March 15, 1939

75th Anniversary of

Hitler's invasion in Czechoslovakia







A plaque attached at the outer wall commemorates the Gestapo victims who were murdered in this building






Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the military assault and occupation of Czechoslovakia by the German troops of the Nazis. .
This coincides almost with the forcible annexation of the Crimea by the troops of Russian imperialism, with which we shall deal at the end of this article.

First, the German fascists planned the robbery of the area along the German -Czechoslovak border. In these areas, the Nazi agents began their work . They instigated riots and inciting the German - speaking population against the Czechoslovak government. This terrorist bustle of the Nazi agents was supported by " Sudeten German Party ". Similar to the Nazi Party in Germany, which succeeded to win a part of the people with the money of monopolists for its fascist goals, the " Sudeten Party ", too, stirred up some parts of the German-speaking population against the Czechoslovak state through hypocritical demagoguery. The Nazis provoked clashes with the Czechoslovakian police. Hitler declared that the German - speaking inhabitants would have been "suppressed". Under the pretense of his "Heim ins Reich initiative", Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. Among the German-speaking citizens of the former Czechoslovakia were also opponents of the Nazis . They struggled against the HenleinÄ fascists, and in 1938 , when the Czechoslovak Republic was threatened , they were ready to defend it. During the occupation by the Nazis , they participated in resistance, at home and in exile. Many of them were imprisoned or executed by the Nazi regime. Simultaneously, these German anti-facists were treated like "outlaws" by certain rassist elements within the Czechoslowak population.

Just as the Nazis incited the German- Czechoslovak citizens against their government in 1938, the Nazis incited the Slovaks and Czechs against each other. The Nazis claimed that the Slovaks were " oppressed " by the Czechs and that they would therefore need to intervene . Hitler ordered the Czechoslovak president to Berlin and forced him to sign a document , which sealed the conquest of Czechoslovakia.

On 15 March 1939, German troops marched into Czechoslovakia . The Czech capitalists capitulated and thus betrayed the people to the foreign oppressors . Hitler annexed the country as the " Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia " of the fascist "Deutsches Reich". Thus, Czechoslovakia had lost its national and political independence .

Hitler knew that he could count on the British and French consent. Already in October 1937, one of his agents in London had been made ​​on his behalf , where he had learned that England and France would support the annexation of the Sudetenland . In November 1937, the former British Foreign Secretary Halifax had visited Hitler, and said that

the West consider Hitler-Germany as a bulwark against communism.

England would therefore allow Hitler a free hand. England and France called their policy = " non-interference policy "(not to hinder Hitler in his robberies) .

History proved Stalin right when he said:

"In reality , however, the policy of non-interference means favoring the aggression , the unleashing of the war , and therefore its transformation into a world war . " ( Stalin 1939)

In May 1938, Hitler moved his troops to the German -Czechoslovak border. The Nazi supporters demanded that the German minority gets special rights from Prague government for the living as Czechoslovak citizens in Czechoslovakia . The Prague government was ready to negotiate. Meanwhile, on the 2nd August of 1938, Chamberlain ( the British Prime Minister) had sent an "observer", Lord Runciman, to Czechoslovakia. In his reports to London he supported the demands of the Nazis. He suggested to influence the Czechoslovak government to cede the Sudetenland to Germany . It should also ban the Communist Party, which had called the people for the fight against the Nazis .
On 15 September 1938 Hitler asked Chamberlain back for a consulation. Here, Hitler demanded : cession of Sudeten territory to Germany and occupation by German troops . After his return Chamberlain invited the French Prime Minister for a consultation . When Daladier arrived in London , a large crowd shouted : " No concessions to Hitler! " - "Support the Czechoslovakia ! "

France was associated with Czechoslovakia by a mutual assistance pact and committed in an attack on Czechoslovakia for military assistance. However, the French government of Daladier did not comply with its treaty obligations . On 19 September, together with the English government, it summoned the Czechoslovak government to immediately cede Sudetenland to Germany .

In its reply of 20 September, the Czechoslovak government pointed out that the Western powers had made ​​this demand without consulting the Czechoslovakian people. Furthermore, the Czechoslovak government could make no decisions on a boundary change. On 21 September the British government declared in a rude letter that Czechoslovakia had no help to expected from the Western powers, in the case if it would not fulfill the demands immediately. In these days of severe distress, solely the Soviet Union Stalin's stood faithfully by its ally . The Soviet-Czechoslovak alliance stipulated that the Soviet Union would make available military assistance, along with France, in case of a German raid , but only if France honors its commitments. On 20 September the Soviet government declared that it will contractually commits to provide effective assistance to Czechoslovakia immediately , even if France would not have fulfilled its treaty obligations .

England and France, however, left their allies in the lurch and betrayed them at the fascist predators. Benes, the President of the Prague government, who was a willing tool of the western imperialists, capitulated without offering resistance of Czechoslovakia. Thus, the Soviet government was relieved of its obligation .However, it expressly stated that the pact with Czechoslovakia would not become invalid and was ready to support the Czechoslovak government if they want. But the Prague government refused.

Hitler intended to annex Czechoslovakia in the end September 1938. But Italy, this ally of Nazi Germany, was not yet prepared for a war . Mussolini therefore tried to restrain Hitler from the invasion of Czechoslovakia, and he was supported by Chamberlain . Hitler , Mussolini, Chamberlain and Daladier met on 29 September in Munich to a conference.

The Munich conference laid down what England and France had already conceded to Hitler: not only the Sudetenland , but almost all bordering areas, including the former Austria bordering areas. In addition, the Polish and Hungarian " claims " should be regulated . This meant the complete destruction of the Czechoslovak state . Hitler refused to consult a representative government of Czechoslovakia to the conference. After several hours of negotiations, the " Munich Agreement " was signed. The deadline was set for eviction by Czechoslovak officials and police , and for the occupation by the German military within the period from 1 to 10 October . After the signing of the Munich Agreement the Czechoslovak representatives were called in who had to wait in the hallway. The "treaty" was handed them over.

The Soviet Union - as an ally of Czechoslovakia - was kept away from the Munich conference . The Western powers and Hitler wanted to keep to themselves .

The Munich agreement was a conspiracy against the Soviet Union. And as the coming time insistently showed, it was a betrayal at world peace and at the freedom and independence of peoples .

England and France had encouraged Nazi Germany to World War II .

With the help of the Western powers, the expansion plans of German imperialism were implemented at the expense of weaker States. The Western imperialists encouraged Hitler in preparation for war .

In contrast, the Soviet Union sought to forge a common front against war and fascism. In March 1938, the Soviet Union proposed an international peace treaty to the English government :

"If the fascist raids will not be punished , this would mean an encouragement for the attackers to continue their depredations . After having subjugated the little peoples the fascists will descend on the large states. Only joint action by governments, who are interested in peace, can eliminate the threat of a new world war. "

The Western powers refused because they wanted that Germany and the Soviet Union annihilate each other ( when two fight, the third rejoices.). In the end , the Western powers wanted to be the rulers of the world. The Western powers also rejected the proposal of the Soviet Union to comminly defend Czechoslovakia against a German invasion .
The Soviet Union unmasked the lies that were spread by the Nazi newspapers about the liquidation of Czechoslovakia . The Soviet Union condemned the rape of Czechoslovakia.

On 10 March 1938, Stalin defined the basic principles of Soviet foreign policy on the Eighteenth Congress of the CPSU (B ). Stalin's remarks are still valid:

A war against the interests of England, France, the United States? Nonsense! "We" are waging war on the Comintern, not on these states. If you don't believe it, read the "anti-Comintern pact" concluded between Italy, Germany and Japan.

That is how Messieurs the aggressors thought of framing public opinion, although it was not hard to see how preposterous this whole clumsy game of camouflage was; for it is ridiculous to look for Comintern "hotbeds" in the deserts of Mongolia, in the mountains of Abyssinia, or in the wilds of Spanish Morocco. (Laughter.)

But war is inexorable. It cannot be hidden under any guise. For no "axes," "triangles" or "anti-Comintern pacts" can hide the fact that in this period Japan has seized a vast stretch of territory in China, that Italy has seized Abyssinia, that Germany has seized Austria and the Sudeten region, that Germany and Italy together have seized Spain - and all this in defiance of the interests of the non-aggressive states.

The war remains a war; the military bloc of aggressors remains a military bloc; and the aggressors remain aggressors.

It is a distinguishing feature of the new imperialist war that it has not yet become universal, a world war. The war is being waged by aggressor states, who in every way infringe upon the interests of the non-aggressive states, primarily England, France and the U.S.A., while the latter draw back and retreat, making concession after concession to the aggressors.

Thus we are witnessing an open redivision of the world and spheres of influence at the expense of the non-aggressive states, without the least attempt at resistance, and even with a certain amount of connivance, on the part of the latter.

Incredible, but true.

To what are we to attribute this one-sided and strange character of the new imperialist war?

How is it that the non-aggressive countries, which possess such vast opportunities, have so easily, and without any resistance, abandoned their positions and their obligations to please the aggressors?

Is it to be attributed to the weakness of the nonaggressive states? Of course not. Combined, the nonaggressive, democratic states are unquestionably stronger than the fascist states, both economically and in the military sense.

To what then are we to attribute the systematic concessions made by these states to the aggressors?

It might be attributed, for example, to the fear that a revolution might break out if the non-aggressive states were to go to war and the war were to assume world - wide proportions. The bourgeois politicians know, of course, that the first imperialist world war led to the victory of the revolution in one of the largest countries. They are afraid that the second imperialist world war may also lead to the victory of the revolution in one or several countries.

But at present this is not the sole or even the chief reason. The chief reason is that the majority of the non-aggressive countries, particularly England and France, have rejected the policy of collective security, the policy of collective resistance to the aggressors, and have taken up a position of nonintervention, a position of "neutrality."

Formally speaking, the policy of non-intervention might be defined as follows: "Let each country defend itself from the aggressors as it likes and as best it can. That is not our affair. We shall trade both with the aggressors and with their victims." But actually speaking, the policy of non-intervention means conniving at aggression, giving free rein to war, and, consequently, transforming the war into a world war. The policy of non-intervention reveals an eagerness, a desire, not to hinder the aggressors in their nefarious work : not to hinder Japan, say, from embroiling herself in a war with China, or, better still, with the Soviet Union : to allow all the belligerents to sink deeply into the mire of war, to encourage them surreptitiously in this, to allow them to weaken and exhaust one another; and then, when they have become weak enough, to appear on the scene with fresh strength, to appear, of course, "in the interests of peace," and to dictate conditions to the enfeebled belligerents.

Cheap and easy!

Or take Germany, for instance. They let her have Austria, despite the undertaking to defend her independence; they let her have the Sudeten region; they abandoned Czechoslovakia to her fate, thereby violating all their obligations; and then began to lie vociferously in the press about "the weakness of the Russian army," "the demoralization of the Russian air force," and "riots" in the Soviet Union, egging the Germans on to march farther east, promising them easy pickings, and prompting them : "Just start war on the Bolsheviks, and everything will be all right." It must be admitted that this too looks very much like egging on and encouraging the aggressor.

The hullabaloo raised by the British, French and American press over the Soviet Ukraine is characteristic.

The gentlemen of the press there shouted until they were hoarse that the Germans were marching on Soviet Ukraine, that they now had what is called the Carpathian Ukraine, with a population of some seven hundred thousand, and that not later than this spring the Germans would annex the Soviet Ukraine, which has a population of over thirty million, to this so-called Carpathian Ukraine. It looks as if the object of this suspicious hullabaloo was to incense the Soviet Union against Germany, to poison the atmosphere and to provoke a conflict with Germany without any visible grounds.

It is quite possible, of course, that there are madmen in Germany who dream of annexing the elephant, that is, the Soviet Ukraine, to the gnat, namely, the so-called Carpathian Ukraine. If there really are such lunatics in Germany, rest assured that we shall find enough straitjackets for them in our country. (Thunderous applause.) But if we ignore the madmen and turn to normal people, is it not clearly absurd and foolish to seriously talk of annexing the Soviet Ukraine to this so-called Carpathian Ukraine? Imagine : The gnat comes to the elephant and says perkily : "Ah, brother, how sorry I am for you . . . Here you are without any landlords, without any capitalists, with no national oppression, without any fascist bosses. Is that a way to live? . . . As I look at you I can't help thinking that there is no hope for you unless you annex yourself to me . . . (General laughter.) Well, so be it :

I allow you to annex your tiny domain to my vast territories . . ." (General laughter and applause.)

Even more characteristic is the fact that certain European and American politicians and pressmen, having lost patience waiting for "the march on the Soviet Ukraine," are themselves beginning to disclose what is really behind the policy of non-intervention. They are saying quite openly, putting it down in black on white, that the Germans have cruelly "disappointed"

them, for instead of marching farther east, against the Soviet Union, they have turned, you see, to the west and are demanding colonies. One might think that the districts of Czechoslovakia were yielded to Germany as the price of an undertaking to launch war on the Soviet Union, but that now the Germans are refusing to meet their bills and are sending them to Hades.

Far be it from me to moralize on the policy of non-intervention, to talk of treason, treachery and so on. It would be naive to preach morals to people who recognize no human morality. Politics is politics, as the old, case-hardened bourgeois diplomats say.

It must be remarked, however, that the big and dangerous political game started by the supporters of the policy of non-intervention may end in a serious fiasco for them.

Such is the true face of the prevailing policy of non-intervention.

Such is the political situation in the capitalist countries.

3. The Soviet Union and the Capitalist Countries.

The war has created a new situation with regard to the relations between countries. It has enveloped them in an atmosphere of alarm and uncertainty. By undermining the post-war peace regime and overriding the elementary principles of international law, it has cast doubt on the value of international treaties and obligations. Pacifism and disarmament schemes are dead and buried. Feverish arming has taken their place.

Everybody is arming, small states and big states, including primarily those which practise the policy of non-intervention. Nobody believes any longer in the unctuous speeches which claim that the Munich concessions to the aggressors and the Munich agreement opened a new era of "appeasement." They are disbelieved even by the signatories to the Munich agreement, Britain and France, who are increasing their armaments no less than other countries.

Naturally, the U.S.S.R. could not ignore these ominous events. There is no doubt that any war, however small, started by the aggressors in any remote corner of the world constitutes a danger to the peacable countries. All the more serious then is the danger arising from the new imperialist war, which has already drawn into its orbit over five hundred million people in Asia, Africa and Europe. In view of this, while our country is unswervingly pursuing a policy of preserving peace, it is at the same time doing a great deal to increase the preparedness of our Red Army and our Red Navy.

At the same time, in order to strengthen its international position, the Soviet Union decided to take certain other steps. At the end of 1934 our country joined the League of Nations, considering that despite its weakness the League might nevertheless serve as a place where aggressors can be exposed, and as a certain instrument of peace, however feeble, that might hinder the outbreak of war. The Soviet Union considers that in alarming times like these even so weak an international organization as the League of Nations should not be ignored. In May 1935 a treaty of mutual assistance against possible attack by aggressors was signed between France and the Soviet Union. A similar treaty was simultaneously concluded with Czechoslovakia. In March 1936 the Soviet Union concluded a treaty of mutual assistance with the Mongolian People's Republic. In August 1937 the Soviet Union concluded a pact of non-aggression with the Chinese Republic.

It was in such difficult international conditions that the Soviet Union pursued its foreign policy of upholding the cause of peace.

The foreign policy of the Soviet Union is clear and explicit.

1. We stand for peace and the strengthening of business relations with all countries. That is our position; and we shall adhere to this position as long as these countries maintain like relations with the Soviet Union, and as long as they make no attempt to trespass on the interests of our country.

2. We stand for peaceful, close and friendly relations with all the neighbouring countries which have common frontiers with the U.S.S.R. That is our position; and we shall adhere to this position as long as these countries maintain like relations with the Soviet Union, and as long as they make no attempt to trespass, directly or indirectly, on the integrity and inviolability of the frontiers of the Soviet state.

3. We stand for the support of nations which are the victims of aggression and are fighting for the independence of their country.

4. We are not afraid of the threats of aggressors, and are ready to deal two blows for every blow delivered by instigators of war who attempt to violate the Soviet borders.

Such is the foreign policy of the Soviet Union.     (Loud and prolonged applause.)

In its foreign policy the Soviet Union relies upon :

1. Its growing economic, political and cultural might;

2. The moral and political unity of our Soviet society;

3. The mutual friendship of the nations of our country;

4. Its Red Army and Red Navy;

5. Its policy of peace;

6. The moral support of the working people of all countries, who are vitally concerned in the preservation of peace;

7. The good sense of the countries which for one reason or another have no interest in the violation of peace.

*     *     *

The tasks of the Party in the sphere of foreign policy are :

1. To continue the policy of peace and of strengthening business relations with all countries;

2. To be cautious and not allow our country to be drawn into conflicts by warmongers who are accustomed to have others pull the chestnuts out of the fire for them;

3. To strengthen the might of our Red Army and Red Navy to the utmost;

4. To strengthen the international bonds of friendship with the working people of all countries, who are interested in peace and friendship among nations.



And Stalin kept his word.

The historical facts speak for themselves. With the help of the Red Army Czechoslovakia was liberated on the 9th of May, 1945.


Arrival of the first Soviet tanks in the capital




Great popularity and authority received the Communist Party for its selfless struggle against fascism during the years of occupation. The CP fulfilled its leading role in the organization of sabotage , illegal resistance against the occupiers and the Slovak uprising. The lessons of Munich have shown that the so-called "Western" orientation, ie counting on support from the reactionary Anglo- French circles , was not only a mistake but a crime at the people. They have lost their best sons of the country in the course of the occupation by the fascists. 600 000 Czechs and Slovaks were deported to Germany . About 250,000 people died during the occupation , 60 000 members of the Communist Party were in torture chambers of Fascists , 25 000 of them have died . Four times , the illegal Central Committee of the Communist Party was re- formed , and its headcount was destroyed three times. For six years , Czechoslovakia was robbed and plundered by the invaders .



If the Czech and Slovak people could learn lessons from the occupation of the Nazis , it will affect also the lessons from the revisionist development of the Comintern led by Dimitrov - especially since the VII World Congress . We Stalinist Hoxhaists must not forget that we defend the program of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin. The main slogan of the Communist International against the imperialist war is clearly defined in the program from 1928 :

Transformation of the imperialist war into a civil war - destruction of world imperialism - world socialist revolution - establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat as the strongest bulwark of world peace !

These main slogan of the Comintern was not applied in Prague on 15 3 1939 is. On the Seventh World Congress these main slogans have been replaced by a class-conciliatory, revisionist Popular Front policy. The decisions of the VI . World Congress on the struggle against the imperialist war were totally ignored and violated by the rightist majority within the leadership of the Comintern.
The Czech people should have learnt from the Albanian people under the leadership of Enver Hoxha who liberated their country from Nazi-occupation by means of the national liberation army.
Thirty years later:
Under the leadership of the Soviet revisionists capitalism was restored in the Soviet Union amd the dictatorship of the proletariat was replaced by the dictatorship of a new revisionist bourgeoisie.
The Soviet Union had been transformed into one of the most dangerous centers of counter-revolution , imperialism and oppression of peoples. Finally, the socialist Czechoslovakia under the leadership of Klement Gottwald was crushed by the revisionists , the whole world Stalinist camp was decomposed. The same Russian tanks which had once liberated the Czechoslowak people on the 9th of March 1945, were now sent by the Russian social imperialists to Czechoslovakia in 1968. This was essential nothing different from Hitler's invasion.



biggest Stalin monument in the world

-1955 finished after 5 years of construction by the workers


And who destroyed it in 1962 ?

The revisionist party ! !

But on the battlefield , new Gottwald and Fucik will appear. This is the only way for the Czech people to liberate themselves from the imperialist powers and their lackeys in their own country. On the battlefield will appear Stalinist Hoxhaists who will fight not only for liberating the Czech and Slovak people from capitalism, but also for the world socialist revolution and world socialism and world communism. The armed struggle requires the creation of a Czech and Slovak Section of the Communist International .


"HANDS OFF Czechoslowakia ! "
1938 ( " Red Flag " - KPD)

Joint appeal of the Communist Parties
Germany , Czechoslovakia and Austria

illegal leaflet of the KPD
March 1939

in German language

"AIZ" - Workers Illustrated Magazine

1938 - Czechoslovakia

in German language

The preparation of the annexation of Czechoslovakia

Excerpt from:
" The diplomacy in the period of preparation for the Second World War !
Moscow 1947 - publisher of foreign-language literature

in German language

Wording of the Munich Agreement

of 29 September 1938

in German language



Falsificators of History

An Historical Note

Soviet Information Bureau, Moscow
February, 1948:

Through all phases of the Czechoslovak drama, the Soviet Union alone of all the Great Powers vigorously championed the independence and national rights of Czechoslovakia. Seeking to justify themselves in the eyes of public opinion, the Governments of Great Britain and. France hypocritically declared that they did not know whether or not the Soviet Union would live up to its pledges, given to Czechoslovakia in accordance with the treaty of mutual assistance. But this was a deliberate lie, for the Soviet Government had publicly declared its willingness to stand up for Czechoslovakia against Germany in accordance with the terms of that treaty, which called for simultaneous action on the part of France in defense of Czechoslovakia. France, however, refused to discharge her duty.

Notwithstanding all this, the Soviet Government declared on the eve of the Munich deal that it was in favor of convening an international conference to render practical aid to Czechoslovakia and to take practical measures for the preservation of peace. When the seizure of Czechoslovakia became an accomplished fact, and the governments of the imperialist countries, one after another, declared their recognition of the accomplished fact, the Soviet Government, in its note of March 18, branded the seizure of Czechoslovakia by Hitlerite Germany, which was accomplished with the aid of Britain and France, as a wanton act of violence and aggression.

In that note, the Soviet Government stressed that by her acts Germany had created and aggravated the menace to universal peace, had “upset political stability in Central Europe, had increased the elements of the atmosphere of alarm created in Europe still earlier, and had inflicted a fresh injury to the feeling of security of nations."25

25 Izvestia, March 20, 1939.




The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

Speech Delivered in the Czechoslovak Commission of the E.C.C.I.

January 17, 1925







April 1931 Inprekorr, xi, 38, p. 953, 24 April 1931









April 1931 Inprekorr, xi, 38, p. 953, 24 April 1931









November 1938




May Day - Leaflet of the Comintern

29 April 1939



Fascism rages through Europe like a mad beast; it has swallowed Austria and Czechoslovakia, occupied Memel, annexed Albania. It is throwing its noose around Poland, it is making a drive for the Balkans, threatening Rumania, Yugoslavia, and Greece. It is stealthily creeping upon Switzerland, Holland, and Belgium. It demands a re-division of colonies and is stretching out to Latin America.

It has cast off all restraint, has become emboldened as a result of the favourable 'situation' created by the connivance of the reactionary bourgeoisie of other countries. It is bringing pressure to bear upon the small nations, bullying them and banking on the treachery of the reactionary elements in the major capitalist countries. It is working with feverish haste, plunging headlong into adventures, for it fears the growing resistance of the peoples.

It is letting loose the mercenary gang of Trotskyist spies and provocateurs, who, acting on the instruction of the fascist espionage services, seek to undermine the labour organizations from within, to disarm them in face of the advancing enemy and betray them completely to fascism.

The British and French reactionaries are now paying the price for their policy of instigating war against the USSR. Was it not they who accommodatingly threw open the doors of Austria and Czechoslovakia to fascism, in order to direct its drive to the East? Was it not they who allowed fascism to seize Spanish ore, the Austrian and Czechoslovakian gold reserves, its Skoda works; who offered Rumanian oil and Hungarian wheat, so as to strengthen the fascist aggressors for war against the land of the Soviets? Was it not they who freed the hands of the fascist criminals, thereby facilitating the latter's seizure of Spain?

But they have called forth spirits that have turned against them. They have armed the fascist robbers against themselves. By their policy they have exposed their own peoples to the blows of the fascist Powers. The masses are realizing, with increasing clarity, that Munich, far from saving peace, has served to accelerate and facilitate further fascist aggression. The indignation of the masses against the policy of Munich, against those who have involved the nations in war, under the hypocritical flag of saving peace, is becoming ever greater. The voice of the people, demanding the removal from power of the politicians who bear the responsibility for the Munich plot, is swelling louder and louder. The peoples have no faith in the reassurances of the fascist warmongers, nor in the declarations of their accomplices.

It is not words, but deeds, that the people need. They demand a determined stand against the fascist aggressors.

We communists have always laid bare the truth to you, no matter how bitter it was. The communists showed you the true path of struggle against fascism and war.

Did they not warn you that the policy pursued by the leaders of the Second International leads not to socialism, but to fascism, to war? Did they not tell you, at a time when fascism was only making its way to power in Germany, that the socialdemocratic policy of endless concessions to the bourgeoisie, the policy of splitting the ranks of the working class, the policy of slandering the communists, only paves the way for the defeat of the working people? Was it not the communists who proposed to the Second and Trade Union Internationals to establish a united workers' front, at a time when it was still easy to inflict a deadly blow against fascism? Was it not the communists who insisted upon the urgency of uniting all the forces of the working class in order to avert war? Was it not the communists who exposed the Munich agreement as a plot against peace and the security of nations?

Who has profited from the split in the ranks of the working class? The fascist aggressors. The reactionary bourgeoisie fear the unity of the working class more than hell-fire itself, for they know only too well that by their joint action the millions of workers could grip fascism in an iron vice, disrupt its predatory wars and accelerate the downfall of the fascist regime.

Proletarians, do not believe those who assert that it is impossible to restrain the fascist war instigators. The fascist criminals are attacking other nations not because they are strong. They are unleashing war because they themselves are being strangled by the contradictions of the regime at home. They look to war as a salvation from the approaching political and economic bankruptcy of the fascist dictatorship. They want to smother the outburst of indignation among their own peoples by the clamour around their diplomatic and military 'victories'. But the more territory they seize, the more they undermine the ground on which they tread.

Resorting to violence they demolish the established economic and political relations between States, thus intensifying the chaos and the break-up of the entire capitalist system. The more it enslaves other nations, the more menacing is the rear it creates for itself and for its armies. Under the surface of fascist dictatorship develop hidden revolutionary processes of unprecedented force.

But fascism will not collapse unless it is overthrown by the working people. Upon their militant determination, their courage, their readiness to make sacrifices, depends the historical moment of the downfall of fascism and the overthrow of capitalism.

Never will the fascist hangmen crush the Czechoslovakian people, who are mustering their forces to rise against their conquerors. Never will the peoples be reconciled to the fascist bondage imposed upon them by force of arms. Fascism's first serious encounter with a strong military adversary will shatter to pieces the rotten system of fascist 'alliances' and 'protectorates'. The seeds of national revolutionary wars are maturing behind the lines of the fascist robbers, the idea of taking the citadel of capitalism by revolutionary storm is maturing in the minds of the oppressed masses.




Czechoslovakia on its way towards democracy


R. Rasumowa


"Neue Welt" No. 19 October 1947

Verlag - Tägliche Rundschau - Berlin

( in German language)





75 years ago,

invasion of Czechoslovakia,
Today assault on the Crimea
and what comes tomorrow?


World imperialism inevitably means imperialist world war. Preventing a world war would inevitably require the elimination of world imperialism , which causes all the imperialist wars.

Learning the lessons of history, can now mean nothing else than to prevent imperialist world war by means of the world socialist revolution. Or if this would fail: to turn a new imperialist world war into the world civil war with the aim of destroying the imperialist world system and the creation of world peace under the dictatorship of the world proletariat . This is the general line of the Stalinist- Hoxhaists , that is the line of the Comintern (SH ) .

The events in Ukraine and especially the Crimea are clear signs that the contradictions and crises of world imperialism have already assumed such proportions that they inevitably lead to armed conflicts , and end possibly in the Third World War. Therefore, the world socialist revolution is a question which must be solved immediately in practice. The world imperialists fear nothing more than world Bolshevism which means the and of the epoche of world imperialism.

The German Fascism was not only serving the German imperialism.. Fascism could therefore only rise up and commit the greatest war crimes in the history of mankind , because it had been supported by the entire world bourgeoisie. The world bourgeoisie needed the Second World War for the purpose of destroying the Soviet Union which embodied the lever of the power of world Bolshevism.

The First World War ended with the victory of the October Revolution and socialism in "one " country was the result.

And the Second World War already ended with the Stalinist world camp.

And a Third World War ?

The Third World War would mean the victory of world socialism . This would also mean the end of the period of coexistence of capitalist and socialist world camp. In world socialism there will be no capitalist world camp any more . At least, its restoration would be more difficult to achieve than this was possible during the existence of the socialist world camp .

In the Great Patriotic War, it was not just the defense of the Soviet peoples , but also to defend the fatherland of the entire world proletariat, namely to defend communism.


Some people have forgotten that the socialist Soviet Union of Lenin of Stalin was replaced by a social imperialist Soviet Union which developed further to the now existing Russian imperialism. What the Russian imperialists defend is not the peoples but profit making by plundering and oppressing the peoples.
The Russian imperialism has thus nothing to do with Stalin's Soviet Union . These are two antagonistic systems that are mutually exclusive , namely socialism and capitalism. But what did the revisionists do ​​? They have put an equal sign between these two systems and defend their "own" capitalism against the " foreign " capitalism. It is always the same - explotation and opression ! Under today's conditions of globalization that is nothing else than to save the world capitalism.

For this reason the revolutionaries must organize their battle on two world fronts : against imperialism and against revisionism .

Therefore, the current propaganda of the revisionists is essentially nothing more than the propaganda of the social- chauvinist "defense of the fatherland" of the Second International ("Vaterlandsverteidigung").

Theprogram if the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin states :

In contrast to the social-democratic Second International - whose parties defended "their" national bourgeoisie , and their " fatherland" - the Sections of the Communist International know only one discipline :

the discipline of the world proletariat , which ensures victory of the struggle of the workers of all countries. the world dictatorship of the proletariat. In contrast to the Second International - which splits the trade union movement , fighting against the colonial peoples and maintains the unity with the bourgeoisie - the Communist International is the organization which struggles for the unity of the proletarians of all countries, the working people of all races and peoples against the yoke of imperialism - for world communism.

We Stalinist Hoxhaists must fight against this modern " homeland defense ". We support neither Russian imperialism nor Western imperialism. Since when do the communists take side of the one imperialist power against another imperialist power ?

What happens in Ukraine and in the Crimea ?

Imperialism , fascism , revisionism , these are political concepts and trends which are different in form . But they are based on their common bourgeois ideology of capitalist exploitation and oppression.

In Ukraine and the Crimea , the imperialists are fighting for the redistribution of their spheres of influence , and not to defend the interests of the people of Ukraine and Crimea . They are concerned only about profit , for which they will stop at nothing . All of them are only interested in the exploitation and subjugation of foreign nations .
The Russian troops are no angels of peace and not "liberators" . There are today imperialist troops , in essence no different from Hitler fascist troops who invaded both Czechoslovakia and the Ukraine during World War II .

It is clear that the Comintern (SH ) struggles against all the revisionists who keep the working class away from the violent overthrow of the bourgeois class by means of the socialist revolution, who keep the working class away from the dictatorship of the proletariat. The Comintern (SH ) fights for a united front against the united front of globalized world imperialism and globalized world revisionism. The Comintern (SH ) aims for both the revolutionary destruction of the western as well as the the eastern imperialism. Only by revolutionary overthrow of the entire world imperialism world peace can be achieved.

Today the world-Bolshevik slogan is:

World proletariat - turn around you global rifles and direct them against global exploitation and oppression ! Unite all countries under your arms and lead the armed nations towards victory over world imperialism !

World proletariat - Turn the imperialist world war ( if you can not prevent its onset) in a world revolutionary liberation war against world imperialism , into a global civil war, into the socialist world revolution !

These slogans correspond exactly to the slogans of the Communist International which were trampled since the VII World Congress under the leadership of Dimitrov.

This is the lesson of the fascist occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939.

Both the Russian aggressors and the Western imperialists are criminals They both violate the freedom and independence of nations. Today, world imperialism has removed all international laws of the peoples.

- The Comintern (SH ) has more than once pointed out that Russian imperialism - with its fascist and militaristic policies internally and its warlike oppressive , neo-colonialist and chauvinist policy externally - is a war monger, as well as its rivals in the West and its Chinese rivals.

- The Comintern (SH ) disclaims with determination, all and any forms of coercion against the Ukrainian people , especially against the people in the Crimea .

- The Comintern (SH ) recognizes the equality and sovereignty of the Ukrainian people in solving its own affairs, and condemns any imperialist intervention and domination from outside.

Hands of the Crimea and the Ukraine !!

- The Comintern (SH ) represents the principle that a permanent friendly neighborhood of nations can only arise on the basis of peaceful cooperation and fraternal voluntary.

- The Comintern (SH ) struggles for the fundamental condition that the power of the capitalists in Ukraine and neighboring countries is overthrown . Only under the terms of the elimination of capitalism , the unification of the peoples can be implemented permanently and peacefully.


A peaceful world is not possible in the imperialist world.

A peaceful world is only possible in the socialist world.

The Hitlers, Putins and Obamas come and go but the peoples will remain. World communism will triumph !




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