Appeal of the Comintern (ML)

1917 - 2007

Long live the 90th anniversary

of the

Great Socialist October Revolution!

The world historical relief of world capitalism by world socialism

had started with the victory of

the Great Socialist October Revolution already 90 years ago!

Let`s crown the victory the Great Socialist October Revolution with the victory of the Great Proletarian World Revolution!

The Great Proletarian October Revolution is the till now most important event in the complete history of mankind. Respecting or denying this historical truth, this is the ongoing struggle between the supporters of capitalism and the supporters of communism, the supporters of the revolution of the supporters of the counter-revolution. As communists we have to spread and to continue unwaveringly our task of fighting the capitalist revisionist propagandist lies of the world bourgeoisie to the finish. We have to defend the truth about the Red October. Today there isn't any better cause than the 90th anniversary to give the correct answer on the question: What ist the truth about the Great October Revolution ? Because of this the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist) addresses this call to the world proletariat, to all Marxists-Leninist of the world, to all enemies of the world capitalism, to all revolutionary fighters for world socialism.

It was the Bolsheviks with comrade Lenin at the lead who led the Russian proletariat in 1917 against the hated Russian power and oppression system in the decisive battle. With the Great Proletarian October Revolution world capitalism was shaken to its foundations by the revolutionary Russian proletariat, who entered with this the world stage of the history of Proletarian Internationalism. On this occasion we salute all true Marxists-Leninist in the whole world. All of us celebrate this excellent, heroic victory and take encouragement from this for the preparations of our coming international battles.

Only with the victory of the Great Proletarian World Revolution the victory of the Great Proletarian October Revolution can be regarded as secured. The victory of the world`s workers can guarantee the victory of the Russian proletariat for ever. Only with this the revisionist betrayal on the Red October can be overcome and removed for ever. With the Great Proletarian World Revolution the Great Proletarian October Revolution is brought to an end. With the fight for the Great Proletarian World Revolution we continue the fight for the Great Proletarian October Revolution. This is our world political aim, this is our world political program, these are the lessons which we draw from the world historical event of 1917 also after 90 years.

The most important teaching is based on the knowledge, that the proletarians of all countries demonstrated their solidarity with the Russian proletariat in 1917, that the Russian proletariat started the fight for the proletarian world revolution, that Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin arisen with the October revolution had become the basis and to the lever of the proletarian world revolution. Then, in the year 2006/2007 the pioneering call of the Comintern (ML) was spread all over the world: "Workers of the world - unite all countries!". This is the new and higher step from the old call: "Proletarians of all countries - unite!" This step was possible and necessary by the advanced development of the world proletariat as an international class, grown up as a new class formation by the capitalist globalization which cannot anymore compared with the old times of the proletarians working and living in their national frames. Today the socialist victory of the world proletariat over the worldwide capitalism is just as inevitable as the victory of the Russian workers was inevitable. Future world socialism is as inevitable as "a single socialist country" in 1917. This process is one and the same - inevitable.

If, with the Great Proletarian October Revolution the chain of the world imperialism interrupted and with that the world could be split to a capitalist and socialist camp, then this was a preparation-period for the crush of the whole imperialist chain with the coming Great Proletarian World Revolution, The national splits of the proletariat shall be overcome and in consequence the split of the socialist camp. The Global Proletarian Socialist Revolution abolishes all splits of the workers all over the world, prevents any splits of world socialism by capitalist restorations. However, the world proletariat can only fulfill the own world revolutionary mission victoriously if it has become conscious about this. The renewal of the consciousness of the Red October means nowadays the consciousness of bringing 1917 to an end by the world revolution of the proletariat. This is what we Marxists-Leninist fight for : spreading the ideas of the Red October is spreading the ideas of the liberation of the workers all over the world. What is the globalized consequence of the teachings about breaking through the world imperialist chain by a single socialist country ? The only consequence is the global smashing of the whole capitalist world system as an united revolutionary act of the workers as an compact international, globalized class. The theoretical work of proving that the present smashing of the whole imperialist chain is the only consequence of chrushing the chain at the weakest end in times of the Soviet Union, that is the merit of the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist). This is the only way to prevent the crushing of the chain of the future socialist countries. The split of the world in two stores was historically the inevitable prerequisite for the one and only ones united socialist world. This prerequisite of the overcoming of the split of the proletarians of all countries was created by the Great Proletarian October Revolution. The workers of the world own their impregnable arguments : The world proletariat can set up the world socialism only on the ruins of the complete world capitalism. And the only force to smash the complete world capitalism is the leading working class of the world. Because of this the world proletariat must lead the unifivation of all countries to the Great Proletarian World Revolution for the global smashing of the world imperialism. Only the world proletariat can set up world socialism by unification of all countries. This is a common task of the united class of workers on an international scale, this is not alone the task of the revolutionary proletariat in this or that single. The world proletariat has to act in a whole, as one global class. So the world proletariat will fail inevitably if it doesn't count on the teachings of the Great Proletarian October Revolution if it cannot be conducted by the teachings of the Marxism-Leninism exclusively and consistently. If we are able to draw the correct lessons from the year 1917 for our today`s needs, we are able to win the victory over the whole world capitalism. This is what it is all about the 90th anniversary of the Red October:

Unite the world proletariat under the banner of the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist), unite the countries under the banner of the Red October to lead them to the battles of the Socialist World Revolution.

The true Communists, the Marxists-Leninist, have kept the red banner of the October Revolution high within 90 years incessantly, have always protected it against any revisionist betrayal. We defend the Leninist ideas of October against the counter-revolutionary attacks of the opportunists who insist on legacy hunting about the Red October. They call their neo-revisionist organizations "Red October"-organizations, just to deceive the proletariat and the revolutionaries with the aim to lead them away from the Red October, in reality. We, the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist), see ourselves as the true heirs of the Great Proletarian October Revolution because we defend not only her international character against the revisionism but moreover we recognize the Red October as the base and starting point for our whole strategy and tactics of the coming Great Proletarian World Revolution. We connect, justify and derive our political attitudes with the year 1917. The bases of the Marxist-Leninist teachings of the Great Proletarian October Revolution are the bases of the theory and practice of the world revolution.

Comrade Stalin explained the world meaning of the October Revolution as follows:

"In principle, the October revolution is different (...). It was not the aim of the October Revolution replacing an exploitation form by another exploitation form, replacing the one exploitation group by another one, but to eliminate every exploitation of man by man, to destroy all and any exploitation group, to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat, to put the power of that class, which is the most revolutionary of all suppressed classes having been till now, to organize a new, classless, socialist society. The victory just therefore means a basic change for the October Revolution in the history of mankind, a basic change in the historical process of fate of the world capitalism, a basic change in the liberation movement of the world proletariat, a basic change in the fight methods and the organization forms in the way of life and the traditions in the culture and the ideology of the exploited masses of the whole world. This is the reason, why the October Revolution is a revolution of international, of world importance " (Stalin, works volume 12, page 207, "the international character of the October revolution"; German version, KPD/ML 1971).

The proletarian world revolution is therefore different from all other world revolutions in this respect: not to replace one global exploitation form by another, not to replace one international exploiter group of these countries by another international exploiter group of any other countries, but to remove every exploitation from people by people on the whole globe, to destroy every and all exploitation groups everywhere in the whole world, to establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat, to put that international class to power which is the only world revolutionary class, a class which organizes the classless, socialist international society. This is the reason, why the Great Proletarian World Revolution is a revolution of importance for the workers in all countries all over the world.

With the October revolution the proletariat became the ruling class in a country for the first time. With the proletarian world revolution the world proletariat becomes the ruling class in the whole world for the first time.

The epoch of the breakthrough of the front of the world imperialism started with the October Revolution. The epoch of the smashing of the complete front of the world imperialism, the epoch of the destruction and detachment of the world imperialism by the world socialism, starts with the proletarian world revolution. The October Revolution is the forerunner of the proletarian world revolution. The proletarian world revolution is the completion of the October revolution in the world scale.

The October Revolution has exposed the lie of the revisionism, that the socialism is possible for a "peaceful way" in a country. The proletarian world revolution will expose the lie of the world revisionism, that the world socialism is possible for a "peaceful way". If the October Revolution proved impressively the correctness of the Marxist Leninist teachings of the necessity and inevitableness of revolutionary violence in the class-struggle on a nationsl scale, then the proletarian world revolution will offer the world historical evidence that the Marxist- Leninist teachings of the revolutionary proletarian violence are an irrefutable historical truth also and primarily in the world scale. The revisionists respect this in words but in deeds they sabotage and fight this truth.

The Russian proletariat proved to rule over Russia without the bourgeoisie and against the bourgeoisie, to build up the economy without and against the bourgeoisie, to build up the Soviet Union despite world imperialist encirclement, successfully. The world proletariat shall figure out the own international way to rule over the whole world without and against the world bourgeoisie, to build up world economy without and against the world bourgeoisie, to build up a Soviet World Union successfully despite world imperialist encirclement, to guarantee socialist countries without any imperialist encirclement.

In the name of internationalism the October Revolution has not only shaken the power of the world imperialism in his centers but also undermined his hinterland, his periphery.

In the name of internationalism the proletarian world revolution will crush not only the power of the world imperialism in his centers but also remove its influence on the hinterland, on the periphery.

If the October Revolution had opened the epoch of the colonial revolutions in the suppressed countries of the world, the proletarian world revolution opens the epoch of the liberation of all countries of the whole world, the liberation of the chains of the world imperialism. The world proletariat will be the only force which shall cancel the contradictions between the exploiting countries on one side and the countries exploited on the other side, in the future world society there will be no more any country which exploits another country, there will be no country left, which is exploited by another one. The proletarian world revolution opens the epoch of the free, united, independent, socialist countries in the whole world, the epoch of a world, free from capitalism.

The October revolution won on the basis of the voluntariness of the fraternal association of workers and farmers. This is a deeply internationalist method, of whichall the united peoples of Russia already made use, successfully. The proletarian world revolution is winning just on this basis of the voluntary, fraternal association of workers and farmers of all peoples of the whole world. The world proletariat will set up his international dictatorship on this and only on this basis of this fraternal internationalist association.

The October Revolution has questioned the existence of the world capitalism as a whole. The epoch of the proletarian revolutions started with the October revolution in the whole world by which the process of undermining the cornerstones of the world capitalism was accelerated. The October Revolution was the base and lever of the international revolutionary movement, the union of the united front of the proletarians and the peoples oppressed against the imperialism.

The globally ripened world proletariat will unite the countries of the whole world for the fall of the world imperialism and lead them to liberate themselves globally. The proletarian world revolution doesn't only question the existence of the world capitalism but destroys and ends it under the watchword of the Comintern (ML): "Workers of the world - unite all countries!"

The October Revolution has caused terrible damage to the world capitalism , the proletarian world revolution however gives the world capitalism the death fall.

Today you cannot any more consider the proletarians as isolated classes in single countries like 90 years ago. With the national barriers globalization teared down also the barriers of the proletarians among the countries. Moreover, globalization creates ecery day, every hour a new international proletarian class, a new type of class, a world revolutionary class, which cannot be compared with the revolutionary proletarian classes in time of the October Revolution. It is the world capitalism itself which hasn't united his gravediggers only in this or that single country but unifies these "little" national gravediggers into only one big and strong international gravedigger. On a national scale the proletarian gravediggers proved to be beatable, but the international proletarian gravedigger is invincible.

Stalin taught:

"The October Revolution may not be only regarded as a revolution in the field of the economic and social political relations. At the same time it`s a revolution in the heads, a revolution in the ideology of the working classes, " (ibid page 214).

World revolution in the heads of the workers of the world is a revolution



This teaching applies primarily to the proletarian world revolution. Marxism-Leninism did not yet assert it's authority on an international scale. However, if Marxism-Leninism proved to be in power in single countries, then the Marxism leninism will lead to the international victory of the united world, particularly the international victory over the world revisionism.

At first revisionism was directed against the October Revolution. That was a fight between revisionists and Marxists-Leninist. At first the revisionists developed in different forms according to the different conditions in different countries - to paralyze socialism in a "single" country, to restore capitalism in a "single" country. Since there is no socialist country left, since the contradictions between socialist and capitalist world are "solved" for a while, revisionists concentrate on the prevention of the socialist restoration which is not alone a matter of this or that former socialist country, but a global matter of all countries over the world. Nowadays revisionism directs it`s chief attention to the globalization of the socialist ideas and activities, to the globalization of the socialist revolution, to the globalization of the worker`s movement. This means, that revisionism had to change it`s old specific forms characterized by the particular conditions on a national scale. With revisionist branches in this or that country problems of globalization cannot be solved, they are not up to date. Under present conditions of globalized class-struggle worldcapitalism as well as world revisionism cannot escape or pull out anywhere on the world, because they are always and anywhere confronted with the worker`s movement and the socialist movement, with Marxism-Leninism on an international scale. The workers of the world and their ideology, the Marxism-Leninism, unfold their full power on an international scale because their nature is internationalist. Under conditions of globalization proletarian internationalism develops on a higher level, on such level which makes it invincible because this internationalist ideology can be best materialized under conditions of the global class-struggle of a global working class. Concerning the revisionist tactics under these circumstances every flirt withthe world proletariat, with the Marxism-Leninism, leads consequently and inevitably to the self-exposure of revisionism on an international scale. This is very dangerous for the maintenance of the whole world capitalist system, far more dangerous as in times of the existing "single" socialist countries, when restoration of capitalism could be supported by the whole world capitalist system. Under global conditions of class-struggle the old tactics of the world capitalist encirclement makes no sense for the world bourgeoisie. You can encircle a part of the proletariat, but not the whole world proletariat - that`s the reason for the inevitable chrushing defeat of the world capitalist system. In consequence revisionism is finally and completely forced to withdraw, refuse and reject the banner of Marxism-Leninism. On an international scale revisionists have to break with their tactics of hiding behind the banner of Marxism-Leninism, because the world proletariat forces them to be desmasked as open defenders of world capitalism.

Today, one cannot be called Marxist-Leninist without supporting the proletarian world revolution openly and completely. Today, one cannot be called Marxist-Leninist without leading the international class struggle not only against the bourgeoisie of one's own but against the complete world bourgeoisie. Today, the revisionists become more and more directly agents of the world bourgeoisie in the global camp of the world proletariat. Revisionists of today gossip about socialism, but only about such kind of "socialism" which can be restored as capitalism. Does that mean that world revisionism shall calm down, becomes peaceful ? In the contrary. If the capitalist system, if the revisionists are attacked by the whole world proletariat on an international scale, then their struggle to survive, their struggle of resistances will get sharpened will be multiplied. The revisionists shall strengthen their forces under the conditions of the Great Proletarian World Revolution. To ignore this fact means unavoidably the defeat of the global working class. The teachings of the October Revolution are teachings of sharpening our anti-revisionist weapons, preparing them for our last battle.

The October revolution started not only the era of the dying capitalism but also the dying revisionism.

But nothing falls if it isn't brought down. You cannot remove modern revisionism, if you don`t struggle against is renewed mask:


Everything old evils tries to survive under a new mask after it was forced to take off it's old mask. This happened also with modern revisionists. When we demasked modern revisionists successfully, they appeared under the new mask of neo-revisionism (= restoration of socialism in words, but enemies of the socialist restoration in deeds). So revisionists try carrying on their attempts of deceit the world proletariat and the world revolutionaries by presenting himself in the old "revolutionary" gown of red October again to prolong his life in the fight against the Marxist Leninisten by various tricks. Old revisionist branches were cut off so that the revisionism could rejuvenate itself with the regeneration means of the "anti revisionism" and grow up again. In actuality the modern revisionism denied the proletarian world revolution in theory and practice, he appeared against the proletarian revolution, against the world proletariat and against the Marxist Leninisten, he made himself a pro-world imperialistic tool. However, which attitude does the Neo revisionism take for the October revolution today? The Neo revisionism makes use of the weapon of the Marxist Leninisten against the modern one revisionism, that is the anti revisionism. So the Neo revisionists set themselves up as defenders of the Marxism leninism against the modern revisionism on and thus also as "defenders" of the October revolution. The Neo revisionism pursues the aim of appreciating the necessity of the completion of the October revolution by the proletarian world revolution in words but furthermore fighting the true Marxist Leninisten in the practice at the revolutionary putting into action according to the revisionism. The Neo revisionism is therefore nothing else but the continuation of the modern revisionism with the means of the so called "anti revisionism". For their resistance and renaissance the modern revisionists have unavoidable to turn the weapon of the Marxist-s-Leninist`s struggle against modern revisionism back against the Marxist-Leninist themselves. This is like a drowning man will catch at a straw. The Neo revisionists pass themselves off as "anti revisionists", misuse the October revolution to hide their neo-revisionism behind "the struggle against the betrayl of the modern revisionists." They do so by swearing on Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and even on Enver Hoxha. They passes themselves off as the "true" defenders of the October revolution again by defaming the true Marxists-Leninist as "sectarian" and "dogmatist". Due to the fact that the neo-revisionists attack the Marxists-Leninist as so called "sectrerians" or "dogmatists" they attack the internationalist ideas of the October Revolution. In consequence the modern revisionists pray defend the October Revolution against modern revisionism, but in reality they are enemies of the October Revolution, indeed. That's an old chestnut how to cope with the difficulties to get hold of the Marxists-Leninist because we keep all sorts of revisionism - primarily the newest and most dangerous ones - at arm's length. At every time we had, have and shall have disproved this typical argumentation of the old revisionists. The historical defeat of the revisionism at state-power finally has proved us Marxists-Leninist right . The Neo-Revisionists - however newly appearing - still stand on the bases of the old revisionism. They themselves have to set nothing new against us. These are only the new globalized revisionist means applied to the new globalized conditions which is necessary to put the old aims of the defense of the world capitalism into effect. Now they make up ground to overcome their weakness firstly by copying our new Marxist-Leninist worldrevolutionary general line to use it as their mask and secondly by "demasking" just our worldrevolutionary general as to be a "secterian" and "dogmatic" general line- with other words: the neo-revisionists have to solve the problem, how to prepare our general anti-neorevisionist line as a weapon against us. The task of the neo-revisionists will be to get into possesion of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement with the aim to degenerate and liquidate it. This is the service they have to fullfill as the most dangerous agents of the world bourgeoisie within the ranks of the revolutionary world movement. It is in the interest of the world bourgeoisie to call us "splitters" and in the interest of the world proletariat we have to demask the neo-revisionists as the really splitters, as the most dangerous enemies of the world revolutionary movement. In connection with this we Marxists-Leninist have to lead our struggle for defending the October-Revolution against the neo-revisionists. Today, you cannot celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Red October without the neo-revisionists get a slap on their hand who try to lay hands on the Red October.

The neo-revisionists are clever enough to make use of the teachings of the October Revolution and to put our new Marxist-Leninist teachings of the Great Proletarian World Revolution in a dummy contrast to the October Revolution. This is the present hypocritical way how neo-revisionists cook their lies on the Red October. In the end the world capitalists are contented with the undermining work of the neo-revisionists if everybody believes that the world proletariat would be unable to finish what the Russian proletarians started up with their October Revolution. At the 90th anniversary of the October revolution we have to teach the world proletariat to believe in their own revolutionary forces. What the Russian proletarians were able to do in their own country, the world proletariat will be able to do so in its own world !

Therefore it is the aim of the world bourgeoisie to keep the Marxist Leninist away and dissociate them from the world proletariat. This is in principle exactly the revisionist line of the former II. International against the October Revolution to hinder it to spread all over the world. But it is impossible for the world bourgeoisie as well as for their lackeys - the neo-revisionists - to hinder revolutions bursting out.

World Imperialism is the epoch of the proletarian revolutions, is the epoch of the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the epoch of the world`s dictatorship of the proletariat. This is, what Lenin taught us. And this truth can be never obscured by the neo-revisionists.

The proletarian world revolution starts the era of the elimination of the Unvermeidbarkeit of the restoration of the capitalism, the era of the elimination of the unavoidableness of the revisionism. The unavoidableness of the triumphal march of the proletarian world revolution which uninteruptedly is renewing itself, causes the unavoidableness of the decline of the revisionism which ecdyses are uninteruptedly in process. This is the dialectical law of the fight of the contrasts between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism. The Marxism leninism will defeat, destroy and remove for ever the revisionism in this fight. The victory of the proletarian world revolution is the qualitative jump at the worldwide overcoming of the revisionism. It is necessary to convince the world proletariat of this truth and to keep high and to honor the excellent role in the consciousness of the world proletariat which the October Revolution has played and further plays on this way.

The era of the power of the Leninism and the III. International began with the October Revolution. The world domination of the Marxism leninism starts with the proletarian world revolution, the glorious era of the Communist International (Marxists-Leninist).

Let's continue unshakeably the march of Red October!

Communism will triumph!

Long live the Great October Revolution !

Long live the Great Proletarian World Revolution !

Workers of all countries - unite !

Workers of the world - unite all countries!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Executive Committee of the Comintern (ML)

31st of December, 2007

Wolfgang Eggers