of the

Red International

of the Labour Unions


Declaration of Reconstruction


effective date: 1st of May, 2003



The Red International of the Labour Unions

did not fall – it is back again -

- the renewed Red International of the Labour Unions of the 21st century .


After the dissolution in 1937 we shall reconstruct our old RILU in the spirit of the old Comintern. The reconstruction is generally based on the continuation of the old traditions and experiences of the international class-struggle, on the former actions and activities, on the base of the old program, declarations, decisions and resolutions, on the old general line of Lenin and Stalin..




The Red International of the Labour Unions is an organization of the Comintern (SH), a school of world communism, which generally unites, educates and supports the revolutionary unionist-struggle of the world proletariat.

The RILU is the center of the world revolutionary, unionist Movement of which conceives the glorious tradition in discussion of the made mistakes during the past – with the aim to avoid right, „left“ and centrist deviations and to overcome their influences. The Red International of Labour Unions shall fulfill its tasks as a an organization of the masses.

The RILU is led by the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha – particularly by their revolutionary line of trade unions – which have to be defended, applied and developed in the course of the daily international class-struggle.

It is the duty of the RILU to realize the permanent bolshevization of the international, revolutionary world trade union `s movement.

Essential feature of Stalin `s „12 theses of bolshevization“ is not only applied to the Bolshevist parties in general, but they are also good for solving the trade union `s question in particular.



The Red International of Labour Unions is the parent organization of all world revolutionary, unionist forces in every capitalist country which will be enlisted, organized, mobilized, instructed and led by the world revolutionary unionist organizations of the Bolshevist parties, the sections of the Comintern-ML, as (a main) part of the struggle for the socialist revolution, the smashing of the world bourgeoisie and the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

The organizational forms of trade unionist struggles, the complicated strategy and tactics, particularly concerning the oppositional world revolutionary struggle within the reformist and revisionist trade unions, are different because of the special conditions of capitalism in each country. It is therefore the responsibility of the Bolshevist party of every country to analyze the special conditions by the methods of dialectical and historical materialism to be able to transform the general line of the RILU correctly. This does concern the elasticity and ability of maneuvering as well as the unfolding and preservation of the principles of the Bolshevist line to solve the trade union `s question correctly and effectively. This does concern to the up-building of new red trade unions where it is necessary and possible as well to the oppositional revolutionary organizations inside and outside the reformist and revisionist trade union `s of the bourgeoisie. By undermining these reactionary organizations „left“ deviations have to be avoided in the struggle to win the broad masses of the trade union members for the aims of communism. The formation of red trade unions has to be combined with the formation of the unionist masses under the different conditions of every country.

This means, that there must be the development and transformation of an independent line of trade union `s struggle in every single country guided by the overall general line of the RILU - permanently harmonized according to the principles of the democratic centralism. The particular experiences and conclusions of the revolutionary trade unionist struggle in every single country is again the basis of centralized and concentrated analysis and generalization of the whole international workers movement for the further development of the general line of the RILU by which every single country can take advantage for the own trade union `s struggle.

In the first line the aim is the mutual support and solidarity of all the revolutionary trade unionists all over the world to transform the struggle of the world proletariat as a big leverage for the victory of the socialist world revolution.



The RILU leads and organizes the struggle of the unification of all world revolutionary forces of the trade unionist world movement in demarcation of class-reconciliation, splitting, capitulationism, and liquidationism, especially all branches of revisionism and reformism, Trotzkyism, anarcho-syndicalism and every bourgeois influence within the trade-unionist world movement. The RILU is a proletarian international class organization independent and free from influences of the oppressing and exploiting class of the world bourgeoisie.



In the struggle global class against global class the RILU masters the principled Marxist-Leninist united front tactics of the world proletariat in demarcation of the „united front“ tactics of the revisionists, reformists and all the other agents of the bourgeoisie within the ranks of the workers` trade union world movement. World capitalism can only be smashed by the victory of the united front of the world proletariat.



The RILU can only struggle victoriously, if it simultaneously supports the anti-imperialist liberation struggle of the oppressed and exploited peoples in a united front.

The anti-imperialist world movement is therefore an unchanged force to realize the aims of the proletarian internationalism of the revolutionary trade union `s world movement.



The RILU struggles for the world revolutionary destruction of the bourgeois and imperialist, revisionist and social-imperialist trade unions. Only on the ruins of these counter-revolutionary instruments of world capitalism it will be possible to establish revolutionary, socialist trade unions. The RILU strives for socialist trade unions as instruments for the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat and to establish socialism – on a national as well as on an international scale. The RILU struggles for the future up-building of an international organization of the trade unions of all world socialist countries all over the world.




Proletarians – unite in the world revolutionary trade union of your country !

World proletariat – unite the world revolutionary trade unions of all your countries !













Red International

of the Labour Unions