Statement by Comintern/ML

April 20th, 2003

Wage war on the imperialist war in the Middle East ! Death to the Anglo-American imperialists and their lackeys in the Near and Middle East !

Long live the revolutionary war of liberation of the Arab people !

World Proletariat - unite with the Arab people and with all the peoples of the world !

Bring down US imperialism, the world's no.1 enemy, by revolution !

Long live the International Proletarian Revolution !

Comintern/ML condemns imperialist war crimes against the Iraqi people Anglo-American imperialist machinations to bring the Iraq under their thumbs, culminated in a new war of conquest which came close to genocide and the destruction of the native country of the Iraqi people.

With fire and sword in one hand, the Anglo-American raiders have gone hold of Iraqi resources, above all the oil, while at the same time waving the olive branch of 'freedom and democracy' in the other. These are the well-known ways of US imperialism designed to gag and enslave other peoples: It is nothing but counter-revolutionary terror, armed aggression, military intervention, subversion, economic, political, ideological terror and the war of propaganda.

Comintern/ML condemns this barbaric act as a crime against the Iraqi people, as a crime against all Arab peoples, as a crime against humanity!

The entire Near and Middle East has been brought to its knees and subjugated by military means in the framework of the anti-Arab strategy of Anglo-American

imperialism. It is above all US imperialism which is instrumental in bringing this strategically vital region of the world under the direct control of international finance capital with the aim of securing oil interests, markets and military strongholds to be able to lead a new imperialist world war. Without oil - no imperialist war.

Not a drop of oil should touch the hands of the imperialists to enable them to continue their imperialist war! Only a decisive and uncompromising struggle which is based on genuine Arab unity will put the Arab peoples in a position to win true independence and freedom and to benefit from their immense oil resources and to use it for their own development and their national and social progress.

The Arab oil belongs to the Arab population and to nobody else in the world!

The driving force of maximum profit to maintain the world domination of international finance capital by means of the stolen oil, by necessity also generates the

driving force on the part of the Arab peoples to defend their riches. Snatch the stolen oil away from US imperialism and use it as a weapon for the class war for the destruction of world imperialism! Free your oil from the fetters of the private property of the multi-national oil companies by revolutionary force! Put an end to capitalist relations of production and nationalise the oil, let the people control it, and the people alone!

Oil workers !

Oil workers of Kirkuk and Mosul ! Turn round the oil pipelines !

Oil workers of the world, unite against the transnational oil companies and their lackeys in your country! Turn off the taps of the multinational oil companies!

Let the oil run into your own hands! Oil must run. Sure! But where to? The answer is: into the hands of the revolutionary liberation movement, into the hands of proletarian world revolution! Only the proletarian world revolution will be able to give you jobs and a decent

standard of living. Don't let the international oil companies enslave you any longer!

Peasants !

You peasants living between the Euphratus and the river Tigris! Divert the water!

Mesopotamia is yours! Take possession of it and feed the hungry mouths of your children from its riches, fill the mouths of your hungry Arab brothers and

sisters, those of the revolutionary freedom fighters who are trying to defend and protect your home country.

You poor peasants all over the world! Take possession of the land which

is solely yours and sow the seeds and reap the harvest of world revolution which will put an end to the hunger in the world.

Soldiers !

You soldiers of the Iraqi people ! Turn round the rifles !

Liberate your people and its wealth and protect it with your life! No

foreign occupier, regardless of his powers and heavy weaponry, as is the case with the Anglo-American imperialists, will be able to subjugate the Iraqi people forever against whom they have launched their war.

The occupiers are being faced with the wrath and hatred of the Iraqi people and all the peoples of the world, which has been testified by recent demonstrations.

However, this will not be it! Sporadic resistance will become organized and will trigger rebellions as well as popular uprisings up to the point where the armed liberation struggle will triumph over the foreign oppressors and drive them out of Iraq. The enemies of the people, the 'national' ruling cliques and henchmen of the imperialist occupiers will not be able to halt the liberation movement. They will be swept away by it.

Iraqi soldiers have put up resistance against the intruders. Nobody can deny that. However, this kind of resistance, has it been well enough organized as it should have been to strike heavier blows against this Anglo-American bunch of thieves? This type of resistance was a far cry from being a people's liberation war fought by a people's liberation army. But it is exactly this kind of army that the Iraqi people are in need of to be

able to drive the foreign noccupiers from Iraqi soil, and the peoples of the Near and Middle East require such armies to chase the imperialist troops away, the way it was once successfully done in Indochina.

The people's army must employ the tactics of revolutionary warfare, of ambushes, must fight a guerilla war, being protected by the people, who will help them to disappear and who will protect them as soon as there is a need for it. This way even the UN troops will be defeated who will be nothing but a tool of the Anglo-American occupying forces.

However, the war against the occupiers must not be limited to the goal of driving them out; it must go further and establish the power of the people in Iraq so as to destroy the influence of the imperialists over the national bourgeoisie. The goal must be the national and social liberation of the Iraqi people from any kind of exploitation and suppression no matter whether it is exercised from within or from outside the country. The imperialist war

against Iraq is the eve of the people's revolution of Iraq which is going to triumph under the leadership of the Iraqi workers, peasants and soldiers.

Workers, peasants and soldiers of Iraq, unite for the revolutionary liberation of your country ! Unite to set up an Iraqi Workers', Peasants' and Soldiers' Republic !

Comintern/ML defends the just anti-imperialist struggle and the just cause of the Arab peoples. As once the Third International supported the Arab peoples in their just struggle against imperialism, the Comintern/ML today continues this traditional line with honour. We are siding with the Iraqi Marxists-Leninists and would like to tell them on this occasion:

"You do not walk alone! We support you! Marxist-Leninists of Iraq, unite! Build a strong Bolshevik party in Iraq and join the ranks of the Comintern/ML!

Only on the basis of Marxism-Leninism will your country be completely free. Only socialism can rescue Iraq!"

Get rid of all shades of bourgeois ideology which are designed to make you abstain from organizing socialist revolution. Fight all trends of revisionism and

opportunism in your own ranks. Raising white flags or even supporting the imperialists is tantamount to betraying the Iraqi Socialist Revolution! Islam, too, is a dangerous drug for the Islamic peoples of which they will have to get rid of in the long term. However, we must not allow the imperialists to fool us, who are calling the popular resistance of the Arab peoples 'religious terrorism'. Who are the terrorists? The imperialists and their lackeys - nobody else in the

world! Anyone opposing the serious imperialist crimes must not be called a 'terrorist'. The Arab peoples can look back on a glorious past of revolutionary

liberation struggle and they will triumph over the imperialists in the end!

Arab peoples, unite in your struggle for the revolutionary repelling of the imperialist occupiers from your native soil!

In order to tranform the present defeat into a future victory, the Arab peoples must arrive at the conclusion that it is urgently necessary to create a unified

anti-imperialist liberation front without losing much time. One reason for the defeat was the fact that the other Arab peoples did not help their brothers in need and failed to organize a United Front against the common enemy. The splitting tactics the imperialists have persued for decades on end among the Arabs has finally worked out. However, it is clear that imperialism can only exploit an Arab country as long as the Arab peoples do not help each

other. The Arab peoples must no longer listen to the imperialist lackeys of the Arab League.

Neither the feudal landlords nor the national bourgeoisie of the Middle East should be

allowed to stop the Arab peoples from uniting in a war of liberation.

The liberation struggle of the Arab peoples - a torch light for the liberation struggle in the whole world!

It is international counter-revolution itself that is helping to bring about the alliance for anti-imperialist resistance by slaughtering the people in the Middle

East which is something that is also going to favour anti-imperialist resistance all over

the world. The struggle of the Arabs for liberation is a signal for the liberation struggles of all oppressed peoples in the world. By binding the international counter-revolutionary forces, the Arab peoples not only create more favourable conditions for the liberation struggles of other peoples, but also create better starting positions for the struggle against world imperialism as a whole and thus for proletarian world revolution which will one day mark the end of world dominance by imperialism.

The international alliance of US imperialism can only be shattered by the world alliance of the proletarians of all countries with the oppressed peoples.

Everything for world revolution!

The issue of the national liberation movements in the powder keg of the Near and Middle East will strategically be resolved by linking it to the strategy of

revolutionary transformation within the imperialist countries in the framework of the overall strategy of smashing world imperialism through international proletarian revolution. The proletariat will not be in a position to free itself without liberating the peoples oppressed by imperialism.

As Marxists-Leninists we must have the overall interests of the world proletariat in mind when looking at the liberation struggle of the Iraqi people. The

struggles of the Arab peoples do not take place within the borders and only as part of the problems of Arab countries. They must be seen as part of the international struggle against world imperialism and should be supported in this direction. Revolutions in Arab countries are part and parcel of international revolution. It is a good thing when the peoples of the world show their solidarity with the Iraqi people and do not let themselves intimidated by

the security forces in their respective countries. However, it would be even far better if the peoples took the guns into their hands to put an end to the imperialist war. In each country workers', peasants' and soldiers' councils should be set up to organize the armed struggle against imperialism, also on an international scale by establishing red brigades.

All those millions of threads with which US imperialism is connected to the outside world to make its world domination function must be cut off. No weapon should be manufactured, financed and shipped by the people any more which are used by the US imperialists to slaughter other peoples and to suppress them militarily.

The anti-imperialist forces of the suppressing countries have a duty to support in any conceivable way the liberation struggles in the oppressed countries. The

suppressing counries must, by any means, be prevented from transporting war material of

the imperialists which is destined to be used for the purpose of waging imperialist wars of conquest.

Supply routes must be blown up, the rifles must be turned round and pointed to the imperialists. The world over imperialist military bases must be attacked

to keep US imperialism in a state of terror and panic. It must not be allowed breathing spaces. Its forces must be worn out purposefully, they must be disrupted and its troops must be demoralized and undermined. We must wage a permanent guerilla war so as to gradually weaken their positions, to push them back step by step and to defeat them in a decisive battle by uniting all international forces opposed to them. What else could the slogan

"Wage war against the imperialist war!"

mean? If this slogan is not put into practice internationally, it will lose any substance and will be of no use for the aim of ending imperialist wars. Anyone who supports the revolutionary popular liberation struggles just in words, but does not help organize the war against the war of the imperialists internationally in deads, unintentionally supports the subjugation of the Middle East under world imperialism!

For a socialist Iraq! For a socialist Near and Middle East!

"Only in a socialist society, which has overcome the imperialist world, will it be possible forever to stop any form of aggression and military intervention of some

states against others, will it be possible to get rid of any type of colonial exploitation, any type of subordination, of dictate and dominance, of national subjugation and racial segregation; will it be possible to guarantee the right of self-determination of the people, national sovereignty and equality of all nations, to

establish friendly relations and international solidarity among nations everywhere in the world, will it be possible to abolish any kind of exploitation of man by

man, any kind of class rule and class hegemony, will it be possible to do away with classes altogether."

(From: 'General Line' of Comintern/ML - see:

Executive Comitee of Comintern/ML

Wolfgang Eggers