Red international brigades to the Balkans!

CPGer/ML May, 2001

Instead of "Serbs" against Albanians Macedonia starts war against Albanians. It is fully legitimate that Albanians with their UCK defend themselves and fight for the in­terest of the Albanians. This is as legitimate as the war against Belgrade socialfascists in Kosovo.

In each case nationalist cliques supported by the imperialists, so called bakshish receivers in the stile of Tito, stir up war pretending to fight for national interests. This is the same tactic as used Hitler to bend the way for socialist revolution and is an old method of the imperialists. Neither EU, NATO nor KAFOR supports the right and legitimate struggle of the Albanians. All these organizations are meant to stop socialism in the Balkans, nothing else. UCK is blamed to want a Great Albania and is lead by nationalist aims. Those same people are silent, when Great Israel is robbing land from the Palestinians in the near East. All Albanians want is life in prosperity which does not happen on the Balkans. Albanians thought they might get this pro­sperity from EU. But this dream has stopped as soon as EU showed their unwillingness in the Bosnia con­flict. The only aim of EU is to localize the conflict and prevent it from spreading all over Europe.

This is the same aim of the US on the Balkans.

All conflicts nowadays as comrade Enver Hoxha pointed out are turning about the solution of socialism, na­tionalism as some of these Balkanwarlords try to tell. The national liberation army of Albania kicked out the Wehrmacht with Hitler. But again with Joschka Fischer, a green lumpenintellectual, the predecessor of the Wehrmacht, the Bundeswehr, is teaching the Balkan how the worlds has to recover by the german mentality or as is said today by the german leading culture. All this by the cover of humanitarian aid as Joschka Fischer tells the world. The special envoy of Germany, Hombach, reigns as a governor and Macedonia is just a province of Germany having as currency the Deutsche Mark. Weapons come from Putin, specially those helicopters attacking UCK. Putin boasted to erase UCK just as in Tshetshnia.

This adventure on the Balkans cost the german taxpayer an enormous amount of money. The german go­vernment does not spend a day without telling the people to save this and that, reduce this and that. But it does not tell the people how much the Balkan adventure costs. The whole mission on the Balkans is a com­plete failure. This is proved by the special envoy before Hombach, Koschnik who tried to mission in Mostar. But the people there just laughed and told him to get off. This he did.

Albanians learnt in Tetovo what that friendship of the Germans meant. Instead of helping them against macedonian nationalists they fled like cowards and later arrested UCK fighters.

The only aim of german imperialism has not changed since Hitler:

to get hold of the chrome ore resources in Albania.

During Kosovo conflict and to fight against NATO occupation CPG/ML appealed to build red international brigades there and support struggle of the Albanian patriotes. In the case of Macedonia the executive com­mittee of the CPG/ML does not alter this appeal in contrary the efforts must be even stronger to achieve this!

There is no place for deviations and philosophical chat at this moment. If in yugoslavia there are true Marxist-Leninist they must join. If in Kosova there are revolutionary patriots, they must join.

If in Macedonia there are revolutionary proletarians, they must join.

We appeal to the soldiers of the Bundeswehr on the Balkans, turn around the rifles. Remember the revolu­tionary tradition of the soldiers of 1918, when soldiers joined the revolutionary workers and created the revolutionary councils. These are the best traditions of the german nation. Many soldiers of the Bundeswehr as on duty on the Balkans got aquainted with the problems of the peasants there. Friendships with peasants have been made and many soldier made use of his knowledge as peasant son or worker. These ties are valuable experience for unity with people and changed many minds to the anger of some bourgeois military leader who only want their soldiers as canon fodder for some dark imperialist aims.

So they started a quicker rotation of personnel to avoid contact to population so as to better behave as oc­cupants.

The arrest and disarmament of 100 UCK fighters near Tetovo on Kosovo ground showed the real character of Bundeswehr. This lesson shows what to do with german foreign minister Joschka Fischers praise of albanian government.

The hope to bend UCK to german interests has failed. Albania is again the poor-house of Europe. The economy is devastated. All that aid is deviated to swiss bankaccounts. This is the case all over the Balkans. So there is only one solution, kick out those bakshish war-lords and build up socialism on the Balkans. Albania needs no charity but the reestablishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Comrade Enver Hoxha created the unity of the workers, peasants and soldiers. Albania, same as the Sovietunion with Stalin, could self-reliant withstand imperialist pressure and create wealth. Berisha robbed all this from the albanian people. The result was the revolution against Berisha and his fall. The more mode­rate current regime avoids this open conflict but does nothing to establish jobs and reorganize the broken down economy.

The Balkans and the Near East are powder kegs and are causing a lot of trouble for imperialism. Neither the Palestinians nor the Albanians are satisfied with imperialist solutions. They took arms to fight for their inte­rests. This is the only way to get socialism and wealth. Donations from the imperialists are only ridiculous and bring nothing.

Therefore we appeal to the proletariat of all countries to unite and to organize red international brigades.

Executive committee of the CPG/ML

May 2001