Dirty War in Irak

Turn around the rifle!

Once again the capitalists have started a war, because they have hard times. With such stupid and transparent phrases and puppets as enemies they gathered the soldiers from the people behind their flag. Not a single Iraki soldier has ever fired a shot in this country or in the USA. The capitalists are only driven by greed to profit to this war. They want to rob the oilsources and the oil must be a gift to them. This is only possible, if they extinct the Arabs. The Yankee-fascists have great skill in extincting the Indian natives. Hitler did not succeed in stamping out the Slavic people as he intended. At Stalingrad the imperialists did experience that the oil-robbery at the Caspian Sea did not succeed. But they never abandoned their plans. Nowadays they rob the oil, feeding some nomenklatura there, but the people remains hungry.

The same intentions with Irak. But the Federal Republic with Schröder is not generally against this dirty war, socalled „Alliance Obligations“ with those criminal cowboys make them to accomplice, because they think, if they do well, they would get something from the table. And the soldier, who is sticking his head into the mess at the front, whom is told about his superiority? We must not forget those GI`s, who are affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam or are affected by DU at Desert Storm at the last Gulf War, meanwhile they are nobodies. That new Hitler Bush slaps the soldiers on the back, but that is all. Either the Bundeswehr or US-Army in Arabia, we call to the soldiers:

„Turn around the rifles!“

, if those officers drive you forward. It has nothing to do with soldiers-honour, but is a dirty war of capitalists for their greed of profits. You shall notice, that one lie after the other shall break down, the longer war shall last. Just ask those GI`s and Vets of Vietnam war, what they heve experienced. Aks those soldiers of the Hitler Wehrmacht, what they think about Hitler. The result of WW 1 was the workers and soldiers republic. The result of WW 2 was the formerly socialist GDR at least in it`s first years. That is a logic of the war of the capitalists. It shall happen again with the peasants to secure food, unite with the workers to keep weapons on high standard, because capital shall never abandon power just for fun.

Executive Committee of the CPGer/ML

3 / 21/ 2003