Comintern (SH)








Proletarians of all countries – unite!

World proletariat – unite all countries !

The Strategy and Tactics

of the


World Revolution


General - Line

of the Communist International


( Stalinist-Hoxhaists = since 2009)

renamed on November 7, 2009:

founded on December 31, 2000


First German version, published in 2001/02

improved English version, published in 2011/2012

written and translated by Wolfgang Eggers

authorized by the

Executive Committee of the Comintern (SH)



Index of Contents

Preface (see below)


- Short definition of the general-line of the Comintern (ML)

- „Arise you workers from your slumbers!“

- The Albanian struggle for socialism's restoration and the foundation of the Comintern (ML) for socialism's restoration on a world scale


The proletarian socialist world revolution

- definition of the proletarian socialist world revolution

- world revolution and negation of the negation

- world revolution and revolution of the single countries

- world revolution and international counter-revolution

- break-through of the weakest chain-link of the imperialist chain

- the creation of the world revolutionary chain of socialism

- world revolution and Lenin ´s teachings on the imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism

- world revolution and the role of the global masses; the role of the workers' -, farmers' - and soldiers' Soviets; the role of the Marxist-Leninist party

- world revolution and Lenin' s teachings on the state

- world revolution and imperialist war


Strategy and Tactics of the Comintern (ML)

- 18 strategic guidelines / - 18 tactical guidelines

a) tactical methods

b) tactics of the economic fight

c) tactics of the political fight

d) tactics of the ideological-theoretical fight

- against the strategy and tactics of the right opportunism

- against the strategy and tactics of the „left“ opportunism

- against the strategy and tactics of reconciliationism and centrism


Program, agitation and propaganda


The perspectives of the world socialism


The Comintern (ML) – the proletarian world party, its Bolshevist character, organisation and statute

- Stalin `s 12 theses for bolshevisation

- Statute

- against organisational right opportunism

- against organisational „left“ opportunism

- against organisational re-conciliationism and centrism


Ideological line of the Comintern (ML)

12 ideological guidelines

- against the ideology of the right opportunism

- against the ideology of the „left“ opportunism

- against the ideology of the re-conciliationism and centrism


Historical teachings of the Comintern and the Communist World Movement

- against the right opportunism within the Communist World Movement

- against the „left“ opportunism within the Communist World Movement

- against the re-conciliationism and the centrism within the Communist World Movement



Hymn of the international





Once we already broke through the imperialist chain successfully and liberated individual countries from capitalism for half a century. The workers fulfilled their dream to live in a country without capitalism but they could not yet fulfill their dream to live in a world without capitalism at the first on set.

The storm of class struggle havocked the first socialist islands. Once emerged they sank back into the world-imperialist sea. However, we shall reclaim our beloved socialist land by draining the world-imperialist sea.

The world revolution brings about the rebirth of socialism on a global scale -



The Red October brought socialism into being.

Capitalism was restored with the help of revisionism.

Socialism will be restored by the world proletariat on a global scale.

The abolishment of the inevitableness of revisionism renders capitalism `s restoration impossible.

The world socialist revolution will end the era of world capitalism

- heralding the era of world socialism

 - establishing the world dictatorship of the proletariat

 which will be indispensable for the whole transitional period between world capitalism and world communism!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism

 Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!



The General-Line of the Comintern (ML)

is deeply rooted in the spirit of the “Communist Manifesto” of Marx and Engels,

is guided by the invincible teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism and inspired by the great experience of the Comintern of Lenin and Stalin.

The Communist International (Marxist-Leninists) differs from all the other proletarian parties only in its chief concern of emphasising and showing off the global interests of the whole proletariat independently from its nationality, on the one hand, and representing the interests of the over-all movement in the miscellaneous stadiums of the class struggle between proletariat and bourgeoisie, on the other hand.

The Communist International has the capacity to understand and to prejudge the conditions, the course and the general results of the revolutionary proletarian world movement.

This General-Line of the Comintern (ML) is faraway from drawing up any artificial subjectivistic „guidelines“, and sectarian „principles“ - which contradict with the objective interests of the world proletariat. We categorically reject such idealistic experiments of transmogrifying” the objective development of the world proletarian movement.

The General-Line of the Comintern (ML) is the Marxist-Leninist guideline for entering into the second epoch of socialism, is the guideline of the Communist world conquest.






The history of the victory of socialism in its first epoch was the history of the victory of the proletariat in single capitalist countries.

The history of socialism in its second epoch is the history of the victory of the world proletariat over world capitalism.

History proved that it is not the proletarians of this or that country which guarantee the victory over the capitalism. The establishment of the all-round hegemony of the world proletariat is the main factor of socialism' s guarantee on this globe.

The proletarians of all countries form up by their unification to the world proletariat taking their new quality as a global class.

This is the general-line for the liberation of the whole world proletariat in all countries of the world.

The general-line of the Comintern (ML) is the common, general-line of the proletarians of all countries - exclusively in this meaning.

No need to say that a general-line is basically necessary for leading global class struggle to its success.

There is no world revolution without its precedent theoretical draft on its strategy and tactics.

Doubtless, in its very beginning stadium the general-line's draft cannot be “perfect”. There are still a lot of unanswered issues and unavoidable mistakes. However, it can be stated that the general-line consists already of almost all the chief cornerstones of strategy and tactics which are basically needed for leading the world revolutionary movement on the battle field of global class struggle.

Long ago, the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism have readily formulated the tasks and aims of world communism and the historical role of the world proletariat - completely, precisely and in principle. The general-line is only an update of the Marxist-Leninist teachings on strategy and tactics - in consideration of present globalised circumstances. It shall prove both to be suitable for action and to be strong enough to resist opportunist ideological influences of all branches. Just as the 5 Classics, the Comintern (ML) developed the general-line by drawing a clear ideological demarcation-line against all open and hidden bourgeois and petty-bourgeoisie influences.

The problem is always the same: The opportunists allegedly “respect” such a general-line, word for word, pretending to be “true” Marxists-Leninist but in deeds they do everything conceivable to distort and betray the general-line in its revolutionary spirit, in its world proletarian class-nature. The general-line is their “shield” for covering and hiding their reactionary intentions behind “world revolutionary” phraseology. The opportunists are forced to mislead the world proletariat by means of the general-line. This is their order as agents of the bourgeoisie. They always make use of more polished methods and arguments. It is necessary to expose it before it can spread within the world revolutionary movement. Again and again, the exploiting and suppressing classes will try to prevent the proletariat in the most underhanded way to liberate itself independently by means of global unification. Due to grievous experiences of the history of the communist and workers' - world movement the non-observance of the fight against the revisionism would be the death sentence for the liberation of the working class and the re-erection of socialism.

The proletariat has all the means to become the ruling class of the world, and is self-conscious enough to follow its own victorious way by resisting successfully any bourgeois and petty bourgeois influence. It will recognize this class-strange influence as such, will disassociate itself from it consciously and fight it correctly and sustained.

So a general-line which is led by Marxism-Leninism, is basically a general-line which correctly disassociates itself from any opportunism, both in the Marxist-Leninist world movement and particularly in its ideology, in its strategy and tactics, in the organizational question and in the programmatic and perspective question, too.

The general-line always disassociates itself from the interplay of the right opportunism, the “left” opportunism and the centrism in all these important tasks .

A Communist International which succeeds to prepare itself against the dangers of the right, the “left” opportunism and centrism, will defeat revisionism and create a save basis for putting the general-line into correct action.

Comrade Enver Hoxha defeated modern revisionism in all countries wherever the revisionists have shown up and the Comintern (ML) soldiers on Comrade Enver Hoxha' s anti-revisionist way.

The revisionism still goes and stands to the way of the world revolution to reverse the world wheel of history but we are alerted. Capitalism succeeded in the restoration of capitalism in “one” socialist country but restoration of capitalism in a global scale will be much more difficult for them. This is of great world-historical advantage for the world proletariat. The world proletariat is unbeatable if it learns from the history of revisionist degeneration and if it overcomes all the hindrances which came up after the dissolution of the Comintern.

So the general-line of the Comintern (ML) is an international declaration of war against world revisionism.

Proletarians of all countries - unite against revisionism!

Fire on the revisionist betrayal!

Let 's lift up the victorious anti-revisionist banner of comrade Enver Hoxha!

In all conscience, comrades: The world proletariat cannot be wiped out. And therefore the proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism, proletarian internationalism, cannot be wiped out, too. As long as the world proletariat exists, the Communist International will exist as well. The future belongs to the world proletariat and the revolutionary world movement of the proletarians of all countries cannot be hold back by the revisionists, at long last. Revisionism all ends on the dustbin of history.

As far as the Comintern (ML) has not yet worked out a new programme or at least a political platform , we `ll set out from the most important programmatic principles which we perform here in the general-line. That `s the reason for the extraordinary size of the text. It `s a long and complicated process coming to terms with the past of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement. This cannot be shortened. After we have succeeded to unite the Marxist-Leninist world movement then we can shorten this general-line, of course. But as long as we have to account for the past and as long as all the immanent controversial conclusions are not clarified, we have to go into detail and back to the roots.

Furthermore the general-line is written in the context with the historical teachings of the Comintern and the teachings of the 5 classics of Marxism-Leninism.

The Comintern (ML) defends the tradition of the Comintern and the Marxist Leninist world movement of comrade Enver Hoxha.

The Comintern (ML) is the direct successor organisation of the Comintern - to give the Marxist Leninist world movement new impulses and impetus and to serve it faithfully.

The chapter about the historical teachings of the communist world movement is attached to the general-line and also very extensive but there is no way. Too much time has passed since the dissolution of the Comintern. We must come to terms with the past of the Comintern.

Please note that all our theses, guidelines and prospects weren't numbered within the general-line. This is impossible. They could neither be closed in a grant total “exhaustively” nor be put in any “order of ranking”. Because: firstly, our herewith presented number is incomplete. Broader points could be added arbitrarily. And secondly, it isn't all about ticking single points off barely for us.

It is rather meaning and purpose to understand all parts of the general-line in their unit - “ensemble as elements « which have to be poured into a firm mould by the world revolutionary actors themselves so that the general-line gets more flexible; and in this way we try to avoid a mile-long enumeration of dogmatic theorems.

Only in its dialectical combination all points can be activated as a closed unit. This allows us to take effect on the revolutionary world movement and its permanent changing concretely by analyses of historical snapshots which in turn allows generalizations and conclusions for the respectively required main chain-link and … which we take up to derive all other tasks of the Comintern (ML) and to follow the general-line, safely.

All other things would be stringing together dogmatic theorems in the style of “quotations of chairman Mao” and this would be anti-dialectically.

The general-line of the Comintern (ML) is based on the dialectical and historical materialism, was developed on its bases, but the general-line can be useful only for those who are able and willing to transform it into the theory and practice of the world revolution, correctly.

We have developed a general-line on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, which shows our common interests and as well the direction how to carry it out, but the Comintern (ML) cannot practice the general line vicariously and independently from its Sections.

We go forward in the same rhythm, however, every section has to consider its own particular, national conditions to adopt the transformation of the general-line in its own country. Every Section participates in the development of common and mutual fight-forms and develops its own specific forms of fighting according to the particular situation of its own country. The Comintern (ML) cannot design fight-forms of different countries at the drawing-board. The transformation of global fighting-forms have to be carried out by the Sections themselves under the leadership and with the help of the centralized organisations of the Comintern (ML). Global and national fight-forms are to be treated dialectically and according to the principles of the democratic centralism.

So the general-line is only in such a way good, as it is helpful for all sections to fulfil their common internationalist tasks to serve the world revolution of the world proletariat. A general-line is unavoidably necessary to guide the class struggle of the world proletariat, in general, but it is not enough to restrict it on globally general tasks. Democratic centralism controls the interplay of solving global and national tasks dialectically.

The general-line as the instruction of practice proves itself by the co-operation of the Section `s struggle. This is the general-line of a world-fight-party, no pure propaganda party.

The general-line doesn't lay the claim to know the complete, exact way to the world revolution and can't claim it either, however, it can show the right direction.

We lay the claim to walk along the way to the world revolution determinedly and to fight for communism inevitably and unstoppably, though. Also difficult times can not frighten us, just as little as defeats and steps backward.

If we should lose the Comintern (ML) in the fight, we will replace it by an even better one. We are prepared for everything and are ready to defend the Comintern (ML) against every enemy. We cannot exclude faults but with a 100 per cent certainty we will fight with all means and strengths for running a tight world proletarian ship and that the Comintern (ML) does not get out of hand.

Help us to regain the confidence in communism which was destroyed by the revisionists. Our fight against the world bourgeoisie will win because it is unable to claim its power without the support of the revisionism - and this support will fall in our anti-revisionist struggle!




- Short definition of the general-line of the Comintern (ML)

- „Arise you workers from your slumbers!“

- The Albanian struggle for socialism's restoration and the foundation of the Comintern (ML) for socialism's restoration on a world scale