Population: 93.421.835 (2014)

Area: 331.690 km²



Vietnam was never a socialist country !

For the revolutionary overthrow of the social-fascist, capitalist state of Vietnam !

For the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat !



Leduanism is anti-communism !

In what respects to the false Vietnamese “revolution”, it can be put side by side with any other bourgeois-revisionist “revolution” that eventually led its countries to social-fascism. In its essence, Vietnamese “revolution” is not different from Cuban and North Korean “revolutions”. They differ from Chinese revolution solely in that they were never able to transform its countries into imperialist superpowers, but remained instead as neo-colonies of world capitalist-imperialist system and bourgeois class due to the limited geographical and demographical (resources, workforce, etc.) dimensions of those relatively small countries compared to China.

In Vietnam’s particular case, its “revolution” has from the very beginning been influenced by Leduanist kind of revisionism. Leduanism, or Vietnamese revisionism, is named after Le Duan, who was General/First Secretary of the Vietnamese Workers Party (now the Vietnamese Communist Party) from 1960 until his death in 1986. The Proclamation of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was written by comrade Ho Chi Minh on September 2, 1945 – after the defeat of the Japanese imperialists). And in July 1976 North and South Vietnam were unified into the so-called Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the basis of Leduanism.

Leduanism follows Maoism in denying and rejecting Marxism-Leninism, the strategy of working for the formation of a state which is a joint dictatorship of several classes, including the national bourgeoisie:

"Our Party guided the workers and peasants to establish a national united front with the bourgeoisie.” (Le Duan, Leninism and Vietnam's Revolution, in: On the Socialist Revolution in Vietnam, Volume 1, Hanoi, 1965, p. 34, edition in English)

So, according to Le Duan, all the “revolutionary classes” should collaborate in the “national united front”. But what does he means with “all the revolutionary classes”? With this affirmation, Vietnamese revisionists are permitting that the revolutionary process can be guided by the national bourgeoisie, because in the context of a bourgeois-democratic revolution against feudalism and colonialism, the national patriotic bourgeoisie can perfectly be considered as a “revolutionary class”. What Le Duan is saying is that the proletariat should closely collaborate with the national bourgeoisie in the development of the supposed “socialist revolution”. To affirm that the proletariat should be dependent of the help of the bourgeoisie to open the path to socialism is a complete negation of the most basic Leninist principles. The truth is that the political power belongs to the class who controls the means of production and the productive relations which form the material base of society, and because of that, in the genuine proletarian dictatorship, the revolutionary proletarian classes will refuse to share the power with the bourgeoisie, no matter if it is with the reactionary bourgeoisie or with the “progressive” bourgeoisie. In an authentic proletarian dictatorship, the proletariat will never let the “progressive” bourgeoisie lead the revolution; indeed, the main task of the proletarian dictatorship is to eliminate the bourgeoisie not only as a class, but also to eliminate all its ideological and cultural influences, because there is no other way to assure the victory of socialism and communism. Le Duan seems to think that it’s positive for the proletariat to collaborate and to share the power with the “progressive” national bourgeoisie, and this means that, with the help of the Vietnamese revisionists, the bourgeoisie will continue to exist as a class. If the bourgeoisie will continue to exist as a class, then it will certainly control the means of production in a manner detrimental to the proletariat, it will still maintain political-socio-economic power in its hands!

Leduanism also follows Maoism in putting forward the program of the peaceful transition to socialism through state capitalism, by the formation, in cooperation with the national capitalists, of joint state-private enterprises. Participation in these, according to Leduanism, would transform the national capitalists into workers:

"The national bourgeoisie are willing to accept socialist transformation, therefore our Party's policy is peacefully to transform capitalist trade and industry, gradually to transform capitalist ownership into socialist ownership, through State capitalism, and to transform the bourgeois from exploiters into genuine workers through ideological education and participation in productive labor.” (Le Duan, Leninism and Vietnam's Revolution, in: On the Socialist Revolution in Vietnam, Volume 2, Hanoi, 1965, p. 39, edition in English)






Comintern (SH)



Programmatic Declaration


the question of migrants and refugees

- and its world-revolutionary solution -








* * *




Vietnamese workers are beginning to stand up for their rights

The number of worker’s strikes and peasant protests has been escalating lately in Vietnam.



April 1, 2015


Vietnam Factory Workers in Strike to Protest New Insurance Law. The explanation given by the government is not right because only the workers know what is right for them.

Thousands of textile workers at a Chinese-owned factory in southern Vietnam held a fifth day of strikes

The strike at the Pou Yuen Vietnam footwear factory at the Tan Tao Industrial Park outside of Ho Chi Minh City (Adidas and Nike, Reebok) began on March 26 - 2015, when as many as 90,000 employees protested the new law, which prohibits workers from collecting a lump-sum payment of the insurance if they resign.



Workers strike at the Pou Yuen factory in Ho Chi Minh City, March 31, 2015.


Several thousand Vietnamese workers have protested at Chinese owned factories


2011 - strike in Phon-phu - garments company

workers being paid very low, which is far beyond their effort and employers breaking the Labor Code and the Law on Trade Union.

Since 1995, a total of 4,142 strikes have been recorded in Vietnam. Up to 75 percent of them occurred at enterprises invested by VR China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. The number of strikes is rising annually, with 978 cases in 2011, 422 in 2010 and 218 in 2009.

The leaders of the yellow trade unions at enterprises are people who are paid by the bosses of these enterprises.



330 illegal strikes in 2008


Since the amended Labour Code took effect on July 1, 2007, illegal strikes have continued to increase in number.

Under the current law, labourers are not allowed to go on strike in conflicts of rights but must bring the conflict to court. They can go on strike if conflicts of interest are not solved by negotiations. Labourers must compensate their employers if the court finds that their strikes were illegal.



Vietnamese workers earn typically around $2 a day and have harsh working conditions. They are frequently subject to overtime without compensation. They are regularly subject to insult, physical and sometimes sexual abuse by factory managers. The underlying reason for the worker unrest is government neglect and coercion with factory owners and lack of labor rights. The Vietnamese General Confederation of Labor protects and represents the workers but in reality it is only a arm of the Vietnamese "Communist" (social-fascist) Party.

Tens of thousands of workers are on strike in Binh Duong province - 2007



Chinese imperialists

- get out of Vietnam !

May 11, 2015


Tuyen, who has also campaigned to commemorate Vietnamese soldiers who died during Vietnam’s brief border war with China in 1979 and to promote environmental causes such as recycling, is the latest outspoken activist to be beaten by thugs on a Hanoi street in weeks.

He has participated in several anti-China rallies.



16th of February, 1979

40 Years ago...


special website




* * *



What a shame !!








Enver Hoxha


also available in

German language







February 21, 1979





in Albanian language



(collection of excerpts of his Works in 70 Volumes)




19th of May 1890

125th anniversary of

Ho Chi Minh


* * *




also in German language



Viet Nam and the failure of the U.S. war of destruction against the D.R.V.N.

(Official Documents - Hanoi 1968)





in German language





in German language

Imperialists - Hands off Vietnam !

Radio Tirana - 24. 6. 1978


in German language


(Zeri i Popullit - 27. Juni 1965)


* * *


90 years ago ...


3rd of February 1930


Founding of the


Indochinese Communist Party


In April 1931 it was recognized by the Comintern as

Section of the Communist International


The only correct period of the Vietnamese CP was that of the period of its founding. It was not of genuine Bolshevik character , however stood at least under the influence of the "Third Period" of the 6th World Congress of the Comintern in 1928.

The CP of Vietnam can never be qualified as a true Bolshevik party. Later, especially under the influence of Dimitrov, the CP Vietnam followed the reformist-nationalist course of the "People's Front", while its revisionist course further developed in particular after the dissolution of the Comintern.

Under the ideological influence of Russian and Chinese modern revisionism, the CP Vietnam became a social-fascist, bourgeois-nationalist party.


new document in French language 

Cahiers du Bolchévisme


"Troisième Anniversaire de l'unification du Parti communiste indochinois"



Long live the friendship and unity of the Indochinese Peoples !


The Indochinese Communist Party


The Indochinese Communist Party was founded in October 1930



It was the Comintern which decided on the formation of the Indochinese Communist party.


The Indochinese Communist party was dissolved in 1945.


The program of the Indochinese Communist party was formed by communists of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos:


  1. To overthrow French imperialism and Vietnamese feudalism and reactionary bourgeoisie;

  2. To make Indochina completely independent;

  3. To establish a worker-peasant-soldier government;

  4. To confiscate the banks and other enterprises belonging to the imperialists and put them under the control of the worker-peasant-soldier government;

  5. To confiscate all the plantations and property belonging to the imperialists and the Vietnamese reactionary bourgeoisie and distribute them to the poor peasants;

  6. To implement the 8-hour working day;

  7. To abolish the forced buying of government bonds, the poll-tax and all unjust taxes hitting the poor;

  8. To bring democratic freedoms to the masses;

  9. To dispense education to all the people;

  10. To realize equality between man and woman.












    Long live the communist

    Vietnam in a communist

    world !





    is ripe for a

    Socialist revolution !


Create a strong Section

of the Communist International


in Vietnam !

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !






Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !




Газета 'НЯН ЗАН'от 13.04.85г., извещающая вьетнамский народ о смерти товарища Энвера Ходжа.




Expose to the End the Double-Faced Stand of the Khrushchevite Revisionists towards the Struggle of the Vietnamese People

(Reproduced from the «Zeri i Popullit» daily, June 27 1965)

* * *


19. 2. 1979

Kommunique des Politbüros der KPD/ML

(aus : Roter Morgen 1979, Nr. 9 Seite 10)

Ernst Aust

Dortmund den 19. 2. 1979.

Mit aller Entschiedenheit verurteilt die Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands / Marxisten-Leninisten den verbrecherischen Überfall der chinesischen Sozialimperialisten auf die Demokratische Volksrepublik Vietnam. Der Überfall Chinas steht in einer Reihe mit den Überfällen Hitler-Deutschlands auf Polen, des US-Imperialismus auf Vietnam, des sowjetischen Sozialimperialismus auf die Tschechoslowakei.

Was sich hier zeigt, ist eine nackte, imperialistische Aggression, von der auch die chauvinistische Anmaßung, die sich in der Behauptung zeigt, man werde sich nach angemessener Bestrafung Vietnams, also nach angemessener Zerstörung und Massenmord, hinter die eigenen Grenzen zurück ziehen, nicht ablenken kann.

Was sich hier zeigt, ist, was die Völker der Welt, die nicht nach ihrer Pfeife tanzen, von einer künftigen Supermacht China zu erwarten hätten. Was sich hier zeigt, ist die bedenkenlose, kriegshetzerische Politik des sozialimperialistischen China, das bereit ist, um seine chauvinistischen Großmachtinteressen zu befriedigen, die Völker in das Blutbad eines dritten Weltkrieges zu stürzen. Die KPD/ML fordert die sofortige Einstellung aller Kampfhandlungen und den umgehenden Rückzug der chinesischen Truppen hinter die Grenzen Chinas.

Politbüro der KPD/ML