207,595 km2


1 January 1919

We will reconstruct the



Soviet Socialist Republic !

(Byelorussian SSR)



Long live the socialist revolution in Belarus !

Create the Belarus Section of the Comintern (SH) !















































































































































Long live the liberation

struggle in BELARUS !



BELARUS is ripe for a

Socialist revolution !



Long live the socialist BELARUS Republic of the socialist world republic!




Create a strong Section

of the Communist International



Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !






Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !


































Minsk invasion of Nazi troops in 1941











Victory Square


From the Constitution of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus of 1919


"1. Belarus is declared the Republic of Soviets of Workers', Soldiers' and Peasants' Deputies. All power in the center and in the localities belongs to these Soviets.

2. The Congress of Soviets resolves:

a) private ownership of land is abolished, and the entire land fund is declared state property;

b) all forests, bowels and waters, as well as all living and dead implements, demonstration farms and agricultural enterprises are declared national property;

c) in order to destroy the parasitic strata of society and organize the economy, universal labor obligation is introduced.


7. In order to ensure for the working people true freedom of conscience, the church is separated from the state and the school from the church, and freedom of religion and anti-religious propaganda is recognized for all citizens.


11. In order to ensure that workers have real access to knowledge, the SSRB is committed to providing workers and the poorest peasants with full and comprehensive free education.


13. In order to defend the gains of the great workers 'and peasants' revolution, the SSRB recognizes the duty of all citizens of the republic to defend the socialist fatherland and establishes universal military duty. The honorable right to defend the revolution with arms in hand is granted only to the working people, while the non-working elements are assigned other military duties.


15. The SSRB recognizes equal rights for citizens, regardless of their race and nationality.


Just a year and a half later, on July 31, 1920, the newspaper Sovetskaya Belorus published the Declaration on the Proclamation of the Independence of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus. This actually became the second "birth" of the republic, which before, on February 27, 1919, united - in the face of Polish aggression - with the Lithuanian Soviet Republic in the Socialist Soviet Republic of Lithuania and Belarus (SSR Litbel). From the moment the declaration of the SSR was published, Litbel officially ceased to exist (in fact, not existing since July 19, 1920), and the BSSR, on the contrary, regained its sovereignty.