French Revolution








Civil War in France






Paris Commune






Louise Michel



Lousie Michel: "For me, the social revolution is the most valuable goal!"



10 000 working women on the battle fields of Paris






Civil War in Spain










shooting women take position




Young Spanish freedom fighter




Spanish women demonstrating strength, resoluteness ...



... and desire to win !




deminstration of proletarian internationalism by

Austrian women




pause in the fighting















Demonstration in London





Women in Libya



women in Madagaskar




women of Kurdistan




Socialist Albania







Vito Kapo




decorated Soviet soldier



Red Army 1917







" We are 170 Millions - you cannot hang all of us !"



the brave Konsomol member and partisan

 Soja Kosmodemjanskaja

was hung by the German Fascists

on November 29, 1941







Red Army - Great Patriotic War




Soviet sniper - Great Patriotic War






Soviet Poster






Women's Day 1914




Berlin: demonstration against chemical weapons in Kurdistan





Women against imperialist war







Kurdish women



Women in Egypt





Soviet Poster




revolutionary woman





communist woman






protest of women in India



revolutionary woman from China




Russian Poster, 1920






man and woman - hammer & sickle




Polish Poster






demonstration for equal rights of women





Soviet women working for the victory of the Red Army



Yugoslav women -anti-fascist liberation war



Soviet poster



women's demonstration in London for the right of voting





Clara Zetkin



Soviet Poster



demonstration of women in the USA

Our experience has fully confirmed the absolute necessity to link the problem of complete emancipation of women in national liberation and the cause of the proletariat. Without the participation of women can not be carried out successfully without the socialist revolution and that revolution is impossible to achieve the full emancipation of women” (Enver Hoxha)



strong woman from Latin America





Womens' liberation in Peru



Mosaic from Albania




armed working women from Socialist Albania




soldiers of the Army of Socialist Albania









Rosa Luxemburg




demonstration of communist women in India





Soviet Poster




Soviet Poster - 1918





Woman for peace







Occupy - Wall-Street






Women Day in England







Ancient Poster Women's Day





Soviet Poster: Women's Day




Women's Day in Russia





Soviet Poster: Women's Day




Women's Day in the USA






woman speaking on a meeting





Soviet Poster: Women's Day


100 years Women's Day - Berlin


Black Women demonstrating


Down with the law of abortion !

Poster of the KPD

designed by Käthe Kollwitz



60 kg per sack - 500 sacks per day !


Communist women in England



Only by participation of the revolutionary women !


"Equal-Pay-Day" - Berlin








women regiment of night-flight pilots

in the Great Patriotic War


carrying foward the red flag of the socialist world revolution !


8th of March





women's demonstration - 100 years ago



Frente Campesino



First international organ

of socialist women


created by Klara Zetkin






International women's congress - 1904 in Berlin




Women's Day in Danmark





Palestinian freedom fighter







ancient poster -women's day

(netherlands ?)



Soviet poster










Women of the world - unite !








Women's liberation struggle in India





women's liberation (1)



















































































































































 "Women out! Women wake up! 
In your hands lies the power in your will is the victory; Class war!" (German)





































March 8, 20012 - Istanbul



March 11, 2012 - Istanbul








Without equality - no pregress !



March 8, 2012 - Philippines













There is no emancipation of the working class without the emancipation of the working women.

The only path of the emancipation of women is the participation at the proletarian socialist world revolution !"

Communist International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) - March 8, 2012




For International Women's Day: Words of Clara Zetkin






Demonstrations marking International Women's Day in Russia proved to be the first stage of the Russian Revolution of 1917.




International Women's Day - History





    Egypt Spring, 2011

    girl brutally beaten by Egypt military





Gaza strip:

In the International Women's Day women want to end division.






International Women's Day, Qalandia checkpoint, West Bank, 8.3.2012 

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