The storm of liberation, sweeping over the Arab countries, will cover the whole world.

The Arab Revolution thus contributes to the acceleration of world socialist revolution!

January / February 2011

"Under the current severe circumstances, only the popular uprisings in the Arab countries works wonders."

"I like and I respect the Arab people, because they are progressive minded, freedom loving and combative." (Enver Hoxha)

The Communist International (Stalinist - Hoxhaists) estimates the dramatic, revolutionary events, upheavals and uprisings in the Arab countries, extremely positive. Not only because of the liberation of the Arab World itself from the yoke of imperialism, but also its revolutionary influence on a global scale.

Nothing will increase the energy of the revolutionary world proletariat so much, nothing will shorten its path to world socialist revolution more than the decisive victory of the peoples in the Arab world.

The Near and Middle East plays a strategical key role for world imperialism - both for its destruction and survival. And vice versa, the bulwark of the Arab revolution is also a bulwark for the world proletariat and its socialist world revolution, a further step towards establishing the world dictatorship of the proletariat. Therefore, the world proletariat is not at all indifferent to the Arab proletariat. The world proletariat welcomes enthusiastically the peoples' revolutionary uprisings and practices solidarity with the Arab liberation struggle in every country of the world. The whole progressive world is demonstrating its sympathy and solidarity with the Arab revolution. The Arab revolution is a stimulation for the revolution in every country of the world. Even in Europe, ten thousands of people demonstrate on their streets against the aftermath of the capitalist world crisis and they demand the removal of corrupt government leaders. The Egyptian people want Mubarak step down. The whole world proletariat wants the whole capitalist world step down. To shake off the yoke of capitalist slavery, to shake off the burdens of the capitalist crisis - this is the joint international revolutionary line of the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples - this is the increasing international battle front - to throw off the oppressors and exploiters systems around the globe - and this is the right way towards world socialist revolution.

By the support of the poor peasants and soldiers the proletarian leadership in class struggle guarantees the victorious liberation of all Arab nations, and also on a world's scale. The world proletariat is reinforced by the Arab proletariat and vice versa, the class struggle of the Arab proletariat is based on the solidarity and help of the world proletariat. The Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) sends its militant salutations to all the fighting revolutionaries of the Arab world and to all revolutionaries who are stimulated by these world historical events and who continue to struggle in their own countries for getting rid of the oppressors and exploiters. We express its firm conviction that the victory will be inevitable due to the unbroken struggle and confidence of victory. The global meaning of the present revolutionary events in the Arab world cannot be appreciated high enough.

Workers of the world – unite with the Arab proletariat !

World proletariat - unite all countries !

Long live the socialist Arab proletariat in a socialist world !

In this revolutionary moment, it is hard to keep step with events in Egypt. However, it is necessary now to take positive stock and valuable lessons. In what direction and with what goals, the revolution will be continued?

In regard of its class-position the proletariat is the most advanced and the only consistently revolutionary class in Egypt. The Egyptian industrial proletariat is called upon to take the lead in the general democratic revolutionary movement in Egypt. The output of the present popular uprising depends crucially on whether the Egyptian working class shall take its lead or not.

Without the alliance of working class, poor peasants and soldiers, the bloody regime of Mubarak will not be finally crushed. Without this unity of hammer, sickle and rifle the Egyptian society is not capable to guarantee the revolutionary achievments.

There is still no Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement in Egypt - but this movement already exists on a global scale. And just as the broad world public forms its own opinion on the revolution in Egypt in general, the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) forms its own opinion in particular.

Our comment is as follows:

Without any reservation the Comintern (SH) supports the fight for the immediate and complete overthrow of the Mubarak regime and its replacement by a provisional revolutionary government, exclusively formed by the uprising people. The power belongs solely to the revolutionary people of the Egypt country. The people do not share their power neither with exploiters and oppressors nor their lackeys in state and society. The Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) thus supports only a new government in Egypt as the political organ of the uprising itself. The political interests of the workers and other working people must be granted, permitted and secured by the new revolutionary government in which the workers and working people are an active and authoritative part.The proletariat must batter all liberal constituent illusions. The Provisional Revolutionary Government is the executive organ of the insurgency, which combines all insurgent uprising and its political leadership of the Egypt country.

Gaining concessions from Mubarak is already a great victory of the revolution, but this does not decide on the fate of the whole cause of freedom. This is only the half of the victory. The victory as a whole is definetively the complete destruction and removal of the Mubarak Regime. Mubarak has not surrendered a long time. The Mubarak regime has certainly not ceased to exist. It has begun in a very serious battle to retreat, but it is far from beaten, Mubarak still gathers his forces which are still backed by the reactionary and imperialist world and its secret diplomacy – more or less masked or unmasked. Mubarak gives further dangerous instructions to his henchmen – like Suleiman etc - and therefore the revolutionary people must solve many serious tasks of combat to lead the revolution to the real and complete victory.

The power of the old regime must be destroyed completely before the transformation to a Constituent Assembly can take place, which only can be the body of the victorious uprising, which expresses the will of the people and political freedoms implements, which were won by the Revolution. It is about the creation of a universal, equal, direct and secret suffrage, to freedom of assembly, to freedom of association, freedom of press to the implementation of a minimum program for the vital care of the people, to develop its political freedom, to secure the instruments of piolitical power to the realization and defense of People's interests, etc. The people must decide on the army, not Mubarak and his henchmen. Without winning people's revolution - no constituent assembly. As long as the political and military influence of Mubarak continues, the Constituent Assembly is empty talk.

The new Egyptian provisional revolutionary government must be authorized to smash the counter-revolution through support of the revolutionary elements of the army, to hold down the reactionary influence relentlessly and effectively. Only the provisional revolutionary government guarantees full freedom in representing the interests of working people. Only the people themselves can defend, consolidate and expand the revolutionary gains of the uprising.

"Only in the measure in which the rising is victorious and in which victory leads to the decisive destruction of the enemy - only in that measure will an assembly of the people's representatives be a popular one not only on paper, and constituent not only in name" (Lenin , volume 9, page 463, English edition ).

In practice, the wavering of the troops is inevitably component of any real people's movement. During intensification of the revolutionary struggle the fight for the power on the army becomes a decisive meaning in the truest sense.”

No passive propaganda - we must not wait for a simple `waiting` until the troops 'pass over' - no, we have to beat the drum and proclaim far and wide that it is necessary to attack boldly and with a gun in our hand, that it is necessary to destroy the military leaders and to lead the fight to most powerful fluctuating forces.”

Lenin pointed to the army

that there should be increased work among the armed forces, bearing in mind that discontent alone in the forces is not enopugh to chieve success for the movgement, that there is also a need for direct agreement with the organised revolutionary-democratic elements in the armed forces, for the purpose of launching determined offensive operations against the government.”

Lenin pointed to the growing peasant movement

that in view of the growing peasant movement, which may flare up into a regular insurrection in the very near future, it is desirable to work for combining actions by the workers and the peasants, in order to organise, as far as possible, joint and simultaneous fighting operations" (Lenin, Volume 10, page 153)

All attempts by the treacherous bourgeois and petty bourgeois elements within the opposition (the "Council of Wise Men", "Muslim Brotherhood", "Nobel Peace Prize Laureate", etc.) to haggle with the Mubarak regime and compromise must be fought tenaciously. This is a betrayal of the revolution. The achievements of the Egyptian Revolution can only be defended
against the Mubarak government and its deceptive "reshuffle-maneuvers" and never in cooperation with the representatives of the old despotic government. All attempts to let the old regime regain power through an open loophole, must be nipped in the bud. The revolutionary movement of the people may not be "absorbed" or “merged into” the reformist movement of the bourgeoisie. Therein lies the greatest danger for the Egyptian revolution. The revolution must go on – it may not be interrupted or finished on half the way. Not the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie but solely proletariat makes the difference between victory and defeat of the revolution.

The world proletariat gives an advice to the Egyptian working class - if it uses its influence to the new provisional governments:

- there are still sitting representatives of the bourgeoisie. It is a situation of the polarization of the classes. There will be inevitably an intensification of class struggle because of the persistence of the antagonistic contradiction between wage labor and capital. The process of class division will deepen and accelerate and that is required to strengthen the independence of the workers and peasants' interests and to avoid instrumentalization by the bourgeoisie, ie to do everything to avoid falling into the wake of the bourgeoisie. The Egyptian proletariat needs the democratic revolution though democracy cannot solve the contradiction of the classes. Bourgeois class-rule cannot be removed by political reforms, but political reforms ease the extension of the proletarians daily range. The achievements of the democratioc revolution provide better conditions of fighting for own proletarian demands than under the terms of the old Mubarak- regime. The democratic revolution is the eve of the socialoist revolution.

Without class consciousness of the Egyptian workers and without revolutionarily organized Egyptian masses, without their training and tempering in the class struggle against the entire Egyptian bourgeoisie, without the leadership of a communist party – we cannot speak earnestly about the necessary transition from the democratic revolution to the socialist revolution.

The interests of the people can only be fully realized and guaranteed if the working class won the victory in the
socialist revolution and established its dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the task of the Egyptian working class, creating a Stalinist-Hoxhaist party in order to continue and complete the democratic revolution and transform it into a socialist revolution. Only with the transformation into a socialist state, Egypt can be liberated from capitalism. As long as capitalism persists, as long as the Egyptian bourgeoisie rules over the Egyptian working class, as long as the class struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat is not decided, as long as the working class and its allies have not established their political power in Egypt, so long the exploitation and oppression of the Egyptian people will be inevitably maintained.

Currently, the slogan of a “socialist Egypt” does not play a significant role. Our Stalinist-Hoxhaist influence in the Arab world still leaves a lot to be desired. It is a fact that the proletariat is not yet organized, not yet class conscious, that it does not have its own revolutionary party and so on. These important conditions may be better achieved under the new democratic conditions. That's the reason why we urge the Egyptian workers to actively participate in the democratic organization in Egypt with the goal of complete socialist revolution - and we repeat it severalfold:

Avoid any illusions in the bourgeois influence on the new democracy !

Immunize against class-reconciliatory influence of the old and new revisionists !

The revolution must be guided solely by the revolutionary teachings of the five Classics of Marxism-Leninism !

The more complete and decisive, the more consistent the democratic revolution in Egypt, the more secure the struggle of the proletariat for socialism will be against the bourgeoisie. The bourgeois and petty-bourgeois forces are inconsistent and wavering. Their understanding of democracy refers to the interests of the bourgeois ruling class. Only the proletarian forces - as the only consistent democratic forces of society - defend and extend the democratic achievements and features. The Egyptian proletariat has nothing to lose but its chains, however the bourgeoisie has to lose outrageous accumulated wealth. The revolutionary weapons which the proletariat must adhere against Mubarak's autocracy, will be directed one day against capitalism in Egypt. The rotten smell of Mubarak will inevitably stick to the bourgeoisie. This odor can not be eliminated through reforms, but only through the socialist revolution.

Whether the freedom of the people in Egypt is really won or is stifled by the counter-revolution - this can only be decided by the Egyptian people in the end only by their revolutionary violence against their oppressors and exploiters. Therefore, the class struggle can not be restricted to passivity. The Egypt people must prepare and organise their offensive for the conquer of popular power. Difficult and arduous is the path of the Egyptian revolution. Each boom, each partial success follows a defeat, followed by bloodshed, followed by desert excesses of the counter-revolution against the freedom fighters. But after every defeat, the movement is becoming broader, more comprehensive the struggle, the mass of the classes and groups of people who are drawn into the fight and contribute are getting bigger. Each run of the revolution, every step forward in the organization of militant democracy is followed by an almost furious onslaught of reaction, by the resistance of counter-revolution, each time increasing the audacity of the counter-revolution, fighting desperately for regaining existence. But the forces of reaction dwindle inexorably despite all their efforts. On the side of the revolution joins an increasing proportion of the workers, peasants and soldiers, who were yesterday's indifferent or stood even in the camp of Mubarak. Illusion by illusion is destroyed, more and more subject to bias, which made the Egyptian people to a trusting, patient, loyal-hearted, all unbearable and all forgiving people.

It is the duty of the Communist International to convince the insurgents in Cairo that it is essential for their success to transform their spontaneous, unarmed uprising in an orderly organized, armed insurrection. The vigilance committees against counter revolution brutality must be centrally organized and better equipped with arms. It is very clear that Mubarak's counter-revolution will not be gone after the victory of democratic revolution, but through a campaign of revenge it will restore the old balance of power as quickly as possible. The battles for the final liquidation of the Mubarak regime against the people have finally started with the popular uprising. And as long as the liquidation of the Mubarak-regime is not entirely complete, Egypt is not a liberated.

If the forces of the struggling classes are nearly equal, if there is a balance of power, then the victory is more difficult to be won. Then it is more likely that the struggle is protracted, that the efforts and losses may increase greatly on both sides. Then it depends on the mobilization of reserves, on the staying power in a position or siege war and many other factors. Then the fronts of struggle become more complicated and harder. Those forces come to the defeat who are at first exhausted. The people's power is invincible.

In recent decades, there was everywhere in the world the defensive, "peaceful", spontaneous demonstration a predominant means of the revolution. The masses have become accustomed to this form of struggle and went out infrequently. The class enemies fear people's violence and they pray “peace” but act violently. Since the Great Depression the masses have undoubtedly entered a new world-revolutionary era of political upheavals and revolutions. The masses have realized by own woebegone experiences that - to survive – peaceful demonstrations are not enough for changing fundamentally their bad situation. The elements of spontaneity must be immediately replaced by consciously organized proletarian elements, educated, trained and led by communist forces in a global network in order to take a leading role in the continuation of popular uprisings.

Both the weapons of the revolutionary elements of the army and weapons of the insurgents - are essential and indispensable for the victory of a revolution.

The slogan of the revolt means that the revolutionary matter is decided militarily by the material force, by the power of weapons.

There can be no doubt that the day will come when we must move to transform the revolutionary armies in detachments of the international proletarian world army. The armed uprising we record in the not too far future in the whole world, not only as a single operation, but repetitive and ever-expanding in breadth and in depth !

To prepare for this globalized onslaught - this is the central task of a Communist International, which is the reason why we support any uprising, which is directed against the world bourgeoisie. Stalinism-Hoxhaism means everything about ensuring that the entire world proletariat, the revolutionary people are brought up in their totality and unity on the question of art of the global uprising. This is a gigantic task. The point is that the world proletariat and the revolutionary people combine their world-historical co-operation in the communist revolution. They must be aware that they can pursue their interests and needs in common, and the revolution is only the beginning, to abolish the capitalist private property. This development takes place in a world-historical process of the internationalist socialist mode of production of the new world society. The peoples of the world socialism connect to one another in new relationships and thereby also change their old life for a qualitative leap. And this will not happen without friction, without counter-revolutionary uprisings which constantly accompany our Communist revolution. Civil war flared up will be inevitable until the entire Communist world has pioneered the process at great sacrifice on its way. All this is entirely impossible without enormous military efforts around the new world community, because the defeated exploiters and oppressors of the old world order increase hundredfold their efforts to build its old capitalist empire again as long as the new world made no firm basis with a fixed superstructure.

How should the world proletariat in all seriousness conquer its international power and establish its own government bodies around the world, if it does not have a conquest theory, a correct strategy and tactics ? A staff of international, rebellious departments must be organized. The imperialists do not adhere to the procedures of the October Revolution. Socialism can not be won back in the same way as it was once created. The world bourgeoisie has learned, and also the world proletariat. To establish the world-dictatorship of the proletariat is not the same matter like the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in a single copuntry which is surrounded end encyrcled by world imperialism. The international class enemy knows that his last hour has struck, and throws the whole weight of its global counter-revolution to every uprising, to destroy it before uprsings can expand in the neighborhood and spread internationally. The class struggle against imperialism, the anti-imperialist front must be considered as the active warfare of the armed, leading class of the world proletariat, its avant-garde, its allies, etc.. This is the crux of the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism on the question of today's military struggle for world revolution.

If we educate the world proletariat to master its highest form of struggle - the armed international civil war - then we Marxist-Leninists do not simultaneously reject all the other forms of struggle - ie. peaceful means of struggle. Struggle for the daily interests, to ease of everyday life, the defenseof life situation – all this serves to prepare the socialist world revolution. However, we Marxist-Leninists will never forget to teach the world proletariat and the masses that international class struggle - under certain conditions - inevitably changes to the main form of armed struggle, to the forms of civil war - if the international class enemy must be ruthlessly destroyed in the international field of battle. The international civil war will come. The whole international counter-revolutionary forces of world imperialism will prove to be too weak and the world socialist proletariat will prove to bear the palm.
These are the main world-revolutionary teachings on the current uprisings in the Arab world.

Comintern (SH)

6. February 2011