1st May, 2007

Worker !

Down with the world domination of the despisers of mankind !
Free yourself from capitalism - free the world from capitalism!
You have the strength to do so - you are the world revolutionary strength !
Blast the chains of  wage-slavery !
Your sweat, blood and tears make the world system of exploitation and oppression growing
It bleeds you white - just to make more and more profits !
Crush it!
This doesn't suffice ... 
... because you aren't born as a worker, you were born as human.
It`s not  your destiny to fill the purse of the capitalists !
Therefore, we united workers of all countries have commonly to abolish the international private property, 
because the world belongs to the working people and not to the bloodsuckers !

We shall fetch back our riches they robbed , we shall create and build up our own world, the world which serves the working people, a world without capitalists !
They split the world into exploited and suppressed and exploiters and oppressors who live as a minority of luxury by treating the „rest of the world" miserably. This is the greatest crime at mankind. 
Let's aim our internationalist workers guns at the monopolies` guns of the global gangs of criminals! 

The workers` power brings down the power of the international capital !
The capitalists are only in such a way strong as you allow it !
 Without you they are less than nothingness !
Discern that your interests are equal to the common interests of the workers in the whole world, 
Acquire your revolutionary class consciousness, 
Have the courage and have the will to become the world power by the unity of the workers of the world – 
Be ready for your last, decisive battle!
For the socialist  world revolution!
Let`s fight for such a May 1st 
 on which you shall celebrate our common victory with the united workers of the whole world, 
the victory over the world capitalism ! The victory of world socialism !

Long live the world revolutionary fighting day of the working class !

Comintern / ML

Communist Internationale / Marxist-Leninists