Proletarians of all countries – unite! World proletariat – unite all countries !

The Strategy and Tactics of the

Socialist World Revolution

General - Line

of the Communist International


founded on December 31, 2000

Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists)

renamed on November 7, 2009

First German version, published in 2001/02

improved English version, published in 2011

written and translated by Wolfgang Eggers

authorized by the

Executive Committee of the Comintern (ML)

The Red October brought socialism into being.

Capitalism was restored with the help of revisionism.

Socialism will be restored by the world proletariat on a global scale.

The abolishment of the inevitableness of revisionism renders capitalism `s restoration impossible.

The world socialist revolution will end the era of world capitalism

- heralding the era of world socialism

 - establishing the world dictatorship of the proletariat

 which will be indispensable for the whole transitional period between world capitalism and world communism!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism

 Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

The General-Line of the Comintern (ML)

is deeply rooted in the spirit of the “Communist Manifesto” of Marx and Engels,

is guided by the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and inspired by the great experience of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

The Communist International (Marxist-Leninists) differs from all the other proletarian parties only in its chief concern of emphasising and showing off the global interests of the whole proletariat independently from its nationality, on the one hand, and representing the interests of the over-all movement in the miscellaneous stadiums of the class struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie, on the other hand.

The Communist International has the capacity to understand and to prejudge the conditions, the course and the general results of the revolutionary proletarian world movement.

This General-Line of the Comintern (ML) is faraway from drawing up any artificial subjectivistic „guidelines“, and sectarian „principles“ - which contradict with the objective interests of the world proletariat. We categorically reject such idealistic experiments of transmogrifying” the objective development of the world proletarian movement.

The General-Line of the Comintern (ML) is the Marxist-Leninist guideline for entering into the second epoch of socialism, is the guideline of the Communist world conquest.

Index of Contents



- Short definition of the general-line of the Comintern (ML)

- „Arise you workers from your slumbers!“

- The Albanian struggle for socialism's restoration and the foundation of the Comintern (ML) for socialism's restoration on a world scale


The proletarian socialist world revolution

- definition of the proletarian socialist world revolution

- world revolution and negation of the negation

- world revolution and revolution of the single countries

- world revolution and international counter-revolution

- break-through of the weakest chain-link of the imperialist chain

- the creation of the world revolutionary chain of socialism

- world revolution and Lenin ´s teachings on the imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism

- world revolution and the role of the global masses; the role of the workers' -, farmers' - and soldiers' Soviets; the role of the Marxist-Leninist party

- world revolution and Lenin' s teachings on the state

- world revolution and imperialist war


Strategy and Tactics of the Comintern (ML)

- 18 strategic guidelines / - 18 tactical guidelines

a) tactical methods

b) tactics of the economic fight

c) tactics of the political fight

d) tactics of the ideological-theoretical fight

- against the strategy and tactics of the right opportunism

- against the strategy and tactics of the „left“ opportunism

- against the strategy and tactics of reconciliationism and centrism


Program, agitation and propaganda


The perspectives of the world socialism


The Comintern (ML) – the proletarian world party, its Bolshevist character, organisation and statute

- Stalin `s 12 theses for bolshevisation

- Statute

- against organisational right opportunism

- against organisational „left“ opportunism

- against organisational re-conciliationism and centrism


Ideological line of the Comintern (ML)

12 ideological guidelines

- against the ideology of the right opportunism

- against the ideology of the „left“ opportunism

- against the ideology of the re-conciliationism and centrism


Historical teachings of the Comintern and the Communist World Movement

- against the right opportunism within the Communist World Movement

- against the „left“ opportunism within the Communist World Movement

- against the re-conciliationism and the centrism within the Communist World Movement

Hymn of the international


The history of the victory of socialism in its first epoch was the history of the victory of the proletariat in single capitalist countries.

The history of socialism in its second epoch is the history of the victory of the world proletariat over world capitalism.

History proved that it is not the proletarians of this or that country which guarantee the victory over the capitalism. The establishment of the all-round hegemony of the world proletariat is the main factor of socialism' s guarantee on this globe.

The proletarians of all countries form up by their unification to the world proletariat taking their new quality as a global class.

This is the general-line for the liberation of the whole world proletariat in all countries of the world.

The general-line of the Comintern (ML) is the common, general-line of the proletarians of all countries - exclusively in this meaning.

No need to say that a general-line is basically necessary for leading global class struggle to its success.

There is no world revolution without its precedent theoretical draft on its strategy and tactics.

Doubtless, in its very beginning stadium the general-line's draft cannot be “perfect”. There are still a lot of unanswered issues and unavoidable mistakes. However, it can be stated that the general-line consists already of almost all the chief cornerstones of strategy and tactics which are basically needed for leading the world revolutionary movement on the battle field of global class struggle.

Long ago, the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism have readily formulated the tasks and aims of world communism and the historical role of the world proletariat - completely, precisely and in principle. The general-line is only an update of the Marxist-Leninist teachings on strategy and tactics - in consideration of present globalised circumstances. It shall prove both to be suitable for action and to be strong enough to resist opportunist ideological influences of all branches. Just as the 5 Classics, the Comintern (ML) developed the general-line by drawing a clear ideological demarcation-line against all open and hidden bourgeois and petty-bourgeoisie influences.

The problem is always the same: The opportunists allegedly “respect” such a general-line, word for word, pretending to be “true” Marxists-Leninist but in deeds they do everything conceivable to distort and betray the general-line in its revolutionary spirit, in its world proletarian class-nature. The general-line is their “shield” for covering and hiding their reactionary intentions behind “world revolutionary” phraseology. The opportunists are forced to mislead the world proletariat by means of the general-line. This is their order as agents of the bourgeoisie. They always make use of more polished methods and arguments. It is necessary to expose it before it can spread within the world revolutionary movement. Again and again, the exploiting and suppressing classes will try to prevent the proletariat in the most underhanded way to liberate itself independently by means of global unification. Due to grievous experiences of the history of the communist and workers' - world movement the non-observance of the fight against the revisionism would be the death sentence for the liberation of the working class and the re-erection of socialism.

The proletariat has all the means to become the ruling class of the world, and is self-conscious enough to follow its own victorious way by resisting successfully any bourgeois and petty bourgeois influence. It will recognize this class-strange influence as such, will disassociate itself from it consciously and fight it correctly and sustained.

So a general-line which is led by Marxism-Leninism, is basically a general-line which correctly disassociates itself from any opportunism, both in the Marxist-Leninist world movement and particularly in its ideology, in its strategy and tactics, in the organizational question and in the programmatic and perspective question, too.

The general-line always disassociates itself from the interplay of the right opportunism, the “left” opportunism and the centrism in all these important tasks .

A Communist International which succeeds to prepare itself against the dangers of the right, the “left” opportunism and centrism, will defeat revisionism and create a save basis for putting the general-line into correct action.

Comrade Enver Hoxha defeated modern revisionism in all countries wherever the revisionists have shown up and the Comintern (ML) soldiers on Comrade Enver Hoxha' s anti-revisionist way.

The revisionism still goes and stands to the way of the world revolution to reverse the world wheel of history but we are alerted. Capitalism succeeded in the restoration of capitalism in “one” socialist country but restoration of capitalism in a global scale will be much more difficult for them. This is of great world-historical advantage for the world proletariat. The world proletariat is unbeatable if it learns from the history of revisionist degeneration and if it overcomes all the hindrances which came up after the dissolution of the Comintern.

So the general-line of the Comintern (ML) is an international declaration of war against world revisionism.

Proletarians of all countries - unite against revisionism!

Fire on the revisionist betrayal!

Let 's lift up the victorious anti-revisionist banner of comrade Enver Hoxha!

In all conscience, comrades: The world proletariat cannot be wiped out. And therefore the proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism, proletarian internationalism, cannot be wiped out, too. As long as the world proletariat exists, the Communist International will exist as well. The future belongs to the world proletariat and the revolutionary world movement of the proletarians of all countries cannot be hold back by the revisionists, at long last. Revisionism all ends on the dustbin of history.

As far as the Comintern (ML) has not yet worked out a new programme or at least a political platform , we `ll set out from the most important programmatic principles which we perform here in the general-line. That `s the reason for the extraordinary size of the text. It `s a long and complicated process coming to terms with the past of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. This cannot be shortened. After we have succeeded to unite the Marxist-Leninist world movement then we can shorten this general-line, of course. But as long as we have to account for the past and as long as all the immanent controversial conclusions are not clarified, we have to go into detail and back to the roots.

Furthermore the general-line is written in the context with the historical teachings of the Comintern and the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The Comintern (ML) defends the tradition of the Comintern and the Marxist Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The Comintern (ML) is the direct successor organisation of the Comintern - to give the Marxist Leninist world movement new impulses and impetus and to serve it faithfully.

The chapter about the historical teachings of the communist world movement is attached to the general-line and also very extensive but there is no way. Too much time has passed since the dissolution of the Comintern. We must come to terms with the past of the Comintern.

Please note that all our theses, guidelines and prospects weren't numbered within the general-line. This is impossible. They could neither be closed in a grant total “exhaustively” nor be put in any “order of ranking”. Because: firstly, our herewith presented number is incomplete. Broader points could be added arbitrarily. And secondly, it isn't all about ticking single points off barely for us.

It is rather meaning and purpose to understand all parts of the general-line in their unit - “ensemble as elements « which have to be poured into a firm mould by the world revolutionary actors themselves so that the general-line gets more flexible; and in this way we try to avoid a mile-long enumeration of dogmatic theorems.

Only in its dialectical combination all points can be activated as a closed unit. This allows us to take effect on the revolutionary world movement and its permanent changing concretely by analyses of historical snapshots which in turn allows generalizations and conclusions for the respectively required main chain-link and … which we take up to derive all other tasks of the Comintern (ML) and to follow the general-line, safely.

All other things would be stringing together dogmatic theorems in the style of “quotations of chairman Mao” and this would be anti-dialectically.

The general-line of the Comintern (ML) is based on the dialectical and historical materialism, was developed on its bases, but the general-line can be useful only for those who are able and willing to transform it into the theory and practice of the world revolution, correctly.

We have developed a general-line on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, which shows our common interests and as well the direction how to carry it out, but the Comintern (ML) cannot practice the general line vicariously and independently from its Sections.

We go forward in the same rhythm, however, every section has to consider its own particular, national conditions to adopt the transformation of the general-line in its own country. Every Section participates in the development of common and mutual fight-forms and develops its own specific forms of fighting according to the particular situation of its own country. The Comintern (ML) cannot design fight-forms of different countries at the drawing-board. The transformation of global fighting-forms have to be carried out by the Sections themselves under the leadership and with the help of the centralized organisations of the Comintern (ML). Global and national fight-forms are to be treated dialectically and according to the principles of the democratic centralism.

So the general-line is only in such a way good, as it is helpful for all sections to fulfil their common internationalist tasks to serve the world revolution of the world proletariat. A general-line is unavoidably necessary to guide the class struggle of the world proletariat, in general, but it is not enough to restrict it on globally general tasks. Democratic centralism controls the interplay of solving global and national tasks dialectically.

The general-line as the instruction of practice proves itself by the co-operation of the Section `s struggle. This is the general-line of a world-fight-party, no pure propaganda party.

The general-line doesn't lay the claim to know the complete, exact way to the world revolution and can't claim it either, however, it can show the right direction.

We lay the claim to walk along the way to the world revolution determinedly and to fight for communism inevitably and unstoppably, though. Also difficult times can not frighten us, just as little as defeats and steps backward.

If we should lose the Comintern (ML) in the fight, we will replace it by an even better one. We are prepared for everything and are ready to defend the Comintern (ML) against every enemy. We cannot exclude faults but with a 100 per cent certainty we will fight with all means and strengths for running a tight world proletarian ship and that the Comintern (ML) does not get out of hand.

Help us to regain the confidence in communism which was destroyed by the revisionists. Our fight against the world bourgeoisie will win because it is unable to claim its power without the support of the revisionism - and this support will fall in our anti-revisionist struggle!



What is the general-line of the Comintern (ML) ?

[ abridgement ]

The general-line of the Comintern (ML) is the strategy and tactics of the global liberation of the proletariat, is the instruction for the unification of the proletarians of all countries to form the class of the world proletariat in the spirit of proletarian internationalism for the world revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeoisie with the aim to unchain the world productive resources from their private capitalist imperialistic character, to socialize the production means, to transfer capitalist private property into world proletarian socialist property, into global property of the socialist society.

This takes effect by the conquest and reconquest of the dictatorship of the proletariat through the victory of the proletarian, socialist revolution of all countries inclusively pre-conditional and still unavoidable, miscellaneous revolutionary transition forms of temporary revolutionary national struggles for liberation.

The world proletariat counts on the teachings of the 5 Classics Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha, counts on the tactics of the world Bolshevism.

The old Marxist Leninist theory of the world revolution valid for the first epoch of socialism has to be replaced by a new Marxist-Leninist theory of the world revolution which is valid for the second epoch of socialism. The theory of socialism in “one” country is not any more valid for the re-conquest of socialism in a global scale. So the general-line for the fight of socialism in “one” country (first epoch of socialism) cannot be mixed up with the general-line of the fight for the global socialism (second epoch of socialism). It is the revisionists who replace the necessary Marxist-Leninist revision of the old general-line by a bourgeois revision with the aim to attack the new general-line, to fight against the general line of the globalized socialism.

We cannot ignore that: firstly, over 100 years have passed between the present development stage of the world imperialism and its time of origin and secondly that the continuous development of socialism was interrupted by the revisionists between the first and the second epoch of socialism.

Today, one of the most important tasks of the general-line is the reconstruction of the strategical and tactical bridge between the first and second epoch of socialism which was swept away by the revisionists. The re-conquest of socialism is impossible without convincing the world proletariat how to overcome the betrayal of the revisionist. The reconstruction of confidence in Communism is based on strengthening the anti-revisionist consciousness of the proletariat and the masses. Without its anti-revisionist character the general-line would lack fundamentals and could not be defined completely. The Marxist-Leninist general-line in the hands of the world proletariat is directed against the revisionist general-line of the world bourgeoisie' s agency within the ranks of the world proletarian class.

The revisionists were able to cheat the proletariat in the period of the restoration of capitalism however the revisionists are called to account for their betrayal one fine day. The scores of the world proletariat with the revisionist are not yet settled historically. The anti-revisionist struggle of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism goes on and will prevail over revisionism by means of the general-line of the Comintern (ML).

The anti-revisionist merits of Enver Hoxha do not only consist in defending the four Classics of Marxism-Leninism faithfully but moreover in stepping forward in the struggle of defending the dictatorship of the proletariat against revisionists at power, against social-fascism and social-imperialism at power within the period of the restoration of capitalism in general and in particular under the conditions of the liquidation of the dictatorship the proletariat in the Soviet Union. Applying to the teachings of Enver Hoxha guarantees the victory of the renaissance of socialism which makes impossible the renaissance of revisionism at power. The great renaissance of socialism is based on the great renaissance of the anti-revisionist struggle.

The teachings of Enver Hoxha are the teachings of Marxism-Leninism against modern revisionism in the period of the restoration of capitalism. The Marxist-Leninist teachings of the restoration of socialism are based upon the teachings of the struggle against modern revisionism.

The teachings of the restoration of socialism are the teachings of the removal of the unavoidableness of capitalist restoration. We are living in the epoch of global revolutions which herald the second epoch of socialism, the beginning of the history of world socialism, the history of the political power of the global proletariat.

Our general line is the world proletariat `s strategical and tactical guidance for entering the global stage of socialism' s history.

Global revolutions herald the second epoch of socialism...

Arise ye workers from your slumbers !

- Determination of our position -

Due to the first incontrovertible fact,

...that the Marxist-Leninists, the Marxist Leninist parties and organizations are totally conscious about the inevitability of joining the Communist International, about establishing a centralized general staff of the organized revolutionary world proletariat, about creating and strengthening the World Bolshevist Party;

that the Marxist-Leninists of the whole world are totally conscious about the inevitability of defeating commonly all the open and hidden enemies who struggle against the Communist International with their intention to isolated and split the preparation and organisation of the socialist proletarian world revolution;

that the Marxist-Leninists are totally conscious about the inevitability of class-struggle on profound and principled basis of the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and in the spirit of proletarian internationalism for supporting global proletarian actions, for forcing world-proletarian cooperation, confraternity and co-action of all countries, guided by a common general-line, a common strategy and tactics, a common programme which systematically paves the global way to the victory of the socialist proletarian world revolution;

Due to the second incontrovertible fact,

that the final victory of socialism is impossible in “one” country and therefore only possible through the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie;

that the revolution in “one” country is always means and support of the development of the victory of the revolution in all countries, the victory of the socialist world revolution;

that the proletariat becomes more and more conscious about the necessity of its common struggle against bourgeois-revisionist influence which estrange them from their own world-socialist matter and which had demoralized them in their united struggle for the removal of world capitalism,

that the proletarians of the whole world fondly remember the heavy won victory of their unforgettable dictatorship in “one” country and the victory of the socialist world camp under the leadership of comrade Stalin, and its great achievements which were destroyed by the restoration of capitalism;

that the restoration of capitalism prolongs life of capitalism but does not protect from its final fall; capitalist restoration leads unavoidable to a deeper destruction of its own capitalist foundations and thus to a more profound victory of the restoration of socialism;

that the proletarians rediscover their internationalist, world-socialist class-consciousness, that they again believe in their own global strength, that they are – globally united – an invincible force which shall continue the October Revolution successfully and which they shall crown by the victory of the socialist world-revolution;

that the proletarians commonly create their global, novel proletarian dictatorship , based on the great experiences and achievements of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the Soviet Union and Albania;

that the historical period of socialism 's prosperity in “one” country was only interrupted by the modern revisionists, which means nothing else but the irrevocable continuation of the first period of socialism' s prosperity by a second one, a global one;

that the main contradiction between the capitalist and socialist world-camp can only be solved by the forces of socialism and not by those of capitalism;

that this main contradiction is still existing in form of the struggle of forces of the restoration of capitalism on the one side and the forces of the restoration of socialism on the other side;

that the victory of the forces of the restoration of socialism over the forces of the restoration of capitalism is inevitable.

that the proletarian dictatorship of even a small country like Albania had resisted successfully against the encirclement of the whole capitalist-revisionist world, for over 40 years. Thus, in comparison with this historical fact, it is not at all difficult to bring to mind the thousandfold potential of power of the world-proletarian dictatorship.

Due to the third incontrovertible fact,

that the proletarians realize the increasing and polarizing, the worldwide and basic contradictions between world-bourgeoisie and world-proletariat, between global capital and global labour; between social character of the world production and the private character of its disappropriation.

that they realize the coherence between the globalization of capital and the globalization of proletarian class-consciousness;

that strengthening of the global capitalists on the one hand relates to the strengthening of the global labourers on the other hand;

that the world proletariat becomes conscious about the world-revolutionary meaning of its existence as a global class which is in antagonistic opposition to the global class of the world-bourgeoisie;

that the development of the global capital involves the existence and future of the proletarians of all countries;

that the liberation of the proletarians of all countries from global capital implies their formation as an united global proletarian class. Without the leadership of the united world proletariat it is impossible to socialize world capital on a global stage. The overthrow of all world capitalist relations is only possible through the united class-struggle of the whole world proletariat;

that the world proletariat becomes conscious about its world-historic mission and leading role for the liberation of the peoples from world imperialist slavery; the world-alliance of the bourgeoisie can only be destroyed by the world-alliance of the proletariat;

that the emancipation of the working class is not a local or national task however an international, a global task. The victory of the whole matter of the proletariat depends on the victory of the common actions of the proletariat of all countries; the victory of the working class is unavoidable and inevitable on a global stage.

that the world proletariat is the bearer of the world revolution, the builder of the new, future world-society, and the world-bourgeoisie is the bearer of the old world capitalist society;

that the world bourgeoisie, is doomed to die, that the old capitalist world society will be removed globally by the new world-socialist society as a global system – thus on the ruins of the capitalist global system;

that the world revolution is a universal revolution and therefore changing the world society universally;

that the national crossing barriers of the revolutionary movement shall fall to become the world-revolutionary movement, the movement of the “global gravediggers” of the global capitalism;

that only the proletariat can solve the present problems of the world, that the world proletariat is able to create and demonstrate international solidarity, social safety, liberty and peace, for the future prosperity of world-community of the peoples.

Due to the fourth incontrovertible fact,

that the ruling world order is luring on to the destruction of its own capitalist bases, that it deprives the peoples of their livelihood, that it drives them to distress and poverty,

that it destroys nature – the foundation of mankind' s existence;

that – beyond all bearing - the peoples experience capitalist degeneration firsthand, the increasing contradictions between the rich and the poor; between the rich and the poor themselves, between liberty and slavery, war and peace,

that mankind experiences firsthand, that the division between slave holders and slaves, between capitalists and labourers, between the exploited and oppressed classes and the ruling classes, cannot be abolished by the re-conciliation of exploiters and exploited within the capitalist world-system, however only by its destruction through the socialist world revolution;

that capitalism is based on private ownership over the means of production, and that the world revolutionary abolishment of this private ownership is the key for the liberation of the socialized productive forces from the chains of the capitalist relations of production;

that the revolutionary world movement can only triumph over world imperialism under the leadership of the workers, as their socialist world movement – as the owners of the means of production - otherwise it will fail unavoidable.

Due to the fifth incontrovertible fact,

that the world is divided in two camps – the camp of world imperialism and the camp of the struggle against world imperialism;

that the increasing contradictions among the global monopolies, among the multi-national companies, among the imperialist and social-imperialist countries, their rivalries for world-dominance, as well as the contradiction between the imperialist and social-imperialist nations and the oppressed and exploited nations, between the revisionist and capitalist countries etc. etc. - all these increasing contradictions deepen the capitalist world crises and are inevitably speeding up the process of the socialist world revolution;

that the U.S. imperialism is still the main enemy of the exploited and oppressed classes all over the world, that the US-imperialism is still the main enemy of the socialist world revolution;

... that the main enemy can only be successfully removed by the removal of the inevitability of the regeneration of some new hegemonic class-enemies of the exploited and oppressed classes, by the total removal of the whole imperialist world-system;

that world imperialism is the last and highest stage of capitalism – globally characterized by its monopolies, by its inevitable parasitic, rotten, decaying, dying process;

that all attempts of capitalist restoration and regeneration do only lead to more deepening of its crisis, brings it nearer to fall, because the oppressed and exploited classes will not and cannot put up the burdens of the crises, neither in “peaceful” and nor less in war-times;

that the world is already divided among the imperialists and that the struggle for world-hegemony is unavoidable connected with the rivalry in their striving for maximum profit among the imperialist camp;

that this leads to imperialist and social-imperialist wars as the most extreme forms of their foreign rule and to fascism and social-fascism as the most extreme forms of their domestic rule;

that this leads - vice versa – to the strengthening of the anti-imperialist and anti-socialimperialist resistance combined with anti-fascist and anti-socialfascist resistance of the exploited and oppressed classes, leads to the armed global civil war between the forces of world socialism and world capitalism, between world revolution and world counter-revolution – which ends up unavoidably by the victory of the world proletariat over the world bourgeoisie;

that the globalized masses are the gravediggers of the capitalist globalizers!”

and finally that it is impossible for the revisionists of all hues to put the wheel of socialist history into reverse, that revisionism is a creation of the bourgeoisie which will die away together with the bourgeoisie itself.

All these basic irrefutable facts – summarized in this general-line - are based on the science of socialism, developed and advanced by the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha. They all prophesied and proved scientifically that the time of capitalism' s defeat will come and that capitalism is finally not able to keep socialism away from the workers. They all heralded the inevitable bright victory of the world proletariat and its socialist world revolution.

The 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism foretold that the world proletariat shall take world socialism by assault, that the global uprise is the highest form of the world revolutionary movement, that the Marxist-Leninists of the world – united in the Communist International – shall lead the world revolutionary movement of the global proletariat in the struggle for the destruction of world capitalism, that the Marxist-Leninists shall restore the dictatorship of the proletariat as the standard bearer of the great proletarian dictatorship of the Soviet Union led by Lenin and Stalin, and that of Albania led by Enver Hoxha.

With the new Communist International and its general-line there will be created better conditions for the restoration of the dictatorship of the proletariat on a global scale for the establishment of the world dictatorship of the proletariat.

Only in a socialist world, which has victoriously overcome the capitalist world, it will be possible to avoid any form of aggression and military interference against other states; only then it will be possible to eliminate all colonial exploitation, any form of paternalism, national oppression and racial segregation. Only then the self determination of peoples, national sovereignty and equality of all countries is ensured, only then friendly and supportive international relations all over the world can be maintained. We communists struggle for the abolishment of all exploitation and oppression of man by man. Only the abolition of the class-society on a global scale opens the door to the world communist society.

The Albanian struggle for national liberation and socialism' s restoration

and the foundation of the Comintern (ML)

for liberating the world from capitalism and for socialism' s restoration on a world scale

Guided by this clear communist general position the Communist International (which was dissolved in 1943) saw – again - the light of the day on December 31, 2000.

The foundation of the Comintern (Marxist-Leninists) took place in an international situation which was created by the valorous revolutionary struggle for liberation of the Albanians against imperialism, social imperialism and social-fascism, for the defence and restoration of socialism. Neither the imperialists nor their revisionist agencies, nor the “left” opportunists, nor the centrists could prevent the Comintern (ML) from the internationalist battle cry: “Red Inter-Brigades to Kosova!”

To be able to develop the relationship of brothers-in-arms between the Marxist-Leninists in the world and the Albanian Marxist-Leninists, the Comintern (ML) had to draw a clear demarcation-line between the Marxist-Leninists and the opportunists of all hues. And this is only possible if one energetically supports this struggle for the defence and restoration of socialism in the spirit of Comrade Enver Hoxha.

Lenin taught:

An adherent of internationalism who is not at the same time a most consistent and determined adversary of opportunism is a phantom, nothing more”

(Lenin, Works, Volume 21, page 156, English edition).

Because of this, all Neo-Revisionists are a mortal peril.

They of all people betray Comrade Enver Hoxha in this sharp class-struggle for national liberation which is combined with the struggle for the restoration of socialism.

They followed the traitor Ramiz Alia, this henchman of the world imperialists.

They tell a pack of lies about the alleged “errors of Enver Hoxha” in the same manner which the modern revisionists have done about the alleged “errors of Stalin”.

They characterize Comrade Enver Hoxha allegedly as a “less whole Marxist”.

They try to debase the outstanding international meaning of Comrade Enver Hoxha by poor regional meaning.

They allegedly “respect” comrade Enver Hoxha in words, however betray him in deeds.

They are adversaries of the internationalist struggle for the restoration of socialism.

This betrayal of the Neo-Revisionists was reason enough to elevate comrade Enver Hoxha to the Fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism. This world historical step was the most decisive step for the foundation of the Comintern (ML). And this decision of the Comintern (ML) was not only important for the further development of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement but also necessary for the support of the Albanian struggle of the defence and restoration of socialism, for the revolutionary movement in Albania and the Kosova in particular, and for that of the whole Balkan in general – as one of the leading centres of the whole world-revolutionary movement. In this moment it was the duty of the true Marxist-Leninists all over the world to set a gesture of proletarian internationalism: “Socialist Albania – lest we forget ! You are immortal ! We don' t give up the fight for your rebirth ! We do not capitulate as the Neo-Revisionists have done so shamefully ! We are the invincible and true banner bearers of Comrade Enver Hoxha ! The victory is ours!”

Already legendary is our Call for the re-foundation of the Comintern”. And our ideological bases of Hoxhaism were written down in the historic document:

Enver Hoxha, the Fifth Classic of Marxism-Leninism and the foundation of the Comintern (ML)”.

The Albanians' struggle for liberation from imperialist occupation and betrayal at socialism became an internationalist signal for the foundation of the Comintern (ML) ... on the ideological basis of the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha, the 5th Classic of the Marxism-Leninism!

Look at the long-suffering Albanian people and remind your destiny in yourself.

Support their national and social struggle for liberation by your proletarian internationalism of the deed. Albania and the Kosova and their revolutionary liberation struggle are a shining signal for the peoples to resists imperialism and social-imperialism, reaction, fascism and social-fascism, to struggle for the re-establishment of socialism. This national and social struggle for liberation proves itself indeed as an important motive power for the socialist revolution. Why?


the special feature of the liberation movement of the Albanians is its social character, on the background of the imperialist crisis of Europe on the one side and the destruction of socialism on the other side. On this continent, especially in the Kosova, there is the most glaring contradiction between the poorest and the richest classes. Just in the historical moment in which Europe was "unified and pacified" by the imperialists, who celebrated their “victory” over Socialist Albania, armed revolutionary resistance came up there;


the special feature of the Albanian liberation movement is its anti-fascist character, more precisely, a liberation movement which offers successfully resistance against a brutal social-fascist regime. Social-fascism oppressed and enslaved the Kosova-Albanians more brutally then any other nationality in Yugoslavia.


this liberation struggle is also a contribution to the liberation of other nationalities of Yugoslavia;


the particularity of the revolutionary liberation movement of the Albanians is the fact that they have sparked off the militant revolutionary movement in the whole Balkan.


the special feature of the national liberation movement of the Albanians is their contribution to the anti-imperialist fight. They made use of the contradictions of re-ordering the former Yugoslavia and also bound the imperialist forces for improving the situation of the anti-imperialist struggle in other countries by restricted an imperialistic maneuvering ability. This Albanian contribution speeds up and strengthens the struggle against world imperialism as a whole. So the Albanians have understood excellently to activate the weakest chain-link to break through European imperialism.


this is the most important feature:

The social and national liberation-struggle of the whole Albanian people is combined with the re-establishment of Socialist Albania – with support of the Kosova. This particularity is incomparable in world history in general, and in the history of socialism in particular. This struggle bears the very own signature of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Fighting in his name is fighting in the name of Marxism-Leninism, is fighting with the guarantee of changing defeat into a much greater victory.

Two destinies of the Albanian people melt to one, that of social-fascist subjugation of the Albanian Kosovars and that of the destruction of the Socialist Republic of Albania which is the most serious crime in mankind' s history. And first time in history, people who have lost its socialist home, are fighting with weapons in their hands for its re-conquest.

This is doubtless the highest form and most difficult struggle for socialism – an new historical challenge for the whole world revolutionary movement.

The Albanians survived the horrors of war. They survived the horrors of poverty in Europe. They have survived the horrors of national subjugation and genocide. They have also survived the worst horror - the betrayal at their socialism. They fight for the re-conquest of their national freedom and unity, combined with the re-conquest of socialism, that's it, why the Albanian revolutionary movement has become the beacon of the socialist world revolution.

This world-situation was both the current and historical time for the re-creation of the Comintern.

The struggle for the restoration of socialism is a global task. The armed struggle of the Albanian people against the imperialist interference from outside, and against the servility of the domestic class-enemies under the rule of world imperialism is the right answer to reconquer the proud, flourishing Socialist People's Republic of Albania, is the right way to force the reascended bourgeoisie to retreat, to destroy the new bourgeois dictatorship and to re-establish the dictatorship of the proletariat by a a new socialist revolution – as comrade Enver Hoxha had once taught to the proletarians of the revisionist countries. These new socialist revolutions within the Balkans bring about the future Union of the socialist Balkan-countries as member of the Union of the new world-socialist countries.

It is the steadfast attitude of the Marxist-Leninists of all countries - never giving up their confidence towards the great Albanian proletariat. We keep unswervingly to our principles and adhere to our solidarity towards this brave small "country of the eagles".

It is the common task of the Marxist-Leninisten of all countries, never giving up the confidence towards the Albanian proletariat.

The revolutionary character of the general-line is this – particularly in times of defeats which are accompanied by attempts of the bourgeoisie to demoralize the proletariat – to encourage all communists, all proletarian internationalists to do not give up the world revolutionary fight. There is nothing which is more important than a general-line constituting the internationalist duty: We shall never withdraw from our world revolutionary path, we shall defend the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism with our life, we shall defend all the comrades who hold up the banner of comrade Enver Hoxha – in spite of the revisionist betrayal and the loss of the socialist homeland.

The struggle for national liberation of the small, brave Albanian people from foreign domination, oppression and exploitation, reached its peak after a few centuries. This fight was always directed against all of its oppressors and exploiters, but never against the neighbouring nations or any other people in the world. On the contrary, it was the Albanian comrades under the leadership of Enver Hoxha, who once shed their blood for the brotherhood in the anti-fascist partisan- war in Yugoslavia. Instead of gratitude for this proven proletarian internationalist help, the great-Serbian bourgeoisie, hid their social-chauvinist, social fascist face behind the mask of allegedly "protection from the great-Albanian threat". The Great-Serbian rulers perpetrated their genocide against Albanians long before Tito and Milosevic. The whole history of the Albanians was accompanied by displacement and predatory annexation. The Kosova-Albanians - against their will - were forced into separation from Albania. The Yugoslav federation was a social-fascist prison for all Yugoslav peoples, moreover a barbarous place of genocide for the Kosova-Albanians. The Albanian national minorities, especially the Kosova-Albanians have been eradicated, systematically massacred, persecuted, disenfranchised, discriminated against, denationalised, kept in abject poverty, and their right to self-determination is being flouted - with will and support of world imperialism.

But not enough: Tito and Milosevic did never gave up their aggressive social-imperialist policy. They tried to wipe the Socialist Albania out of the map, forcibly.

The dictatorship of the Albanian Proletariats under the leadership of the PAA with Enver Hoxha at the lead had foiled this, and this was also a world historical example of proletarian internationalism. The Albanian comrades had unmasked the Yugoslavian Tito-revisionism as a Trojan Horse in the Marxist-Leninist world movement and became a navigational light of the socialism in the world. The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet Union under Stalin's leadership helped - another milestone of proletarian internationalism - not only in the liberation of the Balkan peoples, but had also paved the way for socialism in Albania .

This created a certain degree of relative stability in the Balkans after the Second World War. Socialist Albania was the main peace - and freedom factor on the Balkans for decades. However, the Balkans, this old apple of discord became again a powder-keg by the world-imperialist re-ordering, after the defeat of the social-imperialists and social-fascists of the former Yugoslavia, after the betrayal of the revisionists who restored capitalism in Socialist Albania, and many other events in that time.

It is the people of the Kosova – with the Marxist-Leninist forces ahead - struggling for establishing the free Republic of the Kosova against the whole capitalist-revisionist world, against all the occupying powers in the Kosova. The armed struggle of resistance of the Kosova-people is the continuation of the anti-fascist struggle against the German occupants and against the Serbian social-chauvinists and social-fascists. The freedom-loving people of the Kosova continue the great tradition of the victorious anti-fascist liberation war of Comrade Enver Hoxha which resulted in a victorious people's revolution and which paved the way to socialism. The Albanian people shall never forget that their socialism, freedom, independence and sovereignty was only realized by the revolution of the proletariat and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The peoples who fight for their right to their freedom and independence, are invincible, because their anti-imperialist, anti-sozialimperialist struggle is just.

This anti-imperialist, anti-social-imperialist struggle of the Balkan peoples leads to the final victory of their national and social liberation under the leadership of the proletariat, if they do it together and not against each other, if they struggle shoulder to shoulder against their foreign enemies and against the enemies within their own camp.

It is clear,


that it is necessary that all military, imperialist invaders must immediately and completely be kicked out of the whole Balkans - enforced by the struggle of a revolutionary militant, anti-imperialist and antisocial-imperialist Balkan' s united front - along with the nullification of the forced imperialist treaties ( violation of freedom, national independence and sovereign rights, exploitation of the riches of the Balkan countries, bankruptcy of the Balkan-states , social damage and pauperization of the Balkan peoples).

No foreign power has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the Balkan peoples. Every Balkan State is obliged to proceed against the outer imperialistic aggressions and also to help the neighbours at it. The situation in the Balkans would improve very much if every Balkan people refuses to allow, that imperialists abuse one's own country as a concentration area against the neighbouring country. It is also the task of the Balkan peoples to stamp out nationalism and chauvinism for ever and to have to be good neighbours in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

It is clear,


that there is an urgent need of the world proletariat - especially the proletariat of the imperialist countries of Europe - to form a revolutionary united front with the proletariat and the toiling masses in the Balkans, to destroy imperialism in Europa, to deactivate the historical reactionary powder keg in the Balkans by means of the explosion of the revolutionary powder keg in the Balkans.

It is in the interest of the socialist world revolution supporting unreserved the national liberation struggle of exploited and oppressed peoples who want to get rid of any enslaving imperialist influence .

The revolutionary proletariat initiates a broad anti-imperialist united front, preferably with the poor peasants, but also with all the other national forces who support the anti-imperialist and anti-social-imperialist struggle under the guidance of the proletariat. This struggle ought to be led by the Communist party as a maximum requirement. And as a minimum requirement the independent struggle of the Communist party must be achieved and guaranteed. And this means expressively, neither to merge with bourgeois and petty-bourgeois elements, nor to bow to their influence within the revolutionary movement.

The struggle of the Kosova people for their self-determination is tied due to the current conditions to the revolutionary national liberation struggle, and in a subsequent step the proletarian revolution shall receive more and more impetus. This corresponds to the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha about the development of the popular revolution. The establishment of a Republic of Kosova is just.

In opinion of the Comintern (ML) the Kosova is inseparably part of Albania and all Albanians have the right to live in a one and only nation, if they wish this. This has nothing in common with the chauvinist “Great Albania”, however this corresponds to the self-determination right of every people all over the world, primarily this concerns to those people who were exploited and divided forcibly up , slaughtered bloodily, and suppressed brutally for centuries. This does not mean, that we play into the hands of certain Albanian chauvinist and reactionary circles. On the contrary, the Comintern (ML) fights with all might against such Albanian reactionary circles. Nationalist terrorism against the peoples of the Balkans is counter-revolutionary and can only be eliminated in a revolutionary manner, through revolutionary proletarian violence.

It is clear,


that the united Albanian proletariat regains dictatorship of the proletariat by a violent socialist revolution of a new type (this is possible by certain combinations with 2 and 3 , or even by its merge);

It is clear,


that the Yugoslav social imperialism, its great power chauvinism and social-fascism must be torn up by the roots, in a long and thorough revolutionary process. This would offer a chance to get rid of the domination of the imperialist powers and the rule of the own bourgeoisie. This way, a truly union of the socialist (not social-fascist !) Yugoslav countries could be established under the leadership of the proletariat. The Comintern (ML) struggles for the merger of the peoples and not for their separation. However, it is one of the Marxist-Leninist dialectical principles that unification is often not possible without some preceding demarcations (unity after demarcation). This can only happen through the revolutionary overthrow of the exploiting and oppressing classes in the former Yugoslav countries. This requires the victory of the proletarian revolution, which is led by the Marxist-Leninist party and which means: establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat. This provides all the peoples of former Yugoslavia, their right to self-determination, their right to secede, their right to their armed self-defence, on their own sovereign state, ie in particular the recognition of the Republic of Kosova as an independent sovereign state, if the Kosova-Albanians want this, explicitly.


we are for self-determination, independence, peace, freedom and good relations among the former Yugoslav peoples. We respect their own way to choose towards socialism, related to their different conditions. However, much more, we are for a new Socialist Union of the Balkan states on a truly Marxist-Leninist basis, thus on a basis of socialist internationalism, a triumph of the socialist world revolution over the rule of the whole capitalist-revisionist world. We support the struggle for new socialist states all over the world and especially in the Balkans. This implies primarily the re-establishment of Socialist Albania, preferable with the inclusion of Kosova-Albania. What we want is socialism for the whole Albanian people, for the whole Balkan, for the whole world.

It is finally clear (and sixth),

whatever the forms are in which the revolutionary movements of the different Balkan countries shall develop, they are crowned by victory, if they are all in line with the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, if they are combined detachments of the globally guided struggle for the socialist world revolution, if they contribute to the future communist world.

"There is only one free Balkan, the 'Balkan of the type of proletarian internationalism', under the leadership of the world-revolutionary workers' movement in alliance with the peasantry and other working people, otherwise, there will never be a free Balkans".

The Comintern (ML) expressed full sympathy and active support by the internationalist slogan: "Red International Brigades to Kosova!"

The imperialist countries have burnt their fingers - not for the first time in history in the Balkans. After the NATO has maneuvered deeper into the mess it has got to do with fear.

How could it happen that the Albanian freedom fighters are so successful in the poorest part of Europe? Because they are fighting heroically for applying the lessons of Enver Hoxha of the armed Anti-Fascist National Liberation struggle and its successful transformation into a people's revolution. And that 's what the workers and peasants in Russia have done, when they correctly studied the Marxist teachings of the Western workers' movement. This way, the October Revolution had triumphed in the most backward country of Europe. The weakest link in the imperialist chain had been broken away by the first socialist revolution.

The imperialists are afraid of the anti-imperialist fraternization of Balkan peoples and they reinforce the pressure on them by stoking of animosities among each other. They do everything possible to protect themselves once more from the break through of the weakest European chain-link which is doubtless the Balkans, at present.

They also sent diverse new revisionist tendencies into action after they had to retreat from the old rotten appearance of Titoite social-fascism.

However, the revolutionary movement in the Kosova could not be deterred by revisionist lies of the social-fascists who wanted to drive wedges between the revolutionary movement in the Kosova and that for the re-conquest of Socialism in Albania, and wedges between the revolutionary movement in the Kosova and the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. They wanted to denounce the revolutionary fighters of the Kosova. They call them “not” to be Marxist-Leninists, “not” to be Hoxhaists, “not” to be internationalists, however they would be allegedly “sectarians”, “nationalists”, “terrorists”, “separatists”, “chauvinists”, “traitors to the Fatherland”, “pro-imperialists” , “prolonged arm of the NATO”, … etc. And simultaneously, these neo-revisionist elements denounced the Comintern (ML) because we support the revolutionary movement in the Kosova. The intention of the neo-revisionists is clear: they want to isolate the revolutionary movement of the Albanian people and to cut it away from solidarity of the world proletariat. They play the role of the fire-extinguishers and liquidators of the revolution in the Balkans with the aim to pave the way for the restoration of revisionism in power. The neo-revisionists play into the hands of the Titoite social-fascists whose influence is still dangerous within the revolutionary movement in the Balkans and elsewhere in the world.

Memories about the Second International come into mind, if so called “Marxist-Leninists” - who are opportunists in truth ! – try to denounce the revolutionary liberation struggle of the Kosova-Albanians as “pro-imperialist”. We shall never forget that the Yugoslav Titoites had been the really first pro-imperialists in the struggle against Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Both, the rightist and “leftist” opportunists all over the world support the Yugoslav social-fascists against the Albanian liberation struggle ( the first ones directly and open, the latter indirectly and hidden), because this struggle of the Albanians does not fit in their political concept of the "unity front". The opportunists like to add the social-fascists to their "anti-NATO unity front". And according to their opportunist "logic" they denounce everybody as a "prolonged arm of the NATO-imperialists" who struggles against Serbian social-fascism. Exclusion of the Albanians from the support of proletarian internationalism and simultaneously feigning “anti-imperialist” slogans - this is the same old social-chauvinist spirit of the Second International !

The imperialists and their revisionist lackeys have noticed that they must protect the capitalist world against this dangerous reservoir of world-communist “infection”. However, the dialectics of history teach them: the more they intensify their anti-communist propaganda, all the more they provoke unintentionally this revolutionary liberation struggle and the sympathy of the world-proletariat and the peoples with it. And the more they shoot their mouth off against the allegedly Albanian "terrorists" who bravely struggle for getting rid of their national and social chains, all the more anti-imperialist outrage shall rouse globally.

The oh-so "civilized" imperialists are afraid of such a small people that they have driven away from their homes and families, that they have ruined, that they have driven into poverty in front of the eyes of the world. The imperialists only continued what the social-imperialists had done to the people of Kosova - to abandon them to the fate of the "poor man of Europe" . Ironically they are the ones who accuse the Kosova-Albanians, they would “terrorize and slaughter” other peoples.

The social-fascist system of Milosevic, that the Yugoslav peoples want to get rid of, is not the product of socialism, but that of Tito' s revisionism, the dollar-fed child of world imperialism, once used to split and weaken the Stalinist socialist world camp and the Communist world movement, and today nursed by the imperialists - under the guise of "Western-democracy" as a further bulwark against revolution in the Balkans. These civilized 'summit countries' believe in the "blessing" of their enslaved peoples by means of the "progressive achievements" of their "democratic world order". And if they do not sell their freedom for a hand full of Dollars and Euros then they get "bombs" as a gift. If a people courageously arises against imperialism, if it rebels against the almighty imperialist "generosity", if it proves to be "ungrateful", then the whole imperialist peace-fuss collapses like a house of cards. Then they show their true colours, swinging their world police club. If they fail to misuse the KLA for their underhanded imperialist aims, then they denounce the KLA as a "foreign terrorist organisation" etc. From the reactionary military point of view the Kosova is a "dwarf" in comparison with the NATO, but from the revolutionary point of view the Kosova is like David against Goliath. Kosova is not an African neo-colony, where you can buy some local dictators for a few dollars or Euro's for the slaughter of millions of people in order to increase exploitation. Fact is that the NATO soldiers came into touch with the revolutionary war of liberation and decomposition among the soldiers is the result. Fact is that NATO-soldiers have turned their guns and changed sides. NATO-soldiers fought on the side of the UCK, albeit sporadically. And their were indeed a lot of voluntary soldiers who came from all over the world to support the KLA, with weapons in their hands, too. This fact expresses the internationalist character and meaning of the struggle of the freedom-fighters in the Kosova.

Lenin taught:

The moment the soldier wakes up and begins to understand that he is being maimed and killed solely in the interest of the bourgeoisie, demoralisation is bound to spread among the mass of soldiers” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 28, page 81, English version).

If NATO begins to play the role of the stranglers, and hangmen of the European peoples, this will inevitably antagonize the European proletariat - and not just the European proletariat - against NATO. Then, the fight among the NATO soldiers themselves will begin, if they become aware that they should pay for their lives to bring the imperialists the coals from the fire.

If the U.S. imperialists play the role of the executioner and policeman in Europe - and they have begun to play this role since the end of the Second World War and thus long before the Kosova-sortie, then this certainly contributes to their own political collapse, even if they take advantage of the European imperialists by means of the NATO and even if they make a deal with them concerning reordering the division of imperialist interests in the Balkans. With other words: The revolutionaries in the Balkans shall take advantage of the contradictions among the imperialists. Firstly, this will quicken the appetite of the European imperialists. They will try to divide the united European "cake" more rapidly among each other, and secondly, the U.S. imperialism - in return - will receive a larger bite from the European imperialists somewhere else in the world.

With the liberation war in the Kosova, the European and therefore also the international revolution comes closer, closer than ever, and that' s exactly why we do not give up the solidarity and support of this liberation war. In the contrary, we shall strengthen our solidarity, because the fight in the Kosova is far from decided.

The imperialists can build a Chinese wall around the Kosova, however this would never hinder the revolutionary "bacillus" to penetrate and "infect" the whole Europe. The imperialists impose their military censorship on the revolutionary events in the Kosova - in the same manner as they use to do this all over the world. But the truth cannot be censored, it also will reach the back of the imperialists namely there, where the native proletariat stands ! And the lies which are spread around the globe will punish them in their own country ! The international demagoguery meets unavoidably its final collapse with any unmasked scandal of the military censorship. It is losing its credibility and becomes a boomerang.

The Comintern (ML) understands the struggle of the Kosova Albanians, the liberation struggle of the whole Balkan peoples, as part of the struggle against world imperialism and its lackeys. Just as the Comintern (ML) supports the revolutionaries in the Kosova, we declare our solidarity with the revolutionaries in all the other countries as part of the common international struggle, as part of the overall struggle against world imperialism, as part of the proletarian, socialist world revolution.

Creation of a general staff as a united and organized force of all internationalist fighter for worldwide mobilization of vast masses against world imperialism - this is the task with which we are faced and which we have to solve.

Lenin taught:

Whoever expects a 'pure' social revolution will never live to see it. Such a person pays lips-service to revolution without understanding what revolution is.”

The socialist revolution in Europe cannot be anything other than an outburst of mass-struggle on the part of all and sundry oppressed and discontended elements. Inevitably, sections of the petty bourgeoisie and of the backward workers will participate in it – without such participation, mass struggle is impossible, without it no revolution is possible – and just as inevitably will they bring into the movement their prejudices, their reactionary fantasies, their weaknesses and errors. But objectively they will attack capital, and the class-conscious vanguard of the revolution, the advanced proletariat, expressing this objective truth of a variegated and discordant, motley and outwardly fragmented, mass struggle, will be able to unite and direct it, capture power, seize the banks, expropriate the trusts which all hate (Though for different reasons!), and introduce other dictatorial measures which in their totality will amount to the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the victory of socialism, which, however, will by no means immediately 'purge' itself of petty-bourgeois slag” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 356, English edition).

Lenin pointed out further:

The dialectics of history are such that small nations, powerless as an independent factor in the struggle against imperialism, play a part as one of the ferments, one of the bacilli, which help the real ant-imperialist force, the socialist proletariat, to make its appearance on the scene” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 357, English edition).

The Comintern (ML) would be a bad international, if we do not understand to take advantage of the revolutionary crisis in the Balkans, if we would not support the Albanian liberation struggle both against the Yugoslav and Albanian bourgeoisie and the occupants of the NATO - in the interest of the world socialist revolution - even if we do not succeed to match the particular degree of maturity of the national liberation struggle of the Albanians with the general degree of maturity of the All-European proletarian revolution.

Capitalism is not so harmoniously built that the various sources of rebellion can immediately merge of their own accord, without reverses and defeats. On the other hand, the very fact that revolts do break out at different times, in different places, and are of different kinds, guarantees wide scope and depth to the general movement; but it is only in premature, individual, sporadic and therefore unsuccessful, revolutionary movements that the masses gain experience, acquire knowledge, gather strength, and get to know their real leaders, the socialist proletarians, and in this way prepare for the general onslaught, just as certain strikes, demonstrations, local and national, mutinies in the army, outbreaks among the peasantry, etc. ...” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 358, English edition).

If we do not want to betray socialism we must support every revolt against our chief enemy, the bourgeoisie of the big states, provided it is not the revolt of a reactionary class. By refusing to support the revolt of annexed regions we become, objectively, annexationists. It is precisely in the 'era of imperialism', which is the era of nascent social revolution, that the proletariat will today give especially vigorous support to any revolt of the annexed regions so that tomorrow, or simultaneously, it may attack the bourgeoisie of the 'great' power that is weakened by the revolt” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 333, English edition).

And one cannot seriously be claiming that the Kosova Liberation struggle is a matter of a “reactionary” class. so:,

National wars against the imperialist powers are not only possible and probable; they are inevitable, progressive and revolutionary ...” (Lenin, collected works, Volume 22, page 312, English edition).



The proletarian socialist world revolution

content of the Second Chapter:

- definition of the proletarian socialist world revolution

- world revolution and negation of the negation

- world revolution and revolution of the single countries

- world revolution and international counter-revolution

- break-through of the weakest chain-link of the imperialist chain

- the creation of the world revolutionary chain of socialism

- world revolution and Lenin ´s teachings on the imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism

- world revolution and the role of the global masses; the role of the workers' -, farmers' - and soldiers' Soviets; the role of the Marxist-Leninist party

- world revolution and Lenin' s teachings on the state

- world revolution and imperialist war