115 Years - 1st of May

On the 14th of July, 1889 – exactly one hundred years after the French Bastille was taken by storm - the International Workers` Congress in Paris (2nd International) passed the resolution of „ the great international manifestation“ which stands at the very beginning of the history of the 1st of May.

Long live the red 1st May!

– international fighting day of the world proletariat -

Since 115 years millions all over the world march under the red flag of the 1st May to liberate mankind from the capitalist yoke.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of all the dead, who were fallen on the 1st May, respectively fallen for the aims of the 1st May – for the liberation from capitalism, for proletarian socialism and for the re-conquest of socialism. Especially, we remember the fallen workers of Chicago in 1886 and those workers of Berlin, who were shot by the socialfascist government of the German socialdemocracy 75 years ago – on the 1st May, 1929.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of the Russian working class, who commemorated Mayday in times of Lenin and Stalin under the dictatorship of the proletariat, the first homeland of the worldproletariat. Time shall come, when the Russian proletariat shall celebrate Mayday after the victorious revolutionary reconquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of the Albanian working class, who commemorated Mayday in times of Enver Hoxha under the dictatorship of the proletariat, the second homeland of the world proletariat. Time shall come, when the Albanian proletariat shall celebrate Mayday after the victorious revolutionary reconquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of the worldproletariat, who marched on Mayday under the red flag of the Comintern in solidarity with the Soviet Union to conquer world socialism by the victory of the proletarian world revolution.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of the heroes of the working class of the former and still existing revisionist countries, who died by the betrayal of the revisionists, who were killed by the social-fascist dictatorship of the new bourgeoisie. Time shall come, when the proletariat in these countries shall finish the struggle for the proletarian dictatorship successfully and when they celebrate this victory on the 1st May.

Today, on the 1st May we are mindful of the martyrs of all oppressed and exploited people, who lost their life for the liberation from imperialist and social-imperialist enslavement and occupation, particularly the Palestinian martyrs as well as the martyrs of the people in the Iraq and in Afghanistan.

International solidarity of the world proletariat with the oppressed and exploites peoples is not aware of national bounds and borders, it is global! On the 1st May the globalized anti-imperialist liberation front under the leadership of the world proletariat falls into line against the globalized counter-revolution, which is under the command of the world`s terrorist No 1 – USA-Imperialism !

Time shall come, when worldimperialism will be defeated, when all the instruments of the dictatorship of the worldbourgeoisie shall be destroyed and smashed!

The victory of the proletarian world revolution shall come!

Time shall come, when we alltogether build up the new world of socialism marching under the flag of the Communist International on the 1st May!

We are living in times of the world capitalist` s collapse.

The army of the unemployed grows millionfold, the army of the home- and roofless grows millionfold, the army of people who die by hunger and starvation grows millionfold. The army of the people who die by deseases grows millionfold, millions of people die by all the other symptoms of world capiltalism, last not least by the imperialist military wars,interventions and occupations as in Iraq. The economic crisis of world capitalism hit the poorest countries, the majority of countries all over the world with death, hunger, starvation, unemployment and other symptoms which are signs of the deathend of imperialism as the last globalized stage of monopolism, of the rotten and parasitical pestilence of capitalism. Everybody can see that this crisis returns to the capitalist countries and metropolies where the pauperization of the working class and other working people grows in uge dimensions. Everyone and everything is sacrified to the profit, but instead of postponing and prolonging the unavoidable end of capitalism this process of destruction speeds up with every attempt to escape from its extinction.

The foolish adventures of the international finance capital, namely the intention of the total physical annihilation of the whole worldproletariat and the working people by the establishment of world fascism to the inner side and imperialist wars and military occupations to the outer side (which hides behind the mask of „anti-terrorism“) aims just to the service of the maximized profits.

However this development shall not pass over in silence.

The blood- and profit-thursty course of the world bourgeoisie, the pauperization of the world proletariat welds it together into a world unity front aginst capitalism, creates the power of the international grave-diggers of world capitalism as it was allready prophesized in the „manifesto of the communist party“ written by Marx and Engels over 150 years ago.

The capitalists shall loose a world and the proletarians all over the world have nothing to loose except their slave-chains.

So, the economic world crisis sharpens the international class struggle, because this led to the political crisis of the whole global capitalist system. The class contradictions between the worldbourgeoisie and the worldproletariat are the main contradictions in the world and soon their antagonist character cannot anymore be masked and compensated by class-reconciliation by the reformists and revisionists, they cannot be solved by class-peace, cannot hinder the total clash of the contradiction between capital and labour, but shall be fought out in a struggle which ends with the extinction of the bourgeoisie and the victory of the world proletariat. The world proletariat increased enormously by the economical world crisis and their is no social rank all over the world which could resist the polarisation between the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat. Everybody in this world is involved in the mael-strom of the uprizing international class- struggle.

On the one hand, there is the worldbourgeoisie to form into line the international counterrevolution by world fascism ( „Save the world from terrorism!“ = Save the plutocracy from poorness!). To achieve these aims the worldbourgeoisie does not shrink from revisionism in power, from social fascism and from bourgeois socialism, from social-imperialism to uphold their counterrevolutionary violence, if this would be the only alternative for the world bourgeoisie to survive.

On the other hand, there is the world proletariat to form into line the world army of the oppressed and exploited people to fight for bread and freedom, to reconquer all the values of the working people that were robbed by the capitalists. It is the aim of the world proletariat to regain all the stolen riches of the people, piece by piece, so that mankind shall survive.

The tendency and speed of the revolutionary radicalization of the exploited and oppressed masses contradicts with the tendency and speed of the development of the international counterrevolution, with the establishment of world fascism.

The beginning worldrevolutionary uprize of rebellious centers at the imperialist hinterland as well as in the imperialist metropolies is a sign for the beginning dissolution of the existing class-formations, is the beginning of the struggle for the classless world society, is a further decisive step towards world communism. The ongoing process of the global centralization and concentration of the counterrevolution is simultaneously the beginning defeat of the power of world capitalism.

As a response of the military offensive by the united world imperialists with the USA-imperialists at the top the defence-struggle of the heroic Arab people changes to a revolutionary counter-offensive to armed people`s liberation from imperialist occupation. The result of this revolutionary counter-offensive decides how long and how far the people of the world have to bear the burdens of the world crisis. The mobilization of the world proletariat is an important factor for the further course of the political world sitiation.

In such a deep political crisis of our class enemies all over the world we – as communists – must take the initiative to lead the world proletariat on the battlefield to take advantage of the death-ill adversary who is in worse chronical languishing state. It is necessary that we use the 1st May as a day, on which we have to say the truth to the worldproletariat, on which we have to appeal for the historical mission of the world proletariat – not to act in the past, not in the future, but how to behave in this present situation of the deepest world capitalist crisis.

In this times, when the revolution has already become a question which must be solved practically, we have to master the theoretical forsight of the reconquest of proletarian socialism. This means that we have to sharpen the theoretical weapons which are needed to remove all the hindrances of revisionism and neo-revisionism. We have to do away the still existing bourgeois socialism in the revisionist- social fascist countries, and we have to eliminate the so called „anti-revisionists“ who in reality help to cast the skin of the old mask of revisionism. We have to declare frankly our mistakes that we made as communists when we did not hinder the dangerous process of the capitalist restoration, when we did not hinder the upcoming new social bourgeoisie in our socialist countries, when we failed to defend the dictatorship of the proletariat. Well, we have to give the right answers to the questions of the world proletariat how we can again establish socialism and to avoid capitalist restoration again and again. We shall begin anew the ideas of communism, the ideas of the proletarian world revolution and familiarize the ideas of communism with the masses by struggling against anti-communism and by taking part in the international class- struggle, by uniting the best revolutionary workers of the world who shall learn to lead the masses by their own heroical, brave deeds. We have to recreate the conditions of the principled proletarian world unity front, the conditions of the unity of the Marxist-Leninists all over the world. We have to prepare the strengthening of all the necessary subjective factors to take advantage of the upcoming world revolutionary situation.

On the 1st May we have to show the revolutionary, proletarian alternative to avoid the catastrophy of world capitalism, to find the way out of the utter misery of millions of masses, to overcome the unemployment of millions of masses and to finish colonialist mass murder. Only by strengthening the conscious of the necessary alternative of the proletarian worldrevolution the international masses of the exploited and oppressed shall find the right way out of their misery. The international class front against the economical offensive of the world bourgeoisie must lead to the international class front against political oppression of the globalized counter-revolution and to the international class front against imperialist wars and military occupations.

But remember what Stalin taught:

„The victory of the revolution does not come by itself. We have to prepare and to fight for it. To prepare and fight for it is only possible by a strong, revolutionary, proletarian party. There are moments, when the situation is revolutionary, when the power of the bourgeoisie is shaken to the ground, but the victory of the revolution does still not come, because there is not yet a revolutiobary party of the proletariat, that would have enough force and authority to lead the masses and to conquer the power. It would be foolish to believe, that such cases do not happen“ (Stalin, works, volume 13, page 266, report on the 17th party rallye, German edition).

The existence of the Communist International, the existence of experienced Bolshevist parties are the necesssary conditions to concentrate and centralize the world revolutionary forces, the national revolutionary forces, to increase the present difficulties od world capitalism as well as to increase the difficulties of capitalism on the national stage, to speed up the development of the capitalist crisis, to step forward with the proletarian socialist revolutions in the single countries, to step forward with the revolutionary national liberation struggle, to weaken worldimperialism at all fronts and to step further with the world revolution in a whole.

Firstly, don`t let us forget, that the present onward march of the international counter-revolution has historical origins. The present onward march of the worldimperialists was only possible by the weakness of the world proletariat caused by the betrayal of the revisionists who succeeded to defeat both the strong bullwarks of the world-revolution – the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and the socialist Albania of Enver Hoxha. Modern revisionism then and neo-revisionism now prepared the base of the present activities of the US-imperialists.

Secondly, don`t forget that the offensive of world imperialism with the US-imperialism at the top is simultaneously a sign of the weakness of the world bourgeoisie, which is forced to quicker capitulation by the spontaneous decomposition and self- mutilation of the ongoing world crisis. On this 1st May 2004 the world proletariat can see, how worldimperialism cannot anymore be master over the old methods of exploitation and oppression, how the US-imperialists are forced to unmask themselves when they resort to drastic fascist methods to terrorize the people of the world and when they as well resort to drastic methods of military interventions, occupations and imperialist wars.

History proved that neither worldfascism nor imperialist world wars can really prevent imperialism from extinction. In the contrary, history proved that the people`s forces of resistance will be strenghtened by every offensive of the world bourgeoisie, revolutions shall arouse, the proletariat uproots capitalism by liberating one country after another from exploitation and oppression. World imperialism is going to be ruined and headlong crashing into the abyss.

However, the world proletariat steps over the path of world revolution and in no single second the world proletariat intends to follow into the capitalist abyss, but concentrates on the historical mission:

establishment of the own worldorder – the world socialism!

Proletarians of all countries – unite in the struggle for the socialist revolution!

Long live the proletarian internationalism and the red 1st May!

For freedom, bread and labour!

War against imperialist war!

Imperialist occupation-troups – out of the Iraq, out of the Near and Middle East – out of the Balcans, out of all occupied countries of the world!

Down with the Yankees and all their chain-dogs all over the world!

Long live the revolutionary liberation struggle of the peoples!

Down with fascism and social-fascism!

Down with reformism, revisionism and neo-revisionism!

Down with the imperialist organisations within the world proletariat!

Long live the Communist International, the Comintern [ML] and their sections!

Long live the Red International of the Trade Unions!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world communism!

Executivecommittee of the Comintern [ML]