Long live the common fighting front of the Egyptian and German proletariat in the global fighting front of the world proletariat!


About the dialectical unity of the common struggle of the Egyptian and German proletariat

Written by Wolfgang Eggers

on September 27th, 2019

on the occasion of the second wave of the Egyptian revolution

The victory of the socialist revolution in Egypt is based on the smashing of the counterrevolution and the fascist state by the working class in alliance with the poor peasants!

The victory of the socialist revolution in Egypt will be secured and strengthened by the establishment of the dictatorship of the Egyptian proletariat.

This requires not only solidarity support from the working class in all Arab countries, but also support from the working class in the imperialist countries and from the whole world proletariat.

Just as the world socialist revolution is based on the socialist revolution of every country, so too must the globalized counterrevolution be defeated in the common struggle of the working class in the individual countries.

The counterrevolution in Egypt is supported and directed globally by the counterrevolution of world imperialism. So if you want to crush the counterrevolution in Egypt, you have to cut its links with the international counterrevolution, the struggle must be waged not only against the Egyptian counterrevolution, but against the globalized counterrevolution, against world imperialism. The Egyptian proletariat cannot accomplish this task alone, not without the support of the entire world proletariat. For this, the Egyptian proletariat needs global resources, which it receives through the solidarity of the entire world proletariat. The Egyptian proletariat is not alone in the fight against world imperialism, which exploits and oppresses Egypt.

The Egyptian proletariat forms a common front with the world proletariat. The Egyptian proletariat fights against the influence of world imperialism in its own country, while at the same time the world proletariat fights against the influence of world imperialism on Egypt from outside. This is the dialectic of the proletarian world front of the Comintern (SH) against world imperialism.

In this globalized struggle against world imperialism and its globalized counterrevolution, the Comintern (SH) relies primarily on its sections, which create the common proletarian front from their own country. This common front is bilateral in form but an internationalist front in content, a Sections' participation of the centrally organized proletarian world front.

In this general sense:

Long live the common fighting front of the Egyptian and German proletariat in the global fighting front of the world proletariat!

One cannot crush German imperialism without crushing its influence in Egypt, without finally preventing it from further exploiting and suppressing the Egyptian people. At the same time, German imperialism will be all the more easily defeated if it can no longer strengthen itself through the plundering of foreign peoples. The overthrow of German imperialism is therefore of common interest to the Egyptian and German working classes, from which results the formation of their common fighting front against German imperialism.

The liberation of the Egyptian and German people from German imperialism is the joint task of the Egyptian and German proletariat under the leadership of the Egyptian and German sections of the Comintern (SH). However, the two sections can only successfully solve this common task under the central leadership of the Comintern (SH), which brings the two departments of the world proletariat together and integrates them into the great proletarian world army. The victory of the world socialist revolution over world imperialism also means a victory over German imperialism, it means the end of the exploitation and oppression of the Egyptian people by German imperialism. In the same way, the exploitation and oppression of the Egyptian people by all other imperialists in the world will be foughtin the same way, eliminated and thus ended.

This article is specifically about the fight against German imperialism, one of the many imperialist enemies of the Egyptian working class and the Egyptian poor peasants.

The German imperialists are part of the imperialist world order and support the counterrevolution in Egypt from outside.

For the Comintern (SH), proletarian internationalism under the conditions of globalization means that its sections unite in a common struggle. Just as the Egyptian section fights fascism in your country, so the German section fights in your country against the support of the fascist regime in Egypt by the German imperialists. The point is to build a common anti-imperialist and anti-fascist world front in which the Egyptian and German working classes have come together to form a fighting front.

Let us fight together against the predatory interests of German imperialism in Egypt!

The Federal Republic of Germany supports the fascist dictatorship of Al-Sisi in Egypt.

Egypt's repressive apparatus are notorious for brutal torture and the disappearance of unpopular people. The Egyptian fascists suck the blood of the Egyptian people and the German imperialists profits from this. The Egyptian fascist state has been supported by Berlin and the EU for years - also especially in the name of the imperialist refugee policy of Germany.

German police officers train their Egyptian colleagues and equip them with all kinds of military equipment. Egyptian secret services cooperate closely with German agencies. German government advisors know by themselves that the German aid to Egypt's repression will not tame the Egyptian revolution but accelerate the resistance of the masses and the outbreak of the next wave of the Egyptian revolution.


One reason is the dramatic increase in poverty. According to official government figures, 33 percent of the approximately 100 million Egyptians currently live below the poverty line; In 2015 it was 28 percent. However, the figures are considered too low; In April of this year, the World Bank assumed that a good 66 million Egyptians were poor or at least at risk of poverty. The elimination of subsidies and a significant increase in the price of fuel and basic foodstuffs have massively fueled outrage, especially among young people. In addition, there is widespread anger over rampant corruption. Young men are particularly affected and are therefore at the forefront of the revolution. We speak of a new generation of revolution after the one in 2011.


Brutal repression by the fascist police and military apparatus which is the biggest and most modern all over Africa.

So far, the brutal violence with which the government under the fascist leader Al Sisi has been holding down all opposition since 2013 had prevented major protests - despite growing anger among the population. Anyone who expresses criticism will be arrested. Torture and police arbitrariness are the order of the day. In fact, according to information from human rights organizations, around 60,000 people have been detained for political reasons since the military coup in July 2013; Hundreds have been sentenced to death in politically motivated trials. Between July 2013 and August 2018 alone, over 1,500 people disappeared from state custody. Their fate is unknown. The death of the 28-year-old Italian journalist Giulio Regeni, who was found murdered in Cairo on February 3, 2016, has still not been cleared up; his body bore traces of torture, which are typical of the Egyptian repressive forces. Even after last Friday, the government in Cairo reacted with violence: human rights activists from Egypt reported mass arrests; the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights has already documented more than 1,000 cases. Many of them can therefore expect charges of alleged membership of a “terrorist organization”. Egypt is a prison of the oppressed and exploited classes.

The German government systematically supports the fascist government of Al Sisi - and has done so for years. Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Egyptian ruler for the first time in early June 2015 in the German capital; The visit, which was accompanied by protests, allegedly helped Al Sisi to polish up the severely damaged international reputation of the Egyptian government after the Cairo military coup of July 3, 2013 and the subsequent massacres in which more than 3,000 civilians were allegedly killed. Even then, the federal government was also in the process of expanding its cooperation with Egypt's repressive apparatus. It was particularly about bilateral police cooperation. The main reason for this was the German government's intention to involve Cairo in the EU's refugee deportation. At the same time, the expansion of economic relations was initiated. Siemens boss Joe Kaeser signed an agreement on June 3, 2015 in the presence of Al Sisi and the then Federal Minister of Economics, Sigmar Gabriel, to expand the ailing Egyptian energy supply. This was not only seen as a contribution to the consolidation of the Cairo government; With a volume of a good eight billion euros, it was the largest power plant business in the history of the Siemens group.


... with German "help"

In particular, Berlin has continuously strengthened cooperation on repression since then. The aim is still to support the Egyptian border police in repelling refugees. For example, the federal government has set up a "border police liaison officer" at the German embassy in Cairo and organized courses for Egyptian border police officers. In addition, the Federal Police officially provided equipment assistance for the Egyptian police. The last time the Egyptian border police were given satellite phones and GPS devices was in March 2019. In addition to the German authorities, the refugee deportation agency Frontex also works with Cairo - at EU level. The official framework for this is the so-called migration dialogue, which the EU and Egypt started on December 16, 2017 and which entered its second round on June 25, 2019. Cooperation with repression clearly goes beyond the legality of joint refugee policy. The federal government has confirmed that there is close cooperation with Egypt's secret service GIS (General Intelligence Service), which has even officially sent a liaison officer to the German capital. Last but not least, Egypt was one of the largest customers of the German arms industry in 2016 and 2017 - everything that the Egyptian workers and peasants had to pay from their pockets.

With 7.1 billion US dollars, Germany is already Cairo's largest creditor behind international organizations (28.4 billion US dollars) and the Gulf monarchies (23.1 billion US dollars).

In addition, Al Sisi made enemies in his own fascist camp. Those who had Al Sisi's government jailed include former holders of leading state offices, including former high-ranking military officials. These oppositional forces in the camp of the Egyptian class enemies are interested in overthrowing al-Sisi in order to put themselves into power. As alraedy the same with Mubarak the military want to harness the rebellious masses to their own fascist carts. The German imperialists are interested in having peace and order in Egypt so that they can make profits undisturbed. Support for fascism in Egypt is a backfire for the German government: the more the German imperialists support the fascist regime, the more they unleash the Egyptian revolution and thus endanger their own business in Egypt. At the same time, the federal government is organizing its PR offensive, with which the Western targets of revolution in the Islamic world are being promoted. "Support" the "Arab Spring" only in words and, in deeds it is just for the purpose of profit maximization!

Last year, the German government approved record exports of arms to Egypt. As confirmed by the government, the value of the commitments made in 2017 was around 428 million euros. Cairo will receive, among other things, submarines manufactured by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. The deliveries are made despite allegations of serious human rights violations against the Egyptian military regime. The Egyptian Navy also supports the war waged by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia against Yemen. The coalition will also continue to be armed with German weapons. Arms exports to the United Arab Emirates have recently been expanded despite the humanitarian catastrophe in which they are plunging Yemen. The German government disregards its own laws, namely that the government is forbidden to export German weapons to crisis areas.

Egypt is the most important German business location on the African continent after South Africa. German companies, such as Siemens, want to benefit from new infrastructure projects with orders worth billions. Business is given importance not least because it could significantly strengthen Germany's position in Egypt - against the growing influence, not least of all, of Russia. Moscow has significantly intensified its cooperation with Cairo over the past two years, including supporting the construction of an Egyptian nuclear power plant and expanding cooperation with the Egyptian armed forces.

A police agreement between the two countries is in preparation and joint training courses are being held. Last but not least, the measures are aimed at preventing refugees coming to Europe. The attempt by the German government to re-establish cooperation with Cairo is the latest step in a series of failed attempts to gain greater influence over Egypt, a key country in the Middle East. The Federal Republic's cooperation with the Mubarak regime ended when it was overthrown. Your collaboration with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood ended in 2013 with the violent removal of Islamist President Muhammad Morsi by the Egyptian military. In both cases, German-Egyptian cooperation strengthened repressive elements. Berlin is now building on this again.

At the same time, the German government is beginning to expand its influence on the Egyptian opposition, too, in order to subordinate it to its imperialist interests. The German imperialists are currently worried that the Egyptian revolution will negatively affect their low-wage investments in Egypt.

The parties-affiliated foundations play an important role in the efforts of the German government to increase the influence of German imperialism in the course of the revolutions in the countries of North Africa. For this purpose, the Adenauer Foundation had established new contacts with opposition circles and made particular efforts to recruit conservative Islamic forces. Like all other party foundations (the Friedrich Ebert Foundation of the SPD and the Naumann Foundation of the FDP), the Adenauer Foundation is largely financed by citizens' tax money: These foundations work closely with the Berlin ministerial bureaucracies. Its activities in the conservative Islamic milieu come at a time when the United States is initiating closer cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood, which is damaging to Europe's imperialist interests. Egyptian functional elites are integrated into the German network in order to give German companies access to exclusive knowledge and to new markets in Egypt.

German business associations are pushing Egypt to far-reaching deregulation of its economy in favor of foreign corporations. If it were up to the German imperialists, Cairo would have to open up the Egyptian market even further and reduce subsidies that ould benefit poor sections of the population to a minimum. This is what the federal associations of German industry (BDI) and wholesalers and foreign trade (BGA) are calling for. Strikes should also be contained, say company circles; German trade unionists could act as role models for "social partnership behavior" (!!!) This is where the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung of the SPD and the German trade union federation come into play for influencing the social fascist trade unions in Egypt.

Despite the ongoing protests in the Arab countries, German companies continue to provide the regimes there with repression technology. At the end of February, several companies from the Federal Republic of Germany presented state-of-the-art technology for controlling the Internet at a trade fair in Dubai aimed at police and secret services from the Middle East and Africa. Products for locating cell phones and spying on computer hard drives were also offered. The export of so-called security technology is considered by German companies to be quite lucrative: The Ministry of Economic Affairs estimates the global security market at around 100 billion euros a year - with an upward trend - it has been supporting the German repression industry since November 2010 with a new "export security technology initiative". It was only in January that the Parliamentary State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics, Hans-Joachim Otto, stayed for talks about security projects in the United Arab Emirates. German spy software was delivered to the Egyptian domestic intelligence service.

While the German government tries to give the public the impression that it supports the Arab democracy movements and admonishes the fascist government of Al-Sisi to “moderate”, it is increasingly following its imperialist policy in the Arab world. Since the hegemony of the USA and the EU over the resource areas of the Middle East is threatenedby China and Russia, the German government does not shy away from continuing its imperialist policy by means of military force.

Review of the historical tradition of the pillage of Egypt by German imperialism

What are German soldiers doing in Africa except to wage a criminal war of aggression?

Like every imperialist, one tries to rob, plunder and subjugate a foreign people by force of arms.

There are enough pictures of Egyptian police officers who pose with their Hitler salute and who are even proud of it. Some Nazi-leaders fled from Germany to Kairo to escape from being punished because of their war crimes.

The Egyptian military and the mukhabarat were not only supported by the Federal Republic in the 1950s. After an interruption resulting from a change in foreign policy in the United States, they have been receiving armaments and training again in the Federal Republic since the late 1970s. The background is geostrategic considerations for controlling the Middle Eastern resource areas. The support will therefore continue despite the current allegations of torture.

The Federal Republicof Germany began shortly after the Second World War with measures to train and arm the Egyptian armed forces - using former officers from the Wehrmacht and SS. These were active in Cairo with the approval of the United States.

Delivery of submachine guns to Egypt. German weapons thus contribute to the long-lasting tensions in the area.

The federal government is the direct legal successor to the looters of Egyptian cultural treasures, tons of which were carried off to Berlin or destroyed by the German armed forces. Berlin is therefore in a dispute with the Egyptian government. According to Berlin's view, stolen treasures from Egyptian history have passed into German possession "through the passage of time". The Berlin appearance testifies to the arrogance of imperialist robbers and is condemned by the world proletariat, combined with the demand that war looted goods be returned immediately. No more culture blockade by the federal government against the Egyptian people!

German armaments experts were already involved in a struggle for influence over the Egyptian army in the 1950s and 1960s. Until 1963, former Nazi functionaries participated in the development of Egyptian missiles with the approval (!) of the German government.

After the Second World War, thousands of National Socialists fled Europe. What was unknown for a long time: Egypt and Syria hired dozens of Nazi men and war criminals from the Third Reich. Submerged after World War II, covered by the Catholic Church and ultimately lured to the Middle East. They became secret service agents, generals, propaganda advisers or weapon lobbyists. They should build an all-Arab army, an army of millions. An army that should have a uniform structure of command and a fascist military doctrine. This seemed important to the leaders of the Arab League as a first step towards federating their states . The matter itself was top secret. Only King Faruk and Adel Sabit, the leaders of the Arab League and the General Staff of the Egyptian Army were informed that the Nazi Schmitt came to Egypt with more than 70 German Nazis in his wake.

In 1951, King Faruk's brother invited a man to Egypt who, as the leading manager of the German industrial giant Reichswerke Hermann Göring, had organized massive slave laboring in Czechoslovakia. His name: Wilhelm Voss. He had two jobs. He should develop the Egyptian arms industry. This included engineers from Borsig, Rheinmetall and Krupp and rocket technicians who tried in vain to build a rocket for Egypt. They were subordinate to Voss and his secretary Josef Tiefenbacher, a former SS man from Heinrich Himmler's close staff, and met in rooms of the Egyptian War Ministry. The boss was Wilhelm Fahrmbacher, a former artillery general, his office was right next to that of the chief of staff of the Egyptian army. The imported Nazis were involved in all branches of the military. Tactical and operational advice, training on weapons, reorganization of recruitment, practical training, weapons storage. Egyptians were trained by the German officers for operations by special forces - like a kind of blitzkrieg or night fighting. During the war, many Egyptians admired Nazi general Rommel, hisVictories over the English colonialists who were hated by the Egyptians for being the imperialist occupying power. The Egyptians placed themselves under the protection of the Nazis in order to get rid of the British occupiers. After the war, the federal government exploited this Egyptian sympathy for Germany for its own imperialist interests. The Ministry of Economic Affairs was very interested in contacts with the Egyptian military advisory group of the Nazis, because they hoped that this would result in lucrative economic contracts being awarded to German companies. In 1951, Voss needed machines, means of transport and all kinds of equipment that he had imported from Germany for the development of the Egyptian armaments industry. The German Ministry of Economic Affairs supported him by making it easier for him to leave the country and recommending certain experts. Voss ordered German products to equip the Egyptian army. Other military instructors soon discovered an even more lucrative calling: as a representative of German business. In the 1950s Germany tried to rebuild. The industry was looking for customers. And the Arab countries freed from colonial rule were a promising market for them. Overall, many, including former Nazis, worked as representatives of German companies in the Middle East, and some also used the Nazi image for their corporate business. There is a report from a businessman who gave a Hitler salute because he thought it would promote business. Mercedes-Benz, VW, Siemens, Quandt did business with Egypt. Voss advised the arms specialist Flick and the aircraft manufacturer Heinkel in the Arab world. In the mid-1950s, however, the situation changed. Gamal Abdel Nasser took power in Egypt in 1954. He turned to Russian social imperialism. In September 1955 he signed an arms supply agreement with the USSR. The weapons came through Czechoslovakia. According to a BND report, Voss also played his part in these transactions by reactivating his previous contacts with Czechoslovakia. The old contacts from the time of the Second World War allowed the old National Socialists to continue the war against France and Great Britain and to remain true to their convictions without fear of punishment. Nevertheless, the Federal Intelligence Service wooed them: “M. With the right guidance and guidance, it would probably be a positive for the Federal Republic in the entire Arab world. … If possible, then aim to win M. for us in the long term! ”In 1956 Mertins became a BND ( employee, Beisner in 1957. Even Egypt's President Nasser did not want to do without the old National Socialists entirely. Joachim Deumling, former head of the Gestapo, became a security advisor to the Egyptian intelligence service. And in 1956, one of the famous Nazi propagandists of Joseph Goebbels came to Cairo for the Propaganda Department: Johann von Leers. The Federal Intelligence Service (German secret service) recruited him as a source, code name: "Nazi-Emi - Goebbels". The central instrument of the Third Reich was the radio, which spread Nazi ideology in the local Arabic language on a daily basis in North Africa and the Middle East. In Egypt, in the 1960s, he once again recruited some scientific staff from the Third Reich to build rockets. Artur Schmitt, the general who started everything in Egypt, returned to Germany. He went into politics and in 1966 became a member of the NPD (German Nazi-Party) in the Bavarian state parliament. He posed on election's posters in Wehrmacht uniform with a Nazi eagle and swastika.

The Egyptian rocket construction with the help of the imported Nazis was also a direct threat to the Israeli bourgeoisie. According to documents from the Israeli secret service, the latter hired (!) one of the notorious Nazi criminals - the Waffen SS officer Skorzeny. On behalf of the Mossad, he murdered the Nazi rocket technician Heinz Krug, who was in the service of the Egyptian military. Krug's body was burned with acid in a forest near Munich and buried there. As a thank you, Israel deleted the name Skorzeny from its "wanted register" of persecuted Nazi criminals.

This is the historical background against which the German and Egyptian Section of ther Red Front Fighters' League have to work together to tear up the roots of fascism in our two countries forever.