85 years ago:

Foundation of the

Communist International

2nd March of 1919

Proletarians of all countries - unite !

On occasion of the 85th birthday of the foundation of the Comintern we sent our worldrevolutionary greetings to all Marxist-Leninists, to all revolutionary workers all over the world:

Let us defend the worldrevolutionary banner of Lenin`s and Stalin`s Comintern !

Let us continue the heroic work of the Communist International !

„The proletarian International did not fall, and it will not fall. The masses of the workers shall create the new International inspite of all hindrances!”

Lenin`s remark – the founder of the Comintern – is today more timely than ever. Today – 61 years after the dissolution of the Comintern - the worldproletariat has to solve the worldstrategical task to unite for the re-conquest of socialism, for the re-conquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat, for the re-organization of a new Comintern – beyond all hindrances, which were caused by the revisionist betrayal of the worldrevolution, the socialism, the Communist World Movement, the Comintern. Our struggle against Neo-Revisionism, the appendix of the II. International`s opportunism, will not be finished successfully without the refoundation of the Comintern, without continuation of the Comintern`s worldrevolutionary path, without translating into deeds the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha. The new International is alive! It was founded on the 31st of December 2000 – the Communist International [Marxist-Leninists].

On occasion of the 85th birthday of the foundation of the Comintern the Comintern [ML] decided to publish the foundation documents and the documents of the first World Congress of the Comintern in our Internet-Archive – in as many as possible languages. The Marxist-Leninist Internationalists cannot fulfill their tasks to finish the struggle of the Comintern successfully, if they do not study the documents of the Comintern thoroughly and critically with the method of the dialectical and historical materialism. Only by carefully and completely disclosing the true reasons and origins of the dissolution of the Comintern shall bring us in the position to pull necessary conclusions out of the mistakes which were made. This is the only way how to realize the bequest of Lenin`s and Stalin`s Comintern, how to defend it against the Neo-Revisionists, how to avoid the dissolution of the most important and unrenoucable instrument of the worldproletariat in future times. The defence of the Comintern is a task for long time. On the way forward to communism the worldproletariat has still to cope with many challenges concerning the Communist International until its last battle. But there is no force all over the world, which can hinder the final victory of the Comintern, if we faithfully follow the glorious path of the Comintern which started with the victorious October-Revolution and which will be finished by the achievments of the communist society:

The proletarian International did not fall and it will not fall – for all that !

The future belongs to the proletarians of all countries and the Comintern shall be victorious !

Proletarians of all countries – unite !

Long live the proletarian Internationalism!

Long live the proletarian, socialist world revolution!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Communist International !

Long live the Comintern [ML] !

Wolfgang Eggers

Executice-Committee of the Comintern [ML]

2nd of March, 2004