on the question of trade unions


Stalinism-Hoxhaism does not reduce itself to simple service to the globalized labor movement:
Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the ideological basis of the combination of world socialism and workers' world movement.
The globalized working-class movement has outgrown its germinal status and childhood stage not until it is firstly, welded together as a centrally organized movement of the world proletariat, thus as the only revolutionary class of the world.

And secondly, until the world proletariat has acquired a world-socialist consciousness for leading the world socialist revolution and for establishing the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

The Comintern (SH) establishes the dictatorship of the world proletariat. But the Comintern (SH) will not create it directly, but through the RILU as transmission belt from the avant-garde to the mass of the world proletariat and from this to the mass of all working people.


What is the definition of Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the trade union question?

Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the trade union question
is the theory and tactics of the organized connection between the avant-garde and the broad masses of the world proletariat for the revolutionary elimination of the fundamental contradiction between world capital and world labor in general, and it is especially the theory and tactics of the trade union as the decisive transmission belt within the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

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Generally speaking, Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the world-proletarian ideology for the creation of a communist working world.

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Without a strong Red International of Labour Unions, the world proletariat cannot overthrow the global capitalist system of exploitation. Without it, the world proletariat will not create world socialism.

World proletariat - unite the revolutionary trade unions of all countries !

The Red International of the Labour Unions is an organization of the Comintern (SH), a school of world communism, which generally unites, educates and supports the revolutionary unionist-struggle of the world proletariat. 

The RILU is led by the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha – particularly by their revolutionary line of trade unions – which have to be defended, applied and developed in the course of the daily international class-struggle.

The particular experiences and conclusions of the revolutionary trade unionist struggle in every single country is again the basis of centralized and concentrated analysis and generalization of the whole international workers movement for the further development of the general line of the RILU.

In the first line the aim is the mutual support and solidarity of all the revolutionary trade unionists all over the world to transform the struggle of the world proletariat as a big leverage for the victory of the socialist world revolution.

The RILU leads and organizes the struggle of the unification of all world revolutionary forces of the trade unionist world movement in demarcation of class-reconciliation, splitting, capitulationism, and liquidationism, especially all branches of revisionism and reformism, Trotzkyism, anarcho-syndicalism and every bourgeois influence within the trade-unionist world movement. The RILU is a proletarian international class organization independent and free from influences of the oppressing and exploiting class of the world bourgeoisie.

The RILU struggles for the world revolutionary destruction of the bourgeois and imperialist, revisionist and social-imperialist trade unions. Only on the ruins of these counter-revolutionary instruments of world capitalism it will be possible to establish revolutionary, socialist trade unions. The RILU strives for socialist trade unions as instruments for the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and to establish socialism – on a national as well as on an international scale. The RILU struggles for the future up-building of an international organization of the trade unions of all world socialist countries all over the world.

The Red International of Trade Unions is a lever of the socialist world revolution in the hands of the world proletariat. All the other International Trade Unions are a lever against the socialist world revolution in the hands of the world bourgeoisie.

In history , the Unions of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and the Unions of socialist Albania occupy a place of honor at the head of the World Movement of the trade unions. The today's Stalinist-Hoxhaist trade unions, affiliated in the RILU learn from them and will follow their example in today's global class struggle.

Although the Albanian working class was numerically small and inexperienced in the trade union struggle, she succeeded immediately after the victorious war of liberation against the fascist occupiers in one of the smallest and least developed countries in the world not only to lead the people's revolution to victory, but also to build an own independent red socialist union. This great historical event expresses the universality of the teachings of the 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism.

Hoxhaism in the union question is that Hoxhaism formed the ideological basis for the revolutionary breakthrough of the reformist-revisionist encirclement of the bourgeois world trade union movement.

Hoxhaism is the ideological basis of the revolutionary line of the union in the fight against the reformist trade unions and against the revisionist line on an international scale. The Hoxhaist Union is the school of anti-reformist-revisionist struggle for world communism. That is the international significance of Hoxhaism on the issue of trade unions.

In world socialism there is no place for bourgeois reformist-revisionist unions. If we want to smash world capitalism, then we must also smash its capitalist unions. According to its position of the vanguard of the revolutionary Trade Unions of the world, RILU leads a principled struggle against the revisionist unionson a world's scale.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist trade unions contribute significantly to establish and consolidate the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

They fulfilled their role as the main lever of the world party, as a central link of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, as a transmission belt of the world party with the toiling masses all over the world.

In the Stalinist-Hoxhaist Unions thousands of innovators will grow up, who are loyal to the Comintern (SH). The cadres of the RILU will play both in production and in daily life an exemplary role in building world socialism and in fulfilling their duty to the socialist internationalism.

RILU is a school of world communism in general, and a global school of anti-revisionist struggle in particular.

We will not limit our organizational aims on Stalinist-Hoxhaists revolutionary cells in the single countries but directly and globally organize the workers in the world largest industrial monopolies! The world capitalists have already begun with the so-called "Fifth technological level" which is characterized by reduction of a share of workers in production and increase in a share of industrial robots. It will even more aggravate the current disgusting position of industrial workers, and their considerable part leaves without work. On a global scale rationalization will lead to the unemployment of hundreds of millions industrial workers.

The RILU was founded in the foresight, that the trade union movement against global capitalism will unavoidably generate its new global forms.

1. Under the terms of the domination of the global capital, the today's worker needs not only the solidarity of his colleagues in his own country, but the globally organized solidarity of the entire world proletariat.

The global competition and split among workers in different countries can only be counteracted by the basic principle of the Red International of the Labour Unions: 

A global negotiating table for the enforcement of equal demands of the workers in exclusively every country of the world.

The Red International of the Labour Unions is the leader of the new globally unionized battle-field between global labour and global capital.

On this unionized global battle-field all the national revolutionary unions play their role as the detachments of the Red International of the Labour Unions which coordinates collectively all the global actions in every country of the world. 

2. First, the organizing of solidarity with the revolutionary trade union struggle is needed, primarily in those countries where workers' rights are most cruelly trampled.

The current free fall of world wages ( wage dumping) must be stopped by global battle actions, organized by the RILU.

In the course of this global struggle for wages, the activity of the Red Trade Union International is expanding, such as the general improvement of working conditions, etc.

Eventually, the expansion of the influence of the global front of the revolutionary trade unions gains in importance over the whole global labor world. The struggle to improve the lives of the workers is turned by the RILU into a fight for the revolutionary bursting of all global chains of wage slavery. 

By these world battles, the elements on the side of world labour, as well as the elements of the world capital become more and more polarized. Once arrived at this point, the Red International of Labour Unions will be able to fulfill its political tasks, namely to finally repeal the ruinous labour competition on a global scale, and to abolish the enslaving global capitalist labour market.

Without the international unification of the revolutionary trade union movement, the international labor movement is powerless. Any unorganized spontaneity is in the interest of the capitalists and doomed to the defeat. The international labour movement will stay on shaky ground. It is only as strong as the strength of its organizational global centralization.

The Red International of the Labour Unions is an organization that covers the world proletariat in its entirety, but it is not qualified to realize the world dictatorship of the proletariat. The RILU cannot replace the most decisive role of the Communist International. The RILU is only a part of various world-organizations of the proletariat, all of which are functioning as gears in the transmission of the international class struggle (= transformation belts of the world socialist revolution).

The world dictatorship of the proletariat can only be realized by means of the leadership of its vanguard, through the world-proletarian party, which is closely linked to the RILU.

Without this mutual mechanism, the transition from world imperialism to world socialism can not be achieved. 

In the interest of securing the global profit maximization, it is inevitable for the world bourgeoisie, to integrate the national Yellow Trade Unions in a global instrument for the regulation of wage slavery. This globalized system of Yellow Trade Unions thus has the task of transforming the strike-breaking in the various countries into global strike-breaking. This is the crucial feature of the present globalization of the system of Yellow Trade Unions.

The more the globalized world capital exercises pressure on individual unions, the more urgent is the global association of red unions. The globalization is the characteristic tendency of the changing world movement of the working class, including its revolutionary trade unions. Under the conditions of globalization, the centralized work of the RILU is indispensable for the revolutionary trade unions in every country. And without support of the red trade unions in the countries the RILU cannot defeat the world headquarters of the social-imperialist unions.

The revolutionary trade unions of the countries are indivisible part of the internationalist world movement of the Trade Unions. This relationship is equal to the togetherness of the proletariat of different countries ( as parts), and the world proletariat (as a whole). The strengthening of the revolutionary Trade Unions in the countries and their integration into the whole revolutionary world movement is a task which can only be solved by mutual efforts of the red trade union of a country and the Red International of the Labour Unions. This way it is possible and necessary to destroy the global system of the Yellow Tradeunionism.

That - and only that - is the only guarantee of victory over the yellow union in one's own country under the present conditions of the globalized wage slavery! 

The global apparatus of the capitalist reactionary Trade Unions (inclusively the reformist-revisionist and syndicalist ones !) is integral part of the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie. Therefore, this global system of bourgeois Trade Unions cannot be adopted by the world proletariat. In the contrary, the world proletariat has to destroy it completely and to establish a global system of socialist trade unions as part of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

It cannot be excluded that the capitalist trade union can be defeated in one's own country. Certainly, but this costs much more sacrifices - namely as long as the capitalist trade union is backed by the whole world capitalist system.

It is a matter of fact that this defeat can not at all be guaranteed, because capitalist trade unions will be unavoidably be restored - namely as long as the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie exists. If you want to abolish the inevitability of the restoration of reactionary trade unions, you need the word dictatorship of the proletariat.

Only the victory of the RILU can guarantee the elimination of the inevitability of counter-revolutionary trade unions who are one of the most important instruments of protecting the interests of capital against the interests of labour by means of the so called "inner social peace".

The essential task of the RILU is wage an globally organized war against the Yellow Trade Unions with the goal to gain the power of the world proletariat. Thus, RILU is a central and indispensable instrument of the socialist world revolution. 

Today, there is no more important task for a class-conscious trade-unionist than to propagate, prepare and implement the world-revolutionary class-struggle within the Yellow trade unions.

The creation of the Red Trade Union in any country, under conditions of globalization, can therefore not pass off straight-lined, and can not be separated from the development of the international trade union movement.

The RILU is a necessary global basis and lever for the creation of Red Unions in single countries, respectively for organizing Revolutionary Oppositions within the Yellow Trade Unions. 

The yellow union survives in the labor movement as long as the workers hesitate, to create their Trade Union with its own revolutionary class character. Daily and hourly, the yellow union leaders undermine the revolutionary class consciousness of the unionists by their bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideology. Their anti-communism assumes shapes of social-fascism, discrimination, mobbing and expulsions. In some statutes of Yellow Trade Unions the communist workers are excluded from becoming members.

Despite their increasing social-fascist character, the bourgeois trade unions are still worshiped as an alleged "sacred cow" that are not allowed to be slaughtered. At least, bourgeois trade unions are still tolerated as a so called "petty evil" by many colleagues.

This superstition will be removed, and this myth is overcome only if the workers have completely understood, that a class union of the bourgeoisie can never represent the interests of the working class. Bourgeois trade unions are unions of strikebreakers, lackeys of the capitalists and the capitalist state !

For over 100 years, the bourgeoisie splits the trade unionists, and there are two lines in the world trade union movement - the revolutionary and the reactionary line.The RILU was and is again the most effective tool to overcome the split of the world proletariat.

A union can not serve two masters at the same time. The union has to serve exclusively the workers. Therefore, the yellow union must be beaten out of the hands of the capitalists.









Red International

of the Labour Unions