of the Executive Committee of the Comintern-ML

on occasion of the 25th anniversary

of the historical letter sent by the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party of China

Document: Letter of the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania and the Albanian government to the CC of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government on the 29th of July, 2003. (Original letter of the PLA and the Albanian government in English language)

Historical Preface

This letter is an unshakable milestone in the history of the defense of the dictatorship of the proletariat under the conditions of the imperialist- revisionist encirclement. It is a milestone in the revolutionary process of the revolutionary supersession of the capitalist society by the socialist society. It is a proof of the always young lasting Marxism-Leninism. It documents the inexhaustible source of the Proletarian Internationalism from which the strength of the proletarian world revolution unstoppably grows. This letter is a milestone on the revolutionary way to the complete national and social liberation of the people from imperialism, socialimperialism, fascism and socialfascism and the complete world reaction simultaneously. And the letter is last not least a milestone on the way to remove the exploitation of people by people. The Proletarian Internationalism reached a high level 25 years ago, when the world proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist world movement struggled at the side of Albania -- which embodied the socialist world center under the leadership of the PLA -- for the breakthrough of the imperialist-revisionist blockade and encirclement. By this historical act not only the socialist Albania was defended but also the international conditions for the possibility to organize victorious socialist revolutions in other countries and to ease the unfolding for the Anti-imperialist-Antirevisionist liberation struggle of the peoples, exploited and oppressed by the imperialist nations.

12 years later in Albania there was the destruction of the last dictatorship of the world, but the fall of the socialist Albanian does never mean the end of the future of socialism.The valuable experiences of the fight for the prevention of the fall of the dictatorship of the proletariat smooths for the world proletariat and the people of the world the way for the restoration of the socialism on Marxist-Leninist base and with this the transformation of the defeat in an even greater, even firmer victory. The lessons of Lenin and Stalin about the prospects of the socialism in a single country have confirmed for the second time:

Only by the victory of the proletarian world revolution, by the defense of the socialist world center, by the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat at least in several countries the imperialist-revisionist encirclement definitely fails and the defense of the socialism in one country can be granted completely. Prerequisite is: strengthening of the dictatorship of the proletariat of a single socialist country in the base of the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism by a cosequent, hard class struggle, by the strong construction of socialism according to the requirements of a solid bulwark of the world revolution. The proletarian world revolution the other way round requires inalienably a base and a levers, namely at least the dictatorship of the proletariat in a single country -- counted on the own strengths as well on the support of the Proletarian Internationalism of the world proletariat -- that develops to the leading revolutionary world center of the proletariat. It is not only the duty of the leading proletarian party of the communist world center to act against the internationalism in words with clarity, sharpness and certainty by internationalism in deeds. This is simultaneously the common task of the world proletariat and the Leninist proletarian world party, the Communist International. It as well the duty of every single Marxist-Leninist party which struggles for the socialist revolution in her own country. The Proletarian Internationalism is the decisive force which puts the complete world proletariat into the position to fulfill its historical mission - the proletarian world revolution - relying on the proletariat and its vanguard in such country that has already established its dictatorship. And the aim is: Guarantee not only the definite victory of the proletariat in a single socialist country but also the maintenance of the dictatorship of the proletariat of all countries in the world scale. The Albanian socialism proved already historically, that the first imperialist-revisionist encirclement and takeover of power of the revisionists failed despite of the complete restoration of capitalism in the first socialist country - not yet succeeded before the death of comrade Stalin. The Chinese revisionism by participating the counterrevolutionary capitalist-revisonist was not able either to subdue even a small socialist country blockade.

Firstly, the Chinese revisionists failed because of an unusual brave people who counted with the help of the Marxism-Leninism on the own strengths . And secondly the Albanians possessed a great spirit of Proletarian Internationalism by which they were able to rely on the Marxist-Leninist world movement and the solidarity of the peoples. The socialist Albania was not only meaningful for the historical vitality and power of resistance of socialism under the conditions of the imperialist-revisionist encirclement. For the first time in its history the world proletariat and its vanguard in Albania had managed to build up a new Marxist-Leninist world center in the place of the old communist world center that was destroyed by the revisionist counter-revolution. Under the most difficult conditions the world proletariat had been able to defend and to carry further the banner of the proletarian world revolution. And we shall prove - in generalization of the facts which were reached by the heroic struggle of the world proletariat -- that another new Marxist-Leninist world center of the proletariat will be rebuilt , a stronger one. It will be a world proletarian center of a "new type" which can be crushed never again. This is not only theoretically possible but can also be realized practically. We will have to take a new way to the reconstruction of the communist world center to exclude a third failure from the very start. Two lessons can be concluded:

Firstly: It hadn't sufficed to start with the construction of the world center only if the socialism has already won in a single country. The Communist International arose only with the Soviet Union and the Comintern became dissolved before the spark could skip into other countries. After all it was possible in Albania - despite of the Titoist betrayal, in spite of the dissolution of the Comintern, with the help of the strong Soviet Union of Stalin etc., but especially and essentially by relying on its own forces and applying the principles of Marxism-Leninism to the conditions of the own country - to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Albania succeded moreover in defending the dictatorship of the proletariat against any revisionism. This small socialist country stood firm even under the condition that there was neither a strong Soviet Union nor a strong united communist world movement on which Albania could rely on. Instead of this the concentrated blow of the whole international fist of the revisionists focussed the single socialist Albania. The young Marxist-Leninist world movement started to unfold its strenghth just in this moment to protect the socialist Albania. So, a strong Communist International was missed to cope with this situation.

Secondly: It hasn't sufficed that the world revolutionary spark skips from Albania into other countries, because there was no strong Marxist-Leninist International, and because the Marxist- Leninist parties were still too young and weak and one can say, that they were opposed to a strong kind of "II. International at the power" - the camp of the revisionist countries led by the Soviet-revisionists. The imperialists could pull their head from the loop by the intervention of this "II. International at the power" - the revisionists of all shades - to help them to strangle Albania - although in contradictions to each other. The Marxist-Leninist world movement proved as to be too weak, to prevent the fall of the dictatorship of the Albanian proletariat.

Nearly only one party fought alone against opportunism of the II. International at the first time and this was nearly the same situation for the second time, when modern revisionism was in power. Neither the first time nor the second time the socialist spark jumped internationally over to the next country.

It is valid here, to become engrossed in the internationalist nature of the lessons of Marxism-Leninism and to apply to the dialectical materialism creatively. Why did Marx and Engels call for the unification of the proletarians of all countries? With this they meant: Unification is a conscious act that the proletarians of all country realize to melt together as a one world-class - the self-determination of thinking, willing and acting of one international class - the world proletariat and organize its own international association. And Lenin taught the world proletariat to develop its own vanguard in the process of the international class struggle, to build up the Communist International, the Bolshevist worldparty of "new type" that leads the proletarian world revolution to victory. The classics taught us, that the single socialist country is central bullwark of the proletarian world revolution and a great support for the upbuilding of new communist parties, a motive power for the development of the worldmovement, the socialist revolution in other countries and the liberation struggle of the peoples. The international class struggle develops independently from an existing socialist country or not existing country. So, first of all the Communist International serves to the international class struggle of the worldproletariat, serves to the communist movement, that is not necessarily dependant of the single socialist country. Essentially the world proletariat has to develop and to mobilize its own organisatory power, to support the main centre of the class struggle, to give the first re-conquered socialist country the best internationalist help. The higher meaning of the proletarian internationalism consists in the ability of the world proletariat to organize the international class struggle in such way that this eases the proletariat in a single country to be victorious in the socialist revolution and to enable them to build up socialism that supports the worldmovement retro-actively. However, if the world proletariat still suffers under the influence of the worldbourgeoisie it will be unable to give the necessary support to the single socialist country to resist the capitalist-revisionist encirclement and blockade.The world proletariat must develop as an inviolable backbone of the single socialist country by binding the international counter-revolutionary forces in the international class struggle. Only the acting world proletariat is able to avoid the counter-revolutionary destruction of a single socialist country before the next socialist country can be established.The single socialist country cannot export the socialist revolution into the next country and so on.The completed socialism in one country will not feed the other countries with socialism. Internationalist aid helps a big deal, but the conditions of the victory of each single socialist revolution depends mainly on the own forces of the proletariat and its allies in each country itself.

We must avoid the fault this time, first to start with the construction of a strong Communist International after socialism already is reconquered in a single country. If the socialism in a country is reconquered, it can develop its strength as center of the proletarian world revolution only effectively if this base and levers also can grip to the other countries. This just presupposes, that the Marxist-Leninist parties develope before strongly enough everywhere, at least in several countries.Therefore we need the Communist International in time. If this necessary work is not done in time, the single socialist country then is not able to become base and levers of the proletarian world revolution actually - even not a strong single country as the former Soviet Union. Only by its existence the single socialist country cannot become the base and levers of the proletarian world revolution automatically. We have to consider the active role of a strong world proletariat, the strengthened Marxist-Leninist movement and the Bolshevist organisation of the Communist International.

The history of the communist international teaches us: Letting the world proletariat without the Bolshevist world party means letting the worldproletariat alone without its revolutionary leadership. However, letting the world proletariat without revolutionary leadership causes the failure of the proletarian world revolution.

By the opportunist influence of the II. International the communist world movement was - at the moment of the construction of the first state of the dictatorship of the proletariat - still young and weak. But it was strengthened enormously by the Soviet communist world center. However the world bourgeoisie weakened the strong Comintern more and more and in the end it was dissolved finally under the influence of the social democracy and new upcoming revisionism. The same procedure happened with the young Marxist-Leninist world movement. With the leading role of Albania as the world center against revisionism the Marxist-Leninist parties developed rapidly. However the loss of the leading center caused a set-down of the Marxist-Leninist world movement that did not finish with liquidation and dissolution, indeed. Well, there is a crisis but there are also forces who started to overcome the crisis. The foundation of the Comintern-ML is the best proof of this, that the Marxist-Leninist world movement survived in the spirit of comrade Enver Hoxha - the 5 th classic of Marxism-Leninism. The Marxist-Leninists of the whole world are confronted with the task now, to create such a strong world movement by the struggle against Neo-Revisionism, that the Bolshevist worldparty is already rebuilt when the first socialist country will be reconquered. We have to consider the decisive subjective factor on an international scale to prepare the communist parties for the task of their socialist revolution in their own countries, to create bases all over the world especially building up a main base at the weakest point of the imperialist chain. The Bolcheviki did a titanic work for the victory of the October revolution, but nobody could expect earnestly, that their mission would be to liberate the whole worldproletariat, although they did obviously far more for the world revolution than all the other communist parties together as a whole. The Marxist-Leninist parties have to follow their way not only in their own country, but they have to transfer as well this titanic work of the Boksheviki on an international scale, today. We have to learn to act as World Bolsheviki to ease the reconquest of socialism in every single country. The world proletariat shall prove the first time in its history that its mission starts before the new socialist countries shall develop one after another. To learn from the history of the Communist International is the sharpest weapon of the whole world proletariat to protect the survival of socialism on a higher level. Long before the new reconquered socialist single countries shall develop they have to grow as germ cells in the body of the whole world proletariat that help them to develop by mobilizing its forces in their countries within the international class-struggle. To be able to act as a base and levers of the uninteruppted world revolutionary process the centers of the socialist revolutions all over the world have to be supported by the Communist International on an international scale.

The Communist International cannot and will not replace the upbuilding of a communist world center but the Communist International is one of the most important instruments to influence the speed of its development. In consideration of these reflections it is doubtless true that the essential role of the Communist International is to unfold its power to lead the world revolution of the world proletariat, when the world center of communism is organized in the first reconquered socialist country. But to be able to fullfill this role completely, we need the Communist International long before. This is the way, that the world proletariat has to follow, if it wants to finish the struggle vitoriously that the world proletariat began by supporting its Albanian vanguard. The fight of the Albanian vanguard of the world proletariat for the defense of the last socialist native country on this world was not in vain. Socialism returns on the world and one day will come, when the Albanian proletariat shall reconquer their dictatorship.

The heroic defenders of Marxism- Leninism and the proletarian world revolution, the defenders of the last bullwark of the world proletariat the defenders of the socialist Albania remain unforgotten and immortal inspite of the defeat. Fight for the proletarian world revolution today therfore means, to fight for the reconquest of the dictatorship of the Albanian proletariat. It corresponds to the spirit of the Proletarian Internationalism, not only to do everything for the support of the socialist revolution in every single country in general, but do far more for the reconquest of a lost proletarian dictatorship particularily. There is no proletariat all over the world who struggles stronger, tougher, more experienced and with more class-consciousness against imperialism and revisionism than a proletariat that had to suffer under the dictatorship of a bourgeoisie which was established on the ruins of the proletarian dictatorship by a revisionist betrayal. The proletariat of the Soviet Union and Albania did not yet finish to write their socialist history. Their heroism and valuable experiences are the base of the world proletariat to reconquer socialism on this earth and to step forward on the way that they smoothed for the future of mankind.

This is the glorious historical background to deign the letter of the CC of the PLA in these days.


This document of the 29th of July, 1978 reflects a historical period of prosperity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement which attained a highlevel of quality, maturity and strength. Well, this letter is and remains as one of the essential and most important documents of the international communist movement for the defense of Marxism-Leninism against revisionism. This letter of the CC of the PLA is therefore an unshakeable milestone on the anti-revisionist way towards the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. This milestone was of decisive importance for the foundation of the Comintern-ML. The letter shows the Comintern-ML and all of the true Marxist-Leninists of this world the way of the right application and revolutionary transformation into action of the principles of Marxism- Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism. Albania was the native country of the standard - bearer of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism, the native country of the world proletariat, the navigational light of socialism, the bulwark of the world revolution against imperialist-revisionist encirclement and blockade. Albania stood in the front of all suppressed and exploited peoples. Albania was the dignified successor of the Soviet Union Lenin`s and Stalin`s. The Soviet Union was the first socialist state and Albania was temporarily the last socialist state that followed.

The leading party of the Marxist-Leninist world movement the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top always remains as a touchstone of the unity of all true Marxist-Leninists nationally and internationally. Comrade Enver Hoxha was declared as the 5th classic of Marxism-Leninism by the Comintern-ML on the 31st of December, 2000. The Comintern-ML drew this sharpened demarcation-line with its General-Line against the international spreading of opportunism last not least because of the historical experiences 25 years ago. Reconcialationism between the 5 classics and the opportunists, haggling with the principles of the Marxism-Leninism will never be possible, if the Marxist-Leninist world movement increases her revolutionary vigilance and defends the lessons of the 5 classics like her eyeball. Everything which tries to take the socialist revolution to the expiration and extinction; Everything which leads to the unconditional capitulation under our class enemies; Everything, which aims at the suffocation of the struggle for liberation of the people -- is dangerous for the Marxist-Leninist world movement and therfore this danger must be fought, defeated and overcome uncompromisingly and determinedly. Like the PLA 25 years ago - concerning the resistance against the Chinese revisionists - the Comintern-ML will never be forced by any points of view and actions, that contradict the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism. As well all the Marxist-Leninist parties who are associated to the Comintern-ML as Sections shall resist all exertions of ideological,political and organisational pressure and extortion to stray our common principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism.

This letter of the CC of the PLA has not only historical meaning for us Marxist-Leninists but it remains red-hot because the same opponent isn't still defeated completely. The definite victory over today's Chinese social imperialism and socialist fascism, over the influence of the Mao Tsetung Ideas, is a key for the victory over the unavoidability of revisionism.The unavoidability of revisionism can only be attained and maintained, if the roots of revisionism are eliminated - the world bourgeoisie and the imperialist world domination.

The revisionism which appears in its most dangerous form -as Neo- revisionism - is, as agency of the world bourgeoisie within the rows of the world proletariat, the main danger as much as ever. The Neo revisionism is today pacemaker of the bourgeois influence within the international revolutionary labor movement, within the Marxist-Leninist world movement as well as in the anti-imperialist world movement. The Comintern-ML is begun to lift up this international fight banner of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism and to continue the fight until the complete destruction of revisionism. Like the world`s Bolshevism was born 100 years ago in the fight against the opportunism, we make world Bolshevism to become the final winner over the world imperialism, because the unity of the Marxist-Leninists of the world are forever the standard-bearer if World Bolshevism today and tomorrow. The opportunist countercurrents come and go but the growing power of Marxism-Leninism, the Bolshevist world movement could not and will be never stopped.

It was the world bourgeoisie herself, who spread the ideas of Bolshevism all over the world involuntarily and unintentionally by her inflammatory campaign against communism. It so was primarily the betrayal of the revisionists at power who brought disrepute upon Marxism-Leninism all over the world, so the flammatory campaign against communism of the worldbourgeoisie could grow on fertile soil. The seed of the anti-communist darkest world reaction opened thanks to the revisionism. But nevertheless:

We explain hereby categorically that the last word of communism still isn't spoken and that we will irrevocably turn the tables in our favor. Once again the worldbourgeoisie by herself is going to show her selfdestructive development to the world proletariat and to the peoples and they shall demonstrate to the world that the time is up for capitalism. The world bourgeoisie is unable to be master over the world and likewise the world proletariat is not able and willing anymore to stand the pain. We live in a time when world revolution has already become a question of practical solution. The more deeply world imperialism becomes unavoidably entangled in his own contradictions, the more deeply imperialism falls into his own grave, the more unwavering the future generations of grave-diggers will be convinced that we communists take the only right way with the revolutionary fight to the reconquest of the proletarian socialism.

The "Gordic" imperialist-revisionist knot does not fall apart by itself. You cannot cut it neither on peaceful way nor together with the reconciliators, but only with the violent sharp sword of Marxism-Leninism. Imperialism tries with different centers of the international opportunism to encircle the Marxists Leninists in the world today, to block our unification in the Comintern-ML and to prevent the reactivation of a new communist world center. These international opportunist centers of the imperialist agencies can only be smashed by the world proletariat had the peoples under leadership of the Marxist-Leninists. It is our disagreement, our own disunion, that denies us the necessary strength. So we could not prevent the destruction of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania, and with this the first historical chapter of the "socialism in a country" became true.

But with this loss of the last dictatorship of the proletariat socialism ended not forever, moreover the closed first chapter make us strong to open a new second chapter that will follow inevitably-- the chapter of the restoration of the socialism that is nothing else then the international spreading of new socialist states, the establishment of world-socialism.


It is valid, to hold the banner of the Marxist-Leninist world movement towards the worldwide victory of socialism as the only guarantee for the elimination of the unavoidability of the restoration of capitalism. This is contents and aim of this declaration of the of Executive Committee of the Comintern-ML.

We shall not know exactly, how the blank page of our future socialism will look like, but we know exactly that the dictatorship of the proletariat - that started with the Paris Commune as germinating cell, that was established by the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and that was continued by socialist Albania - will absolutly develop towards the international dictatorship of the whole world proletariat. Socialist history didn't and doesn`t develop automatically in a simple line. It had and has to pass meanders and turns. Victories were and will be always accomplished by defeats and setbacks but there was not and there will not be - after all interruptions - standstill or even worse barbarism in the end, if the class-struggle of world proletariat is led by Marxism-Leninism. World imperialism will be removed unavoidably and on his ruins the new socialist world order will be established. These lessons of Marxism-Leninism are based on the real development of the objective laws of international class struggle. The strong historical contradictions which have led to the strengthening of socialism did not disappear, they are still existing. In the contrary, the struggle of class-contradictions, the antagonism between world proletariat and world bourgeoisie intensified in such speed, that the world revolution cannot be stopped. The great qualitative jump from the old world order to the new world order is no more far.

The process of the spreading of socialism in the whole world can be hold backed by nobody. The historical problem of the collapse of socialism caused by the imperialist-revisionist encirclement and blockade, by the revisionist regeneration of world imperialism, shall be overcome because of the inevitable spreading of the socialist revolution from one single country to the other. With the end of the period of the restoration of capitalism this antiquated chapter of mankind`s history will be closed forever.The experiences of the construction of the socialism in a country are so various and so extensive that the restoration of socialism can make faster progress than the world imperialist regeneration and the process of capitalist restoration. Forces of revolution develop quicker than the forces of counter-revolution.By the Comintern-ML the world proletariat will be in the lead to reduce the power of resistance of the world imperialism to such degree that the renewed imperialist-revisionist encirclement and blockade shall not function again. The class enemy will be never able any more to pull the head from the loop even not in the corner of the world that is farest away. The objective conditions are ripe since the October revolution to destroy the order of world imperialism. We enter a period of the crisis of capitalism that forces the whole world proletariat to lead the peoples to the proletarian world revolution with great and quick steps. It is valid to make the subjective prerequisites now, forceful and determined, set up strong Bolshevist parties again and unite them in the Bolshevist world party to lead the world proletariat and his allies into the last battle.

As long as the Chinese revisionists could hide behind the struggle against the revisionism of Tito, Khrushchev, Brechnew&Co, the world imperialists were in the lucky situation to delay their decline.

But with the letter of the CC of the PLA the defense of world imperialism by the attack of the Chinese revisionists were uncovered, and the true character of Maoism revealed. However the dangerous influence of Mao Tsetung Ideas still exists by the attempts of its renewal as Neo-Maoism which has to be uncovered by the true Marxist-Leninists all ocer the world.

The letter of the CC of the PLA was a great step towards the world revolution, to shorten the survival of world imperialism. That was a great advantage and hope for the victory of our revolutionary world movement.

The world imperialists were conscious about the watchful revolutionary eyes of the world proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist avant-garde and they knew for sure that we would storm the Chinese wall of revisionism sooner or later in the same way we were already looking through all the other revisionist branches. It was totally clear, that the imperialists all over the world shall lose one shield of revisionism after another. The collapse of the second super power, the crisis of the Soviet social imperialism together with the crisis in each of the satellites was foreseeable after the fall of Titoism became obvious. A giant gap arose with it:

Firstly the loss of the first gigantic social imperialistic super power, secondly the loss of the imperialist instrument of the "non-aligned countries" and thirdly the unmasking of the "theory of the three worlds" of the Chinese revisionists who hurried up to compensate the fall of Soviet socialimperialism by establishing a new super power and to close the gap of the international counter-revolutionary bulwark against the world proletariat and the liberation struggle of the oppressed and exploited peoples. In this sense, the letter of the CC of the PLA opened us the door to attack world imperialism in the light of revolution and socialism.

But the world proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist avant-garde forced world imperialism` agencies to uncover the Chinese revisionist mask. The world imperialism reckoned with this development, but underestimated the revolutionary vigilance and the powerful, forward striving socialist strengths of the Albanian working class and the whole Albanian people as well as the fast growing forces of the Marxist-Leninist world movement which stood close behind Albania.The continuation of indroctination of Chinese revisionism was cut and the course of isolation from outside as well as the attempt to spread the poison of isolationism from inside turned out to be a failure, too. Relying on the proletariat`s own forces as one of the most important Marxist-Leninist principles - especially according to a small country like Albania - it was the intention of the class- enemies to abuse just this important principle for intensifying their imperialist-revisionist blockade. They tried to change this principle by the imperialist liquidational ideology and tactics of isolationism and secterianism as a forerunner of bourgeois assimilation and capitalist restoration ( By the way = still the same tactics against our world movement !). Relying on the own revolutionary forces in words and isolationalism in deeds, that was one of the revisionist attempts to destroy socialism after Albania had drawn the demarcation line against Chinese revisionism. But this imperialist tactics were successfully foiled by the Marxist-Leninists with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. The revisionists couldn`t do anything about that. So the world revolutionary center Albania was still an earnest danger for the world imperialism which the imperialists would never admit publicly. The small country Albania and the capitulation of the whole (!) imperialist-revisionist world: The Imperialists and revisionists made a fool of themselves. The open attack on the last bullwark of socialism on this earth was urgently essential for the survival of world imperialism. All over the world revisionism succeeded to undermine socialism, however it beat it`s head against the brick wall of the small Albania. Indeed, this were not at all signs of the strength of the imperialism, but -- on the contrary -- a sign of the weakness and capitulation on the whole line. After unmasking Titoism, Khrushchevism and after the Chinese revisionism was now exposed by the Marxist-Leninists was indeed a great base for the upswing of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in the common struggle against revisionism and to the same time a deep loss of instruments of the agencies of imperialism within the revolutionary camp in the world that was led by the PLA of Albania.

The Intensity of the anticommunist subversion of the international counter-revolution was foreseeable. An enormous pressure was focussed on Albania as well as on the Marxist-Leninist brotherparties and the revolutionaries of the liberation struggles all over the world. This colossal attack effected deep lanes, still visible and noticeable all over the world. We live in times of dark world reaction after the navigational light of Albania was expired. Look at the inconsiderateness of worldwide exploitation, the worldwide spreading of fascism and barbarism, a wave of warlike robbery and the active preparation of the 3rd World War. All this is triggered by the continuous deepest crisis of the financial world capital. Consequentely an even bigger worldwide wave of resistance arises now in front of our eyes. We have to be conscious about the danger that this colossal wave of revolutionary resistance may roll over the unprepared Marxist-Leninist world movement. We don`t want to be named as " after-trot-internationalists " in the history of the communist world movement that we hold in our own hands. If we don`t want to neglect the signs of the time, then

- we have to pull ourselves together,

- We must most hastily prepare our unity and reactivate our strength and continue the aims and tasks of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in times of comrade Enver Hoxha,

- we must fight out our disagreements and start working together obligatorily,

- we must sweep out all opportunist branches of bourgeois influence within our own rows and draw a demarcation-line as a base of our unification,

- we must put into practice the general line of the Comintern-ML,

- we must prepare the subjective factors for leading the world proletariat with the suppressed people to the proletarian world revolution by participating avtively and commonly in the international class- struggle,

- we must break through the imperialist chain at the weakest chain-link by concentrating our bundled forces on the right place to the right time,

- we must continue the way of socialism by a chain-link on the other hand

- we must break the power of the world imperialism piece for piece.

These revolutionary internationalist Marxist-Leninist ideas are invincible but we will fail if we don't realize them together with the masses. A communist international, that is unable to be anchored within the masses, a communist International that is neglected by the Marxist-Leninists and their organisations shall die definitely sooner or later. A Comintern-ML without her sections is sentenced to death. The opportunists had, have and will have this always in mind. It is their job to liquidate our Communist International and it is our job to prevent this by supporting the Communist International with all our forces. The first step is to become conscious about the necessity of a communist International, then the second step is to prove, if the Comintern-ML stands on genuine Marxist-Leninist basis and then the disagreements that hinder us to join the Comintern-ML have to be fought out. After that everyone has to make his own dicision, to join or not to join. Well, it is a stony way and we shall be confronted with problems of influences which contradict with the interests of the world proletariat, but we have to cope with this. The class-struggle goes on. Firstly our class-enemies try to control the communists on an international and national scale, then their claw arm concentrates on the revolutionaries of the liberation struggle, after that they are hunting all the progressive forces, everybody who resists and all the people who dare critisizing the international fasist barbarism, the bloody world dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Comrades, this disastrous process is already in awful acticity and we have to fight for our freedom! How shall this reactionary processhe be hold backed? We have to etsablish first our own unity as Marxist-Leninists, then the unity of the peopl`s liberation struggle, then the inited front of all progressive forces... and so on.

How shall revisionism be hold backed and destroyed? Think back to 1978! With the exception of Albaniaall the revisionist tactics functioned well and the treacherous work of the restoration of capitalism could be performed successfully everywhere. However, what do we learn from our hard experience in the struggle against revisionism? Revisionism prolongs its influence as far as capitalism prolongs its existence, because it is an inalienable instrument and part of capitalism. It is decayed like capitalism itself, but it does not fall by itself, if we don`t finnish it off. The strongest socialist country shall fall in victim, if the world proletariat will not succeed in time to spread the proletarian world revolution all over the world, if the world proletariat fails to cut the imperialist-revisionist encirclement and blockade by carrying the banner of the socialist revolution from one country to another, if the world proletariat does not succeed to snatch one imperialist chain-link after another to consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat not only for a period of time but forever. This is why the world proletariat needs the Communist International, and that`s why we have to fight for building it up imediately. Comrades, the international class- struggle is a life-and- death struggle, is a race between the worldbourgeoisie and the world proletariat to loose the power or to gain the power on this earth. So, when the Marxist-Leninist world movement strengthened under the leadership of Albania the world bourgeoisie had to pull the emergency brake. That was after the events 25 yeras ago.

It was the declared aim of the world bourgeoisie to finish the existence of socialism, to destroy our revolutionary center Albania from inside and from outside, and to split, weaken and liquidate the Marxist-Leninist world movement on the one hand and to support revisionism and opportunism on the other hand. And a predominant part of the Marxist-Leninist world movement was indeed split, shattered, degenerated or liquidated by opportunism. Great confusion about the correct line of Marxism-Leninism everywhere, wherever we look straight ahead. In consequence of the example of the Mao tsetung Ideas in China the amalgam of opportunism and revisionism were brewed up internationally in hundreds and thousands of branches and streamings. With this systematical spread of confusion the world bourgeoisie obtained a breathing time to prepare the defense of her reconquered socialist countries and to resist the new unstoppable storm of the socialist comeback. What proves this? It proves, that the world bourgeoisie trembled with Albania and us. We had been on the right way with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. By the last stroke against modern revisionism - the stroke against Maoism - the imperialist ship was on her beam, but we were still too weak and the ship did not yet sink. However, we were very close 25 years ago. Let us assume, that one of the Marxist-Leninist brotherparties would succeed to follow the way of socialist Albania in its own country. Let us assume, that the restoration of capitalism in only one revisionist country would fail by a rebellion of the proletariat against the revisionist leaders. This would cause the shifting of the world forces and the capitalist world crisis would do its own contribution towards a worldwide revolutuionary situation. This would be a great chance for the break through of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Let us assume that the unmasking of the Chinese revisionism by the PLA and the Marxist-Leninist world movement would cause a landslide victory of the Chinese proletariat. The letter of the CC of the PLA was a time bomb and therefore very dangerous for the socialfascist leaders in China. They were very frightened about the possible case, if the Chinese proletariat would be in solidarity with Albania and the Marxist-Leninist world movement against Chinese revisionism. This would mean: socialist revolution in China!

The antagonist demarcation-line between China and Albania was not at all a reason of malicious joy in the camp of the world imperialists. In the contrary, it was so dangerous, that they sent Nixon to Peking. But this was also a risky provocation against the Chinese proletariat. It was a critical world situation that the letter of the CC of the PLA evoked. By the way it was not by chance that comrade Enver Hoxha published his book: "Imperialism and Revolution" just in the same time. There he pointed out, that revolution is coming up as a question of practical solution. So with this letter Albania wrote world history. It was possible in1978 to hinder 1990/91. The letter also decides on the future of our Marxist-Leninist world movement.

The Comintern-ML likes to remind the Marxist-Leninists, when they gave their promise to comrade Enver Hoxha, to the PLA, to the Albanian proletariat and the Albanian people 25 years ago. There is no socialist Albania any more, but our obligation, our responsibility still exists. We have to ask ourselves selfcritically and the Albanian communists are as well asking us, what we have done to hinder the fall of socialism in Albania. More exactly we have to ask for the sin of omission. We have to point out positively, that in 1978 Albania received greater solidarity than ever. We cannot estimate high enough the excellent support that was given to the Albanian people by the millions of friends all over the world. However, was the solidarity sufficient, when socialism was in high danger after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha, especially in the end of the eighties? Already in 1978 the solidarity was strong in words but weak in deeds. Remember that proletarian Internationalism needs strong words as well as strong deeds otherwise we would make a mistake by underestimating the real dangerous situation. The Marxist-Leninist world movement did not prepare earnestly enough the conditions of the day "x", because there were some of the opinion that socialism in Albania is "guaranteed". This was also a great mistake by the decisions of the 7th World Congress of the Comintern namely taking the existence of the Soviet Union for granted. Socialism cannot be taken for granted until the victory of the proletarian world revolution. That is Marxism-Leninism. Anything else is revisionism.

Is the socialist world center endangered, if the class-enemy - no matter from outside or from inside (!) - harms Albania ideologically, politically, economically or militarily, then it would be the urgent task of the socialist world center to hold an international multilateral meeting with the Marxist-Leninist brotherparties to decide the necessary and suitable measurements to prevent socialist Albania from this or that danger commonly. The Marxist-Leninist world movement has to be activated as an international force of reserve to protect socialist Albania. In conrete we ought to help Albania protecting it from the danger of Ramiz Alia- revisionism. We ought to struggle against the whole revisionist influences within our own rows etc.

Foreign communists as Interbrigadists have participated the struggle of the heroic Albanian National Liberation Army against fascism, for freedom and socialism. In the spirit of Proletarian Internationalism it is valid to continue this internationalist tradition of comrades in arms permanently to defend the dictatorship of the proletariat and as well the socialist center of the world - especially in times of great danger ( and the imperialist-revisionist blockade and ifiltration of the class-enemy is ALWAYS dangerous!). So the danger was foreseeable. The principle of "To feet on the own strengths" only then shall show effect if this principle is practized in the own country and also beyond the national border - with other words: internationally. If this is an proletarian principle, then we have to consider, that it can only be a principle of Proletarian Internationalism. "To feet on the own strength" is not alone a principle of the proletariat in each single country, but moreover a principle of the whole world proletariat. This we have to bear in mind as a generalization of our experiences in the international class-struggle, the defense of the socialist world center in particular. If the Albanian proletariat feets on the own strength, then this means, that this strength serves also internationally the world proletariat as well as the proletariat`s revolutionary struggle in every single country of the world. And this applies to every single country wothout exception. This principle corresponds completely with the Leninist spirit of internationalism. So the international support of the socialist Albania was always selfevident. Just this means consciousness of the duty of the world proletariat to sacrify all the internationalist forces to protect the international socialist native country. Only naive people or opportunists could missinterpretate the principle "to feet on the own strength" as a kind of friendly shake hands: "Good luck to you, comrades! Feet on your own strength! Then everything will be all right!"

The solidarity of the Marxis-Leninist world movement in 1978 triggered an enormous enthusiasm wave among the Albanian people, and was an important contribution for mobilizing the forces of resistance against Chinese revisionism. The other way round the enthusiasm of the principled and determined struggle of the Albanian people against Chinese revisionism encouraged the strength of the Marxist-Leninist world movement to raise this anti-revisionist struggle on an international stage and to lead this struggle in every single country. This was the greatest highlight of the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.

Nothing else had increased more the mobilization of the strengths of Albania against Chinese revisionism then the internationalist solidarity.

It isn't any chance, that the formation and consolidation of many Marxist-Leninist parties took place just in times of these events 25 years ago. This confirms with the truth of Marxism-Leninism, that the development of the Marxist-Leninist world movement depends on the development of the struggle against revisionism and opportunism. Nowadays, this is valid in our struggle against neo-revisionism.

If we regard the standard of Marxist-Leninist theory in those times 25 years ago then we can imagine how nuch the ideological thinking really was already developed within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. However we may not overlook, that some brotherparties were more or less still influenced by the Mao Tsetung Ideas. A high theoretical standard could be established both in the publications of the Albanians and in the common or single publications of the Marxist-Leninist parties. A good example for this is the criticism of the "theory of the three worlds". But the most important thing was: There was no time that can be compared with the time 25 years ago, when the struggle to defend socialism was more forceful and more enthusiastic in Albania. Never was the unity between party and class, between party and people stronger than to that time. This excellent success is still an inexhaustible source for the devoted work for our common world revolutionary matter!

The socialist revolution in the own country was, is and will always be the main task for each Marxist-Leninist brotherparty in general. But this principle is part of the principles of the Proletarian internationalism and cannot be teared off. The socialist revolution is part of the world revolution and the Proletariat of each country is part of the worldproletariat. We have to consider the central role of the worldproletariat as an independent international class that struggles against the worldbourgeoisie on an international battle-field. So the internationalist consciousness of the proletariat of each single country and the internationalist consciousness of the international worldproletariat is generally the same but in a similar manner also different particularly. Why do the revisionists like to qoute Lenin`s definition frequently? Because the revisionists need to cover their true character as chauvinist defencists behind the mask of internationalism in words to deceive us Marxist-Leninists wirh empty assurences of devotion to internationalism. It is our internationalist duty to defend Lenin`s definition of internationalism against revisionism. Especially today we have to hinder the neo-revisionists to missuse Lenin`s quotation against the Marxist-Leninist world movement. In words the neo-revisionists swear to defend proletarian internationalism against revisionism by qouting Lenin`s definition, but in deeds they defend social chauvinism. So what is Lenin`s definition of Internationalism?

"There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and that is - working whole-heartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one`s own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception" (Lenin Complete Works, Volume 24, page 74).

We have to avoid the misinterpretation of Lenin`s definition. To refuse class struggle in the own country and to confine oneself on the revolutionary movement in one`s own country by neglecting its role within the world movement, makes no difference in the result. To seperate the class struggle of the proletariat in the own country from the superordinated obligations of the worldproletariat`s international class-struggle as a whole, that is the job of the opportunists to split the unity of the world proletariat and in consequence to endanger the victory of the socialist revolution in every single country - retroperspectively. Well, the socialist revolution of every country is relatively independent but not absolutely. Every socialist revolution receives necessary meaningful impulses from the international class-struggle of the world proletariat, from the revolutionary labor movement of the other countries and primarily from the development of the revolutionary world center. Lenin would have founded a completely superfluous communist international, if internationalism in words does it without deeds. That`s the reason why the revisionists struggle for the dissolution of the Communist International in case of the failure of their attempts to hinder its foundation. That`s also the reason why the revisionists struggle for the dissolution of the revolutionary world center in case of the failure of their attempts to impede its development. This was also the case in Albania that was the revolutionary world center in the struggle against modern revisionism.

If a situation of acute danger comes up by a life-threatening attack on the revolutionary world center, then the main task of the world proletariat and the international avant-garde is to concentrate unconditionally ALL revolutionary forces to defend the capital base of the world revolution - Albania. In such situation everyone shall recognize the obvious absurdity of the slogan: "Mind your own business, mind the class-struggle in your own country!" Not alone solidarity telegrams are important as symbols of sympathy. Moral help rather develops by active internationalism, by shovel and gun, by concret material and personnel aid. Remember the activities of the Comintern for the defense of the Soviet Union! However, remember as well the activities of the revisionists how they instrumentalized the Comintern just to torpedo the defense of the Soviet Union on the 7th world Congress by the proclamation of their disastrous slogan of the "already achieved completion of the final victory of socialism in one single country".

This was in reality the proclamation of the death sentence of the Soviet Union as well as the burial of the Comintern and the world revolution. That was a proclamation of capitulation.

Remember the heroic antifascist Internationalists of the Spanish Civil War, who saved their own native country in front of the gates of Madrid.

Experiences of the struggle of the internationalists prove that the struggle for one`s own socialist revolution can possibly take place in quite another country. The struggle for the defense of socialist Albania decided not only upon the destiny of the socialist revolution in this or that country, but upon all countries, upon the destiny of the world revolution, just because Albania was the socialist center of the world revolution.

Presumed that Lenin did not exclude the necessity of the risk to sacrify even the socialist world center to support the socialist revolution in another country to form a socialist camp and to save socialism in a single country, then he would not hezitate to call the world proletariat for the protection of the socialist revolution in a single country by defending the socialist world center in Albania. Albania was the socialist native country of the world proletariat, so it is logical that the world proletariat defends Albania. Nobody can force the world proletariat to restrict the struggle of defense within the national borders of a single country.

The world proletariat is a mobile international class whose range doesn't stop at national borders. To liberate from national restrictions of the international class-struggle is the key-prerequisite of the victory of the world proletarian revolution. To pretend to do it without this key-prerequisite is nothing else then strangle the proletarian world revolution and as well the socialist revolution in a single country. To be unable to see beyond the end of one`s nose causes the class-struggle in one`s own country never to act like an internationalist explosive force to break the imperialist-revisionist encirclement and blockade successfully.

The armies of the world proletariat are a distribution network of the armies of the proletariat in each single country to act internationally. Only opportunists spread fairytales that Proletarian Internationalism exhaust oneself in the class-struggle of one`s own country. Those, who are not ready or not willing to subordinate the national class-struggles under the international class-struggle, try to force the proletarian internationalists under social chauvinist influence. The quality of the world proletariat cannot be equated with the quality as the arithmetical sum of the proletarians of all countries although the world proletariat only consists of this sum. This is equal to the vanguard of the world proletariat, with the communist international, who consists of the sum of the Marxist-Leninist parties of every single country. There is an decisive essential difference between a Marxist-Leninist world movement who is without a socialist world center, without the Communist International, or not. The conscious act of participating the international association of the Marxist-Leninist parties is qualitatively not to be compared with the arithmetical sum of all the brotherparties. There is a difference between the value of a Marxist-Leninist party that decides to be a section of the communist International or not. The period of the loss of Albania as the former socialist world center, the period of the loss of the Comintern, is not a necessary historical status quo that we have to bear patiently and fatefully. It is nothing as a period that we need to rebuilt a new socialist world center, to rebuilt the new Comintern and to overcome these losses as soon as possible. Comrades, think about the unused potency of the enormous world revolutionary energy of the world proletariat as an activated, united international class. The world proletariat is the fist, the proletarians of each single country are only the fingers. A blow with the fist impresses the world bourgeoisie more than the sum of all blows of single fingers. Every finger can develop strength much better in the fist. This was proved by the Marxist-Leninist world movement 25 years ago. This tradition must be defended and developed. The clas struggle of the proletarians in the own country has to be raised on a new international level. Concretely it is valid - just to set an example - that revolutionary, educated and toughened cadres of single countries ought to fight in the melting pots of international battle-fields as well as in far away areas to support the establishment of new bases of the international class-struggle to become international internationalist cadres. They help as well the young and inexperienced Marxist-Leninists to build up their own Bolshevist party and help them to lead the class struggle there. Experienced international fighters can assist single parties with advice and deed. Those international experiences to cope with the different class-struggle situations in single countries are inalienably necessary to become a "new type" cadre of the world proletariat. Without the network of these new cadres it is impossible to lead the world proletariat and impossible as well as to feet on the own forces in one`s own countries on an integral base of the international class-struggle. Cadres of the single parties can - the other way round - be trained in the Marxist-Leninist world center and in the training camps of the Communist International. This is only one example how the world proletariat could find possible ways to build up the own independent leadership. It is superfluous to emphasize that these tasks can be managed only with the application of the organizational Bolshevist principles of the Communist International. Refering to the events in Albania in 1990/91 the engagement of some kind of international detachments could play a supporting role as a reserve of class-struggle within Albania to prevent the fall of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

When the letter of the CC of the PLA was read by the Albanian people on the next day after its publication, the 30th of July 1978, there stayed everywhere in Albania also a large number of foreign delegations, visitors, students etc. At once those foreigners expressed spontanously their solidarity. Simultaneously they became also missionaries for organizing the sympathy with the Albanian people in their own native countries. This was not only a contribution of active Proletarian internationalism but also a contribution to activate the class- struggle against the class-enemies in the own country. Well, the systematic exchange of comrades has an enormous meaning both for the mobilization of the consciousness of the spirit of Proletarian Internationalism and for the concrete mobilization of internationalist forces by the Marxist-Leninist world movement and the single brotherparties. It is of great advantage for the world proletariat if it can see with own eyes, that the matter, the poletariat is fighting for, became already reality in one part of the world. To the same degree the loss of this part of the world is a great disadvantage for the world proletariat and sad to see with own eyes how the former socialist happiness of the Albanian people was changed into a disastrous misery. We suffer, because we are missing the great socialist Albania today just as very much as before the loss of the great Soviet Union. Nobody does this know better than the people in Albania and the former Soviet Union themselves. There are no more socialist countries but their life was not in vain. We proletarian internationalists are the standard bearer of these former socialist countries, and we hold higher and higher their tradition. We must increase our conviction work that it is better to struggle for the reconquest of socialism then to suffer under capitalist exploitation and oppression - by cultivating the old traditions of Albania and the Soviet Union, where the proletarians succeeded to established their dictatorship on the ruins of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. The proletarian Internationalism is still alive and will never die. The socialist work - that we communists once begun - cannot be extinguished. We continue this work and shall finnish it.

The world proletariat and especially the working class of Albania await a self-critical assessment from the Marxist-Leninist world movement between the different attitude in 1978 and 1990/91 concerning the practiced active Proletarian Internationalism, particularly before and after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha. This is not an easy question, but an answer is demanded to remove the obstacles that hinder the Marxist-Leninist world movement to re-unite. There were and are still various different opinions on this serious matter. The questions that arose are still not answered sufficiently: What was right and what was wrong? What is to be concluded by earnest Marxist-Leninist analysis? What is to be improved in future? Does there exist any historical parallel between the dissolution of the Comintern and the fall of the Soviet Union on the one hand and the fall of socialist Albania and the liquidatory splitting of the Marxist-Leninist world movement on the other hand? If yes, what will be our right answer to the world proletariat?

What can the Marxist-Leninist world movement do in future to make it better? What should have been done to prevent the fall of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania - particularly we should answer , how we could have recognized and resist the up coming of the Alia-revisionism timely ? We have to analyse all this, by the principles of Marxism-Leninism, the Proletarian Internationalism and by the methods of the dialectical and historical materialism. We have to stress the international character of all these questions. The application of the strategy and tactics of the worldproletarian revolution stands always in the foreground. If we don't generalize the experiences of the Albanian proletariat and the Marxist-Leninist world movement, if we don't practice self-criticism, then we shall risk our next defeat.The general line of the Comintern-ML formulated an outline of the generalized experiences of the communist world movement and lined up some basic conclusions to step forward in the direction of the specific, obligatory strategy and tactics of the proletarian world revolution.

The Comintern-ML publishes therefore - on the occasion of the historical letter 25 years ago - the statements of all the brotherparties in German language which once defended socialist Albania from correct Marxist-Leninist positions. We know for sure that these positions were totally or half-heartedly given up by much of those organisations in the meantime. However this does not change the facts of historical documents published by the PLA at that time. It cannot be wrong to remember these correct positions. So there is no reason for accusations. In the contrary, we accuse all those organisations because they left their correct Marxist-Leninist positions 25 years ago. The re-publication of these documents isn't any proof of opportunism but proof of the defense of the firm-principled line of the PLA and all parties in the whole world who declared to be in line with the PLA. To cope with their withdrawl from correct Marxist-Leninist positions is primarily the matter of those parties and organizations themselves. However, today and in future the Comintern-ML shall measure and classify all of them according to their attitude 25 years ago. Nobody can impose silence upon the Comintern-ML, if a brotherparty turns from the principles of Marxism-Leninism. To make a clean sweep of it, all true Marxist-Leninist parties must have the opportunity to disclose all occurences and to find their unanimous judgements.

It mustn't astonish us, that many Marxist-Leninists in the (former) revisionist countries do not know that letter of the PLA even until today. This is for many comrades the first opportunity to study this letter as well as the statements of the different parties of the then Marxist-Leninist world movement. The bourgeoisie cannot hinder us to publish these important documents. They cannot hinder us Marxist-Leninists to use them as an inalienable demarcation line for our unity against opportunism.The Comintern-ML is obliged to remind those brave Marxist-Leninists who distributed the Albanian letter to the revisionist CP of China under difficult and risky conditions of illegality in the social fascist countries.Those comrades did not only organize the struggle against the Chinese revisionism with the slogan: " Hands away of Albania ! ", they did not only send letters of solidarity to the PLA, but they also did a great contribution for the fight to re-establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in their own country. – The KPD/ML(CPGer/ML) section of the GDR is a worthy example. Regrettably some other parties and organizations openly dissociated from the PLA and comrade Enver Hoxha and attacked their correct Marxist-Leninist line openly with lampoons. They accused Albania to deviate from the correct line, but the truth was, that the lampoonists threw dirt at the revolutionary banner of Marxism-Leninism. As soon as possible the Comintern-ML will undergo the obligation to give a Marxist-Leninist assesment of the development of all the parties mentioned in this context. It is an essential task of the Comintern-ML to generalize the experiences of the brother parties -- particularly the common experiences.The more documents the Comintern-ML shall receive from the forces of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, the more valuable work can be done to learn from the history of all the Marxist-Leninist brotherparties. This would be helpful for the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist world movement as well as for every single party.

The exemplary, revolutionary attitude of Albania and the firm-principled defense and further development of Marxism-Leninism practiced by the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top - particularly their leading role of the consequent struggle against modern revisionism - was always welcomed, supported and emulated by the Marxist-Leninists all over the world. Albania was the voice of resistance`s strength opposite to the world bourgeoisie and all the agencies within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. To assume, that the Neo - revisionists would make no use of this fact, would be rather naive. At the moment they persue the tactics to interweave all branches of opportunism impenetrably that were more or less already exposed by us Marxist-Leninists. Old wine was bottled in new casks and provided with new Marxist-Leninist labels. It is not only a single sort of amalgam compared with the Mao Tsetung Ideas, but an international, "universal" amalgam with which the opportunists do not let an opportunity slip to "disprove" that we Marxist-Leninists base on Marxism-Leninism. With " anti-revisionist " icing the opportunists make efforts that we try their "sweety unity mash". If we refuse to taste it, then they name us "secterians". But just as the Albanians and the linked Marxist- Leninist world movement the Comintern-ML will not be impressed by these hypocritical maneuvers.

The firm-principled, close unity of the Marxists Leninists turns always out to be stronger than the open and covered opportunist "unity" of all Neo - revisionists together! The Marxist-Leninist unity will triumph over the opportunist, unprincipled "unity mash"!

This exactly was impressively proved 25 years ago:

The internationalist condemnation of the hostile, social-chauvinist standpoint of the Chinese party and government on Albania and the close unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in the fight against Chinese revisionism, against anti-Marxist Mao Tsetung Ideas and particularly against the "three worlds"-theory will forever remain as a meaningful irrefutable world historic fact. The Neo revisionists shall break their teeth about their historical defeat even if they try to hush up and to falsify the history of the communist world movement.

Why does the Comintern-ML publish all these statements of the former Marxist-Leninist parties, although only the German KPD/ML and the Dutch NAP/ML joint the Comintern-ML?

The answer is clear: These statements of the different parties of the then Marxist-Leninist world movement are a touchstone of all true Marxist-Leninists in the world, whether they defend with us the Marxist-Leninist positions - 25 years ago - or not.

This is the only possibility for us Marxist-Leninists to find out who still stands to the PLA and comrade Enver Hoxha, who still stands to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and who not? We have to find out, who is our friend and comrade and who not? We have to hoist the flag of Marxism-Leninism, so that the Marxist-Leninists in the world can find out themselves, where they belong to, and whom they shall give support and whom not.

Those, who still defend the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha in their struggle 25 years ago, shall support the Comintern-ML to help the Albanian working class to reconquer the dictatorship of the proletariat as a contribution to the Proletarian Internationalism, as a contribution to the proletarian world revolution! Let us fight together against all opportunist flows which try to stop us from the fulfillment of our common task. Today, the attitude towards the correct positions 25 years ago is for the unity of all true Marxists Leninisten of extremely essential meaning , and this is the reason why the Comintern-ML has re-published these historical documents.

The Comintern-ML had to re-build these historical touchstones to protect us from the opportunist flows visibly. It shall help us to unite the Marxist-Leninist world movement on principled bases. It shall help the Marxist-Leninists themselves to join the Comintern-ML that follows the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The Marxist-Leninist world movement strengthens its unity on the base of the lessons of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver Hoxha and rebuilds the new Comintern in the struggle against neo-revisionism and opportunism.

What do we demand?

We want to seperate the wheat from the chaff, permanently, to sort the sheep from the goats and this means:.

Delimitation of all opportunist flows and organizations and this means again: let us show our Marxist-Leninist flag all over the world, so that everybody can see with one`s own eyes what we claim and what we are fighting for ? We don't want any splitting of the Marxist-Leninists. In the contrary, unity is our only but unconquerable strength that we have and that we can only re-achieve in the struggle against neo-revisionism and opportunism.

We make our unity possible by staying inseccantly watchful to foil the maneuvers of the opportunists by revealing their true character and keep our rows purefied.

We are ready and determined to hold out our hand to every honest Marxist-Leninist, every honest Marxist-Leninist organization solidarily. The other way round the Comintern-ML needs urgently the hands of the Marxist-Leninists all over the world to be able to exist. Strictly speaking, the unity of the Marxist-Leninists in general and in particular the unity of the Marxist-Leninists in the world scale, is only an idea, is only a sheet of paper, is a pure resolution, a letter of intent, if unity will not undergo the examination of intensive class-struggle.This concerns also to this declaration of the Executive Committee of the Comintern-MLso long as it is not yet really practiced. The Comintern-ML will never be able to do this all alone. Unity depends completely on the conviction, readiness and determined activity of the Marxist-Leninists in a whole. Life and death of the Comintern-ML depends unconditionally on the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in theory and practice.

If we Marxist-Leninists shake off the splitting and the pulling of our present movement in our own countries as well as in our world movement, we then shall get to feel the rush of the complete counter-movement of international opportunism - like 25 years ago. If we aren`t willing to make sacrificies to resist these counter-attacks, then we shall never be able to re- achieve our unity and we shall be crushed despite of all our beautiful resolutions.

We insist on common polemics opposite to the opportunists inalienably. Our common fight against the "theory of the three worlds" already proved to be an excellent unity-effect concerning our actions against the Chinese revisionism.We must learn to cultivate revolutionary patience, criticism and self-criticism towards those comrades who still disagree with our opinions, ideas and intentions. We can overcome our disagreements only on the base of Marxist-Leninist principles (not to be mixed up with dogmatism) and by comradely conversations of clarification ( flexibility is not to be mixed up with reconciliationism or even liberalism). We detest silence, distrust and petty-bourgeois affected behaviour and competition-scrapping at expense of our whole internationalist common purpose.The all known Marxist- Leninist behavior rules are valid in our cooperations, if we want to belong to our community of solidarity and if we want to stick faithfully to our obligations. The Cominter-ML does not gain someone`s favour and does not practice systems of favoritism; we decline fractionism as well as reconciliationism. Marxist-Leninists mustn't intrigue behind the back of the others, they have to be outstanding and honest and they have to be on friendly terms to each other and not to drive a wedge between comrades. We ought to move closer together in confidence, courage and comradeship. Marxist-Leninist organizations cannot demand to tap on their rights and pull advantages from the world community of the communists. Nobody is allowed to set the interests of the own country over the common interests of all countries as a whole. As a part of the whole we all have obligations concerning the whole. We have to be conscious about the fact, that the whole demands victims from all of us, as far as it is necessary in the spirit of Proletarian Internationalism. Only in such a way everybody can be sure of the support of the worldwide communist solidarity and can borrow power from it. This is the result of the events 25 years ago. And this will be the way that all the true Marxist-Leninists shall follow.

Today, hundreds and thousands of organization call themselves "Marxist-Leninist" all over the world, but only a small minority is really Marxist-Leninist. With other words, it is the small minority of those comrades, who are dociled by the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism. The majority of the so called "Marxist-Leninist" organizations are influencedby neo-revisionism. This present ideological, political and organizational confusion is really a hard challenge for the true Marxist- Leninists to develop their own independent unity nationally and internationally. We can compare this difficult situation with a chronic illness which affected the Marxist-Leninist world movement since a long time. We still suffer from this illness. Particularly it is difficult for the proletarian comrades to make their way and to cope with all the hindrances caused by bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influences. Never ending discussions without any results and intellectual gossip, that tasks the proletarian patience - conscious about the fact, that constructive, organizational deeds are needed urgently and time is hard for that – this is characteristically in this moment. To remove all these obstacles is unavoidable. These problems cannot be solved spontaneously or automatically. To carry through the international proletarian line, to obtain the international proletarian leadership and to hold one`s own proletarian international hegemony within the Marxist-Leninist world movement will be the result of a long, tough and difficult class-struggle against bourgeois and petty-bourgeois influences. Unprincipled wheelings and dealings, and to wander around, to tinker and to grope about, to quarrel and tarrying, this is all poison for our proletarian unity. We have to stick to our Marxist-Leninist opinions and convictions and to keep our revolutionary line of Proletarian Internationalism.

Everybody knows that the appearances of the quantity of the world movement are deceiving and that the true Marxist-Leninists represent at present only a insignificant minority. But more decisive than quantity is the quality of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. We want to unite only the firm-principled forces. This is the present task of the Comintern-ML. Only a small minority of principled internationalists will be able to become the majority finally. This was the successful way of the Russian Bolshevists and we shall follow this arduous way as World Bolshevists until we gain the victory. Such comrades, who call this way a "sectarian way" have to be convinced patiently by our deeds. However, those who criticize us with the "sectarianism-reproach" as a tactical weapon to isolate us from the proletarian revolutionary movement, shall be unmasked by the honest revolutionaries sooner or later, and they shall expel these "critics" all the more determinedly. This happened also to the numerically superior Chinese revisionist then - 25 years ago, although they hide for decades behind a mask. This proved well-founded already in times, when the Chinese revisionists under the leadership of Mao tsetung were member of the Comintern. But this has been of no use for them as everybody could have seen.The delimitation and separation from the Maoists are no weakening but rather a refreshment of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.

* * *

In the resistance and in the fight against the counter-attacks of the Chinese revisionists the Marxist-Leninist parties had strengthened their efforts to consolidate their cooperation, unity and cohesive strength under the leadershipof the PLA withe comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. In the result of these enormous efforts the plans of the world imperialism were foiled, namely to crush the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the help of the collaboration of the revisionists. In the history of the communist world movement this strong cohesion of the Marxist-Leninists of the whole world with the socialist Albania against the imperialist and social imperialist encirclement and blockade shall remain unforgotten.In the end this strengthened the Albanian Marxist-Leninists against the revisionists in the own country, as this can be observed in many historical documents of the PLA as well as in the race of class-struggle within the socialist society of Albania. However, the time proved later on, that the revisionists in Albania masked their counter-revolution behind "anti-revisionism", partucularly behind the anti-Maoist mask. So, Alia-revisionism was indeed a new and very dangerous branch of neo-revisionism which developed within the center of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.This renewed attack-wave after the attack of Tito and Khrushchev, the attack of the Chinese revisionism, was successfully shattered. This is the line we have to continue by mobilizing our common strength against neo-revisionism. The struggle against neo-revisionism is the continuation of the struggle against modern revisionism. Neo-revisionism is the adjustment of the revisionists in form of a desquamation after modern revisionism was exposed by the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Neo-revisionism is as well the general process of rejuvenation within the last and highest stage of revisionism. The struggle against neo-revisionism won't be the last battle, because as long as there is the world imperialism, as long as the exploitation and oppression isn't yet removed, revisionism will peel again and again to save the old reactionary order and to hinder the development of the new revolutionary order, respectively the revisionism tries to reconquer and to restore capitalism, if it was destroyed by socialism. It is the permanent worldwide fight against revisionism which is an inseparable component of the permanent worldwide fight for revolution and socialism.

The historical experiences, that were made 25 years ago, confirm excellently the lessons of Lenin, that the correct line of the communist world movement consists unconditionally in the necessity to increase the consciousness of the world proletariat , namely to break uncompromisingly with the revisionists and the opportunists and their tactics to adapt Marxism-Leninism towards revisionism permanently. To unmask and to expose the permanent betrayal of the revisionists successfully, our struggle has to be continued uninterruptedly combined with the concrete daily class struggle of the working class. To prevent the suppressed and exploited classes from their social, national and international liberation, to undergo the struggle for revolution and socialism, the worldbourgeoisie follows since centuries the old line of tactics to tie the world proletariat to the system of world capitalism by class-alliances and reconciliatory class-cooperation. Between the aim of revisionism - whether at the power or not - and the aim of imperialism is never any essential difference and thus, - in principle – there is also not any alliance or any united front between the revisionists and the suppressed and exploited classes against imperialism. Without crushing the chains of opportunism the world proletariat and the suppressed people will never break the chains of world imperialism. This thesis of Lenin was also essential component of the letter of the CC of the PLA to the CC of the CP of China and this letter hasn't lost to topicality either today. The Comintern-ML therefore calls for raising the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA higher and higher. Only if the Marxist-Leninist parties pull the right lessons from this, they will be able to defeat neo-revisionism. Just as new Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations arose in the struggle against Chinese revisionism and Mao tsetung Ideas 25 years ago, this will also take place at present in our worldwide struggle against neo-revisionism, respectively former communist parties shall regenerate in the struggle against neo-revisionism. The regeneration of the communist world movement took always place in the fight for the defense of Marxism-Leninism against revisionism and opportunism on an international stage and thus was also the result of the foundation of the Comintern-ML. Faithfullness to the revolutionary tradition of the communist world movement, application to the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism creatively, unselfished support for the arranging of the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha under the concrete conditions of every single country - this is the sense and purpose of the Comintern-ML and the Sections. With the generalization of the experiences of the Marxist-Leninists in the whole world the Marxist-Leninist world movement develops the organized strength for the international class struggle. In his speech on “The terms of admission into the Communist international" Lenin emphasized on the 30th of July, 1920:

“13. Parties belonging to the Communist International must be organised on the principle of democratic centralism. In this period of acute civil war, the Communist parties can perform their duty only if they are organised in a most centralised manner, are marked by an iron discipline, and have strong and authoritative party centres invested with wide powers and enjoying the unanimous confidence of the membership" ( Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 31, page 210, engl. edition).

The existence and the unprincipled fight of coalition parties, group spirit, lack to unity and discipline, liberalism, opportunism, ideological, political and organizational decline and deviation matches the death of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Every single Communist party must fight in the own rows against these dangerous appearances. And this is prerequisite for the united centralist struggle of the Marxist-Leninist movement and the Comintern-ML.The imperialist empire has established a huge international powerful apparatus to defend its declining power with the jaws of death. If we want to destroy the unternational power of the counter-revolution, then our organisational, revolutionary forces and the world proletarians` discipline must be much better.The discipline of the world proletariat is the highest form of the discipline of the proletarians of all countries.The only strength, that the world proletariat has, and which is better than the strength of the world bourgeoisie, is our unity, is the organized union of the proletarians of all countries, is the union of the avant-garde in an international holding organization, is the Communist International. Our strong world center was the socialist Albania -- we have lost it but we have still the power of our invincible unity! Our unity is the only value, that we can still win back and that`s why we never sacrifice our unity to the opportunists.

Enver Hoxha teaches:

“The Marxist-Leninists cannot accept an association outside the principles and the revolutionary actions and an association by which the spirit of opportunism, liberalism, dogmatism and sectarianism can penetrate into the party".

This is also applicable to the Marxist-Leninist world movement and to the Comintern-ML. It is the internationalist duty of all true Marxist-Leninists (and this isn't meant to be a hollow phrase!) to contribute to the unity, the interaction, the cooperation and the mutual help within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. The strengthening of the unity on exclusively Marxist-Leninist bases is for the Marxist-Leninist world movement not an end in itself, but the prerequisite of the unification of the proletariat, the basis of the unification of the peoples as well on an national scale as on an international scale.The true Marxist-Leninists accept only such an unity which is based on Marxism-Leninism related as well to the monolithic unity of the own rows of the single parties as to the monolith unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement in a whole. The Comintern-ML strives for the realization of the monolithic centralized internationalist unity. We are the most determined opponents of any unity by which our revolutionary Marxist-Leninist principles will be bartered away. In that moment, if you begin to make cuts from Marxism-Leninism, whatever the reasons and pretexts will be, then you have already left the bottom of our steadfast, conspired unity. You expose yourself to danger of degeneration, decadence, disintegration and dissociation with every smallest deviation from the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism, if you don`t correct it thoroughly and timely. Those who lose the bottom of Marxism-Leninism, we give our helping hands. By help of our community of solidarity, we can save our comrades from deepest deviations. However, those who prefer to march to the marsh or those who try to force us to follow, will be beaten on their hands if they don`t let off ours. By no means we shall repeat the fault to follow to sink into revisionist mud one after another - as happened with most of the sections of the Comintern. We shall neither sink into the marsh of Chinese revisionism or Albanian revisionism nor any present international neo-revisionist marsh.

Which revisionism is today most dangerously? That revisionism which one underestimates, which one fights at weakest, is always most dangerous.The most dangerous revisionism nowadays is firstly the revisionism that pretends in words to apply to the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha, but practice revisionism in deeds. Secondly the revisionism, who declares with words, to continue the Marxistl-Leninist world movement led by comrade Enver Hoxha, but practice revisionism in deeds, and thirdly the revisionism that supports the Comintern-ML in words but not in deeds. Let`s never forget, that the Albanian revisionists masked their revisionism within the Marxist-Leninist movement of comrade Enver Hoxha with hymns of praise for many years, before they enforced their counter-revolution upon socialist Albania. The Albanian overthrow didn't come overnight!

Many of us have underestimated this danger and were taken by suprise because they weren`t watchful enough. The Albanian revisionists were assassins with the name of "Enver Hoxha" on their lips!

Anyway, it is still the trick of the bourgeoisie that Lenin and Stalin once characterized:

Revisionism is a matter of fact, is a process and as well a method to take from the revolutionary ideology, from the revolutionary forces, from Marxism-Leninism, from socialism everything useful to prolong - respevtively re-establish - exploitation and suppression. The restoration of capitalism is a typical example for this phenomenon.The instrumentalization and utilization of Marxism-Leninism for the purpose of the capital`s accumulation is characteristic for the parasitical nature of capitalism and not only a tactical weapon of class-struggle, which is used by the agencies of the bourgeoisie within the revolutionary movement of the proletariat and the people. In the process of decay the bourgeoisie tries more frequently to subdue Marxism-Leninism and to suck it out like a blood-sucker. So revisionism is much more than only a mask to deceive the proletariat and the people. Simultaneously, the bourgeoisie fights against the revolutionary contents and spirit of Marxism-Leninism which is dangerous for her survival and existence. For this purpose the bourgeoisie makes use of all kinds of methods of disprovals, falsifications, distortions and various maskings. Particularly in times of the recession of the revolutionary movement the world bourgeoisie allows generously open discussions on matters concerning Marxism-Leninism more historically and scientifically. You can put in question the imperialist system quite openly. You can critisize exploitation and suppression by Marxist-Leninist definitions. You can disprove all sorts of revisionism and opportunism. You can even propagate communism and socialism and spread the idea of the violent socialist revolution in most of the today`s countries. Nobody hinders you, to do all that ...

... with the only exception, namely if you combine all this with the real class-struggle, if you put Marxism-Leninism into practice. The world bourgeoisie never allows the application and transformation of Marxism-Leninism into action. And this is the international demarcation-line between the true Marxist-Leninist world movement on the one hand and the neo-revisionists and opportunists on the other hand. Every revolutionary attempt of the proletariat`s and the people`s threat and attack against the ruling dictatorship of the bourgeoisie which is aimed at the violent destruction of the capitalist system will be knocked down by the bloody counter-revolution, inevitably. Anti-revisionism in words and revisionism in deeds, this is today characteristically for the worldwide spreading of neo-revisionism. It is conspicuous for neo-revisionism to appear as a "defender" of Marxism-Leninism against "sectarianism", "dogmatism" and "pro-imperialism". But in the contrary, the only thing that neo-revisionists defend, is capitalism against the true Marxist-Leninists. It is well known that the Marxist-Leninists refuse any unity with the various, international opportunist streamings, categorically. Only by the use of the tow rope of the opportunist united front the world imperialists are able to influence and direct the Marxist-Leninists with the aim to keep them away from the revolutionary danger area.This opportunist united front is only worth striving for - particularly for the American imperialists, the head enemy of the world proletariat and the peoples - in the special case, if they succeed to integrate the Marxist-Leninists.The USA-imperialists can never prevent the international anti-imperialist movement that they provoked by themselves. Of course, they know this. However, that does not preclude, to place themselves at the head of the anti-imperialist world movement with the help of the opportunist united front.The opportunist anti-imperialist united front is the instrument of the world imperialists to paralyze and neutralize the revolutionary anti-imperialist world movement, and that`s why we have to struggle against it with uncompromising severity. We have to oppose and to replace the opportunist united front by our own Marxist-Leninist united front of anti-imperialism. Therefore we Marxist-Leninists earned the "honor" to be labeled and banned as "pro-imperialists". So, if the imperialists failed to force us to join their own "anti-imperialist united front", they pass over to isolate us Marxist-Leninists from the anti-imperialist movement of the world proletariat and the liberation struggle of the peoples. And just this is simply the job of the opportunists. We recognize permanently, that the opportunists thwart the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement as well as the anti-imperialist world movement for a rather long time. But we recognize as well, that more and more Marxist-Leninists are going on to purify from the opportunists.This is the positive trend at present, especially to tie to the tradition 25 years ago consciously.

In words neo-revisionism deceives to struggle against the revisionists, who try to replace the matarialist dialectic of Marxist-Leninist unity by the eclecticism of the opportunist unity - This well known replacement of the unity against the world bourgeoisie by the reconciliatory unity with the world bourgeoisie is, of course, veiled in "Marxist-Leninist" phrases, otherwise it would not be about neo-revisionism. The impudence of the neo-revisionists is expressed by their tactics to attack us Marxist-Leninists with the same arguements that we use against the neo-revisionists - namely, that they hold back and block the dialectical process of the united front`s revolutionary development on firm-pricipled base.

The neo-revisionists are worried about the "Hoxhaists` claim of sole leadership" within the united front, because an united front would not work, if anybody claims to take the lead. However, it is well known, that without the leadership of the Marxist-Leninists any united front is merely condemned to end in the mud of revisionism. Naturally, the opportunists deny this truth and call it "matter of opinion". The opportunists insist on the stimulation of a large number of "Marxist-Leninist species". So, they intend to ensure the flourishing and unfolding of various "sorts of Hoxha-ism". But this kind of "united front" - full of flowers - is just a new reproduction of the Mao Tsetung Ideas. To share the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha with the revisionists, that`s what the opportunists relish. But the lessons of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism are indivisible, because they exclusively belong to the world proletariat. We can never come to an understanding with the opportunists who instrumentalize Marxism-Leninism for their pragmatic purposes. We are not interested in rampant and exuberant "Marxist-Leninist" blossoms. There were just the opportunist parasites, which grew exuberantly within the last decades caused by the weakness of our Marxist-Leninist world movement. The more the opportunist parasites spread, the more they robbed Marxism-Leninism`s vitality. But this languishing period comes to an end.The foundation of the Comintern-ML can be recognized as a remarkable sign, that the first cuts had bee the deepest! And these cuts were urgently necessary for the survival of Marxism-Leninism. We Marxist-Leninists aren't tired of life! Eye by eye, tooth by tooth -- this is what comrade Enver Hoxha taught us; this is the way, how we have to continue our struggle against neo-revisionism. And this revolutionary line may not fall into oblivion! There will be no peaceful co-existence with any opportunist united front. We never tolerate it, because it has no right to existence. If we don`t destroy the opportunist united front, we shall never be able to develop a united front that is based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism and Proletarian Internationalism. We don`t follow the liberalist fashion that everybody can call himself "Marxist-Leninist" just as he likes. This is the reason why the opportunists call us "sectarians" and in the same manner the opportunists blamed the Albanian comrades for their struggle against modern revisionism and particularly against Chinese revisionism, 25 years ago. So, consequently, it is not by chance that the opportunists regard the republished letter of the CC of the PLA with suspicion. Well, they shall regard this letter as a faded relic of an "orthodox religious controversy", as an insignificant document of the "darkest past of the dogmatic polemics of Stalinist type". The respresentatives of the opportunist united front overestimate the power of imperialism and exaggerate one-sidedly and undialectically its absolute character strategically. They mix up the strategical and tactical meaning of the anti-imperialist struggle. This leads them to the polemical labeling of "pro-imperialism" with which they justify to expel everybody, who refuses the integration of the revisionists into the anti-imperialist united front. In principle their position is not different concerning the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. They try to sweep everything under the carpet which is struggling against the revisionists, the social-fascists and the social-imperialists on the firm-pricipled base of Marxism-Leninism. To side with the revisionists claiming simultaneously to be "anti-revisionist" - that makes the neo-revisionists dangerous just like the Chinese revisionists 25 years ago, when they sided with the modern revisionists claiming to be "anti-revisionist". The Marxist-Leninists are in an united front - in which the revisionists also are integrated - controlled and steerable only as minority. Outside of their united front the opportunists would lose control over us Marxist-Leninists and this would be too dangerous for the imperialists. In this case they would be forced to leave our trench and to attack us openly ... and this means again, that we can take advantage of their open targets.

Neither with methods of ignorant silence nor in a blind rage of exclusions any disagreements shall be overcome earnestly and durably. To decide on the struggle of cotradictions is the only developmental law to overcome disagreements within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Disagreements must be worked off completely, before the firm-principled unity can be established on a solid ground. We have to engage in the fight and to corner the opportunists, but we may not dodge and shun the fight.

But who shall carry through, check and decide on the right, correct line? The largest party? A loose, non-committal alliance of some countries`s parties? Or even some competitive international associations? This is not what Lenin demanded. Lenin taught us to build up the Communist International. Lenin taught us to create a centralized parent world proletarian organization, which is authorized by all Marxist-Leninist parties in a similar matter to ensure, that the commonly made decisions can also be executed commonly in a disciplined manner and which can be controlled by each of them.

Tell us the alternative, how the determined will and action of the world proletariat can be expressed and guaranteed? Comrades, you shall not find any alternative. To be able to lead and guide as an international class the world proletariat needs the monolith Communist International. Somebody who pretends to struggle for the revolutionary interests of the world proletariat cannot put in question the international organisation that is needed to convert these interests into practice. Nobody can be an internationalist,who is neither ready nor willing to fight for the International? The Comintern-ML exists and nobody can say that doesn`t count. Who does presume to side- a decision that 60 years without Communist International is enough! Who or what impedes us Marxist-Leninists all over the world to rebuild the Comintern?

Well, it is the well-known law of class-struggle: Does the world proletariat really decide on its own destiny independently or not ? The liberation of the world proletariat is a matter of class-struggle, is a matter of the world proletariat itself. The world proletariat has no problems with discipline. It is rather the problem of other classes to subordinate under the discipline of the world proletariat. Well. that applies especially to those forces who joint the proletariat - coming from other classes. Some of them don't want to understand that the Marxist-Leninist world movement has to draw conclusions whether to accept and to work for the realization of the organizational world-Bolshevist principles or not. So, we ask: Who struggles earnestly for the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and who doesn`t? There is only one correct answer valid: Actually, only those comrades struggle for the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, who are ready, determined and conscious about the necessity, that unity cannot be anchored without the material unity of the revolutionary organization of the world proletariat. To tell the plain truth: the world proletariat`s way towards the Communist International is a hard, tough, sharp and self-sacrificing way of international class-struggle. We cannot do our difficult and urgently necessary work, if we get not rid of those forces, who permanently put a spoke in our wheel. We therefore decided to go our own way. Let the opportunists go! The decision, where to go, is up to every comrade. We never forced anybody and we shall never force anybody to join the Comintern-ML. We are thankfull for every support. We can only give the solidarity, that we get. Those, who still don`t want to join, can cooperate for the mutual benefit by all means.

You cannot really overcome the revisionist concept of "mother/daughter-parties by some kind of decentralist-federative league-concept internationally. Justification of League-concepts as an effective weapon against the revisionist "mother/daughter-parties" turns out as anti-revisionism in words and revisionism in deeds = neo-revisionist. The rebuilding of the Communist International is not replacable and not in the slightest degree capable for some kind of "step-by-step-concept" towards the centralized Bolshevist world-party. In the contrary - all these opportunist concepts of foundation - opportunism are hindrances for the establishment of the centralization.There are two Marxist-Leninist principles of the organized world bolshevism which cannot be practiced independently. The organisational question of world Bolshevism can only be solved for the long term of the proletarian world revolution,

firstly if all Marxist-Leninist parties apply simultaneously to the democratic centralism independent from the local conditions of every single party as well from the stage of the developing process - with the only exception of temporary organizational restraints, restrictions and cuts, caused by difficult illegal conditions;

Secondly, if the Communist International unites the international class-struggle of the brotherparties of all the countries according to the democratic centralism - again with the only exception of temporary organizational restraints, restrictions and cuts, caused by difficult illegal conditions, especially in the case, if a protected hinterland of a socialist world center is still missing. Forms of democratic centralism can differ as the case may be, but never the general line.

However, league-ism - organisational concepts of independent, loose decentralized "poly-kingdoms" - is an expression of circle-Menshevism in organizational questions at international level and incompatible with Bolshevism. The principle of the Proletarian Internationalismus includes, that the interests of the world proletariat in general and the world party in particular are superordinated to the interests of the proletarians in a single country generally and to the single party particularly, respectively superordinated to bilateral alliances or unions among various countries.The spirit of the proletarian Internationalismus does not have any spontaneous character, but has to be based on firm-principled organisational structures - to be able to develop at all.

Every deviation is an estrangement from the historical lessons of the Bolshevist organizational construction of the glorious Comintern of Lenin and Stalin. Marxist-Leninists have to decline the revisionist "mother party"-principle as well as the principle of some kinds of different countries` "kingdom-federations". The different anarchist, Trotzky-ite, Maoist centers all over the world have - not at least organisationally - anti-Bolhevist character and they are counter-revolutionary. The leaders of those organisational, international associations, who call themselves Marxist-Leninists, the centers - for example - in Quito, Brussels, Leningrad, Pjöngjang, Peking, Cuba etc. got reconciled to the revisionism and partly they withdraw more and more the principles of Marxism-Leninism. Some of these centers have never ever been Marxist-Leninist., just as different international opportunist discussing clubs like the ISML - to mention only an example.The whole world of today became totally a colored shimmering, bourgeois contaminated marsh which cannot be put out of the way immediately. But if we don't begin to clear the Augius - stable of dung in good time, we shall sink in the dung. First we have to clean this whole opportunist dirt to achieve then the renaissance of communism.

Where do these dissolution problems of the Marxist-Leninist world movement come from?

They arise by the exertion of the increased pressure of the international class struggle. They result from the worldwide infection with the rotting bourgeois ideology spread by the world bourgeoisie`s class- down fall. The survival-strategy of the world bourgeoisie contains also the strengthening of counter-revolutionary influence within the Marxist-Leninist world movement to keep the international grave-diggers away from their mission.

Regarded historically, the bourgeoisie in not few countries, survived fascism and imperialist war only for two main, essential reasons. Firstly, because the world bourgeoisie had a relative strong center and hinterland furthermore, from where capitalism in the post-war period was regenerated and strengthened against the worldwide anticommunist front. Secondly, because the bourgeoisie was supported by the revisionists, who deceived the exploited and oppressed classes - primarely the working class - with the aim to hinder the genesis of proletarian socialism respectively to bury the proletarian socialism by the establishment of the bourgeois socialism - capitalism`s restoration. Albania was worldwidely the exception and this was of world historical meaning. Albania has proved to the world proletariat namely, that the fight for the destruction of fascism actually led to destruction of capitalism and directly to the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, to the proletarian socialism. With this the Albanian people proved us communists, that they had successfully followed the way to the victory over the unavoidability of fascism`s recurrence. Albania, however, hasn't removed only fascism by the proletarian socialism without any inter-stages. Albania has also struggled against the bourgeois socialism and its most terrorist form, the social-fascism. Albania showed to the proletarians and working people of the revisionist countries the way out to get rid of bourgeois socialism and social-fascism by the proletarian socialist revolution.This Marxist-Leninist thesis, that the bourgeois socialism can be removed by the proletarian socialism revolutionarily, i. e. the restoration of the proletarian socialism, hasn't been proved practically still though. The Albanian Communists with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top have at all events enriched the international treasure of the socialist science, the Marxism-Leninism, enormously. They put an encouraging sign for the present fight against world fascism and social fascism to reconquer socialism. To prevent, that the Marxist-Leninist world movement follows to this revolutionary line of Stalin and Enver Hoxha in the fight against fascism and imperialist war, to encounter this revolutionary international development, the bourgeoisie makes use of suitable elements within the Marxistl-Leninist world movement. The bourgoisie is not able to make up to the proletarians easily, who drew the demarcation line most clearly to the capitalist class. The proletarians are because of this the most reliable elements of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, its social revolutionary foot, the builders and leaders of the new Communist International. Without their presence, without their majority, without their leadership there will be no earnest Marxist-Leninist world movement and no Comintern-ML. The proletarians are an inalienable connection element of the communist international, of the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the world proletariat. The proletarian internationalists are the social anchor between the internationalist science of socialism and the revolutionary international labor movement. They are the lever to take both to movements together. The proletarian world revolutionaries are also the coordinators of the revolutionary movements of the working classes in the single countries from which they have been grown up as revolutionary leaders and as the best comrades on a national stage.They have already absolved a long time of hard cadre school by the class struggle in their own country, before they are directly active for the Communist International.

In so far the bourgeoisie is looking for such elements who are more susceptible to the bourgeois influence.These are primarily such elements who have joined the proletariat from other social classes. These elements are less firm-principled and carry indecision and fickleness into the rows of the world proletarian class. Therefore they are more suitable to serve the interests of the world bourgeoisie by preparing the ground for sectarianism and hidden opportunist positions.

Furthermore those elements are susceptible for bourgeois influence, who are part of the labour-aristoracy, who lost the contact to the working class, incline to dominate and who are in the position of reconciliation with the bourgeoisie. These representatives form the favorable ground for right deviations and for open right-wing opportunism.

“These are the sources of the Innerbiassed contrasts and disagreements ", Stalin said, "to believe that you can shun these contrasts, means self-deception.”

Contrasts and disagreements however cannot be removed, if you mix up the Marxist-Leninist fight organizations of the world proletariat with a discussing club. We had particularly addressed this critique to the ISML.

On the VII. enlarged plenum of the ECCI Stalin emphasized:

“Engels was right when he said, that one cannot hush contrasts within the party in the long run and that these contrasts must be fought out. However, this doesn't mean that the party shall be changed into a discussing club. The proletarian party - on the contrary - is a fight organization of the proletariat and must remain as a fight organization. I want to say merely, that you cannot pass lightly over the disagreements within the party and that you cannot loose sight of them, if these disagreements are of principle character. I want to say merely, that the proletarian party can only be protected from bourgeois pressure and influence by the fight for the principled Marxist line. I want to say merely, that the process of health and strengthening of the party can only be achieved by the overcoming of the contrasts within the party” (annotation: sorry, but because of the lack of the original English text, we translated this quotation from German into English language - the Comintern-ML).

And what Stalin says about the party here, applies in a similar manner to the Bolshevist world party, to the Marxist-Leninist world movement and as well as to the unity of the Marxist-Leninist parties at national and international level. However, how does this quotation of Stalin correspond with the behavior of the "ISML" and "Unity&Struggle"? Fact is, that both of them forbade us from speaking on their internet-discussion-forums. Both of them expelled us brutally and arbitrarily. Simultaneously they grant broadest freedom of speech to the open revisionists and they don't only permit them to attack and to distort Marxism-Leninism, but they also defend the open revisionists against us Marxist-Leninists. All enemies of socialism have the same face: If they are exposed then they act brutally and unscrupulously; they attack us in a blind range and drop their reactionary mask. To expel us as socalled "Pro-imperialists" reflects upon their fundamental anti-Marxist-Leninist attitude.

It did not suit the moderators, that we supported revolutionary forces in their struggle against social-fascism in the former Yugoslavia and in North Korea. One can argue about this, whether we had gone too far with our specific sharpenings and whether we provoked to be expelled. That may be so. However we must face the fact that it is a matter of disagreements in principle. Such disagreements can only be cleared out by putting them openly on the table and by fighting them out. We worked out different principled documents concerning the questions of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, but this affair was hushed up by the leades of these organisations. Well, sooner or later the quarrel shall inevitably lead to the split that makes it possible to achieve a new international unity on the base of the Marxist-Leninist principles. The quarrel is unavoidable and absolutely necessary. We are convinced that after quarreling for years the true Marxist-Leninists finally shall decide to bury the hatchet in spite of those forces who stir up trouble in principle. As be seen at the course of reactions aimed at the Comintern-ML, there is no doubt about it, that the opportunists cause permanently troubles about the question of the international Marxist-Leninist unity. In such a situation it is the duty of the Marxist-Leninists to draw a clear demarcation-line with the aim to isolate the opportunists, to move the true Marxist-Leninists to our side and to convince the swaying comrades patiently. What anything else should we do? Should we wait and hope till good times and cross our arms? Should we stay mercifully to the opportunists and appeal to their understanding in a kind manner? Haggling over principles to come on a smallest minimal common denominator? Or should we have been supposed to be wrapped up in this opportunist unity mash approximately? Sooner or later the Marxist-Leninists and the swaying comrades shall convince themselves and their decision shall fall for the one or the other side, inevitably. To aim for clarity is even better than to mark time or to sink in the marsh. The world proletariat shall form its own opinion and we shall struggle as old communists, faithfully.

If it were fascists like Pinochet, Mobutu etc., who were supported by the Chinese revisionists at that time, it is today's time the social fascists of Yugoslavia, North Korea, Cuba, China etc., who are supported by the neo-revisionists. There isn't any difference in principle. Till this day the fascists as well as the social-fascists struggle against the revolutionary, heroical fighters in those countries. Since when the fight against social-fascism is pro-imperialist? Since when is the fight against social-fascism sectarian? Since when is struggle against the social-fascists aimed against unity of the Marxistly Leninist world movement? Since when one may fight against fascism, but not against social-fascism? Those who draw a demarcation-line between fascism and social-fascism cannot be true anti-fascists. Both are components of the world imperialism, bitter enemies of the suppressed and exploited people and bitter enemies of the working class. As the Marxist-Leninist world movement fought against this betrayal of the Chinese revisionists, against their social-fascism 25 years ago, the Komintern/ML continues this struggle today, too.

Just like the Chinese leaders 25 years ago - who reconciled, collaborated and cooperated with the modern revisionists and the social-fascists in their struggle against the Marxist-Leninists .-, today the opportunist leaders of various international branches try to force the subordination of the Marxist-Leninists under the leadership of the revisionists and social-fascists, under the bourgeois socialism. Who does toe the line of the revisionists and socialfascists, is accomplice of the imperialists. We would neither do without our fight for the liberty and independence of the people - in the social fascist countries particularly- without our fight for the socialist revolution, without our fight for the dictatorship of the proletariat nor without our struggle for the world revolution, just in favor of certain "united fronts" with the revisionists. Even if they appear behind the mask of comrade Enver Hoxha, they are and shall be accomplices of the revisionists, anyway. Not by reconciliation with new forms of revisionism, but only in the struggle against them, the unity of the Marxist-Leninists and revolutionaries shall be strengthened. This is proved by the revolutionary, firm-principled attitude of the PLA and the Marxist-Leninist world movement 25 years ago. Important is to find out and to determine the main present variety of the inadmissible, treacherous, anti-imperialist marsh of “unity” which represents such opportunism that is most desastrous for the world proletariat. To save social-fascism, the reconciliators assert impudently that Mao Tsetung would be innocent for China`s development to social-fascism. Mao Tsetung should be exonerated from the reproach to be the founder and leader of the Chinese revisionism. Some neo-revisionists claim that Mao Tsetung would not be the creator of the theory of the "three worlds theory". They try to purify Mao Tsetung from the reproach of the "three-world-theory". However to defend Mao Tsetung means nothing else then restoration of revisionism, means nothing else then neo-revisionism. Well they argue, that Mao Tsetung would have made some insignificant mistakes, but Enver Hoxha also would have made faults, too...etc. However mixing up mistakes of revisionists and mistakes of Marxist-Leninists hushes the fact, that there are differences in principle. To mix up antagonist and non-antagonist contradictions, to pose revisionists as Marxist-Leninists, that is the job of the opportunists. The neo-revisionists grudge no pains to whitewash Mao tsetung as an anti-revisionist. But Enver Hoxha proved that Mao tsetung is not at all a Marxist-Leninist. And this is our demarcation line. Mao collaborated with the enemies of the people and the working class. So Maoism is not anti-imperialist, but in the contrary reactionary.

To critisize the letter of the PLA - sent to the CP of China - is part of the insidious agitation of the whole international opportunist spectrum. It is an invincible hindrance for them to reconcile Marxism-Leninism with the Chinese revisionism. However this is necessary for the survival of revisionism. The revisionists make efforts to renew revisionism by the reconciliation of Mao and Enver.

The dangerous character of the revival of the counter-revolutionary Mao Tsetung Ideas consists in their assertion to be "anti-revisionist" and with this they still claim to be inseparably part of Marxism-Leninism. To advance neo-revisionism the bourgeoisie abuses images of the anti-revisionist line of the Marxist-Leninists. Thereby revisionism can cast its skin and desquamation of revisionism will be possible. On this way the international opportunists became the forerunners of Neo- Krushchevism, Neo-Tito-ism etc.. On this way the international opportunists take care of the replenishment of forces who strengthen the counter-revolutionary united front against the Marxist-Leninists, against the world proletariat and against the world revolution. All these various branches of revisionism`s renewal aim for the prevention of the revolution. To resist reconciliation with the Chinese revisionism, to cope with neo-revisionism, it is very important for the Marxist-Leninists of today to study the letter of the CC of the PLA and the Albanian government. There isn't any difference among the skinnings` varieties of revisionism in principle. Part of the process of the internationalization of the worldbourgeoisie is also the internationalization of opportunism. By this process of internationalization the world proletariat - counter-currently - appears with a strengthened development of Marxism-Leninism as an international weapon against the upcoming of the worldwide opportunism hidden behind the mask of "anti-revisionism". While the forces of Marxism-Leninism aim for the deepening of the tightened demarcation line against neo-revisionism, the opportunists make efforts to remove and to destabilize this demarcation-line. In the old trotzky-ite manner the opportunists serve up endless discussion topics to entangle the Marxist-Leninists with the aim to get us puzzled, to isolate us from our sympathizers, to split our rows and shatter and turn us away from our daily revolutionary work.

Well, we wonder why someone can support the PLA in the fight against social-fascism 25 years ago and today in the contrary defending the social-fascists against us Marxist-Leninists? One of the answers of this question is the skinning of the old " three world theory ". Criticizing the imperialist theory of the "3 worlds" in words but following the renewed "theory of the 3 worlds" in deeds - that makes the upcoming of neo-revisionism in the question of social-fascism and bourgeois socialism`s attempt at rescue. The anti-imperialist, anti-fascist class-struggle can neither be seperated from the class-struggle of the socialist revolution nor substituted as an independent interphase towards the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The opportunists define the degree of anti-imperialist unity wrongly on the base of the degree of contradictions of the different countries with the present world imperialist powers. They also judge the degree of the countries` resistance opposite to the imperialist powers. However, we Marxist-Leninists explain the anti-imperialist struggle by the Marxist theory of international class struggle, and we divide up the world into classes.

Fact is that the remained social-fascist countries still consist of antagonist classes, and that there are the working class and working people, who are still exploited and suppressed brutally, and that the bloody bourgeois regimes of the revisionists slay the revolutionary and progressive people. Should we helplessly endure, how our comrades are killed there, just to satisfy the opportunist unity with the social-fascist regimes with the only justification of contradictions with the USA?

For what does centralization and concentration of world imperialism need furtherhin fascist and social-fascist dictatorships as marionette-regimes and satellites, if the US- imperialists and their accomplices could take advantage from the direct subjugation under a worldwide centralized and concentrated fascist regime that is internationally coordinated by the US-command? In general fascist and social facsist regimes do not become automatically anti-imperialist, if they hold tight their undivided bloody national terror-regime in the own country. It is not the task of the anti-imperialist struggle to hinder the replacement of one form of exploitation and suppression by another form, but it is our task to destroy any form of exploitation fundamentally by the proletarian, socialist world revolution.You cannot abolish exploitation, if you protect any form of exploitation to remove another one. In this respect the only task of the anti-imperialist struggle is to serve the socialist revolution. Anti-imperialist unities which do not serve the socialist revolution are nothing else then reactionary and counter-revolutionary unities, which collide with the opinions and interests of the revolutionaries. Unities which include the class-enemy are unities of the class-enemy and we have to fight against them uncompromisingly. We don`t want to change the world of imperialism, but we must remove and abolish it and establish the world of socialism by the dictatorship of the proletariat instead of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. We are living in a world of capitalism. In this capitalist world there are only remainders of revisionist countries which stink to high heaven and which can only be eliminated by the socialist revolution. Saving them can never be in the interest of the working class and the people. They must be buried before they infect us. Therefore any reconciliation with revisionism is deadly. Consequently any anti-imperialist unity together with revisionists is deadly. We have to re-conquer the dictatorship of the proletariat by the socialist revolution, by this the contradictions between capitalism and socialism shall appear again. The restoration of two existing camps, the capitalist and socialist camp is also the base for the last battle. In this battle we shall prove, that we shall succeed to snatch one country after another from the capitalists by the world revolution. That contradiction between the world of capitalism and the world of socialism shall then be dissolved with the final victory of the proletarian world revolution and there will be nothing else then real existing socialism in the whole world. Because Marxism-Leninism starts from the principle, that we still live in the epoch of the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, we Marxist-Leninists are not only convinced of the pure possibility but of the objectively entering truth, that the epoch of the proletarian revolution did not alone begin with the victorious October revolution, but also ends with the victory of the proletarian world revolution and not with the barbarism of world imperialism. We never agree with or support the renewed "theory of the 3 worlds". We decline such alliances with capitalist countries, even if they call themselves "socialist". And we shall never toe the line on such socalled "anti-imperialist" unities. Only upon the ruins of the social-fascist states, only by the completely eliminated bourgois socialism, the proletarian socialism can develop, advance, prosper and flourish. The reactionary bourgeoisies of all countries have - more or less - sold the people to world imperialism even those, who call themselves "socialist". Without exception the destiny of all of them is taken in tow by the imperialist world system. Therefore they can never become revolutionary forces of the anti-imperialist struggle as far as they are connected with and subordinated under the world imperialist system - even if they have contradictions to various imperialist world powers. If one fights against imperialism, it is inadmissible to equate the working class and all the other working people with the bourgeoisie - ignoring or neglecting the antagonist class-contradictions just by the existence of inner-imperialist contradictions. We Marxist-Leninists decline class-reconciliation also on an international stage. As lackeys and prolonged arms of the imperialists the bourgeois of single countries have to take into account imperialists interests if they want to keep their dictatorship upon the exploited and surpressed classes in their own countries. Only under the condition of the subordination of the proletarians` anti-imperialist leadership the bourgeoisie can play a progressive role in the scociety. We do not want to deny the contradictions of different national bourgeoisies with world imperialism, and we do not ignore inner-imperialist contradictions either, but they are all part of the world bourgeoisie and in so far in conflict with the world proletariat - and that is the decisive fact, if we have to unite the anti-imperialist world front on Marxist-Leninist principles. We are - for example - on the side of the people of North Korea and not on the side of the social-fascists in North Korea, just like the Albanians stood on the side of the Chinese people while they simultaneously struggled against the Chinese social-fascists, who were allies of the super powers, although they were competitors and striving for their own Chinese super power.The Chinese revisionists were - in times of Enver Hoxha - in contradiction to the USA imperialism. Well, have the Albanians been supposed to do without their letter to do not endanger innecessarily the "anti-imperialist" front against USA imperialism? The Albanians haven't done this and this was well done. Neither the Chinese nor the North Korean social-fascists have ever been part of the anti-imperialist struggle against both of the super powers and their world imperialist system. The other way round they proved to be an inalienable component of the capitalist world order in the fight against revolution and socialism, in the fight against the liberty and independence of the people, primarily against the own people. Who behaves conciliatorily towards the social fascists, can call oneself a participant of the worldwide anti-imperialist united front in words, however in deeds one splits and liquidates the anti-imperialist united front, one splits the Marxist-Leninist world movement. And we don't make any common cause with splitters. We fight against them consequently and uncompromisingly.

We already emphasized: We deny neither the existence of the inter-imperialist contradictions nor their present intensification. We don't deny their increasing meaning for the revolution and their usage for the revolution either. We only fight against those, who forget and neglect, that the most essential class contradiction of the capitalist world order is still the contradiction between world proletariat and world bourgeoisie. Neither the contradiction between capital and labour, nor the contradiction between the exploited and supressed people on the one hand and world imperialism on the other hand diminish by the intensification of the inner-contradictions of capitalism and capitalist countries. In the contrary, the main contradiction between the world proletariat and the world bourgeoisie sharpens more and more and this is most essential for the world revolution. Even the most igenious tactic of usage of inner-imperialist contradictions cannot lessen, temper or vanish the main class-contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie. With their letter the Albanians have proved that one may not surrender under the protective screen of the Chinese revisionists better to fight the revisionists in the other countries. And finally one cannot subordinate the anti-imperialist united front under the protective screen of the revisionist countries to fight against USA imperialism. One cannot place under the protective screen of one exploiter to fight the other - only because one exploiter is perhaps a little bit more and the other a little bit less exploiting. Exploitation remains exploitation. The classes of this capitalist world can only be dissolved, if the world proletariat finishes the existence of the world bourgeoisie by the revolutionary class-struggle. The working classes can only exist and proceed, if they forcibly withdraw the basis of livelihood from the exploiter classes, if they destroy the capitalist conditions and ownerships of production. Based on the production`s relations in complete harmony with the productive forces and the socialization of the means of production for the property of the whole people the proletariat destroys the system of exploitation. The contradictions between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, between the suppressed people and the world imperialism are most deeply and exist permanently, they are irreconcilable and decisive for the matter of the revolution and the liberation of the people. Those, who deny or distort this, are opportunists.

The usage of the contradictions between the remained revisionist countries opposite the other capitalist countries may not lead to illusions. The revisionist countries were and are still bound to the imperialist world system by thousands of strings. Every Dollar, Euro etc. is soiled with the people`s blood.The CP of China has never changed the line of the support of the imperialists and the world reaction, the line of stiring up inner-imperialist contradictions in the course of the "3 worlds theory". And this means serving the interest of the Chinese revisionists and just not the anti-imperialist interests of the peoples and the working class. This Chinese counter-revolutionary line is penetrated by the ideology of social-imperialist aggression, social-chauvinism and reactionary nationalism. They urge aggressive, imperialist war and conflicts. All this was uncovered by the PLA already 25 years ago and isn't new. All the new formings of the "3 worlds theory" have therefore to be unmasked continuously.

There is one and only power in the world which is actually revolutionary today: the power of the world proletariat. To sever the chains of exploitation the people all over the world have to unite under the leadership of the world proletariat to follow the path of the proletarian socialist world revolution. This is the only united front which we actually do accept, which we want to build up and for which we are fighting. This - and exclusively only this - united front is the base of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, is the base for the existence of the Comintern-ML. Only after that the world proletariat shall have reconquered the dictatorship of the proletariat, the people all over the world can really be free. The world proletariat is that kind of class which is the heart of the world epoch, is the center of the main social motive power on this earth, is the leading power of the proletarian world revolution to smash world imperialism. The world proletariat is also that force of the present class-society, which will build up the new world order -- the world`s socialism. We, as Marxist-Leninists, sided always with the peoples` national struggles for liberation, with their struggle for liberty and independence, because we know well their stimulating roll for the world proletariat`s socialist revolution. Only under the leadership of the world proletariat the worldwide anti-imperialist alliance can be victorious over the world imperialism. The world proletariat can never and nowhere be forced under any "anti-imperialist alliance ", because without the leadership of the world proletariat as the only revolutionary class of this world, any "anti-imperialism" would be condamned to fail sooner or later. By this central issue of the hegemony of the world proletariat, we Marxist-Leninists uncompromisingly shall not allow any haggling in the question of the united anti-imperialist front. We Communists will hold tight at the leading revolutionary roll of the world proletariat and prepare the coming battles for the proletarian world revolution by equipping the world proletariat with the ideological weapon of Marxism-Leninism and with the common weapon of the Proletarian Internationalism. Temporarily, definitely and doubtlessly it is meaningful and necessary to be on the lookout for possibilities of revolutionary alliances with other classes in the phase of the coming world revolutionary upswing to widen the anti-imperialist united front. However the fundamental condition for the widening of this front is the necessary subordination by all these various allies under the hegemony of the world proletariat. This presupposes of course a lot of conditions. You cannot lead reserves on the battle-field, if the own forces of the world proletariat are still too weak, or not ready and prepared enough. To fight with class-reserves successfully, you must have first your own concentrated and centralized proletarian class-troops. And we are still far away from this main task to mobilize the forces of the world proletariat. Prerequisite is that we must enable the proletariat in the class struggle, that we enable the proletariat to lead reserves in the battles of the anti-imperialist struggle and not the other way round. The decisive contradiction is the contradiction between capital and labour. All the other contradictions concerning the anti-imperialist struggle cannot be solved without the solution of the contradiction between labour and capital anyway. This antagonist main contradiction can only be solved by the violent socialist revolution as the sharpest form and expression of the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie finally. The proletariat performs the revolutionary destruction of the bourgeois dictatorships, establishes the own dictatorship to achieve the dissolution and abolishment of the class- scociety and to step from socialism to communism as Marx and Engels described it in their "Communist Manifesto" 155 years ago. Anti-imperialist, anti-fascist and anti-revisionist alliances etc. are means to serve the purpose of solving the contradiction between labor and capital by the socialist revolution, because without liberation of the world proletariat there will be no liberation from imperialism, fascism and revisionism. There is no other way towards the classless society. Consequently there is no other way for united fronts against the unavoidability of fascism, imperialism and imperialist wars and against the unavoidability of revisionism. What we need at first is the unity of the Marxist- Leninists, thereupon the unity of the proletariat and then the unity of the proletariat with the allies. This is the way to defeat capitalism and not the other way round.

Lenin teaches:

“The idea of compromises must not be renounced. The point is through all the compromises which are sometimes necessarily imposed by force of circumstance upon even the most revolutionary party of even the most revolutionary class, to be able to preserve, strengthen, steel and develop the revolutionary tactics and organisation, the revolutionary consciousness, determination and preparedness of the working class and its organised vanguard, the Communist Party (Lenin, "On Compromises"; collected works, volume 30, page 492, Engl. edition, Moscow 1974).

In such an anti-imperialist alliance, which contents such necessary compromises, we will however never give up the independence and leadership of the working class. The proletariat may not be swallowed and not be absorbed within any class-alliance. The point is that only such compromises will be of advantage which serve the task of the working class - the struggle for revolution and socialism. If the alliance impedes us or the opportunists fight us with their alliances, we will leave this alliance and fight it for our part. In this way the Comintern-ML reacted on our exclusion from the ISML and on our exclusion from the ML-Internet-List of the Unity&Struggle and we she also react on such attacks in future. We shall never abstain from the consistent fight against opportunist alliances and against hollow compromises concerning the unity of anti-imperialism, the unity of the Marxist-Leninists and any other idle unity, which gives up the fight against the enemy, which abuses the tactics of unity, the principles of Marxism-Leninism and the basic interests of the world proletariat as means of reconciliation with the enemy. But we are on the other hand also against dogmatists and secterianists who in principle decline alliances and compromises and who are neither able nor willing to make use of an elastical line according to the concrete changes of the class-struggle. Alliances with social-fascists are counter-revolutionary and are therefore fought by us uncompromisingly. We even call the working classes in the social-fascist countries to bring the power of the bourgeoisie down by the socialist revolution forcibly.The Comintern-ML has stressed in the general line, that only the freedom-loving progressive forces in the world can be united under the leadership of the internationally coordinated revolutionary movements of the working classes in the single countries in the alliance with the anti-imperialist, national liberation movements of the suppressed people.This is the only correct base to form up alliances. Together with those, who share this correct line we shall certainly find ways and means to cooperate and to unite to some degree - even if compromises will be necessary and unavoidable.

It is however just the nature of the opportunists, who hush the difference of reconciliatory and revolutionary class alliances in principle. Opportunists appear as initiators of the "unity-front" of the bourgeoisie, whose aim it is to hinder the proletarian Bolshevist united front by the attempts for reconciliation between the Marxist-Leninists and the revisionists. However if the opportunists fail because of the principled attitude of the Marxist-Leninists in demarcation to the revisionists, then the opportunists appear as the "anti-secterians" as well as the "anti-revisionists" according to circumstances. In case of loosing influence in the proletarian Bolshevist united front the opportunists at least try to block or encircle it.

It is completely clear, that you cannot and may not form any unity with such opportunists, who struggle against the unity tactics of the Marxist-Leninists by infiltration and paralyzation. If they finally decline the unity with us, we have fullfilled our aim and we can convince those comrades, who were influenced by the opportunist unity front.The reconciliationism and opportunist voluntarism and actionism regarding the influence of revisionism within the Marxist-Leninist world movement must therefore -- we emphasize this again insistently radically and consistently - be eradicated to follow the course for a firm-principled Marxist-Leninist unity.This is an existential -- necessary prerequisite for the resuscitation and convalescence of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. The opportunists can however give only a medicine at which our revolutionary movement only can perish. 25 years ago we Marxists Leninists fenced off from the Chinese revisionists who reconciled to the modern revisionists to be able to fight more efectively against us Marxist-Leninists. Today we Marxist-Leninists must disassociate from the leaders of the Neo-revisionism as well, who belong to the different world centres of the opportunist unity which organize the revival of the old revisionism in a new outfit. We know that in the consequence of the worldimperialist activities new anti-imperialist groups come to existence, daily. We don`t ignore this development. We want to cooperate with these groups in an united front. But these anti-imperialist groups shall be exploited politically by the bourgeoisie, if we neglect simultaneously to convince these anti-imperialist groups, to explain our Marxist-Leninist standpoints of view. Just this is what the opportunist call "doctrinarism" and why they hinder us to carry the ideas of Marxism-Leninism into the anti-imperialist movement. The anti-imperialist front can only be successful finally, if it is led by the Marxist-Leninists.

Some parties which are mentioned in the 25 years old Albanian documents had left their correct Marxist- Leninist positions later on.The one or other party has partially or completely been degenerated or liquidated.There were occasionally opportunist organizations which sailed in the fairway of the Marxist-Leninist world movement already 25 years ago by trying to deceive the PAA and comrade Enver Hoxha. There were in turn also little and serious faults under the correct parties. One mustn't equate this. But in spite of all these difficulties and negative appearances the fact cannot be wiped off, that there was a strong Marxist-Leninist world movement at that time of Enver Hoxha. We have been proud of being part of this movement and carrying the banner further forward incessantly.We maintain the friendship for all then honest Marxist-Leninist organizations.We will defend them always and we shall revive the unity with them.

The then Marxist-Leninists from unanimous all represented countries will never forget, but defend - like us - the revolutionary tradition 25 years ago.They are and remain excellent fighters in the history of the glorious Marxist-Leninist world movement and the Marxist-Leninist movement in the own country as well.

However, we must not forget, too, that there were those elements which openly aimed against Marxism- Leninism, against the firm-principled line of comrade Enver Hoxha and against those brother parties, organizations, groups and comrades who defended Marxism-Leninism faithfully despite of all difficulties. The Marxist-Leninist world movement develops in the class struggle against the outer as well as against the inner enemy. The question: “Who will win?” isn't still decided by the Marxist- Leninist world movement and this applies for a long time. The unity and strength of the Marxist-Leninist world movement comes not automatically but is to be unfolded and consolidated in bitter class struggle in continuation of the Marxist-Leninist 25 years ago, when they struggled powerfully and convincingly against the Chinese revisionism.The class struggle is an objective developmental law also at international level. The international class struggle plays the decisive roll for the development of the Marxist-Leninist world movement.

The international struggle of the Marxist-Leninists, the struggle of the Comintern-ML, is the international subjective factor, which is interwoven inseparably with the subjective factors of the single Marxist-Leninist parties which independently lead the class struggle in their own countries. This was also true in times of Enver Hoxha, when the PLA acted as the leader of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. We Marxist-Leninists became conscious after decades of fight about the fact, that the struggle for the unity isn't a single, isolated task of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. It is a challenge, that requires permanently hard efforts, patience and maturity for a long period. It requires also willingness for compromise s as well as uncompromising defence of Marxism-Leninism and revolutionary vigilance opposite to the permanent attempts of the class-enemy to split our world movement. We have to cope with the same attempts of the Chinese revisionists 25 years ago. Concerning the Comintern-ML, we will untiringly fight with greatest consequence for the defence, strengthening and refreshment of the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement on the basis of the Marxism-Leninismus and the Proletarian Internationalismus and support every revolutionary force in the whole world with the aim of unification.

Marxism-Leninism declines - as is well known- any subjective idealization or beautiful dyeing works of historical victories of the proletariat and communism -- just like to decline to hush up and hush of historical defeats. Surely there were weaknesses within the Marxist-Leninist world movement at that time (as it can be seen e.g. in the time of the steadely growing of revisionist influences within the PLA particularely before the Albanian revisionists came into power). We have to analyze these weaknesses to avoid them in future.The degree of seriousness of a Marxist-Leninist world movement to the own weaknesses, but also to the faults and weaknesses of the single members of the Marxist-Leninist world movement must be measured by the analysis, disclosure and selfcritically overcoming of faults and weaknesses.This principle applies as well to the complete Marxist-Leninist world movement - and last not least to its highest organizational expression - the selfcritical attitude of the Communist International.

One of the weaknesses of the then Marxist-Leninist world movement surely was an overestimation of those arguements, that approved the unfavourable conditions of creating a new Communist International. The actual possibilities were underestimated simultaneously. On the other hand we have to take thoroughly into consideration the real existing conditions at that time 25 years ago. The pressure of the different revisionist branches was very heavy and has left its lanes on the socialist Albania and the young, unexperienced Marxist-Leninist world movement. The Marxist-Leninists needed great efforts to liberate themselves from the revisionist baton and to put the revisionist marsh drily.The steadfast Marxists Leninisten were worldwide and in most countries in the minority.This was the reality. It was valid to be watchfull in these hard fights against the revisionists in the own country, and the Marxist-Leninists reacted sensitively and delicately whatever the revisionists did. Also sectarian faults surely were made at this and exaggerations could not be completely avoided - just to the advantage of the revisionists. The revisionists tried to penetrate our organizations and left out not any opportunity to perform their bourgeois influence on the young Marxist-Leninist world movement to get us off from our Marxist-Leninist course on an national as well as on an international scale. At first we confined ourselves to bilateral consultations. It wasn't however by any chance that we changed into multilateral meetings in Europe and Latin America when the Chinese revisionists more and more openly acted as splittors and liquidators against Albania and the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement.The Chinese revisionists however intensified their subversive work within the Marxist-Leninist parties on the other side , which didn't remain the hoped effect. The common condemnation and unmasking of the "three worlds"-theory was an important worldwide step in the right direction but further steps and consequences in the direction of proceeding the process of organisation on an international scale against revisionism failed to appear in long terms. It was a weakness of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, to do not continue the further fight against revisionism consistently enough - particularely after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha and again particularely concerning the revisionist development within the PLA. The revisionists within the PLA which had prepared the counter-revolution - already for years - took more and more advantage of this weakness of the Marxist-Leninist forces. The Albanian revisionists pursued the course of the betrayal of the Proletarian Internationalism, the betrayal of the Marxist-Leninist world movement at first secretly and then more and more openly. The cooperation systematically was dismantled between Albania and the Marxist- Leninist world movement and thwarted.The revolutionary Marxist-Leninists within the PLA were forced back piece for piece by the revisionist clique. With the conquest of the most essential positions within the PLA, within the mass organizations and state institutions the revisionists discontinued and suspended the contact to the brother parties or rather contacted revisionist elements in the brother parties who seemed to support the revisionist line of the traitor Ramiz Alia. To achieve the necessary shoulder-to-shoulder stance against the betrayal of Ramiz Alia the Marxist-Leninist world movement was unfortunately not able. The Marxist-Leninist world movement failed to back hold the destruction of the proletarian dictatorship in Albania, failed to save the bullwark of communism in the world. The half-hearted, almost without resistance attitude, well, even the open support and sympathy of parts of the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the Albanian revisionists belong to the sad chapters of the Communist world movement. This situation was far away from the former firm-principled standpoint at the defence of the socialist Albania against the Chinese revisionism 25 years ago. We can pick up only some examples here, however emphasize at this the necessity of a thorough analysis of the then development of the Marxist- Leninist world movement simultaneously. We work on this.

It is clear firstly, that the comrades around Enver Hoxha who have fought against the revisionist betrayal in the own rows heroically and who keep on fighting, cannot form an unity with those elements, who have contributed to the destruction of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania. It is secondly clear, that the really Marxist- Leninist forces cannot form an unity with the elements in the world, who have helped the Albanian revisionists -- such as the CP of Canada-ML or the former trotsky-ite leading group of the KPD/ML and the counterrecolutionary leadership of the German-Albanian friendship scociety- to pick up only two examples.

We thirdly cannot strive for an unity with the ones, who critisize the Albanian revisionism in words but attack the correct line of the PLA and of comrade Enver Hoxha as a revisionist line and who protect with this the revisionists simultaneously. It is out of doubt, that the correct Marxist-Leninist line of our Albanian comrades were not consequently enough applied to the class struggle against the revisionists in the own rows. Instead of turning the revisionists out of the party, the revisionists turned out our comrades. This can be compared with the situation in the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement and to some degree with many single brother parties, too. About this we can and must discuss to learn. But it is as well out of doubt, that those, who call the correct line of the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top responsible for the Albanian revisionism, can never be Marxist-Leninists. Of course we cannot discuss or unite with these elements.

One of the reasons for the turn of many organizations away from the correct Marxist-Leninist line of the PLA and comrade Enver Hoxha was the following:

Some organizations of the Marxist-Leninist world movement regarded the necessary attack on the Mao Tsetung ideas as an attack on Marxism-Leninism and not as a defence of Marxism- Leninism. From their points of view the socialist Albania, the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top would follow allegedly the "capitalist course", would allegedly "degenerate to revisionism", because the Mao Tsetungideas were declared to be counter-revolutionary. This Albanian act of Mao`s condamnation would be allegedly an "act of splitting" of the Marxist-Leninist world movement and a "support" for the strengthening of the revisionists. However, that`s just like the trotzkyite elements, who shaddled the responsibility for the revisionist degeneration just to the Marxist-Leninist line of Stalin and Enver Hoxha with the intention to build up their split-policy within the communist world movement - just on these claims. These anti-Marxist-Leninist elements called the collapse of the Albanian socialism a pretended "proof" of the " wrong line" of comrade Enver Hoxha. The Comintern-ML has declared irreconcilable, relentless and firm-principled war on this international Trotzkyism and its wire-drawers from beginning. The truth was, that the Albanian socialism fell because the revisionists could conquer the power and change the PLA to a bourgeois party under the mask of the line of comrade Enver Hoxha. Well, not the line of Enver Hoxha, but the turn away of this correct line, was the reason for the collapse of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Albania.

A profound trench between two tendencies/branches arose within the Marxist-Leninist world movement, which was irreconcilable, even if some centrists tried to dam up the antagonist conntradictions of the struggle of both of these branches.

The one tendency, the correct tendency, came to the Marxist-Leninist opinion, that the Mao Tsetung-ideas are the ideological base of the Chinese revisionism and that the CP of China never was Marxist-Leninist - neither in times of Mao nor in times after him -, that there was no socialism and no dictatorship of the proletariat in China, therefore. It was about the consistent continuation of the fight for the complete break with the Chinese revisionism.This was the correct line of the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top as well as the line of the Marxist-Leninist world movement which was led by Albania. This correct line is continued by the Comintern-ML, today.

The other tendency, the wrong tendency held tight at the opportunist opinion, that the Chinese revisionism arose from the turn away of the MaoTsetung ideas, by which the pretended "Marxist-Leninist" CP of China degenerated and by which Chinese "socialism" fell to sacrifice of the capitalist restoration. This is just the opposite opinion, which is exactly still represented by many opportunist organizations at international level today.This opportunist branch had a try and has a try further, to reconcile the anti-Marxist Mao Tsetung ideas particularly with the Marxist-Leninist ideas of the classic Enver Hoxha and with Marxism-Leninism generally.

It was totally clear to the Marxist-Leninist world movement, that there would never be any peaceful coexistence between the bourgeois Chinese socialism and the proletarian socialism of Albania - side by side. And it was totally clear again, that nothing could change this demarcation-line – neither in the past, today nor in future. It is the task of the Marxist-Leninist world movement to draw the demarcation-line sharper and sharper in the course of the class- struggle against neo-revisionism.

Many of those organizations, who supported the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha with telegrams, solidarity-declarations etc. in the August and September of 1978, turned away and changed their course. Criticism at the "theory of the three worlds" = yes, criticism at the Mao Tsetung ideas = no. That was the formula of those orgnizations, who started to seperate from the Marxist-Leninist world movement which was led by the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top.

In addition, there were also some few "left" opportunist organizations which treated comrade Enver Hoxha as a "revisionist" on a case by case basis and called his name and the names of Mao and Krushchev with the same breath.

So, those "lefties" claimed Enver Hoxha that he had allegedly "mistaken the dictatorship of the proletariat for the people power like Mao and Khrushchev ". And: "Enver Hoxha had been an incomplete Marxist". The Communist party of New Zealand (CPNZ) put all these monstrous assertions forward 1991. At first the CPNZ declared itself for the socialist Albania under the leadership of the PLA with Enver Hoxha at the top and after the collapse of Albania the CPNZ kicked the banner of the PLA, the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha into the dirt. The CPNZ come it funny with the Marxist-Leninist world movement and declared the Bolshevist Octoberrevolution - as well as the people`s revolution in Albania - not as revolutions that led to the dictatorship of the proletariat, but as "anti-imperialist" revolutions compared with the revolutions in East Europe and Indo-China. Now we can better understand, what the opportunists do intend with their "united anti-imperialist front" - at all events anything else but the united front of the socialist, proletarian revolution. And just this is the deep contradiction between the Marxist-Leninists and the opportunists in the question of the united front, because any united front has unconditionally to serve the socialist revolution - anything else is revisionism. Even Krushchev did not dare to claim the October Revolution as an "anti-imperialist" revolution. The CPNZ justified this extreme position with the fact, that in all those countries there was no majority of the proletarian class compared with the total population. We need not to comment this anti-Leninism. Strictly speaking the CPNZ denied completely the existence of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the history of mankind just as the trotzkyites. Trotzky condemned Stalin and the CP New Zealand condemned Enver Hoxha -- both comes to the same: Betrayal of the revolution, betrayal of the socialism, betrayal of the Marxism-Leninism.The CP New Zealand abused the criticism of the Alia revisionism to annul the socialism of the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin and the Albanian socialism under Enver Hoxha. Like the CP New Zealand a long row of brother parties turned their back upon Enver Hoxha, the PLA, the socialist Albania and also the Marxist-Leninist world movement.The Marxist-Leninist party of Austria (MLPÖ) also counted to these renegades. The KPD/ML (CPGer-ML) avoided at first to carry the bilateral contradictions with the MLPÖ into the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement and tried instead of this to cope with the ideological contradictions in a friendly, fraternal manner of meetings. Long ago the MLPÖ accused the KPD/ML as to be "revisionist". The MLPÖ attacked particularly the chairman of the KPD/ML, comrade Ernst Aust as an "enemy of Stalin", and as a “supporter of the three-world-theory". However, when the MLPÖ started to attack comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA openly, when they began their confrontation with the whole Marxist-Leninist movement, then the KPD/ML informed everybody, what happened all the time with the wheelings and dealings of the MLPÖ. The MLPÖ spread among other things the following reactionary assertion into the Marxist-Leninist world movement: The thesis, that the super powers are in the international scale head enemies of the people, would pretend to be "core of the theory of the three worlds `" because the West German imperialism would thus for example be played down. The MLPÖ obviously attacked in the rear of the Albanian comrades, who led the fight against the "theory of the three worlds" of the Chinese revisionists to the same time. Further such assertions were made, that the PLA would be "just as revisionist like the CP of China", because the PLA had supported the "Moscow Declaration", which would be "revisionist". So the MLPÖ insinuated the PLA to go the "peaceful way to socialism". Concerning the "Moscow Declaration" the Comintern-ML has - by the way - thoroughly analysed the meaning and role of both the "Moscow Declaration" and the "Polemics on the General Line of the Communist World Movement" (editted by the Chinese revisionists) in the chapter of the Comintern-ML`s General Line -- "strategy and tactics of the proletarian world revolution". Concerning the relationship with the brother parties the MLPÖ accused the PLA as "anti-Leninist". With these opening split-tactics the MLPÖ supported in reality Mao Tsetung and the Chinese revisionists from a "left" standpoint of view with the aim to liquidate the Marxist-Leninist world movement with the PLA at the top. So the MLPÖ proved as a "left" liquidator of Marxism-Leninism and the Proletarian Internationalism in the world scale - just in that moment when the Marxist-Leninist world movement led the united fight against Maoism.The Comintern-ML exactly described this dagger push as dangerous forerunner of the Neo revisionism. It is just the nature of the Neo-revisionism to wear out the criticism of the revisionism through this and to give the revisionists support by moving the Anti revisionists -- in this case the PLA and the brother parties - to the pillory as pretended "revisionists". These are always the well known bad tricks in the rows of the communist world movement from the arsenal of the international agencies of the counter-revolution. And these tricks are used further against us today, only with the difference that we Marxist-Leninists are not called as "revisionists" but as "sectarians" because we are still in the minority.

In such way just the most consistent anti-revisionists of the world`s Marxist-Leninist movement - the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top - were attacked as "revisionists". When the ISML then - in the end of 1999 - started to put a discussion about Enver Hoxhas alleged "faults", we opened the fire against the ISML, we founded the Comintern/ML and lifted up comrade Enver Hoxha in the rank of a classic of Marxism-Leninism.

This action of consequences we have justified in detail in the article "Enver Hoxha, the 5th classic of the Marxism-Leninism and the foundation of the Comintern-ML". This was a victory about the new opportunist flows on the whole line. We have drawn this sharper demarcation-line opposite the opportunists, but never opposite the various opinions of several comrades, who do not yet agree with us in all points. We know to distinguish in principle disagreements with our opponents of such disagreements which comradely are soluble from the bottom of Marxism-Leninism. We count on the then positive cooperation of the Marxist-Leninist parties which had made progress despite all obstacles. Despite all weaknesses one may never underestimate their present meaning. Remember some of the good examples: International youth-camps took place - at which, by the way, a comrade of the Comintern-ML took part. Among other things he participated also at the international mass rally in Germany; and there were also some in Rome and Lissabon. Besides it was of great value, that the PLA changed to organise the scientific meetings by contributions of representatives of the brother parties. As well the Albanian media made great efforts to support the Marxist-Leninist world movement in their foreign publications. There were foreign comrades of the brother parties, who lived in Albania and who were very busy for the matter of the Proletarian Internationalism. There were translations into several languages to spread the ideas of Marxism-Leninsim around the world. There were several Albanian-foreign friendship societies in many countries of the world, who did an excellent job. There were contacts to mass organizations all over the world and youth and cultural exchange took place. Of great value were the journeys of the most revolutionary workers of the world to Albania to take contact with the socialist workers. They exchanged their experiences and opinions and they learnt comeradely from each other. The contribution of the small country Albania for the strengthening of the Marxist-Leninist world movement was indeed immense and we Marxist-Leninists, the world proletariat and the people of the world shall never forget these great acts of practiced Proletarian Internationalism.

These revolutionary activities of the Proletarian Internationalism were a big thorn in the eye of the revisionists. Albania's great efforts for the permanent improvement in the fertile cooperation of the Marxist-Leninist brother parties were interfered by most different attempts of the revisionists with more or less success. The question of common activities and cooperation on a multilateral level were discussed earnestly within the Marxist-Leninist world movement and there were also disagreements and even divergences about the degree of intensity, the contents, forms and methods of international cooperation among the brother parties. Some questions arose, that could not be solved homologously: "Who should belong to the Marxist-Leninist world movement as brother party and who should be not a member of the brother parties?" and: "What ought to be the correct criteria of admission and membership?" Particularly after the death of Enver Hoxha the situation and the cohesion of the Marxist-Leninist world movement became more and more difficult. There were forces, who fall apart instead of strenghtening and helping each other. Dangerous forms of the carelessness and routine crept in and the revolutionary swing by the Marxist-Leninist world movement faded imperceptibly but steadily. The intensity of connections and relationsship under the brother parties developed not so strongly like ago 25 years. Invincible contradictions seemed to appear and the Marxist-Leninist world movement began to fall ill.

It is a fact, that the communal spirit and the feeling of solidarity among the brother parties suffered by the weakness of the true Marxist-Leninist forces and the growing influence of the neo-revisionists, which crept into the parties, which splitted and devided them in various branches and groups. So, under these circumstances, it is no wonder, if several brother parties, who cultivated for years fraternal connections among each other on the base of Marxism-Leninism, became overcharged to assess and analyse the developmet of the difficult and complicated situation concerning the inner affairs and troubles of splitted and devided brother parties. Even in relatively healthy situations it is not easy to overlook the events of the Marxist-Leninist movement in the foreign countries and it is more difficult to overlook the Marxist-Leninist world movement in a whole. Under high complication-factors, nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find the way out of the djungle of small groups and organisations whose existence resulted from the weakness of the binding forces and the strength of the splitting forces of former brother parties which had to go through several processes of deviding and breaking asunder. Under these circumstances, when the Marxist-Leninists all over the world are in poor health, everybody can imagine, how negatively this does reflect and influence the relationships among each other on a national as well as on an international scale.

So it is a sad fact, that the neo-revisionists took advantage from this desaster. To give an example: Some brotherparties ( members of the "Unity&Struggle"-group), who cultivated for decades good relations to the KPD/ML, broke their connections after the party splitted in 1985. Since this time they hold permanently contact to the neo-revisionist splitter-group KPD-Stuttgart(Roter Morgen) - called the “Möller-KPD” - ( at present called “Polifka-KPD” after this group was devided in the End of 2002.). In words the Unity&Struggle group declares still sympathy for the KPD/ML of comrade Ernst Aust, but in deeds this group houses since 17 years the neo-revisionist splitter-remain of the Möller-KPD with the aim to liquidate the still existing KPD/ML of comrade Ernst Aust, which defended from the very beginning the old revolutionary programme of comrade Ernst Aust.

This example is not an individual case. The Unity&Struggle-group houses also other splitter groups, which struggle against Marxist-Leninist organisations in their own country. We only want to cite the neo-revisionist Turkish splitter-organisation TDKP, which still struggles against the Marxist-Leninists in Turkey with the support of the "Unity&Struggle"-group. Systematically the Unity&Struggle group works like this all over the world - breaking the rules of Proletarian Internationalism and the rules of good relationship among the Marxist-Leninist brother parties - even isolating and fighting against the true Marxist-Leninist forces in various countries of the world.

Is there in principle any difference between the attitude of the "Unity&Struggle"-group and the attitude of the Chinese revisionists 25 years, when they attacked Enver Hoxha, the PLA, many Marxist-Leninist brother parties and the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement? The "Quito Declaration" is in some regard comparable with the "Moscow Declaration". Both these declarations have two doors - a Marxist-Leninist front-door and a back-door which is flexibly open for inviting the opportunists. We take this for very dangerous and benevolently for completely insufficient in our opinion. We declared our readinesss to consult Unity&Struggle about this, but they prefered to keep silent and gave us no answer until today. Unity&Struggle was never willing or ready to talk with the Comintern-ML. Instead of this Unity&Struggle ignored permanently even the existence of the Comintern-ML. We don`t want to interfere the inner affairs of the Unity&Struggle-group, but they should be conscious about the fact, that the Marxist-Leninists all over the world will neither understand nor accept this anti-Marxist-Leninist behaviour. Once again we invite the "Unity&Struggle"-group to begin to talk with us.

The attempt of the Chinese revisionists to destroy the Marxist-Leninist world movement by the blow against the socialist Albania led in the result to centralisation and concentration of the Marxist-Leninist forces all over the world. The brother parties organised several multilateral meetings to cooperate more narrowly -- this process was positive and helpful. If you like to say, the foundation of the Comintern-ML was the final consequence of this positive process, a final stroke and a bottom line under endless discussions of some years, - about the question, whether to rebuilt the new Communist international or not. It is true, that the Marxist-Leninist world movement permanently defended the merits of the old honourable Comintern particularly against the attacks of the revisionists, but by no means the brother parties were neither able nor willing to understand the lessons of Marxism-Leninism to strive in principle for the revival of the Comintern and to place the refoundation of a new Communist International on the agenda.

The reasons of omission to wait far too long with the matury-process of the communist world party`s creation (which is not at all an automatic release) can never be a question in principle, but only a tactical question, a question of temporary character. Admittedly there are a lot of tactical reasons to delay the foundation or respectively to decide on the Comintern`s dissolution to protect it from abuse. One can surely be in the opinion, that the construction of the Marxist-Leninist International in the then critical stage would include a risk which could result in more disadvantages than advantages. On the other hand we plead for the standpoint of view that just the rebuilding of a Marxist-Leninist International would sooner minimize the risk by effects of strengething and consolidating the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement. The original cause of the internationally organized world proletariat is based on the objective development of the class struggle. It can neither be backhold nor averted by anybody. The process of the Communist International`s formation is unstoppable and it is therefore the duty of the Marxist-Leninists to drive forward this process and not to decelerate it as the opportunists intend to do. We are convinced that a new International under the leadership of comrade Enver Hoxha would make it more difficult for the opportunists to penetrate and undermine the Marxist-Leninist world movement. We know one thing for sure, when 60 years after the dissolution of the Comintern faded away: “ Enough is enough.” The world proletariat cannot wait for another 60 years. In the face of the present revolutionary tasks of the world proletariat nobody can seriously talk about an "overhasty foundation of the Comintern-ML". Quite the reverse is true: a historical. unpardonable omission of the communist world movement - mainly and causally forced by the influence of revisionism. If we want to be true communists, we are not allowed to deny the necessity of the Leninist world party. And this means: let us never pass any single second without extremly efforts for the construction - respectively reconstruction - of the Communist International. Marxism-Leninism teaches us, that the highest revolutionary form of the organisation of the world proletariat is the Communist international. Therefore it is the most urgent task of the Marxist-Leninists in the whole world to create the highest form of the organized international class struggle for seriously preparing the proletarian world revolution. We have to compare the seriousness of the Marxist-Leninist attitude in principle with the seriousness of the fight for the construction, the refreshment and strengthening of the Communist international. Communists never waste time, because any second without the Communist International would favour the position of the revisionists whose most important aim it is to struggle against the Communist International and to prevent the organized unity of the proletarians of all countries to fight for their world revolution. Without Communist International the socialist revolution can`t spread from one country to the other, the national bonds of the "socialism in a country" can`t be torned up, a socialist camp can`t be formed and finally the world communism can`t be set up. A true Communist cannot seriously uphold the historical merits of the Comintern without struggling for the rebuilding of the Communist International. Can a true communist really forget what Lenin once prophesied to the proletarians of all countries? “Your proletarian International has never perished and it won't perish!"

If we stress the roll of the Communist International extremely, we don`t intend to overestimate the Communist International. The Communist International is always only as strong as the members, the communist parties. Without the members a Communist International achieves nothing. Any belittling of any single brother party is equivalent with the belittling of the Communist International. The Comintern-ML will not and cannot replace the Marxist-Leninist parties in any single country. In the contrary, the strengthening of the Comintern-ML can only be obtained and maintained by the strengthening of every single party and the association and unification of all brother parties to a concentrated and centralized revolutionary world-party. The united force is the true force. The integral parts make the complete whole - able to go all out for. The highest stage of development of the Proletarian Internationalismus can only be realized by the Communist international. However, to attain world meaning the dictatorship of the proletariat in a single country must develop and consolidate practically at first. Consequently we may never disregard the experiences of the October Revolution and the People Revolution in Albania and theirinternationalist effects on the whole Marxist-Leninist movement. ABC of the Marxism-Leninism is: the world revolution attains correctly practical meaning always only then if the victory about the bourgeoisie in a country, the native country of the proletarians of the whole world, is gained and consolidated primarily. Just to consolidate this victory by help and support of the outside, this was and is the cardinal point of the Proletarian Internationalism on the part of the communist and Marxist-Leninist world movement. Such Proletarian Internationalism which is created from the source of a socialist country makes it much better possibly to win the victory about the bourgeoisie also in all other countries faster, finally guarantees the victory on an international stage. The world revolution just develops in the course of this fight. Well, to emphasize it once again distinctedly: one mustn't make the mistake to mix up the trotzkyite "world party" with the Leninist world party or even to replace it. It is the only purpose of the trotskyite world party to harm and to paralyze the Leninist world party.The dangers of the various deviations in this important question was worked out in numerous details of the "General Line of the Comintern-ML" - especially the deviations concerning the dialectical relation between the single Marxist-Leninist parties and the centralized Communist International applying to the principles of the democratic centralism.

In the course of the struggle against the permanent attempts of the revisionists to split and to liquidate the Communist world movement in the service of the imperialists the Marxist-Leninists - and primarily comrade Enver Hoxha and the PLA - exposed and condamned the various revisionist theories on the "Mother/Daughter parties".

The Chinese revisionists wanted to adopt this "theory" from the Soviet modern revisionists, just as some different opportunist international groupings want to adopt this in forms of the "united front tactics", today. Always - and so also 25 years ago - the PLA declined every baton of any party and trusted in the principle to count on the own strengths. Based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism the PLA never accepted any submission:

“The Marxism-Leninism gives us the right to say our word and this law can take nobody away from us neither by political and economic pressure nor by threats or etiquettes which one fastens to us " ( quoted from Enver Hoxha`s talk on the Meeting of 81 Communist and Workers' parties in Moscow on November 16, 1960 )

And, well, the Marxist-Leninist world movement defended this correct point of view of comrade Enver Hoxha. All brother parties commonly condamned the Soviet-revisionist as well as the Maoist variant of that "Mother/Daughter party"- construction, namely:

- unity-compulsion commanded and controlled only by the motherparty

- obedience to the motherparty instead of obedience to the Marxism-Leninism

-mother-party determines autocratically the interpretation of Marxism-Leninism, and dictates what the daughter-parties have to think and to do

- Threatening, extorting the others and subjecting alltogether to the own will completely,

- Force everybody a revisionist line, disparage the Marxist-Leninist leaders and liquidate the communist world movement,

- denouncing, counteracting and harming the revolution and the socialism,

Either the Soviet and the Chinese, or the Yugoslav and Euro-communist variants of these counter- revolutionary revisionist methods, they all were sharply rejected by comrade Enver Hoxha - starting with his speech on the Moscow Meeting of the 81 Communist and Workers' parties and finished with the consequent rejection of the Chinese revisionists 25 years ago. With this heroical appearances comrade Enver Hoxha attained immortal merits in the fight against the modern revisionism in general and in the fight against the revisionist thesis of the "mother party" in particular. This, however, was expressively also his simultaneous fight for the defence of the leading roll of the CPSU (B) of Lenin and Stalin within the Communist world movement, particularly the defence of Lenin and Stalin as the leaders of the Soviet proletariat and inseparably the defence of them as the best leaders of the world proletariat. The revisionists of all branches never defended the international leading roll of Lenin and Stalin - in the contrary, they only defended their own international leading roll and misused the classics of Marxism-Leninism only to justify themselves. Lips-service to the leading roll of the communist center`s party to play the leading roll of the revisionist center`s party in deeds - that was the justification of the revisionist "theory of the Mother/Daughter parties in general. Comrade Enver Hoxha held openly tight at the leading roll of Lenin`s and Stalin`s CPSU, if he critisized the revisionist Mother/Daughter party-concept of Krushchev and Breshnev. He did not sweep this under the table like the Chinese revisionists, who intended to take the revisionist lead by themselves. We Marxist-Leninists may never disregard the Marxist-Leninist principle of the leading communist party on the international scale, if we express our criticism of the revisionist "mother party". If we ignore this principle, we become slaves of opportunism very soon.

The Neo revisionists just casted their skin in the struggle against the concept of the revisionist "mother party" by the betrayal of the principle of the leading role of the Communist party which represents the center of communism, the center of the world revolution, the center of the class-struggle of the world proletariat. They quote the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha concerning the criticism of the "Mother-party-concept" of the Chinese revisionists incompletely and wilfully to feign a touch of pretended "anti-revisionism". Lips-service of criticism of the revisionist "mother-party-concept" , but denying the leading roll of the Bolshevist party in the center of communism in deeds, that`s what neo-revisionism is all about in this special question. And this question concerns again the roll of the Communist International, which the neo-revisionists also deny. The damage of neo-revisionism is caused by the restriction of formal criticisms of revisionism and the neglect of the regard to the contents of the most significant characters of revisionism. Support of the unity at the merely persuit of lanes with which we shall be led astray -- instead of the unity of struggle to persuate the international revisionist wolfs -- this is the underhanded tactics which the Neo-revisionists like to practise against us.

Every party is obliged only to the principles of Marxism-Leninism which, however, is not said to be a matter of following “one`s own homespun Marxism-Leninism". Forms differ from country to country, but there is basically not any special nationalist contents of Marxism- Leninism, no national Bolshevism. The nature of Marxism-Leninism is internationalist, not nationalist. Marxism-Leninism is not the arithmetic sum or an amalgam of specially united, different, national Marxist-Leninist theories. There is only one Marxist-Leninist theory, the theory of the revolutionary world proletariat consisting of the proletarians of all countries and belonging to all of them in a similar manner. The socialist “science” of the bourgeoisie and the proletarian socialist science are antagonist and irreconcilably. Every opportunist reconciliation of the bourgeois and the proletarian ideology leads away from proletarian socialism to bourgeois socialism, to capitalism - inevitably.

As Marxist-Leninists we stress the conclusion of the necessity of bilateral and multilateral meetings between and among the Marxist-Leninist parties. The Comintern-ML will not cancel each other out. However in all these meetings the Marxist-Leninist parties have to put always and everything in the back of the head, which could serve to the world revolution. As Marxist-Leninists we expressively only reject such kinds of bilateral and multilateral meetings in principle, which are held to serve own national interests at the expense of the interests of the world proletariat in a whole or at the expense of the interest of other brother parties who do not share these selfish opinions. Bilateral and multilateral meetings should be certainly a help and a support for each party, but not confine themselves to the interests of the proletariat of one`s own country or by strengthening the own positions against other parties with the support of some accomplices. In the extreme case this would mean to spread the poison of polycentrism which is directed against the democratic centralism of the world proletariat to form a plot against the Marxist-Leninist world movement which is led by the avanguard party. And this is just what we talk about the wheelings and dealings of the neo-revisionists; that is, what happened after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha: To tear the spirit of the Communist International to pieces not by renunciation of bilateral and multilateral meetings, but in the contrary just by misusing the instruments of bilateral and multilateral meetings by their neo-revisionist majorization. Not the Marxist-Leninists have to decide on the admission, who may participate international meetings and who not, but only various groupings of neo-revisionists associated on an international scale. To subordinate the liberty of internationalist Marxism-Leninism under the liberty of nationalist revisionism, that is, what motivates the neo-revisionists to cooperate in international groupings. This is what we condamn as an attack on the Marxist-Leninist world movement, as an attack against the world revolution and the common interests of the world proletariat. We neither decline particular, different forms of tactics in every single country to find and go one`s own Marxist-Leninist way to socialism, nor do we infringe the independence, autonomy and self-responsibility of any single Marxist-Leninist party as far as each of these parties accepts and subordinates under the democratic centralism of the Communist International voluntarily and consciously. It is just the purpose of the opportunists to solve the problem, how to evade this iron spirit of unconditionally subordination under the international democratic centralism. You cannot build up and maintain the democratic centralism in your own party, if this party is not able or willing to correspond with the upbuilding and maintenance of the democratic centralism on an international scale. Both forms of democratic centralism presupposes each other dialectically and can neither be devided nor equated. The democratic centralism on an international scale is a higher form of development of the democratic centralism on a national stage and therefore superordinated and not subordinated. You can never win through the interests of the proletariat in a single country by certain tactics, if these tactics collide with the interests of the world proletariat, if they would harm the interests of the world proletariat. Well, what we like to say, is, that it is disadvantageous for the proletariat in each single country as well as for the whole world proletariat, if we Marxist-Leninists are not able or willing to overcome the limitation of generalized experiences on an national scale. Our purpose is to unite in a Communist International to be commonly able to generalize the experiences of the world proletariat`s class-struggle. We may not allow to replace the generalization of experiences neither on an national nor on an international scale. Contrasts have to be dissolved flexibly in accordance with the principled base of Marxism-Leninism. To generalize nationwide experiences worldwidely is as fatal as egalitarian international levelling mania without consideration of the different conditions of class- struggle in each single country.

This applies especially to the Marxist-Leninist principle of the support and trust on one`s own forces. We like to consider this in reflexion of the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha, when he struggled against the Chinese revisionism 25 years ago. The principle, to feet on the own strengths, is a deep internationalist principle. You cannot feet on your own strengths in a single country, if you do not understand the internationalist character and meaning of this principle. Every deviation of this internationalist character and meaning leads inevitably out of the marsh of the opportunism, if it isn't corrected.The one-sided application of this principle on an reduced national scale could - in the case, if the internationalist dimension will be ignored - causes absolutely fatal and disastrous errors, especially worldwide errors if we have it to do with such a Marxist-Leninist world movement which has a center of a socialist country. Only if the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement applies the principle to count on the own strengths, only if each single Marxist-Leninist all over the world supports the socialist country to realize its principle to feet on the own strength, only then the socialist country can be base and levers of the world revolution, only then it can fulfil its roll as revolutionary world proletarian centre, only then the application of this principle can lead to the final, definite victory of a socialist country, only then the capitalist-revisionist encirclement can be overcome, only then this principle leads to the final, definite victory of the socialism in the world scale. The reduction and restriction of the idea of the international communism on national interests of a single socialist country forms a dangerous breeding ground for revisionist deviations under the conditions of the imperialist-revisionist encirclement; breeding ground for the rape of the proletarian world revolution and surrender of the world socialism in favour of the world capitalism.This liquidatory way is thoroughly anti-Marxist and completely incompatible with the revolutionary interests of the world proletariat. With this attitude one denies the internationalist character of Marxism-Leninismus, denies the theory of the world communism and subjects it the world bourgeoisie, ignores the leading roll of the theory of the world proletariat as well as the world proletariat itself. With this attitude one disregards also the roll of the Communist international as a Bolshevist world party. Last not least one undermines the world proletarian leading roll of the pushing brigade in the country of the dictatorship of the proletariat. With this attitude one harms to the leading roll of the party of the Marxist-Leninist world centre and weakens the leading roll of the vanguard of the bulwark against imperialism. One opens wide the doors and gates to the revisionists and opportunists to liquidate the Marxist-Leninist world movement and its centre - the socialist country. With this attitude one follows the course of Krushchev, Tito, Mao, Alias etc. Basically we have to differ the Marxist-Leninist principle, to feet on one`s own strenght - excellently applied by comrade Enver Hoxha 25 years ago - from the neo-revisionist misuse of this principle by the traitor Alias and his clique which led to the collapse of socialist Albania in 1990/1991.

The science of Marxism-Leninism is internationally and is the science of the world proletariat. Marxism-Leninism well-founded the principle of the inalienability of the Communist International`s leading roll as well as the theory of the necessity of the revolutionary and socialist world centres`party.The science of the world proletariat however never is divisible. It is not owned exclusively by the proletariat of this or that single country, even not by the proletariat of the socialist country and again even not by selfish alliances of single parties, who want to force their "own Marxism-Leninism". The Marxism-Leninism belongs to the proletarians of all countries, to their Marxist-Leninist parties and to their Communist International in a similar manner. Marxism-Leninism only can survive, develop, be unfolded and defended on this basis. No socalled "motherparty" or plots of self-choosen "motherparties" can think they know it all, know all the answers of Marxism-Leninism. Marxism-Leninism isn't therefore only developed by single privileged Marxist-Leninist parties. It is not a medicine that shall be given to the welfare of all the brother parties by the ingenuity of some doctors of super-ordinated parties. Marxism-Leninism is - directed by the spirit and the lessons of the classics - to ease the generalization of the international revolutionary labour movement and class-struggle, which has to be permanently developed, practised and raised on always higher steps.

The principle, to feet on one`s own strength, has not only to be applied to the Marxist-Leninist party and the socialist revolution, to the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and to the construction of the socialism in a single country but moreover applied to an international standard by the principle of the Proletarian Internationalism. And this is just valid for the development and defence of Marxism-Leninism itself. This applies inclusively to the defence of the 5 classics who belong to the world proletariat in first line.The 5 classics paid their strength to the world proletariat and the proletarian world revolution in first line and in second line to the proletariat in the own or in another special country. In this light of Proletarian Internationalism Lenin and Stalin considered always the Soviet-Union, too and comrade Enver Hoxha did this as well concerning his own socialist homeland Albania. At first they are classics of the international Marxism-Leninism and not only classics of Marxism-Leninism in a country. To accummulate the strength of the lessons of all the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism, to summarize and combine the whole experiences of the revolutionary labour world movement, to organize the practical transformation of the classic`s lessons on a world scale, to lead the international class-struggle on the base of Marxism-Leninism -- all this can only be achieved by the world proletariat and its vanguard the united proletarians of all countries and their Marxist-Leninist parties, united in the Communit International. To master, develop and defend Marxism-Leninism finally is only possible, if a Marxist-Leninist party became a section of the Communist International. And again: to realize the principle, to feet on one`s own strengths, is primarily possible as a section of the Communist International. The principles of the democratic centralism as well as the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement can only be accomplished, if the Marxist-Leninist parties are combined in the Communist International etc. Everything that is of use for the world proletariat, everything that is of use for the world communism, can at best created and maintained by the instrument of the Communist International. The Comintern-ML has already been founded. Now, the destiny of the Comintern-ML lies in the hands of all Marxist-Leninists, in the hands of the proletariat in all countries and their vanguard parties.

Now it is of use of the Comintern-ML to hit the Neo-revisionists and their dangerous revisionist criticism of the thesis of "mother party" to smooth our way for the upbuilding of the Marxist-Leninist parties and our struggle for the upbuilding of the Comintern-ML. In the meantime we became conscious about the fact, that neo-revisionism already casted its skin in the question how to continue the international process that the former revisionist "motherparties" started to realize then, and what the Marxist-Leninist world movement once foiled under the leadership of comrade Enver Hoxha. Doubtedless revisionism works furtheron within the Marxist-Leninist world movement hidden behind the correct unmasking of the "thesis of the mother party" by comrade Enver Hoxha. But now the Comintern-ML continued the struggle of comrade Enver Hoxha and started to unmask the wheelings and dealings of several international neo-revisionist groupings. They impose silence upon the Marxist-Leninists, if we place the Communist International on the agenda and they make a great noice against the principle of the internationally organized proletarian leadership. With demagogy they bring disrepute upon everybody who demands for the creation of the new Communist International. As Marx and Engels began to critisize severaly the demagogues, who tried to split the unity of the masses and the leaders, Lenin and Stalin continued this struggle against these demagogues. This is true on an international scale, too. And we also must defend comrade Enver Hoxha. He never denied the leading roll of the communist world center`s party and he never denied as well the necessity of the Communist International, allthough he had certain doubts about the conditions and the occasion of the renewal of the Communist International in his time. He talked much about level-headedness, about the thorough consideration of the party`s maturity and he made much efforts to give us brother parties important advices for our development towards our readyness for unification. He did a big job to prepare us for this step carefully and cautiously by promoting our closer cooperation and friendship.

As the history of the Communist world movement proved, the CPSU and the PLA unfolded the revolutionary proletarian world movement in the front rank. This is the reason why the revisionists did not basically deny the roll of the Comintern and the international leading roll of the CPSU in words. However in the course of the struggle against modern revisionism - particularly the struggle against the ambitions of the Krushchevite "motherparty-concept" - the neo-revisionists tried to influence the young Marxist-Leninist world movement.

This Neo-revisionist poison was spread within the Marxist-Leninist world movement primarily by Mao Tsetung as the leader of the Chinese revisionists. Concentrated expression of this ideological neo-revisionist poison was the Chinese "polemics on the general line of the international communist movement", dated on the 30th of March 1963. The demagogical whole point was to replace Lenin`s and Stalin`s Bolshevist general line of the international communist movement by the neo-revisionist general line - hidden behind the criticism of the motherparty thesis of the Soviet modern revisionists.

Well, Mao Tsetung intended to save revisionism because he needed it for the power of the Chinese bourgeoisie. However, he could not act only under the given political circumstances, so that he needed to draw a disguised alibi, making the world believe that he attacked the Soviet modern revisionists from a pretended “Marxist-Leninist” standpoint. As a revisionist competitor Mao reflected Krushchev to such degree on the surface of Marxism-Leninism as it was necessary to dazzle as much supporters on his side as he needed to be sure, that the Marxist-Leninists would not earnestly grow up to an acute danger for his ping-pong-games with the Chinese classes. So Mao casted his skin to become a far better Krushchev, because he masked his anti-Krushchevism behind phrases of Marxist-Leninist" critizism. Enver Hoxha did expose this excellently.The neo-revisionists of today have learnt their lessons of Mao Tsetung very well and they masked their anti-revisionism behind "Marxist-Leninist" phrases in a similar manner - not openly deduced by the Mao Tsetung ideas, but masked by phrases of the lessons of comrade Enver Hoxha to such degree which is needed to control the Marxist-Leninist movement on an international scale.

The historical truth is, that the "polemics on the general line of the international communist movement" turned out to be nothing else than only a further development of the general line of the international movement of the modern revisionists. And neo-revisionism of today is nothing else than only another further development of the revisionist general line hidden behind whitewashed "anti-Maoism" by making use of phrases of Enver Hoxha`s lessons.

This was persued for decades within the whole Marxist-Leninist world movement in general as well as in particular within the center of the Marxist-Leninist world movement - in the center of the PLA, more and more open after the death of comrade Enver Hoxha.This fight started long time before the revisionist degeneration of the PLA. It did already start with the degeneration of the CPSU (B) and the dissolution of the Comintern; and if you like, already with the birth hour of the I. international of Marx and Engels. And this fight for the internationalist organisation of the Marxists will be continued at present and in future.

There is no world Bolshevism without the Bolshevist parties, and there is no Bolshevist world party without the unity of the Bolshevist parties as wells as there is no leading Bolshevist party without a Bolshevist world centre. So, how can we start to recreate such enormous inalienable prerequisites? How shall we reset a new socialist bulwark, able to overcome the recent barricades of the world imperialism and able to kindle the socialist, proletarian world revolution? Is this still the prior-ranking task of the Marxist-Leninist world movement – yes or no? So why do the neo-revisionists beat about the bush. What is the reason of their stalling tactic? Why do they keep silence and evade the dispute with the Comintern-ML? There is only one answer: they fear us sending them packing.

One cannot reburst the chain of imperialism atits weakest end position, if the chain-link, - which we have to get out at first -, is not immediately changed step by step into the first and only (weak) chain-link of the socialist chain. How shall this work without connection of the there leading Bolshevist party with all other Bolshevist parties in the world? How can we manage these colossal challenges of the future, if we did not yet succeed to even form and stregnthen our chain of Bolshevist parties all over the world? The formation of the Marxist-Leninist parties, however has to be carried out in good time, so that there are enough reserves and resources to support the proletarian socialist revolution in a single country, to support the reconquest of the proletarian dictatorship and to rebuilt a new communist world centre by an actively practiced Proletarian Internationalism. This is the only right quintessence after all the left defeats and suffer - estates of the first period of socialism. However these are simultaneously the pains caused by the world revolution, which is in labour. We are standing on the verge of the period of the worldwide socialism which walks in the steps of the first period - the period of the socialism in a single country - the period of the Soviet Union and the socialist Albania. Again and again the Communist world movement and its associated parties were still too young, too weak and too inexperienced to change the spark of the socialist country into a steppe fire. At first we had to cope with the opportunist influence of the II. International and secondly we had to cope with the revisionist degeneration of the Comintern, and now we have to cope with the international opportunist neo-revisionist groupings which influence our Marxist-Leninist world movement. To remove this influence in a most thorough, extensive and punctual manner, is the challenge of today to secure the victory for the October revolution in the world scale finally: to manage a Marxist-Leninist world movement, which makes the decisive jump from the "socialism only in a single country" to the "socialism in every country", which makes this come true as an historical fact, as a prove that the only alternative of capitalism is only socialism. This is feasible, comrades, this has to be feasable and we shall make it feasable! Times changes to our advantage, if we take our advantage! Today, the process of the dying, rotting and parasitical capitalism has nearly far reached its end, the hour of the world revolution comes nearer and nearer and our victory is inevitable. Socialism is unstoppable.

In theory and practice the PLA actually was our leading party and she has played this leading roll extraordinarily well. She has worked in the right direction and the PLA showed us the right way. However the efforts of the Marxist-Leninist parties did not sufficiently lead to the results of an organizational anchorage of cooperation, did not suffice the creation of a new type of the Marxist-Leninist International compared with the Comintern, when it was still led by Lenin and Stalin. This weakness is one of the reasons by which not only the organizational strength of the Marxist-Leninist world movement failed and fell apart just at that moment when the light of the Albanian lighthouse was cancelled and expired. Comrades, we have to think thoroughly about these historical events again and again; we have to solve this problem with the help and support of all of you! What matters is ideological clearness and steadfast unity to avoid the repitition of history. The Comintern-ML is the only right step to change the then weaknesses into strengths in future. To be able to recreate a world revolutionary centre of our Marxist-Leninist world movement , we have only our ideological, political and organisational strength of unity.This is the be-all and end-all of our efforts.The Marxist-Leninist world movement cannot wait and watch until there shall be in some place of the world a socialist country, that gives us new impulses for the upbuilding of the new Communist International.The foundation would then be far too late.The Communist International cannot jump in the after-trot on the itinerant train as the rear-guard. The Communist International has to develop as a vanguard so that we get the train into the state of motion. Anything else would mean "wait until we die" – to quote Lenin`s words aptly.

No, comrades! We must recognize that we have now no other alternative than to help each other, to strenghten each other, to move clother together, so that we can crush the the imperialist chain at the weakest link. Only in such way we can tear the whole imperialist chain piece up for piece. This is the essence of the tasks of the Comintern-ML.

We have to break with the Chinese general line of Mao Tsetung and their polemics on the general line of the international Communist movement uncompromisingly. There is no other alternative than the general line of the Communist International/Marxist-Leninist.

This announcement of the 25 years old documents of the PLA shall be primarily a help for those comrades, who fight in their country for the tough and indefatigable continuation of the unity-struggle of the Marxist-Leninists. It shall encourage those Marxist-Leninists, who continue faithfully the glorious tradition of the PLA and the then Marxist-Leninist world movement with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top. This declaration of the Comintern-ML is devoted to those comrades, who always hold up the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha, the banner of the glorious PLA, the vanguard of the Albanian proletariat. It reminds us to fulfil our internationalist duty to the last breath to help the Albanian people to reconquer their beloved times of socialism. We shall not let escape the guilty traitors and their successors who had stolen the happyness of the Albanian people. We promise to break the traitors` necks!

Dear comrades!

We confess that we have not done enough sufficient work, our force is tinily. We presume not by the dream, to compare ourselves with the great honourable Comintern. We are far away from the immense achievments of the PLA and the Albanian people and their support for the world revolution and the Proletarian Internationalism. But we do our best with all our strength to emulate our Albanian pioneers, to study their experiences modestly and to make our first small steps in the right direction. We know for sure, that there are far more honest Marxist-Leninists still outside the Comintern-ML. We do respect and support these honest Marxist-Leninists in thankfulness and internationalist sympathy and fraternity. We don`t claim to be the sole and only force of the Marxist-Leninist world movement, but we are proud to be a part of it. With calmness we set our confidence into the comrades all over the world and let them judge by themselves what is right and what is wrong. We eager for the opinions and proposals of comrades all over the world. We want to hear their criticism, advice and review . We are convinced that there is nothing better than to have a Comintern-ML. The idea of the Communist International is invincible if it is carried by the support of the world proletariat and the oppressed and exploited people. We were motivated to begin with our work for the creation of the Comintern-ML because we were tired of the discouraging and senseless discussions about emptyness and inconsequentual quarreling which led to no result but to frustration all the more. We felt paralyzed and misunderstood. So we wanted to do something meaningful and usable for the comrades all over the world - simply obeying our hearts. We only did the same what every revolutionary worker would do, too - at least a small contribution for our common good cause. If we gave you a little bit hope and confidence for your class struggle we shall feel encouraged to continue our work for the Comintern-ML. Wholeheartedly we support all those comrades who do regard the purification of the principles of Marxism-Leninism not as pure sectarianism, but as the only basis of our Marxist-Leninist unity and strength.

We hope sincerely that the re-announcement of these 25 years old documents will contribute to the welfare of the Marxist-Leninist world movement. Enver Hoxha emphasized in his speech, held on the Moscow Meeting of the 81 Communist and workers' parties on November 16th, 1960:

“Our close unity does form the guarantee for the victory of our struggle in the face of this wild enemy. We shall win, if we remove the deep ideological disagreements which come to light today and if we build up the unity on the base of Marxism-Leninism, equality, fraternity and the spirit of the friendship and the Proletarian Internationalism. Our party is of the opinion, that not only no smallest rip may exist, but that we also shall represent a common political standpoint on all issues. Our tactics and strategy opposite the enemies must be worked out by all of our parties on the base of the principles of Marxism-Leninism and correct political criteria which correspond to the concrete and real situations.”

For decades we comrades of the Comintern-ML have fought by the Marxist-Leninist world movement with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top and we are proud of this. We were and are still faithful representatives and defenders of this Marxist-Leninist world movement and know that it will be completely liberated from the bourgeois influence of neo-revisionism by our joint efforts one day. We declare our solidarity with all comrades who are fighting under the banner of the 5 classics! We like to send our comeradely salutations to the Marxist-Leninists all over the world!

Marxist-Leninists of all countries - unite !

Join the Comintern-ML!

Support the strenghtening of the new Bolshevist world party and the unity of the Bolshevist parties in all countries of the world!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the unity of the Marxist-Leninists in all countries of the world!

Long live the unity of the Marxist-Leninist world movement!

Long live the Comintern-ML and her sections!

Long live the CPSU of Lenin and Stalin and the PLA of comrade Enver Hoxha!

Long live the victorious struggle against the Chinese revisionism led by the PLA with comrade Enver Hoxha at the top!

Long live the Proletarian Internationalism!

Proletarians of all countries - unite!

Proletarian of all countries and oppressed people - unite!

Long live the proletarian world revolution and the world Bolshevism!

Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat!

Long live the socialism in every country of the world!

Long live the world communism!

Wolfgang Eggers

Executive Committee

July, 2003

- the end -