D. O. W.



Declaration of War

all warmongers

and their lackeys

around the world.


Decision of the Comintern (SH)

on First of September, 2019.


The warmongers in every country have become one global warmonger, and therefore we will not lead the anti-imperialist war any differently than globally to gain it.


What to do to prevent the coming world war?

The world proletariat needs the victory of the world socialist revolution to prevent a new world war.

But even if the world proletariat were not to prevent the impending World War, it will need the victory of the world socialist revolution, not only to end the coming world war, but to eliminate forever the inevitability of imperialist wars.

Either the world socialist revolution prevents a new world war or a new world war will cause the world socialist revolution. Both will lead to the end of the epoch of world capitalism and usher in the epoch of world socialism.

World imperialism, and thus the cause and inevitability of imperialist wars, will be eliminated only by the world socialist revolution.

"To eliminate the inevitability of wars, you have to destroy imperialism." (Stalin)

Imperialist wars serve only the reorganization of the ruling relations (= relations of exploitation and oppression) of world imperialism, but not their removal. World imperialism always prepares for a new imperialist war after every imperialist war.

In contrast, the anti-imperialist war serves the elimination of world imperialism and thus the elimination of the inevitability of ever new imperialist wars.


What to do when the third world war broke out?

Without the fight against the imperialist war in one's own country, no end to the world-wide imperialist world war.

Without the global defeat of the imperialist war, no end to the imperialist war in one's own country.

Tougher fight against domestic warmongers as a prerequisite for strengthening the entire international front. Uniting the anti-imperialist war front of all countries and centralizing the international front of the struggle for the ending the war of world imperialism.

The globalization of the anti-imperialist war is the fusion of the individual country's anti-war front into an international anti-imperialist war front.

The Stalinist-Hoxhaist law of proletarian unity in the anti-imperialist war front states that the ideological, political, military and moral unification of the proletariat, its struggle against the imperialist war in every single (own) country, must be absolutely identical with the ideological , political, military and moral unification of the world proletariat on the international front against imperialism and war.

What is our task in the anti-imperialist war?

Our task in the anti-imperialist war is to work diligently to create a globally united anti-imperialist war front.

Our task is to lead the world revolutionary struggle of the world proletariat against imperialist war through propaganda, moral and military support for such a struggle - and only such a struggle - on the part of the proletarians of each country (of one's own country) - thus without exception.

The workers and red soldiers of every country must finally learn to understand what they need their international brotherhood of arms for:

Global unification of proletarian weapons for the global disarming of all warring world imperialists, for the global liberation from exploitation, oppression and war.

Firstly, Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches to practice in one's own country the greatest possible solidarity in the common struggle against the imperialist war, with the aim of preventing or ending the imperialist war in all other countries.

Secondly, Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches to practice the greatest possible solidarity of all countries for preventing or ending the imperialist war in a single country.

Workers in your own country - unite globally in the anti-imperialist war!
World proletariat - unite all countries in the anti-imperialist war!

Under the conditions of globalization of imperialist wars, the struggle of the working class of each country immediately assumes a global anti-imperialist war character. For the first time in history, the objective globalization of the proletarian class corresponds exactly to the character of its international struggle against the imperialist war. And just because the new globalized forms of struggle against the imperialist war can be reconciled with the internationalist nature of the proletarian class under today's globalized conditions, the globalized proletarian struggle against imperialist war shows its highest effectiveness, namely its invincibility.



Why civil war?

The anti-imperialist war is nothing other than the transformation of imperialist war of predatory war into civil war, that is, the transformation into a war of the exploited and oppressed for the elimination of all exploiters and oppressors (world bourgeoisie) and the destruction of the world imperialist system of exploitation, oppression and predatory wars. Civil war is the highest form of class struggle.

The imperialist war can only be abolished forever by the civil war, in which the world-imperialist robbers themselves and with them also their "property relations" are destroyed. The "property" of robbers consists of nothing but their raids and predatory wars against the peoples.

Lenin expresses this with simple words:
"War of slaves of all peoples against the slave-owners of all peoples!"

Civil war - that is the only correct slogan in the fight against the imperialist war.

"The transformation of the present imperialist war into civil war is the only correct solution.

What makes the world's civil war different from the imperialist world war?

"The civil war of the exploited working people is headed by the proletariat and directed against the exploiters, against the bourgeoisie.

In history, wars between nations always ended in a deal between the propertied classes, and only during civil war does the oppressed class exert efforts to exterminate the oppressing class, to eliminate the economic conditions of this class’s existence. In civil war no prisoners are taken, it is a war of extermination.

The development of international civil war is the legitimate product of the class struggle under capitalism and a legitimate step towards the victory of the international proletarian revolution."


Our attitude to war and peace


"The world imperialist war is a continuation of imperialist world politics.
The international proletarian civil war against world imperialist war is a continuation of world proletarian politics."

The Comintern (SH) argues that the global issue of war and peace can only be solved by the world proletarian, revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism under the banner of world socialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the question of war and peace is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of victory in the anti-imperialist war by means of the world proletarian revolution under the conditions of globalization in general;
And in particular, it is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of the armed defense of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.
Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the abolition of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of imperialist war, is the doctrine of the victory of socialist peace over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the military doctrine to protect the world domination of the proletariat as a guarantor of world peace.

Furthermore, Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the transition to non-violent and classless society on a global scale, the abolition of class wars in the period of the world communism.

Communism, both in its form and in its content, is international and knows neither classes, nor national boundaries, nor wars of men against men.

Communism liberates world society from the chains of war and creates lasting world peace.

That is why this declaration of war aims against the imperialist war in the interest of a future world without wars, in the interest of world communism.

Imperialism means war!

World imperialism is the cause of all imperialist wars!

War on the imperialist war!

Turn the rifles around!

Transform the imperialist war into civil war!
The imperialist world powers must all be overthrown!

World imperialism is eliminated by the violent proletarian, socialist world revolution!

At the head of the anti-imperialist war front, the revolutionary world proletariat will establish its armed proletarian dictatorship to guarantee lasting world peace!

On the ruins of world imperialism, we are building world socialism to permanently eliminate the inevitability of imperialist wars!

Let's fight for a world without classes and without wars!

Let's fight for world communism!

Long live the International Red Anti-War Day!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)

1st of September, 2019



Imperialist War


Civil War!


Dear comrades of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)!

Prepare your action in your country on 1st of September 2019, the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War

On this occasion, the Comintern (SH) has published the following website:

Long live the

Red (Anti-War) Day !


The day of the international class-struggle against imperialist wars!

Take to the streets !

August 1, 1914 - August 1, 1939

Beginning of the First World War

September 1, 1939 - September 1, 2019

Beginning of the Second World War


Long live the Red Day !


The proletarian, anti-militarist mass movement against the imperialist war developed many years before the First World War and found its defining expression, especially in the revolutionary youth movement.

Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were in Germany until the day of their murder, the leaders of the proletarian resistance against imperialist war and militarism.

Between World War I and World War II, the world proletariat took to the streets on 1 August for the International Red Anti-war Day.

August 1 was an international red day in the history of the communist world movement.

The October Revolution paved the way for the end of the First World War, and with it the Russian proletariat created the Soviet Union, which became the invincible international bulwark of the anti-imperialist war. And the world proletariat, with powerful demonstrations on the anti-war day, expressed its determination to protect the Soviet Union against any imperialist attack.

The German imperialists began with both the world wars.

For the working class in Germany, the world-historical obligation to prevent a renewed imperialist war from German soil by all means arose. Not only Germany, but the whole world should never again become a battlefield of destruction. And not only the German people, but all peoples of the world should never again have to endure an imperialist war with all its catastrophic consequences.

The German November Revolution of 1918, whose 100th anniversary we celebrate this year, was not least directed against all the imperialist great powers involved in the First World War, especially against German imperialism in one's own country. The proletariat in Germany developed an internationally significant anti-war movement, led by the KPD Ernst Thalmanns, continued by the KPD / ML Ernst Austs and today led by the Comintern (SH).

The anti-war day became a demonstration of the international working class to end once and for all the imperialist war with the world socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

After the Second World War, the anti-war day takes place on the date of its outbreak, on 1. 9. 1939.

From now on, the anti-imperialist struggle of the world proletariat was directed against the warmongers of the imperialist victorious powers, above all against US imperialism as the world's largest war monger and commander of NATO, the largest and most dangerous imperialist military alliance after the Second World War.

When the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin then turned into a social-imperialist country and wanted to replace the world domination of US imperialism, the anti-war day was directed against both the two superpowers.

Social-imperialist China developed as the third superpower. But not only from China, but also from all the other newly emerging imperialist countries (the BRICS states) today runs the risk of a Third World War. Not to underestimate the old imperialist war powers of Europe. All in all a threatening development resulting from the intensified competition for the spoils of the old and newly emerging imperialist powers on the world market.

For their profts the imperialists go over dead bodies, they must continue their imperialist robberies, in order either to assert themselves on the world market or to snatch away the prey from the old robbers.

Meanwhile, the danger of war extends from the entire imperialist world system.

Today, therefore, the international red anti-war day must be directed against the war of world imperialism in general, and against every single imperialist country in particular - without exception!

The old slogan is still valid:

"War on the imperialist war"

Today, this slogan is more urgent than ever.
Since the last world economic crisis, the world situation has become so dangerous that we are on the brink of the next imperialist world war. We see the feverish international military rearmament and mobilization and the current international trade war. Some say that World War III is no longer in the preparatory phase, but has already begun. The day of the outbreak of the Third World War can not be predicted, because today imperialist wars are being waged since long time without much declaration of war, that is, without their announcement and instigated behind the scenes all over the globe. It is clear, however, that the outbreak of the Third World War no longer only a matter of a few years, but of a few months, weeks or days has become. That's why the international anti-war day is more necessary than ever.

We call for united global actions against imperialist wars.

If we want to prevent imperialist wars then we must eliminate their capitalist causes.
We must crush world imperialism.
We must disarm the class of the world bourgeoisie and arm ourselves.

This can only be achieved by the conquest of the power of the world proletariat.

And it is solely the Comintern (SH) that continues war against imperialist wars in the direct fight on the street.

Proletarians of all countries - unite against the imperialist war!

World proletariat - unite the proletarians of all countries to overthrow the dictatorship of the world bourgeoisie and establish the dictatorship of the world proletariat!

For a world without wars, for the classless society of world communism!

Comintern (SH)

September 1, 2019



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