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the question of migrants and refugees

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North Korean refugees in front of the Japanese embassy in China.

Chinese Social-fascists help North-Korean socialfascists

killing refugees !


Solidarity with the refugees of North-Korea !













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Down with Korean revisionism!

decided and published by

the Comintern (SH)

on July 24, 2013



1 – Introduction


2 - Korea: from origins to partition

2.1 – Concise background history of Korea

2.2 – Development and shortcomings of communist movement in Korea

2.3 – Ascension of Korean national bourgeoisie

2.4 – Korea’s brutal division


3 – Kim Il Sungist ideology

3.1 – A revisionist, social-fascist and anti-socialist “theory”

3.2 – A revisionist, social-fascist and anti-socialist practice

3.3 - North Korean social-fascism: from demagogical “independence” to open neo-colonial subservience towards imperialism and socialimperialism

3.4 – The deceitful legend of North Korean “social welfare system”


4 – Conclusions


5 – Gallery of images

5.1 – Kim Il Sungism: a totally and inherently reactionary anticommunist ideology

5.2 – The struggle of Korean working classes against North Korean social-fascist bourgeois class










Open Letter

From The Comintern [M-L] And The CP Ger/ML


Who Expelled Us

On Saturday, 18th Of January, 2003

We condemn to be expelled by the ISML!

Beforehand here the fundamental political and ideological attitude of the Comintern/ML to the North Korea - conflict as to clarify and as to draw our demarcation-line:


The working class of the revisionist-social fascist countries - the working class of North Korea included - has to carry out the violent, proletarian, socialist revolution on the ruins of the revisionist-social fascist regime and to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat under the leadership of a new Marxist -Leninist party, that is based on the lessons of the 5 classics. It is necessary for the fulfillment of the Proletarian Internationalism that the Comintern/ML, the Marxist - Leninists in the whole world and particularly the task of those Marxist - Leninist organizations, whose countries are directly involved in the North Korea - conflict to give full support to the revolutionary liberation - struggle in North Korea. It is the task of the world proletariat, to support the Korean proletariat in his revolutionary struggle for liberation both against imperialist and social imperialist foreign rule and both against the power of the revisionist-social fascist regime in North Korea and the capitalist regime in South-Korea.

North Korea never was socialist. It has disguised his capitalism only with the coat of the socialism to deceive the workers and the people.The working class was never in the power but a bourgeois family clan that justifies exploitation and oppression in North Korea with Anti-Marxist, counter- revolutionary, reactionary Kim Il Sung Ideas. The Kimilsungism is preached in North Korea in first line as a feature of Marxism in the own country, but the KimIlsungism wants also to be understood as creative further development of Marxism- Leninism beyond its borders, and claims to be an allround-ideology all over the world. Doubtedless this ideology contains social imperialist characteristics. The social-bourgeoisie in North Korea may not be underestimated. It is an active and independent part of the still existing but dying revisionist-social fascist world movement with far branched international connections. The KimIlsungismus exerts a counter-revolutionary influence on the Marxist - Leninist World Movement. Since decades North Korea strives for hegemony within the communist world movement. It is not necessary to study the collected Works of Kim Il Sungs, if you study the international revisionist resolution of the Pjöng-Yang-Meeting that was held to force the communist movement under North Korean leadership with more or less success. These bourgeois KimIlsung lessons are essentially comparable with the MaoTsetung Ideas which are as well known as the basic ideology of Chinese social imperialism. Both ideologies preach Pseudo-Anti revisionism and split the Anti-Revisionist unity of the Marxist - Leninist World Movement - indeed a colossal service for the world imperialism. Every staggering, every reconciliatory standpoint towards Maoism and KimIlsungism means betrayal of the Marxism Leninism, means betrayal of the world proletariat and at the world revolution, means betrayal of the Proletarian Internationalism and last not least betrayal at the Korean people. This means primarily underhanded betrayal, if it is disguised in the name of Enver Hoxha.

Every resistance, every revolutionary rebellion, every criticism against this revisionist-social fascist regime, is condemned by the revisionists, social fascists and their lackeys in the whole world as an so called „pro-imperialist act“. Meanwhile during these lies the revolutionary workers, Marxist - Leninists as well as critical, progressive and anti-imperialist people are suffocated in their blood by the North Korean socialifascist government which serves the imperialism in the name of „Anti imperialism“. They kill revolutionaries as so called „enemies of socialism“ and „agents of imperialism“ just by the arguments of the sovjet-revisionists, the Titoites, Maoites and all the other revisionists all over the world - last not least the ISML`s accusation of „pro-imperialism“. They stamp the real revolutionary Anti imperialists as so called „pro-Imperialists“ to justify their liquidation. Those who forbid the revolutionaries to speak, forbid also the deeds of the revolutionaries, and they shall also kill them one day „in the name of the revolution“. And enough Marxist - Leninists, enough revolutionaries in North Korea have been killed, already! Killed in the name of socialism! Killed in the name of Anti-Revisionism! Extermination of the Korean working class - that`s the unmasked aim of Korean socialist fascism, the red fascism in North Korea. Comrades, these are painful and earnest lessons, that the worldproletariat was forced to learn while sheding its blood because of the betrayal of revisionism. As well as an example, we shall not forget, that the neo-revisionists around Ramiz Alia shed the blood of the comrades of Enver Hoxha, shed the blood of the revolutionary people of Albania. We shall also not forget our own comrades who were tortured and enprisoned by the German social fascists - once again „in the name of socialism“. We condemn these counter- revolutionary acts against the Anti-revisionist, Anti-social fascist, Anti-social imperialist revolutionaries all over the world. We, condemn these despotic acts against the Proletarian Internationalism. What are our strategical conclusions? Expressively we have always to include the anti-revisionist, anti-social fascist and anti-social imperialist struggle as an inalienable part of our proletarian, anti-imperialist, world revolutionary struggle.

The revisionist-social fascist countries are capitalist countries even if the revisionists don't like to hear this. In this respect they belong to the system of the world imperialism, are they a part of him. By this fact it is impossible that they belong simultaneously to the Anti-imperialist camp and much less to the camp of the worldrevolution; not to say that they never can serve to the interests of the people in North Korea. Everybody can give evidence how the people starve and how they live in plight and poverty, while the social bourgeoisie lives a life of luxory like in monarchical palaces just by the exploitation of the people in the name of „socialism“! The North Korean capitalists call themselves amti-imperialists, but in deeds they serve the world imperialism as an Anti-revolutionary shield and so this is part of the global strategy to maintain world domination and oppression of the rising revolutionary worker`s world movement. The proletariat shall be hindered by revisionism at the power to step revolutionarily forward as an independent class which establishes its own world power. The proletariat shall be detered by the socialism and also dissociated from communism, dissociated from the Marxist - Leninists. For their anti-communist propaganda the world-imperialists use the revisionist and social-fascist countries as terrible visions of communism to frighten the proletariat and the people, but in deeds the worldimperialists use them as their domestic servants and lackeys against the people of the revisionist, social fascist countries, against all peoples and proletarians all over the world. The revolutionary Marxist-Leninist World Movement is to be isolated from the world proletariat and the peoples libaration movement, that`s what the capitalist-revisionist world strives for to survive..

Because the worldbourgeoisie fears the world proletariat she makes use of different bourgeois theories. With these shall be proved, that the proletariat could never exist without capitalism, that it would be unable to do it without world imperialism. Every idea that is formulated by the proletariat, every deed of the proletariat to liberate itself from exploitation and oppression is categorically condemned to be nothing else as impossible, utopian, sectarian and in any case not practicable and feasable. The revisionists want to tie the workers up to the capitalism and to hinder them stepping forward to their own proletarian dictatorship on the ruins of worldimperialism. They yell always more loudly because they want to make the workers believe that they would have a better life by reforms within the world`s status quo and not to risk revolutionary changes. In words revolutionary ideas and socialist forms are allowed to discuss, but the nature of capitalism has to stay unimpeachable - with other words: the bourgeois socialism is accepted, but proletarian socialism is sectarianism, terrorism, evil - call it as you like! To cut the ground from under the revisionists feet - that` s what the revisionists fear and that`s what they call: „sectarianism“ - that ´s their common sacred song - sung by the ISML, sung by the Unity&Struggle-Group, sung by the Ludo Martens-Group, sung by the Maoites and Kim Il sungists, sung by the neo-kruchtchovites, Titoites, Euro-“communists“, and all the other revisionists. They sing together now the song of their most terrible phantom - sectarianism!! This was from the very beginning the task of the revisionists and they sing it so loudly as nothing could keep them off singing this song for a next century. And the last ISML-decease-verse of this song was the lock-out of the Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML. To hinder us violently to critisize North Korean `s social fascism, to hinder us calling for the anti-social fascist, socialist revolution in North Korea - that is the great service of the ISML not only for the social fascist regime in North Korea, but moreover a really great service to world-imperialism with the US-imperialists at the top! .

The socialbourgeoisie of North Korea is - such as all the other socialbourgeoisies of the revisionist-social fascist countries - serving and collaborating with the international great-bourgeoisie, is ally and lackey of imperialists and of social imperialists on the whole world. Herewith all the bourgeoisies of the world, the bourgeoisie in North Korea included - agree commonly to struggle against the proletarian world revolution. But they fight for profit also as rivals. The proletariat uses these contradictions among exploiters and oppressors to get rid of them. This has nothing to do with "pro-imperialist" standpoints of view. On the contrary!

Imperialism and social imperialism mean war. If we state that the head war-mongers are the USA imperialists in the world than we may not underestimate the war-mongers of the other imperialist and particularly the social imperialists. The Chinese social imperialism is presently the most dangerous social imperialist war-monger of the world . North Korea is not at all to be compared with the great power strength of the Chinese social imperialism. On the contrary, North Korea is under influence and power of the Chinese social-imperialists in not low size. As a neighbor country North Korea is directly object of the expansionist strategic transformation of the Maoist social imperialist theory of the „3 Worlds“. The social fascist regime in North Korea is in a serious crisis, stands for the collapse and shall not hide voluntarily. The social chauvinist threats of the North Korean bourgeoisie with a nuclear war have a realist background. Therefore they aren't dangerous primarily for the US imperialists, but at first for the population in the own country as well as for the people worldwide. It is by no means, „pro-imperialist", if we warn the people of this nuclear danger and call them to tear the atomic bomb forcibly from the regime in North Korea. That does not mean that we don`t call for the peoples to tear all the US - mass destruction weapons as well as the mass destruction weapons all over the world. We don't accuse North Korea in order of the US- imperialists, but in the order of mankind. That`s what it makes the difference! To tear the weapons of mass destruction from the hands of the US imperialists is clearer than to tear the weapons of mass destruction from the hands of North Korea. Mass destruction weapons in the hands of the North Korean social fascists don`t change to anti-imperialist weapons! But this is what the revisionists want to make us believe. The ISML prefered to lock us out, but cannot hinder us to declare that any support of North Korean`s socialfascist regime never makes it anti-imperialist. In the contrary: any support of the social fascist North Korea is a support of world imperialism and a defeat for the North Korean people`s anti-imperialist struggle as well for the world proletariat!

The Neo-Khrushtchovite atomic bomb politics of North Korea want to make us believe that this is a justified form of pressure against the aggression of the USA and therefore acceptable as an „anti-imperialist“ weapon.- politic. As the word „mass destruction weapons“ contains the word „mass“, these weapons are directed against the masses. How can a weapon - that is directed against the masses- be simultaneously a weapon that protects the masses? How can this weapon „change into an anti-imperialist“ weapon, when the only fiorce on earth that is able to destroy worldimperialism - the masses of the world - will be destroyed by mass destruction weapons? Mass destruction weapons can therefore never be an appropriated measure to lead to socialism with killed masses, because socialism cannot be established without the masses. If we want to finish the danger of mass destruction weapons all over the world - and that icludes also the danger of the mass destruction weapons in North Korea - then we as Marxist-Leninists, have to destroy worldimperialism by the world revolution, then we have to support the socialist, anti-social fascist revolution in North Korea. We are not pacifists - who are needed as forerunners of imperialist wars - we are Marxist-Leninists who expressively stand to the armed revolution-- at least under the present conditions -- . If the imperialists and their lackeys call for imperialist world war, then we call the masses all over the world to answer with the armed revolutionary world vicil war. We are conscious about the victims, but without blood worldimperialism does not withdraw exploitation and oppression and does not voluntarily give way to communism. However we do not risk innocent victims, and that`s what mass destruction weapons are for. We don`t need mass destruction weapons for the victory of world revolution. So we condemn individual terror as well as the state terror that is directed against the masses - both is massdisdaining - whether painted red or not. Those who call the people for the revolution and for the defense of the achievements of the revolution and for the fight against the imperialism and for her national liberation, those who support the revolutionary fight and the national struggle for liberation in North Korea, those who protect peace, can never be „pro-imperialist“, unless and except you want to continue the opportunist ideology of the II. International. Those who call for revolution to prevent imperialist wars or to transform imperialist wars in revolutionary civil wars cannot be „sectarians and ultra-lefts, unless and except you support the revisionists, who call this „pro-imperialist“. There is no argument which could be accepted by the Marxist-Leninists to do without revolution. The aim of the communism isn't the peace at all costs and under any condition but only the revolutionary transformation of the world on a socialist base with the help of the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat. But this is reproached as "sectarianism“. The Neo revisionists put to the contrary both the fight for anti-imperialist peace and the fight for the national and social revolutionary liberation undialectically. No doubt that the fight for peace lies in the interest of all peoples but to exclude the revolutionary fight against revisionist-social fascist oppression will never lead to peace. Who on the contrary wants the durable peace, must take the gun to the destruction of the world imperialism, to the destruction of the social imperialism, to the destruction of the fascism and socialist fascism into the hand unanimous - everywhere on the world.

Our aim is the arming of the proletariat and the disarming of the bourgeoisie on the world - everywhere. This is valid quite particularly in the fight against the US imperialism, it is his strategy to increase his global weapon monopoly to expand further his world domination. You ought not oversee that it isn't only the USA and her allies which lift up their imperialist claim on North Korea but there are also the others, as Japanese and Russian imperialists, the Chinese social imperialists, who stir up the North Korea-conflict to pull from the advantage.

Well, usage of innerly imperialist military contradictions is an opportunity to aim revolutionary weapons against the counter-revolution, to beat the weapons from the counter-revolutionary hand in one country after another. You cannot give support to a little counter-revolutionary to beat the big ones. The only ally are the world proletariat and the peoples of the world in the struggle against the counter-revolution, against imperialism and imperialist wars even if a little country like North Korea is involved. Victorious struggle against US-imperialism can by no means be reached by peace or peaceful co-existence with the North Korean`s social fascists! This is in principle a Marxist-Leninist attitude which we furtherhin follow up inspite of your „pro-imperialist“ accuses! It is our aim as revolutionaries therefore, crush the weapon monopoly of the world-bourgeoisie by the arming of the world-proletariat. The proletariat in North Korea however isn't in the possession of the weapons. These are in the possession of the bourgeoisie of North Korea. We call for the proletariat therefore to snatch the weapons from the bourgeoisie as well as from the imperialist aggressors to direct them both against the social fascists and against the imperialist aggressors! Who holds the opinion, this would be „pro-imperialist", represents neither the interests of the North Korean proletariat nor the interests of the world proletariat . On the contrary! The fight against this treacherous, social fascist North Korean revisionists did and will never stop. We will still attack all further existing revisionist, social fascist countries till the common fight of the proletariat, the people, the revolutionaries, the Marxist-Leninistsen has won, till they all have disappeared of the ground, so also of the ground of North Korea! Willingly or not: who reproaches the Marxist-Leninists as „pro-imperialist“, serves world imperialism and will be treated as pro-imperialist enemies in behalf of us!

We have never given up our principled revolutionary attitude: Neither concerning the support of Kosova nor in opposite to the social fascist regime Milosevic, nor in opposite to the so-called „Anti-terrorist " world alliance of the US imperialism. Also not opposite to the Neo-revisionist organizations, who excluded us from the ML list - once, just because of exact the same argument: „pro-imperialist" behavior in the Kosova! Is this by chance that both ISML and Unity&Struggle united in the fight against us ?! Moreover we never leave our revolutionary attitude against all the other still existing revisionist-social fascist countries like China, Cuba etc. Your „pro-imperialist“ accusations will not keep us off to strenghten our efforts to prove our Marxist-Leninist attitude in practice. This belongs to the general line of the Comintern/M and is programme of the CP Ger/ML since decades.

2.At the top of the leadership of the Anti-imperialist struggle was, is and still will be: the world proletariat. That`s conform with the general line of the Comintern/ML. The Anti-imperialistic class struggle can win and serve the proletarian world revolution only without and against the revisionists and social fascists whoever and wherever they are. The Anti-imperialistic fight is not aimed in this case only against the head enemy no. 1 : the US imperialism, not only against all the other imperialists, who do already exploit or want to exploit North Korea, but also against this revisionist-social fascist regime in North Korea itself as a part of the world counter-revolution. Conflicts and wars among counter-revolutionaries are unjust and we never supported them as Marxist-Leninists.We, on the contrary, use them in the interest of our revolutionary national liberation movement, for the revolutionary social liberation of the proletariat, and last not least for the proletarian world revolution. War to the imperialist war! Revolution gainst counter-revolution! We support the civil war in North Korea and the civil war in the whole world against the imperialist war. We Marxists Leninisten learn from the lessons of Lenin and Stalin to break the weakest chain-link off from the imperialist chain. We learn from the lessons of Enver Hoxha to transform the revolutionary national liberation struggle into the struggle of the socialist revolution.

Imperialists: Keep off your hands from North Korea! Imperialists: Out off the whole Korea! Down with the imperialist lackeys in the whole Korea!

3.To say it with other words: It is not only the task to liberate North Korea from social fascism as well as from imperialist and social-imperialist aggression, but moreover to transform this struggle as a nationwide struggle. So, usage of both the contradictions among the imperialists and socialimperialists and also the contradictions between the bourgeoisie in North and South Korea, does mean:

revolutionary national and social liberation of the whole Korea under the leadership of the proletariat to establish nationwide the dictatorship of the proletariat in an

united, independent and socialist Korean nation.

The Korean people don't have only a right on self-determination but also a right on reunification which can be made come true only in a socialist Korea definitely.

Long live the Korean proletarian dictatorship!

That`s what we „pro-imperialists“ aim for! You will not find this in the struggle of the ISML and that`s why they are not true Marxist-Leninists.We, as German comrades, however, can enter in the feelings of the Korean people, because our German history shows a parallel destiny of struggling against the forced division of East socialimperialist and West imperialist Germany for an

united, independent and socialist Germany!

That`s maybe, why we sympathize with the Korean people deeper in our honest patriot feelings than other people on the world do. And that also explains why we are so angry, if we are claimed to be sectarian „pro-imperialist“ enemies of the Korean people in the name of „Marxism-Leninism“, moreover in the name of „Enver Hoxha“!! We are proletarian internationalists and we love the people in Korea. We keep on with our solidarity towards them, no matter if we are expelled by the ISML or not!

Now we like to touch the reasons of the ISML, why we were expelled:

This unjust act was carried out for the Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML from the ISML by decision of the ISML presented on January 18th, 2003.

You have kicked not only the own rules and norms of the ISML with feet but also broken the general rules and norms of the relationship among Marxist-Leninist organizations. With this hostile act you destroyed our efforts for the necessary solution of the ideological disagreements, arbitrarily.

Still in our recent letter we have confirmed our conviction and our will that the fight for the unity of the Marxistly Leninist world movement can be reached only on the way of the continuation of the ideological discussions, and we stated this despite of the threats of Hari Kumar. We made not a secret out of it, that we do not agree with your line. Unsectarian attitudes towards comrades , okay, we naturally agreed generally, but this is quite the contrary, if you continued to allow to spread opportunism on the list, though this contradicts with the rules and norms of the ISML. We still stand to this but you kept us from this violently with our expulsion and therefore, comrades, you are responsible quite alone for your dilemma..Nevertheless we continued to support the ISML idea to help each other on the way towards the unity of the Marxist-Leninists all over the world, but this excludes the unity with the opportunists, and that was the main criticisms we always formulated on the list. We think, that is our right and duty to express ourselves as Marxist-Leninists and we also think, that it is neither your right, nor your duty to forestall this necessity without breaking the ISML rules of unsectarian behaviour. But we could not yet convince you and with our expulsion you just masked this sectarian act with your so called „anti-sectarian“ struggle against us. To say it clearly:

you acted like a neo-sectarian, who covers his sectarian acts by anti-sectarian words! And our expulsion is indeed a sectarian act justified by your so called struggle against ultralefties.

We call this attitude neo-sectarian not alone as a phenomenon of the ISML, but it is moreover typically for the weakness of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement in the present times. And instead of going on to suffer we should get rid of it commonly. We were in many points in solidarity with the ISML. But your expulsion hit us in the same way the revisionists hit us with accusations of „sectarianism“. That`s not by chance?! And if you failed with your 3 year long accusations of „sectarianism“ then you impose violently silence upon us. But one lets be said to you: Nobody shall muzzle us, neither the imperialists, nor the revisionists and nor the ISML! We are Communists, and we disdain to keep secret our views and intentions. We declare frank and open, that our purposes can only be realized by the violent destruction of the still existing social order. May the ruling classes and their lackeys within the revolutionary ranks tremble with the communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to loose except their chains. They have to win a world!

So, you don't have any right to put the Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML on the dock and to speak us guilty for our expulsion. Guilty is the ISML itself. You have still not yet proven your accusations by solid arguements, and this is besides completely impossible. You postponed your justification to a later time, just as you like! By this unbelievable procedure you put yourself on the dock, because you have still not offered a well-founded proof of your allegation that the Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML are „pro-imperialist“ organizations. You haven't still neglected to present your own ISML position to today's North Korea - conflict. We could only find your forwarded statements of liberal journalists and we could only find statements of the Korean friendship society, who supports North Korean social fascism. But we hardly could find any critical opinions on the list with the exception of our own criticisms that led you to the decision to kick them off. Criticisms against your line are kicked off or not kicked off just as you like, but not to come to an earnest understanding. If Marxism-Leninism is suitable for your united front together with the opportunists you welcome it, but if Marxism-Leninism draws a sharp demarcation-line against opportunism then you fear it could frighten the united front and that is not suitable for your aims. So the more you tried to approach Marxism-Leninism to your opportunist united-front line, the more we intervened. You felt unconfortable with this and you were angry and scared and tried to get rid of us by putting us in your sectarian drawer, waiting for the best moment to open it and to expel us. But it was not yet the right moment, you pulled the drawer too early, as can be seen by your weak arguements for our expulsion.

It is far-fetched to call our statement „pro-imperialist“, just because North Korea is part of the imperialist world system. How can you prove us to be „pro-imperialist“, if we stated to take advantage from the North Korean-conflict? Do you deny that there are inner-imperialist contradictions concerning North Korea-conflict? In our view it is not to believe how you put this in question, because this matter of the ABC od Marxism-Leninism ought not to be a matter of descence and less any reason to expel us. It was your mistake not to put the chief importance of the contents of the North Korea-Question. Obviously you were not at all interestes in discussing this with us, because you reacted scattered and inconsiderated. It was certainly enough drive you to despair. There was only one desire you cherished far too long in your mind: anxiously get rid of us hand over fist.

For everybody is well-known, that we describe Enver Hoxha as the 5ths classic of Marxism-Leninism and that we base our whole existence on the lessons of Enver Hoxha. Exactly we were once again the only ones who defended the critical attitude of Enver Hoxha towards North Korea on your list against those who denied him. Exactly you accuse us that we took position against Enver Hoxha. This infamous insinuation makes us furious and we reject it strictly. Instead of supporting Enver Hoxha`s criticism against Maoism and Kingilsungism, you hide in the background in silence tolerating incessantly spreadings of propaganda of the Maoists on the ISML list and you allow neo- revisionists to talk about a socialist North Korea impudently. What is a Marxist-Leninist - List worth, if those ones call North Korea to be socialist, and the other call it revisionist, and you keep silence as a moderator? And what is a Marxist-Leninist List worth, if those, who call North Korea socialist, stay on the list, and those who call it socialfascist are expelled from the list? Could any list be more opportunist than yours?

Our friendship to Bill Bland is confirmed still more since our expulsion. We have defended Bill Bland against the attitude of the ISML and we will continue with it. But the ISML turns the spear over simply and boasts, the ISML must take Bill Bland in protection against the CP Ger/ML and the Comintern/ML. ISML treats Bill Blands/Wolfgang Eggers - Kommunique- April 1999 as a shred paper which the ISML has torn up completely, now.

It is reproached to us, Wolfgang Eggers would kick out all of the ISML-members who are not of his opinion. For this monstrous reproach no single naming followed as a proof. The Comintern/ML and the CPGer/ML have accepted the rules of the ISML even if sometimes it was very hard for us. The only one, who excluded unpleasant critics was Hari Kumar. Kumar didn't get ready with Wolfgang Eggers because he saw through and criticized openly the opportunist wheelings and dealings of Hari Kumar: It was to vacate highest the time for Hari Kumar to kick Wolfgang Eggers off condemned as his rival. It is an old Gestapo trick: „Haltet den Dieb!“, that means: Accusing somebody who voluntarily doesn't go from the way as bouncers and trouble-makers. All adversaries then are turned off in an elegant way and removed by this diversionary tactic.

By this method the ISML did her last desperate act of revenge against us: expulsion! The fact, that the head method of the ISML consists to count on slanders and inventions is not at all a proof of her strength but shows clearly her weakness and fear of the arguments of the Marxist- Leninists.We got too dangerous for the ISML, that she could only move the emergency brake.

In addition respect is missing, if the ISML disdain member organization CPGER/ML with such names as „Eggers" and if ISML describes the CP Ger/ML without „ML“, thus only CP Ger. Only revisionists make like this, because they think that embezzling Marxist- Leninist denotations would lay bare us of Marxism-Leninism. How childish! Leaving the base of Marxism-Leninism is a qualitative matter of argumentation but not erase or invent names. So we would not ourselves name you as „Inquisitorial Sectarians against Marxist-Leninists“ (ISML). Respectfully, we would never call you like this, because it would be as childish as you have been.. With such insults the revisionists discredit themselves face to face to the working class. Yes, it is also our aim to bring revisionists to their discredit, but it cannot be our aim to discredit Marxist-Leninist Organizations!

Through what these despicable maneuvers could be declared against the Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML?

They are the result of the ISML leadership`s deviation from Marxism-Leninism and the principles of the proletarian Internationalism, her opportunistic approach towards Anti-Marxist organizations. Because of the principled attitude of the CPGer/ML and the Comintern/ML there was not enough elbow-room left for the ISML maneuvers. Our interventions were uncomfortable and difficult to be through with us. The meanders and turns of the ISML leadership were strenuous but necessary because of permanent resistance of the CP Ger/ML and the Comintern/ML. This has intensified the ideological and political contradictions with the time. Because we voluntarily didn't submit to the opinion of the ISML leadership, and that was the reason why we were finally forced to the silence. The CPGer/ML and the Comintern/ML have tried to put the ideological problems and disagreements on the table openly and the whole time. Independently of the question who is right or wrong, we have to cope with the disagreements trying again and again but not to sweep them under the table. We are against feigned friendship. Only mutual clarification and discussion can lead to the unity. If one excludes somebody, this is a violation of the norms of the cooperation. The fight for the Marxism-Leninism once brought us together. Now, by your hostile action our ways divide. We comrades of the CP Ger/ML never bent our back or our nape of the neck since our foundation in 1968/69 neither in the passed nor at present. Your reactionary exclusions of revolutionary comrades and organizations will cause indignation with every honest comrade on the world. The Comintern/ML and the CP Ger/ML is surrounded by many neo-revisionist centers but we are not isolated. Our thing is just. The ISML won't impede us!

Long live Marx , Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the unity of the Marxist-Leninist World Movement under the victorious banner of Enver Hoxha!

19th of January; 2003

Comintern/ML and CPGer/ML








































































Long live the liberation

struggle in North Korea!





NORTH KOREA is ripe for a

Socialist revolution !




Create a strong Section

of the Communist International


in North Korea!

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !






Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !