolutionary purposes ("to misuse"). The world bourgeoisie, too, has learned from the history of the class struggle and knows only too well that the struggle of the oppressed and exploited for their democratic freedom is a necessary precondition for the victory of the world socialist revolution.

Is it not crystal clear that world fascism itself - which tramples under foot democracy -, is awakening and intensifying the demand of the masses for democracy ?

World fascism itself is forcing the masses to cross over to the world socialist revolution even faster! If the bourgeoisie oppresses democracy by means of fascism, the masses will fight for their own democracy, but not together with the bourgeoisie as before, but from now on, against the bourgeoisie. Every anti-fascist must understand this when fighting against world fascism. The fascists have long understood this and are well prepared by their mass demagogy which is financed by the capitalists.

On the other hand, as far as the pseudo-fight against "right-wing extremism" is concerned, it served the bourgeoisie only to conceal its rule behind the mask of "democracy." However, it is in keeping with the nature of bourgeois democracy that it is not only blind in the right eye, but is rightist through and through just as the proletariat is leftist through and through.

The bourgeoisie must maintain her class dictatorship to survive. The bourgeoisie is therefore rightist, that is, counter-revolutionary because it must objectively assume the historical position of a decaying and thus, departing class.

And the proletariat must overthrow the rule of the bourgeoisie and establish its proletarian dictatorship in order to survive. The proletariat is leftist because it objectively fills the historical role of the revolutionary, aspiring class.

Of course, this truth of the inevitable class struggle, by which the old ruling class is replaced by the rule of the new class, must be disguised by the bourgeoisie through its "rightist = leftist" formula.

For this purpose, the bourgeoisie - from the outset - uses the formula "rightist = leftist" to deceive the proletariat, namely to pretend bourgeois democracy as being a kind of "class neutral" democracy (standing "above" all classes), thus as a democracy which serves "everybody", independently from one's own class position within the society .

"Rightist = leftist" is a bourgeois ideology of class reconciliation - that is, an ideology that criminalizes the class struggle of the proletariat and condemns it as "radicalism, revolutionism, leftist terrorism" etc. Allegedly, revolution is a danger for bourgeois "progress and reforms". But what happens when "reforms" are left as the empty shell of a failed bourgeois democracy? Then the rulers no longer talk big on "democracy", but they crack their fascist whip. That is why the proletarian ideology of liberation, Stalinism-Hoxhaism, is being fought by all means as a "terrorist" ideology.

With open fascism the ideology of the class reconciliation goes over to the "nationalist" ideology, to open racism. Fomenting the hatred of humans against humans - this is what world fascism serves as the last desperate attempt to escape its inevitable demise by means of "divide and conquer". Hitlerite fascism particularly used racial theory to combat Bolshevism (Bolshevism = "ideology of world domination for the subjugation of mankind to the Jewish race", Marx = "Jew", etc.).

Today it is continued by pogrom against "foreigners", "refugees", between "Islamists and Christians" , between "Western races and Eastern races", between "Blacks and Whites", "the Weak and the Strong" etc.
The racial theory has for the fascists only the practical sense that they need to help them to incite the mob against communism, to breed chauvinistic violence within the most backward masses of the population. Anti-fascists, revolutionary workers, progressive, critical people, refugees, etc. are hunted down and killed accompanied by the applause of the followers of the fascists. And with the thoroughness of the notorious Gestapo, special lists for mass assassinations are created and executed all over the world and just in this moment. All of this has become terrible reality again after 1933!

Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the class struggle determines the world society's development, that neither class reconciliation nor the so-called "struggle of the stronger against the weaker", the "struggle for survival" of one's own race, of one's own people and own nation against other races, peoples and nations. That is why the ideology of world fascism is directed primarily against world communism, against the classless world society in which all races, peoples and nations have united and merged peacefully and amicably, and by which any return of world fascism will become impossible.

And the petty bourgeoisie must oppose both the descending class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and the transformation into the ascending class dictatorship of the proletariat, in order to assert itself as the petty-bourgeois. That is why the petty bourgeoisie is particularly susceptible to the bourgeois formula of "leftist = rightist", "fascism = communism", "Stalin = Hitler", "left-wing radicalism = right-wing radicalism" etc.

The petty bourgeoisie only takes an anti-fascist stance, if it overcomes its wavering between bourgeoisie and proletariat and if it sides with the proletariat.
That is why the "rightist = leftist" formula of the bourgeoisie must be fought even more intensively in the petty bourgeoisie than in all the other classes.



Is anti-fascism

a defense of bourgeois democracy

or is it

a fight for proletarian democracy?


Either one or the other, but not simultaneously both!

Either democracy of the poor or democracy of the rich.

A common democracy of the poor and the rich can not and will not exist.

The fight against fascism and the fight for democracy is a question of classes.

Bourgeois "anti-fascism" does not defend the proletariat but only the bourgeoisie itself.

Proletarian anti-fascism fights for the democracy of the proletariat, which is the democracy of all the exploited and oppressed of the world and which is impossible without the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeoisie.

The relationship between democracy of the bourgeoisie and the democracy of the proletariat is determined by the antagonistic class-contradiction between both the classes. The dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and the dictatorship of the proletariat are irreconcilable and thus mutually exclusive.

Bourgeois democracy and fascism are but two different forms of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, two forms of the same capitalist rule.

In the era of world imperialism, bourgeois democracy inevitably leads to fascism.

Bourgeois democracy and fascism are but two different forms of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, two forms of the same capitalist rule.

In the era of world imperialism, bourgeois democracy inevitably leads to fascism.
The fight against fascism can not therefore be conducted with the aim of replacing the fascist dictatorship by its social-fascist precursors.
Any paragraph of any bourgeois constitution in which freedom is supposedly "guaranteed" is suspended by subparagraphs. In capitalism, there is only the freedom of the rich to exploit and oppress the poor.

Anybody who really want to fight against fascism must tear down the deceptive mask of bourgeois democracy. Bourgeois democracy and fascism are not two opposing systems, one of which can be defeated by defending the other. Therefore, the RFL clearly states:

Fight against fascism - that is fight against the capitalist system and its political superstructure, is a proletarian class struggle against all forms of exploitation and oppression of the bourgeoisie, including the fight against bourgeois democracy !
We fight for democracy without and against the bourgeoisie.

In the initial history of capitalism, bourgeois democracy came about against feudalism through revolutionary violence, but as early as 1848 it suffocated the proletariat in blood. Since then, and especially in the age of world imperialism, that is, in the final phase of capitalism, the "democracy" of the monopolistic, parasitic, rotting and and decaying class of the bourgeoisie asserts itself through counter-revolutionary force against the rising, revolutionary class of the proletariat.

And the proletarian democracy?

It was not voted out with the ballots of bourgeois parties, but stifled without exception in the blood of the workers, as happened with the proletarian democracy of the Paris Commune, the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, or with every other state of proletarian democracy. Therefore, proletarian democracy can not be built and defended without revolutionary force, principally not as long as men are exploited and oppressed by men.

And even the transition from the "democratic" form of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie to its fascist form is not carried out with the ballot, not by peaceful means, but based on the most brutal fascist violence against the anti-fascist class of the proletariat. And just as world fascism has been built by force, it must also be eliminated with revolutionary force, and its restoration must be prevented as well by means of revolutionary force.

However, the fight against bourgeois democracy does not mean renouncing the struggle for democratic rights of all oppressed and exploited classes suffering under the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Lenin described the struggle for democratic rights as an integral part of the struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie and smash its capitalist state system, as an indispensable prerequisite for the creation of proletarian democracy on the ruins of bourgeois democracy. One can not fight against world fascism without fighting for the democratic rights of all exploited and oppressed.

Anti-fascism, which is not clearly and directly linked to the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, can be nothing but bourgeois or petty-bourgeois "anti-fascism".
There is only one real anti-fascism. That is the world proletarian anti-fascism that can only lead to victory by means of the world socialist revolution.





Why is the RFL not a "terrorist world organisation"?

But if not the RFL, who then is the most dangerous terrorist world organisation ?



The RFL is a world organisation of the world proletariat and of all the exploited and oppressed to defend themselves against the terror of world fascism and to abolish it finally.

The police state protects the riches of the rich but it does not protect the poor from the rich ! Therefore, every capitalist state is a police state, is a terrorist state !


Policemen protect the fascists and the capitalist state, protect capitalism against communism!
They draw their wages from the taxpayers' wages.

And the terror of the fascists and their followers is paid for by the capitalists. That's how it was at the time of Hitler and that's how it is still today.
Policemen protect the private property of the rich from the wage slaves, from which they press their riches. We call this law of the rich: terror against the poor. The exploitation and suppression of man by man - we call this by name: Terrorism of the capitalists!

The global robber bands of imperialists and their global state system - this is the ideal of the rulership of the imperialist world bourgeoisie.
It is guaranteed by law in a capitalist state that the rich enjoy the freedom to exploit the poor. But if the poor resist and rebel against the rich, or even have the "impudence" to reclaim their stolen property , then that is allegedly a "lawless act", then it is "terroristic." This is how the rich see it and that is how the class rule of the bourgeoisie works.

So who is the biggest terrorist organization in the world?

This is the world bourgeoisie itself, which built its capitalist world empire over 100 years ago with its predatory wars and internal police violence, and has continued to expand and protect it with blood and sword. Only a terrorist organization, such as the world bourgeoisie, is capable of doing the greatest crime in the history of mankind, and no one else in the world.

Can exploiters and oppressors "protect" the exploited and oppressed from capitalist terror? No, how should this be possible? They themselves, would have to stop exploiting and suppressing. So who protects the exploited and oppressed against the exploiters and oppressors? No one else but the exploited and oppressed by themselves.

The RFL is therefore not for terrorizing the exploited and oppressed, as the exploiters and oppressors have been doing for millennia, but quite the opposite, the RFL organizes the worldwide self-protection of the exploited and oppressed against the terror of the exploiters and oppressors. The RFL wants to abolish exploitation and oppression and thus all terrorist organizations, first and foremost those of the world bourgeoisie.

Only from the point of view of the exploiters and oppressors can the RFL be a "terrorist organization", but not from the point of view of the exploited and oppressed. From the point of view of the exploited and oppressed, the RFL is indeed an anti-terrorist organization, the best one against the terror of the entire world imperialist system.

In bourgeois democracy, criticism of capitalism is hushed up, or it is condemned by "disapproving" criticism. In fascism, both criticism and the critic is silenced, beaten to death and buried.

The world bourgeoisie will never voluntarily give her stolen riches back to those who produced it. This is only possible through a revolution of the exploited and oppressed against their exploiters and oppressors. And that is why the world bourgeoisie needs world fascism. Anyone who dares to touch the sacred "Golden Calf" of the private ownership at the means of production is stamped by the imperialists as a "terrorist organization" and - as legally as possible and as illegally as necessary - eliminated ("neutralized").
Wherever police, military, and fascist gangs are using violence against the protesting population, we can not answer with empty slogans and protests. Here, we must mobilize the masses into militant means of protection.

No revolutionary organization, created by the initiative and sacrificial will of the masses, held together by international solidarity, can be forced to capitulate by police arbitrariness, betrayed by social-fascists, or by any other repressive measures.

No counter-revolutionary power in the world is capable of preventing the avantguard of the international proletariat from leading the fight against fascism until victory.

No matter if it's "permitted" or "forbidden," legal or illegal, the vanguard of the international proletariat will fulfill its anti-fascist duties and responsibilities in the interests of the international proletariat, namely under all conditions imposed upon us by the class enemy.

The right to the street is an ancient right of the proletariat throughout the world. Pushing the right of anti-fascism is only possible in the militant anti-fascist fight itself.

Those who use violence against tyranny to free themselves from tyranny can never be labeled and fought as a "terrorist" or "perpetrator of violence". Tyranny can not be shaken off with the ballot, not with petitions and appeals to the tyrants, not by peaceful means, but only by breaking violently the power of the tyrants. Violence is not equal to violence. It always depends on which class exercises violence against which class.

Fascist violence is terrorism.

Anti-fascist violence is anti-terrorism.

Revolutionary violence is justifiable.

Counter-revolutionary violence is criminal.

Fascism is a crime.

Anti-fascism is liberation from fascism.

The violent spiral between fascists and anti-fascists does not emanate from them themselves, but is an expression of the intensified class struggles for which the system of exploitation and oppression of world imperialism is responsible all alone. Anti-fascism is not to be criticized because violence is used, but because it refrains from violence (!) Anyone who sees things differently has learned nothing from the struggle against Hitlerite fascism. Hitlerite fascism could only be defeated by armed force. And this is valid for all kinds of fascism, thus for world fascism as well.

World fascism can not disarm itself voluntarily and will not allow to be disarmed voluntarily.
Fascism can not be abolished through a peaceful way, but only destroyed by use of an anti-fascist armed force. That is what history teaches us. Only the bourgeoisie itself denies this historical truth.

Anti-fascism is not "violent" by nature, as wrongly purported. The anti-fascist resorts to violence only because the violence of the fascists can not be ended without it.

It is the peoples who suffered under fascism, who unite in a Red Front against fascism, to uprise, to liberate themselves from their wretched situation, and to shake off the yoke of fascism namely with the utter means of revolutionary violence, with weapons in their hands. This is the most important piece of advice for anti-fascism what millions of fascist victims have given to the next generations.

Only fascists who caused the death and suffering of the millions can deny this truth.

Proletarian anti-fascism can not be forbidden.
It is stronger than any bourgeois law and judge, than any truncheon of a policemen and any murder weapon of the fascists.

Proletarian anti-fascism will destroy and abolish fascism forever.

Proletarian anti-fascism is invincible.



Stalinist-Hoxhaist Theory of Anti-fascism

No anti-fascist world movement without anti-fascist theory!

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the mortal enemy of the ideology of world fascism.

The decisive battle between fascism and anti-fascism at the ideological front takes place between proletarian and bourgeois ideology, between Stalinism-Hoxhaism and the ideology of world fascism. The one ideology fights until the eradication of the other. It is a struggle of life and death. Either Stalinism-Hoxhaism becomes the ruling ideology of the world society or the ideology of world fascism will remain in power.
The anti-fascist ideas of Stalin and Enver Hoxha were and are invincible and they are implemented correctly by the RFL under the concrete conditions of today's world fascism.

The RFL is a world proletarian mass organization of the Comintern (SH), guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The anti-fascist ideology of the world proletariat is Stalinism-Hoxhaism, the doctrine of liberation from fascism on a world scale.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the only ideology with which world fascist ideology can be defeated. It is elaborated and further developed by the Comintern (SH) and implemented by the Red Front Fighters' League into practice.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactic of the world proletarian revolution in general and the theory and tactics of the world dictatorship of the proletariat in particular.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of anti-fascism starts from the criticism of world fascism and its development, by means of the method of dialectical and historical materialism.

There is no world fascist movement without the ideology of world fascism.

This is why the task of the anti-fascists is to expose, fight and defeat the ideology of world fascism - especially its influence on the masses.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of anti-fascism is the proletarian theory of the laws of development of the anti-fascist movement in the world-fascist class society in general and the anti-fascist Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement in particular.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of anti-fascism is the theory of the connection between the democratic and the socialist struggle of the world proletariat for the liberation from world fascism.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of anti-fascism teaches that anti-fascism is an important lever, firstly for the victory of the world socialist revolution and secondly for preventing the return of world fascism.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist theory of anti-fascism is the theory of eliminating the inevitability of world fascism.

The development of world fascism ends with the world socialist revolution. World fascism is being replaced by the dictatorship of the world proletariat, which for the first time in human history means democracy for all the exploited and oppressed in the world.

Anti-fascist theory answers the questions posed by the anti-fascist world movement. First and foremost is the anti-fascist world movement itself, which does not wait for anti-fascist theory to develop. In Albania, Hitlerite fascism was defeated before the Party of Labour had a ready program.

The anti-fascist theory is not reduced to be just a guide in the service of the anti-fascist world movement itself. The anti-fascist theory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism sheds light on the most direct and shortest revolutionary path from world fascism to world socialism.

The anti-fascist theory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory of the connection between the anti-fascist world movement and the world socialist revolution and is geared towards the goal of world socialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches today's anti-fascist struggle as part of world-revolutionary class struggle under the leadership of the world proletariat to smash world fascism and establish the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the ideological basis and guideline for our Unit Front Policy to create the Red World Front against fascism. For the RFL, there is only one anti-fascist united front, namely led by the revolutionary world proletariat, which leads directly to the conquest of its political world domination over world imperialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the inevitability of world fascism and any renewed germination of world fascism can be eliminated forever only by the total destruction of world imperialism and its fascist superstructure!

What is the Stalinist-Hoxhaist definition of world fascism?

World Fascism is the terrorist world order of imperialism, the centralized and concentrated class dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie for the subjugation of peoples in general and the suppression of the international revolutionary movement in particular.

By World Fascism we mean the highest degree of oppression of the world, necessary to achieve and secure the highest level of capitalist exploitation of the world.

The world-historical meaning of this definition of fascism is that the Comintern (SH) hereby rejects and discards the false and therefore untenable definition of the 7th World Congress of the Comintern:

[Dimitrov: "Fascism is the open, terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic, and most imperialist elements of finance capital."]

The Comintern was dissolved in 1943 [!], thus at a time when peoples continued [!] to shed their blood to free themselves from Hitlerite fascism.
Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the Comintern (SH) - in contrast to the Comintern - should never dissolve, and certainly not in a situation where the victory over the world fascism is not yet achieved, particularly today, in regard of non-existence of the Red Army of Stalin. The same applies to all mass organizations of the Comintern (SH), including the Red Front Fighters' League.

* * *

The imperialist world order is a world order of monopolistic, parasitic, and decaying capitalism doomed to decay and die. If the sources of riches out of wage slavery are endangered or dried up (by crises, wars, counter-revolution etc.) or are revolutionarily boycotted by the latter, the world bourgeoisie is forced to use increasingly brutal forms of exploitation and oppression.

We call the class domination of the imperialist world bourgeoisie world fascism when terrorist means are used for exploitation and oppression, and when every revolutionary resistance by means of terrorism is stifled in order to uphold the imperialist world order.

Under the pretext of the so-called "Fight against terrorism", globalized fascism was prepared and established.

The RFL repeats that:

The world's most dangerous terrorist is the imperialist state system itself. The real terrorists are the warmongers, the imperialists all over the world. Under the pretext of the "fight against terrorism", the imperialists are intensifying their international counter-revolution in order to extinguish the coming uprisings and revolutions of the oppressed and exploited classes and, above all, to save the capitalist world from the proletarian socialist revolution, to escape the threatening danger of world communism.
The so-called "worldwide fight against terrorism" is nothing other than preparing the international counter-revolution for the suppression of the coming world socialist revolution!

Whoever wants to eliminate imperialist state terrorism, must destroy world imperialism, which has created imperialist state terrorism!

* * *

The VI World Congress of the Communist International, in which the RFL was represented, had clearly characterized the class content and the social nature of fascism:

"World fascism is the typical product of the decaying process of world capitalism. With international fascism, international monopoly capital tries to stop the world socialist revolution by direct force, with the open dictatorship of world capital. For this purpose, World Fascism provides the ruling classes with armed forces specially trained for civil war. A fascist type of international "community" is created, based on terror and coercion, with the goal of corrupting not just petty-bourgeois layers but also certain elements of the working class - the workers' aristocracy. World fascism serves the world bourgeoisie as an open weapon of class struggle, relying on the most backward layers of the population while simultaneously intimidating the passive strata. In the agony of capitalism, it exerts an unprecedented economic, political, social and ideological pressure on the entire world population".

* * *

The false slogan of the "leftist" Neumann:

"Slap the fascists wherever you meet them!" was rightly rejected by the Comintern and the KPD - and thus also by the Comintern (SH) and the RFL.

In the Resolution of the Central Committee of the KPD from November 10, 1931, "individual terror" was given a clear refusal: "Without even a moment to renounce the application of all appropriate means of combat, [...] the Central Committee declares that any defenses of terrorist ideology and practice is completely inadmissible. Anyone who lets himself be carried away by moods of despair, who lets himself be dictated by the enemies of the proletariat [...], whoever breaks party discipline, is unworthy of the name of a communist. " ("Rote Fahne" of November 13, 1931)



Fascism and social-fascism are twins

As Stalin wrote in 1924 (the founding year of the RFL):

Firstly, it is not true that fascism is only the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. Fascism is not only a military-technical category. Fascism is the bourgeoisie’s fighting organisation that relies on the active support of Social-Democracy. Social-Democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism. There is no ground for assuming that the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of Social-Democracy. There is just as little ground for thinking that Social-Democracy can achieve decisive successes in battles, or in governing the country, without the active support of the fighting organisation of the bourgeoisie. These organisations do not negate, but supplement each other. They are not antipodes, they are twins."

(This quote is mostly taken out of context, however, it is only part of a very important section of his report:

Concerning the international situation- 20th of September 1924)

On 20. 02. 1932 Ernst Thälmann, the chairman of the KPD, repeated at the plenary session of the Central Committee the Stalinist thesis of the twins.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the ideology of the world proletariat against social-fascism.

"Socialism in words, fascism in deeds" - that is the definition of social-fascism.

"Anti-fascism" in words and fascism in deeds" - that is the definition of bourgeois "anti-fascism".

Fascists, who in one way or another pretend to be so-called "anti-fascists", the RFL fights under the collective term of social-fascism.

It is impossible to defeat world fascism without defeating its twin, the social -fascism.
Our goal is the abolition of the inevitability of social-fascism. The guaranteed abolition of the inevitability of social-fascism is only possible through the world socialist revolution.

It is impossible to defeat world fascism without defeating its twin, the social- fascism.

Our goal is the abolition of the inevitability of social-fascism. The guaranteed abolition of the inevitability of social-fascism is only possible through the world socialist revolution.

* * *

The greatest threat to world fascism stems from the anti-fascist united front of the world proletariat.

World fascism comes to power only if the world proletariat does not overcome its own division.
The main purpose of the collaboration between fascists and social-fascists is, as a first step the division, the isolation of the revolutionary elements of the world proletariat, and as the second step, the destruction of the revolutionary class-movement and its revolutionary organizations, especially the physical annihilation of the revolutionary leaders.

The main danger of world fascism results from the splitting activity of the right opportunists. But at the same time, "left" opportunism favors the failure of the proletarian anti-fascist united front under the leadership of communism, making it difficult to overcome the division of the world proletariat.

That is why it is necessary for the world proletariat to free itself from the influence of right opportunism (pacting with the bourgeoisie) in its anti-fascist struggle, as well as from "left" opportunism (rejection of the leading role of the anti-fascist Bolshevik world organizations).

Without the leading role of the Comintern (SH), the anti-fascist united front against world fascism is doomed to defeat. And it is the task of the right and "left" opportunist to weaken the leading role of the Comintern (SH) as far as possible.

In our emblem of the Comintern (SH), one red flag applies to the fight against world fascism and the second red flag to the fight against social-fascism. In this way, the RFL differs from the red-black (autonomous/anarchist/council "communist") flag, in principle. But this does not exclude united actions with the "red-black" flag in individual cases.


------------------------ Comintern (SH) -----------------------------------------KPD 1932

-(against fascism und social-fascism) ----------------------------- (for socialism and communism)


Flags of the Autonomists/"undogmatic"), anarchists and council "communists", who face anti-fascism of the Stalinist-Hoxhaists partly positively, partly indifferently, partly rejectingly or are even hostile to it.


"Iron Front" (emblem of the social fascists/anti-communists - 1932)

Social Democracy fought with this poster against Ernst Thälmann, against the KPD, against communism.

Slogans of the Social Democrats:
at that time were: "Communists = Fascists"
today: "left-wing extremists = right-wing extremists"

(leftists and rightists = "terrorist" and "violent" = state doctrine of the political police)


* * *

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the most advanced theoretical weapon against social-fascism, initially directed by Stalin against social democratism, then further developed by Enver Hoxha against modern revisionism and today, it is directed by the Comintern (SH) against the neo-revisionists.

The defense of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist thesis of social-fascism is, in principle, an indicator of the degree of the matured anti-fascist consciousness of the world proletariat, and it belongs to the fundamental attitude of every genuine anti-fascist.

Without a successful defense of our theory of social-fascism, there is no victory in the fight against world fascism.

Anyone who pretends to "defend" Stalin and Enver Hoxha , but denies or rejects the thesis of social-fascism, can neither be a true defender of Comrade Stalin and Comrade Enver Hoxha, nor a true anti-fascist.

Based on the Stalinist theory of social-fascism, the Comintern had been able to largely suppress the bourgeois influence in the working class in order to attack Hitlerite fascism exclusively from the proletarian class standpoint. This is the merit of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin. Only in this way could the splitting of the working class ultimately be overcome. And that is precisely why the Comintern was accused by all its enemies in a monstrous manner, that it was allegedly "responsible for the splitting of the working class and consequently for the seizure of power of fascism." It is an old anti-communist slogan of social democracy that communism is allegedly "the cause for fascism." Therefore, the bourgeoisie and her social-fascist lackeys spread the slogan: "exterminate communism to fight fascism!"

The stepping stone for world fascism are not the Stalinists-Hoxhaists but the social-fascists !

The revisionist fusion of communism with social democratism must not be equated with the united front of social democratic and communist workers against fascism. A social democratic worker who fights against fascism is not our enemy, but our ally in the Red World Front.

* * *

Fascism differs from social fascism only in its open and masked form - but they are of the same nature.

We must always keep in mind that both the open fascists and the social-fascists hide behind their demagogic masks. The only difference is that the social-fascists, for example, pretend to be "socialists", "leftists", "anti-fascists" etc., while the fascists have put on a "national democratic", "ethnic" (völkisch), imperialist-cosmopolitan, etc. cloak that they drop to any possible opportunity.

With the concept of "right-wing populism", fascism is not only downplayed, but made socially acceptable. This is dangerous for the masses, why the anti-fascists have to unmask and resolutely fight against so called "right-wing populism".

Those who unite with the social-fascists (and it's not just the neo-revisionists who do that!) form the fifth column of world fascism together with them.

The social-fascists are not only preparing the path for the fascists to power, for the removal of bourgeois democracy within the capitalist system, but also for the removal of proletarian democracy of the socialist system.

Dimitrov liquidated the Stalinist theory of social-fascism, paving the way for the modern revisionists to establish their social-fascist rule.
"Anti-fascism" in words and support of the fascists in deeds by liquidating the anti-fascist Comintern, this presenting it on a silver plate to the Anti-Comintern. This is the social-fascist face of a Dimitrov !!

When it comes to anti-fascism, to the anti-fascist struggle of the Comintern, the bourgeois historians mean, above all, the "Popular Front" of Dimitrov. The bourgeoisie needs the revisionist concept of the Popular Front pact to prevent the revolutionary proletariat from overthrowing the bourgeoisie and from entering the path of socialism. In order to prevent the rebirth of German fascism, German imperialism would have had to be completely eliminated. But how was the Comintern supposed to be able to fulfill this task if it had been dissolved by Dimitrov before [!], and if the "Popular Front" pledged to leave capitalism untouched? The historical result was modern revisionism in power.

Those who want to form together with the revisionists and neo-revisionists a world front of "anti - fascism" (on top of that a"united front" with social-fascist states that did not exist at the time of the Comintern - such as China, Korea, Cuba, etc.) stand on the other side of the barricade, on the side of world fascism.

Social-fascists are anxious to stand out as "anti-fascists" because "anti-fascism" is the best mask for hiding their own fascism in front of ther masses. Fascist are always "only the others" and "never themselves."

Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that one must not put oneself under the shield of the one fascist state to allegedly "fight" the fascism of another state. The neo-revisionists call this the "united front against fascism". In contrast, the world proletariat knows only one and only united front - namely the United Front against any form of fascism, thus both against the global system of fascism of the whole world bourgeoisie and fascism of any individual capitalist state.
The world proletariat will never put itself under the shield of another class, but only under its own class. And in order to build the anti-fascist shield of the world proletariat, which will also serve as a shield for all other oppressed and exploited classes, the RFL has been founded.



The RFL is an organization of the Comintern (SH)

The Red Front Fighters' League is an independent anti-fascist world organization that completely subordinates itself to the leadership of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).

The Comintern (SH) will never give up its leading role because it is the avantguard of the world proletariat in general, and of the anti-fascist struggle in particular. The anti-fascist world front is one but not the only front of the world socialist revolution. The Comintern (SH) is the only world organization of the proletariat which is able to unite all class-fronts for the purpose of the victory of the world socialist revolution.

The world proletariat has no other weapon in the fight against world fascism than its own anti-fascist world organization.

The RFL is not only an organizational weapon to defend against world fascism, but a weapon to triumph over world fascism.

The anti-fascists can only win if they organize themselves globally.

There is no anti-fascist world movement without its leading world center.

If we take a look at the entire history of the anti-fascist struggle, we see that it was a history of determined struggle for the realization of proletarian internationalism which is expressed by and reflected in the organizational uinification on a global scale. The world proletariat can only win over world fascism if its spirit of proletarian internationalism is organizationally anchored on a global scale.

The history of the anti-fascist struggle is the history of the anti-fascist world front under the leadership of the world proletariat and its Communist International at the head. Unlike under the leadership of the Communist International, victory over world fascism can not be won. That is why the RFL at that time stood completely in the service of the Comintern, just as the RFL of today stands completely in the service of the Comintern (SH).

The RFL is not a kind of "umbrella" organization, open for all existing anti-fascist organizations in each country. Rather, the RFL is the anti-fascist world organization of the Comintern (SH), which paves the way to world socialism, is globally coordinated and centralized and equipped with its own sections to organize joint action in every country. This is the new globalized proletarian type of anti-fascist world organization.

Fascism in every country is linked in a global network of fascism. Therefore, the victory over the fascist enemies in their own country is guaranteed only by the simultaneous victory over global fascism. However, this victory can not be guaranteed solely by the RFL of a single country. This victory can only be guaranteed by the centralized International Red Front under the leadership of the Communist International.

The law of the anti-fascist world movement states that the ideological, political, organizational and moral unification of anti-fascists in their own country must be absolutely identical with the ideological, political, organizational and moral union of anti-fascists in all other countries of the world.

Whoever does not fight to fulfill the tasks of the anti-fascist struggle in one's own country, and who does not simultaneously subordinate oneself to the world organization of the RFL, can not be an anti-fascist internationalist.

The fist of the RFL symbolizes the united fist of all anti-fascists in the world and not to risk the fight "on one's own fist".

The national and international tasks of anti-fascism are dialectically linked and implemented accordingly. Anti-fascism in one's own country is always to be seen as part of the fight against world fascism. That is why anti-fascism in one's own country must always be subordinated to the fight against world fascism.

No anti-fascist world movement without an anti-fascist world organization. No anti-fascist world organization without the leadership of the the Communist International.

Only the Comintern (SH) can play the role of the international leader of the anti-fascist liberation struggle. To fulfill this task, the Comintern (SH) founded the RFL as its own international transmission belt.

The RFL takes sides with the world proletariat in the fight against world fascism, but is not itself the "party" against world fascism - this is only the Comintern (SH). Anyone who confuses the party with its mass organization either impedes the necessary organizational independence of the RFL, or replaces the Comintern (SH) with the RFL.

Two types of organizational errors must be avoided by the RFL:

First. The Comintern (SH) must never give up its leading role in the anti-fascist struggle. Therefore it is inadmissible to delegate its own leading role to its mass organization. The Comintern (SH) transfers tasks to the RFL, but does not suspend the responsibility for the anti-fascist struggle, does not relinquish it to the RFL. The Comintern (SH) initiates and leads its mass organizations. Neither is the RFL the Comintern (SH) nor is the Comintern (SH) the RFL. The RFL is subordinate to the Comintern (SH) and is accountable to it. Those who ignore this will make it possible for the class enemy to drive a wedge between the party and the mass organizations in order to incite the mass organization against its own party. At the same time, the mass organizations are represented in the Comintern (SH) to participate in her decision making.

Second, the United Front tactic must not lead to the mass organization losing itself in the mass movement so that it goes down in it, forming an inseparable unity.

If the RFL only existed as a faction within other anti-fascist organizations, the RFL would no longer be an independent mass organization of the Comintern (SH). This would open all doors to Trotskyism and thus, liquidation. Liquidationism develops in a dialectical process that leads either to our lagging behind the anti-fascist movement (in which we Stalinists-Hoxhaists are only a revolutionary troop and of course the vanguard), or leads to our isolation from the masses by sectarianism. Any run ahead without the masses, any lagging behind the masses, can lead towards liquidation of both the Comintern (SH) and its mass organizations.

The RFL draws its organizational demarcation line against both rightist opportunism (from the Dimitrov Popular Front, pact with revisionists and neo-revisionists, etc. ), as well as against the spectrum of all the "leftist" opportunist sectarianism (see Lenin: "Left Communism, an Infantile Disorder" - spontaneism, "autonomism", anarchism, Trotskyism, etc.).

The tactical decentralization of anti-fascist action, which can arise in the concrete situation, must not be elevated to the basic organizational principle of anti-fascism. The organizational principle of the RFL is democratic centralism.
The RFL leads the fight against opportunism not only in its own ranks, but also within the entire anti-fascist movement, including within other anti-fascist organizations, primarily with the aim of winning new members and supporters for the RFL. We even secretly infiltrate all other organizations, including the fascist ones.

The organizational structure of the RFL is the same as with all other World Bolshevik mass organizations of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).

This means that, at first, we will remain a weak force for a while, as Stalin said: a "self sufficient" force. Only in the second build-up phase will the RFL be able to live up to its name as a mass organization, when it actually leads the masses in the anti-fascist struggle.

After the victory over world fascism, the RFL does not dissolve itself, but fills its class-struggle function against the danger of the restoration of world fascism, which will not be eliminated in the era of world socialism. The restoration of capitalism and the restoration of fascism are lessons of history that the RFL must never forget and will never forget.

The RFL and its Sections

It is the joint task of the individual RFL sections and the leading center of the RFL to equip the anti-fascists with all the organizational tools necessary to achieve the optimum of the global maneuverability of the anti-fascist movement. With regard to globally organized anti-fascist actions, anti-fascists expect the RFB to have the highest level of interaction between its headquarters and its sections. Any discrepancy between the RFL and its sections jeopardizes the global capacity for action of the Red World Front. The struggle against the autonomism of the sections is not only a question of principle, but also a result of the painful experience of the history of the international anti-fascist struggle. Without the subordination of the sections to the central leadership, the RFL will not be able to lead the whole anti-fascist world movement to victory.

The global centralization of the RFL corresponds to the basic principle of every Bolshevik mass organization. The principle of every communist organization requires the unconditional subordination of the sections to the overall central leadership. Only through democratic centralism can the co-ordinative combination of will and action of all anti-fascists in the world be realized and secured. Without this centralist Bolshevist principle, the RFL can not develop its highest potential of global fighting power which is decisive for the destruction of world fascism.

The sections of the RFL have the tasks to fulfill the derectives of the RFL in their respective country. For its part, the head office of the RFL has the task to generalize the experiences of the individual RFL sections, to transfer the positive experiences to themselves and other sections, and to avoid the negative experiences for itself and for the other sections. A centralized activity against world fascism is not possible if the sections of the RFL are not centrally united and coordinated.

The fight against fascism in one country is part of the fight against world fascism and thus subordinated to it.

The organizational power of the Red Front Fighters' League is marked by the ability to turn all the fists of the anti-fascists of all countries into the one and only global fist.

However, the organizational form of the anti-fascist activists and their groupings, all alone, can never defeat world fascism.

Decisive is the Red World Front of the millions. Without them, you can not defeat world fascism. Therefore, it is the task of the RFL to attract millions of people for the anti-fascist action and to organize them. Mass organizations are called mass organizations because they organize the actions of the masses.

First, we must convince the individual anti-fascists and their groupings through our anti-fascist propaganda and action; then we have to convince the most progressive elements of the working class; then the whole working class and finally we have to convince the broad masses - both on a national and international scale.





Strategy and tactics, forms of combat, methods of fighting and weapons of anti-fascist struggle


As guidance the RFL uses above all the following textbooks of the Comintern (SH):

World-proletarian military science and the mastery of the world-revolutionary class war 

( in German language)


* * *


On Illegal Party Organization and Secret Tasks


And How To Avoid Legal, Sectarian, Reconciliatory, and Centrist Mistakes 


By Wolfgang Eggers

May 6th, 2003 (English translation by the American Section - in 2018)


* * *

Terrorism and the role of violence

Wolfgang Eggers - (in German language)

* * *


Armed Insurrection

Military Manual of the Comintern


The RFL will not survive without revolutionary violence as long as fascist violence is exercised. We prepare for that. However, it is a mistake to believe that the whole strategy and tactic of our anti-fascist struggle is exhausted just in violence.
First, we have to announce the RFL. The RFL must become known all over the world. Especially in its founding phase, the RFL focuses on anti-fascist propaganda as its primary priority for the time being, for the purpose of gaining the anti-fascists. For this, we will publish a central organ as a collective propagandist, agitator and organizer of the RFL:

"The Red Worldfront" (derived from the newspaper of the old RFL of 1924 - "The Red Front").

And this, again, does not mean that the RFL intends to postpone its anti-fascist action to the Day of St. John. Every combat organization evolves in the battle itself, thrives on combat, strengthens by means of fighting and absorbs new forces in combat. This is how the RFL develops, too.

So what do we want?

We do not want to and can not restrict ourselves to a specific form of combat or sole method of struggle. Without exception, we use all forms of combat and means that can be useful to achieve our goals. This is necessary because the special conditions are manifolded and developed differently in the course of both the anti-fascist world movement and that on the national scale.

In everything we do, we must always keep in mind that world fascism is not limited to means of extreme terror of violence, but uses all forms of combat and means of struggle, and even misuses our own revolutionary, communist forms of struggle and means of struggle for its own purpose. "Beat the class enemy with his own weapons". Mind you: This tactic is not only applied by the anti-fascists, but also by the fascists. Fascist terror is a demagogic masquerade, and calls itself "revolutionary".

The destruction of the fascist propaganda with which the masses are increasingly influenced day by day, is one of the most important means of the anti-fascist struggle.

If we want to beat world fascism, we also have to beat its influence on its social mass base within class society. We anti-fascists can do this only if we rely on our own mass base, which we must create and systematically organize in our anti-fascist struggle. Without the creation of our own international anti-fascist mass base, our fight against world fascism will be doomed from the start.

How will world fascism develop objectively?
World fascism will inevitably lead to the further polarization of world society between fascism and anti-fascism and thus end in a World War/Civil War, in a decisive international battle. Therefore, it is important to prepare and organize our weapons internationally for the decisive battle.

The time will come when we will again organize mass rallies like the early days of the old RFL in the '20s of the last century. But that's not possible in the moment, so we can wait for a while.

The time will come again when we will be in our own RFL uniform, just like back then. But we refrain from the uniform the time being. We behave as inconspicuously as possible in front of the "watchful" eyes of the "guardians of the state" and the fascists and thus only as openly as necessary.

The time will come again when we will organize anti-fascist actions of mass character, as we did then. However, this is a question of the realistic assessment of the balance of power between fascists and the police, which protects them, and also a question of how strong the anti-fascist united front is growing. We are dealing with an adversary we must neither underestimate nor overestimate. At any rate, today it is more advantageous to operate with small combat groups, as is characteristic of partisan combat. We want to give the "state wardens" as little as possible occasion to act against the RFL - and despite all that, to optimally exhaust the effectiveness of our anti-fascist actions. But we repeat: We must learn to test and master all other forms of combat as well.

We have no problems with learning from the combat tactics of the autonomists, who now has made own experience in the struggle against fascists and the police that protects them. Of course, the RFL does not intend to run after the autonomists. The RFL is not forming the tail of the autonomists. As early as 1924, we were at the head of the anti-fascist struggle and we want to be at the forefront of the anti-fascist struggle again. We prepare for this aim.

For security reasons, nobody will find more specific information about our combat tactics nobody will find here in our founding declaration. We will not let our class enemy in on our battle tactics.

We are prepared for the fascist state to supervise us with its "constitutional protection", pass on its data about us to the police and to fascist gangs so as to render us harmless without having to get their hands dirty, such as lawsuits in court in public.

The terror against us anti-fascists will not be limited to us alone. It is inevitably extended to ever larger sections of the population. The crimes of the fascist state and its gangs come to light and eventually humanity will cope with all crimes of world fascism - the faster and more thorough, the better.

We know from our own experience that the police infiltrate secret information about us into the fascist scene so that the fascists can eliminate us in a cold way - unnoticed by publicity.

We also know that it is the social-fascists who are trying to sneak into our organizations to take over our fortresses from within, eliminate our leaders, and channel our followers into undangerous, shallow waters.

We have an anti-fascist defense service that takes up its activity for the entire period before, during, and especially after the world socialist revolution.

Who? That's the question. The fascist "anti-terrorism service" or the anti-fascist anti-terrorism service?

The RFL adheres resolutely to its principle of self-protection:

Only a RFL, able to protect itself against the attacks of world fascism, will be able to help all the exploited and oppressed to protect themselves from world fascism. And vice versa: Being protected by the solidarity of the masses is the best protection of the RFL.

No one else will liberate the world proletariat from world fascism, than the world proletariat itself, which for this purpose creates its own
red world front, composed of all strata of society, which develops into an invincible anti-fascist world force.







"Chauvinism and preparation of war as the main elements of foreign policy; repression of the working class and terrorism in the sphere of home policy as a necessary means for strengthening the rear of future war fronts -- that is what is now particularly engaging the minds of contemporary imperialist politicians.

    It is not surprising that fascism has now become the most fashionable commodity among war-mongering bourgeois politicians. I am referring not only to fascism in general, but, primarily, to fascism of the German type, which is wrongly called national-socialism -- wrongly because the most searching examination will fail to reveal even an atom of socialism in it.

    In this connection the victory of fascism in Germany must be regarded not only as a symptom of the weakness of the working class and a result of the betrayals of the working class by Social-Democracy, which paved the way for fascism; it must also be regarded as a sign of the weakness of the bourgeoisie, a sign that the bourgeoisie is no longer able to rule by the old methods of parliamentarism and bourgeois democracy, and, as a consequence, is compelled in its home policy to resort to terrorist methods of rule -- as a sign that it is no longer able to find a way out of the present situation on the basis of a peaceful foreign policy, and, as a consequence, is compelled to resort to a policy of war.

    Such is the situation."


* * *


The anti-fascist ideas of Stalin and Enver Hoxha are invincible!

To learn from them means to totally smash world fascism!

"The decisive external factor of the historic victory of the Albanian people was the Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union and its great victory over fascism, irrespective of the fact that the Red Army did not come to Albania. Under the leadership of J.V. Stalin, the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the Second World War and played the principal role in the destruction of fascism. The victories of the Red Army over Hitlerite Germany created suitable conditions for the Albanian people to rise up as one man and through their own heroic fight to secure their complete national independence and establish the people’s power."

(Enver Hoxha)

* * *

The brutality of world fascism is not an expression of the strength of the world bourgeoisie. It is the death struggle of world imperialism. This reveals the despair of the world bourgeoisie, because it is forced to maintain its world domination by the only remaining means of fascism.

The world bourgeoisie is incapable of eliminating world fascism it has established itself. The world bourgeoisie would have to abolish itself at the same time. Only the world proletariat is therefore capable of this heroic act. It will bring the biggest sacrifice for this and will be victorious.

The gigantic stream of world history inevitably leads to the victory and triumph of the revolutionary proletariat over fascism of the world bourgeoisie and all her lackeys.

Anti-fascists of all countries - unite in the RFL!

RFL - unite all anti-fascists all over the world!

Fight for the world socialist revolution, the highest expression of anti-fascist struggle and the only guarantee of its victory over world fascism!

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat upon the ruins of world fascism is today on the agenda of the anti-fascist united front of the world proletariat!

Death to world fascism ! - That's nothing else but the battle cry for the victory of world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Red Front Fighters' League!

Long live the Red World Front !

Long live the Comintern (SH) !

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !

July 29, 2019

written by Wolfgang Eggers

Publisher: Comintern (SH)


"So comrades, come rally
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale

Unites the human race."

("The International")


* * *


link to the central organ of the RFL:

"The Red Worldfront"