40 years ago

European Insecurity Conference

August 1, 1975



Comrade Enver Hoxha wrote in 1975:
"Europe is endangered and threatened by the feverish preparations of the Soviet Union and the United States to a Third World War."

How true!

And today, 40 years after this whole peace -Theater in Helsinki? The Helsinki agreements were not worth the paper on which they were written. In reality, it was not about security in Europe, but about securing the spheres of influence of the imperialist superpowers. If the imperialists are going to sign "peace treaties", they prepare for war!

Today one cannot speak of a danger of war anymore. The war in Europe has already begun - and between those same two imperialist camps, of which Comrade Enver Hoxha spoke, the war camp of the West - led by the USA - and the war camp of the East - led by Russia.

Imperialism strives for military redivision of the world. Those who want to eliminate the war, must eliminate imperialism, as Stalin said correctly.

At that time, Albania was still socialist and did not participate in this hype in Helsinki.

Enver Hoxha said:
"In these meetings and conferences are missing not only us, but also the peoples."

Today, after the dictatorship of the proletariat was overthrown in Albania, the Albanian bourgeoisie creeps NATO in the ass and violates the peace interests of the Albanian people.

If you want to defend Comrade Enver Hoxha in Albania and throughout Europe today, then you have to fight not only for the withdrawal from NATO and its lackeys, not only for the withdrawl of the Russian military and its mercenaries. We must struggle simultaneously against both imperialist war camps of the East and of the West. We must raise our proletarian weapons against, imperialism, war and fascism in Europe and all over the world. We struggle for the total disarmament of world imperialism by means of the socialist world revolution. Only proletarian weapons can guarantee peace. A peaceful Europe is only possible in the future socialist European Union, namely under the dictatorship of the European proletariat!


Albanian cartoon from the year 1975









On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the European Insecurity Conference we publish Enver Hoxha's writing of 29 July 1975




"European Insecurity Conference"

August 1, 1975


(in Eglish, Albanian, German, Russian, French and Spanish)



in English language


Article published in the newspaper «Zëri i popullit»

July 29, 1975



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Artikull i botuar në gazetën «Zëri i popullit»

29 korrik 1975



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in German language

Enver Hoxha

Die europäische Unsicherheitskonferenz

aus: "Zeri i Popullit"

Albanien Heute Nr. 5, 1975



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Статья, опубликованная в газете

«Зери и популлыт»

29 июля 1975 г.



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La conferencia de la inseguridad europea


Artículo publicado en "Zeri i popullit"

29 de julio de 1975

(Sides 978 - 990)


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