Communsit International (Marxist-Leninists)

50 years communism in struggle against modern revisionism 1956 – 2006 (study-material in six parts)

Dera comrades !

This is a new year- present for all Marxist-Leninists all over the world, who struggle against revisionism!

The text is unfortunately written in German language and we hope for comrades who would translate the English !!!

Anyway, we set it on the web and give you the following overview of the content:


What is it all about ?

Why study marxist-leninist criticizm on modern revisionism ?

What is revisionism and how did it come up ?

What is modern revisionism and how did it come up ?

What happened in 1956 ?

The political economics of modern revisionism

The main branches of modern revisionism:

a) Yugoslaw Revisionism

b) Sowjet Revisionism

    c) Modern Revisionism in the Western World – in particular Euro“communism“

d) Chinese Revisionism

e) Revisionism in Albania

From the particular branch of revisionism in this or that revisionist country to the globalized branches of revisionism - to world revisionism

What is world revisionism and how shall it develop ? What is Neo-Revisionism and how is it developping?

Single questions

a) revisionist standpoint of history

b) What are the crimes of the modern revisionists ?

c) Proletarian World`s Unity Front together with revisionists or against revisionists ?

d) „Peaceful“ come-back of world socialism ?

d) Dogmatism and Sectarianism – the reverse of modern Revisionism

The 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism in their struggle against opportunism and revisionism

a) Marx und Engels – pioneers against opportunism and revisionism

    c) Stalin – leader of the struggle against the revision of Leninism

d) Enver Hoxha – leader of the struggle against modern revisionism in power

What are the conclusions of the struggle against modern revisionism?

To the complete German text:

Part 1

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI (last part)