African Liberation Day


























Wildcat strikes are not a crime !

However, to shoot down striking workers is a crime !

Miners of all countries - unite !

Miners - unite all countries!




Capitalism and imperialism are responsible for the abhorrent misery in which Congolese workers live!

Only world communism can definitively eliminate these two evils!


Congolese proletariat is implacably exploited by the Anglo-American mining corporations



War – imperialists’ favourite instrument to maximize their profits




7 million of Congolese workers were killed because of the wars architected by world imperialism!

Only the world socialist revolution can prevent the continuation of this massive class genocide!












Down with US-Imperialism !



Zimbabwe: Mugabe-in the name of "anti-neo-colonialism."



Africa is still enslaved through debt mechanism of international finance capital. All of Africa should collectively refuse to pay these usurious obligations to liberate the continent from imperialism.