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الأحواز ،






لأحواز ،


!عاشت الستالينية-الخوجي


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Message to all freedom fighters in the world

Let us lift up our voices to stop Iranian regime crime against Ahwazi prisoners and detainees let our voices be one in face of iranian invaders !


We condemn Iranian terrorist authorities behind the attack on the military parade in Ahwaz. By creating these type of attacks Iran is trying to discard themselves of any terrorism act and financing terrorists’ groups and militias in the region and around the world.

As secretary general of the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front, ADPF is a civil political organisation and reject all accusations regarding any act of violence. The Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front condemn Iranian terrorist authorities behind the attack on the military parade in Ahwaz.

Iranian regime used live ammunition and tear gas to stop Ahwazi people from protesting in Al-Al-Mahammarah city. Several people were injured and one shot dead by the Iranian security forces.


High wave of arrest against Ahwazi people after Iranian protest



The reason for arrest of Ahwazi workers were demonstrating without permission, stated by Iranian officials.
The overnight arrest of more than 10 Ahwazi workers from large industrial complex in Ahwaz, despite of non-payment of workers’ wages for many months and endearing themselves and their families in a tragically disastrous situation for living, shows that the government is struggling to bring workers horror and threats as well as empty stomach.
ACHR has received video from Ahwaz Steel Industrial workers’ demonstration that took place on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018 where protestors are calling for the friends’ release immediately.




Iranian government spread so much fake news on the military parade attack blaming other countries for the attack even though ISIS has claimed the attack.


الحلقة (الإبتدائية) الأولي


قرر القسم العربي في ١٨/٦/٢٠١٨ إفتتاح راديو أسبوعي ليروج للأممية الشيوعية (الستالينية-الخوجية) وخطها السياسي/الأيديولوجي الستاليني الخوجي, وحتي يناقش ويطرح ما يحدث في منطقتنا من وجهة نظر ماركسية لينينية/ستالينية خوجية ،مُلّهَمَاً براديو "Roter Stachel" الخاص بالحزب الشيوعي الألماني/الماركسي-اللينيني في قسم ألمانيا الشرقية وقت كان التحريفيون الفاشست الإجتماعيين يسيطرون علي السلطة، اليوم يرفع القسم العربي علم النضال عالياً ضد الفاشية والفاشية الإجتماعية في مصر والبلدان العربية.







































نصوص حول المسألة اليهودية




حول كمونة باريس



حول وحدة الحركة الشيوعية العالمية






Down with Trotskyism !!






Long live the liberation

struggle in Al-Ahwazi !



Al-Ahwazi is ripe for a

Socialist revolution !



Long live the united socialist Arab Republic of the socialist world republic!




Create a strong Section

of the Communist International


in Al-Ahwazi!

Long live the Stalinist-Hoxhaist World Movement !






Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism !