140th Birthday of



Long live the 140th anniversary

of comrade Stalin!


Comrade Stalin’s legacy is immortal!


Messages of Solidarity

Message of the Comintern (SH)

on occasion of the 140th anniversary

of comrade Stalin

December 21, 1879 - December 21, 2019


On occasion of the 140th birthday of comrade Stalin – the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism – we, Stalinists-Hoxhaists send militant greetings to all our comrades around the world. We send especially Stalinist greetings to our Russian Section.

We take Stalin's 140th birthday as an opportunity to draw an annual balance sheet on the successful completion of our task, namely to continue to spread Stalin's works throughout the world in 2019. A total of 35 individual writings from Stalin were added this year. If we add the collected works to all the individual fonts we have published, we have exceeded the 1,000 copies mark. There is no other organization in the world that has published the Stalin works in 32 languages in such an amount. But we would not be true Stalinists if we limited ourselves to the global record numbers of his published writings.

There is a lot of talk about Stalinism, especially on the part of the anti-communists. Anti-Stalinism is the highest expression of anti-communism. Comrade Enver Hoxha gave the right answer to all Anti-Stalinists:

''Modern revisionists and reactionaries call us Stalinists. They think they can insult us with that. But the exact opposite is the case. They honor us with the name Stalinists. It is an honor for us to be Stalinists. As Stalinists, our enemies can never and will never bring us on our knees." (Enver Hoxha)

So far, the question "What is Stalinism?" was not adequately enough answered even by us Stalinists ourselves. A lot of things are wrongly attributed to Stalinism, which are actually due to Leninism. But what defines Stalinism as an independent ideology of the further development of Leninism ? What makes comrade Stalin the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism?

Our book "About the Basics and the Questions of Stalinism" gives the answer. It was published 10 years ago on occasion of the 130th birthday of comrade Stalin. In it we defined Stalinism as follows:

"Stalinism is Marxism-Leninism for the transition from the first period of socialism in "one" country to the second period of socialism on a world scale - in general.

Stalinism is Marxism-Leninism in the period of transition from socialism "in one" country to communism in "one" country - in particular.

Stalinism is the generalization of the experiences of the revolutionary movement of all countries under the conditions of the creation of the first socialist world camp."

This book about Stalinism was created in connection with our original article on the
Events in Georgia in August 2008.
In order to better understand these events, we had added a short biographical article on
Stalin's first creative period in the Caucasus.

In the foreword of our book we put the following important question:
"How are the basics of Stalinism to be worked out?"
And we answered this question as follows:
"Always by exposing and combating those opportunists who "defend" Stalinism in words but betray it in deeds.
To defend Stalin does not mean for us to stop with the fight against the Khrushchevites, but to continue our ideological struggle against Beria."

In defence of Stalinism, the Comintern (SH) is the first one all over the world who started the struggle against the Menshevik ideology of Berianism. In this way, we have worked out the basics and questions of Stalinism, particularly in relation to demarcation from Berianism, thus in a hitherto completely unknown and unusual demarcation line against revisionism.

The Cominten (SH), as the first and only world organization, created an incomparable new theoretical work on Stalinism. We have thus set a milestone in the further development of world proletarian ideology. This book illuminates the Stalinist path of the world proletariat to world communism in demarcation to all open and covered Anti-Stalinists.

So far, our book on Stalinism has only been published in German. Of course, this did not meet the growing need to open up this internationally significant book to an international readership, especially in Russia. For reasons of lack of manpower, we were unable to translate our most extensive book into English for 10 years. With Comrade Stalin's 140th birthday today, our postponement of the English translation from one year to the next has ended, thanks to our Section USA. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the American comrades who will present now their great translation, which has taken a whole year of hard work. We are very pleased that we can finally publish the book "About the Basics and Questions of Stalinism" in English in a few days.

Stalinism is a living stage of development of the proletarian ideology from which Hoxhaism emerged.
Anyone who doubts this denies not only the revolutionary nature of the always further development of the proletarian ideology, but also the nature of the world proletariat itself, namely its ability to constantly revolutionize and develop itself as the international proletarian class on an increasingly higher, globalized scale - enlightened on its path towards the victory of the world socialist revolution .
The theory of Stalinism-Hoxhaism illuminates the world proletarian path from the removal and destruction of world imperialism to the establishment of the dictatorship of the world proletariat, up to the construction of world socialism and finally to its transition to world communism.

And with the Stalinist-Hoxhaist tactic, this theory is put into practice, the practical world-proletarian path is taken in order to come ever closer to world communism, sometimes step by step and sometimes in great historical leaps.

Today the world bourgeoisie and the world proletariat are waging a global class struggle under the conditions of globalization. It is clear that the world proletariat must also globalize its theory and tactics for gaining its political world power.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the generalization of the experience of the revolutionary movement of all countries under the present conditions of the decay of globalized imperialism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism provides the theoretical proof that socialism can be built not only in the largest and in the smallest country in the world, but by this, also on a global scale.

That is why we define Stalinism-Hoxhaism as our ideological-theoretical guide to action under the conditions of globalization.

"Stalinism-Hoxhaism is the theory and tactics of the world socialist revolution in general, and the theory and tactics of the dictatorship of the world proletariat in particular".

This definition of Stalinism-Hoxhaism comes from the world revolutionary platform of the Comintern (SH).

We released our platform exactly 10 years ago, on November 7, 2009. For 10 years we have proudly called ourselves as Stalinist-Hoxhaists, namely in demarcation to all neo-revisionist types of "Marxist-Leninists" who deny the world revolutionary transformation from Marxism-Leninism to Stalinism-Hoxhaism. All these neo-revisionists lag behind on the level of Marxism-Leninism , just as all revisionist types of "Marxists" who lagged behind on the level of Marxism, while denying Leninism as its further development.

Whoever denies the further development of proletarian ideology from Marxism to Hoxhaism denies the further development of the world proletariat on its way to world communism.

So far, our enemies have not even been able to begin to refute Stalinism-Hoxhaism.

Stalinism-Hoxhaism is irrefutable because it is the highest stage of development of world proletarian ideology.

The teachings of the classics build on one another, form a dialectical unit and must not be divided, set against one another, or set equally. Taken together, their teachings guarantee the victory of the world proletariat over capitalism. Without this, we can not speak of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism at all.

Our beloved comrade Stalin, the 4th Classic of Marxism-Leninism, this greatest master of the world revolution alongside Lenin, is immortal.

He will live forever in the hearts and minds of all oppressed and exploited classes and all real communists.

Bourgeois capitalist lies and defamation can never erase Comrade Stalin's glorious legacy. Comrade Stalin, his revolutionary spirit, illuminates our red path to victory.

We are sure that in the Stalinist spirit we will win many victories in the coming year 2020!

Stalin leads us on our revolutionary way.

Long live the 140th birthday of comrade Stalin!

On his 140th birthday we swear that we will defend comrade Stalin’s immortal legacy with our lives!

To defend comrade Stalin means indivisibly and inevitably to defend all the other 4 Classics of Marxism-Leninism, too!

Long live violent world socialist revolution and global armed proletarian dictatorship!

Long live world socialism and world communism!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Enver Hoxha!

Long live the Comintern (SH) - the only faithful standard-bearer of the 5 Classics of Marxism-Leninism!


Wolfgang Eggers

Comintern (SH)

21. 12. 2019















English translation will be published within the next days.

Über die Grundlagen und zu den Fragen des Stalinismus


Wolfgang Eggers









Messages of Solidarity

Greeting message

of the Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)



The 140th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader of the world proletariat, the fourth Classic of Marxism, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

The Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH) congratulates the world working class, the peasantry and soldiers on the 140th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader of the world proletariat, the fourth Classic of Marxism, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin!


Nowadays, when the bourgeoisie is atrocious in the world, when private capital dominates the world and commits daily crimes against the world proletariat, when nations survive under the yoke of world imperialism, when the danger of the Great Nuclear War is very high, when we see the possessed by the powers that are super-powers the idea of ​​enriching a maniac and a fascist like Donald Trump (USA), a traitor to the USSR and a half-educated athlete-defector in the ranks of the bourgeoisie Vladimir Putin (the fascist occupation regime of the USSR - the so-called “Russian Federation ”), as well as clever compared to these two, but inveterate pseudo-Marxist Xi Dzinping (China), we are facing a gigantic figure of the greatest leader of the working class and the greatest state in the history of mankind - the USSR - Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin!

Only lazybones does not speak about Stalin now!

But in this historical period of time there is only one organization in the world that holds high the banner of Stalin, as great part of the Marxism-Leninism and the great historical battle of the world proletariat for their liberation from the yoke of private capital, for the final and irrevocable abolition of class society - this is the World Party of the world proletariat — the Comintern (Stalinist-Hoxhaists).

The Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH) perfectly understands the aggressive ideological policy of the class enemy of the Georgian working class - the Georgian bourgeoisie and their foreign patrons in the form of Anglo-American imperialism - who launched an unprecedented attack on Stalin in Georgia itself, in its historical homeland! In this attack, they actively use the lies and falsifications created by themselves, far-fetched “stories” from Stalin’s biography, daily sweeping anti-Stalinism among young people and even preschool children, etc.

But what Georgia itself led to in real life, this does not need to be explained to the Georgian proletariat, everyone already sees and feels on their own shoulders.

Let us briefly say that the anti-Stalinist plans of the Georgian bourgeoisie and their Western patrons suffered a fiasco, the Georgian proletariat and the peasantry have little faith in them, and various movements (albeit unorganized, weak, or even not quite right from the point of view of Marxism and revolutionary practice!) To preserve and the revival of the great name of Stalin and his great deeds is gaining its strength! Sooner or later, all such progressive forces of Georgia will have to unite under the flag of the Comintern (SH), otherwise they will not be able to turn into an organized victorious revolutionary force and will not be able to turn from words to action – to get free from the yoke of private capital, build socialism and communism in it , of course, together with the Russian and world proletariat and the peasantry!


Long live the Great Stalin!

Long live the 5 Classics of Marxism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver Hoxha!

Long live the World Party of the World Proletariat - the Comintern (SH)!

Georgian Section of the Comintern (SH)





поздравления солидарности


We thank the comrades from enverhoxha.ru

for their greetings on occasion of the 140th birthday of comrade Stalin.





поздравления солидарности


Greetings also came from our Russian comrade from Kursk:


Дорогие товарищи!
Поздравлю вас с 140 годовщиной рождения Великого Сталина!
Желаю победы Коммунизма во всем мире!
Да здравствует Мировая Коммунистическая Революция!


Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message

of the Yugoslav Section of the Comintern (SH)


140. godina


od rođenja četvrtog klasika marksizma-lenjinizma Josifa Visarionoviča Staljina


Jugoslovenska sekcija Kominterne (SH) pozdravlja sve istinske komuniste povodom godišnjice rođenja J. V. Staljina 21.12.1879. u Gruziji, rodio se Josif Visarionovič Džugašvili, partijski ilegalac, jedan od predvodnika radničke borbe u Rusiji, bliski saradnik Lenjina, jedan od organizatora Velike Oktobarske socijalističke revolucije. Nakon Lenjina, Staljin rukovodi izgradnjom socijalizma, industrijalizacijom, ekonomskom i kulturnom podizanju Sovjetskog Saveza. Pod njegovim rukovodstvom stvorena je snažna Crvena armija, armija koja je pobedila fašizam. Staljinova ličnost je obeležila čitavu epohu. Svojim filozofskim prilogom marksizmu-lenjinizmu, dao je doprinos njegovom daljem razvitku. Veliki Staljin je bio i danas je inspiracija svim komunistima. Njegove misli su ideja vodilja savremenog sveta u borbi protiv fašizma, imperijalizma i kapitalizma, ali i revizionizma i neorevizionizma.





Messages of Solidarity


Greeting message

of the Chinese Section of the Young Communist International (SH)


Happy birthday to our general secretary, dear comrade Stalin

Chinese Comrades















in German


Der Bannerträger der proletarischen Revolution

Sammlung von Artikeln der "Roten Fahne" - Dezember 1929

zum 50. Geburtstag



in Arabic


"No victory without under the red banner"

ستالين – لا نصر إلا تحت راية أكتوبر






in Russian



Molotow zum 60. Geburtstag des Genossen Stalin

в. молотов

Сталин. К 60-летию со дня рождения

21 / 12 / 1939




Comrade Stalin - Organizer of victories at the fronts of the civil war

Воробьев В.Ф. Товарищ Сталин - организатор побед на фронтах гражданской войны




J. V. Stálin e o Caráter das Leis Econômicas do Socialismo

D. Chepílov

Problemas - Revista Mensal de Cultura Política nº 52 - Dez de 1953.



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