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Communist Women's International



C W I (S H) 

Founding declaration

8 March 2011 

Today we celebrate the 100th International Women 's Day together with our foundation ! 

Proletarian, internationalist militant greetings to all exploited and oppressed women of this world!

The emancipation of women can only be the collective work of the united women of the world! 

World-proletarian women - unite women of all countries for the socialist world revolution! 


On the International Women 's Day the proletarian women all over the world raise their collective voice against their exploitation and oppression! 
On this particular 100th World Women 's Day the proletarian women begin to organize their world-revolutionary global fight for the overthrow of world capitalism with the goal of world communism, and thus the final liberation of women. 
The common world-revolutionary organization of proletarian women of all countries is the 

On 27 August, 1910 - headed by Clara Zetkin and through her initiative - the Second International Conference of Women in Copenhagen declares World Women 's Day on the 8th March, annually - in memory of the brave proletarian women of an New York cotton factory, who were murdered by the police on 8 March 1908 - during their strike for equal pay and for the 10-hour day. 

1917/18, the international socialist women welcome enthusiastically the October Revolution of the Bolsheviks and join Lenin. Not until communist guiding principles and objectives, not until creating a firmly established, Bolshevik-organized unit, the socialist women 's movement could be transformed into the communist women 's world movement - at the initiative of Comrade Lenin. So far the world socialist women 's movement could not organize itself under conditions of the loose structure of the Second International. Under pressure from the socialist women the opportunist leaders of the Second International were forced to support the organized internationalist struggle for the liberation of women. While the leaders of the Second International - with their "homeland-defense" - openly went over to the camp of the bourgeoisie in 1914, the women of the Second International called vehemently for the revolutionary struggle against the imperialist war. On occasion of the Third International Conference on Women - held in Berlin- the Socialist women organized an international anti-war meeting of the women, and they adopted a resolution against the imperialist war. The poster – shown above – is made in 1914 for the purpose of the international anti-war-meeting in Berlin. It expresses and symbolizes not only the struggle of the socialist women against imperialist war.

The socialist women have also fought on the front line against the betrayal of socialism, against opportunism and revisionism. For us Stalinist-Hoxhaist women it is a great honor and commitment, to raise the banner of the World Women 's Day as members of the Communist Women 's International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) and transform the poster of 1914 as our emblem of the C W I (SH). 

It is the foundation of the Communist International which was the world-historical starting point of the revolutionary Communist Women 's World Movement: 

"The Communist International can only fulfill its tasks, can only secure the final victory of the world proletariat and the abolition of the capitalist system through the closely related common struggle of women and men of the working class. The dictatorship of the proletariat can only be lively and active, can only be achieved and maintained by the participation of women of the working-class" 
(See Minutes from March 2 to March 19, 1919, Hamburg 1921). 


The Communist Women 's International (Stalinist-Hoxhaists) is in the tradition of the glorious Communist International of Lenin and Stalin and in its revolutionary struggle to organize the liberation of women - on a global scale. 

On 8 July 1921 the Comintern unanimously adopted the "Resolution on the forms and methods of communist work among the women."

 It states: 

The Second International Conference of Communist women taking place in Moscow therefore calls upon the Communist Parties everywhere to carry out the resolution and the decision of the III International, take seriously the organisation of the broad masses of working women for revolutionary struggle and revolutionary construction, engage in propaganda and agitation among the female proletariat to spread Communist ideas, and draw these women into the Communist Party, thereby deepening and developing their will and ability to be active and to fight.”


Every Party in the III International must organise sections attached to their Party Committees, sections for work amongst women, which must be headed by a Committee member. Departments for work among women are not special organisations within the Communist Parties; their role is specific – to mobilise and educate the broadest masses of working women to struggle for the dictatorship of the proletariat and for a Communist society. The departments for work among women carry out all their work under the leadership of the Party, but their forms and methods of work have to be sufficiently flexible to adapt themselves to the specificities of the position of women in the family and in society. The work of these departments is described in detail in the theses passed by the conference.

The departments for work among women must always be conscious of their dual task which is:

1 to inspire in the female proletarian masses a high level of class consciousness and a firm commitment to engage in the revolutionary class struggle, the struggle of all humiliated and oppressed people against the bourgeoisie, and the struggle for communism;

2 after the victory of the proletarian revolution, to involve them in a conscious and dedicated way in the joint work needed to build a Communist society.

Departments for work among women must remember that their job involves more than just verbal and written agitation and propaganda. Their main concern is to carry out agitation through action – the most effective method at their disposal – and, in all the capitalist countries, to encourage working women to take an active part in all the actions and struggles of the revolutionary proletariat, in strikes, street demonstrations and armed uprisings, while in Soviet countries they must give working women an active part to play in all spheres of Communist construction.”

The C W I (SH) is not a "Communist International of the Women", which is opposed to the Comintern (SH) as the "Communist International of the Men".
The C W I (SH) is no special organization which would separate women from the world proletariat. In the contrary, it is an organization which helps women to join the revolutionary struggle as a strong detachment of the gigantic army of the international proletariat. The Comintern (SH) facilitates the self-organization of the communist women in the world and support them in the same way as the Communist parties in the individual countries support their own women 's sections. 

The C W I (SH) is therefore an integral detachment and self-organized part of the Comintern (SH).

In words and deeds the C W I (SH) participates leading work of the Comintern (SH), directly and immediately ( see: Clara Zetkin – the leader of the communist women – was elected member of the leading ECCI). 

The C W I (SH) cooperates with the women 's sections of the Communist parties of individual countries.

Furthermore, the C W I (SH) instructs all mass organizations concerning all matters of the women, as – for example – within the Red International of the Labour Unions

On this solid, organizational and global basis, women all over the world unfold their consciousness of proletarian internationalism and to create their full force in support of the socialist world revolution and thus for the purpose of their own liberation. 

The C W I (SH) will meet its duties under the dictatorship of the world-proletariat and make a valuable contribution to the development of world socialism. 

The C W I (SH) has played its role only when the goal of a classless world society is achieved, only then the woman is truly and finally liberated. 

The 5 key-principles

of the C W I (SH)  concerning
global gender equality, are:



In all its social, political, economic and cultural position, Men and Women are globally equal.
Any discrimination or privilege of gender is contrary to the equality of Men and Women. 



Equal pay for equal work - all over the world - without exception. 
Any discrimination or any privilege of gender in the workplace, no matter in sections of production or service-sectors etc., … in the whole economic life of society - the principle of equality between Men and Women is valid and applies mutatis mutandis. 



The global economic subjugation of wage-labor of women by the world capital – this is the main cause of most forms of social misery, physical and mental exploitation and political oppression of the working women, around the world. The economic emancipation of working women is therefore essential basis of the political movement of working women 's liberation. Without the abolition of private ownership of the means of production – there is no abolition of wage-slavery of women, and without abolition of wage-slavery there is no social and political liberation of the female world-proletariat. 


The gendered slavery, the contradiction and competition between “him” and “her”, especially the division of women and men in the world labor market, must be fought and overcome – finally through the removal of the inevitability of the contradiction between global wage-labour and capital . 

“He” and “She” belong to the same proletarian class, and together they form the army of the world proletariat against the world bourgeoisie. We fight, therefore, for the proletarian unity of women and men , for their mutual solidarity and support in their commonly organized class-struggle against the capitalists. The victory of the proletariat is based on the unity of proletarian women and men. Neither the proletarian women nor the proletarian men are capable to abolish capitalist wage slavery and gendered slavery on their own initiative. 

The matter of communism is a common matter of both, women and men.



The division of the world proletariat by the capitalist countries, the division of the proletarian women and the proletarian men by national barriers, by national chauvinism, racism, etc. must also be fought and overcome on the one hand and such as the misogynistic world-imperialistic cosmopolitanism on the other hand. 

The C W I (SH) must turn its attention to the women of the working emigrants because they are at most underprivileged in relation to the male emigrants and moreover to the local proletarian workers. In the spirit of proletarian internationalism, the emigrant proletarians and the local proletariat must unite and organize themselves commonly to fight and overcome their division. 

For the equality of women-emigrants ! 

The emancipation of women is neither a local nor a national problem but an international social problem and therefore, this problem can be solved only by the world socialist revolution:


Workers of the world - unite

 World-proletariat - unite all countries !


These two slogans of the Comintern (SH) belong together and they are also valid in the global struggle for the liberation of women. 


The exploitation and oppression of men and women through men and women can be finally abolished not before the era of world communism. The full equality between men and women can be reached only in world communism. 

Just as the equivalence of physical and intellectual labor, between city and country, etc., the equality of men and women is still not fully realizable in the period of world socialism. 
But the world socialism is the necessary transition-period of the liberation struggle of women from oppression and exploitation, in the period of the transition of the capitalist class society to a classless society of world communism. 


The struggle for the emancipation of women - as opposed to bourgeois and petty-bourgeois "feminist movement" - is inseparable part of the world proletarian movement. Proletarian class struggle and fight for the liberation of women are inextricably linked in the struggle for the socialist world revolution, in national liberation struggles, in anti-imperialist struggles, or even in daily struggles for better living-conditions, in all forms of class-struggle – the struggle for the liberation of the women is always indispensable part of it.
The path of reformism is a bourgeois illusion. Only by violent revolution, the “women 's question” is solved. The solution of women 's question is part of the solution of the whole social question, is subordinated and serving the socialist world-revolution. The question of reforms is subordinated under the question of revolution. 
The world-revolutionary women 's movement develops its own charactaristic forms of class-struggle and it is an indispensable lever for the overthrow of world capitalism, for the victory of the socialist world revolution and the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat. 
The victory of the world-proletarian revolution is only possible on an equal footing female leadership of the world-proletariat. 
In the era of world socialism the proletarian men and women share commonly their role of their world 's class-hegemony. 

The world-hegemony of the proletariat is based on the unity and solidarity, on the equal rights and duties of proletarian men and women. 
The world-dictatorship of the proletariat is established, consolidated and defended by both the proletarian women and men. 

The women of the Paris Commune of 1871, the women of the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia, the socialist women of the Soviet Union and Albania, they have all made the greatest sacrifices and contribution to the liberation of women in the world. They have realized world-historical achievements of their equality with men by means of the dictatorship of the proletariat. 

On this solid ground the world-proletarian will achieve equality with men by means of the world-dictatorship of the proletariat – on a global scale.


We base our world-Bolshevist work on the experience of socialist countries in which there was the dictatorship of the proletariat, on the experience of the Soviet Union of Lenin and Stalin and the experience of socialist Albania's Enver Hoxha. There, the equality of men and women was not only well established in the Constitution. There were practically achieved all the facilities and measures for the free development of women in all fields, there was a secured and comprehensive social welfare for mother and child. 


Through the restoration of capitalism the great achievements of the socialist women were destroyed, but they can never be eternized. The Stalinist-Hoxhaist women shall always care about the propagation of these historical achievements of the liberated socialist women and their heroic role in the history of socialism in their country. With the era of world-socialism we shall raise higher and higher the banner of women 's achievements in the best interest of the world 's society.


It is necessary to combat revisionism and neo-revisionism and all its hues and shades.

We struggle against bourgeois and petty-bourgeois women 's politics – even in the bourgeois and petty-bourgeois women 's organizations as Lenin told us . We struggle against reformist, revisionist, anarchist, syndicalist, Trotzkyite, Maoist and all kinds of alleged „communists“ who like to throw us Communist women off the course of the socialist world revolution. However, this does not mean to be sectarian. Bearing in mind the 12 Stalinist rules of Bolshevization we do not deny action-unities with class-foreign elements, if this will be beneficial for our aims and goals.


Basis of the world revolutionary gender politics of the C W I (SH) are the teachings of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism. 

We fight for the collection, education and organization of the female world proletariat under the red banner of the world socialist revolution! 







Excerpt of the World-Communist Programme

concerning emancipation of women




We want to abolish completely the privileges and discrimination of gender .

We are for the emancipated development of the personality of every human being in the world, regardless of the gender.


Only the world communism creates the perfect social equality between men and women. The full satisfaction of gender-specific needs presupposes the full emancipation of women towards men. And without social emancipation of women is no development of harmonic social and economic relations possible.

The gender-related freedom presupposes the abolition of mutual economic dependency not only between man and woman, but also between the wife and the whole society.

"The real emancipation of women, real communism, will begin only where and when an all-out struggle begins (led by the proletariat wielding the state power) against this petty housekeeping, or rather when its wholesale transformation into a large-scale socialist economy begins." (Lenin, A Great Beginning, Collected Works, Volume 29, page 429).


"What will be the influence of communist society on the family?

It will transform the relations between the sexes into a purely private matter which concerns only the persons involved and into which society has no occasion to intervene. It can do this since it does away with private property and educates children on a communal basis, and in this way removes the two bases of traditional marriage – the dependence rooted in private property, of the women on the man, and of the children on the parents.

And here is the answer to the outcry of the highly moral philistines against the “community of women”. Community of women is a condition which belongs entirely to bourgeois society and which today finds its complete expression in prostitution. But prostitution is based on private property and falls with it. Thus, communist society, instead of introducing community of women, in fact abolishes it." (Engels, Principles of Communism, Answer 21).

World communism can only be achieved through the full emancipation and equality of women. And conversely, the complete emancipation and equal rights for women can be realized only in world communism. In world communism, the exploitation and oppression of woman by man has been abolished forever.

World Communism does not invent the influence of society on gender and education. It only changes its character, namely the fact that the relationship between husband and wife and the education takes place in the classless society.

In a classless society, the unfolding of man and woman, of parents and children will be brought to a higher qualitative level, because the influence of the ruling classes on the relation between men and women and on education will be abolished forever. In world communism, no longer a state will be needed which must guard and enforce the rights of women. Both man and woman respect the opposite sex through voluntary and conscious adherence to the rules of living together.