New Year' s Message

Dear comrades !

Today, the Comintern / ML really doesn `t feel happy celebrating the year of our foundation on 31st of December, 2000 - in view of the genocide which takes place in the Gaza Strip just now.The Comintern / ML condemns the murderous military attack by the Zionist imperialist State of Israel which is supported by the U.S. / E.U - imperialists against Palestine.

Unfortunately, this will be not the last military attack within the last 60 years in permanence. There will follow further more unjust wars against the Arab peoples, if the world proletariat does not help them stopping Israel`s aggression. This conflict cannot be solved by world imperialism but only by the weapons of the global army of the Proletarians all over the world. The proletarian weapons are the only weapons which are strong enough to disarm the worldimperialist weapons of Israel.

World proletariat – unite your armed revolutionary forces of all countries and disarm the Zionist-imperialist State of Israel !

Long live the revolutionary liberation struggle of the Arabian peoples !

Long live the revolutionary liberation struggle of the Palestinian people !

Long live the friendship and unity of all peoples and nationalities in the Near East in their united struggle against world imperialism !

Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat in Near East !

Workers of Israel - if you really want peace then you have to make a socialist revolution, then you have to throw off the yoke of capitalism and to beat the dictatorship of Israel`s bourgeoisie into pieces ! Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat of Israel !

In 2009 world is ripe for the world revolution !

In 2009 the world is ripe for global resistance against world imperialist impoverishment, oppression and imperialist wars !

In 2009 the world is ripe to deploy its revolutionary forces firm-principledly and united !

In 2009 the revolutionary masses of the world shall trust in their own strength and they do not fear the counter revolution because there is no other way out of their misery but raising barricades against the world imperialists !

In 2009 the world proletariat and the peoples of the world cannot continue to suffer like this. They have to start the final battle of class-struggle !

In 2009 world capitalism cannot go on in the way it went into the biggest crisis ever ! It is the beginning of the end of global exploitation and oppression.

2009 is the beginning of a new world revolutionary era - the era which heralds the end of world capitalism!

In 2009 all the revolutionaries over the world will be carried and united by the world revolutionary waves of uprising masses !

2009 is the year of the beginning of the hardest proof for the communist movement after the Second World War ! Whatever may come - whether we are weak or strong now, we have honorably to fulfill our duty as Marxists – Leninist to lead the coming global class-struggles.

In 2009 the world capitalists shall burden its crisis on the shoulders of the world proletariat and the peoples and it shall defend its power with teeth and claws, but the crisis of capitalism leads unto world revolution without fail! The weakened capitalism dies off under the fist of solidarity and unity of the world proletariat and the communists.

Proletarian of all countries – unite!

World proletariat - unite all countries!

Global class against global class!

Power the workers all over the world!

Long live the socialist world revolution!

Long live the socialist revolution in all countries of the world!

Long live world communism !

Long live Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Hoxha!

Long live the Comintern / ML!

Executive Comitee of the Comintern / ML

Wolfgang Eggers

31st of December, 2008