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What does it mean to defend the revolution ?

Defending the revolution means nothing else than to march further forward towards the socialist revolution !

All-African Sectionof the Comintern (SH)





“The people want the fall of the regime.”

“No fear. The street belongs to the people.”


In capitalist Tunisia:

More than 1,000 people arrested in Tunisia over past two weeks in protests against corruption and police brutality.

"Police everywhere, justice nowhere!"

The death of the assassinated secular activist and lawyer Chokri Belaid in February 2013 triggered a wave of protests in Tunisia.



Messages of Solidarity


Due to the plundering of its natural resources, namely oil, we launched a

Message of solidarity

with the All Africa Section of the Comintern (SH).
























To date, Ogoniland is considered one of the worst polluted regions in the world

The oil spill in the Niger Delta is an ongoing oil pollution, with more than two million tons of crude oil polluting the Niger Delta ecosystem in the last 50 years.

This dirty gang of European imperialists work with all means , if only the profit hums: climate destruction, environmental destruction, mass murder, corruption, destruction of the livelihood of poor farmers and fishermen.

Two Nigerian villages are now to be compensated for the contamination of their fields according to a court decision in The Hague. The Shell Group will easily pay for this out of its petty cash, but the verdict is of international political significance. It is not only the reputation of the oil multinationals that is at stake here. The reputation of the entire world imperialism is at stake here. Two trends are emerging in the world:

The imperialists can no longer do what they want. And the impoverished world population will no longer be powerless to put up with everything from the imperialists as before. Are these not the basic conditions for the maturing of the world revolution ? What proofs do our opponents still need to admit that the Comintern (SH) is right with its predictions ?!!


* * *

This judgment against crimes of the Imperiaists is long overdue. And the fact that it was handed down at all is not due to the "sense of justice" of the court in The Hague, which finally delayed the trial of Shell for years, but this victory is due to the persistent resistance struggle of the poor farmers in the Niger Delta, supported by the international solidarity of environmentalists. Shell repeatedly denied the allegations, saying that saboteurs were responsible for the leaks. The Hague Court, however, had to give in under the growing pressure of the global environmental movement in order not to be caught in the fire of criticism itself as an abettor of the big corporations.

Unfortunately, this ruling is only a drop in the bucket. And even if now hopefully further judgements against the oil companies in Nigeria and everywhere in the world will follow, so thereby fundamentally nothing will change in the world imperialist robbery system. The imperialists do not stop at any new crime, because imperialists are nothing else than criminals.

It is not only about the compensation of the poor farmers and fishermen of the region for the caused damages, it is also not only about the compensation for the caused damages to the nature, but it is about finally fighting the causes, and in such a way that such things cannot happen again.

It is world capitalism against which one must not only defend oneself, but which must be eliminated in a revolutionary way and replaced by world socialism. This is what the Comintern (SH) is fighting for !

The nature and people exploited by the imperialists are not represented by a bourgeois international court. The judgment is eyewash !

Only with a proletarian international court the crimes of the world imperialists can be really punished, because in world imperialism there is no justice. Justice can be won by the world proletariat, and with it by the poor peasants, only through the armed overthrow of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie.


* * *

"Don't Let Shell Kill Again"

Ken Saro-Wiwa

Head held high to the gallows

On October 31, 1995, he and eight other civil rights activists were sentenced to death in a show trial and executed ten days later. Shell was also complicit in this murder.

recommended website:

The Life & Death of Ken Saro-Wiwa:

[ a history of the struggle for justice in the Niger Delta ]

When 300,000 people demonstrated on January 4, 1993 - the so-called Ogoni Day - the military regime responded with brutal force and occupied the Ogoni area.


Funding Murder in Nigeria




The Polisario Front, which fought a war for independence from Morocco from 1975 to 1991, will never lay down its arms until its homeland is completely freed and independent.

“We have waited 30 years. Thirty years of broken promises, prevarication and untenable waiting.”

Smash the UNO

- the prolonged arm of world imperialism !

Morocco - get out off Sahrawi !

Solidarity with the liberation war of the people of Sahrawi !

Long live the socialist revolution of the Arab world !

This is the only way out for ending imperialist slavery of all Arab peoples !

For the founding of the Sahrawi Sction of the Comintern (SH) !





We cannot get rid of Museveni by means of elections - only by means of the armed violence of the revolution !



Uganda’s most cheating-free election since independence !

Uganda’s January 14 presidential election was an election held at gunpoint in the cover of fascist darkness.

Days before the polls, Museveni not only ordered a full shutdown of the country’s internet but also demonstrated the military might of his dictatorial regime by filling Kampala’s streets with tanks and skies with helicopters. His message to the voters was clear: “it is either me, or war”.

His regime also used restrictions put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19 to target opposition rallies and prevent his rivals from connecting with voters across the country.

Bobi Wine has been arrested and detained under trumped-up charges three times in the months leading up to the election. His second arrest in mid-November, for allegedly breaking COVID-19 gathering restrictions, led to widespread protests across the country. As Bobi Wine’s supporters took to the streets in urban centres to demand free and fair elections, security forces responded with bullets and tear gas. According to Museveni himself, at least 54 people lost their lives in these state-sponsored episodes of violence. The youngest victim of the violence was a 15-year-old boy named Amos Segawa.




The Revolution goes on !


Ten years after the fall of Ben Ali, we have to struggle further for the same basic revolutionary demands.


"The system must go !"

Protesters block a street during clashes with security forces in Ettadhamen on January 17


What we are witnessing currently is a protest movement against a multifaceted crisis stemming from political and economic exploitation and oppression of the Tunisian people over two decades in the making. This capitalist crisis will last as long as capitalism in Tunisia does exist.Ten years after the revolution, Tunisia has a highly dysfunctional political system, a broken economy, and a bickering bourgeois class fighting for share of the cake. The Tunisian bourgeoisie oppresses brutally every revolutionary resistance but the Tunisian revolution will go on until the bourgeoisie is overthrown and its capitalist system smashed into 1000 pieces !






21st of January 2021

97th death anniversary












31st of December 2000 - 31st of December 2020




Since Abiy Ahmed came to power over three million Ethiopians have been internally displaced.






The blood of the Ethiopian peoples is on the hands of the world imperialists.



Abiy declared war on the Regional Government of Tigray in early November 2020.


Ethiopia’s fascist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is a "Nobel Peace Prize winner" - thus in service of world imperialism for spilling the blood of the Ethiopian peoples.


Fascist occupation troops from Addis Ababa

Hands off Tigray ! Hands off Mekelle!

Soldiers of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF)

- turn around the rifles !

Long live the liberation war in Tigray !

At least, provide passive resistance and stay home in your barracks.

Fight the imperialists who instigate the blood bath - and not the people !

Let us together overthrow the exploitative and oppressive regime in Ethiopia !

All traitors and renegades who sold Ethiopia to world imperialism - to the gallows !

Long live the armed socialist revolution in Ethiopia and the solidarity of the world proletariat with the Ethiopian peoples !


The revolutionary Tigrayan fighters led the rebel march to drive out the fascist Derg regime in 1991.

They could repeat this heroic deed by the overthrow of the brutal regime of the terrorist Abiy Ahmed !

However, the decisive difference between before 1991 and now, is the different ideology which commands the weapons.

The civil war and ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia can only be solved on the basis of the Stalinist nationality policy.

Once , the Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray was affiliated to the Marxist-Leninist World movement of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The German KPD/ML maintained good relationships in the 80s. Comrade Wolfgang Eggers was invited to participate in celebrations in Tigray, but because of conflicts that happened at the border to Sudan, his trip to Tigray failed.

Meanwhile, Marxism-Leninism in Tigray was betrayed and the MLLT was dissolved in favor of the "popular front" model of the traitor Dimitrov (coalition with bourgeois elements that opened doors to the development of a capitalist Ethiopia) which ended in bloody terrorism of a social-fascist regime. Self-critically we must state that we did not understand this neo-revisionist betrayal in Tigray in time. As far as we know, the ICMLPO was involved in this revisionist degeneration in Tigray, too. Thus, this process of dissolution of the revolutionary forces was influenced from outside.

Today, the conflict in Ethiopia is an example for the consequences of abondening from Marxism-Leninism, namely in result = fascism and the sell-out of Ethiopia to the world imperialists under the most brutal oppression and exploitation of the people.

After the fall of Socialist Albania many movements in the world turned away from Marxism-Leninism. All these movements, they have two faces:

On our Ethiopian website we have already critisized all those movements that betrayed the PLA of Enver Hoxha:

1. The one movements turned away directly and openly.

2. The other movements turned also away in deeds, however they still "stick" to comrade Enver Hoxha by pure lip service .... to deceive the people !

Both sorts of movements are treacherous, counter-revolutionary movements which will be combatted consistently by the Comintern (SH) !

Here, we publish some historical documents:

Communist Party Ethiopia / Marxist-Leninists

Radio Tirana

Broadcast period from August 18 to August 31, 1978

The Central Committee of the KP Ethiopia / ML

writes in a telegram to the Central Committee of the PAA among other things:

We are deeply outraged by the Chinese government's arrogant act against the glorious party, the socialist state and the revolutionary people of Albania. The Chinese leaders have trampled under foot the principles of proletarian internationalism and Marxism-Leninism, one after the other. By spreading the extraordinarily pragmatic and reactionary “Theory of the Three Worlds”, Chinese leaders are pursuing a policy of great power. This behavior towards the PLA and the courageous people of Albania is an expression of this reactionary theory and the deep hatred they have against the communist, Marxist-Leninist movement, the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples.

Ethiopia's working class, led by its party, its revolutionary vanguard department, condemns the criminal act of the Chinese government. It expresses its unconditional support for the working class and the PLA, which continues to wage a principled, unwavering struggle against the capitalist-revisionist encirclement, the aggression and subversion of imperialism, social-imperialism and the opportunists of all shades. We are determined to defend the homeland of the banner of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, such as the international proletariat, the SVR Albania, from the hateful attacks of the Chinese opportunists and all other reactionaries and renegades of Marxism-Leninism. We also trust that the glorious PLA will emerge from this attack successfully and continue to build socialism on its own, that it will stand like a safe bulwark of the world revolution. ”

Radio Tirana

Broadcast period August 4 to August 17, 1978

Some friends of Albania from Ethiopia write in a letter to the embassy of the SVR Albania in Cairo:

We condemn the Chinese government's arbitrary and unilateral cessation of economic aid to Albania. We are certain that, just like in 1960, when you used your own resources to overcome the blackmailing of the Soviet revisionists - in order to bring the Albanian people to their knees - they also overcome these difficulties and thus the banner of Marxism-Leninism will lift even higher. All upright Marxist-Leninists in the world are on the right line of the PLA. ”

The Comintern (SH) calls to all former members and supporters of the MLLT, not to forget their sympathy for comrade Enver Hoxha.

Make contact with the Comintern (SH) to establish the Ethiopian Section.

Long live the socialist Ethiopia in a socialist Africa !

Long live the world socialist revolution !

Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism !


website of the Comintern (SH)

on Ethiopia














decided on 8th of November 2020

Hereby, the Comintern (SH) declares the founding of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH).

We send our militant communist greetings to the exploited and oppressed masses of Africa, to the African working class, and to the Ugandan Section, founded today!




The All-African Section and its place in the Comintern (SH)

The founding of our All-African Section is based on the decision of the Comintern (SH) that all its Sections will be founded on 8th November in order to underline the importance of the founding of the Party of Labor of Albania, 8th November 1941.
We welcome that the Comintern (SH) founded its All-African Section on the 79th anniversary of the Party of Labour (PLA).
This is a great honor for us and at the same time an obligation to follow together with all the comrades of the Comintern (SH) the glorious path of Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.
The main task of our All-African Section is to prepare the African proletariat for the socialist revolution with the aim of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat, closely linked to the goal of proletarian internationalism, namely to turn the African proletariat into a detachment of the revolutionary army of the world proletariat. Our aim is supporting the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat. Africa shall be a socialist continent in a socialist world. We fight for a classless society in Africa , for world comunism.

Our goal is no different from the goals of the proletarians of all countries, namely to fight together for the victory of the world proletarian revolution, to destroy the criminal capitalist imperialist world system and to end forever the reckless exploitation and suppression of the world proletariat. We fight for world socialism and world communism, for a communist Asia in a communist world.
To achieve these goals we are guided by the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.
We base our revolutionary actions and activities on the glorious experience of the CPSU (Bolsheviks) led by Lenin and Stalin, as well as on Comrade Enver Hoxha and the glorious Party of Labor of Albania, as well as on the glorious experiences of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.
Today, the communist movement in Africa is fragmented and disorganized.
This will change fundamentally starting today with the founding of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH).
The enemy in our country has become a global enemy and therefore we must organize ourselves globally if we want to overthrow world capitalism inclusively the capitalist class society in Africa.

Applied to the particular conditions of the African world, Stalinism – Hoxhaism in the question of organisation is the theory and tactics of organizing the African proletarian revolution, in general, and the theory and tactics of organising the African dictatorship of the proletariat, in particular.

One African proletariat - one proletarian All-African Section of the Comintern (SH).

Only by means of the construction of the All-African Section, the Comintern (SH) will succeed in her dedicated work for the development of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement in Africa, the revolutionary struggle of the African proletariat, by supporting (by propaganda, by moral and material support) just such a struggle, - and only such a line - by the proletariat in all African countries - without exception.
The All-African Section will follow strictly these general organizational principles applied to the African continent in general, and to the single African countries in particular.
The socialist revolution in the individual African countries is thus only part of the socialist revolution of the proletarians of the whole African continent.
According to this relationship of the socialist revolution is the organizational structure of the Comintern (SH) on the African continent.
The All–African Section leads the struggle for the liberation from capitalism in the whole African world, for seizing political power of the whole proletariat all over Africa, for establishing the African proletarian dictatorship, for constructing socialism all over Africa, and finally for creating the classless African society – the communist Africa in a communist world.
Every individual African Section is subordinated under the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) which is the central leader of the whole world socialist revolution, namely on all continents.
It is the All-African Section which leads the individual African Sections because we regard the socialist revolution in individual African countries not from a narrow national (or Pan-African) view point, but from an internationalist view point, from the view point of the victory of the whole African revolutionary proletariat as one of the strong armies of the world proletariat.
The African proletariat can only get rid of the chains of capitalist slavery by means of forming its powerful All-African unity in every African country.
Unity of the proletariat in an individual African country is part of the unity of the proletariat of the whole African continent and serves the latter.
Vice versa, the organized powerful unity of the whole African proletariat does also strengthen the unity of the proletariat in every single country:
The slogan of every Section of the Comintern (SH) is:

One for all – and all for one !

Without strengthening the class struggle in one's own country, the struggle of the whole African communist movement would become powerless and motionless.
We will prevent this from happening, by bringing the proletarian forces of an individual African country into conformity with the strength of the communist movement on an All-African scale.
This way, the African revolutionary movement unfolds its highest potency for the required clout against all the African bourgeoisie and other lackeys of world imperialism in general, and against the exploiting and oppressing classes in every individual African country in particular.
That is the mode of action, the nature of the functionality of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist Movement in the African world.
Without this dialectical mode of operation between parts and whole, neither a victory of the socialist revolution all over the African continent, nor a victory of the socialist revolution in an individual African country will be guaranteed.

* * *

The Africa Section is one of the Continental Sections, centrally guided by the Comintern (SH).

If the Comintern (SH) wants to carry out the world socialist revolution on a global scale, it must have continental sections, each of which carries out the world socialist revolution on its own continent. The Comintern (SH) will lead the world socialist revolution on all continents of the world through the continental sections, which are united to a centralized fighting staff. The continental sections will be founded by the Comintern (SH) as soon as the necessary conditions have been created for them. As of today, two new Continental Sections - the All-African Section and the All-Asian Section - will be added to the already existing All-Arab Section.

The All-African Section leads the African proletariat to world socialist revolution and in turn brings world socialist revolution to every African country. The All-African Section is the dialectical link between the Comintern (SH) and the Section of each African country in order to unite the world socialist revolution with the socialist revolution on the African continent.

Where do the Arab countries of North Africa belong ? Do they belong to the All-Arab Section or the All-African Section? They are Arab countries on the African continent. In general, therefore, they belong to both the All-African Section and the All-Arab Section and thus play a twofold role both in the victory of the socialist revolution on the African continent and in the victory of the socialist revolution in the Arab world. The North African countries are inhabited by Arab peoples who, together with all the other peoples of the Arab world, have risen to the Arab revolution ("Arab spring"), with the "Arab spring" having started in Tunisia and then spread to all other Arab countries. This historical fact underlines the great importance of the North African countries in all Arab issues. And therefore the decision of the Comintern (SH) to assign the North African countries mainly to the All-Arab Section is correct. But this is not the only North African contribution to the world socialist revolution. In the North African countries, there are also questions concerning the African revolution, in the solution of which they are of course also involved. The All-African Section thus leads the North African countries to the extent that the overall interests of the proletariat on the African continent are affected. In the questions of the African revolution, therefore, the All-African Section also takes the lead in the North African countries and shares it with the All-Arab Section by mutual agreement under the guidance of the Comintern (SH).

By the way, the same division of labor also applies to all Arab countries on the Asian continent. The All-Asian Section exerts leadership on the Arab countries of the Asian continent only to the extent necessary for the uniform implementation of the world socialist revolution in Asia. The independence of the All-Arab Section in its role as leader of the world socialist revolution in the Arab world remains unaffected by its cooperation with the All-African Section and the All-Asian Section.

This requires a division of tasks for close cooperation between the All-Arabic Section and All-African Section which is in the interest of strengthening the mutual solidarity of the North-African countries with the socialist revolution in both the African world and the Arabic world.

The Comintern (SH) leads, coordinates and supports the cooperation between the All-African Section and the All-Arabic Section as two different and independent detachments of the world proletarian army of the world socialist revolution. The All-African Section supports the socialist revolution in the Arabic countries of North Africa, and vice versa, the socialist revolution on the whole African continent is supported by the North-African countries.

As an example, the Egyptian Section is subordinated to both the All-Arab Section and the All-African Section as well as all the other North African countries that belong mainly to the Arab world. Simultaneously, the Egyptian Section is subordinated to the All-African Section in all questions which do concern the support of the socialist revolution in the whole Africa.

* * *

The All-African Section primarily serves the revolutionary matter of the world proletariat and the strengthening of its world party - the Comintern (SH), in general, and in particular, it serves every African country.
The All-African Section is the conscious bearer of the Stalinist-Hoxhaist class movement of the whole African continent.
The All-African Section is the representative of the Comintern (SH) in Africa and leads the class struggle according to the particular conditions in every African country in which a Section of the Comintern (SH) still does not exist.

The All-African Section dictates imperatively and without exception the complete break with neo-revisionism as well as the complete break with any centrist position towards the neo-revisionists.
The 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism are our incontrovertible ideological guide-line and demarcation-line.

The All-African Section obligatory participates in central actions of the Comintern (SH).
The All-African Section supports the propaganda and actions of all single African Sections in solidarity.
One of the basic and indispensable tasks of the All-African Section will be the unconditioned, permanent and actual propagation of the Comintern (SH), its ideas, its theoretical documents, its central organ ... including statements etc. The All-African Section is not a Pan-African party beside the Comintern (SH) but a continental Section of our world party.
We will create a website of the All-African Section as the collective propagandist, agitator and organizer of the African proletariat.

Our founding declaration is not the only guide-line of the All-African Section.

As a guide-line for our political action in Africa we implement in practice also two other basic documents of the Comintern (SH) concerning Africa:

Theory and tactics of the

socialist world revolution

in Africa


adopted by the Comintern (SH)

 October 10, 2012

* * *

25th of May 2019

Programmatic Appeal

of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) 





The political significance of the All-African Section

Misery of the African masses increases with every new wave of the capitalist world crisis.

More and more blood of the African peoples flows in streams. The imperialist predatory wars, the fratricidal wars, civil wars and the fascist terror of the counter-revolution against the protest movement of the African peoples will not end.

Africans are no longer allowed to shoot at Africans, but must unite against the common enemy, world imperialism and its African lackeys.

Turn the rifles around!

The African fascist puppet regimes, which commit genocide on behalf of the world imperialists and bloodyly crush the African protests with police and military force, must be overthrown. The socialist African revolution will just begin and it will win!


About the dialectic of the African revolutions.

We analyze the role and characteristics of the driving forces of the African revolutions and the interaction of their main currents, and provide the theoretical basis for the consolidation of unity, the strengthening of the interaction between all the main currents of African revolutions in the course of the whole revolutionary world process.
We analyze the conditions and prerequisites for a revolutionary situation as a dialectical unity of objective and subjective factors, not only in a single African country, but throughout Africa.
Not only have we devised the strategy and tactics of preparing, executing, and validating the African revolutions for the moment of overthrow of the ruling classes, but at the same time, we have to focus on the future development of socialism on the African continent.
Dialectical materialism is the key with which we gain insight into the historical African events, with which we find answers to the "whys and wherefores" of various processes of the African class struggles and their special significance for the world revolutionary processes.


What global significance does the African revolution have?

Its trend to overcome national barriers and to expand from one African country to another was already characteristic of the anti-colonialist liberation wars. But what characterizes the African revolution of today compared to the beginning of the anti-colonialist liberation wars?

Today's African revolution is not a mere repetition or resurgence of the former anti-colonialist liberation wars, but its continuation at a qualitatively higher stage of development.

First, their temporal succession!

Second, the failing of the corrupt bourgeois democracy.

The global economic crisis continues and has an increasingly catastrophic impact on the economic and social life of the African peoples, while the African bourgeoisie lives in luxury, burdening the people with the costs of the crisis. The empty promises of bourgeois democracy have sparked the anger of the impoverished African peoples and provoke the new wave of revolution which is waged against the yoke of capitalism (and even imperialism in South-Africa) in every African country with the main contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie.

The proletariat is now becoming increasingly aware that, after the former anti-colonialist liberation wars, it is still not free, pushed into the last and powerless appendage of corrupted bourgeois democracy, and further betrayed by the bourgeoisie even more as before- deeper and deeper driven into poverty.

The proletariat is aware that it has been betrayed. It knows the traitors. But it does not yet has the class consciousness necessary to rid itself of all the filth and deception of capitalism in an organised revolutionary way. That is why it is the task of the Comintern (SH) to promote in the African proletariat the insight that it can rely only on itself, on its own class, that it must create its own leadership, its own party, leading it in the class struggle, namely the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH), which establishes the connection between the African proletariat and the world proletariat and thereby gives the struggle of the African proletariat an international character, and thus making it invincible.


What are the two main lessons from today's protest movements which spread to all African countries?

The first lesson is the liberation of the African poor masses from the illusion of a democracy that under the rule of the bourgeoisie and under the inviolate conditions of capitalism has brought about no true social, economic and political improvement for them but only for the rich. Although the old fascist dictators were eliminated, only new fascist dictators or other greedy political leaders of the bourgeoisie took their place. The old exploiters and oppressors have only been replaced by new ones.

The second lesson is that the African peoples must rid themselves of the illusion that their democratic rights gained in the struggle can neither minimize nor eliminate their colonialist-imperialist enslavement, and that liberation is only possible under the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Both the foreign and domestic enemies are still in power no matter by means of fascism or "democracy" (both are forms of the same dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, the same capitalist exploitation and oppression).


What is the meaning of today's African revolution?

The meaning of today's African revolution exists
firstly in this,
that African society has split even more deeply, that the forces between revolution and the counter-revolution continue to polarize, that the antagonistic character of class conflicts is even more pronounced, and that the proletariat is beginning to position itself as an independent revolutionary force.
Between the hardening class fronts stands the petty bourgeoisie, which wavers between the class front of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. This petty bourgeoisie is reactionary because it believes in "nothing", neither in reforms for which it must "wait too long," nor in the socialist revolution that "has not come yet and will fail in face of the almightiness of the counterrevolution."
The petty bourgeoisie anxiously refuses from the revolutionary violence and is intimidated by the counterrevolution. The proletariat is the only decisive force for revolutionary overthrow, based on support of the poor peasants.

that the illusions of the first wave of the revolution (bourgeois democracy) did not lead to discouragement but to the continuation of the African revolution, and at a higher level: the disappointment of the African masses over the corrupted parliamentary system of bourgeois rule in the African countries did not slow down the resistance forces, but rather only strengthened even more.

The third significance is that the African revolutions of bourgeois democracy create better conditions for the transition to socialist revolution, as the only way to eliminate exploitation and oppression by the world imperialists and their puppet governments in the African countries.
With its second wave, nbamely the protest movement against the corrupted system of bourgeois democracy and its transition to fascist regimes, the African revolution is constantly and incessantly changing its own evolution towards the new quaolity of the character of ther socialist revolution.
Defeats and setbacks, slowdowns and obstacles during the transition period from the bourgeois dictatorship to the proletarian dictatorship are an inevitable part of any revolutionary class struggle anywhere in the world.
It is now the task of the Comintern (SH) to support the anti-fascist struggle and to facilitate, propagate and organize its transition to the socialist revolution throughout the African continent.

It is the task of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) to unify all isolated national revolutionary movements into an all-African revolutionary movement, and to propagate - among the workers - the insight that the centralization of the revolutionary all-African movement is necessary for the victory of the African proletariat.


* * *

The African Youth - flame of the new African revolution

On the streets of the African countries today especially the young people are fighting. The youth suffer the most from the crisis in the African countries, is directly affected by the global crisis. The majority of young people is unemployed and without perspective. Youth forms the main part of the growing proletarian reserve army of capitalism in African countries. These young people are currently the driving force of the revolution and who is most active and courageous on the streets. The Youth are the first to support the Comintern (SH) in Africa and all over the world.

The Youth is the revolutionary flame of today's world revolutionary movement. However, this flame is endangered to easily disappear if it is not supported in solidarity by the whole class of the proletariat and the poor peasants. Youth, alone, is not the decisive force that can bring about the victory of the world socialist revolution. Without the whole class of the world proletariat at the head there is no victory of the world socialist revolution. That is what the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism teach us. And the Comintern (SH) must be guided by these teachings. The subjective factor, the still weakly developed world-revolutionary consciousness of the international working class, is at present the weakest point of the revolutionary world movement. We must do our utmost to change that by continually raising the consciousness of the world proletariat, in particular the revolutionary consciousness of the working class in the African countries. Anti-communist ideology of the bourgeoisie in the heads of the workers must be radically combated and exchanged by world socialist consciousness.

No revolutionary wave heights without its wave depths

As for the ebb and flow of the African Revolution, the Comintern (SH) comrades must fight to gradually overcome the present character of spontaneity of the revolutionary movement. This is a difficult task that requires a lot of patience and tenacity. But there is no other way. The spontaneous development process of the African protest movement must give way to the class-conscious action of the proletariat, the violent overthrow of the ruling class by the socialist revolution under the leadership of the Comintern (SH).

During the ebb tide between the waves of the revolution, the task is to educate the masses, not to lose courage and never surrender to the superior force of counterrevolution. In the doldrums, everything must be done to maintain or rebuild the conditions that serve to prepare for the next new wave of revolution.

And at the height of the coming wave of the African revolution, the Comintern (SH) comrades must encourage the reawakening of revolutionary consciousness and now develop it all the more intensively towards socialist consciousness.

It is illusionary to believe that the African Revolution can be conducted at "any time" and "any place" in all African countries simultaneously in a single blow. The African revolution can not be carried out at any time and in any place, thus not according to our own subjective hopes and wishes. We must start from what is and not from what should be.

We must neither overestimate nor underestimate both our forces and the forces of the counterrevolution during changing revolutionary conditions. For the development of every new wave of revolution, both the objective and the subjective conditions must be given.

Our revolutionary tactics have to adapt to the different phases of the African revolution, so it has to be differentiated and elastic. Stalinist-Hoxhaist principles must be applied to the given and changing conditions eleastically and cannot be confused with dogmatism and sectarianism.

The ebb and setbacks of the revolution are part of every revolution - without exception. Their inevitability must not be blamed on a supposed "subjective inability" of the revolutionaries or their supposedly "wrong" tactics. With the ebb, the exhausted revolution gains the necessary new momentum, collects new strength for taking a running start for the next (higher) flood. One can not and must not artificially prolong the revolutionary tide of the revolution by simply "skipping" the ebb. Without a revolutionary ebb tide, no revolutionary flood and no revolutionary tide without ebb. This dialectical principle of tides also applies to the African revolution.

For the most part, such a slogan of impatient "skipping" is expression of "ultra-revolutionary" phraseology. What is behind this ? In fact, it is the hiding of the capitulatory behavior of the "revolutionary" opportunists, while the right-wing opportunists, of course, question any revolutionary violence from the outset, reject it (when things get serious), and who prefer to follow the comfortable "peaceful path to socialism by reforms."

One thing is for sure.

In principle, the African revolution breaks out at the weakest link in the capitalist chain of African countries.

And one more thing is clear.
With each new wave, the African revolution will gain new and growing impetus until the moment when it is powerful enough to break down the counter-revolutionary bulwarks of all African countries and finally annihilate the African bourgeoisie and its imperialist overlords from abroad.

The victory of the African Revolution is of international importance in the struggle against world imperialism.
However, the victory of the African Revolution alone does not yet mean victory on a world scale, though the victory of the African Revolution will undoubtedly be of great importance for the victory of the world revolution, in which not only the national bourgeoisie will be destroyed, but the entire world imperialist system of the ruling world bourgeoisie will be erased.

The struggle of the African workers only becomes an international class struggle when all the progressive representatives of the entire working class of all African countries have become aware of the fact that the African proletariat belongs to the world proletariat, that it is part of the world proletariat and fights as part of the world proletariat, under the leadership of the wortld proletariat.

The proletarians of all African countries direct their struggle not only against the capitalists in the African countries, but at the same time against the entire class of the world bourgeoisie.
Only if the proletarians of all African countries understand their daily struggle as part of the global class struggle against the world bourgeoisie and its international machinery of oppression, only then can their struggle be characterized as part of the global class struggle.

It is not the consciousness of the national affiliation of the African proletarians to their own country, but the world-revolutionary consciousness and the world-revolutionary struggle of the African proletariat, which determine its world-revolutionary character. The world proletariat becomes the pacemaker of the world revolution, the leading force in the global class struggle, if it can rely on the class struggle of the proletarians in every country of the world, and thus also on the class struggle of the African proletariat. The globalization of the proletariat is the prerequisite for its full internationalist clout. That is the key to the final overthrow of world capitalism. The African proletariat gets this key only in its capacity as the combat department of the world proletariat.

The African proletariat rejects the revisionist slogan of the "national road to socialism". There is only one way left for the liberation of the African proletariat, namely the international revolutionary road to socialism. The world proletariat is the decisive factor that transforms all African countries into detachments of the proletarian world army.

World proletariat - unite all African countries!


The counter-revolution in the African countries is supported and globally geared by the counter-revolution of the world imperialist state system.

The counterrevolution attempts to fight everything that summarizes it under the term of the "opposition" thus against everybody who criticizes the bourgeois regime. The counterrevolution tries to split the anti-government forces on one part into the so-called "peaceful camp", which leaves capitalism untouched (exchange of governments, pacts, reforms, people's front, collaboration with the bourgeoisie through all forms etc.).

On the other part, the bourgeoisie tries to use all available social layers (especially the layers of the petty bourgeoisie) for the purpose to isolate the "communist" "leftist", "violent", "terrorist" camp, which strives to overthrow the whole capitalist system of exploitation and oppression.

This revolutionary camp will not stop fighting after the fascist form has been successfully transformed into the democratic form of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie which is based on capitalism.

The aim of the socialist revolution is the overthrow of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of the proletarian dictatorship - and nothing "in between". Either bourgeois or proletarian democracy - either proletarian class against bourgeois class or class-reconciliation.

Therefore, the bourgeoisie is forced to liquidate the revolutionary movement from inside by means of its bourgeois agents. The revolutionary forces themselves are split into so-called "spontaneists", who form the main force at the moment, and into those forces that fight to overcome the spontaneous character of the revolutionary movement by directing it centralized by the communist party towards the socialist revolution.

The only genuine and decisive forces of the revolution are the forces of the proletariat who form their own centrally organized class formations for their own class struggle. We Stalinist-Hoxhaists differ from all others in linking the violent socialist revolution with the dictatorship of the proletariat in one's own country, and these in turn connected with the world socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the world proletariat. In the necessary formation of a revolutionary united front, the Leninist principle is to delimit ourselves before uniting.

We represent the Stalinist-Hoxhaist path of the African proletariat towards the world socialist revolution. Every other way is doomed to failure and ends up in the counterrevolutionary camp.

A new counterrevolutionary tactic is the control and interference into the social networks for the purpose to lock-out the demonstrators' communication. It is based on technological software provided by the world imperialists to the African counterrevolution. Here appropriate countermeasures must be taken globally by the revolutionary movement because, nowadays, there is no successful fight against the counterrevolution without functioning communication techniques.
So if you want to smash the counterrevolution in the African countries, you have to cut through all its ties to the international counterrevolution, the fight must be led not only against the counterrevolution in the African countries, but against the globalized counterrevolution, against world imperialism. The African proletariat can not fulfill this task alone, not without the support of the entire world proletariat. For this, the African proletariat needs a global hinterland, which it receives through the solidarity of the entire world proletariat. The African proletariat is not alone in the fight against world imperialism, which exploits and oppresses the African peoples.
The African proletariat forms a common front with the world proletariat. Within the African countries, the African proletariat is fighting against all the influence of world imperialism. At the same time, the world proletariat is fighting against the influence of world imperialism upon the African peoples, namely from "outside". The optimal two-front combination of internal and external class struggle, of struggle within a nation and from outside a nation - this is the dialectic of the proletarian world front against world imperialism and therefore the guarantor of both the African revolution's and world revolution's victory.
In this globalized struggle against world imperialism and its globalized counterrevolution, the Comintern (SH) relies above all on its Sections that create the common proletarian front out of their own country. This common front is, in form, a bilateral front, but in content an multilateral front, an All-African front of the proletarian world front - thus partial front of the whole front.


Who is the main enemy of the African peoples?

The main enemy of all peoples of the world are all the exploiters and oppressors of the peoples, their imperialist slaveholders thus also those of the African peoples.
The main enemy of the world proletariat is the world bourgeoisie and its imperialist world system. The world bourgeoisie in general and the African bourgeoisie, in particular, is also the main enemy of the African proletariat, because the African proletariat is part of the world proletariat.

The proletariat - in alliance with the poor peasants - is the decisive revolutionary force to free all African peoples from their imperialist Yoke and from all their inner and outer enemies.

The main enemy is a global enemy with a global strategy and can only be defeated by the proletarian global strategy, which consists of the world proletariat uniting the proletarians of all countries in a revolutionary world front against world imperialism.
Since the imperialist world system is based on the bourgeois forces in each country, these bourgeois forces must also be combated in different ways under the different conditions of each country. That is, world imperialism must be deprived of the support of the national bourgeois forces in such a way that it can no longer rely on them to enslave the African countries. To do this, one has to analyze the particular class relations in each country and the different influence of the various imperialist powers in each African country.
Ultimately, the strategy of the African revolution is about removing the whole African continent from the influence of world imperialism by overthrowing its puppets.
In principle, any African people bravely rising against their external and internal enemies in order to fight for their freedom in their country may win, no matter how strong the external and internal enemy and its counterrevolution is armed. Only people who fight can win.
This general rule is valid all the more on an all-African scale, the African peoples unite against their common enemies and fight them together to liberate all African peoples from world imperialism and from the bourgeoisie in their own country.

World imperialism is based in particular on the counterrevolutionary chain dogs that are being used against the liberation struggle of the African peoples. Therefore, the African peoples must kill these counterrevolutionary chain dogs to liberate themselves from world imperialism.

In comparison to the past, when the two superpowers, the USA and USSR, and still the European imperialists had the whole African world in their grip, another dangerous enemy has been added in the course of globalization - the superpower China. Chinese imperialism has become so dangerous because its danger to the African peoples has been far too underestimated to this day. The African peoples must not be deceived by the so-called "aid" of Chinese imperialism and must especially arm themselves against the influence of Maoism. Protests by the African working class, the poor peasants and students against Chinese imperialism are growing in sharpness, and armed clashes have already occurred, but Chinese weapons are being used to try to maintain the growing influence of Chinese imperialists in Africa.

Added to this are the Indian imperialists, who are spreading particularly in East Africa.

And in West Africa the Brazilian imperialists are active, too.

Not to mention the indigenous South African imperialists who are advancing north from the southern tip of Africa and spreading across the entire African continent.

In conclusion: With the liberation from American, Russian and European imperialism it is no longer done today. Today, the African peoples need to additionally equip themselves against the rising Chinese world power. With other words: the target is the struggle against the globalized imperialist world system.

The African peoples must draw the important lessons from their own negative historical experiences, namely that they never go under the protection of a great power in order to "protect" themselves from another great power.
The main enemy is the whole world imperialist system. And as long as this exists, the African peoples will not be free. It is the Comintern (SH) as the only force in the world that can lead the peoples to victory over the whole world system of imperialism. It is the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) who will do its part. Protection from the imperialist world system means nothing other than the world revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism.

Long live the common battle front of the African proletariat and the proletariat of all other countries in the global battle front of the world proletariat!

It is impossible to smash world imperialism without destroying its influence in the African countries, without definitively preventing it from further exploiting and oppressing the African peoples. At the same time, world imperialism will be all the more easily defeated by the world proletariat if it can no further be nourished and strengthened through exploitating the riches of Africa.

The overthrow of world imperialism is thus of common interest of the African and international working class, resulting in the formation of their common battle front against world imperialism.

The ABC of the proletarian internationalism of the African proletariat is its participation in the preparation, organization and acceleration of the world proletarian revolution!

The liberation of the African and international proletariat is the joint task of the African and international proletariat under the leadership of the Comintern (SH). However, this task can only be successfully resolved by the individual Sections under the central leadership of the Comintern (SH), which brings all the detachments of the world proletarian army together and transforms it into a centralized global army.

The victory of the world socialist revolution over world imperialism means the end of exploitation and oppression on the African continent. Proletarian internationalism under the conditions of globalization means for the Comintern (SH) that its Sections unite in their common struggle. The point is to build a common anti-imperialist and anti-fascist world front in which the African and international working class have joined forces to form a global battle front.
All the boundaries between the socialist revolution in the African countries and the world socialist revolution must be teared down.

This requires not only the solidary support of the working class of all African countries, but also the support of the working class in the imperialist and other foreign countries countries.
Just as the world socialist revolution is based on the socialist revolution of each country, the globalized counterrevolution must be defeated in the common struggle of the working class of the individual countries. Only in this way can the socialist African republics succeed in successfully repelling the raids of the imperialists of the whole world and their African lackeys. Only this way socialism in Africa can be protected from capitalist restauration.


What do we mean by

world socialist revolution ?

(in which the African proletariat place an important role)

The world proletarian socialist revolution is,

at first, the violent, armed overthrow of the old capitalist world of the bourgeoisie and the total destruction of its oppressive and exploitative state system.

At second, the victory of the world socialist revolution is basis for the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

And at third, the world socialist revolution is the key enabler and precursor to the creation of a new world, the world of socialism - as the first stage of world communism.

[ definition by the Comintern (SH) ]

The World Socialist Revolution is headed by the world proletariat and its Communist International. The main purpose is to liberate the world productive forces from their fetters of imperialist ownership - through the global expropriation and socialization of private ownership at the global means of production. In order to realize this purpose and counteract the danger of the restoration of world capitalism, the world proletariat builds its own armed dictatorship and creates a global superstructure of its own world socialist system, with the support of the alliance with the poor peasants.
The world proletarian socialist revolution is the most direct and shortest way to overcome world capitalism and paves the way to world socialism. The era of the dictatorship of the world proletariat is unavoidable for the entire transitional phase between world capitalism and world communism - the future era of the classless world community.

"Force is the midwife of every old society pregnant with a new one" ( Karl Marx, Capital, Vol. I, 1955, p. 603.)

Without revolutionary force against the counterrevolutionary force, without arms of the world proletariat to disarm the world bourgeoisie, the world socialist revolution can not win.



What is the socialist revolution in the African countries?

The victory of the socialist revolution in the African countries is based on the overthrow of the counterrevolution and the fascist state by the working class in alliance with the poor peasants!

The victory of the socialist revolution in the African countries is secured and consolidated by the establishment of the dictatorship of the African proletariat.

Socialist African revolution - economically - means to protect the products and productive forces generated against the predatory and destructive effects of the capitalist world order by plucking production and its distribution from the jaws of the ruling world bourgeoisie and its puppets in the African countries. Production and distribution are to be handed over to the producing toilers of all African countries.
Socialist revolution in the African countries also means - politically - establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat in all African countries, abolishing all forms of bourgeois rule (no matter fascism or bourgeois parliamentarism), and creating true democracy, the proletarian council (soviet) democracy.
The socialist revolution in the African countries also means the destruction of the existing African state system of the bourgeoisie and its replacement by a unified, All-African Soviet Republic.


What is meant by the socialist All-African Republic?

The socialist All-African Republic is the armed African proletariat, organized as the ruling class in Africa .

In contrast to the social fascists, the Comintern (SH) is for a socialist all-African state in the spirit of proletarian internationalism and not taken for a national "socialist" state, isolated on its own. We fight the so-called "national road to socialism" also on the soil of Africa - as propagated by the revisionists.
The All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) understands the future African states of socialism essentially as World Socialist states, ie as part of the new world socialist state system.
One single socialist African nation, for itself, is not our ultimate aim, but can serve as a basis and lever to create throughout the African world socialist nations that form a federation of the Socialist African Republics and then centrally constitute a common All-African socialist republic.
Individual African peoples, even if they have succeeded in liberating themselves from their own national bourgeoisie as well as from the world imperialists, that is, even if they have established the dictatorship of the proletariat in their own country, can not guarantee their socialist freedom, namely as long as world imperialism rule exists. They can however prolong the defence of their freedom if they have moral, economic and military support by the world proletariat, at least through neighboring socialist African states.

The African proletariat fights for the integration of the socialist All-African republic within the socialist world republic and not for pan-African nationalism under the rule of the African bourgeoisie.
Only under the conditions of the dictatorship of the African proletariat, which has gathered and united the majority of the African peoples, it is possible to radically annihilate African nationalism, to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, and to lay the foundation of the brotherly solidarity and equal rights among the African peoples, no matter the big and small ones.

Socialism "in one" country is not a dogma that is valid for eternity, but emerged under special historical (temporary) conditions as the only possible way towards the socialist world republic. In the first period of socialism, socialism "in one" country was the only practicable option towards world socialism.
Under the current conditions of globalization, socialism "in one" country will only still be practicable as a possible short-term transitional solution to world socialism.
Socialism "in one" country means a [single] socialist African country surrounded by the entire capitalist [or capitalist African] world.
In future development of globalization, the period of socialism "in one" country will not last as long as that of the Soviet Union and Albania (if at all).

However, supposed that there would be created a socialist African world hostile to the entire capitalist world. Then it would have to accomplish the same task that the Soviet Union and Albania once accomplished.
With the support of the entire world proletariat, the socialist African camp would have to break through the world capitalist encirclement and to contribute to the victory of the world socialist revolution.
The creation of the socialist world republic, supported by the All-African socialist republic, is the goal that unites all the African Stalinist-Hoxhaists, and for which all the African Sections of the Comintern (SH) do fight in their own country.
Any socialist African nation that does not fight for the world revolution, which abandons, suspends, and betrays the struggle for the creation of the socialist world republic is consecrated to the fate of the restoration of the bourgeois nation.
Nationalist and not internationalist countries betray the basic interests of the world proletariat, with which the fate of the existence of every socialist African nation is linked - without exception.


What makes the socialist union of African states different from the all-African socialist state?

The African Union of all socialist African republics, as a federation of republics, is the basic prerequisite for the transition to the aspired goal of creating a unified, centralized, socialist, all-African state (according to the model of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin).

The implementation of this model is valid on a global scale, namely the formation of the World Union of socialist republics and its transformation into the centralized world state, the World Socialist Republic.

The Union of Socialist African Republics is based on the equality and free will of the African peoples. This presupposes the long-term overcoming of the remnants of the mistrust of the poor African peoples opposite to the rich African peoples, which can be overcome only gradually by mutual help and joint solidarity in the spirit of socialist internationalism.


What pre-conditions must be met to create a socialist world for all Africans?

First, there must no longer be any exploiting classes on African soil who are the main nationalist organizers of discord, hatred and mistrust among the African peoples.

Second, the African working class must be in political power and have eliminated capitalist exploitation and oppression in all African countries.

Third, the banner of socialist internationalism must blow across the entire Africa as an expression of friendly relationship to the victorious world proletariat. The banner of socialist internationalism is the banner of African assistance in building world socialism and, conversely, the banner of support for the construction of a socialist African world by the world proletariat.

Fourth, the mutual assistance of the African peoples should be guaranteed in all areas of economic and social life.

Fifth, the national culture of every African people must be preserved and protected - national in form, and socialist in content.

Only under these and many other pre-conditions can socialism be successfully established, protected and defended throughout Africa.

Of course, the all-African socialist republic is not the only republic within the socialist world republic.

In world socialism, everything in the world serves everyone together. Everything is shared and protected commonly and by everyone on earth. The African peoples share joy and sorrow with all the other peoples of the world.

In the socialist world economic system, all ownership of the instruments and means of production, of the resources of individual countries, has become a gigantic socialist world state property, managed and administrated by the whole world socialist society without exception.

Just as there are no rich raw material producers on the one hand and poor countries without rich raw materials on the other in the socialist African republic, so too it is the same case on a global scale.

Not the socialist all-African republic possesses all alone raw material resources, but in world socialism the entire world population possesses and shares it for the benefit of everybody.

The power of people over people is being replaced by the common administration of common things.

The two world socialist slogans are:
"From each country according to its ability, to each country according to its output of performance." and
"For the same quantity of labor the same quantity of products."

We African Stalinists-Hoxhaists fight for communism, for a communist world. There can be no other goal for us African communists.

The goal of world communism is the classless world society in which property has been abolished, of ourse, including the property of the African peoples.

Long live the socialist revolution in all African countries and around the world!

Long live all the African Sections of the Comintern (SH), led by the All-African Section!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live the 79th anniversary of the heroic PLA under the leadership of Comrade Enver!

Long live world socialism and world communism!


Wolfgang Eggers

8th of November, 2020













(valid until 8th of November 2020)

- now out of date -

Here is a copy of the old Website "Africa"



Smash down the superpowers

USA and China

- the main enemies of the socialist revolution in Africa!

Defeat the class enemies with their own weapons!

Long live the world revolution in Africa !

Long live the red


in a red world !


    57th African Liberation Day




Russia - Hands off Africa !

Under the leadership of Lenin and Stalin, the Soviet Union and the Comintern supported the anti-imperialist struggle of the African peoples.

This changed, after the Soviet revisionists seized power and established the superpower of Russian imperialism.

Russia became one of the main suppliers of weapons to the African continent. These weapons served not in the interest of revolutionary liberation from imperialist slavery and exploitation but for getting Africa into the claws of Russian imperialism.


Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia, October 24, 2019

 Over the last five years, there have been such gatherings of imperialist puppet-leaders from nearly all 54 African countries in Washington at the US-imperialists in August 2014, in Beijing at the Chinese imperialists in July 2018 and most recently in Moscow at the Russian imperialists last month.

Africa offeres the prospect of maximum profits for winning world influence with minimum risk.

Russian imperialism tries to get advantage of the competition between the Western imperialists and the Chinese imperialists as a laughing third camp of world imperialism.

Russia is trying to win the ruling bourgeoisie for its own imperialist interests. But whoever supports the dictators who are hated by the African revolutionary masses, makes himself an enemy of the African peoples.

Now Russian imperialism is again plunging into African adventures and will there be as shipwrecked as the Soviet imperialists once used to be.

This is not anymore the era of national liberation in an undeveloped Africa but the era of socialist revolutions in a capitalist Africa, an era of the world socialist revolution which will also tear down Russian imperialism from inside and outside. We are living in an era in which the whole world imperialism will collapse, paving the way for world socialism, in which the Russian people and the African peoples are again friends like in times of Lenin and Stalin, however then in a world freed from exploitation and oppression.


25th of May 2019

Programmatic Appeal

of the All-African Section of the Comintern (SH) 

    on occasion of the 56th

    African Liberation Day !




    The 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism



    in Swahili language:


    ya chama cha kikomunist


    (Communist Manifesto)

    K . M a r k s ,
    F . E n g e l s


    Tafsiri hii ya "Maelezo ya Chama cha Kikomunist"
    inatokana na maandishi ya mchapo wa Kiingereza
    wa 1888, uliolengenezwa na F. Engels.
    Maandishi hayo yana maelezo ya F. Engels yaliyofanywa
    na yeye kwa mchapo wa Kiingereza wa 1888
    na mchapo wa Kijerumani wa 1890.
    Mchapo huo unakusanya makala zote za ubangulizi
    zilizoandikwa na waandishi wa "Maelezo” kwa
    michapo yake mbalimbali.




    Communist Manifesto

    in ZULU - language




    in AFRIKAANS language

    Die Kommuniste-Manifes


    Karl Marx en Friedrich Engels




    Comintern on Africa






    Comrade Enver Hoxha

    and Socialist Albania

    on Africa






    The Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin on Africa

    J. V. STALIN


    in English language:

    The Allied Campaign in Africa

    Answers to Associated Press Moscow Correspondent

    November 13, 1942






    Statement of the Comintern (SH)

    On the Congo

    September 2012





Theory and tactics of the

socialist world revolution

in Africa


adopted by the Comintern (SH)


October 10, 2012


African Liberation Day



55th anniversary





Messages of Solidarity




MAY 25, 1963 - MAY 25, 2018

Today, we celebrate the 55 th anniversary of the African Liberation Day. This is an occasion to greet all exploited and oppressed peoples who struggle for their liberation from imperialist-capitalist enslavement not only in Africa but all over the world.

    Enver Hoxha wrote:

    "There can be no talk of genuine freedom and independence, since most of them are still in a colonial or neo-colonial state. (…) The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises. (…) The policy pursued by the big landowners, the reactionary bourgeoisie, the imperialists and the neo-colonialists is intended to keep the African peoples in permanent bondage, in ignorance, to hinder their social, political and ideological development, and to obstruct their struggle to gain these rights.” (Enver Hoxha, Imperialism and the Revolution, Tirana, 1979, edition in English)

A truly free Africa can only be a socialist Africa in a socialist world. The Comintern (SH) is fighting for the goal of establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat throughout Africa.

Africa is free when not only the world bourgeoisie as a whole is defeated, but also all national bourgeoisies on the entire African continent have disappeared!

Without a revolutionary organization guided by the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa. It is therefore time for the African proletariat to complete what it has begun, its liberation from wage slavery. This requires building the sections of the Comintern (SH) in all African countries, based on the invincible teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha.

Only in this way will the African proletariat ill become an inseparable detachment of the glorious red proletarian world army, which will forever defeat world imperialism and march towards world socialism and world communism.

Imperialism means war

- even on the African continent.

Smash world imperialism in Africa!

As a result of the global economic crisis this year, the exploitation of the world imperialist powers has reached its peak. That also affects Africa. The redistribution of imperialist spheres of influence on the entire African continent is imminent. This means war on African soil by the imperialist US, by imperialist Europe (eg France, England, Germany), by imperialist China, and by other imperialist states such as Russia, Brazil, India etc. But also African imperialists themselves, like those in South Africa, will be involved in predatory war for the new redistribution of rulership. Every imperialist world power is fighting for absolute supremacy over Africa - in last consequence by means of the war. That is according the predatory law of world imperialism.

Looking at the current military activities of world imperialism, there are some indications that Africa will in future be divided into four main imperialist spheres of influence:

In North Africa, European imperialism will prevail, but it will have to defend bitterly its hegemony there, especially against the US and China.

In West Africa, American imperialism will prevail and from there seek to extend its super power throughout Africa.

In East Africa, Chinese imperialism will prevail. The superpower China, however, will not settle for East Africa. It is preparing the takeover of the entire African continent.

In South Africa, South African imperialism will continue to rule and expand to the north, but at the same time it will remain dependent, for a while, on various world imperialist powers operating there.

If this possible scenario is not prevented by the unified armed, anti-imperialist war of liberation of the peoples of Africa, then this war for the redivision of Africa will inevitably provoke a civil war that spreads throughout the African continent. The African civil war is part of the world civil war between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat, between the forces of world imperialism and the forces of world socialism. The victory or defeat of the world socialist revolution will determine the future of humanity, namely finally where it originated - in Africa.


Smash capitalism in Africa !
Long live socialist Africa !

Africa is being exploited and oppressed not only by foreign imperialist powers, but also by the indigenous bourgeoisie, more or less serving the world imperialist powers.
Today, capitalism prevails throughout Africa. In Africa, the capitalist class society exists with exploiting and exploited classes.
The contradiction between capital and labor, between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, has long since become the chief contradiction in Africa and dominates the class struggles in Africa.
As in any capitalist country, the class struggle in African countries will inevitably lead to the power of the working class, which, with the victory of the socialist revolution, will establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and build socialism.
Africa is the continent with the most extreme class contradictions in the world.

Colonialism did not prevent the emergence of capitalism in Africa, but only delayed it. Nowhere is capitalism developing at a faster pace than on the African continent of today. The world imperialists noticed that a capitalist Africa is much more profitable than an old style colonialism. African capitalism produced a strong African working class - one of the new grave diggers of world imperialism. The African workers' movement is still young, but it will learn faster than the workers' movements on the other continents. They will play a more and more important role in the world socialist revolution.


Africa is the continent with the sharpest class contradictions in the world.

The situation of the working class is catastrophic. Every strike movement is oppressed and violently persecuted by the alliance between the bourgeois state, the capitalists and the bourgeois trade union leaders. A current example is the anti-strike law in South Africa. The new pact of this trio provides that in case of "violence or damages" on the part of the workers, in strikes, everything has to be done to end the strike as soon as possible, if necessary by force. Wild strikes are condemned by the state in the future as "strike breaking" (as a violation of the strike law). By order of the Labor Court, pickets are arrested by police and convicted by the court.

On April 25, the unions in South Africa had called for a general strike against the Minimum Wage Law, which is nothing other than the legalization of slave wages. The working class has defeated apartheid and will also defeat capitalist exploitation and oppression.

Miners demonstrated on May 10 in front of the mine chamber in Johannesburg against the death of 33 miners this year. In 2017, 76 miners died, compared to 73 in 2016.
In 2012, former mine union leader Cyril Ramaphosa (today's President of South Africa !!!) was responsible for the death of 34 striking miners at Marikana , who were shot dead by the police[the Comintern-SH reported on this]. The multi-billion dollar investor Ramaphosa prompted the African National Congress government to send in armed police to break the strike.

At the moment, in South Africa, wage negotiations for bus drivers are delayed by the capitalists, which is why a nationwide 4-week bus driver strike was called. Further wage strikes are planned this year for the civil service.

In South Africa, militant protests have been increasingly taking place in working-class cities, including those in greater Cape Town and Johannesburg. The workers struggle against catastrophic living conditions because the communities are not able to provide basic services to them.

In Ghana, the largest union of miners is planning protests and strikes in all factories in the country, if the government gives green light to the company "Gold Fields Ltd." to fire more than 2000 miners.


In Africa, healthcare is collapsing.

Now it is to be "rescued" by means of privatizations by foreign investors.

Healthcare strikes are spreading across the continent:

In Algeria, the police made witch hunts on the protesting doctors. Strikes have been banned since 2001. The doctors were treated like criminals. Security forces prevent Algerian doctors from attending a sit-in. Police officers indiscriminately arrest passers-by on bus or subway stations just because they are employed in health care. Outside the capital, they were released.
Declining oil and gas revenues, cuts in food and fuel subsidies and rising inflation continue to weigh on Algerians as they face an economic crisis that is now in its fourth year. As social tensions increase, workers' demonstrations, strikes and sit-ins have massively increased in recent months, peaking on 14 February 2018 in a nationwide general strike in public schools and hospitals.
Before the general strike, many demonstrators reported that they had been temporarily arrested or arbitrarily detained in several provinces and cities by security forces and plainclothes police. In addition to the civil unrest in the health and education sectors, airline flight attendants Air Algérie staged a surprise strike in late January 2018 that paralyzed local and international flights for days. Their demands for better wage were condemned by companies and government officials. Air Algérie imposed disciplinary action. Two days after the general strike, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia threatened he would "not tolerate the continued existence of this anarchy" and promised to put an end to it. The workers' answer is clear: the Algerian working class will promise to put an end to capitalism in Algeria and to replace the bourgeois dictatorship through the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Algeria is not an isolated case.
Medical strikes in Sudan, in Togo and Mauritania.
In Zimbabwe the nurses striked. The strikers were dismissed and their pension rights were canceled. Above all, it was the 15,000 nurses who contributed to the fact that in 2016 fascist President Robert Mugabe had to abdicate. His former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now president (!). Of course, he is afraid of the same fate Mugabe suffered.

In Nigeria, hospitals have extended their strike nationally after the government occupied the medical facilities by means of the army. The government blackmailed the strikers with the threat: "Ebola epidemics from the Democratic Republic of the Congo could spread in Nigeria because of the strikes".

In Zimbabwe teachers are striking, namely despite strikebreaking of yellow union leaders, who want to negotiate a rotten compromise with the government. The teachers reject this lazy compromise. As a result, the government has threatened to dismiss striking teachers and to cancel their pension.

One by one, the old corrupt elites of national independence movements are under pressure from the public's protest. Under the rule of the African bourgeoisie, African democracy, which was still young 55 years ago, has long since become open fascism and social fascism. Even the social fascist Jacob Zuma, South Africa's president from the former anti-apartheid movement, had to abdicate. In TOGO, the opposition has been protesting almost weekly since August 2017. The scale of the protests is enormous: 800,000 demonstrators in a country of 6.6 million. The protests have already claimed 16 lives and the government has blocked the Internet nationwide to stop the protests.

The governments and "parliaments" in Africa are so corrupt that they will sooner or later fall one after the other. The way out is not the election of new corrupt governments, but overthrow of the bourgeois class, the abolition of capitalist parliamentarism and the establishment of socialist council power under the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Growing protest movement in Africa

In 2018, the protest movement in Africa has continued to increase. It is our task as Stalinist-Hoxhaists to strengthen its militant character and to direct this protest movement towards the socialist revolution. We rely in particular on the protest movement of the youth.

Noteworthy is the hunger strike of the brave revolutionary students in Morocco.

The African Youth is the brightest flame of the African Revolution. This manifests on all streets in Africa. Africa offers no prospects for its young people. Most young people do not find work and have to fight for their existence on the ground or leave their homelands as refugees. We just cite one example of the growing African refugee waves: the conflict between Oromia and Somali, which has forced nearly 1 million people to flee.

In 2018 many protested Africans were killed or injured in the streets. Because they fight for their rights, they are imprisoned and fall victim to state terrorism, which prevails in all African countries.

The state terror in Africa is directed in first line against the protest movement, which is defamed as a "terrorist movement". For example, in Ethiopia hundreds of protesting people were killed on the streets.

We report on the unrest in Tunisia.
Protesters have taken to the streets in a number of Tunisian cities and demanded that the government delete new austerity measures involving an increase in fuel prices and taxes on goods.
At least one demonstrator died in the town of Tebourba, near the capital, Tunis.
The Tunisian Interior Ministry denied reports that the dead man was run over by a police car.
The police arrested 328 protesters. 2100 soldiers were deployed to protect vital facilities such as "banks, post offices and other government buildings in major cities in the country".
The new youth movement in Tunisia is protesting in the streets to put pressure on the government and overturn austerity measures.
What are the protests against?
These are above all the price increases. The Tunisian government has increased taxes under the Finance Act 2018. The new budget increased VAT on cars, alcohol, phone calls, the Internet, hotel accommodation and other items. The important tourism sector has not recovered yet after the deadly terrorist attacks in Sousse and Tunis in 2015. Tunisia's inflation is currently around 6% a year, which reduces people's incomes, and tax hikes hit the poorest of the poor - not the rich.
Who is behind the protests?
The protests seem to have spontaneously erupted among people at the local level.
A new, informal youth movement called Fech-Neustan - or "What are we waiting for?" - Created at the beginning of the year, now uses social media to resist price increases.
The group, which uses an alarm clock as a logo to symbolize the need for the population to wake up and act, estimates its own members at around 6,000 across the country, with hundreds of members in Tunis. Representatives say it is a loosely organized grassroots movement without a leader. Some of its members belong to opposition parties - such as the "Popular Front" neo-revisionists of the ICMLPO (Hamma Hammami). These leaders are trying to strangle the Tunisian revolution and turn it to a wrong (petty bourgeois) track instead of leading the Tunisian working class to the socialist revolution.

In Morocco, the protests over economic marginalization have continued since the end of December 2017 in the former mining town of Jerada (Oriental region). The miners demand better safety regulations in the mines. Tensions increased as the government arrested two key leaders of the protest movement and subsequently banned all protests. The residents of Jerada opposed the ban and went to the barricades.

In Guinea, the students protested in Conakry when the strikes - especially the teachers' strike - went into the third week. Since the elections on 4 February 2018, there have been continuing waves of protests in Guinea. 14 protesters died in the clashes.

Cameroon is still facing an escalating uprising in its south.

An increase in revolutionary violence has also been reported in the Central African Republic (CAR) and Mali.

In Madagascar, the students clashed with other protesters who called for the resignation of the president in recent weeks and aggravated the country's political crisis.
In Senegal, clashes erupted between students and the police in Saint Louis on May 15, resulting in the death of one student, and leading to further student protests the next day.

African farmers are protesting against the flooding of Africa with foreign agricultural goods. The domestic agricultural market is destroyed and thus the livelihood of the farmers. Responsible are not only the agricultural capitalists from Europe, but also increasingly from China.


Escalating fight for resources in Africa


The fight over water has got the character of class struggle in Africa. It is a struggle between the poor and the rich, a struggle to abolish private ownership of African water resources. The war over the water, the war over oil and other mineral resources will increase to the same extent as their scarcity.
Mining raw material extraction (including oil, diamonds, copper and cobalt) has tremendous economic potential for bourgeois governments in Africa. It is also a source of political power within the class society. It is both an economic source for the revolution and the counter revolution.
Corruption is the order of the day. Those who win the raw materials, the workers, remain poor. The profit goes into the pockets of the indigenous bourgeoisie, the labour aristocracy and the multinational corporations. This unequal distribution leads more and more to social conflicts. Rebel groups are using profits from conflict diamonds to fund civil wars in Angola, DR Congo and Sierra Leone. Oil workers are kidnapped and taken hostage. The incidence of conflicts is five times higher than it was ten years ago. While such riots and protests are occurring throughout Africa, resource-related struggles and cases of violence against workers are particularly evident in only a few countries: Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC and Somalia. Nigeria consistently has a high direct conflict with resources. As the 12th largest oil producer in the world and the eighth largest exporter, the resource-related conflict in Nigeria revolves around oil. About 5% of violent conflicts in South Sudan since 2011 are explicitly resource related. The vast majority of this kind of conflict, which is being observed in South Sudan, consists of battles, primarily between government forces and rebel groups. Resource conflicts in South Sudan are also associated with oil. Sudan has also experienced a large number of these oil conflicts.
While oil creates resource-related conflicts in Nigeria, Sudan and South Sudan, the commodity-related conflict in DR Congo is fueled mainly by mining (eg diamonds, cobalt). It is estimated that DR Congo has approximately $ 24 trillion of unexploited crude mineral ore, including the world's largest cobalt reserves. Most of this type of conflict in the DR Congo takes place primarily between government forces and rebel groups. It's about control of the mines.
Somalia sees a high number of conflicts directly with resources, mainly caused by clan clashes over access to and control of land and water resources. In a region with year-round high temperatures and limited / irregular rainfall, these natural resources become even more valuable.
Riots and protests related to resources have increased in recent years. Nigeria and, most recently, Libya account for the largest share of these events. With Nigeria the largest oil producer on the continent and Libya home to Africa's largest oil reserves, food riots and protests in these countries are primarily targeted at the oil industry. For example, these riots and protests include the closure of the offices of local oil companies: emands for more transparency, higher wages and better working conditions.
Given the low enforcement of mining industries in Africa, corruption in these industries is high. Although the region has a number of extremely resource-rich countries, many are still extremely poor and underdeveloped.

Our answer is clear:

Fight the plundering of Africa's resources by the world imperialists!

Everything belongs in the hands of the African working class! Expropriation of the capitalists! Abolition of private ownership of resources! Resources in the hands of the working people!

Abolition of capitalism! Establishment of socialism!

Today's crises of world capitalism have devastating consequences for the impoverished population of Africa. The world crisis is being misused by the world imperialists to extract more wealth from Africa. This corresponds to the parasitic nature of world imperialism (the concentration and centralization of exploitation, the monopolization of financial and industrial capital, the business of hunger, water, resources, wage slavery, refugees, proxy wars, etc.) The blood of the African peoples continues to flow for the maximum profit of imperialists around the world.

The heroic history of the anti-imperialist wars and liberation struggles of Africans will one day be rewarded with the victory of the socialist revolution throughout Africa. In Africa, one day, the dictatorship of the proletariat will be established and an African Union of Socialist Republics founded, modeled on the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, and on the model of socialism in Albania of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The African Liberation Day represents a socialist Africa in a socialist world!

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is

the teaching of the preparation, recruitment, centralized organization and mobilization of the international proletarian army, in general, and the transformation of the reserves of the imperialist hinterland into new proletarian detachments of the world socialist revolution, in particular.

The weakening of the chain of world imperialism requieres the strengthening of the anti-imperialist chain in Africa.

With the development of capitalism in the colonies, the global development of world imperialism is nearly mature and complete - thus ready for the transformation into world socialism - also in Africa.

The expansion of imperialism in Africa - coupled with so much misery and blood - prepares its own decline and consequently its replacement by socialism. Unavoidably, that will be a new kind of socialism with global features - in the course of the globalization on the African continent and the socialist world revolution.

Africa is on the road back to its roots - to the classless society - and thus on the road towards communism in a classless world !


Long live the 55th anniversary of the African Liberation Day!

Comrades of the African continent !

Build up your strong "African Section" of the Comintern (SH) !

Without a revolutionary organization, which is guided by the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, there will be no communism in Africa !

The conscious and active transformation of the interests of the revolution in Africa into the service of the interests of the socialist world revolution - only this is genuine internationalism of the African working class.

For a socialist Africa in a socialist world !

Establish the proletarian dictatorship in every African country !"


Long live the struggle of African and world workers for their liberation from exploitation and oppression!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism!

Long live world socialist revolution and violent proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the African Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Long live the Comintern (SH) – the only true Bolshevist world party! 


Comintern (SH)

25th of May, 2018


Unsurprisingly, those Maoists try to disguise themselves under “revolutionary” masks by pretending to denounce “class Apartheid in South Africa” and the “interference of foreign imperialism over the country”. They don’t loose their opportunity to make a phoney criticism towards “chinese imperialism” in order to hide the fact that it was Maoism which originated this same imperialism. Once more, the Colombian Maoists are defending the interests of the national bourgeoisie (of the South African national bourgeoisie, in this case). They do this in order to facilitate the ascension of Chinese imperialism – they promote the interests of each country’s national bourgeoisie with the purpose of weakening the influences of the other rival imperialisms. Immediately after those rival imperialisms are expelled, then these “national” bourgeoisies will be automatically transformed into pro-chinese bourgeoisies of the compradore type – this is indeed one of the main objectives of Maoist ideology.

And this because the “orthodox” Maoists - like those from the MLM - don’t have absolutely nothing against Chinese imperialism. They just don’t agree with the openly pro-capitalist and exploitative order which was established by Mao’s successors. They would prefer the preservation of the socialistic disguises that existed during Mao’s epoch because in this manner the world proletariat would be much more easily deceived and kept away from authentic communist ideology. But we, Stalinist-Hoxhaists, will not rest until Maoist fascism is completely unmasked. It is to us and to the world proletariat that belongs the honour of definitively burying Maoism.





- a colonial continent of the Chinese

Social-Imperialists !



In 2009, China became Africa’s single largest "trading partner", surpassing the United States. And China’s foreign direct investment in Africa has skyrocketed from under $100 million in 2003 to more than $12 billion in 2011.

Since China began seriously "investing" in Africa in 2005, it has been routinely cast as a stealthy imperialist with a voracious appetite for commodities and no qualms about exploiting Africans to get them. It is no wonder that the American government is lashing out at its new competitor — while China has made huge investments in Africa, the United States has stood on the sidelines and watched its influence on the continent fade.

China - which maintains an electronic listening post on the Comores - gave Sudan massive military aid between 1996 and 2003, including jet fighter aircraft, shipped tons of arms to Ethiopia and Eritrea prior to the outbreak of their border war in 1998, and has sold jets, military aircraft and radio-jamming equipment (to prevent outside broadcasts being heard inside the country) to the Zimbabwean regime.

China has greased its imperialist wheels in Africa by scrapping over US$1-billion in debt owed by 32 African countries


Once the slaves were exported.

Today they are also the slaves in their own African countries.

And what is exported ?

- All the riches of the peoples of the African continent !


Expropriate all property of world-imperialism in Africa !

Expropriate Chinese social-imperialist property in Africa!


Expropriate all property of the national bourgeoisies in Africa !


Long live the socialist Africa of the workers and peasants!

Long live the dictatorship of the African proletariat !


Long live the dictatorship of the world proletariat !


Long live world socialism !



An African comrade wrote:


"The Chinese regime is one of the most brutal regime present in the world. The African world leaders are again fast asleep and thinking of the blooded money that the China man is going to give them.
The ugly truth is the chinese do not like, respect or embrace Africans- they would get rid of an African within a flash in their own country.What the china man is doing is exploiting Africans, and African leaders are again incredibly foolish and allowing themselves to be exploited just like the white man exploited them and almost bought the whole of Africa just 60years ago.
What is happening is a colonisation of Africa by the chinese – coming to Africa to teach Africans how to speak bleeding chinese is a crime against humanity. It should be the other way round – anyone coming to Africa should learn to speak African language just like the British insist people coming to their country should learn to speak English.
The Chinese invasion into Africa must be oppossed at all level -African world leaders who are hell bent on greed and happy to sell their land,themselves and their people need to realise that the little pennies they make wont last – it never does. Blame on African leaders who care only about their poket and not that of the nation."


One male African killed on a Chinese police-station !

China - "socialist" in words - racist in deeds !

Protest of African people in Guangzhou Yuexiu district.


They will tell the truth about the Chinese Social-fascists when coming back home to Africa, and they will start their revolutionary fight against Chinese colonialism on the African continent !


    Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Africans assemble on the streets to protest




    Here you can read the truth about the Chinese lip service of so called "Chinese-African Friendship" ?


    Chinese Social-imperialist masque !!!


    And this is what the Chinese social-fascists, indeed, openly talk about black people:


    "Quickly drive out these black devils from China, we don’t welcome black devils here!! Black devils are hidden dangers upon society, rape, robbery, smuggling, AIDS… what use is allowing these black devils to stay in China??"


    height of impudence:

    the Chinese social-fascists spread in their bomb-throwing media countless racist comments of such kind !!!






    Preview of our Portuguese translation of the Platform of the Comintern (SH)

    [adopted 2009]




    In what respects the African Portuguese speaking zone (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, etc…), these countries were Portuguese colonies for half a millennium (!!), during which they were fiercely exploited by Portuguese bourgeoisie. After the independence in 1975 (which these peoples only achieved through a courageous anti-colonial and Liberation struggle), these countries found themselves in the middle of the rivalry between American imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism which imposed violent civil wars that caused millions of victims (Angola’s and Mozambique’s civil wars are considered to be among the bloodiest in African history). Finally, soviet social-imperialism emerged victorious and these countries begun to be oppressed by the soviet imperialist bourgeoisie trough its national lackeys who pretended to be following a “socialist” and even a “Marxist-Leninist” policy! (Comrade Enver implacably unmasks and exposes all these opportunist traitors and masterly explains the Angolan situation in his excellent book “Imperialism and the Revolution”). Nowadays, African Portuguese speaking countries rank among the poorest in the world. The ruling oligarchies in these countries make outrageous profits through corruption and people’s exploitation, while denying these same peoples even the most basic democratic rights. However, we must note that these tyrannical capitalist oligarchies ruling African Portuguese speaking countries have the support of Chinese social-imperialism, which derives directly from Mao’s reactionary and anti-Marxist “Third-World” theories and which is climbing to dominant positions throughout all Africa. Therefore, the African Portuguese speaking peoples must combine their struggle against local bourgeoisie with the struggle against Chinese imperialist bourgeoisie, which still tries to hide its aggressive and predatory character behind the mask of the “socialist (!!) aid to third world countries”.

    In these countries, people have a much accentuated but still non-organized sense of revolt and if they could get acquainted with Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology, it would certainly inflame Portuguese speaking African countries with revolutionary fire!




Washington Under Fire Across the World !

14. September 2012






protestors climb the gate of the U.S. Embassy








Clean Gloves Hide Dirty Hands

AFRICOM is simply to ensure military occupation and military colonization of Africa.

AFRICOM is a smokescreen behind which America wants to hide its means to secure Africa’s oil and other natural resources, nothing more.

African leaders must not forget that military might has been used by America and Europe again and again as the only effective way of accomplishing their agenda in ensuring that governments in each country are run by people who toe their line.

By virtue of its being resident in Africa, AFRICOM will ensure that America has its tentacles easily reaching every African country and influencing every event to the American advantage.

By hosting the army, Africa will have sub-contracted its military independence to America and will have accepted the process that starts its recolonization through an army that can subdue any attempts by Africa to show its own military prowess.


Instead of helping Africa, the United States is currently engaged in secret missions to keep African Nations destabilized. Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Mali are primed to be the sites of the next major genocides.

For 400 years, our ancestral homeland has been bled dry, and with the rise of China as a new colonial competitor, things are about to get much worse for our people and our motherland.


The United States and other white powers use good facades to mask their despicable motives. These powers must pretend to support a noble, humane cause or serve a purpose to benefit the people, but behind the facade, white powers (including the United States) prove to be as demonic as ever before. One of these facades is AFRICOM.

AFRICOM, or The United States Africa Command, is responsible for U.S. military operations and military relations with all 54 African nations. After becoming operational in 28 September, 2007, AFRICOM became a tactically organized arm of American colonialism. Ironically, AFRICOMs first commander was a Black man (General William E. Ward.)

According to Theresa Whelan, deputy assistant secretary of defense for African affairs, AFRICOM will work in partnership with African nations and aid organizations to further issues concerning stability and threats from terrorism.

“(AFRICOM) represents an opportunity to strengthen and expand U.S. and African security relationships in such a way that our combined efforts can help generate more indigenous and therefore more sustainable peace and stability on the continent,” Whelan said in a statement.

Another military planner responsible for the creation of AFRICOM is quoted as saying “As a military organization, we do not create policy. Rather, we support those policy decisions and coordinate our actions closely with the State Department, U.S. embassies in the region, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and other U.S. government agencies that have been trusted partners in Africa for decades.”

You know what other Aid organization claimed to be a “trusted parter” in Africa? King Leopold’s International African Society – a private holding company disguised as an international scientific and philanthropic association whose actions included the effective enslavement of the native population, savage beatings, widespread killing, and frequent mutilation when the unrealistic quotas were not met.

Obama’s announcement represents a highly unusual intervention for the United States,” reports the Associated Press. “Although some American troops are based in Djibouti [at the $6 billion AFRICOM mega-base] and small groups of soldiers have been deployed to Somalia, the U.S. traditionally has been reluctant to commit forces to help African nations put down insurgencies.









view: 1000 US-Military Bases

Note: There are and were NO foreign military bases in the USA !!






the 5th Pan-African Congress, held in Manchester, United Kingdom in October 1945:

"The delegates of the Fifth Pan-African Congress believe in the right of all peoples to govern themselves. We affirm the right of all Colonial peoples to control their own destiny. All Colonies must be free From foreign imperialist control, whether political or economic. The peoples of the Colonies must have the right to elect their own governments, without restrictions from foreign powers. We say to the peoples of the Colonies that they must fight for these ends by all the means at their disposal.

The object of imperialist powers is to exploit. By granting the right to Colonial peoples to govern themselves that object is defeated. Therefore, the struggle for political power by Colonial and subject peoples is the first step tow towards, and the necessary prerequisite to, complete social, economic and political emancipation.

The Fifth Pan-African Congress therefore calls on the workers and farmers of the Colonies to organise effectively. Colonial workers must be in the front of the battle against Imperialism. Your weapons-the Strike and the Boycott-are invincible.

We also call upon the intellectuals and professional classes of the Colonies to awaken to their responsibilities. By fighting for trade union rights, the right to form cooperatives, freedom of the press, assembly, demonstration and strike, freedom to print and read the literature which is necessary for the education of the masses, you will be using the only means by which your liberties will be won and maintained. Today there is only one road to. effective action-the organisation of the masses. And in that organisation the educated Colonials must join. Colonial and Subject Peoples of the World-Unite!"


Down with the

personality-cult towards the


Kadhafi !



The defenders of Kadhafi call him “African hero”, “excellence guide” and “brother Muammar”. Their “proposals to honour the hero Kadhafi” would be laughable if they were not so intensively social-fascist: to build a statue of Kadhafi in every African capital, to build a “Kadhafi museum”, to create an African currency with his name, to create a “Kadhafi prize”, etc… And the worst of everything is that they are not defending all this garbage for nothing. The leader of the ALAC is also the leader of the infamous Maoist ACTUS, and therefore nothing here is made at ease. The Maoists are very smart and should not be underestimated. They know very well that the myths created around Kadhafi are widely spread among African toiling masses and they are praising Kadhafi in order to conquer African workers to their Maoist side.

In truth, Kadhafi was the representative of the Libyan national bourgeoisie which was fed up on seeing foreign imperialists getting with all the profits, and decided to struggle against them with the sole purpose of getting those profits to itself. Indeed, Kadhafi was a megalomaniac who had the luck of being able to keep away imperialist superpowers during several decades – in favour of his own profit accumulation. This is the reason behind the legend about the so-called “Kadhafi’s anti-imperialist combat”. Kadhafi was hated by the imperialists because he insisted in occupying a somewhat “independent” place within capitalist world market; a place which prevented the imperialists from fulfilling their dreams of totally controlling Libya’s abundant oil sources. That’s why the world imperialists took the first opportunity to get rid of Kadhafi and to transform Libya into a faithful client state at the service of the oil monopolies.

But Kadhafi never defended the only definitive solution to abolish imperialism forever – the implementation of world socialism and world communism. In fact, we cannot even say that he opposed imperialism as a whole, because he advocated the “United States of Africa” with the aim of extending the influence of the Libyan national bourgeoisie over the entire African continent. Therefore, he opposed only foreign imperialism, but not the imperialism coming from his own class.

Of course, Kadhafi had a “patriotic” and “nationalistic” phraseology which attracts many Africans who are tired of seeing their respective countries being ravaged by imperialists’ gluttony for profits. For those African masses, anyone who appears screaming against foreign imperialist domination is automatically regarded as “an anti-imperialist revolutionary”. And we must not forget that Kadhafi used some “socialistic” slogans which contributed to mislead African workers even more about the true nature of Kadhafi’s bourgeois-fascist regime. In face of this, as Stalinist-Hoxhaists, it is our duty to denounce not only the true class character of Kadhafi’s “Arab-socialist” ideas, but also of all those who – like the ALAC - willingly use these ideas as a mean to manipulate African workers’ aspiration to socialism.

Neo-revisionist organizations like the ALAC present bourgeois-nationalists like Kadhafi as “anti-imperialists” in order to prevent African toilers from following the path of the world socialist revolution and from adhering to revolutionary communism.

They pretend to fight against imperialist, but in truth they are doing their utmost to keep world imperialism alive, because they try to keep African proletarian away from Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Hoxhaism – the only ideology which is able to definitively destroy all kinds of imperialism. But they will not succeed. We, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, will be victorious against this kind of neo-revisionist machinations.

With all this, we don’t want to defend the pro-imperialist regime which is presently ruling Libya. We, communists, hate the bourgeoisie compradore as much as we hate the so-called national “patriotic” bourgeoisie, because both exploit and oppress the working classes.

But comrade Enver once rightly said that “it is necessary to destroy the myths”. And this is entirely applicable to Kadhafi’s bourgeois-nationalistic ideology, because there are still many myths around it which must be destroyed so that African workers can acquire a genuine socialist consciousness and the capacity of becoming a reliable detachment of the future world proletarian red army.




always in "good" company  ....



The "King of Kings" of African nationalists







































































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