Proletarian Revolution in Finland - 1918










Aarne Arvonen

(the oldest - still living - participant of the Finnish Red Guards




Ali Aaltonen

Red Guard commander was shot in Lahti, 1918




Eino Rahja

Leninin ystävä.




Jukka Rahja

Suomen edustaja Kominternin vuonna 1920



Edvard Gylling

... active during the Finnish Civil War as Commissar of Finance for the revolutionary "red" Finnish government. On 1 March 1918, a Treaty between the socialist governments of Russia and Finland was signed in St Petersburg. The Treaty was signed by Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin from the Russian side and by Council of Peoples Representatives of Finland Edvard Gylling i.




Fredrik Vesa





Dubrovka - 1917











































Brigade of the first train that delivered bread in 1918 from Soviet Russia to Finland














Mannerheim's bloodiest counter-revolutionary crimes

against the proletariat of Tampere















German Counter-Revolution


Imperialist German Baltic sea division

- Fire extinguishers of the Finnish revolution














Mannerheim - the "butcher-general" of the counter-revolutionary White-Guards

who spilled the blood of the Finnish proletariat




























































Red Guardists of Tampere















Finnish and Russian brothers in arms







The victories of the Finnish Red Guards were the heavy battles against imperialist German troops at Hauho and Tuulos, Syrjäntaka, on 28–29 April 1918




German troops try to interrupt the railway-transport of red weapons from Soviet Russia to the Red Army of Finland



German counter-revolutionary troops

in the red cities of Finland




















Prison camp in Suomenlinna, Helsinki.

More than 11,000 workers died in such camps due to hunger, disease, and executions.

























2 000 Women

were fighting in the Red Army of Finland

with the rifle in their hands !













Independence of Finland

Document Signed by Lenin




Rekonstruktio Leninin Helsingin työhuoneesta


Lenin ja Stalin Suomen metsissä



Lenin - Statue - Turku - Finland

April 1917 Lenin returned to St. Petersburg via the Finnish towns of Tornio, Tampere and Riihimäki.


"Defending the Revolution !"

Long live the Finnish

Socialist Workers' Republic !