Messages of Solidarity


Call of the Comintern (SH)

Take to the streets for the

war against imperialist war!

78 Years ago

 Begin of the Second World War

September 1, 1939 - September 1, 2017



“Turn the rifles to the warmongers!”

"War against imperialist war!"


A new imperialist world war must be prevented!

But how ?

Either the world socialist revolution will prevent a new world war, or a new world war will give rise to the world socialist revolution. Both will lead to the end of the era of world capitalism and to the era of world socialism.

The world proletariat needs the victory of the socialist world revolution in order to prevent a new world war.

Even if the world proletariat should not prevent the next world war, the victory of the socialist world revolution is needed in order not only at least to end the next (concrete) world war, but to remove the inevitability of imperialist wars forever (principally).

What is Leninism in the question of war and revolution?

The Leninism – in the question of war and revolution - is Marxism in the epoch of imperialist wars and the proletarian revolution. More precisely: the Leninism is the theory and tactics of the transformation of the imperialist war into the proletarian revolution in general, the theory and tactics of the arming of the dictatorship of the proletariat, in particular.

The world proletarian revolution is the only escape from the horrors of a world slaughter.“ (Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 28, page 287, English version).

World imperialism, and thus the cause of the inevitability of imperialist wars, can only be eliminated by the world socialist revolution.

All true Communists all over the world are guided by this Bolshevik principle, - even today, after 100 years of the October revolution. The end of the First World War was based on the victory of the October Revolution. Lenin taught:

The war has been brought about by the ruling classes and only a revolution of the working class can end it.” Lenin, collected works, Volume 24, page 420, English edition).

It is impossible to escape imperialist war - which is unavoidably engendered by the imperialist world - (…), except by a Bolshevik struggle and a Bolshevik revolution.(Lenin, collected works, Volume 33, Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution)


The entire history of capital is one of violence and plunder, blood and corruption.” (Lenin, Collected Works, Volume 21, page 105, English edition)

The entire world-imperialist system of exploitation and oppression has been shaken through the world crisis, which unleashed a bitter struggle for the redistribution of the world, which inevitably leads to the Third World War. For this reason, we assume that the already existing herds of war in the world can not be ended by the Powers themselves, without which the redistribution of the World Domination will not be militarily decided.

The question of Third World War can only be answered concretely: "Will the US-imperialists maintain their military world domination or not ?"

At present, not only the bloody regional wars keep the world in suspense. The world is already globally in the state of feverish mobilization and military alertness, especially that of the superpowers - and above all Trump, the most dangerous war-mongerer of all war-mongerers. Trump has once again dramatically increased the American armaments budget to defend its military world domination. All the present military budgets ("defense" budgets) of the entire world imperialist state system have broken the record of all the previous years.

And who needs to finance the preparation of the Third World War?

It is the taxpayers, it is the working people, who is forced to finance the predatory wars of the rich, to sacrifice the blood of the peoples and to bear the burdens of the war crimes, war destructions and the refugee tragedies! And after the war, it is again the working people who will be exploited by the capitalists, namely for the reconstruction of the world by which also the future profits of the rich will be secured.

The proceeding cuts of social budgets, and increase of the armament expenses, the militarization of social production and the accelerated tempo of Fascism in the society, especially by expanding the counterrevolutionary state terrorism. This is the picture as it is today, just before the Third World War.

And why all this? Only for the purpose of increasing the maximum profits, for this is the world law of capital, which determines the entire development and final fate of today's world order. For becoming richer, the rich stop at nothing. It is their striving for capitalist profit which lays the world in ashes, and this will always happen and repeat as long as world imperialism exists. For World financial capital and, in particular, the international armaments business, as is well known, make more profit with war than with peace. These representatives of the world monopolies (such as the finance- and armaments lobby) are increasingly influencing governments around the world, so that the capital can flow as freely as possible to the place where it can be multiplied (accumulated) most rapidly and "effectively". World imperialism accepts that valuable productive forces will be nearly completely destroyed by war, and thus the only sources from which the capitalists derive their surplus value, their profit and thus their power, however only because they hope for making even more profit after the war, namely by means of the necessary reconstruction of a new capitalist world.

Destroying the world to rebuild it even more profitable (e.g., by a new Marshall Plan) is the inhuman logic which the war-profiteer follows - and this crime against humanity will go on as long as we have not smashed capitalism.

World imperialism has survived its defeats in the First World War despite the victory of the October Revolution and despite the Red Army's victory in the Second World War. With the possibility of a Third World War, the world imperialists hope to escaping their ultimate downfall, after the Soviet Union has transformed itself into a Russian imperialist world power, and China has chosen the road to become the dominating imperialist superpower. Both were integrated into the world imperialist state system. Who else then can still be dangerous to world imperialism today?

All the enemies of the world proletariat and enemies of the socialist world revolution have declared communism to be allegedly "ruined" and "outdated", only to deceive the masses. The truth, however, is that the imperialists escaped their global defeat only by a hairsbreadth. Stalin was about to sweep world imperialism from the globe. No other except Stalin was able and willing to replace world imperialism through world socialism after the cictory of the Red Army. So the imperialists have not forgotten Stalin's lesson, and therefore they have never ceased to underestimate the invincible world forces of communism. If communism was really "outdated," why then the anti-Communists never stopped fighting Communism as the most bitter enemy of the capitalist world. Undoubtedly, the capitalists continue the struggle against us communists unabatedly, however they make this more differentiated than in time of Marx and Engels when they simply painted communism as a spectre. Capitalists fear communism, because they are certain of their death. Therefore they behave according to the slogan: "Let sleeping dogs lie."

So the world bourgeoisie distracts from the danger of communism and declares "terrorism" as the new "main enemy No. 1", while world terrorism is the own spawn of globalized capitalism. The greatest terrorist (the "main enemy No. 1") that is the world imperialist state system. The most dangerous Terrorists are the war-mongerers, are the world's imperialists. Under the pretext of "fighting terrorism," the imperialists are strengthening their international counterrevolution in order to defeat the inevitable uprisings and revolutions of the oppressed and exploited classes, and above all to protect the capitalist world from the socialist revolution of the world proletariat. The world proletariat is the grave-digger of the world bourgeoisie, and thus the only guarantor of world peace. As a last resort to escape their downfall, the world capitalists are forced to forestall the world socialist revolution by means of world-fascism and world wars. They have not realized that world communism will inevitably come because this corresponds to the scientifically proven objective laws of the development of society. But even if they would have realized this truth, they could not stop to be exploiters and oppressors.

Humanity cannot survive in the long run as a class society which destroys itself by predatory wars.

Humanity is forced to free itself from class society, for only as a classless society can mankind secure its existence and its survival in the long term.

The capitalists, however, are capitalists because their existence is determined by maximization of profits, globalization of private property, that is, by global exploitation, oppression, and by imperialist wars. They haven't realized and will not realize that with their world-fascist counter-revolution and their imperialist wars, they are accelerating the process of world revolution and thus their final downfall.
The imperialists act according to their own ideology, that is pragmatism. How can I accumulate, concentrate, and centralize the most capital in the shortest time, in the simplest way and this at all cost? Capital is power, which must be, again and again, conquered, expanded and defended through fire and sword, namely in a world scale. The power relations must be redistributed in the rapidly changing globalized world. The world imperialist competition for resources and markets is murderous. The weaker competitors have to make way for the stronger competitors, if necessary by means of military force. After all the possibilities of diplomatic maneuvers have been exhausted, the order of rank in the world-imperialist hierarchy can not be redefined, except by a showdown of military force, that is, ultimately by a Third World War. This is the crucial point of the war plans of the imperialist world powers - as simple as criminal.

The great capitalist devours the small capitalists until the latter is forcibly pushed out of his hegemony, and eaten by an even greater capitalist. This criminal capitalist world is based on this. There is only one means:

Let's turn the rifles to the war-mongers and exproprate the expropriators!

And indeed, the question arises, will the war plans of the world bourgeoisie realized in the struggle for the redistribution of its world domination? Or will the world bourgeoisie drives to its own downfall with her own modern war toy ?

We can not answer this question. It can only be answered by the world proletariat, for the world proletariat is the only revolutionary force in the world capable of permanently eliminating the inevitability of imperialist wars. The world proletariat is the only force that can deprive the world bourgeoisie from jer political power, abolish capitalism, and build the new socialist world order without exploitation and oppression.

But have a look at today's world, the world in which imperialist robbery wreaks havoc at the moment. Since the Second World War, we are witnessing the largest worldwide troop movements. The imperialist and rectionary military is world-wide on the alert, thus not only in the already existing war zones - equipped with newest weapons of highest deadly precision (e.g. development of the laser-cannon). The threats of war and mutual accusations are becoming louder and fiercer (mutual sanctions, trade war, cyber espionage, etc.). The imperialist weapons are geared into direction of hostile imperialist competitors. All it takes is a single spark for fire in the hole to lay the world in ashes.

In the wars of the 20th century 185 million people died. All in all, the First World War cost humanity about 10 million dead and 3.5 million ; the second world war 60 million dead, 35 million war invalids and 3 million missing persons and millions of war refugees. And how many dead will there be in a Third World War? The number of deaths since the year 2000 is horrifying. In the first years of the 21st century, there are already 20 million people who died as a result of wars. And in the last few years alone, more than 200,000 people died in war zones each year. Tendency is rising rapidly, especially since the beginning of the world crisis.



The United States has existed for 241 years, and has waged the same amount of wars in its history. After the Second World War, the USA took over the world's rulership and tried to protect it with fire and sword. After Hitler, they became the main enemy of the world socialist revolution. According to a White House statement, in 2015, the United States was simultaneously waging wars against 14 states. With Trump, American imperialism mobilizes all counter-revolutionary forces in the world to save its pre-domination, which is fiercely contested above all by the Russian and Chinese imperialists.



Russia is also currently conducting predatory imperialist wars. Russia is trying to restore the old strength of the imperialist tsarist empire in order to build a new Eurasia under its hegemony and to conquer the entire world from there. Russia's war against Syria and Ukraine, for example, serves this purpose. Putin's war plans are supported by both social-fascists and fascists around the world. There are many countries in which both Fascists and Social Fascists joined Putin's side. In Slovakia, for example, fascists and social fascists have been publicly united in a common Putin front, which is being trained by the Russian army and prepared for the coming war. Putin's imperialist army sails under the color of the great victories of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin. Putin uses historical experiences of strategy and tactics, misuses the propaganda of the deeply anchored tradition of the socialist Soviet Union for his imperialist goals, and betrays the love of the Soviet peoples towards Lenin and Stalin. Many socialist-fascists celebrate Putin as "successors" of Lenin and Stalin. They rely on a Putin, "who has the ability to defeat American imperialism." They conceal themselves behind slogans of so-called "anti-imperialism" in order to realize their own imperialist intentions, namely to conquer the world domination. Putin is a powerful enemy of the former Soviet peoples, the world proletariat and the socialist world revolution, and, like the Czar, plays the infamous, brutal role of a counterrevolutionary police man for gaining increasingly influence within the imperialist world. In the moment, the Russian and US-American imperialists are the most dangerous warmongers in the world, and must both be combated simultaneously.



Russia and China belong to the BRICS countries, which have all developed into imperialist powers. Whoever wants to eliminate world imperialism must also defeat the imperialist BRICS countries.



It would be a fatal mistake to underestimate the Chinese danger of war. We don't let ourselves be deceived. It is not really the case that the Chinese social-imperialists stay "neutrally" out of the imperialist war events in the world. In the contrary. They are actively involved in it, much more than the Chinese imperialists would admit this freely. Chinese social imperialism is anything but a "paper tiger". Although still militarily in an inferior position, but economically all the more powerful, Chinese imperialism is a tiger, whose rapidly growing strength must not be underestimated. The Chinese tiger, too, has had to lick his wounds in the war against Vietnam and has organized military conquest operations not only in the South China Sea or off the coast of Japan, but all over the world, especially in Africa, South and Central America. The neighbouring countries suffer most from Chinese pressure and threats of dangerous war adventures. The Chinese imperialists buy out other countries and forestall the markets, for making the peoples economically dependent on them, with the intention to better exploit them. The Chinese imperialists are not marching in with occupation groups, but are corrupting the ruling classes and equipping the reactionary regimes with Chinese weapons, in order to ensure that the predatory wealth also reaches the Chinese port. Chinese imperialism creeps up "friendly" on its prey, and prepares for the "Great Leap" to conquer the World domination. The Chinese social imperialists are hoping that the conflict between the US and Russia will be intensified and would weaken them, and that they will then be more easily the lord of the world's throne.



Trump has provoked the Chinese tiger in the last few days and put him in a difficult position against the allies of North Korea, which let rockets fly over Japan. The JAPANESE imperialists, too, prepare now feverishly for the Third World War. Given the tense situation, it is quite possible that the Third World War will ignite itself by the North Korean conflict and break out in East Asia. As for the war preparations of the social-fascist regime in North Korea, we do not act like the Social Fascists, who spread the lie of an alleged "anti-imperialist war" of North Korea. Instead, we are guided by the doctrine of Lenin, namely that we will not support a war of the reactionary classes against imperialism. An imminent war between North Korea and the imperialist world powers is an unjust war on both sides. We will fight it on both sides by supporting the revolutionary civil war in all the states which are involved in this war.

If we do not want to betray socialism we must support every revolt against our chief enemy, the bourgeoisie of the big states, provided it is not the revolt of a reactionary class” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 333, English version)



As far as the war in Syria is concerned, more than half a million people have already been killed. This war must stop immediately ! We are fighting, in particular, the social-fascists who support Putin's imperialist war in Syria to keep the bloody reactionary Assad regime alive. The war in Syria is conducted on all sides by reactionary and imperialist forces, which is why we can not stand on any of these sides. We exclusively support the revolutionary civil war of the exploited and oppressed classes of the Syrian people to expel its inner and outer enemies and end this unjust war. The people must conquer the power and form the Soviets and continue the struggle in the socialist revolution - until the establishment of the dictatorship of the Syrian proletariat. The war in Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and the areas occupied by the IS is an unjust war instigated by the imperialists, which will increasingly change into an anti-imperialist war of liberation, and which decides on war or peace - namely successively throughout the entire Arab world. The conflicts in the Near and Middle East can only be solved by the socialist revolution. The various war conflicts in the Near and Middle East will undoubtedly give birth to a new "Arab Spring" and the day of the liberation of the Arab peoples is approaching.



Let us not forget the suffering Palestinians and the aggressive, warlike role of Israel, this bloodthirsty chain dog of world imperialism in the Middle East.

As long as the power of Israeli Zionists is not shattered by a revolutionary Arab unity, the Arab peoples will find no peace.



Let us not forget the war in Afghanistan, which the imperialists have been leading there for over a hundred years, and which is transformed into a protracted civil war which further prolongs the suffering of the Afghan people. But the will of the Afghan people to finally obtain the long-awaited peace will one day be realized by their victory over the inner and outer enemies.



The African continent is once again the war target of world imperialism.

Imperialists - get out of Africa!

Long live the liberation war against the imperialist war in Africa and unified struggle of the African working class for smashing the African dictatorships of the bourgeoisie! Long live the armed dictatorship of the African proletariat - the only way out towards socialism and peace all over the African continent.

Under the banner of world socialism, the African peoples will free themselves from world imperialism and its African bourgeois lackey regimes.

"War of the slaves of all peoples against the slaveholders of all peoples!" (Lenin)


* * *

The Comintern (SH) argues that the global question of war and peace can only be solved by the world-proletarian, revolutionary overthrow of world imperialism under the banner of world socialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism - in the question of war and revolution - is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of the victory over the imperialist wars by means of the world proletarian revolution under today's conditions of globalization, in general; and the theory and tactics of the armament and military world defense of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, in particular; it is – last not least - the theory and tactics of the transition to the weaponless, peaceful and classless society on a global scale – to world communism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the liberation of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of world imperialist war, is the doctrine of world-proletarian class war for the final liberation from the violent rule of the world-bourgeoisie, is the doctrine of the victory of socialism over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the doctrine of the military protection of the global domination of the proletariat.

Ultimately, Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the peaceful transition from a socialist world society to a nonviolent and classless society on a global scale, the theory and tactics of the abolition of class wars by world communism.


Imperialism means war!

World imperialism is the cause of all imperialist wars!

The imperialist world powers must all be overthrown!

World imperialism will be overthrown by the violent proletarian, socialist world revolution!

At the forefront of anti-imperialist peoples, the revolutionary world proletariat will establish its armed proletarian dictatorship in order to guarantee a lasting world peace!

On the ruins of world imperialism, we will build world socialism and eliminate the inevitability of imperialist wars forever!

Let us fight for a world without classes and without wars!

Let us fight for world communism!


Comintern (SH)

September 1, 2017



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re-published from the year 2015:

Long live the

Red Anti-War-Day 2015 !


On September 1, 1939, the Second World War began


Imperialism means war!

World imperialism is the cause of all imperialist wars!

The imperialist world powers must all be overthrown!

World imperialism will be overthrown by the violent proletarian, socialist world revolution!

At the forefront of anti-imperialist peoples, the revolutionary world proletariat will establish its armed proletarian dictatorship in order to guarantee a lasting world peace!

On the ruins of world imperialism, we will build world socialism and eliminate the inevitability of imperialist wars forever!

Let us fight for a world without classes and without wars!

Let us fight for world communism!

What is an imperialist war?

An imperialist war is the inevitable redivision of the world by continuing the imperialist policy by military means.
An imperialist war is the inevitable continuation of the political struggle of the imperialist world powers for the conquest or maintenance of world domination by military means. "

What is an anti-imperialist war?

An anti-imperialist war is the inevitable continuation of the political struggle of all the oppressed and exploited classes, under the leadership of the world proletariat, on the Elimination of world imperialism by military means.

What is Stalinism - Hoxhaism in today's question of war and peace?

Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the question of war and peace is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of victory in the anti-imperialist war by means of the world proletarian revolution under the conditions of globalization in general;
And in particular, it is the Marxist-Leninist theory and tactics of the armed defense of the dictatorship of the world proletariat.
Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the doctrine of the abolition of the wars of world imperialism, is the doctrine of the abolition of the inevitability of imperialist war, is the doctrine of the victory of socialist peace over the imperialist war on a global scale, is the military doctrine to protect the world domination of the proletariat as a guarantor of world peace.

Furthermore, Stalinism-Hoxhaismuses is the theory and tactics of the transition to non-violent and classless society on a global scale, the abolition of class wars in the period of the world communism.

For deeper study, we recommend the chapter II of the general line of the Comintern (SH)

"World revolution and imperialist war" (English)

and the book

"Enver Hoxha - The 5th Classic of Marxism-Leninism and the Foundations of Hoxhaism"

Chapter: "Hoxhaism and War" (English)


How should the anti-imperialist war be conducted?

The anti-imperialist war must be conducted with the goal of world socialist revolution.

The anti-imperialist war is thus a lever of world socialist revolution and thus subordinate to the socialist world revolution.

The anti-imperialist war has an international character, just as the imperialist war has an international character.

And just as the imperialist war spreads out globally, it can only be abolished on a global scale.

The creation and safeguarding of world peace is impossible without the revolutionary world proletariat under the leadership of the Communist International.

The anti-imperialist war is a global war for liberation from the world-imperialist slavery.

The anti-imperialist war is not only directed against the one or the other imperialist world camp, but aims for the destruction of the entire world-imperialist system. Tactically, our anti-imperialist war will take advantage of all contradictions among the imperialists. It is the contradictions among the imperialists which not only make our victory possible, but also inevitable.

Basically, the anti-imperialist war takes place in every country of the world namely against both the external and internal enemies.

Anti-imperialist means war against both the imperialists and their stooges and lackeys in each country.

The imperialist war is struggle against the socialist Revolution by means of military weapons, namely not only in single countries, but against the socialist revolution all over the world. The anti-imperialist war in every country serves - without exception - the world socialist revolution.

Further reading we recommend the study of this book:

"About the Marxist-Leninist foundations of world-proletarian military science and the world-revolutionary class warfare" (German)

What is the attitude of the revisionists concerning the anti-imperialist war?

The revisionists are only in words against the imperialist war. In reality, they are on the side of the imperialists. They propagate the "peaceful road to socialism". Historically, this ends up always and inevitably in strengthening the domination of the imperialists. World imperialism can never be overcome in a peaceful manner.
The revisionists stand on the side of the supposedly "weaker" imperialist powers to fight allegedly against the supposedly "stronger" one. The revisionists are only for the replacement of one world imperialist power by another imperialist power and not for revolutionary destruction of the whole imperialist system of the world. This way it is impossible to achieve the long-lasting world peace. Therefore the revisionists are ultimately servants in maintaining the world imperialist system, ie enemies of the world proletariat, enemies of communism.
The revisionists do in truth everything to hinder the revolutionary anti-imperialist war. And in case of victory of the anti-imperialist war, the revisionists do everything possible to restore the world imperialist exploitation and oppression and hence the inevitability of ever new imperialist wars.
The revisionists are revisionists because they hide their true reactionary intentions behind the proletarian ideology, to deceive the revolutionary forces of the world proletariat and of all the oppressed and exploited classes. They are enemies of the anti-imperialist war and the world socialist revolution.

What is the attitude of the neo-revisionists concerning the anti-imperialist war?

The neo-revisionists call themselves "anti-revisionists", however they are only "anti-revisionists" in words.
They are "anti-revisionists" in words and revisionists in deeds.
Behind their "anti-revisionist", "revolutionary" Facade they try to hide their true revisionist face to deceive the oppressed and exploited classes in the anti-imperialist war and to lead them on the peaceful road to revisionism.
The neo-revisionists are pioneers of the restoration of revisionism at power. They are "socialists" in words,and stooges of the imperialists in deeds. They are in fact accomplices of the social-imperialists by helping them to restore their power. They are enemies of the anti-imperialist war of the world proletariat and all the oppressed and exploited classes.

What is the attitude of the centrists concerning the anti-imperialist war?
The centrists masquerade as representatives of the so called "united front" in the anti-imperialist war with the aim of achieving unity between the neo-revisionists and the Stalinists-Hoxhaists and other revolutionary forces. Since the neo-revisionists in truth are enemies of the anti-imperialist war,the neo-revisionists and Stalinists-Hoxhaists are unconciliatory in anti-imperialist war. Every attempt of compromisism between these antagonistic forces leads unavoidably to the weakening of the united front of the anti-imperialist war and thus the centrists are the fifth column of the world imperialists.
The anti-imperialist war ends inevitably in a defeat, if the influence of the centrist "united front" is not inhibited.
We are for the unity in the anti-imperialist war, but not for the unity with the centrists.

How do we assess the current situation?

Today we can no longer speak about only "threat" or "danger" of an "expectable" imperialist war.
Today we are already - more or less "creeping" - in a new imperialist world war.

Today, the slogan of the anti-imperialist war is on the agenda namely as its necessary practical solution.

We are already in the beginning of the world war, that is already reflected by the rapid increase of refugee flows from several war zones.

The imperialist wars have already begun to influence and dominate the entire life of the world society.

We see this not only by ever-expanding war herds all over the world, the military impact of the world crisis, the increasing economic war among the imperialist world powers etc. In the moment, there is the largest general military arms race and the most advanced militarization and fascisation of the society - unparalled in history of mankind.

This can be seen in the increasing war propaganda in the media of the mutually warring ruling classes.

After the revisionists had restored capitalism, the concept of the enemy "aspiration of communism's world domination" had lost its acutely threatening character. And after the Cold War there was - initially - a lack of any enemy images. Then the imperialists created the bogeyman of terrorism. With that struggle against terrorism the imperialists prepared for the violent crushing of expectable uprisings of the exploited and oppressed masses. And now they teeter on the brink of war, comparable with the beginning of the First and Second World War:
Warmongering and naked pro-war propaganda, directly aimed at rivaling imperialist world powers.

So the enemy image of today serves openly to a war among the imperialist world powers, which means nothing but a third world war in the interest of the redivision of world hegemony.

The media are now misused directly to support the imperialist war. The war coverage is under the military command of the belligerent powers. With the censored war reporting, the masses are no longer lulled with pacifist slogans. The propaganda of the imperialists now aims at preparing the masses for the inescapability of the third imperialist world war, namely in the same way as before the First and Second World War.

Everyone sees now that the secret services are directly guided by the imperialists and used directly for their military purposes. It's no longer just about the spying and collecting computer data. Now there is already a global cyberwar. Increasingly, missions of unmanned drones are in full swing, and this since several years.

Previously you could say that a war begins with the invasion of foreign troops. Is that today even the most? No, not necessarily.

Today the war has begun unseen by military missions of computer. Drones kill thousands of people and destroy targets as closed missions. These are war crimes that are never punished by anyone.
The invasion of occupying troops in war zones is declared as "leasure activities of soldiers on vacation" . Aircrafts of civil aviation shot down by missiles, and nobody is brought to justice.

Today, the world imperialists are able to force any country to surrender, namely from anywhere in the world without even having thrown a single bomb and without having made a single step on foreign soil - by means of computers. They have long been technically able to stop each power plant, every hospital. They are able to disable all communication and infrastructure of a country, and to bring it under their own control. Within seconds, anywhere in the world, the lights go down - without even a single shot.

We consider this modern warfare from the standpoint of the world proletarian revolution.

The peculiarity is that today there is no international anti-imperialist war front compared with the time of the Patriotic War, which was an existential threat to the rule of the world-imperialist system.

Today there is no bulwark of world peace like Stalin's socialist world camp.

Even the international front the anti-imperialist national liberation war was misused by the imperialist world powers for their own purposes. Heroic anti-imperialist wars of liberation, such as in Kurdistan, still remain as the exception.

But when viewed objectively, the current situation there is absolutely no reason for pessimism for the world proletariat and the oppressed peoples .

On the contrary.

Under the present conditions of the world crisis we see the downfall of world imperialism. The socialist world revolution and the epoch of world socialism is closer than ever. The world imperialism is shaken by deep crises and stands on the precipice today. However, without anti-imperialist war, without sacrifice on the part of the armed revolutionary forces, world imperialism can not be plunged into the abyss.

Today the Comintern (SH) is the only organization in the world that appeals the world proletariat to the preparation for the anti-imperialist war.

Apart from the world proletariat there is no one in the world who would be able to put an end to imperialist wars.

That is why the Comintern (SH) advocates the creation of a proletarian red world army.
However, we will not make the second step before the first one. At first, it is our task to convince the revolutionary forces about the necessity and inevitability of the revolutionary anti-imperialist war. First we begin to propagate the anti-imperialist war, and then we will prepare and organize the mobilization of the masses all over the world.

Our goal must be to transform the imperialist weapons into weapons of revolutionary liberation of the world proletariat and the peoples, and to place them into service of the socialist world revolution.

We will transform the imperialist war into a civil war!

Let's break the political and military power of world imperialism!

Long live the Red Anti-War Day 2015!

Long live the anti-imperialist war!

Long live the world proletarian army!

Long live the armed proletarian world revolution!

Long live the armed dictatorship of the world proletariat!

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Communist International (Stalinist - Hoxhaists)!

Long live world socialism and world communism!


Take to the streets for the

war against imperialist war!





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