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More than 3 years of hell,death,colera and other plagues on the Yemini land .. for what!!!


We are standing with every brave heroic fighter from Yemen against the dogs of Saudia monarcho fascist army dogs!


We can not find a worst describing word for those murders than "fascists" , they are worst than a barbarian subhumans blood suckers!!!!!

All the weapons they use is brought by Russian imperialism and American imperialism to give us in the end this result !

And other massacres that world imperialism's "sensitive" media didn't show!


Yemini people!

Greetings to your heroic fighting!

Long live the Yemini martyers!

Long live the Yemini liberation war and struggle!

Death to the fascist Saudia Arabia!!

Death to the Arabic Reaction !

The dogs of world imperialism!!








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Karl Marks

Teze despre Feuerbach



Karl Marks

Muncă salariată şi capital




Karl Marks

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Karl Marks

Războiul civil din Franţa



Friedrich Engels

Dezvoltarea socialismului de la utopie la ştiinţă



Friedrich Engels

Ludwig Feuerbach şi sfîrşitul filozofiei clasice germane



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世界运动 - 恩维尔·霍查







123rd death day

August 5, 1895 – August 5, 2018


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Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the

123rd death day

of Frederick Engels

August 5, 1895 – August 5, 2018


123 years ago, Friedrich Engels died.

"Let us always honour the memory of Frederick Engels, a great fighter and teacher of the proletariat!"

Lenin wrote this 123 years ago in his famous eulogy, which the Comintern (SH) has published in 16 languages ​​of the world.

On the occasion of the 123th anniversary of the death of Friedrich Engels and the 200th anniversry of Karl Marx, we like to point to their writings on the workers' Revolution in Paris in June 1848.

Paris on the Barricades

"Order! was Guizot's war-cry. Order! shouted Sébastiani, the Guizotist, when Warsaw became Russian. Order! shouts Cavaignac, the brutal echo of the French National Assembly and of the republican bourgeoisie.
Order! thundered his grape-shot as it tore into the body of the proletariat.
None of the numerous revolutions of the French bourgeoisie since 1789 assailed the existing order, for they retained the class rule, the slavery of the workers, the bourgeois order, even though the political Articles from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung
form of this rule and this slavery changed frequently. The June uprising did assail this order."

The German November Revolution had also touched this order.

As part of the 100th anniversary of the November Revolution, we establish the connection between the June Revolution of 1848 and the November Revolution of 1918-19.

It was Rosa Luxemburg who picked up these words from Marx and Engels about the bourgeois order in her last "Rote Fahne" article (No. 14, dated January 14, 1919). This happened just before her assassination through the same bourgeois system restored with the same blood of the workers on the streets of Paris and Berlin:

"Order reigns in Warsaw!" - "Order reigns in Paris!" - "Order reigns in Berlin!" Thus, the messages of the guardians of the "order" run every half century from one center of world-historical struggle to another. And the rejoicing "victors" do not realize that an "order" that must be maintained periodically through bloody slaughter, is inexorably approaching its historical destiny, its downfall. What was this last "Spartacus Week" in Berlin, what brought it, what does it teach us? Still in the midst of battle, in the midst of the victory cry of the counter-revolution, the revolutionary proletarians must give an account of what has happened, and measure the events and their results on the grand historical scale. The revolution has no time to lose, it continues to storm - over still open graves, over "victories" and "defeats" - towards its great goals. Following consciously the way of the revolution that is the first task of the fighters for international socialism.

"Order reigns in Berlin!" "You blunt henchmen, your" order "is built on sand, the revolution will "rattle up tomorrow" and proclaim to your horror with trumpet sound: I was, I am, me will be!

[ excerpt from: Die Ordnung herrscht in Berlin ]

And in one of her earlier articles on the Paris Commune, Rosa Luxemburg wrote:

"We only need to look to France, to the great experimental field of the modern revolution." How many times one tried to drown the socialist proletariat in the blood? The victorious bourgeoisie of not only France, but also of Germany, and indeed of the whole world, rejoiced and believed that it had destroyed the seed of socialism.Since the June days of 1848, the "red specter" no longer disappears from the public stage - to the dismay of the French and international bourgeoisie. "

Just as the June Revolution of 1848, the November Revolution of 1918 proclaimed the "socialist republic". But in Paris and Berlin the bourgeoisie, in its brutal fury, soaked the revolutions with the blood of the workers. The social-democratic social fascists have brutally murdered the best leaders of the German proletariat - Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg at the peak of the revolution.

Marx and Engels wrote:

"If 40,000 Parisian workers are already so powerful against four times the number of the counterrevolution, what will then bring about the total mass of the Paris workers, if it acts unanimously and in coherence!"

And Rosa Luxemburg wrote:

"Berlin is still isolated from the Reich, although the revolutionary centers in the provinces - in the Rhineland, at the Northern water's edge, in Braunschweig, in Saxony, in Wuerttemberg - are on the side of the Berlin proletariat. But theydo not yet marching in equal step forwards.
The direct commonality of the action would make the advance of the Berlin working class and its fight force incomparably more effective."

So what do both the June Revolution of 1848 and the November Revolution of 1918 teach us?

The June Revolution of 1848 and the November Revolution of 1918 are historically in a global context, as milestones on the way to the dictatorship of the world proletariat.

The world-historical significance of the June Revolution of 1848 is that it was the first revolution in which the proletariat fought for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, for the socialist republic.

The world-historical significance of the November Revolution is that it provided evidence that the October Revolution had spread beyond its national borders, elevating the world socialist revolution to a next higher level of development.

To put it in the words of Rosa Luxemburg:
For the time being there is still no immediate lockstep in marching towards the socialist world revolution, no centralized direct commonality of global action. It is precisely the joint actions of the proletarians of all countries that will make the unified fighting force of the world proletariat incomparably more effective, and finally guarantee the victory of the world socialist revolution. Then we exclaim the socialist world republic!

For this Friedrich Engels fought all his life and in this sense we commemorate his 123rd anniversary. We will fight for world communism until it is realized as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have taught.

Long live comrade Engels, the 2nd Classic of Marxism-Leninism!

Long live the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live violent world socialist proletarian revolution and world armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!


Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)

August 5, 2018




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Way of the World Commune





18 July 1936

82nd anniversary Spanish Civil War


special website in





new Document published by the Comintern (SH)

Appeal of the Central Committee of the Communist Party
of Spain - 1935




15 x Betrayal

of Dimitrov's Comintern leadership

in the Spanish Civil War



The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act in the Spanish Civil War as an organization of the international proletarian revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not fight for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of the dictatorship of the Spanish proletariat in the Spanish Civil War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that turns the Spanish Civil War into the Civil World War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that continues the fight for the defense of bourgeois democracy up to the revolutionary conquest of proletarian democracy.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not act as an international organization that ended fascism with the victory of the socialist revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov acted as a defender of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, as a defender of bourgeois democracy "against" fascism. The Comintern was only interested in fighting the one form of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie by defending the other form of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and not fighting for the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat upon the ruins of the capitalist Spanish state.


The Comintern of Dimitrov fought in Spain neither for the socialist revolution nor for its necessary transformation to the world socialist revolution.


The revisionist Comintern of Dimitrov was a peace instrument of the class reconciliation between bourgeoisie and proletariat - called "popular front" - and was not an international instrument of war of the proletarian class struggle to the disempowerment of the bourgeoisie in Spain and finally that of the world bourgeoisie. Bolshevik peace policy is one of the forms of struggle for the overthrow of capitalism and not a bargain with the bourgeoisie. The Comintern of Dimitrov, however, stood up for class peace and bourgeois democracy. The forces of war and fascism are the counter-revolutionary forces of the bourgeoisie. The forces of peace and socialism are the revolutionary forces of the proletariat. This principled dividing line was first blurred by the Comintern of Dimitrov by means of the "Popular Front" line and then eliminated.


"Class against class". This universal, Stalinist combat slogan of the VI. World Congress was dropped in the Spanish Civil War by the Comintern of Dimitrov and replaced by the slogan of the class reconciliation ("united front with the bourgeoisie").


The revisionist Comintern of Dimitrov misused the Spanish Civil War as an attempt to unite and merge with the Second International, thereby betraying the revolutionary Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, which had been founded in the fight against the betrayal of the Second International. The twins Fascism and Social Fascism are inseparable and were both together not fought by the Comintern of Dimitrov in the Spanish Civil War.


The Comintern of Dimitrov relied in the Spanish Civil War on the revisionist Popular Front of France by means of the two traitors Thorez and Cachin. Especially under the influence of these French revisionists and the Comintern of Dimitrov, the Communist Party of Spain turned into a revisionist party, which strictly rejects the civil war and any revolutionary armed struggle, including the socialist revolution.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not fight against the capitalist system in the Spanish Civil War. In the fight against Spanish fascism, the capitalist system was left untouched. One can not be a true antifascist if you let capitalism get away with it.


The Comintern of Dimitrov did not attack world imperialism as a whole from the standpoint of the revolutionary world proletariat. With the demands to the capitalist world , the Comintern of Dimitroff awakened illusions in the world proletariat that the Western imperialist powers ("bourgeois democracies") allegedly advocated the protection of international law. Stalin, on the other hand, emphasized at the 19th Congress of the CPSU (B) that "the bourgeoisie itself is the main enemy of the freedom movement" and that the bourgeoisie has "thrown overboard the banner of national independence and national sovereignty". Stalin speaks here expressively of the main enemy of the bourgeoisie and not of some "fascist generals", as it was represented by the Comintern of Dimitrov.


The Comintern of Dimitrov was not concerned in the Spanish Civil War with the aim of destruction of Spanish, German and Italian fascism, but only with the "cessation of intervention to secure peace."


The Comintern of Dimitrov was confined to the goal of "enforcing the protection of the international rights of the Spanish Republic and the cessation of fascist intervention in Spain", which, according to the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin, can only be achieved and guaranteed through the world proletarian revolution - and not by illusionary appeals to the world bourgeoisie with the class-reconciliatory popular front policy.




German Section and YCI (SH)

in Action

in Munich and Regensburg / Germany


80 Years VW

History of

Nazi Crimes against Humanity !




New Publications

in Arabic language



منشورات جديدة




ستالين - طابع ثورة اكتوبر العالمي


ستالين - في مشروع برنامج الأممية الشيوعية


ستالين - بعض القضايا في تاريخ البلشفية


ستالين - في سبيل تكوين بلشفي


كلمة الرفيق ستالين في حفل استقبال العاملات الطليعيات من المزارع الجماعية للشمندر السكري


ستالين - حول الانتخابات في الاتحاد السوفيتي والانتخابات في الديمقراطية البرجوازية


ستالين - الذكرى الرابعة والعشرون لثورة أكتوبر الاشتراكية العظمى


من أعمال المؤتمر التاسع عشر للحزب الشيوعي - خطاب الرفيق ستالين


ستالين - تكتيكنا إزاء الانتفاضة المسلّحة


ستالين - حول الدولة و الإنتيليجينسيا



ستالين - حول مسودة دستور اتحاد الجمهوريات الاشتراكية السوفيتية


ستالين - عاشت الاخوة بين الشعوب


ستالين - الارهاب الاقتصادي والحركة العمالية


ستالين - مهامنا في الشرق


كلمة ستالين بمناسبة المؤتمر الثاني للمنظمات الشيوعية لشعوب الشرق


ستالين - بمناسبة الذكرى الخامسة للمؤتمر الاول للنساء


ستالين - المهمة العاجلة للعناصر الشيوعية في البلدان المستعمرة والتابعة


- رسائل و برقيات:


ستالين - برقية إلى لينين


ستالين - خطاب الى الرفيق D-ov


ستالين - خطاب إلى الرفيق مولتوف


- وثائق الحرب الروسية العظمى:


خطاب ستالين في الساحة الحمراء بمناسبة الذكرى 24 لثورة أكتوبر


من مداخلة الرفيق ستالين في مقر القيادة العامة



كلمة ستالين التي وجهها بالراديو للجيش



كلمة ستالين في 9 أيار 1945


كلمة ستالين خلال حفل استقبال في الكرملين 1945


كلمة ستالين في حفل تكريم قيادات وكوادر الجيش الأحمر 1945




Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message

of the Arabic Section of the Comintern (SH)


Long live the palestinian liberation struggle from the river to the sea!


Dear comrades, friends, brothers and sisters;

our families in Palestine and around the whole world !

The Arabic section sends revolutionary greetings to all of those brave men and women struggling inside the occupied Arab lands of Palestine and out it by exposing this fascist deals of the Arabic reaction  and the zionist occupiers.

What is going on, and still goes on, is just the progress in the process of liquidating Palestine by the care of world imperialism , zionism and the Arabic fascist reactionaries in all the Arabic countries.

Our people in Palestine ! We are greeting every bullet you shoot and you will shoot against the occupiers , the fascists , the sons/dogs of Zion , and so on the Arabic reaction that betrayed your just cause since the shameful Camp David treaty made up by the dog Al Sadat.

Al Sisi , the kings of Gulf and Jordan are nothing new but the same face of the old national traitors of our people's national liberation wars and struggle against colonialism, reaction , zionism.

Death to the Arabic Reaction !

Death to Zionism !

Death to the ziofascist entity of Israel !

Long live the Palestinian liberation struggle from the river to the sea!

Long live the socialist revolutionary in the Arabic countries!

Long live the Comintern (SH) !

Arabic Section

27th of July, 2018




Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message

of the Comintern (SH) to the Albanian Section
on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the letter sent by the Central Committee of the PLA to the Chinese Communist Party


Dear Albanian comrades,

on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this historic document against Maoism we send you militant greetings.

What lessons do we draw from this today?
Stalinism-Hoxhaism teaches that the fight against revisionism is a permanent struggle that must be waged until class society in the world is abolished.
Revisionism always aims to beat communism with the own weapons of communism.
Revisionism is an instrument of the world bourgeoisie to keep the communist world movement from marching towards the world socialist revolution, splitting the working class and reconciling it with the bourgeoisie.
In the various historical stages of the development of the communist world movement, revisionism was forced to take various shapes. The renewal of the appearance of revisionism was always inevitable as soon as the old form was discredited and the old revisionist mask was torn down.

Four historic victories were won by Stalinism-Hoxhaism in the fight against revisionism, which appeared in succession in four new guises.
The first historical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism was won together by Stalin and Enver Hoxha, in the struggle against Titoism.
Titoism was unmasked by Stalin and Enver Hoxha, defeated and discredited. The communist world movement thus further consolidated its unity and emerged strengthened from the struggle against Titoism.
The second historical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism over revisionism was the victory over Soviet revisionism in power. This fight was led by comrade Enver Hoxha. The victory over Soviet revisionism was a much greater victory than the victory over Titoism, because Soviet revisionism was the greatest, most influential, most dangerous, and most damaging revisionism in the communist world movement. The communist world movement has further consolidated its unity and emerged strengthened from the struggle against Soviet revisionism.
The third historical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism over revisionism was the victory over Chinese revisionism in power. This fight was also led by comrade Enver Hoxha. Chinese revisionism was so dangerous because it hid behind the mask of "anti-revisionism" to divide the Marxist-Leninist world movement. The Marxist-Leninist world movement has further consolidated its unity and emerged strengthened from the struggle against Chinese revisionism.
The fourth historical victory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism over revisionism was the victory over neo-revisionism. This fight was led by the Comintern (SH). The neo-revisionist struggle against Stalinism-Hoxhaism is so dangerous because - meanwhile - it hides behind the mask of "Stalinism-Hoxhaism." The Stalinist-Hoxhaist world movement has further consolidated its unity and emerged strengthened from the fight against neo-revisionism.

These are the four historical great victories of Stalinism-Hoxhaism over revisionism.

The letter from the PLA to the CP China was an outstanding contribution to the victory of Hoxhaism over Maoism, one of the greatest documents in the history of the communist world movement.
Your letter is a document of the year 1978, the year of demarcation and liberation of the Marxist-Leninist world movement from the grip of Chinese revisionism. By the year 1978, the Marxist-Leninist world movement began to burst the chains of Maoism!
Not Albania of Comrade Enver Hoxha, but Mao's China has become isolated, discredited and defeated within the Marxist-Leninist world movement. It was not the Marxist-Leninist movement of Comrade Enver Hoxha who suffered defeat, but Maoism, Chinese revisionism.

Just as Tito wanted to turn Albania into a province of Yugoslavia under the banner of Titoism, so Khrushchev wanted to exploit Albania as a colony under the banner of Soviet revisionism. And it was also the Chinese social imperialists who regarded Albania as their Maoist colony. All of them acted as if they were "loyal" to Marxism-Leninism, as "socialist brothers" who allegedly wanted to "help" Albania. But under the guise of the ideology of "proletarian internationalism" the face of an imperialist, counterrevolutionary, robbery policy hid itself.

Enver Hoxha answered the question of why China has never responded to the Albanian letter:

„The Chinese do not want to reply to us directly, because they dare not enter into polemics with us. On the other hand, they use Trotskyite, inquisitorial methods, espionage agency methods, to fight our Party behind its back, to isolate us from the international communist movement and split it. This is an action which is carried out by a bourgeois, capitalist and imperialist great state. We shall fight them fiercely and triumph.“ (Enver Hoxha)

The Chinese revisionists never responded to the letter from the Albanians because they were never capable of self-criticism. They were afraid of the strong principled stand point of the Albanians and avoided the polemics against Hoxhaism. Feeding the cock - this was the way how Maoism capitulated in 1978! This was the victory of the small Albanian country over the Chinese giant Goliath. Brave Albania became the great model how to defeat the Ottoman Empire, theTitoist Yugoslavia, the fascist Greece and above all the imperialist countries of the world, beginning with Italy and Germany, USA, England, Russia and finally China. The liberation fight of the Albanian people thus became the most significant liberation fight in the history of all peoples in the world !

Stalinism-Hoxhaism has proved stronger than Maoism. And with this year 1978, in which the letter of Albania was written to China, Albania demonstrated to all peoples, that they are not isolated and defeatable , if they are united under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. Just as Albania defeated China in 1978, all peoples of the world can win their common victory over the world imperialism.
The Maoists had no interest in a fight against revisionism in their own country. And their alleged "fight against revisionism" against other countries, served only as a mask behind which they could hide their own revisionism. The criminal line of Mao and Deng Hsiao Ping was actually the criminal line of Bukharin: "Enrich yourselves!" The more florishing the development of capitalism, the easierly (allegedly) the conditions for socialism! "Peaceful" way to socialism! " - and similar revisionist lies.
And so the Maoists wanted to bring socialist Albania on the Chinese way of capitalism. Bad luck for you! Albania has never let go of its socialist way, at least as long as Enver Hoxha was still alive. Ramiz Alia, however, preferred to sell Albania to the West and not to China. Ramiz Alia followed Tito in selling the people to the one who would offer the most money! This way Albania began to suffer under the desease of capitalist corruption.

In the eyes of today's Maoists, Hoxhaism is supposedly "revisionist" solely because it unmasked Maoism for what it really is-a bourgeois ideology. This tactic of deception ("Stop the thief!") has always been used by the revisionists to portray any further development of proletarian ideology as "revisionist". The Chinese revisionists appeared as the "defenders" of Marxism-Leninism just for the purpose to denigrate the true Marxist-Leninists as "traitors".
The struggle "against revisionism" is only of interest for the Maoists if they can cheat and make trade with it. Whether capitalist or socialist ideology - they do not care. Only that kind of ideology is always proclaimed as state doctrine, which at the given moment is the most profitable. Maoism obeys the ideological weather vane of profit. The leadership of the CPC has always had its own predatory interests, as in 1978 in Albania: "internationalist support for Albania" in words - economic and political dependence of Albania on China in deeds. The ideology of Maoism was and is for the Chinese rulers only a tool of their imperialist pragmatism. Pragmatically and not principled - in this way they have always approached all questions, such as border issues (of course, always in favor of China!). Which goal is behind it? Chinese Empire wants to swallow the entire world. That was the goal of the Chinese imperialists, is still their goal today, and will always remain their goal.

What does Albania's fight against Chinese revisionism teach us?

One can lead the struggle against revisionism either with capitalist-imperialist ulterior motives namely in the interest of the bourgeoisie or on the foundations of Marxism-Leninism in the interests of the working class. There is no middle-thing.

At the Fifth Congress of the PLA, Comrade Enver Hoxha made this clear as follows:

"In the fight against modern revisionism, as in all other questions, the only correct attitude is the principled attitude. You can not trade with the principles. One must not remain at half of the way of defending the principles, one must never take a wavering and opportunistic attitude.
The struggle between Marxism-Leninism and revisionism is a manifestation of the class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, between capitalism and socialism. There can not be a middle line in this fight. The "golden mean" is, as many years of experience show, the line of reconciliation of opposites, which can never be reconciled, is an untenable and provisional position. Nor can the midline serve as a mask of deviations from the Marxist-Leninist principles, because the struggle against revisionism, if it is not guided by ideological motives but only by economic and political antagonisms and by the nationalist and chauvinist base, it is a bluff. Anyone who sticks to this line in his attitude towards the renegades of Marxism-Leninism is at risk, sooner or later, of getting himself into the positions of the latter. 'There is and can not be a 'middle line' in questions of fundamental nature," J. Stalin powerfully emphasized."
(Enver Hoxha)

And when the Albanians bravely fought the Soviet revisionists, the Maoists used Hoxhaism to clear their Russian rival with it. And 1978? 1978, they no longer needed their anti-revisionist cloak and left the Albanians in the lurch.

The ideological victory of the Party of Labor of Albania over Maoism shook the ideological bulwark established by the world imperialists and the world reaction against the world socialist revolution. Maoism has failed against Stalinism-Hoxhaism, can no longer deceive the world proletariat and can not save the capitalist world. The fate of the downfall of revisionism is sealed.
With Stalinism-Hoxhaism the matter of the working class is undefeatable, with Stalinism-Hoxhaism the matter of Albania is undefeatable.

Today's capitalist marsh will be drained in Albania one day.

Socialist Albania will blossom again under the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th classic of Marxism-Leninism.

Socialist Albania will flourish again - not in a bourgeois-revisionist world, but in a proletarian, socialist world!

Long live Comrade Enver Hoxha's victory over Maoism!
Long live the Albanian section of the Comintern (SH)!

Wolfgang Eggers
Comintern (SH)

July 29, 2018


Enver Hoxha

- the great pioneer of the correct Marxist-Leninist struggle against the Chinese revisionists and the revisionist "Mao Zedong Thought"

1962 - 1984



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American Section

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Comintern (SH) !


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New publications

in Czech language


Josef Visarionovič STALIN

Marxismus a národnostní a koloniální otázka



Josef Visarionovič STALIN

Ekonomické problémy socialismu v SSSR



Josef Visarionovič STALIN

Rozhovor mezi J. Stalinem a Royem Howardem


Josef Visarionovič STALIN

Trockismus nebo leninismus

Pravda, čís. 269, 26. listopadu 1924


Josef Visarionovič STALIN

Poslední veřejný projev soudruha Josefa Stalina na závěrečném zasedání XIX. sjezdu KSSS dne 14. října 1952





Tři zdroje a tři součásti marxismu




Marxismus a Revizionismus


Dopisy o taktice


Proletářská revoluce a renegát Kautsky



O současné situaci a nejbližších úkolech sovětské moci

Moskvy 4.července 1919

Lenin proti oportunismus


O pogromistickych stvanicich proti zidum

I. Lenin, spisy 29 (březen – srpen 1919)

Pouceni z komuny



Karel Marks

Namezdni prace a kapital




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German Section

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Build up the American Section of the Comintern (SH) !


July 20, 2018


"Down with the pseudo-Stalinist-Hoxhaists in the USA!"

letter of our comrade from the USA



Throughout the history of the communist world movement, Marxism, the sole Proletarian Ideology has and continues to make developments in order to adapt to new conditions, first as Leninism under the epoch of imperialism, Stalinism under the epoch of a capitalist encirclement and “Socialism in One Country”, and Hoxhaism in the epoch of a capitalist-revisionist encirclement and today, it has evolved into Stalinism-Hoxhaism which is based upon the teachings of the Five Classics of Marxism-Leninism, the experiences of the USSR and Socialist Albania, and new conditions that have arisen such as the rise of globalization which hastens the inevitability of a global proletarian revolution and after that, a new epoch in which the proletariat will never again have to share power with the bourgeoisie, but of course, Stalinism-Hoxhaism will continue to be developed and tempered throughout the 21st century and beyond.

Naturally, as Stalinism-Hoxhaism develops, so does its bourgeois adversaries hoping to falsify the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and Hoxha as part of an effort to assimilate Stalinism-Hoxhaism into bourgeois ideology. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement has successfully exposed these phony ideologies, but new ones continue to emerge and must be fought.

Recently, a new revisionist movement that takes up the banner of “Stalinism-Hoxhaism” has arisen, particularly within the United States that has proven themselves to be Stalinist-Hoxhaist in words, neo-revisionist in deeds. While they supposedly support the Comintern SH, they also openly praise anti-revisionist lines, particularly from the pro-ICMLPO American Party of Labor.

On Tanner Staricka

First, we must analyze Tanner Staricka, an intellectual and self-proclaimed “Stalinist-Hoxhaist” who spent about 10 months in jail for child molestation and was released back in May and has resumed his work since then. Staricka serves as an unofficial leader of the pseudo-Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement within the United States and he has primarily published his works on his website “Ideas of a Proletarian” (which he hasn’t updated since his arrest) as well as his Instagram account where he posts most of his ideological content along with quotes, non-political and some obscene material.

Looking at his website, his theoretical works apply and feature the philosophy of the anti-Stalinist Louis Althusser, who often wrote of alleged “Stalinist crimes”, was one of the main architects of so-called Structural “Marxism”, and derived much of his phony philosophy from the revisionist Antonio Gramsci who rejected the central role of class conflict.

Looking at his Instagram account, only content that has relevance to his pseudo-Stalinist-Hoxhaist ideology will be analyzed. He has quotes of the social-fascist DPRK leaders Kim il-sung Kim Jong-il, describing the former as “the only Kim i admire and respect” and also features a quote from Lee Harvey Oswald, a member of the Khrushchevite CPUSA and assassin of the American imperialist president John F. Kennedy. In another post which features a screenshot of his Facebook profile that includes photos of the Maoist Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party, he describes himself as a “Future Member of the APL” illustrating his unprincipled and false "Stalinism-Hoxhaism".

On the “Stalinist-Hoxhaists” United

In addition to Staricka, there is also another neo-revisionist group known as the “Stalinist-Hoxhaists” United which operates on Twitter and their website “Stalinist Compositions” who describes themselves as:

“We are a decentralized unit made up of people primarily from within the United States working for an all-around Hoxhaist revolution on a global scale everywhere”. (


“we have no relations with, nor are we the result of breaking off with, any political party. We are an independent bunch who decided ourselves to form this unit, we did not do this on the behests of any party nor did we split from any party. That said, while we do agree with the fundamental line of many political parties, here in the belly of the beast and abroad, do not expect us to be within their ranks. Our line is our own, and like our posts, they are subject to change. Our line differs somewhat from that of other parties, in particular, our views on Mao and Maoism.” (

In other words, they are a “decentralized” group, which is against the organizational principles of the Comintern SH and they support the “fundamental line of many political parties”, meaning that they also support the lines of other (and thus, revisionist) parties. One such party is the neo-revisionist American Party of Labor, praising it as “one of the only genuine communist parties in the world today” in their critique on Maoism, which is the only document they have on their website so far.

Going into their critique on Maoism which is written by multiple authors and is by no means, written from a Stalinist-Hoxhaist perspective, the first thing one would notice is how amateurish and poorly-written it is, using simplistic language, logical and historical fallacies, and they often cite and praise Staricka, applying some of his ridiculous “dialectical formulas”, trying to apply some sort of equation to describe China’s conditions. They also express their admiration for the imperialist lackey Duterte, stating that:

“Duterte is a force for good in the Philippines, and trying to overthrow him only means a capultation to imperialism. Duterte is a force for good because he loves his beautiful country and his race, he's a transparent leader, he's giving it all to fight corruption, he's investing a lot in the economy and stuff, he's strong-willed and intelligent, and he's dealing with the drug crisis in the best way possible.”

The current situation of the proletariat in the Philippines states otherwise, with mass protests and political instability. Such unprincipled support for comprador bourgeois leaders and governments in the name of “anti-Maoism” again demonstrates that the "Stalinist-Hoxhaists" United are not Stalinist-Hoxhaists at all.

On the American Party of Labor

While the American Party of Labor doesn’t describe themselves as a “Stalinist-Hoxhaist”, much of the American pseudo-Stalinist-Hoxhaist movement and Tanner Staricka express support for the party. The American Party of Labor is a Blandist, pro-ICMLPO, and “Espresso-Stalinist” party (in fact, Victor Vaughn, the owner of the Espresso Stalinist website, is the party’s National Secretary) within the United States that supports the social-fascist Party for Socialism and Liberation and has friendly relations with ICMLPO “brother parties” such as the Turkish EMEP and the Danish Workers’ Communist Party. They also hold the typical “Four and a Half-Heads” position and actively defends and supports social-fascist Cuba along with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, stating on their platform that:

“Our Party is based on Marxism-Leninism as formulated by Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin; and enriched by figures such as Enver Hoxha, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, and the countless other revolutionaries who have dedicated their lives to the defeat of capitalism and advancement of socialism.”

And many of their articles on their Organ “The Red Phoenix” as well as their theoretical journal “Revolutionary Spirit” contain articles by the ICMPLO, Cuban media, and Bill Bland. In conclusion, the American Party of Labor is just a typical neo-revisionist party.

I like to mention that the APL also features works by Dimitrov, whom Bland disliked and critiqued from revisionist viewpoint. Strange enough, many of other neo-revisionist parties also uphold and admire both of those revisionists.


Although it is noteworthy to point out that this phony group of “Stalinist-Hoxhaists” are small in number right now, it is essential for every honest Stalinist-Hoxhaist within the United States and elsewhere to combat and nip this threat in the bud, build a genuine American Section of the Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaist), and uphold and advance the correct line of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!!














170 years ago ...


Historical events

international revolutionary movement




26 July 1848





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Sri Lanka




90th Anniversary of the


Sixth Congress of the Communist International


from 17th of July to 1st of September 1928.





Messages of Solidarity


Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 90th anniversary of the

Sixth World Congress of the Comintern

from 17th of July to 1st of September 1928.


Dear Comrades !

Today we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Sixth World Congress of the Comintern.

The sixth congress of the Communist International took place from 17 July to 1 September 1928 in Moscow.

515 delegates from 57 countries participated in the congress (65 organizations - including 50 communist parties).

 The Congress discussed the eports of the Executive Committee of the Comintern, the reports of the Executive Committee of the Young Communist International and the International Control Commission, Measures of Fighting the Peril of Imperialist Wars, the program of the Communist International, the question of the revolutionary movement in the colonial and semi-colonial countries , the economic situation of the USSR and the situation in the CPSU [B], nd it confirmed the Statute of the Comintern.

The world program of the Comintern, written under the guidance of Comrade Stalin, has gone down in history as the "program of the world dictatorship of the proletariat," and is the lighthouse that illuminates our safe path to world socialist revolution. The VI. World Congress is of the utmost importance to the Comintern (SH) and we are the only true defenders of the Comintern Program.

Congress pointed to the growth of the internal antagonisms of capitalism. The inevitable consequence is characterized by the end of the period of capitalist stabilization and a sharp intensification of the general crisis of world capitalism. The congress set the tasks of the Communist International, which resulted from the new conditions of the struggle of the working class. In the resolution on the situation in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and in the CPSU [B], the Congress emphasized the successes of socialist construction in the USSR and its importance in consolidating the revolutionary positions of the international proletariat and called on the working people of the whole world in defense of the Soviet Union. J. Stalin was elected to the Presidium of the Congress, to the Program Commission and to the Political Commission charged with drawing up the theses on the international situation and the tasks of the Communist International.The sixth Congress was the Congress of the "Third Period" of the revolutionary world movement since the October Revolution. This was the period in which the stabilization phase of capitalism was completed after World War I and the contradictions of world capitalism intensified again. The VI. Congress took place shortly before the Great Depression of 1929. The class struggle took a new quality, and with it the liberation movement in the colonial and dependent countries. In this context, the Congress adopted the "class against class" tactics drafted by the 9th plenum of the ECCI (February 1928).
Congress relied on the strategic line of the Fifth Congress (1924) - linking the struggle against open reaction (fascism) and against social democracy. Particular importance was attached to drawing a clear line of demarcation against the "left wing" of social democracy and to suppressing any conciliatory attitude towards the "left wing" of social democracy in its own ranks of the Comintern. The thesis about social fascism was written by the VI. Congress supports and defends (incidentally against the will of a small right-wing opportunist part of the delegates, especially the Italian delegation under the direction of one of the signatories of the dissolution of the Comintern, a traitor within the Cominform of Comrade Stalin, the later modern revisionist and forerunner of euro-"communism" - Palmiro Togliatti. (called "Ercoli"!)

There is evidence in a series of congressional documents that Social Democracy played a fascist role in the most critical moments of capitalism. Social Democracy maintained contact with the Nazis in various places - especially against he communists.
In historical revert, fascism in East Germany was restored under the disguise of alleged "anti-fascism" and "socialism" ( = social-fascist regime after the founding of the unity party of modern revisionists and social democrats).

In smashing the dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR, Social Democratic Menshevism (Berianism) played a social-fascist role.
Moreover. The Albanian social democracy played a social-fascist role in overthrowing the dictatorship of the proletariat and restorating capitalism. These lessons results from our Stalinist-Hoxhaist investigations.

History showed that social-fascists are not only coming from the camp of the social-democrats but also from other class-hostile elements which hide their fascist position behind "socialist" phraseology to deceive the working class and the toiling masses (i.e. Bucharinists, Trotskyites, Maoists and all sort of neo-revisionists, even those who hide their fascist actions behind a Stalinist-Hoxhaist mask).

Remember: The bourgeoisie recruites counter-revolutionary forces both from the petty bourgeoisie and from the working class, gains her social-fascist elements not only from the ranks of the social democrats and revisionists but (even more dangerous) from the communist ranks !
The Comintern (SH) therefore defends the decisions of the VI Congress. The Comintern (SH) is obliged to further develops the Theory and Tactics of the struggle against social-fascism according to today's conditions of globalization.
Social-fascism is anti-fascism in words and fascism in deeds.

* * *

Please remember: Since the founding of the Comintern an amount of five World Congresses took place within 10 years before the VI World Congress took place. In the following 15 (!) Years, only one single (!) World Congress took place (VII World Congress), with which the path to the dissolution of the Comintern had been treaded. The greatgoal of the Comintern, the only reason for her existence, that was the conquest of the proletarian world power, the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat by means of the world socialist revolution, thus the only way to world socialism and to world communism. The traitors of the Comintern handed these inalienable goals to the world bourgeoisie on a silver platter. For the purpose of the pact with the bourgeoisie, the modern revisionists no longer needed the Comintern.The VI. World Congress took place in a period of development of the Comintern, which represents its absolute peak. This was a period in which Comrade Stalin had the greatest influence on the Comintern. This was all the more reason for all the enemies of the Comintern (including the Trotskyists, the Right and the Conciliators) to attack from all sides the Comintern of Comrade Lenin and Stalin . This "third period", the strongest and highest developed period of the Comintern was and still is branded by the enemies of the Comintern as the so-called "Stalinist period", a so-called "period of" left "deviation, the" greatest mistake "of the Comintern, the "cause" for the downfall of the Comintern.

On the other hand, the time until the Fifth World Congress is praised by the revisionists, neo-revisionists Trotskyists, Maoists, etc. ( as well as the treacherous Dimitroff period since the Seventh World Congress). With other words: In the eyes of all the anti-Stalinists, Stalin was outed the main enemy of the Comintern.

What can be said about this ? Nothing.

Just look at the names of all those later betrayers who were already elected leaders on the VI World Congress. It was no coincidence that many of these traitors were re-elected on the VII World Congress. Incidentally, as early as 1930 there were already seven members and candidates of the ECCI who had turned their backs on communism.



5th Executive Committee of the Communist International

(in German language)


In the Political Secretariat of the ECCI, which was elected by the VI World Congress, consisted mainly of renegades, as well in the Presidium.Here are just a few of many names of the renegade of the VI World Congress:

Dimitrov, Georgi (CP Bulgaria)

Nikolai Bukharin (CPSU-B)

Rykov, Alexei (CPSU-B)

Manuilski, Dmitri (CPSU-B)

Moirova, (CPSU-B)]

Remmele, Hermann (KPD)

Pieck, Wilhelm (KPD)

Ulbricht, Walter (KPD)

Palmiro Togliatti (code name: Ercoli, KP Italy)

Tasca, Angelo (code name: Serrat) (ITALY)

Grieco, Ruggero (Italy)

Wassil Kolarov (CP Bulgaria and Balkan countries)

Otto-Wille Kuusinen (Finland)

Furubotn, Peder (KP of Norway)

Jules Humbert-Droz (Switzerland)

Lovestone, Jay (US CP)

Gitlow, Benjamin (CP of the USA)

William Zebulon Foster (US CP)

Thorez, Maurice (KPF)

Barbé, Henry (KPF)

Doriot, Jacques (PCF)

Marcel Cachin (CCP of France)

John Thomas Murphy (CP England)

Pollitt, Harry (CP Britain)

Spector, Maurice (Canada)

Leszczyński, Julian (code name: Lénski, KP Polens)

Jilek, Bohumil (KP of Czechoslovakia)

Reimann, Pavel (KP of Czechoslovakia)

Verčik, Julius (KP of Czechoslovakia)

Varga, Eugen (Hungary)

Pauker, Marcel (Romania)

Kavanagh, Jack (KP Australia)

Zhou Enlai (code name: Chen Kwang, CPC)


Based solely on this black list, the Comintern (SH) comes to the opinion that the revisionist degeneration of the Comintern began already some years after the VI World Congress, exactly after the seizure of power of Hitler - namely with the 13th Plenum of the ECCI in December 1933 which already took place without comrade Ernst Thaelmann. Ernst Thälmann und Dimitroff were both emprisoned by the Nazis in March 1933.

Ernst Thaelmann, the best Stalinist leader of the Comintern was shot by the Nazis [WITHOUT ANY COURT CASE !!].

In contrast, the renegade Dimitrov was released by the Nazis [after a Propaganda court trial, well-orchestrated by the Nazis !!].

In this way the Nazis were giving Dimtrov free hand to prepare the liquidation of the Comintern. And indeed, Dimitrov became head of the Comintern in 1934, until he dissolved the Comintern in 1943. The fascist organisation of the "Anti-Comintern" struggled for the liquidation of the Comintern and Dimitrov fulfilled their aim. Fascists and social-fascists together at work against organizationing the world socialist revolution - this became a historical fact not only in 1943. This is an important lesson for the world proletariat !


And which names of the 6th World Congress reappear at the signing of the dissolution of the Comintern? The names of the same traitors !!!




M. ERCOLI (Togliatti)







 And the leaders of the Comintern - like Zinoviev, Bukharin, Dimitroff?
All traitors to the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin !!!

The only one who escaped his judicial death penalty was Dimitrov!


From 1926 to 1929 Bukharin was General Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Comintern.

In particular, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary, we raise the question how it can be possible that Bukharin, leader of the Comintern, turned out to be one of the greatest criminals in the history of the Comintern, of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, of the communist world movement.Bukharinism is not an ideology focused solely on the overthrow of the Soviet Union and the restoration of capitalism, but also an international ideology of the bourgeoisie, which is directed against the great revolutionary cause of the world proletariat and continues to spread throughout the world , Mao and Deng Hsiao Ping were the disciples of Bukharin, as were Brandler and Thalheimer and many other traitors in the ranks of the communist parties. Bukharin closed his eyes to the revolutionary upsurge of the working class in the "Third Period". He sabotaged the fight against right-wing opportunism. He hezitated to throw out the rightist deviants ruthlessly. He also did not fight against the conciliators. He tolerated and promoted the influence of the ideology of "left" social democratism within its own ranks. All this meant nothing more than weakening, indeed even sabotaging, the unity of the Comintern, thereby giving space and time to factions in an irresponsible manner. This was shown concretely in the Wittorf affair, which Bukharin misused to overthrow our comrade Ernst Thalmann as the leader and son of the world proletariat and chairman of the KPD. He also intended to protect the two Bukharinists, Brandler and Thalheimer, from expulsion from the KPD. And it was the comrade Stalin, who uncovered these insidious machinations of Bukharin, thwarted, and put himself protectively before Ernst Thalmann. And what did Ernst Thalmann say about Bukharin? "Maybe not all comrades know it yet, but shortly before the 6th World Congress Bukharin tried to form a faction, which he had previously agreed with Kamenev."


Bukharin ignored the decision of the CPSU (B) that all that is carried into the Comintern must first be presented to the party for information, discussion and approval. With his secret theses on the international situation Bukharin had bypassed the normal Party way and violated his party discipline. Important and absolutely necessary corrections of the CPSU (B) could only be made during the VI World Congress - thus far too late.

Bukharin disagreed with the thesis that the so-called stability of capitalism was overshadowed by profound convulsions (this thesis was fully confirmed by the Great Depression of 1929, a year later).


We believe that the revisionist turnaround at the Seventh World Congress was not without the influence of Bukharinism. In this respect, Bukharin can be described as the forerunner of the rightist opportunism of Dimitroff. And last but not least, it was the modern revisionists who later rehabilitated Bukharin.


The Comintern (SH) now has published an extensive collection of documents of the VI World Congress in different languages. It must be noted that we could only publish what was available to us until the present moment. Among them are also some issues of the "International Press Correspondence" in English, which documents of the VI World Congress included. There is no reason for us not to publish these original documents of the Comintern just because they are spread by the Trotskyists. Of course, the Trotskyists have only published those documents of the VI World Congress, which are in their own interest, such as those of Bukharin and his speeches at the congress. Of course, everybody knows why. Bukharin was the leading figure of the Rightist within the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites" ! There's honor among thieves.

Is it not clear that we are,in contrast, publish especially such issues of the "International Press Correspondence" that do NOT suit the plans of the Trotskyists? There is, for example, Issue No. 45 of August 30, 1929, where on page 964 the following resolution of the ECCI is to be read:



July 1929 Inprecorr, ix, 45, p. 964, 30 August 1929


* * *




6 October 1928


* * *




19 December 1928 Inprekorr, viii, 142, p. 2829,

21 December 1928 


* * *

Who was the true leader of the VI World Congress ?The true leader of the VI World Congress was not Bukharin, but Comrade Stalin, who did an outstanding work in the committees of the VI World Congress.
The first day of the VI World Congress had not even begun when Stalin had long since led the fight against the right-wing opposition. And as soon as the congress was over, Stalin continued the fight against Bukharin until the expulsion of Bukharin and other criminals was decided. And that within only half a year after completion of the VI World Congress. On this occasion we publish the following works of comrade Stalin:



Stalin BEFORE the VI World Congress:



(„Leningradskaja pravda“ No. 162, June 14, 1928)



Plenum of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.)

July 4-12, 1928



Results of the July Plenum of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.)

Report to a Meeting of the Active of the Leningrad Organisation of the C.P.S.U.(B.),

July 13 1928;


 * * *


Stalin AFTER the VI World Congress:


The Right Danger in the C.P.S.U.(B.)

Speech Delivered at the Plenum of the Moscow Committee and Moscow Control Commission of the C.P.S.U.(B.)
October 19, 1928




(November 1928)




The Right Danger in the German Communist Party

(December 1928)




Bukharin`s Group and the Right Deviation in our Party

(February 1929)




Speech Delivered at the Plenum of
the Central Committee and the Central Control Commission
of the C.P.S.U.(B.) in April 1929
(Verbatim Report)

Excerpt concerning the Comintern:


Disagreements in Regard to the Comintern

I have already said that Bukharin does not see and does not understand the new tasks of the Comintern along the line of driving the Rights out of the Communist Parties, of curbing conciliation, and of purging the Communist Parties of Social-Democratic traditions—tasks which are dictated by the maturing conditions for a new revolutionary upsurge. This thesis is fully confirmed by our disagreements on Comintern questions.

How did the disagreements in this sphere begin?

They began with Bukharin’s theses at the Sixth Congress [3] on the international situation. As a rule, theses first examined by the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.). In this case, however, that condition was not observed. What happened was that the theses, signed by Bukharin, were sent to the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) at the same time as they were distributed to the foreign delegations at the Sixth Congress. But the theses proved to be unsatisfactory on a number of points. The delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) was obliged to introduce about twenty amendments to the theses.

This created a rather awkward situation for Bukharin. But who was to blame for that? Why was it necessary for Bukharin to distribute the theses to the foreign delegations before they had been examined by the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.)? Could the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) refrain from introducing amendments if the theses proved to be unsatisfactory? And so it came about that the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) issued what were practically new theses on the international situation, which the foreign delegations began to counterpose to the old theses signed by Bukharin. Obviously, this awkward situation would not have arisen if Bukharin had not been in a hurry to distribute his theses to the foreign delegations.

I should like to draw attention to four principal amendments which the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) introduced into Bukharin’s theses. I should like to draw attention to these principal amendments in order to illustrate more clearly the character of the disagreements on Comintern questions.

The first question is that of the character of the stabilisation of capitalism. According to Bukharin’s theses it appeared that nothing new is taking place at the present time to shake capitalist stabilisation, but that, on the contrary, capitalism is reconstructing itself and that, on the whole, it is maintaining itself more or less securely. Obviously, the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) could not agree with such a characterisation of what is called the third period, i.e., the period through which we are now passing. The delegation could not agree with it because to retain such a characterisation of the third period might give our critics grounds for saying that we have adopted the point of view of so-called capitalist “recovery,” i.e., the point of view of Hilferding, a point of view which we Communists cannot adopt. Owing to this, the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) introduced an amendment which makes it evident that capitalist stabilisation is not and cannot be secure, that it is being shaken and will continue to be shaken by the march of events, owing to the aggravation of the crisis of world capitalism.

This question, comrades, is of decisive importance for the Sections of the Comintern. Is capitalist stabilisation shaken or is it becoming more secure? It is on this that the whole line of the Communist Parties in their day-to-day political work depends. Are we passing through a period of decline of the revolutionary movement, a period of the more gathering of forces, or are we passing through a period when the conditions are maturing for a new revolutionary upsurge, a period of preparation of the working class for future class battles? It is on this that the tactical line of the Communist Parties depends. The amendment of the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) subsequently adopted by the congress, is a good one for the very reason that it gives a clear line based on the latter prospect, the prospect of maturing conditions for a new revolutionary upsurge.

The second question is that of the fight against Social-Democracy. In Bukharin’s theses it was stated that the fight against Social-Democracy is one of the fundamental tasks of the Sections of the Comintern. That, of course, is true. But it is not enough. In order that the fight against Social-Democracy may be waged successfully, stress must be laid on the fight against the so-called “Left” wing of Social-Democracy, that “Left” wing which, by playing with “Left” phrases and thus adroitly deceiving the workers, is retarding their mass defection from Social-Democracy. It is obvious that unless the “Left” Social-Democrats are routed it will be impossible to overcome Social-Democracy in general. Yet, in Bukharin’s theses the question of “Left” Social-Democracy was entirely ignored. That, of course, was a great defect. The delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) was therefore obliged to introduce into Bukharin’s theses an appropriate amendment, which was subsequently adopted by the congress.

The third question is that of the conciliatory tendency in the Sections of the Comintern. Bukharin’s theses spoke of the necessity of fighting the Right deviation, but not a word was said there about fighting conciliation towards the Right deviation. That, of course, was a great defect. The point is that when war is declared on the Right deviation, the Right deviators usually disguise themselves as conciliators and place the Party in an awkward position. To forestall this manoeuvre of the Right deviators we must insist on a determined fight against conciliation. That is why the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) considered it necessary to introduce into Bukharin’s theses an appropriate amendment, which was subsequently adopted by the congress.

The fourth question is that of Party discipline. In Bukharin’s theses no mention was made of the necessity of maintaining iron discipline in the Communist Parties. That also was a defect of no little importance. Why? Because in a period when the fight against the Right deviation is being intensified, in a period when the slogan of purging the Communist Parties of opportunist elements is being put into effect, the Right deviators usually organise themselves as a faction, set up their own factional discipline and disrupt and destroy the discipline of the Party. To protect the Party from the factional sorties of the Right deviators we must insist on iron discipline in the Party and on the unconditional subordination of Party members to this discipline. Without that there can be no question of waging a serious fight against the Right deviation. That is why the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) introduced into Bukharin’s theses an appropriate amendment, which was subsequently adopted by the Sixth Congress.

Could we refrain from introducing these amendments into Bukharin’s theses? Of course not. In olden times it was said about the philosopher Plato: We love Plato, but we love truth even more. The same must be said about Bukharin: We love Bukharin, but we love truth, the Party and the Comintern even more. That is why the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) found itself obliged to introduce these amendments into Bukharin’s theses.

That, so to speak, was the first stage of our disagreements on Comintern questions.

The second stage of our disagreements is connected with what is known as the Wittorf and Thälmann case. Wittorf was formerly secretary of the Hamburg organisation, and was accused of embezzling Party funds. For this he was expelled from the Party. The conciliators in the Central Committee of the German Communist Party, taking advantage of the fact that Wittorf had been close to Comrade Thälmann, although Comrade Thälmann was in no way implicated in Wittorf’s crime, converted the Wittorf case into a Thälmann case, and set out to overthrow the leadership of the German Communist Party. No doubt you know from the press that at that time the conciliators Ewert and Gerhart succeeded temporarily in winning over a majority of the Central Committee of the German Communist Party against Comrade Thälmann. And what followed? They removed Thälmann from the leadership, began to accuse him of corruption and published a “corresponding” resolution without the knowledge and sanction of the Executive Committee of the Comintern.

Thus, instead of the directive of the Sixth Congress of the Comintern about fighting conciliation being carried out, instead of a fight against the Right deviation and against conciliation, there was, in fact, a most gross violation of this directive, there was a fight against the revolutionary leadership of the German Communist Party, a fight against Comrade Thälmann, with the object of covering up the Right deviation and of consolidating the conciliatory tendency in the ranks of the German Communists.

And so, instead of swinging the tiller over and correcting the situation, instead of restoring the validity of the violated directive of the Sixth Congress and calling the conciliators to order, Bukharin proposed in his well-known letter to sanction the conciliators’ coup, to hand over the German Communist, Party to the conciliators, and to revile Comrade Thälmann in the press again by issuing another statement declaring him to be guilty. And this is supposed to be a “leader” of the Comintern! Can there really be such “leaders”?

The Central Committee discussed Bukharin’s proposal and rejected it. Bukharin, of course, did not like that. But who is to blame? The decisions of the Sixth Congress were adopted not in order that they should be violated but in order that they should be carried out. If the Sixth Congress decided to declare war on the Right deviation and conciliation towards it by keeping the leadership in the hands of the main core of the German Communist Party, headed by Comrade Thälmann, and if it occurred to the conciliators Ewert and Gerhart to upset that decision, it was Bukharin’s duty to call the conciliators to order and not to leave in their hands the leadership of the German Communist Party. It is Bukharin, who “forgot” the decisions of the Sixth Congress, who is to blame.

The third stage of our disagreements is connected with the question of the fight against the Rights in the German Communist Party, with the question of routing the Brandler and Thalheimer faction, and of expelling the leaders of that faction from the German Communist Party. The “position” taken up by Bukharin and his friends on that cardinal question was that they persistently avoided taking part in settling it. At bottom, it was the fate of the German Communist Party that was being decided. Yet Bukharin and his friends, knowing this, nevertheless continually hindered matters by systematically keeping away from the meetings of the bodies which had the question under consideration. For the sake of what? Presumably, for the sake of remaining “clean” in the eyes of both the Comintern and the Rights in the German Communist Party. For the sake of being able subsequently to say: “It was not we, the Bukharinites, who carried out the expulsion of Brandler and Thalheimer from the Communist Party, but they, the majority in the Central Committee.” And that is what is called fighting the Right danger!

Finally, the fourth stage of our disagreements. It is connected with Bukharin’s demand prior to the November plenum of the Central Committee [4] that Neumann be recalled from Germany and that Comrade Thälmann, who, it was alleged, had criticised in one of his speeches Bukharin’s report at the Sixth Congress, be called to order. We, of course, could not agree with Bukharin, since there was not a single document in our possession supporting his demand. Bukharin promised to submit documents against Neumann and Thälmann but never submitted a single one. Instead of documents, he distributed to the members of the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.) copies of the speech delivered by Humbert-Droz at the Political Secretariat of the E.C.C.I., the very speech which was subsequently qualified by the Presidium of the E.C.C.I. as an opportunist speech. By distributing Humbert-Droz’s speech to the members of the delegation of the C.P.S.U.(B.), and by recommending it as material against Thälmann, Bukharin wanted to prove the justice of his demand for the recall of Neumann and for calling Comrade Thälmann to order. In fact, however, he thereby showed that he identified himself with the position taken up by Humbert-Droz, a position which the E.C.C.I. regards as opportunist.

Those, comrades, are the main points of our disagreements on Comintern questions.

Bukharin thinks that by conducting a struggle against the Right deviation and conciliation towards it in the Sections of the Comintern, by purging the German and Czechoslovak Communist Parties of Social-Democratic elements and traditions, and by expelling the Brandlers and the Thalheimers from the Communist Parties, we are “disintegrating” the Comintern, “ruining” the Comintern. We, on the contrary, think that by carrying out such a policy and by laying stress on the fight against the Right deviation and conciliation towards it, we are strengthening the Comintern, purging it of opportunists, bolshevising its Sections and helping the Communist Parties to prepare the working class for the future revolutionary battles, for the Party is strengthened by purging itself of dross.

You see that these are not merely shades of difference in the ranks of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B.), but quite serious disagreements on fundamental questions of Comintern policy. (Stalin)


Speeches on the CPUSA

Delivered in the AMERICAN COMMISSION of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Communist International

May 6, 1929



delivered in THE PRESIDIUM of the Executive Committee of the Communist International on the American Question

May 14th, 1929

available also in PDF - Format


In his Political Report to the XVI Congress Stalin defined rightist opportunism as follows: 


"The chief evil of Right opportunism is that it breaks with the Leninist conception of the class struggle and slips into the viewpoint of petty-bourgeois liberalism.

    There can be no doubt that the victory of the Right deviation in our Party would have meant completely disarming the working class, arming the capitalist elements in the countryside and increasing the chances of the restoration of capitalism in the U.S.S.R.

    The Right deviators do not take the stand of forming another party, and that is another thing that distinguishes them from the Trotskyists. The leaders of the Right deviators have openly admitted their mistakes and have surrendered to the Party. But it would be foolish to think, on these grounds, that the Right deviation is already buried. The strength of Right opportunism is not measured by this circumstance. The strength of Right opportunism lies in the strength of the petty-bourgeois elemental forces, in the strength of the pressure on the Party exercised by the capitalist elements in general, and by the kulaks in particular. And it is precisely because the Right deviation reflects the resistance of the chief elements of the moribund classes that the Right deviation is the principal danger in the Party at the present time.

    That is why the Party considered it necessary to wage a determined and uncompromising struggle against the Right deviation.

    There can be no doubt that if we had not waged a determined struggle against the Right deviation, if we had not isolated its leading elements, we would not have succeeded in mobilising the forces of the Party and of the working class, in mobilising the forces of the poor- and middle-peasant masses, for the sweeping offensive of socialism, for the organisation of state farms and collective farms, for the restoration of our heavy industry, for the elimination of the kulaks as a class.

    That is how matters stand as regards the "Left" and Right deviations in the Party.

    The task is to continue the uncompromising struggle on two fronts, against the "Lefts," who represent petty-bourgeois radicalism, and against the Rights, who represent petty-bourgeois liberalism.

    The task is to continue the uncompromising struggle against those conciliatory elements in the Party who fail to understand, or pretend they do not understand, the necessity of a determined struggle on two fronts. (Stalin)


* * *

This idea of equity, of striking at the Rights and “ultra-Lefts” with equal intensity under all conditions and circumstances, is childish. The question of the fight against the Rights and “ultraLefts” must be regarded not from the standpoint of equity, but from the standpoint of the demands of the political situation, of the political requirements of the Party at any given moment. It should not be forgotten that Rights and “ultraLefts” are actually twins, that consequently both take an opportunist stand, the difference between them being that whereas the Rights do not always conceal their opportunism, the Lefts invariably camouflage their opportunism with “revolutionary” phrases. (Stalin Volume 8, pages 1 ff)


* * *

This situation changed dramatically when the Rightists and the Trotskyites had formed their "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites" !

In his Report to the XVII Congress (Januar 1934) Stalin stated the merging of the "left"-wing and right wing opportunists and their unification in "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites":


The “Lefts” have openly associated themselves with the counter-revolutionary programme of the Rights in order to enter into a bloc with them and to wage a joint struggle against the Party. (Stalin, Works, Volume 13, page 371)


This meant to decide on new forms of the "Two-front-struggle" according to the new conditions of the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites." This explains the necessity of the Moscow Trials against both the Trotskyites and the Rightists. The leaders of the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites" got there what they deserved - the death penalty !!


* * *

Bukharin and Trotsky conspired against the world proletariat. Both were social fascists - socialists in words and fascists in deeds. And it is precisely this social-fascist course that the Trotskyists continue today together with the neo-revisionists. Yes, together - this is unavoidable, and this we Stalinist-Hoxhaists have learnt from the history of the CPSU (B)! There is only one difference: To camouflage their secret cooperation with the Trotskyists, the neo-revisionists hide heir so called "anti-Trotskyism" behind attacks against the Comintern (SH) - namely that the Comintern (SH) would allegedly be "Trotskyist". One thing is clear. We will crush the newly emerging "block of Trotskyists and neo-revisionists" in the bud, including the conciliators.

* * *

1928, was not just the year of the VI. World Congress, but also the year , when Bukharin sided with the kulaks against the working class and the peasants. He organized counterrevolutions against collectivization.

It was the same year 1928, when Bukharin wanted to introduce state capitalism, allow foreign concessions and abolish the foreign trade monopoly.

Bukharin admitted his crimes in his last word before his death at the trial of March 12, 1938:

"I consider myself responsible for the greatest and most egregious crime against the socialist homeland and the whole international proletariat." During the Sixth Congress I had spoken with Kamenev. "
[1928 Discussions on Block Building and creation of Bukharin's Oppositional Economic Platform].

"At the meeting with Kamenev in his apartment, sharp slanderous speeches were made about the leadership of the party, about the regime in the party, about the organization of hunger, civil war in the country, the party leadership was slandered, etc., etc."


4 years after the VI World Congress, Bukharin prepared the violent overthrow of Soviet power in the fall of 1932 and thenceforth Trotsky threw off his "left" uniform.


In 1938, ten years after the 6th World Congress of the Comintern, Bukharin, who led the congress, was sentenced to death by shooting. Bukharin was with Trotsky the leading ideological head of the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites" who had collaborated with the foreign class enemy to organize the counter-revolution, to damage the construction of socialism in the Soviet Union, to incite terrorist uprisings, to plan sabotage acts, to transform the dictatorship of the proletariat into the dictatorship of a new "Soviet" bourgeoisie, to violently overthrow and crush the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin, to assassinate their leaders. And the main specialty of Bukharin? This was the restoration of capitalism (so-called "peaceful" transition of capitalism to socialism, or in return, "peaceful" transition of socialism to capitalism). So if we publish the documents of the VI World Congress of the Comintern, then this includes our duty to document the crimes of Bukharin. This will be done as follows:


Trial of the criminal Bukharin - 1938

(Excerpts from the document of the Moscow trials)


If we look back in more detail at the tactics of the coup d'état of the Soviet revisionists with the assassination of Comrade Stalin (1953), it is no coincidence that it closely resembles the planned coup d'état of the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites". What in the first attempt did not succeed thanks to Stalin, that was completed on the second attempt by the murder of Stalin.

On the one hand, it was important to expose to the world the crimes of the "Bloc of Rightists and Trotskyites" to the smallest detail, not to justify the death sentence, but as an important lesson for the world proletariat, namely never to be fooled by double-tonguing or to take false considerateness. No mercy for traitors !

On the other hand, these cunning criminals used their testimony in court to give the surviving followers the most accurate and detailed instructions on how to get rid of the communists and their leaders.


Bukharin was rightly punished for his actions with death. But the ideology of Bukharinism can not be eradicated by court order. It is a bourgeois ideology with which the bourgeoisie still spreads its poison in the communist world movement today. Bukharinism will not be defeated until the bourgeoisie is defeated. And it is precisely for the defeat of the world bourgeoisie and her ideology what the Comintern (SH) is fighting for.


Today, the Comintern (SH) is the only organization in the world that attacks and fights against Bukharinism from the correct Stalinist-Hoxaist point of view. There are only two options. Either you support us in this fight or you will be fought by us. There is no other way for us. And our struggle against Bukharinism will be in no way inferior of necessary sharpness as was practized by Stalin and Enver Hoxha!


Can the VI World Congress be defended without continuing the most consistent struggle against Bukharinism ? No, this is impossible. And that is precisely why the Comintern (SH) decided to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the VI. World Congress in all clarity and determination to declare war on Bukharinism. That's why we've created a new website dedicated to fighting against




and which shall help all comrades in fulfilling their duty.


Long live the 90th anniversary of the VI World Congress of the Comintern!
Long live the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin !
Long live the Comintern (SH) !

Down with Bukharinism!


Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)

17th of July, 2018






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in Spanish language







TOMO XL (40)














Friday 13, July 2018, London

More than 100 000 !

Protest against Trump




















Workers, be vigilant !

Do not be fooled.


Historical events of the revolutionary world movement

8th of July 1968


Chrysler Wildcat Strike


1968 - 2018

50 Years Ago












16 - 07 - 2018

written by Wolfgang Eggers

published by the Comintern (SH)

A brief guide to the introduction

in some basic teachings of Stalinism-Hoxhaism



Let us make Stalinism-Hoxhaism tearproof, so as to span it around the world until the world-proletarian ideology becomes the ruling ideology of the era of world socialism.

Our ideological leading position is based on the theoretical work that we have already accomplished since the founding of the Comintern (SH) in the year 2000.

In 2009 we had created the book on

What is Stalinism ?

(German language)

And in 2013 followed the book on

What is Hoxhaism ?


This is doubtlessly a great leap forward for the creation of Stalinism-Hoxhaism, and not without deep effect on our ideological class-enemies.

However, does this simultaneously mean that we have already "mastered" Stalinism-Hoxhaism ? Of course not. Its defense and further development is a matter of the coming hard ideological class-struggle and must be proved in practice in future.

In the meantime we have further developed Stalinism-Hoxhaism. We decided to document our ideological progress by the following collection of quotations.

What are the aims of presenting this book ?

At first: We want to make it easier for the new comrades to familiarize themselves with the teachings of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. This book is useful for propagating Stalinism-Hoxhaism as an instruction of revolutionary acting of the worldproletariat.

Secondly: This collection of treasures of Stalinism-Hoxhaism is a source of new inspirations for the further development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Thirdly: This first book on Stalinism-Hoxhaism facilitates the improvement of our ideological development by critical and self-critical correction of mistake. With this book we intent to facilitate the necessary permanent revolutionization of the proletarian ideology.

Three books form the current completion of the ideological basis of the Comintern (SH)

"What is Stalinism?"

"What is Hoxhaism?"

"What is Stalinism-Hoxhaism?"

The new book on Stalinism-Hoxhaism is based on the first published book on Stalinism and the following book on Hoxhaism. All three books belong together, relate to each other and form an inseparable unity as a whole. It goes without saying that Stalinism-Hoxhaism does not exhaust itself in this new book. This book can be nothing more than merely the summary of an inventory of the current development of Stalinism-Hoxhaism.


How does he ideological building of the Comintern (SH) look like ?

Marxism-Leninism is the ideological foundation of the ideological building of the Comintern (SH).

Stalinism forms the first floor.

Hoxhaism forms the second floor.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism forms the roof of the ideological building of the Comintern (SH).

The whole ideological building of the Comintern (SH) is built up in the world revolutionary spirit of the 5 Classics:

Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha !



16th of July, 1947 - 16th of July, 2018


Long live the 16th of July 1947

- the day of the first meeting of Comrade Stalin and Comrade Enver Hoxha,


the 71st Anniversary of Stalinism-Hoxhaism!





16th of July 1947

Founding Day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism


The anniversary of the first meeting of Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha is for us Stalinist-Hoxhaists and for the class-conscious elements of the world proletariat not an empty observance, but guideline for global class struggle, a guide for global revolutionary action. Especially the world political situation in which we are now , forces us with imperative compulsion that we have clearly to recognize the historical significance of the 16th of July 1947 and the teachings of the great leaders of the world proletariat - Josef Stalin and Enver Hoxha.


July 16, 1947 marks the anniversary on which Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism began to further develop into Hoxhaism.

July 16, 1947 is celebrated by the Comintern (SH) every new year from its 70th anniversary onwards.





New publications

in Russian language

thanks to

"Greeting messages from the communist and workers' parties and from the Marxist-Leninist movements addressed to the Fifth Congress of the Albanian Party of Labor, which took place in Tirana from November 1 to 8, 1966"


«Приветственные послания от коммунистических и рабочих партий и от марксистско-ленинских движений в адрес 5-ого съезда Албанской партии труда, происходившего в Тиране с 1 по 8 ноября 1966 г.»


(Албанское издание без выходных данных, публикация на русском языке)
Создание новых марксистско-ленинских партий и групп в первой половине 60-ых годов прошлого века было естественным следствием борьбы между марксизмом-ленинизмом и ревизионизмом. Две противоположные идеологии и линии никак не могли существовать внутри одной марксистско-ленинской партии в частности, и в международном коммунистическом движении — вообще.
На V съезде АПТ была выражена готовность всячески помогать новым марксистско-ленинским силам: «Мы считаем это своим высоким интернациональным долгом, ибо в росте и развитии этих новых революционных сил мы видим единственно правильный путь торжества марксизма-ленинизма и разгрома ревизионизма» (Энвер Ходжа. «Отчетный доклад о деятельности ЦК Албанской партии труда, представленный V съезду АПТ 1 ноября 1966г.» [Издательство «Наим Фрашери», Тирана, 1966г., на русском языке, стр. 231]).





75 years ago



10th of July 1943 - 10th of July 2018

Long live the 75th Anniversary of the Foundation of the

Albanian National Liberation Army!


Enver Hoxha and the Labinot Conference in which the National Liberation Army was founded




Messages of Solidarity


Greeting Message of the Comintern (SH)

on ocasion of the

75th Anniversary of the Foundation of the

Albanian National Liberation Arm


10 - 7 - 2018


Dear comrades of the Albanian Section of the Comintern (SH) !

Dear comrades all over the world !

The Comintern (SH) is sending militant greetings on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Albanian National Liberation Army (ANLA) !

On this great event we take the opportunity to call for the re-construction of the ANLA, namely for the purpose of getting rid of the Albanian bourgeoisie of today. Down with these criminal lackeys of the imperialists. Most important is the liberation of the Albanian people from the European imperialists with the German fascists and imperialists at the head.

The 75th anniversary of the founding of the ANLA is not only a reason for a historical celebration. To celebrate the victory of the ANLA is not only a historical matter. The lessons of the ANLA are a great encouragement for the Albanian people to be again victorious in the current struggle against fascism and imperialism. The founding of the ANLA, 75 years ago, this date is an urgent occasion for today's continuation of the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist liberation struggle. Without the re-founding of the ANLA - no overthrow of the bourgeoisie, no liberation from the imperialists - no re-founding of the socialist Albania - no defence of freedom of the Albanian people.

The Albanian army of today is not in the service of the Albanian people. In the contrary - it is an army in the service of the bourgeoisie, in the service of the NATO.

Soldiers of Albania ! Turn your rifles and use you weapons for the liberation of the Albanian people ! Transform the bourgeois weapons into proletarian weapons, into weapons of the socialist revolution ! Fight in the spirit of the ANLA !

The Comintern (SH) struggles for a new socialist Albania in a socialist world under the banner of Stalinism-Hoxhaism. This is impossible without the Albanian Section which holds high the banner of the ANLA, the great banner of its founder and leader, comrade Enver Hoxha. Holding high the victorious banner of the ANLA can mean nothing but struggle for its re-foundation as a honorable detachment of the red army of the world proletariat - led by the Comintern (SH).

Long live the armed socialist revolution and the re-establishment of the armed dictatorship of the Albanian proletariat !

Long live the ANLA of comrade Enver Hoxha!

* * *

Comrade Enver Hoxha wrote in "Laying the Foundations of the New Albania", Tirana, 1984, edition in English)

The events which had occurred since the Conference of Peza and the major tasks which emerged before us dictated the need for a regular meeting of the leading forum of the National Liberation Front, the Provisional General Council, early in the summer of 1943. Such a meeting was essential both to analyze the work done by the Council and each of its individual members and to take a series of decisions which the historic moment forcefully suggested. The main one of these decisions had to do with the proposal of the CC of the CPA about the formation of the General Staff and the organization of our National Liberation Army, a task which had been put forward at Peza in September 1942 and for which the conditions for carrying it out had now fully matured.”(Enver Hoxha,

The ANLA headed by comrade Enver Hoxha was the essential tool that allowed Albanian working people to achieve victory both over external imperialist Nazi-fascist invaders and over their internal lackeys and also over other national exploiters and oppressors. The ANLA was led by the then Communist Party of Albania which put Albanian working people’s struggle against all kinds of oppression and exploitation on the correct and invincible path of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist ideology. Albanian communists led by comrade Enver never let any kind of revisionist deviations detach Albanian workers from the only way towards authentic, total and definitive liberation: implementation of proletarian dictatorship, socialist and communist construction. And indeed, during the several years of relentless brutal combats against external and internal invaders, exploiters and oppressors, the ANLA and its communist leadership never lost sight of these objectives as being their only final objectives. The ANLA and its communist leadership remained faithful to Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism in all aspects. Despite the fact that Albania was an overwhelmingly peasant country, this did not stop Albanian communists from allowing that the very few Albanian proletarians that existed could play a leading role in the ANLA and within the CPA, because the leading role of the proletariat in the preparation and triumph of the revolution is irreplaceable and inevitable – to deny or to refuse it is always synonym of revisionism and anti-socialism. During its difficult and arduous path, the ANLA had to resort to various strategies in order to ensure triumph in the war, but in no moment did Albanian comrades ever embraced opportunist tactics that could be incompatible with their final purposes of socialist and communist construction. Albanian communists led by comrade Enver never surrendered the leadership of their struggle for these aims (during and after the war) in favour of national bourgeoisie, not even of its “leftist” and “radical” wing, in what permits us to depict the struggle of Albanian comrades as being the only example of a genuinely correct and principled Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist struggle outside Bolshevist Soviet Union. And the same happened even after victory being guaranteed, when the ANLA led by comrade Enver prevented Yugoslav revisionists from turning Albania into their colony and to transform the CPA into an utterly revisionist and anti-communist party of Titoist type.

Today, we, Stalinists-Hoxhaists, must learn with the valuable experiences of the ANLA under the CPA’s leadership during the Albanian Liberation War for the triumph of socialist revolution, of proletarian dictatorship and of socialism and communism in Albania in order to prepare the future World Red Army under the leadership of the Comintern (SH) during the global war for the triumph of socialist revolution, of proletarian dictatorship, of socialism and communism in the whole world.

Long live the ANLA led by the CPA and by comrade Enver Hoxha!

Long live the victory of Albanian working people in Liberation War!

Long live socialist construction and proletarian dictatorship in comrade Enver’s Albania!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism: Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live world socialist revolution and world proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the Comintern (SH)!

Comintern (SH)

10th of July 2018

special website:


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in Albanian language



Raport në Kongresin e PKSH "Mbi punën e KQ dhe detyrat e reja të Partisë"


8 Nëntor 1948


Enver Hoxha

founder and great leader of the ANLA



40 years ago

29 July 1978




Letter of the CC of the PLA to the CC of the CP of China, July 1978



in Albanian language


in Chinese language

(also available in PDF)

in German language


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15 years ago

Declaration of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 25th anniversary

of the historical letter sent by the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania to the CC of the Communist Party of China





Grigory Naumovich Voitinsky


April 17, 1893 - April 17, 2018 - 125th birthday

11 June 1953 - 11 June 2018 - 65th anniversary of death

Who was Grigory Voitinsky?

Comrade Grigori Woitinski was the Bolshevik who had been commissioned by the Comintern to found a Section of the Comintern in China.

He was successfully establishing the Chinese Section and was a member of the Chinese Communist Party from the very beginning.

He carried the world revolutionary spirit of the Comintern to the East. That is his great historical merit.

By whom was the CP China founded?

The CP China was founded by means of the initiative of the Comintern. Of course, the Maoists do not want to hear this historical truth.

After all, it was Mao who betrayed the Comintern and opposed the world socialist revolution under the leadership of the Comintern. Mao prevented the Chinese proletariat from carrying out the socialist revolution and establishing the dictatorship of the proletariat. Instead, Mao paved the way for the Chinese social-imperialist superpower.

It is impossible today to found and build the Chinese Section of the Comintern (SH) without relying on Grigory Voitinsky and the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

The Comintern (SH) is committed to completing the work begun by Grigory Voitinsky, rebuilding the Chinese Section of the Comintern and preventing Maoism from turning it into a revisionist Section again.

Long live comrade Grigory Voitinsky!


A meeting between Chen Duxiu and Soviet agent Grigori Voitinsky




German Section in Action


30th of June, 2018
Anti-fascist Demo in Augsburg



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Ninth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)


March 1920












January 1848 - 170 Years Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels


15. January 1919 – 99 Years Murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (in cooperation with the German Section)


21st of January 1924 - 9th Day of Death of Lenin


30th of January 1933 - 85 years fighting day against fascism and reaction


January 1848 - 170th anniversary of the Revolution in Italy






2nd of February 1943 - Stalingrad - 75 years


1848 170th anniversary of the French Revolution


10th February 1898 - 120th anniversary of Bertolt Brecht


23rd of Februar 1918 - 100th founding day of the Red Army







5. March 1953 - 65. Death Day of Josef V. Stalin


2. - 6. March 1919 - 99. Anniversary of the foundation of the Comintern


6 - 8 March 1918 - 100th anniversary of the 7th Congress of the CPR (B)


8. March - 1911 - International Women's Day - Fourth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Women's Communist International (SH)


13 - 15 March 1898- 120 years First Congress of the CPSU (B)


14. March 1883 - 135 Death Day of Karl Marx


18th of March 1871 - 147 Anniversary of the Paris Commune


18th of March - 95th Anniversary of the political prisoner day


1848 - 170th anniversary of the German Revolution


15 March 1848 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution


28th of March 1868 - 150th anniversary of Maxim Gorky


31st of March 1898 - 120th Day of Death of Eleonor Marx

March–April 2003 - 15 Years Iraq War





11th of. April 1985 - 33. Death Day of Enver Hoxha


12th of April 1923 - Ernst Aust -95th birthday (prepared by the German Section)


15th of April 1888 - 130th Day of Death of Joseph Dietzgen


16. April 1886 - 132. Birthday of von Ernst Thälmann (German Section)


17 - 25 April 1923 - 95 years: 12th Congress of the CPSU (B)


19th of April 1943 - 75 years: Warsaw Ghetto


20th of April 1953 65. Death Day of Erich Weinert


22nd of April 1870 - 148th birthday of Lenin







First May (!) International fighting day of the working class


15th Anniversary of the re-foundation of the RILU


5th of May 1818 - 200th birthday of Karl Marx


5th of May - Memorial Day of the Heroes of Albania


9th of May 1945 - Victory over the Hitler-Nazis - 73rdanniversary


14th of May 1948 - 70 Years founding of the state Israel


25th of May 1963 - 55th anniversary of the African Liberation Day







June 12, 1943 - 75 years: dissolution of the Comintern

June 22, 1941 - Beginning of the Great Patriotic War (77th anniversary)


1848 170th anniversary of the Serbian Revolution


1968 - 50 years student movement





Letter of the CC of the PLA to the CC of the CP of China, July 1978 - 40 years ago

8 July 1968 - 50 years: Chrisler Wildcat Strike


10th of July 1943 - 75 years: founding of the Albanian People's Army


16th of July 1947- Founding Day of Stalinism-Hoxhaism


17th of July - 1st of September 1928 - 90th anniversary of the 6th Congress f the Comintern


26 July 1848 -170th anniversary of the Matale Rebellion - Sri Lanka


Juli 1936 – 82nd anniversary Spanish Civil War







5th of August 1895 - 123rd Death Day of Friedrich Engels

25th of August 1985 - 33 th Death Day of Ernst Aust (German Section)


August 1968 - invasion of the Soviet Imperialists in Chekoslovakia


31st of 1948 - 70th death day of Shdanow






1st of September 1939 - Begin of the Second World War


1st of September - International Day against imperialist wars


1st of September 1928 - 90th anniversary of the Comintern-Programme - adopted at the 64th session of the 6th Congress of the Comintern - 90th anniversary of Stalin's speeches on the July Plenum of the C.C., C.P.S.U.(B.) on the Comintern Programme


11th of September 1973 Chilean coup état


September 1908 - 110 years Lenin: "Empiriocriticism"






1st of October 2014 - 4th anniversary of the ICS


2nd of October 1968 - 50 Years Massacre in Mexico


9th October 1918 - 100th anniversary of Lenin's book: "The proletarian revolution and the Renegade Kautsky"


10 - 16 October 1923 - 95 years - founding of the Red Peasant International (Krestintern)


16th of October 1908 - 110th birthday of Enver Hoxha


October 21, 1993 25 Years - Burundian Civil War


22. Oktober 1878 - 30. September 1890 Anti-"Socialist Laws" in Germany - 140 years






1923 - 95 Years Hamburg Uprising


7th of November 1917 - October-Revolution - 101st Anniversary


7th of November 1st anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Section of the Comintern (SH)


8th of November 1941 - 77th anniversary - Foundation of the PLA


8th of November 1948 - 70th anniversary of the First Congress of the PLA


8th of November 2011 - anniversary of the Foundation of the Sections of the Comintern (SH)


9th of November 1918 - 100 Years November-Revolution in Germany


20th November 1919 - 99th Anniversary of the foundation of the YCI


23rd of November 1941 77thanniversary of Foundation of the Association of Youth of Labour of Albania


- Anniversaries of foundation of the Sections of the Young Communist International


28th of November 1820 - 1898th Birthday of Friedrich Engels


29th of November 1944 - 74th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania






5. - 6. December 1928 - 90 years: "Banana Massacre" United Fruit Company, Colombia


18th of December - International Migrants Day


21st of December 1879 - 139th Birthday of Stalin


24th of December 1918 -100 years: a radio broadcast was made from Moscow calling upon the "communists of all countries" to "rally around the revolutionary Third International."


31st December 2000 - 18 anniversary foundation of the Comintern (SH)


31. 12. 1968 - 50. anniversary of the founding of the KPD/ML

100. anniversary of the founding of the KPD of Ernst Thälmann (German Section)


1918 - foundation of Communist Parties in the Netherlands, Chekoslovakia, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus - 100 years !





The Comintern (SH) decides the year 2019 as the

"100 Years of the Comintern"

on occasion of the founding of the Comintern in 1919





World crisis can never be finished by the world capitalists.

World crisis can only be finished by the world proletariat.


If - all over the world - every labourer, every unemployed worker, every cook, every poor peasant sees - not from the internet but with his own eyes -,

- that the world-state of the proletariat does not strive for "global wealth", but is helping the poor on this planet,

- that this world-proletarian state does not hesitate, to adopt world-revolutionary measures,

- that it confiscates ALL surplus stocks of provisions from ALL parasites on the globe and distributes them to the world's hungry,

- that it forcibly installs every homeless on earth in the houses of the rich,

- that it compels the rich to pay for milk, (but does not give them a drop until the children of ALL poor families are sufficiently supplied),

- that the land of the whole world is being transferred to the working people and the factories und banks all over the world are being placed under the control of the world proletariat,

- that immediate and severe punishment is meted out to every single millionaire who conceals his wealth,


- when the poor in every country see and feel all this,

then, never again, world capitalist forces, no forces of world finance capital, no forces of countries' finance capital, no force of exploiters in the countries which manipulates millions of millions, will tantalize the peoples,

then, the socialist world revolution will triumph all over the world and shall mature in all countries.


After the establishment of the Socialist World Republic

every citizen of the world will receive a universal and uniform world passport

- globally valid in all countries -

[Decision of the Comintern (SH)]



Long live Stalinism-Hoxhaism ! (English)


Es lebe der Stalinismus-Hoxhaismus ! (German) DEUTSCH

Да здравствует сталинизм - Ходжаизм ! (Russian)

გაუმარჯოს სტალინიზმ–ხოჯაიზმს! (Georgian)

Viva o Estalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Portuguese)

Viva Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Italian)

斯大林霍查主义万岁! (Chinese)

Viva el Stalinismo-Hoxhaismo! (Spanish)

Vive le Stalinisme-Hoxhaisme! (French)

At zije Stalinismus-Hodzismus! (Czech-Slovak)

Ζήτω ο σταλινισμός - χοτζαϊσμός! ! (Greek)

Živeo Staljinizam - Hodžaizam! (Bosnian)

! زنده باد استالینیسم-خوجهئیسم (Farsi)

Niech zyje Stalinizm-Hodzyzm! - (Polski)


Længe leve Stalinismen-Hoxhaismen (Danish)

Hidup Stalinisma dan Hoxhaisma! (Malay) Bahasa Melayu

Staliniyamum-Hoxhaiyamum niduzhi vazga (Thamil)

Viva o Stalinismo e o Hoxhaísmo (Português Brasil)

स्टालिनबाद-होक्जाबाद जिन्दाबाद! (Nepali) 

Trăiască Stalinism-Hodjaismul! (Romanian)

Viva l'Estalinisme-Hoxaisme! (Occitan)


سٹالنزم ، ہوکسزازم زندہ باد پائندہ باد
(اردو) (Urdu)


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجية (Arab language)




"The social revolution must be the united action of the proletarians of all countries for the simple reason that most of the countries and the majority of the world’s population have reached the capitalist stage of development in which the revolutionary solution of the main contradiction between capital and labor is on the agenda."

[Comintern (SH)]
19. 1. 2017



It is the great duty of the Comintern (SH), to lead the world proletariat to political world power.


Stalinism-Hoxhaism answers all questions of the socialist world revolution on the basis of the idea of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

Comintern (SH)